Switch (2011) - full transcript

In Montreal, the unemployed fashion designer Sophie Malaterre is summoned by Claire Maras to show her work to her boss. When Sophie arrives in the company, Clare apologizes and tells that her boss is on vacation and will return only two months later. Clare invites Sophie to have lunch with her and tells Sophie about the website switch.com, where it is possible to switch houses with a stranger for vacation. Sophie seeks an apartment in Paris nearby the Eiffel Tower that belongs to Bénédicte Serteaux and they change apartments. Sophie arrives in Paris on Saturday morning and has a dream day riding a bicycle through the touristic area. However, on the next morning, policemen break in the apartment and arrest Sophie while she is having a bath. Detective Damien Forgeat interrogates Sophie believing that she is Bénédicte and she learns that a beheaded body was found in her room. Further, all the evidences of her life has been deleted and she can not prove that she is Sophie.

Sophie Malaterre?

Claire Maras.
I called you two days ago.

Listen, I'm sorry, but there's a problem.

Our artistic director, the lady you need
to show your drawings to, is away.

She'd brought her holiday forward.
I didn't realise.

Can I see someone else?

She's the sole decision maker.

I'm really sorry.
It's all my fault.

And another appointment?

Not until September now.

I'll call you back then, all right?

All right.

- Thank you.
- Goodbye.


I'm so sorry.
Let me make it up to you.

Are you doing anything for lunch?

- No.
- It'll be my treat, then.

What do you fancy?

I'm a vegetarian, so...

Great, me too. Well, almost.

There's a cafe on Mount Royal that
does organic sandwiches. Will that do?

Yes, all right.

Let's go.

Not one order, not one drawing
published in three months.

I know your work from magazines.
It's great.


The recession must be
why I'm not working.

The recession is an easy excuse.

You're right, but the orders
still aren't coming in.

How about guys?

No orders either.

And holidays?

A black hole.

They say suicide rates peak at Christmas.

I say they peak during
the summer holidays.

I have the answer for you.

What's that?

An apartment exchange site.

Isn't that dangerous?

Where do you live?

Upriver. A house near Pointe-Claire.

- Do you own it?
- Yes.

Well, my mum helped me out.

Take photos of your place
and post them on the site.

Then say what you're looking for,

your desired destinations,
and that's it.

I swear it works.

What happens after that?

You sign a contract with the other owner
for the insurance and so on...

You swap keys, buy a ticket,
and you're all set.

It's that simple?

Yes, with no hidden fees.
It's person to person.

I was in your position three years ago.

No job, no guy, nothing.

Which area?

Rue Mouffetard, darling.

- Do you know Paris?
- A little.

- Was it good?
- Better than good.

I met this waiter.

A guy from Mali.
He knew Paris inside out.

I came back to Montreal
with a fresh outlook,

found this job and rebooted my life.

- And the guy?
- Left with the keys.

Do it. Paris in August.
It'll make a new woman of you.

Seeking home exchange now

with Paris

Apartment with view
of the Eiffel Tower.


I'm very interested in your ad.

Hoping you can help out.

My house isn't much.

Yes, but I really want to visit Montreal.

- What now?
- The contract. We'll send keys by UPS.

Takeoff in 20 hours.
We'll pass in the sky!

Here's my key.
My room's on the upper floor.

Have fun in Paris!

Welcome to Montreal! The fridge is full.

Seventh arrondissement, please.

Dear Sophie, welcome to Paris.

Any problems, call me.

Am I stopping you working?

It's the summer holidays.

Yes, summer.

Your first time here?


I came with my parents
when I was little.

I'm from Montreal.
I'm Canadian.

Where are you from?

Across the Seine.

My name's Kourosh.

I'm Iranian.

I'm studying architecture here.

- Where are you staying?
- Near here.

At a hotel?

No, with friends.

Have happy days in Paris.

Is that all?

Here's what we'll do.

My number.

If you want a guide, call me.

It'll be a pleasure. Really.

I didn't tell you my name.

Next time.

This is Claire.
Leave me a message.

Claire, it's Sophie.

I swapped my apartment
like you told me to.

I'm looking at the Eiffel Tower.

It's crazy.

Call me and I'll tell you about it.
Take care.

Shit, what's wrong with me?

- Damien...
- What's going on?

What's going on?

