Sweetie (1989) - full transcript

Based solely on a tea leaf reading, superstitious and introspective Kay believes she and Louis are destined to fall in love with each other, he who she is able to convince of the same despite he just having gotten engaged to her co-worker, Cheryl. That destiny may change with the fortunes of what she sees as the next symbol of their relationship, a somewhat sickly elder tree Louis plants in their garden for their one year anniversary. Their relationship is placed under a strain with the arrival of Kay's formerly institutionalized sister Dawn - nicknamed Sweetie - and Sweetie's current boyfriend, Bob, who Sweetie believes will help her get into show business. Kay's pleas to her father Gordon to help get Sweetie out of her house go largely ignored, as he has never judged Sweetie, who he still sees as his performing loving little girl. Gordon is facing his own issues as Kay and Sweetie's mother, Flo, has just left him on a trial separation, their issues largely stemming from his protecting Sweetie at all cost, Sweetie who had most recently been living with them.

Somebody told me

About an endless journey

And I can say

I feel it clearly now

He spoke to me

Of lightness, grace and glory

And I can see

I feel it clearly now

I can say

He touched my soul and

I know now

I'll take the walking slow

Movin'on and on

- What did you hear
- Oh, the sweetest sound

We had a tree
in our yard with a palace in the branches.

It was built for my sister...

and it had fairy lights
that went on and off in a sequence.

She was the princess.

It was her tree.
She wouldn't let me up it.

At night their darkness frightens me.

Someone could be watching from behind them-
someone who wishes you harm.

I used to imagine
the roots of that tree crawling-

crawling right under the house...

right under my bed.

Maybe that's why trees scare me.

It's like they have hidden powers.

Hey, hey, hey, come, come

It was so, so, so soon

Hey, hey, hey, come, come

It was so, so, so soon

Hey, hey, hey, come, come

It was so, so, so soon

Hey, hey, hey, come, come

Hey, hey, hey, come, come

It was so, so, so soon

There was darkness all around

But I did not feel a thing

Yes, I saw him smilin'true

The sword plows on through

Although darkness tempted me

That's when I reached out to you

Hey, hey, hey

Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo, doo, doo, doo

All right. Let's have a look then, shall we?

There is a man.

He's going to be important.

He's... offering a deep love.

Yes. It's special.


What's that?

A question mark.

Excuse me.


I'm sorry to hear that.

Oh, my dear, no.

No. No.

Teddy. Please, Teddy.


Thank you.

Oh, yes.
It's on his face.

There's a question mark
on his face, dear.

- Question mark?
- Yes.

Question mark?

Why didn't you tell me?


- Is that a sapphire?
- No, it's a diamond, silly.

- Lovely!
- That's wonderful. Congratulations.

- When's the wedding?
- Soon.

Kay, have you seen Cheryl's diamond?

It's not my kind of thing.

Not till you're asked. Eh, Kay?

She believes in serial monogamy.

So, uh, you believe
in serial monogamy, Kay?



Well, what does that mean?

It just means maybe.

Oh, God.

Question mark.

Lou, you're staring.


I don't know what I'm doing down here,
but if Cheryl or anyone else sees me-

I know.
I'm as surprised as you are.

It's just, well,
I'm destined to be with you.

That's a bit theatrical, isn't it?

Look, I wouldn't bother you,
but I think it's true.

It's in the spirits.


I don't want to hurt your feelings,
but really, no.

I've been engaged to Cheryl
for, what, 55 minutes.

Toss. Toss a coin.

- For what?
- For keeps.

All right.

But they have to be tails, all five.


Why didn't you tell me this before?

- Tails.
- Anyway, this doesn't matter.

Because I'm in love with Cheryl.

I'm on the right road

I'm on the right road

I'm on the right road to glory

I'm on the right road

I'm on the right road

Mended my soul

And now I stand upon

The right road

To glory, glory

- Hallelu-
- Oh, shit!

Well, look in the park.

Hey, look!

Well, pick 'em up.
I'm not proud.

You know, I feel all...




Love will never, never


Let you fall



Love will never, never, never

Later I told him about the question mark...

and how we were meant to be.

