Swipe (2017) - full transcript

A CCTV is installed in an apartment and records the tenants' activities and private lives: Loida is a lady guard; Gloria's marriage has recently been annulled; married man Frank actively engages in gay dating sites; Janet and Edward are new tenants hoping to make a fresh start in their marriage.

Please get those three boxes as well.

Put them in the living room.
I'll take care of the rest.

Thank you!

Bye, babe. I'll go ahead now.


"You bad boy!"
"Because, you turn me on."

"Sweet talker."

"Lick you all over."


"Front or back?"

"I'm trying to lose weight."

"I'm trying not to get a hard on."


"Good morning, I'm here now."

It's a good thing we decided to stay here
to avoid the heavy traffic.

I hope you won't tell anyone
how we met.


I don't want them
to gossip about me.

I just started my new job.

Before, you were the persistent one.

You know what,
I'm done with that app.

I even deleted my Swipe account.

We'll still meet on Monday, right?

I was hoping this was the last.

What do you mean?

This is wrong.

You're being difficult!

You sure have a lot on your plate!

I'm just busy.

Do you have a new love life, then?

You changed your lifestyle quickly,
right after your annulment.

You're single and ready to mingle!

Join us for our Zumba session next time!

Okay, I'll see you there.

- Good morning!
- Hi, ma'am. Good morning!

Sir Leo!

We said 11:00 AM, right?

I forgot, Andres.

By the way, your contract expires
at the end of the month.

I don't know if that
can be renewed or not.

I have to evaluate your performance.

But sir, my record is fine, right?

You still have two weeks.

Sir, Boss.

Please give me a passing score
on the evaluation.

I don't know if I can get a new job
after this one.

Then, do your job properly.

Go now, I'm busy.

Yes, sir.

Well, look who came back!

I need to get back in shape.

Ted is coming to visit.

Looks like it's getting serious between
you, and your online boyfriend.

This isn't just virtual.
This is the real deal.

Did you know? We've been
chatting for three months.

Where did you meet him?

In a dating app! You swipe left,
if you don't like him.

Swipe right, if you do.

Is he another American?


Is he young, or super old,
like the ones you dated before?

We're the same age. Well, sort of.

Are you going to provide for him,
or is he going to make you rich?

Friend! He's loaded!
I've leveled up my standards!

I am so tired of dance instructors,
and drunk, white men.

Ted is serious about me. There is nothing
I can do if he got swept by my charms.

Go for it! Work your arms
and flatten your stomach!

God, it's so hard to become sexy!

Did you make my coffee strong?


You've been drinking so much coffee.

You should stop that.

Of course, I need to be awake
the whole night.

Honey, I'm just concerned about you.


I'll be late for work.
I have to go now.

Hi! Good afternoon, sir.

"Let's have dinner."

"Excited to see you!"

"Can't wait. Where are you staying?"

"Near casinos. Hope to close
a few deals before I leave."

"Good luck!"

"I'll fix my schedule
to see more of you."

"You make me feel good!"

"Just saying what's on my mind."


"It's 1:30 AM here!"

"That never stopped us!"


Sinon, you called!
This call is expensive.


Your contract won't be renewed? Why not?

Since when was your
eye condition like that?

Can't you talk with
your medical insurance provider?

Try it. They might work something out.

Okay, we'll talk on Viber later.

Take care.

Okay, bye.


Good day!

Nothing is showing up on the T.V.,
it's only sounds.

And, that was from the States.

Slightly used.

That's also the latest model.


I think you should take this
to a service center.

I've told you about this before!
Why did you come just now?

Ma'am, I can't just fix this.

I'm not a magician.

You're not even fixing it,
you're just looking at it!

Ma'am, I can fix fans,
stoves and clogged toilets.

My friend says,
you know how to fix this!

Maybe, you just don't want to do it!

Ma'am, it might get worse
if I try to fix it.

Whatever! I will report you
to the admin!

Just because-

Just because what?

That fucking old lady!

Did you walk?


We're just near each other.

Swipe says, I'm just .5 kilometers
away from here.

Your shoes are dirty.

I think I stepped on something.

Take it off later.

My rate is 3000 pesos, by the way.

Hey, mom!

Wow, a tv!


