Sweeney 2 (1978) - full transcript

Second theatrical spin-off from the popular 1970's police series. Regan and Carter head a Flying Squad investigation into a series of bank raids by a team of well-armed villains who are flying in from the continent.

I can see it now,

it's coming up the hill.

It's a big Merc, lime green.

V, Victor, L, Lema, W, Whiskey
seven, one, three, S, Sierra.


How many up?

Four, maybe five.


Hello, Willard.

Yes, he's
turned left, but I can't get

across the road.
- What Mr. Kemp wants to know

is have you got his dog meat?

You taken it to the pub or the pound?

You were saying?

He's swung
left, but I'm blanked

at this end in the traffic.

The lights are on the blink.

He says
have you got his laundry?

Jesus Christ.

Hello, Llew.

Nip 'round the other side
and see if you can intercept.

Well, I'm 'round about now,

I can't see nothing.

Say again.

He's nowhere around here.

What'd you reckon?

He's gone to ground, George.

Yeah, I think
he's holed up somewhere.

Yeah, all
right, look we better meet

at the Putney Bridge, end
of the Lower Richmond Road.

There's a cafe on the
river, I'll be there.

Look try and find the
Governor for us, will you?

M. P. From Oscar
Charlie two, five message.

Charlie, two, five, go ahead.

M. P. From Oscar Charlie, two, five,

can we have car to car with
Oscar Charlie, one, one?

CID, Detective Chief Inspector, please.

Oh, good morning, sir.

This is Detective Sergeant
Carter, Flying Squad.

I've got some men on your patch.

We're anxious to trace
a lime green Mercedes.

Bacon roll, George?

Yeah, I will, yeah, cheers.

Two for me, Willie.


Nice and crisp, Will.

Oh nice and crispy.

Yes, please, yes.

How can you lose a Mercedes

in broad daylight?
come on, Roy, give us a hand.

10 a penny 'round here.

The au pairs use them to
take the kids to school.

Hey, bung some mustard on it.

Two tea bags, Will.

A lot of muscle in that car, George.

There must have been about
40 pounds a square inch

in them tyres.


He's at the Old Bailey,
he can't be reached.

Is that his driver?

Hey Jim, look, what's the problem?

Mr. Fisher.

Hold it right there, squire.

You're privileged to be
looking down the barrels

of a gold-plated sawn off Purdy shotgun.

Now as a bank manager, you'll appreciate

that any man capable of
cutting a gun like that in half

What do you want?

Your keys.

Well Jack, what do you think?

Look, I need you Jack. You
were always a demon at the box.

Has your brief got any
idea what he wants me to say?

Well it's just that

in the three years you've served under me,

you never saw me take a bribe.

A sort of character reference.

That's right, lad.

Anyway you fix something with McKyle.

He's clever for a lawyer.

Inspector Regan, how
good of you to come.

I had no choice, you subpoenaed me.

I've made a few notes,

which I thought might help
you in the witness box.

The Superintendent was an
outstanding leader of men

and a strict enforcer of regulations.

To my knowledge he never
associated with villains.

In the three years I served under him,

I was never aware of any association

which could have been construed as corrupt

or any inquiry which was not pursued

for any other than professional reasons.

I'm sorry, I can't say that.

Inspector, my client is a
distinguished police officer

with whom you've had a
close working relationship

for the past three years.

Mr. McKyle, your client
is charged with corruption.

Any officer testifying in his defence

is asking to be tarred
with the same brush.

Everybody knows that my
client is completely innocent.

Your client is so bent
that it's been impossible

to hang his picture
straight on the office wall

for the past 12 months.

Guv, can you take a message from George

in the Magpie and Stump?
- Isn't there

such a thing as loyalty?

Loyalty's like a girdle.

It should stretch two ways.

Excuse me.

Hello, George.

It could all turn nasty.

We've lost them.

But you did spot 'em.

Well yeah.


Look, are you sure you're
information's correct?

I mean we haven't been
wrong-footed, have we?

If they're on the other side
of the Upper Richmond Road,

well traffic's diabolical, Guv.

Well we just hang on.

I'll try and get away as soon as possible.

- Morning, Jack.
- Morning, Ted.

Well, well if it isn't Jack the Lad.

Hello Harry, what're you doing here?

Fraud, I'm in number
three court, have a look in.

I'll be there all the week.

Mr. Regan.

My client's compliments.

We've decided to do without your evidence.

We shan't be calling you.

A wise decision.

He'll go down for seven, you know that.

A lot of that time will be spent

in solitary on Rule 43.

You wanted to see me, sir?

Yes Regan, come in.

You read the Evening Standard?

Only the racing, Guv.

Trying to be polite, Jack.

Did you read the piece about me

and the gambling clubs?


So how's the Commissioner.

I've been told to put my papers in.

Those bastards have done for me, Jack.

I'm surrounded by them.

Will there be charges?

Corruption, the big
C, that's the charge.

But I can count on you Jack.

You'll stand by me, won't you lad?


Hello, all cars.

Channel four, bank raid
now, Roehampton High Street.

Hello, all cars, channel
four, bank raid now.

Roehampton High Street.

End, origin information.
- See if we can get there

before it's all over.

Do you want me to put
the two tones on, do you?

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Do you know that, Jack?

It's written on the
wall, sir, of the lavatory.

But have you actually thought about it?

I want you to nail this team.

That's my last order, Jack.

What's their specialty?

They're blaggers, they rob banks.

We won't cut it, we'll
pull the screen out.

