Tactical Force (2011) - full transcript

A training exercise for the LAPD SWAT Team goes terribly wrong when they find themselves pitted against two rival gangs while trapped in an abandoned Hangar, armed with nothing but blanks.

(Thief #1) Everybody down!
You move you die! I said down!


(Thief #1) Don't even think about
it, rent-a-cop!

Get down! I said get down!

Where's the money you picked up,
rent-a-cop? Where? I know it's here!

(Radio) 'Eagle 404-19er.'
(Tate) This is Eagle 4.

'Hostage situation
at the Sure Stable lot

'on Lankershim and Tujunga.'

I'm on my way. Eagle 4 out.

(Sirens wailing)

(Thief #1) Enough talk,
give me what I want or people die.

You better hope to God
you didn't call for backup,

cos I will paint the walls
with these people's brains!

'No more talk,
I know your stalling.

'You have no idea
what you're dealing with, pig.

'Give me what I want, now!

Take the rest of the day off.

All right, let's have it.

Who the fuck are you
and what do you want?

- Your demands, what are they?
- Are you stalling me?

- I already told the other guy.
- I just relieved the other guy.

So you'll be dealing with me now.
Let me spell it out for you.

According to my department policy,
I'm suppose to ask for your demands,

meet them and make sure
nobody gets hurt.

Well, follow your policy!

Yeah, but seeing as your a little slow,
I think we'll just storm the place,

beat the shit out of you punks
and throw your asses in jail.

- 'What do you think about that?'
- What?

I'm asking if you want to do this
the easy way or the hard way.


You got one of those
hearing impediments, son?

You know what, you had your chance,
we're coming in.

Oh, shit, shit, they're coming in.

Heads up, they're coming in.

(Continuous gunfire)

I'll blow this motherfucker's head off,
I swear to god!

- Drop it now.
- Okay, okay, okay!

- Hands where I can see them.
- Look, slowly.

My weapon, my weapon.

One more fucking step and he gets it!

Putting it down, putting it down.

Put it down!

- Down now!
- Okay, okay.

All right, nice and slow.

- All right, two fingers.
- The pistol!

All right.

Shit, oh shit!

Oh, that? Just a little noise.
Are we good?

The fucking rifle cowboy,
put it down!

This is not a rifle, this is Daisy.

- She's a BB gun.
- What?

Vintage Red Rider, 1965.

Got it for Christmas.
so she's kind of a good luck charm.

- So I can't give her up.
- A BB gun?

A job, well done.

More of the public
protected and served.

And more bad guys off our streets.

All right, what is this, LAPD SWAT
public service announcement?

Can be boss, can be.

So what are you gonna say
for your speech, Hunt?

What speech?

You know, the one where we're all
awarded the Officer of the Year.

Oh, that speech? (Clears throat)

I'd sincerely like to thank
the people of LA

for trusting us
with automatic weapons,

and I'd also like to thank the mayor
for allowing us...

Allowing us to drive twice the speed
limit when you had to take a piss.

That was major.

All right, folks, knock it off,
this is serious business.

- Chief wants to see us after our shift.
- For real?

Today was our 30th
successful mission.

Chief probably recognized that
and wants to talk to us about it.

You're damn right.

Just remember,
when the Chief pats you on the back,

stand up straight, look him in the eyes,
tell him you're honoured to serve.

What? You think you're in Baghdad?

Some kind of TV shoot out?

I got dead thieves.

I got wounded hostages.

I got a store manager in the hospital
with a concussion from a flying steak!

What the fuck is that?

I got an armoured car guard
with a broken pelvis.

And I got a national food chain
suing the department

for a quarter of a million
in property damage

caused by LAPD SWAT
in less than 10 fucking minutes!

What do you have to say
for yourselves, goddamn it?

Erm...we rescued all the hostages.

How would you like a nice cup
of shut-the-fuck-up, Sergeant Hunt?

I'm told you...

...discharged a Red Rider BB gun

into the forehead
of one of the robbers.

Sergeant Hunt, since when did
the Los Angeles Police Department

start issuing Daisy BB guns
to its SWAT team?

Chief, as team leader
I accept full responsibility.

For what?

For charging a hostage
like a raped cape buffalo?

For exploding his left testicle,
and swelling his asshole shut

to the point where
he needs machinery to pass shit?


Oh, I'm sorry, excuse me,
is this the funny squad now?

Am I amusing you motherfuckers?

Let me tell you cowboys
what's in store for you.

You are all immediately suspended
and placed on unpaid leave.

You will all immediately,
as in tomorrow,

report for mandatory re-training,

where you will run hostage
recovery drills all day long,

until you can figure out
how to recover hostages

without killing their captors,

and causing hundreds of thousands
of dollars in property damage.


I've also taken the liberty
of booking you clowns

a class with the Feds
to further your higher learning.


And I'll be checking up
on all your asses!

Therefore causing harm to the hostage,

as well as to the captor
and possibly to innocent bystanders.

Now in these situations
we always prefer to talk,

to negotiate,
not to go in with guns blazing...

Just like the academy, huh?

Isn't that correct, Captain Tate?

