Ta Ra Rum Pum (2007) - full transcript

When RV (Saif Ali Khan) is spotted by Harry (Jaaved Jaafery) the Manager of a failing Racing car team Speeding Saddles, everything changes for RV and the team - They shoot to the top. - the dream is complete when he meets Radhika (Rani Mukerji) and the 2 tie the knot - the world is at their feet. But when he meets with an accident, his world is turned upside down, he not only loses the edge on the track but everything he had once gained, the accolades, the fans, the money, the house the friends and the glory. It is now that his young family must help him fight his demons and get him back in the driving seat. The family struggles to survive a life that they are not used to - from a big house in a plush locality to the a run down apartment in the Bronx is not what RV wanted for his family - RV is on the road back but can he reclaim the glory for his family?

R.V. ... R.V. ... R.V. ...

R for ... ... Raj
V for ... ... Veer

R.V. ... R.V. ... R.V. ...

R.V. ... R.V. ... R.V. ...

R.V. ... R.V. ... R.V. ...

This is my papa!
The whole world calls him.. R.V.

He is the best... best... best racer in the

Do you want to know how
he became the best racer?

This is the same stadium where
my papa started his career.

But, not as a racer but
as a tyre changer!

Papa had not even completed his studies
when his parents passed away!

He had to leave the school
& thus started working.

And he became a tyre changer
in one of the racing team.

The fastest tyre changer
in the world!

With the biggest dream!

Just as seven dwarfs helped the snow white...

Mom helped Papa.

Papa turned to racer
from tyre changer.

When he met Mom.

lt's very funny story!

One day, Papa was
going somewhere.

He never follows any plan
in all the things he do!

Therefore, he is always late.

What the hell, men?
You are not men, you are late..

50th Broadway... .
Hey, listen are you new here?

ln America, the driver
sits ahead & passenger behind.

Oh my god! l'm seeing $ 100 for the first time,
since last 1 1/2 months.

See, the fare for Broadway
from here is $ 20.

Whatever is left is yours...
only when you'll allow me to drive!

When papa is in a rush, he trust only one
person's driving... Only himself!!

For this, no matter he has to give $ 1 00
instead of $ 20!

Do you have License?
- Hop in there!

But, drive carefully!

l'm the only cabbie here, who hasn't got any
ticket yet! Get it. - Got it!

Oolumbia University, 1 1 6th Street, Broadway.

Oabbie is already occupied, Madam.
- What?

l don't have time for this?

Hey... what are you doing?

Hey... the police will catch us.

What are you doing?

Superb driving!
l say break the record today itself.

You are Michael Schumacher!

lf l'll have time, l'll sue you guys with this!

l think you are right, buddy!
What buddy? l need to talk to you more...

Oh my god!

You flabby!


l'm sorry just...

You're beautiful!
l think l'm in love!!

l could hear some music.
- My i-pod.

Your i-pod!

What happened to it?
- Play & check.

lt's going on but not stopping.

Hey sister, do you know his value?
- $ 50!

l'm sorry.
- l am Harry.

And you are?

Thank god.
- Thank god!!

Your name is Thank god?
Radhika Shekhar Rai Banerjee.

ls it this much or more?

So, l would lovingly call you Radhika Shekhar
Rai Banerjee.

You call me happily or angrily but first you
come with me.

Wait... wait..wait..
Hey, wait.. - l'm getting late!

- Music class!

Hey dude, what is your problem, man?

Hey, come on. Leave this girl.
Time waste, money waste... Oome with Harry.

Now tell me your name?
- Rajveer Singh.

Therefore, sister left you & went away.

Rajveer Singh. Should be changed.

Hey, who are you to change my name?

Speeding saddles.
- Saddle?

The racing team.
- Oh! Speeding Saddles.

Same to same.

Hari Prasad Dhirubhai Patel,
team manager.

But, you can call me Harry Potter.

But, buddy! Your team...
Yes, not doing very well these days.

For that reason, l'm driving this taxi.

Even now, when a dream is shattered in New
York... A new taxi driver is born.

Most of the driver you see here...

some are doctor, lT whizkid, or some
Hollywood star.

Everybody saw a big dream! When it was
broken, everybody became taxi driver.

But, my man. You wait & see,
if everything goes right,

Harry will never drive a taxi. Ask why?

What else you'll do, Harry?

Actually, our teams winning racer
ran with my 1 3th girl friend.

Therefore, there was some tension.

Actually, just kidding! There wasn't 13th, as
it's unlucky.

Therefore, l jumped from 1 2th to 1 4th.

But, now Speeding Saddles
will be back to number 1 !

That's great!
You've found some new driver or what?

What a jokes!

How would be R.V.?

l don't know? l've never seen him.
ls he good? - ls he good!

My brother from another mother!
He is mind blowing!

This is the way, Mom & Papa met each other.

Not exactly, love at fiirst sight situation.
But, this is New York.

Here, love at first sight never happens.

Mom was learning music in New York. Mom
is the best best best piano player in the world!

Papa teases her by calling Atty-Fatty.
They could not ever become a couple.

But believe me, they did.

Ohamp & myself, are the proof.

Aunty Sasha, mom's best friend,
class mate & house mate.

All rolled into one.

Speed up!
- Oh, l'm already walking. l can't fly...

Don't know? Once you get up from the piano,
you are in a slow motion.

Damn, my i-pod!
Yeah, damn your i-pod!

l threw it so many times in the dust bin &
you take it out each time.

lt's like so uncool.

l've taken itjust 6 months ago.
Why should l throw it?

Then, why are you fighting with it?
Why isn't it stopping?

l bumped with a fool. He only felled it.
Like ugly bozo or good looking bozo?

Bozo like... nice bozo!
But, he broke my i-pod.

Okay, like... you repair this after the dinner.
See, we have only 1 hour to get ready.

What? Only one hour!
You are like, such an idiot like..

Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Oome on speed up!

No Harry, we already have Danny with us.
- Oome on, Billy.

As is Speeding Saddles will lose because of
him. lsn't it?

lt's not Seddles, Harry. lt's Saddles.

Okay, sorry!
Same to same.

My 7th girl friend always use to tell...

lt's not 7th but 8th.
ln fact, 7th could not even speak.

My 8th girl friend use to tell that...
East or West never rest until you find the best!

And the best, he is!

Best... He's best to drive only a taxi.
lndians are best only at that!

Fact is a fact...

Then, let's see who is fact &
who is defect.

Oan we have a race, between R.V. & Danny?
The one who is the winner, is our racer.

My 4th girl friend always use to tell me...
All right... all right. Let them race.


Warming up!
- Wasting time.

Oome on, Danny.

Harry... . Billy.

Don't he know to apply brakes?

Awesome... Awesome... Awesome

Where were you in my life, till now?
No problem, you've come now.

Everything is going to be awesome, now.

My 6th girl friend always use to tell...
What she used to say?

Very deep thought! You'll never understand.
Let it be.

You keep this. $ 5000 Oash, for 3 races.

lf your performance is better than you'll have
contract with Speed Saddles.

$ 5000!!

- Yes, it's a bit less but we'll increase it

What l'll do with so much money?

My 1 0th girl friend slapped me here.
Speak a bit louder.

What l'll do with so much money?
Okay, got it! Got it!

At least you keep some.

This is yours. Remember l'm the team

As is after watching your speed Billy have
started taking care of my money as well.

Are you sure?
Why are you exhibiting it? Keep it inside.

And always count it before taking cash..

Now, how could l count
before taking the cash?

You have to learn. You have a lot to learn.

Now, take $ 1 000 from it & come tomorrow
to Fast Track store at 8'o clock.

Not in the morning, is it?
- Then at night or what?

We need to buy racing gear &
after that a hair cut.

What's wrong with my hair?
You want to be a model or race driver?

Now, you need to rehearse. 1 1 'o clock sharp.

Early to bed & early to rise!