What's going on?

- Benedicte Serteaux, come with us.
- What? Where?

To the police station,
to answer our questions.

I'm not Benedicte Serteaux.

So who are you?

Sophie Malaterre.

That's not mine. I'm Canadian.

What is all this?!

Take her in.

Everyone out. Clear the crime scene.

Thanks, boys.

- Meet me back at HQ.
- OK, see you later.

Hold the board.

Keep still.

Relax and don't press down.

Open your mouth. Wider...

Who is this?

Thomas Huyghens.

26 years old.

A part-time law student and amateur DJ.

A professional slacker.

Why show me his photo?

His corpse was in your bedroom.

That's not possible.

You'd been dating a year.

A stormy relationship.

I don't know who you're talking about!

You made death threats.

What death threats?

He told his parents.
They lost track of him.

Until he turned up at your place.

It's not my place!

All right.

But you know Thomas Huyghens, right?

He was in your room this morning?

You tell me. You found him.

It's not that easy.

He'd been decapitated.
His head's missing.

The victim's body is covered with cuts.

His genitals have been slashed.

Some wounds are so deep,
the bone is exposed.

It's not my place.
I didn't sleep in that room!

An upstairs room was locked.

Know what this is?

The knife the killer used.

Your prints are on it.

Can I go to the toilet?

My name's Sophie Malaterre.

I'm from Quebec.

I arrived at Benedicte Serteaux's
yesterday morning.

You're a friend?

I don't know her.

We swapped homes online.
For a holiday.



Like the English word.

You swapped homes like that?

Two strangers?

No guarantees? No insurance?

The site provides guarantees.

I checked out the insurance.

Then what?

Then we swapped keys via UPS.

I flew out of Montreal...

the day before yesterday.

With the time difference,
I arrived yesterday morning.

I was out all day,

before my first night at her place.

What happened this morning?

I woke up feeling rough.

I had a migraine, nausea...

I still feel ill.

Did you notice anything strange
when you woke up?

I didn't know where I was.

I had a shower to wake myself up,
then you arrived.

And the body'?

I don't know anything about the body!

I slept in another room.

I've been framed.

The corpse was put there
during the night.

Go back to Benedicte Serteaux's.

I never unpacked.
You'll see it isn't my place.

We'll check all that

your flight,
your visits to the home-swap site,

your identity in Quebec.

But the embassy's closed on a Sunday.
And it's August.

Can I get out of here?

Not for now.
It depends on the judge.

Whoever you are,
the corpse was under your roof.

To put it politely,
you're our key witness.

I don't understand.

Everything was normal when I woke up.

Except for the nausea.

Maybe I was drugged.

That's not mine.
My passport is Canadian!

We'll run checks, but look at it first.

Can I use the toilet again?

- OK, stop messing around.
- What'?

We identified the body
thanks to a tattoo.

Thomas Huyghens, your boyfriend.

- I said...
- We checked everything you said.

None of it's true.

No Sophie Malaterre
on a flight from Canada.

Nothing in the apartment
linked to a Sophie Malaterre.

It's not possible.

In the wardrobe, clothes your size.

All bought in Paris.
Your prints everywhere.

It's not possible.

I was lured there
to be framed for a murder.

That woman, Benedicte Serteaux,
set it all up!

She made a fake passport,
erased the websites...

Do you know a lawyer?

Show the neighbours my photo.
They'll tell you I'm not her!

We already did that.

Most people are away in August,

but those we did find
all recognised you.

It's not...

It's just not possible.

Will you check on Sophie Malaterre
in Montreal'?

I can give you my address.

Why don't you have an accent?


You're from Quebec
but you have no accent.

I lived in France until I was 12.

My parents are Quebecois
but lived in Bordeaux.

You can check that too.

If you want,
the court can appoint a lawyer.

That's bad news.
Usually, those lawyers...

I'm not Benedicte Serteaux!

- Calm down!
- Let go of me!

"Calm down" goes for everyone.
Take her to her cell.

We have our work cut out.

I'm sorry.

The psychiatric hospital is a dead zone.

But one guy remembered her.

That's her file.

Schizophrenia, split personality,

paranoia and so on.
A lesbian too, apparently.

Well, she goes both ways.

That's not a mental illness.

Several suicide attempts.

She vanished a few years back.

