Tactical Unit - Human Nature (2008) - full transcript

A gambling police officer himself confronting a group of Mainland Chinese robbers.

On the right.

Left, left, left, right, left.

Left, left.

Left the right turn.

Dressing, right dress.

Up move.

Eyes front.


God of Guan,
who treated you like this?

Bro Tong.

Bro Hung.

You escaped from the car.

He blesses your whole family.

How can you treat him like that?

You have no conscience at all.

Have you got enough frightening?

Ask you a warm up question.

Mathematic question.

You've borrowed 500
grand at 80% interest,

how much interest should
you pay in a week?

5 grand.

Wrong, it should be 28 grand.


All banks and financial companies
in Hong Kong count in this way.

This is compound interest.

How to say it in English?

Why didn't you study hard?

It is compound interest.

We count the interest everyday.

Do you understand?
I see.

How about that money?


I give you another chance.

Police question.

If government finds that
a serving policeman...

has owed money of
a financial company...

what will happen?

Don't make a mistake.
You'll get punished.

Remove from office.

Remove from office?

Don't you think I would ask you,
if it is that simple?

All people know the answer.

He would receive no
welfare and pension.

Do you know that? Do you afraid?

You should be punished.

I want to do an experiment.

Examine the hardness between...

your head and this bottle.

I skip this question.

I take this then.
I do it myself.

Still thinking?

Hurry up. I've to go now.

Head is really much harder.

We are now loyal pals.

Though we born in different days,

we are ready to die in the same day.

Do bless us, God of Guan.


I have been a policeman for so long,

but I never went patrolling
without seeing God of Guan.

This is an order from Commissioner.

I heard that something
bad had happened...

in Kowloon East.

You mean the case
in Kwun Tong MTR station,

two buddies were
chopped by a manic?

That's right.

One of them had been cut off
three fingers.

And can't fix up now.

Oh, no.

I should have believe
in other religions.

We'd better pay attention today.

After God of Guan was removed,

Kowloon East grabbed
a car theft group.

And prevented a gold store robbery.

Is it bad luck or good luck?

Can you give me an explanation?

We should do our work with
or without God of Guan.

Let's concentrate on our job.

Yes, sir.


Bro, how about the money?
Grab that all.

Boss, how about the goods?
Throw them away.

You bastards dare to block my way.

I will get you into trouble.

How can he drive like that?

How dare he make fun with we police.

It is interesting.

Keep honking.

I will become more happier
and happier.

Fine. I will play with you.

You tortoises are
in real trouble now.

Anybody hurt?

Let me help you.

Can't open it.

PTU sergeant 26316,

we have a traffic accident...

in Pi Fat Road.

Anybody hurt?

But we can't open the door,
call someone to help.


Sergeant 26316, contacted
Maintenance Department already.

Arrive in 10 minutes.

Bro Tong, where're you now?

I am coming. Don't be lengthy.

You think this No 5 of 1983
Macau Racing Competition...

is only a name?

Bro Tong, your head...
What happened?

6 people were killed by guns.

CID is now searching for evidences.

What is on the floor?

Sam, found a Chinese identity card.



Found a Chinese identity card.

It seems a drug dealing activity.

Somebody gains
in the middle of dealing.

Send this to CSI.
Yes, sir.


You haven't wore gloves.

Yes, thank you.

PTU, please handle all
the money and evidences,

to us crime unit.

I will take over the situation here.

Yes, sir.

Log into this internet first.

PTU the tortoise.

No way.

After it was uploaded
in the internet for an hour,

about ten thousands people
visited there.

Now all over Hong Kong,
even the whole world,

know that we PTU got into trouble.

Our image had long grown
in citizens' heart.

But now all has gone.

Sir, I am the sergeant of a column,

I should take the responsibility.

I should take the same
responsibility as Sam.

I am not asking for responsibly.
Do you understand?

I know this is an incident.

Commander and Commissioner
know about this too.

I only hope that you
can learn from mistakes.

And never happen
something like this again.

You can still go patrolling.

But maybe you will get
into some trouble.

Please do pay attention.

Remember don't damage our image.

Give me a well-written report.

