Sweet Justice (2009) - full transcript

Four women run a private child support clinic by day but are collectors at night seeking out deadbeat parents and using seduction and force to make them pay up.

(tense dramatic music)

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.


(phone rings)

- Yeah, talk to me.

- [Phone] Yeah, Brown.

I need you to meet
at (mumbles) at 12.

- Should I call for backup?

- [Phone] No, no backup.

This is a personal matter.

- Sarge, you okay?

- [Phone] Yeah, yeah.

Just get over here.

Hurry up.

- We got to go.

- What's up, man?

- Sarge in trouble.

- Brown, whats going on?

- Sarge is in a jam
on Ledbet on route 12.

- What's he doing in the hood?

- Working undercover.

- We need to call for backup?

- No, no.

He said no backup.

Let's go.


- Hey, Ms. Carter.

Its Nicole.

I got some good news for you.

Meet me first thing in
the morning at the agency.

* I'm a bad girl

* You want to get down with

* I'm the kind of girl

* You don't want to mess with

* What you know about

* What you know about

- What the hell happened to you?

- Some broad lured me in
here and she robbed me.

- A woman?

* You want to get down with

* I'm the kind of girl

* You don't want to mess with

* What you know about this

* What you know about this

Did you see what
she was wearing?

* About this

* Stay with me

* Get it bossy

* Gotta be

- Hold on.

No, no.

No report.

Understand, this
stays between us.


- Sarge, there's a woman
running around there--

- Look, I said no report.

Now you two get your asses
out there and find her

and keep your mouths shut.

- Yes, sir.

You in you drawers
and you got rope all--

- I said go find her.


- Let's go.

* A superstar thing

* a super fly thing

* I'm on a girl thing

* Yes I'm all about me

* You don't know me

* You don't know me

* You don't know
much about me baby

* A superstar thing

* I'm super fly

* I hold it down

* Yes I'm all about me

- Um, excuse me, hello.

I'm here to see Nicole.

- Just have a seat, she'll
be with you in a minute.

- Okay, thank you.

- Okay.

Got it.

You lost your job?

- Yes ma'am, I did,
about two months ago.

- So you don't have
any income right now?

- No I don't, not right now, no.

- The unemployment office
is around the corner

and McDonald's is always hiring.

- McDonald's?

With all due respect,
I'm already struggling

with this child support thing.

I aint flipping no damn burgers.

That aint even me.

- Well you got two choices.

You can flip burgers or you
can take a six month vacation

down to the county.

- They'd kind of give
you a little time

to think about some things.

Pick one.

- Where you all say the
unemployment office at again?

- Right down there.
- Around the corner.

To your right.

Thank you, Mr. Rough.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Got any sugar?

- Yeah there should
be some over there.

- What are you doing up here?

- Is that all you have to say?

- What are you talking about?

- Have you tracked
down Mr. Carter?

- I found him.

- What are we doing up here?

- Trying to work.

- Oh hey, I didn't
know you were up here.

Listen, Mrs. Carter
is downstairs.

She wants to talk to you.

- Oh, tell her I'll
be right there.

- Okay.

- She doesn't have to worry
about him being late anymore.

- How can you be so sure?



(soft tense music)

(phone rings)

- Good morning.

Good morning.

- Good morning.

- Hello, Ms. Carter.

- I got your message.

- Fantastic.

Come with me.

- Helping Hands Agency,
this is Stacy speaking.

- If you'll let me take
care of this one second.

Thank you, pumpkin.

This is for you.

- I can't believe you
got him to pay something.

I was having difficulty
even serving papers.

You know how the police
all stick together.

- Yeah well you won't
have to worry about that

too much anymore.

Just stop by the office
on the 5th of each month

to collect payment.

- I just wonder
what made him pay.

(tense instrumental jazzy music)

- Damn baby, you look cut.

- Can I go freshen up?

- Just don't make
me wait too long.

(tense jazzy music)

- Do you want me?

Well I am here to give
you whatever you want.

Come here.

Do you want to see
what's inside my panties?

- Oh yeah.

- Well you see,
I'm a naughty girl

and I like to do things naughty.

So what I want you to do is

put your hands behind your back.

- Okay.

(tense spiritual music)

- I am a bad, bad,

bad, bad girl.

- No.

- And you know what
I want you to do?

I want you to take
my panties off

with your teeth.


(soft tense hip hop)

- What the hells wrong with you?

- Shut the hell up.

- My ex-wife put you up to this?

- Shut up.

- If she did that bitch
won't see a dime of my money.

- Didn't I tell you to shut up?

- Great, aggravated robbery.

Lady, you're gonna do 20 years--

- Sergeant Carter.

Well if it aint the damn police.

- Lady, you know--

- A dirty cop and
a deadbeat ass dad.

(tense hip hop)

All this cash and you
don't pay a damn dime

of child support.

- You're not gonna
get away with this.

- Oh won't I?


Look here, that won't
look good too good

on the Dallas morning
news, now would it?

So what I want you to do is

I want you to give
me a real big smile.

How bout that?

Say cheese.


(phone rings)

- He kept on
skipping court dates

and telling my lawyer
that it was interfering

with his duties and
then he had the nerve

to even say that we had
already made arrangements.

- Trust me, he and I
have made arrangements.

- Thank you.

So so much.

I don't even know
how to repay you.

- Just your 10 percent will do.

(phone rings)

- Thank you so
much for your help.

- You have a wonderful day.

Oh yeah.

(soft tense music)

(dog barking)

- Cedric.

- Its okay.

Calm down.

Haman is doing what
he's doing for the baby.

- Cedric, you didn't
have to do that.

