Sweet 15 (1990) - full transcript

Sweet 15 is a 1990 American made-for-television family drama film about a fourteen-year-old girl whose dreams of having a perfect quinceanera are suddenly halted when she realizes that her family is not in the United States legally.

(majestic music)

(light rock music)

♪ Little girl's toys left behind ♪

♪ So much there that she has yet to find ♪

♪ Learning how far she's come ♪

♪ Getting strong ♪

♪ Brought up on Daddy's love ♪

♪ Now she feels a little bit older ♪

♪ Growing up when she's just 15 ♪

♪ Just 15 ♪

♪ Dreams and hopes a young girl feels ♪

♪ Giving way to a big
world that's so big ♪

♪ Time goes by ♪

♪ Somethings change ♪

♪ A daughter's heart
will always be the same ♪

♪ Now she feels a little bit older ♪

♪ Growing up when she's just 15 ♪

♪ Just 15 ♪

(group chattering)

♪ Just 15 ♪

(group chattering)

- Who wants to hear a song?

- Nobody.
- No, please.

- Nobody.

(singing in foreign language)

- [Eddie And Ricky] Oh, no.

(singing in foreign language)

- Papi, can we go any
faster, we're gonna be late?

(car horn honking)
(tires screeching)

- Samuel, (speaking in foreign language).

You're giving me a heart attack.

- Ricky, put the window up,

my hair, it's gonna get messed up.

- I don't care about your hair.

(singing in foreign language)

- [Eddie] Hey, Pop, you're
going the wrong way!

(singing in foreign language)

- [Samuel] Da-da-de-da-da-de-de.

- Whoa, look at that car.

- (speaks in foreign
language) Who can afford

a car like that?

- Maybe someone we know.

After all when a man gets promoted.

- Samuel Delacruz.

- (speaks in foreign
language), you are looking

at the new operations manager

of King Wire Partitions.

Good times ahead for the Delacruz family.

(Inez laughs)
(group cheering)

- All right, Daddy.

- Woo!

- Wow, if we drive a car
like that all the boys

will think we're rich.

- Boys, boys, you're too
young to worry about boys.

- Congratulations, Papi.

- Thank you, mija.

Wipe off that lipstick.


- [Group] No, no!

(upbeat classical music)

- Can you believe it,

yesterday she was one of us,
today she looks like my mother?

- She's beautiful.

She's a real woman now.

She's had her quince.

- Well, that's the way it goes,

at 14 you're still a baby,

then you turn 15 you have a
quince and everything's changed.

- [Jackie] Don't worry, Marta,

in a few months you'll be
dancing just like that.

- Only if her father says yes.

Has he agreed your quince yet?

- He will, we just
haven't picked a date yet.

(group clapping)

(Gabby's Father speaks
in foreign language)

(Gabby's Father speaking
in foreign language)

- To Gabriel on her 15th birthday.

This is a day that a father
can be proud of his daughter,

and this is a day that his
daughter can be proud of herself.

To Gabby!

- [Group] To Gabby!

(group clapping)

(lively music)

(man snoring)

- So Quinta does some fancy footwork,

he kicks to Morales

and Morales, oh, scores a goal.

(group cheering)

Samuel, did you see the soccer game?

- No.

- Oh, I see you were watching the Angels.

- The Dodgers, they got Valenzuela.

(group laughing)

- You guys have to help
me pick out a dress, okay?

- Okay.
- Even if your dad agrees

to the quince, who's gonna be your escort?

- I'll find somebody.

Who is that?

- That's trouble.

He's Gabby's cousin Ramon.

- Oh, he is so cute.

- He just moved her from New York.

He's staying with cousins.

I hear he's pretty wild.

- Marta, (speaks in foreign language).

- Hi, Octavio.

(Octavio speaks in foreign language)

Sure, I'll dance.

- Excuse me.

You wanna do me a favor?

- Si.
- You wanna hold on to that.

As a matter of fact go
ahead and eat it all right,

'cause all it needs is a pair of teeth.

- Oh, gracias.

- Octavio.

That wasn't very nice.

- Hey, a man's gotta do what
a man's gotta do, right?

- Can a father dance with his little girl?

- Papi, all the other girls
get to dance with boys.

- Other girls don't have fathers

who merengue like Valentino mija.

(group chattering)


- Jorge, Jorge!

Check it out.
- Hola, muchachos.

- Hit me, hit me, I'm
going out for a pass.

- I cannot understand why
he can't plant his roses

in his own yard.

- Because he doesn't have a yard.

(Inez laughs)

Boys, (speaks in foreign
language) come on.

Leave Jorge alone.

Now go inside and change,

and you can act like (speaks
in foreign language).

- Jorge, you should of seen
my friend's Gabby's dress,

it was dripping with lace,

and she had this two-tone nail polish,

and these really, really high heels.

- Jorge, here, we brought you some cake.

- Gracias.

In El Salvador la quinceanera
is for the the rich

no (speaks in foreign language).

- Don't worry, Jorge.

You can come to my quince.

- Yeah, if she has one.

- But everybody has one.

- Everybody has a mass, the party's extra.

- But the party's everything.

- Well, maybe if she behaves herself, huh.

- And her father wins the lottery.

- Senor, do you know if you have work

for me at your factory?

- Que pasa?

I thought things we're going well.

- I've been in this country one year

and now they ask if I have
paper to show I belong.

So I no have job.

(somber music)

- I'm making up some taquitos

for supper tonight, I'll send some.

- No, no, no senora, (speaks
in foreign language).

- What's going on?

Immigration up to their old tricks again.

(Jorge speaks in foreign language)

- They not let you rest.

- Don't worry, Jorge, a man like you

should have no problem finding work.

(speaks in foreign language) Lighten up.

- I'm so glad to see everybody listens.

Whose turn was it to do the dishes, huh?

- Ask Marta.

- Yeah, ask Marta.

- I have to iron my dress.

- Mm-hmm.

And you left it on.

Marta, this is not responsible.

Now come on, you wanna be a grownup, huh?

You better start acting like one.

- Ah, these newcomers
with all their problems.

Either they can't hold a job

or they got immigration
yanking them from their houses.

- Samuel, por favor.

- Kids from school disappear all the time.

Once this kid borrowed my biology notes,

I never got 'em back.

- Be very glad we don't
have their problems.

This family is American citizens.

We put in our time, earned respect.

That's the America dream.

- With hard work.

- [Both] Anything is possible.

- That's right.

- Most be American side
of you talking, Samuel.

- And what's wrong with that?

- Papi, about my party.

- Ah, now she wants to talk
about the Mexican side.

Eddie, ask your mother if
she thinks we Delacruz's

are to Americana to put

on a splashy party like the Coreas.

- Papi.

