T.N.T. (1997) - full transcript

The Tactical Neutralization Team, or T.N.T., is a squad of elite soldiers sent on top-secret, near-suicidal missions around the world. After one of their missions ends in failure, team member Alex decides he's had enough of the special-op life and calls it quits. His commanding officer, however, doesn't want the security risk of a former member walking around, so he assigns another member of the team to hunt down Alex and retire him permanently.

[music playing]

[various tv news announcers]

Gentlemen, synchronize
watches at 15:00.


3, 2, 1.


Now, remember, gentlemen,I want Komati taken alive.

There's that look again.

What look?

Been some different aboutyou the last few missions.

What's wrong?


Alex, this guy,
Komati, killed 23

American citizens
commandeering this mine,

selling uranium to China.

What's wrong with you?


Come on.

You're right.

Let's go to work.


It's not work.

It's justice.

I don't need to
remind you that there

is no room for error.

So you get to Komati and
you get to him quickly.

These warlords will
cut off your balls

and play marbles with
them if they catch you.


I think he likes me.

Coming up in 30 seconds.

Stand by to jump.

seconds to drop zone.

3, 2, 1.


Go, go, go.

Stay down.

And we have eyes.

Sanitize the area.


All clear.


No heroics, Alex.


Change of orders.

We were supposed to
bring him back alive.

Change of orders.

You almost got us killed.

There was a change of orders.

Oh, yeah?

What are you doing?

Change of orders.

We don't have time for this.

The chopper takes offwhether you're there or not.

Jesus, Alex.



Just go.

Shit, you'd think I gettired of saving your ass.


You got something better to do?

[non-english speech]


Put him down.

We're never gonna make it.

Alex, lose the hostage.

We are never gonna
make it out of here.

Put him down.

Now, now.

Alex, come on.


Come on.

Let's go.
Let's go.

Get him on.

All right.

Let's get this bird out of here.

What about Alex and Val?

They broke discipline.

That was their decision.

This is mine.

Alex, let me take him.

We're never gonna make it.


Just go and hold the chopper.

Go, man!


We've got wounded coming in.

Let's get out of here.

One minute is all I'm
asking for, one minute.

Put that away before
you hurt someone.

You know, if
this was the army,

you'd be court marshalled again.

I'm Alex.

You're expected, sir.


Right this way.

So how was your trip?
- Fine.

Thank you.


Alex, you're alive.

Mr. Russo.

I don't like getting involvedin decisions at this level,

but people count on the TNT,important people, many of them

in the US government.

But Alex, I cannot havemy two best men bickering

over petty differences.

I could quit.

Oh, you can't quit.

There's too much at stake.

There's too much to be done.

Can I get you a scotch?


Miles, why don't you takea break for a few minutes?

Go wait in my office, would you?

Miles, a by the book soldier.

He'll do anything you ask him toand not a damn thing you don't.

And that's the problem.

You see, I need men who
can think on their feet,

react to changing situations,improvise, adapt, overcome.

That's why I brought
you in from Europe.

You will have your own TNTteam, Alex, one day very soon.

But in the meantime, Milesis your commanding officer.

It's a difficult
reality, but the reality

is always difficult.

Thanks for the drink.

Alex, the hostage
whose life you saved,

he is the general managerof our uranium mine.

The people who support the TNT,they know who you are, Alex.

And they're not going toforget anyone who's helped

them out of a tight spot.


I wouldn't let
him out of my sight.

Gentlemen, meet
Carlos Saldivia,

Cuban trained leader
of the second largest

drug cartel in Mexico.

Our estimates figure thatin just the last year,

half of the Colombian
dust snorted

or smoked in the southeasternUS netted Carlos $2.3 billion.

That's tax free.

A very rich man with onlyone vise, his mistress.

He visits her in
Tampico every Thursday.

Naturally, the wife and familyare at home in Mexico City.

So everyone in the
convoy is fair game.

They're late.

Maybe they're not coming.

They'll be here.

Let's just keep alert.


All right.

You gonna tell me what'sbothering you or what, Alex?

I don't trust Russo
and I don't trust Miles.

Maybe we are doing
their dirty work.

What makes you say that?

I'm not sure we'reworking for the government.

