Sweet Home Carolina (2017) - full transcript

Diane is a struggling single mom in LA. Just when things are at their worst, but she will have to live in small town USA for a year and take care of a dog for a year before the house is hers.

- You promised
you would pay the tuition

for Andrea's semester, and
I'm getting billed again

for the line of credit

that you were supposed
to have paid off.

- Broadhill Agency.

Yes, I'll put you right
through, one moment.

- No, no, no,
that's not my problem.

- Broadhill Agency

Hi, Mr. Broadhill.
- Why are you building this,

this new house

when you can't afford it?
- You haven't been able

to get through Diane's
extension all day?

- You have a
responsibility to me and the girls

to settle these debts.

- I.

You think her phone
is off the hook?

Well, I could, transfer
you to her assistant.

- Dan, that's not my problem.
- Yes, sir.

Right away, sir.

- Dan!

- Heads are gonna
roll on this one.

- No, I won't,
I am stuck once again

dealing with it.
- Good afternoon,

Mr. Broadhill.

- did you
really just hang up on me?

- Um, no, sir, she's
still behind closed doors.

- Dan!

- But let me see
if I can get her.

Just a moment.

- This can't be happening.

- I'm sorry, sir.

Um, it's still gonna be a while.

I understand.

I will, sir.

Come on, Diane.

- Why am I so stupid?


give me a sign everything's
gonna be okay, please.

- Diane?

- God?


- Diane, are you all right?

- Henry, hi, yeah, I'm good.

What's up?

- My office in 10 minutes.

- Okay, sure.

- Yes?

- You,

you wanted to see me.

- Come in and have a seat.

- Henry, look,

I know what you're
gonna say, look, I,

I know that I've been a little
off my game in recent weeks.

Okay, but, I promise you, I
promise you it'll get better.

It's just,

I've just been going
through a lot, you know,

with my ex-husband, and the
kids, and blah blab blah,

you know the.

- I've givin' the Georgia
O'Brien account to Matheson.

- I, I'm sorry?

To, to Matheson?

You're, you're kidding, right?

- Georgia, she gave me
a call this morning,

and she said that you haven't
returned a single call

since Thursday.

- That, that's just,
that's, that's yesterday.

- Last Thursday.

- Okay, Henry, that
is my account, okay?

I have worked with Georgia
for the past five years,

and I have worked far
too hard for far too long

to have it just taken
away from me, okay?

That's just.

- And I appreciate all that
you have done for this agency.

- Are, are you
actually firing me?

- Diane.

- Come on, that's, you
know that that's ludicrous.

- I beg your pardon?

- You can't do this, okay?

Not now.

I am good at my job,
and you know it.

Far, far better
than Matheson, okay?

He, he couldn't lead Dorothy
down the Yellow Brick Road.

Look, Henry,

it is just a rough patch,
it's a rough patch.

I will get through this, okay?

I always do.

- These accounts, they can't
wait for you to bounce back.

If it were up to me, I'd
give you a little more time,

but I just can't do that.

- I have devoted half of
my life to this company,

half of my life.

Okay, I, I have missed school
dances, and, and soccer games,

birthdays, holidays, funerals.

I practically gave
birth do my kids

on that conference room floor,

and I have worked
harder and longer

than most of the men in this
company, and you know it!

And I have one bad
month, one bad month!

And it's, see ya
later, sweetheart?

- It's not like that,
and you know it.

- Really?

'Cause it sure feels like it.

- Look, you and I have
along history together,

so how about you take some time?

Get your bearings.
- This isn't happening.

- Deal with whatever
you need to deal with, and then

in a few months maybe,
- This isn't happening.

- Let's talk.

It's not the end of
the world, Diane.

Take a vacation.

Spend some time with your girls.

Look, it's Mother's Day weekend.

I'm sure you'll enjoy that
you don't have to worry about

deadlines looming
over your head,

or frantic clients
blowing up your phone.

Enjoy it, okay?

Your daughters, they'll love it.

- I know, I know, I know.
- Don't worry Mrs. Morris,

but this is the third time
- I know, bad Mom, bad Mom.

I'm sorry, you okay?
- This week.

Please make sure you get
here before 4:30 next time.

- Let's go.


In your room, homework.

- Ooh, pink envelopes, pretty.

- Yeah, it's, it's to mask
the ugly waiting inside.


- What?

- Honey, the dishes.

- I'll do 'em later.

- No, now, please.

I see you've still got
that thing in your nose.

- I'm surprised you noticed.


What are you doing
home so early?

- What, I'm home
at a normal time.

- For other moms maybe.

- Hi, Mom, welcome home.

How was your day?

Not bad, how was yours?

Good, I enrolled in
college, I got a part-time job,

and you know what I did?

I made dinner for you,
because you do so much for us.

I just wanna do
something nice for you.

- Whatever, when you're
done talking to yourself,

can we figure out what's
for dinner, please?

And the mother-of-the-year
streak continues.

- Honey, just wanna make
sure your therapy sessions

are worthwhile.

That was a joke.

Guess not.


Done breathing?


My turn.

- You're not gonna eat?

- I ate a late lunch,
I'm not very hungry.


girls, look, I,

I know that this has been

a really, really rough
time for you guys,

for all of us, and,

I know that I haven't
been around much

in the past few months,
and I, I'm gonna,

I'm gonna take some
time off, okay?

So we can, we can spend
some quality time together.

Okay, how's that sound?

- Who are you, and what have
you done with our mother?

- You know, what
better time to bond

than this coming weekend, right?

- What are you talking about?

We have tickets to go see
that music festival with Dad,


- No, actually,

I don't.

But that's, I can't, I can't
believe I would say yes.

I mean, it's, it's my,
my special day on Sunday.

- What's Sunday?

- Andrea?

- I, you actually really forgot
what Sunday is, didn't you?

It's, Mother's Day,
does that ring a bell?

- Yeah.

- Oops.

- Done.

- All right, go
put your jammies on.

- 'Kay.

- And do your
homework, all right?

- Yep.

- Only one show tonight.

- Two shows.

