Suzaki Paradise: Red Light District (1956) - full transcript

A couple stand indecisively on a bridge in Asakusa. Tsutae and Yoshiji have lost confidence and passion for their future as they get on the bus for Tsukishima and get off at Suzaki. Across the bridge they see the sign for Suzaki Paradise, a red-light district where Tsutae once worked as a prostitute. Tsutae spots an ad for a waitress at a bar near the bridge and she rushes in to get the job. The kind hearted madam, Tokuko, helps them out by hiring Tsutae and finding work for Yoshiji delivering noodles. But the wanton Tsutae is soon attracted to Ochiai, a rich, generous man who owns an electrical shop specializing in radios.


"Suzaki Paradise - AKASHINGO"

Produced by Shizui SAKAGAMI
Original Story by Yoshiko SHIBAKI

Script by
Toshiro IDE, Nobuyoshi TERADA

Cinematography by Kurataro TAKAMURA
Lighting by Mitsuo ONISHI

Recording by Fumio HASHIMOTO
Art Direction by Kimihiko NAKAMURA

Music by Riichiro MANABE
Editing by Tadashi NAKAMURA


Tsutae: Michiyo ARATAMA

Otoku: Yukiko TODOROKI

Ochiai: Seizaburo KAWAZU

Yoshiji: Tatsuya MIHASHI

Tamako: Izumi ASHIKAWA

Nobuo: Shinsuke MAKI

Denshichi: Kenjiro UEMURA

Sankichi: Shoichi OZAWA

Hatsue: Asako TSUDA

Kazuo: Toru HIRANUMA

Toshio: Kaoru MATSUMOTO

"Goodbye Red Lights"
performed by Natsue YURI

"Suzaki Elegy" performed by Teruo HIRAI

Directed by Yuzo KAWASHIMA


What are we going to do now?

Don't ask me.

With only 60 yen left...

That's exactly why I'm asking.


don't you have any plan?

Well... if I had one,

we wouldn't be here wondering...

Be a man!

Come up with an idea on
where to spend the night.

What a bummer.

You always depend on me.

If I'm bothering you,
you go ahead alone.

You mean it?

You don't give a damn about me.

A loser like me

had better be dead.

You always talk about dying.

We all have to live until we die.

Shut up!

Go if you want to.

Okay, then.


Where you're going?

You told me to go ahead.


Why ride a bus?

Excuse me.


Are you upset?

I have no energy to be mad.

Next stop, Suzaki Benten-Cho.

Anyone getting off?

The door, please.


Clear to go.

Why getting off here?

Stop asking me why.


- Where are you going?
- Let me go, will you?

You know about this place, don't you?

Are you telling me you..

If you cross that bridge, you'll
be back to your old self again.

Where are we gonna sleep?

I've got to do something.

Suzaki Paradise

Hi there!


Serving Liquor

"Waitress Wanted"

We haven't had lunch yet.


Ready to order?

I guess I'll have beer.


Are you sure?

Here you go.

It's so humid today.

I agree.

Rainy season already?

Looks like rain.

- Okami-San.
- Yes?

Do you mind if I ask?

Is there a place around here where
both of us can live and work?

I'm not sure...

both of you together, huh.

How about separately?

Well, my place needs a helping hand...

We've got...

some complications.

What were you up to this late?

Wash up and have dinner.

What's for dinner?

Grated yam.

Oh no!

Hey Okami-San.

How about hiring me here?


We have no place to stay tonight.

That's so sudden.

This place is tiny, but

people come here for a job
every 3 days or so. But then

none of them would last.

Why is that?

Well, I wonder...

Most of them use us as a springboard

for crossing that bridge.

Oh, I won't let you down.

I've got this troublesome man to feed.

So where did he used to work?

File clerk at a warehouse firm.

Is there any such job around Kiba?

Kiba is in a recession these days.

And jobs for men are hard to come by.

Is there a construction site inside?

I see lots of trucks.

They carry dirt for land reclamation.

Oh, I heard they stumbled
upon buried gold coins!

I'd love to have a job there!

And find gold coins?

It's physical labor, you know.

Whatever! As long as we get employed.

Okami-San, please. I beg of you.

