Tactical Unit - Comrades in Arms (2009) - full transcript

Two tactical unit leaders are forced to put aside their differences to help catch a group of robbers.

There's no one
here to arrest.

We always patrol
the remote areas.

Inspector is unfair.

He gives that bitch
all the good jobs.

Keep that between us.

Brother Sam,

let's leave our route
to see some action.

Don't disobey our order.


I.D. please.


Station, PTU 13893, calling.


77 Hoi Yuen Road,
checking an I.D..

ID No. Delta

He's clean.

You may go.

Sir, please come over.

I.D. please.

Sir, your I.D.

Station, PTU 25641,


78 Hoi Yuen Road,
checking for an I.D..

ID No. Delta
258431/1, over.

Another unit just checked it.
What's the problem?

They didn't search
the subject.

I don't want to miss
anything, over.

He's clean.

Thank you.

You may go now.

Let's go.

There's a break-in
at 77 Hoi Ming Road.

Any units in the area?


PTU 13893 is heading
to Hoi Yuen Road.

Station, PTU Sergeant

26316 and party are
heading there.

There's a break-in
at 77 Hoi Ming Road,

the PTU are on the way.

Any other officers
in the area?

Had a good sleep?

I'm thinking.

Don't do your thinking
out loud.


Yes, sir.

Sir, where are we going?

Didn't you hear
the radio?

Haven't you been
paying attention?

Still thinking about
why you're demoted?

I think I just don't
have the luck.

If I had your luck,

I'd be the Chief
Inspector by now.

To Hoi Ming Road.

Yes, sir! Understand, sir!

Police! Freeze!



Don't move!

Watch your handcuffs!

You'd get in trouble
if you lose it.

Bastard, trying to act tough?

Station, PTU unit...

Why should I
listen to you?

May, let's talk.

We're on the same column.
Let's write the report together.

Bin will be the AO,
Roy will be his assistant.

Assistant doesn't
receive accolades.

Let Bin be the assistant.

I've been a cop
for over a decade.

May, this is not how
a Sergeant should behave.

What is the matter?

What is going on?

Bin caught the
suspect first.

Roy uncuffed him.

Bin let the suspect
get away.

Roy caught the suspect.

Bin dropped
his handcuffs.

Sir, Madam is covering
for her subordinate...

Do you want to
file a complaint?

No, sir.

Did you cuff him securely?

Were the handcuffs on?

You sure they didn't
catch on to his clothes?

So you're not sure.

Sometimes things get
messy in an arrest.

It was a misunderstanding.

As police officers,

Our job is to keep order
and protect lives.

Doesn't matter who
caught the suspect.

Sam, continue
your patrol.

Yes, sir.

May, bring the car here.

Go back to station and
keep an eye on them.

Thank you, sir!

They must be
up to something.

Filthy couple.

Careful what you say.

You never taste hardship
until you join PTU.

Sergeant sneers at the
tough road ahead.

Chief brings you
a warning.

But I got my job to do.

Why bother?
Our duty ends next week.

I want to do a good job.
You should lose weight.

Still gambling?


I have no more money left.
I made a terrible mistake.

The memo is out.
Let's see where we'll be stationed.

Never mind.

Wherever I'm stationed,
I'd still be the driver.

This is it.

So long as my belly doesn't
prevent me from steering.

Brother Sam.

Let's drink to Madam May's
promotion to Station Sergeant!

And Brother Roy's
promotion to Sergeant!


Cheer up.

Hard work will pay off.

I'm just upset
we lost to May's team.

I feel sorry
for Brother Sam.

Why was May promoted
instead of him?

Sometimes it's all about luck.

Congratulations on becoming
CID detectives.

You're better off!

I checked my fortune
before joining the force.

Working for Madam May
will bring me luck.


Honey, had dinner already?

I'm still at the farewell party.
Don't wait up for me.

I'm broke...

I'm not who
I'm used to be.

I lose half of my
paycheck every month.

I need to pay off my debts.
I don't have any money left.

Are the kids asleep?

Have they been naughty?


Stop drinking, Fat Tong.

Give me!

People used to
call me "Brother Tong".

Now I'm just "Fat Tong"!

No one respects
me anymore.


I need more time!

I have to go.
Go to sleep.



I requested a song
for you.

Inspector is going to sing.

He's good.

Of course he's good.

Great voice!
Beautiful face!

He's our Elvis!

Why are you
looking at me?


I'm really enjoying this!

He should give concerts!

At least 300 shows!
All seats will sell out!

Come on.

Sam, can I borrow
some money?

What for?

