Suspense (1946) - full transcript

The proprietor of an ice-skating revue promotes a peanut-vendor at the show to a management position based on suggestions he made to improve the act of the show's star, who also happens to ...

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You were terrific, honey.
- Ain't I though.

Here you are, gorgeous.

Oh, goody.

Now boys, I'm hungry.

Are you Max?

- I'm Joe Morgan.


Your brother Maury in New York
told me to look you up.

I ain't looking for a handout.

Now look, business is terrible.
I can't use anybody.

LA is a big town. There ought
to be room for one more.

If there's anything in the
breeze, let me have it.

Try Frank Leonard across the street.


Five minutes everybody.

Tap into it, girls.

Hey, you. Where do you
think you're going?

Don't you believe in knocking?

Mr Leonard?
- Speaking.


I'm Joe Morgan.

Max from the shooting gallery across
the street said you could use me.

I can always use a good man.

What do I do?
- What can you do?


Could be.

Meaning what?

You're hired.

Get him a white coat and
a basket of peanuts.

And a shave.

Come on.


Intermission is almost over.
Get your peanuts. Only 10 cents a bag.


We now present our
newest character skit.

An up-to-the-minute novelty on ice.

Sidewalk Sadie featuring Roberta Elva.

I saw your act tonight.

You've got plenty of nerve for a girl.

You have plenty of nerve, period.

Now look, I'm not trying to get fresh.

I work here.
- At what?

Well, right now I ..

I sell peanuts.

Am I in your way?

- Oh, really?

A swell gal.


A nice-looking fellah.


They make a fine couple.

They ought to. They've been
married over two years.



No. No, just convinced.

Every time I run into something
worthwhile, it's married.


Ready to watch it, Harry?
- Any time, Yasha.

Okay, Miss Elva. Let's try.
- Alright.

Well, how do you like it?
- It stinks.

Our box office is sagging from
broken-down circus routines.

We've got to give them
something dynamic.

Look, I've got an idea.

What would happen if ..

Ah, that's no good. Too tough.

You might get hurt.

I'll be the judge of that.

What is it?

Well, imagine that loop
stuck full of knives.

Just enough room to jump through.

Are you crazy?

She'd be cut to ribbons.

Never mind about me.

What about the idea?

It sends a chill up my spine
to even think about it.

So let's try it.

You really shouldn't, Miss Elva.
You could get hurt.

I heard you the first time.

Okay, Harry.

Tomorrow afternoon.
One loop with knives.

On ice.

[ Door knocks ]

Come in.

I see you've learned to knock.

Yeah. I catch on fast.

Harry tells me you gave
us that idea yesterday.

Oh, I've got lots of ideas.

A shame to waste them selling peanuts.
- Exactly what I think, Mr Leonard.

You feel pretty sure
of yourself, don't you.

A guy like me has to be.
- What did you do before?

Well, I've always been
sort-of between jobs.

I'm the guy that swung and missed.

We could use some new blood around here.

You can start helping Harry.
You can be his assistant.

What is the pay?

Fifty dollars a week.

I think I will stick to my peanuts.

That's twice what you get now.
What's the matter with you?

Well, It's kind of hard
to explain Mr Leonard.

Like I said, I've always
been an in-between guy.

Either broke or flush.

And fifty bucks a week? Well, that
makes me an in-between guy again.

How about a hundred?

Mr Leonard, let me be the
first to congratulate you.

You have just made a very smart move.

I never shake hands. It is unsanitary.

I'm only kidding. Come on.

Here is your desk.

Sit down.

It's all yours, Joe.

Get out here. You are unsanitary.


Any calls for me?

Okay. Thanks.

Those knives were an inspiration, Harry.

And from that fresh character.
I'd never have believed it.

Just goes to show how
wrong a girl can be.

What are you doing here?

I've been promoted, baby.

"Mrs Leonard".

Best of all I like "Roberta".

I bet you wowed them
in your home town, Joe.

How did you know my name was Joe?

I call all the boys Joe.

