Tabula Rasa (2014) - full transcript

Hans was a young man from Serui, Papua, who has a dream to become a professional football player. But things turn out don't come his way, and when Hans had almost lost hope, he met Mak, a restaurant owners.

Come! Let's eat!

Mama, it's ready.

- Thank you, Lord Jesus...
- Thank you, Lord Jesus...

- for this blessing.
- For this blessing.

- Before we eat...
- Before we eat...

- Lord Jesus, bless this food.
- Lord Jesus, bless this food.

- In the name of Jesus...
- In the name of Jesus...

- we pray...
- we pray...

- and we say grace.
- And we say grace.

- Amen.
- Amen.




This is Mr. Indra from Jakarta.

- Indra Kurniawan.
- Hans.

Hans, you have talent.

I want to take you to Jakarta.

This is my business card.

Hans, please think about it.

Hans, do consider it.
It's an opportunity for you.

Thank you, Coach.

You want to be a soccer player, right?

You need to practice more often
so you can be like me.

If you can play well,

you can be on TV.

I will send you a soccer ball
once I get there.

- Wanna hear more stories?
- Yes.

- No!
- It's almost time.


Hans, wait!

It's from your brothers and sisters.

I'm leaving, Mama.

I should be going. Bye!

- Bye!
- Bye!

- Bye!
- Bye!

- Please put this over there.
- Yes, sir.



Let's play!

Hans, come on!

Hey! Let's play first!




Oh my God!

Robbed? More like he is the robber.

He must be a thug, Mak.

Let's just go home.

Don't look for more trouble.

Look at him.

How could you leave him like that?

All right.

Come on!

- Come, help me.
- Yes.

Your head is injured.
It needs to be treated.

Can you get up?

Get up!

I'm all right. Who are you guys?

Kids these days.

How polite!

We should be the ones who ask:

Who the hell are you?

Why are you sleeping here?

Natsir, please.

If you want to continue walking,
you'd better eat first.

You can eat at our place.

I'm not a beggar, ma'am.

Come on, Mak.

What happened to your ankle?

Did you sprain it?

No. It's always been like this.

My name is Hans.

Who did she bring?

Hans, have a seat.

What if it's not true he wanted to jump?

What if he was drunk?
And he bumped his head?

That's how it is with a drunk.

What I'm trying to say is,
don't be a hero.

If he chose to live like that, let him be.

Hans, are you all right?

I'm fine, sir.

You are from Papua, aren't you?

Is it close to Jayapura?
I have a friend there.

Oh my!

I helped him because his head is injured,

not because he was a bum.

Hans, did you come to Java
to work or study?


What kind of work?


Oh my!

Have something to eat, Hans.

I'm Mak. That's Natsir.

Parmanto! Please come here!

This is Parmanto, our cook.

Natsir, the rice please.

Hans, are you sure you are all right?

You'd better get some rest.

If you want to lie down,
there's a couch back there.

It's all right, ma'am. I will leave soon.

Wear these sandals,
or you'll hurt your feet.

Those are Parmanto's, Mak.

We're having breakfast.

Sir, let me wash the dishes.

No need.

I don't want free meals.

Let me wash the dishes.

Let him do it.


What if he's on the front page tomorrow?

- "Boy from Papua run over by train."
- Oh my goodness.

Oh my God!

- What are you talking about?
- Sorry, I'm so sorry.

- Natsir, go after him!
- What?

Just follow him.
Make sure he won't do anything stupid.

What if there's customers?

- I'll deal with them. Hurry!
- All right.

Natsir, are you sure he's all right?

He slept the whole day by the road.

I should've just gone home.

What time is the last train?

Why does she keep asking
the same question?

If he wants to kill himself,
he doesn't have to wait for the train.

He could just use a rope.


Oh, I see.

What I'm trying to say is…

You are overreacting.

He doesn't care about his own life,
so why should we?

I'm tired.

I have better things to do.

C'mon, Mak.




Ma'am? What is it?

Do you want to help me at the market?

You can eat for free at my place later.

Come on, Hans!

Let's go!


Yes. Thank you.

Thank you.


Hans, are you OK?

No problem, this is easy.

- Sir.
- Yes.

Please, ma'am.

- Done?
- Thank you.


Help us with these.


Thank you, ma'am.


Mak brought us something special today.

