Switch (2007) - full transcript

Mikkel (15) lives a good life with his mother in Oslo. Here he has heaps of friends and spends most of his day on a skateboard. When his mum gets a new job, Mikkel has to move to a small village and start all over. In this village skateboard no longer matters and snowboard is the new big thing. To be accepted by the new kids, Mikkel has to go into training. On top of that he falls in love with the girlfriend of the villages best snowboarder.

How do you sign up to
the jumping competition at Hemsedal?

Don't kid yourself.
You'll break every bone in your body.

You better worry about yourself.

What's going on here?

Mikkel is going to Hemsedal.

He thinks
he's fool enough to make it.

- Do you mean that?
- Yes.

- Are you coming?
- Wait a second.

I've got a registration form
in the car, if you're interested.

- Yeah.
- Oh yeah?

Come on.


- Aren't we in a hurry?
- Relax. I have to talk to Mikkel.

Are you sure you want this?

- Yeah, I'm sure.
- OK.

Cool. Good luck.
See you in Hemsedal.

Well, this was really pleasant.

Oh shit!

Thank you.

Nice try.
But now you have to focus.

- Tommen...
- It's important not to stress.

- It's just to pull back...
- I signed us up for the competition.

- What?
- I signed us up for the competition.

On day one
I told you I was a free rider.

I'm not taking part
in a bloody competition.

It's against everything I've stood
for, stand for and will stand for!

- But...
- I thought you were that way too.

That you were, or wanted to be,
a freerider.

But no, you weren't.

I had to!

It was either that, or
be a chicken for the rest of my life.

Competitions are fucking shit!

It doesn't matter who wins or loses!

- It doesn't matter!
- But you know I'm good enough!

You haven't understood shit, Mikkel.

Our little training program
was just finished for good.


I've waited for you.
Are you ready to play?

- Yes.
- Take a seat.

My turn?


I've got the meeting times
and some info about Hemsedal.

And one more thing...

When you jump from the big jump,
you'll do a massive face plant.

You'll break
every fucking bone in your body.

So regardless of how you'll do
in Hemsedal, you're finished here.

You'll get beaten up every week.

I'll spend all my time
trying to fuck you up.

You made a move on the wrong girl,

When I'm done with you, no-one
at school will want to talk to you.

Then you're free to sit in Psycho-
Tommens garage and eat lollipops.

Do you understand? Because nobody will
want to have anything to do with you.

Let's see how you handle pressure.

You're up.

Great, Mikkel.


- They're just messing with you.
- They're are?

- Do you think Gaute is your friend?
- It's you that's messing with me!

Do you think it's so easy for me?
Gaute is my boyfriend.

That's because you're too chicken
to say what you really feel.

You have ruined
everything for me here.

Because you don't have
the guts to be honest.

I've got nothing anymore.
And that' your fault.

Don't you want to play anymore,

What a jerk you are.

That's the walk of a hero!

Nice shoes dude...

Gaute and that crowd...

I thought I'd become a part of them.

I'm such an idiot.

Welcome to the club...

Look at this gang.

Topanga Beach,
Malibu, California, Mikkel.

That was my girlfriend.


And that dude there...

He was my best friend.

But one fine day, as they say,
Roxanne stopped being my girlfriend.

And became the girlfriend of...



Shit man,
shitman boogie!

What happened?

Lost love, Mikkel.
Lost love.

I know that...

If I don't join that competition,
I'll regret it my whole life.

I have to prove to Nina that
I can see the whole race through.

That I'm a cool guy.

Regardless if I break
every bone in my body...

I'll know
that I saw the whole race through.

Hurry up, so we can take off.

You have to wake up!

- What is it?
- You must take me to the competition!

Didn't the school arrange with buses?

I don't want to ride the bloody bus
with those shitty people.

Even if you are having a hard time,
there's no language anarchy here.

But you have to take me to Hemsedal.

What do you want me to do with that?
We don't even have a car!

