Sweet Spy (2005) - full transcript

A young widowed police officer, Lee Sun-Ae, finds herself unwittingly entangled in the world of international espionage after a chance encounter with Han Yoo-Il, a mysterious & charming young billionaire. Around the same time, she also meets Kang-Jun, the new director of Criminal Investigation Department, who happens to be an old friend of her late husband. Kang-Jun, who secretly harbors feelings for Sun-Ae, opens an old case surrounding Sun-Ae's late husband's death, which leads him to uncover of a secret that involves political and economic power figures, including Han Yoo-Il.



Put your vision this
side and don't move.




Open up your legs.



It has been a long time since we met.

Come, stand straight.


The destructive power of boxing
doesn't come from the fists.

But from the standing position.

Legs.. Waist.. Shoulders.. Arms..

And then, the fists.

1.. 2..


Lastly, you have to put
your hands like this..




Don't turn your shoulders
and kept it in one position.

Let's try again.

1.. 2..

The moment, you throw out your fists.

Your legs, you must move this leg.

Like this.

Mister, can you follow
them more closely?



You are handsome.

How much?

150 Thousand Won.

Hundred fifty..

Did I ever say that I
would snatch it, rascal?

Ok, goodbye.

See you tomorrow.



I'm leaving, first.


Taxi.. Taxi..

How much?

5,600 Won.

5,600 Won, here's 10,000 Won.

Thank you.


Thanks.. Goodbye.

(Han Yu-Il)

Han Yu-Il, 38th floor..




Where are you, right now?

Here.. This place?

I'm at home, now.

Is there anything?

Can I meet you for a moment?


About this..

I'm busy right now, I'll
call you back again later..

How can you betray the trust,
we have in you just like that?

Sor.. Sorry.

I didn't want to do this either.

I was just too curious.

People like us, if our
real identities get expose.

It's equivalent as
putting our lives at risk.

I know..

So how could you do it since you know?


I understand.

You haven't told others about us, right?

You said it?

Do you know what you had done?!

Sor.. Sorry.

I.. I just thought that since
everyone are fellow government workers.

All of us working for the government..

I already told him no..

But he still insisted
that we are lovers.


The Section Chief of
Crime investigations..

Why can't you just admit
that you are lovers?!

Why must you tell him the truth?!

Are you really that stupid?!

Have you never seen movies before?!

I didn't tell him anything else.

I just said that I was a spy assistant.

I'm really sorry.

What are we going to do?

Do you want to get rid of her?

What can such a fool be useful?

Are you sure?

She couldn't even find the
ball pen that was in her pocket.

It isn't enough that she already
got us in such a difficult situation.

She even disclosed our
real identities to others.

Where is there still use
for a stupid woman like her?

No matter what, she is
still a factor of our unease.

He said that he's giving you
a chance to redeem yourself.

Thank you.


From now onwards, you are going to pretend that you are lovers in front of other people.


Especially, in front of that Section Chief.

Do you understand?

Do you understand it or not?!

I... understand..

Then leave now.


Please tell your friend on
behalf that he said sorry.

About that..

If I ever want to come up here.

How am I suppose to do so?

You are really!

I'm busy right now.

I'm now.. attended an audition.

Sorry, I'm going to hang up now.

Who's it?

Just somebody.

Is it someone that you
have relations with?


About that..

The guy from last time... the other
person that have relations with you.

Who's the other person
that have relations with me?

The guy that came here together
with you, the last time.

What's with that person?

That person asked me to
tell you sorry on his behalf.


Did he come here?



That rascal is really laughable.


Whatever happened,
that made him say sorry?

What else can happen?

Since I felt that he's kind-hearted,
handsome and rich as well.

I want to have some
developments with him.

I never thought that he
would refuse me immediately.

That rascal.

How good can you ever be?

Let's sleep.


That's right.

That rascal..

This mister, is your
age growing backwards?

You jerk, what's with my age?

Mister, please be quiet a little!

Who do you think that
you are being so rude to?!

Hit me if you have the guts!
Give me the money! Give the Money!

Right! I'll hit you if you want to!

Blood.. I'm bleeding!

You hit me, didn't you?!

Right, I hit you! What
are you doing to do now?!

Let go! Please don't be like it!

