Swarag Se Sunder (1986) - full transcript

Vijay is the head of the village living with his wife Laxmi he is looked with respect by everyone in village for the changes he has done to his village but Milavat Ram and Paanalal are jealous of him. Laxmi is childless for years and is taunted by villagers she and Vijay have taken care of his younger brother Ravi as their son he is in love with Lalita daughter of Milavat Ram after many obstacles they get married and Lalita soon gets pregnant around the same time Laxmi also gets pregnant.But Lalita looses her child in hospital and is in serious condition,Laxmi whose admitted to the same hospital gives birth to a baby boy she and Vijay decide to give the baby to Lalita without anyone's knowledge to save her life. Laxmi and Lalita decide to raise the baby together.But Pannalal and Milavat Ram create a rift in their family.


What happened? Why are you laughing?

Then what should I do
other than laughing?

Everyday you keep an
alarm to wake you up...

...but you get up
before the alarm rings.

It looks like that this
doesn't wake you up...

...but you wake the alarm.

My dear, better half!
I value time very much.

The one who doesn't value time,
time doesn't value him.

Has Ravi woken up?

Are you feeling well?

I am perfectly alright. But why!?

I mean, you've never before
asked about home affairs...

...today suddenly you're enquiring...

...whether Ravi has woken.
I find it strange, right.

It's not like that. What do you think?

That I don't think about you.
Yes I do, in my heart.

But I have no time to speak
out the feelings of my heart.

What are you doing?
Going out without having a bath?

Today, I don't have time
even to have a bath.

It's like this that work is
going on the bank of the river.

I will get the work started and
also have a dip in the river.

It's said that it's healthy to
swim early morning in the river.

Hey! You've started taking
care of your health as well!?


Daily before leaving the
house you tell me something.

Won't you say it today?

What do I say? Tell me quickly,
What is it that I say?

I have no time to waste.

Hey! Were you a clock
in your last birth!?

You speak only about
time whenever you speak.

We get time only in the morning to talk.

Today you forgot that too.

You always tell me where
to send the breakfast and...

...where to send your lunch.

Okay, send my breakfast
to the riverside...

...along with a set
of clothes to change.

Send the lunch to
Panchayat's office. Okay.


Dinner with wife.

Hey! What are you doing here?

I am making a cup of hot
tea for my Sister-in-law.

- Move I'll make it. - I drink the tea made
by Sister-in-law everyday...

...one day you have tea made
by your brother-in-law.

Okay, tell me why are
you so happy today?

What can I say? Today I saw
my brother and his wife...

...talking lovingly to each other.

We were talking about you only.

Hey! You were talking
lovingly about me...

...am I a thing to spoken about?

Stop talking nonsense.
Tell me what is your idea to do further.

let the results come first.

Yes, after the results only.

See Sister-in-law, I'll fulfill
whatever you and brother desire.

- What is this!?
- Exactly.

For me, orders from you
both are like orders of God.

My Sister-in-law's wishes are
like Goddess Laxmi's blessings.

My destiny is written
By the two of you...

...then where is the
question of my decision.

But Sister-in-law, when I lose
my temper I lose my head.

Temper! Losing temper for what!?

My brother, he is busy
with social service.

He is so busy in bringing
happiness in others' life...

...that by the time he is
back home he is tired...

...to give happiness
to my Sister-in-law.

And I'm not happy with this.

No, no. Who said he is not caring to me?

Will there be a luckier
women than me in this world?

I've a younger brother-in-law
like Lakshman,...

...husband like Ram and
a house like heaven

To me, my world is more
beautiful than heaven.



Hey Ravi!

Yes brother!

What happened?

After so many years you
have fulfilled my wishes.

You have fulfilled my dreams of my life.

You have passed, my dear,
you have passed.

Like I have passed in
the exam of my life...

...and the exam of keeping
my promise to father.

On this occasion I have a gift for you.

Come on, come.


You are great brother!

Hey! You! Hey! You!

- Shut up!

This is my shop not
a mental hospital for dogs.

You are shouting as if you
all have consumed castor oil!

Go and make a queue.

Come, come.

C'mon, make a queue like soldiers.

Come on.

What do you want?

One kilo sugar.

Mewalal, Who is this dumb,
who wants sugar?

In the whole nation there is no sugar.

Now in these times, people talk
sweet and drink hot water...

...and enjoy the taste of tea.

- What are you eating?
- Banana.

- Is it your father's?
- But Milawat Ram.

The government has sent you...

...our share of sugar also.

Is it? Call your government,
I'll ask them, when did they sent?

The stock of sugar they've sent
has finished last Diwali itself.

Milawat Ram, everybody knows that...

...our share of sugar
stock is in your house.

Yes it is there in my house.

But that is mine and
not for freeloaders.

But my child is not drinking
milk without sugar.

I mean, give sugar
from your house stock.

If you want sugar from my house,

then you'll have to show permit
for Rs. 10/-.

- It means...
- It means Rs. 10/- per kilo.

Okay. It's my helplessness!

Not helplessness. It is essential.

That too in this bitter age
you are getting sweet sugar.

- Mewalal!
- Yes!

Give one kilo of sugar
that's white and sweet.

In black price!?

- Is it your father's property?
- I was drinking the water.

When'll my number come?

My legs have started aching
standing in the scorching sun.

Shut up! Legs have started aching.

Just think how much our legs ache!

When I, the young man and my aged
servant go to the town and...

...bring things from
there carrying them...

...on our heads for you all.

Stop your lecture. Give me
5 kilograms of wheat flour.

Here is your permit and twenty rupees.

You donkey and an ass!

In these twenty rupees you
need 5 kilos of wheat flour!

You won't get the photo of wheat even.

Come on move. Who is next?

Okay, Okay. Here are five more rupees.

But one day your atrocity
is going to come to an end.

Yes, yes it'll surely come to an end.

- Shut up. What are you saying?
- Nothing.

You fools! You forgot the saying that...

...you should not make a
hole from which you eat.

You people have not only eaten my salt...

...but also wheat flour,
rice, pulses, so on.

Mewalal. Weigh 5 kilo
wheat flour for him.

Come on, who is next?

Give me 1 kilo of gram pulse.

Ah! This face and gram pulse.

Big leaders haven't got
their gram pulses yet...

...then where are you going
to get from? Move from here.

Boss, she is not the person
to stand in the queue.

- Why?
- She is my relative.

- Relative! you were born like an
orphan in the drainage. - Is it.

You are such an orphan that even
the orphanage people refused you.

Then how's she your relative?

No. No. She is the relative of...

...my distant relative's close relative.

When did you know about it?

I knew it in the darkness of the night.

- So, give her pulses.
- Okay.

Because my servant
recommended, I'm giving you.

- Okay, you go and get the pulses.
- Okay.



My real beloved in
that duplicate's arms!

Hey blind! Can't you see?
Those are eyes or nuts?

Are you driving a
vehicle or flying kites?

You told me something!?

Then what, I told something
to your father!? What is this?

Instead of filling petrol in the tank
have you filled some frogs in it?

Don't move, stay like this.

I'll tell you later,
what's filled in my tank...

...but first you dispose
off what is in your lap

What's there?

You frighten the people and
on top of that you argue.

- Don't move. - And you stick a
young poster on your old age.

If your wife comes now,
she will bash you and...

...turn you into a poster
and paste it on the wall.

This poor girl got frightened
and fell on my lap.

When some one falls on your lap
then you can remove them also.

Is your lap like a village pond!?

Takes hours to remove an animal.

Hey! Go from here.


Hey Kaleram! You got the
fruits of your deeds.

- What?
- You tried to meddle with my flower...

...and God painted your face black.

Hey! May big worms bite you!


Hey girl! When God has
given you two legs...

...why are you jumping on
one leg? Practicing to beg?

Shut up! Can't you see!

Have you left your eyes
behind in the city?

No. I have brought my
eyes also from the city...

...and I have learnt a new
game from there as well.

Play with me and see.

You'll bubble with joy
throughout your life.

What game?

I can kiss anybody neither by
touching them nor by using my hands.

Okay, okay, get out of here.

I promise on my mother.
If I lie, then you face my turn black!

Come on, let's take a bet.

If I kiss you without touching you,
then you give me Rs. 10/-

And if I fail, then I will give
you a fine of Rs. 100/-.


Why are you hesitating?

Have you come from a beggar's family?

You don't have ten rupees to bet even?

Okay! Okay! Rich man. I bet.

That's sportive. Now see my talent.

What is this insolence?

Pardon me! I kissed you by touching you.

I lost my Rs. 100 /- on bet.
My day is going to be bad.

Hey! I won! I won.

What, you won? He has kissed
you in the public place.

You cheat, shameless fellow!
I won't spare you.

Hey! You big rotten egg
of a duck! Close fast.

I'm closing, closing.
Why are you screaming?

Hey! Tomorrow, it's the naming
ceremony of Ramdas's son.

I have to do lot of adulteration.
Close the shop fast.

Closing it.

Hey wrestler, I mean wife, come fast.

Why are you screaming? Coming.

What are you walking
like a sack of rice?

There aren't so much grains
in my shop which are in hers.

- What's this?
- Groundnut oil.

- Groundnut oil.
- Yes!

- Where is the Til Oil?
- There

Then mix the groundnut
oil in the Til oil.



Hey! What are you mixing in this?

Stupid, I thought the police came.

- Police!
- Hey! Speak softly otherwise...

...I'll stuff your throat
with a bucket full of gum.

But what are you mixing in it?

I'm mixing groundnut oil with til oil.

If you keep doing adulterations
like this Milawat Ram...

...then your business will
come to an end one day.

Hey! Speak good, fool, speak good.

Even when you open your mouth,...

...toilet cleaning
powder comes out of it.

Don't we mix groundnut oil in til oil!

Sack of Rice! What's your name?

Yes, Bandarlekha,
where is the black sand?

It's next to you.

Which donkey calls you a black sand?

You only call me black sand
hundred times in a day.

That I say to my fate and not to you.

I do adulteration in groceries ...

...and God has done this
adulteration in my life.

- What did you say?
- Oh!

I'm asking for black sand
to mix in the pulse...

...now should I mix you
in the sack of pulses?

Where's the black sand?

Oh boss! Why are you
dying for the black sand?

The times have changed.

Now instead of mixing the black
sand in the sack of pulse,...

...we can mix the pulse in
the sack of black sand.

Then only there is profit in it.

Yes, the last time you have
said something intelligent.

"Everything is a deceit."

"Everything is a deceit."

Hey you! I am slogging here
and you are shaking your hips!

And you! Put off the song.

I am doing adulteration
here quietly and ...

...you are playing this song so that...

...the whole village comes
to know of my adulteration.

Oh father! Stop this adulteration.

I will give you in writing
that this money which ...

...you are earning by
adulteration and saving...

...will never come of use to you.

God forbid, if you fall sick
and the medicine we buy...

...from this money will
also be adulterated.

Shut up! Bribe and adulteration
are the decoration of the world.

Moreover has God created
a pure human being?

With the mixture of air,
water, fire and soul only...

...human being was created.

If God can do adulteration
why shouldn't I?

Then who are you to
stop me from doing it.

Then if that is the matter then why
are doing it closing your shop.

Keep your shop open and show
everybody that you are not...

...doing anything wrong.

- You are going on the path of God.
- Hey, you...

See Bandarlekha, this girl
has made my life miserable.

Look for a good groom,
get her married and send her off.

Then only my life will go on peacefully.

Oh, Oh! Going on the
look out for a groom!?

Why have you made a long face?

Are you getting married or
getting hanged to death!?

Why are you getting scared?

Priest! Finish the rituals quickly or...

...else the two will faint before it.

Both bride and groom stand up.
Encircle the fire seven times.

- Stop it!
- Hey! Who is that?

Good, my son. My dearest son!

Without caring for father's feelings...

...you are getting married
to a girl of your choice.

Uncle! You stopped your son from getting
married to the girl of his choice.

That's why he had to take this step.

I am asking you,
who are you to come between us.

This is my son and he is my property.

From the day he came to his
mother's womb till date...

...I've spent 1 lakh rupees on him.

I want a bride who will bring Rs.
1 lakh as dowry along with her.

But this donkey is
bringing a girl for free!

