Tack för senast (2022) - full transcript

Klara, a 37-year-old single nurse whose perpetual search for love is increasingly causing her to question whether it even exists.


What a lovely voice.

How come
you've been single for so long?

Maybe I'm just too picky,
or something.

- You're perfect.
- That's sweet.

That smile... Those
white tiles really bring it out.

Your teeth are really yellow,
you know.

That's nasty!

I didn't do that on purpose.

Are you okay?

Are you going?
We were going to watch a film.

No, I've got some writing to do.

- But I'll see you this evening.
- Okay.




- Hello?
- Oh, my God.

Why not use the doorbell? I thought
you'd come to steal my Rolex.

- Sorry.
- You don't need to do it now.

You don't just
let yourself into peoples places.

You're not "people".

Next time, ring the doorbell
and get used to doing that.

- Sure.
- Okay?

Klara, you don't turn up
45 minutes early to a party.


Happy new year!

Shut it. Not a word about
hats being a silly theme.

Tessan is annoyed that Matti
is wearing his school leaving hat.

- What the hell?
- She'll love my balaclava.

If I were you I'd skip wearing that.

- Then I don't have a hat.
- Wow, look.

Nice dress.

I thought you
weren't buying any new clothes.

- It's not new.
- Really?

No. Please make sure the gratins
don't burn, or I'll spank you.

Who would say no to a spanking?

You usually don't.

Where are you going?

- Oh, hi Klara.
- Hi there.

We invited everyone for seven,

but you didn't get that message.

I know. I'm giving up.

They've established a correlation

between loneliness
and premature death.

Being single
is more harmful than smoking.

- Congratulations to me.
- It depends on who your partner is.

What about the guy
from gastrointestinal

who called you an incel?

- He never called.
- What?

- He never called.
- After all your chats? How strange.

And the lawyer who
you proposed to on the second date?

I can't help being a romantic.

- Desperate.
- I'm not such a pessimist, like you.


- You don't need to worry about me.
- Really? That makes a change.

Look, that's how it's done.


- Will you get the door?
- Sure.


Happy new year!


- You look lovely.
- Daniel and Sofie.

- You're just on time.
- I know.

That's the advantage
of being neighbours. It's not far.

A little stroll. This has been
the most stressful day of my life.

Maximilian and I
just flew in from Verbier.

I've just not
had a chance to get ready.

I just feel like...

- Oh, wow.
- Happy new year.

My, you look so nice.

- Here you go.
- You've got such great taste, Sofie.

So where's Ullis?

She's on the phone
to her cousin Victor.

He's just got divorced,
so it's a bit...

His girlfriend wanted a baby.
He wanted to wait.

She got pregnant with the neighbour.


- It's been a long time, Klara.
- I know.

- Yeah, at the library.
- Tessan's birthday.

- Exactly.
- Tessan's birthday party.

Could you give me a hand
with the canapés in the kitchen?

Daniel refused to wear a hat.

God, what happened to your eye?

- You don't wanna know.
- I do.

It's the padel.

Daniel is addicted to it.

Come as late as you like,
as long as it's before midnight.

Love you.

Haven't they got any coat-hangers?

This place
simply isn't people friendly.

There. Imagine we're at a museum.

- We need to decide who's driving.
- Hey?

- Yeah, well...
- What? Who?

- Yeah, well.
- Who's driving?

- Hi.
- Hello, Klara.

- Hi there.
- Nice to see you.

I like your hats. A bit last minute?

Svante was in charge of this
invitation. Nice one, Svante.

- Yeah...
- I see.

- Elias.
- Hi, Tessan.

- Hi.
- So nice to be here.

- My, you've grown.
- Would you like a protein bar?

- What do you feed him?
- Them.

He's non-binary now.
Aren't you, Elias?

- Eli. That's right.
- You're great.

Oh, hello.

Smell this.

- What am I supposed to smell?
- Doesn't it have a scent?

- Is it Rioja?
- No.

What's that? A Christmas present?



- What do we say about that?
- Nice bracelet.

- What else?
- Would you like an honest answer?

I'd like a Matti answer.

Enjoy it as long as it lasts.

- You're just jealous.
- Am I?

- You are.
- I've got Sixten.

- This was his Christmas present.
- Oh, cutie.

I think I've found the one.

The one?

Have you been reading
girls' magazines?

This is just right. I know it.

I'm sure it is.

- Cowabunga!
- No! No, I can't do it anymore.

I can't be arsed.
Svante will have to deal with her.

I don't know
where all that energy comes from.

Must be Svante's genes.

No one in my family is that hyper.

- Oh, hello.
- Hi there.

- Welcome to the party.
- Hi. Klara.

- Hi, I'm Amalia.
- I'm Jorunn.

I've just moved here from Oslo. So
good to celebrate New Year with you.

- I'll give you some Champagne.
- Oh, lovely.


- I used to work in Norway.
- Really?

- Welcome here.
- Thanks. Cheers.

How did you end up here?

