Sweet Mountain Christmas (2019) - full transcript

As country music star Laney Blu spends more time in her hometown, it becomes less and less like she remembered it.

You come
walking through that door

You won't wonder anymore

If I've been dreaming about you

There's mistletoe everywhere

Thank you so much for doing
this here, I had no time.

Stop playing Laney Blu.

Still a classic.

That's off your Christmas
album, right?

We had a blast recording
that album.

It's my favourite time of year.

Hard to believe it's been
10 years

since you stole the country's
heart on American Superstar.

So, how does a girl
from the Tennessee Hills

find inspiration living
in Malibu?

Well, I just look out the window
and imagine pine trees

instead of palms, and snow
instead of sand,

and just like that, I'm right
back in the Smokies.

Well, there are whispers
that you're going to be leaving

country music in
the rear view mirror.

Let me guess,

those whispers are probably
coming from my manager, Danny.

Well, it is true, I have a new
pop album coming out next month.


New year, new me.

That wouldn't have
anything to do

with the fact that
your last two albums

have slipped down the charts
rather quickly?

Are you worried?

Worried? No.

No, of course not.

Growing up in the Smokies,
you... you learn pretty quick

that in order to have peaks,

you've gotta have
some valleys too.

But I promise you, all these
new songs on this new album

they're all sugarplums, no coal.

All sugarplums, no coal?

That is a brilliant title
for your article.

Do we have everything
we need here?

Yes, thank you.
It was terrific.

- Thank you.
- Thanks for your time.

- Thank you.
- This way.

I know that look.

Did it not go well?

Those were all supposed to be
softball questions.

With a couple hardballs
thrown in there.

It's fine.

She wanted to know about
the new album,

which is kind of hard
to talk about

since I didn't write
a single song on it.

That's what songwriters are for.

Yeah, but I always write
my own songs.



I've got my manager's hat on now,
and we've talked about this.

You've had ten great years.
Gold records, Grammys.

But the last couple of releases
have underperformed,

and we can't wait around
a whole year for you

to compose new material
for an album.

One more like that and the label
might drop you.

I just wish I could write
some new songs.

Take the time you need,
write those songs.

That could be for
the next album.

Look, I know how much
you love Christmas,

so I got you an early present.

I booked you to perform a set
at Santapalooza in New York.

Are you kidding?

That's... that's huge.

- You are amazing!
- Yes, I am.

Speaking of which, come with me,
I want to show you something.

Okay, Beth.
What do you think?

- Looks great, right?
- It's just...

Really different
from your usual style.

But you do look hot.

Even Beth agrees.

I'm a genius.

I didn't say that.

I don't know.

My fans see me more as a jeans
and boots kinda girl.

You think they're going to
accept me looking like this?

That was the old you.
This, this is the new you.

And when you step out on that
stage on Christmas Eve,

your fans will go wild.

Wait, I'm performing
on Christmas Eve?

Eight days from today.

And because of
the new choreography,

and the rehearsals, and
all the media interviews,

we need you in New York ASAP
to get ready.

But I told my mom I was going
to spend Christmas with her.

I haven't been home for
Christmas in about five years.

I want my girl to be happy.

Okay, I can't give you
Christmas Eve.

But if you promise to be
in New York

by the day after tomorrow
at the latest,

I'll just tell them to eat it.

Okay, I guess so.
Thanks, Danny.

Anything for you.

Santapalooza's huge.
It's going to be awesome.

But missing Christmas Eve?

What... what am I going
to tell my mom?

Doesn't sound like there's
much of a choice.

I was really looking forward
to putting my feet up.

I've spent the last three months
in a recording studio.

And there is no better place
to relax than Baxter Mountain.

I mean, there is one road
in and one road out.

- Sounds charming.
- Oh, come on.

You would love it
if you visited.

Yeah, it's this beautiful
little snow globe of a town.

Although, if I'd stayed,

I probably would've been
desperate to leave.

Instead I just write songs
about girls who are desperate to leave.

Whenever I go home,

I just spend all my time hanging
out with my old boyfriends.

Then I remember why I left.

Well, mine's long gone,
and so am I.


- Is this my rental?
- I know, I know, Miss Blu.

But we didn't have anything else
left on the lot.

It's such a busy time of year.
Is it all right?

Yeah, it'll be fine.
It's only for one day.

I really appreciate that.
Can I just say I am a huge fan.

Also, I got married last year
to that song of yours, "Promise."

Thank you. I love
hearing stories like that.

You sure you don't want me
to find you a driver?

Oh no, it's fine.
I prefer to drive myself anyway.

It's the only time I get
peace and privacy.

Well, just be careful.

The radio says there's a winter storm
that might be coming our way.

That's fine. I'll be
in New York by then anyway.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- How can I help you?
- Could I get a coffee cake please?

- Temperature's dropping outside.
- There's a front coming in, right?

Big snow's coming.

- You know, your boyfriend's really hot.
- What?

The personal trainer
you're dating, of course.

I'll take all of 'em.

- Laney!
- Mama!

- I brought your favourite coffee cake.
- Bless your heart.

- I'm so glad you're here.
- Me too.

Isn't that car a little small
for around here?

It's fine.

I am so glad you made it.

I mean, seeing you in LA
just is not the same

as having you home
for Christmas.

Oh, Mom, about that.

I'm gonna have to take a rain
check on Christmas.

- I have to leave tomorrow.
- No!

You haven't been home in years,
and the last time you were,

it was only for a weekend.

I just had so many
things planned.

I was going to make all
your favourite meals

and we were going to decorate
a tree, and...

I know, I'm so sorry, Mom,

but this huge opportunity
came up,

and I just, I'm not in a place
to say no to it right now.

But you're a star.
They can't tell you what to do.

Star hanging by a thread.

Oh, my goodness.

Did I make a wrong turn and
end up in Santa's workshop?

I have been helping to make
decorations for the Christmas festival,

and I've been so busy
with all this

I haven't even had a chance
to put up my own tree.

- Do you want some coffee?
- Yes, please.

Oh, my goodness, I love
this picture.

This was the one Dad kept
in the lobby of his theatre.

That's right.

I see the theatre's
for sale now.

I have no idea who's going
to buy it,

but I sure hope it's somebody
who knows how

to manage it properly and can
bring in some interesting acts.

Like Dad?

Like Dad.

Here you go.


How's the new stove working out?

I love it, thank you so much.

And thank you for all the
renovations in this house.

You could get a whole new one.

Bigger, if you want.

No, no, this is big enough
and it's just as solid

as the day your father and I
bought it 30 years ago.

Just gotta know its quirks.

Kinda like you.

Oh, goodness.


Why don't you tell me

all about this personal trainer
you're dating?

Mom, what did I tell you
about those tabloids?

- You can't believe a single one of 'em.
- I know.

And that's why I am so glad
you're here,

because I'm getting one story
in one newspaper,

and one story in another one,

and now I want it all cleared
up, and we have all night.

Oh goodness.

Okay, so we have fresh towels
in the bathroom,

and some soap, and if you like,

I'm pretty sure that
I have some shampoo

just underneath the sink.

Mom, I'm an adult, I travel
with my own toiletries.

Well, you never know.
You might've forgotten something.

Okay, you.
You have a wonderful sleep.

You know I will.

- Night, Baby.
- Night, Momma.