Don't tell me, your 8th girl friend.

Hey stop... stop.
Don't stop! Where are you going? - Home!

Are you crazy?
Now you'll come with me to celebrate.

What to celebrate?
- Firstly, l'm in love!

Radhika Shekhar... what was after that?
l-pod. - Yes, Rai Banerjee...

And number two, we gonna race!

Okay, sister has gone. Ohapter 1 closed!

Ohapter 2... race. When we'll win, we'll
celebrate then. Before that what party?

No...No. We'll party first because l got the
chance of race.

We'll party after race because we did race.

We are not going to lose.
We will party anyhow. Get it!

- Good.

Oome town please!

Party had already started.

Bethoven is amazing
but no Sariah is over rated.

Sariah was so better than him.

They have said the secret lies...
in the end it is wine..

Wine! Why don't say to wine?

l must also say that l don't know my wines?
Allow me. - Stand, l will order wine.

Why are you lying. Let him order the wine.

lf l'll not order, then he'll
start lecturing on wine.

l was supposed to carry on
with this crazy fellow..

What did l know that he'll be this way?
Look wise, he seems to be okay.

Well, when you've come here then, drink &
enjoy. But, not more than 2 glasses. Okay.

l'm trying to explain but, she insists.

That's great! l'm trying for the woman
who's able order her own wine. Excuse me!

Nobody could guess seeing Mom, that she is
a daughter of a very very big business man?

This one.
Mom is Mom!

ln terms of money, she is always careful.

Wine is ordered.

Mom ordered wine so that she could
get excitement in this dull party.

And Papa's apartment was small enough for
excitement! His party was rocking!

When Papa means friends.
lt does not means his friend?

Friend's friend!!

Friend's friend's friend!!!
And so on...

Mom always order very cheap wine.

And Papa spends money as is,
he is a emperor of New York!

Keep the change!
Distribute among the poors!!

Hey, you king! Who's poor, here?

Hey, Mr. Manager... chill!
lf he has taken, let him take away.

Aunty Sasha had warned Mom,
only 2 glasses.

But, thank god! Mom never listened to her.

Why we are sitting like a well behaved
children? Let's dance!

Hey, Stanley. Every time you keep

Don't you dance? Boring!

Dance is a very good exercise.
Oalf muscles... thigh muscles..

Hip muscles...

- Dance keeps the doctor away!

Radhika, this isn't a dance club? lt's a

Then, we'll make it one.

They'll throw us out from here.

Good idea! Then, we'll order some more wine.

Then, no one could throw us out.
You've already had 3 glasses of wine.

- Really.

Radhika... Radhika, no more wines. Okay.

Oan we go to the toilet, please?

Excuse us, boys.

Sasha baby, just chill. l'm not drunked!

Now, this is rocking!

Now, this is rocking!

- Hey!

And again.

How did you searched me?
When did l lose you either.

Didn't you recognize me?
- l do. Oabbie!!

Oabbie.. Oabbie. That's right.!

You know, l was thinking...
You don't dance or what?

All the time you yak..yak...yak

lt's only you... in my path..
lt's only you... in my vision!

My heart was about to lose, one day..
l saw you.. l loved you!

l searched you.. l got you! What was to
happen after getting you.. has happened!

Now, whatever happens...
whether you say, Yes or No.

Because now it's only you &
you in my heart forever!

Bring it on! Bring it on! Bring it on...
Ta Ra Rum Pum, forever!!

Bring it on! Bring it on! Bring it on...
Forever, O my love!!

Bring it on! Bring it on! Bring it on...
Ta Ra Rum Pum, forever!!

Bring it on! Bring it on! Bring it on...
Forever, O my love!!

Don't you even try, to get me...
You'll not be able to fetch me!

You'll roam around with a face that of a mad...
You'll not remain anywhere!

Now, whatever happens... whether you say,
Yes or No.

Because now it's only you & you in my heart

Bring it on! Bring it on! Bring it on...
Ta Ra Rum Pum, forever!!

Bring it on! Bring it on! Bring it on...
Forever, O my love!!

Bring it on! Bring it on! Bring it on...
Ta Ra Rum Pum, forever!!

Bring it on! Bring it on! Bring it on...
Forever, O my love!!

There are lot of guy's, in seek of me...
Why should l see you? Why?

Whatever distance is there between the sky &
earth... You consider l'm that too far!

Now, whatever happens...
whether you say, Yes or No.

Because now it's only you &
you in my heart forever!

Bring it on! Bring it on! Bring it on...
Ta Ra Rum Pum, forever!!

Bring it on! Bring it on! Bring it on...
Forever, O my love!!

Bring it on! Bring it on! Bring it on...
Ta Ra Rum Pum, forever!!

Bring it on! Bring it on! Bring it on...
Forever, O my love!!

lt's only you... in my path..
lt's only you... in my vision!

My heart was about to lose, one day..
l saw you.. l loved you!

l searched you.. l got you!

What was to happen after getting you.. has

Now, whatever happens...
whether you say, Yes or No.

Because now it's only you &
you in my heart forever!

Bring it on! Bring it on! Bring it on...
Ta Ra Rum Pum, forever!!

Bring it on! Bring it on! Bring it on...
Forever, O my love!!

Bring it on! Bring it on! Bring it on...
Ta Ra Rum Pum, forever!!

Bring it on! Bring it on! Bring it on...
Forever, O my love!!

Oome on. Open up!

lf you have money for the party.
You've not even paid the rent.

l'm gonna kill you!

Oh, Mummy!
Where's the rent? -Tonight!

- Broke!

Broken bones!

Surgery could do nothing,
now it's the time for it's funeral!

Radhika, sometimes
you seem to be too miser!

Damn, stupid.. Oabbie.
Hello... sat here without seeking permission.

Excuse me, how dare you!

This is please.. l'm in a big trouble. Okay.
Just 2 minutes.

Who are you?
- Who are you?

We are we. - No, not you. Who did speak
before you?

l didn't tell, l spoke.

Yeah, you. Say something.
- Something!

Oh! Say some thing else.

Doye mifa sola tino.

l couldn't understand even a word!

But, your voice... .
- Have heard earlier.

Even, l've heard your voice

And this is crazy!

And you guys are making me crazy.
Hey, get this away. - No, my landlord!

Where is he?
- This white T-shirt, big muscles,

tall, crazy looking guy.

ls there a tattoo?
- Yes, of a dragon.

He is standing behind you.

Excuse me!
- No.. No..No.

Excuse me! He is right here,
behind the magazine.

No..No, please.
Just kidding! He has left


Are you sure?
- Yeah, positive!

Hey, you!
lsn't it a magic!

Papa spent the whole money on the party.
There was nothing left to pay for the rent.

lf he had planned then how could he
have met Mom for the 3rd time.

l love Papa & his bad habits!

Radhika Shekhar.. what was after that?
Rai Banerjee, Oabbie.

- Of course, cabbie.

Don't you remember?
You broke my i-pod. $ 50.

$ 50? You use a very expensive i-pod!

He is the one?
- Yes, it's me.

Hey, yesterday night you were quite rocking!

Where did you disappear?
- Yesterday night?

Yesterday night, that... $ 50?

Oan you believe it, Shona! - Shona?
Yes, it means sweet, in Bengali.

Oh, really! l don't know Bengali at all.

And l've already researched
on Bong's (Bengali)

Banerjee is equal to Bong.
But, l'm not equal to Shona.

You are Bong, sweet and Shona.
You are equal to Shona.

So what? $ 50.

Shona, whenever we meet...
Your pocket is empty!

Yes. Why is it so...
Enough excuses, Oabbie.

l'm not a cabbie. l'm a racer!

You are a liar!
- Okay!

l'll prove it today evening. Do come on the
race track.

Why should l come?
lf you'll not come then, l'll lose the race.

l'll not come.
Look Shona, l got the opportunity to race

only after meeting you... . for the first time!

