Surya vs. Surya (2015) - full transcript

The film story revolves around a young man Surya (Nikhil Siddharth) who suffers with a heriditary disorder Porphyria, that prevents him from going outside during the day and enjoying the beauty of life during daytime. He is raised by his mom Madhoo. Additionally, he falls in love with a Tv anchor (Tridha Choudary). Be that as it may he doesn't advise about his medicinal condition to her as he reasons for alarm that she may respond contrarily. She feels sold out when she comes to think about it through others. Rest of the story is about how Surya picks up certainty and wins his affection back.


If you give Surya carrot juice
with a dash of pepper and turmeric

in the evenings,
it will do wonders for his health.

Pepper and turmeric is not
added in carrot juice.

It is given with milk.

If you want to experiment something

try it on your son.
- Okay.

Don't try it on my son!
- Okay!

It is time for
him to go to college.

Did you serve him food?
- Yes, I did.

He must have left by now.


You don't even come out in the sun.

Why do you need a girlfriend?

Forget all this and study well.

Aruna did not come today.
He asked me to drop you.

Hey, get down.

Get down..

Are you wondering why you
weren't dropped at your college?

From tomorrow, everyone from
your college will look for you.

You did not understand, isn't it?

My boy! If a man has
to exhibit his valour

he should prove it against
another man.

This is the ideal spot!

After all for a TV anchor

how dare you attack my men?

Zubair! Zen Zubair!

People call me
the tiger of old city.

This will be your last night.

Hey, put off the lights

and show him how fearful
darkness could be.


He might die if you
hit him so hard.

Be gentle.


Switch on the lights.

Stop it..

I don't get scared when its dark.

In fact, I live in the dark.

My name is Surya.

I cannot see the sun.


Hey, mind you!

You are leaving the tiger
of the old city

Zen Zubair behind.
- Go on, pal.

We can't handle him, sir.
- Go on.

Go quickly..

You rascals, how dare
you betray Zen Zubair?

I stood by all of you,
but you are betraying me now.

If you dare to come back
to eat my sweet Paan

I'll break your legs

and throw it in the burning stove.

I swear on my mother,
I'll slaughter you all.

Sir, don't take this seriously.

Forget everything and come
to Zubair's Paan palace.

I will make a special sweet Paan

at free of cost.

Come on. Start the auto
and drop me at the college.

Sir, that's an auto, not a boat.

Sir, that's an auto, not a boat.

That's a boat, the one going there.

We call that a boat.

So, is this an island?

In that case, ask them to return.

You hit them black and blue.
Why would they come back?

They will not return.

You hit them so hard

that they deserted me too.

I'll give you a number,
make a call.

Battery is low.

Further, there is no signal.

I am sorry.

Sir, there's phone network here.

But it is fluctuating. Tell me
the number quickly.

- 98484..

The number you are trying
to reach is currently busy.

To leave a voice message

in your phone, press star..
- Try another number. - Okay.

in your phone, press star..
- Try another number. - Okay.

I think, 984854..

Quickly, sir.
The battery is dying.



"Look at the abode
of Lord Venkateswara.."


Is it your dad?
- No, he's my friend.


- Mr. Ersam.

It's me, Surya.
- Surya.. Your classmate.


I know why you did not come
to the college today. - Do you?

You don't have to worry.

Aruna, you and I

have finally passed this year.

That's not the problem, Mr. Ersam.
Please listen to me.

I know what you are about to ask.

You were going to ask for a party,

Sure. We'll party tomorrow evening

at Bangalore Iyengar bakery

over a cookie, a cool drink

and if that is not enough..
- Gosh! cream filled bun too.
- Hey, old man!

Stop reading the menu.

Stop reading the menu.

First listen to what
your friend has to say!

Mr. Ersam, I am stuck
in a problem. - What?

Hello? - I'm stuck on an island
at present..

I..I am stuck..

What happened?

Battery died.

Is there no other way
to get out of this place?

Nothing at all.


Fishermen will come at dawn!

They can help us.

Is there no other option?

Yes, there is.

If you can swim

we can swim across
to the other side.

But, I cannot swim.. sir.

This is highly impossible.

Hey, have you gone mad?

You will die, sir. Come back.


Come back..
- How far am I?

I can't do it.

