Swamy Ra Ra (2013) - full transcript

A priceless idol is stolen from a temple travels through many hands and finally reaches hero who is a pick pocketed who accidentally sells it at a cheap price A small don who is rreally interested in the idol traces back idol to hero kidnaps his girlfriend and demands idol in return rest of the story lies how hero managed to get the idol and the girl

Summer, alittle afterthe sun rise...

Buddy, lifewithout Silk has become
sourlikecoffeewithout milk.

You're right!

l'm offmood after hearing
Silk Smitha's song.

l loved Silk more than Krishnam Raju
in thefilm 'Bava-Bavamarudulu'.

Not just you and Krishnam Raju,
l and my fathertoo loved her.

She escaped by dying ifnot Prabhas
too would'veloved her now.

Come on buddy, don't link
famous people with my Silk.

When anyone asked meas a kid,
what would l becomein future?

l used to tell l would
becomeSilk's husband!

Thank God, death saved her.

Stop here, buddy, let's smoke!

How did Silk die, buddy?
- She committed suicide.

Shedid earn well, right?
- What's the use of earningwell?

Shelost everything by
investing in films.

How do you know this?

Vidya Balan's Hindi film 'Dirty Picture'
gotreleased recently.

Herentirestory was shown
clearlyin the film.

l missed it.
- l saw it 14 times.

Can't you understand
ifyou see once?

Watching hundred times is also
less forSilk,whata greatfilm!

Then, l must watch the
film immediately.

Let's download andwatch it,

let's first upload him, come.

A vehicleis coming!

Famous Vishnu Temple,
Thiruvanathapuram (Kerala)

Templetreasure valuation is going on...
Justbefore the dawn...

ln the temple of
Lord Ananthapadmanabha Swamy of Kerala,

it was during days
when treasure was being appraised,

a priest ofthattemple
and a security officer,

together stolean invaluable
and powerful idol,

this is that idol's story!

Kottayam, Kerala

Alleppy, Kerala

Mangalore, Karnataka

Shimoga, Karnataka

Bellary, Karnataka

Thiruchanur, Tamil Nadu

Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Winter, early morning...

What yes
l'm waiting down, comequickly.


How long should l've to wait?
- l'll bethere in 10 minutes.

Mother! Do morning dreams come true?

Have you started early in themorning?
ltwill cometrue.

What's thepercentageof chances?
- l don't know.

Bytheway,whatwas yourdream about?.

That you and dad got divorced.
- Am l that lucky?.

Did you call me forthis?
Cut thecall.

Hold on please, how's sister?
- Flne.

Deliveryis duenext week.

ls it?. Tell her to givebirth
to a smart girl like me.

Okaybyemom, l'm getting late.
My inquiries to sister and brother-in-law.

When are your parents coming?

Why? Got any work with my mother?

No, just casually...
- Wlth my dad?

Any complaints about me?
- No, just inquired casually.

They'll beback in a month and half.

Why didn't you attend
tuition class yesterday?.

Thatis...l had fever, sister!

Don'tlie, l saw you playing!

Cometomorrow after writing imposition.

Don't you'veboy friends?
- Why did you ask that?

Then, l wouldn't behavingthis
tuition class torture, right?


Where's he?
- lt's Friday, he's in temple!

Why are you so late?
- Actually, l got up with your call.

How long should l'veto
be your driver?

When is your bikecoming?

l don'tknow, l called and
they said it'll beherethis week.

Whosebike is this?

Todaymorning when l went
to have breakfast...

l got it.


Nisha is here, come on guys!

Everyoneis a thief...

He's aking among pickpockets...

He's smartand outstanding...


They're deft and magical with hands...

lt's agreat art of
the bygone era...

Lord, come....

Show mercy and change the fate...

They steal wallets and lockets...

Though girls,they steal beautifully...

Neverthought about Brahmam...

They've found anew version
ofhis predictions...

There's notany special place
where you get cheated...

They appear likeclass people
but behave likemass...

Got the cash?

Am l hereto meet Rajinikanth
with baggage?

ldol, please.

- A small changein the script.


Tell me, is thejob done?
- No brother!

Bythetime l reached,
Seth was dead in his car.

l searched the car
but didn't findthe idol.

l'm coming back with the cash, brother.


Are you repairing or spoiling it?

Just now herecharged it, pick itup.

Just now hehas recharged it,
l'll answer after balance is over.

You go on do this,
someonewould come knocking our door.

Who would dare do that?

Barges in at the drop ofhat!