My mother-in-law...

She lost everything
in stocks.

Forget it... just forget it.

I didn't gamble.

I really didn't.

I'll give you tomorrow.

Come here...

Bin, I heard you'll be
transferred to outer islands.

You'd be perfect
looking for missing cows.

Let me have a look.

You have the face
of a jobless bum.

Go to hell, bastard.

Remember to salute me
next time on the street.

Of course I will.

Madam May did everything
to give you an opportunity.

Look, she's even singing
with Inspector Ho.

Maybe she'll spread
her legs for him.


Break it up!

Let go, slut!

What did you say?

Stop that!

Watch your men!

It's not your business!

You two want a piece of
the action?

Do you want
me to file a report?

No, sir.

Sorry, sir.

I'll forget about
what happened here.

You'll be disbanded
in a few days.

I don't care
what you do after that.

But make sure you
behave until that.

It's my responsibility to make sure
you keep an eye on your men.

Of course it's
your responsibility!

What do you know?

You're the biggest jerk!

You're biased.
You're unfair.

Sir, he's drunk.

I'm not. I am still awake.

I'm telling the truth!

I'll take him home.

I'm feeling a bit dizzy.

Let's go.

Sam, listen to me.

Be honest.
Isn't he a jerk?

Everything's fine.
Let's clean up.

Brother Sam.



You don't have what
it takes to be a cop.

He's one of ours!

I don't have teammates.
Only enemies!

Brother Sam,
am I right for this job?

Just think about
how you can improve.

Everyone needs to be
taken care of.

Help me up.

At 10 am this morning,

an armored car was
robbed at Happy Valley.

Shots were fired.
Two guards were injured.

The robbers stole two armored
boxes containing cash.

30 minutes ago,

police found the getaway car
at the Red Flower Peak.

We suspect the robbers
went into to the mountains.

It's close to the border.

They're probably planning
on sneaking into China.

Our mission is sweeping.
There are four targets.

What is it?

Sorry, sir.

Code name for this operation
is "Scum".

Shout out the code
when targets are in sight.

According to eye witness,

the suspects carry rifles.

Can't believe this happens
on our last day!

My daily fortune says
this is an omen.

There are dangers ahead.

You must run the
operation carefully.

Or else you'll lose
your promotion.

Be extra careful today.

Our death pension depends
on our ranks.

Did you check
your pistol?

This is not an exercise.

The mountains terrain is
very different from the city.

Keep your eyes open.

I've studied the terrain.

We're responsible
for zone 5.


Bravo com, patrol 1,
column 4.

May, you will be the IC.

Sam, you will be
the second IC.


Yes, sir.


You deserved it.

We don't know when we'll
stand down from this operation.

She doesn't have
Sam's experience.

How long has she been
on the force?

Listen everyone.

Prepare yourself for a long stay
in the mountain.

Study the map.

Officer Wang,
Bravo team is in position.

They're ready to move in.

Yes, sir!

We'll first sweep zone 2.

From position H to
position T in northeast.

Any problem, brother Sam?


That is it.


Get off.
Any problem?

No, sir.

Don't screw up today.

This is an opportunity
to prove yourself.

Yes, sir!

Don't disgrace me.

Understood, sir.

Be careful.

Hope we won't bump
into the bad guys.

Heads up.

Heads up.

Heads up.

Heads up.

World Peace.



What are you doing?

I am busy.
Go play elsewhere.

Told you I'm busy.
Go play elsewhere.


Give it back.

Don't interfere with
police work!

Station, PTU 13893...


We're at Red Flower Peak.
Please check an I.D..

ID No. Delta 687051-1.

He's clean.


He's slightly insane.

Tell him to leave.

I'm shot!

I'm shot...

What are you doing?
Told you I'm busy.

Go play somewhere
else with your guns!


Knock it off.

I'm out of paint balls.
Time out!

I said I'm out.
Stop shooting!


Enough already!

Having a good time?

Put your guns down.

Red Flower Peak.
Please check 3 ID's.

ID Charlie 428949-9...

Madam, we didn't
break any law.

This gun is not modified.
It doesn't exceed 2 joule.

You shot an officer.


Apologize to Madam.

Sorry, Madam.

You often play around here?

Have you seen
anyone suspicious?


Leave at once.
We're conducting a sweep.

What is it?

Just go.

I can't. I'm not finished.

We live in turbulent times.

Leave! Want me to arrest you
for graffiti felony?

Meal time.

Excuse me.

Got roasted pork
and chicken?

Look for yourself.
Found it.

Out of soda again.

