Taana (2020) - full transcript

This is about a life struggle of a man who's trying to become a policeman as his family members wish and forced him to become police and save their village.

'All incidents and characters in this film
are fictitious, bear no resemblance'


Greetings to pilgrims of festival!

I'll tell you a good story now.

First tell us the story,
we'll tell if it is good or not.

This Taanakaran Temple festival
celebrated by villagers of this area

there's a long history why this festival
is celebrated for generations now.

More over this is
the story of one family

Is it?

If a village have
to live peacefully,

'Bhagavad Gita' says
you can sacrifice a family.

Vellimalai Village

If it is necessity to sacrifice
a family for peace of a village,

what do Gods of
Protection do then?

Don't talk bad about God,
people may protest with hunger strikes

Yes...better to keep off the trouble.

You carry on with the story.

Bhagavad Gita says
you can sacrifice, right?


Likewise, one member of each
family must stand guard,

Look at this Police Officer Sakthivel
statue majestically standing here

His story tells this!

What's that Taana?

Once upon a time,
gangs from North,

with a loincloth,

Smeared entire body with oil,

They attacked in
groups in darkness,

Without sparing anyone
like girls or children,

they attacked brutally,

They robbed everything,

British Govt. which was ruling us then
couldn't catch even one of them

Then, as one man army,

Putting his life at risk,

Sakthivel sir, caught the entire gang,
he's now our God of Protection.

Hanging upside down all
the arrested thieves in village,

he thrashed them to death
to satiate his anger.

Looking at his anger,

no one dared again to come
there with bad intention.

Crime rate came down.

Village returned to peace.

Meanwhile British Govt. under Lord Macaulay
created Police Commission,

from the year 1861,

They started recruiting
men for police,

Hearing about
the brave act of Sakthivel sir,

They offered him police job,

He's the first police
man of this place.

He protected the village like God
in majestic police uniform

Like Gods of Protection
Karuppan, Ayyanar, Maada, Sudalai,

hence the Police officer
protected the place like a God,

so, people installed
an idol for him,

and prayed him as
God of Protection.

After him, his heirs,

keeping his name and fame alive

continued offering services
for generations honestly,

They celebrated festival every year
for the God of Protection

People too named the family
honorably as Police Officer's family.

Kumaravelu sir, who is this
generation's police officer

He's conducting this
year's festival.

So, his son will become police officer
and conduct festival next, right?

- Hey, keep quiet, man.
- Why?

His son didn't become a police officer.

Don't know if this festival
will happen after his time.

Beat the drums!


Bless us to live in peace and
celebrate the festival together happily!


What happened, father?

- What happened, father?
- What happened, father?

What happened, Dad?

Is this honour of carrying on for
generations going to end with me?

My son was born short because
I married within my relations.

My son couldn't become
a police officer.

He couldn't conduct festival
in your honour.

I've become a sinner
to break the tradition!

Father, don't say like that.

I may have failed to become police officer,
but I'll surely make my son a police

And I'll conduct this festival, father.

I'll not let down our
family honour, father.

I promise it on our God!

- Father!
- Sir!

I'll surely make my son a police,
and I'll conduct this festival, father.

I promise it on our God!

One minute!

Height is okay!

I have set the alarm exactly at 3:45 a.m.
I'll wake you up.

- Revathy, Revathy,
- Hmm..

"Turn the fortune in your favour
and satiate your desire"


My son will come into this world
exactly at 12:01 pm!

You can enter now!

"Standing in queue to get a glance"

"Cub came in
for this father is cute."

Next police officer is born
in my family.

"Born Police boy."

"Cub came in for
this father is cute"

"Born in Police boy..."


’Astrology and exorcism done here’

Tell me!

"Dad’s gimmicks to make son a cop"

"Sing a song praising him"

Sir, please forgive me,
I'll never steal again!

That's the power of Police family!


Hey, I got king!

Who has got police?
Give me.

Hey, king is the ultimate power.

But for me police is
the ultimate power.

Then, take it.

You're a police officer, right?
Find the thief among us.

He's the thief!

You found the thief again!

"Father tries his best..."

"..to get the most from his son"

I can't do it anymore, father.

Son, hang on for some more time.
Only then you will become tall.

"He stretches his son
to make him qualify"

- Oh..
- Dip in water

Don't want hubby.

14, 15, 16, 17..

- Hey! you come up dear
- You keep quiet

He's a kid, he may
get suffocated.

Hey Dip into the water.

"Father tries his best
to train his son"

You first go.

"He stretches his son
to make him qualify"

You have to dip
another 10 minutes

I'm not in this
game, leave me.

Where are you
running away?

Sakthi, I think he's trying to kill
in the name of making you a police.

Stay away from him....

Don't touch with him

Tell me

- Mother
- Tell me

- Mother
- Tell me!

No...leave me...

- Mother?
- I'm need to go


If you become afraid of these mere things,
How will you become a police officer?

I'll prepare you to be
not afraid of anything.

In all these Kabaddi, sprint, long jump,

high jump and swimming
competitions which just ended,

Sakthivel, Eleventh standard
have come first.

- Congrats. Keep it up.
- Thank you.

Why are you walking away silently
after winning all these prizes?!

Why not say few words?
It can inspire other students.

Come. dear

You'll be a police officer
in future, speak bravely.

Come, address them.

Greetings to all!

Why is he talking
like a girl?

Are you doing mimicry?

No madam

Suddenly I started speaking
in girl's voice.

Is he a girl?

- What's your name?
- Sakthivel.

He speaks normally in
times like this, doctor.

When he's scared,
anxious or angry,

Even if he's excited
with happiness,

His voice turns into
a girl's voice, doctor.

Few minutes later after calming down,
he'll speak normally, doctor.

- Happy birthday Sakthi!
- Thanks, uncle.

Hi! Cell phone!

Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi...
come on Kabaddi lady Kabaddi!

Now that he's angry!

I'm sure he'll come.

Kabaddi... Kabaddi...kabaddi...

Look, she's here as I told you!

Come...come girl...come on...

Generally boys' voice will get broken
after 14, to catch complete male voice

For some, it remains
squeaking voice,

It is known as
Puber phonia.

You would've seen a normal voice
getting squeaky on getting angry.

Then, they get back to
normal voice again.

But for your son, his voice
changes when he gets emotional.

This is new for us too.

All his tests and reports
are very normal.

No problem at all.

Just lady's voice.

One day, it will get
cured by itself.

Keep hope.


'Horoscope is told here
Ghost and Black magic can be chased away'

You ruined my son's life by trying
to make him a police officer.

Enough of it, let him remain
as my son's till the end.

Enough of your black
magic and other tests.

Throw everything in dust bin.

I'll not listen
to you anymore.

I'll never join
police force.

Don't say like that, son.

I'm in this condition
because of you.

Everyone is laughing at me.

I feel like dying.

(Liquor consumption/smoking
is injurious to health)

(Liquor consumption/smoking
is injurious to health)

Boss, Rs.5 short,
please give me.

- Thanks, boss.
- Give me a quarter.

- Take it.
- Credit it, I'll pay tomorrow.

Is it tea shop to
have credit account?

Get going.

- I said no stock of Rs.105, go away.
- Check, you may have it, brother.

Are you still here?

Should I leave
if you ask me?

No, show your
heroism elsewhere.

This is Counciler's bar,
you know it, right?

Hey, no cooling beer, ok?

My dear people!

My fellow drunkards!

Listen to this injustice!

I'm drinking in this
bar for 7 or 8 years.

I asked a quarter on credit,
he's asking money.

Very bad!

May I tell you an account?

If it is 2 quarters per day,
how many quarters for a month?

60 quarters!

Yes, for an year?

720 per year.


Then, for seven years?

Around 5000 quarters!

Brother, he's wrong,
total is 5040 quarters, brother..

You're super, bro!