Yes, sir, that's correct.

- Really?
- Yes, sir, you got it.

Yeah, I think so, that's right.

June 1998, Atlanta, Georgia.

A lone gunmen,
Clarence Lee Boyer...

Ever notice how these criminals
have three names all the time?

...breaks into a daycare centre,
takes 16 children hostage.

Now, hostage negotiators
have Mr Boyer on the phone,

they also have his sole demand,
$10,000 on hand.

Correct technique
to use in this case...

- Present.
- ...would've been? Hunt?

The correct technique would be
to breach from the rear,

throw in a concussion grenade,

and take 'em out at close range
with a shotgun.

Uh, this is a daycare full of children,
Sergeant Hunt.

You're an idiot, the man said
it's a daycare full of children.

I say you go in with an M4
and shoot around the little bastards.

I think you're all missing
the sensitivity of the situation.

The hostage negotiator has
the money the man wants,

the gunman has agreed
to release the kids.

It's sensitive
because of the kids, guys.

You never go in with a flash-bang
grenade in a room full of children.

- What the hell is wrong with you?
- Exactly, so you would...?

Use tear gas.

You've breached a door, you throw it in,
you wait till they're all gasping

and then you take out the shooter cos
the kids are here and the guy's there.

- You're all missing the point here.
- (Tate) Are you guys out of your mind?

See this is exactly
why the Chief's pissed off.

(Jannard) Big guy's gonna talk.

All right now,
the hostages are kids, right?

- Uh-huh.
- Right.

The negotiator has
the money on hand, right?

Dude says he'll come out
if he gets his cash, right?

- He's gonna come out peacefully.
- Uh-huh.

So then the solution
to the problem would be...?


The solution to the problem...

would be to breach from the rear,
throw in a flash-bang and tear gas,

because you can never be too sure.

Then come in with an M4
and shoot the son of a bitch.

The parts you guys
forget all the time

is to bring lollipops and blankets
for the kids. Am I right or am I right?

- That's why he's the captain!
- Am I right or am I right?

- I rest my case.
- (Hunt) Tate, that's it.

I mean, it's all in here, it's all in here.

I mean right here,
yeah, the lollipop section.

Okay, all right, all right.
Ahh, my suit.

(Russian accent)
Okay, let's start from the beginning.

Okay, I know you hid it here.

Now, you can tell me where it is,
or you can die right now.

And I will use the time I waste in
talking to you to find the item myself.


I'm sorry, I don't understand.


Oh, llya lose this thing.

I said watch my fucking suit,
man, all right?

Shall I cut his tongue out?

- Do it.
- No. Just wait.

Uh, can we just talk about this?

You kidding? We are talking,
you see your lips are moving

and words are coming out,
we are talking.

Okay, okay.

I want you to listen carefully. Okay?

I know you hid my property here,
I just don't know where.

So you are going to find it for me,

or I will make sure that
llya does what llya does best,


Yeah, uh...there's a problem.

- Oh, really?
- Yeah.

You know your buddies, the Italians?

Well, they also know the item is here.

And how would they know that,

You little cockroach.

My gut told me I needed insurance.

Your final. Move it!

- Watch my suit.
- Hurry!

Ilya, move the car inside.

(Blanco) Well, I guess a little
mountain air could be good.

Won't I be pulling the Chief's boot
out of my ass for the next week?

I don't think I've ever seen him
that mad.

- Yeah, some commendation.
- Well, it could be worse.

Wait for it.
Mall security at the galleria?

- Big Blanco's all out of steaks to throw.
- It was a fillet mignon.

What's the difference?

(Blanco) A fillet mignon only
includes the tenderloin.

A porterhouse includes
the bone and some strip loin.

- What are you, a fucking butcher?
- I was gonna be before the academy.

Well, congratulations, you have
a keen grasp of bovine anatomy.

Yeah, a 1200-Ib steer only has
4-6 pounds of tenderloin,

it's non weight-bearing muscle,
that's why it's so tender.

Now, I'm hungry, fuck you.

They usually cut it into more or less
round pieces, size of a baseball.

- Well, it worked whatever it was.
- Thank you.

Why the hell are we headed
out to the sticks?

Something about us not being
able to damage anything.

What you looking at, Pocahontas?

- These are recent.
- You can tell all that from all that?

Yeah, these are Michelin Pilot Sports,
245-35 ZR-20s.

Car needs an alignment,
pulls a little to the right.

Half tank of gas, and the driver weighs
over 220 pounds.


I'm just fucking with you. But a car has
been through here not too long ago.

Son of a bitch!

What's wrong with you?

Thank you.

So, pretty nice, huh?

I love what you've done with the place.
Now, let's go find the item.

All right, yeah, sure.
Yeah, I'll get it, but you stay here.

Kenny, I was born at night,
but it was not last night.

Okay? I'm not letting you
out of my sight.

You made a rhyme there.

Well, fuck it. I'm not getting you there
to only get popped.

Well, it would appear we are
upon the horns of a dilemma.

You're just wasting time,
I'm sure the Italians are on their way.

- Ilya?
- Okay, I'll get it. All right.