- Get all dressed up,
invite a few hundred people,

everyone watching as the proud parents

glide around the room.

- Papi.

- What are you waiting for?

You got a party to plan.

- Yeah!

- Ah, you're gonna make
a beautiful quinceanera.

- Who's gonna be your escort, Marta?

- You'll go with your cousin Octavio.

- What, he can't even dance.

- Marta, he's just at an age
where he's a little clumsy.

- He's a wart.

Everybody's gonna laugh at me.

He can hardly speak English.

- Hey, since when are you
ashamed of your language?

You will go with Octavio or not at all.

- Great, the party hasn't even started

and it's already ruined.

(door bangs)

- If she doesn't want her
party, can I get a skateboard?

(both laughing)

(metal banging)

- Yeah.
- Go.

- Portall is sick with himself.

His bid was over by 15%.

Disalvo can't believe our operations.

I gotta hand it to ya,
Montoya, you put it over.

Welcome to the executive suite.

What do you think?

- Not bad.

- Arturo, you're an asset to the company.

- Thank you, sir.

- Maybe now I can finally
get to meet the family, huh?

- Of course, Mr. Waterman.

It would be our honor.

- Well, the first thing
we need is to figure out

how to pull off that miracle we promised.

- Don't worry about that,
sir, miracles are easy,

the hard part is getting them shipped.

- Don't remind me.

(door bangs)

(gentle music)

(dramatic music)

- Congratulations, Mr. operations manager.

- (laughs) Gracias, Oscar.

We deserve this job too, you know.

- Not all American enough,
(speaks in foreign language).

- Look at 'em, a few months ago

they were staging raids
(speaks in foreign language),

now they're in the education business.

- Since the new amnesty law immigration's

coming down hard on
bosses who hire illegals.

Everyone's nervous and
everyone's checking papers.

- Would you hold still?

How do expect your (speaks
in foreign language)

to do all this with you

squirming around like a little monkey?

- [Marta] Look at this one,

it has shiny beads all around the top.

- Yeah, each one like a
diamond, and twice as expensive.

- Oh, Marta, maybe we should

pick something a little more simple, huh?

- No, you should see what
the girls are wearing now,

it's not like in our day.

- I didn't have a day.

In (speaks in foreign
language) by the time

I looked up from the pigs,

and the chickens, and the washing,

your momma's day came and went (whooshes).

(Inez speaks in foreign language)

My daughter's gonna have something better.

- (speaks in foreign
language) made me such a gown.

And I wore high heels for the first time.

I'm almost walked off
the inside of my skirt.

(group laughing)

Yeah, but I looked good.

- Did Momma tell you I
have to go with Octavio?

- You should of seen the
cousin I had to go with.

Next to him Octavio looks
like Julio Iglesias.

(group laughing)

But cousins are safe, you know,

it's like they're spies for the father.

- Mama.

- Mija, after you turn 15

you can make some of your own decisions.

- Yeah, but until then it's Octavio.


- The quinceanera party
is only a celebration.

Your true passage into
womanhood must be earned.

Now how do you earn that passage?

Through service to others.

And you are all very fortunate

because that opportunity exists right now.

This is special time, historic time,

(speaks in foreign language) amnesty.

As our religion says-
- Tonight.

- Forgiveness.

Our church has set up an office

to help people to fill
out amnesty applications.

We need volunteers.


Marta, will you be of service?

Will you be part of this forgiveness?

(group chattering)

(phone ringing)

- Hundreds of thousands of immigrants

live in this country illegally.

The amnesty program started last year.

It's their chance to come forward

and be pardoned without punishment

for having lived outside
the law until now.

In time those who's qualify
will become residents

and eventually United States citizens.

For the hours that you are here,

you are be trusted with people's lives.

Misplace an application form

or forget to attach a money order

and that person is as good as gone.

Now application form here, medical exam,

receipts, and verification.

Photo here.

We have exactly four weeks left, 28 days.

Every hour counts.

Any questions?

(phone ringing)

Marta, the phone.

- Hello.

- They let children handle these matters.

- Papi, we're not children.

And besides these people need our help.

- Yeah, but some of these people

have been waiting a long time

for a chance like this, too long.

You remember how it was,

if you didn't like it
here you could go back.

- Are you through?

- It's not a simple decision either.

In Mexico things are easier.

The life is not so fast.

- Oh, Samuel, you just
remember it that way.

- No, the air is warm,
the people are warm,

the sky is blue, the earth is rich.

Now in America a man can always improve,

yes, he can move up,

but in Mexico a man can take time

for his friends, for his family.

- Papi, please can I be excused

I have to meet my
girlfriends at the carnival.

- Aren't you gonna help your mother?

- Mommy, please.

- Go.

- Papi, me too, I have
some homework to do.

- Homework, you're only
in the first grade.

- Well, sorta like coloring.

(Inez laughing)

- Get out of here.

Guess it's just you and me, buddy.

- Yeah.

Pop, tell me about the horses in Mexico.

- I don't remember about any horses.

- Yeah, you know the
one that threw you off.

- Me?
- Yeah.

- Never.

That (speaks in foreign
language) was six feet tall.

I could see in her eyes
she would not be broken.

I rode her for three and half hours, mijo.

We fell in love.

(lively music)

(group chattering)

- I couldn't believe it.

I walked in and he was kissing her,

I mean really kissing her.

Their lips were together like Krazy Glue.

You wonder how they could even breathe.

- They can't, when people
kiss they can suffocate.

- Then what happened?

- The commercial came on

and I had to help my mom fix dinner.

(group groaning)

- Jackie.

- Well, I won't be home to watch tomorrow

'cause I'm going on a
date with Billy Burton.

- A real date, aren't you scared?

- Scared of what?

He's already kissed me.

(group gasping)

Hey, you're getting
your (indistinct) juice

all over my shoe!

- Gabby, wait, don't move,

you have a big black
bug right in your eye.

- A bug?

That's not a bug, that's mascara.

(group laughing)

- [Lupe] Cover up.

- Look, there's that
gorgeous cousin of Gabby's.

Is he gonna stay around?

- Oh, he just sort of popped up.

No plans, no suitcase, and no manner.

- Aren't ya gonna introduce us?

It's only polite.

(Announcer speaking in foreign language)

- Ramon.

(Announcer speaking in foreign language)

(upbeat music)
(singing in foreign language)

These are my very good friends
Jackie, Lupe, and Marta.

- What's up?

- You remember Marta, you danced
with her at Gabby's quince.

- Yes, I remember her.

- Well, aren't ya gonna
ask her to dance now?

- Did you bring your
father with you this time?

- No.

(singing in foreign language)

(Gabby cheering)

- Where'd you learn how to dance?

- On the top of my
father's shoes, and you?