Do one thing, you sit in counter
and let him supply.

If they take Rs.5 extra
for each quarter.

How much for 5040
quarter bottles?

Rs.25200, bro!


He has my money
Rs.25000 with him,

I asked him just one
quarter bottle on credit,

He's threatens saying
this is Councilor's bar.

Excellent account!

Will you pay my Rs.25000, boss?

Or else give me
a quarter bottle?

Why are you attacking
us like this?

You take half bottle.

(Liquor consumption/smoking
is injurious to health)

Boss you should only come Boss.

Boss, will surely come

"Whether Rama rules
or Ravana rules..."

Hey, I'm the...

Whether Rama rules, Hey!

Come on, let's decide it
today between us!

I'm standing here drunk with courage
at midnight on new moon day.

Come out,
you dead ghosts!

If you burst my cycle tyre,
would I get scared?

Won't get scared
I drank rum

Mass dead...

You should all come out now....

Hey you, come out

Hey! Come on start!

I'm not going to get
scared for anything tonight.

Whatever may be the problem,
I want to put an end to it tonight.


Give me justice.

What mistake did I do?

My father, to keep up
his promise to his father.

He learnt many tricks.

You all joined with him
and made me speak in a girl's voice.

Leaving me as a drunkard,

And made me lament like this
in the burial ground.

Is it justice?

I should be living happily,
you ruined my life, right?

Can I ever get angry
in public as a man?

Can I be happy seeing a girl?

Do you know how torturous it is?

I'm unable to tell,
it's lousy!

Can you feel that pain?

That's why I'm here...

Use me as you please.

But, one condition.

How you entered me and
changed my voice!

Likewise, enter my body again
and change my voice.

If not I'll not let anyone sleep
here peacefully.

Hey, get up!
Blue whale !

Pushpa's husband!

Hey! Chandrasingh!


Wolf howls

(Ladies screaming voice)

(Heart beats)

Has it come?

Oh mother!

Watch what I'll do with you tomorrow
after having a full bottle!

Come in, priestess!

You went to attend a festival,
when did you come back?

I'm coming straight to your place.

- I didn't even go to my home.
- What's all this?

Mountain honey,
country hen eggs.

Give it to Sakthivel.

Do you know how the festival was!

The crowd and their happiness


When relatives meet at one place
after splitting up for work,

Misers are donating generously,

Frowning faces are smiling!

They're hugging each other in affection
forgetting anger and rivalry.

They're exchanging proposals
for unmarried bachelors.

That happiness is very big, dear



I'm ready.

Festival will surely happen
in our temple also.

Ok mother, we will visit temple and come,

You please, stay back,
have lunch and leave, ok?

How can you visit our temple without me?

Oh no,

if he hears about temple and
police, that's all

Why is he taking my bike?

Yes, as if he likes it very much.

You leave it in some bar.

He goes in the morning to bring it back.

It has become a routine.

Acting like a good man
early morning.

Come without making me talk.

Brakes are not good in the bike,

Tell him to change the brake shoes.

- I don't want his money, I will...come up
- You really don't want money?

Take it, it'll help some beggar.

Chanting prayers

Sakthi, sign these papers, dear

I got it.

Are you also forcing to apply
because I'm jobless?

No, son..

Only, if you've a permanent job,
I can find a bride for you, right?

That's why application for railway job.

Oh yes, I've signed it.

Come, my dear!

Look here!


You come here...come...

Hey, Stop...stop...

Stop it. I say

Bring it, boys.

Come quickly boys.

- Tie it there.
- What's your name?

Tie it tightly.

What a handsome leader!

Lift it up little!

I mean banner!

Who are you guys?

Why are you doing this here?

This is govt. program.

Remove it.

Don't disturb public, please.

Our leader is the govt. here.

Whatever is done here
must be under his name only.

I said remove the banner.

Nurse, give anti-dote and go silently.

Don't try to act smart with us.

You carry on with your work,
let our bro's banner be here.

Swetha, you go and remove the banner.

Hey, if you remove it,
then I'll also remove yours.

Hey, he's talking badly.

I'll come,
let me see how he removes it.

Will you talk anything with girls?

Hey! How dare you touch us!
Beat us now, let's see....

Hey goons! Are you troubling girls in
the presence of Police Officers' family?

Hi Sakthi brother!
Is it you, brother?

No problem, I'll clear off
Immediately with boys.

Get up, clear off quickly.
We're leaving, brother.

Sorry sister.
Start the vehicle, man.

This show is a flop.
let's go to ear piercing spot.

Taana means police dear.
See the pride of this Taana man

I would've thrashed them.

That old woman ruined the action block.

Managing it?

People tie kerchief on forehead stylishly.

When you tied on your mouth,
I knew it, son.

Your weakness opened in anger.


Your good time, that old woman
and the girl saved your day.

Stop making fun of me.

You too stop the bike.

I've to go to the shop.

Where are you going?
Give me that brake shoe money and go.

That's what I expected.

I don't see any beggar here, son!

Comedy? Give me.


Our son signed it, right?

Yes, he's my son.
He signed it as soon as I asked him to.

By cleverly keeping the Police application
under the Railway form

You got his signature in it,

But he must write the exam, right?

What will you do that time?

Let's make a sincere try.

To finish it well is his duty.

(Office ambience)

Hey who's that?
He looks different

He may look different
But he is very sharp!

Everyone in this world will have
brain inside their head...

But only he has
the brain itself as his head!

Hey, you're Tamil Nadu's Teddy bear.
But you are an unopened cooling beer!

Everyday you repeat the same dialogue.

Hey blue shirt!
Your comments won't work with me.

A Man with self-confidence
is an inspiration to himself.

That's me!

The dress looks new!
Whose blood did you such to buy it?

Nothing like that, Dooma.

I gave data of 1 lakh names and
phones numbers to an insurance company.

I made some money from it.
That's why new dress.

- That too!

From that only?

Tell me also about that data matter.
I'll also have a makeover.

- Good time is opening up!
- Who is it?

- For whom?
- For you only, sir.

I can see brightness
on your vessel like face!

- I can see an aura on your big face!
- On my face?

- Who said that?
- Not me, Goddess Jakkamma says so.

You're in for a fortune in number 8!

8 plus 8 is 16, plus 8 is 24!

I'll test it.

Goddess, he's testing your power!

Show him good way, O mother!

Door number is 8,
Phone number is 8,


Don't say anything.

#8, Radha Nagar
8th cross street, come personally.

Sir, I didn't ask you anything.

What is destined to happen,
will happen!

- Is it working?
- It is!

Tea for Goddess?

You said so much in my favour
Have a tea in my account

8th street, turn left.
Turn, man.

Uncle is dead

Which is the stick among those two?

- Hey stop it
- He is just like Kothandam

You have come without garden!
It's all right. Keep going....

- Uncle is dead.
- Dead! What do you say?!

Oh my God !

Is he dead?

How to collect the due?

- How much for you?
- Give me Rs.5000.


I think he has asked to settle us,
even after his death.

My fridge would also be there in that list.
I'm coming....

Beat the drums!

Every day in our home is a festival...
hit it7

Continue it, boys.

Band guy is here, pay him.

Band man?


Why this urgency for band?

Who is band man?

You're a grave digger
but wearing shoes!

Shouldn't a grave digger
tuck in shirt and wear shoes?

I'll smash your face.
I'm bank staff.

What's the problem there?

- Hey, pay fridge money.
- For freezer, right?

Hey, pay for fridge, man!

Let this get over, I'll pay.

If you don't pay,I'll throw everything
into drain whatever is in fridge.

I'll take away the freezer.

Did I say freezer instead of fridge?

Is my uncle rotten tomato?

- I didn't mean like that.
- Will you throw him into drain?

Will you take away the fridge?

- Hey drunkard, you misunderstood me.
- Hit him, boys!