Tessan does marketing for me.
I run a gallery here in Stockholm.

Oh, you're in the art trade.
What kind of art?

- I work with so called vulva art.
- Okay...

Is there a burnt smell?

You sound so...
Do you always sound that happy?

"Is there a burnt smell?"

You ought to meet my brother.

- Okay.
- He needs cheering up.





- Crisps?
- My God!

Why didn't you say anything?

I did. I said "crisps".

Somebody might see us.
Are you insane?

Just for a little bit.

Stop it. She's at the window.


- The pizza is here.
- Great.

I'd just like to say
how nice it is to see everyone

and especially Jorunn.
Welcome to our gang.

- We're all misfits.
- Misfits.

I've partied, God knows how many
times with these people,

so it's good to have
some fresh blood.

When your own family is fucked up

you have to create your own.

Cheers to our "new clear" family,
les misfitos.

Les misfitos!

Here's to the best party!
Let's hit the dance-floor!

- Let's do it.
- Svante.

I told you
not to keep the fireworks outside.

I know. Have you got a lighter?

- Here, Svante.
- Is she nice?


Let's forget about this.

Yes, she is actually.

Oh, it's time. Ten, nine,

eight, seven, six...

five, four, three, two, one.

Happy new year!

Ready to fire!




God, I'm sorry. Are you okay?

Oh, don't worry.

- I didn't see you.
- No, that's my taxi.

- I...
- Thanks. The only available cab.

- I didn't see you.
- Of course you didn't.

Nobody sees me. Fuck my life.

- But I'm free?
- So what?

- I can give you a lift.
- No, thank you.

Where are you going?

Do I look like
I'd get into a non-licensed cab?



It's teargas. You can use it
if I behave inappropriately.

- Isn't that an illegal substance?
- As illegal as a non-licensed cab.

No, thanks.

Alright then.

Mind where you go.



- Hi there.
- Hello.

- How are you?
- For you.

For me? Thank you.

Wow, this is so nice. Hi.

Come inside.
Matti is so good with his hands.

Jorunn, I don't want to know
what you get up to. He's my brother.

- Elias, come and say hello.
- Eli.

He's pissed that we made him come
along. His friends are out drinking.

60% of teens will be drinking
for the first time tonight.

Your friends drink more than we do.

Come on, Elias.
Svante, will you say something?

- Oh, God!
- Hi.

- Hey...
- That's Vendela, our neighbour.

Did you like the lady?

Did you want to have babies
with the lady?




- Tessan wants to have children.
- Oh. And what does Ullis want?

- I'm not ready for it.
- You're only 42.

She keeps pestering me.

At least she's a grown-up.
Your teen ex wasn't really.

Natalie was 19 and a mature soul.

You always manage to find
mature souls in young bodies.

At least they don't want children.
Does everybody have to have them?

No, no. Give me my Byredo cream.

- It's really expensive.
- Oops.

Everybody I know
who has children is miserable.

Everybody or just Amalia?

No! Do you have any idea
how much that costs?

- You've finished the whole tube.
- Victor is coming.

- Victor?
- My cousin.

He lives here now and he's single.

Why does everyone think
I need a date?

- It's what you want the most.
- No, it's not.

Because you've met someone.

- Have you met someone?
- I can't talk about it.

Has the guy from
gastro-intestinal changed his mind?

I can't say anything,
'cause you'll be annoyed.

I'll be happy for you. Who is it?

Tell me!

- Daniel.
- Daniel?

- Hello!
- Danne? Married to perfect Sofie?

- My neighbours?
- I told you you'd be pissed.

- Pissed? I find it disturbing.
- Exactly.

- Because he's married.
- They're having problems.

Apart from the little problem
that he's being unfaithful?

- They sleep in separate bedrooms.
- They have children. So unsisterly.


I forgot to feed your cat.

- Our cat.
- Of course.

- What is it?
- Nothing.

I've been so damn lucky.

She's gorgeous,
successful, funny, clever.

And what am I?
A balding, menopausal nurse

with a beer belly.
I don't even drink beer.

Do you have to live
on a boat, Matti? I'm all dizzy.

Petronella is in one of
the guestrooms making a collage.

- From a magazine.
- Which one?

I don't know, "pop" something.

My complete collection of Pop from
1992 to 1999 in pristine condition?

- Matti...
- Relax.

Will you make me a Skinny Bitch?
Extra bitchy.

Have this.

- What are you doing here?
- Why?

You're single.
You could go on a date.

There's online dating, just imagine!

There's an app I can check on my
phone... Fit guy, fit, fit, fit...


Incredible. What if I
managed to find a tall, 6'5" bloke,

all muscly, dirty from his workshop,
greasy hands...

"Come here." "No, no."

He's like:
"I don't care." Not at all PC.

He pushes me against the wall
and we have animalistic sex all day.

So cool.

Let's go.

I thought we could use
a catering firm, but no...

- I might be able to get away.
- No, you can't. Or can you?

- Well, if you insist.
- I do.

I just have to finish something.

