Table for Six (2022) - full transcript

A family reunion dinner turns awkward when Bernard arrives with his new girlfriend, who happens to be big brother Steve's old flame. With Steve's casual partner comes to his rescue, anything that can go wrong goes laughably berserk.

Whoa, what's...?


The new one or the old one?

Why would I want the old one?

As a memento, perhaps?

You're up to something!

To be fair, there are
a million possibilities.

Like what?

For example...

Maybe I'm proposing.

I typed the proposal down

and I don't want you to know.


No. Just an example.

Hell, spill it!

- No.
- Say it!


You have to!

No way!

Why? Up to no good?

- Dude, that costs $4,000!
- Say it!

- Dude, that costs $4,000!
- No!

- Give her something cheaper...
- Say it!

-Give her something
cheaper... —I'LL say it.

- And less lethal.
- Now I don't wanna hear it.

You won't tell me?


Go ahead.

I changed it back
to your birthday.

It doesn't work.

October 5th, right?

It's October 25th, asshole!

You changed your birthday?

Why did you add

eight big-titted "Double May"?

Who's May?

What's that? Never heard of it.

You just love big tits!

I've never loved big tits!

Do you love me?



Of course I love you.

So my tits aren't big enough!

And they're all barely legal!

You just love young girls!

I don't love young girls!

Do you love me, then?

What happens if I say no?

You don't love me?

No, of course I love you!

So I'm too old!

Come on...

I'm too old.

I have small tits.

No wonder you
haven't married me!

When was the last time you
put money in our joint account?

Where's the money?

I bought uniforms
for my esports team,

they're expensive.

It's not for randos...


The team members are the stars!

Everyone else is randos!

What about the rest of the cash?

This thing...

It costs 40 grand.

Wow, 40 grand?

That prick!

I just bought it!

Don't scratch it!

Hey hey hey!

- Chill out!
- Give me a reason!

It's rising in value!


I can sell it for 45 grand!


If you smash that,
you'll have to clean it up!

Lung Chan!

You promised me a home!

You already cook here
a few times a week.

We watch TV and chill.

It already feels like a home!

Just bear it for now.

I've been bearing
it for 12 years!

I'm done bearing!

We're breaking up.

It's over!

Don't even think about
winning me back again.

Go after her!


Watch the stove.

Soup's cooking.

You dick.

I almost lost 40 grand.

If I say I spent it,

she'll still believe that
I'm earning money!

If I say otherwise,

she'll make me change jobs.

If you're already working

and you find another job,

that's "changing jobs".

If you're not making a penny,

you're just "volunteering".

The family is paying
your expenses,

so you're "leeching".

I'm "leaping" to success!

I'm an esports athlete!

When I win that tournament,

I'll make my first
million dollars!

You know...

The biggest hurdle to happiness

is expecting too
much from the future.

Another "Chicken Soup" quote?

Stop dragging your
feet and get hitched.

What? —I'LL pay

for the banquet.

Getting married will put
some sense into your head.


He hasn't objected.
Why are you objecting?

Because it's dumb.



I want to object
to your objection.


I can get married, sure.

But I need a fair exchange.

Sell our home.

Let's cash in.

My esports team is

heading towards glory.

All we lack is funding.

If we get a few
mil as investment

and win the tournament,

we'll be Hong Kong esports'

Juventus F.C.

or even the Avengers!!

My room...

Hot in summer, cold in winter.

The party room upstairs
blasts off-key karaoke all day.

We moved in over a decade ago

and the living room
still reeks of BBQ pork!

For the last time...

We follow Mom's dying wish.

Our home stays, the oven stays,

and Dad stays.

We're never selling this place.

I'm going to work.

Don't forget!

I ordered hotpot
delivery for tonight.

Look at your brother.

His sense puts me at ease.

He even booked

his own birthday dinner.

Maybe he's up to no good.

That's crazy talk...

Big Brother,

- you'll be here before dinner, right?
- Yeah.

I'm off early today.

I want to talk to you.


Hello, Mr. Steve Chan?

Is the red gate your
building's entrance?

It's "shot"!

She must mean "shut".

She should just
stick to Mandarin.

That "iz" the back "doo".

Walk "pat" the back 'doo'.

Keep "wooking", then
turn "light" at the corner.

That big "doo" is
the "man" entrance.

Is that Little Meow from "Taiwan's
Little Meow in Hong Kong"?

So what? Is she popular?

All the netizens cream over her.

Ma'am, are you going up?

If I can get her as our
cheerleading captain,

we'll have ad revenue.

With the Hong Kong
Champion title...

Leave my model alone.



You packed all
"deez" by yourself?

You can speak Cantonese.

I understand it.


Is your makeup applied?


Have you put on makeup?

Oh, I just need a touch-up.

Change there.

Leave Bernard's clothes alone.

They're his babies.

I think I can carry this one.

Don't do anything stupid.

I hear you.


The air conditioning is chilly.

Put this jacket on.

You look gorgeous in this.

Pardon me.

I'm his colleague.

My name's Lung.

Like the organ?

It's Chinese, actually.

L-U-N-G Lung

It means "Dragon".

Then... why don't
you just use "Dragon"?

It's cooler.


Has anyone told you

you look like Rei
from "Evange|ion"?

I actually have
another identity.

I'm an esports athlete.

- If...
- Lung Chan!

So she's Rei when she wears it,

and I'm a ran do!

That's cute.

Why didn't you come after me?

I forgot to.

You got caught red-handed.

We're breaking up.

What should I do first?

Put out the fire first?

That's right.


- Hey!
- Why are you already back?

Something's boiling over.

That happens a lot here!

Over there!


I'm ready.

How do you want to shoot this?

Just follow the reference.

Intimate, elegant...

Sexy, too.


Hold it up.


Hold it higher.

Be one with the cooker.

Open it elegantly...

Now close it slowly.

Open. Close.

Open slowly. Close.

Open... Close...

Okay, the other side now.

Don't worry, it's only a
dozen strands if I cut it.

It's okay..


It's okay, I took
off a few already.

It hurts.

It can't be. Did I cut a nerve?

I'm so embarrassed!

It's just an accident.

This whole time, I
was playing it cool

so you'd think that I'm a pro...

Play it cool? What for?

The fact is...

I'm your fan!

I like you so much!

Your black-and-white
portrait of Danielle Graham

for "Yes" magazine

was my fav!

You're for real.

You showed me that

the key aspects of a portrait

are the expressions in the eyes.

You're an inspiration!

That's a big deal...

