Switch (2023) - full transcript

The movie "Switch" is about top star Park Kang, who is a hit actor but a troublemaker, meets a taxi driver on Christmas Eve and experiences a new life.


Hey, where are you now?

Where else would I be? At home.

Are you really seeing that guy right now?

You were photographed,

The Internet is all fucked up right now.


What picture?

Park Gang.

Hey, hey, get up, quick.

Haven't you left yet?

I thought you were sleeping
at the boss's wife's house?

Why are you doing this?

Are you not getting what you need?

It's not about what I need right now.

The reporter found it.

Ha... Just the same with the weird ones.

Is there a picture like this?


You get up?

Are you with Hwa-young?

It looks like that.

You saw the report, right?

I'll run a story denying it.

You get Hwa-young out of here.

What about the report?

They'll say you're friends
and not in a relationship.

That's more like an
admission than a denial.

What am I supposed to do?

Just say you don't remember.

Just say that from today on.

That's it. I'm bored.

Is that going to work?



What are you talking?

Did your company create
the report on purpose?


It's nice that you and I have an affair,

which is bad for me but not for you.

There's no such thing
as a piece of shit like you.

Why are you doing this again?

What are you looking at?

You said you don't know how to swear.

You are wearing your clothes backwards.

Oh, coffee stains are hard to remove.

Hey, that's an expensive one.

First of all, put your pants on.

Hey, what about the movie?

I said I'd get back to them this morning.

Then we won't reply.

Didn't you even read the script?

I read three pages of
the script and I got sleepy.

The director was a beggar, too,

The production company
doesn't make a lot of money.

Don't do it.

I hear it's a lot of money.

Then give me 30%.

That's what they said.

Crazy, huh?

That's a lot of money.

OK, then do it.

What about the one that
imported the most from the US?

How much?

It's Hollywood. What does money matter?

So I'm supposed to make
Hollywood movies for free?

Is there anything more
important than money?


Come here, come here.

Didn't I tell you to get here early?


Let's put it here.



Just call. How awkward is a video call?

Do you have an early morning schedule?

Our son worked too hard. Where are you now?

Where is Mom now?

I went to Barcelona and took pictures.

Now I'm in Paris.

When did you go there?

Thanks to your money, I'm happy.

This is beyond my wildest dreams.

I don't even have wrinkles on my face.

Because you just went to the hospital

last month for a cosmetic
injection, didn't you?

Then son, I love you.

I'm going to get another bag.

Why don't we look at the bad stuff?

We should, go.

Is mom going into the bag business?

How many bags did you buy?


The TV play is good.

How am I doing now?

Will I die next week?


That won't work.

You're gonna have to cut my heart out.

No, really?

Now I can't sleep well, like 3 hours.

I need a drink so I can sleep again.

Why do you think that is?

I don't know. There's depression,

there's restlessness, but it's complicated.

But I don't feel that way here.

Please relax about everything. Relax.

Regain your throne and change the world,

even if it's for the suffering people.



You're such a big fan.

The ministers were still at court.

The soldiers were fighting with blood.

They are with us in spirit.

I may come as a king.

Should also grow up with the people,

To make people's lives brighter,

Open my mind.

Open my mind...

Then... ambassador...

Cut! Cut!

This part is too fucking long.

Do you think this is a deliberate
delay to fit in with the airtime?

How nice to know your lines by heart.

Wouldn't it be better to check
the script when you hate it?

A script has to be like a script.

Do you think this is a script?

Don't you want me to die? Huh?

How are you going to change the world?

It's hard, isn't it?

You guys really, if
you have a lot of lines,

can't you at least hold up your cue book?

Forget it.

Take a break, start the
reenactment. What else is there to do?

All right, let's take a break.

It's been 12 episodes
and there's still half to go.

Do you want to change your lines?

Change the lines?

The writer love it.

If you miss one line,
she's gonna mess with you.

Why don't you call her and talk to her?

You talk to me like that, I'll tell her.

I'm really gonna get my way if this
keeps up.

Well, I didn't have the right
personnel. What can I do?

Oh, it's fucking hot.

Is everything okay?

I told you to keep an
eye on the temperature.

What was said?

What about the awards show today?

Will I get an award?

Am I the kind of person who says
something and people follow suit?

I'm going to cool it with ice water.

Clothes clothes, neckline.

Well, the director did that.

Because I'm closer to you.

So far we've met five
high-profile candidates.

Wow, the atmosphere is really hot today.

So let me announce first,
the Korean Film Awards,

best actor is Park Gang, congratulations.

I wouldn't have come if
I'd known you were winning.

Are you still coming home today?

A piece of shit.

It was really intense.

Ten years ago I was a poor, unknown actor.

Often on stage with fewer than 10 people.

At that time, in that small theater,

it was the audience that filled my dreams.

But now, it's a million times that.

I'll be the actor who
forgets what he started.

Oh, I'm really not concentrating right now.

I will be an actor who never
forgets what I started, thank you.

Park Gang

Best Actor Award Winner Watch the news.

Best Actor Award Winner

"To become an actor who has lost his original
heart” Park Gang's ridiculous award acceptance speech

I thought you two were talking to
each other when you got the trophy.

What did you say?

What did you say?
We're talking about a nephew or something.

What did you say?
Oh, shut your mouth.

It's time to break up, too.

Didn't I break up the fight?

Should've tried harder to break it up.

But will you listen to me?

Oh, whatever, for fuck's sake.

Did you put perfume on
your feet, too? It smells good.

Oh, it's cold. Close the window.

Isn't it near this store?

How about a drink?


It's Christmas Eve.

So what? What's the point?

I can't. My kids are waiting for me.

What about me without a family?

Just a pair of chopsticks, some
good wine, and some gossip.

I'll have to ask about the company.

You've been working with me too long.

Thank you for your hard work.

You work alone, too. It's hard.

Don't mention it.

Hey, you don't know anything about that.

It's hard work working
with someone like me.

Ah, it's really cold!

I know, I know.

Hey, I gave the car away.

Did you fall asleep on Christmas?

Do you have a date?

You should go, too.

You don't listen. You have to do something.

Ask me if I like the uncle
out there better than you.

Go shopping for presents.

. That's why I said it.

Make it clear he's getting
lots of presents tomorrow.

Not from Santa, from me.