But she comes with, you stay.

- She comes with?
- Yeah, yeah.

She comes with me,
but no weapons.

Kenny, look at her. She could kill you
with her bare hands.

I'd feel more comfortable if she came
with me and you waited here.

You suit yourself.

All right.

All right, so which one is it?
There's a million of 'em.

I'm thinking it's the one up there
with the door open.

Nah-ah-ah, all of them.

All right, take off your coat.

- All right, turn around.
- There, are you happy now?

- Actually, I'm not.
- Oh, my!

She could still snap your neck
like a twig. Now get moving!

- Okay, what now?
- Easy, pull inside.

- Fuck!
- Stop the fucking car!

Stop the fucking car!
Don't go any further!

I'm sorry, friend, we have this place
for the next couple of hours.

I'll just pick up something that belongs
to me and be on my way then.

- How does that sound?
- Not sure that's gonna be possible.

- Kenny

- You motherfucker!
- Oi, hey!

- Be cool.
- One more move!

This fucker's mine, all right,
so back the fuck down!

I think there is going to be a problem.

Hey, you, Mr Potty-Mouth!

Let's say you and me,
we have a little pow-wow, hmm?

- Lose the gun.
- Okay.

(Hunt) What would've been better?

A KO from the steak
or two in the head from a robber?

- It was a tenderloin.
- Whatever.

You know what he means.

Now the only thing
I'm shooting at is paper.

At least we can have some fun,
hit the siren.

(Siren wailing)

Are you happy now?

Yeah, I like sirens.

I don't know who the fuck you are,

but that son of a bitch stole
something that belongs to me

and I want his ass now.

I'm sorry you cannot have
that son of a bitch.

- And why the fuck not?
- He's my business associate.

- Yeah.
- Your business associate, huh?

It's here, isn't it?

- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Oh yes, you do.

- You're a really bad fucking liar.
- What did you say?

Allow me to clarify.

How would you like my size 12
all up in your ass?

Sorry, I am trying to quit
having things shoved all in my ass.

(Siren wailing)

Oh fuck, it's the fucking cops.

(Siren wailing)

- You brought the fucking cops!
- I didn't bring the fucking cops!

- You brought the fucking cops!
- Who the fuck did?

If you brought the fucking cops here,
I will rip off your balls

and I will shove 'em up your ass!

- Fuck.
- Okay, we need to lay low.

- Fuck that shit, I ain't laying low.
- What do we do?

- We get out of here right now.
- You cannot leave!

They'll see you leaving,
that will put us all in danger.

All right, all right,
go get in the fucking back corner,

maybe if we're lucky,
they'll just drive by us.

Do it. llya, fucking do it!

Come on, get in the fucking car!
Get the fucking cars back now!

(Siren stops)

- Nice, real nice.
- You think?

No need for damage control here.
How we get stuck with this dump?

Came up when the jarheads
moved out.

All right, let's get this show
on the road.

No, no, no, Hunt.
Daisy's got to stay here this time.

Believe it or not,
our esteemed Chief has requested

I bring back the paper targets
clearly indicating

that we did not shoot, kill, destroy
or decimate one single hostage.

I intend to move quickly through
this drill and keep it short and sweet.

But first a demonstration.

This beady-eyed fucker,
that's a bad guy.

Hostage, hostage,
fucking bad guy, got it?

One more time,
hostage, hostage, bad guy?

Bad guy, hostage, hostage.

I'm sorry, I want a demonstration.
One more.

(Inaudible voices)

Fuck me, sounds like
they stopped outside.

Yeah, the van stopped,
that's for sure.

- (Demetrius) You said they'd drive by.
- Fuck was I supposed to know?

I said if we're lucky
they might drive by.

Apparently, we ain't so lucky.

- All right, you all got it?
- Yup.

Where's the frozen food aisle?

Move out, stack up on that door.

I gotta get goin'. You're gonna
shoot me before this is over.

How you doing back there?


So, anything else
I should know about this place?

- Like what?
- Who's upstairs that the cops want?

What the fuck is this place?
Crime central?

Just calm down, lie low.

- They just might pass us by.
- Don't get too comfortable.

I ain't done with you after they leave.

Okay, so save it for then.

Because no one is doing anything
until they are gone.

- You flippin' maggot.
- Who me?

Yeah, you.

If I get out of here alive,
I'm gonna make damn sure you don't.

- So is that suit a poly-cotton blend?
- Don't fucking touch me!

Shut the fuck up.

Be ready in case they decide
to sweep the building.

All right, folks, I thought
that was a pretty good run.

Jannard, you're a little slow on phase 2,
need to cover our exit a little better.

- Move your ass, bitch.
- Blanco was bringing up the rear.

- You wanna run this again?
- Yup, let's change it this time.

Take five and then get back to it.

They just shot the shit
out of somebody up there.

Hey, gorgeous, when this is all over,
we can get together and...

I'd rather die.

Die? Baby, I would crawl a mile
through broken glass

just to eat the peanuts
out of your shit.

Hey, okay,
sorry that wasn't cool,

I'm just trying to like levitate
the situation is all.