Who is that, pressed my purse?

Don't say a word, come directly to
#8, 8th cross street, Radha Nagar.

Come here, let's talk personally.

- Hey! You gave the address?
- Yes.


Keep on it.

Facebook uncle!

- You went away without updating status.
- Is he on foreign trip to update status?


You were generous all your life.

Entire town is indebted to him.

He owes money to entire place.

Are you talking great about him?

How can you tell my uncle is debt man?

Uncle mustn't have any account
other than Facebook.

- I'll not let him die as a debtor.
- Super!

How much he owes you?

- You're a man of justice.
- Ask him.

You're also here,
aren't you ashamed of it?

Why should you pay my father's dues?

How much tell

Pay Rs.13000!

Won't you collect dues after
observing the situation there?

Why do you always
get beaten up?

But one thing, buddy.

I don't feel the pain of
getting beaten up.

But your acting was fantastic!
You deserve an Oscar for it.

But they'll not
let you get it.

I gave you nuts like
Cashew, Pistha to get strong

I can't, dear.

You've been telling this
for 7 years now!

Your third husband who ran away
will come back for you.

Hey sweet box!

7... 7 into 2 is 14,
your lucky number is 7!

I'm goingto hit you now.

Go away or else,
I'll tell your son about this.

Oh no!

I was going in my way, you called me,
talking about lucky numbers,

You got me beaten up by a group.

- You take it.
- Goddess Jakkamma!

- Shall I do a magic trick with your chain?
- Save me, Goddess!

Evil force is chasing me!
Save me Jakkamma!

- Who is it?
- You caged monkey!

Are you gone?
I'll not leave you.

He threw bag at me, thanks for it.

Where did he go away?

He is....?

Clever girl!

Unable to remove the chain!

This chain cost
may be Rs.10,000/-

- Hey...Hey...
- Nivetha

- What's this? Please be quiet!
- Sorry, doctor

Oh Police!
I'll run this side

Thief is caught!

Have I come to
the same place!

Terrible man,
you changed my route!

Don't know which
way should I go?

- That's my bag, right?
- Yes, brother.

You found it perfectly.

I searched you all over
hospital to return it.

Where did you go away?

You're talking so fast,
where are you going now?

- Child is born, brother.
- For your wife?

No, my mother-in-law.

To hell with you and your family!

- I'm coming, you turban!
- Got the bag again

Doctor, somehow...

- Then, should I...
- Doctor?

I mean I'll try
one last time.

Collect in this.


- I'll die.
- Sorry

- Enough in this.
- Such a big one!

Take him.

Hey 10th getup of film 'Dasavatharam'.
Did you a fortune teller go this way?

I didn't observe, sir.

Are you taking care of your wife or not?
She is superb!

Goddess has shown me a way!

Your chapter is closed today!

I'm coming!

- Oh Goddess Jakkamma!
- No Goddess can save you now.

Who is inside?
Come out!

What? Why so urgency?
Can't you wait for some time?

Hey, come out, man!

- Wait, I'll wear my pant.
- You go inside.


What? So quickly?

- Give me the bottle, please.
- Take it, go.

Only bed and books are inside

Oh my God!

He has come to hospital
to collect the due.

- Where do they treat for wounds?
- Second room.

- Mortuary?
- Downstairs.

There's a body inside,
dispose it.

- Doctor!
- What do you want?

Loan due!
Remove it!

How did you find me?

It was like a pot with mask!
That's how I found you.

See, I'm not here for collection,
I'm a patient now.

What happened?

A group of mourners tore me apart!

Come and treat me with
medicines, tonic and kisses.

I think he came this way!

He'll not leave me.

I'm tired of running,
I'll take some rest.

I'll go after sometime.

Is it burning?

Then what?!
Apply it gently.

Babu, come here.
Doctor is calling you.

Wait, I'll come.
I've to leave body here.

Dead body?

Screen open!

Can't reach him on phone too!
Where did he go away?

Look, pay your loan due on time.

Be careful...slowly

- Move aside
- Oh Bottle

My seven year effort!
You sinner!

You spoil my life. Oh shit!

Sir, water...

I can't take it anymore.

Sir, that man is...

Take it, do you know how much
I struggled to steal this?

Not even my shadow will come
in the area where you are!

Leave me alone, please.


Thank you, sir.

He snatched the chain, sir.

This chain belongs
to a little girl.


Thank you, sir.

All are getting beaten up
in this hospital.

What did you do with her?

You want to talk to her?

Hey, Kumudha, he wants
to talk to you.

You carry on.

Wait, I'm also coming.

I'll not listen
to you anymore.

I'll never become
a police officer.

Why are you sitting here, uncle?

It's been 12 years since
my son talked to me.

His anger have a valid reason.

If a young man's voice
changes like that,

how painful and
torturous it is!

Do you know how he's
struggling to manage it?

I wanted to keep up the promise
given to my father.

But I failed to give my son the confidence
that I'm doing this for his welfare only.

What was your mistake anyway?

Why are you unnecessarily
worrying about it?

Today's youth are clear
and confident.

They know very well
what to do and when!

Everything will be
fine one day!

Your promise will come true and
prayers will get answered, uncle.

- Good morning Sir.
- Good morning all, please be seated.

Selected a place for research
on leather processing?

Selected two places
near Ranipet, sir.

This place is enough for us.

But it is under MLA's control, sir.

- Unoccupied land, right?
- Yes, sir.

Play next one, please.

It looks like a temple!

Not a general temple
but a family temple.

Temple may belong to one family
but Belief on God is common to all.

So, take over unoccupied...
I mean MLA's land.

There are hills around the temple,
so no chance of pollution, Sir.

But agriculture lands are
adjacent to MLA's land.

There's a chance of affecting
agriculture, sir.


Govt. projects must help citizens.
It mustn't affect them.

No need of any project
that affects agriculture.

Find another place.

Sir, no prayers were offered
for 20 years now.

No prayers or festivals
took place so far.

The temple has a ritual, sir.

Festival is celebrated only if heir of
Taana's family becomes a police man.

Last police officer in the family
was Kumaravel heirs.

His son Palanivel couldn't
become a police officer.

So, there's no festival for
many years now, sir.

His son is refusing to
join police force.

I inquired about him, no chance
for him to become police, sir.

This place was selected
after many enquires

Let's allot an alternate
place for them, sir.

Okay, talk to them
smoothly and go ahead.

Super boss!

Dooma used to get beaten up always
but collecting dues now because of you.

Go, you serial artiste.

Sit down

- Dooma!
- What?

You asked about exchange offer, right?
Got an offer now.

I gave Aadhar card database to Johnny,
I didn't get my cut for it.

Johnny says he can get
that data easily online.

What's this database
exchange, bro?

Nothing much,
every day you get calls,

asking you to buy
credit card,

torture you for
personal loans,

then, very near to city,

in Chengalpet pond,

they'll promise to build
a house for you,

if you've body pain,
they'll promise massage at home,

Did you ever give your number
to marketing agencies?

Did you ever give your
address proof to anyone?

You promised to marry,
did you do it?

You talk to him, Vignesh Sivan.

That's nothing Boss.
Details for marketing calls,

telephone companies, banks,
man power agencies,

It's a big business now
to sell and buy database.

- Hello
- Hey...

What do you think of yourself?

You took loan but make me
run from pillar to post.

Are you a girl?
You're a beggar woman!

You don't have capacity
to repay loan.

Are you going around with nasty
scent to make people throw up?

- Don't talk about personal things.
- What's personal in this?

You took loan after
personally hugging me.

If you've any respect, honour,
sense, repay the loan.

Only then you're daughter
of one father.

If you're son of one
father, don't ask money.

Hey, where are you now?
I'm coming...coming.

Will you abuse as you please
if they take loan?
(Liquor consumption/smoking is injurious to health)

I took loan of Rs.150 from you.

