Swastika (1964) - full transcript

Sonoko, a bored housewife entering middle age, met a young girl, Mitsuko, at a private school of art. Sonoko paints a portrait of her, and when she invite Mitsuko at her house, the two end up locked in a passionate embrace. Unable to think rationally about what she wants, Sonoko becomes steadily more obsessed with her new lover.


Sensei, if I could only
write a little better...

I'd like to pen a sort of
novel and show it to you.

But I know I'm incapable,
that's why I've come here today.

I'm afraid I'm bothering you.

You really don't mind?

Let me see...

After leaving the university,

my husband opened
a law office in Osaka.

Last year, in February,
I think it was.

I imagine it embarrassed him
to be financed by my family.

I didn't want to stay at home
doing nothing.

I found an art school for ladies.

It's a small private school,
and I began attending classes...

Original Story by Junichiro Tanizaki
Screenplay by Kaneto Shindo

Photography by
Setsuo Kobayashi

Film Editor
Tatsuji Nakashizu

The Cast

Ayako Wakao
Kyoko Kishida

Eiji Funakoshi
Yusuke Kawazu

Kyu Sazanka
Ken Mitsuda

Directed by
Yasuzo Masumura

There were classes in Japanese
and European art.

We were sketching the
Goddess of Mercy.

The principal came in one day.

Yours doesn't look at all like this model.

What was your model?

I felt myself blushing.

I hadn't noticed it, myself,
until then.

What he said quite surprised me.

I hadn't realized it but I was drawing
Mitsuko Tokumitsu.

Please look.

A textile company president's

Mrs. Kakiuchi,
who is your model?

Really? Doesn't it look like
the model here?

And you think it does?

Yes, but I'm not very talented,
so I could be wrong.

No, you draw very well.

But I just think the face looks like
someone else.

Oh, just the face, you mean?

I drew my ideal face.

Then who is your ideal?

It's just an ideal,
there is no real model.

To show the spirituality of the
Goddess of Mercy.

Is that wrong?

I don't quite understand you.

If there's a resemblance or not,
it's for art, for art's sake.

I don't think that's wrong.

If it does resemble someone,
be so good as to tell me who.

My arguing with the principal
made people talk.

Soon, there were rumors.

It was whispered that Mitsuko
and I were lovers.

It was all so silly.
I wasn't even angry.

But I thought perhaps...

Mitsuko would
be upset by all the fuss.

I'd look in on her class.

One day, I ran into her
in the powder room.

Mrs. Kakiuchi...

Some people are trying to trap us.
Please be careful.

Who would that be?

This is hardly the place to talk.

Shall we go somewhere else?

Certainly. I'd be pleased to.

Listen, the principal started
those rumors about us.

Why would he do that?

I'm supposed to marry into a
very rich family.

I'm not too anxious,
but the boy is.

A city assemblyman's daughter
wants to marry him.

So we've become rivals.

Her father bribed the principal

to spread gossip about me.

How dreadful!

What a mean thing for
a teacher to do!

You're not even married yet.

Be careful not to let
people like that ruin you.

I don't care what's said about me.

I don't care, either.

Mrs. Kakiuchi, let's become friends
and then we'll show them.

That's an excellent idea.

I'd like to see
the principal's face.

Let's go to Nara on Sunday.

What a sensation
if we're spotted!

Yes, let's! Let's do it!

I must thank you for something.


I don't have to marry the
man I don't love.

The gossip about us obviously worked.

The assemblyman's daughter
must be happy.

We should both
be grateful to you.

How secluded it is.
I wouldn't dare come here alone.

But how nice
with someone you like.

I'd love to stay,
just like this.

Me, too.

Your husband doesn't mind?

He never interferes.

And I've told him all about you.

What did he say?

If you're so beautiful,
he'd like to meet you.

It's finished.
Take a look at it.

I can hardly believe you did it.

It's because I tried so hard.

Is this that Mitsuko?
She really looks like this?

Enough to cause a sensation.

But she's really
far more sensual.

A masterpiece.
Have it framed, why don't you?

Have her come and see it
after it's finished.

If it's to be framed,
do it over again.

It's very good, of course.

The face is like mine,
but the body's quite different...

In what way?

It's not that simple.

