Tactical Guerilla (1974) - full transcript

Partisans attacked the ship, with lots of people and the Jews held by the Germans. After the release and attack, there is yet another partisan attack on the convoy of Germans. Partisans few more times attacked Germans without warning, which will infuriate the Germans, and lead to tragic losses the partisans and the innocent population, to the punitive expeditions and major offensives on the partisans, which will lead to the total failure of the this partisan unit.



Rod Taylor

Bata Živojinovic

Stole Jankovic

Bring her to my office.
-Yes, sir.

Lock the door.

I don’t have much time.
-What should I do?

Ana, you must leave the ship
while there’s still time.

I can’t help the others.

Look! The partisans are on
the other shore.

A few more kilometres
and you’ll be free.

In Vienna I was
forbidden from studying.

I can continue them in Yugoslavia.

I’ve found a new home.
I want to see my family.

Then tomorrow you’ll be
in a concentration camp.

No, I'm staying here.

You're not the conscience
of Jews.

Think of yourself.
-Where am I to go?

Kurt, I have a family
and don’t know where they are.

They deported us from
Vienna like cattle.

If my parents are in
that camp, they need me.

Ana, those camps…

We’ve know
each other for a long time.

We grew up together and
were more than friends.

If it wasn’t for this crazy war
and if I didn’t get transferred

to this ship, I wouldn’t
have had found you.

If you stay here,
you’ll end up like the rest.


Cease fire! Cease!

Where did these come from?
-Let’s go people.

And everyone has
to come with us.

Will you leave them?
-We have to.

It appears we’ve attacked
the wrong ship.

If they come with us, the Germans
will be right behind us.

Take them!

What’s the matter with you?
-I’m looking for something.

-It doesn’t matter.

Ok. Come on!
Come with us!

There’s nothing down there.
No weapons, ammunition, nothing.

What is that? Take it off.

Pull down the bands.

Wait a second.
I’m talking to you.

Let’s go!

And what do you want?

Why did you want to
help the German captain?

What German…
Who are you talking about?

You know who!

What do you care?

We all care, we shoot people
who save Germans.

He’s Austrian.

He has the same uniform, babe.

We know each other from childhood.

Did you have a nice time? Did you
go to the movies, swimming?

But he wanted to save me.

So, will you kill me now?

No, save yourself for the Germans.
They might need you.

These are Jews.
You should take them in.

Well, we’ll manage
to place them somehow.

And will the Germans come soon?

The Germans always come.
They come every 25 years.

Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!
I surrender!

Ivan, you chetnik?

They drafted me,
I ran away from them!

Take that off.

I heard you were with
the partisans, so here I am.

Which unit are you from?
-Valjevski chetnik squad.

You’re lying.
They’re a 100 km from here.

I’m not. I escaped 2 weeks ago.
-The chetniks sent you.

I can’t stand them.
I don’t do politics.

That’s why they snatched me.
-Kill him.

He deserted them.
Why else would he join us?

I said shoot him, now!

Wait a second, Brka.
Let him prove himself in combat.

He’s not worth a single bullet.
He’s a traitor. Chetnik.

Say that they forced you.
They’ll shoot you man, speak up!

They picked us up, 30 of us.
There, that’s it.

Understand, you can’t fight back.

It’s a lie that you believe in.
-I think he’s telling the truth.

Bug off, Brka. As we don’t have
horses, let him carry the water.

Come on! Let’s go!

Listen, I’ll be keeping
an eye on you.

It’s fresh, I just caught it.
You saved my life.

Don’t be fooled.
You’re not here on vacation.

You really put yourself at ease.

This is good.
What are you up to?

I think we have to get out
of here as soon as possible.

Brka, if it weren’t for your nose,
you’d be a lousy solder.

The apples will get you in

The Germans will punish us all.

Marko, come help me.

They will be here in 3 days,
and that map looks ridiculous.

Maybe you’re right.

Hold out your hands.
Seems they’re not used to work.

Is that a sin?

And you ask me what a sin is.
-I know you don’t know.

Sele, where are you headed?
-I can’t keep guard all the time.

Take me with you.
-What do you need that for?

I don’t know, just in case. -If it
explodes, there goes your head.

I know what I’ll do.

You’re sickly and want to come.
-Marko, I’m not. -Listen to me.

You didn’t even make the school
soccer team. Just keep guard.


Please. I want to come
with you.

I just heard…They took
mum and dad. -What?

They’re already in the
concentration camp.

Sele, come here.