How about that corner over there?

No, let's not go there.
We'll call that out of bounds.

Let's come the reverse way
this time into that other section.

- Hey, would you look at that?
- What?

Your eyes, they're so beautiful.

- Do you got any Italian in you?
- No.

You want some?

Oh, shit.


I thought we had this joint
to ourselves.

- I'll teach you some manners!
- Enough of this, both of you!

(Metallic crash)

Blanco, go tell who's down there
this place is off limits till 2:00.

Copy that. Next time tell the Chief
not to double book us.

- Duly noted, move out.
- Cos I'm about to shoot somebody.

Come on, I love it.

Kenny, I will shoot your ass through
ten times before you fucking escape.

- I don't give a damn who hears me.
- Stop it, stop it!

(Speaks Russian)

Fucking rotten bitch!

Say one more word,
anything I dare you.

I'd rather go to jail for life than hear
you say one more fucking word.

Enough already, fuck!
What the fuck is wrong with you?

We got an entire SWAT team upstairs.

Not the time,
so not the fucking time!

You better hope to god
that they didn't hear

your little wake-the-dead shit just now.

Now all of you, stand the fuck down

and go back to your corners
till this whole thing blows over.

- All right?
- I feel so scolded.

- Shut the fuck up.
- (Blanco) Hello?

Oh, shit.



Put the silencer on.

Hey, whoever's there,
you got to move this shit.

What the fuck?



- That's how it's done.
- Now, that is sexy.

- Oh, my god.
- Jesus!

I didn't know he was gonna shoot.

He's wearing a vest, you stupid fuck.
Now, we're all dead.

Wow, you must be like
the professional or something.

Precision is your specialty.

That's enough from you.

As for the rest of ya'll,
prepare for a fire fight.

Let's do it.

Oh, I have a nose bleed.

What now?

Yeah, what now?




- What the fuck is that?
- Not fucking bullets.

- Same thing here.
- Hold on a second.

- Why'd he have a gun with no bullets?
- They're training, dumb fuck.

- With blanks?
- Not blanks. People training rounds.

Well, that changes everything now,
doesn't it?

I say we kill them all.
We just killed a policeman,

and the only people who can do
anything about it are firing blanks.

I don't see any other way
out of this cluster fuck.

- You can't be serious.
- You got any other ideas?

- We got a dead cop.
- Quiet...


(Hunt) Yo, man, where you at?

Blanco, quit fucking the dog!

Yo, Blanco!

Blanco, you okay?

(Lampone) I'm afraid not.


Put your hands where I can see them.
This is LAPD.

- Put the gun down.
- I don't think.

So let me explain
how this is going to go down.

(Jannard) On your knees, asshole!

Very convincing,
almost like episode of "Cops".

One of my favourite shows
I watch in syndication.

I especially like the part
where they all burst in yelling,

"Get up!" "Get down!",
dogs barking, very confusing.

Fuck you!

That's pretty. Now, unless this is
the new humane LAPD,

I take a wild guess that you clowns
got your training wheels on today.

Am I right or am I right?

So I'll explain
how this is gonna go down.

We accidentally knocked off
your partner here,

and I know y'all gonna be
real pissed about that.

Hell, I'd be pissed, shit.

See that leaves us
with a little bit of a problem.

I can't let you all go without
compromising my own security.

Can't do nothing down here.

On my mark, fly back to those doors.

- Your gonna have to die.
- Now.

Fuck! Where the fuck is
this fucking door come from?

Ilya, go around back,
cut off their exit.

- Storato, go with her.
- What the fuck?

What the fuck is this shit?
What the fuck just happened?

Blanco's dead.

Who are these guys?

They're fucking dead,
I promise you that.

Let's move out and get help.

(Tate) See if we can see
the truck from here.

Get down!

Where's the fucking case,
Kenny? Huh?

That's why I'm here,
that's why he's here.

And that's why you're here.

Now, I'm gonna ask you
one last time,

where is the fucking case?

Huh? Where's the fucking case?

- What case?
- Where's the fucking case, Kenny?

Hey, hey, hey, hey, listen up!
He can't talk if he's dead, huh?

- If he hadn't stolen it from me...
- He didn't steal it from you.

- I stole it from you.
- What'd you say?

I stole it from you.
And he stole it from me.

I ought to shoot your ass right now.

Before you get all pious,
ask yourself who you stole it from?

That's none of your damn business.

Kenny, where is the fucking case?

It's in there.

- Oh, fuck.
- You're fucking kidding me?

We need to get some people on this.

Here's what we know,

the door we just came through
is the only exit.

We gotta get to the truck.

I can see the truck from here,
looks like 30 feet down.

I got a couple dozen feet of cord.

We're effectively unarmed.

- Anyone got a phone?
- In the truck.

- Any live ammo?
- Everything's in the fucking truck.

- How many grenades you got there?
- A couple flash-bangs.

- Concussions?
- Negative.

- All right, that's a shitty start.
- And this shit's fucking useless.

- What do you want to do?
- We're gonna do what we always do.

- Take care of business.
- Boss, we're surrounded.