- Look.
- That's not Danielle Graham, right?

No, it's your Studs
and the City spread.

Yikes! The original
model went AWOL,

so I had to step in.

They got a lot of
complaints for that issue.

But there was at least
one letter of praise.

Don't tell me that
you're Kitty Cat,

that fourth grader from Taiwan?

Yeah! You remember me! I've...


Wow, you're all grown up...

Yup, I've grown up.

If there's a chance,

we can grab a meal together.

Is that okay?


I always get beef noodles
at the diner downstairs.

I always sit alone.

Are you 93V?

Look, young|ady...

I'm just not ready

for a new relationship yet.

When it comes to destiny...

If you take it too easy,
you'll miss out on it.

But if you take
it too seriously,

you'll cry over it.


Is it because... of her?

When did you split up?

Not long ago.

How long ago?

Three years ago.

You're so devoted...

When did you come home?

Just now, I forgot a document.

Hey, something's
up. Dinner's off.

Don't come up.

I'll explain tomorrow night.

Remember! Reply
when you get this.

What's her name?


What is she like?

Like an angel.

You bitch!

You're painting
graffiti over them?

Someone just picked
them off the streets.

They're trash.

You're trash!

The one who picked them up

was me!

Listen up, they are

historical artifacts!

The youngest piece
is over 30 years old!

I'm over 30 years old, too.

You call me trash all the time!

What's going on, 9W5?

Boss, they want to

graffiti over these.


I thought you're doing
it Yayoi Kusama style

That's right.


For the last few years,

you've been
scavenging all this stuff

for the "Hong Kong
Stories" series.

They're royalty-free
and gimmicky.

It was nice.

But it has become boring now.

We need noise

that is as loud as
those giant malls.

It'll be fresh!

And it'll promote
Hong Kong culture.

Open mind. Open.

Sure, I'll call Yayoi Kusama

to see if she'll take lower pay

for "Hong Kong culture".

Naturally, we'll just
copy her without paying.


Hong Kong culture!

Culture vulture! Yes!

Open mind. Open... Open.

O, my ass! No freaking way.

If you insist on doing this,

|'|| quit!


Big Brother!

Hey, Big Brother...

Even if they aren't
getting married,

they should move in together.


"Love is".

Why Wait For Him To Change

When You Can Just
Invade His Space?"

It's doable...

Remember that I asked to talk?


Trust me, it's no big deal.

Something wrong?


Actually, in a little while,
something's going to happen.

What is it?

Promise me,

when I open the
door, chill out, okay?

What is it?


Takeout delivery.

$3,950, please.


I can't be chill about that.

Five bags... That's
nearly $800 per bag!

It doesn't matter.

It's on me anyway.

You're really up to something.

When you ordered that
$1,000 takeout the other time,

something really did happen.

- What was it?
- You screwed my wife.


You took that junk
trip with those girls

and dropped my
camera into the sea.

You literally sank 30 grand!

What is it this time?

We're brothers...

When Chow Yun-fat said that

in "A Better Tomorrow",

he got shot in
the head. Watch it.

Come on, let me finish...

You even made the soup?

I didn't make it.

- Listen...
- There you are,

you took so long.

When'd you get home?

I've been home all afternoon.

I thought you went
after Josephine.

Did you really break up?

We made up already.

So you made the soup?

Dinner's ready!

I made two soups tonight.

This mala spicy soup

was made with Sichuan
erjing tiao chilies.

It's numb, then
spicy, then sweet.

Big Brother, you can't do spicy,

so I made you a
silkie chicken soup.

- Perfect for a man your age.
- Good girl.

You split more
often than a banana.

We can't keep up with you.

As long as they patch things up.

Sit down, Josephine,
we have to talk.

Let's cover my stuff first.

No, this first.

Sit down, Josephine.

You have forged
an inseparable bond

with our family.

You've been with
our little brother

for so many years.

You're practically
family, right?

I'm focused on my career now.

I'm not looking to get married.

With an attitude like that,

no point in forcing him, right?

I'm not asking you
two to get married.

I'm inviting you

to move in here.

That's not a good idea...

What do you mean?!

I'm respecting
her family's rules.

Her granny said, as
long as she's unmarried,

she can't spend a
night at a guy's place.

But she stayed here last night.

Hey, I told you!

Don't stay over just because
your granny sleeps early.

There, I warned her.

That's why I've thought of

an excuse that means little

but actually makes
a world of difference.

On paper,

you're not moving in.

You're working here.

So, starting tomorrow,

the three of us

(Will pa)! You-

You move in officially

and cook us two meals a day.

So I'll be like Granny

and become an amah?

It's different!

Amahs don't exist anymore.

Don't think like that.

So, a domestic worker?

No way.

Many domestic workers
sleep in bathrooms.

You share a huge room with Lung.

So... I'll be a servant who

toils by day and sleeps
with Young Master at night?

No way!

Some young masters
marry their young servants.

In addition to the food budget,

we'll pay you an
allowance, too. Well?

That's too many surprises.

I'm spinning!

Why don't the three
of you vote on it?

Raise your hand if you approve.

| Object!

You're screwing up my plan!

You had a plan? That's cute.

Of course! How else can I
be Hong Kong Champion?


I approve!

It's good to have
someone around at home.

Besides, home cooking

is good for the health.


Mi casa, su casa.

Thank you, thank you!

Welcome, Josephine.

Your health is in my hands!

Oh, just worry about these two.

I'm moving in

with my girlfriend soon.


You're dating?

Now you know.

Aren't you saving up for a flat?

You'll waste money on rent.

I'm moving to her place.

Then you're leeching off her.

I'll pay her rent.

Then you'll waste money on rent.

What do you want me to do?

Be open-minded.

I bring all my girlfriends here

to eat with you guys.

What "girlfriends"?

You've only brought
ONE home all these years.


The one who shattered
his heart when she left.

Are you all right?

I'm fine.



It's been a long time.


Three years.


I wasn't counting.

Why... are you
here out of the blue?

The door was open.

So I showed myself in.

Why'd you come for
me out of the blue?

I'm not here for you.

I'm here for him.

Big Brother.

She's my girlfriend.


Is it April Fools?

I really am his girlfriend.

The stove!

What about this fire?

Six months ago, my company

worked on their event.

We began to talk after
we saw each other again.

Then we started dating.

We've been together
for six months.

This was

what I wanted to talk about.

Big Brother?

Are you all right, Big Brother?

You said you told him
and that he's okay with it.