Say something, will you?


we'd be grateful for your help.

A customer.



What'll it be?



- No, that's shochu.
- Okay, this one.


Why not rest in the back for tonight?

- Welcome.
- Long time no see.

- Shall I heat it?
- Lukewarm.

Hey boy.

Your father's not here?


He's dead?


He went away.


A drink?

No thanks, I'm making
a wish, so no sake now.

A-ha. A wish.


Don't try to interrogate her!

I'll have that drink.


Hey old man, can you move?


It's true!

So it's your first day here.

And you're my first customer, mister.

You're lucky.

I'm your first man, huh.

Don't say it like that.

Isn't that a hickey?

No, it isn't.

Hey, lovely ears you've got

The type that men can't resist.

Oh, stop it!

I'm a respectable lady, mind you.

Right, Okami-San?

There used to be rare gems
among débutantes in the old days.

When I was younger,

I used to believe those girls
who'd tell me "I'm a virgin."

Things have changed around here.


War damaged everything - this
neighborhood isn't what it used to be.

And now there's this new legislation..

Ah, the Anti-Prostitution Law.

The guys over there are smart.
They'd find a way to get around.

- You think so?
- Yeah.

And girls nowadays are

increasingly vulgar.

Still, these men head off to meet them.


I can flirt with you here if you like.

Oh, drop it.

You farted!

Let's get some fresh air.






What does Paradise mean?


What's heaven?

Heaven... is heaven.

It's about time. Gotta go now.

Come on, what's the hurry?

I'll be back.

How much?

Three bottles of sake and snacks...
250 yen, please.

What a thick wallet you've got there!

You'd better watch out.

You'd be stripped bare
once you step inside.

Here's your change.


Here's some friendly advice:

Leave 2000 yen here with me.

You'll be happy to find it
here when you're broke.

Yes, she's right.

I'll be okay.

I'm not that easy on...

Girls? I wonder about that.

It's true!

Have a good time!

This is gorgeous!

It must be worth 10000 yen.

Can't be.

Shiny and new.

You're gonna get it
if you don't come back!


You're still there?

Come on in.

Come have a drink inside.

Beer? Sake?


Wow, what a hottie!

Boat Rental

Thank you for the dinner.

It's okay, I'll clean up.

Go upstairs and sleep.
You must be tired now.

Thank you.


You're still awake?


Let's leave here tomorrow.

Why? Just when things
are starting to settle down.

Okami-San’s a good lady.

She told me she'll start
looking for your job tomorrow.

I don't want us to be apart.


What about you?


What about you?

Answer me.

Stop nagging me.

Why don't you shut up.

It's starting to rain.

So we're right in front of this river.

I knew we'd end up here.

If you like it here so much, I'll
push you into that river.

Oh, come on, stop it.

Anyway, you can't even take care of me,

or better yet kill me.

I'm getting sleepy.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

It cleared up.

I hope it stays that way.

Welcome back!

Where's Yoshiji-San?

Oh, he's still upstairs.

Wasting his time for nothing.

Good morning!


He's cute, isn't he?

He often stops by for dinner.

Not the best commuting environment.

- He's an unusually well-behaved boy.
- We'll see.

What are you doing up there?

This is no time for taking it easy.

Why did we end up here?

Stop wondering and get yourself ready.


A late start today?

Who's he?

A customer from last night.

I told you. Just as I thought.

Not a penny left?

Just enough for cigarettes.

Can I have a shot of shochu?
I'll pay next time.

Cigarette money won't buy you shochu.

You look pathetic, eh.

Maybe I'd have been better off

flirting with this respectable lady.

Flirting with me will cost you more.

How much, then?

Let me see... about this much.



Oh come on, not that cheap.

A million? Only a million?

What are you talking about?

What time is it?

Oh, gotta check the market info.

The radio's broken.

Broken? Let me see.

Ah. A blown-out tube.

I'll get you a new one next time.

- You work in a radio shop?
- Something like that.

- Where? Kanda?
- Somewhere like that.

Thanks! See you.

Thank you.

Bring your million yen next time.

- Okay!
- I mean it!

Did you see my...

My shaver.


I've got one on the shelf
if you don't mind.

Might not work. It hasn't
been used for a long time.