All right.

Let's say Russo is
being dishonest with us.

What can you do?


Nobody quits unless
Russo wants them to.

You know that, Alex.

You'd be looking
over your shoulder

for the rest of your life.

Yeah, I need to
account for four

shipments that were
supposed to come

through our warehouse in Texas.

I do business with
who and where I want.

I no fear you.

I fear no one, not even God.

They always think
they're invincible.

And then, they die.

Here they come.

Show time.

All right.

What do you got?

It's a four unit convoy.

I thought there weresupposed to be three vehicles.

Nothing's changed.

Let's just stick to the plan.

One leading.

One clean.

I got a visual.

I am go in 5, 4, 3, 2--


Hey, Carlos, what's the rush?

Finish him, shooter six.

Get him before he
breaks for the woods.

Please, god.




It's not your fault. Alex.

Alex, don't.




I killed the wife and the kid.

And you told me no civilians.



You knew it.

Didn't you?

You fucking knew it.



Hold it.



Come on.

Come on, Alex.

Let's get out of here, man.

name is Alex Cheval.

For the past five years, I'vebeen a member of the Tactical

Neutralization Team, theprivate armed force financed

by the Chaplain
Davis Corporation

to perform assassination
and acts of terrorism.

Names, dates, missionprofiles, it's all in here.

Plus, he's made copies
to send to the media,

in case anything happens to him.

I told you to watch him.


No one does this to me.

Now, you go out today.

You find him right now.

And you eliminate him.

Sir, he was the
best man on the team.

And even if we
could locate him--

Carrying out orders
is what I pay you for.


Hey, Murphy.

Can you get that
tied up by yourself?



Whoa, whoa, whoa wait.

You haven't paid
for the trip yet.


I'm gonna go take a shower.

Looks like you
don't need a shower.

I am wet.

I am cold.

I'm gonna take a shower.

So let's go take it together.

If we shower together,I will never get to class.

Well, you know what's
important, don't you?

I know that I
have 30 psychology

students waiting for me.

I have to go.

ALEX: Don't go.

I'll be back in
two hours, Sailor.

Do you think she like us?

Yes, she does.

Top of the morning
to you, Sheila.

Good morning.

How's the family?


Hey, Mark.

- Hey, Mark.
- Hey, guys.

What's up?

I've been following
your diet and I'm

really starting to bulk up.

Can't you tell?
- Yeah.

You're looking great.

Thanks a lot.

See you later.


See you guys.

Hey, be careful.

Morning, sheriff.


I am the Maytag repair
man of law enforcement.

That's because
of your reputation.

See, criminals, they
live in fear of you.

So they stay away.

Is that right?

So where's your better half?

She's enlightening the
youth of this nation.


When did she give up teaching?

I know it's none of mybusiness, but when are you gonna

ask that girl to marry you?

You're right.

It's none of your business.

She;s a good girl,Jamie, smart as they come.

Although I have seriousdoubts about her taste in men.

I think she'd make
you very happy.

What makes you think
she'd even say yes?

You got to ask, friend.

That's the only way youever get any kind of answer.

You gotta ask.

I got to go to work.

See you.

Is there a problem, sheriff?

Is this your vehicle?


SHERIFF: It's a crosswalk.



I didn't see the-- the markings.

Normally, that's a $15 fine,but this one's on the house.

Oh, thanks.

I appreciate that.

Visiting or passing through?

Oh, I'm visiting.

Well, enjoy your stay.

But obey the
parking regulations.

We've got some
seniors in town who

work themselves into a
pretty good lather when

their crosswalks disappear.

[stomach grumbles]


OK, everybody,
the last 30 seconds.


5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Cool down.

Nice job, everybody.


Everybody, that's it.

The same time tomorrow.

And don't forget to stretch.

All right.



I like sweating with you.

You're a good coach.


Sweating is good for us all.


You know, I'm sure you're busymost nights, but, you know,

if you ever feel like spendinga couple hours, maybe we could--

Thanks, Barbara, but
I'm in a relationship.


Doesn't seem to
matter to most people.


I don't suppose it
does, but thanks.

She is such a slut.

Who's that.


The world is a lonely place.


Well, I doubt she's spenttoo much time alone in it.