Interpol tracked her down.

She ran with German ecologists,
the far left.

Identity theft, computer hacking...
Case closed for lack of evidence.

- Does she work'?
- We don't know.

She inherited her father's fortune.

The apartment in the 7th too.

A poor little rich girl
with serious hang-ups.

- Did you call Montreal'?
- Yes. They'll call back.

Her address, she says.

Get them to check it.

Find an expert to check her passport.

And set up a psychiatric evaluation.

The sooner we get rid of her,
the better.

The cargo area first.

- Are you doing a blood test?
- You still feel sick?

It's not that.

Did you find any papers
showing Benedicte's blood group?

What's yours?

No idea, but with any luck
it won't be the same.

Then you'll start to believe me.

Show me your wrists.


Before the psychiatrist,
there'll be a medical checkup.

They'll do a blood test.

Thank you.

Part of the service.

About the decapitation...

Does the killer have
some notion of anatomy'?

I'll call you back.

You'll compare blood groups?

The psychiatrist's waiting.

You can head back, boys.

Could you uncuff this person, please?

What's going on?

Some tourist going loopy in Paris,

if I understood right.

We just have to do an ID check.

Our friends back there can handle it.

What's your explanation for all this?

What do you think?

I've been trapped.

While I'm being held here,

the real Benedicte,
the crazy one...

she's at my place in Montreal.

She's taking over my identity.

Taking over my life!

What's that?

A transfer order.

Where to?

A specialised unit.


In psychiatry.

A madhouse, you mean?

The only way to show you're not mad
is to prove you're telling the truth.

The only person who can do that
is that cop waiting outside.

Forgeat is a good cop.

You'll get better treatment in the hospital
than in the cells.

Detective Forgeat? Lachaux in Montreal.
Your assistant called me.

Anything new?

We're at Sophie Malaterre's place.

Is she there?

My men are questioning her.

You're sure it's her?

I have her identity papers right here.

I'll call you back.

What's going on?

I had the blood test results.

The same group, AB. A rare one.

That means nothing.

Wasn't that supposed to clear you?

The Montreal cops are talking
to Sophie Malaterre.

It's the other one!
We swapped keys.

She's taken over my home
and my identity!

I've had enough of this nonsense.

Wait. One last favour.

I know how to prove I'm not her.

With my teeth.

You're too crazy.

That's how you identify a corpse.

It can work for a living person too.


Compare my teeth
with her dental records.

It's August. It'll take a week.

There must be a dentist here.

My dental work was done in Montreal.
A dentist will confirm that.

I don't need this!

I'm playing tennis in 45 minutes.

I'll give you five minutes.

I hate working in August.

Open wide.

This isn't going to help.

We use the same stuff in France.

Put your gun down! Put it on the desk!

Put your fucking gun down!

- OK, but calm down.
- Do it!

Unlock the cuffs!

Unlock them! Shut up!

Cuff yourself to that.

Do it!

Shut up!

I'll kill him!

What have I got to lose?

Give me your coat.

Your coat!

Put your phones there!

You too!

And the key.

- You're screwing up.
- Anything's better than the madhouse.

I'll take the file.

You can keep the transfer order.


Don't move!

I said drive! You speak French?

Straight on.

Don't stop.


Turn right.

Pull over!

Your cash and your card!

Move it!

Cash and card!

What's the PIN?

The PIN for your card!

I know where you live.
Don't screw with me!

What's the fucking PIN?


Now get lost.

Open the door and get out!

Don't worry.

You'll get everything back.

It's their fault.

Tell them that from me.

I had no choice!

Now get lost.


We're bringing the commando squad in.
Call Delors.

Give the girl's description to all units.

Check stations, airports, tollbooths.
Set up roadblocks.

I want everyone on this!

Damien, listen...


Verdier's back. He's in your office.

Good evening, sir.

We're on top of this.

I'm sorry?

On top of it?

A madwoman loose in Paris
with your gun and you're on top of it?

The city's in lockdown.
She can't get away.

- What if she opens fire?
- She won't.

Why not?

It's my intuition.

Evening, Chief.

Armed robbery. It looks like it's our girl.


- We'll catch her, I promise.
- Listen here.

Call me tonight, whatever the time,
to tell me one thing.

- Just one thing.
- Don't worry.