- Hey, everybody's good at somethin'.

This is what I know how to do.

- So I hear you're from New York?

- PR.

- What?
- Puerto Rico.

- And now you live here
with your aunt or something.

- Hey look, let me tell you somethin',

I've been taking care of myself
since I was 14, all right.

- 14, that's my age.

- Who's Richard Stands?

- Who?

- Richard Stands.

- One of your little friends at school.

- No, in the morning when we
say the Pledge of Allegiance,

you say and to the republic
for Richard Stands.

- Richards Stands.

He must be one of the-

- There's no Richards Stands, stupid.

It's to the republic for which it stands.

- Hey, that's an easy mistake.

And don't call your brother stupid.

- Hey, Pop, wanna help me
with my stamp collection?

- I'm gonna go for walk.

(lively music)

(singing in foreign language)

- Come on, Marta, we gotta
go, it's almost 10 o'clock.

I'm gonna be in big trouble.

- What?

- We've gotta go now!

- Come on, come on, wait,
stay for this dance, huh.

- No, I can't be late.

- I'll tell you what,

if you stay I'll take you
home in my car, all right.

All right, all right, all of you.

- It's a deal.

(playful music)

- Are we all gonna fit in your car?

- Well, if you don't,

what we gotta do is just
all squeeze in together.

(group laughing)

- Marta, isn't that your dad?

- Papi, what are you doing?

- I was out for a walk, it's getting late,

I thought it'd be a good
idea to walk you home.

- See you guys tomorrow.

- Goodnight, Mr. Delacruz.

- Bye, Mr. Delacruz.

- Goodnight, girls.

What were you girls doing with that boy?

- He's just Gabby's cousin.

- How old is he anyway?

I think he's too old mija.

Think you're too young.

- [Marta] I'm not too young, Papi.

Other girls my age are already dating.

- [Samuel] That's enough.

(singing in foreign language)
(upbeat music)

Cherry, cherry.

- Yeah, cherry.

- Papi, (speaks in
foreign language) Jorge.

Jorge, Jorge.

- Richardo.

(speaks in foreign language) Samuel.

(Samuel speaks in foreign language)

(Jorge speaks in foreign language)

- Que pasa?

- I look for work, but
they ask me for paper,

so I buy false card, it's no good.

The boss, he no take it.

- Papi.
- I'm sorry, Jorge.

I wish I could help, but
it's the same at the factory.

All you can do is keep trying.

- I just want to work and earn my way.

- It's what we all want.

- Hey, baseball, huh, Dodgers.

- Yeah.

Hey, Ricardo, this is dripping.

- You do it.
- No, you do it.

- You do it best, Marta.

- But we all work with these people now.

- Oh, Mrs. Zavala said, "Their
days are numbered anyway."

- Come on, Marta, just do it.

- All right.

- Go, just do it.

(Marta speaking in foreign language)

(girls laughing)

(man speaking in foreign language)

- How about another
one for my friend, huh?

- Gracias.
- Here you go.

(man speaking in foreign language)

(dramatic music)

Come on mijo, let's go.

(girls laughing)

Come on, it was different in
our day, we went unnoticed.

The days (speaks in foreign language)

are brazen like roosters.

They're asking for trouble.

- Samuel, you are so hard.

- [Samuel] Am I wrong, Inez?

(speaks in foreign
language) On the Boulevard

on a nice Saturday afternoon.

Now tell me that isn't
because of the roosters.

- We saw them at Chan's.

- Ricky, do me a favor,
take this food to Jorge.

- I'll take it.

(door bell buzzes)

- Hello, is your mother home?

- Mama.

- Oh, I meant your
mother, not your sister.

Which one of you is having the
(speaks in foreign language)?

- My daughter is.

- Your daughter, who would guess.

If you please, I am Mr. Jose, Mr. Fiesta,

Mr. don't you worry about a
thing, I will take care of it.

May I come in?

Oh, oh, this must be the family.

Senor, you have beautiful children.

Especially this one.

Please, join me in the living room

for the thrill of a lifetime.

(playful music)

And wa-lah.

You look like very hardworking people

and I know that you want the
very best for your daughter,

but there so many
details, who has the time?

The caterers, they are always
taking the leftovers home.

(Inez laughs)

And the musicians, they
book three parties a day

and you worry if they will even show up.

But with Mr. Jose, it all comes together

like a pig's place in heaven.

(both laughing)

Wait, do I hear the angels singing?

A visual aid.

(groups gasps)

I can see it now, mysterious
smoke fills the room.

And then there is,

Marta, a beautiful princess

surrounded by magnificent bouquets.

All eyes are upon her.

Then there is the toast,
her name in the lights.

And all of this to the music
of a 10 piece band. (chuckles)

Don't worry I can get it cheap.

- How much are the lights?

- Samuel, really.

- This is a man of taste.

For you and your beautiful daughter

we will work something out.

This is going to be a
(speaks in foreign language).

This is going to be fabulous.

This is going to be great.

Wait, let us capture
this moment forever, huh.

Move in, move in, very tight.

(Jose speaks in foreign language)

That will be two bucks.

(quirky music)

(Gloria speaking in foreign language)

- One, two, three, one two, three.

One, two, three, (speaks
in foreign language).

(Gloria speaking in foreign language)

One, two, three, and one, two, three.

One, two, three, one, two, three.

One two, three, one two three.

One, two, three, one, two, three.

One, two, three, (speaking
in foreign language).

- Ow, ow!

(Gloria speaking in foreign language)

- Octavio, it's a waltz, not a massacre.

(Gloria speaking in foreign language)

One, two, three, one, two, three.

One, two, three, (speaking
in foreign language).

- I'm sure my toe is broken.

- Well, at least he
didn't spit in your face.

- That's not funny.

- Marta, I think we need to say hello.

Hi, there.

Great car.

- How ya doing?

- What's wrong with it?

- Some engine problems.

You know these guys keep
you waiting around forever.

What happened to your foot?

- My cousin Octavio stomped on me.

- He's gonna be her escort for quince.

- What?

- Her escort.

You know, the one that dances a lot.

- This cousin of yours,
does he, does he dance good?

Can the guy move or what?

- Can a pig samba?

- Well, I know this guy
who's real handsome,

a little bit older, drives a
real neat car, dresses sharp,

and will make you look good.

Except he doesn't like
hanging out with kids.

- We're not kids.

- Maybe he's just a little kid himself

who thinks he's a grownup.

- Maybe you're just afraid to find out.

- Uh, Marta, I think we need to go now.

- So it's settled, I'll do it.

- Oh, no, no, you see my family

they don't even know you or anything.

- So get to know me.

I mean it is your party, isn't it?

- I don't think it's a good idea, thanks.


- Ay, Marta, you're really in pain.