He's here, look at him once,
he'll be charmed.

Your job is over, right?
lfyou leave, l'll latch thedoor.

Who said job is done? Changeand
comeoutwith me, need to talk.

This is silenceofloss ofwords...

A symphony of silence...

You wantedto talk to me,
come, let's go!

Not now, let's talk tomorrow.

Rs.200 rebate from therent.
-Just Rs.200 only!?!

Makeit Rs.500!

You promised bikedelivery today.
Here's thebill.

Go to that counter.

How cuteit is!

From todayit's nameis Marigold!
- Marigold?

Yes, Marigold, isn't itgood?
- Notgood? lt's fantastic, madam!

Okay, take the scooter outside.

Who are you calling?
- Mother!

Mother, l've taken delivery

Should l offer coconut first
orflower garland?

Why are you calling a this hour and
talking about coconut and garland?


She's too much!

- What's it again?

Should l keep thelemon under
front wheel or back wheel?

Keep itunder you feet,
bloody superstitions!

lf you call again,
l'll switch offthephone.


Does it havepetrol?
- lt'll take you to petrol bunk.

Can l go to Patancheru bunk?
- Nearbybunk.

Take it.
- Thanks madam.

What's theplan fortoday?

Lets go to Cinemax,
new film is getting released.

Greetings brother!
How do you do?

Heylittle fella! You werewith
Blue Cafe, right? Working here today!

Quitthere, l didn't like the boss.

Didn't like the boss or customers?

How long can l beon roads?
l'll join you, brother!

Boy,we'renot doing social service,
shut up and mind yourwork.

Anyway you don't havethat
much of cinema!

No cinema?

Watch ateaser trailor!

Someonehas picked my pocket.

Trailor is too dull.

lt's not as easy as you think.

Westarted like you
and ended up what we are now.

Stop acting smart,
go back to school.

You havethis too.
- ldli is cold.

Cash is hot!

Don't takeit sir.
What ifit has abomb?

lf you'rescared, go away!

So much money!

Looks likesomeonehas lost it.

Doesn't look likelost,
some thiefmayhaveleftit here.

What shall wedo now?

Let's go to policestation.
Let's giveit to them.

Wait...will you giveit to police?

This is God's gift, you'll lose
vision if you giveitto police.

lsn't it wrong not to givethem?
This is not our money, right?

Moneybelongs to onewho has it,
that's therulenow!

Let's do one thing,
let's wait for a week,

ifnobody comes to complaining
aboutlosing money, let's share it.

Aweek? No way!

Then, let's giveit to

No, let's do as you say!

Let themoneybewith me
forthis week.

Yourfaceisn't trustworthy!

Then, let it be with me.

Are you hero ofthe TV soap 'Trust'?

Keep it with you.

No...no...he's harping about police.

lf anyonecomplains about lost money,
hewould deliver it himself.

Let's do onething, l'll keep
themoneywith me for a week.

l'll pay you each of you Rs.30000,
my homeis thestreet corner.

lfno one comes complaining,
let's shareit.

6 Wait, l'll pay each one
of you Rs.50000!

l'll keep themoneywith me
for a week.

lt's okayto me.


Rs.50000 to you.

l'll become amillionairein a week.

Don't know how would l spend
my shareofmillion?

Wait! ls your sharea million?

How do you know how much money
is in this bag?

Give me that, l'll tell you.


Thiefis running, catch him!


What arethoseblood marks on
the scooter? Did you hit anyone?

lt's not blood, it's vermillion water.

Offered prayers in temple.

Show mea good helmet
to match my marigold.

What's theprice ofthat one?
- Tell me how much would you pay forit?

Can l givethetempleoffering?

Tell me how much you'd pay
forthe helmet?

Good quality for Rs.400!

You want for Rs.400
or good quality, chooseone!

l want with lSl brand.

lndian lSl is Rs.900
and ChineselSl is Rs.400!

Make your choice.

lndian lSl for Rs.600!
- No way...makeit Rs.700!

Rs.650 is final, no morebargain.
- Makeit Rs.700!

l'm agood girl,
so l'm offering Rs.650!

Mymother would'vegive Rs.400 only.


Do you've warranty for it?

Pay Rs.50, l'll givethewarranty.


Where's the Sl?
- ln that room. Why?.

What do you want?
- Want to meet Sl urgently.

Sl is in meeting, what's yourcase?

l lost my marigold.
- Lostmarigold?

Looks like she's very sensitive!