And after meeting you, l broke my i-pod,
For the first time!

You are my lucky charm!
You are my unlucky charm!!

You are asking her so sweetly &
she's like i-pod!

Forget her, l'll come.
Shall l forget her?

Excuse me... Harry! l got to go.

My i-pod!
- Hey, this one has broken down.

Do come to collect $ 50 to buy a new one,
today evening at New York Speed Way...

5 p.m. sharp. Bye!

How much time is left to 5 p.m.?
We are not going there.

But, he is so cute!
He is a liar & thief!

Have you come here to be
a model or a driver?

This is not a fashion show.
Now come & concentrate on the race.

How could l concentrate on the race?

There are 2 fast drivers in this race.
One is Mighty Mike & Joltin Jack.

Has Radhika come?
l don't believe that!

This is your first bloody race &
you are bothered of that i-pod!

Oome on, buddy! Ooncentrate.
Pay attention to the race.

Okay! Race...race...race.

Jackin Jolt & who was the other... Mickey

Mighty Mike & Joltin Jack.

Hello. See here & not there.

Let me see once..
whether she has come or not?

Oh my god, Harry!
So many people!

l can't do this!
- Shut up, Okay!

Even big sportsman, feel nervous
when they see such crowds!!

Look, you go... see your car, see your

See the tracks, see on your right track then on
the left. But, don't see the crowd!

Shona...what non-sense?

- Hi!

l knew you'll come.
This is my friend, Harry.

Hey, you mad Harry...

Why did you bring a Romeo to make him a
racer! Go & drive a taxi, as earlier..

Oome on, let's race!
Now, Radhika has come.r..

Will you race by walking?
Do sit in your car.

Speeding Saddles haven't won a race for
almost 2 years!

They'll be trying their luck this time with a
rookie R.V. Singh.

A pick stop pilot changer till now.
This is his first race.

Let's see how much he knew for Speeding

R.V... R.V... R.V...

Oheer, at least... when you've come here.

l've come to collect my $ 50.

You'll get it, once he wins!

Wow! He looks so hot in red, isn't he?

R.V... R.V... R.V...

R.V. if we lose this race then, Speeding
Saddles will be... ...

Ohill Bill. From today onwards, Speeding
Saddles will be...

Keep going... keep going!
Bye! Bye!!

Keep going... keep going!

Bye! Bye!!

Hey, Harry. This is fun!

l'll break your head.

lt's already 40 laps getting over.
Please come to change the tyres!!

Oome on...

Who is this guy & from
where he has come from?

Shona... Hey!!


R.V. there's a case at 2nd brim.
- l know.

l can't see further from it.w.

You get off from under the smoke.

What?? Are you sure?

Do as l say. You close your eyes & get the car

from the right side of the smoke.
- Okay, Harry!

Yes!! We did it, Harry!

Hey, Harry. What's this going on, man?

This is welcome to racing!

What are you doing? You just give the

That's called bump traffic. - Bump Traffic!

l think he'll do that.


l'm so sorry!

Hey, you drive carefully.
This car isn't of my father!


R.V... R.V... R.V...

You must be knowing..
l am fascinated upon you..V...

From the day l wished you..
l keep on flying in the winds!

You are in every moment...
You are in my today & tomorrow.

Hey Shona...

Hey Shona...

You must be knowing..
What's in my heart!

Okay, l'll tell you what l've never said..

You are in every moment...
You are in my today & tomorrow.

Hey Shona...
Hey Shona...

lf you even scold me, l feel love in it!
Don't know why?

Whatever l say to you, you feel affirmation!
Don't know why?

Leave all this & come closer to tell me...
...something of your heart!

Hey Shona...
Hey Shona...

Leaving everybody in this world,
l have loved, only You!

Even l've asked from this life... nothing
except you.

Now within this desire...
Now on this path only...

You are mine for the whole life!!

Hey Shona...
Hey Shona...

You must be knowing..
l am fascinated upon you..

From the day l wished you..
l keep on flying in the winds!

You are in every moment...
You are in my today & tomorrow.

Hey Shona...
Hey Shona...

Hey Shona...
Hey Shona...

Hey Shona...
Hey Shona...

This is of Tiffany's!
Yes, it is. But how did you know?

$ 50,000! No, $ 55,000!!

Man, you're just mind blowing!

Only at a glance of this ring, you guessed the
price, showroom.

You don't have money ton pay for your

From where did you buy this $ 55,000 ring?

Shona, my knees are paining.
l am holding this ring for quite sometime now?

First go & pay your apartments rent.
- Now?

Now, l don't have the money.

You spent the whole on it? - Not, exactly.
l have saved $ 50-$ 60. Will do for today.

lt's for today. What will you do for tomorrow?

Will you sell it to eat?
Never. This is for you.

l'll sell off this bed. - You...
Shona, l'm just kidding! Listen.

Tomorrow l am signing a sponsorship contract
with Aveo.

Once l sign the contract. First thing,
rent! l promise!


lf your tomorrow doesn't come then...

What was today with you, you lost!
Where have l? lt's still in my hands.

Tell me Yes or No.

l can't believe it. This mad fellow...

Shona... Shona... Listen to me.
Yes or No.

There's a race after 2 days therefore he is
taking an extra lap.

Only 5 minutes.

More practice...more race...

He is a very busy man!

When do he goes to college?
What he'll do now going to college?

Have he completed college? Arts Or Science?
He's never been to college!

You mean no college degree.

l mean when he is so successful, famous &
happy then what's the need of a degree?

Right. What's degree.
Just a piece of paper.

Oome on, Pa.
Don't be so sarcasm.

He's so popular?
Yes, especially with girls.

Don't you feel jealous?
- Yes, a bit.

But, l trust him!

So, how did you like my new car?
This car? - Yes, l purchased it right now.

lf you'll drive such an expensive car then
where will we stay after our marriage?

How can you be so irresponsible?

Do you ever think of where you should
spend your money?

Oockroach! Worry!!

Oome on R.V. Get serious.

Shona, chill now. There's no need to pay the
entire amount now.

Some now & some later.
lnstallments... monthly.

5 years. Ohill!

Pa... R.V.

Mr. Subha Shekhar Rai Banerjee.

Then, even l'll lovingly
call you Subha Shekhar...

Sorry, l mean Mr. Subha Shekhar... Subhu

Excuse me. l'm a bit nervous.
Plain in simple, shall l call you Pappa?

Pappa sounds good.

l like him.
- l knew it.

But, not that much so that
you get ready to marry him!

Who is telling you to marry?
R.V. is not fit for you.

Small name...small stature.

l'm not talking money.
l know that he is too rich & famous!

l'm talking of stature, here...

To become your life partner, one should have
At least, your level of intellectual.

He is different from you & me, but he
possesses intellect.

Oh, really!

From which car dealer he got it from?
Oome on, Pa.

Oome on, Radhika.

You are learning music here.
French, Russian, Elizabeth & Poetry.

World history, Mathematical logics.
These all are your intellects!

By learning all these your intellect has born.

What did he study?.

ln the name of literature... Sports page.

He knows only this much of Maths,
that he could calculate horse power.

And foreign language? May be he knows only
one word in ltalian - Ferrari.

But, l love him!
And he loves me!!

He loves you, today.
What about tomorrow?

He'll love me tomorrow as well, Pa.

Does he really thinks of tomorrow?
Today's race, today's victory...

You've always planned for tomorrow.

When you were just 1 0 years of age,
you've already planned to be a pianoist.

That l learned from you.
lt even was useful to me.

To live life in present moment & happiness.
l've learned from R.V.

Even that'll be useful sometimes.

Okay, then you enjoy this moment with him.
l understand. He is handsome, sportsman...

Have even earned money!

What's the need to get married?
- Pa?

Let's be frank.

l married your mother, after
a thorough thought.

But, before that l had dated 3-4 girls...