- One show, one book.

- Deal.

- Perfect, hi-five.

Love ya, kiddo.

- What's wrong with you?

- You mean,
besides the fact that

my only two daughters forget
it was Mother's Day on Sunday?

- I told you that
Dad bought us tickets

to that music
festival a month ago.

Don't you remember?

- But, of course,
your dad would make

Mother's Day about him and
plan an activity on my day.

So typical.

- Well, I mean, maybe we
can try to get back here

for dinner or something.

I don't know why you're making
such a big deal out of this.

You're never home anyways.

- Look, Andrea, sweetheart,

I know you don't
understand, but I have had

the longest week followed
by the crappiest day,

so if I can just have one night,

just one where you're not my
sworn enemy, or, or nemesis,

that would be great.

- Are you kidding me?

I just asked you what's wrong.

You should try it some time.

- Good
morning, Los Angeles,

this is Charlie Jones with KBAC,

wishing you moms out there
a Happy Mother's Day.

We've got a sunny day ahead,

and we hope you beautiful
moms have a wonderful day.

Our request lines are open,
so call in with your requests.

- Bye!

It's so dark.

- Mom, I'm, I'm so sorry.

My cellphone died, and
there was all this traffic.

- I work so hard for you girls.

You can't even give me
one evening of your time?

- Told you she'd be upset.

- Go to your room.

- Gladly, at least
Dad wouldn't...

- Andrea, stop it.

- Just go.

Guys, both of you.

- What a Mom.

- Happy Mother's
Day to me.

- Mom, Bianca's here,
she wants to talk to you.

- Okay, hit me with it.

- I received a letter
from the law offices

of Tuttle & Tuttle
in South Carolina.

Are you familiar with
a Miss Hillary Johnson?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, she was,

she was my great aunt, yeah.

- So you know she's passed?

- Yeah, yeah, and unfortunately
I wasn't able to make

the memorial because of work.

I couldn't get outta town, so.

- Were you two close?

- Yeah, we, we used to be.

I actually used to spend
my summers with her.

I think the, I think
the last time I saw her

was the summer I
graduated from college.

- So you're
familiar with the house?

- Yeah, yeah, it was,
it was like my home.

B, I remember I had the
most amazing summer that year.

I, I actually, I fell
in love with this guy.

- Ooh, do tell.

- He was amazing.

I remember feeling like I,

like I never wanted to leave.

- Him or the house?

- I remember thinking
that he was the only guy

that I was ever gonna love.

Do you remember when
you felt like that?

- What happened?

- Reality.

I was starting an entry
position at Broadhill and

he wanted me to stay,
which was sweet,

but he wanted me to give
it all up, and I just,

I couldn't, so,

I left and clearly lived
happily ever after.

Such memories, wow.

- Well, it looks like
you've inherited something.

- Please, please,
please, I have no desire

for bedazzled
shirts and trinkets.

- What about a house?

- Shut up.

- Any desire to
inherit one of those?

- She,

she, she left me her, her house?

My God!

My God, thank you.

This is like, this is amazing,

this is like the answer
to all of my prayers.

I mean, this is.

- It comes with a dog.

- Her dog?

- Mister, he's seven,
he comes with the house.

- Well, I can't, I
mean, you know we can't,

we can't have a dog.

I mean, Aubrey's
terrified of dogs,

so that's not gonna work,
but I'll just, I'll figure,

I'll figure that out, I'll
find a way to figure that out.

- Diane, slow down.

- But the house,

I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm
gonna make this work, okay?

I mean, this, this is amazing,
I mean, this is, this.

- There are stipulations.

- What, what are
you talking about?

- Well, you must actually
live there for a year.

- A year?

- Before you can sell it,

with the dog.

- Come on, that's ridiculous.

- Well, you don't
have to take it.

It says in the letter
that if you are unwilling,

or unable to accept the house,

then it goes to the
historical society,

but you must find
a home for the dog.

What's a year?

- 12 months.

- Just look at it as
a year-long contract.

You said you liked
being there, right?

And you need some
time away from LA.

Who knows?

You may just look up that
old flame again, Luke.

- I'm not moving.

- Guys, it's just for a
year, that's it, for a year.

- You can't make me, I'm 19.

- That is very true, honey.

I, I can't legally
make you do anything.

But, honey, where
are you gonna live?

- I'll stay here.

- That, that can't work,

'cause I have to
sublease the house.

- Why are you doing this?

I mean, this is
absurd, even for you.

- Look, girls, come on.

I mean, this is, this is
what Aunt Hilly wanted.

- I don't know why I can't
just stay here alone.

- Are you, are you
gonna pay the bills?

The mortgage, and, and the
internet, and the cable?

Because I, I certainly can't.

- Then I'm gonna
go live with Dad.

- Do we have to go?

- Yeah, honey, yeah, we do.

- Can I take my stuffed animals?

- Honey, of course,
of course you can.

- Okay, I'll go with you.

- Kiddo.

You're the best.

It'll go by super fast, okay?

I hope.

- Hey, Dad, um, okay, so I
should be all packed up by 12.

What time are you
comin' to get me?

But I could help.

Yeah, okay.

I understand.

Hey, listen, um, Dad?

Can I, can I,
talk to you later?

Yeah, I love you, too.

- Hey, honey,
what are you doin'?

- Dad said I should go with you.

Dad said Marissa and him are
too busy with the new house

and that I can maybe
come in a couple months.

- Okay,

why don't you bring me
what you want to take

to South Carolina and just
put storage on the rest?

I'm, happy you're comin',

even if it's just
for a little while.

Okay, I'm gonna need
somebody to help me navigate.

- Whatever.

- Can I help?

I'm really glad
you're coming, Andy.

- He didn't put up much
of a fight, did he?

- Of course not.

Look, he just, he thinks
they're better off with me and,

you know, he's right.

- You know he's not
sending for her.

- I know, but, look, I,

I don't wanna ruin that
illusion for her, you know?

I mean, he was, you know
he was never there for me,

like he's gonna
be there for her.

I can't expect that.