Move that, fellows.

Nurse, bring the oxygen, please.

Their path found a railway to a close

pedestrian, both side of the bridge.

There are a lot of bodies around.

Big John got hurt, Guv.

His foot or something.

They've just sent him to the
hospital in the ambulance.

Where's George?

I'll show you, Guv.

Who's that?

They took a hostage, that's her.

We slung our car across the street.

Their saloon rammed George's vehicle.

The Merc stopped here.

There's four geezers got out of it.

And they went up 'round the alley, Guv.

So we chased after them,

then the shooters were out.

It was like D Day.

What was the score?

We got two of them,
excluding the driver.

We're in here, Guv.

It's out in back, Guv.

Listen, lovey, now you're telling me

they were not wearing masks, right?

Five minutes ago you told
me they were wearing masks.

Now make your bloody mind,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

That's another one, Guv.

That's a shotgun wound.

Yeah, one of his own done it.

He was trailing behind.

Yeah, there's more to come, Governor.

What was left of the
gang went over the bridge.

There was a get away car
on the other side there.

What about the Lollipop Man?

He got in the way.

I've never seen so many dead people.

They were shooting at us
and we were shooting at them.

I'd hate to be the one
that has to write this up.

Gloria Barrinson, aged
19, a clerk at the bank

was forced at gunpoint
to accompany the robbers

in the first of the escape cars.

Coming up this morning.

The idea that he's busy.

When this car collided
with the road block

I set up at Hangar Lane, Ms. Barrinson

was severely injured.

She is now at the Mausley Hospital,

correction, Mausley Cottage Hospital,

where her situation is
described as critical.

Why did you have to do it,

when you knew they had my daughter aboard?

Why did you put your
cars across the street?

To stop them.

Big John?

We had to take the foot off.

It wouldn't have been much use to him.

But he was my driver.

I thought Jim was your driver.

That's because I lent Big
John to George this morning.

Well if he'd stayed with
you, he'd still have two feet.

But it wasn't George's fault.

And you say they're tooled up?

Yeah, but what do you mean by tooled up?

I mean what sort of, a Browning automatic.

Two Browning auto, Eric.

Yeah and what's their game?

They're all mixed down there.

The Governor sends four of them...

Get us some coffee.

To collect the wages.

Get him a coffee, will you?

No, it's not a new team,

but we haven't got anything on them.

No one on breathalysed this morning?

That must be something of a record.

Any ID on the blaggers?

No, Guv.

Prints, photo fits, eye witnesses?

No, all they saw was the shotgun.

A religious experience no doubt.

What about the driver?

Billy Hicks.

This is Sergeant Carter's report, Guv.

Where is he?

He's out at Radlett.

Somebody tried to put
arsenic in the brewery.


Yeah, 50 grand.

Oh the Chief Super's
screaming for George, Guv.

Get a replacement for Big John.

And you get us a coffee, not him.

Yeah, all right, well
what's the word inside?

I mean it's gotta be
someone, he just come out.

Yeah, all right.

But give it me slow.

Where's Carter?

Out at Radlett.

Somebody put arsenic in a brewery vat.

A grudge?

No, no, I gather he wants money.

Yes, I wanted to talk to
Carter about the bank intercept.

Well, why not talk to me?

Carter was on the ground.

Well that's right, but
it's my responsibility.

Have you been able to
identify the dead blagger?

The state he was in, his own mother

wouldn't be able to identify him.

There is the shotgun though,
but it's obviously the team

we've been after for some time.

What about the information?

Where does that come from?

One of my informants.

Is there any way forward there?

I don't think so.

If the girl dies, there'll
be an investigation.

Carter will have some explaining to do.

Where's the lovely lady?

In bed.

Stricken with grief.

Well do I go up, or is she coming down?

Shirley, it's Mr. Regan for you.

Someone should have told you, Mick.

Hitler changed his mind.

He's not coming here, he invaded Russia.

Where's my helmet, Mr. Regan?

You'll get it back.

It's valuable.

1945 issue with field glass attachments.

You'll bloody need 'em by the
time I've finished with you.


Your husband's dead.

I bring you the official news.

He was killed in a head on
collision with a police car.

Do I get a grant to bury him?

I'm sure you will if you
fill in the appropriate form.

She's not on welfare.

Well, she wouldn't be
living with you, would she?

You killed him.

He drove straight into
my Sergeant's motor.

It was murder.


Anyone who did what he
did was past caring.

When did you last talk to him?

I haven't seen him for a very long time.

Him or his friends.

Someone told you he was dead.

The fact is that you know a lot more

than you are letting on.

About what?

About the team that
are blagging these banks

and about the drivers who are
driving their getaway cars.

Mr. Regan, that's not true.

If she knew anything,
she would have told me.

Her husband's a driver.

She screws his mates.

In bed they talk.

Mr. Regan, that's not nice.

And you haven't been straight
with me, either Gorran.

I don't know what your
relationship is with her,

but if it's as close as you say it is,

you know what she knows.

The next time this team comes back,

they're going to want another driver.

Now the chances are they'll go for one

of her ex-Brands Hatch boyfriends.

And when they do, you
tell me, you understand?

It's down to you.

Leave him.

Arsenic poisoning is it, Willard?

Be fair, Guv, I mean
we have made an arrest.

We've been officially stood down.

Well I always said you
couldn't organise a piss up

in a brewery, seems I was wrong.

Yeah, I'll just go
and book this geezer in.