If only you were Santa Claus.

Hey, do you want to watch the
play and take care of the kids?

Why? What are you doing?

You seemed happier then.

So why did you give up acting?

I thought you were gonna
turn that mole into a cruise ship.

Ah, I should have dotted this mole.


That time you and I
went to the last audition.

I sometimes wonder what would have happened
if it had been me instead of you.

If I don't get elected, I'll do the same
things you did that you're sorry for.


So many people...

Oh, I hate to think about it.

In that case, at least it
wouldn't be so poor here.

Will have a good life with Soo-yeon.

Do you want to die?

Oh, right.

I heard Soo-yeon went back to Korea.

It seems that she will have an exhibition

at the Art museum in Insa-dong for a while.

Break up.


It seems better to break up.

Let's just break up.

Damn, because I know how
strong soju is, so I can't get drunk.

Let's go to round two.

Go to my home?

Don't you know it's Christmas Eve?

Christmas bullshit. That's the whole vibe.

Ah, here we go, taxi..


Take care.

Hi, I'm with him.

Come on, come on.

Your kids are waiting.

It's okay. I'll take you home first.

Forget it.

You know what? Let's go.

You have to go before I regret it.

And what you were saying about the company.

It's nothing.

Also, if Hwa-young calls,
it's gonna be a big deal.

Oh, SHH.

Call me when you get back. Be careful.

I guess I had a lucky Christmas

to be of service to you.


Are you happy, the one who has everything.

You can't be unhappy.

Right? I was in a play, too,
although it was a long time ago.

That's too hard..

I know that.

Jim Carrey once said,

All of us, if we were rich and famous,
would know that's not the right answer.

How about that? When you become rich,

when you become famous, do
you know that's not the right answer?

What's the right answer?

I have no way of knowing.

Yeah, well, that was
such a selfish thing to say,

I know, you don't know,
and that would be shit.

What is the right answer in life?

Are you not satisfied with this life now?

Do you have any regrets?

If you had the chance to change
your choice, what would you do?

I don't know what you're saying.

Dad's sleeping here again.

You fall in bed when you sleep.

It's like stepping back in time.

Cheer up. Are you all right?

Who are you?

Oh, the smell of alcohol.

How many drinks did
you have? That's smells.

Drink alcohol every day.

It's a daily worry, for real.

What's going on here?

Where is this?

Where could it be? Your house.

Your house?

Who are they?

What, the twins' faces, too? Are you crazy?

Am I dreaming now?

Stop talking in your sleep and cheer up.

Boys, scoop up a ladle of water.


Did you make a mistake? Are you wrong?



Hey. It's Christmas.


It's scary.

The number you dialed does not exist.

Why can't I get a hold of him?

So crazy.


Park it on the third floor.

Sir, sir, sir.


Who's going in there now?

For the first time, is it
someone who lives here?

I don't think so.

The password is incorrect.

Oh, I'm sorry.

This is clearly the place.

What do you want to do?

Why do you keep pressing
my combination lock?

This is my house.

What? Are you a thief?

Are you calling me a thief?

Damn it, don't you know me?

Who are you?

Who am I?

Who are you?

Wait a minute, Sir.

Get out of the way.

Call the police.

Get out of here, you psycho.

Call the police and take
him to the police station.

What are you doing?

I think there's been a misunderstanding.

Miss, do you know me?

Who are you?

Is this someone you know?

Do you know me?

I don't know who you are.

But I think I've seen you somewhere.

What is it, you two?

Did you cheat again?


Hey, hey get him.

Is it you this time?

I don't know anything!


Who are you?!

No, no, no.


I don't know you!

No, darling.

I'm not crazy.

I said I live there! I made a deal! Deal!

Calm down!

That house is not your house.


You have lived in Suin-dong, Namyangju,
Gyeonggi Province for nearly 10 years.

How many times have I told you.

It's my house. How can
you say it's not my house?

Ah, is this system input correct?

Is it correct? Is it true that
everything is correctly entered?

What do you think we're gonna do?

Is there a Park Gang here?

You have to apologize for
walking into someone's house.

What are you doing here right now?

What are you doing?

Is this your wife?



You don't know her?

I know.

You hate it living with me?

Mrs. Mrs. calm down.

The victim and we have made peace.

We will take pre-emptive action.

But be careful,

Your husband doesn't
seem to be doing very well.

What does that mean?

He kept saying he was
an actor or something.

But no one knows who he is.

Is your husband an actor?



I've seen a lot of movies.
I've never seen him.

What did he do?

It's kind of...

It's a play. He's a play actor, isn't he?

But he keeps saying he won an award.

He says he's one of Korea's top actors.

He kept saying that.

Is it okay to say that?

He said he was having
an affair with an actress.


That's what he said.

Oh, is him crazy?

Officer, you look at me.

Finally, really look at me.

Take a look.

Don't you know me?

Oh, I'm so sorry.

What a madman. Sorry.

I'll take him right away.


Ah, what is the world coming to?

Are you Soo-yeon?

You've had too much to drink. Shut up.

Hey, are you really married to me?

Am I really your husband?

What the hell are you doing here?

Why don't you pull yourself together?
Don't you want to snap out of it?

I had a drink with Jo Yoon last night.

Then I got into a taxi.

How come there is such a taxi?

Are you unhappy with your life right now?

What if you didn't break up with her then?

Have you ever thought of that?

I will turn that idea into reality.

There's no better opportunity
than to experience it firsthand.

This will make for a very
special Christmas present.

Aren't you getting out of the car?

So this is, uh, the neighborhood
where you and I live?

I can't stand it.

How long have we been living here?

Ah, why this kind of neighborhood?

I told you I can't take it anymore.

Just listen to me for a second.

What's going on with me.

What's going on with me...

What's going on...

Dad, what are you doing here?

Mom is really angry now.


You're my daughter right?


What's your name?


What's the name of that jarhead?


Are you elder sister?

He's the older brother, but we
were born three minutes apart.

This is your home?

Dad why are you like this, it's weird.

Did you drink too much
to make your brain go bad?

Can you help me?


I lost my memory.


Have you become a fool?

I'm not becoming a fool.

It's the memory that's gone.

Is it like a TV show?

Yes, that's right.

I don't know anything.

Don't know your mother.

What's the kid's name?



Anyway, it's our secret.