What the...

Good morning sleepyhead.

Mom, it isn't even 7:00.

I know.
I let you sleep in.

- What was all that ruckus?
- That was just George.

He had some extra firewood.
George from the market?

So he brought it over just a cord
which I thought was very nice.

Instead of flowers,
they bring firewood.

I forgot how things work
around here.


George is not interested in me,
and I don't need a fella.

Come on. You two would be
perfect for each other.

You're Chatty Cathy,
and from what I recall, he is Mellow Mike.

How about breakfast?

Oh, honey.
They are just beautiful.

Now we have talked about this,

I don't have anywhere fancy
to go to wear these.

Or... I don't want you spending
all this money.

Who else am I going
to spend it on?

Well, wait till the girls
in the book club see these.

All right, my turn.

Okay, what's it gonna be?
What's it gonna be?

Oh, Momma.

Knitted slippers, I love them.
Thank you.

I know it doesn't get
very cold in LA,

but my gosh, it's hard to shop
for the woman who has everything.

Well now, I don't
have everything.

Knitted slippers, for one.
Thank you so much.

Well, if you could stay longer,

we could go Christmas shopping
and take in the festival.


Let's not spend our time talking
about the time we don't have.


But we did get a little bit
of snow last night,

and oh my gosh, it
is so pretty outside.

And if you stay just
one more day,

it'd be so much
more Christmassy.

Momma, believe me.
I'd love to stay.

But this opportunity's just
way too big to pass up.

Speaking of which, I should
probably take off.

My flight's in a couple hours

and it's starting
to get dark out there.


Thank you for my slippers.
I love them so much.

Oh, my goodness, thank you.

Now you drive carefully.

You know what the roads are
like here with all that snow.

All I gotta do is make it over
the pass,

then it's just a straight shot
on the interstate to Knoxville.

Merry Christmas, sweetheart.

I love you.

You remember, the next time
you are gonna stay here longer.

- You promise?
- Promise.

Merry Christmas, Momma.
I love you.

I love you too.

I miss you already.


Hey, you.
I got you booked in at the W.

And you're meeting
with the choreographer

tomorrow morning at 7:00

and I've got interviews
scheduled for you

back to back after rehearsal.

Yeah, that sounds great, Danny.
Thank you.

Listen. I'm... I'm
going to have to hang up.

'Cause it's gotten dark
and there's a lot of snow.

I just have to get
to the interstate.

Okay, be safe, and we will

hit the ground running
as soon as you get in.

Okay, great.

Yeah. I'll... I'll call you
when I land in New York.

All right, bye.

Are you all right?

Oh, my goodness, thank you.

- Robbie?
- Laney?

- What are you doing here?
- I'm doing my job.

- Are you hurt?
- I'm fine.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah. 100 percent.

Okay, good.

Then what in the world
are you doing

trying to pass a snowplow
in a snowstorm?

Well, you were going so slow
you were a road hazard yourself.


Obviously, your driving
hasn't improved

living in California
all those years.

Well, that's very funny.


Come on, let's get you out
of this cold.


- You gotta come this way.
- All right, just...

- Here, give me your hand.
- I'm coming.

- Come on.
- Oh, goodness.



So... How you been?

Last time I saw you,
you were headed out west

for the superstar auditions

and when you got picked for the
show you kind of disappeared.

You never were good at history,
were you?

No, I went to LA,
you went to Boston,

we agreed to meet up
at some point,

I even got you tickets to the
finale and you never showed up.

Yeah, well, it's all water
under the bridge anyway.

So, how's Lori?

Sister's good,
she got two kids now,

keep her pretty busy.

Listen, as much as I am
enjoying our little reunion,

I need a taxi or a tow truck
or something.

I... I have a plane leaving out
of Knoxville in under two hours.

There might be a plane leaving
Knoxville in two hours

but you're not going to be on it.

What do you mean?

Well, it might just be snowing
down here,

but up in the pass
it's a total whiteout.

I mean, the road out of town
is closed.

No. No.

I have a Christmas Eve show
to prep for in New York.

I don't know what to tell you.
I mean, that's Baxter Mountain for you.

One road in, one road out.

So, until the snow stops,
you're stuck here.


Oh, my goodness,
you called ages ago.

I was starting to get worried.
What took you so long?

Well, someone insisted that the
rental be towed to a mechanic,

so, there's two hours of my life
I'll never get back.

Safety first.
He's putting snow tires on.

I have to admit it's...

it's pretty funny seeing the two
of you together again.

We're not together.

Okay, it was just a figure
of speech.

Oh, honey.
I am so sorry that you are stranded.

But I have to say,

this is such a perfect
Christmas present for me.

Well, I should get going,
keep clearing those roads.

Well, thanks for the ride even
though it's all your fault.

I'll see you around.

Don't say a word.

- Danny?
- Yup?

I've got some bad news.
I'm stuck in Baxter Mountain.


Give us a second.

You're supposed to be here
in New York.

I know, but the roads are closed
because of the snow.

It's out of my hands.

We need you here, rehearsing.

Everyone is expecting you.

I know.
Can you just stall for me?

I'm... I'm sure the roads are
going to open up by morning.

Fine. I just want you to focus
on being ready

to perform that new song
for the first time.

- I mean, this is live, Laney.
- Absolutely.

And you're sure there is no way
to get you out of town tonight.

Well, not unless you've got some
flying reindeer and a sleigh.

Kind of hard to get this time of year,
but I'll see what I can do.

- Bye now.
- All right, bye.

And now for the weather.

Winter storm Megan is just
not backing down.

So, with more snow
in the forecast,

the National Weather Service
is warning of hazardous travel conditions

and up to a foot more snow
at higher elevations, a travel advisory...

I am stuck.

I am sorry about your schedule, honey.

But I have to admit,

I'm just tickled that I get
to keep you longer.

My manager's gonna kill me.

Well then, I think
you should just die

with a smile on your face.

Honey glazed cinnamon bun?

Momma, you know that I don't
eat gluten or sugar.

Now, don't you give me grief.
Honey is god's sugar.

- You don't have to fuss over me like this.
- Nonsense.

Every time I see you in LA,
you spoil me.

Well, finally I get a chance
to spoil you back.


How is it, getting reacquainted
with Robbie?

Mom, he just gave me a ride
home, that's all.

- And did you get along?
- Not exactly.

He seems to be under the impression
that I was the one that dumped him, so.


I always thought that you two
made such a lovely...

- Okay, next subject, please.
- All right.

While you're here
with this extra time,

you're going to try maybe
writing some songs?

- What's the subject after that?
- Lori?

You gonna go and see Lori? You
know she asks about you all the time.

Even best friends can have
a falling out.

I know, why don't I make
some cookies,

and you can go and bring 'em
to her?

Now just hold on there,
Sleigh Bell Sue.

I have Santapalooza
to get ready for,

and once this road clears up,
I have to go.

Well then, that's fine.

But until then,
you are all mine,

and we are going to do
all the Christmassy things

that we did when
you were little.

We're going to set up
the lawn Santa,

and then we are going to go
and get a Christmas tree,

and then we are gonna binge watch
all those Christmas movies.

Okay, well first I...
I have to rehearse

and before that,
I need some coffee.

Coming right up.

No, no.
I'm going to go into town.

I need something more industrial
strength. You need anything?