That's bad news for them.

- What the fuck is taking them so long?
- Relax.

Buddies upstairs ain't going nowhere.
And thanks to Kenny, neither are we.

You should really try
some breathing exercises

for your stress relief or something.

Just by looking at you I can tell
your blood pressure's through the roof

and your arteries are as hard as
the secret hard-on you carry for me.

- Shut the fuck up.
- Okay, no more beating of Kenny.

When we find item then,
then you go to town.

That's all right, I forgive him.
He's Italian, he's born that way.

- What?
- Yeah, it's an Italian thing.

He's got this whole built-in inner rage.
I read somewhere that it's genetic.

Italians are known to be very volatile,
like Mount Vesuvius,

or maybe more like Mount Etna, since
Vesuvius hasn't erupted since Pompeii.

- Either way, I gotta take a piss.
- You wanna see Vesuvius? Huh?

- I'll show you Vesuvius, motherfucker.
- You're saying he's actually Italian?


- What?
- I am saying do you own a mirror?

A black man can't be from Italy?

I was born in Rome, bitch. Rome.

You obviously ain't heard
of Kobe Bryant.

Yes, you're right, I believe you.
You taught me many things today.

I appreciate that. Perhaps we should
become Facebook friends, yeah?

- I'm on Facebook.
- (Truck horn)

Ah, there she is.

Yeah, Red Leader,
this is Piggy Leader, do you copy?

You're not gonna be
needing this anymore.

Oh, check it out.

Hey, captain, live.

Found four cell phones, here.

All of their live ammo is here too.

What the fuck?

Back up ain't coming for these guys,
that's for damn sure.

No, but it is here for us.

Hey, Demetrius.

- How's your mother?
- She is well.

She asks about you all the time.

There she is.

Enough of the fucking family reunion.

- Can we get on with this shit already?
- Who's this pizda ?

We'll explain later. Come.

What do you wanna do now?

Make a call.

What you think?

They are armoured blast doors,
not designed for security.

Cut off steel plate,
door falls like former Soviet Union.

- Can you do it?
- Sure, take a couple of hours.

No, that's too much time.

(Tate) They're gone,
and so is the truck.


- So what's the new plan?
- It's a classic siege.

They got the truck, they know we got
no communication, no live ammo.

All they have to do is wait. We gotta
get the fuck out of this building.

This way much easier.

Put up ladders, climb in window,
take out all resistance.

- Do it.
- Potential for casualties is higher.

They may resist our charge
up the ladder.

I assure you, they are unarmed.

(Hunt) They called in backup.
(Jannard) They're coming up?

Think about it, what's the easiest way
to get up here?

You gonna waste your time on
those doors? It would take too long.

All they need to do is lay down,
suppress fire,

pop a ladder up, get two guys
in here and boom, we're done.

So what's the plan?

I got something for their ass.

We cannot waste any more time.

We must send Viadimir and
his men up and put them down.

- These guys are making me nervous.
- Yeah, no shit.

We are seriously outgunned here.

Who do you think will get that case
when we get in there? Not us.

- That's why I called in our man.
- When the fuck is he gonna be here?


Let our little friends here
waste their men getting in there,

we have Kenny,
and he knows where the case is.

Right now, we need
all the help we can get.

As soon as they are in,
poof, they all disappear.

So that's all you're gonna say,
"I got something for their ass"?

- Care to give me the whole plan?
- No.

- Demetrius, we're ready.
- Good, I leave it to you then.

Wait, wait, wait, wait,
who's watching Kenny?

One of these guys
after they boost him up.

It's not a problem.
I tied him to the truck myself.


- I want you to lock the door behind me.
- What?

Just do it, we don't have all day.

Come on.

- Why the fuck ain't they shooting?
- I don't know. Maybe they're hiding.

- What is he doing?
- I have no fucking idea.

(Heavy footsteps)

- What the fuck?
- I'll go check it out.

- No, no, hey!
- You gotta cover the door.

Pay attention.
They could be anywhere.

(Muffled cries)

I'm good. I'm good.

Stay down!

- Nice suit.
- Thank you.

- I swear I heard two shots.
- I did not hear anything.

Who the fuck are you?

Hey, those guys...

Get out of the way!

- They kidnapped me.
- Sit down!

They're gonna kill me.

There they are, they're coming!

Kenny! What the...?
Take him down!

Kenny, you cockroach!
Shoot them!

- Hunt, open up! Open up!
- Open the door!



- Where's Jannard?
- Upstairs.

- Who's this guy?
- I'm Kenny.

Send a bitch to do a man's job.

You're right, they did send
a bitch to do a man's job.

Oh, shit.
Do something, do something.

Excuse me,
do you speak English?

- Is he dead?
- What do you think?

Stop. Get up the stairs.


You know, it was your armpit
that killed him.

Personally I would've been proud
of that shit.

- Let's get the fuck out of here.
- You all right?

Thanks, boss.



You've eaten your last meal,
motherfucker. You hear me?

It's bedtime for you, man!

This is the last time I've been
duped by that motherfucker.

Why wasn't he guarded?

