Swarmed (2005) - full transcript

The residents of a small town find themselves battling a swarm of hornets which has been sprayed by a super pesticide.

(Projector whirring)

(Eerie instrumental music)

(Electronic effects)


(Electronic effects)


.03 Paraferen, .14 Diazinon,

106 Tralomethrin.



We're going to do a trial run

here. We've got eight healthy

adult specimens of paravespula

germanica or, as they're more

commonly called, the German

yellow jacket.







We have an elapsed kill time of

9.4 seconds. That's phenomenal.

We appear to have two survivors

who are very much alive, giving

us a relatively low effective

mortality rate of only 75%.


(Electronic effects)

Survivors have higher pheromone

levels... 200% of normal.

(Electronic effects)

Higher pheromone levels suggest


(Thudding) (Clinking)














(Cheerful instrumental music)

We're coming to you from a

small town in southern Indiana,

the heartland of America. For

nearly half a century, the folks

here at Dundas, Indiana, have

insisted that they grill a

better burger than anyone else.

This year we're going to find

out. Dundas hosts the first

ever national burger cook-off.

We'll show you all the action

and drama as the best backyard

chefs in America get ready for

an unforgettable battle to

create the number one burger in

the world, brought to you by

Washburn's Tasty Sauce, the best

barbeque sauce in America.


Man: Yee-haw!

(Upbeat banjo music)


I got the recipe for Washburn

Tasty Sauce from my daddy and he

got it from his daddy.

Tradition isn't just a word at

Washburn, it's a way of life.

One dab of Washburn Tasty Sauce

will ground chuck into filet

mignon. Washburn Tasty Sauce,

one taste will make you a

believer or I'll eat my hat.

Man: Yee-haw!

Male Announcer: Washburn's

Tasty Sauce in fine stores


Hm. You ever try that sauce?

No, sir, I don't like


Neither do I. But when Mr.

Washburn arrives today, you are

going to convince him that Tasty

Sauce is your favourite kitchen

condiment. You think you can do


Yes, sir, I'm sure I can,

Mayor Gibson.

You bet you can.


(Camera shutter clicking)

What happened?

Well, it looks like something

stung him to death.

Ask you a few questions?

This is an experiment to

build a better pesticide for

paravespula germanica, the

yellow jacket wasp. There were

eight yellow jackets in here

last night. Six of them were

dead; they're still here. Two

lives ones are missing. They

must have got out somehow.

Yellow jackets, huh? Take a

look at this.

It's dead, right?


Well, that makes seven, but

there's still one more. It's

got to be around here somewhere.

Man: Where do you want the


You'll have to take him down

to the morgue. Get Doc Ramsey

to do a PM.

Man: Okay.

What's that?

Any death which is

attributable in whole or in part

to an animal attack must receive

a post-mortem. County health

regulations. What's that for?

It tracks wasp pheromones.

Kind of funny, isn't it?


This guy gets stung to death

in a place where all you do is

come up with new ways to kill


Molecular Genome Associates

is a lot more than just

pesticides. We're pioneering

new techniques in genetic


Yeah, but how come it killed

him? I've been stung by bees;

it didn't kill me.

About 1% of the population is

highly allergic to the venom in

bee and wasp stings.

And this guy was in that 1%?

He must've.

What all do you put in your


Quite a number of




Paraferon, Diazonin,

Tralomethrin. Would you like a

full list?

No. Just curious.

Kent: Where is that other


(Muffled buzzing)


(Muffled buzzing)

No way.











(Birds chirping)


Yes. Daddy, can I light the

grill this time, please?

Yeah. Okay, you can light


Thank you.

You like lighting the grill?

Oh yes.

This is going to be good.

Oh yeah.




There you go.


(Birds chirping)




Man: That's going to be good.


(Dog barking in distance)







Are you okay?

Yeah. Okay, honey, come on,

let's go inside.



Hi, I'm Christine Brown,

professor of entomology, and

this is Nature Notes. You know,

with the warm weather holding

on, people are still grilling

and barbequing. So, today I

thought that we would deal with

a little bit more of a practical

question, like what to do about

those pesky yellow jackets.

Well, the answer is simple:

leave them alone. Yellow

jackets are scavengers. They

clean up organic matter that can

trigger epidemic and disease.

So, I know that that raw chopped

meat looks like your next

quarter-pounder, but to these

guys it's just a mess waiting to

be cleaned up.

So, let them do what nature

intended them to do.


If you don't bother them,

they won't bother...

I was watching that.

