Svart kung (2014) - full transcript

Every move is like a choice in life, if it gets wrong, it is not always possible to correct it

Black King

- You should have listened to me.
- Are you alone?

Josef knows.

Isak saw you at the club.

- How do you know?
- I overheard them.

- Where?
- I was on the loo.

Isak told him,
Josef knows everything.

- Is there something I could do?
- No, I'll fix this.

You said you didn't do this!

- I don't.
- Good for you!

I had a headache.

You could try a painkiller!

What are you doing!

Fucking bastard!

You didn't think we would notice?


Did you find it?

- I hardly know what to look for.
- It should be there.

- Found it!
- Well, look here.

Just like you and your friends
are good in different things

each piece has its own, unique ability.

Alone, you can manage some things,
but together you can accomplish much more.

To reach your goal,
you have to look at the bigger picture

and understand the consequences of every move.


It sounds difficult.

Sometimes it is.

But don't get stuck on the difficulties
Try to look beyond them.

- Let's do something tonight.
- Cinema maybe?

- I was thinking about bowling
- If you say so.

- Hello?
- Hi!

Well, today will be my day.

- I was at Johannes.
- How is he?

Fine. We played chess.

I was never good at chess.

Do you have any homework?

- No, it's cool.
- We were thinking about bowling.

- Yeah, sure.
- You could use some practice?

- Maybe both of you could.
- You didn't do so well yourself.

But today will be my day.

- What's up with you and Kajsa?
- Did you bang her yet?

- Shut it. Why do you care?
- Didn't you get it up?

- Do you need Viagra?
- Seriously, why do you care?

- Come on, of course you did it!
- So?

- Don't be a wuss. Details!
- Just because you're not getting any!

- Come on, tell us!
- I don't want to.

- Bloody coward!
- I'm a coward for that?

- Did she fake her orgasm?
- Get your own girlfriend!

Don't change the subject.
Are you embarrassed?

- Leon, what's the time?
- Class' starting soon.

- Which subject?
- French.

Fuck that, let's go.

Did you see Tove yesterday?

- Who does she think she is?
- Three guys the same night!

- Who are you talking about?
- New girl in class D.

She's completely worn out.

- Hi, all good?
- I'm fine.

- The beach tonight?
- Sure!

- See you there.
- Okay.

- Are you getting the booze?
- Yeah, sure.

Your brother's got beer, right?

Linn? You coming?


- Where is my new sweater?
- Where you put it, maybe?

I'm off to the beach.

- Could I have some beer?
- No, we talked about that.

Everyone else can!

No, and I don't want hear
that you've been drinking.

Wait. Are Elias' parents fine
with him drinking?

No, they're not.

- You're not eating?
- Later.

We have to check this...

Boys Will be boys.
You remember how it was.

Don't encourage him.

Encourage? It's just some beer.

- You don't want anymore?
- No, I'm going to Kajsa.

- What are your plans?
- Watch a movie maybe.

Your Facebook status says you're off
to the beach. Is there a party there?

Are you spying on me?

Linn, please. You wrote it yourself.

Why are you reading my wall?
I'm not checking your every step.

- He doesn't.
- He does!

You share your status with hundreds,
but I'm a spy?

- You're a fucking retard!
- We're not done here.

I'm leaving now!

Be gentle with the ladies.



- Hello!
- What's up!

- Are you guys sober?
- Shut it.

Who's talking?

AI bin for fuck's sake!

- I can't go home stinking of beer!
- Say a drunk knocked in to you.

Damn it! How do I get it off?

- Wash?
- Me?

- You can't?
- Wash it yourself!

- You're a woman!
- What's that supposed to mean?

- You're not the center of the world.
- Because that would be you?

You're so fucking stupid!

What's going on?

- Kajsa, stop!
- What are you staring at?

- Kajsa!
- Don't you get it?

- Are you breaking up with me?
- Maybe I am.

- You're such a bitch when you drink!
- You say so.

- Bitch.
- What's her problem?

AI bin! Bloody maniac!

- It's nice to be alone.
- They're plaguy when they get drunk.

- You're not drinking?
- I got some beer from my dad.

- He gave you beer?
- Yeah, he's cool.

My dad would ground me for a month
if he caught me drinking.

- For real?
- Sure.

- You know them?
- I've met them a couple of times.

There's Kajsa. Come!

- What?
- Take it.

Oh God.

You're cute

Fucking slut!

She'd shag half of town.
Wait 'till the weekend and it's your turn!

She's difficult, but still alright.

Alright? She's crazy, alright!

I'm so fucking pissed off.

Albin's so immature.
Not like Andor.

- Was he good?
- Well, better than Albin.

Isn't it unfair to do it the same
night you dumped Albin?

- I wouldn't.
- Excuse me, it's my life.

- Kajsa!
- What will others think of you?

