Sweat (2020) - full transcript

Three days in the life of fitness motivator Sylwia Zajac, a social media celebrity surrounded by loyal employees and admirers, who is really looking for true intimacy.

Here I come!

Here I come! I'm coming!

One... two...

5, 6, 7, 8...
and now faster!

Bang! We can do it!

Four... three... two... One!

Breath in...

and out Great!

Breathe in... and out,
How are you?

Good, great!

Breathe in one last time...


To the rhythm! One!

Double time now!
One, two!

One, two!

One, two!

To the side!

Plank! One...

two... Bang!

Just a little more!

And up!


One. two, three, change.

One, two, three, change.

Your position is perfect now,
You could replace me. Okay.

Let's go!

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight...

and again, eight reps...

Let's take a few breaths
and we'll move on to the next exercise.

and... Four!


Let's take a breath now.


During this exercise,
look into each other’s eyes.

Now get ready...
Run as hard as you can!


Great! We can do it!

We can do it nearly there...
I'm coming down to you.

I'm diving into your beautiful energy!

The floor's slippery from your sweat.


Work with the body you have,
not the one you want to have.

Accept yourselves...
Now run as fast as you can!

We're nearly finished!

Eight, seven...

four, three...

two, one...

and... That's the end!
You did it!

You did it.
I'm super, super proud of you!

You're awesome!

You're awesome! Yes, you are!

All of you standing up there!
I'll see you at my next workout.

My loves!
Shall we take a selfie together?


Squeeze together, please!

You won't believe it but...
I forgot my selfie stick.

But I have Klaudiusz...


- Are you ready?
- Yes!

Alright! Three, two, one!

You have a wonderful,
wonderful energy my loves!

Let me hug you.

- Can I take one as well?
- Amazing!

- Thank you!
- It's nothing.

Oh my!

What is it?

Sylwia the Rabbit!

I'm a bunny rabbit!

A bunny, that's lovely.
What is your name?


Marietta did you make this
amazing hat by yourself?

- Yes, I wanted to thank you...
- Look, guys, look..!

It's wonderful! Wonderful!

All my life I was really unhappy.
I thought it would never change...

- Sylwia! Sylwia! Sylwia!
- ...but it did!

Oh, my love, my love!

- You're the best!
- You're amazing!

You guys are the best!
I love you!

And you my loves!

If you want to be part
of this wonderful energy?

If you want to receive
as much love as I did today,

then come to Krakow for my next workout!
I'll be there after the weekend!



My loves, there is nothing
more wonderful than working...

with this amazing woman.

Greetings Warsaw!

- Thanks. Thanks my loves
- Oh, wonderful.

- What's up?
- Nothing, I've strained a muscle.

Show me.

- Here..?
- Aha.

A bit more.

Damn. Wait, wait.

Put your phone down.

Wait... that's it.

Relax it...

move your shoulder blade back.




- Are going to the Body Wash party?
- Nope.

Come on, it will be fun.

I want to get changed.


Klaudiusz. out.


My loves, I would like to thank you all,
one more time...

for today's workout
and for sweating with me.

When I motivate you
and I see you fighting,

and doing your best...

Your wonderful energy
comes straight back to me.


I felt it and it really moved me.

Moments like today
make me feel that we are one.

And I really want to thank you for that.

I love this song, I love Roxette!

I can move mountains with you!
I love you all!

Hi, sunshine!

- Don't talk to me with your mouth full.
- I'm sorry.

- Want something?
- No, thanks.

I've got to get back to Jackson...

Is that for me?

- Yes.
- Damn.

Quite a lot of stuff.

It would be great if
you could show it today.

No problem.

What's up?

"Good Morning TVN" is hesitating.


- I dunno.
- 'Dunno' what?

- So call them.
- I did.


They're still I planning the content.

Wait, I thought we were booked?

What can I offer you?

Weren't we booked?

Apparently the host works
out with Patti Wola.

So they want to invite
her instead of me?

I don't know, it's just gossip.

So now the host gets to choose
the guests, I don't get?