- You're a survivor,

and you're gonna
get through this.

- Yes.

- And when all else fails,

there is nothing that a massage

and a glass of red
wine can't fix.

- So true,

so true.

♪ Wherever the wind blows

♪ That's where I'm gonna go

♪ Wherever it takes me

♪ That's where I wanna be

♪ Got to be, got to be

♪ Got to be, got to believe

♪ Got to see to believe

♪ Got to be, got to be

♪ Got to be, got to believe

♪ Got to see to believe

♪ Out on the open road

♪ To a destiny unknown

♪ The future, it unfolds

♪ The story that I'm told

- I can already feel
my arteries clogging.

What do you wanna bet their
specials are shot fresh daily?

- Stop it, give it a chance.

I'm sure they have salads.

- How sure?

- 65%.

- Thought so.

- I'm starving.

- Go ahead, kiddo.

Go ahead, sweetheart.

After you, your highness.

- People are staring at us.

- Honey, smile
and be polite.

- Relax, you guys,
it's just tourists.

Stop staring.

Welcome, hello, ladies.

I said stop staring!

Did you bring your appetite?


Okay, let's get you to a table,

get some nice food in you
before you waste away, come on.

Da, da, I'm Penny.

Can I start you all off
with something to drink?

- Do you have
chocolate soy milk?

- Now what kind of cow do
you suppose that comes from?

- It's not from a cow.

- I have regular ol' milk
from a regular ol' cow.

I have chocolate in the back.

I could maybe jerry-rig you
up somethin', I don't know.

- She'll
just take some water.

Is that fine?

- All right.

And you, madam?

- Do you have any
fresh-pressed juices?

- I have apple juice,

and I have orange juice.

- Fresh pressed?

- I'm pretty sure they
were once upon a time, yes.

- We'll just take,
two unsweet teas, please.

- Organic?

Or will Lipton do?

- Lipton is fine.

- You got it,
I'll be right back.


I see you, Melvin.

Don't you get me in trouble
with Miss Gloria now.

- Always tryin' to steal
a piece before dinner.

- Well, this is,
this is a cute place?

Sweetheart, get used to it.

Like it or not, this is your
life for the next 12 months.

- Three tops, I'm going to
live with Dad, remember?

- Right, three
months and counting.

- Yeah, a water for
the little lady.

- Thank you.

- Two unsweet teas
for these fine ladies.

Now it's time for the
obligatory inquisition.

Where y'all from?

- Los Angeles.

- What?

My gosh.

No wonder, that's why
y'all are so pretty.

This one's a supermodel.

So what brings you to Marion,

besides my Michelin-rated food?

- Actually, we are,
we're relocating.

- Here?

- Yeah.

- Well if you don't
mind my sayin' so,

this isn't really a town
that people move to.

- Yeah, it, um, it actually
wasn't really part of my plan.

- Our plan.

- We, we actually
inherited a house.

- I see.

Well, welcome.

- Thank you.

- I'll give you another
minute with the menus.

I'll be right back.

Hey, where exactly
is your family home?

- Um, Palmetto Lane.

- Palmetto Lane?

- Yeah, my, my Aunt
Hilly has this,

this beautiful home there.

- Well if you
don't mind my asking,

when was the last
time that you visited

ol' Miss Hillary's place?

- Probably, 20 years
ago, or something like that.

- 20 years?

Okay, good stuff.

- What was that all about?

- This is
what we left LA for?

- Looks like the
Haunted Mansion.

- Are you Diane?

- Yeah.

- Great, I'm with
Tuttle & Tuttle.

Here are the keys
to your new life.

Here's your new responsibility.

- It's okay, honey.

- He's so cute.

Can we keep him?

- We have no choice.

- What a surprise.

- It's okay, honey.

- Yuck.

- You can say that again.

Not much better in here.

- What a mess.

- Well, maybe we should,
find a store,

get some cleaning supplies.

Sound good?

♪ Same, same,
things are the same

♪ Change, change,
and so we change

♪ Let's start
leading the way today

♪ Today, today, today

♪ Loud, loud, making it loud

♪ Out, out, sending it out

♪ Shocks sprayed into the ground

♪ And down, and down,
and down, and down

♪ We can get it, we can do it

♪ We can have it all

♪ Let's start,
start a revolution

♪ Let's start,
start a revolution

♪ Let's start,
start a revolution

♪ No-

♪ Jump, start
puttin' it in motion

♪ Make waves bigger
than the ocean

♪ We, we are the revolution

♪ No-

♪ Come on

♪ One, one, further we run

♪ One, one, until we've won

♪ Flying close to the sun

♪ Because, because,
because, because

♪ We can get it
- Aubrey, honey.

I don't think he'll bite.
♪ We can do it

♪ We can have it all
- I don't care.

♪ Let's start

♪ Start a revolution

- Order's up.

- You are working today.

So slow, who knew?

- You would be lost without me.

- Kind of true, he's cute.

- Run while you can.

- Trust me, I don't
keep Jorge around

'cause of how speedy he is.

- It's because of
how cute he is.

- 'Cause he's super cute.

So how's stuff?

- Good, it's, you
know, it's goin', it's,

it's good.

- Did you finally
get to see Tara?

- When I say that I had no idea.

- Well, I'm never one
to spoil anyone's fun.

Look, if I can help you
in any way, I'm happy to.

- Thank you.

- Yeah.

- Actually, you don't
happen to know anybody

who's hiring in the area,
'cause this paper is no help.

- Who's lookin'?

- I am.

- Are you lookin' for
anything in particular?

I mean, it is a small town,
so pickin's are kinda slim.

- No, I'm not, not
too picky anyway.

- How do you feel
about waiting tables?

We could always use
another hand around here

during those busy
breakfast and lunch hours.

- Really?

- Absolutely.

- Um, wow, I haven't
waited tables since,

since high school.

I'm sure it's like,

I'm sure it's like
riding a bike, right?

- Just like riding a bike.

If that bike were wobbling
and had a clown horn, yes.

Can you start tomorrow?

- Yes, I can, thank you.

- Yay, done deal.