I need your help until I find my memory.

Dad when are your
memories going to come back?

I don't know.

I'm going shopping with
my friends after work today,

So I'm gonna be a little late, okay?

If you can't keep going,
take the kids to a coffee shop.


Who else could it be.

Where is that?

You have time for drinks, not kids.

Just hire a babysitter.

It's more complicated than I
thought. It's a pain in the ass.

Baby what?


How much did you drink yesterday?

With whom?

You go there.


So just don't think about
the unrealistic things.

Those people will only drink with you.

Will they pay for you?

The landlord said he
was going to raise the rent.

Do you need rent for a place like this?

This neighborhood is...

Who are we living in this
kind of place because of?

Your eyes seem to have gotten bigger.

Kids, mommy will be back tonight.

Mommy have a good time.

You guys have to be good with Daddy.

When will you be back?

I don't know.

What time will you be back?

I don't know.

What about the kids?

Hey, what kind of person is your mother?

She's scary.


You're scared of her, Dad.

You said mom was scarier than a ghost.


I don't know who it
is, but it's all waiting.

Can you hear me?

Do you want me to speak up?



Is there a place here without kids?

This is a children's cafe.

Dad, it's too hot. Help me tie my hair.

I don't know how to do this.

You go home and ask your mom.

What is he doing, what is he up to?

He now thinks he's a robot.

Just press this button.

Hello. You guys play here for a while.


I'll come back later.

Do you want to go to a billiard hall?

We're going to call Mom.

What is the model number of that car?

It seems to be Schwartz and it seems not.

There are different colors of cars,
many companies, and many regulations.

So you have to be more precise.

I remember that the cab had
Christmas tree like covers on the roof.

Green and red mixed together.

Ah, the Christmas tree?


Jingle bell.


There doesn't seem
to be a car like that yet.

Dad, I've seen cars like that.

Have you?


Where is it?

In the fairy tale book.

Let's go.

No, Dad, don't go.

Now my situation is not quite normal.

Is it because of too much exhaustion?

Aren't you my primary care doctor?

I took the medication last time I came too.

I also gave you a signature.

You really don't recognize me, do you?

Ah, what do I have to
say now to get it right.

I'm a fan of yours.

Ah, yes, that's it.

That's what you said.

Thank you so much.

I've been dying for a while now.

Ah, what to do.


Dad, after you leave the
address, let's go home.

But Lu..Lu-yi?

What is my occupation?

Why do you ask this?

You are an actor.

It seems I'm not very famous now.

But occasionally someone will recognize
you, but occasionally, very rarely.

I heard that you are a
famous unknown actor.

What do you mean, what does that mean?

You are the reproduction actor.

Reproduction actor.

Oh, it's dad.

Get inspiration from
your dreams every night.

The hard-working and
smart Park Jeong-sam...

Like a ghost, so scary.

Go away, go away.

Now that you've sobered up.

Let's explain what happened
from yesterday until this morning.

What do I have to explain?

Why do you want to go
to someone else's house?

Will you believe me?

It's a whole other world.

What, talk about it.

I'm actually a very famous actor.

I live there alone.


I took a very strange cab last night.

That cab driver said he
wanted to give me a special gift.

What kind of gift?

You and the kids.

Because this is the life
I didn't choose before.

So what?

I rode in that cab and
woke up the next morning

in a life with you and
the kids like I am now.

What's wrong with you.

Are you preparing a surprise?

Are you still sober?

What's this?

2, don't joke about it.

You don't believe it, do you?

I can't believe it either.

But that's where I am now.


So now that you've been given
such a beautiful gift, do you regret it?

Are you wearing perfume?

Ah, no.

Are you crazy, spraying
perfume in the middle of the night.

You're smoking again, aren't you?

Say "ah."

Did you brush your teeth?


I brushed to the corners.

What's going on? You've
even brushed your teeth.

What, you took off all your clothes?

I'm still wearing my underwear.

Put your clothes on, you'll catch a cold.

You can take your
arm off after I fall asleep.



Good night.

Try this.

Dad, please.

Play with us.

Dad, I want to eat this.

Wait a minute.

Go away.

Mom will be back.

Be good.

It's not right.

It's pretty.

You still think it's not real?

I don't know.

A whole week of goofing off
and thinking about other things

and you still haven't hit
the ground running by now?

I said it's not because of that.

Is the script out this week?

What's the role?

What script are you talking about?

No surprise for tomorrow?

Do you have a script?

You try a little harder.

Even if there are small
works, but no small actors.

I am really a big sinner.

Not another crime, but the crime of
egregious betrayal of the Korean people.

Okay, cut.

Ah, the emotion is good.

Let's do the next.

Let me do it again, just once.

Actor Park why are you like this.

The promise between
you and me you remember?

The emotion is not right.

It'd good enough.

I thought Ahn Jo
Yoong-geun was alive again.

Let's move on to the next scene.

I'll try one more time, just one more time.

Isn't there any hurry in waiting?

Oh, I'm sorry.

Then let's do it again

Quiet! Quiet!


Okay, good.

Super good.

I didn't even finish my lines.

All in all good.

I'll try again.

Why try it again.

Take a break and..

Oh, you go home. Go home.

Are you the only one who's an actor?

I'm sorry.

All right, come on out.

I can do better.

Come out.

I'll do it.


I am really a big sinner.

Not another crime..

Dad's so cool.

That's not my acting skills.

Why turn off the TV? The kids are watching.

Your acting was really good this
week. It's nice to be emotionally involved.

Have you ever been
this good an actor before?

What good is that?

The best of the reenactors
is sitting here right now.

Dad, is it better to be
the lead or the reenactor?

Is that a good question?
The lead actor, of course.

What about the reenactors?

Stupid, they don't even
need reenactors, so it's great.


Your dad is lead in the play.

A play?



Why do you have to cook like this?

What's wrong?

Rice with fried rice cake, mixed
vegetables, vegetarian noodles.

I even made side dishes.

There're side dishes?

If you don't eat it, I'll take it away.

It's tiring to cook the side dishes.


Who's that? Other girls?

She is a junior to the play, named
Woo-hee, who looks like a boy.

Yeah, Woo-hee.

You really haven't changed a bit.

You need to get married soon.

Don't gossip. It's annoying.

Ah, the boss is like a beggar too.

It's so cold.