Did you buy a new one?

Your Uncle Ted gave it to me.

Yesterday, you said you were coming,
but you didn't show up!

I was going to cook for you.

Let's just have our dinner delivered here.

You and your dad
are totally the same.

You both hate my cooking.

Where are you going?
Why are you dressed like that?

I'm going to have dinner,
at the City of Dreams.

Wait, a date?

Ted and I are finally going
to meet each other!

This is our first date!

Mom, you hardly know the guy.

We've known each other
for three months!

Online, right?

Ted and I are fine.

Actually, we get along very well.

When you meet him,
I'm sure you'll like him too.

But still.

He's divorced!
His children are just your age, too.

And, he's a self-made man.


I can date. I am single,
so stop being a buzzkill!

Hello? Would you rather
talk about my love life,

or, you want to
talk about safe sex?

I saw something on Youtube.

Do you want me to tell you?
I can demonstrate it to you.

Mom, you're leaving, right?
I have to make phone calls.

Sure. Just don't tell your father
about this, okay?

Do you think he cares?

Okay, safe sex!

Gloria, my dear! Finally!


You're even younger,
and sexier in person!

You're not just a sweet-talker online,
but in real life, too.

You can't blame me, huh?
I finally got what I wished!

Am I disturbing your meeting?
I'll stay over there. I can wait.

You know what?

I want you to meet my friends.

- Sure?
- Yes.

These are my business associates.

Gentlemen, this is Gloria.
My fiancee.

Congratulations, to the both of you.

Thank you, friend!

Thank you!

Excuse me, sir.

You have enough pesos?

Yes, I'm good.

They have cards here.

I'll use the Platinum. Yes.

Thank you.

Are you okay?

I'm okay. I guess, it's the wine.


What? What's wrong?

You called me fiancee earlier?

Is that so bad?

No, it's not bad, but aren't we
going a little too fast?

Look, it's 2016.

Besides, we're not getting any younger.

Listen, I know we met online,
but who cares?

You know, I love you.

And I hope you feel the same way, too.

I came all this way here to see you.




I've missed you!

Same here!

Hey! Where are you going?

Oh no! The fridge's leaking!

I'm sorry!

Are you okay?

Yes! Yes.

I'm sorry!

No, no!

Wait! Wait!


Oh my god! This is a disaster!

Where are you?

At a meeting?

At your office?

Okay, take care.

Where does it hurt?

- Lower.
- Here?

A little lower. lower.

Stop fooling around with me!

But, it hurts!

You know, I have a pain killer by my-

It's there in the front pocket.
Please get it for me.


Yes, the right one.

I'm sorry, I gave it to you just now.

I was going to go down
in one knee.

But, it hurts!

You know what,

I'll get you a new fridge.
I'll send you a new one.


I want a new one!
Without damage!

I hope you don't have one, as well.



Will you accept my offer
to be Mrs. Ted Granada?

Mr. Ted Granada, yes I do.


Hello, Loida?

Yes, sir?

Please come up here
to the fourth floor.

Santos is on his break.
No one will keep watch downstairs.

There's no one there.

We have a CCTV anyway.

Room 403. Hurry up.

Okay, sir.

Josh, come in. Come in.

Sit down for a while.

Your place is nice, sir.

You sure do own lots of shoes, Sir Frank.

I'm a shoe dealer in Angeles.

Even, sneakers?

Every brand.

Just relax, I'm sorry.


Cheers, Sir Frank!

Don't be so formal.

Sir Leo, is there a problem?

Why are you asking for problems?

Are you avoiding me?


I'm not used to you ignoring me.

Sir Leo. I'm needed downstairs.

I called you here, remember?

I need to get back downstairs.

Leo, stop!

Aren't you feeling hot?

Do you want me
to take this off?

Take off the shoes as well.

Who's that?


Hon, why?

I just arrived.
The traffic here is the worst.

Is James asleep?

Sure, I'll go home this weekend.

Okay, we'll get his iPod
fixed at the mall.

I have lots of meetings tomorrow.

I'll go home this Saturday.
We'll go to Marquee Mall.

Okay, bye.


Fuck, my cellphone!

What the hell, boy?


Hey! My phone! Hey! Get back here!