Shehas cometo complain
about losing aflower.

No, she losther bike.
- Lost bike?

No need forSl,
meet Writer and givethecomplaint.


l lost mybike, sir.
- He losthis lorry.

Look how stoicallyhe's sitting!

Wlll you cry for losing abike?
Okay, sit down.

When did you lose it?
- Todaymorning.

Where did you loseit?

Banjara Hills, Road No:2,
near thepetrol bunk.

Wheredid you go leaving the bike?

To buy ahelmet on the footpath.

How could hetakealocked bike?
- l didn't lock it, sir.

lt's anew bike, switching off and
on would ruin the battery, so...

Now l know you concentrated on battery
and he concentrated on your bike.

Okay, leave your address with him,
we'll inform on finding your bike.


Tryto identifythethief amongthem.

Don't you'vethephotos of
their backs, sir?

Backs? Why?

l saw him from behind only.

We'll take a snap ifhecomes here.


Leaveit with him.

Motherwould kill if she comes to know.

Would l getback my bike?

That's difficult,
you don't get tensed.

You've theinsurance, right?
- l don't needthis now, keep it.

l've finished myhomework,
mother has asked to come early.


My dad has brought anew bike,
we'regoing out to watch afilm.

Okay go.

All of you can leave,
no tuition fortoday.

19 km South East ofHyderabad...

l'll meet you today evening.

Whereare you going?
- To meet boss.

Tle it tightly,
missed Godtwicealready!

Look, your planets are in sync.

Saturn's effect isn't mush due
to some satellite.

l'm tying this amulet to control
the bad effects of Saturn.

lfl miss God again,

l'll finish you and Sriharikota
which put the satelliteinto orbit.

Brother, money...

Keep itinsideand beon the
job offindingtheidol.

Mybody is seeking pleasure,
fix an auspicious timetonight for it.

You mean?

Got any call from thepolice?

No phonecall,
apoliceman camedirectly.

When l asked can l bet back thebike,

hesaid l'll surely get and
took Rs.500 for expenses.

Yes aunty! Dad hasn't come home yet?

l'll ask him to call
as soon as hecomes.

Shut up!- Mother! ls it you?
You were talking so sweetly.

l thoughtit was Sundaram aunty.

Shutup! You know Prasad uncle's
son Vasu, right?

Vasu? Who is he?
- Your futurehusband.

We'vesent your photos to him.
- My photos?

Who permitted you?
Shouldn't you ask me?

Why should i ask you?
He's a famous doctor.

Very good family.

Wecan't find abetter choice
for you than this.

Don't weknow what's good or badto you?

Mother, l'll call you later.

Go fast.

l'm sure that's mybike.
- Sure? Seeagain andtell me.

l'm sure it's my bike.

ls he the man who stole your bike?

l don't know, l didn't seehis face.

But hedoesn'tlook likea bikethief.

But l feel he's a thief!

Let's check who is right.

Do as l say!

Wlth your mischievous eyes...

You stole my heart coolly...

Wlth a gentlesmileand
naughty smile...

You spread magic on meand
suddenlywentinto hibernation of silence...

Your eyes arewriting
apoem oflove...

When mylips read, it cameout as
thefirst song oflove from my heart...

Check it.
- Check?

This is mybike.

Wheredid you get this bike?

l'vewalked into their bait!

l got doubt when hesold
Rs.80000 bike for Rs.40000!

Hesaid his dad met with an accident
and needed money verybadly.

l fell forthesentiment.
l lost Rs.40000!

This is mybike,
l lostit in Banjara Hills.

l'velodged a complaint in
this police station.

Come in, l'll proveit.

You'realso cute, sweet
and innocent like me.

Whyto go to thepolice?

They'll squeezeoutmoney from
both ofus and drag us to courts?

They'll not return the bike
till theyfindthethief.

l'm confidentthatthis is yourbike.

You can takethebike.

But pleasehelp on finding
thethief, that's enough.

l'll meet you tomorrow morning.


How will you go?

l'll catch an auto and

Where do you want to go?
- Gachibowli.

l'm also goingthat side,
l'll give you a lift.

Thank you verymuch,
l thoughtl had lost my marigold.

l got it back because of you.

l didn't expecttherearefine
gentlemen like you now a days.

l was likethatsincemy childhood days.

What do you do?
- Me? l'm softwareengineer.

- Gachibowli.

Which companyin Gachibowli?
- Thatis...HP!

Make aguess, what do l do?

How could you guess it correctly?.