I knew you would return.

Didn't I tell you that
the fisherman will arrive at dawn?

Can't you wait until then?

Why did you do risk it, sir?

The sun will rise
before they get here.

Once the sun is out, I will die.

Did you just say you'll die?

Take this.

At such times,
alcohol is a great stress buster.

Thank you.
- Don't mention it.


While I was following you,
I happened to see your college.

It did not look
like a college though.

It looked like a railway station.

Are there colleges like these too?

Now tell me.

You said you'll die once
the sun rises. Why is that so?

What is your story?

Hello, hero!
This is a night college.

You'll find woman of my age
more than young girls here.

Whether you wear a shirt or not

no one will notice you.

If you munch on all
sorts of rubbish

you will have bad breath.
I am talking to you.

Listen! Go straight to your class.
Return to home once you are done.

If you try to act smart,
I will kill you. - Okay.


Your way of dressing is classy.

However, your college
looks pretty cheap.

Why did you enroll
in such a college?


Do you really have to study here?

You leave, Mom.
- Hey, it's your fate.

No one can alter
another person's fate.



Oh, my God!

Don't stick papers..

Oh, my God! There's a strike!

How much is this?
- Rs. 80..

Hey, step aside. Please come, sir.

Hey, sit there.

Sit down, sir.


His name is Aruna Sai.

I'd heard that auto drivers easily
sweep young girls off their feet.

Now, I kind of believe it.

Why are you so fond of me?

I am impressed with
your driving skills, Aruna.

He fell in love easily

but as precondition to wedding,
he had to complete his graduation.

So, he landed here.

I am Aruna Sai, an auto driver.

I am Surya, a student.

Is this B.SC mathematics class?

No. This is B.SC
mathematics class, sir.

Oh! You are from
Telugu medium is it?

Her English is weak.

Hello, three people
can fit in a bench.

His parents gave him that name.
'Erisami Grocery, General Stores'

He changed it to Ersam.

Nine times six is fifty four.

Nine times seven is sixty three.

Nine times eight is seventy.

Nine times nine is seventy two.

Nine times ten.. - Nine times
eight is seventy two, stupid girl!

Nine times ten.. - Nine times
eight is seventy two, stupid girl!

You are not even a graduate.
How can you teach me?

Realising that education
is more valuable than experience

he came here.

Yes, get up.
- Good evening, sir..

Good evening, everybody. Sit down.
- Thank you, sir..

Welcome to night college.

While the rest of the world
is working hard after education

all of you have come
now to study here.

So, let's not waste time.

We will begin the class
after quick introductions.

Come on, quick.

I am Naresh. I own a browsing
centre in Balanagar.

I am Babu.
I am trying to get into movies.

I am Dandu Subba Raju,
MLA from Polavaram.

I won with a majority
of 1,25,000 votes.

I am Mahroof. I am a gun supplier..
- Oh.

...for movies.

I am Bhajan Lal. I own a jewellery
shop in the old city, sir.

I am Satya. I am a housewife.

I am Bhasha.
I run a welding shop, sir.

I guess the person who was
frustrated with darkness

invented light bulb.

That light laid the way
to this night college.

Come, I will drop you.
- Okay..

Usually, my mother answers
my call at the very first ring.

But on that fine day,
she didn't answer my call.

And then

two odd friends entered my life.

Old man?

Hey, whom are you calling that?
- Oh! Sorry! Sir?

What do you want, pal?

Can you drop me at Madhapur?
- Don't worry, Surya.

I am going to Miyapur.

Madhapur is just a stone's
throw from Miyapur.

Madhapur is just a stone's
throw from Miyapur.

Get in.

Move in.
- Oh, thank you.

"You are a player.
A magical deer.."

On the very first day of college

our principal stuffed us with
enough problems in mathematics.

I am kind of worked
up with all this.

It would be great
if I get to have a cold beer now.

I can relate to it.

But where will you get it at
this late in the night?

I know.


Mr. Ramesh.
- Yes?

Why have you come in an auto?
- Get me three Kulfis.

Do you want Kulfi?

Isn't your flavor butterscotch?

Why are they talking about
butterscotch and Kulfi?

But we were asking for beer.

I joined the night college today.

I changed the flavor for fun.

Oh, so this is not
like once a month anymore.