You must be crazy.

You think you can get away
with anything, don't you.


But there are some things that
are worth taking chances for.

What is the matter with her?

Oh nothing, nothing.
The little girl is just growing up.

Where you living now?

I spent last night in a Turkish bath.

I'll get you a room at my hotel.
- Swell, Harry. Thanks.

I hear Baghetti is back in town.

Yeah? Can you touch him for some gold?
- That guy?

Why, he couldn't walk an old lady across
the street without picking her pockets.

Hiya, Maxi. What's new that's nasty?

I know the face, but the clothes?

Expensive, eh.

Oh, that sharp character from back east.

That's right, Max. I'm on my way up in
this town too. Keep an eye on this boy.

Don't think I won't.

By the way, Max.

Here is that two bits I
borrowed from you.

Don't worry, It's good.

I made it myself.

Very funny.

Excuse me.

Frank wants to see us.
- Huh?

I just left the Ice Garden.
Frank went home an hour ago.

That's where we're going.
Up to his penthouse.

What does he want to see me for?

Frank has been hearing
a lot about you lately.

He has, yeah? Who from?

From me.

How do I look?
- Beautiful.

Let's go.

Even the bells make music up here.

Hello Nora, this is Mr Morgan.

Just call me Joe, honey.

Come on, Joe.

What a layout.

I'm going to learn to skate.

This is it, brother.

This is the way to live.

This is for me.

I'm glad you approve.

Hello, Mr Leonard.

What's up, Frank?

I just got word the Chicago
Ice College is up for sale.

I thought I'd take a look at it
I'm taking a plane out tonight.

Nothing doing.

I got enough on my head
without taking over your job.

That's why I had you bring
Joe up here tonight.

Can you handle it?

Is this a rib?
- I just asked you a question.

Can you handle it?

Can I?

Don't give it another thought.

I'll take care of everything, Frank.

Mr Leonard.

Well Harry, our worries are over.

Your worries are over.

I didn't know we had company.

I've a surprise for you, honey.

Surprise me.
- I'm going to Chicago.

Chicago? When?

Now. And while I am away,
Joe is going to take my place.

Why not Harry?

Of course, if Mrs Leonard
has any objections, why ..


We both think a lot of you.

Don't we, honey?

I don't like the idea of going through
that loop of knives if you're not here.

You don't need me. You could
do it with your eyes shut.

Your coffee is waiting, Mr Leonard.

Well, have a good trip, Frank.

Thank you. So long.

So long, Mr Leonard.
- Remember, I count on you.

I won't let you down.

I'll be back in a week.

Take care of yourself.

Call me when you get there.

I'll call you every night.

Thank you.

Goodbye, darling.

Did you forget something?


I just remembered something.


What's your hurry?

Make yourselves at home.

- Goodnight.

Goodnight, honey.

Come on, Harry.

What's your hurry, Joey?

Come on.

Okay boys, take it away.
- Alright, Mr Morgan.

Let's go.

It's amazing.

You mean the way I look like Frank?


The way the clothes fit.
- Yeah. Not bad, eh.

You'd better hurry up and change.
You've only got a couple of minutes.

Yes, sir.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Now I'd like to present the
highlight of our show.

Roberta Elva and her daring
leap through the jaws of death.

I ask members of the audience to remain
totally quiet for the next few minutes.

Those knives are very, very sharp.

And that opening is very, very small.

It takes perfect coordination
to perform this feat.

Anything to break Miss Elva's
concentration would be ..

Fatally dangerous.

So let's cooperate.

Thank you.

What is bothering you, Miss Elva?


What would be bothering me?

That is what I can't figure.

You have got everything
a girl would want.

Almost everything.


You were terrific tonight.

Your idea was terrific.
- I got a better one.

- Where you having dinner?

At home.

It's Nora's night off.

How did you know?

Nora and me, we're like that.

Why don't you take Nora then?

On second thoughts you can take me.

Swell. I know a great spot.
You want me to drive?

I always sit In the driver's seat.

It was just one of those things.