Right, hit me! Hit me!

Try hitting back, jerk!

What you rascal!

What do you guys think you are doing?

Where do you think you are?! Is this
the place for you to create trouble?!

Firstly, you!

Who are you? Are you on
the same gang with him?!

Does the Government paid you
wages to behave like this?

I pay taxes to let you behave like this?

What are you saying?

You.. you have taken the sir money, right?

You are really... Let go!

The police over here
take money from the bars!

This man speaking nonsense!

You let go!

Move aside! Let go!

You had a fright, didn't you?

You rascal, keep quiet a little..

I'm not joking..

I know.. I know..

I got it.. Just go quickly.

Leave.. leave..

You worked hard.

You worked hard.


I can deal with ten of these
types of men if it was in the past.

I have really aged.

You worked hard.

You worked hard too, Sir..

Yes, Public Security Center..

Right.. Yes..


Then this place is..

Yes.. yes.. you worked hard..

What happened?

What call is it?

It's the transfer order..


To where?

To the Criminal
Investigation Department..

Then.. Then, what are we
going to do about here?

It'll become one person on duty.

Then, it'll become one person on duty?


Then, what am I to do?

What do you mean by what to do?!

It came on the right time.

I won't have to take
care of a trouble-maker.

My heart is already
feeling so comfortable.

Why are you speaking like this?

And also, will you be coming
back to visit me often?

What are you talking about?

It's not me but Officer Lee,
it's you who got transferred.


Officer Jo, come over here a moment.


Officer Oh..

Have information from the
National court come in?

It still haven't.

What? Are they going to
let do our work or not?!

Why are you throwing your temper on me?

What's happening again?

Officer Shim, come over here please..

Sir, call them up to rush it.

Public security team, Officer
Lee Sun Ae! Reporting for duty!

I have received orders to start working in the
Criminal Investigation Department from today..

I'm now reporting for work!

Who told you about those orders?

Officer Hong from the
Public security Center.

That's really funny..

I say, Officer Lee..

The police officers in our Criminal
Investigation Department are the best of the best.

It's where all the
best Officers gathers.

And also, Officer Hong doesn't have
the authorization to transfer you.

It'll be more believable if you
had mention the Section Chief.

You came?


From today onwards, this is the Officer Lee Sun-Ae will be
working with us in the Criminal Investigation Department.

Everyone know each other, right?

It's her first time working
in the Criminal Investigation.

So, please help her out.

Officer Lee..

Officer Lee, your place is over there.

Officer Lim!


Shift your place over here!


Yes, I'm Kang Jun..

Yes, sir..

Yes, I got it.

Section Chief Kang..

There's a saying that's " Human
resources are everything"..

Do you know?


But why did you made such a rash decision
about the Human resources problem?

Now, how are you going to deal with it?

Of course, it's right to transfer any person
that is needed by the Criminal Investigation.

I, too understand that it's
within your authorizations.

But how can you ever do things this way?

The Criminal Investigation is the
place where all the elites gather.

They are the elites of the
best in our police team.

But then, what's this?

This is a policewoman that
was taken in specially.

And she always get into
either big or small incidents.

Isn't it an insult to the other officers, if you
transfer Officer Lee to our Criminal Investigation?

This is what I think.

It looks like our Section Chief
Kang doesn't thinks that way.

No matter how they got
into the police team.

I think it's most important to have the sense of
responsibility and right attitude towards their jobs.

I heard that Officer Lee's late
husband was your senior, right?


Then, is this because of this?

It's not..

What if I overthrow your decision..

Then you as Section Chief will be too
embarrass to show your face, right?

But what if any problem occurs?

Then, I'll take full responsibility.

Excuse me..

Here, please..

Do you want to start all over again?

This time, let me be the spy...

And Lee Sun-Ae, you are my assistant.


Are you interested?

From now onwards, you are going to pretend
that you are lovers in front of other people.

Especially, in front
of that Section Chief.

Do you understand?

Drink up.


How's it, how do you feel working
in the Criminal Investigation?

I still don't know it, yet.

Then, what's your relationship
with our Section Chief?


I heard that your
husband was his senior.

I too, only got to know about
it when he told it to me.

Oh, is that so?

Thanks for treating me.

Lieutenant Park, what
are you doing here?