PTU sergeant 26316.

Bravo Com, Patrol 1.
Commander Ho calling.

Go ahead Commander.

What is your position?

Are you asleep?
Didn't you see the tree branch?

You're supposed to
cover for me!


What's your current position?

We're 30 minutes away
from position I.

I'll send a car to deliver
food to you.


Fat Tong, deliver food
to our men.

Yes, sir.

Let's rest and
wait for food.


Keep an eye.

Got a cigarette?

Got a light?

Look at Bin.

It hurts...

Brother Sam.

Our men don't work
well together.

Any thoughts?




Gear up.

PTU, Bravo Com,
Patrol 1...

5508 calling
Commander Ho.


Commander Ho,
I got a flat tire.

Please send a mechanic
to repair it.

It'll take a long time.
Do it yourself.

Sir, this is not part
of my job.

You're driver.
The car is your responsibility.

Our men are waiting
for food.

Yes, sir.

I think this place belongs
to illegal immigrants.


PTU, Bravo Com,
Patrol 1...

5508 calling
Commander Ho.


Commander Ho, the spare
tire fell off the mountain.

Are you serious?
How did it happen?

There was an accident.

Please send a mechanic.

Our men are hungry.

I'll arrange it.


Does this belong to you?


Did you throw the tire?


So? It hit me!

Sorry... Sorry...

Don't kill me! Killing police
officer is a serious felony.

I have a mother
to take care of.

And a 9 years-old

The police are
on their way.

I'll take you
with my car, okay?

Change the tire.

Okay, no problem.

Let me get it...

Stop fooling around!

No... no...

The police will hear
the shots.

Don't kill me...

Take me as your hostage.
They'll negotiate.

They'll give you
a chopper.


Command Post,
this is PTU Sergeant 4876.

Due to the trail's steepness,

Column 3 will take
alternate route

to reach position D
from the north.


Take us away
from the police.

Don't pursue him!
He's got a knife!



How is it?

Brother Sam...

Roy... Do you copy?


We can't get a signal here.

Calm down, it's okay...


Let's get out and
report to Command Post.

I won't leave
teammates behind.

It's not safe here.
Let's wait for backup.

You wait.
I'll keep searching.

I'm in charge here!

Take me as
disobeying order.

What the hell
are you doing?

I'm just doing my job.

If I screw up, you won't
have an easy time either.

Commander Ho will
protect you.

What do you mean?
I earned my rank!

You don't have
what it takes!


Don't move.
Does it hurt that much?

Try getting stabbed yourself.

I am injured too.

Do you know
how to bandage?

Stop moving around.

They'll find us soon.

Cooperate with us and
you'll get your things back.

Sure... Bury it.


Command Post, this is PTU
Sergeant 7890 calling.

3rd column just completed
sweeping Zone 3.

No sights of suspects.
We're moving on to Zone 4.


They're not nearby.

Command Post, this is
PTU Sergeant 6734 calling.

2nd column will reach
position C in 5 minutes.


With my help,

you'll cross the border
before dark.

You are welcome.

You can enjoy a nice meal
and foot massage.


We didn't pass
this place before.

The tunnel shouldn't be this far.
Let's turn around.

This place is cursed!



Brother Sam,
the robbers may hear us.

I can't find our position.


Something's wrong,
Madam May.

This place gives me
the creeps.

We're just lost.

Calm down.

Try heading south.

What do you think?

Which way?


Calm down.

Calm down.

I got it!


It's just the compass

No, Madam May...

I said the compass

Commander Ho...


This place is haunted.

Shut up! Go!

Commander Ho calling
PTU Sergeant 26316.

Commander Ho calling
PTU Sergeant 26316.

Sir, no response
from Madam May.

Can't reach her
on her cell either.

Commander Ho calling
PTU Sergeant 5508.

Commander Ho calling
PTU Sergeant 5508.

They're calling for me.

00:53:27,320 --> 00:53:28,799
Don't worry.

I know what to say.

Go ahead, Commander Ho.

Where are you?
Why aren't you in the car?

Sorry, sir.

I went down to
find the tire, but...

Well, I'm a scum.

Who told you to do that?

Told you I'll arrange it.
I told you to wait.

Did you find the tire?
You know where it is?

No, sir. Sorry, sir.

I'm a scum, I'm a scum.

You are indeed.
Come back now!

I'm a scum!

Come back at once!


Sir, listen to me.
I know I'm a scum.

Commander Ho, I'm...

It's the code.
Fat Tong is in trouble.

Why keep saying "scum"?

My boss always
picks on me.

