Sweet 18 (2004) - full transcript

Two children are promised to each other by their families, yet lose touch shortly after that and only meet again 18 years later. Despite clashing personalities, they give marriage a shot hoping to make it work and that love will follow.

Do you really remember
the promise we made,

even though you were
just a toddler then?

Yes, you were wearing
traditional Korean clothes,

and had a beard like you do today.

Yes, I did have a beard even then.

Write a novel, why don't you?

And what else do you remember?

Well, it was so long ago...

But you and my grandfather
seemed to be best friends.

Yes, we were best friends.

You do your family name proud.

I only wish your grandfather
were alive

to see how well you've been raised.

I almost thought I was seeing

my late grandfather
when I first saw you.

Why that conniving brat...

May I visit you often?

Are you crazy?

Why would you come often?


That's no way to talk!


Confucius said that people
chose their words carefully

because they were afraid of
not living up to their words.

How can you speak that way
when you're a civil servant?

Grandfather, you're coughing.

Don't be upset.

My husband wanted me to come here
before he did and take care of you.

Don't be upset on a
happy day like today.

You sure are a good actress.

You remember him wearing
the traditional clothes,

and his beard?

Why not say you remember things
while in your mother's womb?

What does it matter,

as long as your grandfather
was happy, my dear?

Why are you calling me that?

I'm not your husband!

Why did you come here anyway?


I begged you not to come,
so why did you?

What if things get
more complicated?

I didn't want to come!

I only came because
your grandfather was ill!

It might've been too much
of a shock for him

if you'd come alone!

You should be grateful to me!


Why, you little brat!

- Hyuk-joon.
- Yes, Uncle.

Do you want to introduce your
future wife to the elders?

Of course!

No, I'll see them alone.

Stay right here.

Come on in!

Sit down!

You've gotten even better looking

since living in Seoul,
Mr. Prosecutor.

It's nice to see
you doing well.


Where are you?

Hyun-joo, I found my love!

I found the man
I have a crush on!

I'll tell you more
when I get back to Seoul.

- Bye.
- Hey!

I've finally found you, my dear!

Grandfather, I must be
on my way now.

Drive carefully.

I no longer have any worries
after seeing you.

I hope to see you often.

Yes, sir.

You should go inside.
It's chilly.

You're such a thoughtful girl.

Goodbye, Grandfather.

Get in.

She's not like most girls today.

She's perfect for our family.

Thanks for coming today.

I think you were right.

But don't ever call or
visit my grandfather again!

I won't stand for it
if you do!



You look better
in traditional Korean clothes.

Korean clothes?

I just think you'd look better.

In Andong, I...

I wasn't thinking straight.

I can't let you marry into such
a noble and traditional family.

Do you need good grades
to marry into that family?

Be quiet!

I thought and thought about it,

but you're not fit
to marry into that family.

So just study for your college
entrance exam!

No, I'm going to get married.


I'm going to get married!

You're going to get married?

Yes, I'm going to get married.


Just wait and see.

I'm sorry, but I have to
retire from our group.

I have to prepare
to be his wife.

Does that old man
want to marry you too?

I'm going to make him
want to marry me.

Will it be easy?

I'm sure there are tons of
women waiting to marry him.


Why didn't I think of it?
I have to go!

- Where are you going?
- To put my dibs on him!

What is she up to?

Prosecutor Kwon,
please take a look.

I wouldn't have come here

if she weren't such
a good candidate.

You should leave.

She's 24 and just returned

from Italy after studying opera.

Her father is...

Mr. Kim, what does a person get

for interfering with a
government official on duty?

A maximum of 5 years in prison
or a $10,000 fine.

Do you still want to continue?

Okay, I'm leaving, but
you should think about it.

It's not so bad to marry well,
is it?

I'll come again.

Why do security guards
let people like her in?

We can't stop the public

from wanting to see
you marry well.

Let's go.

We're going to be late
to the meeting.

You must be happy
to be so popular.

I envy you.

But your future wife would be
hurt if she knew.

Don't say that!

Mister, it's true.

I'm only going to
use the bathroom.

No, you can't go in there.
Please leave.

Are you going to take
the responsibility

if I pee in my uniform?

