Ta farda (2022) - full transcript

Fereshteh has to hide her illegitimate baby for one night from her parents who turn up for a surprise visit. Her friend Atefeh helps her. They embark on an odyssey during which they must carefully weigh up who their allies are.

Uh-huh, what did he say?

No, I sent the original file.

Yeah. Just make sure
the cuts are perfect.

Otherwise, he's gonna complain again.


Mahmoodi's task is almost done, too.
I just have to finish working on the font.


Again, don't forget
to make the cuts perfect.

Okay, dear. See you.


What's up, my dear? What's up?

What? What's up?


Hi, Mom. How are you?

Yeah, I'm fine, too.

I'm just finishing up here
to leave for the class.

I'll probably be back by 8-9pm.


Really? That's unfortunate.
Yeah, I know him, Uncle Reza's son.

How's he doing, now?


I can't, Mom.

I can't, though.
What would I say to Atefeh?

She doesn't have any family
or relative in Tehran, either.

I really can't.

Okay. When are you leaving?

Okay, Mom, I have to go, now.
Okay. Bye.

What's going on, my dear?

What do you need?

Did you take a poo-poo?

Wait a sec.

I'll change your diaper, now.

Okay, let's change it.

Hi, Gelareh.
How are you?

No, it's not gonna take long,
I'll be quick.

Look, my family is coming to Tehran,

and as you know, they don't
know anything about my kid.

Is it possible for you
to look after her until tomorrow?

No, it'll be fine.
They'll be gone by tomorrow night.


At 2pm? I can be there earlier, too.

Okay, I'll see you at 2pm, then.
Thank you so much.

Thank you, dear. Bye.

They'll be here in 5-6 hours.

One of our relatives was in an accident,
so they've taken him to the hospital, now.

Where are you?

Look, I'm gonna take her to Gelareh,

but we have to
hide all this stuff somehow.

- Hello. Good.
- Hello, how are you?

- Is your mom home?
- Yes, she is.

- Can I talk to her?
- Who is it?

- It's for you, Mom.
- Coming.

- Hello, Marjan. How are you?
- Hello. Fine.

I have some stuff,
but not enough space for it.

Can you keep it for me?

- What stuff?
- Just some of hers.

It's, like, two boxes of diapers.
It won't take much space.

We really don't have any space.
Look, it's filled to the brim.

The balcony is also
filled with Saber's mom's stuff.

I had to cover it with something
so that it wouldn't get wet if it rained.

The stuff I have
won't take much space, though.

Go inside, kiddo, don't stand here.

Look, I have to ask Saber about it.

I can't keep your stuff
without his permission.

- Can you call him now?
- I can't, he's at work.

- He'll get angry.
- Okay, no problem. Thanks, anyway.

- I'm so sorry.
- No, it's fine. Bye.


- Who is it?
- It's me, Mrs. Meymandi.


- Hello. How are you?
- Hello. What's up?

Mrs. Meymandi, I wanted
to ask you for a favor.

- What is it?
- I wanted too see if you can...

- What a cute baby.
- Thank you.

- Hold old is she?
- Almost 2 months.

I have some stuff, but no space
to store them. Do you have any free space?

- You're moving out?
- No.

We've run into a pest problem.
They're gonna come and take care of it.


Yeah, they are everywhere
in the kitchen and in the rooms.

I was afraid for my kid...

How come the landlord
didn't allow us to call an exterminator,

but he allowed you?
What's up with that?

- I'm gonna pay for it myself, though.
- Oh, yeah? How much does it cost?

I don't know the exact number, one of
our relatives is gonna take care of it.

Do you have any free space?

Go bring your stuff,
we'll see if it'll fit.

It's not a lot, it's just two
suitcases full of my kid's stuff.

Go bring them. We'll see.

Hello, Mr. Jaberi.
How are you?

Did Mrs. Meymandi call you?

No, Mr. Jaberi,
that's not true,

if I wanna call an exterminator,
I'll let you know, first.


No. It's just a misunderstanding.

Yes, absolutely.

I paid that, yes.

Mr. Jaberi, sorry to interrupt you,
but my kid is crying...

Yes, absolutely, I'll be careful.

What a nosy man.

Are you lying to me or Mr. Jaberi?

Mrs. Meymandi, I didn't lie to you.

I just asked you for a favor,
and now, I don't want it, anymore.

Thanks, anyway.