I'll see you in a minute.

Was it poisoned?

No, we were bluffing, weren't we, Boris?

I tell you what, the amount they drank,

it would've been cheaper to pay up.

Three had it.

That's bloody serious time.

Hang on a second.


Is this the car?

Yes, Guv.

It was found in Ealing 08.45

and identified as the getaway vehicle.

False plates had been fitted.
- Was money found

on the back seat?

Yeah, about 2,000 odd quid.


It was located between the rear squab

and the leather trim.

You mean it was stuffed down the side?

Yes, Guv.


I'm the reliever, sir.

What's your name, son?

Robert Soames, sir.

OK, Bob.

Robert, my name is Robert.

OK, Robert.

Who'd you worked for before coming here?

Well, I left Hendon last April

and since then I've worked for the R.C.S.

It was they who recommended me.

They recommended you?

Yes sir, they said that
someone with my capabilities

should be working for the Flying Squad.

They did?

Who passed you out of Hendon, Robert?

Superintendent Hamilton, sir.

Bash it up, smash it up.

Cover it with stickers, vote
Tory, that sort of thing.

Yes, sir.

What's this?

It's my lunch, sir.

It's an apple.

I'm a vegetarian.

I want the glove compartment filled

with Mars bars, winegums,
and jelly babies,

and ham sandwiches, the sort that come

in cellophane packets, and sausage rolls.

But no potato crisps, they
interfere with transmission.

Of course not, sir.

And when the lads are
not eating Mars bars,

they'll be eating hamburgers, frankfurters

and Colonel Sanders fried
chicken, you understand?

That bloke is as nutty as a fruit cake.


the girl's dead.

Bring in Gorran, I'm gonna
beat the shit out of him

and that scrubber of his!

That's not the answer.

Look, I'll keep the
Governor off your back.

Well that's not the question, is it?

Come on, I'll buy you a drink.

What I want to know is

why do they always hit on
the last Friday of the month?

Why do they always aim to next 60 grand

and why do they invariably leave money

in the back of the getaway car?

Are there any other questions we ought

to be asking ourselves?

Yeah, why are we busting our asses off

when it should be all
down to the Robbery Squad?

- Right.
- Yeah, right, right.

Because that was the last job

given to us by our old Governor.

Anything else?

Yeah, what's the relationship

between Gorran and this woman?

I don't know.

I think he gives her one
dressed up as Adolph Hitler.

Come on, be serious, Guv.

Oh, I am.

I don't know, it's a relationship.

And you think she's going
to come up with something?

I do.

That's why I want her
kept under observation.

What do you know about blind paperwork?

Surveillance, 24 hours
a day on Shirley Hicks.

Let's see it Bob.

Where did you
dig this one up from, Guv?

It's part or my private collection.

What is
it, new squad car, Guv?

Bloody beautiful motor that,

it's a Panther De Ville.

A what?

40 thousand quid's
worth, Panther De Ville.

Go on, it's a Datsun.

Where's the bird?

In the glove compartment.

I don't get it, Guv.

What, Gorran having a
relationship with this car?

Ha, ha, ha, smart ass.

I love Henry Mancini.

Now that's
her, Mrs. Shirley Hicks.


Do you realise that
every single moving part

on that's been machined by hand?

beautiful, it's radiating.

Strong bow!

Bloody hell.

There's 12
coats of paint on that car.

Anything you say will be taken down.

rubber is a natural resource.

Recycle rubber.

OK, Bob.

Right then, who's first?

All right, all right,
Willard, you pick a team.

Start a file.

Remember rubber is a
natural resource, right?

What shall we call it?

How about retread?

Shouldn't Goodyear do it?

No, he's tired.

I want this to be very
low key, but thorough,

treat her as if she
were a target criminal.

Yes, Guv.

And as for you doubting Thomas,

there was a pair to that Purdy.

Both gold-plated, and both nicked

I want you to find it.

Yeah, OK Governor.


I think we should nick 'em.

Yeah, I know George.

Purdy's pulling to the right.

You favour the right barrel?

Not usually.

Not any more.

Of course it could be me but somehow,

I don't think it is.

Is that Primrose?

Yes, she's teething.

There's some stuff you can put on her gums,

but I've been all round the island.

I can't find it anywhere.

Well when we're in London
next, I'll pick some up.

I thought you weren't going back.

Not for a bit.

You promised, Maurice.

The architect was here about the pool.

I showed him the crack.


Well it can be fixed.

How much?


It would be cheaper to
build a new one, wouldn't it?

Well that fixes it.

We've gotta go back.

Come on China, hand it over.

Come on you cow, move!

I've dropped my Purdy.

- Jesus Christ.
- Fuck it.

Hello, Governor.

Any news?

No, they've gone to ground,

but on this one they used an
inside man and we've got him.

He says they came for him yesterday.

That he was put in the back of a big car.

And a gold-plated sawn off shotgun

was stuck into his crotch.

Then they asked him various
questions about the bank,

the tills, what ways the doors open.

Whether the manager had any bottle or not.

Then they had a little
chat about his holidays.

So when he said he was going
skiing in two weeks time,

they said not to worry,

they wouldn't show up until he was away.

Then wallop, 10:00 this morning,

they walked through the door.

Well, not to worry son.

Get him a cup of coffee
and get his hands seen to.

Sir, come on.

What did they get?

63,000 odd.

What about serial numbers?

We've got most of 'em.

Well that's something.

Look, I told you to leave that.

We've got the 62,000, that's all we need.