I was doing one-night stands
when Frank found me.

Knocking myself out and
not getting anyplace.

He thought I had something so
he sent me to Switzerland.

When I came back we ..

Well, you know the rest.
- The rest I don't want to know.

What did you do for
a living in New York?

Managed a nightclub.
- Why did you leave?

My aunt owned the place.

We got into a little fight and I quit.
You know how those family things are.

You are sure it was your aunt?

She was somebody's aunt.

Will you tell me something?


Just what am I doing here with you?

Let's dance, huh?

"With you in my arms."

"There is always music."

"When you are here I seem to hear."

"A heavenly call."

"The breathless moments go by."

"The world seems to melt away."

"And I can read in your eyes."

"The words your lips never say."

"With you in my arms."

"I could dance forever."

"Here in the bright magical night."

"With you in my arms."


Hey, I invited you to dinner, The least
you can do is let me pay the check.

I never let the help pay for me.

Keep the change.

Muchas gracias.

I'll see you home.
It's part of the help's job.

I guess this is as far as I'm going.

I hope I haven't kept you out too late.

How about a nightcap?

I never wear them.

You are home early.

What did you expect?
- I expected you home early.

Hello, Joey.

How did you get in here?

I slipped the bellboy a great big smile.

I thought you were in Chicago.

When I heard you were doing
so well here, I figured ..

Why not little Ronnie?
- What do you want?

You talked a whole
lot different in Chicago.

This isn't Chicago.


It's all over, see.

If that's the way you want it.
- That's the way I want it.


If you change your mind, give me a buzz.
- Sure, sure. Where are you staying?


You can't stay here.

We are neighbours.

I have the room right across the hall.

Who's the new girl, Joe?

What's the matter?

Where are his feet?

Down here.

- Over here.


Look, if I draw him with
all his feet and his tail.

Would that make you happy?


Why not?
- I like dogs.

They're breaking in a new
routine. We need you.

Right away?

No. It can wait. Go ahead
and finish your drawing.

Goodnight, Junior.

You know something?
- What?

I've been thinking about you.

- Maybe I made a mistake.

Like for instance?

You've done a swell job
since Frank has been away.

At the Ice Garden.

Where else?


Tonight is Thursday.

Nora's night off.
- Hmm.

Right after the show?
- Swell.

Your car?

My car.
- Do I drive?

Don't be in such a hurry.
- Well, do I?

Miss Elva.
- Yes?

Miss Elva, Mr Leonard.
He just telephoned.

He is coming in on the 5 o'clock plane.

I haven't a thing for dinner.

What shall I get?

Anything, Nora.


I must go over to the delicatessen.

That's all I can do.

Well, you'd better finish
your drawing. I'll breeze.

It wasn't turning out right anyway.

You haven't said a word about the trip.

You haven't asked me.

How was it?

The place needs remodelling.

But it has an excellent freezing system.

The capacity almost equals ours.

It will be a simple matter to ..

Combine both places.

And build up a road show.

You are not listening to me.

I'm sorry.

What is the matter, Roberta?


We've both been under a
strain these past few weeks.

We must never leave each other, Roberta.

We've clicked ever since we've been
together. That's the way we'll keep it.

Of course there is no
use our killing ourselves.

We could stand a little vacation.

Let's close the show and take a
couple of weeks in the mountains.

We haven't been up there since
our honeymoon. What do you say?

Have you seen Harry?
- Yeah. He's in the back room.

Hello Joe.
- Hi, Joe.

Hello Joesy.

I believe I'm going to up that a little.

Harry, what's the idea of closing the
gardens? We're selling out every night.

Frank thought Roberta needed a vacation.

Roberta has left town?
- Yeah, left this morning.

What about me?

I mean my job.

Take it easy, Joey. Enjoy yourself.

- I'll take three.

Take two.
- Same.

Give me one.

I'm playing these, boys.

Where did they go, Harry?


Quit clowning.


Frank has got a hunting
lodge up in the High Sierras.

And what a spot for two people to relax.