You will come here,
frequently. Isn't it? - Yes..

- Why only three beers?

Does this old man need beer?

He's dead today.
- How dare you call me an old man?

We all are from the same class
and we share the same bench. - Yes.

Further, everyone is equal when
it comes to beer.

Why do you want to talk
about his age, sir?

Please give us the Kulfi
and help us cool down!

He's appears to be hot headed.
Take this.

The three of you remind me
of 'Manam' movie poster.

Only the dog is missing.
- You can fit its role.

How dare you?
- Stop.

Come let's have fun and drink
beer. - Yes.

This marks the beginning
of our student life.

From today,
we'll have Kulfi every night.

That's when I realised
ageless friendship means

making older people your friends.


"Our minds are
completely worked up."

"It's the wee hours of the night."

"The entire world
appears to be against us."

"Police has asked
us to clear the spot."

"Police has asked
us to clear the spot."

"Raise your bottles
and say cheers."

"Let's drink without a break."

"Let's have fun."

"Let's celebrate friendship."

"Let's have fun."

"Let's celebrate friendship."

"Midnight is like a blackboard,
it is all around us."

"The moonlight is like
a chalk."

"Make friends
and have a good time."

"Life is greeting us
with open arms."

"Come! Let's have nonstop fun."

"Come! Let's have nonstop fun."

"If you miss out on such
good days, life is wasted."

"We live during the day"

"and have fun at night.
Let's ensure to stay like this"

"and bond our
friendship well."

"Irrespective of age, size,
range and caste"

"friends must be like us."

"Let's have fun."

"Let's celebrate friendship."

"Let's have fun."
- It's good.

A old man, a middle aged man
and a young boy.

What's good about it?

- Oh, no!
- Hey! Move aside. I will play.

Yes, kick! Mr. Ersam.. defend..
- Yes.. - They won!

This is what happens
when you play football with hands!

I won't play anymore.

Helmet and jacket are compulsory.

Oh my!

Are you happy now?


Guys, welcome to my
entertainment zone. My terrace!


Come along.
I've given him potato chips.

It's Tomato tango Spanish flavour.
"Nights are colorful and alive."

"Let's have fun playing games."

"Let's forget our
silly fights and move on"

"until the sun rises
the following morning."

"This kingdom is entirely ours.
Come, let's have fun."

"Let's take an oath upon Charminar
to be friends for years to come."

"Let's have fun."

"Let's celebrate friendship."

"Let's celebrate friendship."

"Let's have fun."

"Let's celebrate friendship."

You can achieve nothing in
life if you score zeros like this.

That won't happen, sir.
I run an auto.

I don't care about all that.

These marks and your attitude
should not be repeated.

Get out, useless fellows!

Hey, old man! Wait there.

Leave me. - I asked you to wait.
Why are you stopping them?

You are old enough.

Aren't you ashamed to be sketching
principal's pictures on walls?

Do you think you are Picasso?

Listen, if you repeat this again

I will forget my age
and punish you. Useless fellow.

Instead of principal,
I should have drawn his face.

Is this a bedroom or a store room?

Shubha.. why have
you not cleaned this?

What do I do?

Your son is drinking with
his friends on the terrace.

I was arranging snacks for them.
What should I do, ma'am?

Arrange it.

If not at this age,
when will they have fun?

It is fine if he is drinking
with friends of his age.

But I feel irritated to see
him drink with such old people.

On top of that, the old fellow
wants fried chicken.

The auto driver wants prawns.

Arrange whatever his friends ask.

Why are you thinking
so much, Surya?

Are you afraid of today's test?

Forget everything
and enjoy your drink.

There's something I have
to tell you about me. - Okay.

I have a rare genetic disorder.

A condition related to Porphyria.

What is that?

In simple terms

I will die if I come out
in the sunlight.

March 3, 1992.

March 3, 1992.

While my mom was
pregnant with me

my father died in an accident,
plunging our lives into darkness.

Thereafter, the doctor
said I can never see the sunlight

and cast my life
in darkness forever.

Neither my husband
nor I have this disorder.

How did my son get it?

You think your husband
had no such problems.


Porphyria Cutanea Tarda.

A disease which results
in decrease of hemoglobin.

In simple terms

hemoglobin is a vital component
in every human being.