What happened, dear?

Nothing, I asked her to keep these for me
tonight and she called the landlord.

How evil.

I'm going to buy some groceries,
I'll be back in 15-20 minutes.

Bring them to my house.

- Really?
- Yeah, that's okay.

Mrs. Jaberi, I have some more stuff in
addition to these. Can I bring that, too?

I have a tailoring workshop in my house,

so I don't have any more space for
the additional stuff. Sorry.

- Okay, no problem. Where's your house?
- Second unit down that hall.

- Hello. How are you?
- Hello, dear. How are you?

Fine, thank you.

- Let me help you.
- I'm so sorry.

- Hello, ma'am.
- Hello, dear.

- Hope you're doing well.
- Welcome.

I heard about your pest problem.

- Yes, there are so many of them.
- Right.

You can put it in the corner
next to that sewing machine.

Thank you so much.

Put this one there, too.

What should I do if we
run into a pest problem?

No, I looked inside these,
there's nothing in them.

So sorry.

Atefeh, you arrived?
Okay, I'll be there in a bit.

- Thank you so much. Thank you, ma'am.
- You're welcome, dear.

- Bye.
- Bye.

You left the kid alone?

What should I have done?
Take her with me?

You could wait for me.

Thought I'd just
quickly take care of them.

Are these the only ones left?


- Hello. Hello, dear.
- There are these...

and some other stuff there
that I haven't gathered into a box, yet.

Couldn't you make some excuse
so that you wouldn't

have to go through
this much trouble to cover up everything?


I have done that a lot.

Work, university,
all sorts of excuses.

You don't want the bottle?
Okay, I'll drink it.

- This time, I really couldn't.
- Okay, we get it, you're very busy.

Isn't she, dear?

Come on, Atefeh.

We gotta take these, first.
Gelareh said we have to be there by 2pm.

I have to stop at the printing house, too.
Help her wear her clothes.

Let's take this for now.
I'll come back and take these, too.

Wait a sec.

Let's go.

Wait here. Wait.


- Did it break?
- No.

- Here.
- You have to keep this upward.

- Keep it straight.
- Use both of your hands, not one.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Hello. How are you?
- Hello.

- So sorry, Mrs. Hashemi.
- No problem.

- These are the things.
- You can put them in that corner.

Mrs. Hashemi, we have some more stuff
gathered into 2 suitcases.

- Can you keep those, too?
- No, dear, you can see how small

the house is.
I can barely keep these ones.

Thank you.
Okay, let's go inside.

Fereshteh, should I put
all of her clothes inside the suitcase?

Yeah. Also, these.

- They won't all fit.
- Make them fit somehow.

- How, though?
- There's more.

Why do you have so much stuff?

After the USD exchange rate
started going up,

I bought a lot of stuff
just to be on the safe side.

Make them fit somehow.

Pfft! Even the price of diapers
go up with USD.

- Take the rest to Gelareh's place.
- I can't. She's already doing me a favor.

What do you mean?
She's got a big house.

She's doing enough
by accepting to look after her.

- The photos.
- No. They'll be damaged.

Put them inside a blouse or something.

What the hell is this?

Let me go first.

Put them in the right corner.

- What if the resident manager sees them?
- He's gonna complain, but it'll be fine.

You could've make some excuse
to not go to the printing house today.

I couldn't. I have to double-check
everything before they get printed.

My reading is good,
my speaking is okay.

My writing was good, too,
the last time I took the test.

The problem is the listening part.
I can't figure it out at all.

- What did you get for it?
- 6.

I'll get a 6.5 this time so that the
total mark will be something around 350.

Canada won't accept anything under 460.

They will, it's just gonna take some time.

We should apply for Alaska, instead.

I'm being serious. We'll be surrounded with
snow and ice and no one will know us there.

You won't find even one Iranian, there.

Even if we go to Alaska,
we'll be able to find some Iranians

who have opened a Kebab restaurant
and they happen to be our relatives.

It's funny to even think about it.

Don't you have any intentions
to start going to English classes again?

I can't. I'm already too busy
with her and work.

What does that mean? You know
I'm not going anywhere without you, right?

If I just can get her an ID,
I'll be satisfied.

Weren't you saying you
had found someone

with a connection in the
registration office?

- He wants 20 million tomans. Yeah.
- 20 million?!

- Why so much?
- He'll be faking documents.