Marko, the Germans know
you’re a partisan.

They took your father and mother
to the same camp.

They’ve taken them hostage.
-Come with me.

Belgrade here, headquarters
of commandant Shtaiger!


The general is in a meeting,
but I’ll see he signs it.

Be patient.

Complaint from Berlin again
cause of the partisans.

I’m sorry but the general is busy.
-I’m announced. Announce me.

I’ll try.
-Who’s that God damn it?

Captain Kuler. I told him you
were busy. -Let him in.

What’s the matter? -Allow me to
join colonel Henkers unit.

It leaves in the morning.

You? -Yes, general.

I know I blew it with the
refugee transport.

I want to make up for it.

Here’s your schedule.
You’re going to Poland.

You will no longer embarrass
the German army. -Please, general.

It’s that important to you?

What class are you from? -’37.
-You didn’t prove yourself.

Maybe I liked you because
of your father.


Colonel Henker
commands that unit.

He might need you.
-Thank you.

Next time I won’t help you.

Someone else would have sent
you to the Russian front.

Thank you.

C’mon, line up! Hurry up!

What’s with that cannon?

What’s happening?
What am I to do? Tell me!

The Germans are coming
from there. See?

You go in the opposite direction.

But how will you confront them?
Don’t you see that’s ludicrous?

That’s what you say.
But we’re confronting them.

I’m sorry.

Leave now! -But where?
-Where you’ll be safe.

Sometimes it’s all the same to me.
-Because you’re not adaptable.

You should liven up a bit.

Hey, what’s your name?

Goodbye, Ana.

No signs of the bandits.
-Don’t underestimate them.

They’re good fighters.

What do you think, Kuler?

They can be difficult.

It’s good to be outside again.

Fire! Fire!

Move the tank back.
You, overhere!

Move the tank back.
You, overhere!

Come on!

It won’t fire. -You couldn’t
kill a pigeon with this toy!

Let’s get out of here!

Those bandits can fight!
We’ll be the ones fleeing.

We’ll beat them.
-What do you think, Kuler?

Colonel, great win. -Shit!
Just because they surprised us.

The number of victims is too high.
They won’t fool us again.

Trust me.

Thank you, once again.

I need to have a word with you.
-I’m here. -You’ve jeopardized

the lives of two partisans in
order to save an irrelevant one.

Don’t ever do that again.

But Brka, he also fought
with us. He was there for us.

I found her sneaking around.

What were you looking for there?
-I wanted to help.

How did you find us?
-The gunshots, of course.

What would’ve happened
if you ran into the Germans?

But I didn’t.

We’ll fix things.

Mila, give her a blanket.

It needn’t be first class or new.
-I’m not cold.

You just hang on to it.

Wait, I don’t know your name.

Are you the mayor of this heaven?
-Yes, sir.

And who may you be?
-I’m a teacher.

I thought so.

Yes, sir.

He’s asking where are they.

They’ve left, sir.

To the hills?

Yes, sir.

Did you hear anything about
the refugees… Jews?

They went this way.
-He’s asking about the Jews.

I didn’t see them.
-He doesn’t believe you.

No. -He’s asking where are they.
-I have no idea.

Colonel sir, I feel that the
peasants know something.

Kuler, having problems?
-Nothing significant.

The partisans took them.
-Who? -My transport of Jews.

They passed through here.
-And where are they now?

Over there! -Maybe your
chickens aren’t lost after all.

And our magical lady that
helped us, hang her!

-As an example for others.

She’s been lying to us.

When they give us a direction,
it’s definitely not that one.

But there’s no one here.

Can I sit down for a while?

Go ahead, although I’m not
one of your Vienna boys.

Looks like I’m not needed here.
-What do you mean?

I’m foreign.
You’re from here.

I was born there.
I found my girl there too.

Where is she now?
-She’s dead.

Killed by the Germans.

I’m sorry. -Really?

Tell me about your
German boyfriend.

He’s not one of them.

Understand, they forced him.

What has to happen for you
to come to your senses?

You want everyone to
be like you, right?

If you want to live, do something.

I should leave.

Where will you go, all alone?

Not that alone. And I’m saving
myself for the krauts, remember?

It’s best I go.

I was wrong, Kurt.

You get along quite well
with colonel Henker.

You both deserve a medal.
-I don’t get it.

I hear you hanged an old teacher in
the village. How very brave of you.

But your bravery slackens
in front of the partisans.


When they attack,
depends on us.

It’s more important for me to know
which side they’ll be attacking from.