Nope, I got you.
What more do I need?

- Love you, Momma.
- I love you back.

What am I gonna do
with all this food?

- Good morning George.
- Morning.

- Like your window display.
- Thanks.

Laney Blu!

Hey, Mom said to say thank you
for the firewood.

Oh well, sure.

My pleasure.

- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas!

- Hello?
- Hey.

I heard you got snowed in.
I'm so sorry.

At least now you get to have
your white Christmas!

Yeah, well.
Not by choice.

Well, we're working on getting
you out of there ASAP.

Well, keep me posted.

Danny wants you to keep
a low profile.

He's telling the press that
you're holed up in the Bahamas

recording your next album.

The Bahamas? Why?

I guess reminding the world
that you're from Tennessee

doesn't help with the rebrand.

So maybe try to keep
a low profile?

Listen, as nice as it is
to be home,

keeping a low profile
is just fine by me.


- Do you need anything else?
- Yes.

Excuse me.
I'm sorry.

Oh! Oh, my goodness!
Well, there it is...

So much for a low profile.
Sorry, I gotta go.

- Bye.
- Laney...

Oh, my goodness.

Laney Blu!

Janine, wow.

I haven't seen you
since high school.

I was only supposed
to be here...

...for a quick visit.

But, I guess I'm snowed in.

I guess you're stuck here now,
just like the rest of us.

- Table for one?
- No.

I was just going to get a triple
soy latte to go, please.

We don't do soy lattes.

You could have a coffee
with creamer.

For you, I'll even change
the filter.

Sounds perfect.

You can wait at the counter.



Laney, it's me.
Lila Nelson.

- I used to cut your hair.
- Yeah.

I hate to be a bother, but do
you mind signing this for me?


It's so good to see you
back in town.

Let me know if you want to
come in for a quick touch-up.

I think you'd look so much
better with a centre part,

just a little more up to date.


- Thank you.
- Bye.

You know, for whatever it's worth, I think
your hair looks perfect the way it is.

Oh, my goodness.

Don't you have a road
to clear somewhere?

For your information,
I was up all night on the job, thank you.

Yeah, but you don't understand.
I need to get to New York.

You know, you're not
the only one affected by this road closure.

The town's mail, its deliveries,

and many of its families are
stuck on the other side, okay?

Well, I'm sorry about everybody else,
but I need to get to New York.

I have a very important job to do.

Look, princess.

I'm sure everyone in LA falls
all over themselves for you,

but around here, everyone
gets treated equally.

Maybe you forgot that.

I'm not asking for
special treatment,

I'm just asking for you
to do your job.

What's the name of
your personal assistant?

Beth, why?

Well my name's Robbie,

and I think you might be
mistaking me for her.

Well, enjoy your reading.

I'm sorry I have to do this,
but I'm going to go talk to your boss.

You be my guest.

Mayor usually gets in
in about 10 minutes.

It's everywhere.

Excuse me.

Well, you're...

You're the mayor?


Now how may I help you?

Well, you didn't tell me you
were mayor of Baxter Mountain.

Well, you didn't ask.

Last night you were working
a snowplow.


See, I think it's important to
find out what's really happening

on the ground, or in the air,
as the case may be.

I wear a lot of hats
around here.

For example, now I have
to put a couple hours in

to organizing the Christmas

Ella Jennings usually organizes it,
but she's come down with the flu.

So, I've taken on that as well.

Seems like you have a problem
saying no to everybody but me.

Okay, look.


I am doing everything I can
to get that road open, okay?

I've even brought on extra help.

But it's gonna take time.

Time is the one thing
I don't have.

Me too.

So maybe you can help me out.

And in the process, free up
more time for plowing.

How's that?

The last night of the festival
is the big Christmas concert,

but unfortunately half the musicians
probably won't be able to make it

because they live on
the other side of the pass.

Now if you, Laney Blu, were
willing to lend a hand

and help recruit talent,

then that would give me more
time to try and open the roads.

Are you seriously asking me
to do your job?

One of them.

Look, Mister Mayor.

Just because you can't handle
the 99 jobs you took on

doesn't make it my fault.

Get the road open.

It's great catching up.

What do you think?

Now would this be Dasher
or Blitzen?

Well, it can't be Dasher.

You know I love Baxter Mountain,

but, nothing moves quick
around here.

What is his deal anyway?

- Who's that, Blitzen?
- No, Robbie.

He didn't tell me he was
the Mayor.

How did he end up back here,

Well, I heard that after college
he got this big job

at an architectural firm
in Boston-thank you.

Then he moved back home here to
Baxter Mountain two years ago,

he ran last year,
he won big-time.

I mean, do you know that he took
over 70 percent of the votes?

And you know how hard it is
for Baxter Mountain

to agree on anything?

Well, it just seems like something
you could've told me, is all.

Thought you didn't want to hear
about Robbie.


My old guitar.

That was the best Christmas
when y'all got me that.

That was your Dad's idea.

Thought you'd take to it,
and boy was he right.

- Oh, my goodness!
- What?

My old notebooks.

I used to write down all
my song ideas and lyrics.

I remember.

Okay. I think we have
enough ornaments,

we just need a tree
to hang them on.

So, let's get going.


I gotta start working
on my choreography.

This is only gonna take
a few minutes.

See now, this one's nice.

And look at that.
That is a very sensible price.

Come on, Mom. It's missing
a whole bunch of branches.

Okay. So, what about
this one here?

That's more like a Christmas
tumbleweed than a Christmas tree.

Oh my...

Come on, Mom, I'm buying,
so the sky's the limit.

Now that's a great
Christmas tree.

Well see, now that
one's enormous.

I mean, why do you want
to continue to spoil me?

- Who else am I gonna spoil?
- That is precisely why you need a fella.

Oh, my goodness.
I could say the same thing about you.

Hey Lori?

Susannah, hi honey.

- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.

Good to see you.

Laney, hi.

Well, I heard you were back
in town.

Robbie said he ran into you.

You look great.

Can't remember the last time
I saw you.

That would be about
High School graduation.

- How long you back in town?
- Depends on the storm.

Just waiting for the road
to clear up.

- Are you Laney Blu?
- That's me.

And what's your name?

This is Emily, and
this is... this is Little Jack.


Well, it's nice to meet you.

And where's that husband
of yours?

He's not around.

Oh, my goodness, I'm so sorry.

That must be so hard, raising
the two little ones by yourself.

No, nothing like that.

Ed works construction
over in Knoxville

so he's stuck
because of the storm.

Well that makes two of us.
Wish we could swap places.

Yes, sweetie?
What is it?

Oh, honey.

No, I think Laney's much
too busy for that.


What is it?

Emily wants me to invite you
for dinner tomorrow night.

I... I'm sure you already
have plans, so...

Well, I would love to, but,
I'll probably be gone by then.

And if I'm not, I'll probably
be squeezing in some time

with my momma, so.

That's fine, right?
No worries.


I'm having dinner with the festival
volunteers tomorrow night.

So, if you're still here,
you're free.

Well, that...


Why don't we say 6:00, 6:00?

Yeah, that'd... that'd be great.

I'll... I'll give you
my... my phone number,

and you can text me
the directions.

Laney, we live a block
from your Momma's.

White house, big snowman
out front.

Of course.

Alright you say bye.