Well, what are you waiting for?

You have to give us a ride home.

- No, I don't think I
can do that right now,

because I have a business meeting

that I completely forgot
about and I'm late, all right.

- She hurt her foot, you
can't let her walk on it.


- All right, hurry up, get in, okay.

Okay, hold that.

Yo, Louie, I'll be back
in a few minutes, okay.

I'm gonna take her for a test ride.

- Louie, who's Louie?

- It's my boss.

I work here.

(gentle music)

- He's her cousin, how bad can he be?

- Bad, my father's already
told me not to go near him.

- Well, maybe he'll change his mind.

Can't hurt to try.

- Are you sure you know how to do this?

- Don't worry, I've seen my
sister do it a million times.

(playful dramatic music)

(light salsa music)

(car engine revving)

(car engine revving)

(car engine revving)

- Eight inches to your
hips, 20 to your knee.

Okay, roll up your pant
leg so I can measure.

- Um, do I have to?

Can you just guess?

- Mija, I have to see where the hem falls.

Marta Alecia Delacruz.

Those beautiful little legs.

Now which one of those crazy
friends taught you this, huh?

- [Both] Jackie.

- You try to act like a grownup,

you still think like a child.

This does not make you a woman.

Marta, look you'll
become a grownup the day

you start thinking about
someone other than yourself.

(light dramatic music)

- Are you ready?

- Yeah, sure.

- You've been working
with us for two years now,

and you are clearly one
of our best workers.

(Samuel speaking in foreign language)

- Gracias.

- But with this amnesty thing

the INS is getting all over me.

We know that you're not legal,

and these papers of yours,

these false papers, they can't pass.

(Samuel speaking in foreign language)

(Salvador speaking in foreign language)

(Samuel speaking in foreign language)

- He says, "That his wife
just had a baby girl,

and that he's applied for amnesty but-"

- But he didn't get it.

So what am I supposed to do?

It's the law.

Business is business.

Tell him he's fired.

(dramatic music)

Did you hear what I said?

Tell him he's fired.

- Salvador.

Mr. Waterman.
- Hey, don't look at me

like that, I don't make the rules.

Look at this, all illegal.

You'd be amazed who's in this file.

I gotta, I gotta get rid of 'em all.

Tell him to see bookkeeper,

she'll give him enough to tide him off.

(Samuel speaking in foreign language)

(door bangs)

Get your papers over to
Pearl as soon as you can.

I gotta show her we got at
least one citizen here, right?

(door bangs)

(insects chirping)

- Amor, what would you think
about moving back to Mexico?

- I think you were crazy.

Ay, Samuel, you are crazy.

Mexico, where did this come from?

- I figure I could sell the
house, start a business,

get the kids involved.

- Just give up our life here,

everything you and I have struggled for.

- Not everything (speaks
in foreign language),

we could do the same in Mexico.

We come from there, we belong there.

- No, Samuel, we made a promise.

Our children were born here.

- What if we don't have a choice?

What if we have to go back?

- We have a choice, it's not in Mexico.

And you know what needs to be done.

- And risk everything?

- I don't know how many times

we have to have this discussion.

- Okay, then there will
have to be sacrifices.

(light dramatic music)

- Samuel, Samuel, (speaking
in foreign language) Dodgers!

(singing in foreign language)

(singing in foreign language)

(singing in foreign language)

(singing in foreign language)

(birds chirping)

- I will ask him right now.

I hope he's in a good mood.

Look, you sorta got me into
this so wish me luck, okay?

Okay, bye.

(Marta exhales)

(hammer pounding)

- Little more, little harder
(speaking in foreign language).

- Hi, I want to talk
to you about my quince.

- So do we, mija.

- This is the most
important day of my life,

and I just think if I can go to my party

with somebody other than Octavio

everything would just be great.

And somebody has offered.

He's a really nice boy,
I'd like to go with him.

He's name is Ramon Sanchez.

- Mija, about this party,
something has come up.

- What?

- We, we have to be
careful about money, Marta.

- Okay, I'll invite fewer people.

- We can't invite anybody.

There is no party.

- What?

Why, what, what happened?

- It's a private matter, Marta.

It's, it's not your business.

- Oh, but it is my
business, it's my party.

You promised me.


- We'll make it up to you.

- It's 'cause I asked
about Ramon, isn't it?

I take it back, I'll go
with Octavio, please.

- No more discussion, please.

And please stay away from
that boy, is that clear?

- You take away my party and
you don't even tell me why.

You won't let me see
the friends I wanna see.

You're treating me like a child.

The truth is you don't want me to grow up.

- I thought he might get mad about Ramon,

but I never thought he'd
call the whole thing off.

What's your mom say?

- Nothing, she always takes his side.

- Well, at least you still have your mass.

- Jackie, having just a mass

is worse than not having anything.

- What are you gonna
tell your honor court?

- I don't know.

- What's up, partner?

- Out for a test drive?

- No, going on a burger run.

You guys hungry?

- Marta, we have to tell your honor court

that the party's been canceled.

- Well?

- Marta, Marta.

- Wanna hear some music?

- Sure.

(upbeat rock music)

- Is that too loud for you?

(tires screeching)

- Marta, what do I tell them?

- Whatever you want!

- She's heartbroken.

It was her favorite uncle.

(group gasps)

At least he went peacefully in his sleep.

- Oh, wow, it's so tragic.

- She can't possibly have her quince now,

the whole family's in mourning.

- (gasps) Poor Marta.

She must be so sad.

- [Marta] Are you sure I'm not gonna fall?

- I'm not gonna let you fall.

Look all you gotta do is put one foot

in front of the other, like this.

- This is dangerous.

- I know, that's the whole point.

- Should we be here?

That sign says, "No trespassing."

- Yeah, from that side
doesn't say anything.

Oh, come on, will you chill out, please.

I mean I come here every
night under the full moon.

(imitates wolf howling)

- There isn't a full moon every night.

- Don't you know when I'm bragging.

- You're always bragging,

so I know when you're
bragging, it's all the time.

- You're right.

Come on, wait a second.

Come on, Marta, wait.

Hey, hey, hey, come on.

Come here, what are you doing?

What are you crazy or something?

If I'm gonna be your escort

I can't let nothing bad
happen to you, come on.

- Ah, Ramon, there's
something I have to tell you.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know,

you just don't want your
girlfriends to die of jealousy.

Marta Delacruz, may I have
the honor of this dance?

- Yes.

(upbeat salsa music)

I wanna lead.

- Hey, wait, wait, wait,
that's supposed to be my job.

- My job now.

- Fine you wanna lead, okay, you lead.

Now it's my turn.

I told you I wasn't gonna
let anything happen to you.

- [Group] Ooh.

- Marta, I'm telling.