It's my dad's birthday today.

You didn't mention that.

Yeah, well, he says at his age,he's trying to forget them.

Sheriff Jim, he can't
be much older than what?



Look, we're having alittle surprise party tonight

at 8 o'clock, Bullwinkles.

Mind if I bring Jamie?

That'd be OK I
guess, just as long

as you don't ruin the surprise.

Just remember, there's
a great jukebox there

and I love to have
the first slow dance.

I don't think Jamie wouldlike that, but it's OK.

I think a little jealousy'sgood for a relationship.

That one's mine.

Hey, hey.

You guys look like a
couple of smart kids.

Ever seen this guy before?

And if we did?

Uh, well, an extra
candy bar for you.

Never saw him
before in my life.


ALEX: Well, let's
play Blackjack.

Another one?



What about another?

[dog whines]

Just checking.

I'm tired of losing
all the time.

So what do you get if you win?

He buys the
groceries for the week.


SHERIFF: You're welcome.

Well, I guess I should
wish you a happy--



That's all right.

I already know about
the surprise party.

Carrie doesn't know I know.

Oh, but I know.

She tried, put it off
to the last minute,

hoping she could fool me, butshe's pretty much hopeless.

You know, I've been
thinking about what

you said this morning.

And I've done things
I'm not very proud of.

No convictions.

No outstanding warrants.

And you never served any time.

You checked me out.

I check out everybodythat moves into this town.

It's nothing personal.

It was before I knew you.

I feel I can't reallyask Jamie to marry me if I

don't tell her about my past.

And if I do, I'm not
sure she will marry me.

I'm not sure she will
talk to me again.

Just exactly what did you do?

[music playing]

Well, you're gonna have to tellher about it sooner or later,

because the past has a wayof jumping out of the bushes

and biting you in the asswhen you least expect it.

Hey, Jim.

Hi yourself.

ALEX: Hi, honey.

Hi, baby.

You know, I'd like to
stay, but I gotta run.

I know the two of youget plenty to talk about.

And I've got a surprise
birthday party to go to.




So what?

What do we have to talk about?

Do you want to go to Jim'sbirthday party tonight?

JAMIE: Yeah.

ALEX: Good.

Well, let me get dressed.

[SINGING] For he's
a jolly good fellow,

for he's a jolly goodfellow, for he's a jolly good

fellow, which nobody can deny.

SHERIFF: Thank you.

I appreciate that.

You know, I always admiredpeople who could carry a tune.

And you can't.

Don't ever quit your day job.

You've got a lot to
say for an old man.

Why not use some of that
hot air on the candles?

Oh, I love this song.

Let's go dance.

What about the cake?

It'll be here
when we get back.

Save me a big piece.

Oh, I'll keep you a big one.

JAMIE: Cut me off a corner.

All right.

Pass me a few plates and
I'll serve everybody.


Really do look like theybelong together, don't they?

Not all that much they don't.


Want another round?



All right.

How about now?

You count it.

It's all there.

He promised me
his first dance.

Well, if he promised
you the first dance,

we can't disappoint him, can we?


I know what you're
worried about.

You think I'm too young.

So does your father.

And he has a gun.



Can I get a couple beers please?


Are you with the party?
- Yeah.


I'll put it on the tab.

Here you go.
- Thank you.


Whoa, whoa, whoa now.

This is where you
belong, sweetheart.

The sheriff is
right over there.


Well, let him get his own woman.

Excuse me.

We're not looking for
trouble, gentlemen.

Then, go away.

Which part of go away
don't you understand?

I'm not here to fight, guys.

Oh, now, I see why
they call it gay Paris.


Look like I spilled a little.

Excuse me.

Boy, I think that's
about enough, don't you?

Hey, sheriff.

He started it, sheriff.

I know you boys probablywant to apologize to Mark here,

don't you?


Course, I know for afact, he wouldn't accept it.

So just leave it
be and sit down.

Yes, sheriff.

Thank you, Jim.

That was a very
noble thing to do.

They're jerks.

What else can you say?


[phone ringing]


Sir, this is Basu.


I found him.

Refresh my memory a
moment, won't you, Basu?


Is this the fifth timeyou found him or the sixth?

No, no, no.