- Bye.
- Bye!

Say bye?

Cat's got her tongue.

- Okay, let's go.
- All right. See you later!

She touched my glove!

Oh, my goodness.

- Momma.
- What?

She clearly did not want to invite me.
She was only doing that to be polite.

Goodness, I'm so embarrassed.

And even if I am still here,
I have to use that time

to practice my choreography

You two used to be
the best of friends.

Yeah, well, things change.

- Looks like I found your tree.
- What tree?

- Right here.
- Well that's just too big.

Now you shush and let me
do this for you.

Honest to goodness.

- Excuse me, sir.
- Hi.

Can you deliver this tree?

We don't do that.

But don't worry, I know
a guy with a truck

that could probably help out.

Hey, Robbie!


Don't tell me this is
another one of your jobs.

Actually, no.

I'm meeting Lori to help haul
her tree home,

and just loaded it on my truck.

Well here's the thing, Robbie.

I have to stop by the festival
volunteer office,

and I was wondering if perhaps
maybe you could haul our tree

and Laney in your truck and,
you know, take it home.

Sure, yeah.

No, I should have room for
two trees and a country star,

but might require another trip
for her ego, though.

- Ha, ha, that's very funny.
- Yeah.

This is the tree.
Get to hauling it.

Jason, you want to give me a hand?

Before you grill me again,

the roads may be mostly clear down here,
but the pass is still snowed in.

Now we can probably get you out
by tomorrow though,

if that works for you.

- What choice do I have?
- Well, pretty much none.

What happened to us?

- What do you mean?
- Why don't we ever talk?

Why... why didn't you call
all these years?

You were dating rock stars.

- So that ship had pretty much sailed.
- Robbie.

None of that was real.


One thing hasn't changed.

Baxter Mountain is still
as beautiful as ever.

You remember the old
soda fountain?

Mr. Abercrombie's place?

Yeah, that's where you took me
for our first date.

We went to get ice cream
and you forgot your wallet

so I had to pay for everything.

I was nervous, okay?

I was going on a date
with my sister's best friend.

Not to mention the prettiest
girl in school, so...


They sold it and tore it down.

It's these wealthy buyers
from the city coming in

and building these
vacation homes.

Snapping up all the property.

Even your dad's old theatre
is under threat.

There's a proposal to tear it
down for condos.

Yeah, I saw that on my way
into town.

Still can't believe it.

All my best memories
are in that theatre.

My dad used to sneak me

any time a band would
come through town.

It's where I first
fell in love with music.

That theatre is pretty much
the heart of this town.

That's what the Christmas
festival is for, actually,

to see if we could raise enough
funds for a down payment

to save the theatre.

So, say you got the theatre.
Then what?

Come on.

Where are you going?

Behold, the Regional Art Centre
for Smoky Mountain Culture.

It's a little dream of mine.

Did you make this?

I mean, it's a long shot but if someone
doesn't do something soon

then we're just going to be
another generic resort town

with all the locals priced out
of the market.

You were always so talented.

Remember when you made the
blueprints for your dream house

in high school art class?

Might ring a bell.

Look, I need to take these
flyers about the Christmas festival

before we take
your mom's tree back, so.

So now we're just going
to run errands for you?

It'll take a minute, all right?

I gotta get back so that I can
go over this choreography.

It's right around the corner,
come on.

So, can I interest you
in a snow globe ornament?

- Or perhaps a mini stocking?
- No, thank you.

I'm... I'm all set on
my Christmas decorations.

All right, well you just
let me know.

Hey, can I ask you what
brought you back here?

Last I heard, you were up in Boston
at some fancy architecture firm.

Yeah, I was.

- Things were going great.
- So, what was the problem?

There wasn't one, really.

You know, I was on track
to be partner,

I was engaged to another
architect in my firm.

Yeah, every day we'd eat
at this little park.

And one day a new skyscraper
started going up,

cast a shadow on
our little park.

I realized it was a building
I helped design.

Because of me,

that perfect little spot wasn't
going to see sun anymore.

From that moment on, I didn't
want to do that kind of work.

My fiancée thought I was crazy.

You know, she said that
it was just progress

and people would get used to it.

I don't know, I just disagree.

So, you decided to come back
here and be mayor

and part-time snowplow driver?

I decided to come back and open
up my own architecture firm,

but that dream is currently
on hold

because the only construction
going up in this town

are these cookie-cutter condos.

You know, I could see the way
things were headed,

I just knew that nothing was
going to change

unless I did something
about it myself,

so, you know, I ran for mayor.

Right here.

So how do you expect to take
care of a whole town

when you can't take care of
an itty-bitty road?

Come on Laney, I would
if I could, okay?

Most of the talent that
we invited for the concert

cancelled because they can't
even get here.

We sunk a lot of the town's
budget into this concert,

so it is a big gamble for us.

Now I've got to recruit
local talent to replace them.

The show needs at least
five great acts.

- My offer still stands.
- You mean your ransom demands?

You would be the perfect person
to recruit local talent.

I've got my own Christmas show
to get ready for!

Laney, it's Christmas, right?
It's the season of giving?

I mean, if you're going to be
stuck here anyway,

why not make a difference?

You really think it's a good idea
for us to be working together?

I mean, I'm willing to call
a Christmas truce if you are.


I'm in.

Shouldn't be too difficult.

Not for you.

All right.

You walkin' on a time line...

Towards the horiz...

Towards the horizon
for a good life

So, would a snowmobile
get me over the pass?

Sled dogs?

Okay, believe me.
I'm looking into every option.

Meanwhile, Danny wants me
to remind you

that your big interview
is tomorrow.

Assuming you're not back
in New York by then,

we'll arrange the whole thing
by Skype.

Fingers crossed.

If my fingers aren't
already frozen.

I'm sorry.

Also, Danny wanted me to make
sure that you've been rehearsing

for Santapalooza?

Tell Danny that I'm on it.

I gotta run.

Looks like there might be some
good news around the corner.

Okay, good.

All right. Bye.

Okay, what's the deal?

You said the roads
would be open by today.

Well, you want the good news
or the bad news first?

Bad news.

There was an avalanche up
in the mountain overnight

and half of the pass came down,
so now we're back to square one.

Oh, no.

This town just doesn't
want me to leave.

All right, what's the...
what's the good news?

The state stepped in with
work crews to help out,

so I'd say three days max
we'll have you out of here.

Three days?
Are you joking?

Listen, it's still enough time to get you
to New York by Christmas Eve, all right?

And in the meantime,

you did agree to help out and
round up some talent for me.

Which I still intend to do,
planning on asking Chauncey first.

Remember he used to play fiddle
in the bluegrass band he had.

They were really great.

Yeah, I don't think Chauncey
plays fiddle anymore.

Well maybe somebody just needs
to ask him nicely.

I've got a couple hours
before dinner at Lori's,

so maybe I can go over
and convince him then.

And I've got a couple
more people on my list,

including your sister.

Yeah, no, hey.
Good luck.

I mean she hasn't sung in years,
but maybe I'll pick you up after dinner.

You know, just for
a status update.

Okay, fine.

I'll go round up some talent
and you go round up some snow.

Yes ma'am.

Whatever you're selling,
I'm not buying.

I'm not selling anything,
Mr. Chauncey.

I'm Laney Blu, you taught me
music in high school?