He understood.

He'd worked out
that there were seven spiritual planes...

and the kind of love we had
was somewhere near the top.

Love will never, never, never

Let you fall

- Clayton?
- They're taking your hoistie!

Him and another man.

Ah. Hi, Kay.

Lou, what -

- See?
- Hello, Simboo.

What are you doing?

I'm putting in a baby alder.

- That?
- Yeah.

I'm planting it for us.

Lou, this tree's got yellow leaves.
What does that mean?

That's okay.
It's just a mineral deficiency.

- A mineral deficiency?
- Once we put it in, it'll recover.

Well, where will I dry the washing?

Come on, Kay.

It'll be lovely-
our anniversary tree.

What about the roots, Lou?
They spread in under the house.

That kind of damage costs a fortune.


Let's not do it.

I don't want this tree.
It's yellow and sick.


See ya.

Uh, it's a good tree, Kay.

That yellow, it's nothing.

It was so, so, so soon

It was so, so, so soon

Hey, hey, hey, come, come

It was so, so, so soon

Hey, hey, hey, come, come

What if it does die?


The tree.

Well, we'll get another one.

Yeah, but this one's our tree.

Look, it's not gonna die.

The roots grow to be really strong.

They can split concrete.



Wanna buy one of me cars?


Do you wanna buy a car?

- I don't want a car, Clayton.
- Just one.

No, I don't want any.


I've gotta go.

Where did you sleep?

In the other room.

- Why there?
- Shh!


Are you there?

Come on!


Couldn't sleep.

I've got a cold.


Oh, yeah.

What's he doing?

Shh. He's meditating.

What for?

Become aware of your breath.

He's a wild one.

This is Blaze.

He used to be my favorite.

This is Blaze's mother, Gypsy.

That's her foal, Pride.

This one's Socks.


Who done that?

My sister.

That's Broken Heart.

- Kay?
- Yeah?

Thunder! Thunder! Giddyap!

Our tree's gone.

That's strange.


Got it looking nice.

It's just temporary.


I don't know why...

but even when my cold went...

I couldn't move back.

I just stayed on
in the spare room.

Well, good night.

Good night, big sister.

Don't call me that.
I'm your girlfriend.

All right then.


Love will never, never


Let you fall

Excuse me.

I don't feel anything.

Okay. Good.

Take a seat.

Gently close the eyes.

It just makes me irritable.

Yes. Good.


close the eyes.

But it's not working.



Just gently...

close the eyes.


close the eyes.

Well, it won't work.
I won't feel any quiet.

Oh, dear. They are dirty.
What have you been doing?

- Making mud pies.
- Our minds...

begin to slow down.

Now we begin to find some quiet.

There you are.

Oh, hi, Melony.

- Hmm. How was your class?
- About eight turned up.

That's all right.
That's good.


Anyway, I found that book
I was talking about.

Oh, yeah? What was that?

The tantric book. Mmm.

- Oh, right.
- Mmm.


Somewhere. Somewhere it says.

Yeah. Here it is.

Melony, you did all of this?

I've done some of it.

Mmm. Mmm.

It's pretty involved stuff.

- Mmm. Yes.
- Lou, are you ready?

Oh. Kay.

- How was it?
- Hi, Kay.

You look beautiful.

You know, I think it's great
that you're doing this.

- Mmm.
- Thanks.

I'll wait outside.

Melony is such a bitch.

I couldn't believe
he was talking to her.

What was that book
you were looking at?

Just a meditation book.

What's the matter?


Kay. Kay!

Oh, God. Look who's here.

- What a nerve.
- Can you believe he's here?

What's he doing here?

What, did she ask him in
or something, did she?

- Bitch.
- Great.

Oh, charming.

Piss off, dickhead.

- Did you see what's he's wearing?
- Doesn't know what he's doing.

Things aren't going well, are they?

- I thought you wanted it like this.
- No.

No, I don't.
I'm not happy.

Nor am I.

I read somewhere once that when
the other side of things breaks down...

one thing you can do is make
an appointment with each other for sex.

Do you wanna try?

All right.


It's weird.