- I have enough pressure at work...
- I thought

telling him before
dinner was early enough

and that he'd be okay.

Why'd you think that there's a
tiny chance he'd be okay with this?

You really don't
understand Steve.

You know Josephine.

Hi, I'm still here!

That's good.

You're thinner and prettier!


Have you had dinner?

Want to join us?

I actually came to eat dinner.

Why didn't you tell me?

I told you on WhatsApp

to stay away.

You did?

Oh, you did!


I'm sorry.

I had my reservations
about Bernard at first.

But then I thought,

if I didn't move
on from the past,

I couldn't welcome
a better future.

What past?

You mean our relationship?

I'd forgotten all about that...

Handing you over
to my little brother...

gives this big
brother infinite joy.

It's your birthday...

And you got a girlfriend.

A double whammy of happiness!

Let's celebrate!

I'm so happy!

- Let's dig in!
- Come on, let's eat.

Come, take a seat.

Help out!



Let's sit down.

Dig in...

Oh, I get it.

You wanted to move
out because of me?

You think I'm a child?

We just wanted to
spend more time together.

You can spend time here, too.

Look at them,
they're stuck like glue.

That's right.

Sticking together as
a family is priceless!

How about this?

If you want to spend
more time together,

I invite you to move in here.


I'd welcome that!

Maybe not...

It's great!

We're a family!

Only a child would
mind. Right, Steve?

That's right!

We've got a huge place here.
One person won't make a difference.

Are you still in
that subdivided flat?


That's too small for two.

The bed is so small. It gave
me terrible backaches back then.

If you don't mind,

I can move in, actually.

That's not what
you said yesterday.

Well, I'm saying this today.

Open mind.

But I like staying
at your place more.

Then she can move in here

and you can move over there.

Are you sure about this?

I have a lot of stuff.

We have a lot of room!

That's good.

No, I don't think...

I have a suggestion.

Why don't you three vote on it?

Raise your hand if you approve.

| Object!

I approve!

It's good to have
someone around at home.

Sticking together as
a family is priceless!


- Thanks.
- Mi casa, su casa.

She's in charge
of catering here.

Bernard will pay your share.


What time is dinner?

08:00 PM

Can you cook bigger portions?

So I can bring lunch to work.


I'm sorry, Steve.

I should've told you earlier.

Don't be silly,

I'm fine.


I'm not fine...

But I'll make it fine.

I know it's tacky.

Say no more.

We're brothers...

You'll die after saying that.

I won't die.

I'm your big brother.

I can handle anything.

Be careful!

It's a limited edition.

This isn't an invasion.

This is a coup!

That's worth a fortune!


you've got a lot of stuff.

The kitchenware's brand-new.

Aren't you unemployed?

Expenditure increases are
passed to the customers, naturally.

What the!


are you opening a restaurant?

That's not mine.

Where do you want it?

Who else can that
possibly belong to?

Let's see if there's
room in here, come on.

Over here, please.


Hello? Sure thing! It's for you.


- Hello, Big Brother?
- Yeah?

Monica's stuff is
coming in the afternoon.

She said there are signs
and a pair of statues.

The holy beasts

have landed in
our realm already.


I ordered a new double bed.

Can you help me sign for it?


Thanks, Big Brother.

You still want the bed?

To the landfill, please.

Hurry up, or we'll get a ticket!

Guys, the bed?

It needs assembling.

We don't cover assembly!


You're even assembling
their bed for them!


I'm proud of you!




You're even assembling
their bed for them!



I can't believe it...

Come on, I have my limits...

I didn't think my stuff
would take up so much room.

Did I overstep your limits?

Not at all!

My limits can go way lower.

My boss wanted
to get rid of them,

so I have to go Schindler's List

and save them one by one!

You seem to be more...


My doctor says I'm too stressed.

It's work, part-time PhD

and general dissatisfaction
with the world.

When I'm triggered,

I lose my cool.

What triggers you?

When I see people
disrespect heritage,

calling everything trash
and throwing them away...


Bernard just bought a new bed.

You'll sleep better

and de-stress.

And the old bed?

Is it at the landfill?

The old folks' home.

I delivered it myself.

I told him I'd move my bed here.

Why buy one?

Your bed is too old.

When I rocked it, it...

They gave you the wrong manual.

Are you serious?


It's fine.

One less thing to worry about.

I'll take my time.

It's just a frame.

Why'd you keep
that ugly old thing?

How did that get here?

I hate this thing.

They made me dress
up as a factory girl.

It's so ugly!

Your company chose you

because you're pretty.

Have you dated anyone
the last few years?


Nothing long-term.

Too many fishes in the pond.

You know me,

I need to flirt for a long time

before I make my move...

But there's a girl

I'm almost done flirting with.

When the time's right,

I'll introduce her to you.



It's okay. Let me.

What are you doing?

These are cheap stuff.

They can go in the living room.

Oh? Is this the new bed?


I assembled it with Steve.


Turns out

he'll have a girlfriend soon.

So don't worry.

- He has a girlfriend?
- Yeah.

Dinner time!


Let's eat!

Am I in Mongkok?

It really looks like
Mongkok in here.

Steve said to put
them up. It's pretty!

Yeah, take a seat.

Pork belly and pig's feet?

Is this a construction site?

I'll open a beer!

Your girl looks
cultured on the outside,

but she's a dude on the inside.

How did you know her favorites?

Steve asked me to make them.

Here we go!

That pork belly looks so plump!

Steve's not back
yet. Should we wait?

We agreed that dinner's
at 8 sharp. Let's eat!

- Yes, let's eat!
- Dig in!

Here he comes.


Are you ok, Meow?

I'm okay.

Did you hurt your leg?

Are you all right?


My girlfriend!

I'm Ah Meow!


Give her a seat.

Give her a seat.

Meow Meow.

I'll get some ricey-dicey.

Take a seat.


I think I can guess who you are.

You're Lung, the
little brother I've met.

And you're his
girlfriend, Josephine.



You're the middle
brother, Bernard.

And you're his
girlfriend, Monica.


Aren't you that influencer...

Yup! Nice to meet you.

Give us a kiss! Lovely!

Give us a kiss! Lovely!


Why are you and
my big brother...

"It's fate if you
believe in it...

It's destiny if you don't."

He's so well-read!

What a naive "Double May"...

What's "Double May"?

I\ \

Never heard of that.

I guess it means she has two...

mounts of May?


Just a casual family meal, Meow.


Let's eatsie-peasy!

What's with the baby talk?

Meow Meow taught me.