This is not good,
it was supposed to be sorted.

- Maybe some sparkling water.
- Of course.

Have you read the
gossip sites lately?

Thai video you posted
has kind of gone viral, you know?

Really which one?

The one of you crying.

Are you alright?

Why are you asking?

You looked kind of sad in it.

So what?
Are you worried about me?

Should I be?

I don't know, that's up to you.

One of the sponsors complained.

- Oh yeah, who?
- Olympus Nutrition.

They're worried about their product
appearing in that kind of context.

- Sorry, but I post what I want.
- That's what I told them, girl.

Don't worry about it.

My loves...

if you don't know.

whether to take
the stairs or the lift...

This is my advice take the stairs...

no matter how man,
bags you're carrying.

I'm nearly there.


- How are you my love?
- Were you a good boy?


I'm going to share the recipe
for my fave Friday shake.

I take a banana...

Boom! Okay...

A bit of milk.

I'm going to use
almond milk today.

We add it to the shake...

and of course...

my beloved whey protein
from Olympus Nutrition.

I will be using hazelnut today.

It all goes into the blender.
I will spare you the noise.

It's great I highly recommend it.

I will drink it in a moment,
so come and join me.

Bye, bye.



Hi, my loves...
I hope you all had a good day.

This video will be a little
different than usual.

I mean, not everything
has to be about fitness.

You often ask me...

why I'm single.

Why I don't have
a husband or a boyfriend.

The truth is that.

I didn't choose to be single.

In fact...

a while ago...

a friend who...

was always alone...

who was always single...

found someone.

I was really happy
when I found out,

and I wish her all the best
fingers crossed, for her new relationship...

but at the same time I, uh.

I just felt really, really sad.

Because I just...

I'd really like to have someone close...
someone who...

who would take my hand and say...

'Sylwia, my love... everything's
going to be alright'.

Come on, my love. Alright.

Alright, alright.

God, you're pulling me...

He's met his friend!



Where's the ball?

Excuse me.
Excuse me, hello?

Can I help you, sir?

Hello, excuse me!

For fuck's sake.


Why the fuck...

Why the fuck are
you staring at me?!

Fucking pervert!

Fuck off! Fuck off!


I'm sorry baby.
Wait, wait. I'm sorry, Jackson.

Jesus, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

- Hi, my love.
- Hi, mummy.


I'm sorry I hung up
on you last time.

The connection broke off
in the garage...

and then I had to take
Jackson for a walk.

Aren't you sleeping yet?

- No.
- What are you doing?

Watching the match.

What match?

- Serena's playing.
- Which channel is it on?

TVP Sport.

I'll be there tomorrow.

I'm coming to visit you.

Oh yeah?
I'm glad to hear that.

- I've got a surprise for you
- What surprise?

I can't tell you, because then
it wouldn't be a surprise.

You'll meet Fryderyk.

Is he going to be there?

- Why would he not be?
- I didn't realize it was so serious.

It is.

OK mum, I'm going to go now.

Alright, my love get some rest.


Bye then.


Let's see what we've
got here, my loves.

I can see that these are clothes
from their latest collection.

I really like it.

Cool sweatshirt.


You know what this is,
I work out with it a lot.

And this? 'UchFit'.

Some kind of magnet.

OK... But what is it for?

'This is UchFit your personal hanger

for the things you take to the gym'.

'You can attach it to any
steel surface at the gym'.

Listen, guys...

I won't tell you what this is.

This box...

Just a regular box.

Is a present from
my beloved people from Fiat.

And inside...


It's moving.

I'm riding.

This is fantastic!

'I want legs like yours'.

if you work out with me,
you'll have legs like mine.

'I've always wondered
if your hair is natural?' It is.

'I can see you!'.


My arm is starting to hurt.
Big kisses, guys.

Have a good evening.


Sylwia thanks to you,
I'm back in shape.

You motivate me every day
'You are amazing.

- Hello, good morning.
- Hello, this is Sylwia Zajac.

- Hello, Ms. Sylwia.
- Good morning.