Your son has everything
that he needs.

- Yeah, yeah, I know
but how big is now?

- He's getting very big.

He eats and sleeps all day.

- Can I see him?

- Look, Cedric, I don't
know if that's a good idea.

- I just want to hold him.

- Cedric--
- Please.

- Cedric, you know that
if she caught you here

she would have you arrested.

- I still have a right
to see my son, don't I?

- Yeah.

Yeah you do.

- Yeah.

- Let me see.

Just wait right here, okay?

- Okay.

(soft reflective somber music)

- Miles?

- Come on in.

- I thought I'd stop
by and drop these off.

- Its mines?

- Yes.

Its yours.

You've been awarded 100 acres.

- 100 acres.

Then when the mayor
wins a second term,

she's gonna sign
the funding bill

for my restoration project.

- And you, my friend, are
going to be a very rich man.

- Can you imagine?

Miles Dunkins, a rich man.

Oh I owe you, my
friend, owe you big.

- Oh and one more thing.

- Yeah?

- My accountant
will be in touch.

You have a good day.

- Good day indeed.

- Look who's here.


- So little.

Can I hold him?

(baby crying)

oh come on, come on, come on.

Its okay.
- This baby looks more

like you everyday.

- So cute.

You know, my mom
would love to see him.

Do you think you
could bring him over

by my momma's house?

- Cedric you know,

I mean you know that that
would mean everything to me

but with my mom.

- Yeah.

Okay, well.

I mean, thank you

for giving me a beautiful son.

(soft reflective music)

All right, bye guy.

- Bye, Ced.

(soft reflective music)

(baby crying)
(low tense music)

- Miles, we have a problem.

- [Woman] Hey Joey, what's up?

- Hey, doll.

Kinda waiting for
this phone call.

How you been?

- Oh hey, look.

I need your help.

- Sure.

- Yeah I'm trying to
track down this guy,

having a little trouble with it

and that's where
I need your help.

- Yeah just, just send me
as much pedigree as you can

and I'll get my
guys to work on it.

- Cool, so what I'm
gonna do is text his info

to you and get back to ya.

- Okay.

- All right?


- Peace.
- Bye.

- Love you, bye.

* Oh this one for the radio

* This one for my girls

* That got these no
good baby daddies

* That don't take
care of they kids

* When you see em in the club

* Just tell them like this

* Oh

* My baby daddy

* Baby daddy

* He aint here

* Up here in the club

* But he aint seen his kids

* Aint got shit

* But he got that good stick

* And I seen his new trick

* And she aint it

* My baby daddy

* Baby daddy

* He aint here

* Up in the club

* But he aint seen his kids

- Tyrone!

Tyrone, I know you in here.

Open up!


- Damn girl, what
the hell you want?

- You know what I want.

- I told you, I aint
got no money right now.

Been on the road trying
to promote my new CD.

- You need to give
this music shit up

and get a real damn job.

- What's going on?

- Yo.

Aint nothing but my
baby moms tripping.

- I know you aint
in here taking care

of somebody else baby.

You can't even take
care of your own.

- That's not my baby.

- What?

Oh don't play.

Don't even play.

- Since you over here
playing daddy day care,

take your own.

- What's up, shorty?

- Wait a minute,
where's she going?

- Yo?

- What's going on?

- Yo, Alisha.

Yo, what you come up in here
with this shit for, man?

I told you.

When I get paid, you get paid.

- So what am I supposed
to do in the meantime?

Junior need some milk
and some pampers.

- Borrow money from your moms

and I'll pay her back
when I get the advancement

from my record deal.

- Your record deal?

- Yeah.

- My momma?

- Your moms.

I got y'all.

You bugging, man.

- You know what?

That's okay.

I got something for
your dead beat ass.

- Oh its like that now, right?

What you come to
the door for, man?

You know how she be acting.

- No, I don't know
how she be acting.

What was all that?

You know, we need to talk.

Get your ass in here.

(hip hop music)

- Hey, hey.
- Hey, what's up?

- Thanks for meeting me
at such a short notice.

- No sweat.

I got you a time, a
place, and a room key.

- A room key?

- Yup.

- I'm impressed.

- Hey can you do me a favor?

In the front seat of the
car, there's an envelope.

Can you bring it back for me?

Okay, thanks.

Yeah, so how's Jasmine and Asia?

- Oh, they're great.

- And the twins?

- As feisty as ever.

Tell me this, of all the
places we could of met

why here?

- Well um, I think
there's a geometro

on level seven that you
might be interested in.

Go check it out.

- Okay.

- That ones on the house.

- You're awesome, you are great.

- I know.
- Thank you.

- All right good
luck, be careful.

- Thanks.
- All right, bye.

- See you.

(soft tense hip hop)

- I have a gun and I suggest
you stay right where you are.

- Please, don't shoot.

- Don't give me a reason to.

Are you Lee Nguyen?

- Yes.

- Do you have a son
named Jojo Nguyen?

- The boy is not my son.

- That's what they all say.

- Look, I even take a DNA
test to prove its not my son.

She's lying.

(low tense eerie music)

- If the kids yours, I'm
coming back after you.

(soft instrumental music)

- Looks like you
had a rough morning.

- Rough aint even
the half of it.

You know that Nguyen case
I've been working on?

When I approached him
for payment he said

the kid wasn't his.

- Its not?

- No.

He's even willing to take
a DNA test to prove it.

- Do you think he's
telling the truth?

- I don't know what
to think anymore.

This is,

like its become a circus.

I'm so tired of it.

- I know what you mean but,

what else can we do?

- Been thinking about that.