You'reasking so many questions,
you should be ajournalist.

Gentlebreeze is alluring...
what is this?

Gentle smileis overwhelming...
Whyis it so?

Am l troubling you with
lot ofquestions?

You'regood talking
than staying calm.

Why did you stop here?
Got any work here?

What? You said you work
with HP, right?

This is my office.

Thank you onceagain.

No problem,
how manytimes will you thank me?

Thousand times thanking ahonest
man like you is not enough.

Then, takedown my phone number.

You can call me every hour
and say thanks.

Tell me.

Your name?

What ifl want to thank you?

l've already given you a missed call.

A meeting ofwords...
a meeting of eyes...

What's this new feeling?

What man? You're looking at sky
and smiling like amad man!

What's thematter?

Tell me, what's it?

Unableto forget that Vespagirl!

He's in dilemma to call her or not.

Whatto do? l'veto find
someone for myself, right?.

You'vea man in standby!

Why are you talking abouthim now?

Your phoneis ringing, answer it.

Who is it?

l'm Swati here.
Didn't savemynumber?

Sorry, l didn'tsave yournumber
in mybusy work.

By the way, did you find the man
who sold the bike?

No, his houseis locked.
- ls it? Where would he go?

Bloodyrogue! There's a
voodoo doctor behind my house.

l'll meethim.

No need ofwitchcraft for
a bikethief.

l'll catch him, right?

Pleasedon't leave him.

No chance! Did you've your dinner?

There's no onelike you...

Why isn'tthereanyone like you?

High court sends Seshagiri to gallows,
a factionist for killing 2 men in Ananthapur.

There's mixed reaction to
death sentence among people.

Will they givedeath sentence
for killing 2 people?

Wemust kill him first!

Comein, you'vecome at
right time, lawyer.

Did you see hegot death sentence
for killing just 2 people?

By that yard stick for me...

lt's very difficult to manage police.

Can't managethem for more
than a coupleof days.

Don't letthecasereach court,
we'll bein troublethen.

ifyou're so tensed,
how tensed would l bethen?

Don't worry about cost,
manage them for a week or 10 days.


Bye Durga.
- Wait!

Where's Giri?

Rs.1.5 crores.
- Rs.2 crores.

Not a penny less.

Flnal price is Rs.1.75 crores.

Rs.2 crores,takeit or leaveit.

l'll call you tomorrow.

Where are you?
- l'm on cutting job.

l mean meeting.

l came to your office, reception people
say they don't know you.

ls it?

Changedthecompany's name,
it'll beoutin a coupleof days.

A small personal matter.

You said about love chatting!

l'll call you later.

l had to slog in office today.

Receptionistsays they
don't know who you are!

She's a fresher.

Brother, got him!

You didn't get hurt, did you?

l'm fine,
check ifmybike is damaged.

Are you driving drunk?
Are you blind?

l didn'tsee you coming,
l was watching elsewhere...


l felt littlegiddy.
l didn'tsee you.

Go...go away!

Whatbrings you her, brother?
- Comewith me.

Where's theidol?
- Whatidol?

The idol weinstalled in factory
for Ganesh festival.

We immersed in Hussain Sagar,
right brother?

l told you brother, l searched
entirecar, l didn't find it.

What's thered ink on the bag?

lt's blood, right?

Onemore word and you're dead.

You tell me.

Trustme, l don'tknow anything.

What's that you don'tknow?

Don't you know how theSeth died?

Don't you know how thebag
got stains ofblood?

Don't you know why you went
to Seth's housetoday?

Don't you know where the idol is now?

What else you don'tknow?

lf you tell mewhere's the idol?
l'll kill only you.

lf you don't...yourwife too...

lt seems yourhouse is locked.

You're not as foolish as l thought.

Find his wifeand get her.


Who is he?
- He's Chotu, my youngerbrother.

Do you'vea brother?

Situation demanded and
he came into existence.

You won'tanswer any question
clearly, right?

Whatis he studying?
- Hewas in class two 2 years ago.

You mean now in fourth class.

No, hequitschool there.

Why?. Whathappened?
- lt's a long tale!

l'll tell when timecomes.

- Hi sister.

She's sister-in-law notsister.

You must studywell and become a
software engineer like your brother.


Chotu, sit there.


Why am l suddenly struggling
to breath...

Whyis myheart breaking into
a jig suddenly...

Eyes will not hidethegirl's beauty
even ifitis closed...

Stars have fallen down on earth
after seeing you...