She said time moves slower

for people in love.

So ordinary people get a delay

when they hear us talk.

It sounds like baby talk to you,
but we're not actually speaking it.

Have some meatsie-poo!

Braised pork belly
with pickled veg!

Let me try this!

It's so delicious!

Good job!

How could you tell it's good

just from the pickled vegetable?

In this dish,

making the pickled
veg taste like meat

shows a chef's

true talent!

You know your stuff!

This meatsie-poo

is really that
hardy-tardy to make?

It's so hardy-tardy!

Do you know how
sandy pickled veg can be?

It needs a lot of washing.

You have to boil
and fry the pork belly

then stir-fry the salted veg

before steaming the whole thing!

Do you know how much effort

goes into a single bite of this?

Did you make it?

How did you know?

It's obvious.

You talk like a MasterChef.

I don't know how to cook.

But my ex-boyfriend

was a hotel head chef.

You're so awesome.

You should be a
culinary influencer!

Aren't they really hot?

Not necessarily.

Your type has
plenty of fans, too.

There aren't many women under 35

who can do what you do.

I'm 40.

That's not too old!

You should join my team!

Meow's team is
named "The Ar-meow".

It's almost
impossible to get in!

Why are you such a smarty-putty?

You're dating her,
you didn't know?

We just met a few days ago.

There are still
plenty left to learn.

A few days ago?

The spark happened
a few days ago.

But the seed

was planted about...

20 years ago!

Buddhist scriptures say

we exchange 500 glances

before brushing
shoulders just once.

It looks like it took us

500 shoulder brushes

to earn a chance

at our first day of love!

500 shoulder brushes,
or 500 cold shoulders?

You're so lovey-dovey already.

Maybe you'll get married soon!


Give me at least two
weeks to get to know him.

What do you want to know?

Just ask!

Don't worry.

I have my ways to get intel.

Already dating a few
days after meeting?

Something's fishy here.

It's time to guess what
I'm playing. Let's start!

What's that?

A new phone?

Don't you know
that electronic waste

- is destroying...
- Calm down, okay?

I won't toss the old one.

I'll put it away after copying
your data over, okay?

I can copy it myself.

You got some
unsavory photos in it?

That's absurd...

New phone, new bed...

What a waste of money.

It's worth it.

With an ottoman bed,

there's storage underneath

so we can put
other stuff on top.

What's an ottoman bed?

It has gas lifts

for you to lift the bed board.

If you let go, it won't fall.

Lift it

and let go.

For real?

Yeah, let it go!

- For real?
- For real.

Count to three and let go.

One two




Don't be afraid, sweetheart.

My arm's just stuck.

Can you lift that for me?


It's okay! Again.

Lift it.

Try lifting the board, too.


What's going on?

Why didn't you install
the gas lift in the bed?

What's a gas lift bed?

What year is this?!

Let me take you to the hospital.

I can take him.

Oh, right, the
girlfriend goes...

Siri, gas lift bed.



Wow, you really do
know photography.

- Okay?
- Okay_

One of my exes

is a photographer.

You look so cool

in sunglasses!

Oh, Whenever I shoot,
I look for references.

Sometimes, I
follow them closely...

I know.

But I don't think
it's a problem.

Plagiarizing well is hard!


But there's something
I want to know...

How would you shoot it

without any reference?

Wizard, hang in there.

Help me.

Water spell! Water spell!

Ice spell! Ice spell...

I...| can't move...

What hit you?

Pheromone spell...

Who blasted that?

My sister-in-law...

Steve's in his room.

Josephine's on the roof.

We are

alone in here now


We can quietly...

do a background check!

Why me?

Among everyone in this home,

you look the most like...

a snitch!

Good eye.

But it'll cost you!

Be my team's cheerleader captain

and earn likes for
my esports team.

What's your team's name?


Can you change
your team's name first?


Then let's see what
intel you got first.


Our family history
is like a spider web!


my dad and Steve's
mother had Steve.

I want a divorce!


my mother and Bernard's
father had Bernard.

So Steve and
Bernard, the 12-year-old

and the 3-year-old,
became brothers!

And finally,

the most important character...

I showed up.

Guess how I came about?

You are... Your dad
and your mom's son!

Good job!

I'm surprised you
figured that out!

So this was your
dad's BBQ pork kitchen.

But you guys moved in here?


Steve can't make BBQ pork.

Bernard won't make BBQ pork,

and I'd rather
live like BBQ pork.

When the kitchen shut down,

we all moved in here.

The sign, "Yau Fook"...

That's your dad's name?


my mom's.

Mom had a terrible
temper with us.

She also had a weird rule:

Before we turned 30,

we had to eat together

as a family every night!

Steve's carried that
tradition to this day.

But you're all adults now.

How is that possible?

It's not that hard.

Steve is a shut-in.

Bernard spends his
cash on collectibles.

And I'm poor.

As long as Steve
pays for dinner,

we're happy to oblige!

What about his ex,


They met at work.

It was like Cleopatra and
Antony for a few years.


It was the pairing of a century.

Big Brother really loved her,

but she was into
conservation and

cultural research

so she was too busy or whatever.


Just like Bernard's Monica...

Steve's Monica is bald!

And six feet tall!

What? Then...

why would he like me?

Rain's coming,
gotta get the laundry.

There's no rain... Hey!


I signed for that
delivery of signages.

Where's the thumb drive?

The USB thumb drive!

What USB drive?

The one from back then!

You want to watch it?

I want it obliterated,
crushed, and diced!

Make it vanish for good!

That's electronic waste...

Don't start on that now.

I'll look for it.

You didn't hide it carefully?!

I was watching it
a lot for a while.,

I don't remember where I put it.

It's only on that drive?

There's no other copy?

I don't think so.

Be more certain!


What color is it?

Red...| think.

Be more certain!

It's red.

Hurry, Bernard
will be home soon.

So? We've got nothing to hide.

If Bernard asks why
you're in my room,

how would you answer?

I'm looking for something.

What are you looking for?

Move it!

I thought it's red.

Just pour out
everything and look.

Next time, ping me on WhatsApp

so there's no misunderstanding.


I forgot you prefer texts

rather than
speaking face-to-face.


Never mind.

What are you trying to say?

Nothing, I've forgiven you.

Forgiven what?


When you're ready,

just text me whatever
you wanted to say.

There! See?


Never mind.

Just be out with it already.

I have to remind you
that you dumped me

on WhatsApp?

The one who dumped
me on WhatsApp

W88 you!

