Sweet as Pie (2022) - full transcript

Tamara visits her family's apple orchard in hopes of taking a break from life. She begins to fall for her childhood best friend and now the farm manager, Will, and together they go to great lengths to keep the orchard alive.

Double shot latte
with oat milk and agave.

It's on me. In honor
of your promotion.

It's not even certain yet.

Oh please, you're the best thing
about this place.

Besides, we both know
what you're like

before your second
morning coffee.


Thanks, Sammie.

Special delivery.

Good morning, Tam.

Is that the offer?


I just don't know, Tam.

Oh, that's ok.

You don't have to decide now.

But let me just tell you
what I know.

This is everything you've asked
for and then some.

This deal honors everywhere
you've been

while providing growth
capital for all the places
you want to go.

How does Chloe feel about it?

Well, she's excited for me.

She says I should do it.

When my daughter was little,

her first bike had a basket
in front

and she spent the better
part of a year

delivering bobbles and bits
to our neighbors.

The joy she brought
with her deliveries

was the inspiration
for Chloe's Couriers.

And she was my
first employee.

She's a dentist now,
go figure.

She must be really proud
of you.

You worked hard for this.

If you need more time
to think it over...


That won't be necessary.

I'm ready to sign.

It's a good deal.

A great deal.

Thank you.

My pleasure.

Thank you, Mr. Silva.

This came for you.

It's not every day you get a
brown paper package

tied with string.

It's from Mom and Dad.

You're never too old
for a little goodie box, right?

Anything else?

Amelia wants you
in her office.


Don't worry, she makes
a cappuccino nervous.

I'm not nervous.

Oh. You wanted to see me?

Yes, please, sit.

What's in the box?


Uh, they...
they've gone bad.

Oh, no, no, no.

These were picked last night
and shipped overnight delivery

by my parents.

They're Knobbed Russets, they're
supposed to look like that.

Go ahead.

Try one.

Well, I... I think this may be
the ugliest apple

I've, I've ever seen.


And the sweetest one
I've ever tasted.

They're an heirloom variety.

Haye's family orchard specialty.

Um, how did it go with Silva?


Oh, yesterday he was out
the door, and today...

Signed, sealed, delivered.
He's in.

I'm not surprised.

You have the magic touch.

And soon you'll get a chance
to prove it to the Board.

You mean?


They've set a date for
the next pitch meeting.

You have two weeks.

That's great. I have
the perfect company.

No, not a company.


Sorry, what?

You're not pitching
an acquisition,

you are pitching yourself.

They want to know what you'll
bring to the company as partner.

Are, are you ok?

Yes, yes, it's just,
companies I can do, but...

Talking about myself it's,
it's not really my thing.

I'll let you in on
a little secret, ok?

You need to find
three adjectives,

three little words
to describe yourself.

It's basic marketing, really.

Ok, sure.


It's um, organized,
punctual, reliable.


Look, you need to dive in deep
and find a you-ness

that makes you, you.

Find that spark, the seed.

You need to go home.


No, I can't.

Yes, you can.

Yes, I can.

You have two weeks to find
the best words you can think of.

And remember, the Board likes
people who are

real, vulnerable and raw.

And also perfect.

So, perfectly imperfect.


Ok. Well, thank you.

And Tam, I'm your biggest fan
and I support you 100 percent.

So, don't mess it up, okay?

Thank you.

You can have the rest of these.

How did it go?


Fantastic, amazing.

Ok, let's call Mom.

Hi, Mom.

Quiet, peaceful, charming.

Can I help you?

What? Is it Tamara Hayes?

Grant, hi.

Now, ladies and gentlemen,
you're in luck.

In front of us we have
a real city slicker.

Who, rumor has it once made
a Goldman Sachs himself cry.

Well, Goldman Sachs
isn't actually a person.

It's two people,
Goldman and Sachs.

Neither of whom I made cry.


Learn something new
every day.

Right, Even?

Yeah, I suppose so.

What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

Your parents leased us
a few acres.

How long's that been going on?

About six months.

That's funny, they never
mentioned it.

I see you brought
your fan club.

Yeah, kind of.

Grant and I are teaching a
sustainable agriculture class.

You're teaching?

You've been talking about that
since we were kids.


You look good.

You look so different.


I mean, older.


I mean, like in a good way.

Grown up.

What's the occasion?

I'm up for partner at the firm.

Ah, that doesn't surprise me.

Here to celebrate?

Oh, no. I've been sent home.

You say that like you've been
sent to your room.

I have to prepare a presentation
about myself for the Board.

I get three adjectives
to describe myself.


I can think of 20 at least.

Well, good luck with that.
It's nice to see you back.

Yeah, well, see you around.

Wait. Um, what might they be?

If you had to describe me
in three words?

Stubborn... as... heck.

I will make note of that.

Happy to help.

Same old town, same old
Lewis brothers.

Did I see sparks?

You might see stars
if you keep it up.

Hey, everyone,
who wants a lesson

in how not to speak to girls?

Oh! She's here!


-Bring it in here!

So, good to see you.

Oh, I've missed you guys.

Oh, we missed you.

We can't believe you're home.

Oh wow,
Mom this is beautiful.

There's lemon bars and tea,

and for dinner I'm making
your favorite.

Grilled cheese and tomato soup.


Oh, it's good to have you home.

It's good to be home.

The new build looks amazing.
I love it.

I'm so glad you like it.

It's come a long way
since you saw it last.

And thank goodness it's over.

Our kitchen was in shambles
for months.


Ok, well I have a game plan.

The orchard is first and then
Grandma's shed is a must,



To find my essence?

Yes, of course. Your work thing.

Yes, of course.

Dad and I pulled some boxes
from the shed.

So photos, mementos,
old projects

will be in your new room.


We're here to help.