I delayed just 3 days to repay you
you abused me most wildly.

I must talk to her like that only,
or else my boss will rip me apart.

Why are you crying now?

He's coming here, right?

If we take personal loan,
will he talk about personal things?

Why can he comment
about our perfumes?

After this incident, no one must
dare to come home to collect loan due.

Priya, get pepper spray.

- Here's pepper spray.
- Good.

- You get a big bed spread.
- Okay.

You pick up an iron rod.

It may end up as murder case.

- You're right!
- Then, get a mop stick.


Then you, as soon as he enters,
hold him tightly from behind.

Oh no! Better to pay due
than doing that.

You mustn't pay a penny to him.

- Okay?
- Okay.

- Ready?
- Okay.

Come in!

What come in? I'm coming!
Where are you?

Use pepper spray on him!

Cover him with sheet!

Hit on his head with stick!
No, down on the point!

Oh God!

Answer the calling bell, madam.

We must do like this!

- All set? Okay?
- Okay.

- Open the door.
- Okay.

Let him come in,
he's finished today.

Why Ponnambalam is
in this house?

Hey, open the door.

It's the bear out there!

You asked why I'm abusing her,
look at their reaction now.

Come and see.

All are ready, right?

- Okay?
- Open the door.

Come in.

- What come in? Open the door.
- Excuse me, that loan matter...

Oh God!

Use pepper spray on him!

- Spray it on him.
- Please leave him.


In fact you must hug me
tightly for loan!

Take your hands of him.

They're spraying it on me.

Where are you taking him?

Enough Dude!

What are you doing with her?
Leave her.

I said come here.

- Sorry!
- Hey, innocent face!

Don't act, man.

Can we four of
them go out?


Has it come?

Go...go...he get
anxious on touch.

She kissed him too, don't
know what would happen to him?

Shut the door and
open the tap.


Do you know how difficult
it is to find a girl?

The girl herself
has fallen on me.

You walked into bathroom.

Unable to talk a
word also with her.

I'm unable to!

I'm still tensed.

Hey you! You made me lament
in bathroom like this!

Hello... Hello...





- Hello!
- Hey! Enough of phone calls, come out.

Thank God! It's gone!


Excuse me... I'm sorry.

I thought he was coming in,
so we did like this.

He went overboard on phone
with my friend.

Just a small shock
treatment only.

- Very sorry.
- It's nice, do it for me next time.

If sir is here, it means
the mistake is yours.

If we take loan, we must repay it.
- What a good girl she is!

What's this behavior like a goon?

- Correct.
- Tell me?

What's this?

I told them, sir.

This is unjust, mistake,
we mustn't do it.

They didn't listen to me.

Say sorry to him.

Remove it.

Not only that Repay the loan
along with interest. Okay?

You made the entire plan and
doing exactly opposite now.

You don't have money, right?

You should've told me that earlier.

Where is she going?
May be get a money?

- Take it, sir.
- Give it to me.

Look, pay dues every
month on right time.

If not, my grandma
sells fish in market.

I may have to bring her
to abuse you and collect the due.

Got it?

Why are you looking at him?

Shall I tell her about your
bathroom matter? Come.

Hey, return bed sheet.

Will you marry me for that?
Keep quiet.

They cheated us and
asking bed sheet also.

"You are mesmerizing me
bind me, eloping me"

"I am breaking in your lap"

Fire....come on fire!


- Here comes the joker.
- Hey, Dooma.


I caught it.

What are you doing in office?

Can't you see?
Firing a gun!

Instead of chair,
you're sitting on table.

Wherever I may be sitting,
I'm inside the office, right?

- Where to throw his arrow?
- Go inside throw it wherever you wish to!

Go inside.
I said you go.

Can he do anything
if he's a Manager?

- He's mad!
- You talk to your boyfriend.

- Hello!
- Hello, Dooma sir.

Are you fine?

If I'm not well,
will you put me in fridge?

Who is talking to me?

What's this, sir?
Have you forgotten me so quickly?

We used pepper spray
on your face, right?

How can I forget?

Everyone makes fun of my face.

Tell me, what's the matter?

Why are you so irresponsible?

Look, don't talk like my Manager.

Why didn't you come
for payment due, sir?

Even if we chase,
you won't pay the due.

You're voluntarily
ready to pay now.

Come with your friend
to collect the due money.

Why should my friend come
to collect my due?

That is how I pay for my friend
like that, you come with your friend.

Is this deal okay ?

What deal?
Are you okay for you?


Look, I'm a collection agent.
I'm not a connection agent.

If you want, meet him directly.

Cut the call!

Why did he cut the call?

You've lit the fire, right?

I'm sure it'll blow up!

(Liquor consumption/Smoking is
injurious to health)

Are you mad?
Will you give my number to strangers also?

I think she loves you, buddy.

(Liquor consumption/Smoking is
injurious to health)

That's it.

Boys will go after
average girls too.

They'll be ready to
die for them.

If any good girl is after you,
you don't even care about them.

Buddy, that's not my problem.
(Liquor consumption/Smoking is
injurious to health)

When she nears me,
my pulse rate shoots up.

I start sweating and suddenly
become a girl.

- Yes, you become Janakiraman.
- Time up, clear out quickly.

Should I say to you separately.
Go out.

Is it you Sakthi?
Finish it quickly and go quickly.

Ok Brother

Then, order two quarter
bottles for us.

Hey, keep quiet.

His looks are not good.

- Clear out quickly.
- Okay, sir.

Order for us without
forgetting it, sir.

If your grandpa was police in previous
generation but commands so much respect.

If you become a police officer
in this generation.

We can collect protection money
from market vendors.

We can push young bikers.

We can kick pregnant
women also.

We can threaten everyone
on the way.

We can scare accused saying
my punch is 1.5 tons heavy!

Shut up!

What do you know
about police?

Come on, tell me.

Don't call every police as corrupt
by seeing few in the force.

Solving public problems is
not police job.

It's a honour...respect!


Even if 100 goons create trouble,

just one police man can
become courage of people.

They trust police
would protect them.

If I stand there
and in anger...

What are you doing?

- Fire!
- Don't shoot me, madam.

I'll go away, madam.
I'll run away, madam.

Hey sit down.

You saw it, right?
I'll be humiliated in public.

My father wants to make me
police officer to carry on family honour.

But entire police force is saved
if I don't join the force.

I can understand but
But your father don't understand this.

Shall we catch an auto?

- No.
- Why?

After having drinks every day,
I'm leaving my bike in wine shop.

- My father is making fun of me.
- Is it?

I'm going home
on my bike.

Hey Auto!
Come here

No Sakthi, please
don't do this.

You mustn't be doing this.

- Enough
- I am understand what you wants to say...

I am leaving...

"Without going out, you've to
stay in home to waste time..."

Come, buddy.

What's this, buddy?
You look like a dancer in Telugu films.

"My heart is filled with
lilting songs of romance..."

- What's this?
- Yes, buddy.

What a torture!
Nasty face!

- What?
- Ignore him.

Yes, buddy.
My love has worked out well.


The loan defaulter
who used henchmen to hit me,

I've made defaulter
as my love.

What gift should
I buy for her?

Buy poison!

Second round!

Nasty face!

- Bear toy!
- Hey?

- Teddy bear, buddy.
- That's okay.

What should I do after giving gift?

Take the poison you bought!

Third round!

Nasty face!

I must break the coconut now.

Buddy, wait a second,
I'll come back now.

- Will you take care of him?
- No, entire town will watch.

- Why did you bash him up?
- He's my paternal uncle.

He's torturing me
wherever I go!

Forget it.

I'm going to watch film with my girl,
will you do me a favour?

- You want two tickets?
- She already has bought it.

Wait a sec!

There's one Anitha.

She torturing without
paying loan dues.