- I'm Diane.

- I know, small
towns have big ears.

- One, one last thing.

- Shoot.

- You wouldn't happen to
know anybody who would hire

a angsty teenager, would ya?

- Angsty teenager.

Well, I would, but we have
Jorge the angsty teenager.

- Sweet.

- You know what, she
should go talk to Luke

at the furniture store.

- Luke?

Hunky, strapping guy, good
with his hands, single,

you know him?

- Yeah, actually, I do.

- I knew that too.

Small towns.

- Good luck, sweetheart.

I love you so much.

- Doubt it.

- You break
it, you bought it.

- I was just looking.

- You were touching.

There's a difference.

- How would you know?

You're staring at your book.

I saw that,

nose ring.

- Hey, Troy, would you get
your feet off my counter?

You must be Andrea?

- How do you know?

- Small town.

I'm Luke, and this
hard-workin' fella is Troy.

- This is your shop?

- It is indeed.

I heard you're
lookin' for a job.

- More like
told I needed one.

- I see.

Well, it's just been me
and him here for a while,

but we seem to be doin' okay,

but Troy's gonna be gone in
a year, so it might be nice

to have a third set
of hands around here.

You ever have a job before?

- No.

- Not surprising.

- Never hired or?

- No, just never
needed one, I guess.

- Well, as you can see,

we could use some
organizing around here,

if you think that's
something you could do.

- I'd expect you to be on time,

and let me know if
you're gonna be late.

Pay is minimum,

but I'll split commission
on anything you sell.

- Hey, don't I
get a say in this?

- Yeah, yeah, as soon as you
pay some bills around here.

Can you start now?

- Do I need a
uniform or anything?

- No, we keep it pretty
casual around here.

You're fine just
the way you are.

- Minus the nose ring.

- Troy will
show you the ropes.

Happy to have you, Andrea.

Back to work.

- Hey, honey, how'd it go?

- Fine, how'd it go with you?

- Good.

So, are we a dual
income family now?

- Whatever that means.

- Yeah, woohoo, first job,
congratulations, sweetheart.

- Yes, honey,
congratulations, love.

- And how 'bout those boys,
aren't they kinda dreamy?

Aren't they kinda dreamy?

Luke has had Troy
help him in the shop

ever since he was young.

He's really like a
second father to him.

- That's sweet.

Where's his real dad?

- Well, we don't know.

Luke knew his mom years before
and they dated a little bit.

People thought that
they might get married,

but you know I always thought
that they were probably

just really good friends.

And then one day she just up
and left with some guy she met,

only came back to drop Troy
off with his grandparents.

I haven't seen her since.

- That's sad.

- But you know what?

His grandparents have
done a great job with him.

He graduates from
college next year.

He's cute and smart.

- Ooh.

- Mommy, I'm hungry.

- Sweetie, why didn't
you say something earlier?

You remember when we
were back by the food?

You know what, I'd be happy
to go fix you guys something

at your place.

- That's nice.

- I'll meet you back
at your place in a bit?

- Sounds good.

- Good eats, I mean,
if I do say so myself.

It was really good.

- It was very, very good.

Thank you so much for cooking.

- My pleasure.

Okay, they look content.

- They
do, don't they?

- Must be all this,
fresh Southern air.

- Ooh, careful there.

You stay stuff like that,
you ain't never gonna leave.

I doubt that.

- No, we'll see.

Well, I should probably go

before I turn into a pumpkin.

Who am I kidding?

You know what I'm
gonna do tonight?

I'm gonna watch a marathon
of good old-fashioned

cheesy romance movies.

- That sounds perfect.

- All right?

- Yes.

- And then cry myself to sleep.

- Thank you so much
for everything, really.

- You are so welcome.

- I'll go grab your stuff.

- Okay, but just my bag.

You leave those adult
beverages for the next time.

- You got it.

- Well hey there, Mister.

How are you doin'?

Are you takin'
care of the girls?

- Why is his name Mister?

- Well, 'cause he's a boy,

and I think 'cause your old
Aunt Hilly did have plans

for some other kind of
name that never happened,

so he's just Mister.

- Here ya go.

- Thank you.

- What are y'all talkin' about?

- Y'all?

- Y'all.

- I did it.

- You said that.

- I see you're not
running away from him anymore.

- No, I guess I'm
getting used to him.

- Now will you believe me
that not all dogs bite?

- I guess so, but I'm
not sleeping with him.

- Okay, my love,
one step at a time.

- Ooh, what are
we talkin' about?

- She, she got bit by
a dog when she was seven,

and she's been deathly
afraid ever since.

This is the closest I've
ever seen her to one.

- Well, you know what?

If anyone can melt
anyone's heart,

it's Mister.

All right, sweetheart,
I'll see ya tomorrow.

You know what
you need to do?

You need to go reintroduce
yourself to Luke tomorrow,

and have him fix that door.

Because, my word, people
can hear you comin' and goin'

in Savannah!

- Goodnight.

- Goodnight.

- Hello.

- Sorry, ma'am, we're closed.

- The door, actually,
was unlocked, so I just.

- Well, I guess we're
not quite closed then.

How can I help you?

- Luke.

- That's me.

- You probably don't
even remember me, but.

- DJ Montgomery.

- Yeah.

Wow, I haven't
heard that name in,


- Diane Janet's always
been a mouthful for me.

- Lawrence, it's
Diane, DJ Lawrence now.

Andrea is,
she's my daughter.

Thank you, thank
you, by the way.

- For what?

- For, for hiring her.

I mean, I know she
can be a bit of a,

a handful, if you will,

but hopefully she's been
at least respectful.

Okay, that's,

that's all I wanted
to say was just hi,

and, thank you, so.

- I'd ask you how you've been,

but I imagine you've
been a lot of things

since the last time I saw you.

It's been a while.

- Yeah.

Yeah, it's,

been a while.

You look like life
has been good.

- If you mean since the
last time you left town,

never to be seen or
heard from again,

yeah, I'd say
good's about right.

- Right, well, um, this
was a good, good talk.