(soft instrumental music)

(low tense music)

- Has your son's father
ever paid child support?

- No.

- Does he have a job?

- He's a rapper.

- A rapper?

Are you serious?

- Yeah.

- So, what does he expect
you to do in the meantime?

- Clearly he doesn't care.

- Look, since he has no
legal place of employment

the only other
alternative you have is

putting him in jail.

- And what good
is that gonna do?

I don't want to get
him thrown in jail.

- I know.

We will get the
paperwork started

and we'll send it over to
the attorney general's office

so he can be served.

- I'm taking the steps.

(soft somber instrumental music)

- Listen ladies,
our hands are tied.

We have 30 new cases
this week alone

and we've only been able
to locate five people

to collect child
support payments.

- Well I just have to deal
with two of our clients

parents attorneys
because the parents

don't want to change the
child support arrangements

because they are receiving
welfare benefits.

Look, I don't know
what else we can do.

- I know what we can do.

We need to kick some
asses around here

and then maybe we
can see some results.

- Okay.
- For real.

- [Both] Give him a little
bit of they own medicine.

We down.


- Uh uh, that's not legal.

- Legal?

What's legal about not
taking care of your kid?

- Okay but we cannot
break the law now?

- Fuck the law.

- Uh uh, I can't do that.

Miles is an attorney.

- Fuck him, too.

- You are out of line.

- Ladies, calm down.

- Its like you're
trying to jeopardize

everything we've built.

- No, I'm trying to do my job.

- Oh okay.

So you think running
around Dallas

whooping men's asses is
the answer to our problems.

- Its a start.
- No.

Its barely scratching
the surface

and its not gonna
solve our problem.

The only way to solve a problem
is to get the root of it.

Its sad to say but the
root of our problem

is the system itself.

How many women come in
here and practically forced

to put their men
on child support?


Then he end up 15 to
20,000 dollars behind.

Now he locked up.

Sometimes I feel like
we destroy more families

than we help.


I don't mind whooping some ass

but that's not the
business we're in.

So you really want
to kick some ass?

Why don't you try
focusing your energy

on the one who spent the web

and not the prey
that's caught up in it.


Ladies this is important,
I have to take this.

- Whatever.

- Dang, you so mean.

(soft R&B music)

* Spread my wings

* And follow me

* I'll show you

- Hey.
- Hey, baby.

- How you doing?

- How are you?

- I'm good.

- Sorry I'm late.

- Oh girl, you all right.

You know I wait for you forever.

- So sweet.

- Can I get you guys
something to drink?

- Do you have sweet tea?

Let me have one of those.

- I'll have the same.

- So how are things down
at the office for you?

- Baby.

- [Waitress] You
guys ready to order?

- Just give us a second here.

What were you saying?

- This business is
getting on my damn nerves.

- I told you.

I mean, I'm saying, I told
you it was gonna be hell

trying to catch
some of those fools.

- Its like, they know
we're coming every time.

- Are y'all ready?

- Um, I'll have the usual.

Chicken and salad.

- Me, too.

So, how are things at
the mayor's office?

- Things are good,
things are good.

I got a couple of
things in the works

and then once this
election is over

then we can go and start
planning on settling down.

- Excuse me?

Settling what?


- Baby.

- No, Miles, you know
I'm not ready for that.

- Why else you think
I put all this time

and effort in this relationship?

- When were you gonna tell me?

- Baby.

I just did.

- I mean I want, I got plans.

I have this business to run

and I don't have time for kids
and babies right now, Miles.

- Baby.

That's why I'm telling you now.

- Anyway, how is the mayor?


You okay?

- Yeah.
- Drink slowly, baby.

(energetic hip hop music)

- Yo, what up?

- Did I catch you at a bad time?

- Who's this?

- I met you at the club
a couple of days ago.

After your performance.

- Girl, do you know
how many girls I met

at the club that night?

- I had on the short red dress?

- Girl with the red dress.

Oh yeah, now I remember.

What's going on?

- I was hoping I could
spend some time with you.

- Well I tell you what,
that could happen.

I live down here in
the loft district.

I'ma text you my info.

Why don't you come on through?

(soft tense music)

(upbeat hip hop music)

- What's up, Miles?

- Detective.

I need you to quickly fumigate
our little pest problem.

- What you talking bout?

I got problems of my own.

- Do you realize how
important this election

is for the mayor and how
this little baby situation

can ruin her chances
of reelection?

Do you realize how
much I have invested

in the situation?

- What you trying to say?

- What am I trying to say?

- Yeah.

- Detective, it would be a shame

if a leak got out
about the missing money

from that Richard
Dominguez drug lord bust

from last week.

You were the lead detective
on that case, right?

Hell of a situation.

- By the way, Miles,
how's Jasmine?

- Son of a bitch.

- Hey love, come on in.

- Thank you.

- So I make it you
found the place aight.

- Yeah, yeah.

- Cool.

Yeah sometimes people say I
give bad directions, you know?

- Its quite all right.

- You see something you like?

- Oh yeah, absolutely.


What a handsome little boy.

- Yeah, that's my little shorty.

- Bet you take real good
care of him, don't you?

- Something like that.

Can I get you
something to drink?


- Oh yeah, water please.

- All right cool, be right back.

- Can't believe this nigga
got all this fly ass shit

and aint paying child support.

- Ice cold.

- Thank you.

- You so welcome.

- Where's your bathroom?

- Its right over there.

- Thank you.

- All right cool, its
all clean and stuff

so don't worry bout nothing.

(somber piano music)

Oh snap.

Damn baby, I didn't see
all that at the club.

- You know you have
a beautiful place.

It pays to be a rapper.