They’ll attack south from Sava,
or they won’t bite the bate.

You’re wrong. They’re waiting
for us to attack. -Perhaps.

It’s a matter of who will
loose their patience first.

Satisfied, Kuler?

Of course, but why the
anxiety over the partisans?

Forget them, we have
news from Shabac.

The commandant is
expecting complications.

You can deliver your Jews
if you wish.

Yes, colonel.

I’m sure you did
a thorough account.

They won’t mind in Berlin
if someone’s missing. -Of course.

What’s that old man
looking for again?

Hi, comrades.


You have orders to go to Shabac.

We’ll combine all our forces.
The time has come to attack.

At last. -Looks like you two
know something I don’t.


We leave at sunset from
all four directions.

Gale and I from the south-west.
You two from east and north.

You attack the Zorka factory.
There are mine fields in front.

Pay attention to it.
Walk as if on eggs.

No. That’s no good. -Ok, why is it
no good? What are you saying?

It’s going to get pretty
hairy on your side.

They have a chance to
completely destroy us.

We’ll hold on until
you get through.

Three quarters of our forces in
that sector will be wiped out.

We need a victory.
-You can achieve it.

Here’s my plan. You should
let them corner you.

Brka and I attack the factory,
take the weapons and bye bye.

A clean job, right? -And what
would you want,

to hand Shabac over to the Germans?
-We’ll stay here for three weeks.

Then we attack Krupanj,
better equipped.

The hell with Krupanj!

What are we waiting for?

You should be patient.
-There’s no time.

We have to attack Shabac.
-If that’s the situation.

They’ve attacked us here,
here, here and… here.

Those are all minor invasions.
We can expect a big one. And soon.

I hope you’re right.

We could finish with the
partisans once and for all.

Give me that. You’re not coming.
-What do you care?

You have no business here.
You’re not coming.

Let me help.
-What could you do there?

Seduce them? -I think of you,
and I’d like to help.

Stay here, for your own good.

The stuff I said about you
staying away from the Germans,

forgive me, I was joking,
you know that.

Hey? Alright.

Marko, is it ready?

I think we’ll surprise them
with this cannon.

Maybe you don’t get it.
Shabac is a symbol.

It’s my hometown.

Ana, lay down! Lay down!

You’re crazy. Stand behind me.


You wait here!
Forward. Let's go!

We’ve got them.
They fell for it.

They’ve conquered Zorka and are
still suppressing us. Excellent.

We’ll tighten the rope around them.
Get the tanks moving.

Tanks, forward!

They’re dispersing
in all directions!

Well… gentlemen, shall we?

Zuco! Zuco!

My Zuco.

It’s over.

I hope you don’t find
me arrogant. -Not at all.

It was an excellent suggestion.

When will it be carried out?

The district command of the German
armed forces in Shabac, hereby

commands that all men between

the age of 16 and 60 step out on
the streets for camp deportation.

Whoever does not respond,
will be shot on sight.

Any attempt to leave the city will
be punished by immediate death.

The district command of the German
armed forces in Shabac, hereby

commands that all men between

the age of 16 and 60 step out on
the streets for camp deportation.

Whoever does not respond,
will be shot on sight.

Any attempt to leave the city will
be punished by immediate death.

Marko, what are you doing here?

Where are they taking them?
-To the Pit.

We’ll assemble a special camp.
-And then?

We’ll fill it with partisans.


While running, I
wondered what happened to you.

At that factory you were
following us like a puppy.

I say down,
you go tip toe, tip toe.

The tanks can’t cross
these mountains. –Says who?

You never know. Those devils
aren’t so naive.

Ok. We made a mistake there.
-We weren’t expecting that.

The tanks surprised us.
-When you played the hero.

What would you want?

If you think of us charging again,
get that thought out of your head.

We have no food nor ammunition.
-But the Germans won’t stop.

Let’s take the Cer mountain then,
with a fight, so they notice us.

Then into the hills, while winter.
-And leave all to the Germans?

What’s new? -The Germans from
Shabac want us to surrender.

Or they’ll kill all the
Mothers and fathers.

I’m glad you were my guest.
Not exactly a great place.

Berlin is far away, right?
-Yes. I leave with Henker.

Where will they post him?
Krupanj? -Yes.

He’ll get the planes he asked for?

Krupanj is right behind the hill.
There’s a smaller garrison there.

The more Germans we catch

the more hostages we can
set free by exchange.