- You little twerp.

I gotta go.

- Wait, wait a minute.

(kids giggling)

(upbeat piano music)

- You better not tell anyone.

- Give me a radio.

- No way.

- Then I'm gonna tell.

- No you're not.

- [Eddie] Let me out, Marta!

I'm gonna get you!

Let me out!

- You're grounded young lady.
- Get me out of here!

- But Papi.

- But nothing, school, church,
and home, and that's it.

- That's not fair, if
you would only trust me.

- Trust is something you
earn, you don't deserve it.

And let your brother out.

He didn't need to tell me,

I saw you myself from the bus.

She deliberately disobeyed me.

- She's disappointed, Samuel.

Try to understand.

- No, Inez, she has to understand,

I am still the head of this family.

- Samuel, Marta is becoming a young woman.

You have to face reality.

You can't stop things by ignoring them,

not with her, not with your
job, not with any of it.

(gentle music)

(group chattering)

- Arturo, this is bad.

These need to be shipped by Thursday.

We need more men.

- I know that.

I'm filling in for half the crew myself.

- I'm still waiting to put
through your clearance.

How many times do I have to ask ya?

- I'm sorry, sir.

It's just a situation of misplaced papers.

We've moved so many times.

- Then go down to the social
security office and get a copy.

They got a file, you know.

- Yeah.

Mr. Waterman, you have to
give me a little time, please.

- I don't wanna hear, I don't wanna know.

Put it this way my friend,

without papers you don't work here.

- Marta, where did you go?

I was so worried about you.

- Oh, there's nothing to worry about.

We just went to the railroad tracks.

- Marta.

- Oh, Marta, it's so
terrible, I feel really bad.

- She knows I'm grounded.

- I don't think so.

- (speaks in foreign language),
I heard about your uncle.

(speaking in foreign language)

- My uncle?

- I told them he died.

- Jackie, I'm in enough trouble

as it is already, now this lie.

- (sighs) Life is so short,

I guess we have to party
while there's still time.

- What do I have to do?

- Prove that you've worked
steadily all these years.

- Proof, these hands are my proof.

What do they think I've
been doing all this time,

sitting on my behind?

- You've used different names, Samuel.

Your past employers are the only ones

who knew you by those names.

- Father, do you really think
they're going to remember me

from all the hundreds of others?

And once I go and humiliate
myself in front of these people

how do I know it's just not
another immigration trap?

I've done this already you know, twice.

- There's always that risk.

But if you don't apply you will
never have your citizenship,

and time is running out.

- Nobody knows, not my
boss, not my friends,

not even my children.

- There are so many
others in your situation.

- I am not like the others,

I own my own house, I have a
secretary who takes my calls,

I even have my own parking space.

I'm not just some illegal.

- Unless you have
amnesty, Samuel, you are.

The bottom line is you have no choice.

- No choice, well, we'll see about that.

(dramatic music)

- Don't be angry, Marta,
it's your own fault.

- I never told you to lie.

- Hey Marta, where are you going?

- [Marta] Get away from me.

- Just don't get too chummy
with your new boyfriend

because we're gonna be gone.

- What are you talking about?

- Pop's taking us away.

We're gonna raise horses.

- [Jackie] Uh-oh.

- How ya doing?

You want a ride?

- Come on, Marta, let's go.

Marta, let's go.

- Pop.

- Let's go home.

(gentle music)

- Come on.

(dramatic music)

- Papi.

- We're leaving.
- Hooray,

we're going to Mexico.

- Mexico?

- Come on, wait a second.
- Papi.

(Samuel speaks in foreign language)

- Come on, Marta, wait.

(Samuel speaking in foreign language)

- If we move down to Mexico
that'll be the end of my life.

- Well, does your father
say you're really going?

- I don't know he hardly
says anything to me anymore.

- Have you seen Ramon?

Does he know that the
party's been canceled?


- How can I even see him, I'm
not allowed out of the house?

- Poor Marta.

Don't worry, things don't get better,

they can only get worse.

(gentle music)

(gentle music)

(upbeat salsa music)

- Mom.

- Huh?
- There's no milk left.

- [Inez] Yes, there is,
Marta, in the carton.

- It's empty.

I can go get some.

- [Inez] All right, but
hurry up, you know the rules.

(upbeat salsa music)

- I'm gonna put her caps on.

- Hi.

- Hey, come here, I
gotta show you something.

Here, go, go, go, go, come on.

Check this out, I've been
practicing, right, hold that.

Watch this.


Yo, we're gonna kill 'em.

- Well, actually we do a waltz.

- A waltz?

Come on, can't we jazz it up a little bit.

I mean what is it a funeral?

- No, it's an honor court,
and you and I would waltz.

- You (indistinct) are somethin' else.

A waltz?

I mean I just a brand new suit.

I mean, I don't know what it's
gonna look like in a waltz.

- Oh no, you have to take it back.

- No way, what?

What did you think you're
gonna escorted by some bum?

All right, all right,
so we waltz, then what?

- Then there's a band, and lots of food,

and matching tablecloths,

and sometimes your name's up in lights.

- In lights, like a Broadway show?

Starring daddy's little girl.

- I'm not a little girl.
- Okay, okay, okay,

I'm sorry, you're not a little girl.

- I can earn a living just like you.

- A living?

Hey look, I change tires,
okay, that's not a living.

You don't know anything.

I mean it's survival out here.

It's not some fairy tale
with some fancy parties.

Don't do what I did.

Stay with your family, Marta, okay,

'cause that's the best thing you got.

(somber music)

- Why do you feel so sorry for yourself?

- Look Cinderella, you got no right

to talk to me like that, okay.

- You can do whatever
you set your mind to.

- You actually believe that garbage?

Who tells you that, your rich father?

Hey look, my life isn't
like yours all right.

I'm going nowhere.

I can't even read the
words on that milk carton.

- So you can learn.

- Forget about it, all right.

They've already pushed all
those kiddie books on me,

so just forget it!

- Ramon.

- Look, you feel something
inside you about who you are,

your place in this world,
me, I can't feel that.

It's like a wall and I
keep trying to get over it,

so instead I just keep crashing into it.

- So go around it.

- You're such a kid.

You know you need me to be your escort.

Between all your friends,
what they're 12-years-old.

If you don't have me there it's gonna turn

into "The Mickey Mouse Club".

- You're right.

- So we still on?

I mean it's not too late, right?

- Late!

What time is it?

I gotta go.

- [Ramon] Hey, wait a minute,
how come you're always

running away from me?

(gentle music)

- I sent her out over an hour ago.

- This food is cold,
we've waited long enough.

- Rice and beans again.

- (sighs) Chang's not
giving any more credit,

I had to put back some of
the food I couldn't afford.

- Don't worry, (speaks
in foreign language).