What'd you think they do with the money?

I don't know, pay someone off.

Well, why do they always
leave some in the car?

Well, I don't know why.

They're mad men that's why.

Don't have a go at me.

I'm on the same side as you.

Well don't keep harping.

Here Governor.

It strikes me that that
girl, you know, the hostage,

she might have been
knobbled in the same way

as this geezer was.

Yeah, more than likely.

Well, if that's the case,

there might be people in the earlier raids

who were intimidated in the same way.

Yeah, look into that George.

Urgent message
for Oscar Charlie One, One.

Oscar Charlie One, One.

Charlie One, join Bomb Squad

at 14 Delta Three Four, Charlie Six, Six.

Roger, Oscar Charlie One, One, roger.

I want the forensic
people to have a look

at the lining under that roof.

When it landed, every head in
that car must have hit it.

Should be knocked out there for a week.

When they find the Granada, look it over

before Division get their
thieving hands on it.

Right, Guv.

Do you know where 14
Delta Three Four is?

Hexagon Hotel.

What's this about, Pete?

One at our telephonists
intercepted a call.

We've got a geezer on the fifth floor

trying to dismantle a bomb.

I'm Hotel Security Officer here right,

but I was in the job
once and I know exactly

what is going to go on and the Bomb Squad,

SPG, and RCS, and God knows who else

turn up and make this place
into an armed fortress.

I've got my men up the back stairs.

You give us a nod, we'll rush him.

Now hang on, Ronnie,
hang on, what's the hurry?

I mean five minutes ain't gonna
make any difference, is it?

What if this device goes off?

Well, it's not our fault.

Jack's right, Ronnie.

We've evacuated the floor,
don't let's over react.

I'm not taking the responsibility.

Come and listen in on the phone.

All right.

Not that you'll understand,
it's all in French.

Look out, here come the dream factory.

Hello Doyle.

We've had the word there is a terrorist

inside here with a bomb.

What did I tell you, right?

Oh, you're the security officer?

There is nothing to indicate
the man's a terrorist.

Well we'll check the fine
print after we've disarmed him.

Now listen, Doyle, we're
all going to discuss this

over a large Jack Daniels.

I presume the bar is open.

It's all right, Jack.

The drinks are on the management now.

There's two, three
Scotches and two more gins.


Eh, was there bitter
lemon or ginger with it?

Hello George.


Looking for your Governor?

Yes, what's going on?

Well son, you could call it a briefing,

on the other hand you could say

it was a piss up for 10 public servants

as they wait for a bomb to go
off in the penthouse suite.

Your governor won't be long.

What will you have
- Hello Pete.

To drink Sergeant?

Well a vodka tonic then.

One of these.


Keep the wires apart,
don't let them meet

and don't disturb the mechanism in clock.


Now, can you see the explosive?

What colour is the explosive?

OK, that's cool, it's plastic.

What do you think, Major?

Well he's got bottle.

It's plastic explosive
he's playing with up there.

It could take the whole roof off.

Look, Superintendent,
I've got a marksman

up on the water tower.

It's a thousand metres from here,

but he says he's got a
clear view of the target.

Thank you Sergeant.

Here look here, Doyle.

Who asked you to butt in?

Major, is that man up
there assembling a bomb

or dismantling one?

Dismantling it.

And in your opinion
what would be the effect

if anyone were to surprise him?


Right, gentlemen.

We have the opinion of the expert.

Let us adjourn to the bar.

Uh, the,

the fact is, Jack, that this
was supposed to be my meeting.

Now the fact is, Governor,
you don't know Doyle and I do.

He's a bloody menace.

I would still like somebody to go up

and have a look-sie.

Well get ahold of my
Sergeant, he'll find a way in.


Has it occurred to
anybody that he hasn't asked

for a drink?

Then all you've got to do, son,

is say that you've got the wrong room.


I've never done this before in my life,

but that is a key to my flat.

Now when you've finished,
why don't you come back, eh?

I can promise you a nice bottle of wine,

very nice meal and when you want to go,

I'll have you taken home in a squad car.

Now what could be safer than that then?

Just get your men off the forecourt.

We've got a suspect upstairs.

He's armed and he's dangerous.

He wants to know what's
going on down here.

Sir, I got a
message requesting assistance.

It was logged in at 12:10.

Oy, nobody told me he
was armed and dangerous!

Now that's just a
figure of speech, George.

You don't want to take any...
- He said out there

he's armed and dangerous.

All right,
it'll be a piece of cake.

Now don't worry about it.

Tell him there's been some
trouble down at the bar,

but it's all sorted out now.


Ask him if he wants a drink.

Yes, he does.

Now listen, Guv, now either
he's armed and dangerous

or he's not armed and dangerous, right?

Oh ah, he just wants to be reconnected

to the Paris number.

Good, now come on, don't be sore,

how many more times have I gotta tell you

it's a piece of cake?

And no heroics, George.

Just get up there, serve him the Scotch,

make sure he signs the bill, then get out.

So, while you're down
here chatting up the birds,

I'm up there with some fucking maniac

with a bomb, right?

One more thing.

When you leave, don't
bang the door, just go.

He's fucking mad.

I'm awfully sorry, sir.

I'm afraid you're blocking the road.

Bloody SPG think they own the city.


You just in from the Kain Centre?


Mm hmm, were they using
a gold-plated Purdy?

They could have been, Ronnie, yes.

Carbon copy of a job in Bexley Heath

when I was in Q Division.

