Suryakantham (2019) - full transcript

Hey, here towards the screen.

Hey you! Yeah you turn this side.

Look, I will tell you one thing,
I'll tell you just once.

Don't over react after I say.

Don't consume alcohol and
smoke cigarettes, you'll die.

[birds chirping]

Mr. Sekhar...

Reading paper, huh?

Nah! I'm milking a cow.

Can't you see, I'm reading the newspaper?


Holy offering from the Lord Lakshmi
Narasimha temple in Arunachalam. Take it.

When did Lord Lakshmi Narasimha
shift to Arunachalam from Simhachalam?

Oh my god!


A lizard fell on my son.
You should do something about it.

-A Lizard?

-On your son?

[pressure cooker hisses]

These lizards have no other
business but to jump around.

First give these Vibhuti
from Shivakanchi to your son.

-He'll get to the safe zone.

With that you will have
enough money for this month.

Madam, put this Vibhuti
on your son and come back.

He might turn me into
ashes in the mean time.

Priest, was the holy offering
made in the temple or at home?

Oh, Lord! No!

Ugh, mom! What is this?

Your face is glowing, son.
My cute little munchkin!

Stop it, mom!

Priest, my son's face started
glowing as soon as I applied Vibhuti.

Did you apply fair
and lovely by accident?

Ah, come on!

I don't know what you're
going to do, priest.

My son has to get
married as soon as possible.

A perfect alliance
comes calling for your son.

Yeah, sure. Look. Your phone's ringing.
[phone rings]

It's not mine. It's yours.




Ask them to send me her
picture on my Whatsapp.

Okay. Thank you.

Who was that, dear?

-My colleague from the Bank, Ramesh.

I asked him to find an
alliance for our son giving his photo.

He showed our son's photo
to someone. They like him.

They want to arrange the alliance
at the earliest.

-Is it?

Thank you, Lord!

Hi, sister. Hi, brother-in-law.

Hello, Mr. Crooked Priest.

-Hey, Sunny,

Abhi had been offered
an alliance just now.

He's in trouble.

You talk to them first and arrange a meet.

I'll do it in a snap.


Priest, how do you say we proceed now?

As per your son's horoscope...

He'll have a blissful marriage only
if the alliance is held at your place.

What? Is the alliance for me?

Priest, we couldn't
understand your chants up until today.

-Now I can't even understand your words.
-That means...

You don't have to visit
their house for the meet up.

-They'll be coming here...
-Damn! How can I get married so soon?

Anyways, I've seen things much weird.


Dear, what are you waiting for?

Call them right now and invite them home.

Mr. Sasthry... Generally, the bride
offers everyone coffee at an alliance.

Generally bride servers coffee
when we visit her house for matches.


Is the groom going to do it in this case?

It feels really weird to be visiting
your house for the alliance.

Isn't it?

But the priest suggested
we do it at our house.

Who's this guy?

My brother...

By God's grace, if everything goes as per
plan, he'll be getting married next.

God won't be gracious with him.

Sister, no! Sister, no!

He's Abhi's uncle but
they're really close buddies.

Oh. Just like Rama and Laxmana.

Nah. More like Hanuman and his tail.


Sister, no!

Marriage is waste, damn it!

Buffalo looks upset.


How long are you going to take?
Everyone's waiting for you downstairs.

No uncle! I'm not coming.

Alright. I'll go down and tell them.



I'll be there in 5
minutes. Don't bother me.

He's taking so long to shower.
I wonder what he does in bed.

[door creaks]

Aunty, where's the washroom?

-It's right there, dear.

I'll go with her, aunty.

Hey! Actually,
I've been trying to tell you something.

Did you notice this? One daughter
is Pooja and the other Archana.

Do your parents visit the temple daily?

Imagine if you had another
brother they would name him as Prasad,

and if another sister they
would name her Harathi.

Hmm. That covers all the prayer material.

You're so funny!

I said I'm coming right?
If they can't wait...

Ask them to come to my room,
we can have the alliance here itself.


Okay then.
Shall we have the alliance here?



So you didn't even
take a look at my photo.

I'm Pooja.

Oh, crap! Abhi.


You have all my details.

I've checked them at school.

That scar...

2009... No, wait.

Umm... may be 2010.

Inter school football tournament...

You banged to the
goal post while blocking a goal.

Deep cut and 2 stitches.

You were the man of the match.

What the...
How do you know so much about me?

Because I'm also from
Johnson Grammar High School.

Johnson Grammar High School...

You wouldn't remember me.

I looked kind of different back then.

I had big glasses and
wearing braces on my teeth.


Well you know the parents'
usual rules, don't you?

Once the girl turns 25,
they will kill us to get married.

I got around
3-4 alliances each day.

And then I came across your
photo yesterday. I agreed right away.


-To the alliance, I mean.


everyone's waiting for you.

Abhi really loves lemon rice.
Do you like it too?

I wonder what else Pooja likes.

-She loves to sleep and bunk work.
-Is it?

And she loves watching late
night movies more than anything.

Good habits.


Hello, Abhi.

Hello, Abhi.

Hi, Pooja.

What are you doing?

Texting you.


Alright, What's up?

I want to watch a movie, I'm so bored.

I'll text back in an hour.

[phone rings]


Don't you feel sleepy?

I do.

But I'm doing the
best thing to stay awake.

Really? What's that?

I'll tell you something.
Don't tell anyone, okay?


You shouldn't judge me.

I won't. Tell me.

Actually, I was surfing something.

A weird link popped up.

And I clicked on it out of curiosity.

A movie named 'Come tonight,
Karate Champ' started playing.

Oh, my god!

It's some crazy stuff.

Are you feeling sleepy?

I'm fully awake with that.

What are you thinking?


Good boy!

-Go study now.
-Alright. Bye.

You go enjoy 'Come tonight, Karate champ'.


Don't make me hit you.

-Okay, bye!

Ping me if you need anything.


I expected the hero to kill the villain.

But the heroine killed the hero instead.

Something new, isn't it?

-That's how Hollywood movies are.
-Oh, really?

Did you like the movie?

Hmm... I'm not sure.


We should either like
the movie or hate it.

I hate it when it's confusing.



I was just checking if
you've changed with time.

So, what do you think?

I couldn't understand.
You're the same but different.

You were more mischievous back then.

Everything changes with time, Pooja.



Abhi... Carry on.

See... You look better like this.


I'll tell you something.

I'm not going to repeat it.

I don't want you to pull my leg once I do.


I had a huge crush on you...
Since 7th grade.

I don't know why but I really liked you.

I would also imagine you
as my husband sometimes.

That's it.
Let's not talk about this ever again.


Okay, Abhi.

Pooja, I too have something to confess.

You look lovely in this dress.

Thank you.

I thought you wouldn't notice.

Sister, mom just called.



Shall I leave then?

Yeah. I think you have
to go. It's getting late.

Let's go.

He's supposed to ask
if we shall meet again.

Or would have told me when
we'll see each other again.

Does that mean he doesn't like me?

It means you like him, huh.


She sounded so sweet, Abhi.

She's a girl after all.
Anything she says would sound sweet.

Swear on your hair and tell me.
Don't you think she sounded sweet?

Why do you bring up my hair now uncle?

Because no one lies when
their hair is at stake.

-Swear on your hair.
-Not on my hair, please.

Tell me. What do you think about her?

Don't look so moody.

Look at sister and brother-in-law.
How they're really worried about you.

Make a decision.

Why don't you two meet casually
and get to know each other?

You can think of marriage later.

Change that expression
on your face, sister.

Lunch, huh?


I see he wants to pick you up.

He wants to take you out on a date.

So he's going to be my brother-in-law.