How are you?

Fine, thank you I've just
received the meals.

That's good,
I hope everything is alright.

Yes, but they're packed
in plastic boxes.

OK, let me check,
I didn't take your order...

Good morning.

Good morning,
we hadn't agreed on plastic boxes.

I've use as little plastic as possible.

We are trying the best we can...

...the bag is made of paper...

We're really trying.

Yes but it's not enough.
I'm not going to promote plastic.

We're looking for greener solutions,
but it's really not that easy.

Hi, Sylwia...

- Hello, Ms. Sylwia?
- Either you switch to...

biodegradable boxes or...
I'll find another catering company.

...because of how I...
treated you...


At the car park.


I'm sorry!

I'm very, very sorry.

My Name is Rysiek.

Rysiu. Mummy would call:
'Rysiu, Rysiu'!

She'd always say:
'Don't do bad things! Rysiu!'

I just wanted to say that
we're very much alike.

I also want someone
to hold hands with.

Someone to hug.

To talk to... about my feelings.

I know.

I know I'm not good enough for you,
I'm sorry.

Thanks for the workout, Sylwia!
It was awesome!

You're an amazing woman!

We love you with all our hearts!

More weights?

You're weak today, huh?

- Weak?
- Yeah.

- Watch this,
- Come on.

Let's go...

And up. Push hard.
I'm resisting. Go, go, go!

That's it. Again...

and up Harder.

Harder. As far as you can!

That's it. Again...

Go, go, go!

You can do more.
That's it. Again...

Knees wider...
And go.

Come on.

- Jesus. I can't!
- That's it.

Up. Push, push.

Push harder.

Hold it... now slowly down.

- Are you alive?
- Uh huh.

You won't get up tomorrow.


Hi loves. Have you
worked today?

if not - don't worry, you can still go.

Remember! The only bad workout
is the one that never happened.

I'm already done.

Hi loves. Have you
worked out today?

If not - don't worry you can still go.

The only bad workout...


Sylwia, hi!


- God!
- Oh my gosh!

What a surprise.
How are you?


It's great to see you!

I'd love to have your ass.

You look good too.

- Oh, stop it!
- Really!

Come on. no way.

By the way I've been following you.

Yeah. And.

I have to tell you...

You're great, really true and honest.

I left all my stuff over there...

How about we sit down for a chat?

- Or are you in a hurry?
- I have to buy a present.

- Great. Who for?
- My mum.

- Do you want to order something?
- No thanks.

You know what...
Sleepy has a great pajama collection.

Have a look there.

Seriously. Mums love pajamas.


I can't get enough of you!

Looking at you takes
me back to school.

- Yes?
- Yes.

I got married two years ago.

His name is Ryszard...

he works in television.

- You know we live in Konstancin...
- Oh, wow...

- That's great.
- Yeah.

I mean...
Right now...

It's kind of...

It's kind of not that great
right now.

I'm a mess, actually.

I'm kind of..

I mean, I'm feeling a bit strange.

No, no. Don't tell me
if you don't want to.

No, I mean, it's...
It's alright.


I kind of...

I haven't talked to anyone
for a long time.

I was in the tenth week...
And I went...

...to my gynaecologist for a check-up.
Just a routine check-up.

I didn't feel anything strange...
and suddenly he goes:

'Oops... No heartbeat'.

So he asked me whether...

...whether I wanted them to take her out.

or whether I wanted 'nature'
to get rid of her.

I didn't know.

I called them later and.

I wanted them to get and of her...

I don't know why I say 'her'
when I don't even know....

I've just always wanted to
have a daughter, you know?

- Answer it,
- No, no, I don't have to.


I found out I was going to be a mum...

I know it's stupid,
but I started calling everyone

because I was super happy.

Because that's the point
if you can't share it?

Now I don't want to talk to anyone.

I'm sorry.

But you can try again, right?

I don't want to, you know?

I can't imagine going
through all of that again.

I just couldn't do it.


I feel like quitting my job.

I'd like to delete my Instagram account
because no one would really miss me.