I can't explain it very well.

Then perhaps if I could
see your naked body...

I don't mind but...

At your place then.

It's private here.

What a lovely room!

Such a nice double bed!

Marriage must be wonderful.

Yours will be far better than this.

Isn't this your marital bed?

Won't your husband scold you?

What does it matter?
You're special.

The marital bed is sacred,
so they say.

So is a virgin's body.
So it's quite fitting.

Hurry and show me.

Someone might see.
Close the windows.

I'll borrow a sheet.

Am I different
from your picture?

What an exquisite body you have.

You're so beautiful.
Why have you hid yourself until now?

It's too much!
It's too much!

What's happened to you?

When I see something beautiful,
I become so excited I cry.

I'll get dressed.

No, I want to see more!

Silly! There's no point
in keeping this up.

Yes, there is!

You're not completely nude.

Take it off!

I wish you wouldn't...

I wish you'd stop it.

I thought you were my friend!

Forget it.
We're no longer friends!

Have you taken leave
of your senses?

I've never met anyone so cold!

You promised
not to hide anything!

Why do you hide yourself?
You're a liar!

I hate you...

Your body's so beautiful!

I could kill you for it.

Then kill me.
Kill me!

I want to be slain by you.

It's not fair!

You saw my body
but you won't show me yours.

It's not that...

Yours is so beautiful,
I'm ashamed of mine.

Please don't be disgusted
with it.

You're just as beautiful as I am.

Don't say anything you don't mean.
I feel so small.

Please read these letters

we wrote to each other
at that time.

Patter patter, patter patter.
It is raining this fair night.

Patter patter, patter patter.
What doth it whisper?

It whispers, Mitsuko Mitsu,
Mitsu, Mitsu...

Without realizing it, I had written
"Mitsuko," over and over again.

From my thumb to my little finger.

Forgive me for doing something so silly.

Dearest, I'm always moody
on Sundays.

Because I can't see you all day

I telephoned but you'd gone out
with your husband.

It's cruel!
It's too much!

I'm crying.
I feel so lonely

It makes me bitter!
But I won't say any more!

You're mean!

It finally transpired. What I 'd been
expecting finally happened.

Our stormy marital spat would've
surprised you, if you'd seen it.

Please forgive me for
my use of "marital".

Kiyo, bring the tea upstairs.

Kiyo says you and Mitsuko
are very intimate.

What does that mean?

I like Mitsuko very much.
We're friends.

I know that.
But in what way?

It's just a feeling, that's all.

There are many kinds of friendship.

I'd prefer you didn't discuss
my friends!

You find your own friends and
leave me alone!

If it's an ordinary friendship,
I don't mind.

You rarely go to school now.
And you write those odd letters.

In a normal friendship,
you wouldn't shut yourself up.

What a strange thing to say.

It just shows you have
a vulgar mind!

Then is your conscience clear?

Yes! Love between women is like
the love of a work of art.

If that's abnormal, what are you?

Then why be so secretive?
Why shut me out?

And don't lie.
You're not painting.

What are you up to?

Visit a studio.
Watch an artist at work.

He doesn't work every minute.

He must be in the mood to
do good work.

And it isn't only her face.

Her body's so beautiful,
I want to hold her!

I could gaze at her for hours on end.

And she doesn't mind you
looking at her naked for hours?

Of course not.
I'm a woman, she doesn't feel shy.

Being admired isn't unpleasant.

Even between women,

being naked in broad daylight
is not natural.

Hasn't a nude woman ever
struck you as being lovely?

It's like a marvelous landscape,
I'm spellbound.

I feel happy. Life becomes
so worth living, it makes me cry.

If you've no feeling for beauty,
I can't explain it.

That's irrelevant.
It's totally abnormal!

You're old-fashioned!

She can't be a nice girl.

I'm sure she's not.

What did you say?

What right have you to say that
about the one I love?

She's too pure for a human being.
She's a goddess.

Insult her at your own risk!

See what I mean?

No one in their right mind
would say such things.

What a fossil you are!

And when did you turn
into a slut?

Yes, I'm a slut.

You knew that,
so why did you marry me?

You married me for my money!
Isn't that right?

I dare you to say that again!

I'll say it any number of times!

