Taboo (1980) - full transcript

A woman whose husband leaves her is sexually frustrated by the absence of a lover in her life. Avoiding the lecherous advances of the men she meets, she finds an interest in her son that exceeds the limits of their relationship. And to her shock, she finds herself excited by the prospect. Meanwhile, she does find a suitable man for herself, but things start heating up between mother and son...

Suck it harder baby

Oh, lick my balls

Oh, yeah


For how many years I've told you, I like to watch you suck my cock

And how many years I've told you...

Come on

I can't do it with the light on

Come on, you can do it

Oh, yeah

Yeah, you can do it, look good

Looks good

Oh, yeah, oh, yeah

Oh, yeah

Oh, Here it comes


Where are you going? It's 2 o clock in the morning

I hate it, baby

You know...?

For years now, I mean...

For fucking years every time we do it, it's like the first time for you

I hate it

Every time we fuck, it's like you make me a favor

That's terrific

I mean, just I don't like to do it with the light on

Is that a reason for you to leave?


Where are you going?

It's your secretary, It's Jeane, isn't it?


You'll go to tell your son

No, no, wait, I'll tell him...

I'll tell him that his shitty father is leaving us for some teeny bopper


Listen, I'll call Paul tomorrow

And if he want can live with me and Jeane

I hate of you, I hate it

You know, so long

It's just something have been coming from long time

He'll come back Mom, you've fights like this before

Forget it, he's not coming back

You want think if you want living with him

No, mom, I want to stay with you

No, honey, it's pretty big decision, and I want you to think about it

He is going to call you later

I can quit school and get a job

The hell with that

You are not quitting school

Now I'll make out

I'll get a job

I mean, I not exactly over the hill, you know

You don't need to tell me

I have the best looking mom in town

Thank you, little sun.


Oh, Barbara

Why are you doing up at this early hour?

Gina, you are not going to believe this

I can hardly believe it myself

Chris what abandon me

He didn't?

That son of a bitch left me for his tiny boobed secretary?

Oh, you mean you're looking for a job


Um, Sure, no, it's fine

Ok, see you

Wake up, sleepy, yes

Gina wants some breakfast

Hello darling, sit down

You look terrible

What you need is a drink

And now, tell me

What the hell is going on with Chris?

Can you imagine? I still can't believe it myself

I mean, that bastard leaving me

and his son for that bitch

I bitchy the young

How old are the little cunt?

I don't know, I mean, keep track his secretaries

nineteen, twenty

I could told you, the minute they get it up, they let you down

Barbara, what you need is a new guy

We'll find you a nice sexy young stud

No thanks

I think may need time for my ego to hill first

No sense doing without

Your pussy will shrink

I insist darling

I know a really nice guy

He's a little too old for me, but just perfect for you

How is the job hunting?

Are you kidding? If you're over 25, they do not even look at you

I can't even get a job as a hooker

Too bad, that would have been exciting

Wait a minute

Who's that friend of yours and Chris?

He got a divorce a few years ago

and then he dropped out of sight

What's his name?

He always had eyes for you

Jerry Morgan, I didn't even think of him

And his office is just a few blocks away

At least it used to be

I think I'll eat fish today, it remind me Evelyn

Do you remember when I live with Evelyn?

Now Barbara, tell me about that gorgeous son of yours

He must really be big by now

Oh, will you quit it?

Now, when was the battle of Hastings?

When you open your legs I lose the years

When was the battle of Hastings?


Where are the Olympus mountains?



When did Alexander conquer Cyprus?

333 BC, now, enough of the questions

Oh, Paul, you're so smart

You got every one right

I think you deserve a reward

Oh, get that beautiful cock...

here where I can see it

Oh, yeah


Doing it again?

I knew this would happen

Do we study history or sex education?

But Paul knows all the answers by heart

We'll just copy his paper

Wow, you never told me he's that big

Well, I'll leave you alone

Hey, wait a minute

Don't go

Tell you what

I let you lick it a little...

if you promise me to give it back

Promise, promise her


OK, I promise

But I don't have to give it right back


Lick it

Oh, wait Paul

Fuck Diane first, she's never cum

Never cum, ever?

Come here

-I'll take you to the moon
-I'm ready

Oh, yeah

Fuck her hard

Ram it

Move your ass to get it in all the way

Oh, yeah

That's so good

Oh, fuck me harder

-Yes, make her feel good
-Oh, yes

Oh, yeah

Oh, fuck her harder

Oh, yes

I'm gonna do it

I'm gonna do it

Oh, I'm gonna cum

Paul, Paul, are you home?

Yeah mom

I'll started dinner, you are just in time

Sounds great, I'm famished, God, I am tired

Honey, Do you speak with your father yet?