Yeah, I know.




Love will never, never


Let you fall


Love will never, never


Let you fall

Don't you want to?

I don't know.

Do you?

Feels like you're my brother
or something.

Yeah. Incest.

Look, we just have to relax
and things will go back to normal.

Some animals
won't mate in captivity.

Like pandas.
They don't.

What happens?

Uh, I think they get depressed.

You know, I think we're just going
through a non-sex phase, that's all.

It's probably more spiritual like this.

I mean,
the Dalai Lama doesn't do it.


You know, I've really been seriously thinking
about getting all this cut off.


There's a light on, Lou.

Someone's broken the window!

Kay, they could still be in there.

Oh, God. No! Look!

Oh. It's all right.

- Kay?
- Yeah?

It's a friend of mine.

What, she broke in?

Yeah, she's a bit -
a bit mental.

There's someone with her.

I'll handle this. Okay?

I'm coming in.


What are you doing here?
You know you're not allowed.

You broke the bloody window.
I'm really mad at you.

It wouldn't open, Kay.
It was really stiff.

Of course it was.
It was locked.

Yeah, well,
I couldn't get it to open.

Hi. Sweetie says
that you're a really nice lady.

- Who's he?
- My producer.

Bob, meet Kay.
Kay, Bob.

You've stopped taking
your medication, haven't you?

Yeah, well, Bob and I are really gonna
walk through some doors, Kay.

We're really getting it together.

Tell him to take off Louis's jacket.

You can't stay.
You know that.

Oh, yeah? Well, if it wasn't so late,
we'd go, you know.

But I just wanted to see you
and say "Hi there!"

Oh, no! You didn't!

What is this stuff?
Some Mexican weed?


Why was it in the wardrobe?

Just forget about this plant, all right?
It's just a tree. A little tree.

I don't want you to mention it.
All right?

- Yeah. Oh, okay.
- Okay.

- But why was it in the war-
- Shut up about it, all right?

Okay, Bob?

- Okay.
- Okay. Okay, Kay.

- Got any more of those things
we were sucking on?


- Hello.
- Hey. Do you wanna watch me swim?


I'm in my birthday pool!


Have they gone?

They're next door.

What are they doing there?

She's your sister.

Is that right?


She was just...


I don't have anything to do with her.

What are you doing, Dawn?

Having a relax.

You're supposed to have gone.

Bob was feeling sick, Kay.

There's not just me to think of.

Hey, Kay!

Does she have a princess castle?

With lights?

- Up a tree?
- Yes, she does.

You be Thunder, Bob!

Watch, Kay!

Come on, Bob!
Giddyap! Giddyap!

Why are you so tough on her?

She's okay.
She was fine today.

Oh, yeah? You wait.

She's a dark spirit.

Oh, come on, Kay. She's had bad luck,
being in a coma for a year.

Jesus, it's no wonder
she's not normal.

Is that what she told you?

She's never been in a coma.

She's never even been unconscious.

Yee-hah! Yee-hah! Come on, Bob!

- Go for it.
- Yeah, we're really gonna go for it.

- Just go for it.
- Yeah. Tomorrow.

- We're just gonna go for it.
- Really go for it.

And we're gonna get up early.

- 11:00.
- Yeah.

- Go for it.
- And then -

- Do you think we should go into town?
- Mmm.

You awake?

Yeah. Why?

I'm missing you.

Why don't you move back?

- You can bring your bed.
- I miss you too.

But I can't move back now.
She'd think it was spare.

I hope she's still got her coil in.
They've been at it a fair bit.

I suppose they've just met.

And again, Bob.

Wouldn't mind getting through
to the toilet someday.

Yeah, actually-

Lou, you've got a hard-on.

Yeah. I know.

I'm telling them to stop.

No, don't do that.

Dawn, can you finish?

We want to get to the bathroom.

Come on, then.

Done your wee-wees?

Yay! Our turn! Our turn! Our turn!

Come on, Bob!

Go, Bob!

- Yay! Ball's over!
- You're supposed to run with it!

- Right.
- Are you ready, Sweetie?

Aah! Louis!