Yes, sir.



Bro is waiting for you there.

I said I will repay him
when I have money.

Don't make trouble with me.
I have to go home.

Bro said,
if you don't go to see him,

he will chat with your wife.

Where is he now?

That's great.

You should add some beard on it.

Add some beard will be fine.

You too. Can you see there?
Add some beard.

You should add a little bit color,
or it will not look like him.

Go, Tong.

Add this little bit.

Your drawing is great.

The main character has come...

Let's give a hand to Uncle Fatty.

What happen?

In order to raise your fame.

Don't make fun on me.
Come on... come on...

Let's give a hand
to Uncle Fatty again.

Did you paint a likeness of him?


What about me?

You painted a likeness too.

But you're not.

Chin up.

He do has beard. Right?

Do you know why we're drawing
Uncle Fatty?


Do you want to know?

How about a question
and answer section.

Civic question,
is it right to own others?


How about owe without repaying?


You got it right.

Is it right if Uncle Fatty
borrow money from others?


Hung, stop now.

I have to take action
since you didn't repay.

Do you know what?

Uncle Fatty is a policeman.

A policeman without repay,
is good or bad?

Bad policeman.

And this bad police lives
in this estate with you.

As a good citizen,

do we have the responsibility to tell
people not to do the same as him?


That's right.

Do remember his face.
And don't act like him.


Sir, what's his name?
Good question.

But according to the
privacy law in Hong Kong,

we should not announce his name.

Or else we are against the rule.

Just remember his face,
and don't learn from him.

We say goodbye to
this bad policemen.

Bye, bad policeman.


Tong, I have made you some soup.

I have a case.
I will not come back tonight.

Do you have enough clothes?
It will turn cold tonight.

Honey, did you see
anything downstairs today?

I saw you appear on the stage.


I rent a room in the Summer Palace
in Kowloon City.

I will not return in these few days.

I have transferred $3000
into your account.

Honey, no need.

I used all money to buy airfares.
This is all I have left.

I will take Dee to live
with my mom in America.

Don't go away, honey.

Where are you going, honey?

I will call you before departure.

Don't leave me, honey...

You will in charge of
Jordan Road and Bowring Street.

there are thefts and robberies.

Do patrolling in the nearby buildings,
balconies and back stairs.

Wong Sir, orders from Superior.

No patrolling now.

Meet with the crime
unit immediately.

And give a statement.

Sir, what happened?

Some of the illicit money is lost
in the case yesterday.

Our team is being suspected?

Not only you but all people
had reached the scene,

do have to be investigated.

We are out of luck.

Because we didn't
worship God of Guan.

Sir, we followed all
procedures yesterday.

And handled all money and
evidences to crime unit.

I trust you.

But this is an order
which all of you have to follow.

Don't be worry, if you are innocent.

Embezzlement is a serious crime.

Superiors do value about the case.

Be sure that you
all cooperate with crime unit.

Yes Sir.

When did you leave
the scene yesterday?

1630. Then we passed
the case to crime unit.

How much money did
you find in the scene?

I don't know. We didn't touch them.

Besides PTU,

is there any people
has touched the money?

You crime unit.

CSI took something
to make a test too.

In your team,

is there anyone looking for money
or borrowing from others?

I am not sure about others privacy.

When did you find the money is lost?

This morning.

You found that?

It's Wo.

Any clues?

You have no questions to ask me?

I know you for sure,
since we have known for ages.

I am not teaching you.

But you should follow all procedure.

Or else,
you shall take the responsibility.

You are so great to
your colleagues...

since we were in the police school.

We have known each
other for 20 years.

You haven't bought Feng to
dine with me for so long.

We are busy.

How is Feng and Dee?


You are depressed these days.

Seem like very upset.

Aren't you have lost some money?

A little bit.

Just ask if you need help.

I can solve it myself.

Don't hide anything.

Have you touched any shit?

Why did you disappear?

Finance question, how much did
Heng Seng index increase yesterday?

About 100 points.

It should be 300. I don't have money
to buy. Since you didn't repay.

That's why I've lost 100 grand.

Bro, 50 grand only.

Bring me another 50 grand tomorrow.

