Sweet Autumn (2020) - full transcript

Aunt Dee splits her candy shop between her niece, Maggie, and maple farmer, Dex. Following letters Dee left, the two uncover the reason for her decision, during the Sweet Autumn festival.

by VaVooM

You're doing great, Maggie,
we're almost all done.

How are you gonna fit a whole
festival in your front yard?

Well, hopefully one
day it'll be big enough

to spread across town
and into my candy shop.

But for now, this is
what we call a trial run.

What's a trial run?

Well, sometimes when you
wanna try something big,

you have to start small.

You know what else is small?

Did I say you could
have one before lunch?

You didn't say I couldn't?

Where's your sister?


Aunt Dee, look what I found.

Cool, what is it?

It's a music box, my
parents gave it to me.

You wanna hear it?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Listen, girls,
this is my favorite.

Come on, guys, let's
get the blueberry pie.

I'm sorry, I'm late, there's
endless calls this morning.

So she here yet?

Not yet.

So tell me again, why
are we meeting her here?

Like I told you I got some Intel

and this is her favorite
bistro in Minneapolis

and she's all about
local business, right?

So what better place
to close the deal

than her favorite
local restaurant?

That is good thinking.

And it's a beautiful day.

Here comes Ella.

This is it.

Don't look so excited.

Why not? I spent three months
putting this deal together.

Investment brokers are supposed
to have a good poker face.

Where exactly in the investor
manual does it say that?

- Hi, hi Ella.
- Hi.

I'm so sorry I'm late.

My sister just went into
labor, I'm gonna be an aunt.


Thank you.

I hope I haven't kept
you waiting long.

Not at all, family
comes first, right?


Should we start?


So you know how thrilled I am

to be expanding Ella's Pumpkin
Patch from small town store

to big time franchise.

And our investors
are chomping at the bit

to bring Ella's two-bite
pumpkin pies to the world

if you'll pardon
the terrible pun.

It is gonna be quite a ride.


Inventory is my job, Dex

plus it gives me a chance
to snack while I work.


We both know you're not.

Doesn't the farm
keep you busy enough?

You're doing a charade to
distract yourself, aren't you?

I'm doing extra work because
the festival starts tomorrow.

So it has nothing
to do with Heather?

What? What are you talking...?

No, Heather and I didn't
even date long enough

for me to need a distraction.

Dex, and I say
this as your friend,

you can be a closed book.

What's that mean?

It means you're as bottled up

as that maple syrup
from your farm.

Which makes me super
sweet on the inside.

Oh, you got jokes today?

Yeah, I do.

Seriously though,
you doing all right?

Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

And you know what?
Inventory is your job.

And don't eat them.

We know what a local
successor pies are

and your pumpkin pudding.

We have franchise expansion,
there's also product expansion.

Pumpkin coffee, pumpkin candles.

- Cereal, cider.
- Popcorn, pretzels,

even pumpkin spice puppy treats.

You've really
thought of everything.



But this company,

it's been in my family
since the early 1930s

when my great grandmother, Ella,

started it in her tiny kitchen

and more or less sustained that
way until, well, until now.

Look, I know
exactly what you mean.

My Aunt Dee raised both my
sister and I since we were kids

and I practically grew
up in her candy store

back in Vermont.

So you'll understand, then,

when I think of
adding more locations

and large scale equipment.

Well, it just doesn't quite
feel like our family business.

What's happening?

I can't believe that
she just backed out

on the day that we're
supposed to close.

That's three months work.

What am I supposed to
tell Stuart and Nora?

Look on the bright side.

What bright side?

The Cobb salad was excellent.

Okay, that's funny.

Okay, we have to save this deal.

I will talk to Ella, I'm
sure she just needs more time.

This is a lot of
change to process.

Okay, you're doing
that Maggie thing again?

What Maggie thing?

That just have faith that
everything will be okay, thing.

We're doing the making me
feel guilty ex-boyfriend thing.

Okay, you got me there.

With some time
and a little nudge,

I think I can get her there.

Well, that's easy
for you to say,

you leave in the morning.

Only for a couple of days.

Okay, but I don't
know much longer

I can hold off the investors.

I will figure it out
as soon as I get back.

Have a maple bite.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.



I'm so glad you're back.

Six months after the funeral
as Aunt Dee instructed.

Part of her no tears policy.

That's right, smiles, memories

- and laughter.
- And laughter.

There you go, room for one more?

Eddie, my favorite

Still your only
brother-in-law, I hope.

The store looks great, you guys.

Did you tell her?

Don't worry, I'll tell her.

Jody is taking over
Aunt Dee's position

as festival director.

What? That's so exciting.

You are the perfect
person for that.

- Really, you think?
- Of course.

I don't know, I'm
just a little nervous.

You can totally do it.

You can probably do it.

It's not easy filling
Aunt Dee's shoes.

Well, she doesn't
want you to be her,

she wants you to be you
and you will be great.

Thanks sis.

And plus, I'll have a trusty
partner in crime this year.

Who's that?

You remember Dex?

Actually, no, I
don't remember Dex.

I remember Aunt Dee
talking about him,

I know he meant a lot to her.

I also remember him not
coming to the funeral.


Well, I know he would have been
there if he could have been

he's got a lot going on.

Okay, you are all stocked up.

This is my favorite
fringe benefit on this farm.

Hopefully have enough pancakes
to last you till Christmas.

They're just missing one thing.

Come on, Dad, it
doesn't my name on it,

tastes exactly the
same without it.

You work so hard bottling
these, take some credit.

Amy next door has
been begging me

if she can buy some off of you.

Amy can have some on the
house, it's just a side project.