She doesn't know what she's

talking about, man. Wasps are

psychotic, sadistic freaks.

They don't just sting out of

self defence. They sting us

because they love to make us


Well, that's not what my

science teacher said. He said

that wasps can be actually kind

of useful.

Yeah? Well, why don't you

make yourself useful and go on

down to the store for me.


Hold on.

(Phone ringing)

Don't forget to get everything

on the list this time.

Hey, you think I could take

the van? I've got my learner's

permit, so...

No, no, no (Unclear).

(Phone ringing)



Bug Busters, what can I do for


Man: Hi, I've got an

infestation of yellow jackets.

Yellow jackets.

Man: There's a nest, it's in


A nest, huh?

Man: Yeah.

Well, you're in luck 'cause

yellow jackets happen to be our








(Sirens wailing)



Hey, Doc!



Woman: Just a moment, please.


Bob: This is Robert


Bob, I'm in Dundas now to

work on my publicity. Where are

we at with our initial stock


Bob: We're looking at $4 a


Well, we got to do a lot

better than that. We're going

to get us some big-time airplay

out of this. It's a major media

event, a national telecast. We

are the exclusive sponsor. Now,

I want to see that translate

into a healthy opening share



Nelly, hurry up!

(Traffic din)

Thank you very much, appreciate



Hey, Mr. Mayor.

Welcome to Dundas.

How are you?

I'm good.

Everything as it should be,


Oh, I think you're going to

be pleased.


How about the IPO? They

going to be pleased?

Oh, they're going to be very

happy. We're going to put on a

first-class show here for the

whole country.

Now remember, your show is

going to anchor our per-share


Oh, you must remember my most

attractive executive assistant,

Miss Martin.


Mr. Washburn, I never got a

chance to tell you, well, I'm

afraid I'm addicted to Tasty



Mr. Washburn, GTV.

Hey, Gourmet TV, how you


Good, how are you? We were

wondering if we could ask you a

couple questions, Mr. Washburn.

Well, you just shoot away

there, girl.

Are you enjoying...


Okay, we have one of the two

wasps that attacked Roy Pelter.

I will now extract its venom so

that I can measure and graph the

venom toxicity and compare it to

the venom of the normal

specimen of paravespula

germanica. I will then analyze

the venom's DNA coding.

(Electronic effects)


Yo, Kent, what's up?

What are you doing here?


I got a big wasp nest to kill

and I'm fresh out of juice. Can

you help me out?

Yeah, well, now's not a good


It's always a good time to

kill wasps. They're mean,

vindictive and emotionally



Insects don't have emotions.

Says you. Hey, that's one of

those pheromone checkers, right?

Is it effective?

(Electronic effects)

Depends on the range you're

using it from.

(Electronic effects)


You want to tell me what you're

doing here?

Bro, I told you, man, I need

some kill juice. Can you help

me out here?




Store room, back shelf.

Thank you.

And take it from the clear

bottles, not the red one.

What's in the red one?

It's a new formula, a little

strong, we haven't worked out

all the bugs yet.





Real strong, huh?


This is a young fertile queen

and she's ready to start her own

hive. She'll lay as many as

1500 eggs every single day for

the next three years. But she

won't do it here. She will do

it in Alaska or North Dakota or

Saskatchewan sometime next

spring because right now it's

really a little too cold for a

virgin queen to mate. And if

they don't re-colonize, then

there's not going to be enough

bees to pollinate flowers.

There'll be less fruit and less

vegetables. It's all part of

nature's amazing plan to

regenerate and re-propagate

every season. Do I have any

questions? Yes?

How come it didn't sting you?

That's a good question. Wasp

and bees will only attack if you

engage in what they consider to

be threatening behaviour. If I

moved very quickly around her,

that might trigger an attack.

But because I'm moving very,

very slowly, she won't hurt me.

One time I got stung by this

wasp but then all of a sudden

about six or seven other wasps

attacked me.

And they can do that because

when wasps sting, they release

an attack pheromone. And that

is a chemical that lets all the

other wasps in the area know

they got to attack whatever's in

their way, which in this case

happened to be you. Excuse me a



Okay. It seems that we're out

of time today. Thanks for your

attention and I hope we can do

this again soon.




(Birds chirping)


Hi, I'm Q from Bug Busters.

Thank you for coming.

(Birds chirping)

Oh, they got you really bad,


You know what, I'm okay.

It's more my little girl I'm

concerned about.

Yeah, yeah, I don't blame

you. But don't you worry, I'm

going to get them even worse.

I like the sound of that.