- Louis!
- Go, Sweetie!

- Bob.
- That wasn't fair.

I'm lonely.

Bob's asleep.

Aren't you and Kay on together?


Then why don't you sleep
in the same room?

Kay has a cold.

Oh. A cold.

Have you ever been licked all over?

I'm a good licker.

I licked Bob last night.

Even between his toes.

I could show you what it feels like
on your fingers.

It's okay. No charge.

- Thank you.
- I could go on up your arm.

No, thanks, Sweetie.

Or I could show you
a goanna kiss on your bottom.

Oh, no, thank you. Honestly.

You're nice, Louis.

Your face is nice.

I like it.

It's nice.


You okay, Bob?

He's okay.

What is it?

- Ha!
- Like knows like.

Ah, like two little orphans.

Oh, look at this.
She's taking its little arms off!

Did you like that?

God! I thought a big snail
was sliding up my nightie.

Feels cold and wet.



Can I keep doing it?



Oh, shit!


- So, what are these?
- Hi, Kay.


I don't know.


- But not your sleeves.
- All right.

They've been quite useful, Kay.

Well, where's the rest of it?

- Where's the rest of it?
- It's outside drying.

Kay, Sweetie's done something
she shouldn't have done.

And, well, we've already talked about it
and I think she understands it was wrong.

Oh, shut up!

Oh, fuck.

- That's it.
- I've told her-

This isn't the first time. She's been
treating my things like this all her life.

Get up! Go on!
You're going right now!

- That's just it!
- I'm getting upset.

- This is ridiculous.
- I'm gonna do something.

- I'm really gonna do something!
- I don't care! Just get out!

- I'm not going! I'm not going!
- Boy, she really means it.

- You're going, Dawn!
- No, I'm not going!

- I'm not going!
- We're not giving you anything else!

I've really had it with you!

- She's gonna hurt me, Louis! Don't let her!
- Kay, she's gonna go. Aren't you, Sweetie?

Get going!

Right! That's it!

You really asked for it!

I'm gonna do something now.

I'm sorry I got mad.

It's just that
I'm not used to having-

Jesus, Sweetie!

You'd better not have damaged them.

Spit them out. Now!


Oh, you bitch! You fucking bitch!

Give them back!

Oh, you - Oh, you cow!

Kay! Stop! Don't.

She might choke.

- Ohh!
- Jesus, Sweetie.

Here. Cough it up.

Come on. It's all right.
Kay's not mad anymore.

- Spit it out. It's okay.
- Cough it up!

It's okay.

Go on.

You better go.

Gordon, I'm not gonna
be made to feel guilty.

Look at Eddie and Majella.
They were like us.

Drifting along for years
making a mess of things.

Anyway, it's just a trial.

A month apart.



I'm leaving, dear.

The plates are cooling.

All you need to do
is pop 'em in the freezer.



All right!

- Dad.
- Can I come in?

I'm getting on real well, Dad.

Well, that's great.
That's terrific.

Can I come in?

Who is it?


Dad, what are you doing?

- I'm not going back.
- That's all right.

I'm making it, Dad.
I'm walking through doors.

This time I'm doing it, eh?

- That's good, Dawn.
- Where's Mum?

"One moment, please, sir,
and I'll check on that."

Remember that, Dad? " One moment,
please, sir, and I'll check on that."

I remember it, all right.

- I've got a producer this time.
- Well, that's good, Dawn.

Uh, can you put these
in the freezer, Kay?

We don't have a freezer, Dad.

What, no freezer?

Would you like to be
introduced to Bob, Dad?

Uh, later, Dawn.

No freezer?

Well, I suppose we'd better eat 'em.
There's a couple of Tuesdays.

Dad, what's gone wrong?

Oh, your mother's left me.

I can't talk about it.

I get bad.

There's a Saturday and...

three Wednesdays.


So, uh, Sweetie's doing all right, eh?

- Are you kidding?
- Oh, give her a go, Kay.

This could be
what we've been looking for for her.

Come and meet my producer.

Come on!


He's asleep.

He believes in me...

and I believe in him.

She's gotta go, Dad. Him too.