I know it.

It would just take one click
and everything would disappear.

Just like that.


I'm sure you'll manage,
no matter what you decide to do.



I have to go.

Let's take a selfie!

- Yeah?
- Alright.



One more time...

Hey there.
How are you guys?

Like I was telling you earlier...

I slept really badly
and I got up on the wrong side of bed.

so I figured I have to do something
really nice for myself today.

I've been craving a nice, positive colour,
so I thought about pink.

So what colour are we doing Zosia?

Neon pink?

So watch out for the
final effect. Wait for it...


Hey there. How are you guys?

Like I was telling you earlier...

I slept really badly and...


You're on "Good Morning TVN" tomorrow!

- We got it?
- Do you think I wouldn't have got it for you?

That's wonderful.

They just confirmed.
They really want you.

- Great
- Yep.

Listen, did you tell them...

- What?
- ...what song to play?

My darling, I told them ages ago.

Are you happy or not?
'Cause I can't tell.

Of course, I'm really happy.

Makeup is at 8 a.m., you're on at 8:15.

- OK
- Should I go with you?

No, no.

Are you sure? It's not
a problem for me...

OK, bye. Amazing.

Bye bye.

Hello my loves...

I hope you're having a great day?
I certainly am.

Some quick news from me...

Tomorrow at 8:15 a.m.
I'll show you... Whoops.

I'll show you
the perfect morning workout...

Live on "Good Morning TVN'!
Tomorrow at 8:15 a.m.!

So no sleeping in till noon.

Also, I have a suggestion for you:
don't post while driving!

Bye. bye!


Hello, my loves!

You've' been here two hours
and you haven't bought parsley yet?

Hello, one 'Women's Health', please.

- With or without the DVD?
- With the DVD.

That's it my love.

Come here...
It's alright.

We're going to visit grandma.

Are you happy?

Sylwia darling?

- Happy birthday to you...
- Are you carrying him?

- Open up!
- Why are you carrying him? Come in.


Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you!

- Happy birthday to you!
- Hello.

Thank you, my love, thank you!

- I made you dirty...
- Thank you.

- It's nice to finally meet you
- Hi, hi...

Wow, what a gentleman!

- And this must be Jackson?
- Yes.

A terrier.

- This is for you, my love.
- Oh my, thank you!

- It's huge I can barely carry it!
- And this...

- This is also for you.
- For me? Thank you!

Where can I put this rose?

- I'll put it in water.
- Great.

Mummy, one more thing.

- Unless you already have it?
- No I haven't, thank you.

Why not? It's been in shops
for over a week!

I’m a busy woman.

Busy with what?
Aren't you retired?

Take the blue one!

- I have something else for you.
- What?

- I'm sorry...
- Sorry.

- Surprise!
- Another present?

OK, car keys.

But what for?

- Why so many presents?
- Because I love you!

What are you carrying.

I promised I'd give it to you!

- Jesus, child
- Where should I put it?

Well, uh... Over there.

- In the bedroom.
- Don't be silly.

- You're not going to...
- Do you want it in the bedroom?

Just for the time being.

- It's too big for the living room.
- Stop it mum.

What are you...
Is that a plasma?

- Is it a plasma?
- Where is he?

Come here Jackson darling,
there you go...


Not there, it looks like a tree!

It's an LED.

it will get in people's way.

Are you going to...

- ...connect it?
- It's too big in here.

It always seems so difficult.

There are so many cables and plugs...

But it all works out in the end.


I'll let them in.

Leave it! Clean the chairs
from the basement!

- I will.
- Hello, come in.

- They're coming.
- Great.

- Help me.
- Alright.

- What do you need...
- I left that one out.

And the curlers.

Unless you want to leave one in?

- It looks nice...
- Can you calm down?

Button it up at the back, please.

Aren't you beautiful?

Come on...

Alright thanks... come on.

- Jesus, they're coming.
- Wait, wait!

- Happy birthday to you!
- You are beautiful.

- Happy birthday to you!
- Basia, darling! Happy birthday!