I have given you 50 grand already.

You fool.
This is called "Punish interest".

Financial companies and banks
in Hong Kong do the same.

You don't satisfy with it?

What if complain to her.

Madam, good afternoon sir.

Good Afternoon sir.

Tong, what happened?

Nothing. Just asking for some clues.

Do you need help?

Madam, I do need help.

Civic question, in order to promote
relationship between citizens and police,

what should we citizens do?

We should buy a drink
for the policemen.

My treat!
Yes, bro.

Milk tea? Coffee?

You don't need help?

We are good friends.
No problem of course.

Buddhist question.

What is "Nothing can
bring away but sin"?

Just like the case as Madam and I.

She arrested me for three times.
I escaped that all.

That's why she keeps stalking on me.
Got it?

Hung, I will keep stalking on you...

if you are keep messing around.

Thanks for your advice.

I will keep messing around,
if you keep working as a police.

May, wait for me.

Make sure he will repay us.

Bro, I got it.


What do you think
about the incident?

Maybe this was
because of negligence,

maybe there was something happened
in the middle of transportation.

And there is the possibility
of being theft by our colleagues.

Who would arouse
your suspicious then?

All those who had been to the scene.

How about Tong?

He is just the same with us.

When I was patrolling today,

I found that he gave money to Hung.

Are you suspicious of him?

Hung is a loan shark,
and Tong is fond of gambling.

It is nothing strange
if he borrowed from Hung.

But it doesn't mean
that he would stole.

This is two different things.

When a man is heading to a one-way,

and he suddenly finds so much money
in front of him,

how can he make up his mind?

You saw how he looked at the money.

This means nothing.

This is all your
speculation, but not proof.

I know. You do believe him?

I just hope it wasn't him.

I will never suspicious
our men so easily.

I got it.

If it is him finally,
what will you do?

I am a policeman.

If I find my close ones
did violate the law,

I will take up my responsibility,

and arrest the criminal.

Who is it?
It's me. I place a bet.

You dare to call me.
We are looking for you.

The match is coming. Do you take it?

Damn. Of course I will.

Race 2 No. 13, 14 in quinella,

$2000 each.

No. 13 win, $3000 each.


That's all.

I will get 200 grand for it.

Let's see.

Hey... yes... roger.

Summer palace villa.

God of Guan, bless me.

No. 13 gets the first place,
No.14 gets the second.

Bless me get both of them.

God of Guan, bless me.

That bastard has been
betting for so many years,

but never won once. Afraid for what?

What the hell is it?
It is so smelly.

Are you making fun with me?

He is here just now...

Don't make a noise...

Take a chair for boss.

Go... go ahead.

Go... go ahead.

Go... go ahead.

That's right!

You wouldn't find
your money is lost.

No, there is no difference
between a thief then?

I can't effort myself a meal.
Just borrow me.

I will return to you.

Don't tell people I
live there afterwards.

I will know what to do later.

Be assured...

What's wrong?

These Chiu Chow people
has come for six days.

Going in and out.

I afraid that they
will skip my rent.

I pay for them.
You pay?

My own kind. It is fine.

$200 a day. Total $1000.

But they may not return to you.

It's fine.
We are all brothers and sons.

We shouldn't bother about anything.

No need. We have money.

Don't make trouble for us anymore.

I have to go to work...

Give you back.

My own kind.

No need now.

See you, my own kind.


Fine, I come by now.

Shek, how much money did
you earn in Guangzhou?

About $800.

How about now?

I can't earn that much money
for my whole life.

Thank you bro.

Do you satisfy?

It is no good to be too greedy.

I am a simple guy.
Just want to buy a few cars.

We pals should be
honest to each other.

If you find any questions
about money or anything,

please do tell me.

Or else,
the consequence will be serious.

I got it.

Have you got anything to tell?

Take a rest for two days.

We will take action soon.

I got it.


Why do you ask me to come?

Why don't you ask why
I was beating you?

You are my friend.
You do have your reason.

Tell me, what is the reason?

You know what you've done.

Remember what was
the first sentence you told me..

In the police school?

You said that you
love being a police.