I beg your pardon uncle!

You can't take away Prakash
by force from here.

This marriage will be performed.

It means you are threatening me!
I will show you...

Kalu, Billu, Ranga, Jaggu, Moti!

Sqeeze like you squeeze a wet cloth.

Hey! Not me, him, that stupid. Go!

- Hey! Come. And why are you
coming with him? - Father.

Come on.

Hey! Where are you all running!?

Come on. Come with me. Listen to me...

My dear uncle! Before your
nephew raises his hand on you...

...that is before I smash your face,
better leave this place.

Ravi! What misbehavior is this?

Sorry Brother!

I was behaving politely.

But when he started misbehaving
I had to do the same.

First tell me, what happened?

Brother, Pannalal's son,
Prakash is in love with Dulari.

They want to get married.

But this fellow has a desire for dowry.

Oh God! Even in this
day there are people...

...who are willing to
trade their children.

- Dulari!
- Yes.

Have you taken your parents'
permission and blessings?


Then, Prakash from what is
happening here it seems...

...you haven't cared to take
your father's permission.

Yes brother! It's true.

Because I don't want to be auctioned...

...like cows, buffaloes
in the market of dowry.

I am in deep love with Dulari...

...and I want to make her
as mine for the life time.

Okay! It's alright.

Me, being the chief of the village...

...give the permission
to perform this wedding.

Ravi! Arrange for their wedding rituals.

Don't forget, that till last year
I was the chief of this village.

I have never given any
one sided judgement.

Do listen!

This judgment will prove
to be very costly for you.

I will see to you! I won't spare you!



Serve the food fast.






"Our house is more
beautiful than paradise!"

"Our house is more
beautiful than paradise!"

"From where have the mosquitoes
entered our paradise?"

"From where have the mosquitoes
entered our paradise?"

"Even the mosquitoes are crazy
about you, what should I do!"

"What should I do!? What should I do?"

"Our house is more
beautiful than paradise!"

- "The bed is biting me.
- Is it?"

"The bed is biting me."

"Even the bed is crazy
about you, what to do?"

"What to do!? What to do?"

"Our house is more
beautiful than paradise!"

"The nights before the wedding!"

"You seem to have forgotten everything!"

"The nights before the wedding!"

"You seem to have forgotten everything!"

"New love and new youth.
New love and new youth."

"New love and new youth.
New love and new youth."

"Now everything has gone old."

"Now everything has gone old."

"I still remember those
days, what to do?"

"What to do!? What to do?"

"What to do!?"

"Our house is more beautiful
than the paradise!"

"No... No."

"This anger in love is good.
But why is this pillow in between?"

"This anger in love is good.
But why is this pillow in between?"

"There is so much to talk
and the night is short."

"Who made such a pair?"

"I am like a glass and you are
such a stone! What to do?"

"What to do!? What to do?"

"What to do!?"

"Our house is more
beautiful than paradise!"

"Whatever happens let it happen."

"Whatever happens let it happen."

"Let me sleep for sometime."

"The sleep came as
soon as you are home."

"Why did I enter into the nuptials?"

"The sleep came as
soon as you are home."

"Why did I enter into the nuptials?"

"I remained all decked up! What to do?"

"What to do!? What to do?"

"What to do?"

"Our house is more beautiful
than the paradise!"

"From where have the mosquitoes
entered into paradise?"

"From where have the mosquitoes
entered into paradise?"

"Even the mosquitoes are
crazy about you, what to do!"

"What to do!?"

"What to do!? What to do?"

"Our house is more
beautiful than paradise!"

Mr. Milawat! Give me
unadulterated milk powder.

Unadulterated milk powder!
You are abusing me.

You mean to say that I adulterate?

Even cow won't give such pure
milk like the one I give.

I give means I sell. Give me Rs. 10/-

But yesterday my neighbor
took it for Rs. 8/-.

Come give me Rs. 20/-. People
behind you may just die of waiting.

Okay. I have Rs. 10 /- and take it.

Hey! What are you doing?

- Cleaning.
- Where is the pure milk?

- I will have to search for it.
- Fine search for it quickly. - Okay.

If your son drinks my milk,
he will grow tall like a camel.

If he drinks for 6 months continuously...

...he will stand to be
60 yrs old, like me.

- Here.
- Got it.

Bring it quick.

- This is the pure milk.
- Wait.

Milawat Ram!

Like your name, there is
adulteration in your products also.

How did this milk come here?

This is given free in the hospitals.

How can you sell it?
That too after adulterating it.

See, this child has fallen sick
after drinking milk from your shop.

This milk is not from my shop.

Must have bought it from somewhere else.

Milawat Ram! There is no shop
in neighboring villages...

...other than this village.

Yes, there is no other shop.
But I don't adulterate.

These people have needlessly named me
as Milawat Ram.

I swear on God. I've never done
any adulteration till date.

Good! Come to the police station.

Police station!? No, no,
don't take me to the police station.

Initially, my father-in-law
was a police constable...

...then I used to go
to the police station.

After his demise I've never
been to the police station.

Don't take me to the police station.

Mr. Milawat Ram.
Owe up your guilt here itself.

Otherwise they'll take you
to your in-laws house.

Yes! Sometimes adulteration
takes place by mistake.

Black marketing also!

Mewalal! All the reports are correct.

I've also heard that you weigh
less by tilting the weigh balance.

What to do, sir? I am an employee.

I've to do what the boss says.

Boss says to weigh 1 kg if
someone asks for 2kgs of rice.

I am the friend of the poor.
I give them 1 and 1/2 kgs.

The boss also doesn't come to know.

You Idiot! Cheat!
That's why I think why...

...the groceries are becoming less
and also the cash collections.

You Idiot! You cheat!

Stop this drama, Milawat Ram!

Despite giving warnings time and again...

...you still haven't stopped your acts.

Okay, now it will not be like that...

The village counsel will
take a decision about you.

Come, let's go!

- Greetings.
- Greetings.

Very soon, we should open a
cooperative shop in our village...

...which will put an end to
adulteration and black market.

But Mr. Vijay, how is Panchayat benefited
by opening of a cooperative shop?

But this village is
benefited, Mr. Ramlakhan.

The villagers will not
get adulterated items.

Further, shopkeepers sell the things
at different prices suiting their pocket.

Our cooperative shop will
sell things at a fixed price.

We will get good things...

...without any type of adulteration
and the would be pure.

But dear Vijay! Why explain?

Whatever decision you take is for
the welfare of the village only.

Rahim uncle is correct.
You just give orders.

- To obey it is our duty.
- It is our duty.

Thank you very much.
From today our objective is...

...to open a cooperative shop
and put an end to black market.

I'll put a lock in his life.

I'll roast him with bullets
like people roast papads.

You are telling the truth,
isn't it, brother-in-law?

I am, but there is a problem.

I am a follower of non -violence.

I follow the path of Gandhiji.

Otherwise I would've grinded
the villagers like wheat flour.

Dear Pal! Why don't you do something?

- You are the worshipper of violence.
A goon, A rowdy... - What!?

No. I meant that you love fighting.
It is your profession.

Moreover, they insulted
you more than me.

Brother, the way they went
round the fire 7 times...

...there has been a
volcano bursting in me.

Then do something fast
before it cools down.

I am ready to pour pure ghee
in it, that too for free.

Ghee won't do, brother.
Take out some money.

You hand over some money to me so that...

...I'll stop them from opening the shop.






Hey get up you blots on India!

Yes! You bravo! Get up!


Want to fight?

Hold your ears, become a cock!

Turn around. Go forward.

By making the sound!

Ready? 1... 2...




Listen! Villagers, listen!
Good news for you!

Tomorrow, Saturday,...

...in front of the Durga temple,
a cooperative shop...

...is being opened, where you will...

...get everything pure
and reasonably priced.

There's an invitation
for all of you to come.

Sure, sure. Who'll not
come for such a good deed?

What did you say, cheater?

From tomorrow black
marketers will go bankrupt!

And those who adulterate will
have black paint on their face!

May your mother's husband have
black paint on his face. Get lost.

Don't go.

Firstly by opening the
cooperative shop you are...

...hampering his business and
turning him to become a beggar.

Secondly, by beating the drums,
you are increasing...

...the fire in his heart
by adding ghee to it.

So what?

I'll shout for the welfare of the village.

Village will be benefited but his
business will be washed away!

Why are you shouting here and
making him wet his bottoms!?

- Shut up! - Hey! I am beating
the drums for his sake only.

Hey drumbeater!
What harm will you do to me?

Why not? When you die nobody
will come for your funeral...

...but I'll surely come
to beat the drums.

Hey you two penny worth drumbeater!

What you have thought boss to
be such a small hearted fellow?

Such a cheap, despicable, fellow,...

...an idiot, a mad and stray dog?

Hey! With how many names
are you abusing me?

I'm not abusing you, boss,
I am pleading for you.

Hey drumbeater! Wait for my boss to die.

Then why this drum?

I'll call for the band party from the city.

I'll make the whole village dance,...

...I'll take out such
a procession that...

...the whole nation will keep
looking and think that's...

...the death of a boss?
How did you like it, boss?


You're praying for my death.

On top of that you're
asking for my praise.

You go inside. I'll come
and take care of you.

And you! You will beat
drums for me, is it?

Will you play the drums, you Idiot.

- 'Madhavpur Supermarket'

- Hey! Hey!
- Get up. Shut up!

Brothers and sisters,
there are many reasons...

...for the opening of this
cooperative shop in our village.

The main reason is to put an end to ...

...adulterations and black
market happening in some shops.

Wait dear, you're accusing
that some people are doing...

...adulterations and black market.

Tell me, won't it happen
in the cooperative shop?

I'll give a reply to this.

C'mon give.

Adulteration is done by people
who have an adulterated nature,...

...adulterated intentions and have...

...the word 'adulterated'
attached with their name...

...like you Milawat Ram,
who does the adulterations.

He has directly splashed mud
on your face and blackened it.

Shut up.

Who has seen me doing the adulterations?

- I have seen it.
- Shut up!

Yes, who has seen doing the shop...

...I mean doing adulterations?

What's the need to see?

Even if you ask a blind man where
the adulteration is done,

he'll take you straight
to Milawat Ram's shop.

Oh God!

The whole village,
the whole country knows that...

...Milawat Ram's shop is the
godown for adulteration.

See! You are going beyond the limits.

Going beyond the limits what!?
If it is within my hand...

...I shall cut your plait and
send you to the cellular jail.

Cut my plait, why won't you?

Your brother spoiled my business
and you send me out of the village.

- Is it your father's rule!?
- Hey! Milawat Ram!

Hey Ravi! What misbehavior is this?

Do you treat elders like this?

He is elder in what way, brother?
He is elder in dishonesty.

I don't want unnecessary
arguments. Go away from here.

I asked you to go from here.

- Idiot!
- Your father is a idiot!

Mr. Milawat Ram, I ask your
forgiveness on behalf of Ravi.

- Forgiven!
- What!?

On your behalf.

Now I'll request sister
Laxmi to inaugurate...

...and start the business.

You all stand in a queue.


Having spoiled our business,
they are now rubbing salt on our wounds!

See! How I'll tear you
heart into pieces.

What do you want, sister?

- One kilo of sugar.
- Okay.

Hey! What is happening!?

The shop which is inaugurated ...

...by this cursed woman
will never run profitably.

She is sterile!

A sterile woman has opened the shop.
It is a curse! Shame! Shame!


Laxmi! What is this?

You are feeling sad about what a
foolish and illiterate woman said?

Shedding tears for her words?
You are a literate woman.

If you start feeling sad
on these small things...

...then your life will also shrink.

These people say bad even about
the God who creates this world.

Why pay attention?
Come on wipe tears and smile.

Hey! Are you sleeping?

If our business is down,
what shall I do by being awake?

You idiot! You have kept your leg
crossed to top it you are shaking it.

It's my leg. Whether I shake it
or dance, what's your problem?

And if I don't shake it,
they'll think I've died...

...and dump me in the graveyard.

The way people are
waiting for us to die.

There is a queue.

The enemy's shop is so flourishing...

...and my shop is barren
like a graveyard.

Hey! Look at that shop.

Wow! Such a huge crowd.