Thank you my love.

- It turns out I'm not always right!
- He's admitting he was wrong.

Hi, my loves!

- All the best!
- We weren't expecting you.

- Best wishes.
- Hi.

Sylwia dear!

We couldn't believe it when
Basia told us you were coming.

What do we have here?
What a belly!

It's my Pilates ball!

- Hello darling.
- Happy birthday, Basia.

- You look like a million dollars.
- No, you look like a million dollars.

That's great... come in!

Hi, come in everyone...

I wanted to say that

this moment is very, very

important to me and that...

Well, that...

This is a bit too much
for me at my age...

It's important to me that
you all came. Thank you.

Especially you Zosia,
in your condition!

Not coming,
wasn't an option, auntie!

- Cheers to our darling Basia!
- Cheers!

Come on loves!
Happy birthday Basia.

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday dear Basia!

Happy birthday to you!

Do you want a mushroom?

- Do you want a mushroom?
- Yes please.

- Zosia, how are you feeling?
- What, what?

Zosia, how is the pregnancy
how do you feel?

I'd like to say 'very well'.
but I'd be lying.

- Oh?
- It's really bad.

- Why?
- I feel like I'm in prison...

I want out of this body I mean...
I want it out of my body.

I understand you
When I was pregnant with Sylwia...

The whole time, I felt... bleh!

I felt sick the whole time.

I never felt sick when I was
pregnant with you two.

You were born one after the other.

- I didn't work for 5 years. Wonderful!
- Gentlemen, you're drinking fast!

It was wonderful!
I think pregnancy is a woman's privilege.

- I love little children.
- Yes, to children!

They're much lovelier
than grown up kids.

To children!

- They don't want to grow up!
- Big kids, big problems!

To little children!

- How's the fitness world?
- Super, very good.

I'm on "Good Morning TVN" tomorrow.

- Wow!
- Well done!

- I thought you weren't?
- It worked out.

- What time?
- 8:15, so I hope you'll all be watching.

- Definitely!
- Yes of course!

Will you be showing your
little exercises?

- I got your DVD!
- Yes?

- Great
- What DVD?

Um, well, Sylwia
recorded a new workout DVD.

- We have it.
- Why haven't I heard?

I don't know, I told my mum.

Basia dear...

We have it.

- You have it?
- Of course we do!

- Sure!
- Sylwia...?

How many followers do you have?

- Basia!
- About 600 000.

600 000?

You haven't opened it?

You know how it is when you retire,
you think you have more time...

- Wow,, look at that photo!
- Come on, open it!

Come here, come here...

Jesus, mum!

- What happened?
- You can't give him that.

- He's not allowed?
- You know he's not.

- My God Sylvia, you look like a statue!
- Thanks!

'...How did you first
get into fitness..?'

'...It was thanks to my mum...

who would send me
to all kinds of sports clubs.

and summer camps when I was a kid...'

'Volleyball, swimming, tennis,
cross-country running...'

'After years later, my boyfriend took
me to the gym. I fell in love.'

'Not with him, but with the gym.'

'Why do you love fitness?'

'We all know we should
take care of our bodies...

but sports are often
last on our lists...'

- Wait!
- 'of priorities.'

'Isn't that strange?'

'We go crazy when our phone batteries
are running love...'

but we do nothing to prevent
our health batteries from running out.'

'I want to raise awareness
and inspire change...'

- 'I want everyone...'
- Don't shout!

'to become the best versions
of ourselves.'

Let's put it on!

- No, no, please.
- Why not?

Sylwia brought us a new TV set.

- Really?
- Yes, It's an LED.

- Wow!
- Yes, an LED.

Right, I think the TV is on...

Not much space...
what a huge TV set!

Sylwia, Photoshop?

No way!

Look at me, then the photo.

don't we look exactly the same?

- Don't those nails get in the way?
- Attention!

No, it doesn't.

- Wow!
- Which one, this one?

- I don't know, whichever you want.
- Click on 'workout'.

Sylwia Zajac! Bravo!


- Move, mum.
- What?