This time, I really found him.

Is that so?

You showed some real
restraint there, friend.

You know, I have a lectureto give in the morning at 9:00.

I haven't even
started to prepare it.

So maybe we should go.


It's good to see
you guys again.

Good night.

Good night, Mark.

Happy birthday, Jim.


Excuse me a minute.

I need to confer with my deputy.

Nice party, huh?

[SINGING] For he's
a jolly good fellow.

He's a jolly good fellow.

I'm a jolly good fellow.

Why would anybody want to deny?

Messed up bad, man.

I'm gonna kick your ass.

Why is it that every time Idisappear, something happens?

Come on back, chicken shit.

[phone ringing]


[dial tone]

[phone ringing]


[dial tone]


[phone ringing]


- Did you call?
- Call?

Just now.


Somebody just hung up on me.

Wasn't me.

I was thinking about stoppingby before you go to school.


I'll see you there.


I'll say this
for tapping phones,

it's gotten a hell of alot easier since the days

when you had to actually goto somebody's home to do it?

Who's the woman?

There's her
number, about minutes

and I'll have everything
on her, right down

to her mother's maiden name.

Meantime, let's take a picture.

ALEX [PHONE]: I was just
thinking about stopping

by before you go to school.


see you there.


Conversation just now.

And the conversation you hadwith Alex in this offense

for the mission down in Mexico.


Perfect match.



Just-- just what are
the odds of two men

having the same voice print?

About the same as
me becoming the pope.

Not likely.

Where we going?


What's the OP?

Taking down Alex.

You got a problem with that?

Why would I have
a problem with that?

Well, I don't expect him togo down without a serious fight.

I can't risk insubordination.

We're all professionals
here, Miles, all of us.


Look around you, Mark.

This is where I grew up.

This is who I am just,everything out in the open.

No secrets.

I've been with you
for almost a year now.

How much do I really
know about you?

I mean, really?

It's so great when
we're together.

I love being with you.

But last night, you were likea complete stranger to me.

There is so much about
you that I don't know.

What you don't know about meis not worth knowing, Jamie.

My life was nothing
before I met you.


I don't want to lose you, Jamie.

Good to have you
back, [inaudible]..

Let's get this place wired.

Hey, where's the
swimming pool out here?

You giver her the ring yet?

I'm working on it.

Welding it in your shop?


Try this one.


That's a big gun.


I'm sorry.

That way.

What are you doing?

Nice shooting.

Thank you.

First, you have to
get to know the gun,

til it feels kind
of like part of you.

Kind of like a
woman you relate to.

Pretty good.


Why don't you just do it, man?

Just ask her to marry you.

Tell her whatever
she wants to hear,

even what you won't tell me.

And then, pop the question.

Try the small one.

Alex, don't.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Nice shooting.

Thanks, Jim.

You know what makes Alex trulydangerous is the way he thinks.

He won't come in the
way we expect him to.

He knows we'll be channelingour efforts there.

He won't come in the
second way either.

He'll know that we'll at
least have that covered.


We'll be coming in a third way.

Stay with her,
but not too close.

Don't worry, boss.

I got her.

And that's where we'll
be waiting for them.


We'll just have to resistthe temptation of blowing

his brains out til
we at least know he

has the tapes, all the tapes.

But we can still
fuck him up, right?

Of course.


Where is she?

I don't know.

BASU: Where is she?

She disappeared.

Come on, Mark.

Oh, baby.

Thank god you're there.

ALEX [PHONE]: Hello.

This is Mark.

I'm not here to take yourcall, but please leave

your message after the beep.

Mark, listen, where are you?

I need you.

Somebody followed
me from school.

And um-- OK.


Sheriff's department.

Oh, hi.
It's Jamie Wheeler.

Listen, somebody's following me.

Um, I'm at my house right now,but they were really close.



to Sheriff Shelton.

Are you there, Jim?

About a mile and a half
away from you, Dorris.

DORRIS [PHONE]: Jim, wejust got a call from Jamie

Wheeler up at her place.

She's real upset.

I think she was
trying to tell me

that someone was following her.

And then, she got cut off.


I'll check it out.


That's great.

You're amazing.


We just walked up.

And there he was.

Oh my god.