You'rea she-devil who kills
with questions...

l'vehidden you in myfist...

There's no onelike you...

ls itlove orwhat is it?.

You'rean epitome ofTelugu beauty...

Our eyes met...

l've never seen anything
like this before...

lt's anew ofhappiness
that has taken over me...

Tender feet on marble got tired...

Myheart bleeds if
athorn pricks your feet...


lsn't he going overboard?

lsn't heshowing moreinterest
in Swati than on ourwork?

You're on job, right?
Beon thejob.

Love? Be careful!
You said you're a softwareengineer.

lf shecomes to know webelong
to Sobhraj school,

she's ajournalist moreover!

We'll beon TV screens!

We'll beon TV screens!

Brother! Switch on the TV.

Kerala temple is hometo

Ever sinceit's been made public,
their interest is on it.

Kerala Govt. has madeelaborate
security arrangements.

But there's information that a Ganesh idol
is missingwhile valuatingthetreasure.

Policehaveinvestigated itand...
- What's it?.

Wheredid you find it?

Let's sell it.

Business with God?
lt's risky!

What's the risk?
lt's just like the original.

lfwesell it,
wemay get somemoney.

Wemust do it when it's in thenews.

Wherecan we find a scapegoat
to buy this?

Wheredid you find it?

Return it, we'll sell it to someone
who won't ask questions.

Are you buying it nor not?

There's only onewho can buythis.

My commission is 10%.
- You'renot the buyer then, right?

There's only oneman
who buys such things.

Who is he?
- Salarjung Shankar.

What's thatname?

He stoleand sold offthings morethings
than what you find in Salarjung museum.

That's whyhe got that name.

Where can wefind him?

This is theplace, come.

Brother, idol partyis here.

ldol please!

One minute.

Pleasesit down.

Test it.

Firsttimein my 60 years of service,
l'm seeing an invaluable idol!

lt has gotgreat valuein
international market.

Maybethis is theidol missing
from Kerala temple.

l know that, how much can l get
forthis idol?

Morethan Rs.10 crores, sir.

Get Rs.5 crores.

Quote your price.
- Tell me yourprice.

- Thereare30 peopleofferingthat.

Wethought you'reabig shot
and cameto you.

Okaythen, quote yourprice.

- Not 7, 8!

lt'll be eighth wonder
ifl pay so much.

Settleit for5!

Neither 3 nor 7, settle for 5!

Anything less,we'll go for
another buyer.


lt's big amount, in 5 minutes
bad timewill elapse.

We'll take it then.


What's this nonsense?

Can't you wait 5 minutes for
Rs.5 lakhs? Will you die?

Moreover itis business with God.
- Okay.

5 means Rs.5 lakhs, right?

Did you think it was Rs.5000?

l heard it as Rs.6 lakhs...

Bad timehas elapsed, you giveit now.

Brother,wegot that bike girl's address.

Don't miss theidol.

Tell me, Surya.

A good news!

l got a salaryhike,
l'm giving aparty today evening.

Beready, let's go to pub.

But l don't like pubs and discos.

How can l partywithout you?

Okay, let's do one thing,
suggest aplace yourself.

Whynot come to myhouse?
Let's arrange the partyhere.

Early morning...answer it!

Who is it?
- Milk man!

God, bless mewith 60 hand bags
and 30 wallets!

You said milk but
why are you herewith a buffalo?

Sit down!

Who is Swati?
- l am!

Whereis your hand bag?


lt seems myman has dropped
something in yourhand bag.

l think you're confused.

Bring him.

Where's theGanesh idol
hedropped in your bag?

l don't know who you are
andwhat you want...

Myname is Durga Prasad,
l've killed morethan 40 people.

Nobodybothered about me
when l committedthosemurders.

l wanted to quit everything
and join politics,

they've dug up the
old cases to stop me.

l'veasked a Minister to withdraw
all thecases against me.

He didn'twantmoney
but wantedthatidol as gift.

Hebelieves hewould become CM
ifhegets that idol.

l thoughtit would be
worth nothing much,

but yesterday l cameto know the
idol is worth about Rs.10 crores.

l wanted to settle it simply.

Buthe brought thesituation
to this stage.

Tell me,where's theidol?

l didn't getanything you said, sir.

l'm asking you the lasttime,
where's theidol?

Trust me, l don'tknow, sir.

Wlll you tell thetruth or die?

- Go ahead.

l'll not tell but show you, sir.

Do you know where's theidol?
- l don't know.