What the hell was that?

Thief! Get back here!

Hey! Wait!

Isn't he your guest?

My cellphone!

- Did he take your phone?
- He stole it!

I'll call the cops!

No, no, it's fine.

We need to report that to the police!

No need.

That cellphone is cheap, anyways.

God, I knew that guy is a crook!

Why didn't you call the police?

It's fine now. We apologize.

Are you sure you don't want to report this?

Yes, Ma'am Criselda.
We'll take care of this.

The CCTV camera recorded everything.

We're sorry. Please go back upstairs now.

Pedroso, go with them.
Tell them it's just a false alarm.

We apologize. Please, go ahead.

Damn that Sir Leo.

He's such a womanizer.

Why did you say that?

Who does he think he is?

Bro, it's Villanueva. It's Loida.

Oh, Loida.

He's been sleeping with her!

I caught them!


You're cleaning up again?

Didn't you say we're decluttering?
So, I'm throwing some of our old things.

Have you eaten yet?

Yes, we went to iHop.

Who were you with?

My teammates. Sherwin, EJ and Rachel.
You know, The Breakfast Club.

Who's Rachel?

I told you about her already.
Rachel is our new team leader.

Can you tell your staff to stop
tagging you two in their posts?


We're not even friends on Facebook.

Are you trying to fight with
every new person in my life?

Are you mad?

Babe, it's not like that.

I just miss you a lot.

I haven't had a bath yet.

Do you want a massage?
Take a seat.



can I get some sleep first?

I have an early shift today,
you know that, right?

Love you.

Hi, Mom!

Your uncle Ted gave this to me.

He proposed!

He will soon become your stepdad,
whether you like it, or not.

Okay, you and your decisions, Mom.

What are you doing anyway?

I'm issuing cheques.

I'll be terminating all my investments.
We're cooking up new business ventures.

Wait, mom.
What do you mean 'we'"?

You ask too many questions!

I'm doing it with Ted.

I trust him.

I can imagine myself
settling down with him.

Okay, Mom. Just a reminder,
if that doesn't work out...

Please, don't commit suicide again,
because it's not going to work anymore.

Well, aren't you supportive?

Are you going to sleep here?

"What happened to your source?"
"Unable to reach, bro."

"Just talked with him today."

"All his accounts are deleted.
We lost 30K. Fuck."

"Damn Marco! I have a new source."

"Are you sure about that?"

"Top quality. Expensive."

"Dude. Don't fuck up!"

"Dude. Don't fuck up!"



Aren't you leaving yet?

I'm just trying to avoid the rush hour.

There's no more traffic at this hour.

How's the night shift?

Like what I told you yesterday,
I'll get used to this soon.

I'll go scout the area now.

Wait a minute!

Leo, please! I will lose my job
because of you.

Who's the boss here?

What do you need?

You've been ignoring me,
since you got transferred.

Is that how it is now?

I approved your request
against my will.

Then, you're just going
to dismiss me like this?

Do I have to beg for you
to notice me?

Is this why you transferred to
the night shift? So, you can avoid me?

Sinon is home.

My husband was forced to go back
because of his eye complication.

He needs a doctor.

Are you guys together again?

Leo, there's a lot of women out there.

Leave me alone.

"See you soon in Batangas, baby."

"Hey there, what's up?"
"Alone and horny, can you host?"

"Here in my condo. You're hot."

"Top or bottom?"

"Versa. You?"

''Bottom. Pic?"

"Sorry. Not into daddy types.
There's a different chat room for oldies."

"Fuck you!"

"You can't, and you won't."

Hey! You thought you could
get away with this?

Sir please, I'll return your phone.

Hey! Goddamnit, get back here!

Sir, please wait!

Where did you bring my phone?

- You used it for drugs?
- No, Sir, no! I swear!

Sir, I swear, I just needed money
for my placement fee for Qatar.

I've heard that shit before!
If not Qatar, Saudi, or Macau!

You're all the same!

No, sir! I really needed money
for my placement fee!

Please have mercy! I'll change, I swear.

What the fuck are you talking about?

Please, sir. I'm really desperate.

What job are you applying for
in Qatar?

Waiter, sir.

Sir Frank, thanks for this.