I ask you once again.
Do you love being a police?


Chin up and be a good policeman.

Ask Big Man to handle this.
Yes, Bro.

Lee Sir, what a coincidence.
Good afternoon.

Can I help? Fatty, coffee.

Can I help you?

I will take care of civil servants.

No income certificate and mortgage.

Just hand in a photocopy
of your appointment certificate.

And I will prove it in 30 minutes.

How much does he owe you?

Who are you talking about?

How much does Lam Tong owe you?

Sir, I can't tell according
to the privacy law.

How much does he borrow you?

You want to help him.
This is not a small amount.

Tell me.

Good pals.

Altogether 500 grand.
How to repay it?

Cash, checks, or auto-pay?

How much did he borrow you
in the first place?

How can I remember?

Let me count for it.

We offer legal interest.

About 5% at compound interest rate.

This is a mathematic question.

He is asking me mathematic question.
You handle this.

Sorry, I'm quite busy these days.

My colleagues can help.

Bro, about 450 grand.

450 grand.

I will handle that money.

I will give you 20% more.

You are good pals with him.

But I am the creditor.

I disagree with your approach.

According to the basic law,
you should repay if you lend money.

You police should
sure about this rule.

If he doesn't have money,
he can talk with me,

but he can't run away.

As a creditor,

I can take legal action
to claw back loan.

Or else he can petition
for bankruptcy.

But as a policeman,

if the police force finds that he
is badly in debt,

he may never be promoted
and get into blacklist.

And finally being
removed from office.

No welfare and pension.

Have you talked with him?

If you are good pals,
talk with him then.

Don't bother me.

You leave now?

Let's talk a little longer, okay?

Good-bye Sir.
Good-bye Sir.

Bro Tong...

Bad luck has gone.

We found that this morning.

How to get it back?

A reckless guy dropped the
money aside the cupboard.

Luckily, the cleaner found that out
when she was sweeping the floor.

Though God of Guan has been removed,

he do takes care of us still.

We are of good luck this time.

But superior said
investigation is to be continued.

What for?

They afraid that someone
has brought the money back.


As long as we didn't lose the money.

The responsibility is not on us.

Let's follow the order.



Hung, why are you here?

I am just doing population census.

How many colleagues
do you have here?

We plan to have a promotion...

designated for you policemen.

We will prove it at once.

Furthermore, we have prize and P-2.

Do you know what is P-2?

You don't know that?
Hung, what do you want?

Don't play tricks on me.

I am not playing tricks.

I just want to improve
your knowledge.

P-2 is preferential interest rate.

It's used as loan interest, got it?

These two bastards
seem looking for money.


What do you want?
What can I want?

I have no money.

I know, that's why I'm
looking for business here.

Is there anything wrong? Sir...

Don't disturb me.
I need money to see a doc.

You dare to ask someone to scare me.

I didn't.

Am I blind? It's your friend Sam.

He came to my company yesterday.

And asked how much
money you have borrowed.

He said he would
responsible for the money.

You friend is a PTU.

He is a frightening big guy.

Scare me to death.

I just met with the psychologist.

He said I am suffered
from panic disorder.

And have to take
medicine for a long time.

Do you know which medicine
is the most expensive in Hong Kong?

It's the mental
medicine I got to take.

It costs over $40 each.

How can I see the doc
if I don't have money?

If I don't take the medicine,
my condition will go out of order.

And I don't know what will I do.

This is all by yourself.

Can you help me?

How can I help?

You want me to ask them
if they want to lend money?

Do you feel difficult?
I will break out if you feel that.

And I will get into
the police station

whenever I break out.

I will do what you ask.

It's what you said.

Now together with the interest...

repay me 20% more.

It's that simple.


That is another 100 grand.

You give this answer
real fast this time.

This is not much.

Now it's you policeman
threatened me.

If I bring the case on court,

I will get a 400 grand in Hong Kong,

and a few hundred billion overseas.

That's the deal.

If Sam comes to me himself,

I do congratulate you.

He treats you as his friend,
and give you a hand.

If it's you who ask him to come,

you are getting into trouble.

Don't try this anymore.