I've talk to him


Oh, mom

You know I'm gonna stay with you

Oh, darling, I'm so glad

You know mom, I've being thinking...

I may quit school and get a job

I told you, no way

Your father is going to pay school and expenses

-And besides, guess what

I got a job today

You're kidding me. Doing what? Where?

Well, do you remember Jerry Morgan?

-He and his wife used to come over a few years ago

Well, I went to see him today

His office is only a few blocks from here

And he was kind enough to give me a job

Even though I really don't think he needed any extra help

Well, that's great, working girl, come on, let's eat

Morgan Realty, ah, yes Mrs Donovan

I'm on my way out the door this minute to show you the property

See you there, bye bye

-Good night, Barbara
-Good night

Hello? I mean, Morgan Realty

It's me

Did Charlie call you?

Are you going out with him tonight?

Yes he did it, and yes I am

Gina, are you sure this guy isn't gonna pull anything?


Charlie is a pussycat

Excuse me Barbara

Just a second Gina, Hi Jerry

Barbara, could you stay for a five minutes?

I have a very important letter that I need to get out

Sure, sure, Gina I gotta go

I gotta type up a letter

Gina, are you sure this guy won't try anything?

Barbara, Charlie is afraid of girls

You couldn't be safer in a church


I'm just going out with him because I trust you

What?!, Jerry!, What are you doing?!

What's going on over there?

Is Jerry raping you?

Let me out, you son of a bitch


I don't want this and I don't need it

Wait a minute Barbara

What's he's doing?

Does he have his cock out?

I want my money, I quit

Jerry, I never thought this of you

After all the years we've known each other too

Oh, Christ, Barbara, I don't...

I don't know what came over me

I always have this felt for you

Even when...

I was married, I look at her...

and look at you

Please, don't quit

Think it over

Come in tomorrow

Promise me that you'll think it over

If you promise you wouldn't do it again

But you're going to get a cut in pay because you won't blow me

Oh, my God, that was exciting

Oh, I thought he was raping her

Oh, Lover, you shouldn't ear that

Oh, I'm so turn on

Oh, yeah

Just play with my pussy

You know how I like it, don't you?

You just bring your tongue down there

Don't stop

Give your tongue there

I know, let's take my panties off

-Isn't that better?


Oh, That's it

That's it

Oh, yeah

Let me get down there and just give you some of my attention

Bring your sweet little pussy right over here


Oh, I'm cumming

Wait a little bit over there I'm going to see if my mom is at home


Hey Paul, look.

God, you're always so horny, I love it

Paul, I didn't know you were in home, Hello Sherry

Hello, Mrs. Scott

Honey, I'm sorry, I didn't fix supper tonight

But your decrepit old mother has a date

No kidding

Oh, I guess you won't be getting home pretty late, uh?

Probably will be pretty late night, you two don't work to hard

Go have a good time

Thank you

What are you doing way over there in a corner, baby?

Do I have bad breath or something?

I'm just quite comfortable here, thank you

Oh, come on a little closer

I thought you were a swinger

A swinger?

And I thought you were a pussycat

-What did you say?
-Nothing, Nothing important

That whore of Gina

Gina told me you just got a divorce

You must be ready for some pretty heavy action, not baby?

Is that what she told you?

Look Charlie, maybe tonight wasn't such a good idea

I mean where is this party? Monterey?

Hey, relax, if just a couple of more miles down the road

Take it easy, baby

Just trust on Charlie

Fuck me

Yes, fuck me harder

Oh, I gonna cum

Oh, yes, baby

Oh, that's it, baby

Oh, there comes

Oh, yes

Oh, yes

Oh, it feels so good

Do it around in deep

Oh, yeah, do you see it?

Yeah Paul

-You never fuck me like that before

You know, you really turn me on, honey

Come on baby, listen up

No one is going to bite you

Unless you want to

What kind of party is this?

It's a swinger party, didn't Gina tell you anything?


You mean swing, like an orgy?

I think you better take me home

Take you home?


I drove an hour and a half to get here

And I'm not leaving

Marlene, baby

I'm glad to see you

Come on Charlie, feel like getting it on

Come on baby, don't be a party pooper

I'm not budging from this spot

Oh, suit yourself baby

You can just sit here and wait for me

Do it to me

My God, you're young enough to be my son!

Oh, I'm cumming

Hey, you're gorgeous looking, babe


-Let's see what you got under that dress

I just want to look a little, a little bit


What do you mean no?

-I just wanna take a look...

Come on

Can you be a little friendly towards me?

-What If you join me in the other room?
-Stop it!

Let's go to the another room to getting on


Can't you be so tight for me?

Oh, you have a nice melons here

Please, Please!

Stop that!




Let me take a look, come on


Are you really a tight?