Black glutinous rice porridge.

- What are you talking about?
- Just see.

Hans, put them here.

Why did you bring him again?

I need someone to help me carry the rice.

I'd rather ask him
instead of paying someone else.

Why did you buy local stuff?
It's more expensive.

I know.

If the ingredients are good,
then the taste will also be good.

Money never lies.

I'm handling the shopping.

Is it going to be like this from now on?

What do you mean?

Are we going to see him every day?

Hans, come with me!

It's not fair.

It's OK, we'll have our chances.


Spicy chicken.

Thank you, ma'am.

Hey! Where are you going now?

Over there.


See you tomorrow!

Hans, help me put this over there.

Ma'am, can I have my money?

I've finished plastering
the kitchen floor.

When did I promise to pay you?

What's the money for? Meals?
I already gave you food.

Even coolies work for money.
Not only meals.

But I never promised
to give you any money.

You are a liar!

- What did he just say?
- He's calling you a liar, Mak.

What did you say?

Do you remember
when I helped you at the bridge?

Did I mention anything about money?

- Just drop it.
- No way!

I've dealt with thugs twice your size.

How dare you!

Get out!

- Hans, get out.
- I won't leave before I get paid.


Just leave my restaurant! Get out!

Get out!

Enough, Mak.

Enough, Hans.


Hans, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I must take the bench inside.

It's made of teak.

Please, lock the rolling door.

...brothers and sisters everywhere,

even in Tanah Abang...

- How is it?
- He's still there.

Oh dear.

What if we have customers later?

Mak, just give him the money

so we don't have to deal with him anymore.

...poetry of the young.

Stop walking around!

How can you be sure

he has no other intentions?

What do you mean?

Lying or stealing.

You want him to go on sleeping
in front of our restaurant?

I'm not going to just give him
a little money.

He'll spend it all by tomorrow if I do.

If you want to help,
give him the rod not the fish.

If he's working,
he won't even think about stealing.

What can he do here?

He can help me here.

He can help me with the shopping.


What do you think?

If there's a person in need of our help,

but we ignore him,
what kind of people are we?

A person also in need.

Be serious!

Yes, I understand what you mean.

It's nice of you to help him,

but there is a limit.

And what is the limit?

I have no idea.

How much should we pay him?
How do we pay him?

Do you have lots of money under your bed?

Oh my.

Hans, turn off the lights
once you're done.

Why don't you just join the Persipura
or Persidafon soccer teams in Jayapura?

Wouldn't you be happy
if I became a famous soccer player?

I will do great in Jakarta.

Aren't you gonna be lonely there?

Mama, I'm not a kid anymore.

I will have many friends there.

I want to see what is not in Papua.

What is not in Papua?


I have always thought of you
like my own son.

If you are happy, I'm happy.

Take good care of yourself there.

Yes, Mama.



Let's go!

Parmanto is such a sleepy head!


- I want one kilo of this.
- Yes.

Here you go. This suits you.

Hans, do you know
what they are going to build there?

I don't know, ma'am.

What do you need?

How much is this ball?

That is imported.
150,000 rupiah at the least.

What about the white one?

It's a bit cheaper. 120,000 rupiah.

I've told you.

If we add more people,
our share becomes smaller.

We hardly have customers.

So, how are we going to do it?

He can get his share from mine.

Why do you care so much about him?

Playing chess makes your brain work.

It's a brain game like windmill.

Windmill, like in the Netherlands.


It's your turn.

Hans, come here!

Sit down here.

How long have you been in Java?

Almost a year.

Is that your house?

It's our old restaurant.

If you had a restaurant there,
why migrate to Java?

Our village was destroyed
by an earthquake in 2009.

Nothing was left.

There was also an earthquake
in Serui in 2010.

Thankfully, there was no tsunami.

We from the orphanage
were ready to run up the hill.

You said you lived in an orphanage?
Where was that?


Then how come you ended up here?

The three of us fled to Java,

starting from zero,
with eight crates of bones.

Eight crates of bones?

Yes. One, two, three, four,

five, six, seven, eight.

So that means I only have seven?

That's my son.


My late son.

The earthquake?



Here's your allowance.
No need to tell them.

Don't spend it all at once.

Remember to buy clothes.

Thank you, Mak.

Smells good.

What are you cooking, Hans?