Don't mention it.

By the way Sir Frank, I swear
I will return your phone to you.

I'll do something about it.

Don't bother. I just wanted
to teach you a lesson.

So, Josh.

Is that your real name?

How old are you really?

Here, Sir Frank.
That's NSO Certified.

I'm a waiter in Cubao,
that's what I told my family.

The other things I do
are just sidelines.

Hooking up or stealing?

I swear, that was the first time
I did that, Sir Frank.

It's okay, Josh.

I appreciate that
you're telling me the truth.

Don't do it again!

Okay, Sir Frank.

What's your size, by the way?


Your feet! What do you think
I'm asking about?

Nine and a half? Size ten?

Nine and a half, Sir Frank.



How are you? I didn't know
you've been discharged.

Me? It's been two months.

Did you continue
your dad's business?


Yes. Finally.

We beat that shit.

But, you know I am
still going to counseling.

They told me after six months,
I'll be cleared.



Perf, I'm sorry but...

I can't.

We just moved here.

I want to focus on that.

Josh, try it on.


This is awesome!

Thank you, Sir Frank!

Does it fit?

Yes, it fits!

Why are you so nice to me?

I think you've hit me pretty hard.

You're so deep into your thoughts.
You might drown.

I don't know how to swim.

I can't save you.

That's not going to happen.
I'm a survivor.

There we go! That's why
we're get along!

Do you remember when
we tried to escape?

Of course!

If only I didn't trip,
they wouldn't have caught us.


I thought we're going to a coffee shop?

Please, I don't want
to do this.


Edward and I are trying
to patch things up.

If that's the case, then why are you
with me instead of him?

Please Janet, you have to relax.

Is this a relapse?


Let's make this moment perfect.
Rehab really changed me.

For old times sake?

I can't stay here.

No! I really need to go.
I'm sorry!

Perf please.

Okay, okay! Stop shouting.

Let's go home. Take me home.

I kept texting you,

you didn't even reply to me.

Because we have nothing to talk about.


If your problem is that serious,

I'm here.

I can help you.

Leo, this problem is
between my husband and I.

We can get through this
without your help.

I thought you're not coming home?

I didn't say that.

That's the problem.

Why are you calling my staff?

What do you mean?


I see.

That girl who's always with you.

Don't make a scene at the office.

I just wanted to know where you are.

You even called Emman and Jill!
Even our receptionist!

Why don't you just clean the house
and fix yourself up?

My God.

You know what, since I got discharged,

you've been treating me differently.

You treat me like shit.

I thought we're moving on?

Aren't we suppose to start over
when you got discharged?

We moved here so you can get away
from your old friends and family.

Do you know why?

Because I know what's happening here!

Stop making me look stupid!

It's because of Perf.

You think I don't know
what happened to you two?

Babe, why aren't you coming
to your sessions?


I only want what's good for you.

I want you to be better.

To become a better version of yourself.



Stop talking like you're still
in customer service.

You're not at work right now.

If you don't fix yourself up,
what am I going to do with you?

Yes, I'm not perfect!

But you can't return me,
like I have a factory defect!

No return!

No exchange!

Just update me about the agency.

Okay, take care!

Yes, take care!

Sir Frank?


Was that your guest?

Yes, why?

He looks like that guy
who stole your phone.

No, he just looks like him.

I apologize.

It's okay, I understand.

In this footage, Loida says,
he looks like the thief.

I've seen that guy here before.

Sir Frank.

He sure does have a lot of "cousins"
staying over.

By the way, you have a letter.

- Alright, I'll go ahead.
- Okay.

Fuck. Who do you think you are?

Gloria! Gloria!

- What?
- Gloria!

Come in.

Good thing I caught you.

- Why?
- I want you to see this.

Check this profile on Facebook.

Mark Simon.

Ted has two accounts.

And this one, too, Ivan O'Connor.

Ivan? Double 'N'?

Isn't that Ted?


In all his accounts, he poses
as an investment planner.

Those are his pictures!


Damn it!

Where is he now?

He just accompanied me
at the bank earlier!

Where is he now?

He's going to leave tomorrow!

He can't be reached.

Can you call his hotel room?


Can you connect me to the room
of Mr. Ted Granada, please?



