Swiri (1999) - full transcript

North Korea's 8th Special Forces hijacks a shipment of CTX, a potent new liquid explosive, and threatens South Korea as part of a plot to re-unify the two countries. Ryu and Lee, special agents of O.P.--South Korea's secret intelligence service--attempt to track down the terrorists and find the CTX. Meanwhile Hee, the 8th's ultra-bad female sniper, resurfaces to wreak havoc and haunt Ryu.

Samsung Entertainment Group presents

A KangJegyu Film

Han Suckyu

Choi Minsik

Song Kangho

Kim Yunjin

Directed by KangJegyu


October 1 992
Somewhere in North Korea

T1 6, clear!.

T1 9, clear!.

Name:. Hee

Secret Agent, 8th special forces
North Korea

Born in 1971

Specialty:. Sniper

Classification: Confidential

OP Agents in charge: Ryu, Lee

The list of cases

June 1 993 - Kim
Nuclear Physics Doctor

November 1 994 - Cho
National Defense Director

July 1 994
Gas explosion in Seoul

January 1 995 - Yoe
Strategist at National Security

May 1 996 - Kim
Staffat Nuclear Submarine TF

October 1 996
Inchon Port, South Korea


Do you copy, U2?.


Do you read me?.


It's already been six months
since Hee went into hiding.

Maybe she was taken back
due to the risk of exposure.

- Hi!
- Hi!

I dreamt about U2 last night.

He said he'd busted Hee.


You know this song?.

I don't like music.
You know that, don't you?.

September 1 998

May I help you?.

I was having a little chat
with my buddies.

About what?.



They say love's to stay together
until the last moment.

They know the pain of separation.

I bet they do,
seeing each other sold off.

Have you ever seen fishes cry?.

How do they cry?.

Cry in the water,
then you'll know how.

You're about the same size...
as my boyfriend.

Have you ever seen fishes laugh?.


It's already been a year.

It was raining then, too.

You came back the next day
to buy a fishbowl...

with a CD for me.

- I said, ''May I help you?''
- ''Anapus.''

Yeah, you said ''Anapus''
instead of''Anabus.''


It was a strange feeling.

A total stranger gave me a CD
I really liked.

It was coincidental, but...

you felt so close,
as ifl'd known you for a long time.

Did you go
to alcohol cessation class today?.

The doctor said
that I no longer had to come.

Take a guess.

- Ki.
- Ki?.


You're unbelievable!
They're ''Kissingurami.''


If one ofthem dies,
the other dies too.

They dry up from malnutrition
ortheir scales fall off.

Don't let them die.

Feed them once a day,
and change the water--

Every five days.

They don't survive
where it's dark and cold.

Keep the lights on all the time.

I might do the same thing
if you left me alone.


Breaking news.

Undertheslogan of
'Reunification oftwo Koreas'...

a team ofNorth and South
for the World Cup 2002...

was launched earlier today.

A friendly game will be held
on the 25th...

not only to pick players
for the team...

but to mark a turning point
in history...

where the two leaders of
South and North Korea get together.

The president ofthe Korea
Football Organization said...

the game would speed up
the reconciliation ofthe two Koreas.

- Yes?.
- We were supposed to meet.

Change of plans.
The third floor, electronics.

- What happened?.
- Not clear yet.

Any barrier?.

Around the third block.
Take the outside!.

Calm down.
I'm a secret agent.

Dead end of 4th Street.
Against the wall!

Why did you run?.

She was here.
She knew about our rendezvous.


- Where?.
- He's down!

It's a lovely Wednesday
when our fish take a bath.

It's a lovely Wednesday
when our fish take a bath.

Please don't put ashes
into the fishbowl.

My goldfish smokes, too.

Dr. Min, identified

It's a lovely Wednesday
when our fish take a bath.

Hey, oddball!

Lim was the head
ofblack-market weapons dealers.

We knew nothing
about his organization.

When'd he call you?.

Right before I called you.

The perpetratorwas there
at the same time.

Considering the fact
that he was at the scene...

he wasn't being followed.

Otherwise he would've been killed
before the rendezvous.

My life is on the line.