Maybe it could be
more than a side project

if you'd stop trying to find
more things to do around here.

Speaking of which,

the combine the
cornfield blew a gasket.

I replaced it this afternoon.

Who needs a to-do list,

when you leave me
with nothing to do?

Hey, are you all right?

Why does everyone
keep asking me that?

Okay, well come by
for dinner tonight.

You've been doing so much
running around lately.

Dad, I gotta go to the courtyard

and put the lights
for the festival.

Come on, give me a chance
to beat you at dominoes.

All right, I'll
see you this evening.

So how was work?

You were so excited about
that pumpkin pie place deal.

Work is great.

Yeah, that's to look forward to.

Hey, are we still doing
the candy making contest

for the festival?

Are you serious?

I'm a judge this year.

What? That's so fun.

I just feel terrible,

I've missed it for the
last couple of years.

I've just been so...

Actually I have to take this,

I'm sorry, I'll be right back.

- No problem.
- No problem.

Hi it's
Jonathan, leave a message.

Of course.

Jonathan, it's Maggie.

Sorry, it's this guy that
is really loud and annoying.

I'm gonna have to call you back.

Need any help?

I'm good.

- It's a nice bike.
- Thanks.

- Is that a '66 Superhawk?
- Yeah.

Don't see many of those anymore.

I know.

Sounds like a bad spark plug.

It's not the plug.

It's just I know a
little about motorcycles.

Finicky fuel filter.

I was gonna say that second.

Yep, glad you got it fixed.

Well, thanks for your help.

You bet, bye.

You put out her motorcycle
jacket and helmet?

That is so perfect.

Look at all her reading glasses.

She was so adamant about spares.

We found spares in
every room of the house.

And in the candy shop.

I would find them in the
kitchen, next to the register

and shelves.

And spare pens everywhere.

All your tomorrows
depend on today.

That's a good one.

Is it just me or are these
maple bites getting better?

These are great.

I have that exact
photo on my apartment.

Hi, everyone, welcome to
Aunt Dee's will reading.

We're just waiting
on one more attendee.

But we all know how
punctual Aunt Dee was,

so I'd like to start.

Aunt Dee left as a video
version of her will

that she wanted
us to play today,

six months after her passing.

Hello, my dears.

How lovely to see
you here today.

I can already tell that a
few of you haven't adhered

to my no tears policy.

Jody, I'm looking at you.

Jody, stop blubbering,

a smile is a curve that can
set things straight, use it.

Anyway, just get on with it,

there's nothing more
boring than a will reading.

Who's that guy?

- That's Dex.
- That's Dex?

To my friend Ron,

I've only known you
for a couple of years

since you moved out
here from the Midwest.

But in some ways, I feel like
I've known you and your son

for a lifetime.

And so I leave you my
trusted motorcycle.

I know you'll give it
a fine and loving home.

You bet Dee.

Don't talk to the
TV, Ron, that's weird.

My nieces Maggie and Jody,
you've been like daughters to me.

I leave to you my home, filled
with the sweetest memories,

and spares of just
about everything else.

To my dear Jody, you'll
be delighted to know

that your antique store
is fully paid off.

You and Eddie are now
its official owners.

My life's work has
been my candy shop,

I'm so proud of that old place.

My wish is for it to evolve
along a path of positive growth.

There are two people who I trust

with the responsibility
of its ownership.

So I leave 50% of my candy
shop to my niece, Maggie

and the other 50%, hopefully
he's arrived by now,

I leave to Dex Walters.

Thank you all for
coming, I love you all.

This is the last one.

So many boxes.

You're telling me.

I've been looking
through her old photos

trying to find
that picture of us

from the very first festival.

I remember just that one
picture being taken on the day.

Oh you have to find that pic.

Hopefully it turns
up, before you leave.

Hey are you coming to
the festival kick off?

Of course.

Well Dex is about
to beat us there.

Right, cool motorcycle guy.

You know you two do
seem very buddy buddy.

Yeah, ever since he and his
dad moved into the maple farm,

a couple years ago, he's
been like a son to her

and so a friend to us.

What? He's fun and he's sweet.

Annoying, a tad abrasive.

I'm just surprised you
too hadn't met before.

Maybe I just wasn't
in town long enough.

No, he keeps pretty busy too.

I just don't understand

why she would leave me
half her business with him.

You know?

What am I supposed
to do with that?

I don't know, she doesn't
do anything by accident.

It's true.

Her music box.

There's gotta be a key in here.

I wish I could have
spent more time at home

over these last few years.

I just feel like I
missed out on so much.

Hey, Aunt Dee always
knew you were busy.

Busy is no excuse.

I just miss her.

Yeah, me too.

Now, come on.


Maggie, open each envelope

on the corresponding
day of the festival.

It is not too late for us to
spend the festival together.

Love, Aunt Dee.


Hey, Zach.

Yeah, we haven't been able
to go through Dee's office yet.

I get it.

- How are you?
- I'm good.

How long you are
you in town for?

Just a couple days.

Well, we're happy to have you.

I was about to take these
gift bags out to the courtyard.

Happy to help.

You're a guest here, please.

I got it, I got it,

I used to hand these out
back in the good old days.

The good old days?

It's just a little heavier
than they used to be.

There's a full bottles
of maple syrup in there.

- Syrup?
- Yeah.

You know what? Actually...

Why are you following me?

I want you to be
careful with it.

- I got it.
- You know what?

Let me have it, I can have it.

I got it, really.

You know, I'd like to
handle stuff like that

and you can enjoy the perks of
co-ownership from a distance.

I really prefer to be hands on.