Well, shit, you're too tight for me baby

I will cum

Oh, it's really good

Oh, it's really good

Oh, God, come all the way down

Oh, God

Oh, yes, blow it

Oh, you got it, that's it

Wow, you really blew it

Great crowd tonight, baby

Christ, I'm drained

Well, I'm ready, let's go baby

I cum four times, you know?

Give me a call next Friday, baby

Save your time, Charlie.


Are you OK?

Jesus Christ

Oh, I'm cumming

Dear Paul

We lost our heads last night

What we do was terribly wrong

We will talk about it tonight, when I get home

Love, Your mother

Barbara, can you answer the phone, please?

Oh, it's you Gina

I can't talk right now, too upset, I'll call you later

Charlie was an ass

And the party was terrible

My whole life is falling apart

I'll talk to you later

What's happened honey? What's wrong?

Nothing can be as bad as all that

-Why don't take the day off?
-But I got so much work to do

To hell with it. I'll tell you what I'll do

I'll take the day off too

We will go to the beach for lunch

Maybe we'll drive down the coast highway a little later

Come on, I'm the boss, you know?

One balloon for the lady


Thank you

Thanks for the day Jerry, I really had to laugh

You know they call me good guy Morgan

Let's go in, it's been years since I've seen Paul

I'd like to see him again

Not Jerry, not tonight

Listen, you are very sweet guy and I've had a wonderful time today, but...

I tell you what, come over for supper tomorrow night, OK?

-Right now, I gotta go
-Oh, well

Good guys always get laid last

Paul? Paul are you in home

Yeah mom, I'm here

Hi, mom, You keep your lover waiting

Paul, this is serious

What happened last night was entirely my fault

I do not want you to feel any guilt of what I did to you

No, we did it together

It was lovely though

Holding my darling boy in my arms again

Just like when you were little

But it's so wrong

Look mom...

I don't think any less of either one of us

It happened

And I have to tell you...

I want it to happen again.

Don't, don't...

No, Paul, don't...

The world has dirty word for this

Nobody has to know

You and me, that's all

Paul, I'm talking about incest

Oh, my God

Oh, my God

Oh, my God

Oh, shit, who could that be?

I'm gonna cum


Am I interrupting something?

Not really

I've just got my beautiful young stud right there

A little girl with the sweetest taste pussy...

I ever ate

But it's OK

Only I miss a few orgasm

But, what's the matter?

You're still not upset about your date with charlie, are you?

No, no

It's just that I got to talk to someone

And you're always so sure of yourself

I always say do what comes naturally

But, what are you talking about?

It's just that I can't say no to him

I find myself wanting it to happen

Say no to who?

Waiting what to happen?

Paul, Paul and me, we...



Are you telling me that...

you fuck your son Paul?

The worst part of it, I think I'm falling in love with Jerry

Oh, forget Jerry

You're just on the rebound

But tell me about Paul

When he touches me...

When, whenever his hands touch my body

I just want him inside of me

Did he do it to you?

Did you let him eat your pussy?

Let him? he just did it

Oh, God, this is exciting

Did you suck his cock?

Did he come in your mouth?

Lots of it, gobs and gobs of cum?

Oh, God, I'm... I'm cumming

I don't believe this

Gina, I came to you for help but...

you're having orgasms all over the room

What I'm going to do?

Don't fight it

What kind of advice is that?

And from my best friend too

I'm sorry, Barbara

I do not know what to say, I just...

I've just never met anybody who fuck their own son

A lot of help you are

Are you gonna to be OK?

Where are you going?

I do not know where I'm going, I'll talk to yo later

Oh, I'm so horny, yeah

Oh, God


Fucking our own son

Hey sweetheart, when do we eat?

In a few minutes

No, no, Paul may see us

Listen you two

Be sure to keep the next weekend open

We're going to do a little traveling

-Yes, didn't I tell you?

I own a little cabinet in lake Tahoe

No, Jerry, you didn't, It must be lovely this time of year

We'll wake up, get a little sun

We'll do a little gambling

How does that sound?

It sounds lovely

I can't make it, I'll very busy

I'll see you later

What you... what's the matter? You hardly ate anything

I've just lost my appetite

Maybe he have a date?

Oh, You know how teenagers are

We are alone at last

All this eating is making me hungry

Come up here and give me dessert

You may not notice this Barbara

but I've always be in love with you

I think I deep down I knew it, Jerry

I hope you feel the same way about me

That I feel about you

You know I wanna marry you honey?

Jerry you make me very happy

But please don't rush me

I just have to rearrange my priorities

What do you mean rearrange your priorities?

Is just that from now on my life is my life

And I'm going to do things my way

And part of my way is keeping you as my lover

And the other part of your way?