Thank you.


Construction must have left
that behind.

Oh, yes.

I've been meaning to return it.

Well, you better get started.

Sounds like you have your work
cut out for you.



You preserved my room.

Well, of course we did.

We couldn't take down
all this magic.

I'll leave you to it.

Some might call me a go-getter.

Others might say overachiever.


This feels like a later thing.

I'm never gonna find
my three words.

How's your project coming?

Yeah, it's not.

Think less. Feel more.

I can still remember you
knee-high on a step stool.

Insisting that your Grandma Mary
let you measure

every single cup of sugar
she put in her apple pie.

You've always been a force
to be reckoned with.

Ah, if Mary could see you now.

Thank you, Dad.

I don't know if the Board
is particularly interested

in Grandma's pies.

Why don't you try walking
the orchard once more?

That usually does the trick.


Can't hurt.

Besides, in your journey
to find yourself,

wherever you go,
there you are.



Did you find yourself yet?

What is this?

I... I guess we ought
to tell you.

Rappled Apples
is shutting down.

And no other distributor
is willing to buy and sell

heirloom varieties.

The whole town is feeling
the pressure.

Planting new varieties, cutting
down old trees to make room.

You can't cut down
the Knobbed Russets.

Your father and I are in talks
with a new distributor

who's interested
in buying Fujis.

The ones that taste
like cardboard?

They aren't that bad.

You can't find Knobbed Russets
anywhere else.

They're what makes
Hermansville unique.

They're a part of
our family tradition.

We didn't realize you cared
that much about it.

Neither did I.

Well, I... I guess that's
one thing that you're
passionate about.

Apples. Add it to your list.

Tam's the business expert.

Maybe she'll see something
we overlooked.


I think she should focus on
one project at a time.

Hello? I am right here.

At any rate, the three of us
will never forget

what Grandma started, and
that's what really matters.

I'll figure it out.

I just need the books.

I've been trying to get
in touch all day.

Oh, yeah, sorry.

The service has been spotty.

Well, Chad Hughes is up against
you for partnership promotion.

Chad Hughes?

He started at JDS after me

and he has never closed
a major deal.

Yes, but Chad's father
plays golf with Bob Kent.

As in Chairman Bob Kent.

Tam, take your hands off
your face.

Listen, I could have hired a
Harvard MBA with baby blues,

but I chose you instead.

Do you want to know why?

Because you went to Yale?

Yes, but more importantly,

you were the right person
to grow this company.

I know it, you know it and now
the Board needs to know it too.

So, will they know it?

They will know it.

That's what I like to hear.


Even Lewis!

Do we need to start locking
the doors?

Tree medicine.

Got to keep it cold.

Some light reading?

Account ledgers.

Story's a little dry but I am
worried about the ending.

Tamara Hayes tackles
another project?

I can't let them cut down
Grandma's apples.

Ah, the Knobbed Russets.

There's never been
a sweeter apple.

Or an uglier one.

Find anything?

Not yet, but I will.

What about your presentation?

The one you were sent home
to prepare?

Your partnership pitch?

Yes, what about it?

You sure you have time to save
the Knobbed Russets

and discover your true self?

Seems to me like something's
gotta give.

I disagree, I think
there's plenty of time for both.

No offense, Tam,

but you're kind of known
for sticking your fingers
in too many pies.



That's it. That's the way in.

What are you talking about?

We all know our apples
are great.

There's no doubt about it.

But, what we need is a brand.

Ok, so the Knobbed Russets
aren't selling on their own.

But if we make them into pies,
I mean,

who doesn't love apple pie?

Here we go again.

This is exactly what I was
talking about.

Grandma came to the states
with nothing.

Look at what she built.

And now we fight for her legacy.
With pie.

Apple pie.

I just need sugar.

Honestly, I can't believe I
didn't think of this before.

Running this place is harder
than it looks.

A pie isn't just gonna...

That's salt.

Please, I grew up here.

Yeah, but you were a kid.

You didn't pay attention
to orchard management.

I know about cost accounting,

The orchard is a business,
just like anything else.


So then you know that we could
never make enough pies

to even make a dent.

What's going on down here?

Pie. Apple pie.

If we can't sell the product,
then we change the product.

I am gonna save
the Knobbed Russets.

What's all the noise?


Don't mind if I do.

I still need sugar,
and where is the flour?

On my shopping list.

That's ok.

I mean, we really just need
Grandma's recipe.

Oh, honey.

She never wrote it down.
It's lost.


That's all right.
I'll remember it.

I can almost hear her
little song.

Can't we do this
in the morning?

Three words, Lee.
Stubborn... as... heck.

No, I can't sleep now.

Imagine Grandma's apple pies
inside grocery stores

across the country.

Would be something.

It would be everything.

Yeah, but our resources are
stretched so thin already.

I don't see it being possible.

Your father's right.

But, you know better than
to let a challenge

stand in the way of a dream.

If you believe in this,
we do too.

We'll find a way.

Morning, hon.

Gotta pick apples!


You're eating my prized apple.


How is it?

This is the best Russet
I have ever tasted.

I didn't know they could get
any sweeter.

Honestly and truly,
what is your secret?

Well, I always listened
to the experts

and then do the opposite.

Is that so?

Yeah, it's not easy, but if you
ignore good advice long enough,

you'd be surprised how far
you can get.

Is that one of your projects?

Yeah, that tree is sick
and the paste is medicine.

Does it work?

You tell me, you're the one
eating my prized apple.


Usually have the orchard
to myself at this hour.

Grant's more of a sleep
till noon kind of guy.

I didn't sleep a wink.

I was up all night planning.
I feel great.

If you say so.

We need more apples.


We'll sell more apples inside
of pies than we ever did

by the bushel.

It's always easier solving
another man's problem.