Gold-plated Purdy.

Light fittings shot out of the ceiling.

In and out like marine commandos.

Harrison is doing 30 years for it.

I never knew that.


Well he was away on so many blags,

it was impossible to keep track.

That was down to my
old Governor, wasn't it?

Nicking Harrison.

He got a squad on that result.

We haven't had to mention
his name much these days, Jack,

not since he went away.

Who was the arresting officer?

If I recollect it was Endersby.

- Endersby?
- Yeah.

Put it on the table.

Oh, what are you doing, sir?

I mean, can I help?

I am dismantling a bomb.

Uh, can I be of any assistance?

Morning Collie.

Morning, sir.

A spot of trouble?

Yeah, geezer upstairs with a bomb.

Anyone know who he is?

No, sir.


Have a gin, sir.

Anyone care who he is?

They're on the house, sir.

You don't look like a waiter.

I'm not.

Hold this, will you?


Very, very slowly, please.

You don't scare easy.

No, I'm just

too stupid, I suppose.


I suppose you wouldn't know him?


The man in 594.


The French gentleman lives in Beirut.

Drinks whiskey and soda,

always leaves me a very large tip.

Well is that all you can tell me?

He talks with a foreign accent.

He's ex RCS, lots of girls,

clean living, highly recommended.

He's a great driver,
efficient, punctual, polite.

Why are you trying to get rid of him?

Did I say I wanted to get rid of him?

It seems our friend comes from Beirut.

That should give you something to go on.


Who's Officer in Charge here?

You are, sir.


Why didn't you dial 999?

I usually find that
in these circumstances

the authorities tend to over react.

I can't do that, she said,
it's a question of ethics.

Ethics me foot, I said.

If it was your foot you were
talking about, she said,

it would be something else.

You know who I am, and you
still want to breathalyse me?

Sorry, sir, he said.

But the light in your rear
number plate's malfunctioning.

Right, I said.

This isn't a spacecraft.

It ended up at two to
one odds on favourite,

and by the time you deduct tax,

agent's commission, a little
drinkie to the trainer,

there's not enough left
to buy your daughter

a school uniform, is there?

My daughter buys her knickers
at Janet Reger, she's 14.

So I said to her are you on the game?

She said, no, I'm with the Woolwich!

Ah, here comes the lad himself.


where's the bomb?

In the toilet.

Ah, this is Mr. Mahmoun from Beirut.

Well Mr. Mahmoun, you're nicked.

On what charge?

I'll handle this, Collie.

We haven't formulated the charges yet,

but it might be a good idea if you and I

just wonder down to the
station, have a little chat.


No comprehend, come on.

He doesn't speak a lot
of English, Governor.

Yeah, thank you, Carter.

Nice one, George.

I'm going to get away I think.

Do what?

What about the bird on the switchboard?

Spoken for, man.

I think I'll have a drink then.

Yeah, that's a good idea.

Where to Guv?

The Yard.

Hello, this is Regan, have
they found the getaway car?

Yes, Governor.

Was there any money in it?

Hang on a minute.

Anything in the larder?

That's my lunch, sir.

No, Governor, there was
no money in the vehicle.

Inform Sergeant Carter, will you?

He's at the Hexagon Hotel,

that a U Division Area car
located the getaway vehicle

and there was nothing in it when found.

Right, sir.

And Jellyneck, get hold of a copy

of the transcript of the Harrison trial

as soon as possible, right?

Will do, Guv.


Yes, sir.

How would you like to
work for the bomb squad?

Hi Sarge.

Good evening.

All right then, where is it?

What do you mean?

The money you took out
of that car, where is it?

What car?

Come on, don't push me
about, where's that dough?

What are you gonna do with it?

You are nicked!

Both of you!

1.735 equals...



1.64 equals 99,999.

Thank you, bye.


Mm hmm.



Jack, listen I'm sorry

to be interrupting your night of pleasure.

Well, what is it, George?

What, oh Jesus.

Well there was 3,000 pounds left

in the back seat of that car.

Well done, George.

I've also gone into the
figures of the other seven blags.

They're all different,
but there's one constant.

Ah, Governor, are you still with me?


Well the fact is, if you
multiply all the figures

by the price of the dollar
on the date of the blag,

you always come up with
a hundred thousand.

Have you got that?

Yeah, yeah, that's a thought, George.

No, it's not a thought.

It's not a thought, it's a fact.

Thanks, George, that's
a real breakthrough.

Sorry to hear you're sick, Guv.

What are you in for, Jack?

The team you put me onto
before you put your papers in.

The blaggers.

They're causing a lot of aggravation.

Your Kain Centre was
the last one, wasn't it?

Well, that's number six.


This inquiry is going
to be taken away from us

if it goes on like this.

They'll call in CIB too.

What have you got?

Well the team always go for
a hundred thousand dollars,

but they fall short, they blag another.

Any excess is left at the drop.

Any wounded member of
the team is killed off.

It's a highly motivated group.

Who worked all this out?


Carter's a good boy, I
hope you're encouraging him.

My trouble was I was a country boy.

I was seduced by the bright
lights, by the glamour.

No, no, you did a good job,
Governor, most of the time.

Thank you, Jack.

Did I ever tell you about
Bexley Heath, my finest hour?

I was talking to Endersby this morning

and he tells me that when
you sent Harrison down,

he picked up on five blags he never did.

You know how it is, Jack,
you've gotta clear the books.

Yeah, but why pick
on those particular blags?