This is good basic food.

A man could live forever on
rice and beans, right Eddie?

- Uh, I rather live
forever on french fries.

(Inez and Samuel laughing)

- Ah, it's about time.

Put the milk on the table, Marta.

You've been gone all this time

and you don't have the milk, huh?

We'll talk about this later.

- No, we'll talk about this now.

- They were all out of milk at Chang's

and I had to go all over the place

to find another store with milk,

and some of 'em were closed,

and I couldn't find-
- Stop.

You insult us.

A Delacruz does not lie.

Were you with that boy?

- What do you have against him?

- Don't talk back to me.

I ask the questions here.

Do you think you can disobey?

Go against your father.

- No.

(Samuel speaking in foreign language)

- Pass me the bread.

Are have you stopped
understanding your native tongue?

- My native tongue is English.

(dramatic music)

(Inez speaks in foreign language)

I was born here so my
native tongue is English.

- Do you think you're better than those

who weren't fortunate enough to come here?

Do you?

- Do you?

- Samuel!

What is happening to this family?

(rooster crowing)

- Samuel, (speaks in foreign language).

You walk to work to
save your pennies, huh?

- Ah, my car broke down again.

(Jorge speaks in foreign language)

(Samuel speaks in foreign language)

- I have job and they no ask me for paper.

- Really, that's terrific.

I knew you would finds something.

And where is it?

- Delaware House on Broadway.

- Ay, Jorge, that place
will hire you for a week,

then come payday the call
(speaks in foreign language).

- I, I have to take a chance.

(Samuel speaks in foreign language)

- No, no, I'll take care of it.

Better days ahead.

(Jorge speaks in foreign language)

(Inez humming)
(upbeat music)

(singing in foreign language)

- The kids are asleep,
you won't be disturbed.

- I never meant for this
to become such a problem.

- I know, I know.

- Our whole life is in this box.

Last time I tried this they
said, "The slots were full."

And there I was with my tail hanging out.

- That lawyer was a crook,

he left you wide open for trouble.

- I kept thinking some day I'd try again

when I wouldn't have so much to lose.

Now I have everything to lose.

- So I guess it's time.

(upbeat salsa music)

(group chattering)

- (gasps) Ooh, remember this one.

Oh, my dad was so proud, his
speech lasted for 20 minutes.

- Look at your dress.

Marta, wasn't it beautiful?

- Can we get back to work, please?

(suspenseful music)

- Come in, Marta.

- What does it mean in these files

when the same person has two names?

- Usually it means that
they've been using false papers

and false names to work because
they don't have documents.

- But what if this person is
already an American citizen?

- Did you see the file in this office?

- Yes.

- If they were a citizen

they wouldn't be coming to this office.

(suspenseful music)

(door bell buzzing)

- Hey, how ya doing?

- What are you doing here?

How did you know where I live?

- Come here, I want you to
see something, all right.

Check this out.

I am now the new waltz king.


- Please, you can't stay here.

You have to be going.

Thanks for coming by.

- Hey, is this your car?

- Yeah, you want a ride?

Look, I'll even take
your sister too, okay.

Come on, let's go.
- No, please.

I can't come out now.

I have to stay inside,
my other brother is sick.

- Oh, come on, give me a break,

that is so lame, sick brother.

- Listen, I'm not having a party anymore.

It's been canceled, okay.

So there's no reason for us
to see each other anymore.

Now please, just go.

- Hold on a second here,

what are you talking about canceled?

What happened?

Did I do something wrong?

- No, yes, I don't know, I
don't know anything anymore.

Just please go away and leave me alone.

And don't come back here anymore!

- Hey, come on, wait a
second here, all right.

(door bangs)

Yo, back up.

(car engine revving)

(suspenseful music)

- [Secretary] King Wire Partitions.

- Arturo Montoya, please.

(phone buzzes)

- Art Montoya, can I help you?

- Eddie, drop your toys.

Come on it's time for dinner.

10 minutes (speaking in foreign language).

Don't forget.

10 minutes, Eddie, I mean it.

Don't forget that.

10 minutes, and I mean it.

This place is such a mess.

Are you all right?

- Why does Papi keep talking about Mexico?

- He doesn't talk about it that much.

- Is there any reason why we
might have to go down there?

- Of course not, we're
not moving anywhere.

- Is everyone in this
family an American citizen?

- Ay, mija, so many questions.

- Would you ever lie to me?


- You got papers?

No papers.

No work without papers, you know that.

What's with you guys?


Okay, 4.50 an hour night shift
only, take it or leave it.

- That's not what I'm here for.

- You're a little overdressed
for this kind of work.

- I'd like to see the supervisor.

I have a private matter
to discuss with him.

- Whoa, private matter.

Well, we're not making
an exceptions today,

but that's a good try, I liked it.

- I'm not here for work.

- So then you're wasting my time.

Okay, next.
- Look, I am not one

of these newcomers.

I would like to talk to your supervisor.

- No way, Jose.

- Don't talk to me like that.

- I will talk to you anyway I like.

- I've been living in this country

since before you were in high school.

- Hey, get him out of here.

(birds chirping)

- Papi.

- What are doing out on the street?

You should be inside.

- Please, Papi, I have to talk to you.

- Ah, more business about this boy.

- No, it's not that.

Papi, I saw your file at work.

(light dramatic music)

I know about you.

Why didn't you tell me?

- Marta, this is none of your concern.

- Yes, it is, it's about all of us,

it's about me, and Ricky, and Eddie.

- Silence, since when does
a child tell the father.

- Is this why you were
talking about going to Mexico?

Are we being deported?

- Samuel Delacruz will
never be deported, mija.

If he leaves it will be
of his own free choice.

- Well, maybe we could
try and get some help.

Maybe I could do something.

- (speaks in foreign
language) There will be

no more conversations on this
to anyone, is that understood?

- Yes.

(Marta sighs)

(door bangs)

(suspenseful music)

(man speaking in foreign language)

- No!


- Let's go, let's go!

- Jorge's been deported.

Carlos saw him get picked up
at the warehouse on Broadway.

- Jorge, will he be late?

- We won't be seeing Jorge anymore, honey.

- What's going on, what's happening?

- Get away from that window!

And if any immigration
officers come around

you don't know Jorge.

Now I want everybody to come
home right after school.

Stay close to the house,

and absolutely no taking to strangers.

- But they can't pick
us up, we're Americans.

- Just do as I say, understand?

(upbeat music)

(singing in foreign language)

(singing in foreign language)

(singing in foreign language)

(singing in foreign language)

(singing in foreign language)

(singing in foreign language)

(singing in foreign language)

(singing in foreign language)

- He doesn't have much time.

- He's doing the best he can.

- But what if he doesn't
get the signatures?