"Is this really me I'm looking at?"

"I lose track when I'm with you"

"Is this you casting a spell on me?"

"My heart has never felt this way"

"I cannot let a minute without you"

"I see you work magic in my dreams"

"I fall short of words to express"

"I'm looking for you in your presence"

"Love is like the skies"

"It goes beyond the physical"

"Your love keeps me mesmerized"

"As the stars tumble
and sparkle in my eyes"

"Distance fades as your
touch caresses my soul"

"A moment when love comes
calling out of the blue"

"You're a companion who
crossed my path of oblivion"

"I can't speak my heart"

"Your fascination keeps me bound"

"I can't admire you enough"

"Be the apple of my eye"

"Is this how love feels?"

"I hadn't realized until I fell for you"

"Is this how you're feeling as well?"

"Heart is pounding swiftly with time"

"I feel so restless and lost all the time"

"I can't get over this
enchantment of yours"

"I fall short of words to express"

"I'm looking for you in your presence"

"Love is like the skies"

"It goes beyond the physical"

"Your love keeps me mesmerized"

"As the stars tumble
and sparkle in my eyes"

"Distance fades as your
touch caresses my soul"

Have the sweet, dear.

-Hey, I suppose the interview went well.


Come sit, dear.

You know how interviews
go, brother-in-law.

-Yes, uncle.

22nd and 25th of
this month are auspicious.

If you tell us which is
convenient to you we'll plan the rest.

-What do you say, brother-in-law?

I need to talk to Pooja
before we fix anything.

[chanting prayers]

All okay, Abhi?


Before we fix on things...

I need to tell you something.

What's that?

I was deeply in love with a girl.

I was in love with her.







[camera captures]

[camera captures]

[camera captures]
Shucks! Are you done?


Come on, mom!
This photo shoot is a little too much.

Don't say that.
Do you know, how cute you look?

I've been waiting from many days,

to make you dress as your
grandma and click photos.

Just two more photos.
Please! Please! Please!

Wow! What an emotion, mom!

What a dialogue delivery and action...

Your Oscar's right here.

-Let me give it to you.
-Are you making fun of me?

Anyways, dressing up as
grandma doesn't make me your mom.

What did you say?

-Nothing. Go ahead.
-Thank you. Thank you.

Have you thought about marriage as well?

Marriage? Marriage? Marriage?

Mom, I'll run away if you
talk about marriage again.

Not with some guy.
I'll run away all alone.

What happened now?

How many times have I told
you? Marriage is not my thing.

Poor guy! I feel sorry for him.

Which guy?

My son-in-law.

-He has no idea about you.


He ordered Gulab Jamun in
Swiggy and he is waiting.

Wait... we both will see you later.

I don't care what you do.
[phone rings]

[camera captures]
Just talk like that only.

A guy will come and leave
that Gulab Jamun and marry you.

Yeah, sure.

-Yeah. I just gave it and came.
-What? Are you here to marry me?



Hey! Where are you going?
You think I'm done yelling?

I'm still frustrated.

She shouldn't have called at this hour.

-And you shouldn't have laughed. Wait...

Oh! Are you busy? I'll hang up.

Shut up and tell me why you even called.

We planned on meeting this evening.

Yeah, I remember.
07:30 at our coffee shop.

I'll only take 10 minutes.
You better be on time.

Alright then. I'll hang up.

I'll hang up before you do.

What are you still doing here?

You asked me to wait, remember?

Does that mean you'll listen to me?

I'll ask you to clean the
roads. Will you do it for me?

Have you got nothing else to do?

Why not? I've got a lot to do.

Oh, really? Tell me one thing.

That's right. So you're jobless.

Unlike you, I've got a
lot to do. You leave.

Are you still out there?

Err... No! I left.

What does Suryakantham want now?

Money? A new smart phone?

Tickets to another vacation?

Ah! What's this?

-Consider this my marriage, mom.

-Now this is my life.

Don't make it gloomy mom.

Let me live it my way.

Where do you spin all the logic from?

Is this the coffee shop?
[cicadas chirping]

Why did I come here?

I wonder how she'll react seeing me.

I better put a cap on.

I think it's her.


Want some coupons? Coupons?

Er... you would win car or bike...

-Why don't you take them?
-Hello, brother.

What are you doing here?

I'm distributing coupons.

I mean I needed to find a job, so...

Drop the act.
You sucked at it and exposed yourself.

Why are you wearing a
cap at night? Style, huh?

-Are you bald?

Hell, no!

Heroes in English films wear
caps to hide their identity, so...

Still, you know that the one who
is wearing cap is the hero, don't you?

Er... Yes.

Then don't you think the people
in the film don't get it?

So what?

You should not take those
cinematic things too seriously.

First tell me what
are you doing are here?

I'm also thinking the same.

Umm... I'm here to apologize
for laughing at you yesterday.

Are you here to apologize?
Or meet me in the name of an apology?

Oh. I guess that's why I'm here.

-Will you apologize or should I beg?
-Oh god! I'm so sorry.

What is this sorry
for? For earlier or now?

This is for now. It wasn't for earlier.

And the next sorry is for earlier.



[phone rings]

-I'll take another 10 minutes.

Shame on you! Not just calling me,
you should be on time too.

-Coming. Coming.
-You're dead in my hands.

-I've got to be somewhere. I'll leave.
-Hey, wait! I didn't say a word.

-You come fast.
-Okay. Okay.

Actually... I was being cautious.

Cautiousness doesn't suit you

I know you've got nothing to do. Sit.

What are you looking at?

You think I stopped you to
pass time until my friend comes?

-Not at all.
-That is why I've made you sit.

Okay. Tell me.

What do you want me to say?

How do you know I'll be here at this time?

A flash cut.

07:30 at our coffee shop.

-Oh, so you heard me.

You heard the time and place.

But how did you know it
was this coffee shop?

I didn't mention the name on the phone.

Another flash cut.

I'll only take ten minutes...

Why did you play it thrice?

I wanted the hint to register.

This is the only coffee shop within
10 minutes radius of your house.

Hey, wow!

You don't have the courage to approach me.
But you get sneaky and follow me around.

You're smart in this area, I must admit.

Okay. Tell me about you.

My name is Abhi.

I'm 26 years old.

I'm the topper of my college.
When I played football...

Hey Stop!

It reminds me of that ad, you know?

Umm... My name is Mukesh.
I chewed tobacco till an year ago.

You should sound interesting
when you're talking to a girl.

Start again.

I'll be good this time.

My name is Abhi.

-I am 26...

-There's no point in knowing more.
-What the...

Okay. My friend's here. You leave now.


Who's this?

Some random guy distributing coupons.
Do you want some?

Hey, no.

She said no. Leave.

Can I know your name?

I mean... I want to get to know you.


If a Friday follows this
Thursday, we shall meet again. Go!

[cicadas chirping]

What a girl!

I feel the same uncle.

Uncle, what a girl she is...

Hey, I asked what kind of a girl she is.
She is crazy man.


That girl is interesting.

Does anyone yell on their first meet?

Girls are like YouTube thumbnails.

It reads 'This video will shock you'.

But there's nothing in it when opened.

This is similar too, so I am advising you,
shut your mouth and sit in home.


She sounded so good!

Every time she yelled at
me, it sounded like a song...

You've gone mad.

Even a flop film seems
good on the first day.

This is just the same.
Don't annoy me!

Uncle, her eyes...

-I said don't annoy me.
-Uncle you wait.

What's your problem?
Why don't you listen what he says?

Uncle, tell me. I'll listen.

Hey, it's better if you stay
away from such characters.

You feel like admiring a few girls.