Such a huge crowd doesn't accumulate
in our shop in the whole month even.

Wow, it seems there's
fair being held there.

Even people from other
villages must have come.

Why not? When the goods are
cheap and genuine then...

...there's bound to be a huge crowd.

What's the use in repenting
now when the bird...

...of adulteration,
pecked the whole farm.

You ungrateful idiot! I'm your boss.

Don't you feel ashamed to sing
a song on your boss's downfall?

What boss? The business
has closed down...

...there aren't even flies to drive away
and you're claiming to be the boss!?

Have your customers left you because...

...of my shaking leg
or your adulteration?

Speak as you will, dear.
When the time is bad...

...a man even fears a dead dog.
You're at least a live dog.

Look there! Look there!

That man is hurriedly
coming towards our shop.

After so many days, someone has come.

After so many days,
we've roped in a customer.

- Get up.
- Welcome, sir. Welcome.

Come in. Come in.

Don't go to his shop, brother.
Come what may, don't go there.

Brother, please buy something.

We haven't eaten for the past 2 days.

Look, my stomach is empty.

- Matches, matches.
- Matches. Matches.

You want to light a cigarette?

Everything in our shop
is cheaply priced.

- Tamarind.
- Rs.2

- Pulses.
- Rs.3.50/-

- Pulse.
- 1.50/-

- Wheat.
- Cheap.

- Jaggery.
- It's for free.

- Keep this.
- You can pay the money later.

Buy anything you want.
You can pay later.

Gram seeds? Hey, buy something!

He came, asked, and went away.
That freeloader!

If this prevails,
then we've to close our shop...

...and go to beg in another village.

Because they wont even
give us alms here.

And listen, sir. This ornament
that you're wearing...

...the time has come to pawn it.

Ok, tell me, is this gold real
or this is adulterated too?

You shut up. Else I'll punch your
face and change it into a doormat.

Look here, sir. Mind your words.

You don't pay the salary,
yet you boss over me!?

Today, you're the boss.
But your condition says that...

...in a few days, you'll become
a debtor, then a servant.

What's for me? I was a servant,
I'm a servant, I'll be a servant.

For me, there are 50 doors still open.

But for you, your own door has closed.

If not you, then someone else.

I don't need your job.
Hey, cooperative shop owner.

You needed a packer,
isn't it? I'm coming.

No! no! I was just kidding.
Sit down, sir.

You got angry? Take this.

Welcome, Laxmi sister.
We were waiting for you.

Forgive me. I had some work in my house.

That's why I got late.

Ok. So, all these foolish women of...

...the village were
waiting for this woman?

Look, mother. This is what's
called the lady of a rich family.

She has brought a gold chain
as a gift for the child.

And you're the one who
came empty handed.

Who said I came without anything. Look.

Such a scary toy.
I feel scared looking at it.

Don't know what will
happen to the child!

You keep quiet. Radha!

The price of the gift isn't valued.

Instead, the intentions
of the giver are valued.

This gift is lucky for the child.

Because I'm giving it
from my lucky hands.

I've given birth to a child.
I'm a mother.

If a sterile woman gives gold, silver,
diamond, pearls as a gift to the child.

It's unlucky for the child.

Mother! Why are you saying such
things on a festive occasion?

A woman who hasn't given birth a
child after 5 years of marriage...

...what else is she
other than infertile?

Mother! For God's sake, keep quiet.
Don't say such nasty things.

I will not only say it once,
but a thousand times.

Infertile! Infertile! Infertile!


I'm dead! I'm dead!

Along with the bones,
even my spine's broken.

I'm dying at such a young age.

O God, open the gates
of heaven. I'm coming.

What has happened?

I was just kidding. It has backfired.

Ravi! Ravi, I'm feeling scared.

Ravi, is your heart beating?
Ravi, open your eyes. Ravi!


- Were you trying to scare me?
- Yes.

You idiot, you cheat.
Io won't spare you.

"Remember that day!"

"Remember that day!"

"Remember that day!"

"Remember that day!"

"When by looking at me..."

"When by looking at me..."

"...your heart swayed!"

"That... was a lie, I told."

"That... was a lie, I told."

"Remember that day!"

"Remember that day!"

"That you have fallen for me you
yourself had opened this secret."

"That... was a lie, I told."

"That... was a lie, I told."

"Will give my heart to anyone,
but not to you!"

"Will give my heart to anyone,
but not to you!"

"Forget the heart, I don't
want to take your name even."

"It got extinguished
the fire of my love!"

"That... was a lie, I told."

"That... was a lie, I told."

"I and love you?"

"I and love you? Don't be
under this false impression?"

"What? What?"

"I didn't hear it properly,
just say it again."

"Why did you weigh my love in
the balance of your eyes?"

"That... was a lie, I told."

"That... was a lie, I told."

"You considered a lie to be the truth,
that's your own fault."

"You considered a lie to be the truth,
that's your own fault."

"Forgot it, just like a story.
It withered away, just like a dream!"

"In the dreams,
we remained awake one day..."

"...and you had removed the veil!"

"That... was a lie, I told."

"That... was a lie, I told."

"Remember that day!"

"Remember that day!"

"That you have fallen for me..."

"...you yourself had opened this secret."

"That... was a..."

"That... was a truth... I had spoken."

"Even I had spoken the truth."

"That... was a truth, I had spoken."

"Even I had spoken the truth."

What!? Lalita!?

O God! Lalita and that bastard!?
Are you listening?

Yes, I am. I'm not deaf.

Brother, you're not
only deaf but dumb too.

- You're gutless, spineless, meaning
you're totally useless... - Shut up!

I can't listen to abuses from
a man who has been beaten.

Even your time has come to
get the blows, brother.

Those scoundrels forcefully
got my son married.

They closed down your business.

Now that idiot Ravi is luring,
your daughter, Lalita into an affair.

It means, our leftover
honor will also be...

Will also be... will also be...

Ceremonially ruined.
How many "will also be"!?

Yes, ceremonially ruined.

You're laughing!?

And we're burning like
coal due to anger.

You keep burning like coal.

I'll cook my food over it.

And I'll cook such a food that
whoever eats it will be dazed.

- Mewaram!
- Coming, sir.

You're my true servant.
What a good news you've brought.

For this reason, here's a prize
of one and a quarter rupee.

You and gift!?

Either you've gone mad...

...else you're not the same
person or this money is fake.

They're real. And listen.

If you show that beautiful sight
to my beautiful bull -like eyes.

- Then I'll kiss you till
your cheeks go wet. - No.

And also give you a prize of Rs.2.50.

- Rs.2.50!
- Go and enjoy yourself.

- Sister-in-law! Sister-in-law!
- What happened, Ravi?

- Sister-in-law, it's just that... that...
- C'mon. Tell me.

It's just that... it's just that...


Are you going to say something
or just go on like a goat?

- Is it something important?
- Yes, it is.

I do that to a girl. Love.

- What's new about it?
- What?

Yes. This age is like that.

At this age boys either fight
with others or fall in love.

Ok, tell me who's that girl?

She's from our village only.
Milawat Ram's daughter.

Oh, his daughter?

Why? What happened, Sister-in-law?

Shall I tell it directly?

We can never have any
relation with them.

Forget that girl and do your job.

Sister-in-law, I've full faith in you.

I had thought that if you
told brother about it first...

...then brother wouldn't refuse.

- You believe me, isn't it?
- Yes, Sister-in-law.

Similarly, when I feel that
your brother won't refuse...

...only then do I ask him about it.

And even if I do go and ask him...

...then he would scream
at me first and then at you.

- Sister-in-law!
- Yes, Ravi.

You go and tell this to that girl.

And I know that the girl is very good.

But you know better than
me about his family.


I'm telling you something
sad and you're laughing!?

What else should I do?

Sir, only your sister-in-law has
refused to the marriage now.

- Then? - Then, you're worried
over such a trivial thing!?

Wait and watch what's
going to happen next.

Now, your brother will come to know.

He'll say, Ravi! I'll break your bones.

Then my dad will come to know,
he'll burst like an atom bomb.

He'll say, Banderlekha, which pot
of sin have you given birth to!?

Then the whole village
will come to know.

There will be gossiping all around.

The village counsel will have a sitting.

There'll be a lot of drama,
only then will we be able to marry.

Our marriage will take place after
so much bursting and cracking?

Forgive me, boss.

- But there's a little mistake
in the world of Gods. - What?

- You should've been a girl
instead of a boy. - Eh!

It'll. It'll. It definitely will.

Ram your...



Call the boss.

What's happened?

Hey have you become a monkey suddenly?

Kissing me!? I'll bash you up.

- 2.50 Rs.
- What are you doing?

Lalita was kissing Ravi.



- Did you see, how he's shredding my
honor to pieces? - Don't shout!

This bastard is sticking on to my
girl as if it's his father's locker...

...and you're telling me not to shout?

My blood is boiling like soda
and you tell me not to shout!?

I will shout. I will shout.

You hooligan, they may
not tell you anything.

But I can definitely kill my daughter.

I can cut her to pieces
and feed her to the ants.

- I don't want such a daughter.
- No! no!

Milawat Ram! What are you doing?
Have you gone mad!?

Yes, I've gone mad because
I've been dishonored.

My honor has been auctioned
like an old house.

Where is she?
Ok, you managed to save her.

But I won't spare myself.

What's this, brother? It's ok for you.

But what'll happen to my sister?
She'll be widowed.

Ok, you're forcefully
stopping me, so I'm stopping.

But the dung of disgrace which
has been smeared on my face...

...the dung which my
daughter has smeared.

Who's going to clean it!?

Milawat Ram, it's uncouth
to scream around.

If you want justice, you'll get it.

Where will I get it? In your shop?

In the village counsel.

What a place you have
mentioned for getting justice!

What justice will you get there,
when his brother is the judge?

He'll just clean his own dirty linen.

You people haven't
recognized Vijay, yet.

When he judges, he doesn't
care for his family.


- Whose is this?
- Yours.

You come with me, I'll get you justice.

Did you see?

How the opening of the cooperative
shop has benefited the village?

Every home has become
happy, costs have...

...reduced, adulteration has stopped.

- Wow!
- And even Milawat Ram has been destroyed.

His honor has been swept off.

A cooperative shop was opened here...

...and along with it a shop for
selling my honor was opened too.

What happened? What's the matter?

Ok, you're asking me?

I'm not able to say. I'm feeling dizzy.

Ask them. Tell him,
what're you standing for?

The matter is, Chief...

...his daughter and a boy of
our village love each other.

Wow, what a way to narrate!

His daughter and a village
boy love each other!?

Why don't you tell him clearly
what the boy did to her?

Now, no one will let his
girl pass by their houses.

Forget letting their sons marry her.

First tell me, who is the boy,
who is related to this case?

If you hear the name, then your
heart will shatter like glass.

It's an order. Tell me the name.

Sir, he's your younger brother.

My brother!?

Did all of you see it
with your own eyes?

Yes, we saw it with our own eyes.

- Rahim uncle!
- Yes.

Sit in this chair.

- Me! Vijay!
- Please come, come, and sit.

Because the matter is related to
my brother, I leave this chair.

Very good! When it was my son's turn...

...you were holding on
to the chair strongly.

Now when it's your brother's turn,
you are leaving it.

So that people come to know
how righteous you are!

Whatever judgment I give,
sitting in this chair,

will not be accepted by Lalaji.

- Hey! You sit and give the
judgment first. - Just shut up.

I'm trying to remove him from the
post and you're asking to be there?

Shut up!

Yes, you may leave.

Ravi! Ravi!

Where is that insolent fellow?

I will break his bones today.

- You know what he has done?
- What?

He is in love with
Milawat Ram's daughter.

I know that.

You Know!? Then why didn't
you tell me before?

Look, I have scolded him
more than what you'll scold.

Even then he didn't listen to you.

He has become so ill-mannered
and disobedient.

He is neither disobedient
nor ill mannered.

But on my advice, he had
gone to tell Lalita that...

...this marriage isn't possible.

And by the time he told her,
the whole village...

...had assembled and turned
it into a controversy.

Now this matter has reached
the village counsel.

I have given up the post...

...and appointed Uncle
Rahim to take the decision.

Frankly speaking you should
have judged the matter.