Turn it up a bit.

Just a little bit.

can tell you what I'm saying
I know it by heart.

My name is Sylwia Zajac
and I'm your personal trainer.

I created the SWEAT workout
programme especially for you.

Join me and stay with me to the end.

Remember: 'Work with the body
you have, not the body you want'.

Accept yourself.


Let's start with a warm up.

We'll start the warm up with...

Look, here's Kacper.

- Look at you running.
- Well done!

Bravo! Basia!

I go to a class called
'Yoga for a Healthy Back'.

0h Jesus!

- Kacper, I told you!
-1 didn't break it.

I go to my yoga class
three times a week.

Listen Is there any yoga on there?

I propose a toast...
to Sylwia's health...

And to the mum who raised her.

- Where's mum?
- Basia dear, come here.

- Basia, to your health!
- I'm coming. I'm coming.

- I drank mine, but...
- You want some?

Quiet now.

To Sylwia... and Basia.

- That's right.
- To Basia.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

Kacper your glass is empty.

We don't want to leave you out.

There's a lot of cold meat left.

- I'll have some.
- There it goes.

Are all of you veggie, too?

- Veggie or whatever...
- Veggie one day, homo the next.

My son is quite the comedian.

Everyone always seems to think...

that the fitness world
is all happy and colorful.

But it's not really like that.

It also has its dark sides.

Yesterday, I found this out for myself.

I realised I have a stalker.

- A what?
- A stalker.

- A stalker.
- Someone who follows you.

I know, I know.

Yesterday, I went for a walk
with Jackson and...

I could feel someone
watching me.

I was right. There was a guy sitting
in a car outside my building.

he was looking at me
in a strange way. For a long time.

I went up to him,
Knocked on the window and asked.

what was going on?

He didn't answer,
He just kept looking at me.

So I knocked again.

And suddenly, he took out...

He took out his dick and...
started to masturbate.

Son of a bitch.

That's just sick.

This morning...

He sent me a video
of him apologizing.

and crying.
He was saying...

How important I am to him
and how he adores me.

- What a nutcase!
- He's just some disgusting, fat guy.

Sylwia, darling,
you have to be careful.

There are so many
crazy people out there.

taking advantage
of good people.

- It's sick.
- It is sick. Because all I want...

is to inspire people
to lead healthy lives.

What did you knock
on his window top.

Couldn't you have just walked past him?

It was in his car, his window, wasn't it.

Because he was staring at me!

So you go banging on the window
of anyone who stares at you?

I mean...
I don't understand.

That could have been dangerous.

Exactly, banging on someone's window.

No, mum, he was the dangerous one.

He's a stalker, he...

he's sick, he could hurt me.

I don't know, but...

I know there are
all kinds of people, but...

You can't judge people like that.
Maybe he a as a nice guy.

Does he sound like a nice guy?

Is that how you met him?

You walked past his car
as he was jerking off, is that a nice guy?

- Sylwia!
- Your guy. A nice guy. Yeah?

If you want I can tell you
how we really met.

No, thank you very much.

We don't have to.

- Sylwia, darling?
- Yes?

Can't you just
be happy for your mother?

She was alone for such a long time
and now she's finally found someone...

Isn't that a good thing?

Can't you be happy for her?

I am happy.

Then what's going on?

Come on.

Have some cake with us.

I don't eat cake.

Come on nothing will happen

if you eat a bit of cake for
once in your life.


I'm coming.

Look who I brought back!

Good. Come on, come on.

Come on, we're about to...

I'll just get the forks.

- Mum?
- What?

- I'm sorry about how I behaved.
- Sit down, it's no problem.

I'd like to apologize for what I said.

- It doesn't matter Sylwia dear.
- Sit down and have some cake.

Mum... Mum, wait.
Listen to me.

- I love you.
- Alright child, sit down.

- It's not a problem.
- Let's sing, shall we?

- Andrzej...
- Yes, thank you, just a moment.

We have to... wait... Basia has to make
a wish and blow out the candles.

I think I know what I wish for.