This is fish in yellow soup and papeda.

Do you want some?

This isn't going to kill me, is it?

I don't know. Let's find out.


That's not the way you eat papeda.

This is how to do it.

You swallow or sip it.

Yes, like that.

What is your dream, Hans?

Being a soccer player.


Your leg?


What happened?

I broke my leg.

But the club didn't want to pay
for the surgery

because it was expensive.

They dumped me.

They threw me away.

They treated me like garbage.

Why didn't you go back home, Hans?

Your family must be worried.

I don't want to go home like this.

I'm ashamed.

There's no way we can increase the price.

We can only cut costs.

How can we attract customers
if our food doesn't taste good?

Don't worry about the price
as long as the taste is good.

Just like the ancestors said,

when it comes to quality,
price is not an issue.

I don't agree...

with lowering the quality.

For Padang people, taste is number one!

- There must be another way.
- There you go…

If you want to save money
why add another burden?

You add more burden to me.

You're not the only one
who needs help, I do, too.

But I never beg for it, do I?

Hans, Natsir.

Come here!

Let's talk in Indonesian,
so Hans can understand.

Parmanto, stick with the topic.

We are talking about food now.

So, how can we expect customers
if our food doesn't taste good?

So, it's my fault?

Even if you give me a piece of wood,
I can turn it to rendang.

Let's cut a tree from the backyard.

If you want to save,
don't add another person!

Parmanto, watch your mouth!

Let me talk to Parmanto.

Uda Parmanto!

What is it, Mak?

Imported shallots.

Cheaper, but tasteless.

You see this local shallot? Tastier.
Smell this!

From our own land.

Do you know why
imported shallots are cheaper?

I don't get it either.

OK. Just give me these.

- How many kilos?
- Two kilos.

Here you go, Mak. Thank you.

Mak, why don't you sell fish curry?
Just like you once cooked for me.

Just like you once cooked for me.

Fish is cheaper, right?

Hans, go get the rice
from our regular stall.

Are you sure it's not too heavy?

Let's just hire a rickshaw.

No, we need to save up.


Parmanto didn't come home last night?

Where did he go?

I have no idea.
He's not answering my calls or my texts.

Hans, follow me.

Hans, today...

you're going to help me cook, all right?

Let's start.


Like this. Now you try.

Hey, don't do that.

Do it like this.

Go ahead.

Now, put the shallots on.

Do it like this.

Just grind them.

Now you try.


Hans, it's only been a minute
and you're already crying?

It burns my eyes.

Now you try, Hans.
You must be stronger than me.

- Like this?
- Yes.

That's great!

Now we put in the ingredients.

Keep stirring. Gently.

Shredded rendang.

It's like an old Melayu song, shredded.

Hans, remember this
when you're cooking rendang.

The less you stir, the less messy it is.

Too much stirring
and the gravy would explode.

If you don't stir it well,

the coconut milk will be lumpy.

You have to stir with passion.

- How long will it take, Mak?
- Four hours.

That long?

This is shredded rendang.

Right, Mak?

Your shirt is crappy, Hans.

My shirt and Mak's
are stained because of yours.

Let's buy new clothes.

- Do you have the money?
- No, I don't.

Let's keep playing.
You still remember, right?

Rooks move in a straight line.

- Bishops move diagonally.
- Yes.

The knights move like the Letter L.

But knights move in a straight line.

That's in real life. This is chess!

- Is there any pig?
- There's no pig.

Talking about pigs, I have a story.

- In Papua, pig's the most costly animal.
- Really?

One of the most special animals.
Usually used for dowries.

So, I had this friend who went to school
in Java for almost three years.

Then he called his dad in Papua…

He told his dad that he was ashamed

of using public transport to go to school

while all his friends were driving cars
with brands of animals' names

such as Reindeer, Panther, and Horse.

His dad was upset and said,

"Don't worry!
I'll send you two pigs tomorrow,

so you can ride them to campus!"

That's funny.

- Funny, right? That's an FP story.
- What's that?

- Fooling a Padangnese.
- Damn you.

Let's play again.

I need money for my son's school tuition.

We can't go on like this. What's going
to happen if it continues like this?

I've never agreed with you
bringing him here.

This is a restaurant, not an orphanage!

Parmanto, lower down your voice.
We have customers here.

I don't care!

Here you go.

You just left like that, with no news.