Today there are no more than 10 people.

If you cut out more, it's down to two.

How much do you get for this?

Why? Do you need it?

No, thinking about this kind of stage,
wondering how much money I could make.

But don't you like 201?

Why like that?

I changed my mind.

I don't know if it's because it's
another world. It's so tired here.

Another world?

Breaking away from known
civilization seems like a few days ago.

What are you talking about.

But where is Jo Yoon?

Jo Yoon?

He couldn't get through.
He couldn't be reached.

He used to like you.
Didn't know you were a boy.

A neurotic.

Don't you dare go see that guy.

Curious about where he is and doing what.

Why are you acting like this?

What's going on?

Isn't his movie in theaters?

Is he making a movie these days?

Just that guy?

What movie?

That vibe is no joke.

Now the box office is over 10 million.

Really? And what is his role?

Does he get paid?

This is the last day I can see you.

I don't care if you have
any questions about me now.

So handsome.

Ah, I changed with Jo Yoon.

You said who?

Jo Yoon, I'm his friend.

Have you been contacted in advance?

Because the phone number has changed.

So you don't know your
friend's phone number?

He is not in right now.

It's there, right?

He seems to be there.

Sir, you can't go over there.

Hey, why have you grown so
tall? Sir, you can't go over there.

What's with this height of yours?

You, take off your glasses.

You're looking better.

You look better now.

Have you eaten?

How about a meal together?

You like sashimi, right?

Yes, I do.

What's going on here?

The time has come when you can
be the main character with that face.


I admit it, okay oaky I admit it.

Now that my face is on the
screen, I can't even get used to it.

Isn't that strange?

I said I admit it.

But you do look better.

The eyes seem to have
become sharper as well.

This is a slight facelift, not obvious.

Ah this is very expensive.

You did a facelift?

The eyeliner is a tattoo.

A bit confusing, to be honest.

But it makes me feel good to see
that you are living a good life now.

It is thanks to your blessing.

The audition at that time.


Don't remember?

You and I went to the
final round of auditions.

I was nervous.

You suddenly went after
Soo-yeon at the airport.


Yeah, you were good at acting.

And you're calm.

How's your wife and the children?

What about you?

How is Yoo-chan?

Who's Yoo-chan?

Your son.

How can I have a son?


Who's Yoo-chan?

Your son.

I don't have a son.

How's your wife?

I don't have a wife.

Yoo-chan's mom.

Who's You-chan's mom?

Stop joking.

Don't drink anymore, you're drunk.

You and I got to that final audition.

You suddenly went after
Soo-yeon at the airport.

What? When did you come?

When I first met you.

You had paint all over your hands.

I got this far by a man who
got on me not because of

my face but because he liked my hands.

I didn't even see your face at the time.

But why is it a bit suspicious?

Are you going to do something
today that you haven't done before?

Don't you want to continue painting?

I've been drawing every day.

Not in a place like this where you teach
the aunties in the neighborhood to draw.

I just looked at it and
you drew it very well.

Don't you regret it?

Regret what?

You had the opportunity to study abroad
and could have continued your studies.

What would have happened if I had left
your hand to go to New York at that time?

I occasionally wonder.

If that were the case, maybe you
could still have a painting exhibition now.

And also hear a lot of
appreciation for living like that.

I don't want it.

Then there would be no more
Lu-yi and Lu-a in the world.

It's full of memories
of playing with the kids.

I love this life now.

Very happy.

Anyway, I'm in a good mood
that you liked my painting.

Shall we go for a drink together?

You're really pretty.


I said you're even more beautiful
and lovely than I remembered.

What's that look in your eyes?

It really makes my heart flutter.

There's someone there.

Be quiet.

Go there, there.

You seem to be different lately.

What's different?


What's wrong?

Kids will be awakened.


Are you two dating?

No, what date.

Come here.

I dreamt of a ghost.

A ghost?

You two aren't dating, are you?

Mom will marry Lu-a.

Ghost-like brat.

Dad do you have all your memories back now?

Not yet.

You seem to have gotten better with Mom.

Because you said you were afraid of mom.

How long do I have to keep a secret?

Hello, Papa Lu-a.

These are the mothers of our class.


It's a great show this week.

How can you play Ahn
Jung-geun better than he is?


Shall we go to karaoke together sometime?

What are they saying?

Dad is very popular among the aunts.


It's not like it's supposed to be that way.

Oh, sir, will you be quiet?

Calm down.

Seems like you have something.

All for a reason.

In fact, who could I talk to for so long?

It's been a long time.

It's been a long time.

Oh, be quiet.

Miss, can you be a little polite?

Wow, we really ordered a lot of dishes.

Come by once in a while
when you can't sleep.

Maybe the chair is too
comfortable and I look asleep?

Extenuating circumstances.

You take your time eating.

It's not cooked yet.

How about a little more?

Your wife won't feed you?

There's rice, but no meat.

Only meat for the kids.

I see that movie seems to be very hot?

Did you open your mouth?

Can I have your signature?

Look at the number of viewers from today,

around 3 million, earning a lot
of additional rights and rewards.

Hey, you know a lot about this, huh?

Start getting more
dividends from next year.

Because that's the one
that will invest in the movie.

To write there? Then.

One more dish for here, please.

I'll go first.

Well, you go.

You stayed up all night shooting,
so tired at the end of the day

and still came to see the show.

I'll give you my card. Have
some more before you go.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Come to University Avenue often, too.

You're here, and University
Avenue has become brighter.

You try growing your hair long.

It will look better that way.

But she doesn't like it.

What are you doing?

I'm eating and I'm homesick.

Miss my kids.

Can I buy more meat?

Of course.

I'm leaving first.

Thank you for your hospitality.

Oh honey.

Where did you learn to do this?

From you.


You can't even drink.

You drink it, too. One shot.

Lu-a's dad.

You should sing a song.

Sing a song, sing a song.

Okay, then I'll start with a song.


Are you kidding?


Do you live like this every day?

The sun is up.

Do you want the children
to starve to death?



No, honey, get up.

Mom, are you angry?




Your mom doesn't cook well, does she?

Grandma's cooking is better, right?


I don't think so.

Mom cooks well.

Grandma cooks well.

Aww, sweet.

That's why we need to have a daughter.

Raising a son doesn't help at all.