- Why do you care?
- It's not your business.

You're cute.

- Did I ask for you opinion?
- But just look at you and Andor.

- So?
- They're just using you.

- What are you doing tonight?
- Don't know.

Come over to my place.


Mum, I'm taking Teddie out!

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Where are you going?
- To Vilma.

- Hanna, take your phone.
- Yes.

You didn't say you would
would bring friend.

Mum, please.

- What about homework?
- We're studying together.


- Have you seen this?
- No.

- So, what do you think?
- It's nice.

It's ten o'clock.

Maybe I should leave.


- Leon!
- Hi.

- Want to come?
- Johannes, I will fix this later.

No worries.
Enjoy yourselves. Off you go.


- Hi.
- Hi.

Come on Leon. Show them what you got.

Do like this.

What are they doing?

- Leon snatched his juice.
- Did not!

- It was damn easy.
- Piece of cake, no need to worry.

- I can't stand the physics exam.
- Come one, you'll be fine.

- The beach tonight then?
- Sure.

Absolutely. Andor is going.

- What?
- He only wants one thing.

As if you don't?


Watch this.

- Just because you're a universal genius.
- Stop it.

- You read something once and that's it.
- That's not true.

- What are you arguing about?
- Leon thinks I'm to smart.

Yeah, that's what I said.

- Are you coming?
- Sure.

- Where are you heading?
- Round about.

- What was that about?
- No, nothing.

- Let's go?
- Yes.

It's not like it used to be.

How much did you drink?

Try to sit. Stand up.

Gosh, disgusting.

She's making herself useful.
Unlike some...

What is that supposed to mean?


- You want to?
- Yes, sure.

- What's up?
- Everything fine?

That's nice.

Linn, can we talk?

- No, I'm tired.
- Come!

Give me a beer.

- Here.
- Thanks.

Bloody nice chic you have.

Andor told me you handled the
job yesterday.


We're doing another thing tomorrow.
I could use a good guy.

- Are you in?
- What is it?

Well I've told you about Milian and I.

But I've really got the hots for Elias!

Take it easy, you'll handle this.

Let's go, come on!

It was so nice.

We shouldn't wait to long
to invite them back.

- What about midsummer?
- No, it's to early.

- Crayfish dinner?
- Yes, why not?

- Is it a bad idea?
- No, go for it.

Crayfish, pie and something
nice for afters.

What the?

Monica, call the police!

There's thing missing. Call the police!

Bloody rascal!

Close the door!

That was close, shit!

- What did you get?
- Not much.

What? You were inside for ten minutes!

- But they came!
- Give me the bag.

Let me see.

- Nothing else?
- There wasn't much.

We have to find better places.

You have to find the stuff.
Learn where to look!

Josef is not going to be pleased.

Bad place.

Shut it! It has to be done.
Don't fucking call again.


Can you work on Monday?

- Daytime?
- Seven o'clock.


- Leon!
- Hey.

- How is it going?
- Just fine.

- Have you seen Linn?
- She's in the back.

- See you in the weekend?
- Sure!

- Hi.
- Hi.

- How are you?
- Good.

- When do you finish?
- Eight o'clock.

Did you take the laundry?

I was going to...

Mum called about Saturday.
Can you come?

- Yes.
- I told her we would come.

Hanna's coming and I would love to...

- What for?
- Because your giving me so much.

Stand still now.


- Do you have any?
- Next week.

- Shit, then I have to go to someone else.
- Saturday then?

What about the flowers?

He was an idiot, drinking and driving.

I miss them.

Of course we miss them.

I know.

It is difficult when our loved ones
are taken from us.

When I was little, mum told me to run to you
if there was an accident and I

didn't know what to do. She said you'd know.

I thought about that a lot.
That I had a responsibility to help.

But I wasn't there.

No one was. No one could run for help.

Don't blame yourself.
There is nothing you could have done.

We just have try to make choices that
keeps us away from unnecessary risks.

But unfortunately we all makes mistakes sometimes.

- Did you hand in the exam?
- Yes, but it was close.

- Did you start with differential geometry?
- No, mathematical modeling.

- And is it going well?
- Yes.

Maybe you should continue your studies?

I enjoy my job.

You have to plan for the future.
For now is not forever.

You have to know what to do in ten years.

Ambition is the key.

You have to move on.

He never stops, does he?

- Are you joining us tonight?
- I have an exam on Monday.

Come one. You're always studying.


Just a second.

Is this nice?


Hanna, long time no see.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Want a drink?
- No, thank you.

- No, thanks.
- Just one. Come on, its just...

She said no!


Thanks, it's cool.

You have some?

- It's great to see you!
- You too!

I would...hang on!

- Damn, you're desperate!
- I'm out.

If Josef finds out your selling...

It's not that much.
And who would tell?

Not me.

- It's good money.
- But your not taking any?