If Andrea ever gives you
any problems or anything,

you, you come talk to me.

- Why didn't you call?

- Come on, honestly,

after the way that
we left things,

I didn't think that you would

ever want to hear
from me again, so.

- Well,

I'm still here.

- Goodnight.

- Thanks
for driving me home.

- Mister.

Hey, old boy, hey, Mister.

It's been a long time.

- He knows you?

- Yeah.

He and I go way back.

Your aunt used to take him
pretty much everywhere she went.

- Got ya.

How was your day, love?

- Good talk.

- That must be the door.

- You can hear it?

- Yeah, I can hear it.

I think everybody could hear it.

Should be an easy fix though.

I'll, um, I'll go grab my tools.

- Okay, awesome, I'll be
inside getting the girls fed.

If you need anything,
just let me know.

- You know, water might be nice.

Unless you have some of that.

- Strawberry lemonade?

As if I forgot, come on now.


- Hey.

- How's it goin' out here?

You almost done?

- I think so.

It is a 100-year-old door,

so it still makes
a little noise,

but it's gonna retain
some of the personality

it's gained along the way.

- That's all right.

- I could hang you a new one.

- But it's gonna cost you
more than some lemonade.

- It's fine the way
it is, thank you.

You, you hungry?

- Yeah, I'm starving

- Yeah?

Do you, do you want me to
make you a little something?

- When did you
learn how to cook?

- Just so you know,

I learned a few things
while I was away.

- Cooking being one of them.

I'll get you a refill.

- Wow.

That is impressive.

- Enjoy.

You know you don't have
to eat it all in one bite?

- I'm sorry, I'm hungry.

- No, please, I've never
seen somebody so eager

to eat one of my meals before.

- And this strawberry lemonade
is better than I remember it.

- Well, I'm hoping that you'll,
take that as a payment.

- Really not sure I'm
worth all this trouble.

- Well, there is plenty of
work to be done around here,

if you feel like you're at
all taking advantage of me.

- Is that right?

- Yes, that's right.

There are lists,

very, very long lists.

It seems like my aunt,

didn't get around to doing
much around here, so.

- I mean, this is good.

I'm not sure that it's
long-list good, but.

What's it like

being back here?

- How is it being here?


it's good.

Honestly, I didn't realize
how much I missed it.

- Yet you somehow
stayed away until now.

All right, all right,
all right, I'll stop.

I'll just...

- Yeah, just go ahead
and shove another

piece of food in that
big mouth of yours.

- DJ.

- DJ,

DJ, God, that brings
back so many memories.

- Yeah?

Where'd they go?

- Who knows, I don't know.

Buried, I guess, under
cities and kids and jobs

and ex-husbands.

- What, you got more
than one of those?

- No, no, just one, just one.

What about you,
any, ex-wives?

Formerly, currently?

- Nope, single as they come.

- Well, my sources tell
me, my very good sources,

that you actually almost
got married when I left.

- Yeah, we were more
like friends though.

And, yes, I did date
other women after you.

- How dare you?

Where is she now?

What's, what's she up to?

- Nashville, I think.

She met this guy
and left town right away,

and shortly after
she got pregnant

and she had these dreams of
becoming a country music singer

and didn't think
it was a good idea

to raise a child on the
road, so she brought him back

and left him with
her parents, and, um,

it started out to be a while,

but it seemed like a while
turned into permanent.

- Does she ever see him, or no?

- She did when he was younger,

but then things
would just happen,

you know, camp and school,

and Troy helpin' me out.

Then just, you know, he stopped
mentioning going to see her

after a while.

- Do they, do
they talk at, at all?

- Sometimes.

Yeah, um, to tell you the truth,

I can't understand why
someone wouldn't be stoked

to be a parent.

- I know, I know.

I agree.

Andrea came, a
little earlier in life

than I really wanted,
but, you know,

I just thought I'd
have a little more time

before I had the
responsibility of having kids,

but honestly I wouldn't, I
wouldn't change it for anything.

Except for maybe
when she's being a.

- Teenager?

- Yes, exactly.

- Is the dad in
the picture at all?

- You know, when it's
convenient for him.

You know how it goes.

- How often does
she talk to him?

- Maybe once a month.

Actually, she,
she thinks that

he's gonna be sending for her

and that she's gonna go back
to LA and live with him.

- No?

- I talked to
him a couple days ago.

He just is,

thinks she'd be
better off with me.

You know, so, what
am I gonna do?

- What?

Dad doesn't want me?

- Honey, I,
I didn't say that.

- But we had a deal.

I don't wanna stay here,
I wanna go live with him.

- Andrea.

- So Dad doesn't want
me and you never did?

- Honey, I, I never

said that.
- You know what?

Don't talk to me,
just leave me alone!

- Maybe I should go?

- No, stay.

- Yeah, I think I
should probably go.


- No, it's,

it's fine, it's fine.
- Let me get it.


If I see her on my way
home, I'll bring her back.

- It's all right.

I'll take a drive here in a bit.

Give her some time to cool off,

and or plot my death.

- You know, if you're
around tomorrow,

I can stop by and get
started on that list.

You're very sweet.

I was just, I was just teasing.

Really, I, I can handle it.

- I'm sure you probably could,

but it's okay to
ask for help, too.

- Yeah.

- Goodnight.

- Goodnight.

- Andrea,

can I talk to you for a sec?

- Am I in trouble?

- No.

Should you be?

No, I'm just kidding, I,

I feel terrible about last night

when you overheard
your mom and I talking,

and I just wanna
clear something up.

Your mom never said that
she didn't want you.

It's the opposite, in fact,
she loves you very much.

Now, it's not my thing to pry,

but what your mom did say to me

is that she always
wanted to be a mom,

and that she would be there
for you no matter what.

She's doing the best she can

in a really difficult situation.

And so are you.

So, the way I see it is you're
kind of in this together,

so you may just wanna ease
up on her a little bit.

Give her the benefit
of the doubt.

You only get one mom,

and the one you got is a
strong and amazing woman.

Guess that's where
you get it from.

- This is great.