[ Door knocks ]

It's open.

Can I come in?

You're in.

Where are you going?
- Places.

- Tomorrow.

Well, there is still today isn't there.

A lovely night out.
- Yeah.

Let's go dancing, Joe.

I don't feel like dancing.

It will not take you all night to pack.

Goodbye now.


You do look kinda cute tonight.

I just got this today.

Like it?


I've seen worse.

Come on, Joe.

Like old times, huh?


Yeah, we did have some laughs didn't we.

I'll settle for a smile.

Well, that's better.

Pour for me, Joey.

Is your arm broken?

Be nice to me, Joey.

It's a cute place.

Ever been here before?

Yeah, once.

Who with?

With her, huh?

Forget her, Joe.

She is no good for you.

We understand each other.

We're chips off the same block. We've ..
- That's enough.

She is married, Joe.

I said that's enough.

You're heading for trouble and I'm only
trying to tell you what's good for you.

Will you stop it.

Not until I've finished.

You ..
- You've finished.

Will there be anything else, Se?orita?


Bring me a bottle. A big one.

Is this enough wood?



You whip this. I'll start the fire.

Mother warned me there
would be days like this.

Now what?

We're out of matches.


Try this.

Roberta, you're wonderful.

What would I do without you?

Freeze to death.


Quiet, Rip.

Hiya, pooch.

Hello folks.

What brought you here?

Harry had some papers he
wanted you to sign, Frank.

Why didn't Harry bring them?
- He's got a bad cold.

How'd you get here?
- Took a train to town. Got a lift.

How are you going to get back?

Its only twenty miles to town.

I guess we must put you up overnight.
- Oh, don't bother about me, Mr Leonard.

I can sleep wherever the dog sleeps.

Rip sleeps under my bed.

It just goes to show, doesn't it.

This fire sure feels good.


Here, boy.

Sit down, Joe. You make me nervous.
- Sure.

I don't blame you for being
nervous, Mr Leonard.

Two weeks in a place like this would
drive anybody to the booby-hatch.

You will be going back in the
morning, so there is no danger.

All the kids have been asking for you.

They are itching to get back on ice.


Why don't we ask all the
kids up for the weekend?


How is Nora?
- She's fine. Fine.

I took her to a movie
the night before last.

I'm turning in. You coming?


Oh. I had better fix up a place for Joe.

Goodnight, Mr Leonard.
- Goodnight.

You shouldn't have come here.
- I know. I had to see you.

It's no good, Joe. For either of us.

Anyway, we must face it sooner or later.
What's the use of kidding yourself?

What about Frank?
- He'll have to give you up.

Frank doesn't give
things up that easily.

I'll have a talk with
him in the morning.

Better wait.
- Wait for what?

Let me go please.


Well, what are you looking at?

[ Door knocks ]

Come on in.

You'd better step on it folks, if you
want to make the train for LA.

Mr Morgan is the only one leaving.

Why don't you stay on
a couple of days, Joe?

The air here will do you good.

Well, I don't want to crowd you.

We can use an extra wood-chopper.

If Roberta doesn't mind.

It's up to Joe.

As The Garden is closed there is
nothing special for me in LA.

Will somebody make up their mind please?

He is staying.


This is for your trouble.
- Thank you, sir.


Well, I think I'll go down
to the lake and work out.

Take Joe along with you.

Maybe he'll stumble on something better
than the leap through the jaws of death.

Are you sure there's nothing you'd
like me to do around here?

Not a thing, Joe. Run along.

You'll find overshoes out on the porch.


Did you think of anything?
- Sure.

You always put ideas in my head.

I mean about the number.

You know, each time you go through those
knives my heart drops into my shoes.

I wouldn't like to try it today.

Why do you do it all?

I don't know.

I suppose it is in my blood.

The crowd. And wanting to
make it better every time.

I'd be lost without it.

I guess that is what I was
born for. The crowds.

That flock of geese would just
love to see your blood flow.

As long as I keep disappointing
them they'll keep coming back.