I'll tell you the details later,
but it's about my client...

who is onto something
very dangerous.

Let me tell you again.
if you don't protect me--

H is I ife was bei ng threatened
during the weapons deal.

Our priority is to find out
who his client was.

We went to meet him
right after the call.

The big question is...

how'd this client know
we were meeting?.

Autopsy reports came out.

- What's up?.
- It's Wednesday.

- Get the smell offthe bowl.
- Don't put cookies into it then.

You can't feed the fish
the same thing all the time.

From the first to the fourth
cervical vertebrae...

one bullet went through
between the third and fourth...

and the other penetrated
between right and left atrium...

which killed him instantly.

The heart was completely destroyed.

I've never seen anything
like this before.

The former coroner has.

Dr. Kim, Director Cho.
They're all the same.

She's at it again.


Chodo Harbor, North Korea

For the victory!

For the victory!

No more corrupt politicians!

No more 50 years of separation,
disgrace and humiliation!

We're writing a new history
of Korea!

And the beginning ofit
is in your hands!

I expect to see you all again
under a unified sky.

Good luck.

Forthe unification.

For the unification.

Team 4, go!

Don't move!

He left nothing
related to his business.

No wonder.

They destroy everything
that could be used against them.

It's hard to find any connection
between Lim and Hee.

Then we're back to square one.

People around Lim?.

Lim took care ofbusiness by himself.
Nobody knows anything.

Hee's been hiding out
for over a year.

I don't get it.
A weapons dealerwas her first target.

It's too easy for her.

Aren't we overreacting?.
Could it be a gang war imitating her?.

Nobody can imitate her.

We need to find out
what she wanted from him...

and why he contacted us.

What did Hee ask him for?.

What was the information
Lim tried to give us?.

If she hasn't gotten
what she wanted from him yet...

she'll try to get it
through other channels.

We need to focus on the fact
that North Korea's using her again...

even though her identity
has been exposed to us.

You two are the best agents
we've got.

Finish her at your first opportunity.

What Do you think
was their relationship?.

Why'd she approach him?.

I guess she needed something
from him.

That's it.

That thing she asked him to get her.
That's the key.

What'd he mean
by something dangerous?.

You look awfully serious.
We're late, come on.

I got delayed at the beauty parlor.
Have you waited long?.

Not long.

How do I look?.

We'd better hurry.

Did you sleep well?.

Did I snore?.

I was worried about that.
Were you tired?.

He always sleeps at the theater.

I wish you had somebody
for times like these.

You two are here.

He isn't into anything.

He doesn't even like to sing
or listen to music.


I grew up near the airport
'cause my old man was a pilot.

So I can't tell a noise
from a rhythm.

Nothing's music to my ears.

Then, what Do you like?.

I like looking for people.

Lately I've been looking
for my ex-girlfriend.

What's she like?.

You want to take a look?.

She's cute.

Why did you break up?.

So I can look for her.

Gosh, I'm sorry.

- No problem.
- Wipe it offwith this.


- I am really sorry.
- It's okay.

It's punishment for dozing off
in the theater.

Excuse me.

- When is your wedding day?.
- 20th of next month.

When are you gonna tell her?.

- You can't hide it forever.
- I don't wanna burden her.

What if you die on a mission?.

- What about her?.
- I can't anyway.

- Why not?. You don't trust her?.
- Don't be sentimental.

Let me ask you something.

If Hee and I point a gun
at each other...

and you have to choose one,
who would that be?.

Hee, of course.

I'd save your ass
'cause I can bust her later.

You don't get many chances.

You don't get many friends
you'd die for either.

It's not too late, man.
You can change your mind.


I'm all wet!

Wait till that stain gets washed off.

I've had it.
Give me money for laundry.

Ask her.

I'll pay for it
when I do that again.

- Aim well next time.
- I'll try.

- Where are all the taxis?.
- Let's take the subway.

- In this rain?.
- You're wet anyway.

I don't have a girl to take care of me
ifl catch a cold.

Come on, let's run!

You sure?.

It's gonna rain all night long.

I like it.

I don't think they do.

It's bedtime for them.

Looks like the rain woke them up.