Hi, guys take one.

You don't even know
the business like I do,

that's why I wanna buy you out.

You want what?

Smile for a kick-off photo.

You don't live here.

So I figured you'd
wanna buy out.

You don't...

We don't have the best history
with assumptions, buddy.

And if you wanna
know my thoughts,

I think that Aunt
Dee would want us

to take her brand nationwide,

which just so happens
to be my expertise.

This is a local brand,
this was built here.

Hello, welcome to the 30th
annual Sweet Autumn Fest

with fall treats and
activities all week long.

Please welcome this
year's co-host, Dex.

Thanks, Jody.

Hey, everyone, I will be
keeping Aunt Dee's spirit alive

this year with fall fling
and the candy making contest

coming up this Saturday.

So start thinking of your
new candy flavors now

because who knows?

Yours might be on the menu.

And while I'm up here,

I'd like to introduce
you to Aunt Dee's niece.

And co-owner.

And new co-owner, Maggie Murphy.

Thank Dex.

Thank you guys, it's so
good to see your faces

and it's so nice to be home.

We have got a lot of big
things planned for Aunt Dee's

and I cannot wait to explore
expanding her legacy together.

Aunt Dee's is fine
just the way it is,

- doesn't need any changes.
- Okay.


Well, everyone loves
her Maple bites.

That's my point.

She always talked about evolving
and expanding her legacy.

Well, that's what I do.

We could have a
bunch of Aunt Dee's.

Who owns the other 50%?

Well, that's the conundrum.

Convincing this guy to go
bigger is gonna be tough,

he wanted me to sell.

You do love a challenge.

Hey, you're not giving
up on Ella, are you?

I will bring you a deal
one way or another, okay?

Don't lose faith.

I will get on this
guy's good side,

I think I know his type.

Faith is where you shine,

you know that I live in reality.

It's good to hear you
laugh, how you been?

I'm good, it's nice to be home.

Yeah, I bet.

Let's get this done.

Okay, bye.

Slow down like molasses,

or in this case
like maple syrup.

Rediscover the sweet and
slow art of maple sugaring.

Now remember, spring
is tapping season

so we'll ensure that you guys

are all seasoned syrup
making experts by then.

Sap doesn't flow in the fall.

You might get a bead or two,

but it only comes in the spring.

So you wanna make sure that
you don't waste a drop.

He's right.

Thank you.

So a tree can produce
up to a gallon of sap

in the springtime.

Can anybody tell me how
many gallons of sap it takes

to produce one gallon of syrup?



- 40.
- 40, that's right.

This is a spile or a tap.

You're gonna want to
put the tap in the hole.

Aren't you heading back
to Minneapolis tonight?

I decided to stay.

Yeah, spend a week at
the festival with you

and Aunt Dee, in spirit.

Plus I have some work to do.

- Well, that's great,
- Yeah.

So guys I have
pre-drilled a bunch of holes

in the maple trees back there.

Why don't you tap in your
spout, attach you bucket

and then I'll come around
and check on you in a bit.

Hey Dex, turns out Maggie's
staying the whole week.

Isn't that great?


I can't think of
anything greater.

So city girl, you
ever tap a tree?

Well sap usually flows best

on the side of the tree
with the most sun exposure,

which would be the south side.

But you drilled
into the north side.

Well, it's a
demonstration, right?

Sap doesn't flow in the fall.

I just, that's what I just
said, in my presentation.




- You having a little trouble?
- Nope, good, real good.

It might be the spark plug.

And then you wanna
take your bucket,

hang around the hook, okay?

Can I talk to you
for just a second?

I'm so sorry.

I think we may have gotten
off on the wrong foot.

I'd say wrong feet.

Clearly you meant
a lot to my Aunt Dee.

I did.

Well, and since I'm
gonna be staying the week,

I thought that maybe you and I

could spend some time together.

You could get to
know your new partner

and maybe we could even come up

with some new candy
flavors together

or separately.

You could hear some of my
ideas, nothing permanent.

Yeah, yeah, we can do that.



Are you distracted?

I'm actually winning tonight.

What's on your mind?

Maggie Murphy.

Well, she seems sweet.

If by sweet, you
mean presumptuous.

I've never seen her
step foot in the shop.

And all of a sudden she thinks

she knows what Dee would want.

Well, she is her niece,
practically her daughter.

Have you tried talking to her

about how you see
things moving forward?

I don't see the point.

Look, you've got a lot to offer,

you should try sharing
your thoughts with her.

And look at it this way,
now that Maggie's back,

maybe you won't have
to work as much.

I mean between the
farm the candy shop,

you've barely had
a day off all year.

Might even find some
time for that plan

you've been putting off.

It's your move.

It's your move.

Dex, keep this
close to your heart

as a symbol of what
we've started together.

It's up to you to
unlock the future.

Hey make sure
you're not too loud.

I don't wanna wake her up.

Yes, that's a great idea.


You scared me.

What are you guys doing here?

We wanted to surprise you

with a we're-so-happy-
you're-staying-all-week breakfast.

But it is 7:30 in the morning,
what time did you get up?

6:00, I slept in.

What are you doing
with that broom?

I hadn't really
thought it through.

Thank you.

You're gonna make me
want to stay all year.

It's all part of my master plan.

We actually wanted
to catch up a little.

So how are things working
out with Jonathan,

you know, since you
guys dated and all?

What? I never heard
the breakup story.

There's not much
of a story to tell.

We just realized
we were too similar

but as mature adults
and business partners,

we are friendly and
cooperative, well, mostly.

Mostly? Go on.

So you get to
ask for all the gossip?