I get that you're excited,
but you came home

to solve one problem and now
you're picking at another.

What does baking pies have
to do with your pitch?

Maybe everything.

These pies are my family legacy.

Why does JDS want to know
so much about you anyway?

Don't you just buy
and sell companies?

If I make partner,
my creative vision

will influence the company's

They just want to make sure
I'm the right fit.

Oh, so it's not about
who you are,

it's about who they are.

Like you said,

I came home to solve
a problem

and then I found an equally
important problem

that also needs to be solved.

I can do both.

Fine. But you should know,

we've tried just about
everything to save
these Russets.

It's impossible.

Yeah, you haven't tried pies.

Ah, I see.

Well, then who am I to stand
in your way?

Good luck.

Hm. No such thing.


Buy Mom new coffee, contact...

You all right?


So, you're really doing this?

Yes, I'm really doing this.

Then you might need my help
rallying the troops.

No, I don't need your help.

Yeah, you might.

I don't.

Besides, you said
this was impossible.

Absolutely, it is impossible.

But, it's for a good cause.

Come on.

Get in the car.

Are you gonna help out or what?

Come on.

You're a child.

Here. Seriously, here.

Come on, Even, get it.

Come on. Get it.

Come on, man...


Maybe aim a little lower
next time.

Me? Never.

Right. I forgot who I was
talking to.

Hey, you said so
yourself. Stubborn as heck.

Oh, well.

The other side of the street's
looking a bit sparse.

Why don't you focus on that
instead of worrying about what

I'm doing?

Sure thing, boss.

Do you two ever give it a rest?

I mean, I would think
after 30 something years

you would learn to get along.

He started it.

I'm just saying...

And you're not still upset
about prom?

Of course not.

It's like a lifetime ago.

We were practically children.

Well, he still seems to give you
a great deal of trouble,

if you ask me.

Well, luckily no one
is asking you, Mom.


I think the two of you
just like arguing.

Get out of here.
Hang your posters.

Mia, surprise!


Christmas came early.

Jeez, I can't believe you found
the time to drive down here.


It's not the workaholic Tam
I know.

Tell me more.

How would you describe
the Tam you know.

Say in like, three words?


What should we do
with the extras?

Oh, we can hand them out
to people as they sit.

Don't look at me like that.
He's just helping.

You mean you two
are working together?



Hey, honey.

You nervous?


Uh, actually yes.

Grandma planted these Russets
with her own hands.

And it's not just her,
every orchard in the country

was started by someone with a
little dream and a lot of grit.

The Knobbed Russets connect
our past with our present.

Mom, we cannot cut them down.

Ok, honey.



Aim, fire.

Hi. Um, thank you all
for coming.

I really appreciate you
all being here.

Those of you that know me know
that I grew up here.

Haven't been around much
lately, but,

home is home and I'm worried
that our homes are being

taken away from us because
people can't help

but judge an apple by its peel.

My family's Knobbed Russets
were planted by my Grandmother.

And Mrs. Roy, everyone knows
how your Grandfather's

first purchase in America
was a handful of Russet seeds.

That's right, always said

he wished he'd bought
lunch instead.

Less work.

If we uproot the Knobbed

we uproot our traditions
and the legacy is lost forever.

Legacies don't pay.

No one buys our ugly
apples anymore.

Our apples are ugly, yes.

But they're also delicious
and the solution is simple.

And sweet as pie.

Apple pie.

If we band together to sell pies
made with our families

Knobbed Russets, we have
a fighting chance.

We can establish a brand,
make an impact.

But, only if we work together.

Any questions?

What are you doing?

Look, everyone, I know the pie
idea's unique.

Believe me, I was the first
person to say no way.

I mean, pies? Come on.

But, Tam is the only one here
addressing this problem.

We all have a choice.

We can look the other way

or we can fire up our whisks and
save generations of hard work.

We all know Tam is full of
elaborate ideas.

Excuse me?

But sometimes they really work
and I think this is one of them.

Tam's heart is
in the right place.

It always has been.

So, all we need is a little
sugar, spice

and a whole lot of apples.

Your grandma's apple pie was
always the talk of the town.

I'm in!

Oh, um, sign here? Thank you.

Thank you, Ms. Minnie.

Um, just pass it around,
I guess. Thank you.


Me too.

I'm not sure what
you said there,

but thank you.


Mr. Sluctor, you have more
trees than anybody here.

What do you think?

I think Mary Hayes kept her
secret apple pie recipe

locked up tighter than
her liquor cabinet.

You sure you can recreate it?

Of course she can.

We all know Tam helped Mary
bake those pies.

She measured out the sugar,
cup by cup.

That was a long time ago.

Sure, but some things you never
forget, right Tam?


Well, that would be something,
all right.

In all my years of judging
apple day's blue ribbon pies,

I still never came across one
that's as good as Mary's.

But, I'm in talks with
a distributor

who wants to buy
Red Delicious.

Mr. Sluctor.

When's the last time you ate
and enjoyed a Red Delicious?

Business is business.

We need your help.

I'm sorry.

My answer is no.


Anyone else?

Oh, great. Thank you.

Thank you.

Nothing comes easy.



Thank you.

That's delicious.

Thanks for your vote
of confidence today too.

Your support means a lot.

And not just to me,
to everyone else, too.

Tam, you know I'll always have
your back, no matter what.

But this really needs to work.
A lot of people signed up.

It will work, you said
so yourself.

I believe in you, it's just, a
lot of people are taking a risk.

This valley was built with a few
dollars and not much sense

by people willing to bet
on themselves.


But, these day's it's a lot
harder to get a second chance.

What are you saying?

If this fails...

It won't fail.


You don't know that.

You're right, I don't.

But I do know
that fear of failure

is the biggest obstacle
to success.

I'm just worried we got
their hopes up.