- What are they saying?.
- They want us to keep quiet.

- How are your Kissingurami?.
- They fight a lot.

One minute, they hate each other...

next minute, they're hugging,
kissing and stuff.

They're always like that.

When I go out,
I get worried about them.

Ifl am not there,
you have to take care ofthem.

I don't think I can.

I can't even handle ''Kissing''
and ''Anabus'' at home.

That's why you have to learn more.

To live with them,
you have no choice.

Your sweater is almost done.
I hope it looks good on you.

What should I get you
for the wedding?.

All I want is...

whatever happens to me...

you love and never leave me.

That's all.

Because you're the only one
who truly understands me.

Shiri, step one, on!

On the 1 7th, one million dollars
were transferred from Lim's account...

into Kim's.


He looks most suspicious
on the transaction record.

- Who's he?.
- National Defense lab researcher.

Kim speaking.

Yes. Okay.

As a part of a new weapons system
being developed...

we launched the CTX project
last year.

If Kim was doing business
with the weapons dealer...

chances are very high
that it was CTX.

Tell me more about the CTX.

CTX is a new type of energy...

originally invented by
Korea Energy Development Lab.

We've been working on
turning it into a weapon.

At first, we had problems with
its delicate detonation conditions...

but the test we did last month
was successful.

People at your agency
know about this too.

It'll bring a sensational change
to the military's weapons systems.

How's it different
from the conventional bombs?.

It's a liquid bomb.

What's most amazing about CTX is
that it's indistinguishable from water.

When it's in a normal state,
there's neither smell nor color...

and you can't detect the liquid itself
with any devices.

Yet the effect is
ten times more powerful than...

any other bombs you've ever seen.

What if a black-market dealer got it?.

He could get the information on it,
but not the CTX itself...

because you need three or four
approvals to release it.

If Mr. Kim took a bribe
to hand it over...

he would've returned the money.

Where's it made and kept?.

That's confidential. Sorry.

But CTX has never been
released until today.

How are you so sure?.

When CTX is released...

it goes through three
authorization checkpoints...

and this morning
everything was in order.

You're saying it was released
this morning?.

For the weapon show tomorrow...

it's being transferred
to headquarters as we speak.

Sera Mike 1,
stop at Dongsan service area.

Will Hee turn up?.

She wants the CTX.
She wouldn't miss this chance.

Why are they bothering us?.

They want two secret agents
to ride with us.

What for?.

What the hell is that?.

Sir, we need to check the vehicles.

I wasn't informed ofthis.
What's going on?.

We got a report of a possible
interception ofCTX.

Your permit and I D, please.

The CTX is safe with us.
Get out ofthe way.

Didn't you hear me?.

I asked for your permit and I D,
didn't I?.

This is Sera Mike 1,
we're stopped at a checkpoint.

I don't have time for this.
I'll fax it to you.

if you resist,
we'll have to arrest you.

What did you say?.

We'll have to arrest you...
or kill you.

- are you nuts?.
- I'm fine.

are you out of your mind?.

You fucking moron!

are you fucking nuts?.

Wait, look at this.

What base are you from?.

Democratic Peoples
Republic of Korea!

Sera Mike 1, Do you copy?.

They've been hit!

It's worse than we thought!

It's a bomb! Run!

Hee asked Lim for the CTX...

and Lim bribed the researcher
to hand it over.

But when they realized
it couldn't be done...

they planned to intercept it
on the road.

In the process,
Lim and Kim were murdered...

along with 20 of our armed guards.

How much CTXwas taken?.

About a gallon.

It is enough to blow up
an entire city.

Any leads on the interceptors?.

Not yet, sir.

Just an assumption
that they're involved with Hee.

But why would North Korea do that...

in a time of reconciliation?.

We haven't seen the hidden camera
mounted on the vehicle...

but the gunfire at the scene
makes me think...

that they're highly trained
North Korean militants.

Their military system
is falling fast.

It could be a private organization
wanting the CTX for their own purpose.

The question is, what are they
planning to do with the CTX?.

Ifit blows up in Seoul,
we're finished.

Why not make an official statement
to the North Korean government?.

Not until we have solid proof.