- Are you thinking about
him, us, or yourself?

- We're Americans, why
should we have to go?

- You're an American,
yes, you have privileges,

but I feel sorry for you.

Where you come from, what went before you,

you can't see that.

All you see is yourself.

Mommy, what things can I
get, what things can I have?

If that's being an American

then maybe we should go back to Mexico.

(dramatic music)

(school bell ringing)

- Marta, where have you been?

I haven't seen you in ages,

- Are you having your party or not?

- You heard about her uncle?

- Well, Ramon has just said,

"That her party has just been canceled."

But I thought it was
canceled a long time ago,

so what'd you do move it to a
fancier place and not tell me.

- I told you somebody died, okay.

- [Lupe] Yeah, leave her alone.

- Nobody died.

- Marta.

- I'm not having my party.

It's just not that important
anymore, all right?

- All right.

- It's okay, Marta.

- Of course it is.

- Hey, Marta, you wanna
see something funny?

- No, Gabby, not here, please.

- Why not?

They all have their gym
lockers next to mine

and they always jabber
about us in Spanish.

- Just don't, okay.

- Well, who are they to you?

Tell me if anyone's coming.

- Okay.

- One.

- Please, Gabby.

- She doesn't want ya to do it.

- Two.

- No, don't.

- Three.

- No!

(Marta sighs)

(door knocking)

- Marta, come in.

This is dedication coming
here on your day off.

- I'm looking for a case I was working on,

I wanted to make sure that I didn't forget

to attach the medical exam,

but I can't find the file.

- That's no surprise, look at this mess.

Whose was it?

- A man named Arturo Montoya.

- Marta, your father
withdrew his application.

- Why?

- He feels cornered.

He's about to fired because he's illegal.

If he takes time off from
work to get his signatures

he'll lose his job anyway.

When your neighbor was deported

he just doesn't see the point anymore.

- Can't you help?

Isn't there anything you can do?

- I'm afraid it's out of my hands.

He has to get all of the signatures

from all of his past employers

and no one can do that for him.

I'm sorry.

(door bangs)

- Papi.

- This a new pastime,
sitting alone in the dark.

Where's your mother?

- She took the boys down the the Avenue.

Mrs. Zavala said, "You
withdrew your application."

- [Samuel] That's right.

- Are you gonna move us to Mexico?

- My children are American,

this is where they belong, so we stay.

- But if we stay here
what are you gonna do?

How will you?
- Feed my family.

I'll work, Marta, with my hands,
with the sweat of my back.

Are you ashamed of that too?

- No.

- I'll survive, that's all there is.

- But what about everything you dreamed?

You said, "A person could do anything

if they really wanted."

- That dream isn't for me, it's over.

(ethereal music)

(phone ringing)
(group chattering)

- Marta, yoo-hoo.

Time for a break, wanna come?

- No, you go ahead, I have to finish this.

(suspenseful music)

(train bell ringing)

(tire thuds)

(tire thuds)

(tire thuds)


I figured you might be here.

- Ooh, very smart, real
college material, huh?

- I have a problem, I need to talk to you.

- What, no matching napkins
for you party dress?

- Please.

- I said things to you.

I mean you made me feel
like I'm a lot better

than the loser everybody
makes me out to be.

- I have to tell you something.

Can you keep a secret?

- Can you trust me?

- My father's an illegal.

- So is everybody else
in this neighborhood.

- No, not like everybody
else, this is my father.

- Why should I care about your father?

- If somebody can prove how
long he's been in this country

and that he's earned his own
way he can qualify for amnesty.

- So what?

- I can do that for him.

I just have to get
signatures at his old jobs

and I need you to drive.

- (chuckles) You ever hear of a bus?

Look I got a lotta better things to do

than chauffeur you around sweetheart.

(tire thuds)

(tire thuds)

(light dramatic music)

- You said, "You could talk to me."

Well, you said some things to me too

and they made a difference.

- Like what?

- You told me, "That my family's
the best thing I've got."

And I'm gonna show my
father I believe that.

- Chauffeur, huh?

I've done a lot worse.

- You'll do it?


- Yeah.

- Thank you.
- Wait, wait, come on.

Stop, stop, come on.

(car horn honking)

- Who's car is that?

- It's mine.

Come on, get in, all right, we gotta go.

(car door thuds)

(train bell ringing)

So this is where your old man works, huh?

- No, I could really
mess things up for him

if we went there.

We're working backwards from his last job.

Do I look old enough to be
taken seriously by these guys?

- You look great, but those
little socks they gotta go.

(gentle music)

A real woman.

If you need me I'm gonna
be right here, okay.

- Okay.

I'm going in there.

- [Ramon] Go for it.

- Okay, I'm ready.

- You can do it.

(light inspirational music)

Go around.

Around the corner.

(man speaking in foreign language)

- Come on, give me a break will ya.

Did I know that the truck
carrying the broken down parts

was gonna break down, huh?

Yeah, we're looking at
Friday, Monday maybe.

Right, next time we'll send 'em airmail.


- Hello, I'm here to ask you
if you remember this man.

- Excuse me.


Yeah, oh, no, no.

Look you better sit down, honey,

this is gonna take a while.

All right, come on give me the order.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Hey, you blind?

- Huh?

- Read the sign.

If you're lookin' for work

you have to go to the end of the line.

To the end of the line.

- Yo, do I look like
I wanna work here bro?

- Oh, why don't you just get
the hell out of here then.

I said move it.

- Look, I'm tellin' ya for the last time

we got two men out sick today,

the line's down on number one.

No, no, I'll wait, I'll wait.

Look, you're on honey, you
better make it fast, huh.

- Do you recognize this man?

He used to work for you.

Arturo Montoya, Jose
Mendoza, or Reuben Reyes,

only his real name is Samuel Delacruz.

- Look, I had a lot of men work for me.

- All you have to sign this letter

that says he once worked for you

and he'll be able to
become a legal resident.

- That's it.

- That's it.

- Who are you?

- Marta Delacruz, his daughter.

(light suspenseful music)

- You look like him.

No, no, I'm here, look
you got me, I'm all ears.

You can drag me around
as much as you want.

Look, I promise you, I'll pack it myself,

I'll drive it across country if I have to.

- What's wrong?

- Can you believe that
creep actually thought

I wanted to work for these guys?

- [Marta] So.

- So, so I can do a lot
better than work here.

- I know.

- Did you get 'em signed?

- Yeah, but my hands are still sweaty.

- You got guts.

I mean you go past what scares you.

All right, so you're on a roll.

Where's the next one?

- It's late, I'm not really supposed

to be out at all, I'm grounded.

- Whatever it was you did it's worth it.

(car engine revving)

(light suspenseful music)

(upbeat music)

(cars thudding)

- I can believe he actually worked here.