That I got their hopes up.

Well, I believe this will work.

And if you don't, then
I will do it on my own.




Are you there?




Amelia: Tam?

Oh, yes, yes.

Just let me step into my office.


Why do you sound like
you're gasping for air?

Me? No, that's just
the breeze.

Our big problem
just got bigger.

It's not just Chad's father
golfing with Bob Kent,

it's Chad himself.

Oh, but Chad can't play golf.


Bob Kent loves winning.

So, this is a disaster and I
need you back in the office now.


Yeah, we have work to do.

We need to completely
reinvent your image

so you can compete with Chad
so need you in the office.


Even! Come here!

What was that noise?

No, no, didn't hear anything.

Can you be here
tomorrow morning?

Amelia, you were right about
coming home.

I should stay.

Yes, I've discovered some
very important things here

that need time to bake.

I mean, develop.

Yes, so my pitch will be great.

Better than golf, I promise.

It has to be the best
they've ever seen.

Oh, it will be.

I'll call you soon with updates,



Can't get this kind of view
in your fancy corner office.

I'd take the A train over
this ladder any day.

Uh, anyway. Back to work.

Good luck. Oh, sorry,
no such thing.

In the handouts,
which I am going to make,

you will see the monthly revenue
for each of the companies

I've brought into
the JDS family.


Whoever said easy as pie
has obviously never made one.

Maybe there aren't walnuts
in Grandma's recipe.

Are you ok?

Yeah, why?

Oh, yeah, it's a long story.

But, I think I almost have
Grandma's recipe down.

May I?


It's great, but I don't think
it's in your grandma's recipe.


There was a secret ingredient
she swore by,

but I can't figure out
what it was.


No, that part was no secret.

I was thinking scotch.

Of course, only Mary
would think of that.

You remember what everyone
called her?

-Mary Queen of Scotch.
-Mary Queen of Scotch.

That's right. Try that one.


Not quite.

Oh, what is it?

If the pies aren't perfect
then the plan fails.

I think they still taste great.

Yeah, but not perfect.

How many pies are you making?

Not too many, just 100.


Well, yeah.

I have to test all the possible
ingredient combinations

since I don't have Grandma
Mary's recipe.


What are you doing?

Baking 100 pies.


Oh no. No, no.

That is a recipe for disaster.

I'm sorry for what I said.

Our traditions are worth
fighting for

and you're putting up
a good fight.

I'm sure you've got it
all under control.


I could use a little help.

Lot of help would be good too.

Lot of help coming right up.

Oh here, look at this.


Always so poised.

So beautiful.


I miss her.


How did this old paperclip make
it in here but not the recipe?

We need a hint.

One good sign,
just one little...


Yes, exactly.

Her name is on the cover.


Excuse me, ma'am, may I interest
you in a tomato banana tart?


Oh, wait. Look at these.

Mayonnaise Jello?

It's actually delicious.

Ugh, stop.

Ew, gross. They're all gross.


Hey, wait.

Apple slump dessert,
best with top hats?

That's what we call
the apples that grow

on the very top branches
in direct sunlight.

Grandma always talked about
top hats

but I never knew what she meant.

Yeah, they have the shortest
picking window

but also the most sugar.

Probably what made her pies
so sweet.

Are you thinking
what I'm thinking?

This one looks good.

No, way too sour.

In fact, I better eat
all of these myself

to save you from how
terrible they are.

What a sacrifice.

driven, legendary?

I'm not gonna tell the Board
I'm legendary.

Remember the time you re-planned
the homecoming parade

in one day after the cafeteria
gave everyone food poisoning?

That was pretty legendary.

That is being resourceful.

Hm, I like legendary better.

Well, Amelia thinks I need
to reinvent myself.

That would be a tragedy.

You know what,

I'm just gonna go in there
and give them the numbers.

They love numbers.

My work speaks for itself.

But what about the three
word thing?

Great... team... player.

Ok, anyone who thinks
you can be described

in three words doesn't
know you very well.

What do you mean?

You're Tamara Hayes.

There's so much more to you than
those people will ever know.

You can't be summarized.

These will be ready in 23 hours.

You know it to the hour?

To the minute.

You have not changed one bit.

Neither have you.

Still the same, Tam.
CEO of big dreams.

Yeah, I don't know about that.

What do you mean?

You're still gonna start
your own business

like you always talked about,

Once upon a time,
I tried to open

my own urban bed and breakfast.

What happened?

Investors pulled out overnight.

Three days before opening.
It was over before it began.

I'm really sorry.

It's the way it goes.

It's a long time ago now.

But it's your dream.

Was my dream. When I was
a lot younger.

I'm at the firm now.

Don't give me that look!

What look?

That look you always give
when you think you know better?

Who me?

Who me?
Yes, you.

Come on.


Hi, Mr. Sluctor. How are ya?


What can I help you with?

I just happened to drive
by your place and I noticed

you haven't cut down
your heirlooms yet.

When you happened to drive by
my place did you notice

the 'no solicitors' sign
on the gate?

I'm not a solicitor,
Mr. Sluctor.

I'm your neighbor.

Regardless, I wanted to talk
to you again

about the idea I proposed
the other night.

Before you start the grafting
process with the Red Delicious.

Not interested.

Well, if you have any specific

I'd be happy to...

I said, not interested.

Good luck to you.


Have a nice day.

I'm delighted to be considered
by the Board for this promotion.

As you can see, I've brought in
a lot of revenue for the company

starting with my very first
acquisition when I started.

With my very first acquisition
when I started my... no!

My very first acquisition when
I started at JDS has brought

in the company a net sum of...

Um, I had it just here.

What is it? Three cups of..

That's not it!

Maybe take it again
from the top.

What is the point?

Chad is gonna get it anyway.

Oh, honey.