You married me for my money.

You may have brains
but you're a deceitful coward!

Do you hate me that much?

If you ever lay a hand on me,
I'll tell Father!

If you're prepared for that,
go on, hit me and kill me!

I want you to kill me!

Kill me, I said!

Kill me!

You fool!

It's obvious. You and I
are totally incompatible!

I've never enjoyed our married life!

You're too willful, that's why!

I try hard, but you don't!

That's not true! You lack passion.
You've no romance!

The next day, we silently glared
at each other all day long.

But that night...

I know I may appear to be
moody and cold,

but inside I'm not like that at all.

I'll be a better husband.

So try to respect my wishes, too.

Say you won't see Mitsuko any more.


If you must see her,
then not here, in our bedroom.


I'm asking you!
Listen to me.

I've no wish to be bound!
I want to be totally free.

I want to become stronger.

So strong that
I won't be afraid of God,

my parents or my husband.

Don't you hate me after all
your husband said?

Silly! We've had it out,
so I'm not afraid.

I'll never give you up.

I'll throw him out if he complains!
It's my home.

But won't your love for him
bring you to hate me?

Couples are like that.

We're no couple!

If we must, we'll run away!

Do you really mean that?

I'm prepared for the worst.

So am I.

If I asked you to,
would you die with me?

I would!
I'd die for you.

I've no child,
you're all that I live for.

Why no children?

I have a medicine that does
it without an abortion.

I'd like some, too.

A friend of mine
doesn't want to have a baby.

It's expensive,
but I'll give you some.

I'm so glad!

I prefer women to like me
much more than men.

It's natural for men to
think a woman pretty.

But I attract women to me...

Dear Mitsuko, let us
be friends all our lives.

I could die here right now,
like this.

And so we became ever more
drawn to each other.

My husband appeared to
have given up.

Taking advantage of this,
I became even bolder.

Mitsuko? Whatever do you
want at this hour? It's after two.

You're all alone and lonesome?
You can't sleep?

You called just to say that?

You are an impossible child!

Come over in the morning
and we'll play.

My husband?
I'll get rid of him early.

You promise?

Yes, I promise.
I promise.

I lost my head and became
a slave to my feelings.

So what happened
came as a complete surprise.

I never dreamed
such a thing would happen.

Hello. Mitsuko?
What happened?

Your clothes were stolen?
Where? Whatever were you doing?

I was taking a bath.

I'm at the Izutsuya Inn.

They were stolen
while I was taking a bath.

Why are you at an inn?

I had my reasons for coming,
but now I'm in serious trouble.

Please help me out and send
over some clothes. Quickly.

Look, I'm awfully sorry to ask,

but send some of your husband's
clothes, too. I need a man's suit.

A man's clothes? Why?
Who's there with you?

Yes, a suit.
No, you don't know him.

I'm sorry to ask
so many favors, but...

Could you also bring some cash,
about 30,000 yen?

I'd be ever so grateful.

I beg you to help me!

Oume, my maid, will arrive
soon. She'll escort you here.


My near? began to pound,
and my knees were shaking.

I fled to my husband,
wrapped up the clothes,

And took a cab with Oume.

Who is this man that she's with?

You're with her every day.
You know.

When did it start?
It's not the first time?


It's been a quite a while.
Since last April.

How many times?

Too many to count.

Who is the man?

I'm not really sure.

I had no idea.
I did my best for Mitsuko!

How could she talk about
her lover, the bath...?

How could she make such
a fool of me!

That's true, but she can hardly
go home without any clothes.

I would! I certainly wouldn't
phone her! It's shameful!

At a time like this,
what else could she do?

- Divine punishment!
- That's right. It certainly is.

She said she'd never shown
her body to anyone else.

I'd like to see them both
stark naked!

This is it.

You wait outside.

Izutsuya Inn

Excuse me.

Your guest has arrived.

Madame, please.

Excuse me.
You're Mrs. Kakiuchi?


I don't know how
to apologize about this!

Mitsuko really should
make her apologies.

But she's too ashamed to see you.

And besides, she has no clothes.

Excuse me
for not introducing myself.

I'm Eijiro Watanuki,
Mitsuko's fiance.

The clothes are here.
A man's suit too.