Why are you stopping me
from using the bathroom

when the building was built
with taxes paid by citizens?

Stop talking nonsense and leave.

Why are you stopping me?

Prosecutor Kwon's from
a very prominent family.

He's from the
Andong Kwon family,

and they're very rich.

All right.


Are you talking to me?

I heard you talk about
Prosecutor Kwon earlier.

Were you talking about
Prosecutor Kwon Hyuk-joon?

Who are you?

You don't need to know.

Do you know what happens
to a matchmaker

who sets up the wrong people?

You'll get slapped in the face
three times.


What a way to talk to your elder!

I'm sorry if I offended you.

But Prosecutor Kwon is taken.

Just back off from
Prosecutor Kwon, got it?

Since the boss of
Jae-gal was arrested,

they haven't had any trouble
with the rival organization.

Is Jung Min-soo the boss of
Jae-gal now?

That is our assumption.

According to the latest
information gathered,

the organization is...
- Miss!



She's a high school student!

Who are you?


I'm arranged to be married
to Prosecutor Kwon.

You're what?

Yes, we're going to be married.


Come out here!

I have...

Let me talk!

What do you think you're doing?

Let's get married.


Let's really get married.
I want to marry you.

I think you need a good talking to!

Now you're mine!

I got my dibs on you!
See you.


Think I can't marry you?

Just wait and see!

This is just the beginning!

Who's there?

You are...

I'm Prosecutor Kwon's fiancee.

Thanks for your hard work.

Are you still here, ma'am?

Why, you...

Dear, did you have a good day?

What are you doing here?

You must be hungry.

Your maid won't be
coming from now on.

Says who?

I'll have to take care of you

so I might as well start
learning the work now.

Yoon Jung-sook!

Today's the last day I'm going
to tolerate your behavior.

Please concentrate on your studies.

Your exam's coming up soon.

I'm not going to collge.

If you don't want to study,

then you have that Magnet guy to
spend time with!

Let's get married.

I can't get through to her.

Get out.

If you pull such a stunt again,
I'm telling your mother.


I duplicated the key just in case.

I'm way ahead of you.


I'm sorry.

Why are you doing his errands anyway?

Hyuk-joon's tied up in trial

so I had to fetch this for him.

That hurts...
Don't be a baby.

What are you doing here?

I heard you're a senior.

Shouldn't you be in class?

This is my class,
home economics.

Give me a break.

Hyuk-joon will flip
when he hears this.

Why are you talking down to me?

Should you do that to a friend's wife?

A friend's wife?

You're a riot.

You'll be Hyuk-joon's wife?


If you have what you came for,
you should leave.

I don't feel comfortable alone
with a male guest.

Of course.

- You're back.
- Hi.

- Here.
- Thanks.

You should go home.

But I don't have a wife
waiting for me at home.

Crazy jerk.

What are you implying?

Don't tell me...

That's right, your future wife.

She's at your house acting
like your wife.

That brat!

Prosecutor Kwon, can we
talk for a minute?

I'm going to ask you man to man.

Are you really going to
marry Jung-sook?


I won't say any more.

Give her up.

I know she's attractive enough
for you to want to marry.

But how could an old man
want to marry her?

It's wrong.

Was your name Magnet?

It's Ji Magnet.

Okay, Ji Magnet.

I'm never marrying Jung-sook.

So I want you two to be happy.

Are you saying you'll give her up?

Yes, I am.

So be happy with her.

I have to go now.

One more favor before you go.

How can I become a prosecutor?

Will you give me some advice?

Magnet, I think you'd be a
better poet than a prosecutor.

Become a poet.

A poet?

A poet...


Did you play housewife
again today?

Sure, I cleaned his
storage room today.

He'll surrender to
my determination.

Just wait and see.

When you become a
prosecutor's wife,

you shouldn't forget us.

Don't make me go to the
police station to bail you out.

You're already talking like
you're a prosecutor's wife.

He still doesn't know you're
going to his house every day?

No, because I make sure

I don't leave
any trace that I was there.

I feel sorry for Magnet.
He wants to be a prosecutor.

What are you doing?


Come here!