- Little something like that.

Why don't you come over
here, let me see what's

under that trench coat.

Fine little thing.

Come on over.

(low tense music)

Its the goody cut, right there.

- Uh uh.

- Damn, you like it rough?

- Yeah well I wouldn't
want you to hurt yourself.

- That actually might
not be a bad thing.

(low tense music)

yo, what the?

What the hell is going on here?


- What you mean what the
hell is going on here?

I want something from you.

- What the hell do you want?

- Money!

- So you jacking a nigga?

- Well you catch on
pretty fast, don't ya?

- Is this a joke?


- Does that look like a joke?

- Damn, baby, I'm
just saying, though.

- Yeah, what you just saying?

- I'm just saying though.

- If you say I'm just
saying one more time

I'ma blow your head off.

Now, I want money and you're
20,000 dollars in the rear

so for now, I'll just take half.

Empty your wallet,
give me your wallet.

- 10,000--
- give me your wallet!

- 10,000--
- Give me your wallet!

- I don't have 10,000 dollars!

I don't have 10,000
dollars in my wallet.

- Yeah well I'll get whatever
you got in your wallet.

I'll take whatever I can get.

You better stay right
there, you better not move.

- Its like that?

- Yeah.

Its like that.

- Your ass is crazy for real.

(clears throat)

- Okay, look here.

You're still about 15,000
dollars in the rear.

So, here's what you're gonna do.

You're gonna pay 1,000
dollars every month

and 1,000 dollars you're
gonna pay every month

until you're caught up.

- You're out your damn mind.

- Uh uh.

But you know what
I want you to do?

I want you to smile
for the camera.

Take a picture, take it.

And if you say one
word about this,

I'ma blast your ass on YouTube.

(soft piano music)

(low tense dramatic music)

- Excuse me, Cedric?
- yeah?

- Are you Cedric?

- Yeah, that's me.

- Listen, I hear you've
been harassing the mayor

and her daughter.

- No, I have a son.

- Listen, take this
as a warning, okay?

(somber piano music)

- All right, so,
what you're saying is

that somebody broke in,
held you at gunpoint

and then beat you down.

- Yeah officer, that's
exactly what I'm saying.

- Mr. Jenkins, this
scene does not look

like a forced entry.

- What, y'all think I'm lying?

- So uh, did you get a
good look at the suspects?

- Dude, for the last time
it was like four guys

with ski masks.

I didn't get a good
look at none of them.

- Yo, Arliss, come
take a look at this.

Yo, Tyrone.

- Yeah?

- What kind of gun did
you say he used again?

- It was like a sawed off AK-47.

- Okay.

- When he pulled it out I
almost peed a little bit.

- It would make
me pee, too, man.

Hey, anything else
comes up, man,

just give us a call, all right?

- I will do.

I appreciate y'all concern.

- Let's go.

- All right, Tyrone.

Just take a few deep
breathes, splash some water

on your face, settle down.

Give us a holler if
you hear anything.

- Gee, thanks.

- [Woman] Vote
for child support.

- Mayor Palinski, the polls
seem to be in your favor.

Do you think this
due to your support

for the child support
(mumbles) project?

- Yes, I feel this city knows

how important children
and education are to me

and my administrations.

- [Reporter] Will the
citizens have an opportunity

to ask you questions?

- We are working with
the attorney general

and some private sectors
trying to restore funds

to single parents as
well as the parents

who are paying child support

so we can legally
have their (mumbles)

and they can spend time
with their children.

This is why I believe
this DNA project is vital

to our project as well.

- Mayor Palinski, you
mentioned DNA test, testing

as parents know who
are seeking testing

its very expensive.

So how will people
in low income areas

be able to afford it?

- I will challenge every
clinic one day a week

to open up its door
for free DNA testing.

This will be beneficial
to single parent families

and also aid and
assist to help us

to get child support collected.

- Mayor, what role
are you playing

in playing they DI
school district issues?

- No questions for now.

The mayor has a very
tight schedule to keep.

(soft reflective hip hop)

(phone rings)

- Hello?

- Madison, I'll be at the park
today around four o'clock.

I want to see my son.

- [Madison] I can't
promise you anything.

- Today, Madison.

(soft reflective hip hop)

- I just can't believe it.

That's crazy.

- Hey, what's going on in here?

- Hey.
- Hey, girl.

- Did you hear what
happened to Tyrone Jenkins?

- Uh, no.

- [Both] He was beaten and
robbed last night at his place.

- Girl, they whooped his ass.

(upbeat church music)

- Uh, Tyrone.


Oh that Tyrone, yeah.

- The polls look good.

The city loves you
and I smell a victory.

- For now, anyway.

- I told you not to worry.

Its taken care of.

- Do you know what my
white conservative friends

are gonna do when they find
out that I have a grand baby?

You know I don't have
anything against blacks.

I just don't understand how
she got herself pregnant by...

What was she thinking?

- That's just it, sweetheart,
she wasn't thinking.

- How could I have
been so stupid?

- Oh come now.

You're not being stupid.

You're simply looking out
for the future of your family

and this city.

- If anything happens the
bar is coming after you.

- I'm not planning
on this not working.

So just relax.

Everything will be fine.

(upbeat hip hop music)

* How could you do this to me

* I thought we had something

* I never knew this could be

* Breaking up our family

* How could you do this to me

* How could you do this

* I thought we had something

* I never knew this could be

- Everybody's already gone
for the day, for lunch,

are you gonna get something?

- No.

- You're not going to lunch?

- No.

- Nicole, is there something
you want to tell me?

- Like what?

(somber reflective music)



This system is so screwed up.