Grandma's wrinkles are caused by dad.

You also said before
that there is no wrinkles.

That's why you have to work to earn money.

Mom I have class in the morning.

You go to class, who sends
the kids to cram school?

The kids' dad.

You're not doing the
independence movement now?

What is it?

Why don't you go back
to playing Ahn Jung-geun?

I'm not doing it.

So you don't do anything?

He's working, he's acting in a play.

That's bullshit.

Can you get enough to
eat by acting in a play?

I'll go first.

That bag of yours looks good.

This one?

Give it to me when
you're tired of using it.

Hasn't mom changed at all?

Wait, when I get
famous, I'll buy you a bag.


The sun is beating down in the west,

will this day come?

Why you take all that?

There are still edges, right?

Here's the situation now.

But the life before, I
bought you a lot of bags.

What a load of bullshit.

I didn't just buy you a bag, I
sent you on several cruises.

In a previous life?

I must have been your
dog in a previous life.

You can't even remember that.

Why don't you act in TV anymore ah, no call
usually, every week I look forward to that.

That one is more difficult
than thinking about it.

Is there anything in the
world that is not tiring?

I'll make a TV series or a movie. Wait.

Is that so? When?

Do you have lines?

Don't look down on people.

I'm going to audition from
now on, so just wait and see.

Just turn on the TV and you'll see Jo Yoon.

How are you worse than him?

You are not lacking in
appearance or acting skills either.

What is it?

Pocket money.

What's the point of giving me pocket money?

I'm at the age where I should
be giving you pocket money.

Take Soo-yeon and the
kids to buy some good food

and use the rest of the money to buy
flowers to visit your father's columbarium.

It's almost time for the
anniversary of your father's death.

Forget it.

The closest person to him is you.

What then, let me go?

Let's go together.

I'm not going.

I don't want to go either.

If neither of us wants to go,
then you, as the son, have to go.

Your father should be sorry now.

It's been 20 years now.

I can't remember my dad's face.

Go look in the mirror,
he looks exactly like you.

I thought the sky was falling when
you said you were going to do the play.

Bye mom.

Are you still not going in?

You guys go in.

Dad don't you want to see grandpa?

He doesn't go to see his grandfather
because he wants to see him so badly.

He is mentioned every Christmas.

And says something about not going
in. My dad, not quite like your dad.

What's different?

I've seen him less
than ten times in my life.

So you hate him?

Nor do I hate him.

You guys would be sad if
you didn't have a dad, right?

Your dad is the same way.

It would be embarrass
to cry in front of you.

Dad is an adult now.

Do adults cry too?

Not all adults are strong.

So, just let Daddy wait here.

Dad, I want to live.

Please save me.

I want to live and come back here again.

Very well.

It was good, but the lines
were a little too contrived.

The emotions are also too much.

Then I'll tone it down
a bit and do it again.

No, that's all.

You're in the University Avenue
public performance now, right?


Are you and Jo Yoon old friends?

You two used to act together?


Okay, I got it. Wait for the results.


How many people are left?

I really want to be in this production.

And I really want to finish
this production properly.

With me?

With Jo Yoon.


Did you go to the audition?

What did the director say?

That he didn't want to do the movie
with me, and wanted to do it with you.

Why did he say that with you.

I already said I won't act.

Before you went to the audition,
I said I'm not going to act.

I said I'd have a glass of soju
with you and convince you to do

What the fuck does he think I am?

What a rascal.

Just say you don't want to do it.

Forget about it.

I will help you later.

Hey, should we have a fight?

No. You may die.


I have become better.

Let's try for one time.

Just one time.

If you win, I will help you with your work.

I am your teacher.

So let's try for one time.

Are you afraid?

I will only use left hand.


I will only use right hand.

Hey, put on the safety mask.

Your teeth may get hurt.

If you are afraid, you should put it on.

Put it on, put it on.

You should put it on.

Son of a bitch, you are overbearing.

Is it hurt?

Son of a bitch, you beat me badly.

I feel more painful.

Why don't you beat my face?

My body is painful.

I told you we should put on the mask.

This is so painful.

You should exercise more.

Look at your body.

You don't have enough power.

Your children are about
to go to school, right?



Yes, it's time.

Aren't they your children?

What about your wife?

Is everything okay?

She's doing well.

When your children go to school,
you should pay for the tuition.

I miss the time when I don't
need to worry about money.

Don't worry.

They may not go to college if
they aren't good at studying like you.

You're right.


Hey, what are you talking about?

By the way, do me a favor.


When the contract is expired,
I want to set up a company.

I have so many things to worry about.

I don't have any employee.


Can you be my manager?


If you only live on acting,
it's not enough for living.

You have two children.

How can you always focus
on taking part in audition?

Son of a bitch.

I don't know when did
you become a superstar.

You used to be..

I used to be your manager.

I know.

I didn't mean that.

I was your manager.

But I didn't want to be a manger.

You needed a manager.

And you wanted me to be your manager.

Just think it in a simple way.

I need you now.

I don't need you.

I need you.

It's not easy for me to say it.

Think about it.

Just do it.


Let's get inside.

We will talk inside. Just talk.

We are friends, friends.

We are friends.


Why are you looking at my boyfriend?

The store is closed this afternoon.

Why is your mother so busy?

She doesn't open the drawing store.

Where did she go?

I don't know.

Then you can just say it.

What do you mean by "I don't know"?

You know something, right?

I don't know.

You seem suspicious.

Dad, why don't you have your own autograph?

Famous actors have their autograph.

What are you talking about?

I was really famous.


When you...

It was not before when you are born.

I mean, it was when you were not here.

Show me.

Show me your aotograph.

Get down.



Sign it here.

What's your name?

Park Lu-yi.

I always write others' name, Lu-yi.

Don't wash your hand today.


I hope you can become
famous and sign like this.


Who is his character like?

What are you talking about?

When he laughs like a fool,
he looks exactly like you.

Do I laugh like that?



Let me see.

It hurts?

Come on.

I will carry you.

I will take you to hospital.

Hurry up, dad.

emergency center

Excuse me.

I am looking for Park Lu-a.

He is in the second room down there.


Is he okay?

How did you take care of them?

He is okay.

His didn't break his arm
but hurt the bone a little bit.

He can remove the plaster one week later.

He must be painful.