We also need to figure out
why their target was the CTX.

As you all know,
it may explode without the detonator.

And no devices can detect
the liquid itself.

Ifthey utilize those traits,
expect the worst.

There's no way to predict when,
where or how it's gonna go off.

- Dinner?.
- I don't feel like it.

Is the meeting over?.

- Little while ago.
- Anything special?.

Ready to order?.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Beer, please.
- Okay.

What about the scene?.

An inspection ofthe scene
was delayed...

and the bodies were just taken
to the headquarters.

The film will be handed over

Any leads?.

Just bodies and shells.

Isn't it strange?.

Anything else?.

This is the third time.

Lim, Kim.
This time CTXwas intercepted.

We went to see Lim
right afterthe call...

and to the lab right after
we got the report.

We're always a step behind.

It's like they were
reading our moves.

There's a leak.

It's impossible unless someone inside
leaked the information.

Don't jump to conclusions.

Today we went to the lab
without notice.

Kim didn't even know
that we were coming...

and he got killed
five minutes before we got there.

Ifthat's the case,
it's obvious.

Only Director Ko and I knew
about those killings and the CTX.

And you made the report.

Shiri 1 's on line.

It's been a long time.

At 09:00.
With sunglasses on.

You've changed a lot.

It's been six years.

- How's my family?.
- They're fine.

I miss them.

Completion is near.

You'll meet them soon.

A barrier is in the way.
Get rid ofit.



Finish the job
before the completion.


For the unification.

For the unification.

We're always a step behind.
They were reading our moves.

There's a leak.

It's impossible unless someone inside
leaked the information.

- Hel lo?.
- It's me, Ho.

- Can I see you tomorrow?.
- Sure. What's going on?

I have a favor to ask.

Call me at the police agency tomorrow.

- Okay.
- See you tomorrow.

I 'll call you.

What are you doing there?.
You scared me!

- You just got here?.
- No, earlier.

I cleaned and did the laundry.

Nothing was in the refrigerator.
We ran out of coffee...

so I went grocery shopping.

What's wrong?.
You don't look so good.

Just busy at work.

Why didn't you call?.

I was gonna leave soon.

Not yet.
I had a late lunch.

Let me fix dinner for us.

- What are we having?.
- Your favorite.

- You wanna take a shower?.
- After dinner.

- I think it's done.
- Let it simmer.

Can you hand me the clothespins
and hangers from the sofa?.

- I couldn't find the pins.
- It's okay.

Leave it, I'll do it.

When are you moving in?.

Soon, I guess.
I haven't packed up yet.

- Let me help you pack up.
- Okay.

With you here,
it won't be as lonely.

You hated eating alone
and waking up by yourself.

You'll whisper in my ear
to wake me up from now on.

I'll make the coffee,
and you'll play soft music.

Should we buy birds?.

You'd like birds singing
in the morning.

Promise me...

that you keep the promise
you made to me a year ago.

Trust me.

I'll never drink again.

Because I have you.

Thesoccerteam of
South and North Korea returned today...

to the Seoul Training Center
after training in Pohang...

with North Korean officials
coming through 'Panmunjum. '

The North Korea President Lee
and officials...

coming to the south for the game
and a conference...

will deliver a message
on a permanent peace--

When it's i n a normal state,
there's neither smell nor color.

When it's in a normal state,
there's neither smell nor color.

You can't tell the difference
from waterwith the naked eye.

But it's a different story
with the light on. Turn it on.

It's on.

CTX responds to daylight...

over 6,000 kelvin.

The light alone may start
its reaction.

But without heat, it's no good.

Yes, sir.

It's on, sir.

if you expose it to both
light and heat...

nitro-alpha inside the sphere
and beta outside react differently.

But when the liquid in the sphere
becomes red, the sphere pops.

Nitro-alpha and beta combined
causes the explosion.

How much power does it have?.

This is about 200 cc, so...

everything within the radius
of one kilometerwould disappear.

Since the detonation varies
depending on the reaction...

the sensor here tells you
when it's exploding.

Like now, ifthe sphere
becomes red...

it means the explosion
is imminent.

if you don't stop it
before the sphere pops...

it explodes.