He checked out.

"Hi neighbor! If you need anything,
I'm here."





I can't take this anymore!

I can't take this anymore!

I'll come back on Monday.

I'll text you when I get back.

Tell that jerk,
to delete that video!

If not, I'll take care of him myself.

Sinon, I don't want any trouble.

In this case, that pervert is ruining
both of your lives!

I'm sorry.

It happened already.

I'm so ashamed of what I did.

Do you want me to teach
that pervert a lesson? That asshole!

It's fine, Sinon.

I'll take care of it.
I started it, I'll finish it.


I don't want this to blow up.


- Are you sure?
- Yes. Yes, I'm sure.

Sir, please include my overtime pay.

Why would I approve your overtime pay,
when there's a complaint against you?

Boss, I have nothing to do with it.

So, they're lying?

I shouldn't have renewed your employment!

What the hell got into you
when you broke Ma'am Gloria's TV?

Sir, I didn't do it!

Also, you don't think I know what
you've been saying behind my back?

You're just a janitor here!
Keep that in mind!

Sir, stop treating me like this!

We all have our place here.

People like you won't change.

Fuck you!

Going down?

Going up.

Hello? Jiggy? Good thing
you called me.

I've been waiting for you.
Where are you?


I'll go to where you are.

Why Leo? How could you do this?

I just wanted to talk to you.

Please don't leave me!

You fucking jerk!

That video was nothing!

You erase that video now, motherfucker!
Stop lying to me!

That's my problem!
My phone is missing!

Missing? Then, what the fuck is this?

Loida, that's not the phone with the video!

This is the problem with you!
You always make me look like a fool!

Where is that fucking phone,
and the video?

Show it to me now!

I'm telling you the truth!

My phone got stolen!

Fuck you!

I'd show it you
if it didn't get stolen!

I just wanted to see you.
Please don't leave me.

I made a mistake before, that's why
I'm trying to change! Leave me alone!

The phone was just here earlier.
I swear to you!

I'll erase that video.
Please believe me!





I'll pay you when
I get my first salary.

That's help, not debt.

I'll return the money anyway.

You'll have to pay your placement fee
and airline tickets, first.

And, on your first salary, you have
to give money to your family.

Send me a lot of pictures, okay?

And then we'll chat, text, skype.
You know all my apps.


Thank you very much. Because of you,
my dream is coming true!

Hey! Wait a sec!

From what unit did you come from?

Frank Gallardo's.

Let me see your pockets and your bag.

Huh? Why?

Give me back my phone.
I know you stole it!


Be careful of what you're accusing me!

Fuck you!

You're the thief we saw
in the CCTV cameras!

Frank even came after you
from the lobby!


Do you operate in this area?

Why can't you answer?


Frank is giving you blowjobs, isn't he?

Is that why he didn't call
the police on you?

Or, maybe it's the other way around?

Fuck you!

You jerk!

They're getting raided outside.

Good thing, I already got
my items from my source.

Are JB and the others still around?

I think so.

Okay, I'll go ahead.


I'll see you there!


Janet, what happened to Sir Leo was
really horrible! I knew something was up!



Where are you?

Get up.

Babe, get up!

What the fuck have you
been doing all night?

You don't care about me anymore, right?

What do I have to do
to fix you, huh?

I hate you, and that whore, Rachel!

I hope you fuck, and fuck,
until you both die!

Are you using drugs again?

You're using drugs again!

Let go of me!

Criselda, we just got back
from the police station.

I paid for his bail.

Let's just say, I closed off
all my bank accounts.


It's okay, I already
cooked for Jiggy. Thank you.

"First day of work. Is my barista
uniform okay? Love you!"

Hon? What is it?

I got home late from the meeting,
that's why I didn't answer your call.

It was late already, that's why
I didn't get to call you.

Yes. I'll go home tomorrow.

I'm just really busy.

I'm not doing anything wrong here.

Fine, if you want to talk,
let's talk.

Let's hail a taxi here.

Where's the Cebu to Manila ticket?

We are not coming back here.

Please take care of her.

"Hi baby, did you eat already?"
"I'm on my way to the office."

"Okay, see you there!"
"Can't wait to see you later, baby."