Gong Soo-hyun My poor son.

Why do you wear this?


Are you working at another
place during the daytime?

Yes, just for a while.

Because the store isn't
opened during the daytime.

It's just for fun.

It's just for fun?

I can also make money.

Why don't you tell me?

I was about to tell you.

I will get my salary today.

Then you can have your new profile photos.

When did I ask you to help
me for new profile photos?

Do you want to make me a poor guy?

Please input your password.

I become a beggar.

What can I do with this money?

I look better.

Now I am more good-looking.

Come on.


I will do it.


I will be your manager.


What's wrong with your lips?

I think my lips are thin.

So I get an injection.

Is it obvious?


You should get it back. Get
up. We should go to the hospital.

Is it obvious?

Yes. Come with me.

Should I go to the hospital?

My car key.

I will drive.

Go change your clothes.

Is it obvious?

It's so obvious.

You may think being a manage is easy.

It's not easy.

It's not easy for your mental and body?

Won't you regret?

We'll be late, hurry up.

Wait, I didn't take my phone.

It's on the sofa.

I have it, I have it.


Son of a bitch.


I didn't find a fan. Do you feel hot?

This is the script.

You should organize the
lines on the same page.

Be smart.




Cut, cut.

Camera is rolling.

Let's try one more time.

Just have a sleep.

I don't have time.

I will tell my manager to deal with that.


Put some make-up on my hand.


It's costume drama,
you can't do it like this.

I want to do it perfect.

But this doesn't fit the character.

Too hot, too hot, too hot.

I just took out.

Where are you now?

The news about you is going bad.

Where are you now?

Hono... Honoloo.

Is here Honoloo?


Whatever, I'm abroad.

I can't go back.

What are you doing?

You make me angry.

We are waiting for you.

Let's go.

How do you come?


How do you come?


Don't panic. Don't panic.

Don't be nervous.

What do you think about..

I feel thankful.

Thanks to come here.

Are you going to have a son or not?

Where is Kang Yoon-jung?

Jo-Yoon and Kang Yoon-jung
come back after dating in Hawaii.

This is wrong. This is wrong.

Did her company do it on purpose?

Don't you read the comment?

What's that about?

People say you date with a woman
who is young enough to be your niece.

They say it's beauty and a beast.

It can't be true.

What do you want to do?

What can I do?

I didn't do anything.

What are you talking about?

You cooperate in the same drama.

You are together in Hawaii for one week.

We are not alone.

I thought people may find
out so I took all the employee.

What are you talking about?

I mean, I like her.

That's all.

She doesn't know.

You like her?

You know me.

I always fall in love.

What a fool.

Except for good appearance,
you own everything.

Why did you live like that?

Shut up.

You should not only wash
your face but also your feet.

Does it smell bad?

I have sprayed some perfume.

Whatever, we should deal with it.

Let's just admit it.

Are you crazy?

I will lose my advertisement.

I have been there so I know about this.

You should consider more
for her rather than yourself.


What should I do?

You should wash your feet first.

Jo-yoon honestly respond to the scandal.

Jo-yoon's love...

Jo-yoon and Kang Yoo-jung's relationship

Jo-yoon is cool. He can
act very well because his life.

He wants to give her good memory so they go
to Hawaii. Jo-yoon is nicer than I thought.

Did you see the news?

I get a lot of computer advertisements.

There is another company
wants to cooperate with me.

What's that?

Instant noodle company
and cosmetics company.


They like your sexy lips.

We should ask for more money.

What about seven hundred
million for six months?

That's too hard.

You should accept that.

They ask for cooperation even you have
scandal that means you become more famous.

You should become more valuable now.

I am happy but that's kind of too much.

When will you strat with your next work?

I haven't read all the scripts.

But all of those are not that good.

There is a great movie.

I have heard that Lee
Byung-hyun wants to take part in it.

Then he will do it.

He doesn't cost that much recently.

Of course, he costs less than you.

I have heard the movie is about boxing.

There's no one can do
better boxing than you.

Although Lee Byung-hyun
can act a little bit better than you,

you can do better boxing.

It's obvious when you punch.

What do you think?

Should I ask to meet
the director this weekend?

I have to raise your salary.

Sign the contract.

I like my lips.

Give me the pen.


The contract comes into force
immediately after you finish signing.

The instant noodle company
choose you instead of Son Heung-Min.

Son Heung-Min?


So I am more famous than Son Heung-Min.

That's it.

I make you... l make you...

I make you a real man.

I give my precious daughter to you.

This is not the time that I can
care about my personal feeling.

You have no way to go.

This is the end of the island.

You have no way to go.

Do you think if they become
happy then the new era will appear?

Do you think the world will become a
happy place when you become emperor?

Are you crazy?

Why are you crying?

I haven't been long time for a long time.

I am touched.

I should have worked harder.

Don't you take part in audtion recently?

Do you feel inconvenient
when you work with me?


Then what?

I have to put one more shoe-pad in my shoe.


The other actor has bigger feet.

I have to put one more shoe-pad in my shoe.

You will become 1,9m.

It will hurt your back.

I can hurt my back but I have
to put one more shoe-pad.

Don't you work hard?

The drama will be showed tomorrow.

Do you want it to show on live?

He said he would come next week and left.

Where did he go?

He just disappeared.

Do you think this is a good news?

Why did he don't want to come?

He said he had waited for too long.

-He can say it just because he is rich.
- Get him back.

Are you angry?

What are you doing?

I want the shoe-pad.

Director. Yes.

Jo-yoon's manager.


You have been an actor?


Can you play this role?

It's so sudden.

If you don't feel like
acting, you can say no.

No. I can play the role.

I am your fan.

Laugh when you feel sad,
cry when you feel happy.

You always say in an opposite way.

Do I?


You have to ride a horse.


You may die.

I will die.




Why is he so good?

What is going on?

Why are you good at riding the horse?

How can you work here?

You should take part in the competition.

I have ridden the horse before.

Recently, people also ride
the horse in talent show.

I also want to learn.

Jo-yoon is also good at riding th horse.

What about ride the real one?

Don't you think I can't ride the real one?

It's because this is more real.

If I ride the real horse,
it's more comfortable.



Let's go.

Emperor, you should leave.

I will stop them.

Emperor, you should leave.

I will stop them.

Honey, you are so cool.