What should I do?

So many excuses!

I will never set my foot here ever again!

- Excuse me, can I have a spoon?
- Of course.

Hans, go get the spoon.

I'm scared.

Just pass him by. Run if you can.

Run how?

It's not like a marathon.
Run as fast as you can.

Hey, you! How's the kitchen?
Are you happy now?

So, you've been wanting to steal my job,
you sneaky little thing!

What were you thinking?

I'm your cook here.

Who do you think he is!

Who is he!

Hey, I'm talking to you! Come here!

I'm talking to you!


- Leave him alone!
- Let me be!

Thank you.

Damn you!


- This is very nice.
- And huge.

A very nice place.

- There are many customers.
- You're right.

- Come in and sit down.
- Thank you.

Please, sir.

Please, ma'am.

What would you like to drink, sir?

- Warm tea.
- Warm tea?

- Same?
- Yes.

Hans, Natsir, look at this!

This table is spotless.
This is how you should clean a table.

Mak, let's just see
how it's going to be in a month.

Excuse me, ma'am.

- Excuse me, sir.
- Yes.

Excuse me.

It's crazy!

There are three waiters to serve us.

Mak, we must have a TV like that.

It's nice and so thin.

- Where do you buy that kind of TV?
- I don't know. Beats me.

Excuse me.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Let's try the food.

Yes, Mak.


Mak! What's wrong?




This hurts my pride!

How could you?

Now everybody is here.
The circus is complete.


Is this some kind of revenge?

What revenge?

We are all working here.

One day we're colleagues,

the next, we're rivals.

It's natural.

But you can pick other restaurants.

And you are using my recipes!

You're a thief!

True, you have the recipes,
but I was the one who cooked.

That's all I know.

That's all my knowledge.
So, what's wrong with it?

I regret that I taught you how to cook.

Is that it?

If you have nothing else to say,

I have some work to do.



- Unbelievable.
- Get lost!

Damn you!



Please teach me
how to make that fish curry.

Not that one, no!

They don't sell fish curry.

What if we sell it here?

I said no!

What's wrong with you?
Didn't you ask me to be a cook here?

Teach me how to make fish curry.

For the last time, no!

So, we just do nothing? Is that it?

Do you want us to go bankrupt?

How many times should I tell you?


You are stubborn!

Don't you know how I feel?

You have no idea
what fish head curry means to me.

Get out!

- Go away!
- Mak, please…

There's something I need to tell you,

So... you won't misunderstand.

The day Mak found you

was the birthday of her late son.

Do you remember what she served you?

Do you know
what her son's favorite food was?

That is why Mak refuses
to sell fish curry.

Yes, I know, Hans.

I know you meant well.

But you have to respect her loss.

Let's go home.

Don't take it personally.

Come on, Hans.

Let's go.

Come on, Hans.

Funny, isn't it?

We fight more than we cook.


I've talked to him.

- Hans.
- We must beat that restaurant!

So what if we lose?

If we lose, we'll go bankrupt, no?

So what if we go bankrupt?

It's not your money.

If we go bankrupt, then what about me?

You're afraid I will kick you out?

Do you think if the restaurant
were out of business,

then we would be enemies?

Oh my!

What a silly thought.

Now prepare the coconut milk.

I've been dying to ask you this
for a while.

They sell coconut milk at the market.

Why do we have to grate
and press one ourselves?

In cooking, you have to
feel everything with your hands.

That's called the taste of the hands.

Can't we use the gas stove instead?

This is just like the "Bakar batu" ritual
in Papua.

Using firewood takes time.

To cook rendang, one must use
low and constant heat.

We can use the gas stove,

but you pay for the gas.

Hans, keep stirring.


You still remember what I told you?

About stirring with passion?

You're a wise guy now?

You need to be patient
and stir it consistently.

Which means?

I know what it means.

Rendang needs to be stirred well,

otherwise the gravy will be lumpy.

That's why cooking rendang
requires patience.

What are you cooking?

This is called
"Dendeng Batokok Bakar Lado Mudo."

Shall we take this out?

Not yet.

We could. But it would be a kalio,
caramelized rendang.

We are making the dry one.

- Go on, keep stirring.
- All right!

- Please, give me these.
- Yes, ma'am.

One minute, ma'am.

One kilo, please.


Let's get out of here.