It's nothing, just some
stress trying to figure out

how to move forward with this
investment proposal, anyway.

You know, Dex is single.

What? It sounded like you
wanted to change the subject,

so I changed the subject.

Come on, we gotta
go open the shop,

it's day two of
Sweet Autumn Fest.

No, stay.

Or you know what?

I won't be mad if you
wanna sneak in later

and make me dinner.

- Bye Maggie.
- See you later.

Working at the shop with
you brought me such joy.

Relieve those days with me

and don't forget to
be a team player.

Good morning, partner.

Good morning.

Look what I found in the back,

it's my name tag from
high school, still fits.

It's a name tag.

It's a joke.

That's a good one.

So what does this mean?

Well, it means that I am
going to be working here,

all week, with you.

That's great.

And I thought that maybe you
and Zach could help me out,

fill in the gaps, work
together, true partnership,

as Aunt Dee would have wanted.

You seem really confident
about what Aunt Dee would want.

You seem pretty confident
about what Aunt Dee would want.

I'm just gonna
grab these two jars,

that I definitely don't need.

Hey Zach, wouldn't it be cool

to have a new Aunt
Dee's location?

That would be cool.

Of course, we'd have to
look at logistics and...

Isn't it also cool, Zach,

that Aunt Dee's is the
town's little secret.

- That's also true.
- Right, yeah.

But also, isn't it true
that Aunt Dee always loved

when anyone, anywhere
enjoyed one of her treats.

I have to distribute these
outside to the vendors,

so I'm gonna do that.

Let me help you.

No, it's good, I
got it, I really...

So you two good?

- Stupendous.
- Fantastic.


I'm gonna be here all week.

Why don't we just try and
embrace this work together?

After you.

- No okay.
- Yeah.

Aunt Dee always loved
keeping this festival

and candy shop so
close to her house.

She spent a lot of time
out here in her last year.

She would sometimes do her
candy making out here as well,

said she was outgrowing
your kitchen.

Well, you're in luck
because I can help with that.

There you go.

Thank you.

You know, she partnered
up with our farm,

started adding more flavors.

Like apple, blackberries,

she even did a sweet candy corn.

And that is my point,
new ideas, think bigger.

She also kept the classics,
caramel, chocolate, maple.

Yeah, maple bites,
the original candy.

She started using my
maple syrup in her candies.


Yeah, after my first harvest,
she was my biggest fan.

I started helping her out
at her shop on my free time

and it really started
to feel like home.

And it's such a beautiful day,

I think I might take
the afternoon off.

See ya.

Taking off?

Yeah, for the afternoon.

He never takes time off.


Thank you.

And we are closed.

What a feeling it is
to work here again.

What are you doing over here?

Working on our website,

it's kind of my
thing around here.

That looks really good.


I studied website design,
it's what I wanna do.

You're really talented.


Can I ask you something?

What is Dex's deal anyway?

His deal?

Yeah, you know the, I'm a
closed book, you can't read me

or know anything about me thing?

Yeah, that.

He wasn't always like that.

He's just had a rough go
of it last little while.

And that break up
with Heather, I mean...

Who's Heather?

He didn't mention it?

No, he didn't mention it

because he doesn't
mention anything.

Neither did I.

All right, what time is it?

Yep, that's it.

Okay, clocking out,
see you tomorrow.

Zach, Zach, who's Heather?


Frustration comes with
every worthwhile endeavor.

Keep pushing through and
when you need inspiration,

you know where to go.

Inspiration can only find
you if you're out looking

because inspiration
is looking too.

Hi, welcome to the
Inspiration Cafe.

It's just for myself.

Yeah, for sure
you can follow me.

Here you go and I'll be right
back for your drink order.

All right, thank you.


- Hey.
- Hey.

What are you doing here?

Just taking a break.

Did you just get here?

No, no, I've been here,
I just had a big meal,

just taking off.

I'm so sorry, sir.

I know we just sat you but
actually didn't realize

this table was already booked.

It's all good, he's with me.

Can I get you guys
started with some drinks?

Yes, I will have the
Ella Fitzgerald, please.


Let's do a beer, please.

No, you have to try
one of these fun drinks.

No, no, no.

Let's see, Louie
Armstrong triple sec

with maple bitters,
perfect, bitters.

Haha, good one.

He'll have a Louis Armstrong.

Okay, I will be right
back with your drinks.

Whether we like it or not,

we have got to figure
out how to work together

because we are responsible
for Aunt Dee's legacy.

Look, Dee left us both her shop.

And to be honest,
I didn't expect it.

But clearly, she trusted me

and I'd like to keep
things the way they are.

And she trusted me as well

and I think we
should grow things.

Here you go.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

I'd like to tell you a
little bit about what I do.

I bring investors
to small businesses,

small businesses that are
passionate about what they do.

I am passionate about what I do.

And Dee always inspired me to
grow, to follow my passion,

to try and bring
joy everywhere I go.

And I think you and I
can bring joy to people

all over the country,
maybe even the world.

You and I both know how
wonderful those candies are.

Why not share them with as
many people as possible.

What do you say?

Do you fish?

It's a beautiful spot,

but fishing isn't the
real deal here, is it?

Might also be about getting
to know the real Maggie.

Why don't we start
with the real Dex

because you are not
giving me anything.

You're getting to know me.

You are getting to know me,
I am not getting to know you.

Okay, let's just talk
about someone else.

That's what I mean.

What do you wanna know?

All right, well, for starters,

tell me about what
Aunt Dee means to you.

I could come to
her with anything

and she'd give me
advice about work, life...


Yeah, she could
pretty much get me

to open up about anything.