Why do we have to be outside this
time of the year? No one likes it.

It's almost done.
Hurry before it gets cold.

Shall I take those?

Thank you.

Food, everybody!

This isn't Iberico pork.

- It's beef fillet, not Iberico pork.
- Yes.

I'll have it.


Klara is my very hot friend.

Her judgement isn't great,
but she's nice to look at.

And this is Victor.

My cousin, with the old banger.

I think you two should
just talk to each other a little.

- Hello.
- Hi.

We've actually met before.

- Where?
- New Years Eve. Recognise the car?

- The non-licensed cab!
- Indeed.

I had no idea that you were you.

I didn't recognise you
without the balaclava.

Don't come over here.
He's coming here.

Okay. Hang on.

There you go.

I'm originally from Karlstad.

I was born here.

But then I left town,

because I found it
a bit much with the career stuff

and yeah...

- But you live here now?
- I do.

I've lived in the same tired
rental flat the last 20 years.

Is that right?

I wear the same clothes, listen to
the same music, have same friends.

Not much has happened.

But everyone else has moved on.

- They're a bit boring.
- Boring?

- Don't you think?
- A little bit.

A little bit.
What do you do for a living?

- I'm a nurse.
- Okay.

That's a respectable job.

- Really?
- Yes, it's a respectable job.

- You look after people.
- I do.

- Very organised.
- I'm not very organised.

Being organised is overrated.

My ex was so well organised
it's unbelievable.

The day she turned 35
everything was supposed to happen.

We were going to have children.

When I said I wasn't quite ready,

she just lost it. I'm now staying
well clear of girls over 35.

- Sorry...
- It could be to do with you.

You might have made her wait.

It could be that you might have
promised things you couldn't keep.

Time passes and everyone
around you is having children.

You might have become unsure,
stopped replying to texts

and not been in touch
even though you'd promised to.

Oh, I don't know.

Oh, no. Håkan!

- Have you seen Håkan?
- No.

Come on, Håkan!

- Shall we tell her?
- Won't you do it?

No, I'm too scared.

You're the one
who threw that thing for him.

- Håkan!
- Håkan!

- Håkan!
- Håkan!


Håkan Hellström!

Unbelievable. He's enormous.




Maybe we could grab a beer one day?

Are you sure you've got the guts?

I'm over 35.

Oh, it's work.
I've got to go. I'm on call.

- That's a shame...
- Oh.

They are keen for me to come in.

I can tell. Almost a bit cocky.

Is that him?


- Hi, Håkan.
- He's here.

Good Lord.

Oh shit...

Good God.

God, thank you. Thank you.

- That's fine.
- You're my hero.

My little Håkan.

- You're Aries, aren't you?
- No.

Or you've got Aries
on your ascendant.

Do I?


- Hi.
- Wow, this is amazing.

I can take that.

Was the boat late?

Thank God. Svante,
just hold onto it.

- No!
- Shit.

Oh, no...

- Svante...
- Hey, we'll manage without alcohol.

The dill is okay.

Am I the only one
who needs a straight pole?

- Picky.
- You don't care.

Oh. Do you need help?

- Hi there.
- Hi.

- Why haven't you been in touch?
- I've been a bit busy.

- How's it going with...?
- I will leave Sofie, I promise.

- I said I would.
- I know.

It's just a bit complicated
at the moment.

Hang on. I'll just... There.

- You're good at this.
- Thanks.

I see the divorce
is coming along well.

- Please spare Sofie a thought.
- Should I consider Sofie?

I mean this is difficult for Daniel.
He wants to do the right thing.

He's in the middle of
a complicated inheritance dispute.

Is this bothering you?
It's not bothering me.

Because we have to play along
in these charades.

Speaking of charades.
Tessan is apparently "ill".

First she tells me I work too much

and then she'd rather
be with her friends than here.

And she thinks I drink too much.


- So are they...?
- Hi!

- They are, yeah.
- Okay.

This is where the party's at!

- Shit, that dog's enormous.
- Yeah.

Like a bloody horse.

Right, I can't do anymore of this.

Go away!

No, no. Håkan!

Good boy. Come here.


Out you go.

- Thank you.
- That's okay.

Great to see you and...

- Vendela.
- Oh, yeah.

Oh, hang on.

- It...
- How...?

At that party in spring. She was
so pleased that I found Håkan.

In hindsight I wish I hadn't.

- What do you mean?
- I'm no dog lover.

We're eating now.

- Great.
- Yummy.

- Why are you here? Come on.
- Sure.

- This is such a lovely place.
- What?

She means this place.

Has everybody had some? Potatoes.

There's more potatoes here.

- Hello, what's this?
- Potatoes, anyone?

- Svante.
- Sorry?

- Please tell them off.
- What?

Hello! Okay, fine.

- No sweets before dinner.
- I hate you, bitch!

Oh my... Good Lord.

Must be nice
to be the good cop all the time.

- Here you go.
- No, I'm fine, Svante.

- What?
- Maybe I shouldn't...