Around back?

Man: Yeah.

Alright. I got just the

thing for those wasps!

911 got the call at 11:13.

All the operator could hear was

a faint buzzing sound.


So, what do you think?

Well, I don't know. I mean,

there's not enough empirical

data to make any kind of

conclusion. I'm going to have

to run the blood work and get

back to you.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but

we already know the cause of

death, right? Wasp stings.

Well, a man dies of a wasp

sting while doing an autopsy of

another man who died of a wasp

sting. What are the odds of


You're the entomologist, you

tell me.

Well, it's possible, but two

fatalities like this? It's

really not probable.

Is it possible that they're

both allergic to wasp venom?

That's an allergy that

affects less than 1% of the


Yeah, that's what the guy

from MGA said.

What guy?

Kent Horvath, the researcher

up there at the labs.

Does MGA have some

involvement here?

This guy worked up there. He

was temping as a nightshift

janitor. That's where they

found him.

Well, I got some city

business I got to take care of.

I'm afraid this might take a

little while.

Alright, you take all the

time you need. I'm going to

walk around a little and see

that things run smoothly.

I'll tell you what then, I'll

see you tomorrow morning bright

and early, we'll get things


You bet.


Yes, sir.

(Traffic din)


(Birds chirping)

Can't they sting you through


They won't get close enough

to do no stinging.

What if they do?

They won't. Besides, they're

not interested in me. They want

meat, fresh, juicy, bloody meat.

Isn't human flesh technically


Sure, but they're natural

scavengers, right? And besides,

burgers don't fight back.

(Birds chirping)

You ready?


Get inside. Watch me go.


We have a control group


I am now introducing the

pesticide used on the hyper-

aggressive wasp that killed Roy













That's not possible.

(Electronic effects)

Oh my God. The venom is now

extremely powerful. We have

created mutated wasps by

applying the genetically

enhanced pesticide.



Yeah... Not so bad now.



Yeah, how about a little more of



I got them!


Hello, this is Kent Horvath

from MGA. I'm calling about Roy

Pelter. I need to speak with

the coroner.

Man: (Over phone) I'm sorry,

but there's been a terrible



Man: We found the coroner

dead in his office this morning

When did that happen?

Man: We don't know exactly

yet. We just discovered the

body a few minutes ago.

Um, could I ask you one more

question, please? How did he


Man: It seems he was stung to

death by bees or wasps.

You sure of that?

Man: Well...

He was stung to death?



How many were there in the


Close to a thousand.

That's nothing. In a really big

nest, there's at least 10 times

that many.

And they're all dead?


What are you going to do with



I'm going to take them home,

I'm going to cook them and then

I'm going to eat them.

(Birds chirping)

No. Really?

Really, what are you going to do

with them?

I got an old compact jaw out

back. I'm going to put them in

there and pulverize them.


Well, because that way we'll

know that they're really,

really, really dead.


Hey, no fair! No fair!


Cindy, right?


Listen, you have any more

wasp problems, you give me a

call, okay? Alright.


Take care.


The classic burger: a quarter

pound of beef, sesame seed bun

and all the trimmings.

To some, this is junk food. To

others, every bite is a little

piece of heaven.


(Traffic din)

It's a cut.

That was good beef.

I'm not paying you to eat,

Chuey. Get some cutaways, some

local colour, Norman Rockwell


I already did that.

Well, then maybe you should

go get some more.

(Traffic din)



Well, if it isn't Chief Posey

and a doughnut. What can I do

for you?

Well, Mayor Gibson, I just

wanted to give you an update.

We're going to block off all the

streets around the parks so Mr.

Washburn's big television event

will go off without a hitch.

I appreciate that, Tiny, and

I'm sure Mr. Washburn will, too.

Is there something else?

A rumour has it that Washburn

is opening a big chain of

upscale barbeque restaurants and

the first one's going to be

right here in Dundas.

Well, this is confidential,

just be between us, but I'd say

there is a possibility.

But he can't expand unless

this stock offering he has does


You got that right, Tiny.

He's got a lot riding on that

IPO of his.

If this stock does well, some

of that money coming back here?

Uh... Dwight, do me a favour,

would you? Could you just leave

us alone for a few minutes? The

Chief here and I have some

official business to discuss.

Well now, Tiny, what is it you

want to say?

Well, the way I heard it,

Washburn made a significant cash

contribution to somebody's

re-election fund.

Well, even if that's true, it

isn't illegal. You be careful,


Oh, I've been careful. I've

been real careful.