It was you!

Never mind.

Let's stop debating.

No matter how immature you are,

it's all in the past now.

Why don't we break up?

Your words were so cruel.

You practically
forced me to break up.

What did I say?

Researching artifacts
is such a waste of time.

I don't know when
you'll wake up!

You spent so much
time researching artifacts

that you're always up late.

I didn't know what
time you'd wake up.

What's wrong with that?

Your worries don't matter to me,

"you should live
however you want!"

Don't add punctuations.

The night before that,

you were worried

about your weight.

I said,

Your worries don't matter.

To me, you should
live however you want!

Well, you can't twist this one:

Never mind the past.

"Anyway, we're shit


OK bye!

I meant

Anyway, we're a fit together!

| Typed too quickly!

That's a real coincidence.

Look at how close
"a", "s" and "f" are!

That's why I added an "OK".

Wasn't that a question?

There's no question mark.

What about the "bye"?

It's polite to end
a conversation

with a "bye".

I told you to work
on your spelling.

It was just a typo...

So our four-year relationship

went kaput because

I made one typo?

Why didn't you contact me?

You told me to never
contact you again.

You pighead!

Would you go kill
yourself if I asked?

How do you know I wouldn't?

So what are we supposed to do?

I'll confess to Bernard.

But it'll be hard on you.

Then we'll elope.

But Bernard will be hurt!

Then we'll have an affair.

But I'll be exhausted!


we have to be together!

I guess it was fate.

Right, fate.

And we're mismatched
anyway, right?

Right! Looking at you now,

I don't feel any

love or whatever...

Just saying it
gives me chills now.

Bernard and I are great now.

We're practically

meant to be


Same with me and
Meow. Soulmates.

We're all... soulmates!

Ah Meow's here?

She's in the shower.

Bird poop landed on her head,

so she needs a shower.




Why are you calling
from your room?

I left a present for you

in the bathroom!

What? Why would
you put it there?

It's a surprisey-dicey!

|'|| go get it!

Hey, you're home!

How did you get here?

I was right behind you.

The doctor told you
to relax your arm...

It hurts.

Don't worry.


Honey, where is
it? I can't find it.

Allow me.

Brand new!


I'm so touched!

You are

already asking me to move in?

I'll think about it.

Why did you keep that old thing?

How did that get here?

This is Josephine's first step

to becoming a
culinary influencer.

This meal

is creativity meets fine dining!

Pork for beef.

Beef for pork.

Crab for fish.

Fish for crabs!

We also have sweet
bitter melon soup.

Bitter melon
jelly! It's a dessert!

There's more!

Rainbow rice!

Thank you!


Give serious
comments, all right?

Let's eat!

Let's eat!

Honey, try some meatsie-poo.


Thank you.

The pork tastes just like beef.

And the beef
tastes just like pork.

But why would I want to
eat beef-pork and pork-beef?

Why am I eating fake jelly soup

and fake rainbow rice?

What? You never asked
so many questions before!

Honestly, I don't
know what I'm doing.

You're pretending too much.

Audiences want to see

the real you.

Go back to your roots.

Imagine that he's your beloved.

Hey, what do you mean "imagine"?

He's your beloved.

Look at him.

You're making him
something from the heart.

What would you make?


Let's go back to imagining.

Imagine that he's your beloved.

Tell me,

why did you fall for
him in the first place?

We were fixed up!

My mom catered work sites.

She picked up BBQ pork
from their dad every day,

so we ate lunch together.

And then... sigh.

It was hilarious!

Josephine was 15

and Lung was only 9.

She fed him like
he's a child groom!

I didn't need to be fed!

I scooped the rice myself.

You met her at nine years old.

So you were meant to be

til death do you part

and for evermore!

In Eileen Chang's world,

til death do us part and "for
evermore" are different things.

Forevermore is not bad.

It's hard to be
together 'til death.

Life expectancy is longer now.

You can live 'til
you turn yellow

or turn green.

Live 'til you turn green?

Like the Gundam robot?

What would you
cook for him, then?


BBQ pork, I guess.

They grew up eating it.

You're wrong there.

Dad's BBQ pork

tasted like crap.

Those BBQ pork

went to cheap diners for
soup pasta, BBQ pork buns

and convenience
store rice boxes.

They were just cheap and edible.

What's wrong with that?!

If Dad didn't make it,

there wouldn't be

cheap noodles,

cheap student meals

and cheap rice plates!

There'd be no charity
meals to give away!

What they meant was that

it was edible and cheap.

The brothers
weren't in conflict.

Why did you say
that in third person?

You're one of us!

Don't be so sensitive.

Right, I was being sensitive.

Maybe it's the shrimp.

There's no shrimp.

Yes, there is. Ha...!

That was a terrible pun.

How about you?

Her favorite is hard to make,

but I'll learn to
make it for her:

Fried pork intestines.

How'd you know about that?

Back then,

when your dad was around,

he'd bring it to the
clinic to share it with you.

He had it with mustard,

but it was too spicy for you

and you cried.

So he comforted you

with a few sips of beer.

That's when

you learned to drink beer.

That's why you pair junk food

with beer, right?

I never told you that story.

You did.

Maybe her ex told you about it.


How long have you been together?

About six months.

That means

you already liked her

when she was with her ex?

It's hard...

to define "like"...


An ex of mine...

When I was with
my ex-ex-boyfriend,

he would take spy photos of me

and collect things of mine.

When I became single again,

he immediately made his move.

It was so romantic!

You bid the tenders

for projects at work.

So you knew that

it was her firm's tender.

You made a bid

just to see her again?

Meow Meow,

what you don't know
is that Bernard is

really pragmatic-attic.

When I was dumpty-dumped,

I asked him if I should
win my girly-friend back.

He told me to give uppity-up.

I had no idea that

he's sentimental-lentil.

It completely went
over my heady-head.

His baby talk sounds

kinda off this time...

Whether two people
can stay together

isn't up to other people.

Maybe it's fate
for you to split up.

It's not batty-fatey.

It was man-made-lemonade.

If she's meant to be
your soulmate-mate,

you two wouldn't
have splity-licky.

What if someone intended

to take my fish from my pond,

slice her up, stir-fry
her in a hot wok-wok

and serve her up
for him-selfie-elf?


I've suspecting
for quite a while.

I hope to hear the
truth from you guys.

Fish is better...

steamed, right?

It's a waste to stir-fry it.

There's no absolute in cooking.

A family

can set right and wrong aside,

but you have to be sensible.

That's not from a book.