Had you been the father of that
girl what would have you done?

After such a dishonor who
would marry the girl?

That poor girl,
her life has been spoiled.

This is neither the fault
of girl nor the boy.

But of age.

But falling in love
isn't a crime or a sin.

The best thing to do would be,
to get both of them marry.

I would like that you announce
the marriage yourself...

...as the elder brother
of the bridegroom.

Before the village counsel
announces its decision,...

...I would like you to
announce the marriage.

Vijay dear, the panchayat
has reached a decision.

I accept the proposal of marriage.
I approve of this marriage.

God is great!

As long as there
are people like you, son...

...justice and truth
shall prevail on earth.

Finally you've done justice, son.

Only half justice has been done yet.

The full justice would be done only
when he comes to my brother's house.

First, let some conclusions be
reached on the exchange talks.

If there are some conditions,
some exchange talks...

...then why not we decide it over here?

- Come inside.
- No! No!

My brother-in-law
is saying the right thing.

For the first time in these years,
has he spoken something wisely.

My honor, which had been
sold as a black market...

...product will be restored only
after the groom's family does...

...something worthwhile.
They've to come to my home...

...and talk to me,
only then will there be a...

...restoring effect to the
harm done to my honor.

For the sake of my brother,
not only your house...

...I'm ready to talk at
the middle of a street.

As the whole village knows...

...that Vijay and Ravi aren't
real brothers, but step brothers.

That's why I want that the property...

...be distributed equally between them.

Beware, Milawat Ram!

Don't even by mistake, ever try to...

...use the word 'step' between us.

We are brothers, just brothers.

Our relationship is far greater
than "step" and "real".

You called us home and abused us.

Our house is a temple, where
people worship and not divide it.

If it is so, then you
can't marry my daughter.

- It's okay then.
- Wait Ravi!

If for this marriage, partition is
the condition, then I accept it.

What are you saying?

It's impossible.

Our souls can be
separated from our body.

Our shadows can be
separated, but not us.

Look, Ravi. Souls and
hearts are those legacies...

...which have been given
to us by our father.

The people of this world
can't divide these.

But you've liked the
girl from this family.

It's your duty to take care
of their likes and dislikes.

Keeping them happy is also your duty.

Wow! Vijay dear, you are great.

It sounds as if I am listening
to hymns from the Geeta.

The justice that you have done,...

...even the world's greatest
of court can't do that.

Yes Ravi! Brother is absolutely right.

You should listen to the chief,
I mean your brother.

If this is the chief's decision,
I don't accept it.

I refuse it.

Where are going after
giving your decision?

Go after listening to my decision too.

What do you mean?

We fell in love together.
We decided to marry together.

If we decide on these two issues...

...then we ourselves
will decide on this too.

Listen to our decision.

If the partition takes place,
then we refuse to marry.

Who says that an angel doesn't
take birth at devil's house?

The example is in front of us.

Yes brothers, if the boy and
girl are ready to marry...

...without any partition,
then on behalf of the village counsel...

...I give them permission to marry.

Then let it happen so.

But Rahim brother, this
decision would be against us.

- Isn't it, brother-in-law?
- Who is your brother?

I don't know you.

The one who doesn't accept
the panchayat's decision...

...I don't recognize him.

I'm not going to fall for you.

The decision of the village counsel
is equal to God's own decision.

And I won't refuse to
abide by God's decision.

This marriage will take place
and definitely take place.

Congratulations! Congratulations!


- 53, 54, 55, 56...
- 205, 206...

207. 208...
- 60, 65...

- Hey what are you doing?
- Stealing.

Due to stealing your
father got into trouble...

...because of which
he died there itself.

And you... don't you feel ashamed.

What are you trying to do?

Now our shop is closed.

So I'm taking these home all
these are made of pure ghee...

...and I would taste them...

...and decide on their price.

Think a little, you shameless pickle,...

...if someone sees, what will they say.

- 135
- What!? 135.

- This sweet is rupees 135.
- You shameless, feel a little ashamed.

My daughter has been newly married.

Shouldn't I go and give her some advice.

If you want to give some
advice, then do it now.

If someone else gives
the advice before you...

...then you will be thrown overboard.

Keep quiet. Lalita! Lalita!

- Mother!
- Move aside.

Look, dear. Now we are going.

We have got you married.
Our responsibility ends there.

Now onwards your husband is your God.


You're laughing... Why are you laughing!?

What did you say?
Her husband is her God!

Had she been the one who
looked upon her husband...

...as God, she wouldn't
have done so on your word.

Look there, your God!
What have you done to him.

Oh shut up!

Listen dear, come and sit over here.

And listen carefully to
whatever advice I'm giving.

Don't compromise on anything.

If that crooked, cunning
sister-in-law asks, why.

You ask, why eh?

If she says, come over here.
You reply, why should I?

Are thorns pricking your feet?

Keep fighting for everything.

Reply back for everything.

After getting fed up
with your bickering...

...Vijay will decide to
move to a separate place.

Okay, now tell me. After separation...

...how will you manage
your household chores?

How do I manage, mother?

That's what I am going to tell now.

- Start preparing.
- How?

I have an idea. Listen carefully.

I will send you a basket
of wooden planks.

You send it back to me
filled with silver utensils.

I will send you a bowl of pulses...

...you return it with a gold ring in it.

Enough, mother! Enough.

Whatever you told me now,
Had every mother told this...

...to their daughters and had
the daughters abided by it...

...then I suppose, this world
would've transformed into hell.

You are that disease that has no cure.

If your shadow falls on damp wood,
it would set fire to it too.

Listen carefully now,
father come over here.

From today, this house is my house.

The happiness and sorrow is mine.

This family's enemy is my enemy.

From today onwards try and forget me.

Still If you want to
see me, send a word.

I would come to see you, myself.

None of you would come here.
Did you hear me?

Now pick up the sweets and keep moving.

The daughter has slapped
you so hard that...

...your face has turned into a sandal.

Has your heart been cooled
or is something else left?

Look here, my mood is off.
You don't bother me.

Boss, don't mistake me.
Is this your daughter or...?

What Banderalekha? Is she really
my daughter or did you...?


Come on. Hurry up. Pick it up.


Hey stupid! Who are you dreaming
about with your eyes closed?

Hey Chandravati, Taravati,
the light of my darkness...

...I was dreaming about you.

Liar! The monsoon has come and gone...

...but my whole body burnt like a mango.

But what could I do.

I was compelled
to be with my stingy boss.

But my boss isn't at the shop today.

- Really!
- Show me your bag.

Your bag is empty.
Mewalal's lover's bag is empty.

- Look.
- I will just fill it up.

You keep asking, I'll keep filling it

- Give it to me.
- Jump in.

- Give it to me. - Jump in.
Hurry up before someone sees.

Jump in. Jump in.

Take these stinky goods.
Give them to your mother.

- Give me some biscuits.
- Yes, sure, take some biscuits too.

Take some Marie also.
Take whatever you want.

Take whatever you want.

Take this too.

Hey my lover, what has happened
to your hair suddenly?

How've they become so small and spiky.

Try to remember. Last time
I stole from the shop of...

...stingy boss and gave
you a scented oil.

Didn't you apply it to your hair.

And how come you are
suddenly stinking so much?

Did you hug my boss
before your came here?

Because, since birth,
that idiot hasn't ever bathed.

The stingy boss's body is smelling?

I haven't taken bath since birth?

You idiot, you considered the goods in
my shop as your father's property and...

...you were thrusting into
that Phoolmati's bag!?

Today I am not going to rest
until I feed you rat poison.

- No, No, No.
- Open your mouth.

I want to ask you something.

Ask. What's the matter?

Since the time I have come into this
house, have I hurt you even once?

No at all.

But why are you
asking such a question?

Because from 4 in the morning...

...till late in the
night you do the chores.

Don't I have half the share in it.

No only half, you've the
full share in this house.

Then why are you not
letting me do any work.

Lalita, the reason I don't
let you do any work is...

...I want you to have that which
I haven't had in all these years.

What you didn't get, Sister-in-law!?

My husband's time,
a few moments with him...

...to speak a few words
of love with him.

But he is more worried about
the village than his house.

Instead of keeping his wife happy...

...he tries to keep the villagers happy.

He spends most of his time
doing social service.

He is so drowned in their service that...

...I can only stand on
the banks and watch him.

Don't think that I'm bad mouthing him.

Which other woman has been so lucky...

...who has got a God like husband?

Lalita, We are family people.

Living lives like a saint
is difficult for us.

I want you to be a human.
Be near to your husband always.

Love him so much that even a moment's
separation from you is difficult for him.

That's why I don't let you do any work.

No, you're unnecessarily
driving me to your head.

If brother, comes to
know that this girl...

...follows her husband
throughout the day like a fly.

What'll he think about me?

So that he doesn't mistake me,
you've to give me half the work.

Ok, dear. Why half?

From today
you can do all the chores.

- Take the key.
- What'll I do with the keys!?

When you're taking the responsibility
you've to take it fully.

From now onwards,
you know and your house knows.

Now you've to manage.


What are you doing? You scared me!

And you melted my heart.

- Someone will come.
- Then let them come.

Sweeten my mouth immediately,
else I'll stick like glue.

If I get angry, then I'll do something.

You're threatening me?

You do what you can,
but before that see what I do.

- What's this?
- Coconut sauce.

I asked you for a kiss and you
smeared coconut sauce on my face?

Don't care for the
place or the occasion.

- You do that whenever you feel like it.
- Why can't I?

I haven't eloped with you.
I've married you.

Everything of mine has been
spoilt. I mean, my life.

Where are you going?

- It's burning.
- Can't you see my heart burning?

So much anger!?

Be patient, sir.

A storm can't wash away
water from the well.

Try to understand the
gravity of the situation.

I'm not going to go anywhere else.

Wait for sometime.

Listen, waiting, that too
after marriage.



I want to ask you something,
how's your sister in law related to me?

She's like your sister.

- Are we real sisters?
- No.

Meaning. Even after being born
in different families we are...

...living together over
here as own sisters...

...then only will this house be.

And because I'm new to this house...

...I want to prove to
brother and Sister-in-law...

...that even though I'm from
a different household...

...my soul has always been here.

And that I'm like their sister.

And as long
as I don't prove this to them,

I won't be your wife.

You've to be patient till then.

Lalita, come here.

You are definitely your
didi's younger sister.

But for yrs, we've been
longing for a child...

...and to our eyes you're a child.

The lack of a child was bothering us,

you've fulfilled that desire.

You're a goddess who has come to
our house in different forms.

You're a daughter, a wife and a sister...

Be happy.

Be happy.

Why Lalita?

You didn't listen to me?

What didn't I listen to, Didi?

He loves you so much.

And he always follows you around.

Yet, you stay away from him.

Go. Go near him and spend
some time with him.

Caring for the husband is
the wife's first duty. Go.

- Sister-in-law!
- What?

Shall we go out for a few days?

Yes, why not?

I'll arrange for it now itself.

Very good, I'll arrange
for it immediately.

- Is anybody there?
- Hey listen. Ravi come here.


Ravi! What's this?

Brother, I was eating coconut
and it slipped over my face.

- The coconut slipped?
- Yes.

I know everything.
Go and wash your face.

- Okay.
- Listen, why you don't do one thing.

Why don't you take your wife to
a hill station for a few days.

Ooty, Mussorie, Kodaikanal, etc.

Wherever you feel like?


- You owl, how'll you go?
- Yes, how will I go?

Here take this Rs.10000
and enjoy yourselves.

Lalita, get ready to go to Ooty.

I've got Rs.10000.

- Ooty!?
- Yes!

- Only both of us?
- Yes, only the two of us.

I won't go without Didi.

Great, then the holiday's over.
If you tell this to Sister-in-law.

Then she would say that she
won't come without brother.

Great! That's what I want.

I want them both to come with us.

- They too!?
- Yes, they too.

After going there,
we'll shut them up in a room.

That's the reason I had told
Sister-in-law about this.

Both of them in a room in Ooty.


Tell me, why!?

O God! What's this problem.

Did you pass M.A. or did anyone
else do it on your behalf?

- Why don't you understand?
- I understood.

- Then you go and tell them.
- No. I'm feeling shy.