- Here
- Oh, I'm sorry.

I'll go look for your job today.

Thank you for your help.

I would be lying

If I showed you a smile

Some day

I'll be wailing

On Suzaki Bridge

Hold that end, will you?

Move it!

Don't you dare touch me there!

- You idiot!
- What?

How much, brother?

Ask the lady up there.

Touchy guy.
Doesn't he want to make money?

Old lady! How much?

70 yen an hour, right?

- Keep the change.
- Oh thank you.


If Okami-San manages to find you a job

let's be patient and try to jive
and work separately for a while.

We'd be able to rent a room
and live together before long.

What's the gloomy face for?

I hate negative guys.

You don't give a damn about me.

Stop talking like that.

- I say this because I care...
- I'm home!

Okami-San's back.

We'll let you ride the boat!

That's dirty! Get rid of it!


Okami-San, how did it go?

I did find one, but...

a soba-noodle delivery job.

Delivery man?

I didn't give them a definite answer,

so if you're...

not happy with it, I can turn it down.

Where is it?

- You're taking it?
- What's it called?

Are you really interested?

It's called Damasare-ya
just around the corner.


You think it's a trap? Just try some.
They're proud of their food.

Take me there.

You're going?

It was your idea that I get a job.

Okami-San, please.

Then, think it's a trap and
give it a try, okay?

Oh, it's just the tax office.

Sorry, wait a second!

Hello again.

Come inside.

Here's the guy I was talking about.

What do you think? Will you hire him?

All right.

Thank you for your help.

I have to go now.

Good luck.


Take him with you.


Hey, take this and follow me.

That's dirty, idiot!

Shabby shoes you've got there.
Try to hold this, will you?

A total beginner Give it here.

Oh no it's okay.

Hold it with one hand, see?

Got it? Now it's your turn.

You're terrible!
I'll carry it, so just follow me.

I am sorry.


Oh no, sir. Let me clean it up.

What are you waiting for?

What a mess!

You're so stupid!

You idiot! Now it's my turn.

I'm sorry.

The boss is gonna kill me.

Consumed once again

By the wet neon lights


A woman without tears

I would be lying

If I showed you a smile

Some day

I'll be wailing

Naughty boy!

On Suzaki Bridge

We're leaving, Obasan!

Don't worry, we'll come back.

You look a bit down.

You thinking about Yoshiji-San?

You can meet him anytime,
he's not that far.

Don't worry.


What brings you this late?

Come in.

The driver I saw this morning.

Have a seat.

- Orange juice?
- Perfect.

You've got good company.
She looks rather cute.

She's not like that.

Is she from inside?

- I see.


- Good evening.
- Welcome.

A medium cup of sake, please.


Looks like it's going to rain again.

Had a bit of sunshine earlier, but...

Hey, Okami-San.

You know, with my old used-up body

I have to sit beside these young girls

and take customers.

I've had enough of this.

You've left that place
over there before.


I ran away to have a fresh start,

before I turned 30.


oden shop,

I even worked as a hotel maid,
to make an honest living.

But then, I just couldn't.


Guess what?

To make a long story short,

while you long for a
respectable living,

you can't help feeling this
irresistible desire for men.

Right, my boy?

Let's go.

You wanted to talk about something?

- It's okay. Here. Goodbye.
- Thank you.



How about you, Okami-San?
You've been alone for a long time.

You should understand what I mean.

I'm not sure about that.

You're visiting Benten shrine
every morning to make a wish.

Waiting for your husband to come back?

Certainly not!

No use waiting for a man
who's gone missing for 4 years.

What's this?

Don't put a cat in a rat trap!
Poor rat.

Come outside, kitty cat.

Why did she break up?

You don't know?

Women are naive.

Her husband ran off with
a girl from inside,

but she waits patiently for his return.

- Oh, hello.
- Welcome.

Sister, you're new here.

Nice to meet you.

He's a regular. Welcome.

Hmm, I think I've seen you before.

I have a look-like-everybody face.

Hey, darling.

On your way, right?


Thanks for the drink.

40 yen, right?

Thank you.

Then come with me, you won't regret it.

No, I'm keeping my girl waiting.

- Oh, come on!
- No!