But with either light or heat removed,
the reaction stops.

I've never seen an agent like you
in 20 years.

You're an oddball.

I am not, sir.

- Admit it.
- No, I am not.

Admit it!

Then I wouldn't be cleaning
the fishbowls.

Agent Ryu, come to room 17.

I gotta go.

Find the CTX as soon as possible
so we can go drinking.

We'll find it!

Anyone recognize him?.

don't you remember, Ryu?.

His name is Park.

A top agent for the North Korean
8th special forces.

When Ryu stormed the plane
that'd been hijacked...

he was the only one
that escaped from the plane.

A painful memory for Ryu.


Hee and Park.

All the pieces are coming together.

Agent Lee?. Find out what's going on
with 8th special forces.

And you get the daily data of
spy satellites from National Defense.

- Agent Yoon!
- Yes, sir.

Post Park's montage
throughout the country.

They're 8th special forces.
It's worse than we expected.

The 8th special forces
intercepted the CTX. Why?.

The 8th special forces
intercepted the CTX. Why?.

Three possibilities here.

First, to sell it off
to a third country.

Second, to use it
on the negotiation table...

for money or to seek asylum
to another country.

Third, a strategy they are known for...

they say They want peace
and stab us in the back.

It must be either for the money
or an explosion.

If They wanted the money, why CTX?.

Robbing the Bank of Korea
would be much easier.

Why would they spoil the peace
conference by using the bomb?.

That's difficult to answer.

Hee is the key to all this.

We don't have time.

We'll find a way.

What Do you see?.

Can't even tell me?.

Maybe the solution
is much closer than we think.

- What Do you mean?.
- Hee could be close by.

Hey, you!

- What the hell are you doing here?.
- I am looking for the men's room.

are you fucking blind?.
Didn't see the sign ''Restricted Area''?.

Hey, you hear me?.

I sure did.
Watch your mouth.

Take care.

- How have you been?.
- Bored to death.

I feel more insecure
when it's so quiet.

I need some backup.

What about your agency?.

- The air isn't very clear there.
- What Do you mean?.

I think there's a leak.

This is the only way.

- It must be very stressful.
- It'll get better.

- When Do you need it?.
- Tomorrow.

- I'm coming too.
- Sorry, no married men.

- Time and place?.
- I'll call you.

All right, then.


We'll talk later.

How's your friend?.

- He'll live.
- I am glad to hear that. Have a seat.

Who else knew
you two were meeting?.

It was very personal.
I didn't tell anybody.

Lim, Kim, Ho.

Hee is very nearby.

There must be a leak.

Nobody knows that for sure.

Internal Affairs is on it.

You don't trust your men?.

Do you trust me?.

Traps could be anywhere.

Maybe there's a hole
in the security system...

but that possibility
is almost zero.

Don't share the information
with anybody.

Not even with your partner, Lee.

Traps under your feet
are hard to see.

I'm the director in charge.

I'm Park of the 8th special forces.

I want to talk to my old friend.

Thanks for calling me, friend.

I was gonna send you a coffin,
but you were lucky.

Disappointed with Hee's shooting?.

Save it.
We can take you out anytime.

Maybe I'll takeyou out first.

So, you've become a man.

You know where I am?.

Young drunk kids here
yelling on the street...

while people in the north
are starving to death.

People here have wastes
building up in their bellies.

What an unfairworld.

Listen, friend.

We have ten CTXs placed
all over Seoul.

I'll call you 30 minutes
before each ofthem goes off.

You'dbetterfind them
before people get hurt.

What do you want?.

Slow down, friend.

The first one is on the roof
ofthe Golden Tower.

You have exactly 30 minutes.

You know the fish named 'shiri'?

It's a Korean aboriginal fish,
living in crystal streams.

Though they're separated
with the country divided...

someday they'll reunite
in the same streams.

Should I buy some
for your girlfriend's fish shop?

Why not?.

Stay al ive unti I then.

He's on the move.


Found it!


Don't tell anybody you're here.

Page me if necessary,
and never use the phone here.

I checked you in under an alias.
Don't go out.

I'll take care ofthe shop.

What's going on?.