It's not only you
police can look for me,

We citizens can look
for Commissioner too.

Let's go.

Our storage has installed
a closed-circuit television.

Sam, I need a
reasonable explanation.

Sir, why do I need to explain?

According to this tape, you are
suspicious of stealing illicit money.

I just take my money
in my own locker.

Is there any problem?

Why did you put so much
money in the locker?

Our office hour is strange.

I was late to put it in the bank.

You had a few grand
on hand suddenly?

Sir, this is the money
which my friend had repaid me.

I was late to put it in bank.
So I put it in the locker.

Sam, I hope that you
didn't hide anything.


Okay, I trust you.

And this tape can prove nothing.

I will not give it to the superiors.

Thank you Sir.

But be well prepare that...

superiors will continue
the investigation.

I got it.


Thank you...

He asked Bro Sam to come by,
I wonder what happened?

It seems to be related
to the lost money.

But the money has
already been found now.

Superiors said the case
is still continuing.

Bro Sam stopped us to
worship God of Guan.

That's why he is getting
into trouble now.

We are of different teams.

It seems that we are more innocent.

That's right.

You mean you are embroiled by us?

You think it is done by Bro Sam.

I didn't say this.

But you do think in this way.
What are you talking about?

Enough now.

Let's go.
Yes, Sir.

Sam, have a talk.

What did Wong Sir say?

Does he think you are
related with the case?

The money would not
come back by itself.

I know you wouldn't tell.
But I have to ask.

Did you help Tong to do it?

How could you do that?

You should help your colleagues,

but now you're perverting
the course of justice.

I know what I am doing.

Sam, you are a police.

You said if you know who did this,

you will arrest him.

You lied.

May, this is not as
serious as you think.

I just want to help.

But you should pay the price.

I know what I am doing.

Sam, I hope you will be fine.


Madam good Afternoon Sir.

Good Afternoon Sir.

See what had happened.

Are you okay?

Answer what he asked.

Wake up.

I'm fine.

Did he beat you?

No, nobody beat me.

I saw you were beating hard.

Beat what?

We are doing martial arts.

That's right.
We're doing martial arts.

Madam, don't you believe us?

We do it in front of Madam then.

Are you ready?

I am going to call 1,2,3 now.

It's good for your health.

1, 2, 3...

The spirit is much
better than the red sun.

Call Sam to come by.

Yes, Madam.

Once again.

The spirit is much
better than the red sun.


We'll come by.


Don't run.

The spirit is much
better than the red sun.

May, Bro Sam hasn't come yet.
Should we call the console?


Madam, Basic Law allows us...

to have passion towards martial art.

It's fine.

Hey, I am sweating all over.

Goodbye Madam.
Goodbye Madam.

May, I'm sorry.

You are really on time.
Arrive when they've gone.

A robber happened there.

Got back to pick up?

Just picked up some cigarettes.

What a coincidence.

A fresh big eye fish.

Goose, pig intestine, and beer.

Come by immediately.

This should be my treat.

We are not used to others kindness.

We are of same kind.

You love car racing?

I love it.
Me too.

You too?

I got No 5...

in 1983 Macau car
racing competition.

You are boasting.

I have joined the world's
most famous competition too.

Who won that year?
A German driver called Stak.

He drove the car ahead...
...a few cars.

We just couldn't get close to him.

And the Hong Kong driver Michael
Lui got the second runner up.

And I got the fifth place.

Are you racing still?

I'm old now. And this costs a lot.

As long as I have
tried in my teenage.

You can't drive with this face
even you have money.

How dare you said this.

I broke my head one day.

I just hold the wheel in one hand,

and dressed my head
with another hand.

Really? Are you that powerful?

Let's have a match sometime.

Of course.

How to call?

They call me Fat Tong.
Bro Tong.

Which occupation are you in?

I was a security,
but I am unemployed now.

So you live in a villa.

You are not Hong Kong people.

We are visitors from China.

We will leave in a few days.

Tong, you eat without repaying.

Bro, aren't we taking the car?

Bro, what happened?

You hid it under the seat.

I didn't.

You're playing a fool now.


This is none of my business.

I didn't know there was money
hid under the seat.