I've given everything I have
to this job.

I know it.

Every hour, night and day,
it's always Mom, I can't talk.

I'm working.

I'm sorry.

I always thought it would
be one hard year, maybe two.

Then it would just be
smooth sailing.

It's been five.

I know.

What about the pie business?

I can't remember the last time
I've seen you that excited.

No, I don't know if it will work
without Bill.

If Bill doesn't sign on,

we'll need all the other
neighbors to get on board.

Or, maybe Even was right.

Maybe I'm in over my head

because I was trying to distract
myself from my own problems.

You think Even was right?

Pigs must be flying.

Yes, anything is possible, Mom.

In love and war.

I wonder if you really want
this job at JDS?

When you were a little girl,

all you talked about was being
an entrepreneur.

And you had so many
good ideas.

Just like this idea to sell
Grandma's pies.

Common sense is all too common.

Honey, you have a gift.

Don't give it up so easy.

But I like my job.

Are you sure?

Of course.

I know you'll follow your heart
in all that matters.

Work and otherwise.


What about candied ginger?

Oh, spicy.

Sure, just not a standard
apple pie ingredient.

My grandma always swore
by maple syrup in her pie.

Yeah, I tried that one.
It was delicious

but it just didn't taste like
Grandma Mary's recipe.

My favorite thing to put in
my pie is my fork.

I'll see you guys
after my class.

Maybe one of my students
will have a suggestion for ya.

Thank you.

You gonna get that?


Have you spoken to Grant much?

Yeah, every day.

Has he said anything about me?

What's going on?

I don't know,
it's Grant.

I can resist everything except
for temptation.

Ah. I think about him
all the time.

Except for when I'm with him,
I can't think at all.

I'm sick.

Love sick.

Yes, yes, I've seen this before.

As the heart fills,
the brain empties

and pretty soon you are smiling
like an idiot.

How much longer?

A week, maybe two.

Oh. I knew it.

So much for the single life.

You know the craziest thing?

As nervous as he makes me,

I feel the most comfortable
when I'm with him.

I don't know. Hard to explain.

No, I get it. I do.

You do?

Are you referring to Even,
your friend

or Even your sparring partner?

We are not that bad.

Yeah. You go together
like oil and vinegar.


Saved by the bell.

I don't need saving.

I just need the secret

I've been looking
all over for ya!


They're ready. Come on.

What's ready?

Think about it.

Tam's Pie House,
serving heirloom apple pies.

You'd be your own boss,
doing something you love

and supporting the community.

Yeah, I don't know.

Remember this?

Our old fishing spot.

Your dad always knew
how to find 'em.

I come out here occasionally
to talk to him.

Sometimes it's a sunset
or the breeze

but I feel like he's here.

He could always predict
the perfect sunset.

How did he do that?

He knew everything.

And even when he didn't,
he still did.

It's true.

Why not?


Tam's Pie House.
It could be great.

I was thinking my parents
would take over the pie business

once it's up and running.

I mean, it would be great income
for them.

I also have a job

and a very resilient house plant
to get back to.

Well, if that's what you feel
is best.

Even, can I ask you something?

You have traveled
the whole world,

but you ended up here.


This place is a part of me,

and I like to think
I'm a part of it.

I went traveling to study
different organic

agriculture techniques so
I could be a better teacher.

Everything I learned out there
I brought back here.

Think it could have really made
a difference.

What do you mean could have?

The college is pulling
the funding on our class,

turns out sustainability is
a luxury when money is tight.

Even, I'm so sorry.

Yeah, we've been expecting it
for a while now.

We tried our best.

Truth is, I could travel
the entire world

but this will always be home.

Ok, which one?

How about this one?

Oh, sorry.

No, please. After you.


Oh, no, you, ah...

No. Please... You go...
You go ahead.


After you.


It's perfect.

Well, I don't know
about perfect.

Ok, well that is really good.

I mean, I don't want to take
the words out of your mouth.


This was exactly how
Grandma's used to taste.

Yep. Right to the minute.

Well what are we waiting for?
Let's pick some apples.


That's where you caught
that huge fish.

Oh yeah. It was as tall as me.

And that's where we watched
the meteor shower.

No, it was over there,
by the trees.

No way. It was by the shore.

I remember, the sand
was freezing.

No way.

It was over there, by the trees,
because I remember

an apple fell on your head
when you tried to kiss me.

Ok. You're right.

It was by the trees.

Oh, we had some fun,
didn't we?

Yeah, we really did.

Sometimes I wonder
what would have happened

if you hadn't stood me up
for prom.

Yeah, I think about that a lot.

You do?

Yeah, especially lately.

I waited and waited.

And then for days after,
I waited for you to call.

But eventually I had to leave
for college.

I just never really understood
what happened.

I was afraid.

Of what?

I don't know. The future,
getting older.

You won that fellowship
and had all these big plans.

I still don't understand.

There was always the next thing.

I told you, you're Tam,
CEO of big dreams.

I was afraid that I couldn't
keep up.

That I'd get tossed aside.

Even, I never would have done
that to you.

I know. I should have
trusted you,

and there's not a day
I don't regret it.

I went to see you.

I wanted to apologize so I drove
down to your campus.

But you were with someone.

He seemed nice.
You looked happy.

What did he look like?

Freckles, glasses.

Alex Gardner.

He was nice, but we were only
together for a few weeks.

What happened?

Just never got that spark,
you know?


You know, Apple Days has
a dance on opening night.

What do you think?
We can give it a go.

Apple days?

Yeah, it starts Friday.

And we can have funnel cake.

And play ring toss.

Oh, everyone knows
that game is rigged.

Which only makes it better
when you win.

Well, you do owe me.

Yeah, I certainly do.

Ok, it's a deal.