Thank you.
We really appreciate it.

I'm going home.
Give her this. It's the money.

Please wait!
She'll be right out.

Mitsuko feels very deeply
toward you.

We fell in love last year
and got engaged.

But she insisted I accept your relationship.

She says she must have us both,
and that she'll never give you up.

If I refuse to allow it,
then she won't marry me.

I understand you're angry
about what happened here.

But please don't scold her.

Will you promise not to?

Please understand her feelings.

Very well.

You agree?
Thank you very much!

We'll never forget your kindness!

What a relief.

Mitsuko, come out.

Inside, I was absolutely furious!

I wanted to jump oh her and tear
those clothes to shreds!

And I might have,
if Watanuki hadn't been there.

The more I thought about it,
the angrier I became.

They'd made such a fool of me!

How could I get revenge?
I vowed I'd somehow get back at her.

I was so upset,
I drank some wine.

A little too much.

When did you get back?

I'm so mad!

Yes! I really am!

What is it?
What's wrong with you?

I'm so mad!

Then stop crying and tell me.

I'm going to forget
all about her.

Promise you'll love me forever.

I decided to turn over
a new leaf.

I got up early,
made his breakfast,

Aren't you going
to art classes, today?

I'm thinking of quitting.

She'll be there and
it'll be hard to concentrate.

I don't want to go out.

Be mine forever. So nothing can
ever come between us!

You go from one extreme
to the other.

You don't love me enough.
I need more love.

Except for that one night,

I could never completely
forget Mitsuko.


A clerk from the Nakanoshima
Hospital in Osaka

wishes to see you.

Hospital? That's strange.
Whatever can he want?

Mrs. Kakiuchi?

There's no mistake?

Excuse this sudden intrusion.

You apparently gave
Miss Tokumitsu some medicine...

Yes, I did.

She gave it to her friend,
a Mrs. Nakagawa.

She suffered
severe complications.

What happened?

The hospital cannot take

You must discuss this with her.

At first I thought it was
some sort of ruse by Mitsuko.

But since it involved drugs,
I agreed to see her.

She arrived within 30 minutes.

My sister,
are you still angry with me?

Miss Tokumitsu, that's not what
we're here to discuss.

But I'm totally unable to talk

unless you forgive me,
sister dear.

I wish you'd stop with that
dearest-elder-sister business!

If that's how my dear sister acts,
I'll be far too upset to talk.

Frankly, the thing at the hospital...

It isn't about
Mrs. Nakagawa at all.

Well then, who is it?

It's me.
I'm three months pregnant.

I took that medicine
but it didn't do any good.

I'm having bloody discharges.

I could scarcely believe it.

Pregnant by that Watanuki
and she comes to me to save her.

It's the cramps again.

Sister, get me to the bathroom.

Honestly, Sister,
it really hurts!

What's the matter?

So painful, Sister!

Kiyo, come here!

Hold on!
Hurry, the bathroom!

It hurts, Sister!

- Sister, it's so painful.
- What's happened?


I'm going to die.

I want you...
to help me!

Don't be silly.
You're not going to die.

You'll forgive me, won't you?

Shall I call a doctor?

No, don't. You'd only get
into more trouble.

Let me die like this.

You mustn't leave me.

I don't mind dying here,
with you beside me.

It hurts!

I'm in pain!

Please get on my back
and press down!

Like this?

Such pain. It's punishment
for what I did to you.

If I die, could you
then forgive me?

I'm in agony!


- Kiyo!
- Yes, ma'am.

The blood...

You're bleeding?

Get on my back and press down!

I began to realize
that it was an act.

I knew
yet I let her fool me.

And Mitsuko knew I was
pretending not to know

but she kept up her little act,
to the end.

You're not angry with me now?

The next time you do this,
I'll kill you.

Is it all right for me
to come here again?

I don't know if it's
all right, or not.

I lied about the baby
because you wouldn't see me.

That hospital man,
he's one of our employees.

I know.
I knew it.

That blood,
it's just a theatrical trick.

I thought as much.
Don't say any more.

If I say I'm having a baby,
then your husband,

won't think we're lovers.

Then we can see each other freely.
Isn't it a good idea?