Well, I am worrying.

You've no idea how much.

If she's still on the run tomorrow,
all hell will break loose.

The victim's father has close ties
to the government.

The media will pounce on this.

And, for once, they won't be wrong.

It'll be settled by dawn.

I hope so.

She held up a Japanese woman
and stole her card, cash and car.

- Where?
- The Place Vendome car park.

Check the cash machines in that area.
We can't miss her.

Need any help, cousin?

Would you have a cap or a hat?

Here you go.

- Do you have another logo?
- It's a unique model. Very trendy.


This one will do.

I'm Pat, the owner of this place.
What's your name?


- Live around here?
- No, I'm passing through.

We're all passing through.

Can I get changed here?

No problem.
There's a small room back there.


A gift.

A gift too.

Does that work?

With this, it does.

With the card,
call anywhere in the world.

A round figure. 100 euros.

Come back whenever you need to.

It's not what you think.

I don't think anything, cousin.
You just have a place here.

Thank you.

A cash machine near Palais Royal.
The car was close by.

A Fiat 500.

She took the metro.
She'll get far as away as she can.

Or retrace her steps.

Why would she?

No reason.

To piss us off.

What shall I do with the Japanese girl?

The girl from the Fiat.

She's quite a catch.

That's all you can tell us?

It all happened so fast.

How did she seem to you?


She held you at gunpoint,
robbed you,

and she seemed fragile?

Yes, that's how she seemed to me.

She attacked me
but she seemed more like a victim.

She told me to tell you
you'd forced her to do it.

Thank you, miss.

I need a number in Canada.
In Montreal, Quebec.

The person's name is Maras.

Claire Maras.

Thank you.

Mum, it's Sophie.

Where are you?

- Are you away?
- I'm in Paris.

In Paris? Without letting me know?

It's complicated. I need your help.

You're in trouble?

You have my keys?

Of course. What do I need to do?

Go to my place.
Watch the house.

And wait till it's empty.

- Someone's there?
- Mum, go to the house.

Wait until it's empty
then get the papers proving who I am.

You've lost your passport?

No, Mum. Just go there.

I'll call you in your oar in ten minutes.
Call the police on your way.

Are you there?


I'm there.

Is there a car parked there?


A light on inside?

No. No one's there.

Watch out anyway.

I know she's arrived.

Hang up now.

- Call the police and...
- No need.

I have what I need.

We'll do this Malaterre-style.

What do you mean?

It's not a fucking game, Mum!

Don't worry.
She'd better not turn up.

What are you doing?!


- What'?
- The power's off.

- You didn't see a car?
- No, no one's here.

- Where are your papers?
- In my bedroom.

I know she's there!

What do you see?

Nothing, darling.

Mum, what the hell's going on?!


There's a head on your bed.

A man's head.

With candles all around it.

A head?


Some words on the wall.

Mum, get out of there!

Mum, for God's sake...


For God's sake, talk to me!

What's going on?

Who's there?

Who's there?!


I don't believe this!

I can smell petrol.

I hope my cab's OK.

Keep the change.



There's no sign of her anywhere.

Stations? Airports? Roadblocks?

Not a thing.

This girl's like a ghost.

An armed ghost, thanks to you.

What did the neighbours tell you?

No friends. No contacts.

She only had that guy and she killed him.

No one she could contact.

She's bound to contact someone.

They always snap.

We're after the mother.

She's well-off,
probably on holiday.

For a nutcase,
she has her head screwed on.

Soto speak.

Something's not right about this.

I spoke to Huyghens' folks.

They're heading back from Spain,

We'll meet at the morgue tonight.

Identification won't be easy
without a head.

Another thing.

I tracked the suspect's mother down.

She's a famous sculptor,
she lives out in Rueil-Malmaison.

- Shall I bring her in?
- No, we'll pay her a visit.

Making any headway?

Plastic surgeons!

It's 9 am.

- So?
- They're all away.

Find where they're sunning their arses!
I want to talk to one this morning.

I need to check an address.

92500 Rueil-Malmaison.

That's all I need. I'll call you.

The shrink's report.

What does she say?

The girl's not mad.

No sign of mental trouble.

I knew it.

You knew what?
Some girl beheads her guy,

claims to be someone else

and she's not mad?

Something's not right.

Like the head business.