This reminds me of
one of those afternoons

when we used to run around the
orchard and swim in the lake.

Ugh, I can't believe we used
to do that.


Well, the water's freezing

and who knows what's lurking
down there.

When was the last time you swam
in the lake?

Don't know, but it has not been
long enough.

What do you do on hot days?

Sit by the AC,
drink some ice water.

Tamara Hayes.

No wonder you can't think of
your three perfect adjectives.

Need a little lake swimming
to clear your head.

Is that so?

Here's three words.
Absolutely no way.

What are you doing?

Suit yourself.

Swimming in the lake has nothing
to do with my project.

And that's where you're wrong.

Everything here
is a part of you.

Part of your story.

Especially this lake.

Don't splash me!

I'm telling you, there was
something lurking in there.

Right, right where
we were swimming.

Oh, 100 percent.


-I felt it.
-You felt it!

That's why I told you, I did...

Ms. Minnie.

Hi, Tam.

Uh, I was hoping to talk to you
in person.

I've been doing
a lot of thinking.

You know how I grafted a couple
of Gala trees in the orchard

three years ago?

Well, we're harvesting
our first crop

and, Tam, there are a lot more
apples on those trees

than on the Russets.

We've decided it's time.

We're replacing the rest of
the Knobbed Russets with Galas.

We just can't afford
to take the risk.

I'm so sorry, Tam.

No, It's not your fault
Ms. Minnie.

Business is business.

Mrs. Roy called, she's out
of the pie business too.

Oh look. It's the deed of sale.

Sold 1956 to Mary Louise Gatzke.

You know, she was the first
woman in the valley

to buy acres on her own?

And seven years later, she had
a fully-grown orchard.

That's fast.

Especially from seed.

I wish she were here to shake
a finger at Bill Sluctor.


If he would change his mind
that would change everything.

You knew you were in trouble
if she shook her finger at you.

What was her famous line?

I'm not young enough
to know everything.

All this reminiscing
is making me sleepy.

Yeah, me too.

You know, if you get hungry,

there's plenty of pie
in the fridge.

Thank you, Mom.


It was lying under the papers,
waiting to be uncovered.

"Today the rain tried
to uproot my saplings.

"A bolt of fabric saved
my tender friends.

"A triumph, but now my shoes
are ruined."

That's classic Grandma.

"I saw Sam at The General today.

"Somehow that man
is always smiling.

"Even when nothing is funny.
I am going to marry him."

That's Grandpa.

She was quite the romantic.

Yeah, I guess she was.

I want that one day.

What she and your grandpa had.

Yeah, their love was timeless.

Can I see?

Yeah, of course.

Sam's favorite, two cups
of sugar plus a little more.

Three pounds of top hats,
two cups of...

That's the recipe!

What's up?

I just wish we would have found
it earlier

before everyone dropped out.

Maybe then they'd see that this
will actually work.

Everything's not lost.

At least we get to keep a part
of the orchard's history,

even if it's just a small part.

Growing up I always heard
that Grandma's pie recipe

was blue ribbon worthy.

I wonder how it would
hold up today?

Bill Sluctor has been judging
the Apple Days

baking competition
since before we were born.

If he says that your pie

is as good as Grandma Mary's
original then...

Then everyone else will follow.


Winning the blue ribbon would be
such great publicity.

I can see the business plan now.

All right,
here goes nothing.

Oh no, it's past the deadline.

Who says?

Yeah, look. We're too late,
we missed it by a day.

No, there's still time,
we just need 400 signatures

for a late entry.

How are we gonna do that?

Tam, Tam, I'll sign.

Me too.

Good, that's great.

398 left to go.

Ok, so we go door to door.

And I'll post it on my vlog.

Three words. Comment,
like, subscribe.

You only got 12 views
on your last video.

I know! My following's
really growing.

It's not the end, Tam.

I appreciate it.

But the fair is in two days.

This was our last real hope.

Let's just go home.

Wow, I mean, wow.

That's exactly.

It's incredible, sweetheart.
You did it.

You recreated Grandma's recipe.

Turns out Tam was onto something
with the candied ginger.

It was the secret ingredient.

This is a winning pie,
Tam. Honestly.

I suspect the Lewis brother
apples made all the difference.

I'd like to take the credit,
but this was all Tam.

I'll take the credit.

It's not quite right.

Something is wrong.


All that's missing is my plate.

No, something is
definitely missing.

You're right.

Something is different.

But I followed Grandma's recipe
to a T.

I didn't miss one single grain
of sugar.

It's the pan.

All the photos in the old
cookbook we found

had thin metal pans.

She wouldn't have been
baking on Pyrex.

Of course.

Her pan would have conducted
heat differently.

That makes a huge difference.

Well, it's never going
to be exact

but this is very close
and very delicious.

Blue ribbon delicious.

It just would have been nice
to have one more of

Grandma's heirloom pies
before the Knobbed Russets

are cut down.

This is the greatest gift.
Thank you, Tam.


We just got a call
from the college.

They're keeping our class
on the roster.

No way! That's amazing.

Professor Lewis,
at your service.

I can't believe it.

We need to run down to the
school and speak with the Dean.

And reserve a classroom
and send out the syllabus.

Oh, there's just so much...

Hurry, go!

No, no, I'll help you
here first.

Go. You got work to do,

Ok, we'll be back soon.

Right behind you.



Do you have something to do
with that?

No, not at all.

Oh, come on.

You know I know you better
than that.

Ok, maybe just a little.

Thank you, Tam. Really.

Don't mention it.

This community needs that class.

The Dean just needed to be
reminded of that.

Yeah, but how did you do it?

I set him up with one of
our corporate clients

looking to make
a modest donation.

Dean Raddler's a tough cookie.

But, I guess you're tougher.

Oh yeah, and, um, when Even
smiles, when he really smiles,

he gets these terrible wrinkles.