Women in the neighborhood also think so.

All the mothers say
we need to have a party.

Comments are all about you.

It seems like you did it all by yourself.

I should.

Director is suprised about it.

Can I have more rice?


There's more.

Haven't you ate too much?

You should control your weight.

That's not useful.

Actor just need to be good at acting.


you look sexy.

Will you be on TV everyday?

Only Monday and Tuesday.

The drama is showed on Monday and Tuesday.

Emperor, be safe.

I am happy to be your bodyguard.


Dad, I also want to do it.

Come on.

You are flying so high.

I also want to do it.

You are too tall to do it.

Let's tickle her feet.

Hey, breathe.

You look like a princess.

Lu-yi, have a taste.

Let's go.

Come on.

Kick the ball.

Dad, stop. Dad.

I should do more acting.

-We should be with children. -Acting is...

Dad. Dad, read the book.


I like this.

You are beautiful.
I eat it all.

How much is it?

Why do you ask?

Mom told me to say it tastes bad.

If we eat a lot, we don't
have enough money.


It's so delicious.

I want to rank it after noodles
served with bean sauce.

Me too.



Wait for a while.

I will buy you again.


On Christmas Day?

We should go to a better
place On Christmas Day.

It's the first Christmas that
I spend with Lu-yi and Lu-a.


Have a look.

Your car is old.

It's also small.

If I can cooperate with
good brand, I can afford it.

Would you like some wine?

If I order something
expensive, you may get angry.

I want krambelle for dessert.

And children will have sorbet.

I will have the regular kind of wine.

This one.

OK, I will prepare.


This is beautiful.

Do you like it?

Yes, I do. I like it so much.

Go check our your room.

OK, I will be the first one.

I will be the first one.

This is nice.

What kind of people live here?

Should we live here?

What are you talking about?

This Jo-yoon's house.

We live too far.

Before I buy a house in
Seoul, we can live here.


Don't you want to live in the apartment?

What about kids?

This a better place for them.

The playground and kindergarten
are in the neighborhood.

There is also a middle school near here.

Lu-a has allergic
dematosis, don't you know?

I want to live with them at somewhere
near the nature instead of the apartment.

You have said it to me.

That's because I didn't have enough money.

People always want
to live in the apartment.

There's an exact reason.


He gives it to you then you
want to move in tomorrow.

Of course.

Kids are about to go to school.

There is a huge educational gap
between Seoul and where we live.

Do you forget how we buy our house?

We paint the house and build
the garden by ourselves with kids.

Do you forget?

Now that you're somewhat
famous and people recognize you,

you can't find your way around?

Do you think you're
ready to be the lead now?


Why are you really like this today?

One minute it's a car,
the next it's an apartment,

and we're not at a point
where we can afford all that.

Do you think only of yourself?

Don't you think about my position?

It seems that you haven't
come to your senses until now.

I've worked hard

for you and my family.

I didn't start out that way, did I?

Do you know how hard it was
for me to become what I am now?

Dad, don't fight.

No, no, Lu-yi.

It wasn't a fight, we didn't fight.

Your Majesty, please hide quickly.

Kids grow up fast, don't they?

I'm sorry.


I just want to give you
and the kids everything.

This is the most important thing I
would like to do when I have money.

So, do you like it when you
have money, or do you like it now?

I like it when I'm with you.

It seems not?


Happier and better now.

It used to be that getting five
hours of sleep was all I wanted.

Now I can fall asleep
with my head on the pillow.

I wake up in my sleep

to make sure you

and kids are still there.

Obviously at first I felt
very strange and unfamiliar.


I'm afraid kids will disappear suddenly.

No matter how difficult it is.

I don't want to wake up from this magic.

Get off work!

All right, 10 seconds to countdown!

Look over there.

My family, get ready!

Your Majesty, in my next
life I will be your vassal again.


I want to be your vassal.

I will protect you.

Cut. ok.

Good job, everyone, good job.

What's going on.

Too involved?

You're more like the main character.

Thank you.

Thank you all for your hard work.

Thank you, thank you.

Everyone be careful.

Thank you, thank you.

Thank you.

You're very popular.

Do you have any secrets?

I'm good-looking.

Do I need a nose job.

Thank you for your hard work.

Thank you.

I heard you're going to start acting again.

Yes, for the rest of my life.

What about the manager job?

I will do it at the same time for now.

His personality is so strange,
he doesn't even have a manager.

I am seeing you work too
hard, so I brought you along.

Don't talk nonsense..

Quit your job.

You two look like
you've switched identities

and don't know who is who's manager.


Thanks for your hard work.

Thank you.

His joke is really annoying.

Do we have an interview today?


You have to tell me in advance.

Makeup team, come on.

It's not you, it's me.

I'll be over soon.

Here you are.


This way, please.

Did you call me?

Do you want to take a picture with me?

No, I don't think so.

Thank you for your hard work.

Mom, what is the name of this painting?

What should I call it?

Mom, your husband texted.

Recreating actor Park
Gang's gorgeous transformation

from supporting actor to manager
and from manager to actor.

Actor Park Gang, who is just
a familiar face but not famous,

has shown impressive acting skills

in the dramas and plays he has appeared in.

He says his life now is the happiest

and he wants to do his best for his family.

Your dad is so cool.

Congratulations. Jo Yoon.

Thank you.

Standing on stage like this, I
have a lot of people I want to thank.

Maybe one day he can
stand here instead of me.

I want to say thank you to that old friend.

Thank you.

No matter how I think about it.

You seem to be better than the original me.

You only know now?

Thanks, you were really cool earlier.

Am I the only one who's
embarrassed, you crazy bastard.

It's an izakaya.

Would you like to have a drink?


The work of director Goo is here again.

When I heard that you were
popular, the call came immediately.

The proposal was good, but it had
to be shot overseas for three months.

So you don't do it?

How can you be separated for three
months when you think of the kids.

I can only shoot other works.

There should be other good works.

There should be many
choices besides that work.

When I said I would promote
you, everyone was concerned.

It's not so much.

Don't go anywhere else, just stay with me.

I'm fine with boxing.

Hey, I'm not going anywhere.

I have no desire for money.

Just want to be with the kids.

To live like I do now.

Are you drunk?

Smell a little humanity.

Where are you going?

Just took a call to go somewhere quite far.