You know, one time she
brought me fishing out here,

I forgot the bait,
so we used our lunch.

I got nothing except the lecture

about how I always go
after the wrong type of...

What about you?

Did she ever meet any
of your boyfriends?

Yeah, I mean, she mostly
disapproved of all of them.

I can't blame her.

I always went after
the type of guy

who was way too into his work.

But it made it easy
to avoid talking

about the tough stuff, you know?

Probably why my
ex-boyfriend Jonathan...

Wait, why am I talking
about my dating?

No one's forcing you to.

But go ahead, well, you were
telling me about Jonathan.

You are trying to get me
to open up, that's my tactic.

You're using tactics on me?

Now you're pivoting.

Just tell me about Jonathan.

Just tell me about Heather.

What do you know about Heather?

I don't know anything about
Heather and that's my point.

I don't know anything.

You are a half open book
in a dimly lit room.

We were together for about
a year, she was sweet,

we went our separate ways.


When Aunt Dee passed,

it brought back memories
of my mom passing

and I realized
that life is short

and Heather just
wasn't the right one.

Mom and Dee would have wanted me

to be with the right person.

As sweet as she was,
Heather just wasn't it.

Any regrets?

Only with the way that I did it.

I knew it was the right thing,

for both of us.

It's just I couldn't
tell her why.

I kind of feel bad about that.

Well, you can still talk to her,

it's never too late.

I got one.

Keep the line tight.

Keep the line tight, yep.

- I got one.
- Wait a second, I got one too.

- You got one too.
- I got one too.

You got a fish.

Hello, everyone, it's
candy creation time.

We've given you the tools

now it's up to you to combine
them into something special.

So dig in and pick
out any ingredients

you think you might need for
the candy making competition

on the last day of the festival.

Will yours be Aunt Dee's
next signature candy?

Good luck.


Hey, hi Maggie.

How's the farm?

Well, it's our second
harvest, better than last year.

- Excellent.
- Yeah.

Are you enjoying
Aunt Dee's motorcycle?

- It's a beauty.
- Yeah.

I'm honored she gifted it to me.

I'm guessing you two
were really close.

Well, we got the farm

after my wife passed
two years back.

And Dex and I wanted to change
and boy, we sure got it.

Dee helped us settle
in, anything we needed

and we took care of her.

Dee became sort of
a second mom to Dex.

So when she passed,
it was hard on him.

It's that why he
couldn't go the funeral?


I understand the Dee
raised you and your sister

since you were kids.

As if we were her own.

Don't give up on Dex just yet.

He hasn't always been this way.

Which way?

You haven't noticed?

No, I have, of course.

You're not the first
person to say that.

It's been a rough year for him.

What he needs is a friend.

Can I let you in
on a little secret?


Today's a special day for him.

Here you go.

All right, see y'all later.

Hey, guys.

- Hey man.
- Hey.

I didn't see you this morning.

No, you did not.

You never miss work.

Well, there's a first
time for everything.


I met up with Heather this
morning, we had a little chat.

You? Had a chat?

I took some advice
that I got fishing.

Fishing advice?

You know what?

I feel like there's some
major weight off my shoulders.

Oh, man, it's
beautiful out there.

Hey, son.




Maggie's here with my dad,
at his house, playing games,

how wonderful.

I invited her over.

She mentioned how you
struck up a friendship.

Did she?

I figured she'd like to partake

in Aunt Dee's Maple walnut kick.

Your favorite cake,
your birthday cake.

Happy birthday, son.

Happy birthday, Dex.

Thank you.

What were we talking about?

You were telling
me about your farm?

Well, it's a lot of
work, but we love it.

I only wish that Dex
would find more time

to spend on his dream.


Well, he's been bottling
maple syrup, he wants to mark...

Dad, dad.

Can I not be a proud
father for one second?

Look at this, he
designed this himself.

This is great.

We should put it in the shop.

It's Dee's candy
shop, not Dex's.

Okay, all right.

Either way, why haven't you
done anything with this?

It's a small grove,
it's just a hobby.

You wanna try some?

Yes, I do.

So what do you think of it?

That's really good.

Every maple syrup grove
has its own personality.

It's just how you
bring out the flavors.

You should market it.

You really should.

I had a plan.

But you know other things
were more important.

What if there were no obstacles?

Then what?

I might be afraid it would fail.

So my first venture when
I was just starting out,

I fell in love with this
company that made baby slings.

You know, but for small dogs,

precisely the
reaction I would get.

I helped pitch it to
so many investors,

no after no after no.

Until my 14th pitch,

my first yes.

And that became Pup Sling.

- Pup Sling?
- Yeah.

I've seen the
commercials for it.

You have stake in Pup Sling?

A small amount.

But sometimes you have
to start small to go big.

Dee used to say that.

Maybe we just
need to start small.


Or you, us, you, however.

Anyway, I should get going.

Hey, hey.


Maggie, why don't we
create a flavor together

for the contest?

Maybe we can even talk
about our partnership.

Sounds like a plan.

I hope you had a good birthday.

Not bad.


Hey, Zach, sorry
to call so late,

I need a favor.

Thank you guys so much.

Hi, Dex.

Why are you smiling like that?

You're scaring me.

We have a surprise for you.


We now present...

Dex Walters Maple Syrup live
and available for pre-order.

I set up the online store.

I got the label design
from your dad.

I appreciate the gesture, guys,
it's a pretty big deal.

Seems like it's
happening really fast.

That's the "surprise" part.


But I gotta go because
I'm helping my dad

with the Fall Festival
at the farm today.

Will I see you there?

- Yeah, yeah, for sure.
- Great.