Why? That's all right.

I don't want to see his face.

We don't need to hide.

Like a thief.


That's enough, sir.

- Thank you.
- Yes.

I'm your regular customer.

Why didn't you keep the good ones for me?

Well, I didn't know.

Parmanto said
he wanted to pick up your stuff.

That's why I'm confused to see you here.

But we still have the ones with bones.

Do you want them?


If you want us to die, just shoot us dead.

Don't torture us like this!



Hey, traitor!

Do you wanna hit me? Just hit me!

Hit me!

Damn you!

Let it go.

Let it go.

Let's go, Hans.


Making fish head curry

is a form of pilgrimage for me.

When I cook it…

it feels like I'm meeting my late son.

When you met me for the first time,

you cooked this, right?

Can you promise me something?

Every time you cook this,

please remember that.

I promise, Mak.

What is that?

Holy basil, a Minang specialty.

Smell it.

Smells nice, right?

Sir, ma'am, please come in.




What do you want?

- Excuse me.
- OK.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

Here you go. Enjoy your meal.

- Here you go, sir.
- Thank you.

- Would you like anything else?
- Yes, thank you.

- I want to order fish head curry!
- Yes, sir.

Here you go. Fish head curry.

Here you go.

- Enjoy your meal.
- Eat with Grandfather.

Fifteen thousand.


Here's your tea, ma'am.

Excuse me.

Hans, more rice for table two!

This is Natsir's.

Very good.

This is Hans'.

- Use your money wisely.
- Yes, I will.

- Make sure you save some.
- Yes.

Thank you, Mak.

Count them first.

Mak, hurry. We're going to be late.


I'm coming in, Mak.

Mak, are you OK?

I cannot go to the market today.

I'm not feeling well. My body's aching.

You can go shopping by yourself,
can't you?

Yes, I can. But are you all right?

Shall we go to the hospital?

No need. I'm just tired.

This is the list of things
you need to buy.

Here's the money.

Hurry, you're going to be late.

Hans, are you finished?

Customers are waiting.

Yes, be patient.

- How's Mak?
- She's fine.

Just a fever. I gave her some medicine.

Let her rest a while.

- Where's the Lado Mudo?
- Over there.

Is it cooked already?


- Quick, Hans!
- Yes.

- Are you sure this is cooked?
- Yes.

Yes, it's cooked.

How much are those?

Dendeng Bakar Lado Mudo, fish head curry,

and shredded rendang, 38,000 rupiah.


- Thank you.
- Sure.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Finally, we got a big order!

- You look so happy.
- We are in luck.

An order for a wedding event.

Are you guys ready?

Of course we are.

- Thank God.
- Thank God.

Let's go.

If we screw this up,

we're finished.

Don't say that.

Mak, you should rest.


I must get this done.

But you're not well.

You go ahead and rest.


Wake up.



Mak! Natsir!

- Sir!
- What's going on?

Please take us to the hospital.

- I'll pay for the gas.
- Let's go!

Help! Please help!

Be careful.


Natsir, be careful.

Please go faster.


What's wrong with Mak?

Why didn't you tell me…

that Mak was sick?

So, she's finally willing
to cook the fish head curry.

Can you cook it, too?

Yes. We usually take turns.

That dish...

also has a special meaning for me.

Makes me remember my family back home.

You have the talent to cook, Hans.

Don't waste it.

The world is getting stranger.

A Papuan cook in a Padang restaurant.

Let's cook.

Don't forget the holy basil, Hans.

Of course not.

How is it?

Natsir, awesome!
You know just what we need.


Both of you should stop acting like this.

Both of you wear the same color.
Did you buy it together?

Back to work.

All white except Parmanto's teeth.

Thank you.


You don't have to go back there, right?

Thank you, Hans.

- But a ship only has…
- One captain?

- You can speak Padang now.
- Just a few words.

- Natsir!
- Yes.

I didn't have a stroke.

I can walk by myself.

So, what did Parmanto say?


After helping us,
he returned to his restaurant.

He said bad things about me, didn't he?

He did not. Stop all the negativity.

Have a rest. It's late.


I'll visit his place later.

Are you sure?

Don't pick a fight.

Be good when you're old,

so people will have
good memories about you.

Smart mouth!


Thank you.




- Mama!
- Hans!

Where are you? Are you all right?