And so I slid back into her trap,

and we picked up
where we left off.

I told my husband she was pregnant
and we met often at that inn.

One day, while I was waiting for Mitsuko,

Watanuki came in.

Which of us do you think
Mitsuko loves more?

I wonder.

It must be you!

That's why she's carrying my child,
yet she won't marry me!

I really was born under an
unlucky star!

The world's most unlucky man.

I don't believe that she is pregnant.

You don't?

I think you'll find that
it's all a lie.

Why would she do that?

She told me
she's definitely not.

Take my word for it.
It's true.

She's over three months.

Perhaps she's lying to you.
Afraid to lose you.

She looks so sweet,
but she's really not.

She's so irresistible.
It's easy for her to fool us.

She's a terrible woman.

Let's join forces to prevent
her making fools of us.

We love her differently,
there's no need for jealousy.

She's too lovely for you
to have alone.

Let's share her love.

Let's draw up a pledge.

Here's the pledge we made.
Read it.

As of July 18, 1964,

Sonoko Kakiuchi and
Eijiro Watanuki...

...pledge to become true kin

under the following conditions:

Sonoko Kakiuchi will become

Eijiro Watanuki's elder sister.

This is because Eijiro will wed
Sonoko's sister.

The sister recognizes the brother's
love for Mitsuko,

and vice versa.

Together, they will guard against
Mitsuko's loving a third party.

The sister will help the brother
to marry Mitsuko.

He will not object to the women's
relationship after marriage.

If Mitsuko abandons one
of the contracted parties,

the other party must leave her.

Permission must be gained before

either party runs off,
or voluntarily dies with Mitsuko.

How does that sound?


Please sign it.

Shall I use my seal?

This may hurt.
Just bear it.


A brother-sister blood oath.
It won't take long.

Keep still.
Close your eyes.


You partake of mine first.

Now, I'll drink yours.

Now, we're really
brother and sister.

I'll look on you as my real sister.

Please regard me with your utmost favor.

As an enemy,
I can be very nasty.

But as an ally,
I'd lay down my life for you.

We mustn't tell Mitsuko
about this.

It's our secret.

Then we used
our blood to seal it.

I felt so afraid of Watanuki,

I didn't dare tell Mitsuko.

What's this scar?

That's strange,
Eijiro has one just like it.

Are you hiding
something from me?

Did you and he make a
secret promise?

You must have!

You're hiding something, too,
aren't you?

What am I hiding?


He told you I'm pregnant,
didn't he?

In actual fact, he's incapable
of being a father!

What did you say?

When he was a young boy,
he had the mumps

and that rendered him impotent.

Is that true?

By the time I found out,
it'd gone too far,

so I continued to see him.

Then you must leave him.

He said he'd tell everything
he knows.

When my marriage
to a rich man came up...

...he threatened to expose
our relationship to the newspapers.

I wrote to the principal saying
you and I were lovers.

You really fooled me, didn't you?

Please forgive me!

At first it was just a prank.

But you took it so seriously,
and it became real.

I've more to confess
about the stolen clothes.

Eijiro had the clerk hide them
and made me call you.

He thought you'd get
disgusted with me.

I see.

Watanuki is so vulgar
and contemptible!

But I can't bear to leave him.

He's wrecked my life!
I'm so unlucky!

Please help me.
You're the only one I can count on.

Please don't ever tire of me.

Why should I?
I'm so glad you told me this.

To be honest,

Eijiro and I are eternally pledged
to be brother and sister.

A pledge?

Yes, to love you.

He used you
so others can't have me!

I'd rather die than marry him.

Please help me to leave him.
I hate him.

I understand, dear.
Of course I will.

I'd even die for you.

If it comes to the worst,
I'll kill him!

My dearest sister...

So, the beautiful, predatory
hawk that was Mitsuko,

became a poor dove,
pursued by an eagle.

I loved her so much,
I felt sorry for her.

Mrs. Kakiuchi.

Your husband's here.

He wants to see you both.
What shall I do?

My husband?

My husband is calling on you.

What shall I do?
Is there a special reason?

Shall I say you can't see him?

No, I'll see him.
I'll pad myself to look pregnant.

Good idea.

Show him into the darkest room.


It has to be more prominent.

How many months am I?