Put it on my tab.

Hey wait, darling.

Does that man really have
a girl waiting for him?

He does. A girl old enough
to be his own daughter.

A wicked girl.

Not even good-looking.

Back home, he has 5 children to feed.

Men are all like that.

Women are the ones who get hurt.

Having children won't do anything
to keep those men home.

Forgot to take my jacket
because of that mite-like bitch.

Oops. Harumi will get mad
if I forget to take this.

Soba and Rice Bowls


I'll be right back.

Good luck with your lady!

How's it going?

Got good customers?

None at all.

Can you get an advance on your salary?
I have to send money to my folks.

I only started working 2 days ago.

I'm not asking you to steal.

Why can't you ask for an advance?
You're so faint-hearted.

You're right, I'm faint-hearted.
That's why I got fired by the firm.

Not that again.

And all the blame's on me, right?

Come on!

It's a pity a grown man can't
come up with a bit of money.

If you think it's too expensive
to keep me around, so be it.

A loser like me

deserves to spend his
entire life delivering soba.

Remain faithful to only one man...


How long are you going to keep me
in this flimsy, grimy kimono?

After the rainy season,
I'll need summer clothes.

Bring me some money tonight, will you?

No, I just can't.

I need things too.

All right then.


I'll stop by tonight.


Oh, I've mistaken you
for a customer, again.

You don't have the
looks of an employee.

- Here's the bill.
- Thank you.

- Do you have smaller bills?
- No.

Here's your change.

Thank you very much.

You're the unreasonable one.


seeing him in his large frame,
with his tail between his legs

makes me feel so irritated.

Oh, there's the respectable lady.

Ah, mister!

But you're all wet.


On my way back from an industry party.

Stopped by to pay for that
shochu I owed you.

And here's the tube.

Thank you.

Oh no.

Didn't you come to flirt with me?

Maybe I did.


The boss is looking for you.

I will be.

A woman without tears

I put the money here.

Thank you very much.

Sake at the party tasted awful because

they had this posh way of
serving that made me sick.

Is that why you came here?

Saying that I don't like posh people

reveals my humble birth.

- Two bottles of shochu.
- Put them here.

Where are you from?

I was born near Kanda River and
swam in Okawa River as a child.

I was born in Yumenoshima
Island in Tone River.

I love rivers. They're refreshing!

We're on the same wavelength, then.

- Have a drink.
- Thanks.

I still haven't asked your name.

Tsuta like ivy and Eda like branch.

That's cool.

This ivy branch will tangle you up
and won't let you go!

- Mom.
- Huh?

- It's starting to leak.
- Really?

I'm starving now.

Ramen and fried rice...

We don't have anything
to suit your taste.

- Let's go eat sushi.
- Wonderful!

- Okami-San.
- Yes.

- Check please.
- Yes.

Keep the change.

- Thank you.
- Okami-San.

- Can I go with him?
- Have fun.

Let's go.

Thank you.

What's the matter?

Where's Tsutae?

She just left with a
customer to eat sushi.


Which way?
Inside or outside the bridge?

I think they went outside.


Who are you, huh?

Weird guy.

Sorry for the fuss.

Hey, what are you doing here?

What the heck?


Have a seat.

- What can I get you?
- Sake.

- One hot sake.
- Yes.

Never mind.

- Here you are.
- Thanks.

What's on your mind?

Thinking about a guy you love?

You're being surprisingly honest.

What's he like?

Stop asking silly questions.

You're soaking wet.

Where have you been?

Take off your jacket, I'll dry it.

It's okay.

You'll catch cold.


I'm giving it back.

I knew it was you.

How could you.

I found out a while ago and
wondered what to do.

I thought it must be some kind of
a mistake so I didn't tell the boss.

I'm relieved.

Why did you do that?

Why? Well...

My older sister back home... fell sick.

Your sister?

But... I don't need it anymore.


Turned out she wasn't sick.

What's the matter?

Just... forget it, okay?


Kake-soba, please.

- Kake-soba!
- Oh, all right.

One kake please!

We've waited for you!

Hey, handsome!


You better tell me where she is,

'cause I've got a plan.

I've already told you
she went out to have sushi.


Then why is she this late?