Ok, you feel shy and I'm shameless!?
You go and tell them.

- No you go and tell them.
- No you tell them.

- You...
- You...

What're you trying to say? Now go.

What happened, Ravi?

I was washing my face and slipped.

You slipped there and fell here.


Brother, Lalita was saying that if...

...Sister-in-law doesn't come,
then she also won't.

- Why, dear?
- She feels scared.

You shut up!

When your husband is coming along
with you why should you feel scared?

If Sister-in-law doesn't
come then I won't go too.

Ok, then you take your
Didi along with you.

Brother, why don't you understand!?

If Didi doesn't come, then I won't come.

If you won't come then Didi won't come.

So we'll all go together
else none of us will go.

Now a new problem.

What problem?

You only said that you didn't
have any work for 10 days.

I said I didn't have work,
but that doesn't mean...

...I go to Ooty for a holiday.
Now look at Ooty and at me.

Why you've become so old?

- No, I haven't become so old but...
- What're you saying, brother.

- In the city, the girls will whistle.
- What did you say?

I had banana for breakfast.
That's why my tongue slipped.

If a slap slips from my hand,
do you know where you'll go? - Ooty.

Listen to me. If you don't
go then even I won't go.

I was supposed to grant
leave to the school...

Okay I will take care of that later.

- Make arrangements for our departure.
- My job is done.

My job is done.

- "This year..."
- "This year..."

"This year... It should
happen this year..."

"This year... after many years.?"

"This year... after many years."

"The season to love has come."

"The season to live and die has come."

"The season to love has come."

"The season to live and die has come."

"This year... after many years."

"This year... after many years."

"This year... after many years."

"The season to love has come."

"The season to live and die has come."

"The season to love has come."

"The season to live and die has come."

- "This year..."
- "This year..."

"What signal have you made,
I felt shy, O Goodness!"

"What signal have you made,
I felt shy, O Goodness!"

"What is there to feel shy in this?"

"Fulfill the promise you have made."

"The season to break the promises
made before the marriage has come."

"Season to break the promise has come."

"The season to love has come."

"The season to live and die has come."

- "This year..."
- "This year..."

"These tresses are my chains."

"These eyes are my good fortune."

"These tresses are my chains."

"These eyes are my good fortune."

"Life without you is like
a colorless picture."

"To this colorless picture..."

"...the season to fill
the colors has come."

"The season to fill
the colors has come."

"The season to love has come."

"The season to live and die has come."

- "This year..."
- "This year..."

"Just smile and see here,
do you know what has happened?"

"Just smile and see here,
do you know what has happened?"

"Many seasons have passed by..."

"let this season also
not pass like that."

"Whatever we have not done till now..."

"...the season to do that has come."

"The season to do that has come."

"The season to love has come."

"The season to live and die has come."

"This year... after many years."

"This year... after many years."

"This year... after many years."

"The season to love has come."

"The season to live and die has come."

"The season to love has come."

"The season to live and die has come."

- "This year..."
- "This year..."

- "This year..."
- "This year..."


Welcome, sister! I had gone
to your house to invite you.

But came to know that
you had gone to Ooty.

Yes, we came to know
about it on our return.

That's why we have come to attend
the feeding ceremony of the child.

It was very kind of you.
Thank you. Come in.

My daughter Lalita has
lost so much weight.


Mother, you have become so fat.

Do you eat the whole village's food.

Lalita, what sort of
misbehavior is this?

Do you treat your mother like this?

Come on.

Saw, how badly she scolded my daughter.

Take sister, take the
child in your arms...

...feed him the first morsel of
food with your lucky hands...

Being a child's mother,
you are feeding its food...

...from this sterile woman's hand.

If the child eats from her hands
it will become poison for him.

Your child will die.

Mother, what nonsense are you talking?

I am telling the right thing.
She is infertile.

So she doesn't want anyone
else to have a child.

- Mother, you go away from here.
- Why should I go?

- If need be, let her go away from here.
- Mother...

Lalita, when we've come here for
a good cause, then why fight?

Give this child to your mother,
so that she feeds the first morsel.

- No, sister. You feed him.
- No, Lalita.

No sister. You feed him.

I'm feeling scared.

No, sister, when I myself being
the mother of the child...

I'm not feeling scared,
then why should you?

I am confident that my child
will be lucky and purified...

...after eating from your hands.

- No.
- Come on, feed him.

Take this.

Hey Lalita! You have brought
water in such a small utensil...

...bring some more. Leave it.


Hey Lalita, Lalita.

Give it to me.
Who asked you to lift this?


Laxmi, Laxmi, Laxmi!

Did you tell her to lift this?

But I just told her to bring some water.

Look, what's happening to her.

Lalita, Lalita, what happened to you?

Hey Ravi! Ravi!

- What happened brother?
- Lalita is not keeping well.

- Call the doctor.
- Yes.

Come, Lalita.



- Laxmi, get some buttermilk for Lalita.
- Fine.

Mr. Chaudhury,
there is good news for you.

Lalita is going to be a mother.

Congratulations, Ravi.

A hearty congratulations to you.

Laxmi, there is a good news.

Lalita is going to be a mother.


Laxmi, what happened Laxmi?

Doctor! Doctor!

What happened?

Please check her.

Congratulations, Mr. Chaudhury.

The disease which Lalita has,
Laxmi also has.

You are going to become a father.

God, has given us so much
happiness at the same time...

...that I'm unable to bear it.


Come on Raja start.

- Come, come.
- Listen to this... listen to this.

Listen, did you hear anything.

- Listen, did you hear anything.
- What happened Manderlekha?

Why are you shouting?

First breathe and then
tell me the matter.

I have a good news.

You and good news. I don't believe it.

If darkness says that it
has brought light then...

I can believe it. But if you
say that you've brought...

...good news then I can't believe.

I swear on you. It's a good news.
First have some sweets.

Now listen.

You are to be a grandpa
and me a grandma.

Lalita is pregnant.

I' happy that Lalita is pregnant.

But tell me first that the sugar
that you dumped into my mouth...

...is it pure or from our shop,
the adulterated one.

It's the pure one. Don't worry.

But there's a bad news with it.

What? Laxmi is also pregnant.

Let her be. What is
your father's problem?

What are you saying?

When our daughter is pregnant...

...how could that infertile
woman be pregnant too?

I'll find out and tell you in a moment.

Oh God!

Oh Vishnu!

Oh Mahesh!

Oh Ganesh!

Why are you spoiling my daughter's life?

Why are you adulterating
even a mother's love?

What was the necessity
for her to be pregnant?

That too at the same time?

What's this new play?

Now, we've to bring our daughter home.

I don't want my daughter,
Lalita to give birth to her...

...first child in the presence
of that cursed woman.

This is correct.

Is someone there?

Greetings! Please come in.

No coming in.

I heard that my daughter
is expecting. Call her.

Our daughter is going to be
a mother for the first time.

I want her to deliver
the child at my place.

I want to take her
home before nightfall.

Why not? Why not?
You please sit. I'll bring her.

- Get up!
- You sit everywhere.

Lalita, your parents
have come to take you.

They want that your first
child be born at their home.

You mean I have to go there?

No, I don't mean that.

I mean that, your happiness
is our happiness.

Your happiness is more
important to us. Isn't it?

Then you tell me,
where does my happiness lie?

I think, your happiness
lies where your Didi is.

Then send them away.

What are you saying?
They're your parents.

In what respect? Look.

- Sister, can you wait outside
for a minute? - Why not?

What's the matter, Lalita?

Brother, have you ever thought
that even sister is pregnant.

I have parents so I can go to them,

but who'll look after sister?

If I go there, she'll feel so hurt,
how much pain it'll cause her.

I agree, that my first child
should be born at my parents home.

But this place is no
less than home for me.

I will stay here.

I won't go anywhere.

Ok, I'll make your parents see reason.

I told Lalita about this,
but she wants to stay here.

Who wants to know of her will?
She's an innocent kid.

Look here, I'm telling you.

I won't leave my child
alone under such condition.

You don't need to worry about her?
We'll take care of her.

What will you take care of?

Does anyone in this house have an
experience of bearing children?

The tree on which there are no fruits,
what'll it give to others?

This is my daughters first child,
if something happens to her...

...then who'll be responsible?

Being a mother,

why are you talking such
bad things for your daughter?

How else shall I talk?
My heart is burning due to tension.

What if something
happens to my daughter?

If something happens,
then you'll be duly informed.

You can come over and
perform the last rites.

Lalita, do you talk to
your parents like this?

How else do I talk, brother?

They don't understand polite words.

- Ok, you go inside now.
- Why should I?

They've come to take me,
couldn't they ask sister too?

They could've told her, come dear,
what if you don't have parents.

We'll take care of you.

Then I would have agreed that my
parents have humanity in them.

- Lalita! - Brother, whatever
greatness you show to them...

...it isn't going to make
a difference to them.

Light can never be
separated from the lamp.

- Come on. Come on.
- Lalita.

Wait! Wait! Stop them.

Why should I stop them?
The girl who's like her mother...

...I'm not her father. I'm going.

Listen, a cursed woman stays here.
She'll harm my daughter.

I don't care whether
she's cursed or stingy.

- I'm going.
- Listen! Listen!


Don't argue, otherwise I'll eat you raw.

Now tell me madam,
why were you two fighting?

That Vijay's wife Laxmi is of bad omen.

If her shadow falls on my
daughter's would be baby...

Wait a minute.

You mean to say just because
of her shadow her evil sight.

- Your daughter's child will not survive.
- Yes.

And what ever things we
have done will not have...

...any effects on the child?

- What have we done?
- What have we done!

We have done a lot of sins.

We have done adulteration
in the milk powder...

...and spoilt the health
of thousands of children.

How many of them are handicapped?

Won't we get the punishment
for that sin? Won't we?

We will get.

He is right.

I am scared, will our
grandson be born or not?

If born, will he survive?

I am quite nervous.

There is one way.

Both of you go back in the same car...

- ...in which you had come.
- Where?

On pilgrimage.

Do not spare any temple,
any lake or any river.

Dip in that and go on washing your sins.

Go quickly.

- Okay.
- I will look after the shop.

I will take care. I will take care.

I will take care. I will take care.

Oh God, my shop!


- Wherever I forget you remind me.
- Okay.

Oh God...

...O Almighty!

You know I got my daughter married...

...to Vijay Chaudhary for money.

Now she is pregnant.
She is to deliver a child.

All my life I have done mixing but
you don't do mixing in her womb.

I say God, you take birth from her womb.

And if you take birth,
I will make a diamond necklace...

...of Rs. One Lakh and offer it to you.

What are you doing?
If you are promising God...

...you'll have to fulfil it.

If you offer one lakh to God
what will be left for us?

Ask for 5 -10 paise.


You fool, you bag of stones in rice...

...the promises given to God
are not to be fulfilled.

We have to say like
that till it is done.

After that we have to break them.

This betrayal I had
learnt from your daddy.

Is it so?

Then ask for Rs. Two Lakhs.

- Two Lakhs?
- Yes!

Okay God, one lakh is cancelled...

...I'll give a necklace
for two lakhs believe me.

There is no question of mixing in it.


'Indian health fund'

Chaudhary sir,
your wife is absolutely okay.

Delivery will be easy, but...

But what doctor?

Lalita's condition...

What happened to Lalita?

Tell me.

I warned you that day, that she
is very delicate of weak heart.

She will have lots of
problems during delivery.

Now after seeing her condition
I don't know what to do?

To save the child or the mother.

No, no doctor, don't say that.

Save both of them. I love both of them.

Save both of them I am
requesting you doctor.

We will try our best.

But it will be God's wish.

I am prescribing some medicines.

They are difficult to get,
but find them and get them.

Okay, take it.

- Brother I'll get it.
- Come soon.

Doctor, Laxmi-ji got a child.

What! An unfortunate like me,
has become a father?


Yes I am Laxmi.

Now you will call me with this name.

Sometime back I got
another name, childless.

I was called a childless.

Now no one will call me childless.

Because I am a mother.


Are you happy now?

Yes Laxmi, I am very happy but Lalita...

Doctor, Come soon.

- What happened?
- Lalita...

Okay I'm coming.

Chaudhary sir, you stay here.