If I ask, she's
abusing me wildly.

I want to abuse her personally
but she's pregnant.

It'll ruin my date
with off mood.

Show your police power
to clear the loan.

Okay? I'll pick you
up today evening.

- My girl friend is waiting there.
- Party?

Ask Venkat Prabhu!

Who is it?

Hello madam, my name is Sakthi.
I'm from DCDC bank.

About pending loan.

Did you bring settlement letter?

Settlement letter...
I don't have it with me.

Hello! How many of
you will come here?

How many times
I've to tell you?

Don't you've any sense?

Every time a new person comes
without knowing about client's history.

Not like that, we got
your file just now only.

Records show that your
pending loan is Rs.16 lakhs.

No settlement letter.

Don't just repeat your amount only.

I've told you many times...

According to me,
it's Rs.6 lakhs only.

I'll pay that only.

If that is okay,
come with settlement letter.

Now you can go.

Can you give me a
glass of water, madam?


This is for you only.


Drink it, sister.

Cool now?

Pregnant women mustn't
talk breathlessly.

Elders say it'll affect
the child inside.

That's why you were coughing.

That's why I told
you to have water.

Thanks for your concern.
You can go now.

Just a minute, sister.

I trust your anger is justified.

Because those who don't make
mistakes get angry immediately.

Your file changed
different hands...

Sorry, you may
not understand it.

It has come to my hand after
going through many stages.

If you don't mind,
if you explain me clearly.

I believe I can help
you or the bank.

My husband took the loan.

I paid the dues after his death,
details are in this file.

Now I've to pay
Rs.6 lakhs only.

But they're asking Rs.16 lakhs
after adding some banking terms.

For a loan on house, will you charge
it so much to buy it yourself?

Shouldn't you be responsible?

If we take loan, are we slaves
of the corporate company?

Will you charge high interest?

I'll not pay extra!

I'll go to court but
I'll not pay as you demand.

Tell me, Sakthi.

I know have one sister
her name is Anitha.

It's wrong to collect loan
after husband's death.

But banks or collection agencies
don't follow RBI rules.

Actually, there's insurance
on his loan.

But banks don't tell about
this to agencies.

They try to squeeze money
from the customer.

Do one thing, send me
all the details in WhatsApp.

- I'll take care of it.
- Okay, Johnny. Thanks.

Hereafter you'll not
face any problem.

Send your details to lawyer.
He'll take care of everything.


Sir, one minute.

What's this? Fees?

Everyone who had come here
used to shout on me like a usury.

But you heard my case
and found a solution for it.

After my husband died in
a fire accident.

I don't have anyone
in this world.

Your help has given
me great strength.

All I've with me is my child
and my husband's dream.

Adopting at least ten children.

In this large place,
I want to run a small trust.

It was his dream.

I'm arranging everything
towards that aim.

It'll happen in near future.

As a mother to 10
or 15 children,

as their teacher,

I'll live with a big family!

You'll surely see it.


Stop it, sir!
This is our family temple, sir.

Who gave you permission
to bring it down?

Temple may belong to you.
But land belongs to govt.

No need to get anyone's permission.

Temple festival is being
celebrated for generations.

- How can govt. take over it?
- We've done the survey, sir.

You would've conducted festivals
once upon a time, I don't deny it.

No festival has been celebrated
for years and not in use now.

Anyway there's no chance
of festival being conducted here.

So we want to use it
for public cause.

Please go away without
creating trouble.

Who is creating trouble, man?

Govt.'s duty is to protect
people and their village.

Do you know who he is?

When your govt. wasn't there,

The man who protected people!

He's God in the hearts
of people here.

After him, he made his family
to join police for generations.

If anyone steps into village
with bad intention,

on hearing it is Taana's
village they run away in fear.

You said about bringing something.

Let me see if anything bad is happening
here as it happens in other places.

You'll know why
this temple is here!

You've come to
raise it down.

Let me see how you
can get over me!


Please listen to me, sir.

No use in talking
to them, sir.

You go,
I'll take care of them.

All of you see...

Look, it's an order from higher authority,
allow them to do their duty.

If not I've to arrest all
of you for stopping govt.

staff from doing his duty.

Sir, let's see how you can arrest us!
Come on, arrest us.

Sir, we're asking
our rights only.

Answer us responsibly, sir.

Why are you talking to them?
You've force, right? Clear them out!


Look at that!

First run over me and
then dare touch the statue.

I've been tell you...
Go backside!

I said go back!

I'll not let you bring
down the statue.

Who the hell are
you to break it?

Festival will surely happen here.

He'll surely become a
good police officer.

He'll definitely come!

He'll definitely come
as police officer!

I'll join police force.


I want to talk to you.

"Wake up Police
Come up Police"

"Within he lit the fire?"

Why is he avoiding me?

He's not avoiding you.

When he gets emotional
with fear, sorrow or happiness.

He starts to speak in
woman' voice in emotion.

That's why he's going
away from you.

He's not avoiding because
he dislikes you.

Not only that, he doesn't get
emotional with other girls.

He becomes like on
seeing you only.

"Wake up Police"

"Come up Police"

"Within he lit the fire"

"Wake up Police"

"He'll fall on his own like seed...
He'll rise like plant on his own..."

"Anyone tells, anything behind you
you've to raise yourself to overcome it"

"No burning sun is waste
With fire you run, my friend"

"My son has become
police officer!"

"You cross every hurdle..."

"jump Police"

"All are far, when you
stand the same place."

"Police you smash it
Automatically open sluice"

"Until you stand up alone
All are burden"

Are you working for
me or for him?

You're stopping at his feet.

Should I get down
seeing his feet?

Move little ahead.


Officers! Attention!

We welcome candidates
selected for SI post.

Parents wait here, candidates
come there with certificates.

"When you're not going, your
achievement do not get fulfilled!"

He's DIG of this range.

Name is Thilakan.

He is the selection officer.


SI selection 120 candidates
are ready, sir.

Carry on.

"Seeds thrown anywhere,
It grow in soil."

"Collecting the flesh
and conduct a war!"

"You become the police officer,
makes the History"

Sir, verification is over.

Can we start ability
session, sir?

Tell them to start it.

Ready! Proceed!

"Flow Police, Jump beyond!"
Get set!

"When you stand up alone,
all looks very faraway."

"Police you smash it
Automatically open sluice"

"When you stand up alone,
all are burden."

- Excellent!
- Sir

That candidate has
finished in 11 seconds.

Actually your record is
11.02 seconds, sir.

What are you blabbering?

He did it in 11 seconds...

"First you believe in yourself."

"Suspect is not advisable."

He's going over six meters.

That's it!

"Wounds are come and go..."

"Time comes up on our hand."


"Inner reluctant"

"It's dig you
You stand up bravely in front"

"Little little comes down
You confidently goes it will open"

"Your voice will stand
and ruined this world."

7.2, sir.

Sir, 7.2! Record sir.

Is it? Great.

Sir, you said no one to beat
your record till date.

He beat your record, sir.

I'm sure he'll become
a good officer, sir.

Selected candidates will get
SMS or letter by this month end.

Now, All of you can go.

Excuse me!


Well done, mister.

After long time
we're seeing a talented candidate.

Thank you, sir.

All the best, let's
meet in training.

Sure, sir.
Thank you




What drugs are you using?



Or something different
like demoxyin?

I didn't use any drugs, sir.

Why are you arguing with me?

Sorry, sir.
didn't use drugs, sir.

How dare you break my record
with this physique!

Do you know who am I?

Complete sportsman.

Touch my arms.

- Come on, touch it.
- Sir!

Touch it

I'm older to you
by 25 years.

How is it?
Don't I know?

Who would do what?

Sir, you mustn't go there.

Normal person can't
run like that.

Tell me, what drugs
did you use?

Tell me, what drugs?


Who are you, man?