Hey, I thought you were going
to become a prosecutor!

I decided to become a poet.

What I need now is not to
become a prosecutor,

but to become a poet
and comfort your soul.

I'm going to become a poet.

I'm going to marry
the prosecutor soon.

Will you write something
for the wedding?



- How can you leave so early?
- Let go!

Do you think he'd marry you?

He has no intention of marrying you.

How do you know that?

I had a man-to-man talk
with him today.

He asked me to make you happy.


The only thing that could save you
from this harsh world is my love.

Stop searching and just look at
me seriously for a minute.

I'm your man!

You think you're writing poetry?

Don't make me laugh!


You're not going to marry me?

Just wait and see!

I'll make you regret
you ever said that!

What are you looking at?

I'm going to disregard
our grandfathers' promise.

I'm sorry.

It's not easy for me to say this.

I didn't think much of it,
since I thought it was just

a teenage girl having some fun.

But she's gone overboard.

I'm ashamed to look at you.

I had no idea what she was doing.

Of course, someone like you
wouldn't want to marry Jung-sook.

That immature girl was
in way over her head.

That's not what I meant by it.

It's just that I'm not
ready to marry anyone.

So could you please talk to her?

I'll talk to her.

So just think of her
behavior as that of

an immature teenage girl
and try to understand.


How humiliating!

How could you go to
his house secretly?

I'm so embarrassed!

But I like him.

I really want to marry him.

You immature girl!

You should know your place!

What's wrong with me?

I was wrong to tell you
to get married.

It's all my fault.

Don't ever talk about
marrying him!

Just think about
getting into college!

But I won't pass the exam.

I don't care!
You can retake it until you pass!

I'm going to disregard
our grandfathers' promise.

An example of this problem was
on our practice test last time.

Yes, ma'am.

Yoon Jung-sook!

You're number 18, aren't you?

Numbers 8, 18, 28, 38 and
48 stand up!

If you don't solve it correctly...

You know what comes next.

We should all share the punishment,
since none of us could solve it.

Why did they get away with
not cleaning the bathroom?

Wait until I catch them tomorrow!


You're acting really
strange today.

What's the matter?

Do I have to give up on him?

Did something happen between
you and that old guy?

He told my mom
he couldn't marry me.

Let me ask you something.

Do you really want to marry him?


Isn't an 18-year-old girl
allowed to hope for

a happy marriage and family
with a man she loves?

No one's on my side.

Can't you ask your mom
to help you?

She won't help me.

Isn't there anyone else?

No, no one.

That's it!
There is a way!


Father, there's a
phone call for you.

Who is it?

It's from Jung-sook in Seoul.


Yes, it's me.

What is it,
my granddaughter-in-law?

I would like to say my
last goodbye to you, sir.

What do you mean "last goodbye"?

Now that you want to
call off the wedding,

there's no reason
for me to visit you.

I want you to live
a long life and...

Please take good care...

Please take good care of yourself.

Who says the arranged
marriage is off?

That boy!

I'll take care of it,
so don't worry.

Son, are you out there?

Yes, Father.

What is it?

I have to go to Seoul now.


My grandson has made
a big mistake.

Please forgive him.

No, sir.

He's not wrong.

I don't think I could let
my daughter, who's lacking in

so many ways, marry into
your prominent family.

You're being far too modest.

I've never seen
such a well-raised,

proper young lady.

She's fit to be the 36th

of the Andong Kwon family.

Sir, I believe it's best

to call off the arrangement
as your grandson wishes.

It's never proper
for a gentleman

to go back on his word.

I can't break my promise
to Elder Yoon.

Don't worry about Hyuk-joon.

I'll give that boy a
good talking to!

Grandfather, calm down!

I'm worried that your
siding with me will only

make things worse,
since he doesn't care for me.

You may be right.

What do you suggest I do?

I do have an idea.

At this rate, the perps
you're after will escape and

you'll end up with innocent
citizens as victims.

Why are you practicing shooting?

Let's go.

You go ahead.

Why hasn't she come by lately?

- Who?
- Your future wife.

We haven't seen her for a while.


Her mother must've scolded her.

She won't be back.

She seemed okay to me.