Mom said that.

Cheers, Big Brother.

What is being sensible?

Don't eat more than
you can handle. Dig in.

Let's eat!


Did I startle you?


It's fine...

I want to say...

I promise you

what happened tonight
won't happen again.

Were you in love
with me all this time?

Did you bid for that tender
just to see me again?

The truth doesn't matter.

What matters is the answer
that will improve our relationship.

Get some sleep.

Though I can't
speak about the future

I quietly await your return

In this cold, gloomy winter...

To be in your warm
embrace once more...

is my one and only dream

Though I can't speak about the
future, I quietly await your return...

Though our wishes
diverge as the world turns

I still have some
past dreams to share

Everything these days
suddenly seems troubled

When I look back on our past...

Was it love? Was it
fate? Or was it pain?

I still don't know the
answer to this day

I can't believe, I still believe

that you're the best one for me

You may be gone now,
but my love burns on

On this endless night,
who has your love...

The flowers won't bloom,
love is vast as the ocean

If you miss me,
why am I in solitude?

I need some water

Sorry. Sorry, sorry...

Ready when you are.


Let's out first.

What's wrong?

My soul drifted off.

I don't think I can do this.

Okay, we won't film today, then.

I'll just document how
you make this dish.

What are you cooking today?

Veggie and ham stew.

It'll bloom like a
flower in the end.


Honey, it's time to eat...

What's wrong?

The leech of the
photography world.

Wing Shya says your
green bean soup photo

plagiarized him?

When I plagiarized,

no one was the wiser.

The second I do
something original,

I do the same thing as
a celebrity photographer.

That's just eerie.

Wing Shya got plagiarized!

Wow, it's exactly the same!

Some people are so shameless!

Oh, you're the leech of
the photography world?

It's a misunderstanding.

It's night and day, actually.

This is a green bean soup.

That's a red bean soup.

I'm a chef, trust me.

Why'd you tell
me to be original?

I was just fine plagiarizing!

I'll sort this out for you.

You think he'll be
that understanding?

He's a master.

Remember how I told you

that my ex is a photographer?

Your ex is Wing Shya?

How many boyfriends
have you had?


I need 18 lives to
reach that number.

I may not have been
good at relationships,

but I was serious
about all of them.

- You're bothered?
- Let me cool off first.


Cooling off is important.

Hey, Wing,

we have to talk.

As an Eileen Chang super-fan,

I wonder why someone
as old-fashioned as you

call up a girl

to make someone jealous?

That wasn't the only
reason I called her up.

Without her,

I might lose it.


You thought about
stealing your brother's girl!

I didn't!

Besides, it's him who "coveted
his neighbor's wife" first.


You two live together.

He's not your "neighbor".

You're flatmates, if
you steal her back,

you're coveting
your f|atmate's wife.

Don't you speak English?

It's from the Ten Commandments!

Don't you know
figures of speech?

Oh, really?

You really have to sort
out your relationships.


She cleared your name!

She cleared your name!

She's really serious about you.

Eileen Chang said,

Don't oversleep when
you dream of love.

If you let Ah Meow carry
the role you've assigned her

past Mid-Autumn Festival
and through Christmas,

it'll be very hard to turn back.

Meow Meow.

I have something to tell you.

This is for you.

How did you know?

Your glasses are for indoors.

This one

lets you see the outside
world more clearly.

I'll put them on for you.


Looking good!


Thank you so much.

I've looked at your
photos all my life.

The best are in black-and-white.

The plagiarized
ones are in color.

I didn't get it all this time...

until I saw the brand
of your sunglasses

and I did some research online.

I realized that


color-blind glasses.

You can't differentiate

red and green.

Lung said that you can't
inherit the BBQ pork business.

That's when I wondered

if it's because your eyes

can't gauge the shade
of red on the pork.

After your mom died,

you raised your
brothers on your own.

Pretending that all is well

must have been tough, right?

In this home,

the one who works the
hardest to make everyone happy

is the least happy, right?

I couldn't

even tell my ex about this.

Thank you.

It's been

forever since anyone
asked whether I'm happy.

I'm sorry.

You came looking for me
right after you rejected me.

Even a child would know that

you're not serious about me.

So I just came to
have some fun with you.

You could tell, right?

Yes, I could.


You're pretending again.

I know you couldn't tell.

I think that

you're a good man.

You're just a bit of a doofus.

I'm worried that if I
keep playing along,

you won't be able to handle it.

So I think...

you should figure
out what you want.

Let's stop pretending.

Why are you
looking at old photos?

Meow wants an old
photo of you three brothers.

I don't know why.

To curse us?


The video's done.

What would you
do for your beloved?

This girl

would plant a flower for him.

What time are you
coming tomorrow?

Where to?

Aren't you coming
to see my match?

Oh, why would I go alone?

Of course I'm going with you.

We'll go at 10.

All right.

Mic check.

Chicken Roll.


- Monkey.
- Copy.

- Goal.
- Copy.


The Hong Kong stop
of "Winner Player One"

starts in five minutes!


Have you eaten?

Cut the chit-chat.

Get to the point.

If not for the typos

in those messages,

would we still be


I don't know...

But there's no point in asking

all those if's...

And if there's a point?

And if it's a "yes"?

If I said "|'I| win you back"

and "I won't win you back",

what would you do in each case?

Don't answer a
question with a question.

Be a man!

Just tell me what you want to do

I can give up
everything for you.

Let's be together again!

I'm sorry.


You're home.

Right behind me again?

It's pouring outside.

You had an umbrella?


Let's watch Lung's match.

Steve! Join us.

You just left the TV on.

We have a winner!

It was neck and neck between
Spanner and Slooberble!

It was down to the wire!

It was tough for both teams,

but what a show
for the audience!

You're not sitting?

I sat for too long
in there, I'll stand.

The winning team will
receive one million dollars.

Big Brother, today...

It's you! You won!

Winner Player One
Hong Kong's winner

is Slooberble!

They're more amazing
than the Avengers!

We won!


I want to thank my teammates

- Okay.
- And most importantly, myself!

Also, thanks to my
computer and the Internet!

Ah Meow said that

Lung wants home cooking tonight.

Josephine's coming home to cook,

and Lung has an announcement.


I have work to do.

I don't care that people
don't believe in us

as long as we believe
in us! Thank you!

Slooberble! Slobberble!

Yes, yes yes yes.

No, no no no no.

Yes, yes yes.

All right, great.

Let's eat.

Do we need to wait for Ah Meow?

She said to start without her.