Maybe I shouldn't
have alcohol tonight...

You're pregnant!

You're pregnant! You're pregnant!

- Sofie is pregnant.
- Congratulations.

- Thank you.
- Oh, I'm going all emotional now.

- That's great news.
- Congratulations.

Yeah, it's really, really great.

It's incredible. It kind of happened
the first time we tried.

Ding! Pregnant!

I am also insanely fertile.
It's almost a bit of a problem.

So we're having a little baby.

There's just one prawn left.

- That's...
- Okay.

Totally amazing.

- Thank you, it's very nice.
- But...

- Really tasty.
- Yes, the prawns were great.

A great prawn. It doesn't need
anyone else to be good enough.

It's fine on its own.
The power of one.

It really doesn't matter, Svante.

- Now what have you done, Svante?
- Klara.

I want to be alone.


Klara, please wait.


- Klara, wait!
- Let go of me!

- You don't sleep together.
- No.

But you're having a baby?

- Congratulations!
- I had to sleep with her once.

- Otherwise she'd been suspicious.
- That's a new one.

I'm sorry this is confusing.

Exactly what have I
been waiting for? Please explain.

What am I waiting for?

- My darling heart...
- I'm not your darling!


Turn the music down. I'm trying
to put the children to bed.

Come on, it's midsummer's eve.

Why don't we
have a game of padel?

Oh, no...

Hang on...

You know that's my tent?

This is Daniel's... tent.

No, that's my tent.

God, I'm sorry.

- No, that's...
- I'll put it back.

It's fine.

God, sorry.

- I'll do this really quickly.
- Okay.

Right, that's that one and that one.

And next...

Look, that's...

This is where the party's at!

She's still so full of energy.

What do you see in her?

I mean,
what did you fall in love with?

Well, she's...

She's happy all the time
and full of energy.

She's great in that way.

Daniel is Mr Dick pic, isn't he?



Oh, yeah.

- He is.
- I thought so.

Guess what I heard him shout
down at the beach?

He went down on his knees
and shouted, "Padel is life!"

What am I doing wrong?

Why does nobody want me?

Find out what you want yourself.

Well, it's not that easy.

- Guess what I read in the paper?
- What?

I read about a swan
who'd fallen in love with a pedalo

that looked like a swan.

- Okay.
- The swan thought it was real.

It followed that swan
around all summer.

In the autumn it waited outside the
boathouse for its love to return.

By winter time
it had frozen to death.

Oh, dear.

Are you the swan
or the boat in the story?

What do you think?

If you're that worried about
ending up on your own

I think there's a significant risk
that you will be alone.


"You'll realise your greatest fear."


No, it's from a fridge magnet.


Victor! Where the hell are you?

But the ugly duckling
got its prince in the end.

- So...
- No, it didn't.

- No, it went up in flames.
- No, that was the tin soldier.

And they keep telling you
about fairy-tale endings.

You need to find
your own ending to your story.

Where are you?

I've got to...

- Good night.
- Good night.


My name is Björn,
but people call me Teddy.

Can you guess why?

Because I'm so cuddly.

Check that it's working.

Hello? Oh.

Hi and welcome here.
As this evening's toastmistress,

I'd like to welcome you all here
to my brother Matti

and his wonderful
Jorunn's wedding party.

Matti, you've never had
a long-term relationship.

- No.
- You've left us all wondering

what's up
between Matti and this cat.

Can you all hear me? Hello?

Let's skip the jokes. You don't
have a sense of humour anyway.

Where was I?

Well. Life isn't just a party.

It's also a bed of roses.

Have fun this evening. Thank you.


I need you as
my life line this evening.

- We need to change places.
- We're talking here.

Come on, I've managed to
offend the person next to me.


I said that the Norwegians
are our rich, but retarded cousins.

But they are!


Hey... You're driving.

I'll be drinking.

Right, time to move on.

I'll hand over to "Pull-rika".

Or "Full-of booze-rika".

I'll hand over to Ulrika!


Thank you, how fitting.

Thanks for that introduction.

It gave me flashbacks
to my early schooldays.

I won't talk about how pretty
you two are, we can all see that.

You're positively glowing.

Everybody who knows you knows
that you're a wine connoisseur.

Even if your knowledge may not be
as great as you think.


We've erred on the side of caution
and bought a damn expensive wine.

This is not to be opened before
your third wedding anniversary.

I want you to enjoy it then
and celebrate love,

which I'm sure will mature and
become more refined, like this wine.

Cheers for Matti and Jorunn!


Cheers, everyone.

- Cheers!
- Hey...

My name is Björn,
but everyone calls me Teddy.

Can you guess why?

Because you're fat?

- WHY?



Hi there.

How's Gothenburg?

It's rainy and windy the whole time.

- Hi.
- Hello.

- Alright?
- Fine.

I see you still like pedalos.

Let's gather here.
Everyone needs a flag.


- Elias.
- Eli.

Are we missing someone?

You're supposed to sleep.
Where's Daddy?