I don't want to date a kid!

Who could that be?


Yes, Grandfather!

Is it true that you said
you want to call off

the arranged marriage?

I want to know
if you meant it!

Jung-sook's still
in high school.

Please forget about it,

If you feel so
strongly about it,

I can't force you
to marry her.


Let's forget that you and she
were ever arranged to marry.

Thank you!

But as the firstborn
to carry on the family name,

we can't put off your
marriage any longer.

You must marry within the year.

Grandfather, I don't have
any intention of marrying...

I know you don't have
much time to date.

So I've talked to
a few matchmakers.

Choose a young lady you like.

Just remember that you must
marry within the year.

If you don't,

I'll take that as your
willingness to come back home.


Chan-sook of the Wangsan Kim family.

Myung-jung of the Park family.

Young-sun of the Kyung-joo Choi family.

Nam-young of the Jang family.

Hyuk-joon doesn't know
what hit him!

Shall I continue?

No, that's enough
with the girls.

Now it's my turn
to take it from here.

All right, I'm counting on you.

Call me any time
you need my help.

I'm so grateful to have you
on my side.

Don't worry about anything.

Please stay healthy and...

What was it again?

I just want to say that you
should take care of yourself.

It's only a matter of
time before he's mine!

Prosecutor Kwon,
I heard you're going out

on a lot of blind dates lately.

I spoke to your secretary,

but I just wanted to
confirm it with you.

I'll meet you today at 4:00

at the Myoung-shin Hotel
coffee shop.

Trust me, she's just
as good as the girl

your grandfather wants you
to marry.

Why, that woman!

He's a little late.

You know what a busy schedule
a prosecutor has.

Look here!
You should apologize!

- Are you talking to me?
- Yes!

Who else would I be talking to?

You look like a delinquent!

You're that ill-mannered brat
I met last time!

I guess you remember my face,

so why don't you remember
what I said?

Didn't I tell you not to
hang around Prosecutor Kwon?

Why are you trying to
set him up

when he's already taken?

Didn't you say that Prosecutor
Kwon's not seeing anyone?

He isn't seeing anyone!

Mr. Kim, get her out of here!


Come with me!

You're hurting me!

Like he said, an eye for an eye
and a tooth for a tooth!

Girls, go get her!

Let go of me!

I'll leave after I talk to him!

Prosecutor Kwon, how could
you do this?


You should've told me
you were seeing someone!

How could you!

What are you talking about?

Now you're going to deny it?

That young girl you're seeing!

Are you still going to deny it?

Friends, I'm sorry.

Your faces were scarred
because of me.

We're okay, but we're
worried about you.

That woman seemed like she
wouldn't keep anything inside.

What if she tells him?

He is a prosecutor after all!

What if we all go to prison?

No, we'd go to a juvenile
detention home.


Are your classes over, Jung-sook?

What are you doing here?

Get in.
We have to go somewhere.

Come on.


You didn't do anything wrong.

I'll take full responsibility.


Mister, I don't want
special treatment,

just because I know you.

Why aren't you handcuffing me?


How many years do I have to
spend in jail for assault?

It depends on the
seriousness of the crime.

But at least 3 years
would be appropriate

for an assault on
an elderly woman.

3 years?

That chubby woman started it!

Mister, I'm a minor.

Can't you go easy on me?

Can't you?

3 times 5... 15 years?

Mister, I'll spend
15 years in jail

for my friends' crimes as well.

But please look after my mother.

- Why are you hitting me?
- Just get out.

Weren't you taking me
to the police station?

Get out.

Why are you doing this?


Why are you being nice to me?

You're a kid.

Making a kid understand
why he shouldn't do something is

better than telling him
not to do it.

I know because I was
a kid once too.


You told my grandfather on me,
didn't you?

Your friends are the infamous
5 Princesses?

Thanks to them, my taste
in women has improved.

That was...

I'll think of it as
an interesting incident.

Stop saying you want to
marry me,

and just study
to get into college.

You must have a dream.

I don't have a dream.


It's not as if I want to
marry you because I like you.

Why would I want to marry someone

who's so much older
and has a bad personality?