You know, these recording

devices today, you can record

almost anything without people

knowing about it, things like,

oh, phone conversations about

hefty stock options going to

certain politicians in town.

What do you want?

The cook-off is going to

benefit you and the whole

community. I just want to make

sure that I get some of those

benefits for myself.

Oh. I'm sure that that can

be arranged. I'll talk to Mr.

Washburn. He, well, he can be a

very generous man.

How generous?

I'll talk to him. I don't

know how generous he will be.

You know, I am going to be

retiring and that city pension

won't go too far.

I know that, Tiny. Now, you

and I have been running this

town together for a long time,

right? And haven't I always

taken care of you?

I just want to make sure that

you and your new friend Mr.

Washburn continue to take care

of me. And then we can erase

these little conversations. Do

we have an understanding here?

Of course.


Of course we do.

Well. That's good.


Thank you, Mayor.



This blood has some very

unusual properties to it.

This isn't the normal reaction

to a yellow jacket sting.

What does that mean?

Well, it means that somebody

or something has genetically

altered this yellow jacket. And

instead of getting allergic

reactions, we're getting


How can this be happening?

I don't know. But I'd like

to go and find out.


You get all that shopping


Yeah, I left the change on

the kitchen counter.

Man: Hey, is anybody down



You know, when your parents

went on vacation, they didn't

just send you over here so you

could sit around and rot your

brain watching this junk all


Sure they did. See, they

know I'm going to do it anyways.

It's a beautiful day! Why

don't you go outside and play

with some cows or something?

(Screaming on TV)

The least you can do is turn the

volume down.


A guy can't even hear himself

think, man. Turn it down.

The soundtrack's the best


Man: You need to chill out!

Take this!


Get it.

(Ominous instrumental music)

























I'm Melanie Sheer from GTV.

I'm here with the winner of last

year's tournament. Brent Gorman

has a secret ingredient which he

claims will guarantee him

victory. Brent, will you tell

our viewers what your secret

ingredient is?


Are you going to eat all


No, they're just tests.

Oh, Mrs. Gorman!


Are your husband's the best

you've ever tasted?


(Whispers) I don't know.

What do you mean you don't


She's a vegetarian.



Thank you.


Kent Horvath?

I'm Christina Brown, professor


Entomology at the state

university, I know.

The police have called me in

because they have some questions

about the man who was stung to

death. And now there's been a

second fatality.

Yeah, the coroner. I just

got off the phone with them.

Okay, well, then you also

know that the cause of death of

the second fatality was also

wasp venom. Would you mind

taking a look at these? Is this

okay here?




This is Pelter, your janitor.


And this one's the coroner.

Both samples show significantly

higher than normal levels of


I think the reason is here in

this lab.

Listen, I know that your work

here involves genomic research,

genetic sequencing and hormonal

mutations. I know that there's

a connection here. I just don't


What the connection is.








Get out.




(Electronic effects)

This is all the probable side

effect of new pesticide we've

been testing.

A pesticide that incorporates

hormonal mutations?


(Electronic effects)

Two surviving yellow jackets

from my experiment showed

increased aggressiveness and now

more toxic venom. Now, I don't

know how they got out, but they

managed to kill Pelter. We

found this one, but the other

one we couldn't track down.

Well, do you think it's

possible it went to the morgue

with the body?

If it did, it could still be


Brent, we don't have




(Birds chirping)

Where did he go?

Where are you?





Are you okay?

Yellow jackets.



(Sirens wailing)


Well, I don't know, he must

have gotten out.

Well, yellow jackets are very

social creatures. It's probably

looking for its nest or its

swarm. When it can't find it,

that'll just make it...

More disoriented.

I'm sorry, most people I talk

to don't have a clue about bugs.

Yeah, most guys think I'm

weird 'cause I like bugs.

I don't think you're weird.

(Phone ringing)

Oh. Sorry.

(Phone ringing)


Doug: Professor Brown?


Doug Heydon. There's been

another death. And I found a

wasp on the victim. His body is

covered in stings.


Another yellow jacket.

You think it's the one that

escaped from your lab?

It could be, but I doubt it.

The one from my lab was a

solitary individual. This man's

obviously killed by...

Several dozen yellow jackets.

Alright, this is the third

fatality in 24 hours. I don't

believe in coincidences. So,

why don't you tell me what's

going on here, and not the cock-

and-bull story about allergies

because this is not an allergy.

The wasps from the MGA lab

were genetically altered as a

result of being exposed to some

new pesticides. One of them

killed the janitor.

Killed the coroner as well?