Then let's start.

My meteoric rise is starting!

Don't be so cocky.

Let's toast first.



Now that you have your million,

what are you going to do?

What do you mean?

We're a hit now.

We get $1.2 million a
year for sponsorship.

We're the F.C. Barcelona of

Hong Kong esports now!


Well, $1.2 million a year

is only 100k per month,

If we get a few more
mil in investment,

with our Hong Kong
Champion title...


I'm not selling.

You know that

this factory building is old,

my room is too cold and too hot,

and the party room
blasts music all day.

Mom would never allow it!

The home stays! The
oven stays! Dad stays!

I'm not selling!

When did Mom say
that we can't sell?

She said it on her deathbed!

Really? But Lung
and I were there.

You two were in the bathroom...


Mom's ward only had one stall.


I was holding his dick?

Don't pin this on Mom.

I know she'd never
want us to sell!


I think she'll want us to sell!


Two against one.

We're selling!

I'm the big brother!

I say we don't sell!

You're moving goalposts.

A big brother is like a father!

Is that so?

Say, Daddy,

why were you in your room
with your daughter-in-law?

It's not what you think...

It's not her fault.

Of course it's not.

She's my girlfriend.

Don't play the hero
hugging her in front of me.

You already did that today!

That's right,

We hugged.

You really did?

Did you kiss?

But it's complicated.

Just let me explain...

You kissed?!

And you dare to
talk about sense?

That's right!

We were making out!

French kiss!


- Yes.
- I'm coveting her!

Even if I am,

you coveted your
neighbor's wife first!


You two live together.

He's more like a flatmate.

-So technically, -he
coveted his "flatmate's" wife.

It's a figure of speech!

Why do you take
things so literally?!

It's true!

When you were still together,

I already liked her.

If I didn't see you
as a big brother,

I would've just stolen her!

What "see"?

I AM your big brother!


Your dad

stole my mom from my dad.

That's how we suddenly
became stepbrothers.

I'm just doing

exactly what your
dad did back then,

Big Brother!

- Let's talk privately, all right?
- Let's not!

He's always on about family.

So let's lay it out in the open!

Fine! Lay it.

Okay. Lay on!

You lay first.

I've got nothing to lay.

So you're hiding
something again!

I've got nothing to say!

Let's start with my arm.

That's my fault?

It was an accident!

It's common sense to load
the gas lift in a gas lift bed!

What's a gas lift bed?


No one knows.

Are we really from
the same father?

Our genes are so different!

What a waste to

sacrifice my life for you two.

What do you mean?

You're still alive!

Before we were brothers,

I took my father's family name.

I was Lee Shing-lai!

Then I came here,

took your family's
shitty naming convention

and I became Chan Lai!

So what?!


Lee Shing-lai,

37 strokes.

The astrology chart says
I'd be a dragon in the pond,

bound to leap towards success.

Chan Lai, 34 strokes.

Endless disasters.

Misfortunes abound.

Bad news only.

Change your name.

I went from "successful dragon"

to "misfortunes abound"!

Is everything okay?

We're all right.

Let's eat.

Let's eat.

The food's gone cold.

A rush of wind came through

and cooled the food.

Once food is on the table,

no matter what
your troubles are,

you should set them aside

and enjoy the food.

That's basic
respect for the chef!

Ah Meow,

it's just home cooking.

Let's not get worked
up today, okay?

Think about it.

The kitchen only has
two stoves and an oven.

Yet, all four
dishes and the soup

arrive hot on the table.

Think of the calculations

Josephine made to
make that possible.


in the five dishes,

there's no overlap

in the ingredients

and the cooking method.

It's so professional
and amazing!

Did your food critic
ex teach you that?


He did!

It's not what you think.

That wasn't what I meant.

This is what I meant.

Lung has an
announcement to make.

I winked to tell you

the feng shui's
off. I'm not doing it.


I got it all wrong.

What is that?

Another cosplay costume?

What is it?

Why now?

I have always
planned to do it now.

I couldn't finish an
Eileen Chang novel...

So I just watched the
movie "Lust, Caution".

This is the biggest
rock I could afford.

How much is it?

I followed all his

The color,

the Hearts and Arrows

and the cutting
are all excellent.

It's 2.1 karats.

How much is it?!


I used up all my
prize money for this.

Thank you for being by
my side all these years.

It was your hard
work in the kitchen that

inspired me to work just
as hard on the keyboard.

That's how my dream came true.

But I wasn't inspired.

Your keyboard has
never moved me.

When you quit your job a
few years ago to do esports,

I never thought that
you would succeed.

When you won the tournament,

I was disappointed for a second.

I felt like I lost.

So you won this time, then what?

You'll keep winning and losing.

That's not a future that I want!

I did a cooking
tutorial last night.

I made the veggie and ham stew

that blooms like
a flower for you.

But I didn't have the urge
to show you the video at all.

I realized that

you don't have to
exist in my world.

My granny was an amah.
My mother was in catering.

We're used to putting
effort into cooking for others.

I don't want my life
to end up like that.

I'm sorry.

Lung really loves you!

You're really like
Cleopatra and Antony.

What did she say?

I haven't understood
a thing she said...

Get up, don't cry. Come on...

- It's okay...
- I want to sell the place!

Once I'm rich, we'll be
together for evermore!

That's not related!

She said it's not related.

Calm down.

I want to sell the place!

Sell it!

We're not selling!

You don't have to listen to me,

but you gotta listen to him!
You two share the same dad!

What the hell does that mean?!

We're just stepbrothers,

so you don't want to share!
I don't want a cent now!

- So sell!
- Share a father?

We only have one father!

And one mother!

And we're three brothers!

No, mama's boy!


My mama is your mama, too!

Your mama is your mama.

My mama is my mama.

I called you mama's boy because

your mama ain't my mama,

mama's boy!

- Say that again.
- What, mama's boy?

I'm lronman, c'mon!

You're so slow

It's fine.

Iron this!

Stop being a baby.

Watch your mouth!

You hit your little
brother? You animal!

What's going on?

He hit you, see?

You're crazy! A lunatic!

Go away!


For what?

Right now!


Remember the light

that was in our hearts?

We're three brothers.

It's the theme song to
"Brother Squad", our game!

Growing up is complicated.

My two younger
sisters are in Taiwan.

I only came to treasure
them after I left home.

I hope this video
will remind you that

having someone grow up with you

is something truly precious.

Steve! Bernard! We're brothers!

Yes, we're brothers.

It's okay now.