We were outside planning the assault,

while your men was supposed
to be in here guarding him,

the truck
and those fucking doors.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Yeah, well, fuck you, man!

Want a job done,
gotta do it your fucking self!

- You do it, then.
- Get the fuck over here, man.

I can't believe this, man,
what amateurs.

- (Storato) Relax, take it easy.
- Do it.

Well, hello.

It's about time, man.
I was beginning to think you got lost.

Lost? I don't think so.

You need me for something?

If your boss over there
was doing his job,

you know where you can get
your next meal.

- So who is this?
- I don't know.

Let's just hope this coalition holds
together a little while longer.

- Back to square fucking one.
- Well, shit, we're armed now.

Who the fuck is that?

I don't know who the fuck that is.
I found him tied up in a truck.

- You call for help?
- No, radio's busted.

No phones, no keys.

At least we stand a fighting chance now.


I want all the equipment
stripped off those bodies.

Anything we can use, put it here.
Search everything.

Somebody's gotta have
a goddamn phone, got it?

- Okay.
- Move out.

Who the fuck did you say you were?

Freeze, motherfucker.

Make one sudden move and I will
totally fuck up a real nice suit.

Stand up.

Turn around slowly.

- What the fuck is that?
- What?

What the fuck is that?

It's what they're here for.

Set it down.


All right.

Kick it over here.

I wouldn't do that.

Holy shit, put your fucking hands up.

- (Kenny) Wait...
- Stand over here, don't fucking move.

Okay, just wait, all right,
just give me a second, okay?

You guys are making
a big mistake here.

You're all gonna fucking die
if you don't listen to me.

- This is what he was carrying.
- Oh, shit.

This changes everything.

- (Tate) What did we recover?
- A couple more rifles, two pistols.

- A dozen magazines.
- Any comms, phones, anything?


Motherfuckers are smarter
than I thought.

Maybe we can use that
to bargain with these guys.

Do we want to negotiate
with these fucks?

- What do we got?
- Three cops, SWAT, armed. Up in there.

- Oh, and Kenny.
- Yeah, bring me that fucker alive.

How you gonna get in?

I'll figure it out.

Guys, the good news is
we have what they want.

Bad news is
we have no fire power.

You guys grab the M4s,
I'll take the...

- Hey, you're wasting your time here...
- Shut up!

We can't hold 'em off forever
but we can hold 'em off another round.

Hey, I know another way out of here

and I'll show you if you just listen
to me for five seconds, okay?

What other choice do you have, huh?

Tie that fucker up.

Ah, fuck.

Ain't nothing here but a dead end.

You're wasting my time, but more
importantly you're pissing me off.

Yeah, I have that effect on people.
Look under the tarp.

Check it out.

- Where does it go?
- Away from here.

- More specific, fucker!
- Can you read?

It says there, crash building.
About half a mile away from here.

From there, there's a way
to the outside.

How do we know
you're not leading us to them?

We don't.
We could stand around here, though.

All right. Untie me.

- Bravo.
- Shut up.

Get my guys over here
and be quiet.

(Storato) Hey, guys!

Man's a Ninja.

Ladies first.

Which way?

This way, I think. I don't know,
it's been a long time.

- I don't remember.
- How do you know this?

What? Uh, I was stationed here.
Come on, let's go.

Get them in there now.

Hold up.

What is it?

I heard something.

- Where?
- No, I didn't hear anything.

Back there.

Take him on up ahead,
I'll check it out.

- All right, let's go.
- Watch that motherfucker.

Come on, boys, let's go, go,
get the fuck in the hole.

And Kenny comes back to me
alive, you hear me? Alive.

I'll deal with that little weasel myself.

All right, it's just up ahead.
We turn right, it's a dead end.

There's a ladder that leads up
to the crash building.

Don't move.
You're surrounded front and back.

Now drop all your hardware
nice and slow.

I said drop 'em.

You got the jump on me this time,

- Never happen again.
- Shut the fuck up.

I will have need of your services
in the future.

- I only work for the family.
- Where are the rest of them?

Down the tunnel, in the crash room.


- Ilya, off this cop.
- It's too bad.

It is too bad for you.

Too bad you're not gonna get
your hands on that fucking case.

What do you know about that?

I know Kenny doesn't have it anymore.

Get the fuck out.

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

Welcome to the party,
welcome to the party.

Hey, man.

This is mine! Ha! Whoo!

- I believe somebody's missing.
- I left him with the Russians.

Hmm, fuck it!
I got all I need right here.

What do you say
we get out of here, huh?

What you got to say about that?

- Fuck you?
- Fuck me?

Let me explain
something to you, bro.

A little primer for where
we stand right about now.

See, I'm gonna go home,
have a big fucking steak,

and a nice piece of ass.

Then, I'm gonna soak in the Jacuzzi,

till I forget today ever happened.

As for you, my friend,

you're going for a bullet to the head
followed by a shallow grave.

What you got to say about that?

- Sounds like you got it all figured out.
- Yeah.

Except one thing.

What did I forget about?

Look in the case.

The case.

(Sighs heavily)


Where is it?

Where is it?