- Are you his drug peddler?
- Sir, I'm his father.

- Why are you staring at me?
- No, son...no...

Be calm.
Don't talk.

Hey... Why are you so silent?

You're a drug peddler.

You're calming him.

Sir, I didn't use drugs.

What? Tell it once again!

Come on, tell me.

Sorry, sir.

You should've joined
women police force.

You're at wrong place.

Not only you came here but dared
to beat my record in my ground.

Get out!

Not a police officer, you can't
even become a security guard.

Get out!!!

What are you looking at?

You lead a honourable life,
created history,

and today standing tall here.

But I'm unable to do it.

Though talented, you know
the pain of humiliation in public.

It's paining here.

They say God up there
will take care of us!

Are you looking after me?

Can you see me?

Can you understand my pain?

I don't know
what my mistake was!

That's why I avoided it all these years.

You humiliated me in public.

I passed in every test but voice?

Miserable failure.

All are laughing at me!

Let them laugh...how can we
create history if get everything easily?

If there are no problems,
what can we do here then?

You don't worry, I'm here.

I'll take care of everything.

I'll come back...
I'll come back majestically.

Okay, good night.

There are no norms in
police rules to reject on voice.

There are many officers
who talk in squeaky voice.

Our DSP Daniel, he was recently
transferred to Madurai, right?

Yes, sir.

But they hesitate to speak in public.

Because the opponent
must fear a police officer.

It'll not be good
if they talk in female tone.

The problem in your case is Thilagan.

Your bad time he's DIG now!

We send all written and
physical tests to ESRB.

They select the best candidates.

They'll send the training order
to this range office.

Your son is police officer
if he signs the training order.

But he has an opportunity
to reject for misbehavior.

Very cunning person.
He got assets illegally wherever he gone.

Close to Minister.
That's why over bearing attitude.

We can also meet
the Minister for same post.

But we can't meet him
with empty hands, right?

You know what I mean...I understand it sir.

Uncle, please wait.

Yes, sir. I'll discuss with
them and meet you, sir.

- Okay, Varadarajan.
- Sir!

Generally fathers don't understand
what their sons needs are!

Some children can directly
tell father what they want.

But I can understand my son's problem.

He's also trying hard to change himself.

But still I'm useless as his father.

He says no problem in rules, right?
I'll take care of it.

Tell him not to get anxious,
tell him to be free.

Okay, you go.


- What happened, Dayalan?
- Nothing, sir.

- Nothing, I'm okay, sir.
- Okay?

You go, sir.


Hey, you?

I don't know how to address you
as man or woman.

Sir, I want to talk to you.


As you think I didn't use
any drugs that day, sir.

If you want I'll take
the tests even now, sir.

But my voice changes only
when I get emotional, sir.

But you abused my father...
sorry sir.

Don't get emotional, you may
start speaking in female voice.

The moment you broke my record,
your police career is finished.

I thought of closing the case
for usage of drugs.

Then, I heard your voice.

I rejected you for misbehavior
with senior officer.

Get out!


Sir, police is just another job
for others, sir.

But not for me, sir.

- Our family...
- No amount of pleas can get you police job.

You can't be a police man
till I'm in the police department.

I don't like you at sight, go away.

Why are you requesting him?

Do you fear he'll reject you?

Do I've any personal problem with him?

Nothing like that.

If he's my enemy,
I can thrash him.

Senior officer, after getting posted in
Salem, Erode and Theni in last 10 to 12 years.

Now he's DIG of Vellore Range.

He can't touch my qualifications.
It is recorded.

Even if he rejects, I can file case
with my record details.

But if he rejects me for
misbehavior using my voice.

I can't do anything.

That's why I went to meet
personally and explain him.

But he's refusing to listen to me.

You know complete details about him, right?

Why did you ask me to collect his
database of Twitter and Facebook accounts?

Take it.

First I requested him.

If he still rejects me,
I'm prepared to do what I can do!

That's why I asked you his database.

- Listen to me carefully.
- Go ahead.

Don't feel bad for losing police job.

There's super singer program.

If you sing with this voice,
you can reach grand finale also.

You can go to Singapore
and Malaysia also.

They'll offer a new house also,
try for that, buddy.

I'll talk to playback singer Chitra.

Hi aunty!

Come in...come in...

I'm Venkatraj,
HM of Salem Govt. High school.

She's my wife Anuradha.

My daughter Nivedha.

After finishing MS in Microbiology,
she's a trainee with local Nobel Hospital.

I can understand your predicament.

Why are we here?

I'll come straight to the point.

We started searching for
bridegrooms for Nivedha.

She told us about your son.

We inquired about him,
we're satisfied with him.

Our daughter is very cool and docile.

I mustn't tell you that.

I know...I've seen it.

She's more docile than what you say!

I'll talk to my son.
Situation is not good now.

- But...
- I know, Nivedha told about it.

They say if a good happens in home,
it'll change the situation drastically.

What's all this?

If you had expressed your love for me,
why would I bring my parents to your home?

You're trying to avoid me.

Look, love will not work out for me.

You can't understand
even if I explain it.

I know everything.
Your friend told me.

People were surprised to hear about it.

But I was very happy on hearing it.
Do you know why?

The symptom you don't get on
seeing or touching any other girl.

It comes when I come near you, right?

You didn't avoid because
you don't like me.

You like me and
your heart is very happy for it.

Your heart is ringing the alarm,
that's why you tried to avoid me.

Tell me now, don't you love me?

Are you going to tell me or not?

Tell me.

Tell me, right now.


- Sakthi
- Tell me, uncle.

Come with your physical reports
to the place I tell you.

- Why?
- Come, I'll tell you.


Sakthi, come straight.


- What are you doing here, uncle?
- My duty is like that.

In this thick forest?

A dead body near railway track.


Why did you ask
me my reports?

- We went to meet a retired IG earlier, right?
- Yes.

It seems he's going to Chennai.
He asked me your details.

Had you told me, I would've
given it myself, right?

He wants to talk to me,
so he has asked me to meet him.

Moreover clearance team
will take an hour to arrive.

- For that?
- Till then, keep a watch on body.

- How can I?
- I can't trust others and leave it here.

In fact I mustn't go at all.

I'll come back in 30 minutes.

Uncle...uncle...listen to me.

Don't leave me alone here.


Abuse me as you like.

But be careful with body.

Don't let dogs and fox touch it.

Hey, how dare you...?

I will kill you

Hmm...I have closed it.

You close and sleep

Hey Who is this?

Hey, Hey Uncle...


Sorry uncle...

You got me caught by the ghost.
Will you live fairly?

(Phone ringing)

How far will you run?

- You are...?
- Human!

- A lady ghost there...
- There are no ghosts.

Fear is ghost.

As far as you fear, so
are the ghosts. Come.


Another man has entered,
how am I to scare him, sir?

No problem, uncle.
We've an idea now, right?

At least 2 or 3 deaths
happen here every month.

We can treat him as and when
we get an opportunity.

I'm leaving,
I've film shoot for Kanchana 4.

Pay my fee. sir.

"Can cross any hurdle
with determination..."

"The way it surprises you..."

"Fear in you vanishes..."

"Quit fear...quit fear..."

"Take fear head on..."

"Fear is Ghost...
Fear is Ghost..."

"When comes close....vanish the fear...
vanish the fear..."

"Quit the fear....
Quit the fear"

"Shake your shoulder
and rotate the sword!"

"Fear becomes ghost with you,"

"Your innocence ignorance
gets serious like snake."

"Belief of God comes and go."

"Belief of God only
get you success."

"Making strange sounds
and instilling fear in you..."

"Oscillation is cause of disease."

"Keep the power within you.
Ghost will go away from you."

"Without the knowledge is
Power is not at all you"

"Fear will come from that."

"Come forward without fear,
definitely you'll reach top."




I told you keep a watch on body,
why are you sleeping here?