- I can't have them here anymore.
- It is a bit hard, Gordon.

I'm trying to run a business
from the house.

Get rid of Bob first.
Then it'll be easier.

Take him to a restaurant
or something...

and afterwards
jump in a cab by yourself.

Oh, no.

- I just thought of something.
- Yeah?

The suit.
We've gotta get him out of your suit.

Forget the suit.

Lou, your T.M. suit!

I thought I brought you kids up
to love each other.

It's a bit hard
when she's in fairyland.

"One moment, please, sir,
and I'll check on that."

My God, if I hear her say that line one more time,
I'll tear her throat out.

I can't understand what's happening.

The whole family's coming apart
like a wet paper bag.

People like you two
don't appreciate this...

but the show world
is full of unusual types.

What's to say Sweetie's
any more unusual?

She's talented.
She's sincerely talented.

You never did appreciate her, Kay.

But this Bob fella
could be her break.

Gee, she was a talented little thing.

Sing, dance, tap, act the goat.

Anything she put her mind to.

What, shall we sit here?

Nice place, Bob.
Very interesting.

Yeah, it's a good place.

Oh, look, I fucking had you, mate.
Why don't you just piss off.

I'm not serving you.
That's fuckin' it. No.

This is good custom, Mandy.

This is, um, uh -Yeah.

He's paying.

- Show her your wallet or something like -
- What?

Show her me wallet?

Young lady, I can assure you
I am quite financial.

I'll just have a coffee.

That's good work.
You showed her.

Look, uh, Bob...

I- I'm going to be straight with you.

I think it's only fair.

I don't know
what Dawnee's told you...

but the truth is that she's never actually
held a position in the entertainment field.

But she really wants to.

- That's the main thing, eh?
- Uh, it's important.

Eh, she's not a total no one.

Oh, no.
She's a very talented young lady.

Too talented, emotional, creative.

What'll you have, sir?

What should I have here, Bob?

What's good here?

Uh -

- Oh -
- As a kid, she was so good...

the teachers
would have had her for nothing.

My wife thought I put her on a pedestal,
but you had to.

I can remember her this high.

She used to line all the kitchen chairs
out on the lawn...

and flick 'em over just like Fred,
only better.

What I'm trying to say, Bob -

and it's hard for me to say it -

is... has she got a chance?



Dad, Mum rang last night.

She wants me and Louis
to go and visit her out west.

You know what she's doing?
She's got a job cooking for some jackeroos.

She knows you're here.

So she doesn't want to see me.

Not even interested in the old bugger.

Dad, she didn't say that.

Sounds to me like she did.

There's a big drum in here says she did.

Like her damn fists are inside,
beating me up.

- What are you up to, Gordon?
- Cleaning the car.

Yeah? What for?

- Out west.
- Oh.

How you going?

She's missing young Bob, eh?

- Show Louis your chair trick.
- Shut up.

Lou. Okay. I'll show you.

Get the chair.

Turn it round a bit.

She used to flip 'em over herself.


Watch me.



- I thought she wasn't coming. What's she doing out there?
- I know.

I'll go out and talk to her.

Sweetie, I'm afraid
you can't come this time.

I want you to stay
and hold the fort for Dad.


Come on, princess.

You're Dad's real girl.
You know that, don't ya?

Come on. Out you come.

She's so bloody cunning.

Well, she's gotta get out sometime.

Even if it's just to go to the toilet.

I like that there. I don't like the grass growing
round and competing with the roots of the citrus.

Particularly with an old tree like that.
Uh, you-

Oh, God.


All right. Everyone in the car.

Is that the phone?

- Can you get it?
- I'll run back.

I'll go and get her.

Sweetie, telephone.

It's Bob, Sweetie.

See? I told you he'd ring, didn't I?


What's he want?

Well, he said something about an audition.
He sounds excited.

He's waiting, darling.

He won't wait forever.

Why'd he have to ring now for?

Well, he has.

But if you're not interested,
I'll go and tell him.

- Is he tricking me?
- I can't keep Bob waiting.

Lou, is it really Bob?

You'll have to go
and see for yourself, Sweetie.