Then you said...

Had l nottold him that
hewould'vekilled us.

So,just lied to him.

Do you tell lies too, Surya?

Life is abig chase...

lt's love forwealth and love...

Go to hell...

There's no turn...
there's no respite...

lfcourageis your partner...
dangers wait laying bait for you...

lt's never ending run
till you reach theshore...

lt's run forthe lifetime...
athiefwould also sacrifice life for love...

Tents pitched in desertwould
get blown awayin sandstorms...

But there's no endto the love
in your heart...

lf you want to scarethedanger...
show someheart...

lf you think every moment is worth,
stake your life to saveit...

Escape withoutlooking back to see...

What's the idol?
Why did he put itinto mybag?

Anyway wehaven't done
anythingwrong, right?

Why should webeafraid?
Let's go to police.

Come, let's go.

Whatwill you complain about?.

We've sold Rs.5 croreworth idol
for Rs.5 lakhs, pleasedo us justice.

Bloodyidiot, shut up.

What ifyour mother comes
to know about this?

lf shecomes to know my pulse rate
would raceto 172 times for aminute.

lfwego to police, your mother
will cometo know aboutthis.

lfwe complain mymother would die,
ifnot we would die.

lt's like failing in lnter and
toppingtheentrance exam.

Why do you get worried
for everything?

What elsecan l do otherthan it?

Use brain andthink,

hesaid he would go to jail in couple
ofdays ifhe fails to deliver theidol.

Yes, right!

lfwe hidecoupleof days from him,
we'll not haveany problem.

But where's the safest place?

l know a place, giveme thephone.

Call and tell him to return theidol.

lfhewants let's pay Rs.5 lakhs extra.

She's coming.

Let's go to dolly's house.
- Give the phone.

A small problem, brother.

l'll return Rs.5 lakhs,
pleasereturn theidol.

Sorry, notpossible.
- Brother...that is...

Rs.10 crores?!

This is news talk, if you want
discount, l'll show other things.

No discountin this but l'll giveas
complimentarywhat your man likes.

You'll get your complimentary
in yourhotel room.

- What?

Rs.1 crore, brother.
- Rs.1 crore?

My 10% commission.

l paid you yesterdayitself.

You got Rs.10 crores
becauseofme, right?

l got Rs.10 crores because
ofmy smartness not you!

Mind yourwork, go away!

Bloodyrascal! He got Rs.10 crores

When l asked my commission,
how dareheslaps me!

l'll not sparehim!
- Stay calm, forgetit.

How can l forgethim?

Rs.1 crore! Wecan rule
atiny placewith thatmoney.

l'll notspare him.

Whereare you, bro?

What bothers you, man?
What's thematter?

We both got cheated by Shankar.

Have you called now to pacifyme?
Come to thepoint.

lt's notan issueto discuss on phone,
meetmetomorrow morning.

l'll tell what we should do!

Jogi called!

Why did you come out?

Got a call from office,
needto be in officeurgently.

- Stayhere, you're safe.

We'll meet you later.
- Becareful...

Sorry, got late.

Traffic jam in Jubilee Hills.

Stop thatnonsenseandtalk about
thebumper offer you said about.

Theidol you sold for Rs.5 lakhs,

he sold it to two Nigerians
for Rs.10 crores.

Shall we steal Rs.10 crores from them?

We've to steal Rs.10
not Rs.10 crores.

What? Just Rs.10?

Yes, that Rs.10 is worth Rs.10 crores.

Brother, what you sayis like
an Upendra cinema to us.

Didn'tgeta word ofit.

Why don't you tell it
clearlylike TV soap opera?

Pleaselisten carefully.

You know about illegal money
transfer Hawala.

l know only stupid.
- Wlll you pleasekeep shut?

Weknow but notsureifwe
know the right thing or not.

Arranging Rs.10 crores here
is difficult.

so they called on phone
for hawalatransfer,

they would call their men
in lndiato arrangethe funds.

Rs.10 note is thecode for
that moneytransaction.

Who ever has that Rs.10,
entiremoenybelongs to him.

Shankarwould go to theshop
today evening to collect themoney.

You reach thereand pick his wallet.

Let's share 50-50!

5 means Rs.5 crores, right?

Lost it lasttimebecause
ofmyloose tongue.

You mustbe smart before, you...

Where's thetransaction taking place?

Get the money.

What happened, sir?

Bloodyrogues picked my pocket!


Check ifit has that Rs.10 note!

This is it!