No, that's too much.
Forget it, then, I'll figure something out.

Are you sure your parents
will go back by tomorrow night?

Yeah. If it was up to my dad,
he'd leave tonight, even.

He'd never leave that city
if it wasn't for the accident.

- Are you coming upstairs with me?
- How long are you gonna be?

I have to go check everything
and hear some complaints, too.

Why "hear some complaints"?

I haven't been to work in a few days, now.
I was busy.

- Okay.
- I haven't completed anything, either.

- Can you open the bag?
- Yeah, wait a sec.

You have to take it off, first.
Are you hanging on to her tightly?


- Just be very careful of her neck.
- I'll keep her in there, don't worry.

- Hello. Is he here?
- Hello. Yeah.

He's by the printing machines.
He's very angry.

- Why, because I'm late?
- No, because of the papers.

Tell him it was Rambod who said
to use these ones instead of Montblanc.

- What type are we using? Okay.
- Matte.

- Hello, Mr. Behnam.
- Hello, dear.


- Why are you coming so late?
- Is the final result good?

Look, the cuts are a bit off here,
move it around a bit so that it's straight.

Come. Come here.

Were you the one
ordering these cheap-ass papers?

We couldn't find any Montblanc in the
market, so Rambod told us to get matte.

What should I say to the customer, now?

Look how blurred
the dark parts have come to be.

It's the papers,
it doesn't have anything to do with me.

What are you doing here, then?

At this point,
I could've just found someone

with no expertise to go and
buy everything we need.

These matte papers are very popular
in the market, now, and everyone buys them.

I don't care about the market.
I want you to do what I tell you.

Never mind this.
Where's your second catalog?

I'll bring it
tomorrow by 11am.

Okay. Look, if you don't
bring everything by tomorrow at 11am,

I'll deduct the cost of printing this crap
and that catalog from your own salary.

- What happened?
- No one's answering the door.

- Did you call her?
- Yeah, she's not answering.

- You think she's gone already?
- I don't think so.

Gelareh, dear, we're outside by the door.

- Yes?
- Hello.

- I'm here to see Mrs. Roshanaei.
- It's doorbell number 2.

I rang it, but no one answered.
Can you open the door for us?

- I'm sorry, I can't do that.
- Okay. Thanks, anyway.

She lied instead of simply saying no.

No, she's not like that.
Maybe she got overwhelmed with work.

What, dear?

- Is her husband a lawyer, too?
- Yeah, but they're divorced, now.

Let me call her again.

What do I do, now?

Her stuff! Her stuff!

Mister! Mister! Can you please open
the trunk? We forgot the kid's stuff.


- Are you sure it's the right floor?
- Yeah, number 104.




- Hello. How are you?
- Hello.

What happened to Mrs. Roshanaei?
Why did they seal her firm shut?

The police came
and took Mrs. Roshanaei with them.

- Why?
- Not sure.

They took all her stuff, including the
computers, and took Mrs. Roshanaei, too.

- Okay, thanks.
- No problem.

- Ma'am, were you here for this unit?
- No, we were just leaving.

Fereshteh, where are you going?

She's unlikely to be
released by the end of today

with the police
staking out the place.

- Here you are. You're welcome.
- Thank you.

- But isn't she a lawyer?
- They took her 'cause she's a lawyer.

How about we book a hotel room
and you look after her tonight?

They're not gonna let a single woman
book a hotel room, let alone with a kid.

I know.

- But is there a workaround?
- Yeah, there is.

It's gonna take you, like, 45 minutes
something to get to Baharestan Sq.

Go there inside the Parliament,
tell them to change the law.

Just be back here in an hour.

- What, dear?
- I'll be right back.

The bottle's hot, dear.
We gotta wait.

How long have you known them, though?

I know Mehdi from the university,
he used to study for his master's degree.

He liked me at first, but when he saw
I had no interest, we became friends.

- What about Mahsa?
- I don't know her that well.

I used to see her at the university
here and there. She's okay.

Miss, will you buy a pair of socks from me?

- Did you talk to both of them?
- No. Thank you, but I won't buy any.

Don't worry, dear.
He's a very helpful friend. Truly.

I wish you had talked to Mahsa, too.

It's gonna be okay.

- Hello.
- Hello. How are you?


- Didn't you quit smoking?
- Hello. I relapsed.

- This is Fereshteh, this is Mehdi.
- How are you?

- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, too.

- How are you doing?
- Fine, thanks, how about you?

I'm fine, too, thanks.

Look, I'm sorry, but I can't.
I'm afraid Mahsa won't go for it.

- Why?
- I don't know. She says no.

- But you said it's a yes.
- I didn't think she'd say no.

You could've at least let us know
so that we wouldn't come all the way here.

She arrived only
10 minutes ago.

- How about I talk to her?
- And tell her what?

- I don't know. Convince her somehow.
- No, you'll make it worse. Forget it.

- But it's just one night.
- You don't know her, she'll get angrier.

I'm not gonna say anything provocative.
I'll just convince her somehow. Okay?

You can sit here.
I'll go bring her.

Look, they are here,
they want to have a word with you.

What, dear?


What's up, my dear?

- Did you say anything else?
- No.

- She seems very angry.
- Yeah.

She didn't even come to say hi.

- Come talk to them at least.
- I don't want to.

- They've come all the way here.
- I said I don't want to.

- What does that mean?
- I don't want to talk to them.

What do I tell them?

It's not a good look.
Come talk to them.

What do we do?

I'll talk to her. It'll be fine.

Wait a sec.

- What do you need?
- Open the bag.

- I'll talk to her myself.
- I'll come with.

- Hello.
- Hello, Mahsa, dear.

Mr. Mehdi, can you please
pour some boiled water into this?

- Yes, of course.
- Thank you.

- How much should I pour?
- 60cc. It's marked on the bottle.

Sorry, Mahsa, dear.

One our friends was supposed
to look after her at first,

but for some reason, she stopped
responding, so we had to ask you.

Yeah, I understood as much.

I just don't know how
to bear the responsibility

of looking after a 2-month old baby.

And secretly, to make it even worse.

Mahsa, dear, we just need
you to look after her for one night.

We'll come after her
tomorrow in the afternoon.

I can even come tomorrow morning
and take her. Don't worry, it'll be fine.

How do you know "it'll be fine"?

If something, no matter how small,
happens, she's not gonna leave me alone.

- It's just one night, though.
- Doesn't matter if it's 1 night or 10.

Tell me, where's this kid's dad?
Where's her family?

You can't find anyone to look after her
in this big city? I should look after her?

We came to Tehran only a year ago.
We don't have many relatives here.

We only have some friends
and they're not available right now.

Then, I called Mehdi
and he said to bring her here.

- Well, he's a bonehead to do that.
- Why are you talking like that?

Am I wrong, though?
Why did you make my choice for me?

- I didn't make a choice.
- Why are they here, then?

But why are you not
understanding their situation?

She'll be here with us for one night,
and then, they'll come and take her.

How should we
bear the responsibility, though?

- It's just one night!
- So you'll look after her?

Do you know how to?

- Can you bear the responsibility?
- Yes, I can.

Mehdi, it's gonna be
your responsibility, then.

Yeah, it'll be mine.

- Okay, give her to me.
- Why are you acting like this?

You wanna bear the responsibility,
so I'm taking her to you.

- Give her to me.
- Never mind. Never mind! Thank you!

- The bag.
- I'll go grab it.

Atefeh. Atefeh.

- Wait. I'll take you back.
- No, thank you, we can go on our own.

Where, though?

Wait here, I'll start the car.

Is Mehdi at least reliable?
I don't want everyone to know about this.

He knows what I'll do if he talks
about it to anyone.

- How about we go to Yaser?
- Absolutely not.

If he was a decent person,
he wouldn't leave you alone.

He's not a bad person, deeply.

Maybe he has a friend or a relative
that can help us.

We don't need his help,
we'll figure it out on our own.

How? We're exploring the streets.

Fereshteh, he was constantly
telling you to abort the baby,

and that he wouldn't
bear any responsibility for her.

Now, you want us to go to him
and tell him, "Hi, please look after her"?

We can at least call him.
If he can, he'll help us. I know he will.

- He won't.
- He can't refuse to help us. He has to!

He has to at least be responsible for her
for one night. He's her dad.

Yeah, I can see how much of a "dad" he is.

Did you call Azin?

Azin doesn't have her place, anymore.
She couldn't keep up with the rent.

She's at her parents' now.

I don't know, she's changed a lot recently.

I don't know what's wrong with her.

I feel like she dislikes me, you know.