Come on.





Dad, what are you doing?

How long's this routine gonna last?

About an hour.

Is he worried about something?
Have I upset him?

No. He's meditating.

Jesus. Look at the size of this fella.

Come on, matey.
Off to work.

Is this it?

They don't seem to be expecting us.

- Ask.
- Uh, hey.

Maybe you should get out.

This is good.
So great.

I appreciate your coming all this way.


Well, I don't know how you feel
about Gordon being with us.

He was gonna wait in a nearby town,
but there just wasn't anything nearby.

- There's a bloke in there.
- Oh, yeah?

Gordon, Kay.

Gonna come in
and join us all for a meal?

Gordon, please come in.

You're very welcome.

Come on, sweetheart.

There's a love

That waits for you

And there's a love

That waits for me

It's a love

So good and true

And I know

Will always be

- Let me hold you in my arms
- In my arms

- And you won't be sorry, dear
- Sorry, dear

- For I know
- Yes, I know that you're the one

That you're the one

You're the love that waits for me

- So forget
- That's Mum.

About the heartache

And the troubles you've been through

- I didn't know she could sing.
- Somewhere

- Yeah. She's not bad.
- There's a someone

For someone just like you

There's a love

- That waits for you
- Night.

And there's a love

- That waits for me
- I hope Dad's all right.

It's a love so good and true

I believe we can begin again.

Out here I can believe it.
But, well, you know -

I know. It's Sweetie.

She's had her way too long.

- Dad and I have a right to a life too.
- I know, Mum, but will she let you?

Well, what's been happening
isn't fair to her either.

All illusions.

Yes, but illusions don't go away.

They become more subtle.
I mean, what's real? It's a big question.

Not to me. Not now.

I feel like I know.

I hope so.
It's just that Dawn is so damn clever.

I really think she's evil.
I've told Louis that.

She's not evil.
She's just frightened.

What noise do crocodiles make, Louis?

Follow me, crocs.


It's lovely. Oh.

One, two, cha-cha-cha.

One, two, cha-cha-cha.

Can I have a turn?

Come on. It's lovely.

It's not my kind of music.

Come on. Please. For me?


That's it. It's Jay.

- It's her father.
- No.

You can tell by the lights.

May I?


- Remember.
- Yeah. You still have to fix that fence.

That'll upset him no end.
Serves him right.

- Oh, that's right. Yeah.
- Shouldn't have gone off.

- Hello, love.
- Hello, Dad.

Gordie and I are just about to
start the breakfast.

Come on, Gordie. Let's get cookin'.
You do toast and tables.

- Have a good sleep?
- Yes, thanks.

So let me take you in my arms

- In my arms
- And you won't be sorry, dear

- Sorry, dear
- For I know that you're the one

- You're the one
- You're the love that waits for me

Oh, I know

What's the matter?

Are you all right?

I just want everybody to be together.

Oh, honey.

- Sweetie?
- Mmm.

He's in a fix about her.

One thing we decided,
she's not gonna live with us.

We're finding her
something nice close by.

That's good, Mum. That's really great.

Oh, I don't know.
I don't think he can do it.

Well, he must. It's for the best.

He's under her thumb.
Kay, look at him.

He's scared stiff.

Well, it doesn't look too bad.


Hey, baby. You all right?


You just left me.

You're a big girl.
I left money for food.

I had to spend that, didn't I?

I had to buy a skirt.

Flo, she hasn't been eating.

We've been looking forward to seeing you, Sweetie.

What's she doing? Dawn, what is it?

- Stop it, Dawn. Stop it now.
- Shush, Kay.

Hello, little puppy.

Hello, little puppy.
Tell Daddy all you know. Come on now.

Come - Come on now. Little puppy.

I can't believe this.

If Dawn wants to be a dog,
that's fine by me.

No wonder you were left behind.

Pull yourself together.
We can't take you anywhere.

- Ha, ha!
- You'll end up in a damn home.


have you, uh, seen my handstand?


What a plain little yard.

I suppose that's the way
when you're renting.

I did put a tree in once.

- Here. But someone stole it.
- Hmm.