Looks like this garrison is small.
Your group will attack the factory.

Can you see it? That’s a
kilometer away from Krupanj.

My men and I, towards the barracks.

I don’t know from where
the Germans expect help.

White flare, an attack signal.
-Yes, white flare.

Goodbye Krupanj.

Give me that gun.

Don’t worry about your pet.
We’ll reach Krupanj before him.

But, will we make it?

Maybe we will.

If you go to the barracks and make
them surrender without a fight.

But, they’ll kill me. -You will go,
and right away, with a white flag.

Not everyone can survive the war.
-I’m leaving.


Everyone, take your positions.

We’re waiting for the
parliamentarian. Is that clear?

Why her?
-I’ll give the attack signal.

You’re pushing her to her death?
-I don’t want that.

Brka, you don’t have
to send her down there.

When they hear the mine throwers,
the Germans will surrender.

Weird guy, this Brka.

No sign of Mila yet.

Brka, those punks aren’t
acknowledging the white flag.

Brka loves her.

It’s a question of numbers.

5 000 Serbs, Gypsies and Jews
for our 200 men.

What do we loose
if we replace them?

German prestige and
territorial control.

If we don’t kill them at once, the
partisans will be here tomorrow.

That’s Berlin’s decision.
-I don’t care about them.

If they don’t decide by tomorrow,
I’m attacking!

Only 12 more hours to go.

They’ve already written of the 200,
right. Let’s hope so.

Let me tell you something.
-Go ahead.

I know why we’re here,
everybody does.

So, what do you want? -There’s a
prisoner who could help us.

What do you mean by that?
-An officer, captain. I know him

from Vienna, he can talk to
German headquarters in Shabac,

to get them to do the exchange.
-Why would he do that?

I still think he’s not a Nazi,
I know what he’s thinking.

So many would be saved.
-The kraut wants to save himself.

No. I care for those 5 000
in Shabac, not him.

Marko! Think about it! -You’re a
politician, show what you can do.

He would do the same for you?
-No, not for me.

Marko, please, for all of us.
Just listen to me.

I don’t like it.

They’ll think we’re afraid.
-Depends how we present it to them.

Ok. Lets listen to him.

Come on, Marko. -I’m not going.
You talk to him.

Come on.

That’s him.


I doubt he’ll make it.

The leader of this operation
is highly unapproachable.

He's tough.

I know,
I’m in his unit.

Still, I could try.
We understand each other well.

Brka, lets try.
It can’t hurt.

We loose nothing anyway.
-Except one more German.

What do you think, dear captain?

It would be good for both sides
to save so many lives.

Brka, can I talk
with him for a moment?

Kurt, sit down.

This is a miracle. -I thought I’d
never see you again.

I looked all over for you.
I’d already given up.

I thought you were dead.
-No, thanks to you.

It was horrible for you.
-Yes. For all of us.

Make him do the exchange,
I’m really on the prisoners side.

I’ll try.


Do you love him? -Who?

The one I saw you with.

I understand.
-Really? -Yes.

When did it happen?
-Before sunrise.

They slaughtered them like pigs.
-Yes. Everyone’s dead.

How did you escape?

There were five of us.
We knew what was coming.

We overcame the guards,
but only I made it.

I’ll recommend you for a promotion.

I renounce it. This time I’m
returning with more tanks.

That I can promise you too.

Shreder, prepare yourself!
We leave in the morning.

We’ll execute them at once.
I take full responsibility.

Let’s go Kuler.

You look like a kraut mushroom.

Marko, what happened?

They killed the hostages. And your
captain, it may be all his fault.

Let’s get out of here. We need you.
Nothing can stop the Germans now.

I think they’re coming out.

Get up! -Wait, what are you doing?
-They can’t fool me.

Wait, they’ll help us disappear.
The bombers will think it was us.

Let them escape. Run! Run!

Colonel, what’s the matter?
-Something’s wrong.

They’re too obvious and too few.

Yes… Ok. We’re moving.
They’re headed north.

Ivan! -What did I say?
That damn chetnik!

Where are you going? -The cemetery.
-Gatherings aren’t allowed.

You burry your dead in our soil.

Yet you forbid us from burying
our own, according to our customs.

We ask for permission.
-That’s your issue. Your problem.

General Shtaiger will be right out.
Please wait. -Thank you.

Leave us alone.

We’ve thrown the whole of Europe
on it’s knees, and in the Balkans,

we’re constantly threatened by a
group of partisans. Our troops in

Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria have
been cut off from the Greek troops.