- Nicole, please don't make
this about your stepfather.

- Don't ever mention
his name to me again.

- Look, I understand
how you feel

but we have to
play by the rules.

- What rules?

What rules protected me
from getting molested

by my stepfather, Jasmine?

- I know.

- No.


It was shelters and it
was sleeping in cars,

being hungry, hand
me down clothes.

- That's the reason why
we started this agency

but if we don't do
things the right way,

we won't be able to help anyone.

- We've been doing this three,
four years the right way

and it still takes forever
to get things done.

(somber reflective music)

Here we are in the
middle of a conversation

and you're worried
about a date with Miles.

- He's a good man, Nicole.

- I didn't say he
wasn't a good man.

I'm sure he is one
of the good guys.

I mean he works hard,
believes in god,

doesn't stray, the whole
knight in shining armor bit.

- I'll talk to you later.

(somber reflective music)

- Yeah this Tyrone Jenkins
case doesn't make sense.

- Yeah well, we know
that he definitely

did get jacked by somebody
with a sawed off AK.

- Sawed off AK-47.

You hear that fool?


- Yeah that's the best
one I've heard so far.


- Yeah, talk to me.


Hey man, good work, man.

All right, thanks.

Tyrone Bernard Jenkins has a
warrant out for his arrest.

- Really, what for?

- Failure to pay child support.

(phone rings)
(child laughs)

- Hell is the receptionist?

Can I help you?

- I noticed the help
wanted sign outside.

- Yes, the mayor is
having a DNA drive

so we are gonna need a
bunch of help around here.

- Cool.

- Okay, so are you
used to being around

the child support environment?

- No.

But I worked with the
save and rescue unit

while serving in Iraq.

- Okay.

All right okay, Nicole, could
you come here for a second?

She gonna help you
out when she get here.

So, this young lady
is looking for a job

and she just got back from Iraq.

- Oh part of that Bush bullshit?

- Glad to be home.

Got tired of seeing
my people killed.

- Oh, okay.

- Okay, well come
on back to my desk.

Y'all in or what?

- Jasmine is gonna kick our ass.

- She'll be aight.

But we're not
gonna kill anybody.


I said okay?

- Aww look at her now.

I'm so glad you calmed
down cause you were really

starting to scare me.

Did you hear that, soldier.

We are not gonna
kill any civilians.

- Yes, ma'am.

- Oh she's so cute.
- Soldier.


(tense music)

(heart beating)

(tense dramatic music)


- You got kids.

(clears throat)

(camera clicks)

(funky bass line)

- Hold that for you.
- Thank you.

Thank you, darling.

- What's the status?

- Well, Mr. Santiago says
his check is in the mail.

- In the mail?

- Yes, yes, its in the mail.

- Thank you.

- How much you send?

How much?

How much?

- You guys mind?

She asked you a simple question.

How much have you
supposedly sent?

- Half, half!

- Appreciate you.

- Half?

Now what are your children
supposed to do with half?

- Well, you know what
since he made an effort

to pay half, how bout
I just blow off half?


- No, no.

(speaks Spanish)

- Yeah, you've been doing
that for a long time, now.

You've been spending
partial payments

in the mail for the
last six months.

- That's cause
the stupid economy

and the stupid attorney
general take my passport

over his stupid
child support stuff

and now I can't even
travel to make money.

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

- Hello?


- Oh, I'm sorry.

How can I help you?

- I heard your
commercial on the radio

about the free DNA testing.

- Okay, and what's your name?

- Cedric Evans.

- Okay, are you currently
paying child support?

- No.

- Okay, fill out the
papers in the folder

and we'll be with you
in just one moment.

- All right, thank you.

- Hi, I was checking to
see if my test results

were in yet.

- And your name?

- Shelly Dominguez.

- Shelly Dominguez,
hold on just a second.

- So how many women you
say robbed you again?

- Tres, senor

and one lady was asking me about

my child support payments.

- Child support?

- Si.

I told her it was in the mail.

The next thing I remember,
the door busting open

and two of her puntas
barge in and attack me.

- Wasn't quite the fantasy
you were looking for, was it?


- Hey, Brown, take
a look at this.

- Yeah?

- Look what we have.

- Yeah, yeah, that's definitely
a woman's scarf all right.

- Huh.

So now there are three
deranged women running loose

robbing men.

- Yeah.

- Of child support checks.

- You thinking
what I'm thinking?

- Yeah, I think its time
to give sarge a call.

- Hey, hey.

We'll be back, okay?

- Si.

- Don't go nowhere.


- Si.

- Aight.

And put on some clothes, man.

Let's get a bag for
that, all right?

- Hey.

- Hey.

- You okay?

- Yeah.

- Promise?

- Yeah.

I saw the free DNA testing
sign outside the window.

The place should
be flooded today.

- Did you know that
over 106 billion dollars

is owed in child support?

- You know, Jasmine just
imagined how that money

could be used for the
children who need shelter

and their medical expenses.

- I know and food, I know.

- Not to mention
food and clothing.

- Yes?

- [Receptionist] Yes, I
have a young man out here

who's trying to put
himself on child support.

- Send him in.

- Probably looking
for his daddy.

- Or he probably is the daddy.

- I guess we'll find out.

- We shall.

- Oh, have a seat.

This is my partner, Nicole.

She helps me run the agency.

(soft somber music)

- Are you looking
for your father?

- No ma'am, I want
rights to see my son.

- Are you paying child support.

- No, I mean I want
to but she won't take

anything from me.

- She who?

- His grandmother.

- Did you do anything to the
kid to make her act like that?

- No, she just doesn't
like me because I'm black.