Oh yeah, you're
the big-time singer.

Well, I... I brought you
a gift and an invitation

to come perform at the town's
Christmas concert.

An invitation for me?

I just remember your bluegrass
band always playing

in the gazebo in the park
on summer nights...

That was a long time ago.

I don't play anymore so maybe
you should go ask someone else.



And this couldn't wait until
after the early bird rush?

Some of us work for a living,
you know.

I'm sorry, Janine.

I'm just trying to find acts
for the Christmas concert

and I remember you playing
banjo like nobody's business.

For goodness sake, Laney.

That was a lifetime ago,
and I've got work to do.

Okay, sorry.
Got it.


I hope third time's a charm.

Well, I sure hope
you're hungry, Laney.

I am.

I can't remember the last time
I had meatloaf.

That's kefta.
That's lamb and beef.

I'm trying out a new recipe.

Laney, what's it like being
a big star?


It's excitin'.

There's the private jets
and the red carpets, I guess.

But it's kind of exhausting too.

And you miss out on a lot,

like sitting down at dinner
with nice folks like you.

Have you met Justin Bieber?

Well, not really.

I mean, I did a duet with him
at the Grammys.

- Seriously?
- Yeah.

But you know, my favourite duet
was one I did with your mom.

You know that we had an act
together before, right?


You sang with Laney Blu?

- A long, long time ago.
- Like a hundred years?

Well, I can't believe it,
they are finally asleep.

That's great.

You have such beautiful kids.

Yeah, they are pretty great.

- Can I help?
- No, I'm fine.

Well, I can at least
pour some wine.

That, you can do.

Dinner was so great, thank you.

Are you kidding?
Thank you.

It is not every day we have
an actual country icon

in our living room.

My kids finally think I'm cool.

Hey, I never really apologized
for leaving you high and dry

like I did.

Our little duo was getting
pretty popular

before I flew the coup.

We were supposed to get
famous together.

Well, life intervened.

Ed and I were head over heels,

and you were doing every
open mic in the state,

and just look where it got you.

I would've just held you back.

Oh, my goodness, no.

- Here.
- Thanks.

So, I hope you're
still playing music.

Well, does singing
in the shower count?

Because between that
and lullabies,

the only song and dance I do
is raising the two kids

and trying to make ends meet
with Ed.

Goodness, that is such a shame,

because you have such
a gorgeous voice.

Could I maybe convince you
into singing at the Christmas concert?

In... No.

Come on.

I'm trying to help Robbie put it together,
but everybody I'm asking is saying no.

Laney, I can't just get up there
and perform

after all these years.

Look, I know it must seem crazy
to you with your perfect world,

but I'm actually really happy
with my little life here.

Well, your little life
is pretty great.

And trust me, my life is far
from perfect.

I never see my friends anymore,

my career is taking
a downward turn

and goodness, I haven't written
a song in almost a year.


I didn't mean to lay
all that on you.

Laney, you could always tell me
anything and you still can.

It's Robbie.

We're going to go
catch up tonight.

Can I still tell you
anything too?

Of course.


It was one thing when
your career took off

and we didn't go any further
as an act.

I was already pretty certain
I wasn't going to make

my life a music life.

But Robbie, he was going
to make you his life.

Look, you're both adults
and whatever is gonna happen

is gonna happen.

But he's my brother, Laney.

And I don't ever want to see him
hurt like that again.

- Just be careful, will you?
- I will.

I promise.

Only you would want ice cream
on a freezing cold night like tonight.

A debt's a debt.
Now, we're even.

So how come you stayed away so long?

Well, I was recording and
touring and recording some more,

and then touring even more
after that.

And if you're not climbing
the charts,

then you may as well not be
on them at all.

- Oh, my goodness.
- What's that?

Well, according to my social media,
I am jet skiing today in the Bahamas.

Yeah. You can't believe
everything you read.

The tabloids even have me dating
my personal trainer.

What, you're not?

No! Of course not.
Look at that.

That is a friend hug,
not a boyfriend hug.

All right, all right, I didn't
believe it anyway.

I don't have time to be seeing
anybody anyway,

since I've been rebranding
myself as a pop singer.

Which is why it's crucial
that I get to New York.

But isn't your... your brand or
whatever about being authentic,

if that's not like a massive

Yeah, I know.

All my hit songs are
about growing up here.

To be honest,
that well has run dry.

The more I chase inspiration,
the more it seems to escape me.

Then maybe you just need
to stop chasing it.

You know?

Maybe you just need to let
yourself be surprised by things again.

I don't know.

But I do know I need
to stop eating this,

otherwise I will not fit
in my costumes.

Don't mind if I do.

I gotta get back and learn
this choreography.

I gotta go home and try to
balance the snow removal budget.

Where is home for you now?

Seriously? You're not going
to tell me?

You know I'm going to find out.

Five, six, seven, eight.

Tell me, is it all in my head,

is it all in my head,

is it all in my head,
is it all in my head?

Tell me...


- What on earth were you doing?
- My new routine.

That doesn't look like
what you usually do.

Yeah, that's...
that's kind of the point.

- You don't like it?
- No, no.

Don't take this the wrong way,

but are you sure you're going
in the right direction for you?


No, I'm not sure,
but I love what I do

and if this is what I gotta do
to keep it going,

then I don't have much
of a choice, do I?

Then you just trust your instincts,
because they brought you this far.

What if my instincts aren't
telling me anything on this one?

I don't know, honey.

But whatever you decide,
you have my support.

Thanks Momma.

Gonna keep practicing.

All right.

Oh, gosh.

Look at us baking together
like old times,

and you hanging out with Robbie.

Just helping him
with the festival, that's all.

And how's that going?

Even old Chauncey won't say yes.

He used to be so nice.

Remember when he used
to decorate his house

for Christmas every year?

You do know that he lost
his wife a few years back.

Poor thing just hasn't
been the same since.

I'm sorry to hear that.

But honestly, it isn't
just Chauncey.

Janine shot me down and
don't get me started on Lori.

Well honey,

maybe folks around here feel
a little rejected by you.

Rejected, why?

Well you have to understand
that to folks here,

you, you live a glamorous
life they can only dream about.

- You're different.
- But I'm not different.

Not really.

And I know that, but
they don't know that.

Maybe what you need to do
is just show them more the real you.

I mean, think of yourself
as a Christmas present.

Can't know what's inside
until you get past that bow

and unwrap it.


Mom, you just compared me
to a Christmas present

that the town would love
to unwrap.

And they will.

Well, at least I know where
I get my self-confidence from.

This poor thing is so sad.
Yours are so pretty.

Mine looks terrible.

So, you really think
people think I'm standoffish?

Maybe just a little.

Okay, where you going?

To go prove everybody wrong.
Especially one person.

What brings you out here?

I just thought I should return
something that's yours.

My momma always taught me
not to keep other kids' toys.

Well, thank you.

Robbie, you really did it.
You built your dream house.

Well, yeah.

Why don't you come on in?

Typical Robbie, you do
something amazing

and you don't even mention it.

I kept the rustic lines
of the barn,

obviously upgraded the interior.

It's beautiful.


This... this is where I go
to unwind and relax.

You know, let me grab you
a coffee and make yourself at home.

Still cream, no sugar?

Yeah, all right.

That's nice.

What is it?