Okay, clearance team is here,
you can go now.

How did I come here?

I don't know what
happened to me?

Sir! Hmm...

- Is it coming in our limits?
- Yes, sir.

As mother to 15 children.

As their teacher.

I'll lead my life happily.

You'll definitely see it.

Any doubt, Varadarajan?

Sir, only injury
is in his head.

May be train hit made
the body fly away.

That is...

Have you inquired
about her?

No one for her,
she was living alone, sir.

If it was murder, they would've
disfigured the body beyond reorganization.

- Isn't it?
- Yes.

So, it may be suicide.

No, this is not suicide, sir.
I know her well.

Very confident woman.

What's this, Varadarajan?
Who is he?

- Sorry, sir.
- Keep quiet, boy.

Send the body to post
mortem immediately.

Okay, sir.

If no one comes to claim the body,
close the case under section 174.

Okay, sir.

Don't close her case, sir.

She wouldn't have
committed suicide.

Hey, who the hell
are you, man?

How dare you argue with me!
Get out from here.

Are you making fun of me
before outsiders, Varadarajan?

No sir, he's my sister's son.

Then, he must see
and go quietly.

Mustn't poke his nose in case
like a police officer.

- Got it?
- I know, sir.

I've finished selection for
SI post and waiting for posting orders.

Oh...is it so?

Then, investigate the case
after joining duty.

Now don't take our lives,
please leave the place.

She committed suicide after
getting pregnant without husband.

Are you supporting her?

Moreover SI selection too!
Go out.

Don't talk bad
about her, sir.

Do your duty honestly
for the salary...

What did you say now?

- What's this?
- Sir, I'll take care of him, sir.

- Take him away.
- What are you telling him?

- I know her very well.
- Get out.

Come...come with me.

- He's poking nose.
- I told you to leave, right?

She wouldn't have committed suicide
with a dream and unborn child.

I feel something fishy.

If you feel so, find it.

As far as I'm concerned,
you're a police officer.

I'll help you in
whichever way possible.

Barbie dolls don't spot a
dot generally, can it be blood?

I think this is blood.

Can you get me details of it?

To do analysis in any lab,
they'll ask minimum 0.5 ml.

I think forensic
lab can do it.

My friend is there,
Will try our best.

Sakthi, here is the mobile
call list of that dead girl.

How come she got so many calls
from one number only...

That too at late night.


- Hello, I'm Anitha here.
- Anitha?

- That property loan!
- Yes, how are you doing, Anitha?

I'm fine.

- I've a good news.
- Tell me.

I got NOC letter
on my home loan.


- Thank you very much.
- No problem.

- I got back my documents also.
- Super!

I don't have any
more problems.

As I wished, I'll
turn this house into a trust.

You'll be the chief guest
for opening ceremony.

She said she got back her
house documents.

Why did lawyer call her
so many times after that?

The number you are calling
is currently busy

Don't worry, sir. I've removed
all the evidence from my office.

Nobody can find it.

I'll go hiding till
this problem eases.

Okay, sir.

Hey! Why are
you hitting me?

- Why did you kill her?
- Who?

- The girl I asked you to help, that girl.
- Who? That property loan girl?

What are you blabbering?
Why would I kill her?

Look at this!

Are you suspecting
me for this?

Then what? If you try to escape
switching off your phone.

Won't I suspect you?

I'm running away from
a proxy problem.

It's in no way
connected to this case.

I did go to file the case,
but a document was missing.

That's why I called
her so many times.

Didn't you file
the case then?

I didn't do it.

But she told,
she got NOC.

Got NOC?

How can it come
without filing case?

May be she repaid the loan.

Vada is getting cold, come fast.

She said she'll
not pay money.

The guy who collected
from her is coming, right?

Why are you getting anxious?

Take it.

- Hello!
- Hello!

I've the details of the
blood sample you gave me.

Okay, tell me.

If you here...
I'll tell you.

You said you got
the details, right?

If you come here, I'll tell you.

I can't come now, please tell me.

Then...if you give,
I'll tell you.

What should I give?


Hey, what's this without
bothering about seriousness? Tell me.

That's it, always you want
to have your say.

Okay, that's human blood!

B positive group.

Couldn't get much details
by forensic lab too.

But gave information on
HDA1 test and DNA profiling.

The blood belongs
to a pregnant lady.

Blood in home...
body is on railway track.

How is possible?
I'm confused, buddy.

Hi Dooma!

How long I've to
wait for you?

- Buddy, he's the guy I told you about.
- Did you collect money from her?

Yes, bro.
I collected money from Anitha.

Not a rupee is due,
full settlement.

This new bike is from the
big incentive I got from it.

Which number
she called you?

After getting paid in full,
I had drinks and called her to thank her.

She abused me wildly.

I deleted her number
to avoid trouble.

Did you go to her
home to collect?

No, bro.

If I knew he would buy so many things,
I wouldn't have eaten today morning.

Anyway I'll have a go at food.

Get me a plate of Aappam.
You eat.

- Shall we start, buddy?
- Okay.

I'm asking all of you a question,
answer me truthfully.

Who took my
Iphone kept here?

- Tell me the truth.
- Accomplices!

- What do you say, buddy?
- Don't leave them, ask them, buddy.

- Hey, Manager, come.
- Manager, come here.

- Tell me, sir.
- Hey!

I got it from US.

Iphone, it vanished in seconds
I went out to wash hands.

Nobody would steal here, sir.

I came here for the
mutton soup here.

- I lost my Iphone.
- Sir, please...

How can you get mutton soup
in vegetarian hotel?

How dare you accuse me
of making fake accusations?

- Ask him toughly.
- I'll smash your face.

Are thieves working here?

Who is he?

He's Kodandam.

- You've a Iphone?
- Yes.

- Someone stole it?
- Yes.

- What's your qualification?
- Sir, MBA.

MBA, my foot.

- What's your qualification?
- I've written NEET exam now only.


Send him out.

You're trying
to cheat them.

If I tell them,
they say I'm a drunkard.

Please go.

That's MBA told that

He would steal everything

- Where's my Iphone?
- Sir, no one would steal here.

Are you making fun of
me by a drunkard?

CCTV footage is there we 'll see that

- This is correct.
- Good.

Sir, no phone is there.

I kept my phone on that table only.
Zoom in closer.

I've checked zooming closely.

There's no phone on that
table as you say, sir.

He has masked the phone,
he's a cheat to the core.

- I call the police.
- Sir...sir...wait, I'll call manager.

- I'll get all of them arrested.
- Get him quickly.

Go! Dude, He believes
calculator as phone.

Okay, you check it.

- Which date?
- 26th.

That's our collection agent.

Look, she's coming now.

- Is it she?
- That's her.

Can't see her face in this,
Go to other side camera.

- Why is it showing error?
- Okay, leave it.

If she goes in,
she must come out, right?

We can see her face
then, wait.

She left without
showing her face.


What are you thinking about?

Buddy, she's not that girl,
she's another girl.

To give documents to Anitha,
someone else is paying her loan.

Anitha gets the document.

She dies immediately
after getting it.

Anitha didn't
commit suicide.

The man who paid loan
has murdered her.

Yes, because of collections
agents like you.

Like me?
Are you playing with me?

Who has taken loan of property?
Who is struggling to repay it?

Banks and collection agencies
like you know the details.

How can a third person
get the details?

Data exchange!

You're selling customer information
for few instant bucks.

Because of that
data exchange only.

In tea shop a man asked
for papers to buy few drinks.

- Senthil.
- No.

He asked you but the man
who pays for the papers.

- Who is that man?
- Johnny!

He's the third guy who is
threatening people with information.

Hi Johnny!

Whose information do you want?

What's this?
It has my name.

Yes, I want you.

Why did you punch
me suddenly, bro?

Tender nose, it broke.