She gets angry with me over stupid things.

The other night, she was
picking a fight over how I brush my teeth.

How ridiculous.

I told her,
"We've been together for 5 years, now,

"I always brush my teeth like this,
you just noticed it tonight?"

Then, we were fighting.

See how ridiculous it is?

She's always looking for something
to let me know how much she dislikes me.

Just like what happened today.
Did you see how she was acting?

That's my life.

Losing of the baby made her even worse.
As if I was the one responsible for it.

- Was it Navvab St.?
- Yeah.

Call him again.

Fereshteh, call him again.

Yaser, I'm outside by the door.

I always tell you he's an asshole,
but you never agree.

- Let's go inside.
- Come on. Let's go.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Welcome. At your service.
- I was looking to buy some fish.

- What type?
- Algivore.

Come with me, please.
We have it here.

What are you doing here?
You wanna make my life hell?

We wouldn't come inside
if you answered your phone.

I'm busy.

- Then, send a message and say so.
- Yes, take a look here, too.

- You wanted algivore? Just a sec.
- Yaser?

I needed your help,
that's why I was calling you.

Your "a sec" lasts for a lifetime.

You see how he's calling me every second,
that's why I can't answer.

- This one? Is this one good?
- Yes.

- Is one enough?
- Yes.

Look, there's a fast food restaurant
across the street. I'll see you there.

Here, take this and go.
I'll be right with you.


I'm coming, Dad.

Let's go pay for this.

Looks like he's not coming.

If he doesn't come,
I'll go break his head with the fish.

He's gonna cost us 100k tomans
in the middle of this, too?

- It cost 100k tomans?
- Yeah.

Okay, go ahead.
What did you need me for?

I need you to look after the baby
until tomorrow.

- Me?
- Yeah.

Where should I keep her?
I don't have my own place.

I'm not telling you to take her to
your house, but to figure something out.

How? Where should I take her?

I don't know. If I did,
I would take care of it on my own.

Take her to one your friends.
It's got nothing to do with me.

Nothing to do with you?
You're her dad!

"Her dad"?!

Didn't I tell you from day one
to abort her?

"I'm feeling motherly love toward her.
I can bear the responsibility."

Look after her on your own, then.
What do you call me for?

Yaser, don't raise your voice.

What's it got to do with you?

He's not seen me
getting angry yet, has he?

I'll go break that aquarium on your
and your dad's head, then. How about that?

Okay, what do you want me to do, now?

I don't even know how to hold a baby.
You want me to "look after her"?

Didn't I tell you on day one,
"Let's go abort her"?

I talked to a doctor,
I had the money ready.

You know my dad. If he gets wind of it,
I'll have to live in the streets.

You know how short-tempered he is.
What should I tell him?


I'm not asking you
to look after her forever.

It's just one night.

I can't trust anyone with her
other than you.

I know your dad.
I understand what you're saying.

Yaser, you're smart and resourceful.
You can find someone.

You know a lot of people through work.
You've been raised in Tehran.

You have a lot of friends.

You can find someone
to look after her for one night

We have, like, 2 hours max
to find someone to look after her.

We've been calling
some people since this morning,

but none of them was available.
You're our only hope, now.

If Yaser can't find anyone
in this big city,

how can we?

Look, Fereshteh
didn't want to come to you.

She knew you were busy yourself.

But I insisted on coming to you 'cause
I thought you'd understand the situation.

She can't hide her forever, though.

Have you had lunch?

That was the only thing
we never thought about.

Mohsen, can you please make 2
sausage sandwiches for us?

Do you want cheese with it, too?

Yeah, a lot of it.
Do you want ketchup on it, too?

- Ketchup, too. A lot of it.
- Will do.

Look at her.

- Her nose looks like yours.
- Leave me alone, for God's sake.

What? It doesn't look like Fereshteh's.
It looks like yours, then.

No, it doesn't.
Leave me alone.

Okay, don't act all overwhelmed.
Go on, hold her for a sec.

She smiled.

If I look after her tonight,

you're gonna ask me
to do it for another week.

No. You just look after her until tomorrow,
I promise you won't ever see me again.

Look, if my parents weren't
to come here on a last-minute decision,

I wouldn't even ask you.

How does her nose look like mine?

You have your lunch,
I'll go get a vehicle.


Look at this dipshit.

What the hell is this he's on?

I thought he was gonna
come back in a limousine or something

the way he said "vehicle".