- It makes my job look like
I'm a Wall Street executive.

Ah, your father's come a long way.

- Hey!

No kids messing around in here!

You break your necks I'm gonna get sued.

- Yo, chill out, all right.

We just wanna talk to the owner.

- Why?

- My father used to work for him,

all he has to do is sign this letter.

- Immigration.

No way, I can't hire illegals.

Hey, (speaks in foreign
language) over there,

(speaks in foreign language)!

- No, you don't understand.

All he has to do is say he worked here.

- How do I know he worked here.

I got hundreds of wetbacks
in and out of here.

- Because he sad.

- (laughs) He said.

He coulda said anything.

- Please, you're the last signature.

If you don't sign this letter

everything we've done will be for nothing.

- That's life, I ain't signing anything.

Now you kids get out of here!

What I'd say,

move that thing (speaking
in foreign language)!

- You know what Pops, you're
being a real jerk, man.

I mean everybody else
has signed the papers,

what's the problem?

- I ain't anybody else.

- I take it you like
be a slave owner, huh?

- You watch your step.

- Come on, let's get out of here.

- You know somethin' bro, you're lucky.

You're real lucky, man.

- Yeah, look at me, I'm trembling.

- Come on.

- That slime, he coulda
signed those papers.

Forget it, let's just go, all right.


Marta, come back here.

What's a matter?

- Stay back, you two are
just gonna get in a fight.

- Don't you know that
you're giving into him,

that's what he wants you to do.

He want's you to crawl.

- I don't care what it
takes, I want that signature.

- What?

Oh, it's you.

Where's that little punk you were with?

- This man is my father,
he did work for you.

You may not remember
him, but it's the truth.

All you have to do is sign this letter.

You won't get in trouble

for something that happened years ago.

I know, I work at the amnesty office.

You can call and check if you want.

- I ain't callin' nobody.

- My father's worked so
hard, he deserves this.

To you it's just a signature
but it will changes he's life.

(inspirational music)


- You got a lotta guts coming back here.

Let me see that.

I don't know why I stick my neck out.

- Thank you.

You did a good thing.

- [Owner] Yeah.

- You did it?

You did it?

- We did it!

- Yeah.

Come on, let's go.

What's wrong?

- All of those horrible places we've been

and my father, I never had
any idea where he'd been,

what he'd done for us.

- He was just trying to keep
your, keep your life sweet.

What happens now?

- I don't know.

- Will I ever see you again?

(gentle romantic music)

- I gotta go.

- Wait, wait, wait.

I don't get it, today I'm your best friend

and then tomorrow I'm out of your life.

- No, it's just my father.

- What about your father?

I mean come on, I'm breaking
my back to help him.

- He doesn't know that.

- Yeah, but you know it.

You're not gonna tell him are you?

- I can't.

You don't understand.

- What is because I'm not good enough

for his little daughter,
is that what it is?

- No.

- You just went ahead and used me,

you got what you wanted, and
now it's goodbye Charlie.

- That's not fair.

- Well, you know what?

You go to on to your father, all right.

Go on to him, 'cause he's probably worried

about his little princess by now.

Oh, and another thing, next
time you need a chauffeur

look one up in the Yellow Pages, okay.

(car engine revving)

- Marta.

Where have you been?

- Papi.

- I have forbidden you to see that boy.

- It wasn't what you think.

- I don't know who you are anymore.

You're not my daughter, you
don't belong in this family!

- All my life I've looked up to you.

You taught me to believe in your dream

of who I am and who I could be,

and every time I try to be
those things you cut me down.

You're right, your daughter isn't here.

She finally grew up.

And if I don't belong in your family

it's because you won't make room for me.

You wanna know what I was doing.

This is what is what I
was doing with Ramon.

(light dramatic music)

- Everybody up, I'm
calling a family meeting.

Your father has something to tell you

and I'm only gonna say it once.

Children, your father has
always asked you for two things,

never to lie and never to lose your dream.

I wanted to be an American,
that was my dream, but I lied.

In fact, I am not a
citizen of this country.

That lie had a reason,
I wanted to protect you.

And I'm not ashamed of that.

But somebody in this
family wanted to help,

and because of my pride I refused.

Marta wanted me to keep my dream,

and I shut her out.

Amnesty is forgiveness, I
hope Marta can forgive me.

(children giggling)

- You're everything I
ever hoped you would be.

You deserve this day,
you've earned it, mija.

- Mommy, you made this.

- Mm-hmm.

- Thank you.

- Hurry up, girls, they don't
wait for nobody at the church.

(church bells ringing)

- Marta Alecia Delacruz,

this is your 15th birthday
(speaks in foreign language).

It marks your passage from
childhood into the grownup world.

As you cross this threshold

remember you have the power within you

to find everything you're searching for.

Never doubt yourself.

And if others doubt you

remember God wants you to become complete.

May he look upon you with
kindness and give you peace.

- Adios, Manuel.

- Thank you.
- Gracias, Tina.

- Thank you.
- Adios.

- This is a proud day for both of you.

- Yeah.

- Congratulations, those
are your temporary papers.

You can use them until your
permanent card comes in.

- Thank you.

- You have quite a daughter.

(Guest speaking in foreign language)

(gentle music)

- Marta, just yesterday I,
I carried you right here.

Today, I set you free.

- Papi.

- Marta.

I've just been told that someone

has tampered with the files.
- What?

- There is some officials
waiting inside the office

that would like to speak with you.

- [Group] Surprise!

(upbeat mariachi music)

(singing in foreign language)

- Amigos, the clothes, the food,

(speaks in foreign language),
were all made by you.

You are our family, you
are where we come from,

and where we belong.

- Thank you, everybody from
the bottom of our hearts.

(girls cheering)

- So beautiful.

These are from Gabby's quince.

- I borrowed them back.

- Ay, you've seen one
dress you've seen 'em all.

(girls cheering)

(singing in foreign language)

(group cheering)

- Marta.

- [Group] To Marta.

To Marta, to Marta.

- To Marta.

(gentle romantic music)


- He let you come.

- Hey, he asked me to come.

And I tell you what, I wouldn't
miss this for anything.

Come here.

Sit down, and watch.

(Ramon sighs)

- Thank you.

(upbeat classical music)

- Marta Delacruz, may I have
the honor of this dance?

- Yes.

(group clapping)

(group cheering)

(light rock music)

♪ Little girl's toys left behind ♪

♪ So much there that she has yet to find ♪

♪ Learning how far she's come ♪

♪ Getting strong ♪

♪ Brought up on daddy's love ♪

♪ Now she feels a little bit older ♪

♪ Growing up when she's just 15 ♪

♪ Just 15 ♪

♪ Just 15 ♪