She kills him,
then takes a shower to calm down.

Maybe to get rid of the blood.

So she was there from the murder
until we arrived.

Where was the head?

Hidden in the apartment?

We looked everywhere.

Hi, how's it going?


Hey, I don't bite. What is that?

It's trendy.

Benedicte Serteaux, accused of murder
and arrested yesterday

is on the run.

She is described as armed
and extremely dangerous.

If you have any information,

please call the number
displayed on the screen.

I'll be back shortly
with the 8:30 bulletin.

Those things cost a fortune.

Not bad.

Here to see Alice Serteaux.

Good morning.
Damien Forgeat from the Paris police.

Stephane Defer, my assistant.

I won't ask why you're here.
I saw the news.

Have a seat.

You want to know
if I've heard from her.

Among other things.

She hasn't called.
We haven't spoken in eight years.

You fought?

To fight, you have to be close.

My daughter and I
have never had anything in common.

Forgive me, but we need confirmation.

Is this your daughter,
Benedicte Serteaux?

She's changed, but that's her.

You know Thomas Huyghens?

Never heard of him.

You don't seem shocked

or surprised by all this.

I know my daughter.
She's a madwoman.

As I'm sure you know.

I read her file, yes.

So you know what I mean.

Her childhood was an ordeal.
For me.

I read that she made
several suicide attempts.

She was always a problem.

She's suspected of illegal activities.

Computer hacking and so on.

I'd already stopped seeing her.

She trained in computing,
but that's all I know.

- Her father's dead, I believe.
- Ten years ago.

- You'd separated'?
- Just after she was born.

Was he close to her?

He never saw her.

He left her part of his fortune.

To pay his debt.

He thought money
exempted him from feelings.

Where could she hide?

I've no idea.

As a girl, was she violent?

Read her file.
I'd rather not remember.

One last question,
nothing to do with her file.

I'm listening.

Your hand. What happened?

I work on COR-TEN steel pieces
that weigh several tons.

One day, an arch fell on my hand.

It's what they call
being at one with one's work.

Do the sculptures represent something?

The double helix of DNA

the source of life, and of evil.

Excuse me.

May I use your toilet?

Down there, next to the stairs.

Good bye.

What the hell are you doing?

I just wanted to wash my hands.

And piss in my washbasin? Get lost.

That's her! Reverse!

Move it!

Call backup!

Send all units!

Are you OK?

Why didn't she go
as far away as possible?

Why go to Alice Serteaux's?

To hide out at her mother's?

Would you hide out there?


Call transport.

- I just did!
- Do it again. Bus, train, metro.

Find her.

I'll cover you.

Cover me how?

She takes off with your gun.

She slips away a second time.

I'll cover you.

What? We have to
stand together, right?

What can one woman do
against 1,000 cops?

Come on, I'll buy you a coffee.

Hello? Yes, this is Delors.

What? We're on our way.

A witness. A guy in a hotel in Barbes.

The local cops are already on their way.

Shut up, Roxer!

50 euros for your parka.

Who is this?

She's funny.

My parka's worth much more, baby.

Maybe we can work something out.

I bet you give good head.

Your parka or your balls!

No problem, you can have it...

Get me through the gates too.

Where's the police welcome sign?

Fucking discreet!

It doesn't make sense.

Why steal this file?

Why underline her mother's
name and address?

The dates of her internments?

And another thing...

Benedicte was in care until 2002,

then turned to crime.


Her neighbours rarely saw her.
Like she had another life.

Another life?
You think she joined al-Qaeda?

You're fucking losing it, Forgeat.

This girl is on the run, she's armed.

That's our priority.

First we arrest her,
then you question her.

I'll leave two guys downstairs.

Stay here.

Call Montreal.

And check this number.


I need a DNA analysis.

- Then what?
- Compare it with our suspect's.

I was expecting you.

Much better.

The last change, I hope.

I wish I could help you, cousin.

But it's too big for me.

You should get going.
The cops are everywhere.

Can I use the phone?


It's a setup.

A fucking setup!

I don't get it.
Someone will realise sooner or later.

Not if I end up on a psychiatric ward.

Or if I get killed by a cop.

I have to find the real Benedicte Serteaux.

I'm so worried about my mum...

Sophie Malaterre.

Spelt the way it's pronounced.

In the early '90s.