Probably, but this one's

different. It's not the one

that escaped from MGA.

Wait. You're telling me

there are more of these things

flying around that you don't

know about?

We're not sure yet. We'll

have to run some tests to find

out if there's a connection

between this wasp and the ones

from my lab.

Well, when you are sure,

you'll let me know?

Yeah, we will.


Where are you?


What the hell?



Whoa. Whoa. Q, you alright?

You don't, you don't look so


I got stung by a bunch of

yellow jackets.

You, Mr. Bug Busters, got


They surprised me.

So that nest that you nuked

this morning, it didn't kill

them all, did it?

No, it didn't. A lot of them

survived. That kill juice isn't

worth a damn! We need some

serious hardware.






My colleagues in the pest

control business call this



So you're going after them?

That's right, tomorrow

morning at the crack of dawn,

and this time no more Mr. Nice


Well, can I come?

No way, Jose.

Come on, man.

Hey, look! The only reason

your parents let you stay with Q

is I'm supposed to keep you out

of trouble, and I don't want you

getting stung.

Only way they'll find out is

if you tell them. They don't

have to know a thing.




Am I rolling?

The crowds aren't here yet, but

many of the contestants have

arrived early to make last-

minute preparations. So, on

this foggy morning in America's

heartland, let's talk to some of

the people who already getting

ready to make the world's best


Yeah, this is similar

increasing toxicity here.

Not similar, it's identical.


Well, I think it's pretty

obvious, don't you? I mean,

someone has used your pesticide

for some unauthorized field




So, what'd I get?


Well, you get to use that

flame-thrower thingy, so what do

I get to use?

You don't get to use

anything. When we find them,

you just stay out of the way

where they can't get at you.

Come on, man, you got to let

me do something.


Why don't you vacuum them up

after I kill them?

You're kidding me, right? I

mean, you want me to be a


Hey man, you can always stay




Well, can I drive?


My van? Not a chance. Let's


Okay, what's going on?

There's this guy, Q, an old

buddy of mine. He runs a pest

control business. Sometimes he

does a little field testing for

me. He came by yesterday, but I

told him very specifically not

to take any of the new stuff.

So, how much did he take?




He's not picking up.

Q: (Recording) Hi, this is

Bug Buster. Please leave a



Oh, Q, this is Kent. I need

to talk to you about that

pesticide you took. Can you

call me back as soon as you can?

Thank you.


What about his cell phone?

No, he's convinced that they

shrink brain cells.

Well, we have to go find this

guy. He's our only link to the

mutated wasps.


Oh, EpiPens, you got more of


Rafe: So, Q, how are we going

to find them?

When wasps get angry, they

release pheromones, a chemical

signal to other wasps to attack

anything in the area.


They leave behind traces of

that chemical and this is going

to pick it up.

Where'd you find that thing?

A good buddy of mine. He's

kind of a genius, you know, he

works at the biotech lab.

For real? And he just gave

it to you?

Actually, it's more like a

loan thing.

Should be getting a signal here.

You sure that thing works?

(Electronic effects)

Yeah, it works.

If they went this way, they must

be heading for Dundas.


Here are the latest drafts of

the city's cook-off contract

with Mr. Washburn.

Do I actually have to read


Well, it would be a good

idea, sir.


And I took the liberty of

ordering you a lunch plate,

roast lamb.

You tell them to make it nice

and rare this time?

Yes, I did, sir. I told them

to make it bleeding.



Sir, there's one other thing.

There were reports of two

abnormal fatalities yesterday.

Abnormal fatalities?

Well, it seems they were

caused by some kind of wasp

stings. Now, you may want to

alert the county health


You mean with all these raw

burger patties and people

getting stung by wasps we could

be endangering innocent


Yes, sir, exactly.

Today's cook-off is the most

publicized event in this town's

history. I do not want anything

interfering with it.

But sir...

Anything at all. Killer

bees, health alerts, terrorist

attacks, we cannot afford any

bad publicity. Is that clear,


Yes, sir.


Sir, can I ask you...




Shall we alert the county health

inspector, Mayor Gibson?


Oh no, Miss Martin, let's do

this the old-fashioned way.





(Electronic effects)


There he is! Hey, Q! Q!

Pull over!


(Birds chirping)

Yo, bro! I just come to see

you, man. There's something I

got to tell you.

Before you do, there's

something I need to know.

I took something from the lab

I shouldn't have.

The stuff from the red


Yeah, I mixed it with the

regular stuff to nuke a nest,

man, and it was just like...