Because they fitted Harrison's MO.

Fitted being the
operative word here, Guv.

Don't try to rubbish me, son.

You've pulled a few strokes in your time.

Were you paid to put
those down to Harrison?

I'm asking you because within 24 hours,

Harrison's gonna be
transferred to this ward.

Now if he's got a grudge against you,

it could be awkward.

Do you remember that
picture with Robert Redford,

Deep Throat, I think it was called?

All the King's Men, Governor.

That's it, yeah.

Well that's me, Jack,
well that could be me.

The geezer, the garage,

because I'm not going out on a limb

even if they do put Harrison in here

because I've got May and
the kids to think of.

You see the way I look
at it, Governor, is this.

You weren't just looking to clear up

a few outstanding crimes,

you were bound to sweep
that lost under the carpet

and so give someone a
clean bill of health.

Now all I wanna know is who?

I want a name.

I'll try and keep you
out of it, of course.

I'll give you two, Jack.

I've written them down for you.

You were always one step
ahead of the gang, Guv.

These men live in Malta, but
you can't touch them there,

believe me I've tried.

Well thanks anyway, Guv.

Oh, I'll call in on May
and tell her you're OK.

But if this information leads anywhere.


Those keep Harrison off my back.

The man's an animal.

I bet they get
all sorts on this flight.

Excuse me.

I said I bet you get
all sorts on this flight.

Drunks, sex fiends, villains.

I gather you're a policeman.

Yes, that is correct, love.

I am a member of Scotland
Yard's famous Flying Squad.

That fella down there is my
loyal and trusty Sergeant.

Down there chatting up your girl friend.

I didn't know you went
on holiday together.

This is not a holiday, love.

We are in pursuit of
certain hardened criminals,

who have taken up residence
on the Island of Malta.

But if you wanna know my marital status,

I am free, that is I am happily divorced.

What time's the plane back tomorrow?


We'll be on it.

Ladies and gentlemen,

cabin staff will be visiting you shortly

with duty free goods.

Excuse me.

How you getting on?

What's yours like?

She is like that, all right?

And she's a Chelsea supporter.

Tell her you were a copper?


Here they come.

That's Regan?


I get the feeling, George,

that our arrival will not go unnoticed.

Oh, we just look like a
couple of tourists, don't we?

What did you put on
the immigration cards?

Met. Officers.

Loose enough, isn't it?

Mr. Regan and Mr. Carter

arriving from London,
please report immediately

to the Duty Officer at
Immigration Control, please.

Hot here, ain't it?

All we're trying to do
is nick a few villains

who were turning over
some banks in London.

Oh, I would do the same for you.

- Where were you last July?
- In fact, I have done

for you, Andy, on more that one occasion.

Just put your stamp on that!

Jack, the people you want
have committed no crime here.

On the contrary.

They've contributed a hell
of a lot to the community.

If you want our cooperation
you're going to need

a hell of a lot of evidence.

And I don't see here that you've got any.

But would you object if
we went to interview them?

At Pharos?

Yeah, yeah, Pharos, yeah.

You will have to put
a request in writing

to my superior, and if he agrees

we will send out an officer
and you can accompany him.


before we do so,

we will have to notify the men

so that, if necessary, they
can have their lawyers present.

That's the rule in England too, isn't it?

Yeah, don't tell me
about rules in England.

Governor look, look why don't we just

get a cab into town and we'll
write out a formal request.

I will see that it's
on my Superviser's desk

first thing tomorrow.

Have a nice time, sir.


Anyone at home?


Good morning.

Can I help you?

Good morning, my name's
Regan, I'm from London.

This is my colleague, Sergeant Carter.


We were wondering if we could
have a word with Mr. Hill.

What is your business?

Well, we're police officers,
we're conducting an inquiry

into a number of bank robberies

that have been going on in London.

We thought Mr. Hill
might be able to help us.

Mr. Hill has gone fishing.

When will he be back?

Not for a number of days.

It is the Lampuki season, you know that?

Yeah, we know that.

Can we have a word with Mrs. Hill?

This way, please.

The Lampuki's a large fish and is caught

in an ingenious way.

The fishermen go to sea.

Oh that is ingenious.

And in their boats they
carry large mattresses of cork.

They float this in the water

and the Lampuki swim under
them and lie in the shade.

When they cluster in sufficient numbers,

the fishermen return and net them.


Net them.

They net them.

Has Mr. White gone with Mr. Hill?

He has.

Any other friends of Mr. White

and Mr. Hill staying on the premises?

There are.

Have they too gone fishing?

That's correct.

Mr. Regan, you must excuse me
if I check your credentials.

These days we have all sorts of

bogus people wandering around.

I don't mean to seem impolite,

but some of them, you understand,

have no authority to ask questions

or indeed ring our doorbell.

Wouldn't it be quicker to Telex London?

I can give you the
number to Scotland Yard.

Scotland Yard?

Tell me, does it really
exist outside of the novels

of Sexton Blake?

I would like to speak to, oh
you are the superintendent.

Hello, this is Mr. Alekandros
of the Pharos Development.

I have two officers
from Scotland Yard here.

Regan and um...

Can you tell me their status, please?

They claim not to have heard of you,

but they are checking.


Mr. Regan, come along with us, please.

You must realise, Mr. Regan,

we are no longer a part
of the British Empire.

I want a warrant to
turn that place over now!

Where's your evidence?

You get me a warrant,

and I'll find the evidence.


you've got 25,000 policemen in London.