Well, you better hope
it's not genetic.

Oh, I'm not worried.

It's just, I've just noticed
he's been extra wrinkly

since you've been around.

Don't tell him I told you this,

but he's been working on his
dance moves for this Friday.


If he can get rid of those
two left feet,

Mia and I might have
some serious competition

from the two of you.

See ya.


The truck's not turning over.

That's not what I was asking.

Yeah? Maybe it should be.

Well? What's going on with you
and Tam?

I'm working here,
you should try it.

Oh, I've been working hard
all day.

Can you tell?

Wow, yeah, looks like you need
a break.

Excuse me.

So, Tam and Even.
Check yes, or no?

We're just friends.

Even Lewis and Tamara Hayes
will never be just friends.

Yeah, well then what would you
like to call it?


Soul mates?

Two people who can't keep
their eyes off each other?

I don't know.

But it doesn't matter
what I call it.

It only matters
what you call it.

And I'm worried
you're gonna mess it up.


Since you seem
to know everything,

you should know
when to stop talking.

I know a thing or two
about my brother Even.

And you haven't stopped thinking
about Tam.

Not for one second.

If you care about her,
and I know you do,

it's time you say something.

That's where you're wrong.

Feeling something and saying
something aren't the same thing.

She has to go back.

Ain't it funny?

For all that hurry,
she's not moving too fast.

This is a second chance,

I don't imagine you'll get
another one.

And then, he was
talking about

how beautiful the view was.

But when I agreed, I realized he
was looking at me.

You and Grant make
the perfect pair.

When you find the person
who gives you that spark,

don't let them go.

It was just so unexpected.

One second it's Tuesday morning
and you have a flat tire

and the next second
you're falling for the goofy kid

who used to lick icy poles
for attention.

There are no rules.
You just follow your heart.

What is she looking for?

A metal pan.

Just wishful thinking.




How did this happen?

Well, I told my girlfriends in
the quilting group, of course.

I told Cam at the post office.

Oh, and I think Grant told
a few guys at the shop.

Plus, the cafe, but...

That was it.

Well, I guess word
travels fast here.

And just in the nick of time.


You're not gonna believe it.
We are going to Apple Days!

Did you do this?

Who, me? Nah.

But my students?

Well, let's just say that
they're pretty popular.

They seem to know everyone
in this town.


How did you...

Mrs. Roy had this lying around.

Said she'd be more than happy
to donate it to the cause.

Couldn't stand to see you
so disappointed.

Just one more thing.


How do I do this?

You think you've got
what it bakes?

Get your apron.

Now, we add flour and vanilla.


No. You have a little just...

Oh, you didn't.

Oh, but I did.

Don't do it! Don't!

Stop! Stop!


Amelia, hi.

The Board has moved
the pitch meeting up to

first thing tomorrow morning.

Do you know what that means?

I gotta get back.

If your pitch doesn't blow them
out of the water,

Chad is going to be your boss.

No, that's not gonna happen.

I'll be there with my three
perfect words.


And remember,
perfectly imperfect.

Right, I'll see you soon.


Is everything ok?

They moved the pitches up
to tomorrow morning.

I need to get back to the city.
I need my words.

I need, I need, I need...

What about the baking

It's tomorrow.

We can do both.

Are you sure that'll be
enough time?

I think we can have our pie
and eat it too.

I'm going to be back
before you can blink.

Don't worry.

Just, good luck.
And drive... Safe.

Yes, Mom.

See you guys.

So I cleaned your windshield,
checked your oil.

Checked your tire pressure.

Everything's good.

Thank you, Dad.

And Tam?

One more thing.

Whatever happens,

just want you to remember
that we're proud of you.

Not just me and your mom,
the community. Ok?

Thank you, Dad.

Ok, well you better hurry up.

Looks like it might rain.


Bye, everyone.

Oh, for Amelia.

Thank you.


Now, don't let them know
you're nervous.

They can smell fear.

I'm not nervous.

That's perfect. Keep faking
exactly like that.


You are prepared, right?

You have something amazing?

You'll see.

Good morning, everyone.
Thank you for being here.

We can just get right to it,
if you don't mind.

Oh, thank you are prepared.

I know you all came
to hear about

what I brought to the company.

Salinger Medical,
Chloe's Careers

and my other investments.

Outlined in the packet is
their generated daily revenue.


Tamara, why are you
the right fit for partner?

I'm glad you asked.

The key to understanding
who I am

is understanding
where I came from.

I grew up on an apple orchard
in Hermansville,

just a few hours from here,

where there's a whole community
of farmers

who grow unique
heirloom apples.

So, I understand
small businesses.

I know the struggle,

the joy and the community
that they can build.

If you had to describe yourself
in three words,

what would they be?

A leader, a doer, a friend.

I am a daughter,
a granddaughter,

a creative mind,

an out of the box thinker.

A dreamer, a member
of my community.

Stubborn as heck.

You want to know who I am?

I am not the right person
for this job.

I hate golf.

Conference rooms?

Don't even get me started
on board meetings.

I don't want to make money
for people

who don't know anything
about people.

Or get so focused on dollars
that I lose my sense.

I want to chase dreams,
my own.

And, other people's.

I want to help my community.


Thank you.

I really appreciate
this opportunity.

But I quit.

How'd it go?

Couldn't have gone better.

Oh, thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen!
Keep your eyes on the pie.

Our most popular competition
is starting now.

I don't know.

I think he likes it.


Well, now the moment
you've all been waiting for.

The competition was stiff.

The pies are tasty.

My mouth is still watering.

But, uh, whose masterpiece
will take home the blue ribbon

for the best apple pie
in the state?

It's time to find out.

So, we'll get right to it.

Third place is awarded
to Pink Pearl of Wisdom.