Hey, Luke, you got a
real good sale girl here.

- Yeah, she's
awesome, isn't she?

- She's good, thank you so much.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on.

Let me help you.

Where are we movin' this?

- Right over there.

- All right.

Wow, it is not light.

- Nope.

- How's that?

- Yeah.

- It's looking
really good in here.

- You don't mind?

- Not at all, it looks like
you got a knack for it,

so by all means, but if you're
gonna move anything heavy,

let me now.

That is really heavy.

- Yeah.

- Look at him.


Your feet, get 'em off
my counter, thank you.

- Need any help?

- From you?

- I'm standing here, aren't I?

- All right, can you bring
that chair over here for me?

And just a little
bit further back.

- Here?

- Okay, actually, a
little to the left.

- Come on, I feel
like I'm dancing with

this thing.
- Okay, here.

- Okay?

- Yeah.

See, that wasn't so
difficult, was it?

I really love this chair.

- It's handmade.

- It's, it's great, I can't
believe it's still here.

- Well, no one seemed
to want to buy it,

so all those hours of hard
work were just a waste.

- What do you mean?

- I made this.

- Still like it.

I sold it.

- What are you talking about?

- I sold your chair.

I found a buyer who loved it

and wanted it
delivered right away.

- You're kidding.

Wow, I, I sold my first piece.

Thank you.

- You're welcome.

- Hey, I need to borrow
Troy for a minute.

We're gonna stop by
your mom's, Andrea,

and drop off that bench.

- Okay, sure.

Wait, wait, wait a minute.

That's my chair.

- Yeah.

Andrea bought it and
had me deliver it today.

She made me promise
not to tell you.

She's got a good heart.

Give her a chance.

Come on, push it.

- Yeah, okay.

- I'm gonna head to
the bank for a sec.

I'll be, I'll be right back.

- Okay.

- Okay.

- You kids
got this, right?

- It looks, really good.

You're actually pretty
good at decorating.

- Thank you.

- Hey, Andrea, Mom wants to
know if you're ready to go.

- Well, actually
Luke just left.

I should probably wait
until he comes back

to make sure it's okay I leave.

- You can go, or you
can wait, if you want.

We can give you a ride.

- You don't mind?

- No.

- Okay, um, Aubrey,

will you tell Mom I'll
see you in a little bit?

- Okay, bye.

- Hey, Andrea, I just saw your
sister and your mom leave.

- I said that
we'd give her a ride home.

- You did?

Well, we're goin' there anyway.

- We were?

- Yeah, your workday's
not over yet, son.

Why don't you grab your bag
from the back, lock it up,

and we'll head out.

Hey, Penny, what
a nice surprise.

- Hey.

- Let me give you
a hand with that.

- Handsome and helpful.

You stop tryin' to
woo me, Casanova.

Poor Jorge'll feel
all threatened.

Hey, kids!

Hey, Miss Penny!

- Anything I can help with?

- Nah, I'm gonna go
inside and try a new pie recipe.

- Everything okay?
- You got it.

Yeah, it's great.

- Yeah, you, ready
for me to crack that whip

on that list?

You think you can handle me?

It, the list, the list.

- I think so, yeah, to both.

- You don't know anything?

That's sad.

- I know.

- What kind of upbringing
do you have if you?

- You did, I heard you.

- Did the bamboo garden survive?

- Yeah, it did, it did,

and it looks, it looks amazing.

- Really?

- Yeah, it does,
do you wanna see it?

- Yeah, love to.

- Come on.

- Remember how much time we
spent out here that last summer?

- Yeah.

Of course, how could I forget?

I mean, look at this
place, it's magical.

It's like being in a, in
another world, you know?

- I guess that's
why we came out here

almost every single night.

- Probably.


I never did forget about you.

I thought about you
from time to time,

but where does that get anybody,

except knee deep in regret, so.

- Come on, I mean, in
hindsight we were still young

and had no idea what the
world was gonna throw at us.

Guess I shouldn't
have gotten so serious on ya

so fast.

I mean, who really knows what
they want right outta college?

- I thought I did, but it was,

it was rough.

I, I kinda, I
kinda missed you

a lot, and I,

and I cried a lot, and I drank
numerous bottles of wine,

if that makes you
feel any better.

- Yeah, a little bit.

- Good, glad I can help
the cause.

- I knew you were big city,

and I was too
small town for you.

It took a while, I mean,
maybe it took a long while,

but I knew you wouldn't be happy

until you made something
of yourself out there.

Looks like you did a good job.

- I, I don't
know about all that.

- I do.

I'm proud of you.

I figured I'd never
see you again,

and then really nice surprise
to see and your daughters

go walkin' by my shop that day.

I would recognize you anywhere.

Still got them same brown eyes

that kinda flicker
yellow in the light.

That smile,

your hair's a little
different, but

I'd know you anywhere, DJ.

- Hey, Mom, there you are!

Didn't we get some ice cream?

We can't find it.

- I have to go.

♪ One, two, three, four

♪ Hold on

♪ Something big is coming

♪ Like a lightning bolt

♪ A lightning bolt

♪ In this bright light
- Gotcha.

♪ Illuminates the way

♪ To a brand-new place

♪ A brand-new day

♪ I don't know what to expect

♪ But we'll never be the same

♪ Let me know whatever
you're feelin'

♪ You and I, pretty
soon we'll be sailin'

♪ Through a colorful world

♪ Through a colorful world

♪ Here we go

♪ And it's just the beginning

♪ Yeah, you and
me we're spinning

♪ Through a colorful world

- Ooh, that looks great.

♪ Hold on

♪ Wild winds are blowin'

♪ And it's changing me

♪ I like what I see

♪ Flying

♪ Proving nothing is impossible

♪ 'Cause this is our time

- Wha?

- Brr, it's cold out there.

- Yes.

- I used to live in the South,

but I don't remember
days as cold as this.

- Wow, Henry.

To say that this
is a surprise is,

is a, is an
understatement for sure.

- Well, I just, I've never
pictured you as a country girl.

- Right?

And, look at me now, Henry.