I forget.

About six or seven months,
isn't it?

I've long been thinking
I should call on you,

and I happened to be in the area.

Your husband is always
so accommodating.

The baby is rather big.

Yes. I'm six months.

How can I engineer
a break with Watanuki?

Before we found a way

Watanuki got ahead of us.

Come upstairs.

I've something to show you.

Is this your signature,
or is it a forgery?

Speak up!
Why don't you answer me?

Then I can only
assume it's genuine.

Watanuki came to the office yesterday.

Mitsuko and I are not only engaged,
she's also carrying my child.

Your wife's interference has
torpedoed any plans of marriage.

I want you to warn her.

Supervise her more closely.

She made me sign this in order to
come between us.

You admit this
is your wife's signature?

It appears to be...

but I will need her confirmation.

May I borrow this?

If she admits to it,
what are your intentions?

She's my wife,
we'll settle it ourselves.

Will you divorce her?

That's my decision to make.

You're indebted to your wife's family.
It'd be a bad mistake.

That's none of your business!

Is that so?

In that case,
I cannot entrust it to you.

Sorry to have bothered you.

Husbands who spoil their wives
get into trouble.

I was rude.
Can we start again?

Any number of times.

I was so absorbed in my own
problems that I failed to respect yours.

Please put aside what I said earlier

and understand just how
distressed I am.

I'll be pleased to loan you
the contract we pledged.

The thought you might divorce
your wife frightens me.

That could spur her
to run away with Mitsuko.

He's an odd fellow.

And you've pledged
to become his sister?

Without even consulting me?

I demand an explanation.

There was no use in hiding it.

I decided to confess
and see how things went.

So I told him about
Watanuki's secret pledge.

And I explained the farce of
Mitsuko's pregnancy, too.

I'm glad you told me.

You've been unusually frank
and obedient today.

Now, tell me if you regret
what you've gone and done.

I thought it best to appear meek,
so I did just that.

I needn't tell you
how wrong you were.

It's my fault, too,
for not exercising more supervision.

It's our joint responsibility.

According to your version...

...he started it,
so he alone is to blame.

The pretense at sadness actually
made me sad, and I began to cry

Crying won't help.
I want to hear you say it.

Do you regret what you did?

Will you give up that loose girl?

I suppose my death
will be apology enough!

How can I possibly face people
with this hanging over me?

Let me die!

I don't blame you
for wanting to leave me!

Who said I would?
Would I scold you if I meant to?

But if I abandoned Mitsuko,

she'd have such a dreadful time!

She'd die!

Why would she die?

She just would!

She often threatens it!
I've told her not to!

So I'll die with her and
apologize to the world!

You fool!
That's no way to apologize!

If you bind me, I'll die!

Let me die!

But I was actually preoccupied with
how to keep on seeing Mitsuko.

I was trying my best
to shock him.

I wanted to make him agree
about Mitsuko,

so I kept up the weeping.

However, just threatening
to kill myself didn't work.

So to spur him to
come around quickly..

Is that you, Mitsuko?


My husband's at the office.
Please come over.

As soon as you can.

- Not a word to my husband.
- Yes, ma'am.



Watanuki's tortured me
constantly since then.

I must tell you.

You both tried to betray me,
so I used her husband to stop it.

You're mine alone now!

Put your seal to this contract.

What is it?

Mitsuko Tokumitsu and Eijiro
Watanuki are forever one.

Mitsuko must follow Eijiro,
even in death.

No way!

Sign it.

Will you sign it!

Come on, please!

You're the only man who'd
even consider such rubbish!

You'd only use it to threaten me.

There's no reason for
you to be afraid of that.

It's not like borrowing money.
You can't make people love you!

What's your real reason?

All I want is for you
to make a change.

You can't guarantee the future.

You'll regret this.

Just do as I say.

If you don't, I'll do anything
to get my revenge!

I'll ruin you!

If you want me
to obey you, love me!

Spiritual love is superior.

Buddha, Christ,
all the great men were sexless.

I've a will of my own, too!

I won't be used by you forever.

Try to leave me and
I'll kill you!

Kill me.
I decided to die long ago.

I will!

Go on, kill me.

What a persistent man!

My husband will be watching me closely.