If I don't say what
he likes to hear,

he'll give me a hard time.

He'll step all over me.
Never giving me a second chance.

Commander Ho
calling PTU 5508.

Answer him.

Go ahead, Commander Ho.

Do you know
your way back?

Want me to send
someone for you?

Do you know
your position?

His tone is different.

He has an unpredictable temper.

You never know
what kind of mood he's in.

Call him a scum.

See how he'll
give you a hard time.

Fat Tong, do you copy?

Say it.

You're one big scum!

I wouldn't be talking

to you if I knew
my location!

What did you say?

Who are you
calling a scum?

Do you want me to
take away your badge?

What's your position?

It's hard to earn a living...

Wrap this up.


Commander Ho...
What are you holding?

Don't shoot!

It's gonna blow!

Be careful with the case!

Don't come near,
it's gonna blow...


Fat Tong...

Fat Tong... Do you copy?


Don't come any closer...

I'll smash the case and
you'd be left with nothing.

Put down the case
and we'll let you go.

If I do,
you'll definitely kill me.

Drop your guns.

We only want the money.

Step back.
I'll leave it at the turn ahead.

I have nothing to do with this.

Water... water...

Bulky and you had bad
feelings about this operation.

Your prediction came true.

But you're still alive.

You bastard won't
die so easily.


What's up?

If anything happens to me...

can you mail
this to my father?

My father's turning deaf.

He's staying in
an elderly home.

This is the way
we communicate.

I want to tell him.

I've been made Sergeant.




Mail it yourself.

I sprained my ankle.


No... Brother Sam...

I can't... it hurts...

Get up!

How is it?
Let me have a look.

Be gentle... It hurts...

You call yourself a cop?

Stop crying-

Stop crying!

Stop crying!

Brother Sam...

You're better off dead.


Let's go.
Let him be!

Namo Amita Buddha...

Shut up!

Please forgive us...

Madam May!
Madam May...

I am here!

I am here!

We will find the way
to save you.


Have you seen
a fat cop around?



Shit... It's over...

Don't kill me...
Fat Tong...

Fat Tong!


What are you doing?

The robbers took
me hostage.

This case saved my life!

They're still looking for me!

The robbers are around?

Let's find Cow first.

Brother Sam,

There are four of them,
we're outnumbered.

They have machine
guns too.

We should wait here
for back-up.

And fortify ourselves.

Are you in charge here?

Are you questioning
my order?

I don't think you're
being rational.

I know what
I am doing.

Come or not?

This is just a job.
Not war!

Brother Sam,
don't act impulsively!

World peace...

World peace...

Over, over...

World peace...

Who is this?


Who is this?

I'm the earth defense force.
I'm here to ensure world peace.

World peace. Over...

World peace.

Stop the car.

World peace. Over...

Defending earth.

What's up?





I'm Ho Ka Kit.

I can't answer the phone now.
Please leave a message.

Chief Commander,

I am sergeant 26316 from
Patrol 1, Column 4.

Father, which way
could we go down?

This is a remote area.

The villages will
take you down.

Commander said he will
send us back up.

He told us to wait here.

Get something to eat then.


Take them out of here.

That way.


I can't hold too long. Go!


Take the back exit.

Maybe we... Can't you hear that?

We are the police!

Cover me with your
bullet-proof vest!

Put him down.

How is he?

He's unconscious.

Cow... What now?

Take them out of here.

I'm the IC.
I need to stay behind.

Madam May.

Brother Sam.





Scum, 2 O'clock position!

Give me back my wallet!
The money is mine...

You don't have the right
to take my wallet...

Do you hear me?
Give it back!

Give me back my money!


I don't want to pay
for your funeral money.


In position!

In position!

World Peace.

We surrender!
Don't shoot!

We surrender!
Don't shoot!

Drop your guns!

Hands up, come out slowly!

Raise your shirts
with your left hand.

Turn to the right
one full circle!


Raise your hands!

Turn around!

Hands on your head,
kneel down!

Thank you.

Brother Sam.

Have some water.

Let me check you.
Where does it hurt?


Thank you.

Does it hurt here?


You're such a cry baby.

Stand down.

Yes, sir.

You never taste hardship
until you join PTU.

Sergeant sneers at the
tough road ahead.

Chief brings you a warning.

But I've got
my job to do.

Mad dogs occupy
this playground.

But I continue to
march forward.

Facing the road ahead,
I'm all alone.

Seeing moonlight high above,
I am all by myself.

I give my flesh,
I swallow the torture.

I know this job is tough.

But let the test continue.

For I will break through.