Yes, I'll hold. Thank you.

About a passport analysis.

I'm calling schools in Bordeaux.

Carry on.

It's been two days now.

Hi, girls!

We found the scooter.
No one saw a thing.

No doubt about it, she's a pro.

She's the only one.

In an hour? All right.

Thomas, forget the surgeon.

Can I have a word?

I found a plastic surgeon in St Tropez.
You can call him.

- Is that all'?
- No, the medical examiner's here.

What's he here for?

He wouldn't tell me.


The pathology results.
When I studied the organs...

What did you find?

The body had been frozen.

Freezing dilates organic tissues,

leaving traces after they thaw out.
You see it in blood...

What does this mean?

The time of death

it occurred several days earlier.

How many days'?

He was killed and beheaded,

put in a freezer,
then in the bed in the morning.

I thought something didn't seem right.
Rigor mortis was...

That's not what you said at the scene.

- I couldn't know...
- The blood on the sheets?

It was still warm.

I'm sorry.

You can't erase such scars?

- No plastic surgeon can.
- You're sure?

Not slit wrists from a suicide attempt.

Thank you, Doctor.

We aren't calling the prosecutor?

I already have.

There was a freezer in the basement.


Is this blood?

I'll need to confirm it.

Confirm it?

Sloppy work, guys.

Sloppy work, Koskas.

Take the freezer.

I want the test results fast!

I'll drive.
Call Lachaux in Montreal.

Get him to question that girl.

Are you OK?

Don't you get it?

She's been telling the truth.

Her trip became a nightmare.

But we checked.
There's no trace of the site.

Or of her flight.

Benedicte Serteaux is a computer ace.

- She erased everything.
- That's crazy.

Kids hack into the Pentagon now,

and this girl couldn't erase her steps?

Shit, the gun!

She's here.

Her photo's everywhere!

I want my money!

It's too risky.

You never said...

She has a fucking gun!

No way. That's murder!

Pay me and I'm out.

Keep back.





I have a young woman
claiming to be your suspect.

She wants Forgeat.

You checked?

Checked what? Shall I put her on?

Go ahead.
Find Forgeat!


Detective Forgeat?

His assistant, Stephane Defer.

Put Forgeat on.

He's on his way. Talk to me.
Who are you?

You know there's another corpse?

A corpse? Who'?

His name's Kourosh. An Iranian.

What happened?

An accident. With a witness.

I'm not a criminal.

I'm not Benedicte Serteaux.

How many corpses will it take
for you to understand'?

- Where are you?
- Here's a number.

Track it.
It's Benedicte Serteaux's.

The real one.

It's 07 13 41 61.

I'll call you back.

Fucking hell!

Was that her?

I think so.


What did you tell her?

To trust us.

What did she say'?

There's another corpse.

An Iranian.

She gave me a number to check.

I've pinpointed the call.

Find out who owns that phone
and get a track on it.

Check the security cameras
in that area.

Lachaux, calling from Canada.

Put him on.

Detective Forgeat? Lachaux.

Sophie Malaterre's house
burned down last night.

- How?
- We don't know yet.

- But that's not all.
- What?

We found a body there.

- The girl from yesterday?
- I don't think so.

From what I can tell,
it doesn't fit her description.

From the car parked outside,
it's probably the mother.


No sign of the girl?

- No, we 're looking for her.
- Call me back when you get anything else.

Hold on, there's something else.

That number you gave me.

It's a fashion journalist.
Claire Maras.

We went over to her place...

and found her in her bath
with her throat slit.

Was she the one you met
at Sophie Malaterre's?

No. But she's linked to this.

We searched her computer
and found illegal software

that can remotely erase data,
even whole websites.

And she paid 50,000 dollars in cash
into her account 10 days ago.

Look into it.

Huyghens' parents...
What do I tell them?

At the morgue in an hour.

We've got the freezer.
I'll get results to you tomorrow.

But there's something else.
Come to the lab right now.

The DNA of the first victim,
Thomas Huyghens.

The DNA of your suspect,
Benedicte Serteaux.

No, Sophie Malaterre.

Call her what you want.

In any case, this man and this woman
are brother and sister.

Or half-siblings.


They're from the same family.

My theory is
it's a brother-sister incest thing.

The pressure of the taboo,
the girl snaps,

and kills her illegal lover.