You go back there.

Arrest your suspects coming out of a bank

with shotguns in their hands.

That's the only way you're
going to prove your case.

♪ As you walk through the door ♪

♪ You go through the floor ♪

♪ At Williams where else ♪

♪ At Williams ♪

School's are a bit
different now, aren't they?

I understand you saw Jupp last week.

Yes, Guv.

In Wormwood Scrubbs?

Yes, Guv.

But this was not
written up in your diary.

Now I want you to understand
this once and for all.

Regan, I run the squad now.

Not an ex-Chief Superintendent

who has been convicted of corruption

that is now serving time
in Wormwood Scrubbs.

Yes, Guv.

Was Malta his idea?

Yes, Guv.

Did it produce any results?

Well you better invent something

if you expect to claim
this lot as expenses.

They didn't have teachers
like you at my school.

You don't say much, do you?

I don't like policemen.

Do you think we could trace that cup?

Why not?

The whole area's been demolished.

The Church School was
pulled down 10 years ago.

I think you've as much of a chance

of finding it of marrying a virgin.

What's a virgin, miss?


Hang on a minute.

Listen, could you get any prints off

of a 25 year old exhibit?

Huh, yeah sure, what is it?

A silver cup.

Has this anything to
do with the Purdy blag?

Yeah, it is.

Hmm, we got some of
the shells, you know?

Well terrific, can you
see if you can match 'em up?

Yeah, OK.

And this piece?

That was a bank at West Brom.


Grove Park.

We lost Peter on that one.

And the pool?

Well, as you see it's been repaired.

It wasn't necessary to rebuild it.

So you're in profit.

Would you be prepared to sell?

What, the development?


Well, it's been a
pleasure to do business

with you, Mr. Hill.

Should you ever require
any further capital

or should you reconsider your decision

with regard to the development.

I'll get in touch.

Oh, by the way, there
are certain charges

which appear to have been overlooked

in the final accounting,
nothing that you can't handle.


How much?

There'll be two million
in that factory guaranteed.

Look, our needs are still the same.

We've done 17 blags,
we've gained $1.7 million.

Now that is our way.

Now if we stop thinking like that

and start pursuing short term objectives,

then we may as well pack it in.

Shall we bring a calculator?

So what about the shooters?

Well we got.38 and the riot gun.

Well that takes care of
us, but what about you?

I shall take the Purdy.




I take it we shall all
be here for the Fiesta.

The children want to see the fireworks.

All right, on
three, are you ready?

Sure, Frank.


Well, something might come up.

Something that we might
have to take care of.

In Valleta?


Back in England.


You didn't tell me about this, Will.

He did a good job.

The tiler, you can't see the crack.

Will's just been telling
me you were thinking

of going back to London.

Yeah, well we haven't
made our minds up yet.

I thought the loan was paid off.

I thought.

There are other people
that have to be paid off.

But I thought...

Look, Alexandros, he saved
us a lot of bread on the pool,

so we might not have to go back.

Daddy, do we have to do it more?

I want to play again.

Go to your room now.

Come on, laddie, time for bed.

I want to go swimming.

I want to go swimming.

You've been all night.

Ladies and gentlemen, coffee

will be served in the lounge.

Good night.

Night daddy.

Inspector Regan?

Inspector Regan's not here.

Can I help you?

I want to
speak to Inspector Regan.

I want to advise him of an armed robbery

which will take place on Friday morning,

somewhere in the North London area.

Yeah, all right.

Look at this.

Personally I prefer
the Lampuki to the Sole.


What's she given us?

Oh nothing that Gorran
hasn't given us already.

And what's he given us?

A bank blag in Fulham.

What's on this?

That's the call from Malta.

We still got observation
on Shirley Hicks?

When she's at home, yeah.

Well, if we draw a blank
this time, we'll bring her in.

Go ahead, Malta.

Yeah, we'll get it.

Will you give me Immigration
at London Heathrow?

Inspector Regan?

I want to speak to Inspector Regan.

You see that geezer at
the hotel is in the CIA?


Inspector Regan is not here.

You were lucky there, George.

Can I help you?

Thank you.

I want to
advise him of an armed robbery

which will take place on Friday morning

somewhere in the North London area.

She doesn't indicate a bank.

Who you gonna go with, her or Gorran?

Oscar Charlie, One, One.

Go ahead, MP.

Your zero, one, zero, zero.

Suspect has left the airport in large car.

Complying with your
instructions, no action taken.

♪ Through the door ♪

♪ You fall through the floor at Williams ♪

♪ Where else ♪

Oscar Three One, go ahead.

Are you still seeing
that school teacher?



Because you keep singing
these stupid ditties.

Alpha Three One, proceed.



Are we keeping you up?

Me mind's alert.

MP from Oscar Charlie One Three.

Check on the following index number.

U, uniform, W, whiskey, E, echo,

seven, nine, four, L, lema, over.

Hello, Governor.

We found another, a Ford Monarch

by the footbridge over the river.


Hello Willard.

Hello, big mouth, where are you?

Guv, I'm on the slip road.

There's a blue transit
just come into view.

No markings, it looks a bit sus.

Well at least they're
on the plot, sort of.

You'd better get back, George.



No, not a dickybird, Guv.

Look at that, it shouldn't be allowed.

Fancy showing in weather like this.


Look there's another one too.

Someone give her a raincoat.

Why don't you belt up.

Give me the mic.

Gus, it's a combination of nerves

and so smoking too much.