In Africa, general Rommel
is waiting for fuel!

We can’t get through. Churchill
and Montgomery laugh at as.

Give us time. –An ambush
in Tekeresh, 217 dead.

In Podrinj…-But…
-Don’t interrupt me!

The partisans are holding
up twelve of our divisions.

The Zorka factory, Shabac,
Krupanj... great victory.

250 of our men were captured.
-Such a victory in Shabac…

Shabac! Just Shabac!

We sent aviation on Krupanj,
they killed our infantry!

Instead of hanging helpless women,
fight the partisans!

Otherwise they’ll kill
us in our sleep.

You’re dismissed.
You’ll hear more from me!

I’m not asking you to
surround them, destroy them!

Can you?

Uh! -How pathetic.
Out of 800 fighters, what’s left?

And they need to be fed.

Our situation is clear,
we don’t know where to go.

-That’s how things stand.

Bad luck. The peasants have
nothing either, they’re hungry too.

Listen you, if you’re discouraged,
you can leave now!

What are you saying?
-Ok, ok.

We couldn’t stop the Germans here.
Where are we to go?

Let’s go up, to the village.
We’ll stay there.

For how long?
-Until springtime.

Until people recover
and new troops arrive.

Where will you find men?
Why don’t we go to Bosnia?

We’ll stay here. -Why don’t we
cross Drina and go to Bosnia?

Someone has to stay here,
in Serbia. -You’re wrong.

Where are we going?
-We’re wondering around.

Seems we’re going in circles. –You
think we don’t know? Stay close.

They’re laying low.
Are you going to withdraw?

We’ll wait for them to come down
the hill. -That’ll take months.

The troops are ready to go.

Have a safe trip, Kuler!
You’ve always enjoyed sport.

Yes... Yes, It’s good.

I hate winter. I prefer
hot soup and a hot chick.

You’ll make it.
I’ll assign you more men.

Skiers, come with me!

We’ll go this way.

If we get through, the Germans
will to. -Perhaps not.

Shall we still carry them? -No.

Leave them? -In this situation,
we have to leave the wounded.

We can’t carry them anymore.
Now, it’s either us or them.

They’ll be safer here.

You assign guards, you
come with us. C’mon. Move!

Spread the news,
Marko hasn’t returned.

Marko hasn’t returned.
-Commandant, Marko hasn’t returned.

What are you doing there?

Caring for the wounded.

If we take them,
that’s the end for all of us.

What are you trying to say?

The Germans may not even find
the wounded. You’re putting

the whole squad in jeopardy.
You are aware of that?

You do know that the Germans
are already on their way? -I do.

Take responsibility,
decide for yourself.

There they are! Let’s move!


What’s happening over there?
We have to go back!

Where are Marko and Brka?

Comrades, I found Brka.

He’s dead.

Partisans, move.

Where are we?

There’s our dream. Drina
and Bosnia. There we will be safe.

Comrade, is there somebody
on the other side of the river?

Are there any partisans?
-Yes! Yes!

Are we really leaving Serbia?
-Yes, we are.

It’ll be hard on another territory.
-Sele, that’s Yugoslavia as well.

We’ll be in Serbia by spring.

It’s said we’re doomed,
that’s why I’m going.

What’s this? Aircraft!
Get ready to fire!

Ready! Get ready!

That’s all we needed!
Is this an air meeting?

Germans. Prepare the intruders a
gala welcome they won’t forget!

I couldn’t go after
them for so long.

Me neither.
-Don’t they get tired?

You think they’re worn out and
that’s why they’re on to us?

There they come again.
-We’ll show them.

For the love of God,
they’re attacking like machines.

Get the wounded, we’re moving on.
-But we’re surrounded!

No, we can get across the Drina.
-But how man?

The peasants made a raft for us.
Hurry! Take the wounded!

I’ll stay with you.
-No, you go with Sele.


I won’t repeat myself!

The raft is waiting. Take Ana.
Quickly! Go!

Go to the raft. Hurry up.

I'm staying with you!
Marko, please...

The tanks are coming. Soon
they'll bring Hitler himself!

They’re really impatient!

Ana! Kill him! Shoot!

Partisan woman!

O God! Sele! Marko!
Marko! Sele...

No, no partisan woman.
I’m not finished.

I’m fine.
Marko will be jealous.

Get the stretchers.
-It’s my fault. I was too slow.

I barely touched the trigger.
-You saved him.

That’s the important thing.
Hurry up!

The End