It's only because
you have to marry

before the year's over,

and I have to go to college
if I don't get married.

By marrying each other,

we can solve both of
our problems.

So why don't you want
to get married?


I'll get right to the point.

What if we get married
under certain conditions?

What conditions?

We'll fulfill
our responsibilities,

but not interfere in
each other's private lives.

Isn't that a good idea?

Marriage isn't as simple as
you think.

What's so not simple about it?

I just want to get married,

and not worry about
getting into college!

So help me.

I'm really disappointed in you.


So your dream is
to get married?

If so, you should look
for someone else.


You must have a dream.

My dream?

My dream is to marry you.

Do you know what time it is?

How can you be out

when the college entrance
exam isn't that far off?

Where have you been?

Don't you see how hard I work
to earn your college tuition?

I work hard just
to send you to college!

You should at least
pretend to be studying!

Just what do you
want to be anyway?

I don't know.

What do I want to be?

Oh, my...

What is it about Jung-sook
that you don't like?

Do you have someone else in mind?

No, there's no one else.

Then why don't you
want to marry her?

Tell him you'll marry her.

I've never gone against
your wishes, Grandfather.

But as for my marriage...


I have no intention of
marrying anyone right now.

I'm sorry.


That boy!



Stay out here.

Are you out of your mind?

He wanted to rush your wedding

because he wanted to see you
married before he passed away.

Can't you do that much for him?


I'm really disappointed in you.


Hurry up!

I hope you all pass!

Aren't you going to
take the exam?

You're not going to marry
that old man anyway.

You know that I've given up
on going to college,

and it has nothing to do
with the old guy.

But still...

Don't worry about me and
just worry about yourselves.

All students must be
in class now.

You'd better go!

Remember to go with your
first guess as the answer!

Good luck!

Go on!
You don't want to be late!

Go on!

Mom, I thought hard about it,

but I still don't know
what my dream is.

But I do know that
it's not going to college.

I'm sorry I'm not going to college.

But I promise I'll be a
good person, Mom.

A good person...

How is Grandfather's health?

He's gotten better.

I'm sorry, Uncle.

It's my fault.

I know how you must feel.

Of course you don't want to
be forced into a marriage.

Forget about what I said,

and do what you want,
since it's your marriage.


Don't worry about
your grandfather.

I'll talk to him.

It's Christmas Eve.
Let's go for a drink.

Let's go.

Is your grandfather
still on your case

about getting married?

So you're finally off the hook?

You know there'll come a day
when you'll want to get married

even if he tells you not to.

I don't think I should wait.

I think I have to
get married soon.


You know I'm the firstborn
of the clan.

As such, I have to think
of the family first.

It's true I was spoiled rotten
as a kid, but there are

a lot of sacrifices I have to
make as the firstborn.

Still how could...?

I don't think I can handle
being the firstborn.

I wouldn't have chosen to be
if it were up to me.

So you're really going to
get married?

I have to.

Who are you going to marry?

I have to find her.

Who would want to marry into

such an old-fashioned
traditional family?


There's that girl that
your grandfather wants you to marry.

She really wants to marry you.

She's just a kid.

How can I marry a kid?

She's 18 years old,
which makes her an adult.

Never mind.

I'm leaving.
You pay for the drinks.


I'm sorry I came again.

But I came without any
ulterior motives today.

I only came to return the key.

I made some bean paste stew.

I hope you like it.

Merry Christmas.

Mister, you asked me

if my dream was only
to get married.

You're late!

I'm sorry.

I thought about it,

and realized that it wasn't
just to get married.

My dream was...

My dream was to marry only you.

But I know how ridiculous that is.

Mister, this is really goodbye.


It's snowing!

I should get going.


You can't go home now.

Don't you see those boys
waiting for me?

I was wondering why you
wanted to come to church.

This church has the best
looking boys in the area!

We have to have some fun tonight!

No, you girls go on and have fun.

Where are you going?


Why are you out when it's cold?

What are you doing here?

Does your offer still stand?

What offer?

About wanting to marry me.


You said we have to fulfill
our responsibilities,

but never interfere in
each other's private lives.

I thought about it and
realized it's not a bad deal.

Let's get married, Jung-sook.