- My, this certainly
is quite the change

from your office in Los Angeles.

- Yeah.

Yeah, it is.

- Diane, I'm just gonna
cut right to the chase.

I miss ya, I want ya back.

I, I need ya back.

Gosh, that didn't
sound near as needy in my head.

But, um, anyway, there it is.

What I meant to say is, will
you please come back and,

and handle my account?

It's just, it's not
the same without you.

Henry, no offense,

but a man just doesn't
get my point of view.

And, Diane, you and I were
so in sync with each other.

Until, of course, we weren't.

Um, but I have no doubt
we can get back on track.

- What, wow, the,
surprises keep coming.

Wow, um,

and Matheson?

- Matheson will return to
serving his former clients,

and you in return can begin
handling Georgia's again.

- Okay.

- Yes, you really
must come back, Diane.

I'm just not willing to
go any longer without you.

- I'm, I am so flattered
that you guys took the time,

and you flew all the way
out here, but, you know,

surprising as it is,

but the phones
actually do work here.

You could've just called.

- There's nothing like
a good face-to-face.

- Yes, I agree, Henry.

- I, I just, I can't really,

can't really leave right now.

My, my girls, they're,
they're finally settled,

and Aubrey's halfway
through the school year.

It's just.

In all transparency, I
probably can't leave until May.

- No, no, no, no, no.

I, I mean, yes, ideally I was
hoping you would come back

with us now, and I, I guess I
could wait a couple of weeks

for you to get your things
in order, but months?

- We were really hoping
that you'd be able

to come back with us and
begin the fall campaign

right after the beginning of
the new year, at the latest.

- I, I just, I need, I
need some time, guys.

- Sure, sure, take
all the time you need.

- Diane, seriously?

Is there much to
really think about?

I guess there's nothing
to discuss further.

Diane, lovely to see you.

I look forward to more.

Shall we, Henry?

- We're driving to
Charleston tonight,

and we're heading back to
the office tomorrow morning,

if you change your mind.

Diane, I don't need to tell you

how much this means to everyone.

- I'll let you know.

- Don't worry, everything
same as before.

- Same?

I don't know if
that's gonna work.

You hear what she said.

She needs me.

- We'll talk.

- Will we?

- Yeah.

Take care, it's good
seeing you again.

It'd be great to have you back.

- You too, Henry.

Wow, this is,

this is an awesome surprise.

- Well, I don't
mind doing dishes,

and I know you've been
working really hard, so.

- I appreciate that.

Honey, are,

are you happy here?

- What do you mean?

- You and Aubrey, are you,

are you girls happy
here in Marion?

- Well, Aubrey could be
living anywhere and be happy.

- That is very true.

She seems to
absolutely love Mister.

He's, he sleeps
with her now,

which is amazing.

- Honestly, it's not
as bad as I thought.

I mean, I like
working at the store,

and the people are so nice here.

And, you know, Francis
Marion University

is just down the street.

I was thinking of
starting to take classes.

- Wow, honey, that
would, that would be amazing.

That's awesome.

Why the, why
the change of heart?

- Well, we seem
like a family now.

I mean, before it didn't
really seem like you cared,

but that's all really changed.

- I have always cared
about you, okay?

I know I didn't
always do the,

most amazing job in the
world of showing it.

But no matter what,

I will always, always love you.

The most important
thing to me in the world

is that you and your
sister are happy.

- I do miss LA, but I, I
really like it here, too.

- Yeah, it's not,

I definitely see what you mean.

- That's the laundry.

- Wait, pinch me.

You, you did the, laundry?

- Yeah.

- My God, you're
amazing, thank you.

- Mom,

I'm sorry for being
so angry with you

and blaming you for the divorce.

I know Dad never
really treated you well

and I'm really sorry.

- Honey, honey,

that's okay, really,
I am just so happy

that you're not
angry with me now.

I love you.

- I love you too, Mom.


- Who are you?

What have you done
with my daughter?

- Well there's a
good-looking couple.

What are you two
lovebirds doing today?

- We're just here for some
of your amazing coffee

to go.

- I'll, I'll get it for
you, I know the way you like it.

♪ I can't wait

♪ To watch the
sunrise on your face

♪ And I can't wait

- I'll get it.

♪ To spend each
waking hour with you

♪ And when it's late

♪ Burn a candle

- Hi, Miss Bianca.

- Hey, pretty girl.

Well, you look
pretty in that dress.

- Thank you.

- And a crazy dog.

- Come on.

- Hey, B!

- Hey, you.

- I wanted you to see
that I'm so happy you're here.

Y'all, Bianca's here.

- Y'all?

- Ssh, ssh, I didn't say that.

- Guess what I found?

- What?

- I think I found a loophole

in the one-year
stipulation on this place.

- You're kidding me.

- After reviewin' the will,

now, it says that you must
live in the house any time

within the next year.

It did not specify you
livin' here a whole year.

Now, am I your girl, or what?

Now, come on, what's the plan?

- Honestly, I, I
don't know what to do.

I mean, the girls, they're just,

they're so settled
here right now,

but then Henry comes and
offers me this incredible raise

and a partnership track.

It just, I
don't know what to do,

and he wants to
know by next week.

- What decision
is there to make?

Come on, you actually
like staying here?

- Well, I'd be lying if I said
going back to didn't give me

some kind of comfort,
I mean, it's my home.

- But?

- This feels like home, too.

- And what about the
incredible Hulk in there

washin' dishes,

- Luke, yeah.


he's amazing,

and things are really.

- Heating up?

- Yeah, yeah, I think so.

B, I, I haven't felt this
way in such a long time.

He helped me fix up this
house and the girls,

they just, they
love him, you know?

And it's,

like, I can't help but be
attracted to him, like,

even though I try not to
be as hard as I can, I am.

It's like we're
magnets, you know?

But then on the other hand,

this was just supposed
to be temporary.

I don't wanna hurt him again.

- And?

- And now I am totally
and utterly confused.

- Hey, you ladies need
anything from the kitchen?

- Actually, I'm gonna
go, um, check on Aubrey.