[ Gunshot! ]

What's that?
- It sounded like a gunshot.

Yeah, I know. But look at all that snow
sliding down the side of the hill.

The shot must have started it.
- What?

It's something about the echoes.
They bounce between the mountains.

We'd better have a look.

Looks like he is a goner.
- Who?

The guy that shot the gun up there.

Darned fool should know better than to
shoot a gun when the snows are so heavy.

Let's go back to the lodge, Joe.
- Alright, honey.

Was there another man in your party?
- Yeah. We left him back at the lodge.

Well, let's take a look.

Mr Leonard?

Mr Leonard!

Mr Leonard.

Mr Leonard.



I better join the others.
Maybe I can help.

I'll go too.
- No, you stay here.

Well, that's all that's left of him.

Isn't here a chance he
might still be alive?

Under a million tons of snow?

We got to find the body.

You must wait for the
spring thaw, young man.

It'd take an army to dig him out now.
- Like finding a needle in a haystack.

I can't figure it out.

Figure what out?

This is a big game gun.

There ain't any big animals around here.

Now, what made him take that gun along
when he's got these small game rifles?

Maybe he was hunting something special.

I don't know what it could be.

Well, let's get along, men.

Tell the little woman we're sorry
we couldn't be of much help.

Thanks. You did your best.

[ Door knocks ]

Come in.

They found his cap and his gun.


I've never lied to you before
and I'm not going to start now.

I'm sorry it had to happen this way.

But I'm not sorry for him.

I've been sitting here
thinking about that gun.

Did you get a good look at it?

Yeah. One of the searching
party said it was a ..

A funny sort of a gun to go
hunting with in these parts.

It could be used for only one thing.

For something "special".

For you, Joe.

Have a good cry. Get it
over with once and for all.

Who is that?

What are you doing here?

Same as you.

If we don't open soon the bank will
clamp down and we'll lose our lease.

I know.

When did you see her last?
- Over a month ago.

How about you?

I haven't seen her since the day I
brought her back from the hunting lodge.

I tried to call her up but
she wouldn't talk to me.

She don't talk to anyone anymore.
She don't even go out.

I never knew a woman could
feel so bad about losing a man.

Especially a guy like Frank.

I thought you were his friend.

Oh, he was a good
enough guy to work for.

There was always
something cold about him.

He was the kind of a guy you
could never get friendly with.

But I suppose that is the
type women miss the most.

How are you fixed for dough?
- I'm not.

I can let you have a few bucks.
- That wouldn't do any good.

We can't go on this way, Harry.

We've got to make her snap out of it.
You've got to talk to her.

She'd listen sooner to you.
- Why me?

Stop kidding your uncle Harry.

I knew there was something
between you two from the beginning.

And I think Frank knew it.

Well, if there ever
was it's all over now.

What do you say we go
up to the penthouse?

All she can do is throw us out.


This place is beginning
to give me the creeps.

You know, just before you came ..

I had a funny feeling there was
something up there watching me.

Must have been the watchman.
- No.

But it was watching alright.

Come on, let's get out of here.

Have a drink?

I can use a big one.

There is not a drop in sight.

You know, it's at times like
this I sort-of miss Frank.

She will see you, Mr Harry.

Well, come on, Joe.

Not you.

Hello, Roberta.

Hello, Harry.
- How are you?

Now look, kid.

You can't keep yourself cooped
up like this. You'll go nuts.

You've got to get back to work.

We lose our lease if we don't open soon.
Me and Joe and all the kids in the show.

You just can't do this to us.

What's the matter, honey?
What's behind it all?

Tell me.


Frank was a good husband
but Frank is dead.

And you are alive and you
have got to keep on living.

Frank is not dead.

What are you talking about?

He has been in this apartment twice.

You saw him?

No, but he has been here. I know he has.

How do you know?

I can't explain it but I know.

Look, honey.

Give me the word that
you go back on ice.

And I'll round up the gang.

You owe it to yourself.

And the gang is counting on you.

They can't do anything but skate.