Didn't kill them all.

How'd you know that?

Well, how many survived?

Hey, you're that entomology

professor. I caught your show

on Nature Knows.

How many?

Uh, well, a few. I got stung

pretty bad, man, but I have some


A few? What does a few mean?

A few... hundred.

A few hundred?!

The nest had about 1,000,

killed three quarters of them,

but there's still a couple of

hundred. But don't worry, okay?

I'm tracking them.

What do you mean you're

tracking them?

I borrowed this from the lab.

You'll never track them with

that. It's got a very limited


Yeah, but I got a pretty good

idea which way they're heading.

Which way are they heading?

They're heading downtown.

Oh my God, we got to get down

there. We have to warn

somebody, contact the state


No, no, no, that won't be

necessary, okay? I'm going to

find them and I will take care

of them.

Q, this swarm is very

dangerous. You won't be able to

handle it!

Yo, bro! You're wrong, man!

I will find them and I will take

care of them!


Don't put it in the baby


(Phone ringing)

(Crowd din)


Man: Hey, how's it going?

You ain't going to believe

this. I got some good news.

Gourmet TV is going to let you

download their live feed to the

investor groups.

Man: Hey.

Yeah. You do your job and

we're going to come out smiling.

We're going to make some money.


Come on! I know you're out


(Electronic effects)


We just lost the signal?

No, I didn't lose it. It's

just kind of faint here.

Well, how accurate is that

thing anyway?

It's plenty accurate! It's

just got a limited range.

So then it's like searching

for a needle inside a haystack.

No, no, no, we know what

direction they're heading in.

Yeah, but if they turned

around, we'd never be able to

find them.

(Electronic effects)

They were here, alright.

Hey look, he's still got one of

them in his mouth.

They don't usually attack

dogs, do they?

No, not usually. But these

ones might not be totally


Well, what do you mean?

That stuff I sprayed on them

killed 3/4 of the hive. But

these ones, I think it made

these ones stronger and meaner.

Kent was right, they are more

dangerous and we can't use that

pesticide to get rid of these

suckers either. I got to tell

Kent about this.


(Car honking)

Officer Heydon, uh, we've got

some bad news. It seems that

the insect that killed Brent

Gorman is part of a whole

genetically altered swarm of

yellow jackets.

A swarm?


How many insects are we

talking about?

It could be hundreds. But

with the strength of the attack

pheromones they're giving off,

they'll be drawing wasps from

miles around. And if they hit a

densely populated area like

downtown, for example.

Cook off. All that raw meat.

That could be a disaster.

We need to get people off the

streets. Have them stay

indoors. Keep doors and windows

closed tightly. These wasps

have lethal venom.

We need epinephrine. We need

medical personnel.

No, the mayor is not going to

go for this, nor is my boss.

This is a huge media event

generating a lot of income for

the town.

Yeah, and it could generate a

lot of fatalities.

All right, I'll tell you

what. You go talk to the mayor.

I'll talk to my boss.


Do you think the swarm could

really attack the cook off?

I don't know, but if they

keep getting more aggressive...

Well, we can't take that


(Engine revs)

Here you go, darling.

Thank you.

Yeah, sure.

Ellie, Ellie, come here a

minute. I need to talk to you.

Yes, Mr. Washington?

Where the hell is your boss?

He was supposed to be here this

morning, remember?

You know what? I'll go check

on him.


Mayor Gibson?



Sir. Gibson, you know you

shouldn't be drinking. We have

lots to do today.














(Street din)

Heydon, what are you doing


We've got a problem, chief.

What kind of problem?

We've had three fatalities.

Two yesterday, including the

coroner, and one the night

before. All the result of...


Result of what?

Of yellow jacket attacks,


That's not really a police


No, sir, ordinarily it

wouldn't be but this is a... a

genetically altered swarm.

That's a few hundred insects and

it's probably growing by the

minute. These bugs are way more

toxic, their venom far more

deadly than ordinary wasps and

we don't know where they are

right now.

Who told you about this?

Cristina Brown. She's a

professor up at the college. An

entomologist. She's been

monitoring the situation along

with a researcher from MGA.

They're saying that if this

swarm shows up downtown at the

cook off, we could have more

fatalities. They're

recommending we cancel the

event, get everybody indoors and

alert the county health.

Well, that's a little

extreme. Don't you think?

Well, we've had three

fatalities, sir. I don't think

we can afford not to.

And what if it's a false

alarm? What if these killer

wasps never show or they're not

as bad as your professor thinks?