I don't think so.

The suspect and the victim never met.

They never knew they were related.


I'll check with the mother's DNA.

- I'm on site.
- And?

According to our information,

he's Pakistani, not Iranian.
A small-time thug...

Search his place.

He was in contact with the killer.

We tracked the number Sophie gave us.

Cecile Longo, 26.
She lives in the 6th arrondissement.

She's a lab assistant or something.

She's into combat sports.
Doesn't look promising.

Send a car over.

Bring Alice Serteaux in
I want to question her.

It'll be a pleasure.

We have proof.

A key witness in this case
has genes in common with your son.

She's Thomas' sister or half-sister.

I only ever gave birth once.

I was artificially inseminated,
in 1983.


artificial insemination by donor.

Who was the donor?

No idea.

It's anonymous in France.

You don't know who Thomas' father is?

Thomas' father is Pierre.

His biological father.

No. And that doesn't matter.

Can't you request
to know a donor's identity?

Not in France. It's the law.

Do you remember the lab's name?

The Pyrrha lab.

The girl who called earlier is on the line.

Transfer the call to my mobile.

It's Sophie!

Where are you?

She's there.

Who's there?

Benedicte. She tried to kill me.

- Where?
- At her place.

Where are you?

Who the hell cares?

Arrest her!

Any news of Cecile Longo?

We found nothing there.

No ID at all.
No photos, no papers, nothing.

You said she's a lab assistant.

At the Pyrrha lab.

Get all the information you can on her.

- Where's Alice Serteaux?
- In your office.

One last thing.
I got Sophie's test results.

She'd had a strong anaesthetic.

We didn't notice,

but there must be a needle mark on her.

We've been taken for a ride.

Find out everything you can about
Sophie Malaterre's parents.

I'm on it.

You were inseminated?

An AID in 1983?

How did you know?

Never mind.
Your husband was sterile?


We were genetically incompatible.

Having a child together was risky.

The Pyrrha lab provided the sperm?

This photo...

Take another look at it.

OK. And?

Is it your daughter?

Got a minute?

Excuse me.

I have the number but no one's talking.

- Pinpoint the call.
- I did.

It's moving between stations.

Once it stops, let me know.

- Still moving?
- Yes.

Do you know the name
Thomas Huyghens?

- No.
- Sophie Malaterre?

Again, no.

Cecile Longo?

What is this?
I don't know those names.

You can go now.

We have a location.

- Where?
- Stains.


You know it?

That's where my foundry is.

They produce the COR-TEN steel
for my sculptures.

Does Sophie Malaterre know it?

I told you, I've never heard of her.

OK. Benedicte?

She loved the place as a child.

She'd play dead in the helixes.
Her usual crazy stuff.

Give me the exact address.

Got it?

You understand now?

You'll stop moving?

Bruno Malaterre, born in Quebec in '57,
died in Montreal in '98 of cancer.

He came to study in France in 1981.

He met Marianne, Sophie's mother,

a Canadian student here.

They married in Paris
and had Sophie in 1982.

He lost his job
and they moved to Bordeaux.

I bet he's the donor.

He gave his sperm.
Or rather he sold it to make some cash.

To the Pyrrha lab.

- Where Cecile Longo works?
- Yes.

His sperm was used twice.

In 1983,

for Thomas Huyghens

and for Benedicte Serteaux.

Both born by AID.

And Cecile Longo -
has she been in Paris long?

Five years.

It's eight years since Alice Serteaux
saw her daughter.

Three years in Germany,
then back to France

that's when Benedicte started a new life.

Pyrrha hired her as Cecile Longo.

So she could track down her father.

She finds a half-brother, Thomas,

and a half-sister, Sophie.

No one can imagine my childhood.

No one.

My mother hated me.

As if I were a monster from her womb.

You had a smiling father,

who gave you kisses.

Who held you in his arms.

I got this!

Sample X5W7896.

The sperm of Bruno Malaterre.

Not one sign for the damn foundry!

Have we come this way already?

Still no connection?

No, nothing.


I decided to even things out.

Take your house.

Take your life.

And destroy both you and Thomas.

But you had to screw things up.

Right till the end,
you keep pissing me off!

Freeze! Don't move!

It wasn't me.

It's OK now.

It wasn't me.