I've missed you.

That's hilarious.

- Have you seen Daniel?
- No, have you seen Klara?

- Where the hell is everybody?
- I don't know.

One of the characters
in my novel is called Sara, Klara.

You are so hot.

- Oh, God.
- Good Lord.

- My God.
- Darling.

It just happened.

He's got shitty imagination
for a writer.

Please, Sofie, don't go.

- This is degrading.
- I can explain.

- Can you...
- Sorry.

You don't need to apologise to me.

- No.
- Klara, where have you been?

- You were meant to be here.
- You're giving a speech.

- No, I'm not.
- You're on the list.

- I'm not on any list.
- Amalia asked you at the stag do.

It was five a.m.
and we were eating burgers.

Amalia asked if the burger was good
and did I want to make a speech.

I said "yes"
to the burger being good.

Next speaker is Mattis' best friend.

It's Klara.

Dear Matti and Jorunn,

I would like to say a few words

that I've been working on
for a long time.

Although I actually only want to...

I just want to say I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that
I can't be a good person,

like the rest of you
who stay together

and who don't lie
and don't sleep around with men

from Tinder and then married
men, 'cause nobody wants you.

Well, that's all.

Let's have a toast.


To the bloody perfect love

that everyone but me has found.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

- Right.
- Thanks for those words.

Or whatever that was.

- Shall we go outside for a bit?
- I'll go out on my own.

Klara! How much
has she had to drink?

I've got married!

Are you smoking?

That's that one gone. Done.

- Shall we...?
- Are you leaving now?

- Yes, we'll just sneak out.
- Okay.

I've been inseminated,
so I'm a bit tired.

Oh, really? Congratulations.
I didn't know. You didn't say.

Well, we'll see how it goes,
I suppose.


- Good night, Klara.
- Good night. See you.

Good night.

Come on.

- I don't want to dance.
- Why?

- My feet are hurting.
- Shall I rub them?

- Stop it, Svante.
- Come on, dance with me.

No, I don't want to.

- Come on.
- No, I don't want to.

- I don't want to.
- Yes, you do.

We don't dance, do we?

Pull yourself together.
Svante, you're making a fool of me.

- You don't love me anymore.
- Yes, I love you and like you.

- Why won't you dance?
- Okay, let's dance.

We're going to have fun.
Let's dance.

We're dancing
and having so much fun.

Come on, you wanted to dance.

Come here.

- I said I didn't want to dance.
- Yes, you do.

Svante, for real. Just let me go.

Sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry!

Are you okay?

- I don't want any more.
- It's water.

Thank you.

Can I say something
about your little speech?

No. Absolutely not.

It really served a purpose.

You made everyone feel like their
life is great compared to yours.



Isn't it time you forgot about him?


is doing the same thing over and
over and expect different results."

Fridge magnet.


I just feel so stupid.

How can you believe that somebody
is going to leave his wife again

and again and again...

I suppose it's like
believing that...

just because somebody laughs
and is happy all the time

they're a wonderful person.

- Do you want to know a secret?
- Mm.

- She's not even from Gothenburg.
- Really?

- Where is she from then?
- Skövde.

- Shall we go back inside?
- No, thanks.

- Shall I drive you home?
- Oh, yes please.

Vendela is on the piss tonight.

- That's right.
- Come on.

- Where's your other shoe?
- You don't wanna know.

What? Are you brave enough
to get into my car now?

- If I can hold that teargas.
- Okay.

- This isn't teargas.
- I know.

It's lock spray.

Thank you.

Don't worry.

But I do. Now you have to
go all the way back.


Okay, it was a really big deal
and so kind of me.

Oh my God! I'm sorry.

No more apologies.

What's wrong with me?

Klara. Klara! Hang on!


Thank you.

What do we do when Amalia turns up?

When Amalia turns up, I said.

Are you ready?

- We are, we are.
- Line up.

- Come on.
- Hello? Is it working?

I think she's on her way.
It's a bit broken.

Happy divorce!


- You're 17 minutes late.
- Oh, sorry.

These are very nice. Is it Thatcher?

Or what?

- No?
- It's Amalia.

Can't you see?

I didn't see that.

Who's Thatcher?

- Hi there.
- Hi.

Welcome to the party.

Thanks for last time.

Please can we never
talk about the wedding again?


Thank you.

Nice flat you've got.

You think so?
Not many people say that.

What will
the sleeping arrangements be?

Amalia gets the sitting
room and I the bedroom.


- Nice of you to let her stay.
- Sure,

somebody needs to
keep an eye on her.

What's it like to be back?

Well, separated twice in two years.

But who's counting?

- Can I touch it?
- Sure.

- Wow, it's kicking.
- Can I feel?

- God!
- Is that it?

Are you sure it's not triplets?

- Do I look fat?
- No.

Maybe this one's a bit much?

No, you look great.

- It's two boys.
- Wow.

Amalia said that
40 percent of new parents

get divorced in the first year and
twice as many were parents to twins.


That was just something Amalia said.