Here we go, ready set.

Over here.

Wide open.

This place looks great.

Heads up.

Yeah, it's the second
year, it's a good turnout.

And you are a busy bee.

It's really nice that
you're having a little time

for some football.

Yeah, it is.

Is it time for the taffy yet?

I believe you
are being summoned.

You're just in time for
the taffy demonstration.

But before you run
off, just a tiny request

and you can't deny me
because I'm your partner now.

I just want you to take a
look at something, okay?

Five orders, already, and
an inquiry from Middleburry

about carrying your syrup
at their Farmers' Market.

I got five orders?

Well, it's not gonna
happen overnight.

You mean there's already sales?

Don't make me say I
told you so, don't do it.

Because I would love to.

Come on, you wanna join us?

The trick to producing
the perfect maple toffee

is you have to get it
to just the rate heat

between 235 and 245 degrees.

Traditionally, it was done over
an open fire just like this.

Does anyone know how maple
syrup was first discovered?

Yes, Alyssa.

People saw squirrels
drinking it from the trees.

Yes, exactly, A+.

Legend has it that the
Iroquois witnessed squirrels

drinking the sap from the trees

so they learned to tap the trees

and use the sap to
cure their meats.

Now Vermont maple producers
export their syrup

to over 50 countries worldwide.

Yes, Alyssa?

When do we get to try the taffy?

Yeah, when do we
get to try the taffy?

Right now, let's go.

Now this is when the
real magic happens

when the syrup hits the ice.


Now wait 10 seconds

and put your stick at
the end of the syrup

and then roll it up.

Guys, this is one of the
healthiest sweet treats

you can have, right dad?

- Absolutely.
- Yeah.

All right, kids now go
ahead and give it a taste.

What do you think?

Scale of one to 10?

You wanna come over
here and try some?


Thank you.

Do you want one?

All right, yes, please.

- Go now.
- Okay.

You put the stick in
the end, just like that,

let it sit there for one second.

Now you're gonna roll it up.


Nice technique partner.

Back at you partner.


I win again.

Good game.

Is there anything she can't do?

Nope, not really.

Hey, you want to
sneak out of here?

What are you thinking?

We have that new candy
flavor we got to work on.

I'm gonna need a ride
because Jody dropped me off.

Well, I see my ride,
how are you getting there?

Hop on.

Hold on tight.

I hope you didn't mind me
taking the scenic route.

Oh not at all.

It's so beautiful out here.

Yeah, this is my happy place.

Aunt Dee used to bring us
camping here when we were kids.

Yeah, she told me.

You know, she showed
me this place.

I come out here on my own
sometimes, do some thinking.

It's a good place for that.

Dee and I would have some
great conversations out here.

Now, that surprises me.

How does that surprise you?

I don't know if you know this

but word around town

is you're a little
bit of a closed book.

If I'm a closed book,

that makes you an epic Choose
Your Own Adventure novel.

That's right.

Makes me feel like
I'm a kid again.

I love this.

This is always my
favorite part of camping.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Oh I loved smores so much.

One night, I had a bunch
of them in my sleeping bag

and Aunt Dee always told us
never leave food in the tent.

So we all go to sleep

and then we wake up in
the middle of the night

to a bear just sniffing
around, he wanted the smores.

Jody and I screamed at
the top of our lungs.

Luckily we scared him away.

It wasn't funny, it
was really scary.

No, I'm sorry.

It's just that Dee
told me this story.

She did?

She did, yeah.

She said it was a raccoon.

Yeah, raccoons can be scary
in the middle of the night.

I don't know
they're pretty cute.

Not when they're sniffing
around in your sleeping bag.

I spent the rest of the night
in Aunt Dee's truck, nope.

So Miss Choose Your
Own Adventure novel,

what was that about?



I have a terrible poker face.

There's this project I
may have to give up on.

I thought you never give up.

Well, that's the confusing
part because I do not give up.

It just doesn't
feel right, anymore

even as the words are
coming out of my mouth,

I just, I feel like a failure.

Aunt Dee always encouraged
me to go out into the world

and make something of
myself and make her proud.

And I feel like I
did that, you know?

It's just I'm starting
to realize that

well how just
unfulfilling that's been.

I guess when you work so much,
it's hard to see it.

I have a tough time
letting go as well.

No, you?

Sometimes, you have to let go.

Let go and freedom will flow.

It's one of Aunt Dee's
candy wrapper philosophies.

I have an idea,

we have to come up with a new
candy flavor for the contest.

Why don't we also come up

with our own words
of wisdom to use

to keep her tradition alive?

I don't think I'd be too good
at that.

Come on,
just dig a little, okay?

I'll go first.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Your future starts
today, not tomorrow.

- That's good.
- Yeah.

Yeah, it's...

I like that.

Your turn.

When in doubt,
trust your instincts.

Can you pass a graham cracker?

Yeah, there you go.


When someone you
love becomes a memory,

the memory becomes a treasure.

Share your treasure
with those you love.




What you doing?

Just thinking.

- Me too.
- You too?

Yeah, what are
you thinking about?

Just, you know...

What are you thinking about?

Just thinking,
you know, about candy.


Yeah, I'm thinking
about our candy recipe.

You ready to make the best
flavor this town has ever seen?

I am.

Classic dark chocolate.

With maple syrup and
a hint of pumpkin spice.

Submission complete.

Mission complete.

I can't, look at this.

Hey, I'm going to
clean this mess up.

Do you wanna put
this somewhere, yeah?

- Yes.
- Okay great.

- Thank you.
- No problem.


Looks like you two
are getting along.