- Feelings?

l know. lt's strange to hear it.
Affair! Heaven affair!!

And forget this R.V.
- Enough!

Don't insult your son-in-law, anymore.
He is not my son-in-law.

He is my husband!
Have you gone mad!

Today, you are inventing him.
Tomorrow you'll repent.

Tomorrow, we are marrying!
lf you'll come, we'll be happy.

lf you'll not come then... you only taught,

whether pain
is given by own people or others...

one should move forward
leaving all sorrows behind.

l couldn't follow your every teachings but l'll
surely follow this. Tomorrow morning... at 10.

You Radhika...Shkhaaa...
lt's Radhika Rai... - Shona, short & sweet.

lt has to be a full name.
Radhika Shekhar Rai Banerjee.

Superb, uncle! Proceed further.

You take Rajveer Singh... be your lovely
wedding husband? Yes, l do. - Yes, l do too.

Oan we kiss, now!

Be a little patient. The formalities
haven't yet finished.

You take Radhika Shekhar... Hey, the bride
hasn't changed.

lf you take so much long name then the
couple will become old.

She said Radhika is fine.
- Fine!

Radhika is your lovely wedding wife.
Yes, l do.

And now l declare you man & wife.
Now the kiss! - Oontinue...

l'm not seeing anything...
my eyes shut!

Wedding ring?
- Harry...

- What??

How could you?
- lt's a jokes!! Here it is...

l don't think you should be kissing the bride
for having her at this speed!

You want to get out. You carry on...

This is our house!

The best best best house in the world!

Because here lives R.V., Shona, Ohamp
and Princess means myself.

Our family of four.

So this way, Papa from a tyre changer
became a super star racer!

How cute story, isn't it?
Just like a fairy tale!

R.V... R.V... . R.V...
R.V... R.V... . R.V...

You may not get the wind in the 2nd lap, but
the 4th lap would be against the wind.

My 9th girl friend used to tell - Harry, when the
wind is in the opposite direction,

Go win, cabbie!!

R.V... R.V... . R.V...
R.V... R.V... . R.V...

lt's 100 laps race, still 90 laps are remaining.
Don't burn out the tyres.

Where am l my fast, Harry, it seems others
are slow today!

l don't know what it is?

Harry, l'm coming into the pitt.

Get it, go...

R.V. be careful. Rusty Oar # 2 coming up...

Let it come, buddy! As is
l'm getting bored here...

Enough R.V. Stop fooling around!

Go R.V. Go kill him!!

R.V. move from the right.

Ohamp you remain with princess.
Princess you take care of champ.

Everything would be allright, Harry?

Then, what? R.V. is a fighter!

l know, but he has to fight more...

Doctors were saying, that they'd
rescan him again.

Doctors are fools! You don't bother.

l'm not doing it for myself.

Then, you & myself will bring
him back on the track.

ls it alright?

We'll definitely put him on the track.
Oome on Oabbie, fight...

Princess... . Ohamp...

Princess. - What?

Why did you bring him inside?
This is his house too.

No princess. This isn't his house.

This house does not belong to any of the dog.

We don't like dogs.
We don't like dogs.

l love dogs!

They are very dirty, they bark & wag their
tail... They are stupid!

They are stupid!
Daddy, l don't like dogs.

Daddy, please Bruno will live with us.

Okay. l vote.
No, No... . & Yes.

2 No's ... 1 Yes. We won!

Yeah, we win!!

Doggy out!!

That's not fair! Mamma...

Why do you'll got up so early to shout.

Oh my god!
- See what princess brought at home.

We don't like dogs.
- Why, Ohamp?

Dad, why don't we like dogs?

He's so cute!

From where did you get him?
We'll call him...Bruno!

No.. No. We'll not call him anything.

Please Shona, we don't like dogs.

You tell something..

Bruno will live with us. End of discussion..

He'll be hungry, poor one. You'll have

Oome on, princess. What shall we give him?

You want milk?

Ohics, l tell you!
- Yeah, man!

Doctors stated that R.V. couldn't race again.

But during the course of one year, R.V. fought
back with his ailment.

And today, R.V. is coming back to track to
challenge Rusty Flinton Stannes.

ln the past one year, Rusty has maintained
the number 1 position.

Lets see whether R.V. could retain his place
or not? Of course! What's the point in asking?

Whether he'll be able to defeat Rusty Flinton

But, expert feels that Rusty is no doubt the
number 1 racer.

Are you sure, you are ready to go back to the
race track?

All these stupid news channel!
You called me stupid?

What a dumb question you asked me...

Are you sure?
Of course!

l've been waiting for the whole one year!!

Daddy... Ohamp 1 st & Princess 2nd...

Oheater... cheater, he did not eat his seal.
Doesn't mean, l threw it.

Princess, show me your tongue.
- Okay.

Now you. - l'll not show.
lt's black! l lied!

Don't laugh. - Sorry.
Don't cheat! Very bad!

Hey, team..
Hey, Ohampy...

l'll teach you a latest trick. Okay...ready.

Oome on champ, let's go.
No, l want to learn this trick.

Oome, l'll teach you 2 tricks
till we reach the gate..

Okay, Harry.
- Even myself.

R.V. what's the rush?

Okay. Honestly tell me.. You are sure?

ls it black? No. l'm not telling a lie.

l'm sure l'll go.

Hey Oabbie!

Shut up! That was for me.

Go win, cabbie!

Doing good!... doing good!!

How far is R.V.?

R.V. Rusty is taking a lead from right side...

You take a lead from left side.

l am on the left side, driving...
Go left side.. R.V.

Okay, last lap R.V.
Go for it!

Blocking me, Harry.
l can't get through...

Oome on R.V.
You can overtake him!

Try R.V. only 700 meters is left.

What are you doing R.V.? What?

Shona... - l'm fine!
l'm fiine!

Hey...Shona don't worry.
l lost purposely... lf l would have won

in the 1st race after 1 year then everybody
must have said that l've fixed the race!

That R.V never loses!!
Now see, l'll break my record itself.

Hey. Okay. We are home...
Hi, guys!!

Daddy, we were racing with Bruno.
And Bruno won!

Bruno is a cheater.
Daddy, what happen to your race?

Tell me what is it in my left hand?
Books for me. - Wrong!

But, this is the right hand.
- Oops!

Tell me what is there in my right hand?
My car!


Daddy... race?
What happen?

Who'll play hide & seek?
Me... - l'll hide first.

How did l do?
lt's 90 seconds below your worst timings.

Okay, time me again.
One last time!

What a tragedy!

- Sir, Flinton Stannes is here to meet you.

Send him in.

Rocking in 2003!
l look aweful in this picture.

No, R.V. you look smashing!
- No. l don't think so...

Harry, is everything alright?
You are fired! - Don't kid me..

l'm not kidding! You are terminated form the

How could they remove me this way?

Billy said that he gave you chance for 10

BYou should have come 2nd or 3rd but
last in every race.

l know that l came last in 10 races but
l have come 1st in 50 races as well.

l'll speak to Billy.
- lt's of no use.

He'll not meet you.
Billy will not meet me??

Sorry, R.V. Boss is in the meeting.

Do hell with the contract.
Do hell with Speeding Saddles.

And do hell with Billy.

Oome on, let's go get up there...
You leave, l have some work.

What work you have here, now?
l'm the manager of this team.

R.V. is the team!
lf l'm not there, then what team?

Billy has signed Rusty!
Rusty! You are with Rusty?

What else l could do, R.V.?
Even l have a family.

Father has expired. l have 3 sisters.
l need to send money home...

Even l have some compulsion, buddy....

l'm sorry, R.V.
l can't leave this job!

Where am l telling you to retire..
We'll make our own team.

We'll get the investor in no time...

lnvestor could give you
money, not speed!

Look, l know that my
speed is decreased a bit.

Okay, you are there... you can solve this

What else am l doing for the last 3 months?
Your problem could not be recuperated.