And he'll threaten you.

Shall we run away?

Yes, we have a cottage by
the sea. It'll be perfect.

If we take Oume,
we could stay for five days.

Good idea!

I'll get Oume to phone
my husband...

...say we took drugs and
are unconscious.

That we've left letters. It's suicide
and to come right over.

That'll be interesting!

He'll rush over. We just act
delirious for a few days,

then wake up and start crying...

In the meantime,

we'll have Oume beg him
to save us.

How clever you are.

We'd have to take some drug?

Sleeping pills won't kill us.
We won't take much.

I wouldn't mind dying,
if it was with you.

Neither would I.

Then let's do it right away.

You're both early.

I've prepared everything.

I'll phone him,
you take the drug.

Is it the right amount?

Yes, I fixed it just right.

All right. Let's do it.

If I die, by mistake,
you'll die, too, won't you?

The same goes for you.

Did you write the letter?

Yes, I did.

Read mine.
It's addressed to your husband.

Dear Mr. Kakiuchi...

How can I apologize
for taking your wife with me?

Think of it as fate.

When he reads this, he'll be
so touched he'll forget to hate.

Farewell Mitsuko...

Farewell Sister.

I was unconscious for
about half a day.

I opened my eyes around
noon the next day.

But I didn't remember anything
clearly for the next few days.

I seemed to be dreaming
all the time.

At first,
we slept in the middle,

flanked by my husband and Oume.

They tried to move Mitsuko
to the next room.

She woke up.

Sister! Where are you?

Give her back to me!



Next, I heard they are
whispering to each other.

Is she really asleep?

Don't talk.

I couldn't see them, but I knew

How they fooled me!

Only I was given the drug.
Mitsuko had called him.

It makes me so angry!

Do you love me?

I do.

Which of us?
Her or me?


I tried to sit up but I couldn't.

My tongue was stuck.
I couldn't talk or open my eyes.

I was so angry, wondering what to do,

but I fell asleep again.

Will she be angry?

No, she'll probably be
in favor of it.

Then let's be a threesome
from now on.

Suddenly, Watanuki
changed to my husband.

Why is he here?

At first I thought it was
just a silly dream.

But when the effects of
the drug wore off...

there was no room for doubt.

Your husband mistook me for
you, and I was too dazed...

Forgive us.

She called you by name and
fixed your bedding for you.

And I just lifted her up,
to pull her away,

to sort out her bedding.

I thought her unconscious,
so I wasn't careful.

When I became aware of what was
happening, it was too late...

It was weak of me.

Sonoko, please forgive me!

I beg you!

He was such a baby,
so inexperienced in such matters.

And so I believed him.

I couldn't work out what
Mitsuko was really up to.

Was she really only half-conscious,
like she said?

Or did she have an
ulterior motive?

Did she need to be worshipped
by as many people as possible?

After his first mistake
with Mitsuko...

...he repeated it, numerous times,
though he did feel guilt.

I sympathized with him.

We were maladjusted.
That's why I sought Mitsuko's love.

He must have felt the same way
without even realizing it.

Forgive me.

Think of it as fate and
bear with it.

I want to leave Mitsuko
but I can't.

You said I'm not passionate,
but she proved I am!

I forgave you, so you'll forgive me,
won't you?

Is this your way
of getting back at me?

You two will join forces
and leave me out?

You'll say we're not compatible,
then you'll leave me.

I'm not wicked like that!

I understand exactly how you feel.
I'd never make you unhappy.

Let's be a threesome.

If one of us is unhappy,
let's all three of us die.

My husband visited
Mitsuko's mother.

He rarely lies but he lied for love.

He said it wasn't true
about her and Watanuki.

My husband said
he'd handle matters,

and not to trust Watanuki.

Then he paid off Watanuki
with 100,000 yen.

everything went well.

But in truth, our relationship
had become torture.

You're back already?

Don't come back so early.
We've barely had time to talk.

There's no work to do.

Let me in to talk to Mitsuko.


You've lots of time to be together!
What about me?

No! Go downstairs!

Hurry up!

But to tell the truth...

Mitsuko phoned to ask me
to hurry home.

She was angry,
said you loved her more.

Is that true?

Sister dear. Kotaro.