We're learning how
to work together.

It turns out you have to
give a little, so I did.

I don't know if it's
being back in the shop

or a change of pace or...

Yeah, wait a minute.


- You kissed him.
- What?

You did, you kissed him.

You don't know what
you're talking about.

Tell me the truth.

I am telling you the truth.

And that is a lie.

This is me you're
talking to Maggs.

Well, I'm not
admitting anything.


Okay, we may have kissed.

I knew it.

Keep your voice down.


It just happened, last night,

and then we haven't
really talked about it or...


You coming to the hayride?

Well, I...

Yes, she is and she
might even have a date.

- Jody!
- Date? Do tell.

- Hey, guys.
- Hi, Dex.

We gotta go.

I just got here, I'm
gonna get some candy.

Well, maybe later, we got to go.

You wanna go to
the hayride with me?

I would love to.

We have been riding this thing

since we were too little
to climb up on it.

That is true.

Believe it or not, I was
scared to get on it at first.

I could see why.

I wanna know who convinced Aunt
Dee to start this tradition.

That would have been Uncle Jim.

It's where they
first fell in love.

- I have a confession to make.
- Me too.

You first.

Well, I was checking
out my new website,

there's a few more sales.

You're selling your syrup?

Yes, I am.

Right on,
sign me up for a case.

A case?


Does he get a
discount with that?


It's your lucky Day, Eddie.

- Thanks, Dex.
- Yeah.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

All right, why don't you
tell me your confession.

I'm really glad I'm your date.

So am I.

- Thanks for the drive back.
- Of course.

Maybe one day you'll
let me drive it?

Probably not.


I had fun, thank you.

Hey, you know what?

We still haven't talked about

- the deal.
- The kiss.

Deal, I just assumed that
we were both avoiding it.

Well, if you wanna
talk about the deal,

yeah, I'll be here.

I mean, I'll be there, my home.

I'm around, you know
where to find me.


Good morning.

Good morning.

You're up early.


Just poured myself some coffee,
you want some?

I would love some, thank you.

How did you sleep?

Great, great.

You know, I forgot how nice
it is to sleep in peace

- and about the other night...
- The kiss?

Go ahead.

No, you go.

No, no, please, you go.

Okay, I'll go.



What are you doing here?

I'm sorry for the drop-in.

But I was thinking
about what you said

and I think I can help
with your co-owner problem.

I'm sorry, I'm Jonathan
from Richardson and Murphy.

I'm Dex,
her co-owner problem.

The maple syrup guy?

Great, you're the
one I wanna talk to,

no offense, Maggie.

Maggie was filling me
in on your situation.

- Situation?
- We should talk.

That's what we're doing.


Okay, but I think Dex is
gonna wanna hear this, trust me.

I don't th...

I know you don't wanna sell.

But Maggie and I have a
team of investors lined up

that are just poised

ready to bring this
operation national.


I never said operation.

We expand maple candy
production internationally

using exclusively your syrup.

And then we side market
the surplus syrup to Japan.


Yes, they go crazy
for Vermont maple syrup.

Do you have any idea how
big the global market

for maple syrup is?

I have no idea but I'm
sure you're gonna tell me.

It's $500 million.

$500 million, I had no idea.

That's a lot of syrup.

With your expertise
and our investors,

we can put an Aunt Dee's
in every major city.

Aunt Dee's face
plastered everywhere.

Aunt Dee becomes
everyone's aunt.

Did you help him
put this together?


I mean, no, not exactly.

Don't be modest.

She did, but it was with
a different company,

this is much better.

Listen, I can explain, him...

I mean, of course there
is one other option,

we could buy you out.

There's an offer in there if
that's the way you wanna go.


I need some air.

Dex, wait, please.

Why do I get the feeling
like this didn't go well?

You are ridiculous.

It's supposed to
be windy tonight.

They're just gonna blow
all over the place again.


It'll give me another
distraction tomorrow.

Are you going to
be mad at me forever?

No, of course not.

But you put this whole thing
together behind my back.

I didn't think of it that way.

I thought that you'd be happy

that I saved the
deal for both of us.

You were only supposed
to be gone for two days.

I know, I know.

Look, my Aunt Dee gave
him half of her business

for a reason.

And it wasn't for
him to step away.

She wouldn't want that,
I don't want that.

I understand.

I need to go talk to him.

Well, I'm staying at
an Airbnb by the library.

It's charming.

The cell services isn't great

so I'll be wandering around
looking for higher ground.

Talk soon?

Thank you.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Look, I am sorry
that I made you feel

like I went behind
your back in any way,

that is not what happened.

When we got Aunt Dee's,
honestly, I truly believed

that the best way
to honor her legacy

was to make it the next
great candy company.

And yes, I went to
Jonathan with that idea.

But along the way,

I started to want to honor your
dreams for the company too.

And now I don't know what
the right thing to do is.

I think I do.

You're signing away your half?

I just...

I didn't think things
would get so complicated.

So, I'm taking the buy
out, I'm stepping away.

Good luck,

I really mean that.

He's selling his half?

I've been trying to figure out

what Aunt Dee would want
us to do with the store

and now I am more
confused than ever.

But I wanted to
show you something.

Aunt Dee left me this letter.

And there is
something inside of it

that I thought she
would want me to share.

It's us from the first festival.

I don't believe it.

She left us a few surprises.

What did the letter say?

When someone you
love becomes a memory,

the memory becomes a treasure.

Share your treasures
with those you love.

What do you think
she's telling you?

I thought I knew
but now I don't.

So that's it?

You decided you're selling?


Yeah, if I sell my share,

I can devote more
time to the farm,

help you with your workload.