Don't ask.
Please do as I say.

I don't wanna stay here.


You haven't touched a drop
for a year.

This is me.
You know that, don't you?.

What is it?.


You wanna know what?.

Tell me what's wrong.

Dearpeople ofthe South...

today marks an important
and joyous moment in our history.

I am here to put an end to years
of confrontation and dissension...

and to open up a new era

You got a cal l.

Hel lo?.

A guy who knows everything
about the CTX contacted me.

He's Hee's informant,
and he wants a deal.

Where are you?

I'm meeting him at
the Hwain Cultural Center.

I'm on my way.
Be there.

On my way.

He's wearing a blackjacket
and a black cap.

Anything else?.

- That's all.
- I'll be right there.

You look good in a blackjacket.
Anyone else coming?.

Hee, maybe.

So you called me expecting someone
inside to leak the information?.

I hope it worked.

Nobody at the agency
knows that I'm here.

You know it's impossible
to tap the phones.

So, if they show up...

I'm the rat?.

The MSG-90 Hee uses
is a five-shot semiautomatic.

She used only two bullets,
both for Lim and Ho.

In both cases,
you were in her range.

Ifl were her...

I would have used
the other three bullets.

Three targets went inside.

Stay in position.

The mole must have been found.

For the unification!

- Been a long time.
- Good to see you.

Payback time for flight 257.

Lookwho's talking.

You killed seven of my men.

You left your men behind.

'Cause I have a job to finish.

You wanna know what it is?.

I'll ask Hee.

It's my turn to send you a coffin.

Won't be easy!

Get back!

She used only two bullets.

In both cases,
you were in her range.

Ifl were her...

I would have used
the other three bullets.

Name: Hyun
Residency: Cheju I sland

Innate Immunodeficiency Syndrome
Admitted at Halla Hospital

Get me Halla Hospital
in Cheju Island.

Why'd you come here?.

They ambushed us.

OP set a trap.

Because you didn't follow orders
to kill Ryu.

If this is for my failure,
I'll take the consequences.

Killing him.
Itwas my personal order.

When I met you here,
I saw the confusion in you.

Thanks to you...

we lost two of our men!

I did what I could do.

Yeah, you saved my life.

What Do you want?.

You've changed.

Of course I have...
from Hee to Hyun.

Not only in appearance,
but inside as well!

I don't need a betrayer.

We've waited ten years
for this moment.

In those hours of pain,
we pledged allegiance...

and buried our youth
in the tomb of history.

if you want to turn your back on us
over personal feelings, finish it here.

I was stupid...

thinking I could be Hyun.

But I am just Hee
who has to kill her man.

I failed to change my inside.

Let go!

We have a job to finish.

Avoid any physical contact with her,
and no smoking...

because her immune system
has dropped.

And make it quick.

There she is,
with the yellow sweater.

Do you mind ifl sit here?.


are you from
the public health center?.

I am looking for this girl.

Anything happen to her?.

She's my old friend.

I need to find her.

She rented a room in our house...

two years ago...

and she'd visit me here
quite often.

She was very nice to me...

as if she were my real sister.

She said she'd call me
from Japan, but...

I think she misplaced my number.

Otherwise she'd have called.

She went toJapan?.

She said itwas for plastic surgery
to remove a scar on her body.

The day she left,
I cried my eyes out.

She hugged me...

and went on about
how sorry she was.

I didn't even know...

what she was sorry about.

Prepare ten million dollars...

anda 747Jumbo
at the airport by 2:00.

No mistakes.

The Golden Tower
wasjust the beginning.

I hope I don't have to use
the other nine CTXs.

Hel lo?. Hel lo!

Don't put cookies i nto the bowl.
Two of them died today.

I am not a fish shop boy.
I 'm an OP agent, too.

You know how many fish bowls
we've got here?.

I don't wanna deal with
dead bodies anymore.

It's the cookies that killed it.
No autopsy is needed--

If this is formy failure,
I'll take the consequences.

Killing him.
It was my personal order.

When I met you here,
I saw the confusion in you.

The soccer game between
the South and North...

will finally be kicking of fat
Seoul Main Stadium at 2:00 p.m. today.