I can't imagine living without my trees.

They give me hope.

How do you get that big?

Have you told Sweetie about the unit?

Not yet.
When we're home and organized.

- But you're still hopeful.
- Oh, yes. I'm not giving him up.

Not without a struggle.






- How's it going?
- Oh, just about there.

It all looks like rubbish to me,
but knowin' Sweetie -

- I'll do that, Dad.
- No. Look. I'll do it.

Hey. Watch out. I'm here now.

God. What's this?

Hey, look, Kay.

Baby alder leaf.

Like our tree was.

What's the matter?


Its leaves were going yellow.


It's the plant, isn't it?

Why don't you try meditating?

Can't you forget it?


Why can't you just forget it?

I'm sorry.

I was worried the plant
would die, and it might...

you know, be an omen.

I'm sorry. You know I am.

It's not just the plant.


It's not just the plant.

What else?

Louis, what?


You've got to tell me.
It's not fair! What else?

What else, Louis?
Tell me what else!

Louis, please don't do this!
Talk to me, please!

What else then?

What else?

You're abnormal.

You can't even let a little plant live.

Where are you going?


- Can't we finish talking?
- Far



- Us
- Far beyond us

- Louis.
- Go away!

Far beyond us


Than our own

- You better come in, dear.
- Breath

Don't mind Teddy. He's like this in the mornings.

Now let's hold hands.

Now, what is it?

- My boyfriend left.
- Oh. What's wrong?

I thought you two were in love.

Are you having sex?

Not really. We're out of that phase.

Oh, no, dear.
You're never out of it.

We're all animals.
It doesn't pay to forget that.

There's nothing more loyal
than an animal.

Forget your mind.

Courage and sex.

That's what love is.

Listen to Teddy.

He won't know love.
Just the yearning.

He's sick with it.

I was wondering...

do you think you can get him
to come back with herbs or something?

Oh, no, dear. Not with herbs.

This is the best we can do.

It's your voice, dear. It agitates him.


- Hello?
- Kay?

It's Mum.

It's Sweetie. She's up a tree.

We can't get her down.

She says she wants
your little fella next door...

to see her palace.

I mean, do you think it's worth a try?

Everything all right?

You okay?

I'm just sick of it, Mum.

Well, we don't want to
call the fire brigade until we have to.

Where's my breakfast?

- Skinhead!
- Is this Sweetie's house?

I was hoping you wouldn't come.

- Where's Sweetie?
- You and Mum might skin me to death!

- She's gone, dear. She's gone away on a holiday.
- Where's my drink?

- Can I play in her palace?
- It's too dangerous, Clayton. It's very high up.

I think she wants you to
play with her guinea pigs.

She's stripped herself nude,
covered herself in paint.

Dad still can't bring himself
to call anyone.

We can't have the little fella seeing it.

Gordon. They're here, Gordon.

Have you tried to reason with her?

Reason never worked with Dawn.
You know that.

I'm just sick of it, Mum.

Come, you fucking bitch!

Where is everyone?

Oh, no.

You're all fucks!

- I told you.
- Cunts!

- G'day, mate.
- Dawn's gonna show you her guinea pigs.

Dad, you're an asshole, Dad!

Gordon sends her meals up in a bucket.
She treats him like a dog.

She's the master.

- Hello, Kay.
- How are things, Dad?

Oh, pretty crook.

Kay said she saw the Pattersons
watching from over the fence.

Oh, good luck to 'em.

What'll we do, Dad?
We should call someone.

- Like who?
- The police.

- She's not doing anything illegal.
- She's stark naked, Dad.

What about the old folk over the back?
That's who I feel sorry for.

They shouldn't have to witness
this kind of thing.

None of them have laid a complaint.

What about the fire brigade?

I'm not havin' a total stranger come in with
a whole crew of blokes when it's me own daughter.

This is family business,
and it'll be handled by the family.

- Dad.
- Forget it, Kay. You're talkin' to a brick wall.



Splash. Splash.

One, two, three...

six, four, five.

Hey, Dawnee.

- What are you doing here?
- Can I come up?


Come on, Sweetie.