Please, don't...

You sound like you're
admitting she's a whore.


A whore?

I have to pee.

Be careful.

No. 16. Thank you very much!

Isn't she back yet?

She isn't!

Damn it!

Don't expect me to baby-sit your girl!


I'm back.

Here, Yoshi-Chan.
Share it with your brother.

What's going on?

It was raining last night,
so we had few more drinks.

This morning I had him buy
me this outfit at Nihonbashi.

- This one's for you.
- For me?

Oh dear!

It looks great on you, Okami-San.

Isn't it a bit flashy?

No, you should wear
brighter colors like this.

By the way,

Yoshiji-San came here last night.
I had a hard time with him.

What do you mean?

If you were here, it could
have ended in bloodshed.

Just remembering it
gives me the chills.

What can a loser like him do!

He always says "I'll die, I'll die."

But I won't, by any means!

Got to be alive so I can
wear fancy kimonos.

- You have a point there.
- I made up my mind.

I'd better stay with Ochiai.

Don't you think so?

You know,

Ochiai-San is lavish and friendly.
He's got everything.

But it might be a
one-night stand with him.

No, he said he'll rent
an apartment for me

so I can be on my own.

Oh yeah?

Before you leave,

be sure to fix things up
with Yoshiji-San.

Don't just disappear,

or he'll accuse me of hiding you.


What brings you here Tama-Chan?

Is Yoshiji-San here?


- No he's not.
- Something wrong with him?

He's been missing since last night.

- Missing?
- Yes.

I have no idea what happened to him.

Would you know something about him?

How would I know?

I wonder where he went.


Oh, Nobuo-Chan.

Today's your day off?

- If Yoshiji-San comes back...
- I'll take him to you.

- Say hello to your boss.
- I will. Bye.

Come in.


This girl is looking for a job.

Is she the girl from the other night?

I want to...

find her a job before they start

forcing her to take customers.

So you've never taken a customer.

- Where are you from?
- From rural Sendai.

And you came to the brothel
thinking it was a regular bar?

- Doesn't look like she's lying.
- She's no liar!

I promised that I'll come every day

so she doesn't have to take customers.


I almost ran out of savings.

I'm sorry.

Oh, it's all right.

I'll keep on coming

until you find a job.

I'll try to find a nice job for you, so

come see me soon.

Thank you.

- Chigusa-San!
- Yes! I'll get it.


Bring us three more beers.

Beer, beer!

All right!

- Let's go now.
- Yes.

- How much?
- 30 yen.

Don't worry, I'll find it.

Ah! There it is!

- Here
- Thank you.

- Thank you for your help.
- Have a good day.

- How much?
- 500 yen please.

Hey, weren't you working
at Beninoya before?


But you look a lot like her.

Thank you very much.


Where are you going?

Looking for Yoshiji.

I wonder what's he doing all alone.

But it's rather convenient for you.

No way. It's an insult.

If he wanted to break up,
he should have said goodbye.

Show a little politeness.

You scared me!

Yes, indeed.

- I found an apartment.
- Really? Where?

You want to take a look?

Where is it?

On a hill along Kanda River.

With a view? Of the river?

You'll see.

You know,

I've nothing to pack, so I'm ready
to move. Right, Okami-San?

- But...
- They're just trash.

You can use them or dump them.

Hey, take a look first
before you decide.

It's okay with me if it's with you.

Let's hurry.

thank you so much for everything.

You're in such a hurry...

- I'm riding on the back.
- Hold on tight!

All right.

Goodbye then.

Say goodbye to your boys.


- Thank you.
- What happened?

A man drank and ran, so

I reported it to the police,
and it turned into a fuss...

- I see.
- I'm sorry.

Welcome back.
Has he been caught, Okami-San?

It wasn't a big deal, but they had me
ride that car... I'm embarrassed!

Oh, a customer's been waiting.

Thank you.

Oh dear.

Where have you been?

Tsutae-San left, you know.

Where's she gone?

Somewhere around Kanda...

Please, you gotta help me.


I don't want to get involved, so
you'd better talk to her.


all I know is that he's Ochiai-San,
who runs a radio shop in Kanda.


Control your temper.

There may be hundreds of radio shops
in Kanda, you know.