What is this going on?

What are you hiding from me?

Nothing Laxmi. You don't
worry unnecessarily.

No, there is definitely something...

...that is why you are so worried.

Go quick and find out what
has happened to Lalita.

Alright, I'll be back soon.

What has happened to Lalita doctor?

How is she now?

She is okay. But the child is lifeless.

- What?
- But Lalita is absolutely alright.

She is now out of danger.

But there is a problem.

First she is very weak.

The delivery was also painful.

So her heart has become very weak.

And at this time she is not in the
position to bear slightest shock.

She knows about the death of the child?

Not yet. She is still unconscious.

But when she is conscious
she should not know it.

Otherwise it can kill her.

Before she is conscious we should
keep a child born today, next to her.

I got it doctor.

Can I see Lalita?

Doctor, what if she is conscious now?

She is about to get it.

Go quickly.


What happened? How is she?

She is okay.

What do you mean?

She is out of danger but...

But what?

She got the child or not?

The child was born,

but it died.

Oh God, what have you done?

After her coming to the house,

I became pregnant
after so many years.

You have blessed an unfortunate
woman like me with a child...

...and robbed her of her child.

I want to see her. Take me there.

Lalita is weak from the beginning.

Now she is not in a position
to bear even a small shock.

The doctor has said the news
of the death of the child...

...could be the cause of her death.

I don't understand what to do.

I have come to you with a hope.

I don't know from where to start?

What is there to think about?

We will keep our child next to
her before she is conscious.

And we will tell her,
this is your child.

If she asks about our child...

...what reply we will give?

We will say our child died.

What are you saying?

This is not the truth.
It is only to please her.

Yes we will say but how long?

Till she is strong enough.

It may take a month,
10 months or even 10 years.

We will have to say.

Laxmi it is getting late.

This is not the time to think.

You take him.

I don't mind.

We will say now our
child died after birth.


But afterwards when...

...we say our child was not dead...

...this is our child,
who will believe us?

Laxmi, our Lalita is fighting
between death and life...

...instead of worrying about
her you are worried of others?

You don't know how these
people have abused me...

...they are calling me a woman who
can never give birth to a child.

They even consider my
shadow as a bad omen.

Today, after years God
has answered them...

...that Laxmi is not childless.

She can also give birth to a child.
She can be a mother.

Today, when I got the opportunity to...

...take this child and show
to the people with pride...

...you want me to tell the people
that my child was born dead?

Even after becoming a mother...

...you want me to be called childless?

I am ready to give my
child to Lalita forever.

But I want to show the
world at least once...

...that I am not childless.

I have given birth to this child...

...and the child should get my name.

No it can't be done.

The name will not be given
by you, but by Lalita.

And along with Lalita the whole world...

...will think that this child
is born to Lalita and not you.

No I can't do that.

I am requesting for
the last time, Laxmi.

Please agree.

Because of your yes she will live...

...and because of your no she will die.

How do you know how the
world has tortured me?

What they are talking about you.

Laxmi is not the only one
responsible for her infertility.

Her husband is also responsible for it.

I want to show my child to them and
silence them. And I will do it.



Brother! Brother!

Brother, I am a father
Lalita got a child.

How cute the child is.

Come. Come with me.

Come. See brother.



...shall I call it as God's wish...

...or injustice of fate.

I don't know.

Lalita should have missed...

...and God should have
blessed you with a child.

Then I would not have been unhappy.

Because I value your
tears more than my child.

Don't cry.

Don't cry.





Oh Lalita, you are also
behaving like a modern girl.

Like modern girls?

What do you mean?

Today's modern girls give bottled milk...

...to the child instead
of their own milk.

So that their figure is maintained.

You are also doing the same.

If you want to make the child healthy...

...you should feed your own milk.

I know but what can I do if
it is not written in my fate?

I was weak.

After Kishan's birth...

...blood was less so I was more weak...

...that is why milk is not produced.

Sorry, I wasn't aware.

But in this matter Laxmi is great.

God has snatched her child...

...but she loves Kishan
more than her own.

And when she loves Kishan her
motherhood starts flowing.

And with that her breasts starts
flowing with milk for Kishan.

She has all the virtues
of an Indian woman.

There is no doubt in that.

I wish her child were alive.

But this child...

What is the relation between fruits
of a tree and salt of the sea.

But when they meet...

...a new thing starts.

Same way Sister,
and I both delivered a child.

But only sister was
fortunate with the milk.

Okay, look after the child.
I'll go and see...

...whether sister has eaten food or not?

I don't know why after meeting you...

- Where are you taking the child?
- To Sister.

- But why? - The child will
sleep immediately besides her.


...why are you leaving
your child besides me?

Go and take him there.

No, no, sister my hands
are tired of lifting...

...him the whole day. I can't do it.

Make him sleep with you.

That's okay.

But what happens if he wakes up
in the middle of the night...

...and starts crying
asking for the milk?

No, no he won't get up.

He sleeps nicely with you
and troubles me only.

I am already weak.

There is not enough blood.

If I die, who will look after Kishan?

Lalita, don't use such bad words.

Let your enemies die. Go and sleep.

I will make him sleep.


Oh mother.

Oh my waist is breaking.

My head is tearing apart.

The mind is rotating like a fan.

What happened?

Pain of the heart. Pain of the soul.

Pain of the head. Pain of the waist.

I'll go and get a doctor.

What does this mean?

It means you are also
fooled by it like sister.

I have given the child to
sister by doing the same drama.

It is okay if you gave the child,
but why this drama?

I am sorry. You have
become father of a child.

But you are not less than a child.

Don't you understand...

...sister gave birth to a child after
so many years but God snatched it.

Now won't she be upset by this?

Oh no. Go!


"Listen my sister."

"Listen my friend."

"Listen my sister."

"Listen my friend."

"The child is like a rose."

"We are like jasmine and mogra."

"We are like jasmine and mogra."

"Listen my sister."

"Listen my friend."

"Listen my sister."

"Listen my friend."

"The child is like a rose."

"We are like jasmine and mogra."

"We are like jasmine and mogra."

"Listen my sister."

"Child will sleep with eyes closed."

"Will swing front and back."

"Child will sleep with eyes closed."

"Will swing front and back."

"Front and back, left and right."

"We both are the child's mothers."

"This lifeless house for so many
years has become a garden."

"The child is like a rose."

"We are like jasmine and mogra."

"We are like jasmine and mogra."

"Listen my sister."

"Listen my friend."

"The child is like a rose."

"We are like jasmine and mogra."

"We are like jasmine and mogra."

"The lovely breeze asks."

"The lovely breeze asks."

"Child is Krishna Kanhaiya."

"Child is Krishna Kanhaiya."

"Among two of us who is
Yashoda and who is Devaki?"

"Don't ask this let it be a riddle."

"The child is like a rose."

"We are like jasmine and mogra."

"We are like jasmine and mogra."

"Listen my sister."

"Listen my friend."

"The child is like a rose."

"We are like jasmine and mogra."

"We are like jasmine and mogra."

You are the doer.

You are the doer.

"Why are you harassing me?"

"I have just given you milk.
Tell me what else I should give?"

"Go and sleep quietly,
don't play with me."

"I am a mother, not a newly wed wife."

"The child is like a rose."

"We are like jasmine and mogra."

"We are like jasmine and mogra."

"Listen my sister."

"Listen my friend."

"The child is like a rose."

"We are like jasmine and mogra."

"We are like jasmine and mogra."

"Listen my sister."

"Listen my friend."

"Listen my sister."

"Listen my friend."

Come on. Come on.

Sit here. Sit here. Sit here.

Many people don't know how to
live the life after marriage.

Later on they repent.

I don't want it.

So first we will do a rehearsal for it.

Okay tell me what is the first
thing you will do after marriage?

I will run the house.

If you don't run the house,
will you run an orphanage?

I know that.

How will you run the house?

By taking things on credit.

The whole country is doing the
same thing what is new in that?

No, no. What will you do in
the morning when you get up?

- Hold it.
- Yes.

I will stretch my body.

You will stretch and
do all the things,

what have I to do about that...

...tell me the important thing.

In the morning I'll pray to God.

- That means you will leave me?
- Why?

You fool.

After marriage, the husband is a God.

First you will bow to me.

Yes I understood.

What will you do afterwards?

After that I will not eat
unless you come back.

You won't eat.

But when I come back you
will give me food, isn't it?

- Yes, yes definitely.
- Well it is fine up to here.

Now tell me the real thing.

What will you do at night time?

At night I will eat with your
own hands and fill my stomach.

Shut up!

You are from a beggars family.

You include food in all the matters.

What will you do after eating?

- I will sleep.
- Back off!

Is this a life? I will sleep?

Okay then you tell me.
I don't understand anything.

I'll explain. We will do a drama.

Let us suppose you are a man.

And I am your wife.

Who are you?

I am a man.

And who am I?

My wife.

In the evening the husband comes
home tired and calls his wife.

How will he call his wife?

Hey you bloody idiot.

Why are you sitting there? Come here.

Don't you see I have come home tired?

Oh God! How tired you look.

The body also gives out sounds.

What work you have done and come home?

Why are you asking that?

Have you cooked or not?


Yesterday's stale porridge is there.

Day before yesterday's dal is there.

It is not spoiled much.

- Neighbour's dog tasted it.
- Shall I heat it for you?

Shameless, lazy am I your wife?
Or you are my wife?

You scoundrel you are
not doing any work.

The husband has come home tired.

You have not cooked.
You have not given any food.

Not prepared the bed.

Come on get up.

- Listen.
- Close the windows.

Come on press my legs.

- See this.
- You son of a donkey, out. Out.

Hey what's happening here.

Go away.

- Why are you hitting me?
- Hit them.

- Donkeys.
- My boss is wedded for so many years.

But his wife has never
pressed his legs this way.

Bastard doesn't know how to make love.

He only knows adulteration. A miser.

A total miser. A scoundrel.
A burnt bitter gourd.

An over ripe banana.

A watermelon with an aerial like tail.

The sinner has gone on
pilgrimage. Sinner.

A spoilt pumpkin.

- Bloody... Hey!
- Who is it?

- I'm a rotten cabbage?
- Beat him. Beat him.

I don't know how to
press my wife's legs.

I always adulterate things.

Hit him.

Why are you hitting me?

Why did you allow him to run away?

He should be beaten thoroughly.

Why did you allow him to run?

He should be beaten thoroughly.

He is a 50 kg. man not empty
bag whom I can beat like that.

And you have not spared
any breath for me.

Even if I lift a
handkerchief I get tired.

Listen. I am very tired.

Press my legs.

What? I will do it? Aren't you ashamed?

You didn't see what he was doing?

Come on.

Start it.

Shame on us men.


- Can I come in?
- Yes.

I was looking at the lines of
her feet and telling her future.


Lalita has given birth to a baby boy.

Oh God!

Our pilgrimage is successful.

But brother.

That unfortunate idiot was
also pregnant what happened?

His child died as soon as it was born.


What is the matter?

Why are you crying on such
an auspicious occasion?

All our pilgrimage has gone to a waste.

We are very sorry to hear
that your child died.

After so many years it was
born that is also lost.

It is God's wish.

I have to go for a meeting.

You can see your grandson.


Lalita, Lalita.

Save my grandson.

He will not survive.

- Save him, save him.
- Shut up.

Why are you shouting like hell?

The building has burnt? Is there a fire?

Not the building, my heart is burning.

This unfortunate woman is
feeding our child with her milk.

Mother, you have come here again?

And you have started your drama?

You started taunting.
Why are you shouting so much?

Ask what has not happened?

Okay what has not happened?

See that unfortunate,
that snake that childless...

...woman is feeding our
child with her milk.

Don't abuse, what is wrong if
she is feeding him with milk.

You are a big fool.

This lady remained infertile
for so many years.

This year she gave birth to a child.

And this cobra ate her own child.

And today this cobra is feeding
her poison to our child.

Mother, I am warning you once again.

Don't utter a single
word against sister.

She is a Goddess.

Forget her milk, even if
she offers poison to him...

...it will be nectar for
my child. Understand.

You two have come after a long
time so I am requesting...

...you to get out of here quietly.

Get out? Such a big insult?

I am not insulting you.