And then you feel like
getting rid of a few.

She is of the second type.

You should let her go
but not bring her home.

Women did cause many wars in history.

But girls like her
cause catastrophes, man.

Uncle, but I want to meet her again.

I want her to yell at me uncle.

Oh, damn! Don't annoy me.

Uncle, no listen to me.

Hey! Oh!

He's annoying me
again. I want to kill him!

Wait. Uncle...

-I'll kill him!

-What follows a Thursday?
-Hey, leave me.


She said she'd meet me, on Friday.

Looks like you'll choke me to death.
Please let go.

Is this your car?

I didn't really notice. Sorry.

What's this sorry for?
[vehicle starts]

I'm really sorry.

Hey! Someone is taking your car.

Did I say that was my car?

Why did I apologize then?

-Because you've got no brain.

Okay, I have to go. Bye.

Excuse me...

You said we'd meet again.

-We did meet, right?
-Then... I'll drop you.

-I'll walk home.
-Then I'll give you company.


Come on, start.


Umm... You will ask unnecessary questions
just for the sake of talking right?

Do you have a boyfriend?

I'm so happy and that
says I don't have one.


What's your name?

What will you do knowing my name?

-Will you name your kids after me?
-What the...

I mean...

I need to know what to call you.

Call me whatever you want. I'll respond.

I'll appear in seconds.

So, are you Lord Sai Baba?

That was a bad joke. Forget it.

Can I have your phone number at least?

I mean, you won't answer any
random number I call, right?

Sarcasm huh? Hmm.



Umm... Last two numbers missing.

Make a guess.

What the...

Where there is a will,
there is a way buddy.

My cab has arrived.

You said we'll walk.

-We did walk!-Shucks!

Should I hire an auto back to my bike now?

Yes, my friend. Let's go.


[phone beeps]

[phone beeps]
[phone ringer]

[phone rings]
[cicadas chirping]

Hello. Who is it?

Where there is a will, there is a way.

I'm the lucky one.

Really lucky.

I'm just entering a fuel station. Bye.

Did she yell at you on the
phone as well? Are you happy now?

Shame on you! You'll never change.

She said she's in a fuel station.

Maybe that is why she was less blunt.


Yeah, what?

Just checking if the number works.

-How long have you been calling for?
-Umm... One hour.

You are trying from one hour? How sweet.

You're really so jobless.

Okay. Tell me why you called.

I wanted to know if you
reached home safely.

What will you do by knowing?
Will you mention it in my Wikipedia?

Were you ever so
concerned about your parents?

All the attention...
Is it because I'm a girl?

It's okay. So sweet!


Did she just insult or compliment me?

According to the girls psychology,
page no. 92 in law of...

Hey, stop it!

Why wouldn't I care for my
parents? I'd look after them really well.


You know our family tag line, right?

-'We have to drink...'
-'Drink and Dance!'

You're the perfect example of a son.

Why is he taking it so personal?

When shall we meet?

-What for?

Now that I have your number,
I want to get to know you.

Okay. Today's Friday, right?

Yeah, it's Friday. Tomorrow's Saturday.

Just name the place, please.

Okay. Text me the place. I'll get back.

She asked me to text the place.

What are you waiting for?
Ask her to come to KKD wines.

You're too drunk. Go to bed now.

Why don't you think about it? For my sake.

when there's no point thinking about it...

It doesn't matter who's asking.

Is there some rule stating
I should get married at 25?

Am I going to be locked
up for staying unmarried?

-Trying to preach me the rule of 25?

25 years back I too was 25!

So I should talk more than you.

-You're not 25 yet.
-No. No.

You tell her.

Ask her to talk to me,
I teah her a lesson.

Logic doesn't work with you.
Only violence.

-I'll cut my wrist.
-Hmm. Go ahead.

If you don't agree to
marriage before I count to five...

I'll really cut my wrist.

Mom, don't take the
trouble. Let me count for you.

-You want to count for me?

-For me?

Hmm. Start.

-12345... Cut it!

You're not in a hurry to get
married, why are you in a hurry to count?


-Do it slowly.
-Okay, Okay.

-It's your mom's life.
-Okay, again.



-Why are you provoking her?

Hey, get lost!


4... 5... Cut it!

Hey! Get married for my sake,
not for this knife please.

I'll brush twice in a day for your sake.

But I can't get married.

Aren't you going to listen to me?

Did you listen to me anytime?

Uff! I can't do this anymore.

Thank you.


Here. It's perfect for you. Read it.

I read this already.

[vehicle honks]

What, Abhi? Planning to take
your life because I didn't come?

Poor guy! The lorry driver
would've been arrested if I was late.

Abhi! Abhi!

You said we'd meet.
You didn't say when and where.

No phone call. What do I assume?

One, I'm mad. Two. You're mad
because you're looking all over for me.

You can assume one of the two.


Too hot!

Did it burn?

It's too hot if touched.

Hey, want to have ice
cream? You'll cool down. Wait.

Bro, ice cream...
[birds chirping]

Hey! Why were you yelling at
me like you're my boyfriend?

I don't have to be your
boyfriend to worry about you.

Yeah, right. Now you say you're worried.
Soon you'll say you were being cautious.

Finally you'll say all of this was for me.

I don't want that.

I don't want this. I'm hungry.

Want one more ice cream?

No. I want to have food.

My house is quite close by.

Are you saying I shouldn't be seen here?

I'm saying we'll go there.

-Who is it?
-It's me.

-Who is it?

My friend, mom.

Damn! Why did you tell her?

My mom doesn't know who you are, so...

What? Your mom doesn't know me?

Aunty, you really don't know about me?

Abhi never told you?

No, dear.

Shucks! Aunty...

-My name is...
-Your name is...


-My name is...
-Your name is...?

I'll tell you both at once.


[birds chirping]

-Aunty, I'm so hungry. Shall we go in?

Tell me dad...!

Who's that girl?

Err... Dad...

-Didn't she tell her name?
-No, dad.

You idiot!

I'm damn hungry, aunty. Feed me something.

Dad, we're going to a movie tomorrow.

Sure... Oh!

But remember one thing.

Just because your dad's a rich
banker, don't buy snacks for two.

Get one tub of popcorn and one soft drink.

Get an extra one only in
case she asks. Okay? Enjoy!

What? Is it okay? Enjoy.

Uncle, you should stop drinking so much.

Huh! Ah... Okay.

Bye, Abhi.

Hey! Want me to give you
an advice as your friend?

Marry a girl like her if you ever want to.

Life will be colourful.

You'll see a new colour every day.

Sure, dad. Thanks.
[rural percussions]


I got the tickets.

They were teasing me.

[indistinctive voices]



[panting in pain]


Ah! Brother please leave me.

So sorry, bro.

Oh no! Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

Why are you supporting them?

They teased you and I hit them.
You should be supporting me, right?

You should tease them
back when they teased me.

Why did you hit them?

Anyway, they didn't harm me.

-I was just checking how you'd react.


Hey! Do I look like a joker to you?

Or do you think life's a reality show?

Creating situations
and capturing reactions.

-Oh god!
-I didn't expect you to react this way.

How else do you expect me to react?

When someone messes with
the people I love and care for...

This is how I react.

Don't repeat this again, okay?

What? Okay or not?

What okay?

You just proposed to me indirectly. Idiot!

I'm being direct now.

-I love you.
-I'll kill you. Huh!


-What? Aren't you going to answer me?

I'll tell you tomorrow.

Okay. Where shall we meet?

There where the
destiny brings us together.

I didn't see her for
another 6 days after that.

I didn't know what to do.

[phone rings]

I'd assume every
unknown call was from her.

Then, what happened next?