It's just something I came
across the other day.

Might be the start
of a little song, I don't know.

- I like it.
- Yeah, I don't know.

It's something about being back in Baxter
Mountain that's inspiring, I guess.


You ever turn that thing off?

You're the mayor, they ever
let you turn yours off?


- Oh, shoot.
- What is it?

It's an interview that
I forgot I had.

You gotta do an interview
right now?

Why don't you just tell them...

No, no, I have to take this.

But they think I'm in the
Bahamas so you have to shh-shh.

I'm sorry, they think
you're where?

Hey, it's Laney.

Laney, it's Alexandra.
So good to speak to you.

You too.

Thank you for taking time
from the studio.

How's it down in the Bahamas?

It's great.

I just think the Caribbean
rhythms are so inspiring.

- And the weather's okay down there?
- Oh yeah, it's great, why?

You've got a fireplace
in the Bahamas.


I asked them to set that up

so I could get in
the Christmas spirit.

Great idea.


Everyone's waiting
for your new album.

Any hints on when
it's going to drop?

Real soon.

I'm just experimenting
with some new sounds is all.

Well, Danny has been
pretty secretive about it,

but he said to expect some
surprises at Santapalooza?

Yes, I think it's safe
to say that,

Santapalooza's gonna show
fans a whole new side of me.

Anyway, I have got to get back
to work because my...

my recording engineer is
hollering at me, so,


Thank you so much for calling.
I'll see you at Santapalooza, okay?


You are so bad!


If you're free tonight

why don't you come by
the Roadhouse with me?

Perfect place to round up
some talent.

Yeah, I can...
I can do that.

I heard they have good Caribbean
rhythms there these days so.

Oh, well, great.

You know I love a Caribbean

You remember we used to come
here all the time?

I sure do.

Plenty of memories here.

What's... what's with the hat?

Just trying to keep
a low profile.


Hi, thanks so much
for the invite,

I'm so glad I could get
a sitter.

I haven't been out in ages.
Hi, Laney.

Hey Lori, I'm so glad
you could make it.


- Should we sit?
- Yeah, sure.

- I love this place.
- Sure is a lot of talent in here tonight.


Ladies and Gentleman,

we got a genuine
country star in our midst.

So, give a hometown welcome
to our own Laney Blu,

back in Baxter Mountain.

Laney Blu! Laney Blu!

Laney Blu!

So much for low profile, right?

Just relax all right?
You're among friends.

Why do I feel like you had
something to do with this?

Laney Blu!
Laney Blu!

Come on down from
your high horse, Laney.

My horse is at just
the right height, Janine,

thank you very much.

All right.

Hey there, y'all.

So happy to be here.
My, you are mighty persuasive.

I will sing a little
something tonight,

but not without my good friend,

We're going to have
a little reunion

- of Buckley and Blu tonight.
- No.

But I'm going to need your help
to invite her up here,

all right?


Lori! Lori! Lori!
Lori! Lori! Lori!

Lori! Lori! Lori!

- Laney I can't do this.
- We're doing "The First Noel."

Everything will be fine.
I'm going to start without you,

and you'll come in
where you used to.

It's like riding a bike.
You'll pick it up.

All right, you ready?
Let's do it.

- It's just like old times.
- The best times I ever had.

I need a drink.

And we still need some talent
for the Christmas concert.

So, if you'd like to perform,
come talk to this guy.

And even if you
don't want to perform,

we hope you'll come out and
support on Christmas Eve.

All right, have a good night y'all.

I'd say Baxter Mountain
loved you.

I'd say we're just getting
reacquainted but it's fun.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

It's real fun.

I used to play little clubs
like this all the time.

I miss it.

Well, here's to second chances.

I got a little
confession to make to you.

I didn't ignore your invitation
to come out to California.

I went out to LA and I...

- I saw you in the Superstar finals.
- You did?

You never told me that.

What... what happened?

I waited there by the backstage
door to surprise you,

but when you came out, you
just... you just got mobbed.

All those fans and reporters

and eventually I just turned
around and left.


When I saw you there,
with your life going in this...

this whole new direction,

I just didn't want to be
the person holding you back.

So, you just made that decision
for the both of us?

It was your big shot,

and, I mean, I was headed
off to Boston,

I thought our lives were going
in different directions,

different futures.

You still think that?

How about a dance, huh?

Say that again...

It's a... it's a slow song,
we better not.

- If we dance, people will talk.
- Yes, they will.

Let's let 'em talk.

All right.

I just don't wanna misunderstand

Say that again

You realize the way
my eyes adore you

You understand you make
this man survive

All right, thank you so much.

Nice to meet you.

- Excuse me.
- Janine.

Didn't expect to see you
get up there.

But since you have come down
off of your high horse,

maybe I can come down
off of mine, too.

So, if you'll still have me,
count me in for the concert.

- That'd be great.
- Okay.

I'll be there Christmas Eve.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Kinda nice to see you

mending some fences around here,
Miss Blu.

Yeah, it feels real good, too.

I gotta be honest, it's...
it's... I think it's this place.

I mean, being somewhere
that I love,

surrounded by people
that I love...

Excuse me, just a second.
I'll be right back.

- Hey, Lori?
- Hi.

Excuse me, I'm sorry y'all.

Have you thought any more
about singing

in the Christmas concert?

Now, just hear me out.

I know I'm not going to be there
on Christmas Eve,

but if I wrote you a song,
would you consider singing it?

- Well, what about the kids?
- Well, just bring 'em.

I'm sure they would love to see
their momma on stage.

Okay, I will.
I'll do it.

Okay, but you got to get
writing me that song.

Okay, yeah.

That's... I mean,
that's the easy part.

Now that I know
who's singing it.

- All right.
- That's great, okay!

- Thank you.
- Bye.

I'm glad it's not
an election year,

because I think I'd be out of
a job real quick.

I think you would too.

I finally found the wreaths.

And judging from that smile,

I think maybe you found
something too.

I did hear you singing
that melody again.

Yeah, it's a little rough
around the edges,

but, I think it might
be the start of a new song.

- What is it?
- It's Danny.

He wants to know how
the rehearsals are going

for Santapalooza, which
I have had no time for.

Well that's interesting,
because you seemed

to find the time to go dancing
with Robbie last night.

I'm glad to hear the Baxter
Mountain grapevine

is still as quick as usual.

Still the best way for rumours,
recipes, and ribbing.

I wonder what that grape vine

would have to say about
you and George.

I am not interested in George.

I can take care of myself just
fine and I have been doing so

ever since your father passed.

All right.
I'm just teasing you.

All I'm saying is it wouldn't hurt
you to think about going on a date.

It's not a big deal.

All right, I would love to carry
on this conversation

but I gotta get over to Lori's.

Wait a minute, did
you two reconnect?

- I am so happy.
- I know, me too.

Did I tell you she's going to
sing in the Christmas concert?


Yeah, but I gotta get over to
her house 'cause she picked up

an extra shift at work
and since Ed's out of town,

I offered to babysit.


Don't be so dramatic,
I can handle it.

It's only a couple little kids.

All right kiddos,

we are going to make some
Christmas popcorn streamers.

Oh dear. All right.
Well, we'll clean that later.

Come on.
Come on.

Come on, come on.

All right, so first we'll...
Oh no.

Oh no, no, no,
those are for the tree!