Tell me, shall I make you
the owner of Taj Mahal?

How about Vellore Fort?

Whom did you give property
loan information?

Only private detective
agencies and police,

Ask inside information by hacking
Twitter and Facebook accounts.

But banks and telecom database seekers
don't ask names and address.

Bro, you know one thing.

Details of other people
is big business now.

Information on property loans are sought
by banks, private finance companies,

Big real estate agents,
builders, land brokers.

They seek information as per
their requirements.

Moreover they don't come
directly to seek information.

Because data exchange is
legal as well as illegal.

I'm bothered about money I make,
I'll give them complete details.

I'm giving you the same list.

You find yourself what for
they used this information!

Excuse me, bro.

I know you're seeking this info
for a good cause with that punch.

A humble request.

Don't reveal my name or about
your punch to anyone. Please!

- Who is it?
- His brother.

Who are you guys?

My house documents.

How did you get this?

House was under mortgage, right?
We repaid the loan.

We came to show the
document and take it.

How did bank give you this
document without my signature?

I'll file a case on bank.

You can file case later,
first sign this document.

These aged persons tortures
not tolerate us, Shit

Why a blank document?

Do you think we don't have
anyone to support us?

Get out!

- Otherwise I call the police
- Hubby! Who are they?

Why are you shouting?

Hey...what are you doing?


Hey...Don't do...

Sign the paper.

Sign it!

- Hello!
- Hello!

- Mr.Durai
- Yes tell me

Calling from DBL bank
regarding your property loan.

I have repaid the loan and
taken the documents.

Oh, Ok.

Loan has been paid back.
He taken the document.

So, no problem.

So, It' green.

- Hello!
- Mr.Parthiban?

About your loan...

Yes I am paid fully and closed it.
All procedure finished it off.



- Mr.Annamalai?
- Yes, it's me.

About your property loan...

I'm paying regularly, sir.
Everything is going on fine.


He's paying loan regularly.

Documents are in bank.

So, in process.

Then, it is blue.

The number you are calling
is not in use

Loan is closed.
Unable to reach property owner.

Then, doubt.


Lonely elderly couple Damodaran and Malini
living in Arani of Tiruvannamalai district.

Since their children living
in abroad didn't care about them,

They committed suicide in despair.

They left money for funeral
and a moving letter.

Neighbors didn't observe this, their
paper delivery boy found them dead.

Police got information from him
and confiscated the bodies.

And sent it for post mortem.

Damodaran is dead!

Phone is switched off.

Red Mark!

Anitha is also dead!

Phone is switched off.

Red mark again!

Then, other red marks
in the list?!



"Come on"

"It's a green-blue-red game
Red colored lines to blame"

"Until the mystery is solved
Keep the victory lap on hold"

"Papers prove with numbers
Identifies the partners"

"Eyes lose the spark
Or the path becomes dark"

"Somewhere the truth illuminates
It opens the mystery gates"

"Smoke explains about fire
Sundries hide the treasure"

"Remove the tiny obstacle
It can lead you to a spectacle"

"Legacy is your blood group
Truth cannot hide from a cop"

"Come to investigate.."

- Ravi Mohan owns this building, right?
- No, he died in accident.

Someone else has bought
this property.

Crimes will scatter evidences...
You can find everything.

"A small stone can enter your mouth"

"Fire can bend any iron..."

"Evidence is scattered

"Wild grass and rocks
hide treasure..."

"Crimes will scatter evidence"

"You can find everything
right before your eyes..."

"Your blood will boil....
Police can find anything..."


"Mystery...everything is mystery..."

"Come bravely...come..."

"Investigate... come..."


"Mystery...everything is mystery..."

"Come bravely...come..."

He died in an accident.

He committed suicide, sir.

He's no more.

No property is owned
by names in the list.

Many are dead now.

But property is owned by different
people under different names.

Nothing is getting connected.

But something is there.

Shall I read..

For the past few years many places
have been affected by floods.

Cyclone Akash developed
on May 12 in 2007.

It crossed the shore on May 15th.

Cyclone Nisha crossed the shore
between India and Srilanka.

Varadha cyclone devastated Chennai.

That's enough.

Aunty went inside,
Come let's escape.

All bills are in cyclone name...

Only one builder should have
paid all these bills.

Yes, Wind group of Companies
have paid all these bills.

Then who is the owner?

I have seen him somewhere!

This pen drive had the all the details
about that DIG. Take it.

What's the link between MD
of this company and DIG Thilagan?

Whichever place he was posted,
the buildings were built in those places.



Hello, DIG sir.

- Who is this?
- It's me, sir.

The man who broke your
25 year old record, the drugs man.

- Drugs...drugs...
- Hey, is it you, dear?

You've a long life
of 100 year!

I was just signing your
rejection letter.

But you called me meanwhile.

Sir...sir...please don't do it, sir.
Please sir...please sir...

Plead humbly like that.

- Sir...sir...
- I'll sign it happily.

No sir, please don't sign it.
Please don't sign it, sir.

- Please sir...please listen to me.
- I've signed it, man.

Till I'm in police dept.
you can't become a police

You can't even become
a security guard.

I told you that day
itself, right?

DIG, sir!

I'm telling you now,
the day I join police,

You won't be in police service.

- Hey....
- Wind Group of Companies.

- Hey...hey...
- Are you shocked, sir?

Keep on shouting
like that, bye.

Thilagan, someone has inquired
about all our projects.

I've sent you a
video, check it.

We kill people without any evidence
and colour it as suicide or accident.

Getting signatures on
document is our job.

We're just killers.


No, I'll not sign.


My child, this home, his dream.

I'll not sign.

Just one signature,
you can live with your child.

Please leave my
child and me!

Leave me!

(Liquor consumption/smoking
is injurious to health)

- Tell me.
- I got her signature, sir.

Well done, my boys.

A small mistake, sir.


Head injury, so we
can't hang her.

Okay, throw the body near
railway track in forest.

My range, we'll not
face any problem.

- I'll take care of post mortem report.
- Okay sir

With large property,
without any near and dear ones,

Whatever may happen to such people,
nobody is bothered about it,

From getting that list
and killing them,

usurping their property,

Through proxy of
Wind Group Ravishankar

Building flats, malls
to make money,

DIG Thilagan is behind
all these crimes.

You were just corrupt earlier,
have you become killers now?

Such people should be
shot dead in street.

Till I'm with police dept.
forget about becoming police officer,

You can't become
a security guard also.

When I join police,
you'll not be in dept.

Shocking news that few accidents
and suicide cases were real murders.

DIG Thilagan is involved
in these crimes.

Police have arrested Thilagan
and people who helped him.

Tamil Nadu police will not watch
anything affecting the lives of general public.

Let anyone commit the crime,
let him be in any position of power,

even if he's a
police officer,

They can't escape from law,
this govt. has proved it.

This case was investigated
by a lone man,

Sakthivel of Vellimalai,
who is joining police force.

Tamil Nadu police congratulates
him wholeheartedly.

This is good for all of us.
Thanks all.

Excuse me, sir.


Can you ask Sakthivel
to talk about the case?

Oh Yes.


You're normal now.

You talk to them, son.

Greetings to all.

You're not a police officer,

How did you investigate the
crimes of senior officer?

When a crime happens, We don't think
Police only stop the crime

Selfishly don't take
just selfie with it,

we must do something for it,

likewise...Anitha death...

For my speculation...

Why are you staring me...
3.45 am!


"- Tik-Tok
- Ping Pong"

"- Tik-tok
- Hey Ping pong"

"Tink top dear"

"My chatting Tom dear"

"Keep aside the Snap chat and
Voice chat a bit"

"By hitting the ping Pong
make me a Bounce ball dear"

"you are putting the Fruit bomb,
by App locking me"

"I'm the hit song,
you are my Musically.."

"Will you join me with love?!"