I, put her to
bed a while ago.

- I'll help.

- B, if you
want some more wine,

there's some right over there.

- Don't worry about
me, I'll be just fine.

- DJ.

It is not like me to make
big overtures like this,

but I'm just gonna do it anyway.

I've tried to stay
away from you, DJ,

but I just can't.

I don't want you to go.

I want you to stay
here, be with me.

- Luke.

- We're happy here.

You're happy here.

We could make a life
and be happy together.

I mean, I could take care
of you and the girls.

We would, we would take
care of each other.

Come on, let's
finally live the life

we were always meant
to live together.

- Do you know I haven't
felt this way in, my God,

such a long time, maybe,

okay, never.

- Then stay.

I love you, DJ,

and I know you love me, too.

I already lost you once,

I don't think I
could do that again.

- I do, I do, I love you.

This was just,

this was just supposed
to be temporary.

- Things change.

- I know, and they have.

You are,

you are so, so, so
incredibly special to me,

to my girls,

and I don't, I don't,

I don't, I don't wanna
lose you again either, but.

- But?

- Just, I, I can't be a waitress

for the rest of my life.

I, I have a career that
I worked so hard for.

You've no idea, and Henry,
he just gave me this raise

with this partnership
track and I,

I mean, I can't just
throw all that away,

because I, I have a boyfriend.

- Is that all this is
to you, is a fling?

- No, no, no, no,
that's, that's not,

that's not what I meant at all.

Okay, that's not...
- 'Cause to me,

you're someone that I wanna
spend the rest of my life with.

And, what, what was I to you?

Someone just to fix
things around the house,

or to pass the time with?
- God, no.

- Until you get around to doing

what you always do.
- No, no, no.

- Is that it?
- My God,

it is so not like that.

I never said that.

Look, please, I just,

you have to understand I'm just,

I'm just, I'm confused, okay?

I don't know what.

- You're gonna leave.

That's what you always do.

You did it that summer,

and you're doing it again.

- I'm just, I'm just confused.

I don't.
- Right.

No, you don't know, you
don't know what you want?

- No, no, I.

- Let me make this
easy for you, DJ.


Goodbye for good.

- Georgia, actually,
I just got the prints.

Yeah, how 'bout I
take a look at them,

and I'll get back to
you, does that work?

Okay, great, okay,
talk soon, bye.

What's next?

Please, please,
please say nothing.

- Well, you need to leave in 10

if you're gonna make
it to your appointment,

and a Penelope G's on line two.

- Penelope G?

- She said you worked
with her a while back.

- Hi, this is Diane.

- Hey, Hollywood, it's
you're old friend Penny.

- Penelope G?

- Well, you know, I use Penelope
when I'm doin' business.

- It took me almost
40 years to find myself,

and about four months
to lose my mind.

Why did I ever
leave you guys?

- You know what, we're
wonderin' the very same thing,

and we miss you.

- Honey, I
miss you guys, too.

- All right, all
right, enough chitchat.

I have some business
to talk to you about.

- Okay, okay, hit me with it.

- The board of
tourism around here

is lookin' to make Marion County

the go-to springtime
destination of the South,

and they're looking for a new

economic developmental director,

and that job is yours.

I mean, if you want it.

Of course these things are
best discussed face-to-face.

- Hey, actually, can
I call you right back?

- Well, all
right, call me back.

- Okay, send everybody my love.

- So how's it feel to be back?

- It's, it's insane.

- Well, if anybody can
handle it, it's you, right?

- Five minutes.

- Looks like I caught
you in the thick of things,

so I'll be brief.

Georgia wants to meet
tonight for a working dinner.

- I can't.

- What?

- I have plans, in fact,

if I don't get outta
here I'm gonna be late,

and I can't be late.

- This is Georgia
we're talkin' about.

The woman doesn't know the
meaning of the word no.

- You're the boss.

You'll figure it out.


Hi, Mister.


Hey, Squeaks.

- You're late, Lady.

- Three minutes, kid.

- Well, come on.

- Come on, you heard her.

- I made the grilled cheese.

- Helped.

- It's perfect for
a night with my girls.

Honey, are you, are you okay?

Do you have to go
to the bathroom?

Go ahead.

- No.

- Then why are you so wiggly?

- 'Cause of your surprise.

- Shh!

- What surprise?

- Hope you don't mind
me crashing your dinner,

or should I say two
little birds told me

that you were pretty miserable.

- Two little birds, I see.

Wonder who they were.

So, you, you just felt
bad for little ol' me?

- Not at all.

I was actually quite happy when
I heard you were miserable.

- Thank you very much.

- Listen,

I'm sorry that I left
you the way I did.

- It's okay.

We're even.

- I wasn't trying to get even.

- Okay, not in
front of the kids, please.

- Let's just promise to never
leave each other again, okay?

- Okay.

- Okay.

- There's only one way
to really guarantee

that we'll stick to it.


will you marry me?

- Are you serious?

- I am not kidding.

I want you to marry me.

- Yes, yes.

Dear Henry, it's been
an honor to work for you

for the past 20 years.

You have been a great
mentor and friend to me,

and I am so grateful for
my time at the agency,

but there comes a time
when one must move on

and begin a new chapter in life,

and for me that time is now.

You suggested that
I take a break

to figure out what
I wanted in life,

and I did.

With that in mind, I,

I must give you my resignation.

Please don't worry
about Georgia.

Sarah, my assistant, can
handle things from here on.

I've been training Sarah
and while, yes, she's,

she's green, she's been
my exceptional right hand

for the last couple years,

and she knows it all
backwards and forwards.

In time, I think
she'll prove to you

that she can be the
next version of me.

She's young, hungry, and
ready to take on the world.

For me, it's time to
start enjoying that world.

So, thank you for
everything, Henry.

All my best to you and
my now former colleagues

at Broadhill.

And if you ever find yourself
back in South Carolina,

stop by, just not
with any job offers,

and definitely not
with Georgia again.

And P.S. don't forget to
call your mother on Sunday.

It's Mother's Day.