No, okay,
all right. We need a... a broom or some...

I'm gonna get you!


Yeah, I need your help.

All right.
So, popcorn didn't work out.

Next, we are going to try
to make Christmas cookies.

I don't want to make cookies.
It's no fun.

- Is that so?
- Hey darlin', I'm here.


It seems an elf has come by to
bring us some Christmas spirit.

That's not an elf.
That's your mom.

Well now, that is
the wrong answer.

Because I am both!

Thanks for coming, mom.
Did you get everything?

I did, I got the dough.

I got you aprons,
I got you gumdrops, sprinkles,

I also got you some
Finnish Christmas cookies,

and every single cookie
cutter in the store.

Thank you.

Now, are you going to show
everybody what to do next?

No, no, you're going
to show 'em.

See, I... I think you're up
for the task, right?

Have fun!

So, what are we gonna do?

We are gonna make music.

I thought we were gonna
make cookies.

We can do both.

This is a little trick I learned
from my dad.

Now Jack, you are going
to be our drummer.

Those are for you.

You're going to take these
cookie cutters

and you're going to stamp,
stamp, stamp, stamp.

You got that?

And Emily, you are on rhythm,
all right?

These are going to be
your little egg shakers.

You're gonna go shake,
shake, shake,

shake, shake, shake,
shake, okay?

- Okay.
- You got it?

All right.

And I am going to be...
The guitar player.

Look at that.

I'll strum it with one of these.

You ready?
All right Jack.

I need you to stamp,
stamp, stamp, stamp.

You got it?

Stamp, stamp,
stamp, stamp, and shake,

shake, shake,
shake, shake, shake,

shake and strum,
strum, strum, strum.

Yeah, here we go.
We got a little band going!

Well hello.
How was the babysitting?

It went great, actually.

Thanks for your help.

- You decorated without me.
- Yes, I did.

It's habit.
I couldn't help myself.

And there's only three more days
until Christmas.

I'm so sorry I haven't been home
for Christmas in a while.

I just hate thinking
that you have to do this

by yourself every year.

Yes, well, this year is special
because you're here,

and it's just like old times.

Now look at this.

- Do you remember this?
- I do.

Yeah, Dad got this at a craft
store when we went

to Pigeon Forge.

Here's my little nutcracker
that I made.

I love that one, and I still
remember the year

that that arm fell off

and your dad spent hours
with tweezers and glue,

putting it back together.

I mean, he just loved
that ornament.

This one? Why this one?

Because you made it, of course.

I wish he was still here.

He'd be so proud of you.

I always thought that was
one of the reasons

you stayed away so long.

All the memories of him here.

Yeah, there's memories
of him everywhere.

In every corner,
around every tree.

I think that's why I threw
myself into my work,

to escape the pain.

And you've been working
yourself overtime ever since.

I just wanted to make music,

just like Dad wanted to make
music and never really could.

All your dad ever wanted
was for you to do the one thing

that you loved and for you
to be happy.

You know, he would be
so pleased to be watching you,

you know, putting
this concert together,

to help him save that theatre.

How's that going?

You know, I think it's actually
going to be really great.

Except there's still
one holdout.

What in the world?

We just thought we'd do some
decorating for you.

Well, actually,
it's called trespassing.

Oh, but sir.

When I was little,
you and your wife

had the best Christmas
decorations in town.

Why, it wasn't Christmas until
you put your decorations up.

- Well, that was a long time ago.
- Well, I remember.

Don't you?

Look, I'm... I'm sorry
if we overstepped.

Now that you've gone
to all this work,

you might as well leave them up,
I suppose.

Thank you.

So are you still looking
for entertainers

for that concert of yours?

Yes, sir.

Well, you can count me
and my fiddle in,

and I'll try to get my old
bluegrass band together.

Well, that's great!

I swear this place
still is magical.

Thank you so much for your help
with the decorating, mama.

You did good, darlin'.
Got it from your mother.

Who's that?

It's just me.

That was beautiful.
Just beautiful.


It's Christmas, I'm on a stage,
I can't help myself.

So how does it feel being back
in here after all these years?

Actually, it feels pretty great.

Being in this town, being here,
makes me really miss my dad.

I've been thinking a lot lately

about all the things
he wanted for me.

How many of those things
actually came true.

Sometimes it feels like it
happened to somebody else.

I always thought I had
this dream life.

Money, fame, travel,
everything I thought I wanted.


And it took coming home to
realize what I was missing.

Well, I mean obviously
I wish you could stay to see

everything that you've done
for this town.

But I mean, you've got
to protect everything

you worked for, I get that.

I just hope that you know,

I'm so proud of you,
and he would be too.

Thanks, Robbie.

It means a lot.

But, you know, we still can have
a special Christmas

even though I'm leaving.

Oh yeah?

I'm putting together this little
dinner at my mom's house,

just to say thank you to
the folks who have helped out.

- You want to come?
- Boy, absolutely.

- You found it.
- Look at that!

George, that is quite
the bouquet you have there.

I brought some kindling
to start things up,

some cedar to get
the flames going,

and birch to keep the fire going
all night long.

Just need a spark.


Well, looks like you already
got one.

You made it.

I brought some bread pudding
I cooked up.

My wife's old recipe.

We're so glad you're here.
You can put it over there.

All right everybody, I just
wanted to say a few words

before we eat.

All right, first of all,

I just want to say thank you all
so much for coming.

It's real good to know
your neighbours.

A toast to a real special woman,

one who made tonight possible.

Winter storm Megan.

Bless her heart.

All right, come on
let's eat, y'all.

All right.

You know, I think Lori's
still on cloud nine

after that singing she did
the other day.

So, thanks for that.

You don't have to thank
me for anything.

She's a natural.

So, I noticed you came
by yourself.

Is that your,

your not so subtle way of asking
me if I'm seeing anyone?

Well, you know me, that's
about as subtle as I get.

Well, when you are part-time
mayor and snowplow driver

of Baxter Mountain, Tennessee,

you gotta fight the women off,
but nah, there's...

there's nobody right now.

You sure there's no other rock
stars I should know about?

I thought we'd already been
over this.

Just asking.

Yeah, well there's nobody.

So, what's the update
on the snow, Frosty?

We were really, really
hoping by today,

but I'm almost sure tomorrow.

All right, well, I may be
trapped in a snow globe,

but at least it's a pretty one.



Santapalooza, here we come!


My manager.

- So, the road's finally open?
- A couple of hours ago.

And I chartered us a private
jet to get us to New York City

by tomorrow morning
without any more hitches.

That's... that's great.

Well, desperate times
call for desperate measures.

- Who's this?
- An old friend.

Danny, meet Robbie.

Nice to meet you.

You're handsome.
He's handsome.

Laney, we're leaving
first thing tomorrow morning.


Hey, Danny. Why don't I show you
to your room.

No, that's fine. I think
we should go over some...

Oh, please. Come on, I insist.
I... I'd like to show you your room.

No, it's... I can stay at
the saloon or whatever you got.

No, it doesn't come
with breakfast.

No, I saw it on the way.

You've got to leave.

Have to.

My whole career is riding
on this.

Kind of feels like history's
repeating itself.

Us going our separate ways
yet again.


We can plan on meeting up
after all this is over.

We tried that once, remember.

I just think if you want
something to happen,

you have got to make it happen.