Second place goes to none other
than the great, one and only,

Opal's Rare Gem.

Looks like there'll be a new
state champion this time around.

Finally, I'm proud to present
the one and only blue ribbon

for best apple pie to
the incredible, inexplicable,

magical, Mary and Tam's
Knobbed Russet-

Mary would be so proud.

So, this is a momentous win
for Ms. Hayes.

A first-time competitor
who found her Grandmother's

beloved pie recipe
in an old diary.

And whose win only goes
to show that,

well, with a little sugar
and a lot of grit,

anything can happen.

Thank you.

As is traditional, any words
from the winner?


If there's one thing
I've learnt,

it's that this kind of success
can't be achieved on your own.

This ribbon isn't just mine,

it belongs to everyone
in Hermansville.

Without their support,

or their delicious heirloom
apples, I wouldn't be here.

Thank you all.

Thank you so much.

Thank you.

You did it.

We did it.



That pie was exactly like
your grandmother's.


Thank you.

I'm sure she'd be very happy
to hear that.

And you're sure that you can
duplicate this pie?

To a T.

Well, you were right.

Sometimes the reward
is worth the risk.

So, you can count me in.

If you'll still have me?

Yes, of course.

I won't let you down,
Mr. Sluctor.

Can I hug you?
Thank you so much!

Thank you, thank you.


Tamara, darling, you left
so fast I didn't get a chance

to talk to you.

Yeah, I had somewhere
I needed to be.

Is there any way I can
persuade you to come back?

Didn't I blow it?

No, the Board loved your pitch.

Especially the exit,
that was genius.

In fact, you're a shoo-in
for the promotion.

Amelia, I meant what I said.
I can't accept this job.


I came home and I learnt who I
am and who I am is not this job.

You would have your own office,
company car.

Office and car aside,

this is what you've been working
so hard for

for the last five years.

You want this more
than anyone I know.

You deserve this more
than anyone I know.

You're not really gonna just
toss that aside, are you?

I don't know what else to say.

I think you do.

But the pie business,
I want to help it along.

What better way to help
than to be a well-connected,

power walking point of contact?

You want to help your community?
You take this job.

I accept.

I'll be there on Monday.

Great. I'll see you then.

Hey, I was trying to find you.

Even, I have something
to tell you.

I'm headed out.

What about the dance?

What about it?

I thought we had a date?

I heard you on the phone, Tam.
I know you're leaving.

Yeah, I got the promotion.

You promised.

You promised you wouldn't
toss this aside.

That you'd see it through.

This promotion is everything.

I'll be able to provide
invaluable resources

for the community,
can't you see that?

Sure. I believe that
you believe that.

This is just so classic Tam.

Moving on from one thing
to the next.

I don't know why I thought it
would be different this time.

What are you talking about?

I am doing this for everyone.

Yeah, I'll be in
a different place,

but I'll still be helping.

The entire town changed their
lives to take a chance on you,

including me.

I am trying to help.

You're trying to leave.

This is exactly what I was
afraid about in the beginning,

and I was right.

What is this really about?

You've already made
your decision.

There's no point in dragging
this out further.

Doesn't matter what I do, you
will always choose to see things

the way that you want
to see them.

I'm not going to beg you
to trust me.

Hey, Tam, you going
so soon?

Uh, yeah.

You're not really leaving,
are you?

Um, I need to get back
to the city,

I have to get back for work.

Oh, sweetie. What did he do?

No, no, no, nothing.
Um, I just have a lot to do.

Tam, come on.

Even's already spoiled one dance
for you.

Let's celebrate your victory.
You worked so hard.

Thank you, I love you.
I'll talk to you soon, ok?


You're making a big mistake.

I appreciate you looking out for
me but I did the right thing.

Do you really believe that?

If you let a woman
like Tamara Hayes go,

you're the one that's wrong.

I'm tired of you sticking
your nose in my business.

You don't know the whole story.

Sure I do.

Tam opened up to you
and you got scared.

You've never appreciated her
the way that you should

and I'm sick of it.

I'm not gonna let you hurt
her again.

You're supposed to be
my brother.

Evan, that's why I'm here.

I'm trying to help.

They told me you were
going home?

Yeah, I got the job.

Well, that's amazing.

There's so much celebrating
to do.

Yeah, I don't really feel
like celebrating.

Dad, am I doing the right thing?

I don't know, pumpkin.

But guess what, you do.

What feels right?

I worked so hard for this job

and then I got home
and everything changed.

Trust yourself.

After all, only you are
an expert on you.

But I'm not sure about
anything anymore.

You know what I always say
about finding yourself.

Wherever you go,
there you are.

Hey, you're not gonna
let him go that easily, are ya?

Dad, I don't think he wants
to be with me.

He's scared.

All of us fools in love are
when we have something to lose.

If there's anything I've learned
in all these years,

it's that it's never too late
to dance.


I love you, Dad.

Oh, I love you so much.


I really am flattered, Amelia,

but I've realized I can't accept
the job.

This is the big one,
are you sure?

Thank you.

But I think I found
the big one here.


Oh, honey.

I'm so glad to see you.

I'm sorry, Mom.

I really thought I was doing
the right thing.

Never mind that.

You're here now,
that's what's important.

So, how long are you staying?

I think for a while.

I knew it.


Has anyone seen Evan?

Ms. Hayes?

Evan Lewis.

You have no idea how glad
I am to see you.

I guess it's true what they say.

Any man can make a mistake,
but only an idiot persists.

I was just so afraid
that I would lose you,

but I never meant to hurt you.

Even, I will never
leave you behind.

You are the best thing that
has ever happened to me.

I love you.

Can I revise my answer?

Smart, beautiful, my everything.

That's four words.

One blue ribbon pie.

Coming right up.

Get back to work.