Either go out and blow off some steam?


Go where.

You nasty boy.

Not really.

It feels a little different this time.

Who is it?


Are you crazy? She's just a man.

Why are you making such a fuss.

Are you really in love with her?

Yes, I am.

She acted for me and
reminded me of the past

and the feelings came flooding back.

Also, you used to like her a lot.

If we get along well this time.

we'll get married.

She said it was sad to see me living alone.

Are you serious?

To this age, living alone,
very lonely and tired,

I can not hold on.

Your life can be exchanged
with Park Hoo-gyung.

You must be crazy.

I don't exchange lives.

Ah, how beautiful Woo-hee is.

It's time for her to go into the army.

Then wait for her.

Ah, going crazy.

Wait a minute, wait a minute.

This is a Christmas
present. Buy toys for the kids.

Forget it.

Take it. Tell the kids that.

Uncle Jo Yoon is handsome
when you look at him.

They won't admit it, no
matter whose children they are.

Let go.

Woo-hee, Woo-hee.

Today is our hundredth day.

You get in the car, I'll take you back.

I'll take a taxi later.

I heard you two are dating.


He said you both went on
an overseas trip together.

The theater group went together,

and Jo Yoon was pestering to go together.

Then we'll go first.

Hey, it looks like unrequited love.

I'm leaving now.

Come on, close the window.

Be careful on the road.


Wife, it's snowing.

Where are you, coming back?

To Su-in-dong.

Just getting into a cab now.

Where are the kids.

All waiting for you.

Tell them I'll be right back.

When is Daddy coming back?
Where are the Christmas presents?

I'm off. I'll call you when I get there.

Lu-a said he wants Ddobbokab.

Lu-yi said she wants Shushu&Shashi,
make sure Santa brings

-What? Shushu..? -Shushu&Shashi!

Has it changed so quickly?

Where to buy at this time?

I've bought it all, just hurry back.

Got it.

How does it feel to live a different life?

Being with your family and feeling happy?

Time flies by faster than you think.

The past year.

But don't be too surprised.

It's not long now before
you have to go back.

Going back?

Back, back to your old life.

How long do you plan to stay in this world?

What if I don't go
back, what if I stay here?

It's not something you
can do as you please.

Now it's time.

Tomorrow morning, you will go
back to the time you first came.


I'm not going back.

Never as you say.

I don't want to go back.

Who are you to change my life at will.

I told you, I've acted, too.

My last show was Christmas.

Now close your eyes and

I can also recall the moment
I stood on the stage that day.

The look in the eyes of my son

who had been watching me from the audience.

And his face, to this day I can't forget.

But at that time I didn't know.

It took a long, long time before I knew.

The time spent with my son.

was so precious.

was so precious.

I hope that the past year

has left you with great memories.

It's Dad!


Why is Daddy so late.

Daddy, if I go to the
amusement park tomorrow,

I want to do the carousel with Lu-a.

But he's too short to ride it.

I don't do that.

I'm going to ride on my dad's
shoulders to the haunted house.

Idiot, that one's too
scary for me to go in.

It's not scary when you're with Dad.

Has dad got his memory back now.

Seems to have recovered.

I now feel sure that you are my father.

I used to want to go back to my
old dad's side as soon as possible.

But to be honest, my dad is
better now than he was before.

You're crying?


It's okay to cry.

Didn't mom say so.

Not all adults are strong.

Yes, they are.

Is there something sad?


So why are you crying?

Maybe something got in my eye.

Then I'll give you a hand.

Then make sure you ride the
carousel with me tomorrow, promise.

I was just about to show you the photo.

Still trying to figure
out who Lu-a looks like.

So much so that he looks exactly
like you when you were a kid.

Look, you have the same smile.

You can also see your father's face.

But it wasn't known at that time.

Spending time with my son.

How precious it was.

Bananas, bananas, bananas, bananas.

This is just a little bit.


Why aren't you sleeping?

Let's have fun with the kids tomorrow.

I won't mention the spending money.

Let's eat some good food
and go somewhere fun.

I hope to see you tomorrow as well.



Good morning.

How are you doing?

Is this my house?

Or is it my house?

Are you my manager?

What's wrong, why is it so disturbing?

Don't say you're quitting again.

Don't do that. I have two children.

\Ne drank at the bar on
University Avenue a year ago.

I think it was a year ago.

That's when you said.

Didn't you say that
Soo-hyun came from the U.S.

to have a painting exhibition here?

Yeah, yesterday?


You went to Soo-hyun's?

Didn't you hear that she
came back from the U.S.

and you weren't even curious
about how she spent her time?

You're such a piece of trash, I seem
to have developed feelings again.

What are you talking about? Looks like
we'll have to drink less in the future.

I'll give you money, you
get that mole removed.

What mole?

The one on your face.

And, start your acting career again.

Whether it's an audition, or a play.

It feels a little ambiguous.

What's going on?

Where are you going? You have a trip today.

Do you know it's Christmas?

Didn't you say it was nothing?

Christmas is about being with your family.

What are you doing? Just go home you.

What are you doing.

Getting drunk.

No, it's living.

This is the first Christmas of my life.

What brought you here?

You didn't come here to see me, did you?

How did you paint this picture?


I saw this painting.

This painting is being
shown for the first time today.

Soo-hyun, can you give
me an hour of your time?

An hour? What do you want to do?

Last night, I spent
Christmas with you at home.

The year with you.

It was the most precious

and happy time in my life.

Soo-Hyun, I have a lot to say.

2 years later

What time is it?

Early morning, I think.

Where's the son?

I think he's awake by the sound of crying.

I'm too tired, can you go see the kids?

Lu-yi, Lu-a see who it is?


Let's go find Mom.

All right, all right.

To drink milk.

Lu-a drink too.

The baby has pooped.

Come on, come on.

How can you have so many schedules.

Will be scolded by the actors.

Let the company handle it first, and I'll
go meet the owner of the production company.

Got it, bye.

Go to Yeonam-dong.

Looks like I got lucky on Christmas.

I was lucky to meet such a
distinguished guest as you.

Happy, right?


It's Dad, isn't it?

I'm still unmarried.

You are too much like my late father.

Haven't had much rest this time.

It seems you are too tired,
close your eyes and rest.

Okay okay.

Sir, you haven't turned on the meter yet?

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