Get on.

- Get on this?
- Yeah, what's wrong?

- It's dangerous, Yaser.
- Come on, get on. We'll be fine.

- What about the baby?
- She'll be fine, too, get on.

It's dangerous. We have
a baby with us, we'll take a cab.

I always use this,
we're gonna be fine.

- What do I with this bag?
- It's not far, just hold on to it.

- She'll catch a cold.
- Come on, get on. Come on.

- How far is it?
- It's close.

He just says
"close", but how close?

Come on, just get on and hold
on to the bag. Don't nag so much.

You have to ride slowly
so she won't get sick.

Okay. Just put her between me
you and so that she's covered.

Get on, come on.

- I can't. Help me.
- You can. Just put your leg around.

Oh, by the way, Fereshteh,
be careful,

they shouldn't know
anything about us where we're going.


It's very important.

Nadia is my mom's aunt's granddaughter.

And she's not reliable.

If she hears anything,

she's gonna make a lot more stuff up.

What do I tell her, then?

I told her
you're my friend's ex-girlfriend.

Is she herself gonna be around
to look after the baby tonight?

Yeah, otherwise,
I wouldn't be riding there.

- Yaser?
- What?

How about you call her again to confirm?

No need, I told you, it's okay, she'll
be around, I'm coming to make sure, too.

I'm not gonna leave you until I do.

It'll be okay. Don't worry.

I'm not like that to just leave you.
It's important for me to make sure.

How did she agree to
look after the baby tonight, though?

Well, I still have enough credibility
to make that happen.

Here she is.

What did you say her name was?

Nadia. But don't get all warm and
friendly with her. Call her Mrs. Razavi.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Thanks so much for agreeing to do this,
Mrs. Razavi.

They didn't know what to do tonight
if it wasn't for you. Thank you.

- No worries.
- Thank you so much.

- Can I talk to you for a sec?
- I have to go back to the store.

Dad's alone and he's
already called me

multiple times to ask
what this and that are.

Okay, but come here for a sec.

I'll be right back.

What a prick.

I really thought she's
one of his relatives.

What, my dear?

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Were you looking at this?
- Yes.

- Do you want it?
- Yes.

- Thank you, dear, thank you.
- You're welcome.

Nadia, thank you again. It's taken care of,
Mrs. Razavi will be looking after her.

Thank you so much.

- Can I go?
- Yeah.

- I can stay if you want.
- No, go.

- Thanks.
- Okay, let me know if there's something.

- Thank you. See you.
- Bye.

It's just tonight, right?

Yeah, just tonight.
I'll come and get her tomorrow.

- Is it safe here?
- Yeah, I'll be around myself.

Will you take her to the children's ward?

No, she's not sick. I'll take her
with me to the nurses' station.

If I take her to the children's ward,
all the legal process should be completed.

It's gonna get us into trouble.

She might even get sick, there.

Let's go back. Go back.

- What happened?
- Come here. Come. Come on.

The ward's manager shouldn't see you.
Wait here for a bit.

Do you have any cigarettes with you?

How shameless.

- Are you running away?
- From what?

From paying the hospital.

It's better you don't talk much under
oxygen. Trust me, I'm a doctor myself.

Do you have a cigarette, Doc?

I don't.

Oh, here.

- At least wait till you're back up.
- I'll think about it.

The ward's manager wasn't supposed
to be here today. You two should go.

Here. Enter your phone number.

Enter hers, too.

Okay, and you give me
your bank card number.

No need.

Need. You're doing us a big favor.
The second one is Fereshteh's.


Give me the baby and leave.

Oh, dear.

You can put her stuff there,
I'll pick it up.


Here. Be careful.

- Can you unzip this side please?
- Yeah.


Give her to me, don't worry about it.

Can you give her some milk
in 2 hours? It's in the bag.

Yeah. I'm a nurse,
I know how to take care of her.

Don't worry.

- Put this in there, too.
- Don't leave from this side.

There's an elevator on that side,
leave from there.

- Thank you.
- No worries. Bye.

Are you going to the bus station, now?

Yeah, they'll be here
in an hour or so.

They were close to Tehran,
last time I checked.

- Are you going back to the dorm?
- After I print out some stuff.

Let's do something.

You can come and print out
your stuff at my place,

and also, nag a bit in front
of my mom about where you should stay,

and that you don't have a place right now,
and that you don't feel comfortable

spending the night at your uncle's,
and that you have exams...