Every sportsman go higher... higher & peaks.
And then everything...

The one is wise who retires before anything

Listen to me. You retire... gracefully.
Everybody will forget 1 0 races!

But, will remember Speed king!

Hang on! Hang on! You are Speeding
Saddles manager speaking.

You fear that l'll be back on the tracks & that
l'll defeat Rusty.

For this you are telling me to retire.

Any team would hire me at once & then
we'll meet again at the tracks... as a rivals!

Then l'll show you, how
much speed is still left in me!

Then l'll show you, how much speed is still left
in me!

You are my brother, that's why l am advising

Just shut up!

lf there is any sorrow...
You do not worry at all.

Ta Ra Ra Ra Rum
Ta Ra Ra Rum Pum...

lf you have the trust, then
joy is about to come!

Ta Ra Ra Ra Rum
Ta Ra Ra Rum Pum...

lf there's night, then there is morning too! lf
journey is there, then there is destination too!

We sing smilingly in front of sorrows...

Ta Ra Ra Ra Rum
Ta Ra Ra Rum Pum...

Hey, stop... stop! What you guys are doing?
Where are you taking my car?

We came along to take back your car.

lt's been one whole year.
We've not earn a single dollar atleast.

Bank balance is almost zero.
All credits are cancelled..

We are lucky that our phone's are still

We are still getting water & electricity.

However, even these will be of no use ahead.
- Why?

House loans... installments for 6 months.
So, what's the big deal?

We could sell some of our things...
We can't sell!

Nothing is ours. All are purchased either on
loan or credit card.

These furniture, carpet, curtains, our clothes,
your suit. Even your shoes too.

Okay. l agree that we've taken all the things
on loan.

But, sometimes there's delay while repaying.
So, they'll not remove us from the house?

They can't do that?

lf there's anything short in life or
lf there's a bit of tear in your eyes...

You keep yourself happy but never lose to the
world. Don't fear at all & don't remain allay!

Smilingly tell the whole world...
... that happy day's will surely come back

& this season will surely change!!

Ta Ra Ra Ra Rum
Ta Ra Ra Rum Pum...

Yeah. We have become poor!
To become poor is a bad thing.

Daddy, l don't want to be poor.

lt's not a bad thing.
lt's a bit difficult but there's nothing

wrong in being a poor.

But, if l'm poor then l'll have to leave the
school. l'll have to leave Mrs.Peggy.

You don't have to leave her, never

We only need to do acting of being poor.

lt's like a game!
Right? - Yes.

Yeah, lt's a game! lt's a game!

Which game? - lt's called
'Don't worry... be happy'

What type of a game is this?
- lt's a reality game!

For T.V.
- We'll come on T.V.


What does reliaity show means?
lt's reality & not reliaity.

There are separate teams in it.
They have to stay at some weird place.

Say, some island, holiday towers or a jungle.

There are hidden cameras,
which shoots every team.

Then, the best team is the winner! Simple.

Where we have to live?

ln a small house, just like poor people lives
in.. And we'll have only $ 2000.

But, we'll never be sad. This way...

Someone might be watching us
from the hidden camera.

lf anyone sees us this way...
then we are out!

We need to remain happy... always!
This way...

And the team which remains happy for the
most number

of days in $ 2000, will be the winners!!

Okay. Who'll play 'Don't worry, Be happy'
Promise me it's a game & school...

You'll not have to leave school. l promise!

Show your tongue.
Black or Pink? - Pink.

lf any storm comes, let it come...
The lamp in your heart shouldn't go off!

Let there be black nights...
Let there be any talks...

We need to keep moving!
Whatever problem comes...

our heart shouldn't fear it!
This is what we say...

lf these black clouds have come across for a
few moment...

The sunshine never keeps on moderate!!

We'll soon return, Mom?

Yes. As soon as the game is over, we'll return
to our home.

Home sweet home!

Ta Ra Ra Ra Rum
Ta Ra Ra Rum Pum...

Good Morning!
Oould you tell me where...

Your morning must be good.
For most of them is bad!

Then too they say, good!

First you make sure, then tell.
Okay, never mind!

Would you tell me where's building # 21 6?

Why do we tell you? - Why should we tell
you? And what we'll get, if we tell also...


What else you want?
- lt's empty...

$ 3 for direction? We are left with $ 1 997...
Daddy, this way we'll lose!

Look, we lost $ 3 by saving $10.

Or else we could be roaming from this
building to that...

Even now we are roaming!
Excuse me, pull over...please.

Excuse me, can you tell me where's building
# 216 is?

Daddy, we are back here again.


- No, R.V.

Bruno, come here Bruno.

Hey, don't worry. They're all playing the game.

But, knife?
- Toy knife!.

They are trying to scare us. What Mama?
Yes, so that we are out!

But, are we stupid to get out of fear?
l'm not stupid. -Yes, you are not!

But, we have to be very careful! Every other
team will seek to get other team out.

Where are the cameras here?
- Oould be hidden anywhere.

Look...look, camera. l'm not crying... l'm

Hey, champ!

Hey... welcome, welcome!
Top? Middle.

He means to say, whether
you stay at the top floor.

We are not middle class, but we stay on
middle floor.

Such a sweet childrens. Very nice!

Even ours is not that bad! He's ours.

You must be from lndia?
Manhatten, actually.

- What's a big deal in it?

Even my brother stays at Manhatten.
Now, he is a green card holder!

He is permanently set now.

But, from Manhatten... here??

What's there to ask & what
you have to do with it?

May be he has lost his job.

He's an engineer, computer... l know.

Today job, tomorrow vanish! Manhatten..

Therefore, my business is good.

Myself, Mr. Pandya... a cabbie.
lf you want a taxi, do tell me.

Direct mobile... top floor, top business.

l think we should go somewhere else.

We just now printed it. lf you'll give this way
to anybody... who'll pay for it? Your father?

Now, come on move.
Come, son.

Get side, sister...
What sort of people come here...

Come on, Bruno. Come on.
Hey, champ first!

Bruno, sit down...
sit down.

Bruno, sit down...
sit down.

Where is our room?
- Over here. And yours?

Yours, mine... everybody's.
You mean one room for 5 peoples?

Yes, all in one room... super fun!
Right? - Wrong!

Now, l could myself tie a pony too.
See, l need my room.

There's only one room &
everybody will share it!

l don't want to
- Even, l don't want to. We'll go back.

And reality show?
- We don't want to play.

Come on, Princess.

But, l've told my friends,
that we'll come on T.V.

See, you come or not. We are going. lsn't it?

Fine. Champ & myself will play.
We'll be stars!

Don't come to seek our autograph.
That too, crying!

And the super prize we'll get.
We'll not share it either.

Prize? What prize?

Oh! Who cares? l can't stay in this ware
house for any stupid prize?

Oh! Hoity-Toity!


Princess, are you coming?
- No. Fine! Bye!

Come on daddy, it will be fun!

We will stay in one room.
- Promise! Promise.

lf you don't have any fun then, l'm going back.

Till we don't win this game, you can't go.


Wow! Even l want to play with it.

Hey, Champ. Shall l show you one trick.
Show me the trick, not to Champ.

Let's see how fast you clean the kitchen?
And l'll attack this room.

Nice! They've slept...
Both got very scared, aren't they?

No. Both are very brave... . just like me!

We should have searched more for the room.

We should have got a room
in some better area...

Their daddy too was brought
up in such area itself.

Everyday they'll see action...
and will become tough!

Daddy, no water!
How could l go to school without bathing?

You bath everyday, Princess.
You can skip one day.

No bath...no bath..

No Mom. No bath... No school.

No school... No school.

Okay guys. Take out your swimming costume.

What? - Swimming costume!

lf you wish, it would rain even
in bright sun light!

lf it's your wish, even flowers would blossom!!

Nachle ve... Nachle ve...
Nachle ve... Nachle ve...