Right. I have this one wish.

and I think it will
come true this evening...

- Then blow!
- Blow!

Well done!

Happy birthday to you1

Pass me your plates! Kacper!

...good evening, welcome to
our programme.

Today in our studio,
politicians and experts.

are going to comment on the
political events of the past week...

I don't look bad.

Do you like it?

- Very nice.
- The fabric feels lovely.

Thank you.

- My feet are swollen you know?
- Come on then.

Very nice.

Squeeze them.

- Good evening Ms. Sylwia.
- Good evening.

This weather...

Sylwia dear, come inside!

Come in, come in!
Put the umbrella down!

Come inside, come in!

The light is better inside...

Come here.

That's it. Look at me. Big smile.

Yes. That's beautiful!

That's great.
Did you come alone?

- Where is our dog?
- At home.

Go on, hug him, hug him.

Yeah, that's nice.

Nice big smile, that's it!

- Really nice.
- Great!

Wow, amazing!

Where's the bag from?

Wait, one more, one more!

Wait! Stop, stop!


So good to see you!


So good to be here with you all!

I'm horrible aren't I?

No, not really.

Aren't you supposed to be
on TV tomorrow morning?

Shouldn't you rest?

I should.

- Do you want to come home with me?
- What?

Do you want to come home with me?



Hey there.

To the right.

Hi. my love.

What have you been up to?

Come on. I'll give you some food.

Are you hungry?

Do you want a drink?


I have some wine.
Do you want some?

Water is fine.

As you wish.

Where's the bathroom?

Over there and right.
You'll see it.

May I?


What's up?

Come I'll show you something.


See that car parked over there?

The white one.

Can you see someone
sitting inside it?

I don't know maybe

I think that's my stalker.

Yesterday he was sitting
in that same car.

and when I took
Jackson out for a walk.

he kept staring at me.

and when I came up to him.

He started.


He started jerking off.

Do you want me to talk to him?

Could you?

If you want me to.

I do.

- You want it?
- I want it.

I think I exaggerated a bit.

But he won't bother you anymore.

What's up?

I thought that's what you wanted.

Isn't that what you wanted?

Should I go?

Yes that would be best.

There's just one little problem.

I really want to
fuck you right now.


See you.

Could you leave, please?

Can you get up.

I have to go now.

Hello! Hello!

- Do you need help?
- No, no. No, no thank you.

- I have to go now
- Do you want me to call an ambulance?

Thank you. I'll be fine.

- Where are you going?
- I have to...

- Wait!
- I have to go.

- Get up...
- I have to go now! I have to go!

I have to go now!
I have to go!

I have to go now!
I have to go!

I have to go! Now!
I have to go now!

I have to!

I have to go now! I have to go!

Wait, wait!

- I have to go!
- Wait, wait, wait!

- Wait.
- I have to go now!

Wait, wait...

I have to go now!


Breathe calmly.

Listen to me.
Listen to me.

Now... Slowly...

I'm going to lift you up.

Put your hand here.

Stand there.

I'll open the door.

Wait, wait.

Watch out.

Please don't park here.

- I'll move it in a moment.
- Please don't park.

I'll move it in a moment.

A bit further.


- There?
- Yes.


- Hello, how can I help you
- Good evening.

- They beat him up.
- His name and surname, please...

Ideally, his personal number
and ID card.

One moment.

Thank you.

Doctor, come here please.


Please come here.

- Can you call a doctor?
- Can't you hear I'm calling?

What's going on here?

Hello sir?

Can you hear me, sir?

What's your name?

Andrzej, quickly. Bring a chair.

What's your name?

His name is Ryszard.

Mr. Ryszard let's get up
so we can get you on the chair.

Sir! Mr. Ryszard!

Mr. Ryszard, please sit back.

I'll take him.

Can you hear me sir?

Madam, please move the car.


Please move the car.
It can't stand there.

What should I do with his wallet?

Don't you know him?

That man?

Alright then,
you can leave it with me.

- Please come and move the car.
- I'll give it to him later.