You're no longer a couple.
Why do you act like you are?

Call him Kotaro,
not "Dear."

Kotaro, you must call her
Sonoko, or Sister.

Is that clear?

Be that as it may
before she left,

she brought
a sleeping drug and water.

Take this and then go to bed.

If you must sleep together,
I want to see you asleep before I go.

It's very strong.
Hurry up and take it.

Was I again the only one being made to sleep?

If you two really are loyal to me,
take this to prove it.

Is only mine real?

Do you refuse to?

While I'm asleep, do those two...?

Why won't you take it?
Why not?

You're ganging up on me!

You lied when you swore
to be loyal to me!

I'm so unhappy!

Sonoko, wait!

We'll just have to trust to luck.

Let's swap.

Yes, let's both take it
at the same time...

You'll take it?
You really will?

I'll administer it to you.
Go lie down.

Now, open your mouths.

A lot of water makes it
more effective.

Wait here.
I'll go get some more.

Eat less, starting tomorrow.
It works better.

Mitsuko's little plan worked.

I can't begin to tell you
just how jealous

and suspicious
my husband and I became.

Why are we given medicine
every night?

I wonder why.

We can't even hold hands,
even though we sleep together.

Maybe she has a reason.

Have you any idea what it is?

I don't know.
But you do, don't you?

No, I don't.
But you must know.

I only suspect
I'm being made to sleep.

I feel the same way.

Are you still awake
when she leaves?

No. How about you?

It's very strong.
I can't stay awake.

Then you really take it,
don't you?

Of course.
Look how pale I am.

Look at me.

But Mitsuko's always telling you
to do this and that.

Because she loves you.

If she really did,
she wouldn't be so cruel.

She obviously loves you more.

The medicine's getting stronger now.

I'm nauseous in the mornings,
and my head is numb.

It's quite debilitating.

Yes, we hardly eat and
we're always taking medicine.

It's bound to
poison us eventually.

We've become
shadows of ourselves.

We live in adoration
of Mitsuko, our sun.

You're becoming more and
more like Watanuki.

You, too.

Mitsuko thinks since
we've become like this...

...we can't sort things out.
She's desperate.

Maybe she plans to make us
weaker until she kills us.

Perhaps so.

We're ghosts of
our former selves.

Only Mitsuko remains healthy.

It makes me wonder.

Perhaps it's wiser to leave her.

Shall we?

Yes, let's!


You're only saying that
to get her for yourself.

I'd rather die!

In that case, neither will I.

You love her so much?

Yes. Love is everything.

I won't regret dying.

You've become exactly like me.

What I was so afraid of
finally happened.

I would have been happy
to have died with them!

Look. See what someone
has sent us.

See! It's all about us,
in detail!

Must be that Watanuki.

"Love Triangle Scandal"

That's the end of my career
as a lawyer.

He tricked me.
He made copies of everything.

The end has come, hasn't it?

Yes, this is the end, all right.

Let's die.

Watanuki has won!

But that hardly matters anymore.

It was bound to happen.

You're right.

Yes, it doesn't matter.

I can't escape from him.

I'm better off dead!

Let's die.
Let's the three of us die.

If you love me, die with me!

You'll die with me, won't you?

You will, too, won't you Kotaro?

She wanted to leave the letters
we'd exchanged as our last words.

So I kept the ones I sent, too.

The Goddess of Mercy
I'd drawn so lovingly...

We hung it
in the bedroom upstairs

and we all offered incense to it.

If this is Her will,
I'll be happy to die.

If people name her
the Goddess Mitsuko,

and pray to her,
we'll find salvation.

Am I finally to be
the Goddess of Mercy?

No more jealous quarrels
when we die.

We must lie on either side of her,
to guard her.

Yes, we'll guard the Goddess Mitsuko.

Regaining consciousness
the next day,

I fully intended to follow them.

But perhaps they fooled me
right up to the very end.

Did they arrange it
to purposely leave me out?

If I died and joined them,
would I really be unwanted?

If I hadn't had these doubts...

...I wouldn't be alive today.

Even now,
when I think of Mitsuko...

...my feeling of love is greater than

any hate, or feelings
of bitterness.

Please forgive me

for weeping like this.

The End