Nachle ve...

Even you Nachle ve...
Even you Nachle ve...

lf you wish, the winds will too
sing song on you!

lf you wish, even the stars would go across
your way!

Nachle ve... Nachle ve...
Nachle ve... Nachle ve...

Even you Nachle ve...
Nachle ve... Nachle ve...

Even you Nachle ve...
Nachle ve... Nachle ve...

l can talk cars...
l can walk cars... ln fact, l myself am a car!

No degree. l'm so sorry, Ma'm.

Without degree, it's not possible!

You need to have any
degree such as M-Tech or MBA.

Nachle ve... Nachle ve...
Even you Nachle ve...

You keep singing softly some song, with fun!
You keep smiling even on high & low path.

Sister listen, you decorate your dreams...
And then you show this dream to everybody..

There's nothing impossible for you, here!
Life without fun, is no life at all!

Nachle ve... Nachle ve...
Even you Nachle ve...

lf you wish, the winds will too sing song on

lf you wish, even the stars would go across
your way!

The whole of the sky would bow down to you!!

Nachle ve... Nachle ve...
Nachle ve... Nachle ve...

Even you Nachle ve...
Nachle ve... Nachle ve... ...

From inside, you are still a racer.
This job doesn't suits you.

Sir, l don't have any problem.
Please leave.

There's neither a vacancy nor a piano.
lf l keep you, then l've to buy a piano.

Sorry, Ma'm.

Why should we fear?
Whatever problem occurs...

For every difficulty there's always
an answer to it!

Live your life just as this moment,
This moment of your life,

consider this to be your fiirst moment!

Enjoy... hold on... with fun! Once the season
passes, it does not come back!

Nachle ve... Nachle ve...
Nachle ve... Nachle ve...

Even you Nachle ve...
Nachle ve... Nachle ve...

lf you wish, the winds will
too sing song on you!

lf you wish, even the stars
would go across your way!

The whole of the sky
would bow down to you!!

Nachle ve... Nachle ve...
Nachle ve... Nachle ve...

Even you Nachle ve...
Nachle ve... Nachle ve...


Hey, thanks R.V.
Thanks to you, Buddy!

lf for another race too...
l can't promise but, lf there's a need l will...

This $ 500! But, it's $ 200 for tyre changer.

The remaining $ 300 is yours.
You return me afterwards.

Remember when we both were tyre changer,

l needed some money and you gave me

l needed some money and you gave me
whatever was there in your pocket.

You didn't even count. - Didn't count too?
And you didn't asked for it again.

And l forgot it too. ldiot!

Many a times, l thought of returning it to you.

Then, l thought that you became a super star
in only one race!

Over here, only in one race...
Anyway. Thanks for this, buddy!

Where are you taking me?
Today, we'll eat lunch.

Cabbie, you've finally got a job!
Not a job. But...

Then, where did this come from?

You changed tyre for this?

Even you too in noisy birthday parties,

in depressing funerals, in crowded hotel
lobbies... plays piano for this only.

But, you are R.V.
-And you?

You are the greatest piano
player in this world!

And it is because of me, you have to play...
in search stupid places.

l'm sorry...

So, what would you like to eat?
Cake, pastry... hamburger!

- Nothing!

This money is going to school fee account.

You'll play the piano, without any food?

l need to accumulate $ 3000
for the school fees. l know.

And how much time do we have? - 30 days!

l remember.
- Good! Every cent counts!

But, listen to what l am saying.!

We had promised Princess & Champ...
Shall we break it? - Of course! Not.

Then, leave the lunch & let me go.

lf l'll take a break of more than 1 5 minutes,
they'll deduct money of 1 hour.

Let's go!

Come on Champ, Princess is coming 1 st.
l don't want to come 1st.

lf it was a pizza, then l would have come 1 st.

Who is not eating the food? - Mommy!
What happen to you? How did you get hurt?

Actually, l...

When Princess was in school, she..
Princess hit Suzen left & a right...

Princess, you never fight!

Why did Suzen say that there's no
reality show called 'Don't worry, be happy'?

ls it paining too much?
- No, it's a scrtatch!

Tell me, why did Suzen said so?
Tell me, Mom.

Okay. Ready for a race!

Champ in a BMW & Princess in a FERRARl
Ahead on the starting line...

Who'll first cross the finishing line?

ls it Champ or Princess?

Oh my god! lt's really close.

Champ is the champ. Champ wins!!
Hey, l won!

And the BMW wins the German...

Mom, aren't you eating? l'm so full. l had
taken my lunch very late, today.

You'll eat!

Daddy? - l ate later than Mom.
See, till now l'm getting the blurp..

- Sorry.

Daddy, Do you want teacher party?
No, you eat it. l don't want.

Well in that case... Take it Bruno!

Princess, l thought you were going to eat.

You gave it to him... to this dog!

Just now he ate full stomach.

lt wasn't full. See, how he ate it at once.

Even l could have done that.

Daddy, Don't happy, be worried!

He is sleeping after eating my Roti (wheat


Listen you, l have not brought you here to
play games.

This is it. Bye!

Good-Bye... Forever!

Get it! You didn't get it, do you?

lt's quite simple. There are 2 choices.

Either to send Champ & princess to their
desired school or to keep you with us.

To feed you out of our share.

Anyways, what would you've choosed
if you were at my place?

You would have choosed your puppies.

So, even l'm choosing my childrens.

Look man, you are a dog.
You could manage somehow for your food!

Now, l'm going to my home & you go
wherever you please to.

Okay. Understand!
Fetch this one...

Bruno... Bruno..
Mom, Bruno is not in the bathroom too.

Daddy, get up! - What?

Don't know where Bruno has gone?

He is not in the house.
Don't cry!

Get up. We need to go & search Bruno.

Can't we search him on Monday?
Today is Sunday!


Daddy, Bruno...

Hey Champ, it's okay! lt's okay!
He'll be found.

Bruno... Bruno..


- Champy!!

Where did you get him?

Hey, he saw me & came with me.

l was searching your house when...
suddenly l heard his barking.

Hey, hey.. he is a magician!
l saw backwards & it was Rambo!

Bruno, Uncle Harry.

He was jogging like a Rambo in the park...
l asked him, where is Princess?

Rambo told me to wait till he finishes his
jogging. After which he'll bring me here.

Harry... always at the right place
at the right time.

R.V. see who did Bruno bring him with?

Who'll take Bruno for a walk downtairs?
Me, Champ!

Come, Harry.

You've become very thin!
Are you dieting?

Hey, don't do it. lt's not good.

My 8th girl friend always used to tell that
one should remain on a very light diet.

The moment light goes on,
one should start eating...

lt seems you are on the same diet.
How fat you've become!

Or you don't need to run after R.V.
ls it because of this reason?

Exactly. That time due to his late arrival,
neither l got hungry nor l used to get sleep.

Radhika... R.V... l have brought for you...
We don't want it.

Let me complete...
You bought Bruno, thanks for that!

We don't want anything else.
Atleast listen to me... - Didn't you hear?

We don't need any help.
We are alright!

Then, why are you saying so slowly?
Okay, fine. We have problems!!

But... - You don't want my help!

Very good! - Because l work with Rusty.

How come you've become so intelligent?!

This means l shouldn't be at your house?
Finally! l am tired of giving you hints!

R.V. Come on.
Harry, please listen...

Let him go!

Saw our condition, now go & laugh.
Oh, Shut up!

l've brought this... my taxi license.
l didn't want to humiliate you by giving money.

l took great care of it.

Don't know when dreams are shattered &
again l've to drive a taxi.

My dream has not broken, yet.
How much you & Billy will try. Try it.

He was just trying to help us.

Help? He was laughing at me? He was telling
me that my days of race are over!

And that l could drive only a taxi, now!
Help. My foot!

What's wrong in driving a Taxi?
lt's all wrong!

l'll do everything but l'll not drive a taxi.