Okay, okay.

I'll make up a sob story so
that she'll pity me and cry.

so much sorrow and whatnot.

Yeah, a lot of tears.

Good plan.

- Okay, you can leave from here.
- See you at 8pm, then.

Okay, see you.
Go, now.

Thanks for everything. Bye.

Be a good girl,
don't worry about anything. Bye. Yes?

- Fereshteh! The ward's manager!
- What?

Come on. Come on.

- Where's the baby?
- Don't worry.

She's sleeping upstairs.
The ward's manager got wind of it.

I told him she's my niece,
but he didn't believe me.

- Do you have her ID with you?
- What for?

He said you can come and get her
after showing him her ID.

- How's that any of his business?
- He's the ward's manager.

Where should I get an ID, now?

- She doesn't have one, does she?
- No.

- What if we give him the money?
- He can't be bribed.

What should we do now, then?

She's sleeping here.

- Hello, Doctor.
- Hello.

This is Doctor Mahmoodi,
the ward's manager.

- Which one of you is her mother?
- Me.

Do you have her ID
or any other document?

I don't have her ID right now,
to be honest.

Go bring it, then.

She's sleeping for now.

Let him be done with work.
I'll send you in to talk to him.

He'll come around if you
talk to him personally.

She's right.
It's better you talk to him personally.

Go sit there, for now.

You can go in. Give her to me.

You can leave.

Close the door.

Take a seat.

- Where's her father?
- He's not in Tehran.

You're not from Tehran, are you?

I live in Tehran.

But you have some sort of an accent.

- I do?
- Sounds like it.

- Are you a student?
- No. I mean, yes.

Look, Doctor, I live in Resalat district.

It's the rush hour, right now.

It's gonna take a long time if
I wanna go and bring her ID.

What would you do if you were in my shoes?
How should I know you're really her mother?

I have a lot of photos.

From the moment she was born until now.

You have nice hair.

- Look, Mrs... Sorry, what was your name?
- Samadi.

- No, your first name.
- Fereshteh.


Look, dear Fereshteh.
I'm sure you're her mother.

But these photos
are not official documents.

I have a responsibility here.

What if I ask you to do me a favor?

- I did, though.
- How?

I didn't call the police.

I didn't tell them
someone has kidnapped a baby.

I didn't call Security
to tell on Mrs. Razavi.

So I did you a favor.


- Yes, what?
- Yes, you did me a favor.

But you know she's my kid.
Let me take her with me.

Nothing's gonna happen.

What if you take her with you
and you get in an accident?

The kid's dad will, then,
file a lawsuit against the hospital.

You know who's gonna
be the respondent? Me.

I'm the person responsible for this ward.
I'll have to deal with the consequences.

Look, I can come up with
some money until tomorrow...

Who said anything about money?

Look at me.
Look at me.

- Did I say anything about money?
- No.

How much would you come up with?

5 million tomans? 10?

You're saying my reputation
is only worth 10 million tomans to you?

If you wanna insult me,
that's not the way to do it.

- No, I didn't mean it like that.
- How did you mean it, then?

Look, Fereshteh.

I never let anyone come in here.

When I close the door, it gets locked
from the inside. No one can enter, anymore.

Do you know why?

'Cause everyone would come in here
and say things like that.

Let's assume they're being honest.

I can't manage this ward with words.


Everyone comes here to ask for help.
Just like you.

But no one helps me.

No one asks me,
"What do you want?".

What do you want?


Just some affection.

After that,
you can leave the kid here and go home.

You can come back tomorrow
and get her. She'll be fine.

- Is this door really locked?
- Always.

What if someone comes in...
to run something by you?

I run things by other people, here,
not vice versa.

My friend is waiting outside.

I'll go tell her to leave, and you
can answer your phone. I'll be right back.

Hello? Wait a sec.

- Bathroom is at the end of the hall.
- Okay.

- What happened?
- Doctor wants to talk to you.

I should change her diaper.

Come on, Atefeh.

Come on, let's go. Come on.

Come on, Atefeh.
Come on, come on.

This way.

Be careful not to slip.


Come here.

Where are you going, dear?

- We were leaving.
- Exit's that way.

I know. It's just...

we can't afford to pay the hospital.

You can't?

Get in the ambulance.
Come on.