[door creaks]

Err... Aunty, hello.

Her name...

Aunty, that girl...


Yes, aunty.

Come in.

-So she didn't even tell you her name?

It's Suryakantham.

-It is my mother's name.

Is she home, aunty?

-Shucks! No, she isn't available.
-Where did she go?

No idea. I wish I knew.

Come on, aunty!
Where would she go without telling you?

She meets me one day
and disappears the next.

I have no idea where she'll show up again.

She's literally crazy, aunty.
She's messing with my mind.

Are you drunk?

I was frustrated...

Kantham is unlike any other girl.

She can't be understood so easily.

She only does what her heart wants.

She doesn't change for anyone.

She doesn't want anyone
to change for her either.

She puts herself above anyone else.

The place we stay at the most is home.

A home isn't just four walls.

It's a place where mom
and dad live happily.

Her dad and I couldn't
give that space for her.

Ours was a love marriage.

We believed we were in
love and got married.

By the time she was born,

slowly we realized we
were totally different.

We would yell and get
physical for every damn thing.

We could stop our fights
in the name of divorce but...

the damage caused to
her was beyond repair.

She has become a completely new person.

She's simply can't stay put at a place

She doesn't trust people easily.

She lost her belief in a relationship.

She comes home when she feels like it.

Leaves home when she's disturbed.

I'm the reason she is coming back home...

But when I am gone...

I'm worried about her.

No matter how long she's
home, I can't have enough of her.

She doesn't even stay home for long.

That is why I capture
her in these photographs.

When she's not home...

These pictures are my company.

The reason I'm telling you this is...

After her friend Meera,
you're the only person she spoke of.

I think she likes you.

I don't know why.

Every time she talks about you,

there's a spark in her eyes.

A brightness.

Will you promise me something?

Tell me, aunty.

I don't know how your
relationship is going to evolve.

But I can't live forever.

When I'm gone,

will you be her person to go home to?

Will you give her a
happy place called home?

Sure, aunty.



I'll get it.

What are you doing here?
Did you go to my place?

-She told everything?

How was the journey, Kantham?

Ah! I can't blame you
but I've to blame my mom.

Okay. Why did you come today?

It's my wish. My trip is over
and I came back. What wrong?

-I know why you came back.
-Alright. Whatever.

You're back to surprise
me on my birthday, right?

I really didn't know, if I
knew, I would've never come.

-Maybe this is what called destiny.
-Yeah, right. Destiny brought you here.

-No. No.

Alright. Anyway, I'm here now. Take this.

Get my bag.

Come to club in the evening,

party is mine but you have
to pay the bill. Okay?

[crowd cheering]

[crowd cheering]

"Welcome everybody!"

"We welcome all the teens to 2019"

"Friday night baby!
Party night baby!"

"Go crazy. Just go crazy"

"Friday night baby!
Party night baby!"

"Go boozy. Just go hazy."

"Friday night baby!
Party night baby!"

"Let's dance and have some shots."

"Friday night baby!
Party night baby!"

"Let's touch the horizon of skies"

"Hey, baby! Go crazy."

"Hey, baby!"

"Let's erase all the data on our minds"

"Let's groove like it's
the end of the world"

"As you do a bottoms up,
rediscover yourself"

"You must be suffocating,
Open the windows of your soul"

"Dance hard and make the floor sweat"

"Let's halt time like
it's the happy hours"

"Friday night baby!
Party night baby!"

"Go crazy. Just go crazy"

"Friday night baby!
Party night baby!"

"Go boozy. Just go hazy"

"Friday night baby!
Party night baby!"

"Let's dance and have some shots"

"Friday night baby!
Party night baby!"

"Let's touch the horizon of skies"

"Hey, baby! Go crazy"

"Hey, baby!"

"Come on and drink to your taste"

"Don't rush it because we have all night"

"Don't drink and drive.
Call your driver instead"

"You can booze and smile at the bar"

"You've got Uber and Ola,
Don't welcome chaos"

"Let's make clouds of smoke,
Let's have it raining over us"

"Let's prove Darwin's formula wrong
for every shot"

"Friday night baby!
Party night baby!"

"Go crazy. Just go crazy"

"Friday night baby!
Party night baby!"

"Go boozy. Just go hazy"

"Friday night baby!
Party night baby!"

"Let's dance and have some shots"

"Friday night baby!
Party night baby!"

"Let's touch the horizon of skies"

I want an answer.

Short answer or long answer?

I mean... I want clarity on
the last night's happening, Kantham.

Turn a news channel on.

-You'll get a lot of clarity.
-Shucks! Kantham, I'm serious.

Okay, Abhi. Let me explain.

You've never restricted me until now.
That is why I think you're cute.

In a relationship, we need to
change according to the other person.

I'll not change or ask
you to change yourself.

In simple words, I'm like tsunami.

Even I'm not sure when,
how and why I'll show up.

As far as I know...

You have no problem with love or marriage.

But you have a problem
if there is no freedom.

And I'll give you that freedom.

You can be as you like.

[phone rings]



[life support machine beeps]

Now she is out of danger, you can see her.

[life support machine beeps faster]

[elevator machine beeps very fast]




[life support machine goes flat]




"My sweet little world"

"It forays into the dark"

"As the shadow fades"

"Anger clings on to me"

"As the hand I hold lets go"

"Does time blur into a void?"

"Are you the tears rolling down?"

"Don't let go"

"She's the past seeming like a dream"

"You have to go on without giving up"

"Though it's really tough
Though it feels burdening"

"Tomorrow will bring new dawn"

"Wounds shall heal with time"

"Joy shall fill your heart again"

"I shall be your eternal reflection"

"I'll come following your footsteps"

I said enough, mom!

Sorry, aunty...

It's okay dear.

[birds chirping]

when someone experiences personal loss...

We don't know what to tell them.

I gave it a deep
thought and then understood.

It's deeds that are more
important than words.

I give you a promise.

I might not be able to console you.

But with your permission...

I'll give you joy to fight your pain.

Life long.

Will you drop me home, Abhi?

I miss mom.

I'll come back tonight.
We'll go out for dinner.

No, Abhi. I'll sleep today.
We'll meet tomorrow, okay?

You won't disappear
when I'm here tomorrow, right?

Be here at 10, Abhi. I'll be ready.




[vehicles honking]

[dog barking]



Kantham, open the door.

I went to her place that morning.

She wasn't there.

I thought she must have left
like usual and she'd be back.

But she never came back.

I didn't know what to do
or where to look for her.

I lost hope on love and marriage.

I took a lot of time to
overcome that depression, Pooja.

Once you came into my life...

I had hope for life again.

Thank you, Pooja.

I thought you should
know this. That's why...

Thanks, Abhi.

I understand...

why you told me this.

I might not be able to change your past.

But your present and future...

It's all mine.

I'll always be there for you.

No matter what happens.

Don't get too tensed.
You'll break the beads.


Fix the 22nd of this month, uncle.

-Lord Venkateswara!
-Lord Venkateswara!



[disco music]

Text me once you reach home.

-Okay. Bye, Abhi.

[cicadas chirping]


[cicadas chirping]

[bats screeching]

[keys clinks]
[door opens]

[electric crackling]

[anklets clinking]

[bell rings]



I'm feeling hungry.

Is there something to eat?

Oh god!

Thank you.


Refill it and come back.

Second half is going
to be more interesting.

How long are you going
to hold the plain face?

What's your reaction?

I came back after so long...

I thought you'd get super excited.

I expected you to yell at me at the least.

This is something new.


I'm yelling.
But that's inside.

A feeling I can't show out


So, what else?

Have you lost it?
What did you just ask me?

Nothing. I was lost.