- I don't think you look fat.
- Are you sure?


Still just the voice mail.

She was coming after the gym.

Her battery is probably dead.
All that time on Tinder.

Or maybe she's found a match.

- I think we should just eat.
- Sure.

Did I tell you
I saw Svante the other day?

No, how was he?

He looked really well.
I've never seen him happier.

- Really?
- He'd got a new car.

Got himself a tattoo "Just be",
got himself a new girl.

- Don't tell Amalia that.
- I wouldn't dare.

She thinks
Svante can't cope without her.

But you can't live
with a man who hits you.

But she hit him first.

Just to make him calm down.

So it's okay for her to hit him,
but not the other way round?

- I'm just repeating her words.
- I know what she's capable of.

She's chased me with a knife.

- When you were ten.
- Hey...

Are you okay?

- Hey?
- I don't feel great.

- Do you want to go home?
- I think so.

- Klara, we're off.
- Of course.

- Take care.
- Thanks, it's been lovely.

- Did you make that soup yourself?
- Of course!

Get better soon.

I think I'll...

go and catch the tube.
Thanks. See you.

See you.

When my parents were my age they'd
had three children and got divorced.

I thought I'd break their record.

In number of children or divorces?

For the first half of your life
your parents seem useless.

The second half you're pissed that
you've ended up the same as them.

There you go.
Not even my problems are unique.

Oh, I give up.

I used to have this idea
of the perfect relationship.

The perfect man,
who'd find me perfect of course.

Maybe I've realised that
"perfect" doesn't exist.

- Do you want to feel something?
- Mm.


- What the hell is that?
- Can you feel it?

It moves around. God. What is it?

It's cartilage.

- What have you got?
- What have I got?

I have this.

There was a girl at school

who was totally besotted with me,
well she stalked me.

She'd walk around near my house.

One night I was on my way
home and saw her.

I jumped into a skip to hide.

it was full of old windows.

You got hurt trying to escape love.

- Well...
- How romantic.

Pure psychology. The more
she wanted it the less I did.

I never have time to feel what I
want because they want it too much.

- Really? Poor you.
- I know.

Look, the world's
smallest violin playing.

- Women just can't resist you.
- Stop it.

Can I see it again?

You want to see my scar again?


Will you hide in a skip

if I undress you a little?

Let's try it and see.



- That was lovely.
- Oh, it was.

What time is it?

I don't know.

I have to...

I think I have to...

- I'll kill you, if you leave me!
- My God.

- Please, please, please stay.
- Right, okay.

Can't we just do it again?

- Not immediately, but soon.
- Okay.

Sure. I'll give you a call.

Or I'll call you.

Sure, I didn't mean it like that.

What did I mean to say?

I just need
a little time to digest this.

And maybe we can just
take it a little slowly?

- Just nice and slowly.
- Oh, I see.

Sorry, don't take it like that.

Can't we just take it slowly?

Sorry, I really have to...


What the hell?



What do I do with Mum?

She gets annoyed
if she's sat with the old folk.

- How old is she?
- 53.

- About the same as Ullis.
- I heard that.

- Would you...?
- What, again?

Please. There you go.

Come, let's play in the playpen.

- Is Victor coming?
- Is that a problem?

No, we just haven't spoken
since last time, kind of.

- But he called?
- After I rang him.

A few times. Just to check
that his line was working.

- Then what?
- When he rang I didn't pick up.

- And then...?
- Well,

I had some wine, not much.
Maybe a bottle.

Then I told his voice mail
what I thought of his escaping.

It felt very immature
for a grown man.

Just a brief message then.

Ullis, it's just as well
that it came to nothing.

Let's seat you together,
you seem to need to talk.

No, please don't do that.

I will talk to him, but in private.

If we put Amalia here,
she's not too close to Svante.

- Perfect, I'll swap with Amalia.
- Okay.

Right. Let's see... Daniel...

Yes, he begged to be invited.

Well, I can't sit next to Daniel.

Shall we just not
bother with a party?

We can't have a party if people
can't sit next to each other.


Why is he not coming?

Because Jorunn is too unwell.

Any news?


Are you going to be drunk
before the guests turn up?

New dress?

I've moved to this eighties
development at Gärdet. You know it?

The flats are
so nice and cosy. Really.

Svante and I should have
got divorced years ago.

I'm so happy on my own.

- Hi there.
- Hi.

Thank God you're here.

- Tessan's mum is such hard work.
- Come on.

Come on, let's go...

- Hello.
- Oh, hi.

Long time no see.


You look lovely.

What are we doing?
I can't get you out of my head.

Sorry about your reviews.

- I don't read them.
- I see.

- What did you read?
- "Pretentious enough

to make Horace Engdahl's aphorisms
seem down to earth."

Our biggest daily,
what do they know?

Café wrote a nice little piece.

I can email it to you.

Klara, sorry. I'm nervous
and keep talking about myself.

My therapist told me not to do that.

- I miss you. We're perfect together.
- Let's not have this conversation.