He's bluffing.

- Call him yourself, bitch.
- (Demetrius shouts in Russian)

(Phone ringing)

- Hello?
- (Lampone) 'Where is it, man?'

- Where is what?
- No, no, no, don't fuck with me, man!

You know exactly what the fuck
I'm talking about.

The item is not in the fucking case.

- I want every Russian dead.
- It's done.

(Lampone) Make it happen.

- Where's the item?

And don't, don't...
don't bullshit me anymore, man,

cos I'm kind of topped off today,
know what I'm saying?

I'm real out there right now
and all I want is the fucking item!

All right, it was in the case
about half an hour ago, I swear.

(Cocks handgun)

- Okay, I'll...
- Really?

- [t was in the case, I swear.
- Hey, hey.

- He's telling the truth.
- Is that right?

You're saying that
this, this maggot,

this lying piece of shit doesn't know
the whereabouts of my property?

Right, he doesn"t know where it is.
My team leader took it.

- This guy has nothing to do with it.
- Nothing, uh-huh.

Okay, let me get this straight,

cos I'm a little dyslexic and
sometimes I need shit repeated

on the account of sometimes
I don't process things

on the first pass,
know what I'm saying?

Kenny, here, Kenny...
cos that's your name, right?

Yeah, Kenny.

Kenny presently does not know
the whereabouts of my property, yes?


Yes, he knows where it is,
or yes, he doesn't know.

No, he doesn't know where it is.

See, my brother,
I don't know where it is.

He's no use to me then, is he?

How about you, Miss Jannard?

What do you know?

Okay, I make you a deal.

You tell me location of the item
and I let your go, final offer.

What about my team?

That is not up to me, that is up
to Kobe Bryant and his Italians.

Something tells me
you've lost your pull over them.

- I know where it is.
- Finally somebody knows something.

That's great.

- Isn't that great, Storato?
- Wonderful.

Except that we got
a little problem though.

The problem we have now is
that you, my esteemed officer,

you just saw me vaporize
Kenny's head here

and you know that might just
happen to you.

And you'll do whatever it takes
to save your own little bacon.

See, that's what I hate
about torture.

When a man's in too much pain,
and he's too scared,

just wants it all to stop,

he'll say anything, anything,
to make it stop.

And a confession made
under duress is useless,

as you are to me.

We have to get to those doors.

Listen to me very carefully.

I am here to kill everybody
who draws breath.

- Cut me loose, damn it.
- What?

You're outnumbered without me,
give me a gun for fuck's sake.

I can promise you one thing, you come
out from behind the van right now,

I will quickly and painlessly
kill every last one of you.

It will be humane and
you won't feel a fucking thing...

Give me a fucking gun.

If you decide to resist me,
I will lay my hands upon you...

Do it. Do it.

...will kill you in the longest,
slowest, most painful way possible.

Fuck me and I will kill you.

I'll rip your goddamn guts out.

Sounds like good deal.

Sounds like good deal!

That's enough, I know where it is.
I'll take you to it. Just let her go.

Wait your turn, partner.
I'm gonna get to you.

I'm not gonna stand here
and watch you kill her.

Why not? Hmm?

You got something
better to do... Hunt?

Hey, I don't give a shit
about that item, I'll take you to it.

Where is it?

In the tunnel.

You look like
you're telling me the truth.

That's because I am.

Okay...go get it.
Storato, go with him.

- Promise you won't kill her.
- (Storato) Move!

When I get my hands
on that ebony Italian,

I'm gonna squeeze
the fucking life out of him.

- Me first.
- Of course.

I have you cornered
and you're outgunned.

You got 60 seconds and
it don't make no difference to me.

You're dead either way.

Listen, this thing ain't armoured.
They'll turn it into Swiss cheese,

along with us behind it.

- They'll light up the gas tank first.
- 45 seconds!

- What do you suggest?
- Where are the keys to the truck?

30 seconds!

Get this piece of shit out of here.
I'm tired of his stink.

Come on, Mike Hunt,
how much further?

My name is Tony, and
it's right up there about 40 feet.

Go and get it, I'll stay here.

And stay where I can see you.

Five seconds!

Three seconds!

Two seconds!

One second!

Shoot, shoot, goddamn it!

Get back in the van!

Go, move it!

- Good. Toss it over.
- Okay, I done my part.

Is your boss gonna let my team go?

Knowing him,
I'm gonna say no, fuck no!

Sorry, pal, life is tough.
Even tougher when you're stupid.

And a stupid cop doesn't have
a chance. Now toss it over!

- Get them off my back!
- llya!

I hope you know what you are doing.

What's taking them so long?

Fuck you!

Does anybody carry
a cell phone anymore?

(Tyres screeching)

You move, you die.

(Automatic gunfire)

(Distant gunfire)

Drop it.

Well, well, well. Looks like you got
the upper hand now, Mr Policeman.

Look what else I got.

Too bad it's heading
for an evidence locker.

Get your ass over here, move!

Now I really hope
you know what you are doing.

Hang on!

What the fuck?

Hey, Tate, you made it.
Hey, drop it!