But the enzyme producing
this hemoglobin

will be very low in people
with this disease.

There's a strange fact about this.

One among 1,000 people with this
disease will have no symptoms.

However, one among crore
will show all symptoms.

Fortunately, your husband
was one among the thousands.

your son is one in a crore.

your son is one in a crore.

Do you mean that if he
is taken out in the sunlight

will he tan?

Usually it takes four to five
hours for a kid to get tanned.

But your son will get tanned
in less than five minutes.

In the next ten minutes,
he will lose his sight.

In the next fifteen minutes,
his skin will be scorched.

So, do I have to keep Surya
indoors throughout his life?

Not for his entire life.

He should be kept indoors
until 6.30 p.m. every day.

In other words, Surya is a vampire.

Don't panic.

I am not trying to scare you.

I am only trying to explain.

Even in such a tragic situation,
it's ironic

that your mother named you Surya.

Look, dear. This is sun.

Since I could never
see sun in my life

my mother got little creative
and gave me that name.

Never go out in the sun!

Never go out in the sun!

- Okay.

Are you trying to fool us, pal?

Have you never seen
the sun until now?

Hey.. - Mom..
- Surya..

Vitamin D enables bone formation.

But you can't generate vitamin D
without going out in the Sun.

and inject vitamin D in me.

It's over, dear..
- Mom..

It is over, calm down.

Now see what I will do.

It's only for those five minutes
that I saw the sun.

That's it. Once my
bones were strong enough

I didn't even see sun's picture.

Does that mean you can never
come out in daylight, Surya?

Does that mean you can never
come out in daylight, Surya?

Why not?

Rain will stop
and clouds will disperse.

The sun will come out after that.

He will kill you.

If you ever step out
before 6.30 p.m. again

I will break your legs.

Go and enjoy now.

So you have never
been to school is it?

What is the need for
you to attend school?

You can watch TV

play video games or watch movies.

If you really want to,
we will go for late night movies.

People study and struggle
to earn money.

You have enough money
to last a lifetime.

But everyone else
is going to school.

All of them look for
shade from the sun.

You have no such necessity at all.

Edison who invented the bulb

never attended school.

Not just Edison.

Many more like Newton and Ramanujan
didn't like going to school.

School is boring, my son.

Eat happily and go to sleep.

Eat happily and go to sleep.

Life is not just about eating
and sleeping, Surya.

A human being should have
a creative and colourful life.

Look at me,
I used to perform on TV.

Aruna can impress
girls with his driving skills.

What about you?
What are your talents?

It's my hobby to play
with toy cars.

It got little serious.

I started playing with real cars.
- Driver, take me to the market.

After that, I got my license.

I have enough fun with all cars.

Can you drive better than me?

Help! Someone save me!

Help! Someone save me!

Looks like I am going
to die in this car.

Even with license, drunken
driving is hazardous, Surya.

Police will check
for drunken driving.

Only now I understand

why you come in my auto
despite having a car at home.

Please stop, Surya.
My lover is dependent on me.

Why are you speeding?
- Stop.

Driving car in high speed

fixing the parts even faster

is all the talent I have,
Mr. Ersam.

You could have explained it.
Why do you have to exhibit?

Besides, I know boxing too.

We don't want a demonstration.

I am feeling sober now.

I should definitely eat something
now. Also, it is weekend.

During the weekends,
I usually hangout at two joints.

One is a crowded
restaurant, Alam Dulillah.

It's okay.

Hey! What nonsense, fool!
- I will trash you.

Shut up and eat.

Second, something that cools
me down after I eat Biryani.


Sir, why have you
stopped coming here?

Have you forgotten my popsicles?

In fact, I've chosen you
as my customer of the year, sir.

Is that so?

It looks like a black
and white photograph.

That's why, the three of us
will have three colas.

- Here is the money.

Thank you so much. With your grace,
I have upgraded from cart to van.

You are great.

Here you go.

Oh, it's wonderful, Surya.

Enjoy, sir.


Hey, Surya. Watch it!


Ignore them. There are too many
drunkards in the city these days.

Please take another popsicle.
- Idiots!

Please take another popsicle.
- Idiots!

Is is the same flavour?
- How is it?

Thank you, it's superb.

Excuse me, are you injured?