This house is like a temple,
a goddess stays here...

...I am just preventing
you from insulting her.

- Go away.
- Okay I am going.

But I am telling you,
if this unfortunate woman touches...

...the child or feeds
him with her milk...

...means she victimized the
child with her bad sight.

She has killed her own child.
She will not spare your child.

See one day the child will vomit...

...vomit blood he will get high fever...

...and there will be no cure for it...

...because there is no cure
for curse and bad sight...

And one day the child will die.
Then you will remember what I said.

Mother, will you go out or I
will have to throw you out?

Leave me. Leave me.

Sister, take the child.

No. Now I will not touch the child.

I will never touch him.

I am scared.

Sister, are you taking the child or not?

No. I can't take the child.

I should not take.

I will not take.

Sister, you are under my oath.

Take the child.

No, Lalita please agree to
what I say. Don't be stubborn.


- Feed him with your milk.
- No.

I said feed him with your milk.

Feed him your milk.

Feed him with your milk.

No farmer will sell his land.

The purchaser might be from
this village or an outsider.

For a farmer his land is his mother.

And no human can trade his mother.

As far as old dues are there.

The govt. has so many ways.

Don't come under any pressure
or threat to sell your land.

No body can even touch your crop.

Brothers, there is one good news.

The money you had put in the panchayat
to buy seeds and fertilizers.

The material has come and is kept
safely in Vijaybabu's godown.


Enough, enough.

We are only waiting for
the time and weather.

We all will sow the seeds together.

Our land will be one.

Our efforts will be one.

Our hearts will be one.

And if God wishes the dreams
we have seen would be true.

Brother-in-law, you go in...

...I am keeping a watch here
to see that no one comes here.

Come on.


Come on hurry up. Hurry.

The thing is there are so
many rats in the godown.

...so we have come here...

...to kill them by putting
in the pesticides.



You have troubled this village a lot...

...because of you there is a big loss.

But this would be your last deed...

...so far police has not
come to this village.

And we don't want because of you
sinners police should come here.

So we have decided that
you should leave...

...this village right now forever.

- Brother-in-law. Brother-in-law.
- Who are you? Forgive me.

- Who are you?
- Your brother-in-law.

I am your brother-in-law.

Which brother-in-law.

Why are you abusing your sister by
calling me your brother-in-law?

I don't know you.

Go away, you have spoilt
my legs by touching it.

Pannalal it is enough.

Panchayat, show him the
road out of the village.

- I will not spare anyone.
- Come on.

I will see all of you.

I will not spare anyone.

Great, Vijay. You are
even greater than great.

You are taller than the tallest.

Water in the sea is insufficient.
Your heart is bigger than the sea.

I congratulate you for
saving this village.

I am with you to shout.

Long live falseness...

Er... I mean long live truth.
Down with falseness.

Long live, no one is there.

Long live brother Vijay.

- Doctor Lilavati.
- Yes.

I am Vijay Choudhary speaking...

...the child is very
sick all of a sudden.

He is unconscious,
he is not even opening the eyes.

You come soon.

- Okay, I am coming.
- Thanks.


- What had you fed the child?
- Nothing.

I swear, I have not fed him anything.

If you have not fed him
anything how he is like this?

Why are you staring at me?


I am cursing my fate in my mind.

Why did an unfortunate woman like
me have to take care of him?

In the world's eye a childless woman...

...whose shadow is also a bad omen...

...they are right I am
the cause of his illness.

There is no other reason.

Sister, what nonsense you are talking?



Doctor. Come doctor, quickly.

Child has pneumonia.

The child is suffering from
acute bronco pneumonia.

Was he bathed?

- Yes.
- When?

Morning after an oil massage.

That is why he has pneumonia.

He is finding it difficult to breathe

If he were a little older
then there was no problem.

Pneumonia in such a small age?

Can't say anything.

Oh God.

I am giving him an injection.

If he improves in three
hours otherwise...

No doctor.

Doctor, you are the only
witness of our secret...

...if anything happens to my Kishan...

...you know I will not survive.

Laxmi-ji if God has slightest
value for your sacrifice...

...then nothing will
happen to this child.

This is not said by a
doctor but by a woman.

Laxmi, Laxmi have patience.

You are elder.

If you behave like this then
what will happen to Lalita?

Go and pacify her.

Give me the child.

Lalita you don't worry.

By the grace of God nothing
will happen to our Kishan.

He will be alright.

But the doctor said there
is a danger to his life.


Don't take him. Don't take my child.

Don't separate me from my child.

Don't take my child away from me...

Don't take my child away from me...

Don't take my child.

'This bad omen snake has fed
the child with her poison.'

'See one day the child will vomit.'

'Vomit blood.'

'He will have fever.'

'There will be no cure for it.'

'And one day the child will die.'


Brother, give me my child.

- I am taking the child to my house.
- Are you crazy?

- You want to take him home
in this condition? - Yes.

Because now I believe...

- ...if he stays in this house
he will not live. - Lalita.

Are you mad?

Lalita is right.

Lalita take him. Take your child.

But doctor has given him an injection.

It will take three hours in curing.

It is dangerous to take
him out in this condition.

Let her take him.

Because now she thinks the
child is not safe here.

So it is now better for
her to take the child.

Lalita take him.

- Go quickly.
- Sister-in-law.

Ravi, you also go.

It is not safe for her to go alone.
I am telling you, go.

Oh God what has happened?

I was telling you from the
beginning don't keep him there.

It is nice that you
have brought him here.

- You keep quiet.
- You go and call Dr. Shiraz.


"Mother, come out in the open."

"Let the trouble go away."

"Mother, come out in the open."

"Let the trouble go away."

"Oh mother Goddess."

"You always consider every one's wish."

"Oh mother Goddess."

"You always consider every one's wish."

"On us also."

"On us also let your blessings shower."

"Oh mother Goddess."

"You always consider every one's wish."

"On us also."

"On us also let your blessings shower."

"Oh mother Goddess."

"You always consider every one's wish."

"Mother you are great."

"You are the symbol of motherhood."

"Mother you are great."

"You are the symbol of motherhood."

"Taking is not in your nature."

"Giving is your nature."

"Let it not break."

"Let it not break. Your old tradition."

"Oh mother Goddess."

"You always consider every one's wish."

"Oh mother Goddess."

"You always consider every one's wish."

"On your doors I have burnt
lamps day and night."

"On your doors I have burnt
lamps day and night."

"That is why mother you
have burnt my hands?"

"That is why mother you
have burnt my hands?"

"Mother listen to my..."

"Mother listen to this
painful story of mine."

"Oh mother Goddess."

"You always consider every one's wish."

"Oh mother Goddess."

"You always consider every one's wish."


"From your temple we will
not return empty handed."

"From your temple we will
not return empty handed."

"At your door,
I will bang my head and die."

"At your door,
I will bang my head and die."

"For life, we will... For life,
we will sacrifice our life."

"Oh mother Goddess."

"You always consider every one's wish."

"On us also."

"On us also let your blessings shower."

"Oh mother Goddess."

"You always consider every one's wish."

"Mother, come out in the open."

"Let the trouble go away."

"Mother, come out in the open."

"Let the trouble go away."

"Mother, come out in the open."

"Let the trouble go away."

The medicines given by
Dr. Lilavati were absolutely right.

The child is out of danger now.

I advise you to take the same medicines.

Now there is nothing to worry.


Now he will not go anywhere.

He will always stay with us.

Go and inform brother and sister
that Kishan is alright now.

- They must be anxious.
- Yes.

Sister-in-law, brother,
Kishan is alright now.

Our Kishan is absolutely alright.

Oh God thanks a million times.

Now you go, go to your child.

No sister-in-law.
We are not needed there.

Kishan is okay now.

We want to come back.

But you will have to give one promise.

What promise?

That you will forgive
Lalita for her stupidity.

Okay I forgive.

Ravi, go and take care
of the child and Lalita.

And till doctor permits, stay there.

Go, go my brother.


Hey stop. Hey stop.

Why are you breaking my field?

What is this your field, my field?

This is all over now.

Now all these fields
are going to be one.

Is it your father's property?
They are going to be one!

for co-operative farming...

...our Chaudhary sir has announced
to unify all the fields.

So we have all decided that we
will give this field to him.

Why the field? Give him your
wife and children as well.

Why should I worry?

But why are you removing
the boundaries of my field?


- Where is the shovel?
- It is here.

- Yes.
- What were you doing?

I was breaking no, no, I was mixing it.

You were mixing?

It is good for the entire village.

You are a fool, a donkey.

It will not benefit the
village but Chaudhary.

First he will mix all the fields.

Then he will swallow them
all and make you dance.

Oh, Milawatram, mind your language.

- Vijaybabu is not a human.
- That is what I am saying.

- He is an angel.
- What angel?

He is a cheat, a crook, a scoundrel.

He is speaking against Chaudhary sir.

- Cut him.
- Yes cut him.

Cut him to pieces. Tear him apart.

Beat him. Beat him up.

Save me. Save me.

Cut... Don't.

Cut... Don't.

Cut, Don't. You are talking
for both the sides?

This is the position of the country.

Today, we are leaving you.

If you utter anything now
we will not spare you.

- Come.
- Come.

- Why have you spared them?
- Why have you spared them!

Spared them.

I asked you to save. You said cut.

Sir, like your intentions
your ears are also bad.

You are unnecessarily running.

I was telling them... Don't cut.

But you disheartened me.

You didn't cut.

Okay, forget it.

My name is Milawat.

But Vijay mixed the fields smartly.

Now see my crooked idea will spoil
the decoration of his house.

I don't understand boss.

- You will never understand. Come.
- I am coming.

Donate Rs.500 /- to the
orphanage from my side.

- Congratulations Milawatram-ji.
- Welcome.

Congratulations for what?

I have heard that you are
joining our co-op farming.

And you are giving your
field to the panchayat?

Yes you have heard it right.

After so many years,
my eyes have opened up...

...so I decided to be with
your angel like chief.

Well done, you have
taken a wise decision.

These are the papers for my
land and this is the map.

Map? For what?

Map is very important.

A human's life is not for ever.

Today he is there tomorrow
he may not be there.

Tomorrow if I die...

This is very bad. Don't laugh.

Tomorrow if I die the
inheritor of my land will be...

...not you, but my
son-in-law and my daughter.

How will they know from
where their field...

...starts and where it ends?

By this map. It is a must.

- Otherwise there will be quarrels.
- Isn't it?

Haven't you made it?

Take this. One copy is
for you, one for me.

Milawatram-ji you are right.

- I think we all should make
a map of our fields. - Yes.

So that after our death, our kids
do not have to fight for the land.

You are right.

Thanks a lot. You have
shown the right way.

Yes I have myself seen the right way.

- Long live.
- Bye.

- Long live.
- Bye.

You have changed?

Come Ravi, come.

Your brother has given the biggest gift
to the village is this co-op farming.

And you must be pleased to know...

...that I have given all my fields...

I heard it father-in-law.

By doing that you have given
proof of your intelligence.

I am not intelligent.
I am a bloody fool.

Your brother is intelligent
he has given all his fields...

...and started a new thing.

Ravi brother, your fields
also must be in it. Isn't it?

You fool, don't you understand
the meaning of all the fields?

All fields mean, brother Vijay's
fields Ravi's fields, isn't it?

Yes but did he take your
permission before giving them all?

Brother Vijay, is not only
the chief of this village...

...but also the chief of our house.

He is God.

And we don't question God.

But Ravi, since he started
this co-op farming...

...the villagers are
talking this rubbish...

What are they talking?

Why are you standing like a statue?

I can't say anything against him.
I consider him an angel.

If I say something my
tongue will be twisted.

- You tell it.
- No.

People say that brother Vijay
does not have any child.

But Ravi has a child.
Who knows about tomorrow?

If something goes wrong it will
be difficult for you to eat.

And they also say that
without thinking, Vijaybabu...

...has given all the
fields of the family...

Hey! Brother Vijay has never
taken any decision in haste.

And he has never done anything
to get name and fame.

You fool! Our Vijaybabu
has never done anything...

...to get name and fame.

But Ravi, my child I don't agree fully.

You are 60% right, but 40% is problem.

What problem?

Suppose if tomorrow
there is an election...