Anyway, Abhi...

I'm so sorry for leaving without notice.

Sorry for not answering your calls.
And sorry for showing up out of the blue.

I can see the gloomy look on your face.

-You know I've got bad timing, right?


Shucks! Forget all that.

I have really
important things to tell you.

You're not in the correct state
of mind since what I've done.

Alright. Let's go home and
talk over lunch. Hold this.

Come, let's go.

You want to come home? No way!


Wel... Mom's holding some crazy ritual.

I'm the only one that's required
to stay pure at home. Me alone!

You alone?

Just like last night eh?

I should be starting today.

So, yesterday I was...

-I'm the only one that should stay pure.
-What kind of ritual it is?

It's one crazy ritual.

I know, it's a crazy ritual. I'm the
only one that's required to stay pure.

-Me alone.
-Okay, I got it.

You don't have to repeat it so many times.

How long is this ritual going to last?

Err... Around 4 to 5 days.

-Will you drop me at Meera's place?

Hmm... let's go.

Thank you. Come.

[cicadas chirping]

Has anyone in their life...

Has anyone ever faced a situation...

where one doesn't know how to react?

So none of you has been through this?

What's wrong with you,
man? Why do you look so low?

Kantham is back.


-What kind of a disease is that?
-I meant Suryakantham, idiot.

[plates clank]

This is the situation I'm talking about.

I literally lost my words...


The bottle dropped and made it's noise

He smoked a cigarette and
coughed, that's okay too.

But how come the plates clanked?


-Sister... Brother-in-law...

Nephew, it's your parents.


That means are you
going to ruin this as well?

Are you going to sit
here, looking all gloomy?

Are you going to marry her,
ditching Pooja?

If you do that,

his family is going to
blast the hell out of us.

Oh god!

We're already
addressing each other as family.

Did she have to come
back at this point of time?

I totally forgot to tell you.


I gifted 4 diamond bangles

and lots of gold to Pooja.
Out of daughter-in-law sentiment.


Your mom's giving such a lengthy dialogue.

Why don't I see an
expression on your face?

"Great actress!"

-Mom, it's going to be okay. Calm down.
-You don't talk.

Tell me this.
Does Pooja know about Kantham?

She knows.

-Does Kantham know about Pooja?


-Does Pooja know Kantham's here?


Does Kantham know you
two are getting married?

Don't know.

Do you know how Kantham's
going to react if she found out?

Don't know.

Do you know how Pooja's
going to react to this?

Don't know.

Do you at least know
what you have to do now?

Don't know.

Do you have any idea
what you're supposed to do?


I don't know.


Say something uncle.

How will I have an idea when you don't?

Why did you ask so many
questions when you don't know it?

I asked for the same reason you did for.


"What you're left with at last"

Bro, do you have a cigarette?

People usually ask for a matchbox.

Why are you asking for a cigarette?

-Please, bro.
-I don't have it.

Give me money then. I'll buy one.

Who the hell are you?

Bro, if you buy me a cigarette...

-I'll be your friend from today.
-I don't need a friend. Get lost!

[vehicle honks]
But I need a cigarette bro.

Hey! I'm really tensed.

I'll kill you if you don't
get the hell out of here.

Are you tensed, bro?

Come with me.
Have a cigarette and you'll feel better.

-You, rascal!
-What happened bro?

-Did you drop any money?
-Wait there.


Have you been waiting for long?

Sorry. There was a lot
of traffic. Let's go.

[indistinctive chatter]
Excuse me, brother.

Show me that dress, please.

The other one as well.

[indistinctive chatter]

Abhi, did you eat anything?

You're comfortable, right?

Excuse me.
Can you get us some juice, please?

[indistinctive chatter]

How does this colour look on me?

It's really good.

[phone rings]

Did she have to call now?

Let's buy matching colours then.

[phone rings]

-Ugh! Abhi.

How many times do I have to call you?

I was in a meeting.

Whatever. I'm really bored.
I'm on my way to meet you.

Text me the place, okay?

Do we have to meet now?

Don't ask me that.
I'm already halfway there.

Tell me where to come.

Err... Let's meet in KBR park.

I'll come pick you up.

Alright then. Bye.


I'm done.

Shall we go shop for you?

I just received a call from work.
[vehicle honks]

I need to submit some papers.

So, I'll take some time.


-Abhi, everything's okay, right?
-Yeah, absolutely.


See you.

[vehicles honking]


You can't ask me to come out of the blue.

I was shopping for my engagement.

Engagement shopping?
Who's getting engaged?

My friend.

Which friend?

Some friend.

I know all your friends. Which one is it?

-He's not a friend. He's my uncle.
-Hey! Say it clearly.

Be clear. Is it your friend or uncle?

Uncle who's like my friend.
Friend who's like my uncle.

It's my uncle.

Your uncle is getting engaged?
Why didn't you tell me?

Where is he now?

-He's not here.
-What are you doing here without him?

I came to shop for him.

-Okay. Let's shop together. Come on.
-No, Kantham.

-Listen to me.
-Come on, Abhi.


-Buy a few shirts for yourself.

Excuse me.


What are you doing here?

-I just had a cigarette.
-Who gave it to you?

Why do you care about his cigarette?

That is...

When you don't have the
heart to give me a cigarette...

You also don't have the
right to ask me about it.


Sir understood it madam.

Shut the hell up and show
me a nice shirt in purple.

-Why purple?
-Pooja loves purple. It suits her.

-Who's Pooja?


Oh. Your uncle's fiance, huh?

I hate my life!

Something like that.

Something like that?

Isn't the engagement confirmed yet?

Or do you lack clarity?

Why do you even care?

I feel it's better to have some clarity.

We're pretty clear.
First show us a nice matching shirt.

Why do you want a matching
shirt like it's some uniform?

-Show something in contrast.
-No! No! No!

Why are you so tensed?

Uncle wanted a matching shirt, so...

Forget him. He would've been long
married if he had a sense of fashion.

Why isn't he present for
his engagement shopping?

-I don't know.
-Who are you talking about?



-What are you doing here uncle?
-I came to watch a movie.

I came here because it was bad.

-I'm done for
-Are you out of your mind?

Poor thing,
he's really tensed about the engagement.

But you're roaming around in the mall.

Did he tell you about the engagement?

Hey! Bloody mosquito!

Didn't you feel like telling me about it?

Why do I publicise other's news?

Huh! Something's wrong.

You haven't had a cigarette for so long.

-Come here.

Show me your hand. Here you go. Go out.

-Get lost!
-Thank you. Excuse me.

Hey, hold on a minute.
Why do you need 500 bucks for a cigarette?

Take this. Go!

Where were you all these days?

-Do you know one thing?
-Yes, uncle...

Don't just stand here,
apologize to Kantham.

-Why do I have to apologize?

Why should I apologize
about the engagement?

You should apologize because
the engagement is fixed.

You didn't tell me you
were getting engaged.

-Apologize for that.


Shucks! One more time.

-I'm extremely sorry.
-Excused uncle!

-Come. Let's go buy shirts.
-Are the shirts for me?

You're getting engagement.
Of course the shirts are for you.


act like you know shit though you don't.

I'll act like I don't
know shit though I do.


It's my engagement after all.
I'm pretty tensed.

Kantham, I have a small work at office.

Now that uncle's here, go home with him.

-I'll talk to you tonight, okay?

Actually, can you come to Meera's
place tonight? I need to talk to you.

Okay. Done.

-Okay, bye.

-Love you.
-Love you too.

How does it look?
I'll wear this suit at my engagement.

[phone beeps]
[indistinctive voices]

Hello, Pooja. Where are you?

Where are you, Abhi?