- Oh.


So its okay for you to
sleep with her daughter

but its not okay for you
to have a kid by her?

- Nicole.

- Sorry.


- Before we get started,
do you have a job?

- Yes, I bus tables at
Freddie's Chicken Shack

at night and during the daytime
I'm a full time student.

- Okay.

How much are you bringing home?

- 150 every week.

- Okay that's 600 dollar a month

and 120 every month
in child support.

Can you handle that?

- Yes, ma'am.

- Oh hold on now.

- Okay.

- Let's see.

Did you sign the
birth certificate?

Well first we're gonna
need to get DNA test

to prove the he's your son.

- He's my son.

Madison would never cheat on me.

- Look I know what to do.


Swab the back of
your mouth with this

and when you're done, just
put it back in the plastic.

Is this the correct address
where your son's mother lives?

- Yes, ma'am.

- Okay.

Just give us a few days and
we'll get back with you.

- All right, thank you ladies.

- No problem.
- Thank you.

How are we gonna get DNA
from the baby to get tested?

- Oh I'll take care of that.

- Okay.

(somber music)


This address belongs
to Mayor Palinski.

(somber music)

(soft tense hip hop)

(drowned out by music)

- Going as planned.


(upbeat jazz)

- Hey what's up, Sarge?
- Hey, Sarge.

- You two guys found
that broad yet?

- Not yet but we
are getting closer.

- What have you been doing?

What have you been doing?

- We got a phone
call about a victim

who was beaten and
robbed last night.

- Yeah.

Not exactly his idea
of a fantasy, huh?

- That's great.

That's all you've got?

Listen, I want her found now.

You understand?

Or both you guys will be
pushing tickets at the zoo.

Do I make myself clear?

- Look, we got a couple
leads we still work--

- Now!

You understand?

- Yes, sir.

Man, what's his problem?

- I don't know, man.

- All right.

Got a job for you.

Think you can handle it?

- What you got?

- Got some would be rapper.

But look here, I'm gonna
send you to this address.

- What about the twins?

- They're not ready yet.

- And Asia?

- You know I just feel
like with your experience

you can handle this better.

- All right.

- All right, so I want
you to be at this address.

Do not be late.

- So you trying
to jack a brother?

- Call it whatever you want

but you about 19,000
behind in child support.

- Child support?

- Child support.

- All this about some
motherfucking child support?

Man baby, you blew it man.

For the last five years I've
been going through this shit

and real talk, the
kid aint even mine.

Real talk, DNA
results right there.

Check em out.

I got em from the Helping
Hands clinic today.

- Don't move.

- Aight.

We can do this all day.

- We can do it all day.

- Proof in the
pudding right there.

(low tense music)

- I need to make a phone call.

- You do.

(upbeat piano music)

- [Phone] Hi this is
Miles, leave a message.

(soft jazzy piano)

Hi, this is Miles,
leave a message.

- Okay.

All right.

You're right.

I apologize, brother.

- No problem.

- No see.

I apologize because the
statue of limitations

has already passed.

- What?

- Four years.

The state of Texas
gives you four years

to determine you're
the father by DNA.

- So what you telling me is

even though I aint the
father I still got to pay?

Is that you saying?

That's some bullshit.

- Its the system.

But we cool.

(low tense music)

My bad.

(low tense music)

(low tense music)

- Okay.

Mom will be right back, okay?



- Hi.

I'm Osheila and I'm your
cleaning lady today.

- Where's Ms. Rodriguez?

- She called in sick.

- Okay.

But that's what I'm
trying to tell you,

its, its just never
gonna get better.

(tense music)

All she cares about
is this election she,

I mean, she's
never gonna change.

Everything's gonna
stay the same.

She's got no respect for me.

I swear she doesn't
care about me.

I mean what else
can I do, honestly?

(baby cooing)

I'm gonna have to
call you back, okay?


- So lets see
that's one two three

four men that have been
attacked by three women.

- Yeah and that
suspect in Sarge's case

took 500 dollars

and he wrote a check to her.

I'm wondering who he
wrote that check to.

- Sweet chocolate incorporated.

- Sweet chocolate.

(phone ringing)

Man, Sarge is always a
freak, you know that.

- You know how he loves
his dark chocolate.

- Shit the darker the better.

- Oh man, that
chocolate thunder.

- Yo, what up?

Oh cool, hey what's up?

All right cool.

Okay, get back with me
on the rest of it, okay?


Hey, the hair samples
on that scarf belong

to Asia Sterling.

- All right.

Let's go pay miss Asia
a little visit, huh?

- Oh yeah, oh yeah.

And they gonna be getting
back with the address, okay.

- All right.

- Let's get out of here.

- I haven't received
a check in the mail.

- Hold on, Robert.

Your name please.

- Yoko Lee.

- Says here that the DNA
test came back negative.

- What DNA test?

Your computers wrong.

- What did you say?

- Your computer is wrong.

- Did you say wong?

- Yes.


- The man that you claimed
to be your child's father

came in and took a
DNA test and he is not

the biological father.

- He's not my baby daddy?

- Is the words of Miss
Sophia from the Color Purple.

Hell no.

So just do like Aliyah, dust
yourself off and try again.

- Your computer is wrong.


- Next.

How can we help you?

- Hey.

I need to talk to
you about something.

- What's going on?

- I saw Miles' car over at the
mayor's house this morning.

- Well he has to stay
on top of her campaign.

- Like I said.

This morning.

(tense music)

- And like I said,

he has to stay on
top of the campaign.

- Yeah I bet you he was on
top of something all right.

- You know what, Nicole?

- What?

- You really really trying.