Let me seeit!

Our lifeis settled!

The idol must reach mein
an hourifnot...

What happened?

They've kidnapped Swati.

Hethreatens to kill Swati ifwe
don't bring theidol in an hour.

Get meShankar's number.
- Why?.

Onlyhecan lead us to theidol.

Whywould hedo that?

Won't heifwereturn this Rs.10?
- Have you gonemad?

Rs.5 crores, don't miss thechance.

We'll never hit another
jackpot like this.

Anyway l'm not sure he would leave
us alive after getting the idol.

We don'thave a choice.
- What about methen?

Brother, you muststop that
transaction at any cost.

l know it but wantto know
ifthere's any chance.



What is hesaying?
- He says impossible.

Surya? Who are you?

l sold yourtheidol,
l want it back.

Are you speaking sensibly?

We foolishly sold you theidol.

You stole Rs.10 crores
by your smartness.

How much you want?

lfl need money,
l would change for Rs.10.

l wantmyidol.

Okay. Tell me the place.

You fools sold an idol worth
Rs.10 crores for Rs.5 lakhs,

how smart would l be then?

Search his pockets.

Only onehalfis here,
where's theother half?.

You're atrash seller,
if you'reso smart

l'm apick pocket,
how smart would l be?

l know you don'thave the idol.

Tell me where's theidol?

The otherhalfwill reach you
in 30 minutes.

Minister's phone call, brother.

- What happenedto the idol?

l'm on thejob, brother.

The idol will reach you
bytoday evening atany cost.

This is your last chance,
ifl don't get the idol by evening,

policewill come for you.

Call him on phone.

Call him on phone!

Call him on phone!

lf you gag mymouth and
tie my hands, how can l call him?

What happened?
- Number is busy!

You'd die!

Murder cases on meis more
than my age.

Switch on thespeaker.

What you need is with me...
accept the littlegift...

Cut it!

l didn'tmean apple, phonecall.

Surya's call.

Where's theidol?

l know where itis,
it'll reach you in an hour.

Are you playing drama?
- Nothing like that, brother.

Just missed her.

Come quicklywith the idol
ifnot comewith a wreath.

What happened?
- Nothing, go to hotel quickly.

You wait outside,
we'll check the room.

lfhecomes, call meon phone.

He's coming!

Did you getit?

Hehas keptit in locker.

What do wedo now?

- Nothing brother!

You'vehalfnote of Rs.10,
l'vethe other half.

l calledto ask if you want it.

You got me, boy!

Do you wantmeto bealoser always?

How much you want?
- Rs.5 crores.


l'll be therein 15 minutes.

l'm inside the hotel.
- l'm in cellar.

Go to cellar.

Where's the note?
- Show methemoneyfirst.


l'veseen in lot offilms they cheat
with white sheets between two notes.

First theother halfnote.
- l'm anot cheat like you.

Call from hermother, brother.

Switch on thespeaker.

Hello mother!
- Why are you not picking my call?

Nothing, l'm littlebusy.
l'll call you later, cut it.

l will but Vasu's family
wants an answer.

What shall l tell them?

Did you see Vasu's photos?

Not yet, lill call you after
seeing it, cut it now.

Marriage proposals?

For metoo.


l'm also abachelor still.

lfthis idol matter settles,
let's cometo a decision together.

What do you say?

Call Surya on phone.

can't you differentiate
my voice from hers?

Sorry brother, l'm little tensed...

Stop the fuss,where's theidol?

Almostgotit, brother.

l'll bring itas promised to you.

You havejust 15 minutes only.
l'vecalledto remind it.

Wakehim up!


Givemea soda.

Wake up...

Tell me.

Give me a fork.

The fight for hunger and
powerwill not stop foranything...

There's no oneto chase you
like this...

Theywould sell off
iftheyfind you...

Where's theidol?

We'll leaveif you payus.

Stop it...pull him out!

Get in quickly...go...go...

Mymoney...my money...



Go, he's catching up.

Stop thecar, let's drop her.

Why is he following us though
wedropped herdown?

Picked his pocketwhile
pushing him in cellar.

Keep going!

Do you think myboss would leave
you even ifhe brings theidol?

Did you watch film 'Gulabi'?

He'll marry you offto some Sheikh there.

ls Dubai Sheikh better or
me who shook Sheikhs?

Did you shake Dubai?

Enough ofit, meor Sheikh?

Arrest warrant has been
issued against boss.

You're finished!

Brother! Surya's phonecall.