- We got bigger problems.
- Like what?

Come on, get out here!

I got something in the truck
that might help us out.

- Tell me it ain't Daisy.
- No, no, cover me.

(Tate) Come on!

What the fuck is that?

I call this one the Martha,
after my grandma.

M203 grenade launcher.

- When did we start issuing those?
- Uh, we haven't.

Highly explosive round,
impact detonated.

Five-metre Kill,
15-metre casualty zone.

- Well, shoot the goddamn thing.
- I need a line.

All right. Eat my grandma!

Ha! Yeah, boy!

Yes, very impressive.
Now, drop the fucking gun.

Okay, stop there, turn around.

On your knees.

Ilya, go get the Italian.

Remind me not to save
your ass next time.

You can save your own as well.
Now, who has item?

You got what you want.
Let us go, we'll call it even.

I'm sorry, that is not how it works
in my line of business.

- I just want to say something.
- Yeah, I think you just did.

Yeah, you're a fucking faggot.

Just wanna get that off my chest
before I check out.

Clever last words.
llya, off these fuckers!

You can't do it yourself?
Fucking Russian dope.

Huh, pussy,
chicken shit motherfucker!



Yeah, ha-ha! There you are.

I was just about to send for you.
I'll take that, fuck you very much.

Do I have to tell you to kneel?

Now, it's been fun,

but I got's to go
and y'all got to die.

And like you, faggot,
I'll have my man do the honours.



Remember that speech in the hangar
about killing us all humanely?

- What of it?
- I got a last request.

Do I look like the type
to grant a last request?

All right, make it quick.
I gotta get home to the kids.

- Ah-ha!
- It's cool man, it's cool.

What the fuck?

Earplugs. Allow me and my team
to wear them. It's my last request.

You're worried about your hearing
at this point?

Safety first all the way to the end.

You realize where you're going

you don't have to worry
about your hearing.

Whatever, man, do your thing.

Oh, shit!

You can run but you can't hide,

(Guns click empty)

Come on, motherfucker.

Time to die, pig.

Told you, motherfucker.

Man, the Chief is gonna shit.

What are you guys gonna do
with the rest of your lives?

Well, I've been hanging to do
a little river fishing.

Probably a campus security job
opening somewhere.


Yeah, I hear they're looking
for security at the galleria.

- Hmm?
- You know, the mall.

This ain't over, fuckers!
I'll see you dead, all three of y'all.

Don't sleep.

I just want to say for the record,
I am not with this man.

Shut the fuck up.

Aren't those the guys that reached
for the gun and got themselves shot?

Mayor says the city is thinking
of throwing a parade in your honour.

In memory of Blanco as well.

I don't think I need to tell you
how important

the contents of that case were,
and that it's off the streets for good.

Thank you, sir.
It's an honour to serve.

- There's one problem, though.
- What's that?

Is he on his way? Good.

Got a complaint from the Feds.
Say you roughed up one of their agents.

That classroom instructor?
Sir, that guy was a clown.

He didn't know the first thing
about SWAT operations.

Seriously, Chief,
that guy was a blowhard.

I can vouch for that,
he was a total blowhard.

- (Knocking)
- Come in.

- What the fuck?
- Hey, guys.

- Allow me to introduce agent...
- Kenny?

No, no, Kenny's just my handle.

You guys don't have security
clearance to get my real name.

- But I saw you die, man.
- No, no.

You saw what I wanted you to see.

You fucking morons.
You should've seen their faces.

- I picked your brains out of my hair.
- Did you?

What the hell's going on, Chief?

Once again, you cowboys
are standing on your own dicks.

Except for you, Officer Jannard,

it's physically impossible for you
to stand on your own.

You gonna let me in on the deal,
whoever you are?

The deal, Captain Tate, the deal

is that you clowns have totally
fucked up my investigation

that I was conducting
for the last five years.

Five years of my life
I spent getting that item,

slowly reeling in the two factions
responsible for it.

Look, man, I saw you die.

- You really can't get over that?
- No, no, no.

Let me put it this way. Lampone,
you know Kobe? He's in on it too.

(Chief) The Russians and Italians
both have a hit out on him now.

- He's had to go into deep hiding.
- It's deep, man. Penetrating deep.

Chief, are we in on this?

So I need you guys to keep
a teeny-weeny little secret for me.

All the shooting, the fires,
the wreckage at the base,

it'll set the public off,
so you'll have to take the fall for it.

I mean, er...the glory for all of it.
Just keep your mouths shut.

You think you can handle that
this time?

You'll look like heroes and
little kids will write you little letters.

You'll end up on "Good Morning LA".
All of that, blah-blah-blah.

And everything will end up just fine.
Just shut up, okay?

And one more thing,
you never saw me here.

- So how's she feel?
- Just like new, maybe better.

I think she's better.

Ball called again.

Yeah? You tell him
you still had your job?

I also told him to keep my seat warm.

(Radio) 'Eagle 4, we have a 187
in process at 2540 Kawenga.'

This is Eagle 4, on our way.

Okay if Daisy comes with?

Wouldn't have it any other way.

(Siren wails)