- Whatever.

- You got something you
want to get off your chest?

- Jasmine, this is
not about me, baby.

This is about you walking
around with your head

in the damn clouds.

- My head in the clouds?

Or yours stuck in the past?

(tense music)

No matter how angry you
want to be at the world

or every single man in your life

none of that emotional shit

is gonna change what
happened to you as a child.

(tense music)

- So now you want
to go there, huh?

- You're not a child
anymore, Nicole

and none of that
stuff was your fault

but you're a grown ass woman now

and if you want to
keep living in the past

and making the present
miserable, that's on you.

- Yeah you know what?

I do have a few things I
want to get off my chest.

- Oh well shit, you aint
said nothing but a word.

- [Both] Ohhh.

(low tense classical music)

- Doesn't look like
a place (mumbling).

(soft tense eerie music)

(knocking at door)

(eerie electronic music)

hello, good morning.

We're looking for
Miss Asia Sterling.

- Yes, how can I help you?

- Are you Asia Sterling?

- Yes, how can I help you?

- Do you know a
Mr. Luis Santiago?

- Who are you guys?

- Now answer the questions.

- Do you know anything
about him being beaten

and robbed a couple days ago?

- I don't know
anything about that.

- Well explain to us
why we found a scarf

with your DNA on it at
Mr. Santiago's room.

- Ma'am, you'd make
this a whole lot easier

and do yourself a
whole lot of good

if you answered some
questions right now.

- Well you guys would do
yourselves a whole lot of good

if you got the fuck
away from my door.

- [Brown] Man she
about to piss me off.

(low tense guitar music)

(soft tense music)

(upbeat rock music)

- Excuse you.

You see us over here.

- Uh uh, you and you, you need

to go to the back of the line.

- My name is Detective Hollis

and this is my partner,
Detective Brown

and we need to speak
to your director.

- Do you have an appointment?

She is a very busy lady.

- No we don't.

But its very important
that we speak to her now.

- Pretty please.

- Can I help you, gentlemen?

- Fake 21 Jump Street
needs to talk to you.

- Okay.

Fine, can I see
your badges, please?

Well, you guys don't mind,
follow me to my office.

- Don't mind if we do.

(clearing throat)

- Fake Johnny Depp.

- If my baby daddy in the
circus can you have him served?

- You can have a seat.

- No that's okay, we'll stand.

- So what's this about?

- Ma'am, you okay?

- Yeah, I'm fine.

What brings you here.

- Ma'am, does your
organization uh,

assist parents in
collecting child support?

- Yes.

We offer that and many other
services for men and woman

to help get them
back on their feet.

- Have you collected some
money from Mr. Jenkins

or Mr. Santiago?

- I'm sorry, that's
confidential information.

- Not when there's
crime involved.

- Exactly.

- What are you implying?

(somber music)

- Well we believe your agency
is doing a little bit more

than just collecting
money for your clients.

- Look, we run a legal,
law abiding agency here.

If there are any
crimes being committed

its against innocent
children being neglected

by their dead beat parents.

(tense music)

Gentlemen, if you wouldn't mind.

I believe this meetings over.

- Really?

Let's go.

You sure you okay cause--

- I'm positive.

Y'all have a good day.

- Girl, I'm so stressed out.

I mean I don't know what to do.

They just showed up at my house

and start asking me question.

I'm like...
- Hey.

- What the hell happened to you?

- Nothing.

- It wasn't my so called
ex-husband was it?

- Don't be funny.

Okay, so what is it you need
to talk to me about so fast?

- Two detectives
showed up at my door

asking me questions
about Mr. Santiago.

- Well what did you tell them?

- I didn't tell em anything.

- So what makes them
think you're involved?

(clears throat)

- [Jasmine] Am I
interrupting something?

- What happened to you?

- No.

Come on in.

- Two detectives came by today

questioning the integrity
of our establishment.

I don't know what's going on

but y'all better cut it out

or I'm gonna shut
down the agency.

- You can't do that.

- Watch me.

(tense music)

- Hi, Mayor Palinski?

- Yes, sir.
- That's for you.

- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.

(low tense music)

- Oh my god.


These papers just came
proving that Cedric

is the father of your child.

(tense music)

- I don't understand.

- Understand this.

You are destroying my career.

- Your career?

Mom, I love Cedric
and this is his child.

You're ruining my life.

- Love?

You are 17 years old.

You know nothing about love.

- Nothing?

I know I don't love being
a prisoner in my own house.

I don't love not being
able to take my child out.

And you know what?

I don't love this kind of life.

- Well nobody told you to
go sleep with a black man!

- So its just okay for you?

(tense music)

- Look at me.

If I ever catch you
with that boy again

I will make sure you never
see him or that baby again.

You got that?

(tense music)

Meet me in 15 minutes.

- She's your child.
- I'm doing everything I can!

- [Woman] You are
not doing anything.

I can't do this by myself.

- [Man] I send you
everything I can.

- [Woman] Oh you didn't
even show up to court.

- [Man] Look, you sent
this woman up to my room.

This crazy woman--
- what else was I supposed

to do?
- What do you want me to do?

- [Woman] You're
hurting me, stop it.

Stop it.

Stop, stop.

Stop it.


(somber dramatic music)

- Hey, hey boss man.

Do you mind if I
take off early today?

- What's wrong, Cedric?

You never try to leave early.

- Heck, I'm gonna see my son.

- Cool.

Yeah you got that, man.

- Aight, thank you
man, thank you.

(soft dramatic music)

- You said you took
care of everything.

- Fuck.

How did this happen?

- If this gets leaked
out to the press

my chances of
reelection is history.