Bro, I am innocent...

Bro, please believe me.

Shut up!


I told you that you have to
satisfy with what you have got.

Didn't you hear me?

Bro, I was wrong. I was greedy.

I promise that I will
never do this again.


You need someone to drive for
you, right?

I will never do this again.

I will never do this. Forgive me.

If you admitted it that day,

and returned all the money,

I may forgive you.
But it is too late now.

No. You can't kill me.

We worshiped God of
Guan together before.

You shouldn't kill your pals.

You are such a faithless jerk.

How can you in face of God of Guan?

Bastard! Stand still. Stop running.

Stop running.
On board!


They have took a taxi,
you'd better drive faster.

Hold tight.

They have lost us.

I'm sorry.

It's fine.
You owed a lot from others?

Just skip these things.

You do drive well.

I joined Macau car racing,

and got No. 5.
Don't you think I was boasting?

How about your friend
who love car racing?

He has something to
do and left already.

Are we going back to villa?

No problem, 3 minutes.

Bro, someone calls you.

I am not going back now.

Please drive us to Man Wui Street.

No problem.

What a luck.


What are you doing?

I am waiting for my friends.

Do you have friends?

Mathematic question, there are
7 million people in Hong Kong,

what is the probability for me to
meet you in this street?

Got that?

It should be 1.

Next question, who should get beat?

It's what you said.

Tell me, what did you owe?

Tell me all your dirty things.

You owe money and?
And not repaying.

That's right. And then?

And then what?
Hide everywhere.

You worth a beat.


So what?

Threaten me?

Threaten me with a police?

I will just beat
you in front of him.

Bro, a gun battle happened.

A policeman is seriously injured.

I come by immediately.

Bro Tong...

Bro Tong...
What happened?

There is a covert money
dealer on third floor.

There should be some
dealing yesterday.

And someone got all the
profits in the middle.

The robbers were rushing to the car,

and met a PTU.

They opened fire.

The police was shot and hasn't
out of danger now.

Why did you beat him?
Do I need a reason?

there are shots in Man Wui Street.

Please provide support here.

What did I do yesterday?

You said you were drunk yesterday.


What else did you find?

Nothing, besides shell cases.

I look for clues.
Call me if anything happens.


He hasn't woke up still.

Yes, I wonder his situation now.

May, how is Kit?

He got 3 shots. Lost a lot of blood.

And is still in danger.

Does he need blood transfusion?

What if we call all the
Kowloon West colleagues,

and check with their blood type.

The hospital will
tell us when needed.

How about his wife?

She looked ill.
She had sat there for a while.

And now take a rest at home.

Commissioner has come before.

And said Kit is very valiant.


we are now facing
a group of bandits.

We may meet them afterwards.

Do be careful.

I go to look for that bastards now.

It's useless to be anxious.

We need to match up
with the track down procedure.

We have to guard our position.

Now, you know what
kind of people we are.

You are robbers.

Why did you bring me to rob?
I was embroiled in it now.

You passed out that day.
But we didn't leave you.

I owed money.
I was beaten to pass out.

Did you owe a lot of money?

This is none of your business.

You are robbers...

Fat man, it's enough.

Don't be impetuous.
Let's have a talk.

I will move out. It's no
advantage to get close to you.

You've known so much.
Don't you believe I will kill you?

Let me go.

I can help you.
I can give you a million.

I need a driver now.
And I think you are suitable.

Afterwards, you will give
that one million dollars.

You asked me to rob with you?

I afraid that I will
die with my money.

Or else, I will be chased by
the police in my whole life.

I'd rather keep owing from others.

You just in charge of driving,
I promise your safe.

How can you take care
of me in that situation?

We are followers of God of Guan.

We treat our pals as ourselves.

I said I can take care of you,
then I can do it.

In fact we are not normal thieves.

We steal those filthy lucre only.

And kill those who deserve to die.

We have done two cases
since we came from Mainland.

First one is a drug
dealing activity.

After we got the money,
we threw all the drug.

I don't want them
to poison our country and teenagers.

Though we met some policemen
outside the warehouse,

we only shot to frighten them,

and didn't kill them.