You're telling me?
Who always wants to try things!

Trying is one thing, continuing another.

What's this?

You're so clumsy.

Are you going to puke on half of town?

- Soon it will be summer.
- We should spend a day at the beach.

- Did you see her ass?
- How could I not?

- Hot stuff!
- Shit.

- What are you doing tomorrow?
- Don't know.

Can't we dive from the cliffs at the beach?

Take these.

Take them, it'll be funnier.

- No, not me.
- Come one, we should try!

Come on, take them.


- Hey, we're doing a thing tomorrow.
- I'll text you.


It's serious now, okay?

No small business, the real deal.
I'm trusting you.

Step out of the car and walk down two blocks.
On your left is 13 C.

Third floor, the door says "Anshelm".

Ring and knock two times.
No questions.

Don't speak unless asked.

The bag goes straight way back here.

Don't open it. Don't look inside.
Walk straight back.

- If someone asks, you're off to the gym.
- Okay?

Go now.

Beat it!

- Everything's cool?
- Hmm.


You shouldn't keep up with this shit.

It's like barb wire.


Barb wire.

On the right side you won't notice
but when you are on the other,

trying to get back over,
you realize how damn hard it is.

And the pain it will bring.

You only can choose.
Do you want a life behind barb wire,

or as a free man?

- Where's Leon?
- In the bathroom.

If you get stuck, you'll have three options.

End up a crack head, in prison or a body bag.

Quit it. Give it up.

Well, look who's talking!

I'm already stuck.
There are only three options for me.

You have a forth.

Hey, is Josef here?

He's not in town.

Do you have any?


You were right about Leon.
He's selling on the side.


Okay. Yes, we'll handle it.

- We have to go.
- Us too.

I had a headache.

You could try a painkiller!

What are you doing!

You didn't think we'd notice?

I thought you knew better.

Next time I'll cut her throat,
before it's your turn.


Not again!
Whatever I try, everything goes bad.

I'm always loosing!

By loosing you learn to win
and make as few mistakes as possible.

Every move is like a choice in life.
A mistake cannot always be put right.

Every move, every choice,
affects everything around you.

Sometimes you cannot turn back.
Cannot change your decision.

You end up in stalemate and cannot move.

There are always setbacks,

but the world doesn't stop spinning
because you don't know what to do.

Take good advice.

But don't let anyone choose for you.

I don't have much of a choice left.

That's why the first moves are crucial.

What if I mess up?

Then you pull yourself together
and learn from your mistakes.

You make it sound so easy.

Sometimes it is easy.

Sometimes it's damn difficult.

Another game?

- Really, I promise.
- Look here!

He was six years old here.

He couldn't even ride the tricycle.
Not without training wheels.

- He started walking when he was two!
- Wasn't six or seven?

No, not that well..

- He was a bit clumsy.
- Falling over all the time!

He had to wear a helmet in the playground.

Like a tiny astronaut.

- You were so cute!
- He was so cute!

Show her when he fell in the cake!

Your parents are so nice.

- They're painful!
- Not at all.

- See you tomorrow.
- Absolutely.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- See you!
- Bye.

Do you remember the first time
you were at my house.

It was nice.

Johannes is waiting. become an engineer.

Every week he got a letter which
he was supposed to return.

But he couldn't write?

He had to take an oral exam instead.

Poor Bertilsson.
I feel a bit sorry for him.

I have always felt safe here.

Good to hear.

Maybe it's because you
can be yourself.

I know I'm not alone...

...but sometimes I feel lonely,

There's pressure to do everything right
and still I always get it wrong.

I have been lost.

There is so much good surrounding us.

Yet we get taken away by
those small things that are bad for us.

We take things for granted and

forget to look on the bright side.

We let the bad things overshadow.

I wish I understood all what you say, Johannes.

Well, that's not easy!

My friends,

may the good thoughts be
the greatest tonight!


The girls are going out tonight.
Anna asked if we're joining them?


If you have it in you.

- Starting to get ready, darling?
- Yeah, soon.

I love you!

You little cunt. What are you doing!

Take it easy for fuck sake!

Back off. Back off!

Come on! Fucking freak!

Hey! How are you? How's Linn?

Much better.
Thank you so much for the help.

I'm clean now. This is my last.

Stay away from this now.

Fucking whore!

Do you want to have a child with me?

Are you pregnant?


I'm asking if you want me to be?

- See you.
- Bye.

- Take care.
- Are you joining us?

- Don't you want to have children?
- Of course I do!

- With me?
- Yes, with you!


Amir, what happened?

Didn't you get the fucking message?
When Stella finds out, you're dead!

- Josef, calm down.
- Calm down?

- What's the fuss?
- You took from me! I trusted you!

- You've been caught selling!
- It was an ounce.

- I don't give a shit!
- Josef, listen for fuck sake!