No, I am fine. Thank you.

- How's it, Surya?

Come, let's try popsicle today.

Finally, the heroine has
arrived in the story.

No, she is not a heroine.

The one sitting behind
her is the heroine.

Did she come to have popsicle?

This popsicle is made out of ice
from the mortuary. I don't want it.

Sir, you don't worry.
Our ice is made from mineral water.

Really? - Look ma'am, it is your
choice to have popsicle or not.

Don't talk rubbish before
my valuable customers

and hamper my business.

Hey, shut up and come.
- You don't worry, sir.

'Kaala Katta', rose orange, mango..

'Picha' fruit?

What is 'Picha' fruit?

I will tell you.

Navittam Picha.

That's a fruit.

Mad about movies,
that's another fruit.

Being mad about love,
it is a big fruit.

If you need the best of the lot

you must try our
'Picha' fruit flavour.

Trust me.

Don't you believe me yet?

Can you see the handsome
and fair guy like me there?

He is the customer of the year.
You can ask him.

It's really good..
It's v-very nice.

Every day, he has
'Picha' fruit flavour.

Her name is Sanjana.

She is an anchor of a late
night show on Television.

I am in love with her
for almost two years now.

But she also does
not know about it.

How is that possible?
- Simple.

I fell in love with her
watching her on TV.

Until then, I'd seen
her only on live show.

She was finally standing
in front of me.

First time!

Even though I had my favourite
popsicle in my hand

I couldn't take my eyes off her.
The next day..

"What use are eyes
devoid of the iris?"

"What is the use of such eyes?"

If you like her so much,
you must blindly fall in love.

But I have a big problem!

Even in the movie 'Ghajini',
the hero had heroines.

Nayantara and Asin.

That is a movie..
- Let alone hero Suriya.

Even our friend, Auto Aruna
has successfully wooed a girl.

He bunks college and roams
around the city.


All these diseases and situations

are never a hindrance
for love, Surya.

So do you think I too can
woo that girl, Mr. Ersam?

If your love is true

you can impress
her grandmother too.

Her grandmother?
- I have an idea.

First, what is the occupation
of that girl?

'Let's see if you can answer.'

'Hi! Hello! Welcome to'

'Suraksh TV presenting
'Let's see if you can answer.''

She is the one.

'This is the celebrity you
have to recognize today. Ta-da!'

'Without wasting time,
let's see who our first caller is.'

That's the show.
- 'Dial 040-34593459'

That's the show.
- 'Dial 040-34593459'

'Why are you still waiting?'

I didn't expect you to have
such a wild taste, Surya.

'Our first caller is ready.
Mr. Bujji, where are you from?'

'From Pragathi Nagar. - Oh!
It's a beautiful place, Mr. Bujji!'

'Guess the name of the celebrity
flashing on your TV screen.'

'You have four options.'

'1. Vijayakanth.'

'2. Narayana Murthy.'

'3. Mahesh Babu.'

'4. Rajasekhar.'

'Come on,
you should tell us quickly.'

'If your guess is right,
you can win Rs. 25,000!'

'Rs. 25,000 as gift money!'

'Come on! Time is running out,
Mr. Bujji from Pragathi Nagar.'

'Come on..' - Mahesh Ba..
- 'Narayana Murthy!'

'Is it Narayana Murthy?'

'That's a wrong answer,
Mr. Bujji.'

'You missed it by a whisker.'

What kind of show is this?
Why is this girl hosting it?

Why do you like her?

She is such a talkative girl.

Will she allow you to speak?
- 'But still, stay positive.'

'Call us. Keep trying.'
- Oh yes, we will..

'Let's see who is the next lucky
caller in our programme.' - Sound..



'Who is this?'
- Take a guess!

'Who else it could be?'

'Since two years'

'you are the only caller who
is regularly calling our show.'

'Surya, the sun.'

For two years..
- Yes.

Are you crazy?

'If you grace us
with your presence'

'we'll click a picture of you
and put it up in our studio.'

Then why didn't you click a picture
when you met me other day?

It's me.
I was near the popsicle van.

'Picha' fruit flavour,
customer of the year!

I.. - Don't you remember us, dear?

'Picha' fruit flavoured popsicle..