Say you will do it.

Give in.



Let's go tell Joe.

I don't want to see anyone.
- Not even Joe?

Not even Joe.

Goodnight, baby.

Hello, Roberta.

You sure look swell in
that whatchamacallit.

I told Harry I would go
back to The Gardens.

You will have your old job back.

What more do you want?

You are talking to me, Joe. Remember?

I don't want to hurt you.

That's why I didn't want to see you.

Why? What did I do?

Tell me.

It's nothing you have done.

It's just that we're no
good for each other.

Meaning that I'm no good for you?
- I didn't say that.

That's what you mean, isn't it?

Goodnight, Joe.

I said goodnight.

I can't hear you.

Now I've got nothing to worry about.

I am so afraid.

There is nothing to be afraid of.

Something will happen. I know it will.


Are you still in town?


And still torching.

Your old boyfriend really worked
himself up in the world.

Yeah. Looks like little
Joe hit the jackpot.

You know.

I've paid a lot of guys on the street.

And I paid your Mr Morgan
as strictly a phony.

But it looks like this time I missed.

I wouldn't be too sure.

Why? Do you know something?

All I know is that he left
New York in an awful hurry.

Yeah. He was flat broke
when he got here.

He must have had a good
reason for leaving New York.

I'm kinda curious to know
what that reason was.

So am I.

Who do you know in New York?

Oh, my brother, Maury.

You see, he's got an in
wherever there is an out.

If there is any dope on Joe ..

He is the kid that can dig it up.

Why don't you write Maury a letter?

I'll buy the stamp.

You got yourself a deal.

And now.

Roberta Elva in her
latest number: Ice Cuba.

With that dynamic interpreter
of Cuban rhythm ..

Miguelito Vald?s.

[ Spanish language singing ]

Roberta, you were wonderful.
- Thanks, darling.

The new show is better than ever.
Congratulations, Joe.

Thanks. With Roberta, how can I miss?

Look, we're throwing a little shindig at
the penthouse later. You're all invited.

Good. Fine.
- Excuse me.

Mr Morgan, can we grab some pictures?

Why not get them at the party?
Roberta must change.

Let's see everybody clear out.

And remember, the first
bottle pops at midnight.

We'll be there.

Champagne, Mr Morgan?
- Yeah. Please.

Careful of all those bubbles, Joe boy.
- I can drink this stuff like water.

Come on everybody. Bottoms up. You're
letting all this good stuff go to waste.

Can we take that picture of you
and Miss Elva now, Mr Morgan?

Why, certainly.

Over there by the piano.
- That's fine.

Right over here?
- Good.

That's it, Miss Elva.

Ah, fine.


Alright with you, Ed?
- Yeah, that's okay.

Just hold it now folks, please.

Hold it.

Thank you.

Thank you.
- A pleasure.

Charlie, play something.
- Right.

Really, darling.
You had better take it easy.

Sorry, honey. It just slipped.

Is this your idea of a joke?


You know what I am talking about.

How can I know what you are talking
about if you don't talk about it?


Yes, sir?

Waiter, who was fooling with my drink?
- No-one, sir.

Don't give me that. Somebody was
here as we were taking the picture.

Oh. There was a
gentleman near the table.

Where is he?

He was standing on the terrace.

That's funny. He was out
there a moment ago.

Anything wrong, Mr Morgan?

No, it's alright. Forget it.

I am sorry, Can I do anything ..
- I said forget it.

Yes, sir.

What's wrong?
- Nothing.

I'm leaving.

Darling, the party has just started.

I don't feel so good.
Maybe I did have too many.

Harry, take care of everything will you.

I had better drive him home.
I'll be right back.

- Yeah?

Did Harry tell you why I didn't
want to go back on the ice?


I had a crazy idea
Frank was still alive.

What made you think that?

When I was asleep one night I thought
I heard a step in the living-room.

Once, I was on the terrace and thought I
saw his face in a window across the way.

When was this?


I don't want to think about it anymore.

From now it is .. just us.