- Listen to me!
- Why should I?

- You're a fucking page-boy!
- Leave him alone!

Take care of your damn women if you
don't want her to be involved!

- Don't you touch her!
- Not up to you!

- Listen to me!
- Keep track of her then!

- I'll tear you to pieces!
- Come on, come on then!

Fucking bastard!

Help! Linn!
Help me for God's sake!

Back off!

She's hurt. Let me go!


- Mind your woman!
- Listen to me!

Help! Linn!
Help me! Do something!

Back off! Move!



No! Linn!

Linn! Linn!

My grief is also great but I never
thought you'd lower yourself to this.

- How do you survive loosing a part of yourself?
- Not like this!

- You don't understand, you weren't there.
- Linn would never have wanted this.

- Don't talk about her.
Don't you talk about her!

You didn't see...l couldn't...

- How do you know what I feel?
- Don't you think I'm sad?

- Don't you think I miss her?
- Don't talk about her.

This isn't easy. Don't do this to yourself!

How do you know what I feel!

I know how you feel for her.
I know that she loved you.

Is that what you want?
Is this what you want!

If it makes you feel better, hit me!
Go for it, hit me!

Don't you want to find out what
is out there. To explore the world?

- Where do you want to go?
- Don't know.

- Come on.
- Everywhere?

Me too.

Let's do it one day.
Just leave. Out on adventures!

And leave this place.


That won't help.

I need my queen.

You have to protect her then.

"Today's choice, tomorrow's outcome"

What does that mean?

Every move you make will have an
impact later on in the game.


- Nothing goes as I want to.
- No worries, it's just a game.

Unfortunately, life is not always
as easy to put right.


You didn't show up at the funeral.

It was beautiful.

I just can't believe she's gone.

- I understand how you feel.
- What is it you understand?

You weren't there.

You don't know what I feel for her.
How could you?

I loved her just as much as you did.
Don't take that away from me!

- Move over!
- What are you doing!

Sorry, come here.

Do you want to have a child with me?

I ask if you want to?



Lisa had a baby.

With Aron.

Anna and Joakim are expecting again.

Aron will start studying in the autumn.
Going to be a broker.

I can't imagine him selling homes.

He asked about you.

Thought about coming here.

But I told him you'd rather wait
until you get out.

How are you?


How are you?

It's been a while.

I want you to do something for me.

Hi. Have you been waiting?


I'm out.

Not up to you.

I'm out.

See you tomorrow.



- Hi.
- How are you?

I'm fine. You?

Are you still studying "def-rem-etry"?

Differential geometry? No, I'm not.

I don't think you should become an engineer.


Nice to see you laughing again.

I miss her too.


It's all my fault.

How is that?

"Today's choice, tomorrow's outcome"

I didn't get what he was talking
about until now.

There are things I wish
I had done different.

Maybe Johannes learned from mistakes of his own?

They were never as big as mine.

Don't let be too long
before I see you again.

Did you know that dolphins sleep
with half their brain at a time?

As do you. Are you still up?


Hey! Wasn't it my turn?

No, you moved your bishop yesterday.

I'm off to bed. Night!

A couple of guys left this for you.

Did they say anything?


Don't you dare coming to my job again!

You don't decide for us!

...when I reversed, all pallets came
tumbling down the dock.

Kept us busy the whole afternoon.

Have you decided yet?

I'll have...
What did you do with you hand?

- Just an accident at work.
- Oh.

- What will you have?
- The fish.

Excuse me.


You already have my answer.

You have no choice. You owe me.

I owe you nothing.

You took everything from me.

It's not about you! You took from me.

There are other things you care about.

Excuse me.

- Shall we order?
- The fish!

- You too?

Johannes is probably sleeping.

- You took everything from me.
- It's not about you.

- You took from me.
- You already have my answer.

- There are other things you care about.

Dolphins are really smart.


I'll be a dolphin in my next life.


Where is Leon?

- You're crazy!
- You already knew that.

- But I caught you!
- It was me who caught you.


- This is no fucking game!
- I'm out.


Hurry! He's still in there!

You fuck!

Police! Drop the gun!

- Drop the gun!
- Step back! Step back!

Get down!


Let me go!

Calm down.

After the hearing is completed
and the court had individual counseling,

the court pronounces the following verdict.
The verdict is unanimous.

The court finds the defendant guilty
of manslaughter in two cases.

The sentence is
eight years imprisonment.

The court rules that the defendant
shall remain in custody

pending the judgment may be enforced...

...guilty of the indicted offenses.

Why am I always black?
You always get to start.

Because it is harder to make
the right decision when you follow.

I want you to find your own way.
Not to think about my moves.

It is when you brake the pattern
and stop following me

you will see the greater picture.

I think I see it now!



- Leon!

- See you tomorrow?
- We sure do.

That rascal.