- We're nearly ready.
- Alright.

Ms. Sylwia, you'll probably
want to warm up, right?

- Yes.
- Alright then,

we'll have to
go in literally a minute.

Hi girls, can you leave
for a moment...

Ms. Sylwia doesn't have anywhere
to warm up and...


Eight, seven, six, five...

This is the sound technician...

Do you need some water?

...the girl who took
the fitness market by storm.

Good morning.

- Hello, I'm Milosz.
- Sylwia.

Three minutes.

Thanks, we're clean.

No let's move to the sofa
for the meeting with Sylwia Zajac.

- There you go.
- Thanks.

- Ready?
- Good.

- 2 minutes left.
- We've got Sylwia.

Alright, Ms. Sylwia, follow me.


She is beautiful, young,
talented and full of energy.

Ladies and gentlemen, Sylwia Zajac.

The latest fitness revelation,
we could say.

She is...

She is already recognized for her
energetic and effective workout plans...

but also her strong
presence social media.

- Hello Sylwia. Welcome.
- Hello.

I'm very pleased
to be here with you.

It's very nice to meet you.

It's great that you brought
Jackson with you.

Yes, yes. I think he is in the kitchen...

Let's explain...
Jackson is a little dog...

Does Jackson have a profile too?

He doesn't have a profile,
but he has a hashtag.

So... Hashtag Jackson...

- Yes.
- It sounds, grandiose.

Sylwia, please tell us how many
followers you have now?

Around 600 000.

600 000 Followers, that's people
who watch you all the time.

- Every post, right?
- Yes.

That's an impressive number indeed.

So you're very popular.
It's interesting to see how you use this,

so let's watch one of your last posts.

This is a part of the video where you...
express a lot of emotions.

We are watching
the vira1 video right now.

this is the moment
when you share with your fans

That you would like to have a boyfriend...

I want to ask: do you really need to
take this so far?

Do you have to expose
yourself like this?

Do you think...

That we can show everything off
these days? That it's all for sale?

Isn't this too much?

I don't know,
it comes with the job.

What do you mean by 'the job'?

'It comes with the job'.
What does that mean?

If I want to inspire people...

I have to show them

that I have my good
days and my bad days.

Yes, but isn't it a little too much?

Maybe you should focus
on your domain,

your specialization,
that is - fitness?

Why share the drama in your life?

Let's be honest,
the post was very moving.

But I have another question.
You deal with motivating people.

all over Poland, but...
What motivates you?


What's wrong with the
fact that I admitted...

That right now there's no one
in my life who loves me?

Does that mean...


That I'm weak?

I don't know... pathetic?

In that case I want to be
weak and pathetic,

because that's when I'm myself.

When I'm the awesome Sylwia
from the posters...

I feel very lonely...

And I'm just tired of pretending.

that I'm better than I really am.

I'm tired.

of worrying that I'm not good enough.

I'm tired of it.

I want to be that weak,
pathetic Sylwia...

because weak pathetic people
are the most beautiful people.

Thousands of people
watched my video.

Those thousands of people
accept me just the way I am.

And they don't even know.

that they mean more to me
than I do to them.

I love them.

I love them with all my heart.

Sylwia, is everything alright?


It's true that I've had
a few intense, rough days...

But I'm doing well.

What happened...
If you can tell us?

I might tell you,
if you follow me on social media.


The ball is in your court now Andrzej.
You have to create an account.

I think I will.

Sylwia, this is when you were supposed to
show us your workout.

But I don't know if you're ready
for it after all those emotions...

You've really shaken us here
so maybe we should just skip it?

No Right now...

- I really feel like working out.

Alright in that case
the stage is yours.

Music, please.

My Loves.

I'm sure you know that
moment when you wake up...

and your body's still asleep
and your mind is dreaming?

I'm about to show you
the best morning workout routine.

Arms. forward.

Big circles.
Let your body stretch.

Let your arms work,
your chest open.

And up!
To the sides!

One, two, three, four.

My loves, you can repeat this
on the other side.

Thank you so much.

Have a good day.