Do you know how many times I called you?

Why is your phone not reachable?

Err... I'm just done with my work.

I don't have good reception here.
I'm at my office. I'm on my way.

I'm right at your office.

You were on a leave the whole week.

What was so important that you lied to me?

Pooja, actually... Err...


I hate situations like these.

Feeling guilty and lying
to me about things...

You're not behaving normal at all.

Something's bothering you.

And you're hiding it from me.

Tell me! Tell me right now!


Suryakantham is back.

When did she come?

3 days back.

What's there in this to hide?

I was afraid about how you'd react.

This is nothing to worry about, Abhi.

She's back.

So what?

Look, Abhi.

You don't have to hide things from me.

Get all stressed about
it and live with guilt.

Whatever it is,
I want you to be transparent with me.

No matter what,
we'll deal with it together.

You took so much stressed
about this, these many days?

You're crazy!

Where is she now?

Let's meet up once,
I want to meet your first crush.



Want some pizza?

Isn't Meera home?

Actually, she had to be somewhere.

I think she'll join us.

Oh. Okay.

[music mutes voice]

It's really nice, Abhi.
Being here with you.

I really missed you, man.

[cicadas chirping]

-Actually, I want to tell you something.
-Actually, I want to tell you something.

I never thought I'd do this in my life.

I love you, Abhi.



[cicadas chirping]

[dog barking]

Are you okay?

Don't tell me I'm the
mother of your child.


My marriage is fixed, Kantham.

I'm getting engaged in 2 days.

I wasn't shopping for my uncle today.

It was for me.

Are you fine with this marriage?

Why were you acting crazy about me then?

You said you like me.
You also said 'I love you'.

How could you find
someone else when I was gone?

Is this your revenge?

It's not like that, Kantham.
Actually, what happened was...

It's been a year since you were
gone. I didn't know what to do.

Look how red you've turned.

I already know about your engagement.

I was just kidding
around to see your reaction.

Are you okay with this?

Am I? Shucks!

I'm so happy for you, Abhi.

Who's the girl?

-Her name...
-Do you have her photo?

-Photo? Give me a minute.
-Shucks! I'll look at it later.

Actually, Abhi... Can you go?

What's wrong?

Girl things. You won't get it. Leave.


-Pooja wants to meet you once.
-I'll meet her, Abhi.

[vehicle honks]

A beer is supposed to be chilled, man.


Hey, what's up with the sudden meeting?

Umm... What do you want?

Beer, Rum or Whiskey?

Would you like a breezer?
Typical girl drink.

Is Pooja your fiance?

Pooja and I are in love since 2 years.

We're in a serious live-in
relationship since 3 years.


Pick one of these two.

Do you have to come
all the way for this?

You should've asked me
to pick over Whatsapp.

I wouldn't have hit you
if you picked this finger.

So are you going to beat me again?

Oh god! I get it.

I'm facing the
consequences for Abhi's lie.

Why didn't you tell me about Pooja?

It's not good manners.

This isn't good manners too.


Abhi said,

'She's my fiance.'

That means...

She is going to be his wife.

That's what he asked me to tell you.

Hey, stop!
It's my cheek and not a drum to smack.

Hey, Kantham!

That's enough.

Tell me. How does Pooja look?

Hey! She doesn't even look like a girl.

She's heavier and dark skinned than
me. On the whole, she looks like crap.

I still don't get how
Abhi said okay to her.

Oh... I get it.

She's taller than you.

Has a much fairer
complexion. And she has long hair.

But she doesn't go to bars like you.


I'm sorry uncle.

You tell me who's right
for Abhi. Me or Pooja?

Hey! Shucks!

He's supposed to
decide who's right for him.

How can I?

He's getting engaged
because he already decided.

Hey, no!

He's only engaged. He's not married yet.
[metal pipe clinks]

It's not too late now.
We still have a chance.

We can proceed.

Pick one finger.

You hit me already. You don't have to
show me the finger now. Just hit me.

-This is for a different reason.
-What's that?

Who's better amongst us two?

You, of course.

Yes! I knew it.

This is Pooja and this is me.

I'm perfect for Abhi. Bye!

You'd hit me no matter what I pick.


Suryakantham, huh?

Pooja, this is Suryakantham.
Suryakantham, this is Pooja.


Hi, Kantham.

You can call me Suryakantham.

Come on!

We don't have to be so formal.


You look absolutely gorgeous.

If I were a boy,
I would've been staring at you.

I love the way you're dressed up.

Thank you.

Where did you find Abhi?

My family was looking for alliances.

I came across Abhi's photo one day.

I agreed right away.

What if you didn't come across the photo?

I would've waited until I did.

I had been waiting for a while.

Hmm. How come?

I loved him back during our school days.

He's my first crush.

And my only crush.

We went to the same school.

I'm really happy that you're back.

I would think to myself sometimes.

We'd feel complete if
you attend our wedding.

I know you're really
important in Abhi's life.

Now that you're here...

And now that I noticed
your dressing sense...

I'm giving you a responsibility.

Please help Abhi buy the engagement ring.

I'm very sure you'd make a good selection.



How is this ring?

Is this good?

Does exchanging rings
mean you're committed?

Exchanging rings
doesn't mean we're committed.

But the rings are
reminders to our commitment.

In that case,
you shouldn't be exchanging rings.

You lose them with a little soap.

You should tattoo each
other's names instead.

Let's do that for your wedding.
We are good with rings.

Shucks! Forget that. First tell me.

-Is this good?

-How is this?

This one?

-And this one?
-I like this one.


It'll look great on a girl's
hand sir, try it on ma'am for once.

This isn't right for you.

Shucks! Why not?

Here you go.

We like this.
Can you pack it for me, please?




[camera capture]

[camera captures]


Here you go, dear.

[indistinctive voices]

What's the ring?
[camera captures]

Where's Kantham, mom?
[camera captures]





You found out all the history, right?

Why is she acting like this?

Pooja, relax. I'll talk
to her. Please relax.

Crazy girl! How could she
hide the ring? Give me that.

Do you really want to
attend the engagement?

Is it going to stop if I don't?

[balloons burst]

Huh? What are you searching for?

Hey, no Kantham...

Shucks! No...

Don't drink stop it.

Give it to me.


No, Kantham don't drink.

Stop it. Listen to me...

Kantham, stop it please.

I am telling you to stop right?

It's enough please...

"My love's lost,
my luck has messed me up"

"My life has been side tracked"

"My heart has been broken,
My mind has been blank"

"Liquor is my only saviour now?"

"My love's lost,
my luck has messed me up"

"My life has been side tracked?"

"Entering my life as an innocent?"

"He had shown off pretty well"

"He made me his ex now"

"He changed his status to married"

"Men are quite dangerous, they
ditch you by the time you fall for them"

"My life is one big mess"

"My life is one big mess"

"My life is one big mess"

"My life is one big mess"

"He followed me around
and flattered me"

"He left me drowning
in a pool of chaos"

"He said I was his cute baby"

"He left me hanging from a thread"

"A little space is all he asked for"

"Wonder how he replaced me so easily?"

"He said I didn't have
to take his surname?"

"But it's not my name in his
wedding card anymore?"

"Men are quite dangerous, they
ditch you by the time you fall for them"

"My life is one big mess"

"My life is one big mess"

"My life is one big mess"

"My life is one big mess"

"My heart has been broken,
My mind has been blank"

"Liquor is my only saviour now"

"My love's lost,
my luck has messed me up"

"My life has been side tracked"

"Entering my life as an innocent"

"He had shown off pretty well"

"He made me his ex now"

"He changed his status to married"

"Men are quite dangerous, they
ditch you by the time you fall for them"

"My life is one big mess"

"My life is one big mess"

"My life is one big mess"

"My life is one big mess"

[cicadas chirping]

Hey, Abhi!