But, sir, I've seen the


Then this town would be a

laughingstock, not to mention

lost revenue and lawsuits we'd

be facing. Are you prepared to

take responsibility for that?

Are you prepared to put your

good standing in the community

on the line, Doug and mine too?

Because that's what we'd be

doing if we shut this thing


Yes, sir, I am if that's what

it takes.

Well, the decision is not

yours to make. We're not

shutting the cook off down and

that is final.

But, sir...

Uh-uh. You just put a couple

of paramedics on standby. I'm

sure the mayor will authorize

the overtime.

With all due respect, chief,

this is a swarm. I don't think

a couple of paramedics are going

to make a...

I'm not asking you to think,

am I, Doug?

No, sir.

Well, was there anything


No, sir.

You are dismissed. (Mutters)

Yellow jackets.





Stop a second. Wait, wait,

wait. What happened here?

It was horrible, horrible.

I'm sorry.


Oh my god, is that the mayor?

Yellow jackets?

Just one. When-when I found

the body, it-it was stuck in his


Did you kill it?

Yes, I did. I blew it to

kingdom come.

Looks like we lost them


Well, this thing is real


Come on, admit it, Q. I

mean, we're never going to find

them. That thing's got a

limited signal.

Hey, if a tool isn't working

right, what you got to do is...



...fix it.


Aftershave. Just kidding.

So, if I understand you

correctly, Mr. Washburn, you're

saying that there is no such

thing as a bad burger.

One little dab of Washburn

tasty sauce on any cheap ground

chuck will make it taste like

filet mignon.

Cristina: Excuse me, Mr.


Hello, little lady. How can

I help you?

Uh, no thank you. I need you

to help me to get the word out

to get this event cancelled

before a lot of people get hurt.

What did you say?

Well, I'm talking about a

major breaking health crisis.

There's a swarm of deadly

predators that have left four

fatalities in its wake.

Deadly predators? Well, what

are we talking about? Pit


No, genetically altered

yellow jackets.


Wasps with venom that is so

toxic one sting can kill you.

Excuse me, but are you

pulling my leg, honey?

Dr. Brown is a professor of

entomology. She's not pulling

your leg. Pheromones from that

swarm could attract every wasp

in the county. Now you better

listen to her while you still

got a chance.

Hey, dude, are you

threatening me? Hey, turn that

camera off, goddamn it, now.

Listen, Mr. Washburn, please,

uh, this is not a joke. This is

a major crisis here.

Step into my office.

Four people have died.

You got about three hours to

take care of your little crisis

before the cook off festivities

start. I got a lot riding on

this, a whole lot. I'm going to

do everything in my power to see

that it comes off without any


Are you willing to risk the

lives of all these people?

There's dozens, maybe hundreds

of people here.

Why don't you find a nice

quiet place to deal with your


Are you listening? Because

if that swarm shows up, people

are going to get hurt.

I'll tell you who's going to

get hurt. If either one of you

interferes in any way, you'll be

facing criminal trespassing

charges and a multi million

dollar lawsuit. You cross me,

I'll ruin you. Ellie?

Can you believe this guy?

Look here now. Now, where's

that boss of yours? 'Cause I

got my hands full here. I could

sure use some assistance.

He got stung by a yellow


He what?

What if it's still alive?

I beg your pardon?

I got to go and find out and

make sure. I got to go. I got

to cancel the cook off. We got

to stop it. We got to stop the

cook off now!


Hey Ellie. Hey Ellie,

listen. You can't go cancelling

the cook off. What are you doing

in here?

What if there's more of them?

The yellow jackets? I don't

think you have to worry about


Oh yeah. Yeah, I do. And

when I find them, I'm going to

shoot them.

Yeah, well, you do that, but

the festivities, they're going

to be starting in a few hours

and, baby, I got to get


Oh, there aren't going to be

any festivities, not until I

find all those sons of bitches.

There's never just one. They

live in a nest, move in a swarm.

Do you have a problem with that?

No, I ain't got no problem

with that, no ma'am, nuh-uh.

Good. It's us. Or them.

It's a war. No time for

festivities in a war.



That's where you're wrong,

Ellie. Always time for



Looks like they were here not

too long ago.

What if they're still here?

Let's go have a look-see.


Oh no.


I thought you said there were

a few hundred of them.

The others must have moved

on. And they're going to keep

moving until the queen finds a

good spot for a new nest.


Hey, you better get back in the

van. You want some of me?

Well, come on. Get a piece of



Get out of here now. Go! Get

down now.

If the swarm comes here, it's

going to be really, really bad.