I'll pick you up for lunch tomorrow.

Goodnight, darling.
- Goodnight.

You'd better go to bed.
- Yeah.

Well, there goes another night.

You going to be long?

You're through. Why don't you beat it.

Frank always talked nice to me.

Frank is dead.

Alright, Joe.

You're the boss.

Are you decent?

Sure. Come on in.

What are you doing around here so late?

I stayed to keep Joe company.

Where is Nora?
- It's her night off.

Let me help you.
- Will you.

I thought I told you to beat it.

Is that you, Harry?

Well, take care of yourself, honey.

You do the same.
- Goodnight.

Goodnight, Harry.


Joe, are you ready?


I called you.

I didn't hear you.

Are you alright?
- Yeah, yeah. I'm fine.

You mustn't work so hard.
You are wearing yourself out.

I still got a few things
to do around here.

Say, honey. Do me a favor, will you.

Run down to the delicatessen and
have them send me up a sandwich.

What are you locking the desk for?

We don't want people going
through our books do we.

Now don't tell me you are not
keeping honest accounts.

You can't be too careful these days.

Come on, baby. Run along.

This is Frank's pipe.

No. That's mine.

I've seen him smoke it a hundred times.
- Yeah.

I bought it at the same store.

First time I saw Frank smoking
it I ordered one just like it.

Come on, rustle up that sandwich for me.

Make that on rye.

Alright, darling.

Why don't you get lost.

You had better be nice to me, Joey.

Get your hands off me!

I had a little talk with Max last week.

He wrote a letter to his
brother Maury in New York.

This is the answer.

What are you going to do with it?

That all depends on you, Joey.

Come on.

Oh no.

Let me go! Joe!

Get up.

I'm trying to see what
made me go for you.

I can't see it.

Get up.

[ Door knocks ]

What's going on in here?
- Just having a little talk.

Some talk.

Someday I'm going to
put lumps on that dame.

What you got on your coat?


Better get it off before it dries.

Sweet dreams, Joey.

Who ordered that?
- Mr Morgan.

That's right, Harry.

Well, it's a swell hunk of furniture.
- Yeah, these drawers won't stick.

What happened to the old desk?
- Got rid of it. I'll sign that.

Well, get it back. I can use it.

I didn't pay to have it locked away.
Had the janitor chop it up for firewood.

If you wanted it you should
have talked up sooner.

Well maybe the janitor
didn't chop it up yet?

It was burned early this morning.

What was the rush?

I like things done in a hurry.

Do you mind?

You're the boss.

Got a new suit, eh?

You are asking a lot of questions.




What's on your mind?

Can't keep away.

Come on.

You're not hanging around
just to look at my legs.

I'm worried about you, honey.

Well if you know something, spill it.

That's just it. I don't know anything.

Except Joe bought himself
a new desk this morning.


Yeah. And he had the old
one chopped up and burned.

What for?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Remember the pipe Frank used to smoke?

The Meerschaum?
- Yeah.

Sure. Why?

Where did he buy it?

He didn't buy it.

He had it made to order.

Well, could someone
get one just like it?

Well, not unless they had
the original to copy from.

What is this?

Harry. Where was the desk burned?

In the furnace in the basement.

Will you tell Joe not to wait for me.

I think I'll eat at home tonight.

Sure, I'll tell him.

He ain't going to like it though.

Looking for something?

I said, were you looking for something?

Harry told me you had the desk burned.

That's right. I cleaned it out first.
You'll find everything in the new one.

You've locked it.


I told you why. I didn't want
anybody going through our papers.

Look, let's not make
a big deal out of this.

What did you find in the ashes, Roberta?

I was right.

Frank didn't die in the snow-slide.
- Didn't he?

No., He was in the office last night.

It was his pipe I found.

It was still warm.

And you think I slugged him and
shoved him in that desk, don't you?

What did you find, Roberta?
What have you got in your hand?

Why did you do it, Joe?

What made you do it?

He tried to kill me, didn't he?
You said so yourself.