With the presidents
oftwo nations present--

H i. I 'm here to col lect
for the newspaper.

- How m uch?.
- Seven dollars.

It's all right.


What are you doing here?.

Going to a soccer game?.

I had four goldfish on my desk...

I had four goldfish on my desk...

and two ofthem died today.

At first I thought it was
the cookies that killed them.

But I was wrong.

''SU300'' inside their bodies...

is a high-tech bug
that can be used underwater.

I suspected my partner
these last few days, including you.

I planted some bugs here...

and got the information
that I didn't want to get.

From October 1 996 to August 1 997...

when Hee disappeared,
you were in Japan.

You didn't need a fake passport
coming back in...

because you became Hyun.

Ryu went to Cheju Island
to find the truth.

What makes me sad
is that my buddy...


Loved you with all his heart.

Let me ask you this.

Did you really love him?.

Over here!

I planted a bug in your car.

Will you forgive me?.

Stay with me!
The ambulance is on the way!

I messed up.

You're going to be okay.
You've always been the best!

This won't kill me.

- This won't--
- Staywith me!

The 7 47's here.

Holding position, 1 00 meters
northwest from terminal two.

Snipers, make an entry through
section D and take position.

Their target is the soccer game.

They're on their way
to the stadium.

What are you talking about?

No time to explain.
The stadium is at stake!

They've set CTX around Seoul
and want ten million dollars.

- They were bluffing.
- Why the stadium?.

All the North Korean leaders
are gathered there.

Why would they do that?.

How the hell do I know?.

Call offthe game immediately
and evacuate all the spectators.

are you out of your mind?
Call offthe game?

Imagine a CTX going off
at the stadium!

Go back to headquarters.
Don't worry about the stadium.

Not even a drop ofwater
can pass through security.

- It won't work.
- Listen to me!.

You lost your partner today.

Go back. It's an order!.

I understand about liquor,
but why not coffee?.

It's the rule. Sorry.

Your attention, please.

No beverages will be allowed
into the stadium.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The game will begin
in 30 minutes.

I f I were i n the ai rport,
no doubt I could prove myself.

But what the hell am I doing here
watching the gate?.

Both teams are now
entering the stadium.

What are you--

How have you been?.

Attention, please.

Both Presidents Kim and Lee...

havejust arrived!

Let's give them a big hand!

Get the lights ready.

3-G, Royal Box

Section 3-G.

Turn them on.

Turn the lights on?.

Who's in charge of the lights?.

What's wrong?.

Did you turn on the lights
over the Royal Box?.

Why would anybody do that
in broad daylight?.

They're on now!

Check it out.

Main substation, speaking.

Did you turn the lights on
in section 3-G?

Yes, there's a circuit problem.
I'm working on it.

Fix it quick.
Today is not a regular day,you know.

All right.

He'll turn them off soon.


Leave right away.
This is a restricted area.

Who's in charge?.

Why?. You want to
turn offthe lights?.

They'll never go out.

Hey, friend!

You finally made it here.

Where's your backup?.

All at the airport?.

01 1 -244-1 61 6.

Hello, Dr. Min?.
It's me, Sik.

Can't you hear me?.
It's me, the oddball!

I have a question about the CTX.

The CTX!

What did you say were
the conditions for self-detonation?.

This will be the graveyard
for the corrupt politicians.

Not only the politicians,
but also innocent people.

This is crazy!

Sometimes history needs
craziness to help it.

What Do you want?.

A war!

We're removing
the barriers for a war.

These people
are not your barriers.

When we're done here...

our people's revolutionary army
will start a war.

It's not too late.
Turn the lights off now!

That's not what
the people ofthis land want.

They don't want anotherwar
to kill each other!

Revolution always comes with pain.

Sacrifices are necessary.

There were people who thought
the same as you in 1 950.

Remember the pain that
the war caused in this country?.

I rememberverywell.

What pain the war
and separation left us.

I'm putting an end to it.

This game is to ease that pain!

I know it can.

We've waited for 50 years
underthose politicians...

but unfortunately,
they don't want reunification.

It's like we're watching
a well-written play.

Don't be mistaken.