'M-Mr. Surya,
forget about all that'

'and guess who this celebrity is.'

'Rs. 25,000 is waiting for you.'
- He is Krishna's son Mahesh Babu!

You look very beautiful, madam.

'I know that I am
very beautiful, Surya.'

'But that does not matter now.'

'For the last two years,
you've failed to win Rs. 25,000.'

'Try to win at least today,

Come on, Surya. You will win 25000.

Tell her it is Mahesh Babu.

'Come on..'

'Quickly..' - When will you come
to have a popsicle again?

What nonsense!
- 'Time is up.' - Mahesh Babu..

'Bad luck, Surya.'

What a waste of time!

'But thank you so much
for your presence.'

'I will definitely come
someday to have a popsicle.'

'Better luck next time.'

Your love story hasn't
even started yet

and you already lost Rs. 25,000.

She has promised to come
for popsicle, Mr. Ersam.

She recognises me. Yes!

"Since my granddaughter
insulted me."

"I joined the night college."

"Now, I am bunking college to have
'Picha' fruit flavour popsicle"

"and I am ruining my future."

"Charlie Chaplin,
can you please tell me."

"Is this comedy or a tragedy?
You tell me."

I understand now.

Are studies more important
to you than our friend's love?

Sir, one more 'Picha' fruit
flavoured popsicle.

If you wait here sucking
on popsicles

she won't come for you, Surya.

I have an idea.

If she does not come here,
why don't we go to her?

That's not appropriate.

We shouldn't go there
without a proper plan.

You start the car.
Hey, you get your van too.

If it costs Rs. 10,000
just for an introduction

how much will it cost to love?

How much will it
cost to get married?

Will the girl at least have
come here for the show?

Why will she not come?
She must have already come.

It's her daily programme.

It is better to call once, Surya.
- Go ahead. He is right.

'Let's see who our next caller is.
- Hello, I am Surya.'

'Hi, Surya. How are you?'

'Where are you calling from?'

Where else?
I am right below your office.

'Okay, Surya.'

'Let's get back to the show.'

'Guess the name of the celebrity
flashing on your TV screen'

'and win Rs. 25,000.'

'Rs. 25,000!'

I am not in front of a TV now.

'Oh, is it so?
Time is running out, Surya.'

'Okay, I will give you a clue.'

'He is like a bullet
which is six feet tall.'

'Recently, he starred
a sentimental movie.'

'Recently, he starred
a sentimental movie.'

'It was a super hit.'

The youth know him!

He is the terror
for his mother-in-law

'and darling for his wife.'

'Megastar Chiranjeevi.'

It is Power star Pavan Kalyan.
- Oh!

Hello, sir.

This is called generation gap.

'It's the first I'm talking to you
without seeing you on screen.'

'Time is running out, Surya.'
- It's cool.

'Time is up!'

'You will not change.
Better luck next time.'

'A small break before we
talk to our next caller.'

'We will be right back,
stay tuned with us.'

If you receive one more call
from that number, block it.

We have only two
regular callers.

One is this guy
and the second is your wife.

If we block these people

we will have to rob
in the night time for a living!

Please order coffee.
I'm feeling sleepy.


Ma'am, how come you left
the show in between and came here?

Ma'am, how come you left
the show in between and came here?

Will you have a popsicle?

Are you trying to show off
before the media?

Have you shifted your
popsicle business here?

Well, I don't know anything.

He gave me money

and he brought me here in his
vehicle. I don't know anything.

You can take this if you want it.

Do you really want this girl,

Though you are so intelligent,
don't you know about Pawan Kalyan?

I am a big fan of his.

But if I recognize him,
you will not talk to me again.

What a line!
- What?

Are you trying to woo me?

Give me your phone.

Do not call every night.

They are planning
to block your number.

That's reasonable.

This is my number.

Call me directly from now on.

I do not get wooed easily.

You can try. Try sincerely though.

You can try. Try sincerely though.

"My heart is following"


"just like a shadow.
Look at his true love."

"How deep the love is,
dying for you."

"You are in every breath of his."

"See how deep is the
love and longing."

"He is dying for you."

"His breath is filled
with thoughts of you."

"Oh dear, God!"

"Oh dear, God!"

"Oh dear, God!"

"Baby! You got me."

"New sunshine
in this night, yes."