You can get out, dear.

- Thank you so much, sir.
- No worries, my dear.

- You did us a favor. Thank you.
- Good luck. What a cute baby.

- What's her name?
- Sadaf.

- May God keep her safe for you.
- Thank you.

- Take care of yourselves.
- Bye.

- Thank you. Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.

- Has she returned the money?
- Not yet.

How much did you pay her?

All of what was left in my card.
850k tomans.

Call her and tell her to return it.


Hi, Dad.
How are you?

Have you arrived?

No, I haven't arrived yet.

I can't just leave, Dad.
Customer's paying for results.

Okay, that's fine.
You can give the cab driver

the address so that he
can take you to my place.

I'll be there in a bit, too.

No, I'm finishing up here.
I'll make it.

Okay. Okay, bye.

What did he say?

They will arrive in half an hour.

- Give me your cigarette.
- Again?

Hold on to her for a bit
and give me your cigarette.

I'm going crazy.

What, dear?


- How about we take her to the dorm?
- They're not gonna let a baby in.

- I know, but there should be a workaround.
- Guard's sitting at the entrance.

We'll get her in somehow.

What if she wakes up in the middle
of the night and starts crying?

No way she's gonna wake up after I give her
some milk and change her diaper.

Fereshteh, if they get wind of
it, we're gonna be

thrown out of the dorm and
expelled at the same time.

How will they get wind of it?

There's a syrup for her
that makes her sleep.

We'll give it to her
and it'll be fine.

So you've made a thorough plan, huh?

What do I do?
I'm out of ideas.

How do we get her in, though?

- Put in my backpack, too.
- I will.

I will put these around her
so that she won't move in there.


Put her head to this direction.

- This direction?
- Yeah.

Hold on to her head.

Be careful.

- No, don't zip it.
- I won't zip it to the end.

Okay, that's enough.
She'll suffocate, otherwise.

- That's enough, Atefeh.
- It's still too open, Fereshteh.

It should be open in front of her mouth.

Put this into your purse.
And take this off.

- A bit more, here.
- It's open.

- Hello, Mrs. Kazemi. How are you?
- Hello.

Is my roommate here?

- No, she's not.
- Can you please give me the key?

She's my guest.

Fill in this form, first.
And I need to see some ID please.

- Your ID card.
- Yeah, it's here.

Here you are.

Here's the form. Thank you.

Hey, ma'am?!

Come here for a second.

- Yes?
- This delivery is for you.

- Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.

No, don't open it yet.
There are cameras here.

What, dear?


What, my dear?
Sorry for that.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Atefeh, do you have any eggs?
- No, I don't.

Okay, thanks, anyway. Look, all the
girls have gathered in my room.

You're welcome to
join us, too, if you want.

Okay, I'll let you know
if I decide to come.

- Okay, bye.
- Bye.


You should leave, dear.
You'll be late.

Your phone is ringing.

It should be your parents.
They must've arrived.

This is her baby powder, okay?

She's already had some milk,
but she'll need more in 2 hours.

- Do you want me to make a bottle?
- I know how to do it.

Just be careful the
water is not too hot.

Test it on your hand
first, then give it to her.

If she starts whining, that means
you need to change her diaper.

Otherwise, she won't sleep.



This is the syrup I was talknig about.
If she drinks this, she'll surely sleep.

Okay, so there's that...

I'll give her the syrup after
she's had her milk

so that she won't wake up
in the middle of the night.

I've also left her a complete set
of clothes. With socks and all.

Just make sure you don't
have any headphones on.

Otherwise, you'll not hear
her if she starts crying.

I'm not out of my mind.

Okay, then, I'll leave.

Fereshteh, I'll look after her.
Don't worry.

Be careful, then.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Hi, Dad.

Have you arrived?

No, I'm still on the way.
I'm coming.

Okay. You can wait for me
by the stairs. I'll be there shortly.

Okay, bye.

Hello, Atefeh?

- I forgot something.
- Okay, go grab it and come out ASAP.

What happened?

Where are you going? Fereshteh?

Fereshteh, where are you going?

I'm talking to you.

Fereshteh, you took all my time
today since morning with the baby!

Why are you not talking?!

- Hi.
- Hi.


Whose baby is this?

Fereshteh, I'm talking to you.

Let's go upstairs.

Why is she not answering?

Translation and subtitles:
FeralCX for KG