I let you in me pool.

How did you get here?

How did you get up?

Climbed up. Up the ladder.

It's heavy.

Tie it up with this.


Bloody shits!



Hurry up.

- Clayton, it's not safe up there.
- Hurry up.

- Clayton, come down.
- Here, boy. Come on, laddie.

- Oh, for God's sake, Gordon.
- All right.

Come on, Clayton. Come down.

- Get off! Get off, Dad. - Stop
them. - Sweetie! Cut it out.

- It won't hold.
- Piss off!

- Clayton. Clayton!
- Shake it. Shake it.

Leave that ladder alone.

That's a new suit he's wearing, Dawn.

Sweetie, it's dangerous. Please stop.

This is a real crisis.
It's so dangerous.

- Dawn, send Clayton down.
- Piss off!

- I'm ringing the fire brigade.
- Oh, please.

He's just a little kid. Dawn!

Oh, God, no. Sweetie, will you listen a moment?

Okay? Will you listen to Daddy?

Get the ladder.

I'm not going to come up,
but I want you to send Clayton down.

I've gotta take him home, Dawn.

- I'm staying up here!
- I'm going to come up just a little way.

To help the little fella down.

I'm not coming down ever!


- Cor!
- It's not funny, Dawn. That's disgusting.

What about Clayton?
It's not very fair, Dawn.

"It's not very fair, Dawn."

No one's impressed.

Sweetie, I've had enough.

Be careful, Dad. It's really creaky.

All right, Sweetie. Come on down.

Kay, go and tell your mother
she's coming down.


Third house on your left as you -
Just come down the drive.

Mum. Mum. Dad said to come out.
He's getting her down.

Could you hold on a minute?
There's been a development.

- Get off!
- Come down, Sweetie, now.

Fucking bastard.

Drop off! Fucking drop!

- Dad! Hang on.
- Oh, me back.

- Let him down, Dawn!
- Stop it, Dawn.

Jump. Jump. Jump. Jump.

- Dawn, it's going to break.
- Break your bloody neck!

Kay, put the hose on her.

- Let him go!
- Go on!

Drop and break your bloody neck!

You bastards! Piss off!

Buzz off!

Hang on. Keep trying.

Jump! Jump! Jump!

- Fuck off and die!
- No, Sweetie.


Watch your head!

Piss off!


- Clayton!
- Kay.

Just hang on!

- You stupid girl.
- How's the boy?

- How's the little fella?
- He's okay.

Um, take it carefully.

Do you realize...

you could have killed him
with your little tantrum?

I told her to come down.

You're so selfish, Dawn.



Oh, baby!

Oh, Sweetie! Oh, no, baby.

Oh, Jesus.

Sweetie, come on.

How many breaths?

Oh, God.

Call someone!

Sweetie, breathe!

Come on, Sweetie. Breathe!


Trees never seem to leave us alone.

We couldn't even get the coffin down
for some tree root sticking out the side.

With love.

Want to say something?

Good-bye, Sweetie.

Good girl.

Come on.
We don't want to watch this.


- Beyond us
- Far


Beyond us


Than our own


Hey. Do you know what your feet do?


When you're having sex.


Love me with all your heart

As I love you

Love me with all your heart

As I love you

Don't give me your love

For a moment or an hour

Love me always
as you've loved me

From the start

When we are far apart

Or when you're near me

Love me with all your heart

As I love you

Don't give me your love

For a moment or an hour

Love me always
as you've loved me

From the start

With every beat of your heart

With every beat of your heart

With every beat of your heart

When the moon


Beyond another day

And the fishermen don't light


Far out

On the dark wide sea

When we think we are


Steering as you dared


- We hear
- We hear

The sound

Of oars


Beyond us

When we awake

In the middle of
the never-ending ocean

The skyline crystal clear

But soon

Soon, soon

'Tis land

In the glare

Of the morning sun

When we think we are alone

Think we are alone

- Drifting
- Drifting

In the middle of


- We hear
- We hear

A voice

Call our name

- Closer
- Closer

Than our own




- Us
- Far beyond us

Far beyond us


Than our own