...of Panchayat and if a new chief comes...

...if he cancels this
co -op farming then?

So what, we will take our fields back.

How can we take it back?
It is not that easy.

When all the borders are removed...

...when all the fields merge...

...how will you know,
which is your field, which is mine...

...off course he doesn't have any.

How will we recognize our fields?

That's why the boss has made a map
of his field before giving it.

- Here it is.
- Show him.

This is my field.

After me, Lalita and
you will inherit them...

...but how will you
recognize your fields?

Do you have an answer?

Father, you are unnecessarily
arguing on one point.

Why should I recognize it?
Brother Vijay is there.

He knows it very well
which are our fields...

...he will recognize them.

But if tomorrow he is not there then?

No, no. Don't get angry.

Think about it with a cool mind.
Add coolness on your anger.

A human has got life to die.

A man comes to this world
to go away. Isn't it?

As the boss is alive today,
tomorrow if he dies...

- Your dad will die.
- I was only giving an example.

Ravi, think about your child.

Tomorrow he will need land for farming.

On which land he will do it?

- From whom he will ask for his land?
- What you are talking?

He will straightaway
go to brother Vijay...

...and ask which are my fields?

You donkey, his son is
like a grandson to Vijay.

Won't he be embarrassed to go
and ask his grandpa? Isn't it?

Am I wrong?

No, you are right.

Son, you ask your brother
very politely, gently...

...honestly ask him where
are my child's fields.

- That's all.
- No, I won't be able to do it.


Because in my whole life
I have never questioned him.

There is no need to question.

I'll write a few words.
You only sign on that.

Yes. Opening the mouth is bad manners.

Writing is good manners.

Yes. Go and write it.

And brother Vijay will
be very happy that...

...even for a small
thing you didn't ask...

...you only applied for it.
Very politely.

He will be very happy.
He will bless you.

- Shall I read it?
- No need.

You sign here.

I am there no. Sign here.





Laxmi where are you?

What happened? You left
the house in a happy mood.

Why are you shouting all of a sudden?

- Are you well?
- Yes my health is okay.

Now what ever I say listen carefully.

What ever jewellery and silver,
brass utensils we have got...

...bring them and keep them here.

Yes I will keep them
but what is the matter?

See this. Read this letter.

Read this letter.

Why are you so worried about this?

Your younger brother has only asked...

...where are my fields located.

Yes he asked it no.

My brother whom we brought up like
our child loved like our son.

That son is asking his
father, his mother...

...from where his fields
start and where they end?

He wants to speak his
mind in his child's name.

As if his child is not related to us.

That thankless man doesn't know
we have treated him like our son.

And he doesn't know
that the child whom...

...he thinks is his, is in fact ours.

But he himself didn't ask it?

Letter is written by some one
else he has only signed it.

Only signed it.

My fields are from where to where.

Or divide our wealth.

Both are same.

There is no difference.

Laxmi, our enemies were not so far...

...successful in separating
us or dividing our wealth.

But today, my own
brother succeeded in it.

That means you will divide the wealth?

There is no other alternative.

Otherwise people will say when the
younger brother had children...

...elder brother didn't give him
anything and kept everything.

I will not divide it alone.

But I will call the seniors of the
village and do it in front of them.

I will divide all the things in two
parts in front of all the villagers.

And will ask him to select one part.

Laxmi go and get all the stuff.

Bring everything even the
glass to drink water.


Uncle you.

What are you doing?


I am playing with my niece's son.


What is this?

Let me take him, I'm in a hurry.

Yes you can go.
I'll look after him till then.

But where you go,
look after only my interest.

What do you mean?

It means you have sent
Ravi to stop the division.

Now you go there and get it divided.

What nonsense you are talking?

I'm not talking nonsense.

But I am reminding you get it done...

- ...or else I will divide this
child in two parts. - What?

You will kill my child?

And you want me to destroy that house
which is even better then heaven?

I will give my life
but I will not do it.

How you will not do it?

Your one refusal can spoil everything.

My men have all the members of
that heavenly house at gunpoint.

If Ravi refuses for division, first of
all your biggest angel will be shot dead.

After that Laxmi Devi will be killed.

Probably even your Ravi
also might get killed.

Your one refusal for division will
result in loss of many lives.

You will get the sin of that.

So go and get all the wealth,

jewels from there and come straight to me.

Till then I will keep
this child under my care.

Go. I am saying go.

Get away from here.

What is this? Where are
you taking the child?

I will get Vijay's house
divided because of this child.

I will take revenge of my insult.

I will take revenge for my son.

I will take all the wealth
and run away from here.

Are you crazy? This is my grandson.

This is your grandson. Great.

I am also your brother-in-law.

When time came you
refused to recognize me...

...same way I also refuse
to recognize your grandson.

You bastard.

Let's go.



- Yes.
- You have kept everything?

Listen. Why are you
wearing these ornaments?

- Take them off.
- Yes.

Wait! Why are you wearing
this Mangalsutra of gold?

When I married you, you had
only one yellow thread on you.

- Take it off.
- This...

What are you thinking? Take it off.

Vijay son, have you called us?

Yes Rahim uncle.

My younger brother Ravi
wants a division of wealth.

Ravi and division of wealth?

Oh my God.

You must be misunderstanding.
Ravi can't even think of it.

I am telling the truth, Rahim uncle.

Ravi wants a division.

Apart from him who else will want it?

Come brother Ravi, come.

Come. Come.

I got your letter.

I am very happy to read it.

In the letter you have
written you want to know...

...which are your fields where
it starts and where it ends...

...that also for Kishan.

But I realized your real intention.

- I know it very well.
- Brother.

I know why you wrote that
letter and on whose advise.

But it's not your fault.

It is my fault.

I taught you to be like me.

I never let you take a
decision on your own.

So it is my fault.

See I have divided the
total wealth in two parts.

But brother, I never asked for it.

I never meant it.

Don't try to fool me.

You have only studied college.

I have studied life. Life.

Come on.

Have a look.

I have divided everything in two parts.

See it properly.

Due to anger our chief sees
one part as two parts today.

Rahim, uncle please go and ask his wife.

Laxmi daughter, we can't
understand this riddle.

Where are the two parts?

Rahim uncle, if there were
two parts, you would see it.

Even I also can't understand it.

I'll go and ask him.

- Listen, you want the division properly.
- Yes.

Everyone is puzzled here.

You have kept all the
things on one side.

Nobody knows where are the two parts?

There are two parts.

Those who have eyes will find two parts.

And those who don't
have will not find it.

Ravi, why are you standing?

You select whichever part you want.

Rahim uncle, I never wanted
division from my brother.

But because of somebody's
influence, I wrote the letter.

This is my fault.

Ravi son, Vijay is a
very intelligent man.

There is definitely some
purpose behind all this.

Rahim uncle, Rahim uncle.

Brother has really done
the correct division.

An elder brother has for
his younger brother...

...kept the property on one side,
and himself on the other side.

And he is asking me to select one side.

This Ram has given...

...one more opportunity
to this Laxman to repent.

One more opportunity to repent.

What is this brother?

If the wealth of the entire world
is kept on one side against you.

I will refuse it and keep
my head at your feet.

Brother, I will select you.

Only you.

I don't want wealth, brother.

I don't want wealth, brother.

I don't want it.

I don't want wealth, brother.

Enough, Ravi.

This wealth is not yours, but mine.

I have the right on it.

You take this property and
stay with your in-laws...

...and your wife and
child and live happily.

But this wealth is only mine.

I will not give any
share from it to anyone.

This is only my share.


This is the wealth of my married life.

I will take him and go away.

- Come.
- No sister-in-law.

I don't want this house,
this land, this property.

I don't want anything.
I don't want anything.

But I want it.

We don't want any brother,
any sister-in-law any relatives.

I want wealth, this house,
this land, this property.

We will get such brothers.

But from where we will get the wealth?

Accept this wealth.

What nonsense are you talking?
Are you in your senses?

Yes I am in total senses.

I don't want your brother and his wife.

I want the wealth.

If you have the wealth, then...

...you can get many brothers
and sister-in-laws.

You shameless!

I thought you are like a lotus
bloomed in the mud of sins.

But you have proved that
you are a dirty child of...

...dirty and scoundrel parents.

Enough Ravi, enough.

I have seen enough of your drama.

Now Laxmi and me are not
only leaving this house...

...but also this village.

All this property and
wealth is now yours.

- But brother...
- Come on Laxmi.



Brother. Brother wait.

You want money?

You want money no? Take this.

Take this. Take this.

And tell the whole world
that I have converted...

...this heavenly house into
a hell by my crookedness.

But remember, from today onwards
we have no relations left.

You are not my wife.
And I am not your husband.

Ravi, no.

What do you think? Can Lalita
burn this house for money?

Can I drive angels like brother and
sister-in-law out of this house?

I am telling you the truth.

I swear by you. I swear by our child.

If I had not done it, brother and
sister would have been killed.

- What?
- Yes.


Come son-in-law.

You have brought all the wealth?

Yes uncle.

I have brought everything
to save my child.

Take it, and tell me where is my child?

I will tell you right now.
I will tell you right now.

This is your child.


Wait, wait, wait.

This wealth I have
received for that insult...

...which was done by your brother
and my crook brother-in-law.

But the revenge for my insult
you did in the temple...

...in front of all the
people is still pending.

What do you want?

The life of your beloved.

Uncle, I am requesting you
please give me my child.

Shall I give it?

If you have the guts take him.


No son-in-law my heart is very weak.

If you raise your hands,
I may not be able to hold this.

If I drop this, your son will
go away from this world.

So for my insult... take the beating.

Take the beating. And if
possible try to save your self.

Go on saving them.





You will earn sin. It is a sin.

For raising your hands on your uncle.


Who is it?

Save me.

Ravi, are you okay?

What is happening?

Give me my stick.

No. Brother-in-law.

- Who is brother-in-law?
- Snake!

- I will break your head with this stick.
- Snake!


- Who snake?
- Snake!

Leave me. Leave me.

Leave me.




You are leaving everything.

But are forgetting the most
precious thing with us.

Take him with you.

Sister, your valuable is with us.

Yes brother, Kishan is your son.

He is your blood.

Why are you leaving him with us?

Brother, Lalita has told me everything.

Lalita, did you know that
Kishan is our child?

Yes brother, I knew everything.

My child was born dead.

I knew, sister came to
my bed in the hospital...

...and put her child besides me.

I was already conscious by that time.

Then tell me when you knew
Kishan is our child...

...and when he was sick why did you
take him to your mother's house?

Because of my mother.

Whose mouth knows
nothing except, abusing.

The whole world thought
Kishan was our child.

If anything happened to
Kishan in your house...

...people would curse my sister,
who is like a goddess.

They would call her by names
like childless, bad omen etc.

So, I took Kishan, with me.

So, in case anything goes wrong
it should happen in my lap.

I would get all the blame.



Banderlekha. The devil's writing.

Where are you running?
Where are you running?

Hey what is happening here?

- Here is your culprit inspector.
- Help me.

Ask her forgiveness.

Beg pardon. Ask her forgiveness.

To save your daughter's life this
Goddess gave her child to your daughter.

And you kept abusing her all your life.

You called her bad omen. Childless.

Childless is your father.

Childless is your husband.
That means me.

Vijay son, a woman is responsible for
making a man a human, a God, or a devil.

Like this Goddess.

You are great.

For your greatness,
this Goddess is responsible.

If a woman wishes she
can make a house a hell.

If she wishes, she can make
it better then heaven.

She is responsible to a great extent.

Inspector if my brother-in-law
is the root of all is.

Then my wife is the mud of it.

And I have fallen in that mud.

Take us all to the prison.

But keep us in separate cells.

Otherwise we will make the
prisoners fight among them.

And if possible forgive me.

It is not possible. Come on.

He wants pardon. Stupid.

My dear... Please forgive me also.

I will keep my mouth shut.

Come on, on behalf of the
boss I am forgiving you.

- What?
- Just saying.

Okay, if you keep your promise.

I will see. Shall I forgive her?

- Yes.
- Yes, yes.


See, be ashamed. This is called angels.

I have forgiven you. Go stand back.


"This year... after many years."

"This year... after many years."

"The season to live and die has come."