- Got the idol.

Wheredo you wantmeto bring it?

Got theidol, it's with me.

Where are you?

Staythere, l'm coming there.

Come on boys!

Keep theenginerunning,
l'll be back with money.


Give it to them!

You stayhere boys!

- Brother!

Brother, got the idol!

At last you did agood job.
- Yes brother.

You look like an apprentice,
don't know to use agun.

Drop your gun.

Yes, this is first time.

For your personality,
l'm sure to hit you!

Come quickly!

Pleasedo something.

witch on thelight.

l've to pick gun ifl'veto
switch on thelight.

Switch it on yourself.
- Where are our boys?

Nobodyis here, everyoneescaped
on hearing about yourarrest.

Shall l firethegun?
l mayhitthetarget.

lf you fire you mayhit the target,

l'm sure one ofus would die.

How long can westand holding guns?

Let's cometo a compromise.

You go out from that door,
we'll leave from this door.

l think heleft long back.

lfhehas left
what thehell are you doing here?

- Mustn't miss theidol.

- Go.

Come out!

Do you think you can getinto it?

You fool! Check ifthey're
hiding behind it.



As soon as l come out, kill him.

Wherewould l go without paying you?

Do this job also, l'll pay
forboth jobs ata time. Bye.

Sir, l'm Subba Raju, Sl is not
allowing us to play cards.

Then, comehere,
you can play in Assembly.







He'd dieeven ifl shoot him.

Let's discuss in thecock fight.

walked in at right time.

You said Minister would paybut
why did you bring mehere?

ltseems there's another
scenehere for us.

lfwefinish that here,
he promisedto pay for both jobs.

Who is our next victim?
- Who else? Main villain.

You mean Durga!

Giveme a cigarette.

What do you mean by dog house?

ln old Hindi films thereused
to be aking likehero,

he builtthis bungalow
for his dogs.

Such abig bungalow for dogs?

Don't you know it? There are many
such bungalows in this city.

lfhe had built such big
bungalows for dogs and pets,

whatwould hehave built
for his love...

Shutup! Thinking about it
would givemebody pain.

Whosephone is that?
- Mine!

Pick it up, nobodywill

can'thear that ringtone?

Switch it off!

You said balance scenebut
this looks likeclimax.

Minister appeared in climax scene,
maybeCMwould comein the end.

Minister appeared in climax scene,
maybeCMwould comein the end.

- Where to? Go to police!

Police? why?.

Enough ofthis.

Anyone who gets theidol is dying,

let's takeit to thetemple
to which itbelongs to.

Let's tell everything and
give the idol to police.

Right, go to policestation.


Don't worry about losing idol,
we've Rs.10 noteworth Rs.10 crores.

Wecan't get even 10 eggs forthat.
- Why?.

Do you know theshop address
it can be exchanged?

Two people who know the
address are dead.

Enough, stop it.
Don't send any morephotos.

l'll send you a photo, seeit.

His nameis Surya,
heworks with HP.

This is fixed.

What happened?
- l think flattyre!

Nothing, carry on.

What's it?

As theidol reached its destination,
thestory ends there.

Our hero's storybegun then.

He's making efforts to find ajob with HP
beforeSwati's parents return from US.

Can'tunderstand a word, damn it!

Can l getjob here?

lfit's back door, l can manage.

Getmein from anywhich door you can!

Okay, it'll cost Rs.2 lakhs,

learn software,
l can get you job with lnfosys.

l don't wantlnfosys,
l need ajob with HP only.

Do you know what you'respeaking?
You've wasted mytime.

No needto discuss, no job!

When can l studythis?

We're Yo-Yo...

Weekends are magical...

Sleep all of Monday...

Takeit easy...

Weshop on Friday morning buying
matching dress with boy friend...

Get readyby evening...

We'll manage mummy and
reel out a storyto dad...

We'll tell friends cool at home...

By Sunday its fully over...

Oh God! What's this fate?

Basically l'm not a singer.

He'll saywhat is this dress?

Hewould ask why can't you
comein a decent dress?

Hetells never to call on phone
and bewith him always...

Heirritates melike my dad...

There are friends around and
theykeep watching you...

What wouldtheythink ofme?
Try to understand me...

You behavebadly and
think yourselves as great...

But you do makea lot rules...

How long can l manage?

Basically l'm not a singer,

please throw stones at me
if you seemeon road.

l didn't makea request
to sing a song.

So pleasedon'thit me.

A PuLi - DDR Presentaion