We've got to be prepared for


Yep, we have to take care of

them ourselves.

Yeah, but we got to find a

way to neutralize them fast.

You mean kill them.

Okay, kill them.

And kill them fast.

Well, what are we going to do

without hurting any innocent


Yeah. I'm thinking ordinary

off the shelf pesticides aren't

going to be 100% effective here.

Yeah, no kidding.

Hang on.


(Bell jingles)

Okay, wasps breathe through

spiracles, tiny holes in their

legs and...

I know what spiracles are.

Right. I'm sorry, I'm

explaining again.

Well, what are you thinking


Well, wasps expend a lot of

energy just buzzing around,

which means they need a high

oxygen intake all the time.


So if we can cover up the

spiracles, they wouldn't be able

to breathe.

And if they don't breathe,

they die. And?

I'm thinking...

What? What is that? Oh,

that could work, huh? Hey, what

about that over there?

Yeah, that could work too.

Yeah, it sure could.

Thanks, Q. Too bad about the


We got to find these suckers



They've been going on a

consistent course. If they keep

on, it'll take them right into

the middle of the cook off.


Announcer: Ladies and

gentlemen, welcome to the annual

Dundas burger cook off.

Broadcast nationally for the

first time, thanks to gourmet

television and our sponsor,

Washburn Tasty Sauce. And now

it is my great pleasure to

introduce the host of today's

event, Mr. William Washburn.

All right now, thank you.

How about a hand for Joe, ladies

and gentlemen, and Ted and Miss

Barbie. Hey, folks, give

yourselves a hand, huh? Why



I'm going to present to you Miss

Tasty Barbecue Sauce. Come on

out here, darling. Miss Tasty

Barbecue Sauce. Can you curtsey

for everybody? All right. Give

this girl a hand here.


All right now, I want to wish

all of you the best of luck

today and, uh, in addition to

the regular prizes, the winner

is going to get a free trip to

Washburn ranch and have dinner

with yours truly. Huh, how bout

them apples? All right. Now,

Gourmet TV, they're going to get

some shots of ya'll so,

gentlemen, let's start moving to

those grills and, uh, gentlemen,

let's start your grills. Right

on. Thank you very much, folks.





Mr. Washburn, can I have a

word with you for a second


Uh, what's the problem,


The problem is we have to

cancel this event and we have to

cancel it right now.

I don't think I understand.

We've had three deaths in the

past two days from yellow jacket


Well, I hardly think...

These bugs are faster, more

aggressive and their venom is

way more toxic than anything

you've ever seen.

I don't see any yellow

jackets. Do you?

Are you hearing me? We have

had three deaths already.

Well, I'm sorry about that,

officer, but I don't see how a

few isolated incidents...

These are not isolated


I'll tell you what I'll do.

I'll get some people together

and we'll make some wasp traps.

That ought to...

I don't think that you fully

grasp the magnitude of this


I'm willing to work with you,

sir. Let's not overreact. And

I think you're blowing this

whole thing out of proportion.

Man: What do you think of


Goodness gracious!


My baby.

Let me help you, ma'am. It's

okay. It's all right, I got



Take cover!

Oh, Jesus.


Turn that off! You're fired.

Did you get that? Fired!

You're fired, Chuey. Did you

hear that?



(Nervous laughter)

What's the matter? A steering

wheel too tough to get through?



Chuey help me! Chuey! No.



Okay. Oh, here you go. Say

bye, bye. Ha.

Yeah. That's what I'm talkin'


Who's next?



Q, we've got to get them all,

especially the queen.

Okay, wait over there with

Kent. Take this thing.


I'm going to lead them into

the garage.


He said he's going to try and

get them all inside that garage.


With bait.


He's out of his mind.

No, he knows what he's doing.

We've just got to make sure they

don't get out of the garage.

How are we going to do that?

Take everything.


Open those up.


Here comes Q.


Let's go. That's enough. Come


Okay, let's go.

Out, out. Let's move. Q.

Q, we're ready. In here.

Faster! Hurry.

Be careful.


Come on. Let's go.

Hurry up, Q.

Matches. Anybody got any


I don't have any matches.

I don't actually smoke.

Q, get out of there. Come


Q, come on.

Let's go.


Run. Run.




(Fire crackling)

Q: The queen!

Cristina: Oh my god! Watch

out! Run!


That, uh, takes care of that.

(Fire crackling)

I can't believe you'd really

do that. Quit, leave MGA.

I am sure.

That's so great.


Thank you. And thank you.