I get this hard on like a milk bottle.

Hello George?

I've got a feeling we're being set up.

Those getaway cars,
they're too well placed.

It's early yet.

I'm telling you we're
standing around here

and they're somewhere else.

Well, what you wanna do then?

No keys.

No petrol.

So no get away, at least not in this car.

I'll check out that transit.

Give us the hand set.

Hello Wilf.

Hello, yes.

Look are you still with the transit?

Yes, George.

Yeah well, check it over, will you?

Looks like we've been wrong-footed.

Just stay where you are!


Come on, for Christ's sake!

Stay where you are!

Leave it!


Please, Frank.

For Christ's sake, Frank, hurry up!

Hello Guv.

Yeah, they're at a hotel
in Bolton Gate, number 44.

I've just seen her go in.

Are you positive?

Yeah, the Jag
is parked 'round the back.

Hold it fellas, hold it.

What kind of place is it?

It's private, you know
you need a key to get in,

no knife and fork.

And they're booked through till tomorrow.

OK, Willie, confirm the room
number, then get back here.

Willard seen 'em in Bolton Gate.

He followed the Hicks girl there.

When are you going in, then?


Right, I'll just have a piss.

All right.

I could do with a leak and all.

Get up you fucking dope.

It's the second
floor gaff, that's the one.

Listen, what about the
shooters then, George?

Well, just don't hit us, right?

There are three of us coming
through the front door.

That's him, me, and the Governor, OK?

Yeah, good.

It's gonna piss down again.

If it's not one thing, it's
another with you, ain't it?

No dogs.

The last time we had dogs,

they bit every bleeding man
present but the villain.

I think they train them
to bite Squad Officers.

That's not true, sir.

Will you belt up, Soames,
who fucking asked you?

In here, Liew.

Was this 42 or 46?

I'm gonna give you a
minute to get out of here,

then I'm gonna call the police.

We are the police, mate.

Nice night for it.

What's she then, underage?

Evening all.


Where are the marksmen?

There's one on the roof up there.

And that geezer's going
down on the corner.


Fucking assholes.

The Governor's compliments,

he wondered whether you
wanted to come with us.

Ah, it's Mr. Regan's job.


I can't open the fucker.

I'll shoot down and try the other one.

Sorry, Squire, this road's blocked off.

I've seen you before, haven't I?

Where you going pal?

I'm picking up a fair,
number 44, second bell.

Where are you taking him?


Aren't the seats good enough?

Nevermind the dialogue,
just take us to the door.


We're police officers, can we come in?

We're looking for a villain.

But I'm already late.

He came around yesterday.

He's got a gun!


Get that bastard!

Kill that bastard!

You pratt, you brought them here!



I helped, I don't know!

All right, police officer!

Don't go in there.

Are you all right, Guv?

What's going on here?

What the hell's going on here?

No trouble, mate.

- You've been hit, Guv?
- No.

What the hell's going on?

Back in your rooms, please.

Back in your rooms.


All right, get her back in that room!

Get her back!

What happened to White?

The marksman got him.

I'll see you downstairs.

Right, get them back in that room, you!

Look, would you head upstairs?

Would you please leave now?

Leave it alone!

Take it,
put him in the outside there.

With, put it lightly.

As fast as you can, OK?

This is the
final Will and Testament

of Francis Hill, John William White,

Douglas Jefferson, Morris
Haughton, Duncan Mead,

Bartholomew Smith and Peter Good.

We, the undersigned hereby
leave all our worldly goods

to the wives and children
of all the said persons.

We do this in the belief that England

as a nation is finished.

It's course is run and
that the order of the day

must be to save what you can.

We have built up by our own determination

and where necessary,
at the point of a gun.

A structure on this
island which will survive.

We've passed this on to
our wives and children,

asking that they look
after it and expand it,

in the same spirit as it was built.

It is signed by your husbands.

I now have to put to your as
beneficiaries individually

of this will, the following question.

Do you wish to liquidate your property,

that is, sell it,

or to allow it to develop, as
designated in this document?








Hello, my name's Jack Regan.

I don't know if you remember me.


Well, the fact is, the last time we met,

you posted my key down a very funny place.

I just wondered if you'd
like to come around

and retrieve it?

Is it still down there?

Look, why don't I pick you up?

I'm just round the corner in The George.

- Will you hold on please?
- One minute sir,

and I'll put you through.

Hello, call, Hexagon Hotel.

Just one minute and I
will give you Reception.

Hello Reception, will you
take this call, please?

He's looking for Sheikh Jassad.

Thank you.

Hello, Caller?


I would very much like
to retrieve your key,

but unfortunately, I'm retrieving

somebody else's key tonight.

I could put you in touch
with a key retrieval service,

which is not listed in The Yellow Pages

I don't want a key
retrieval service, I want you.

Look, why don't you phone tomorrow, hm?

Any time, I'll be here all day.

There you are, Governor.

Well, that's me fixed for the night.

What about you?

Well, I've got my school teacher.

No music in this bar.

No dancing, please!

Is she coming here?

Yes, she is, but I
think I might blow her out

and get hold of the barmaid.

You seen the book on it?

Hey, George, come on!

Goodyear, come on.

It's a natural resource.

All right, Governor!

All right, Governor!



Give us a dance, oy!

One, two.

No music in this bar.

No dancing, please.

Oy, oy, oy, oy!

Toss those.

Hey, look who's here.

I think you're being pulled, Guv.

Fucking all right!

More, more, more, more!