No, no, this is not about my
workload, I like my workload.

I thought you and Maggie,
we're working this through.

Yeah, so did I.

So what happened?

I guess I let my guard down.

And what does that mean?

I don't know dad, I mean...

I thought I knew her,

I guess I don't.

You know Dee wanted us
to carry on the shop together

but Maggie had other plans.

Besides, it is
her family, right?

Why am I gonna step
in the way of that?

I just wish that she'd
been straight with me.

Did you tell her that?


Yeah, just in not so many words.


You, you are a man
of not so many words.

Talk to her, tell her how
you are really feeling.

You might be giving up more
than just a store here.

Dex, keep this
close to your heart

as a symbol of what
we've started together.

It's up to you to
unlock the future.

Dex, now, it's your turn.

Write a letter to
someone special to you,

be vulnerable and express
your true feelings.

Keep it close, he's got the key.

Hey, it's Maggie, please
call me back, we need to talk.

Maggie, is everything okay?

Yeah, is Dex here?

No, he took off on his bike,

said he needed
some time to think.

I know exactly where he is.

Could I?

I'm way ahead of you.


I'd recognize the sound
of that engine anywhere.

What are you doing here?

I got your letter.

And you were right,

it is the little things.

You know, it's the
laughter and the memories,

but it is also the big things.

It's being home,

it's being with family and
Aunt Dee's house and our shop,

being reminded of everything
and everyone that I love.

It's like I was a closed book

until you...

We can do anything that you
want with Aunt Dee's shop.

I just don't wanna lose you.

I don't wanna lose you either.

I think it's pretty clear
that Aunt Dee left us her shop

because she trusted us.

But she was also trying
to bring us together

in her own special way.

Do you recognize this?

Yeah, that's her music box.

Yes, she loved this poem
that's inscribed in it.

"A wise old owl lived in an oak.

"The more he saw,
the less he spoke."

"The less he spoke,
the more he heard."

"Now wasn't he

- "a wise old bird?"
- "A wise old bird?"

So we tried to open it, but
she didn't leave me the key.

Wait a second.

I had that.

The key was attached to the owl.

I had in my pocket
before I left.

Okay, so it fell off,

it's gotta be somewhere.

Yeah, but where?

I don't know how we're ever
gonna find it out here.

I can't believe I lost it.

It's okay.

No, it's not.

Aunt Dee left me the key,

I finally figured out what
it's for and I lose it.

Look, if you wanna
blame anybody, blame me,

it was my fault.

Your fault?

Yes, because if I would
have just been an adult

and had a conversation,

then you wouldn't have
run off into the woods

and lost your key.

It's not your fault,
it's my fault.

You know what?

It doesn't matter.

It doesn't, we found what
we were supposed to find.

She wanted us to
find each other.

That's all that matters.

Still, like she had a
spare for everything.

Wait a second,

she had the words
to the owl poem

framed in her office.

Dear Maggie and Dex,

if you're reading this
wrapper, you found each other

and that couldn't
make me happier.

Trust your instincts
and use your strengths,

everything's better in twos.

Now, the moment you've
all been waiting for.

Judges, you've
sampled the sweets

and now it's time
to make your choice

for the best new flavor.

Ready, judges?

And number nines all
around, it's unanimous.

That would be Fiery Cayenne
Caramel, congratulations.

And with that, it's
time to close out

the 30th annual
Sweet Autumn Fest

with treats and drinks
and music, Aunt Dee style.

Look at this, I've
never seen this before.

Maple sugar creams,

icy maple crunch,

blueberry maple squares.

Looks like somebody was
inspired by your maple syrup.

Hey, where are you guys?

You missed the...

Hey, Dex and I have a
business proposal for you.

Can you come down to the shop?


- Hi.
- There you are.

Sorry we're late,

- we had a little business.
- It was a business.

Happy fall fling.

- Happy fall fling.
- Happy fall fling.

Speaking of business,

there was a well-dressed
guy looking for you earlier.

You mean that gentleman?

Sorry, Jonathan.

It's nice to meet you guys,
I've heard a lot about you.

Well, we've heard
a lot about you.

Good to finally meet you.

We are so sad this
is your last night

but we understand
how busy you are.

Yeah and she's
about to get busier.

We're launching a new
line of Aunt Dee's candies.

Inspired from the
original maple bites.

And if they're half as good
as the maple pumpkin spice,

then I think Aunt Dee's
is gonna be household name

across the country.

And locally
sourced, locally made.

We're also expanding the
website and online sales.

Is that your specialty?

- Actually...
- That would be mine.

Of course.

I've got some really
exciting ideas for the website.

Loyalty programs, social
media promotions, live chats.

It's gonna feel like
you're shopping in the store.

From anywhere in the country,

And eventually the world.

That is great.

Can I pre-order
one of everything?

You bet!

So does this mean?

It means that Jonathan

will be running
things in Minneapolis

and I will be staying here.

That's amazing, Aunt
Dee would be so happy.

This is my favorite.

- Would you care to?
- I would love to.

- It's Ron, right?
- Yeah.

So tell me about the farm.

Yeah, sure.

Well, we've got all kinds
of berries, we grow corn

and then of course we
have Dex's maple syrup.

I'm just gonna go over there.

Well done, partner.

Back at you partner.

You're gonna eat that?

What does the wrapper say?

Let the lady drive.

What? Show me.

Give me the keys.

Show me.

Give me the keys.

Nice ride.

Thank you.

Is that a '66 Superhawk?

It is.

You don't see many of those.

I know.

Hop on.

- Hold on tight.
- You bet.

by VaVooM