Just my luck that he missed.

He came back last night to try again.
Well, my luck still held good.

Roberta, you must know
he planned the whole thing.

When he missed in the mountains he fled
to make us think he'd been snowed under.

All these months he's been
spying on us, torturing us.

He let us open The Gardens again.

He let me put my name up in
electric lights: "Joe Morgan Presents."

He let us build ourselves
up so everything's rosy.

Then he stepped in to
kick the bottom out.

I didn't mean to kill him.

I'd have walked out here last night the
same as the day I walked in. A tramp.

But no, he wouldn't let me.

He didn't like that.

He kept telling me I could have
my old job back selling peanuts.

He kept needling me.

From behind a gun.

What have you got in your hand, Roberta?

What did you find?

There is nothing there.

You're not going to the cops?

You are.

Baby, nobody is going to
know if we don't tell them.

We're both young. We've got
our whole lives ahead of us.

You need me, Roberta.

I wish you had said it
the other way round.

What do you mean?

I wish you had said that, you needed me.



[ Telephone ]

[ Telephone ]

Who is it?

"We're waiting for you."

Who is this?

"Is Sam there?"

You've got the wrong room.

[ Door knocks ]

Who's that?


What do you want?

I brought you something.

What's this for?

A lawyer.

What do I need a lawyer for?

You are going to give yourself up.


Oh yeah. Yeah.

If you need any more, let me know.
- Thanks. This is plenty.


You're not running out, are you?


No. I'm staying right here.

Only suckers run away.

Who is going to find out
unless you tell them?

That's up to you.

You tell them baby,
and you'll hang yourself.

They'll hook you right into it.

I'm not afraid.

Stop whistling in the dark.

Here, keep this.

I won't be needing it.

See you after the show.

Is this goodbye, Joe?

No. It isn't.


So you go the brush, huh Joey?

How does it feel, Joey?

Not so good, huh?

It hurts a little, doesn't it.

You still got me, Joey.

I don't know why but I still go for you.

Let's blow this town and go
back to where we came from.

Just you and me, huh Joey?

Get lost.


Joey, let me in.

Let me in. Please.

Please, Joey. Let me ..

Open this door.

Open up, Joe. Do you hear me?

You'll be sorry. l'm warning you. If you
don't open this door you'll be sorry.

Open up!

Hey, lady.

Take it easy.

Don't say things like that
even when you're kidding.

Who says I'm kidding?

Okay, fellahs.

Did you check it, boss?

Yeah. Yeah, it's okay.

Wheel it out.

How did it go?

I hear you are leaving us.

What else did you hear?
- That's all.

What happened? You have a fight?

I don't know what's got
into Roberta lately.

She is getting kinda ..

Kinda jumpy again. Same as
after Frank died. Remember?

Well, I hope you get things patched up.


Do you think we ought
to let her go on tonight?

Relax, Joe. She is not that nervous.

Well, I'm not so sure.

I don't like to take chances.

I'll take responsibility.

It's time to make your announcement.


Ladies and gentlemen.

Now I would like to present
the highlight of our show.

Roberta Elva and her daring
leap through the jaws of death.

I ask members of the audience to remain
totally quiet for the next few minutes.

Those knives are very, very sharp.

And that opening is very, very small.

It takes perfect coordination
to perform this feat.

Anything to break Miss Elva's
concentration might be ..

Fatally dangerous.

So, let's cooperate.

Thank you.

Look out!

It never was my size.

Ladies and gentlemen,
please pardon the delay.

0ne of the knives slipped out of place.

Keep your seats.

We'll be ready to go in just a moment.

Check those knives.

Sorry, sir.

How about some peanuts?
- Sure, Mr Morgan.

Keep it.

Gee, thanks.

Don't let that give you any big ideas.
They'll get you into trouble.

Yes, sir.

Going home?


Goodnight, sir.

[ Gunshot! ]

[ Gunshot! ]

[ Gunshot! ]

He should have stuck to his peanuts.

Come on, honey.

They are waiting for you.