Who would have thought that you would
ever enter a snowboard competition?

It'll be fine.

- Can't you drive any faster?
- Relax.

It's better to get there
a little late, than not at all.

I've heard that one before.

Welcome to Flying Aces big jump
competition here in Hemsedal!

We've got
the snowboarding elite here today.

Each jumper's two best jumps counts
as qualification for the final.

Mikkel Nordskog?
I need your signature.

It's for insurance.
In case you would fall.

Have you ever jumped
from such a big jump?

I've practiced this whole winter.

We're ready for last year's winner,
none other than Gaute Aas!

Beautiful! A great jump by Gaute!
This takes him straight to the top.

- Do you think Gaute will win again?
- Probably.

- That's what he himself thinks.
- What, did you break up?

What do you think?

We're ready for another contestant.

He's from
the same place as Gaute Aas.

Give a big hand to Mikkel Nordskog!

Mikkel's hand was down.
The judges will punish him for that.

Unlucky landing there!

Now we're ready for
the second round here in Hemsedal!

"I've borrowed your car
and gone to Hemsedal".

We're now ready for
Mikkel Nordskog's second jump.

What a backflip by Mikkel!

At last
someone who really goes for it!

This will take him
straight to the final.

The crowd is obviously impressed!

Gaute Aas is now
ready for his second jump.

A very fine jump by Gaute!

Gaute slams into Mikkel!

Sorry, Mikkel.
Didn't mean to.

I promise.

- Where does it hurt?
- The leg.

Let's hope Mikkel is OK...

- Here we see what happened...
- Gaute, you cheating fuck!


I'm coming!

Fucking bastard...

Come on...

Come on, come on!
I'm on my way!

- You can't continue today.
- Damn...

- I knew it...
- You almost made it.

Regardless, I'm very proud of you.

I think you should report that
he can't continue the competition.

I'm right outside
if you need anything.

Now we're ready for the final!
The best jump takes it all.

Almost perfect.
A frontside 1080.

We've come to the last contestant
in the final, Gaute Aas!

Gaute has been outstanding all day.

If he does well,
no-one can stop him from winning-

for the third time running.

Satan's brew...

That's a frontside 1080!

Mikkel Nordskog is jumping!
Give me two minutes.

- His mom just said he can't jump.
- Yes! Two minutes!

The winner of Hemesdal Flying Aces:
Gaute Aas!


I fell asleep before I told you
the end of the story last night.

Roxanne, the love of my life.

When Rox the Fox decided
that Axel was a cooler guy than me,-

- I left Malibu.
Never to look back.

What are you trying to say?

- Don't bail out.
- I've almost broken my leg.

What you feel in your leg, will pass.

But what I feel here,
will never pass.

We've just heard that Mikkel Nordskog
is able to finish the competition.

That's ridiculous.
You announced me as the winner.

You can't go back on that.

Mikkel Nordskog...
Kick some ass.


Mikkel Nordskog,
ladies and gentlemen!

He does a switch one-foot backflip!

Ladies and gentlemen, the winner
of Flying Aces: Mikkel Nordskog!

"Gewinnen... "

"Ist... "

"Alles. "

That's a Beckenbauer quote. Franz
Beckenbauer, great soccer player.

Hello everybody,
this is Mikkel speaking. What's up?

I just want to thank everyone
for cheering for me in Hemsedal.

Thank you!

It wasn't easy for me
to move here from Oslo.

- I know everyone didn't like me...
- What the hell!

I also found out
I didn't like everyone either.

But many thanks to those
who made my life a living hell.

Because you made me
enter the competition.

But I just want to say something
I should have said a long time ago.

Nina, if you hear me:

Excuse me for not seeing that you
were only looking out for my best.

I was an idiot
for not understanding that.

You're great. I would do anything to
relive that kiss up on the mountain.

And without you having to
think of someone else than me.

Nina, I'm in love
for the first time in my life.

So kiss me, then.