Come on.

How long are you going to stand there?

Now, come inside.

Kanda Electric Town

...Ochiai-San around here...


I don't know.

Nichibei Electric Room

Have a good day, sir.

You've passed out.
Rest for a while, brother.

Here, drink.

I'm sorry.

You look hungry.

Have this rice ball.
There's only half of it left, though.


It's okay, eat it.

I'm sorry.

Oh dear where have you been?

You're all dirty.

Do you need a wet towel?

You know what?

It's my day off today, but

I was worried about you,

so I stopped by here.

Okami-San asked me to look after
the place, and I said okay.

She'll give me 200 yen for this.

How about some hot tea?

Where's Okami-San?

She went to Asakusa with her boys
and her husband.

Last night,

her husband came back to this house.

He's been away

with another woman for a long time.

Men are always like that.

And Okami-San is too lenient.

She wears make-up, all of a sudden.

There, she's back.

I'm home.

Welcome back.

Oh my! Yoshiji-San.

Just you, Okami-San? And your family?

The boys wanted to see a Kinnosuke movie
so their dad's taking care of them.

You could have stayed with them.

I've got work to do.

And I get uncomfortable at the movies,
They flicker too much.

Hot tea?

- Cold water, please.
- All right.

Say, Yoshiji-San.

Did you get to meet Tsutae-San?


it was better that way, I guess.

I understand how you feel, but still.

How about

getting over her and considering

dating a good girl like Tama-Chan.

Stop it, Okami-San.

He's too sloppy to be my type.

Oh yes?

But you were so worried
about Yoshiji-San.

Just because

I thought he'd be in trouble
if he loses his job now.

Tama-Chan has

persuaded your boss

that you had to leave for a while

to visit your sister who fell sick.

He'll forgive you if we
go back together now.

But honestly speaking,

a well-built man like you has better
things to do than deliver soba.

You can do physical labor.

We're in a recession, but you'll
be able to find something.

Tama-Chan is right.

It's time to move on.

Even my husband has...

Oh, be careful.

Hey, I got you.

That was quick. What happened?

No Kin-Chan movies at the Rokku.

Then you could have eaten
at a restaurant at Matsuya.

Yeah, but that would be expensive.

- Then we'll have a feast at home.
- Great.

Here's my husband.

Hello. Thank you for helping my wife.

The boys won't come near me.
They don't see me as their dad.

They eventually will.
Give it some time.

Let's hope so.

We'd better go now, Yoshiji-San.

Good luck, then.

Oh, and thank you for
looking after the place.



Cheer up!


Stop, Kazuo! That's enough!

This sword. Dad bought it for me.

Come on!

You won't beat me!

Hi there!

- Good day.
- Keeping busy?

Kazuo, hand me that stick.

No, Toshio, not you.

- Be careful, Toshio.
- Yes.

- Here.
- Thank you.

- Here's your ice.
- Thanks.

How's the ice business lately?

Slow. The rainy season's
too long this year.

Thank you. Bye!

Oh, it's you.

Has he showed up since then?


He came here once, but...

He went away, again?

Any idea where he went?

I wonder where he is now.

Is something the matter?

Can I have a glass of water?

No, make it a glass of cold sake.

How's Ochiai-San?

Gone to Sendai on business
since yesterday, for ten days.

You know what?

When I was with Yoshiji,

the sound of Ochiai's scooter

lifted me up from my
weary moments in life.

But once I became Ochiai's girl,

every soba delivery man that I see
makes me think of him.

Uh huh.

- Mom, when's dinner?
- Soon.

Good afternoon.

- Tokuko.
- Yes?

- Yoshiji-San has just...
- You hungry? Dinner's almost ready.

You saw him? Where?

On that bridge, over there.

He's doing fine as a
delivery man these days.

So he's still in that soba shop.



You shouldn't meet Yoshiji-San.

Why is that?

Yoshiji-San is now

trying hard to live an honest life.

If you go see him now,

he might lose his resolution.

He finally made up his mind

to live honestly, as a delivery man.

That girl Tama-Chan persuaded
their boss to reconsider him.


She's a disciplined, good-hearted girl.

- What?
- Wait!

Let go of me!