What do you mean by, everything?
Only 30 days are left.

Then what?

Whatever l get, that goes for rent, food bills,
electricity & subway tickets.

From where will we bring school fees?
From anywhere? l'll manage.

Come on, R.V. Lets be real!
Or you forget promise?

Should have told Princess that she
have to go in another school. - No!

We'll find the way.
- This is the way!

How diffiicult it is to get a New York license?

lt's not free. One has to spend thousands
of dollars to get it.

Why can't you drive?

l could go back & change tyres.
l could deliver Pizzas.

l could even wash utensils in a restaurant.
l could do anything, but l can't drive a taxi.

Because l drive only to race!

l couldn't beg from the
passengers holding my hands.

Where is the question ofjoining hands?
You'll not understand...

l'll not drive a taxi & that's final!

Hey, everybody!
No hanging around the corridor.

Get in the cafeteria.

No hanging around the corridor.
Come this way...

Get in the cafeteria.

Princess, l need Burger, chips, slice & do-
nuts. We'll not eat lunch!

We'll eat...We'll eat...

No Champ, we'll not eat.
But, why?

Very hungry?

Champ, do you want to leave this school
& go to some other school?

So, Mom & Dad... could not give the school

We'll put this lunch money in piggy bag.

Then, within few days we'll have so many
dollars. And then we'll pay the school fees.

Only one do-nut...please.

What else? - No. That's all.

lt's okay. You finish it off.

Now we don't need to change the school.

Hey, what happens after skipping one lunch.
You stupid! l'm not stupid! - Sorry.

You are smart. Aren't you?

Then don't tell Mom & Dad that
we skip our lunch!

They'll get upset. Didn't they?

This is Champ & Princess secret. Promise!

Cross my heart & hope to die!

Avagabond plays the chord &
goes on singing...

Life is a thread and it gets entangle further... .

Sorrows are never sought out easily,
Heart is such that even then it tries to

resolve things around...

The duty of the traveler is
to move & move ahead...

Saiyaan Ve...Saaiyaan Ve...
Listen... Saaiyaan Ve...

A bird collects bit by bit...
And this way build their nest.

Even you collect morsel
to build your home too...

Drop by drop converts into a sea...
Thread by thread becomes a blanket...

Even you too embellish your dreams!!

The one who yield the garden, is sure to get

The duty of the traveler is to move & move

Saiyaan Ve...Saaiyaan Ve...
Listen... Saaiyaan Ve...

The days are difficult as the mountains...
Even the nights are diminishing as well.

You seem to think, how this path will get

All the ways are strange, in which your eyes
search me.

Such a moment comes & get obligated
You seem to wander every nook & corner...

Making your heart understand...

The duty of the traveler is to move & move

Saiyaan Ve...Saaiyaan Ve...
Listen... Saaiyaan Ve...

Radhika, come & sit in the car.

Radhika... l'll drop you at your house.

My house is too far for you.se.

Come on. Don't give me excuses, now.

What do you mean by NOW?

Now you have already married him.
And today you are in financial crisis.

Then, why this hesitation.

You could have called me up.
l would have sent the tickets for you.

You along with your children
could have come to me.

And of course, that racer too!!

l would have made some phone calls.
He could easily get a job!

l told you that this man couldn't think of

lf he would have thought...

Anyways. There's no point in repenting now!

Hey, what are you doing this?
lt is $ 50,000 cheque!

So, how's work?

Recently, l read that you've overtaken a new
company. Congrats!

Now, your company has grown 4th largest
data base consultant.

And is it the 3rd largets?

Now, what wrong did l do?
- Nothing.

Nor you... or anyone.

Should l write another cheque?

Let me help you? - l don't need help!
Everything is fine!

Oh yeah, Everything is fine and you are
traveling in a bus.

What condition that racer has made of yours!

Rajveer Singh. Please take his name with
respect Mr. Banerjee.

He is my husband.

Best husband, best father, best racer... He
could very well take of myself & my childrens.

We don't want anybody's help.
Thank you.

You tore the cheque! Why?

Mr. Banerjee wanted to prove that
l've married a useless, irresponsible man!

By giving $ 50,000... he was about to buy
the right of your insult!

So, what?
You should have allowed him to insult me!

He would have insulted me.
l have no problem!

He should give the cheques this way &
l'll get myself insulted again & again.

For every $ 50,000... he could
insult me for 2 hours.

And after giving 4 cheques, one week insult
time free!

You get insulted, you don't feel bad for it.
But, l cannot tolerate my husband's insult.

Listen, it's for them.
You could have tolerated a little.

l've told my father that you are there to take
care of us! We don't want anybody's help.

Did l say the right thing?
Yes. l'm there.

$ 650 in 2 days... how could l arrange?

l've to get to the airport in 30 minutes.

l'm sorry, Ma'm. l'm a cab driver & this is the
road, not a race-track!

l'll pay you $ 300.
- lt's impossible!

$ 500 - What?
$ 600 - Last offer!

l missed my flight.
lf you've bought me here on time,

you could have got full $ 600

You know what, l'm giving you $ 50 just for
caring so much!

lt's $ 5 & 25 cents.

Even the quarters are yours. Okay!

What will l do with this, Pandey?

Hey, Chottu. Come here.

Not now. l don't want to listen to any of your
joke. l'm feeling sleepy!

lt's notjoke, in fact a serious matter!

What happen?
Our R.V.'s daughter is in the hospital.

What happen R.V. brother?
She got wet in the rains, yesterday night.

And she got pneumonia.

Hey, pneumonia could affect the lungs too.
We need your help & not diagnosis.

Give the money.

Binny, Khan, Suleman, everybody come here.

What's this? $ 5...
Hey, he seeks help not alms!

Add $ 15 more.
Hey, Venkat... - Yes.

Suddenly, rain started & she caught hold of
pneumonia. Everything will be fiine!

After discharge, get her to my house.

She'll play with my daughter.

Hey, chill dude.
lf you have this money, give back to us.

lf not, then double chill!

Now, you don't need to leave your school,

Happy birthday, Champ!!

Okay, now listen up.
We're going to tell you a story.

Story about 4 guys!
Ta, Ra, Ma & Pa...

lf Ta falls... Ra gives him support.
Ma understands signs of Pa, quickly.

lf this Ta... Ra & Ma.. Pa get together then...
Everybody could hear this melody...

Ta Ra Ra Rum Pum...
Ta Ra Ra Rum Pum...

Ta.. one day smilingly say to Ra..
That you too know that Pa loves Ma?

lf this Ta...Ra & this Ma.. Pa get
together then...

They could teach the whole world to love...

Ta Ra Ra Rum Pum...
Ta Ra Ra Rum Pum...

Ta is always curious to know the whereabouts
of Ra. Ma also goes only there where, Pa is.

lf this Ta...Ra & this Ma.. Pa get together

lf everybody together says that whatever

Ta Ra Ra Rum Pum...
Ta Ra Ra Rum Pum...

Hey R.V. How's your daughter now?

Whose daughter is fine? - His.
Then, why did he ask you?

Hey, who knows?
You know these taxi drivers...

These poor guys drives taxi for the
whole day & at night...

Hey, R.V. they have discharged very early.
Very good! Now, let her take some rest.

Make her eat fruits & if you want any help,
Do call me. Okay! Good night.

How intelligent the parents are...

The girl is been just now discharged,

Neither they have made her wear
a sweater nor any cap.

Now, they'll blame the doctor for not giving
proper medicine.

Again, she caught pneumonia.

Come on Shona, don't pay attention
to their talks...

Shona...Don't Shona me.

l'll return their money.
ln fact, l was about to...

We have only $ 1 000 only.
$ 1 000! Now after all this also...

They have given this amount on their own.
l've not put a gun & forced them to give!

You'll do even that. The person who could lie
of his own daughter...

Could do anything.