You worked hard.

Have you gone to see the Bureau chief?

Didn't you said that you'll be
speaking in the respective form?

Section Chief, have you
gone to see the Bureau chief?


What happened?


Don't you feel that he's acting strange?


Don't find it strange that what the
police said are exactly the same?

Of course, it's strange.

According to the police..

Everything that had happened up till now, they
all have some sort of connections with our Boss.

Don't you think that our Boss
is keeping something from us?

It seems that he is.

The large amount of money that
our Boss has in his bank account..

Being attack by strangers.

Smoke bombs..

That policewoman and Section Chief..

That policewoman and the ball pen.

That policewoman and Lee Bang-Il..

Our boss and that policewoman..

Our boss and that
policewoman's husband..

Our boss and Section Chief..

And also, the red seal documents
that our boss had stolen.

I'm really going crazy soon.

The person that caught you at that time.

He was Lee Sun-Ae's husband.

Don't you know about that?

Then, do you know that he died
while investigating your case?

I have no idea, either.

I don't know.

I still thought that Lee Sun-Ae
came here because of that.

Are you really unable to remember
anything about that document?

What do we have here?

Officer Park Eun-Ju..

Oh, she's the daughter
of Senior Officer Park?

It's hard to believe..

External Affairs, Criminal
Investigation Special task force.

There's no problem to
purchase those stocks, right?


Have a talk with the legal department and
don't let these children grab our tails.

Yes, I understand.

What are these?

So this fellow is Choi Beom-Gu?


The Choi Beom-Gu that stole
those documents, right?

Yes, that's right.

Then, that must mean that this
old man is not an ordinary thief.

I think that there are
some truth in the CIA words.

Then, this old man must be..

Could he be a spy from the north Korea?

There's a possibility.

I can't just leave it to the police.

Sent our men out for surveillance.


Is Kang Jun making any moves now?

He's investigating everywhere.

Why is that rascal so stubborn?

What's so great about
being a Section Chief?

Chairman Han Yu-Il is here.

Right, send him in.

Hi, Mr. Han..

Nice to see you come again.

Thank you, my pleasure.

Yes, I got it.

Officer Choi, please bring that to me..

Yes, please wait a moment..



Sir, when can I get off from work?

Officer Shim.


Get.. getting off?


Come, it's time for the meeting.

Lee Sun-Ae, come along.


Chief, is it alright
to let Lee Sun-Ae in?

She'll have to know
about it sooner or later.

Come, let's start the meeting.

Officer Shim..


The corpse that was found in the Guidance
Institute has been sent for an autopsy.

Just as you speculated,
there are hanging marks.

Then, it is suicide.


What are hanging marks?

That means marks from hanging.


Group leader Jo..


What is your analysis?

Since this case happened
too long ago, so..

We can only analysis it with
the photos that were left behind

And the hanging marks
that you mentioned.

We can see nothing at
all from the photos.

We don't know what happen then,
we can't see anything from it.

Lieutenant Park, did you went
looking for Song Hyun-Chul?

I met him but..

Lieutenant Park..

Stop doing things on your own, instead of
putting your two hands in other matters.

It's enough for you to just focus
on the cases over here, understand?

I thought you would be happy.

Since you have already said
so, I'll follow your orders.



That case has been closed for two years.

I still don't know the actual reason, why must the whole
team start the investigations from the very beginning?

Is it because Lee Sun-Ae's
husband is involved in it?

The truth is..

Min-Wook Hyung, gave me a
call the day before he died.

He said that he's investigating a
big case now and he wanted me to help.

Although our working place
and departments are different..

But we still gather
for drinks very often.

But I was out on a
mission on that morning.

So our meeting was delayed.

I only get to know about the
accident after it happened.

There was before I got transferred
to the Criminal Investigation.

To be honest, I had also
forgot about this matter.

But when I saw you on
my first day of work.

I was reminded of Min-Wook Hyung..

And so, I reopen and ran
through the case file again.

And I came this far without knowing it.

Looking from lots of areas..

The possibility of a planned murder
is more likely than a traffic accident.


I'm always digging
at your painful scars.

At first, I only thought of telling
you after I catch the criminal.

No, thanks for letting me know.

I go after the criminal
no matter what happens.