It's you.

Oh, please.

Take a seat while you wait.
You came for Yoshiji-San, right?

He's out on a delivery now.

He should be back soon.


... cute little fish merchant

The little boy is

Playing the fish merchant...

- Soba's ready to serve.
- Coming.

Here's your order.


Yoshiji-San is now back in good shape.

Hey, come sit for a while.

Yeah, but I'm on duty right now.

Look how serious you are with work.

But I've got something to tell you.

- Only for a minute.
- If you say so.

The cute little fish merchant

Wearing a work coat

and a twisted towel around his head

Ma'am, how 'bout some fresh seafood?

Sea bream, octopus and mackerel

Thank you, here's your change

I wonder where he is.

Where is he?


Oh man!

You always worry about him.

Stop it! He's got a visitor.

I'll excuse myself.

Wait a little longer!

It's stuck.

Midori-Chan, you got a coin?

- You owe me 10.
- Yeah, thanks.

This fortune omikuji is stuck!

Okay, let's go.

Come on, hurry.

You know her?

I think that's Harumi-Chan.

Or someone who looks like her.

- See you.
- Bye.

Take this. It's gonna rain.

Oh, wait.


I'll tell you later.

People had better live honestly.

Despite my old age,

I am now trying hard
to be a good father.

But after all the hardship
I've given them,

I may not be in a position
to say such things.

Bye then.


- I'll have sake.
- One hot sake.

- Yes.

- I want it cold.
- Yes.

Thank you very much.

You're late.

I'm sorry.

You just had a visitor.

- For me?
- Yes.

That woman.

She's waited for 15 minutes and..

left about 20 minutes ago.

- Check please.
- Yes.

Thank you very much.

Where to?

No idea.

Where did you come from?

From Chigusa.

- Tamako!
- Yes!

- Can you go on an errand?
- Yes!

Then I guess she didn't go there.

Why not go back there?

Oh, what's up?

Had some fun?

Nothing like that.

She's gone!

That girl?

So you couldn't save her.

I went to see her, but

they told me she quit.

- Without telling you?
- Yeah.

Gone to Yoshiwara or Hatonomachi...


She must have been sold.

Everything I did

came to nothing!

You are so naive.

Just forget about her and
have yourself a good time.

I'm available, if you like.

Anyway, she must be having
fun now with another...


That's nonsense.

It's raining again.

- Ready to deliver.
- Yes!



Where did he go?

What are you waiting for?



He was here just now.

What happened?

A burglary?

It's murder!


At Benten shrine.

A man was killed.

By a woman.

The killer's caught?

Move over!

Make way!

Careful! Don't push!

Back off.



Don't push! You're hurting me.

Don't push.

That was terrible.

Saw the news in the papers in Sendai.

Female obsession is really scary.

I wonder how did your husband
feel about coming back.

What's done is done.

You've broken up once already,

so just think of him
as never having come back.

By the way.

Did she show up lately?

So you stopped by the apartment?

She just left, with her ex-boyfriend.

A pimp?

She once used to work
at a brothel called Beninoya.

I'm not surprised.

Women of the red-light district
are all made like that.

She wasn't a bad person, but

you're getting ripped off
for believing her.

30,000 yen deposit for the apartment,

kimonos and everything else

add up to 45,000 yen. And

with incidentals...

total loss of roughly 100,000.

Good afternoon.

Old lady.

Can you hire me to work here?

I'm a robust girl with
decent background.

No thanks, not anymore.

All right.

Then you don't need this, do you?

Hi, old man.

Can I have one?

Where are you from?

Guess where?

Born in Awa, Tokushima?

And worked in Tamanoi or...


I'm a genuine respectable girl.

Oh yeah? Aren't you
planning to cross that bridge?

No way.

I'm not what you think.

If you don't believe me, come with me.


Time to go.

Don't tell me you're going after her.

She looked a bit like her.

Oh, are you still attached to her?

I wonder where she's gone.

See you.

What's wrong?

My sword fell into the river.

You're all muddy.

Take off your clothes


Kazuo, did you finish your homework?

For heaven's sake...

Where are we going now?

Where should we?

This time, you go first.

I'll follow where you go.

All right.

Let's go, then.