You can even murder anybody. - Murder!

Me, have you ever seen me killing a

You know for whom did l lie.
Fine. l'll tell all of them the truth.?

After that we need not have to lie anymore.
Atleast not for the sake of them.

Radhika, don't. They'll awake.

Princess, now listen carefully.
Reality show... a lie.

Hidden Camera... a lie.
No game is there.

We are poor.
Really very very poor!

Stay out of this!
Forget Mrs. Peggy,

Forget your school,
You'll not go to that school from tomorrow!

Otherwise, your daddy will lie, steal.!

And if he isn't satisfied with this much
then he'll murder too.

Don't touch me!
Don't come near me!

Pa was right!
He has said that l'll repent...

R.V. you are small man just as your name.
Wake up, Champ.

Don't you want to listen, from where did
Daddy bring money for your birthday party?

He cheated simple & honest people.
He stole their money.

Champ!! Mummy...Mummy.

Champ. Get up!

What did you eat in your lunch?

What do you mean by nothing?

Sweet heart, the first thing Doctor
would ask is what did Champ eat?

Please try to remember..

We both did not have our lunch. - Why?

We had to collect money ton pay our fees!
For what?

We were aware that we are poor,
right from the beginning.

Therefore, we started saving our lunch

The idea of not eating lunch was min

Please don't scold Champ.

lt's my fault!
- No. Princess.

lt isn't your fault.
lt isn't anybody fault!

Don't worry everything would be fine!

Hurry up! Please.

Radhika, you've come.

l need to talk.
How's Champ? He's fiine.

You want to go inside & hold his hand?

$ 65,000!!?

$ 65,000... from where we'll bring this much

What's there? You do have
lnsurance, don't you? No.

Today is maximum.
We want table holding as long it matters.

We can't depend on the
wins of the racer, do we?

lt's been on my mind for sometime.

Getting into sports...

Brand Billy.
- That's right!

Hey, let him come in.
R.V. What happen?

R.V... . R.V... R.V...

Where have you vanished old boy?
Where were you all these days?

Come...Come...Come. Join us.

You badly need a drink.
- No.

l need money! - Money!
Everybody needs money!

But, you have it.
That too in plenty!

And l have nothing!
What do l have?

How do you say that?

By flowing blood & sweat, one could manage
food for twice a day. That's all!

My son is in the hospital.
He has eaten something in the school.

Don't know how, a piece of
glass enter his belly?

He is critical!
- How much do you need R.V

How much money do you need?
$ 65,000!

That's a lots of money, R.V.

l don't have that much money but,
l could contribute $ 1 00.

l could do better than that... $ 200.

Okay. Take it!

l need $ 65,000, Billy!
Rusty calls me Mr. Bhatia.

Rusty can go...

Mr. Bhatia, l'm asking you for a loan!
And l'm ready to do anything for it.

Washing, cleaning, servicing...
l'll become your slave!


l don't know what more l could do R.V.?
Okay, l'll make it $ 300.

lt's impossible anything more than this.

Tell me one thing, most of them are known by
you. Why don't you ask them?

Everybody will contribute little by little &
you'll be in business.

Let me do it for you.

Hey guys, our friend R.V. needs some cash
for his son's operation!

So, can you all contribute?
Please pitch in & help him out. Thank you.

Well, l have given the opening speech too.

Now, go to each of them and...
- Beg!

This suit, this cigar and this $ 50 drink...
Could be snatched in a moment, Billy.

Just the way, it happened to me!

Take care of this Billy. Don't know when
you've to come to me... to Beg!

Now, we'll meet at the race track!

And who will win... You?

To win, one needs courage!

That's right Billy.

When l started losing, l lost courage as well.

When l lost courage, l did cheat... the ones
who helped me.

And today, l came to beg.

lf you wouldn't have insulted me.

l wouldn't have come to know that
how much l've fallen...

My wife, my children consider me as their

They consider me as Best husband,
best father & best racer.

And today, for them l'll become & show that
l'm the best!

R.V... .
Don't waste time, Harry!

R.V.'s chapter is over!

ln fact, my dignity was over under your
money & my compulsion.

lf l'll not go now, l'll be fiinished!.

Go & don't ever come back to Speeding
Saddles again.

Hey, your Speeding Saddles...

Now you see,

How we will tear Speeding Saddles
that you'll not be able to even stitch it!

R.V... . R.V... Listen.

l don't have the time to listen to your
nonsense lecture.

Now, listen to me, please.

l'm not father of Champ.

But, when he was born l took him into
my arms before you.

You were at the race!

l don't have plenty of money with me.

But, l have $1 0000 which is only required
to register in the race!

But, l have $1 0000 which is only required
to register in the race!

You only said that we'll make our own team.

Then come, let's show Speeding Saddles
it's actual place.

Today, we'll both win!

You & me, both Champs!!

Team has been registered.
We've got entry in the race.

Chevorlet has even given us the car!

All set! -And pit crew?
l said, All set!

lyer, Jaggu, Khan Saheb...

Please forgive me.
l'm really sorry!

Chill dude, don't say anything.
We know that you did a wrong thing.

But, why did you do it, we even know that.
So, double chill!

And myself, Pandya.
l am your team manager!

Now you don't think about
anything except the race!

And the rest recovery, we'll manage.

lt's New York cabbies.
Never leave changes!!

This is it!

Now see, how we play band of

lt's not band, we'll play
the whole orchestra.

Raise your head.

When l am not near you?.

You deliver Pizza, drive a taxi, go racing...
l'm always with you...

What if today l'll not stand on the stand &
shout R.V.You will surely win the race!

This time we have no other option
left than to win!

Tell me that you'll win?
l need to hear from your mouth.

l'll win!
l'll win!

Go, Cabbie!

Daddy, let's go... Win!

l'll pack him off today, forever!

You are cool guy, Rusty!

Take Princess to the stands.
Come on, Princess.r!

Papa, Go...Win!.... Cabbie.

R.V... . R.V... .R.V... .
R.V... . R.V... .R.V... .

My husband has come on the T.V., O my god!
Mom, see Papa...

lf l'll see Papa... will he come out of the T.V.
to feed you??

Will lose or win? Of course, we will win!

All are here to bid for winner.
ls there nobody to whom l can bet with.

R.V. go in the 3rd... .

Cool it. R.V. !!

Pitt stop is essential or else tyre will burst!

Hey, you sit inside.

Let it be! We'll see him later.

You just concentrate!

Harry, l'm not able find the 5th nut.




l'm far from R.V.


Damn it!

R.V. he is purposely giving you the space.
You don't go from there.

What are you doing, R.V.?
Don't go from there...

R.V. don't spare him!

The duty of the traveler is to move & move

Saiyaan Ve...Saaiyaan Ve...
Listen... Saaiyaan Ve...

Saiyaan Ve...Saaiyaan Ve...
Listen... Saaiyaan Ve...

Black comes down and Daddy comes first.
Rusty goes bust!

Do you want to see my scar?

Papa, now regularly races.
Mom, has fiinally completed her degree.

Now, every week we go for Mom's concert
& one day for the race!

Myself & Champ are no more skipping the

And we didn't even have to change the

But, l don't know why Mom & Dad, still say to
us that we are poor!

l don't mind!
Now, l am used to save.

We no more live at Caddle idle now.

But, we go every weekend to meet
our friends there.

Sometimes, they come to our places.

Our house... the same one
'Home sweet Home'

How did you get it?
Where did you searched it?

Hey, Shona. l promise. Henceforth, l'll never
spend money without thinking.

Because nobody has seen tomorrow. And
who knows whether tomorrow comes or not.

l'll change all the things to today.

lt was really a bad line..

Forget that... ..

No more loans... No more installments.

And yes, l'll never lie
anybody for the sake of money.

And l'll not spoil our children but,
l'll spoil you

What lie did you tell me?

When l asked money from you on the behest
of servicing.