Because we were public
securities in China too.

How about the last one?

There was a covert money dealer.
We robbed it,

in order to prevent them
from disturbing our economy.

How about the policeman?

Why did you shoot him?
He is innocent.

I shot him.

We have to take care of our own life
in that situation.

Two days later,

We will rob the national
treasures smugglers.

We may give you one
day consideration.

If you don't agree that, it is fine.

We won't kill you.

Please be fine.

God of Guan, please do bless him.

Do bless him, God of Guan.

Bless him.

I will burn you a few
more joss stick later...

Do bless him, God of Guan.

Bless him... God of Guan.

I will burn you a few
more joss stick later...



Are you familiar with Kit?

No, I was having a
statement with him.

How about other colleagues?

They got something to do.

Kit hasn't woke up yet.
How can you give him a statement?

I had made a mistake.
I'd better go now.


Why are you so nervous...

about the injury of a normal PTU?

I didn't.

I saw you faced the door,

and kept muttering. What happened?

But we are police too.

Don't you know how many policemen
are sent to hospital every year?

Have you ever visited them?

Tong, what happened?

I'd better go now.

You really need that
Fatty to drive for you?

There are only two days left. I
don't have time to find another one.

Bro, you know how to drive yourself.
Why don't you do it?

What we need is a driver.

He needs not only to
know how to drive a car,

but helps us to escape
when we are in danger,

so as to keep as safe.

What if he doesn't agree?

I will kill him and
give up that thing.

It is such a waste
as we have prepared it for so long.

Nothing can help.

Not either one position
or stage can get wrong.

Nothing can succeed if
we get one people less.

I have observed that
Fatty for a long period.

He is easily affected by others.

And the money he owes
is not a small amount.

I believe he will do it.

How can a man reject
a million dollars?

We will divide that
one million ourselves.

Afterwards, he has to die still.

Pay attention to
the man in the file.

Anybody can recognize him?

He is Hung in Jordan.

He is a loan shark.

Right. He is Hung, Chan Yiu Hung.

He was found,

in the gun battle
scene some days before.

The crime unit is looking for him.

He used to mess around in Jordan.

Sam, May,
you are in charge of Jordan today.

See if you can find
him during patrol.

Yes Sir.

He is the key person.

He may help us to
catch those bandits.

I hope that you can find him out.

Any Question.
No, Sir.

Get ready in 10 mins.
Yes, Sir.

Calling second column.


We are on position now.

We are now in Kimberly Street having
vertical building patrol.

We are nearby too.
Keep contact. Roger.


May, where are you now?

Suen Yi Street.

Hung is in your opposite
road at 3:00 direction.

Big Man.

Madam, physics question,
which one is faster? Car or human?

How many bandits did you see?


You mean the three
people who shot you?

How many shots did they shoot?


Was there any car waiting for them?


There was a car standing by.

I saw Hung who is used
to mess in Jordan...

arguing with the people in the car.

The closed-circuit television,

also found Hung.

We are now looking
for him everywhere.

You mean there should be four people,
and one of them in charge of driving.

It should be like this.

I remember the one who argued
with Hung is a little bit fat.

Fat. What else features did he get?

I saw his back only.

Do you know the man?


You said you heard
they were arguing.

Did you know what
they were arguing at?

It's too far away...
I can't hear it.

I only know that they were arguing.

And even got into a fight.


find out all fatty
who related to Hung.

I got it.

How do you feel?

You mean the fat guy who
appeared in the scene?

I think it may be Tong.

Why do you suspect
policemen every time?

It is my speculation only.

You know Tong and Hung
used to mess around these days.

There are at least a
few dozens of people...

who know Hung and
is a little hit fat.

I will call Tong and talk with him.

Miss call.

I hope it isn't him,
but we have to find him out.

. Hung-
. Tong-

You are great,
I have to hide myself for you.

Hung, it's none of my business.

Your pals are real great.
You have good fortune now.

What do you want?

Nothing. I just want to talk.

What else can we talk now.

You are a police who committed
the law. You dare not to come out,

I will report it to the police.



You are great recently.

A film question.

A film which the robber
and police are of same person?