It's okay now.

Don't cry. I'd never
hit my big brother.

Don't cry.

We're clean slate now.

Hold the phone.

My hands are busy.

It's out of focus.

I just grabbed it
from your room.

He and she shared
the same dream once

He and she are
losing control tonight

He and she are riled up by Judas

The desire to share a
meal ends with a brawl

He tries to protect
the plant with care

Only for it to be ruined by lies

He would rather
forget his family ties

Only to be hurt again
in the very same place

Love is the most
desirable taste on Earth.

Its affection is the bait

Love is an evil toxin
that will take you down.

Can the flower in
your heart blossom?

Can you laugh at this joke?

Can you enjoy such
a dangerous kiss?

Can you tell between
sadness and joy?

Are you okay?

I'm okay, thanks.

I've truly failed
as a big brother.

I'm done trying. I'm done...


This family...

ends here and now!

I didn't eat, I'm hungry.

Why did you come down?

Some things aren't valued

until they're broken.

I don't want this family

to end like this.

The problem lies

with you.

I know that.

Then why did you come after me?


This is not what I meant.

Bernard can't live without you.

To move on...

We need to accept
all that's happened.

There's something
I never told you.

Something's wrong with my eyes.

I can't define colors well.

Since I can't see clearly,

I should step forward

and look closer.

Make things clear.

It's hard for us to
make things clear.

You won't be my brother-in-law.

You won't be my friend.

And you definitely
won't be my lover.

Is there a kind of relationship

that can't be
described with a word?

Maybe that's the
relationship we have.

Not naming it doesn't
mean it doesn't exist.

It'll be hard, but we
have to move on together.

As a family, we
move on together.

Get back to me soon!

You were in your room?

How's your arm?

Did you hurt yourself?

Do you need help?

Close the door!

Get out, then close the door!

What happened? Let me help...

What, your other
arm's hurt, too?

I have to pee! How
can you help me?

You're really gonna
hold it? It's embarrassing!

Embarrassing? I've
already seen everything!

You've seen it,

but you've never touched it!

Pee on your own, then.

Let's see how you'll
change those pants.

I'm your big brother.

Who else is gonna do it?


Don't worry.


I won't out you,

You have underwear on.

I don't!

That's so unhygienic!

When do you wear
the ones you wash?

When I see people.

Which kindergarten
did you go to?

The same one as you. Hurry!

Don't move.

Hey, don't shuffle around.

I have to find it!

Your hand is cold.





Why didn't I just
pee sitting down?

I'm sorry.

I'm fine.

All right, I'm not fine.

But I'll make it fine.

Next week is
Mid-Autumn Festival.

Remember one year,
Dad got in trouble

and Mom kicked him
out in the morning?

Then Mom called to tell him

he had to be home for dinner.

Mom said, Mid-Autumn dinner

is the most important
meal of the year.

No matter what, we
have to eat together.

Lung has to
understand that first.

Text him.

Tell him we're selling our home.

Lie to get him home first.

I don't think Mom
would want that.

Yu Fook? Haha...

It's just broken.

It's "Yau Fook".

Who cares about what others see?

What we see is what matters.

You even brought
out the holy beasts.

- Is something big happening?
- Yeah.

Domineering, aren't they?

Let's place them here for good.

Good idea! What
will we feed them?

What do they eat? BBQ pork?

Time to eat!

I knew you guys lied.

But Mom said Mid-Autumn
dinner should be eaten as a family,

so let's eat first.

Are you all right?

I'm fine.



It's been a long time.

Really? I wasn't counting...

Why are you here
out of the blue?

The door wasn't locked,
so I showed myself in.

Why'd you come for
me out of the blue?

I'm not here for you.

I'm here for Steve.

What? You two...?

No! He just invited
me to dinner.

You scared me! I
thought it's another...

I'm glad you're back.

I haven't decided anything!

Steve just invited me back

to try his cooking

and have a final meal here.

I wouldn't miss
it for the world.

Josephine's back.

Yau Fook's BBQ pork!

What? I studied
the recipe forever.

It's edible.

Why did she say "final meal"?

You told them?


I had a grand speech
planned and everything

and you spoiled it.

You've sold the flat?

I signed the contract yesterday.

We'll move out
after winter solstice.

We're lucky that

Mom and Dad blessed
us with this place.

So we can't get complacent.

We should open our doors,

step outside, walk further

and achieve things!

That's how we live
up to our blessing!

What book did
you steal that from?

Year of the Tiger Horoscope.

Okay, let's dig in!

Let's eat!

Try the BBQ pork first. Come on.


- Are you sure it's edible?
- Let's have a bite.

Be generous!

-Well -You're not eating?

I am now.

How it tastes?

It's terrible.

It's freaking terrible!

That's what Dad's BBQ
pork... actually tasted like.

You miss me?

I want to know, did you
want me to sell this place?

What do you think?

You said it yourself: The home
stays, the oven stays, Dad stays.

Did I say that?

I guess it's because
it sounded nice.

It was in my head
all these years, Ma!

Why do people think that

dead people's words are gospel?

You think I'm full of wisdom?

Before I married your dad,

I was just a nightclub hostess!

What are you trying to say?!

Wherever family is...

that's where home is.

I think I get it.

You do?

But selling it

then renting it
back is kinda dumb.

I need time!

You'll waste money on rent!

I'll rent half the space out!

Anyway, leave when
you've stayed long enough.

You said it yourself:

Open the doors, step
outside, and go further.

That's my boy.

Looking for me?

Are you looking for me?

I left something here.

Have you had dinner?

Want to get beef
noodles downstairs?

Shall we go further?

You may be gone now,
but my love burns on

On this endless night,
who has your love...

The flowers won't bloom,
love is vast as the ocean

If you miss me,
why am I in solitude?

A Sunny Chan Film

Let's eat!

Try the meatsie-poo, sweetheart.


You're really giving
him the big piece?

Don't touch me!


You hands are so cold!


All right?

What's Double May?

I don't know, never heard of it!

Why're you still rolling?

Your father stole my...

Told you you can't do it.

Give me another chance.

Do we keep eating?

It's edible.

Look at Lung!

Try it.

Bernard! Bernard!

You guys eat, I
got a stomachache.

Get set, go!

Keep it high!


Need a pair of
chopsticks to hold it?

Why not hold it with a fork?

Three words, Lee Shing-lai.

♪ $%"&♪(

You guys are like @$♪%& ♪

I really didn't
get her this time.

Steve, do you sense that
someone is watching us eat?