You're not the only one
who wants reunification.

We have to wait
for the right moment.

''Our hope is reunification.
We dream about it.''

When you sing this song...

our people in the North...

are dying on the street.

They barely manage to live
with roots and barks.

Our sons and daughters...

are being sold off...

for fucking 1 00 dollars!

Have you ever seen parents eating...

the flesh of their dead kids?.

With cheese, Coke and hamburgers...

you wouldn't know.

A soccer game to unite the nations?.

It's bullshit.

We've had enough with
the 50 years of deception.

We're opening up...

a new history of Korea.

Four minutes to go.

Four minutes to go.

The CTX will detonate soon.

History will judge us.

You know what?.

The pain you suffered
for the last 50 years...

came from one person's


Lights offin section 3-G?.

Turn them off!.

Right now!

Don't waste your time.

Nobody's turning them off.

Turn them off!.

We're dying together here.

Pull the trigger.


Good thing I have company
on my way to hell.

Turn the lights off?.

You know where Hee is?.

She's in the audience...

Laughing atyou.

You know where Hee is?

She's in the audience,
laughing at you.

O2, this is O3.

O2, this is O3.

Presidential guards, respond!

Evacuate the president!

Gate 52, he's on his way
to the parking lot.

Get out!

A National Defense spokesman
revealed a war scenario attempted by...

North Korea's 8th special forces.

They sent five secret agents,
including Park, into South Korea--

Thi ngs about oddbal ls!

One. Oddballs revolt like you guys.

Two. Oddballs don't like cleaning
like you don't.

I am not an oddball.

Three. Oddballs chicken out!

When'd you first meet her?.

March, lastyear.

Give me the details.

The next day I went to see her.

I gave her a CD...

and we had dinner together.

We talked about music.

Didn'tyou ever feel
she was approaching you?.

Then I wouldn't be here.

How were all the fishbowls
brought in here?.

She wanted to put a few
in my office for decoration.

The agency bought
the rest through me.

She was pregnant.
Did you know that?.

She never told me.

How come?.

She could have used it
to blindfold you.

According to our report,
you were getting married soon.

You didn't suspect her at all
dating for a wholeyear?.

What Do you want me to say?.

Answer the question.

We don't trust anybody...

not even the fellow agents
you share life with.

But she was an exception.

It means you admit that
you neglected your duty?.

It's not like you.

Agent Ryu is dead.

When was the first time
you met Hee?.

It was Hyun, not Hee.

Let's call her Hee.

You know Hydra?.

She's a goddess with six heads
in Greek mythology.

She has multiple personalities
with one body.

Hyun and Hee...

they're totally different.

Hydra of our times--

The reality of a separate Korea
turned her into Hydra.

This is Pager Voice Mail.

You have one new message.


it's me, Hyun.

I am at the stadium.

CTX is planted in the lights
over the Royal Box.

They'll turn the lights on
from the substation.

I'll be sitting in the west wing
ofthe stadium.

Do me a favor.

I don 't want to face you.
Send someone else to get me.

The times I had with you...

is all ofmy life.

With you, I was neither
Hyun nor Hee...

but just me.

I won't ask you to understand me.


I miss you so much.

I miss you.

How have you been?.

I t's you again.

Did you meet her?.


I t would have been nicer
if you came with her.

What is this?.

They're Kissing urami.

For me?.

They're beautiful.

Thanks a lot.

If one of them dies...

the other dies, too.

They dry up from loneliness, right?.

Don't be surprised.

She knew everything about fish.

In fact...

she stayed over here
quite a few times.

You know how bad she is
when she sleeps?.

I found her under the bed
every morning.

And when eating...

you have to be alert.

She's so bad with chopsticks
that she throws food on you.

Listen to this song.
It was her favorite.

Ryu: Han Suckyu

Park: Choi Minsik

Lee: Song Kangho

Hee: Kim Yunjin

Ko: Yoon Joosang

Sik: ParkYongwoo

Presented by
Samsung Entertainment Group

Written, produced, directed
by Kang Jegyu

Director of photography
Kim Sungbok

Edited by Park Gokji

Music by Lee Dongjun

Special effects by Jung Doahn