What have I done?

- I left Sofie for you.
- No, Sofie left you for her sake.

We can't have
anything to do with one another.

Children are somewhat overrated.

"Axel, what are you thinking?"

Axel is very cute,
he takes after me.

But the other one...
How soon can you get a diagnosis?

You know what? I'll just get some...

I'm free. I get to date the most
amazing men. They're just gorgeous.

- Okay.
- On Tinder.

I never knew. I was recently on
a date with a wheelchair-bound man.

I think "wheelchair user"
is the correct term.

You can't tell on Tinder.



- Did you hear I called?
- I called you, too.

Yes, but then I called again.

You didn't think
you had to return my call?

Not after your message, no.

- I'd like to explain.
- No need. You were very clear.

I share hairdressers with Carola.
Bobby Oduncu.

- Hello.
- Oh, hi. My darlings.

Could you hold this, please? Hello!

It was your weekend.

I miss you, Eli.

That's what happens
if you swap away your weekends.

No more sugar,
then you can't have cake later.

Nice dress. Is it new?

- Come on.
- New dress...?

Coffee in the two white ones
and tea in the green one.

Not that one. Does it look green?

- Ullis! Where has she put it?
- What?

The specially ordered cake
with the twin's faces on.

- You called me.
- Where's the cake?

- Which cake?
- The one I ordered over a month ago.

Fuck. I totally forgot.

I asked you to do one thing.
How could you forget that one thing?

- We do have biscuits.
- Biscuits?

You don't serve biscuits
for a name giving ceremony.

The cake is the important thing.

- I'll get it.
- You think you're fit to drive?

Sure. Come on now. I can...

Is everything okay?

I forgot to get the cake.

That's fine, I can go and get it.
The car's outside.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

Victor, thank you for being here
and showing what I mean to you.

I'll come with you.

- No need.
- Of course I'll help you.

- There's really no need.
- I'll show you the way.

- I have navigation.
- I'll come with you and lend a hand.

Why don't you
go and get the bloody cake?

I have no licence. You drive
and I come along. Teamwork.

It's great that there are two of us.
When we get to the bakery...

In case you can't find parking
I can pop in and get the cake.

What do you want?

- I'm getting the cake.
- No, what do you want?

Sorry. I'm sorry.

That message was much too harsh.

I didn't mean to hurt you.

- Okay.
- Sorry.

So now we're going to talk about
what a bad person you are.


To make you feel
a bit better about yourself. Again.

I just want another chance.

Shit... All I want
is some peace and quiet.

Is that too much to ask?

An ECG looks like this. It's life.

Up and down. Peaks and troughs.

This is death.
Then you'll have peace and quiet.

All I did was
to ask you to give me some time.

- I know!
- What the hell?

Now I just feel like
I can't take anymore.

I've had enough of you
over the last few years.

What can I say?

I don't think you should...


Wow, brill. Really.

Do you like it?

- And what gorgeous children.
- They're ours.

Shall I bring it through?


Oh fuck! Fuck!

No, no, no.


Stop it. Just stop it!

Darling, it's just a cake.

No, it's not just a cake.
You don't understand.

I spent ages on this. There were
33 bloody fillings to choose from.

And then the icing
to match their outfits.

All you can say is
that it's just a cake.

It's not just a cake,
it's my fucking life.

Do you think I enjoy
holding everything together

while you just ruin everything
because you're too drunk to notice?

I'll sort it out.

What? By having some more wine?

- Come on. God...
- Hey?

I'll sort it out.

Don't you start as well.

I work late several days a week
to make ends meet.

I take on all projects I can.

I come home,
eat at eight, in bed by nine.

We make lists of
all the lists we have to remember.

This can't be the meaning of life.

Sometimes I dream of
just taking off.

I'm out of here.
Forget about the children. Just...

I wanna leave everything behind,
like you.

Are you going to take
that job at the Norwegian hospital?

Klara... Hi.

Can I speak to you briefly?

Ullis, come here. Quickly!

- What is it?
- Come have a look.

What is he doing?

He wants her back.

Klara says, "Never, you're the
most unreliable man I've ever met."

Is that what she says?

Oh, I hate drama.

Oh, fuck.


- Jorunn?
- Mm?

Are you asleep?


Are you sure you can do this?

Yes, of course.

I don't want to miss
the opening of my exhibition.

- Certainly not.
- Good.

- No...
- Come on.



I'll help you.

Look at me.

What are you doing?

You are wonderful.


- Hello.
- Hi.


This is a vul... Well, a pussy.

Oh, right.

And that's a burning pussy.

- Hello.
- Hi.


Svante will be here
with his new girlfriend.

"Molly, born -98."

- Are you okay?
- Yes, it's nice for him.

Sure. Happy, happy.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

When the children are with Svante...

I sit in Petronella's room
like an idiot,

looking at her toys
that are all dead, kind of.

And Eli won't speak to me at all.
Complete silence.

And Svante is, you know,
just nice all the time.

- Hi.
- Nice to see you.