Otherwise it's just...

it's just way too easy
to let life slip by

and pretend there was nothing
you could do about it.

But hey.

Thank you so much for, for
all your help with the show.

We couldn't have done it
without you, so...

You didn't need my help.

But it was the most fun
I've had in a long time.

Merry Christmas, Robbie.

Merry Christmas, Laney.

You have a safe flight.

Thought you might be hungry.

I don't have much of an appetite
right now, but thank you.

Are you sure you're doing
the right thing,

leaving for New York?

I can't just throw it all away.
All that I worked for.

I understand.

I'm just so glad that
you got stuck here.

This has been the best Christmas
in years,

and I miss you already.

Me too.

This week's been great,

and I promise I'll come visit
again soon, all right?


All set?

Jet is all fuelled and we'll be
in New York in no time.

Thanks, Danny.

Hey, Laney?

Pumpkin loaf, soy latte
for the flight.

Thanks, Momma.
Oh, I almost forgot.

There's an envelope
on my bed for Lori.

It's got the music in it for
the song that I wrote for her.

Just tell her I said good luck?

Oh, honey.

It's too bad you couldn't
give it to her yourself.

You know I'm not good
with goodbyes.

Especially this one.

I love you.

I love you more.



We are just rolling in now,
so fire up those engines.

All right.

We will be good to go
in five minutes.


And maybe when you get
on the plane,

you want to put on a new outfit.

There'll be photographers on the
ground when we get to New York.

Yeah, I'll be ready.

And the president of the record label
wants to meet with you later.

She's got some great ideas
about the rebrand.



- You listening?
- Yeah.


I just helped put together
this Christmas concert

in Baxter Mountain and I feel
like I'm skipping out on 'em.

Well, you've got your own
Christmas concert, remember?

And if I don't do it?

That would be a big mistake.

At least I've got pumpkin bread.

Ooh, sounds yummy.

What's that?

Just something my mom
put in there.

We're here.

Danny, how long you been
my manager?

Eight years.
No, nine years.

And you're really good at it.
You really are.


I'm just trying to do my job and trying
to keep the trains running on time.

But Danny...

On top of being
an amazing manager,

I need you to be
my friend today.


I don't know how to do that.

Hey, hey.

It's a packed house.
I mean, I can't figure it out.

We only sold advance tickets
for like, half the seats.

This is going to put us over
the top for redevelopment.

Laney tweeted to her
three million followers.

Now that the road's open,
people have come from all over.

You gotta be kidding me.

Lori, Lori.

Hey, Lori.

Hey, you're up next, okay?

Are you joking?

- Have you seen all the people out there?
- Yeah, it's a packed house.

I can't do this.

I can't do this.

It is one thing to sing a duo
with Laney on a dare

in a half-packed club.

It is another to sing a solo out there
in front of a crowd like that.

I can't do this.

Just breathe. All you gotta do
is breathe.

Don't tell me how to breathe.

I know how to breathe.

I... I can't sing in front of
all those people, Robbie.

- I can't sing...
- Gonna be fine, it's gonna be fine.

But Buckley and Blu can.


What are you doing here?

I thought y'all might need
some backup.

Yeah, seriously.

Hey, don't you worry about
that new song, all right?

I'll take care of it.

Then you come meet me
on stage after

and we'll do our old Christmas
song, just like the old days.

- All right?
- All right.

I'd love that.
Yeah. Okay.

- Yeah.
- Okay?

Yeah, I think I can do this.

- First, I gotta throw up.
- No, it's just...

One minute!

Robbie, stop being so bossy.

So, you passed up Santapalooza?

- You sure about that?
- Absolutely.

You know we got a full house
'cause of you.

Well, I gotta protect
my investment.

Your investment?

Don't tell me you bought
this place.

You bought this place!
You bought...

Well, I mean.

It won't be official
until after the holidays,

but come the new year,
this place should be mine.

I will be needing an architect
to make sure

all the future developments
go off without a hitch.

Well, I might know somebody.

I am thinking about making this
my home base, too.

I could tour from outta here,

so long as someone keeps
the road open.

I might know somebody
for that, too.

- Robbie!
- Ja... nine.

There's nobody on stage.
Get out there and introduce the next act!

Come on!

Shoot, I gotta, just...
Thank you.

You're welcome.

Turns out you're not so stuck up
after all, Laney.

You're almost like
a real person.

Well, thank you, Janine.
I like you, too.

Well, folks.

It... it might be only
Christmas Eve,

but we have got a very,

very special Christmas
surprise for you all tonight.

So, without any further ado,
I'd like to present to you local gal.

You may know her.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Baxter Mountain's own Laney Blu!



Thank y'all so much
for coming out tonight.

Oh, my goodness, I know I wasn't
supposed to be here,

but I just couldn't miss out.

Oh, my goodness, my dad would've
loved to have seen y'all here.

This theatre is more than
just a building,

it is our town's history,
our memories,

and with any luck,
our future, too.

Y'all may not know this,
but my career is at a bit of

a fork in the road,
kind of like Baxter Mountain,

and just like Baxter Mountain,
I am not going to change.

So, for those of you
who like my music,

I've got a new one
for you tonight.

Just remember it's a work
in progress, as am I.

We're all walking
on a timeline

Towards the horizon
for a good life

But I never seem
to get there

Could you give me
an answer

Give me an answer

Should I pay more attention
to the simple things

Should I focus
on the meaning

There's so many

There's never one answer

Never one answer

I want to live fearless

I want to do this,

with feeling, feeling

I want to jump
into the ocean

I want to fall in love
with who I am,

who I am

And as the past falls
far behind me

I might need a hand
to guide me out


I want to live fearless

I want to do this
with feelin',


I want to jump
into the ocean

I want to fall in love
with who I am,

who I am

And as the past falls
far behind me

I might need a hand
to guide me out


We're all walking
on a tightrope


You're crushing it, Laney!

All right, who's ready
to kick it up a notch?

Y'all ready for a Christmas song?

All right.
If you know this one, sing along.

Come on, Lori.

I put it up in every room

And I've been waiting here
for you

When you come walking
through that door

You won't wonder anymore

if I've been dreaming
about you

There's mistletoe

It's even hanging
from the stairs

There's something
I've been trying to say

But my fear got
in the way

And now it's time
to make my move

So c'mon let's kiss
this Christmas

You're all that's on my list
this Christmas

Get wrapped up in my lips

I've been waiting for this

Merry Christmas,
let's kiss

You put it up
in every room

It's like the ceiling
is in bloom

There's not a single place
to hide

But baby, even if I tried
I'd be lying to you

Baby you know
I come prepared

So there's a secret
I should share

You think you caught me
by surprise

But here's my purse,
tucked inside

I brought some
mistletoe too

So c'mon, let's kiss
this Christmas

You're all that's on my list
this Christmas

Get wrapped up
in my lips,

I've been waiting
for this

Merry Christmas,
let's kiss

Merry Christmas,
Baxter Mountain!

Merry Christmas!

I put it up in every room

And I've been waiting
here for you

When you come walking
through that door

You won't wonder any more

if I've been dreaming
about you

So c'mon let's kiss
this Christmas

You're all that's on my list

This Christmas

Get wrapped up in my lips

I've been waiting for this,

Merry Christmas,
Let's kiss