- So is my restoration project.

- My family's on the line
and all you care about

is your goddamn
restoration project?

- Just give me a minute.

(somber tense music)


You remember that
kid Cedric Jones?

Handle it.

(tense eerie music)

(phone rings)

- Hello?

No, may I ask who's speaking?

Okay, um.

Let me take a message.

I am.

Mr. Malone.

Okay, go ahead.

Okay, building project approved.

I got it.

No, thank you.

(soft tense music)

- Hey kid come here,
I need to talk to you.

- Hey what's going on?

- Nothing, nothing.

Its all right.

Go on home, I'll catch up
with you later, all right.

Nothing, man.

- What's going on?

- Nothing, nothing.

Its okay.
- he has a problem?

- Sarge, who was that?

- No, its nobody,
don't worry about it.

Its okay.

It doesn't matter.

What's up?

- I mean you out here fighting.

What's going on?

- Nothing.


What's up?

- Did you get the
evidence from Mark?

- No, I haven't gotten anything.

- Look Sarge, we uh,

found another suspect
in those robberies.

- Uh uh, who is she?

- Her name is Asia Sterling.

She works over at the
child support agency

- All right.

- You sure you all right?

- Yes, I'm fine.

I'm fine.

- Sarge, you been paying
your child support?

- That's none of
your damn business.

- Thanks.

(soft hip hop)

- Hey.

Long day at the office?

- That looks like its
getting better now.

- What happened?

- You ever have one
of them days where

everything that could
possibly go wrong goes wrong?

That was today.

Every damn thing that could
of went wrong went wrong.

- Oh okay.

Mr. Malone called.

- Yeah, what he want?

- Some project
you're working on.

He said its approved.

(soft tense music)

(knocking at door)

- Hi, Mrs. Palinski,
is Madison around?

I want to see my
son and Madison.

Look, I know I'm
not the ideal guy

but can I just see Madison
and my son, please?

What's wrong?

Ms. Palinski?

- I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

(somber instrumental music)

I'm sorry (sobbing).

- [Cedric] Its okay.

Its all right.

- [Mayor] I'm so sorry, son.

(banging at door)

- Thought you were gonna
get away with this?

- Get off of me.

(somber music)

- Who did this to you?

- It was Darlene's husband.

- Sergeant Carter.

- Got something
for his dirty ass.

- No, let's call the police.

- What are they gonna do?

He's one of them.

(somber music)

- I didn't mean to
make you upset ma'am,

I just thought you should know.

- You sure that its him?

- Yeah.

Madison didn't really
like him that much.

She felt like he was
just using her mom.

- I am calling this
press conference today

to announce that I am
dropping out of the race

for the mayor of this fine city.

- Mayor, can you tell us
why you're dropping out now

when the polls
are in your favor?

- This campaign has cost
me the most precious thing

in my life and I
need time to heal

and be a grandmother
to my grandson.

- So what does the
future hold for you?

- At this moment I
am very uncertain

about my future in politics.

- Tom, you heard that
directly from Mayor Palinski.

She is now officially
out of this race.

(soft reflective music)

* You say you love me

* But you lie to me

* And tell me things

* That you never

- Guess you heard, huh?

- Yeah, I heard.

* I can't keep running

- So when were
you gonna tell me?

You been sleeping with her?

- Baby, I didn't love her.

I love you.

Look, I love you.

Everything I did--
- shut up, Miles.

- I did it for you.

- You don't love me.
- I did it for us.

I did it for our future.

- Nah, no you don't love
anybody but yourself.

- Come on, baby don't say that.

(soft R&B music)

- God damn it, Miles.

- Jas, I never
meant to hurt you.

- You got a real fucked
up way of showing it.

You know what?

Stay the hell out of my life.

- Jas, Jas.


Baby, baby.



Baby, hold up, hold up.

- Fuck you, Miles.

- Hold on, hold on.

- Let go of my goddamn arm.

- Jasmine, baby please.


- Yeah.

And wait till you
get around the corner

before you blow your
fucking brains out.

(soft tense hip hop music)

* I can't keep running

* You know I love you too

* I can't keep running

* I apologize

* For all the things
I put you through

* I can't keep running

* Money money money

* Money makes you

- [Woman] Less than
a minute, darling.

I'll be right there.

(upbeat hip hop)

- Oh damn girl, you look good.

- Like what you see?

- Hell yeah I like what I see.

- No

* Grown man with

* Baby momma

* Always be stressing me

- Damn, I've been
paying my child support.

- Oh I know that.

But see, now I heard you
been beating up on women.

Bad boy.

And we just can't have that.

- Oh no.

* So I'm in and out of court

* Excuse

* And it aint even funny

* So I just laugh it off

* And keep it cool

* To keep from hurting you

* It aint even bout the money

* Please don't
knock the hustle

* Wait a minute

* Wait a minute

* Had 99 problems

* But you aint a 100

* Wait a minute

* I'll get right
back to the money

* Money money money

* Money makes the
world go round

* All the people

* And everything in between

* Money makes the
world go round

* You know

* I got to get it
before it ain

* Money makes the
world go round

* Who told you

* There aint no
sweeter justice

* See money makes
the world go round

* Every way its got to be

* I'm telling you

(upbeat hip hop)

(soft tense rap)
(music cutting out)

(soft upbeat instrumental music)

(soft ethereal R&B music)

- [Woman] When was the last
time you paid child support?

- Its none of your damn--

its none of your damn--

its none of your damn--

Oh yeah.

- You okay, are you okay?

Don't say that.

Are you okay?

- Yeah.
- oh my god.

(indistinct chattering)