-Are you Abhi?
-Are you drunk?

Confirmed. You're drunk.

-Hey! Don't shout.


-Abhi! Abhi!
-You can take me aside and hit me.

-I can't help that he's engaged...
-Call him here uncle.

-Hi, Abhi.

She's drunk, man.
Handle her carefully.

[cicadas chirping]

Kantham, are you drunk?


What's going on, Kantham?

I'm in pain, Abhi. Pain!

They call it 'Dard' in Hindi.

-I guess you're totally drunk.
-Shh... Shh...

Don't talk. Let me look.

You look like James Band...
sorry James Bond in this suit, you know?


I asked you to stay quite right?

So this is it?

-Are you engaged officially?
-Shucks! Kantham.

[cicadas chirping]

You'll not care about me anymore.

You'll be busy with
your life and your Pooja.

Abhi, remember the first time we met?

In front of my house.

Blue shirt, torn jeans...


Second time was at the coffee shop.

Black hoodie, black cap...

You were hiding from me. So cute!

I noticed the colour
of your eyes that day.


I don't know, Abhi.

Every minute spent with you...

I remember all of it in detail.

From the clothes you wore
and to the roads we explored.

The coffee shops, weather,
your shoes, watch, perfume...


But you're pretending like
there's nothing between us.

F***, man!

Even I thought of pretending like you.

But I couldn't.

Did you get over me in a couple of months?
[cicadas chirping]

Or just few days?

334 days!

I can calculate the hours,
minutes, seconds and tell you.

Just like you remember
all our moments in detail...

And with that...

I remember all my
moments of pain since you left.

I didn't know what to do.

In the play area the other day...

I thought we had a moment.

But you left the very next day.

I waited for you like a mad person.

I waited all day hoping you'd come.

And all night bearing the pain.

Days flew by.

Like it's shown in the movies,

drinking and smoking, I tried them too.

Huh! I don't know why.

But I felt a sense of
satisfaction when I hurt myself.

You should've seen my mom and dad.

When I was suffering in pain,
they were going through hell.

You should've waited for
me few more days, Abhi.

If I had any hope of you coming back,

I would've waited a lifetime.

Have you ever done
anything to make me feel hopeful?

-Do you know why I left?
-Why are we even talking about this?

I can't take the fact that
you're not mine anymore, Abhi.

You won't be around, calling me Kantham.

I can't see this spark in
your eyes after tonight.

Don't you belong to me anymore, Abhi?

[cicadas chirping]
Don't you belong to me anymore?

If Pooja hadn't come into your life...

If I had come back sooner...


Abhi... Abhi... Abhi...

Wake up quickly.
I'm really hungry.

Let's go. Please.


[radio playing]

Abhi, I'm so sorry.

I was so drunk last night I
didn't know what I was saying.

Don't take it to your heart.

You two take these
tickets and go for a trip.

If you take these,
it's like accepting my apology.

Think of it as a gift to your engagement.

Please take it.

I'm very happy, Abhi.

Thank you so much for the surprise!


Can I ask you something?

Hmm. Sure.

Are you comfortable with Kantham?

Shucks! Abhi!

No, Pooja. I'm serious. Please tell me.

[birds chirping]
Okay, Abhi.

I'll tell you something.
I'll only tell you once.

I don't want you to bring this up again.

No, Abhi.
I'm not comfortable with Suryakantham.

But because she's important to you...

She's important to me as well.


Hi! Hi!

Abhi, I'll just be back.

You think I'm here for your birthday?

I just couldn't bear the
thought of you two being alone.

Anything can happen on
these holidays, you know.

-We didn't plan anything yet.
-Shut up!

I didn't mean it that way.

You might fight,
have differences and part ways.


-Er... Kareena Kapoor.

-Shahid Kapoor.

Saif Ali Khan!

Oh god!

Tell me. What do you think?


Are you sharing any secrets?

Er... Secrets...

You're here on a holiday, so...

I can be the wedding photographer
and click some pictures for you guys.

-No. No. No.

Sounds good.

[birds chirping]

Happy birthday to you!

To you!

Happy birthday to Abhi!

Happy birthday!

Thanks for the surprise.

Excuse me.


you have to taste this.

This is also yummy.
You have to taste this.

[fork clinks]

Er... I see a fly.

Okay. I'll use another fork.

Abhi, I saw a fly in the bowl.

Not on the fork.

That's okay.

I'll clean up and come.

Okay. Let me come with you.

"A part of my heart"

"Left me behind"

"The rest of my heart"

"Doesn't listen to me at all"

"But heart"

"Can't accept this fact"

"It can't let go of memories"

"Doesn't it let go of him?"

"How do I get along..."

"...with this separation?"

"How will this agony of my heart..."

"...leave me?"

"I'm not myself anymore,
I'm not with him anymore"

"Heart ceases to beat"

"I see no wounds
but I'm perishing"

"Pain is killing me from within"

"It's breaking my heart"

"It's breaking my heart"

"It's breaking my heart, my love"

"It's breaking my heart"

"It's breaking my heart"

"It's breaking my heart, my love"

Hey! What are you doing here all alone?

Let's play some game.

Abhi, come.

So guys, these are the game rules.

Each one of us gets a shot glass.

Whoever this empty
bottle stops pointing at...

...has to drink the
shot and choose truth or dare.


Is vodka a compulsion in this game?

Shucks! It helps with both truth and dare.

We're on a holiday anyway.

Come on, guys! Let's have some fun.


Truth or dare?


Tell me two things no one knows about you.

One, I smoke when I'm really stressed.

Two, I put my arms and legs
on the person lying next to me.

I know these two things about you.

Only you know.

[cicadas chirping]


What's your favourite memory with me?

In the play area...

That's my favourite memory.


How many guys did you kiss?

Just one.

Only Abhi.


Your first kiss?

It was with you.

Let me ask.


A secret between you
two which no one knows?

Not just one, Pooja. Let me tell you two.

Since I returned,

-I proposed to Abhi twice.

And the reason I'm
here is to break you up.

-Abhi knows that too.

Has he ever told you this in
your transparent relationship?

-Even this trip is olanned by me.
-Pooja can we...


Pooja, listen! Pooja.

[door creaks]
Pooja, please listen to me once.

Is she telling the truth?

Pooja, actually...

First tell me if it's the truth or not.

You hid things from me again.

please give me one chance to explain.

There's nothing left to explain, Abhi.

You're feeling guilty.

And I'm feeling cheated.

Shucks! Pooja!

And knowing that she
came here to separate us... still entertained her till now.

No, Pooja.

What were you thinking, Abhi?

Have you kept your options?

You wanted to choose?

-Pooja, listen...
-Were we two choices to you?

It's not like that.

Do you get how this is making me feel?


Don't talk to me.

I'm not in a state to
understand anything you say.

Please just leave me alone!


[glass breaks]

[glass breaks]



Pooja! Pooja!


Bro, follow her. Follow her.

Pooja! Pooja!

Pooja, what is this? Where are you going?

Don't create a scene here, Abhi.

I'll yell at you if you
stay here for a while.

I can't stop crying.

I'm afraid I'll begin to hate you.

I not liking myself like this, Abhi.

Pooja, I know what I've done isn't right.

But before you leave,
please give me one chance to explain.

Just one chance.



I went to tell her about us that day.

She's afraid of
commitment and relationships.

Pooja... but I now realized...

She didn't go away to part ways from me.

But to grow close enough
to never go away again.

When she came back
and said she loved me...