- We have started couples' therapy.
- Couples' therapy?

You tend to say that's
an expensive way of breaking up.

It is. 1750 kronor to say,
"I feel that..."

Instead of, "I hate you
for not wanting to sleep with me."

- Is it working?
- No.

Okay. Concrete pussy. I think.


- And you?
- We've just been to see a house.

- Daniel got half in the divorce.
- No prenuptials. Silly girl.

That's fair. He's stayed
at home with the children.

No, that's not how I remember it.

What are you two plotting?

- I told her about the house.
- Oh.

It's amazing.


There's empty space
where I can sit and write.

The bathroom is enormous.

I need two hours in the bath
before the ideas start to flow.

And who looks after the children
while you're off in your dreams?

- Klara is great with children.
- Right.

- What will you do with your flat?
- Not sure.

- We'll sell it.
- It's only rented.

It'll be great.

Nice art. I've always
admired this kind of floral art.

- You can't tell what it is?
- A flower.

- Oh, sorry.
- Sorry.

- Hello.
- Hi.

It seems like it's been so long.

I know.

Hang on. Have you got an aligner?

- My teeth were so yellow.
- No, why do you say that?

You could have got
that bit of cartilage fixed, though.

You remember that?

You got your padel man in the end.

God, I'm sorry.
I said so many weird things.

I'm sorry.
I've learnt to think before I speak.

I love the way you
just open your mouth and speak.

- No one else does that around here.
- No.

So cool.

- Are you happy?
- Mm.

We are.

We all have our ups and downs,
but yeah.

So it's not totally perfect?

- Perfect doesn't exist.
- Oh, no. You're right.

- Klara. Are you coming?
- Mm.

- Right, I'll see you.
- I'll see you when I see you.


Thank you.


We have gathered here today
to say goodbye to Jorunn.

To show gratitude for
what she meant to your lives.

It's incomprehensible how love
can be so beautiful and joyous

and then change
and cause so much pain.


Shit. I heard
you and Daniel broke up.

- You're well informed.
- Through Ullis.


- So you've moved back then?
- No.

I'm just here to pack up.

- So you're moving over there?
- Yes.

I have decided to live on my own.

- Are you having a party?
- No, not at all.

No, they've got good soup bowls.

It's good to remember
that life isn't just a party,

but also a bed of roses.

Amalia and Svante
have got back together.


They are happier than ever.

Does he still do
everything she says?

But now she likes it.

I called you.

What did you want?

You were right about everybody
needing to find their own ending.

- This is mine.
- But you can't...

You can't take advice from somebody

who moves away
with a fake Gothenburg lady

and is so scared of commitment

that his ex gets pregnant
with the neighbour.

My advice is shit.

I need to get on.

- Look after yourself.
- You too.


Your glasses...

they really suit you.

Thank you.

- Hello!
- Hi there.

- Hi.
- How are you?

- How are you?
- Well...



Ullis' ridiculously expensive wine
from the wedding.

- Are we drinking that today?
- I mean...

We're alive.
That's worth celebrating.

- And you found your true love.
- Yes.

- There.
- I'm fine. I'll have something else.


Thank you.

- Come in!
- Hello?

- Hello?
- It's open.

Can you hear me?
It's Amalia. It's locked.

The door's open.

Okay, I'm pushing the button.

Hello, can you hear me?

Can you speak a bit louder, please?


- You press here.
- The door's locked.

- Here.
- Oh.

You're the best.

Cheers, everyone.

To us and to Jorunn.


What an Aramone.

- What?
- What did you say?

Aramone. What?

- Or what's it called?
- No, you're right.

I ran into Victor today.

Yeah? And?

He said he'd called me.

But I've made up my mind.
I'm going to live alone.

- And find my own ending.
- No.

Which bloody self-help book
is that from?

It's a good decision.

No offence, but you haven't quite
convinced me about coupledom.

- What do you mean?
- I've become more of a realist.

You mean pessimist.

But Klara...

I've seen the way
Victor looks at you.

Okay, so now it's not
a good decision to move to Norway?

Is it time for the present?

I didn't buy a present.

This is from us to you. Here you go.

- Is it a self-help book?
- To help you remember us.


Go on, open it. Don't be so slow.

Oh my God! It's us.

- We're all so young.
- Good Lord.

- Hello?
- It's Victor. Can you hear me?

Victor! It's open.

- Can you hear me?
- Can you hear me?

I don't know if you can hear me.
I drove past

and just wanted to say
how good it was to see you earlier.

It's always good to see you.
With or without clothes.

I've tried to meet other people,
but there's no one like you.

I can't stop thinking about that
amazing night we had together.

Then in the morning I was stupid
and got scared.

You're the weirdest,

strangest person I've ever met.

I'm ready now.

But I might be too late.

I know
you don't believe in "perfect".

But you're perfect for me.

No! Wait!

Run! Run, Klara!

You're perfect for me.

Did they hear everything I said?

They're always there.

Ready to fire!

Subtitles: Anna Townend