Internal affairs.

Quick and accurate.

Since the film is all about you.

How much do you get?

The newspaper said
there is five million.

I didn't know that they are robbers.

So complicated?
Why didn't you arrest them?

A law question.

I clawed back loan that day.

And met some policemen and robbers.

Do you think I have any legal duty?


That's right. Why do I have
to afraid of that police?

Do you know why
I have to hide away the police?

It is all for you.

If I was caught,
I would report all to the police.

And you were in great trouble then.
How are you going to thank me?

I have no money left.

I know. But your pals have.

I don't know them.

I don't know.

I just know that you
were waiting for them.

How can you said
you don't know them?

How about the next mission?

There must be one
if you keep silent.

That's easy.
They will give you money.

I just want 500 grand,
plus the 500 grand you owe me.

Total 1 million.

If I don't get the money,

your name will be
appeared in the newspaper.

Self protect question.

How to be a robber who never dies?

Let me tell you.

When you are working with your pals,

you hide yourself behind.

If you have anything go wrong,
I can't get back my money.

Be smart.

After two days emergency rescue,

the PTU Cheung Chi
Kit who got injured...

in the gun battle...

has finally out of danger.

Situation has changed to serious.

The crime unit,

has made a statement
in the hospital.

Thanks for God of Guan...

What if he recognizes me?

I will be chased by the police
in my whole life.

What should I do...

It's just troublesome.

Wo, did you meet Tong?

Bro Tong? We are looking for him.

We haven't met him for a whole day.

Is there anything I can help?

No. We will find him ourselves.


What should we do?
Find him first.

Maybe we should
report the Commander.

Deal it.

We are now loyal pals.

Though we were born
in different days,

we are ready to die in the same day.

Do bless us, God of Guan!


Bro, all is ready.

I have something to give you.

I don't carry guns.
You said you would protect me.

You are just responsible for driving
and the lamps.



What happened?

Why did you kill them all?

They smuggled national treasures,
deserved to die.

But you don't need to kill them.

Police will not kill
everyone in their sight.

You are no difference
with normal robbers.

We must do this to
protect ourselves.

Console calling PTU column one.

Someone heard gun shots in...

Ferry Street area.

Please take a look.

Roger, we come by now.

Prepare body armors.
Yes, Sir.

Bro, they will arrive in 5 minutes.

Tong, grab all the money.

Tong, grab all the money.

I will serve the police.

What? What am I doing?


They are my own kind.

They do want to help me.

How can I treat them like this?

What the hell is it? What did I do?

What should I do now?

I chose to be police myself.

I should choose the road...

I'm a police.

I know that there were robbers
came to Hong Kong.

I prepared for so long,

and got along with them.

Finally, I had their trust.

I believe this is a
successful mission.

Fool, fill in here.

What happened? Come to borrow?

I am the sergeant
in crime unit of Kowloon west.

I want Mr. Chan Yiu Hung.


What's wrong?

You have proofed that
I am not involved in that case.

Are you creating troubles here?

Law question.

What is the maximum interest rate
in Hong Kong?

You don't know that?
But dare to be a loan shark?

Let me tell you,

you will violate the law
if it is over 60%.

What is the interest
rate you gave me?

I've forgot that.

I remember you said it is 80%.

Concrete question.
Do you know what is this?

Why didn't you study hard?

This is a police warrant.

Mr. Chan Yiu Hung,

I arrest you now.

You are suspected to
violate the lender law,

and used a interest
rate more than 60%.

You may keep silent,
but all you say,

will be submitted as
evidence in court.

What are you playing?
I will report you.

No need to trouble you.

I have given up myself.

And applied the owe money scheme
in the police force.

They will help me to
rally liabilities.


Ghost, call the lawyer.

And bring Tang's file
for him to analyze.



Thanks, Sir.

Left the right turn.

Dressing, right dress.

Up move.

Eyes front.


It's great.
God of Guan has returned now.

The Commissioner do listens to us.

Burn the joss stick now.

Sam, thank you.

Burn the first joss stick?


No matter which kind of Gods,

they are just for our conscience.

In fact,
we have to rely on ourselves.

Isn't it?