VAL [VOICEOVER]: Nobody quits,unless Russo want them too.

You know that, Alex.

You'll be looking
over your shoulder

for the rest of your life.


You'd think I'd gettired of saving your ass.

Sheriff's department.

Hello, Dorris.
This is Mark.

Is Jim there?

DORRIS [PHONE]: Sheriff'sup at Jamie's place.



She called in real upset.

ALEX: Jamie?

Correct me if I'm
wrong, but I think

your past just snuck out of thebushes and bit me in the ass.

I'm going to call for help.

Take your time.

Listen, if you
die on me, I'm never

going to speak to you again.

Promises, promises.

Sheriff's department.

Dorris, this is Mark.

I'm at Jamie's place.

The Sheriff has been shot.

Send an ambulance right away.


Jim, where is Jamie?

[phone ringing]


Or should I say, Mark?

Is she all right?

Oh, she's just peachy.

Miles, don't hurt her.

Alex, Alex, I'm notinterested in hurting her.

What I'm interested
in is a trade.

Your friend for the tapes.


Whatever you want,
I'll give it to you.

You know where to find me?

Yeah, I do.

Good, then I'll expect
you sooner than later.

And Alex, don't
get cute with me.

This woman of yours, she'svery, very breakable.

Did you boyfriend
ever tell you about us?



He didn't tell you he usedto kill people, for money?


He never got around
to that, did he?

You're lying.

Am I?

He's down in the woods, justthe other side of the river.

[inaudible],, go and
set that sensor.

Sensor has been activated.

Delta alpha romeo 072 Mark 750.

Yes, sir.

Roger that.

[inaudible], what do you got?



Come in.

Advance from the bridge
and secure the woods.

He hasn't crossed
the river yet.

He has to cross the river.

Do it.



CHOI: Sir?

BASU: Secure the stream.

CHOI: Roger that.

How do you do it?

I mean, how do you
kill a woman, a child?

I mean, how?

They're-- they're
innocent people.

I mean, do you do
it from a distance

so you don't have to
look into their eyes?

Or do you just
come in from behind

so you don't see their face?

That's a terrible thing, tolet go of your own humanity


You can get it back.

It's called collateral damage.

And the only reason
you're still here

is because we want tokill you in front of him.

He's gonna kill you.

He's gonna kill all you.

And no one will even care.

Ramirez, stay sharp.

Ramirez, don't be a moron.


CHOI: Alex, please.

No, Alex.

Are you OK?

I've had better days.



ALEX: Stay in the car.

Come on.


Come on.

Mark, come on.


Get off the road.



Get over.

Come on.




WOMAN [PHONE]: 911 emergency.

Robert Victor Russo,

the embattled chief executiveof the Rand Davis Corporation

was arrested by federal agentsin Los Angeles in connection

with the Tactical
Neutralization Team,

a private mercenary
force that he allegedly

financed and directed.

The Rand Davis Corporationallegedly has secret holdings

in at least 15
foreign countries,

including Mexico, North Africa,the Far East, and Europe.

The existence of the TNT came tolight when one of its members,

Alex Girard, who hadallegedly participated in many

of the covert missions--
- Hey, cowboy.



Nice wheels.

SHERIFF: Yeah, right.

You know, you watchthese all news channels ,

you see the same story
15, 20 times a day.

But I never get tired
of seeing this one.

Attorneys for Mr. Russo

denied all charges and promisedthat Russo will be exonerated.

Well, you look good.

He does, doesn't he?

Yeah, you look great.

I feel like a Swiss cheese.

I owe you an apology.

SHERIFF: How's that?

Well, for dragging
you into all this.

I don't know if
you've noticed,

but I am the law in these parts.

So being dragged into
all this is my job.

Besides, it kind of brokeup the week a little bit.


I forgot to ask Jim something.


If he'd be my best man.

If what?

It's OK.

I'll ask him later.

So what do you think?

I think Jim will make
a wonderful best man.

Who's the lucky girl?

Well, someone I met.

Well, I hope the two of youwill be very happy together.

We will be.

I'm sure of it.


It's OK.

So think they're talkingabout getting married?

I wouldn't be a bit surprised.

They really do looklike they belong together.

[music playing]