Is there anything
that you want me to do?

Then, does that mean that you
have agreed to be my spy assistant?

See you tomorrow.

Officer Hong..

Officer Hong..



Choi Ji-Su!


Yes, what happened?

Officer Hong?

What am I suppose to do
when the key is with you?

Where are you now? I'm coming over.

What.. You are now at Chung Dong Jin?

Which related person needs
you to rush to Chung Dong Jin?

Then where am I going to sleep?

I don't care... I don't
care, I'm hanging up now..

What happened?

You still haven't left, yet?

You don't have the key, right?


What are we going to do?

Then let's go to my place.

There's no need to.

I can just sleep in the hotel nearby.

The hotels here are not
good at all, so let's go.

Come in.

Then, I'll just be
bothering you for today only.

You'll be sleeping in this room.


Change into these..


The washroom is that side.

Do you want to eat anything?

No, thanks..

Take a shower if you want to.


( There's a message for you)

( There's a message for you)

[ Koala, let's meet tomorrow..
7p.m. at boxing school - Han Yu-Il..]

Compare to wine, you
like women even more?

It's just like the last time,
it's making me so jealous..

No, it's the women like you more?

Really speaking the truth,
you are so good looking.

My looks had never failed me before each
time I made an appearance in the past.

Oh, sure..

Oh, hello..

We meet again at this place.

I'm really sorry about last time.

I wasn't even clear about
the situation I was in.


I was being too overboard.

My friend told me about it.

There's no need to
apologize like that as well.

Who do we have here?

Oh, hello..

Isn't this Miss Choi?

But why are you here?

Are you working here?


I heard that someone's
here and so, I came..

Who's here?


Or is that friend?

Say what you want.

Come in.


Oh, who's this?

You are Ji-Su, right?

Yes, you still remember me.

I bumped into her in front.

That's nice..

Let's have a drink together, please sit.

Hey, you go out.

Do you know that the person who comes
in late, must drink up three glasses?


You just woke up?


Eat, please..

You made good kimchi soup.

If you want to cook good kimchi soup

Firstly, the kimchi must be tasty.


You came?


What happened?

Good morning..


What happened?

You never know how life will turn out.

What actually do you want to do?

About what?

Everyone in the Criminal
Investigation is talking about it.

About what?

Are you asking because you don't know?

We work as a team here..

Everyone will be talking about
whatever the Section Chief does.

And so?

Please pay more
attention to your actions.

Are you now ordering me?


I'm begging you..

[ Koala, let's meet tomorrow..
7p.m. at boxing school - Han Yu-Il..]

Who's Koala?

It seems to be Officer
Lee Sun-Ae's nickname.

Oh, it's so childish..

Hey, why must you look at
other people's messages?

It isn't a right thing to do.

I was just being curious.

Is there anything for you to be curious?

Like.. why did you left here together
with the Section Chief, yesterday?

And why did you come to work
with the Section Chief as well?

It's just all these.

It looks like you are too
embarrass to say anything.

You are really always getting up
and down men's cars, these days.

Last time at the hotel, I saw
you riding in an imported car.

Your abilities are really great.

What abilities?

These are the information
connected with that case.

Just go through it, ok?


At what time will you be
going to the boxing school?

Let's go together.


Song Hyun-Chul has sent his men
to check out the boxing school.

What do you mean by that?


Why aren't you doing any exercise?

You have been only
reading since you came.

I won't waive even a single cent from the
membership, so start doing some exercises.

I'll even train with
you when the need arises.

I had entered the national competition when
I wasted my youth and even won a gold medal.

As Soo-Han is in a different weight range,
we never spar with each other before.

But if we are in the same range.

He might not even beat me
if we were to fight it out.

You know Hong Soo-Han, right?

Do you know him or not?

You are always smiling.

Boss, talk to him for a while.

What am I going to talk about?

Just say anything you want.

Boss, you can speak English, right.

Ask him, why isn't he exercising
and why's he reading all the time?

Is he or not satisfy
with the facilities here?

We are not going to return his membership
fee even if he's not moving, etc..

Just tell him anything, Boss.

I can't talk in long sentences.



Both of you came together, today.


It's because we are working
in the same department.

We'll be coming together
from now onwards as well.

Our Officer Lee has got promoted.


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