I'm supposed to jump around like
a crazy person and hug her tight.

But do you know how bad I reacted?

Even I didn't understand why.

Then I realized...

I fell hard for you.

More than the joy of finding her love...

I felt afraid of losing you.

Then tell her, Abhi.

Ask her to leave us and you alone.

She'll suffer, Pooja.

I promised her mom.

She's really important to me.

I can't hurt her.

Give her some time.

This is just a phase.

She'll understand.

And I want you with me in this.

What if she doesn't understand?

That's what I fear.

I'm also a girl, Abhi.
I can't live with this insecurity.

You don't say a word
no matter what she does.

That means you're confused.

That is why I'm leaving.

It's not right for us to get
married amidst the confusion.

So, I'm cancelling our wedding.

Will you let me go, or leave her for me

It's up to you.

"All the love hidden in the heart"

"There's no point in abandoning it"

"Love that is desperate for attention"

"It can compel you to surrender"

"Love that sacrifices life for another"

"It can make you question your will"

"Love that defies the purpose of wait"

"It returns like a curse"

"What do any of our hearts hold?"

"How will the pain ever subside?"

"What happened in the meanwhile?"

"Time refuses to stand testimony"

"Go away, my love"

"Isn't love all about sacrifice?"

"Go away, my love"

"Isn't love all about compromise?"

[phone rings]


What happened son?


Are you okay with any decision
I make regarding my marriage?

What's wrong? Is there a problem?

I can't explain everything now dad.

Just tell me if you're okay with it.

We're okay with any
decision that keeps you happy.

This is your marriage.

The most personal and
selfish decision in your life.

What we and others think doesn't matter.

What are you thinking?
What do you want?

Think a hundred times
before making the decision.

Once you've decided,
don't be confused anymore.


It's about life.

Abhi, what are you doing?

Come. Come, sit.

-Tell me.

Tell me. What's the plan? Huh?

Pooja left me.

We broke up just like you wanted.

It's just you and me now. Tell me!

Why are you silent?
I'm expecting something from you.

-Let's get married.

You and me.

Let's get married.
[birds chirping]


Let's get married.


I want a stable family life.

I want kids.

And I want commitment.

You should always be with me.
Right next to me.

Can you do that?

I know how marriage works, Abhi.

I won't leave your side for a second.



So what's the plan?

Let's get married right now.

In some registrar's office.

What about mom and dad?

What about mom and dad?

Both of us are fine with this, right?

We can meet them later.

We're talking about marriage, Kantham.

You might not have a family. But I do...

[birds chirping]

Sorry. That wasn't my intention.

No, Abhi. You're hundred percent right.

Because I don't have parents,
the thought never struck my mind.

I'll talk to aunty and uncle.

Let's get out of here first. Come.

"Heart is a mystery"

"Man changes with time"

"He tends to falter"

"Soul reaches a standstill,
she crosses paths with me"

"What is this pain called?"

"It is beyond comprehension"

"Go away, my love"

"Isn't love all about sacrifice?"

"Go away, my love"

"Isn't love all about compromise?"

We better call Pooja and family.


I guess they're inside.

You wait right here.

I'll go talk to them and be back.

You don't worry, Abhi.

We won't have a problem.

Hi, Pooja.

Hi, aunty.

Actually, I came wanting to say a lot.

But after standing here,
I feel a little nervous.

I'll take a minute's time.

Pooja, will you come closer to me?

I want to ask you something personally.

Will you let go of Abhi for me?

I was just pulling your leg. Sorry.

I'll tell you something.

I'll only tell you once.

I don't want you to show off, okay?

I'm very sorry, Pooja.

I loved Abhi unexpectedly.


I disturbed you both on purpose.

I'm so sorry.

I really love Abhi, Pooja.

As much as...

I love my mom.

Every time Abhi was with
me, I'd feel like a Princess.

I wanted that feeling for a lifetime.

But I have a bloody
useless commitment phobia.

Every time Abhi came
closer, I'd feel afraid.

I'd run away.

That's what I did last time.

I thought I was running
away from situations. But...

I never thought I was
running away from Abhi's life.

I took a long time to digest the fact
that Abhi isn't in my life anymore.

I couldn't take it at all.

I didn't know what to do
or whom to share with.

Everyone's love has a
period of time, Pooja.

This isn't my period of time.

That doesn't mean I'm not in love.

Actually, Abhi could've cut me
off long back if he wanted to.

But he didn't do it.

He was very clear about you.

He let me go through this phase.

I was playing a game I lost ages ago,

I won't play anymore.

I hate you, Pooja! For what you are.

How can you be so perfect and beautiful?

Inside and out.

Abhi wants you.

You want Abhi.

Who the hell am I to say no?

I'll go and send him to you.

If Abhi sheds a single
tear because of you...

I'm with him.

Don't forget that.


I never guessed I'd get to
say this dialogue in real life.

Will you do me a favour, Pooja?

Can you not read this and give
it to Abhi when he comes in?


I realized something, Pooja.

Love isn't always about being together.

It's also about letting go when needed.

Then I realized.

I fell hard for you.

More than the joy of finding her love...

I felt afraid of losing you.

Then tell her, Abhi.

Ask her to leave us and you alone.

Why do you look so dull?

Look at you.

You've turned all red.

Why are you so tensed, Abhi?

Don't worry.

I set everything right for you.

It's about their
daughter's wedding after all.

They got serious at first
but slowly understood.

They're waiting for you. Go in.


I totally forgot.



Actually I was...

I'll tell you something.
I'll only tell you once.

I don't want you to show off, okay?

I love you, Abhi!

She asked me to give you this letter.


"Go away, my love"

"Isn't love all about sacrifice?"

"Go away, my love"

"Isn't love all about compromise?"

[music mutes voice]



I know what you want.

Didn't I tell you?
I set everything right for you.

Pooja is a great girl.

A perfect example of how a girl should be.

I'm so sorry for
troubling you this whole time.

I'll tell you something. Don't panic.

This might be a bit shocking to you.

I don't have much time Abhi

That is why I wanted to
spend maximum time with you.

I did.

Now I want to go peacefully.

I'm telling this to you alone.

Don't come looking for me.

This is how I want you to be.

I left writing that...

Abhi was my best memory.

Sister, do you have cancer?

"Radio: Jab Hum Jawan Honge song
is been played from the film Betaab"

Did you believe me?

If you did,
Abhi would believe much easily.

You don't have cancer?

Why did you say all that then?

Because I don't want him
to come looking for me.

Because I don't want him to wait
for me to return.


-My foot!
-Watch your tongue, man!

There's a city called Hyderabad.

I'll smack you here and the sound
will echo there.


Hi, Abhi...

When did you come?

I came when you were explaining
your climax in detail.

Oh! You found out, huh?

Bloody hell! You have cancer, huh?

-Abhi! Abhi! Abhi! Please!
-Stop there.

-I didn't know what else to write.
-What? What did you say?

I felt all cinematic and used
my creative mind. Sorry.

Do you get these ideas from your
brain or the lice in your hair?


Hey, Kantham!

I can't run anymore. Stop!

I can't give highly emotional
and philosophical dialogues now.

I'm getting married. Come on.

Abhi, why are you doing this right now?

What will Pooja think about this?

Just like Pooja doesn't have a problem
with mom, dad and Sunny uncle...

She has no problem with you.

They're my family and so are you. Okay?


"This wedding is a feast to eyes"

"This happiness is very precious"

"This wedding is a feast to eyes"

"This happiness is very precious"

"This jolly moment"

"Is the time when hearts unite"


A person to go home to.

A happy place called home.

"This happiness is very precious"

"This jolly moment"

"Is the time when hearts unite"