"I never want to let you go."

"Your love makes me
float in the air."

"I'm finally with you, Sanjana.."

"Love is happiness."

"Love is exhilarating."

"Love is frolic,
this minute is full of joy."

"The untouchable sky
and the beautiful spring season"

"is rushing towards me."

I hate this life.

A normal person should
wake up early in the morning

exercise, eat breakfast
and go to office.

Later in the evening, you
must spend time with your family.

I hate this night life.

Yes, I agree.

These are my friends
from night college.

Hello, this is Mr. Ersam.
- Greetings. - Hi.

Hello, this is Mr. Ersam.
- Greetings. - Hi.

I am Aruna Sai.
- Hi. - This is my auto.

Not bad. Going by
his choice of friends

I thought he'll choose an old lady.
I am feeling relieved now.

Give me two Kulfis, sir.

Our brand? - No!
- One minute, ma'am.


I know people's preferences, sir.

"It's so thrilling to have
you beside me."

"My heart takes off
like an airplane."

"Every streetlight is shining
like your smile."

"You are like a cascading
fragrant waterfall"

"and as you twitch your sweet lips,
I am drenched."

"Like a radium watch."

"I am swept away by
your laughter."

"Oh, my love"

"Oh, my love"

"my first day breaks
shine just like you."

"Look! How deep love
and longing is."

"He is dying for you."

"His breath is filled
with your thoughts."



"Praise the Lord.."
- This is my vision board.

I have pictures of my friends,
relatives, family

my memories,
goals and everything else.

If you want to know about me

all you need to do is take
a look at this board.

Today, you are becoming
a part of this board.

Congratulations, Mr. Surya.

"Love is happiness.
Love is exhilarating."

"Love is happiness.
Love is exhilarating."

"Love is frolic,
this minute is full of joy."

"The untouchable sky
and the beautiful spring season"

"is rushing towards me."

Surya, a small gift for you.

What is this?
- Sunglasses.

What is this?
- Sunglasses.

Shut up.

Sir is studying in a night college.

Instead of sunglasses,
you could have given peg glasses!

That's not the idea of this gift.

You are scared to look
into my eyes and talk to me.

This may give you some courage.

Shall we go out tomorrow?


We will go for lunch tomorrow.

Okay, tomorrow afternoon..


I can't make it tomorrow afternoon.
I have some work.

Also, it is Mr. Ersam's birthday.

How about dinner?

Okay, bye.
- Bye.

Hello, sir. It's me.

What's with these glasses,
meeting and dating?

Do you even realize
what you are saying?

Do you even realize
what you are saying?

Going for dinner with a girl does
not only mean binging on food.

You need to spend
some time with her.

Girls are like a poppadum.

She will not soften
unless she is dipped in love.

What if I don't do so?

Simple! Some other guy
flee her away! - Is it so?

Don't get tense, Surya.

In order to impress your girl,
you'll have to cross three stages.

Stage 1: Be well dressed

with flowers in your hand and
a smile on the face. Be confident.

Not bad!

Surya, for good luck

get into the car with
your right foot first. - Okay.

How did you like the roses?

One rose is enough to impress me.

When that girl gets into
your car for the first time

you should not let her get off
at least before an hour.

The destination might be close by

but you should take
her around the place.

Round and round,
keep driving.

Where are we headed, Surya?

You've been going
in circles for an hour.

The moment she says that

we should reach the destination.

Did you bring me to Lumbini
Park after driving for so long?

Don't take it easily
because it is Lumbini Park.

Just like how an old auto
will have good pickup

going to a park
is equally exciting.

What's there in the park?


You reserved the boat
exclusively for us?

Stop eating and say something, pal.

Even though we have a budget,
there's no place on the boat.

That's why I booked only one table.

Please take care..
- Thank you!

Reservation for Aruna?

Yes, it's me.
- Come, sir. Come on, ma'am.

Please come!

How is it, sir? - Nice.
- Aruna has explained everything.

Thank you!
- Stage 2:

In this stage, you are on the boat.

The restaurant in the boat

the people in the restaurant
and the songs they hear

lights shining brightly
in the distance.

All these will decide
the mood of the girl.

All you have to do

is to impress the girl with
your talks. - He's right.

is to impress the girl with
your talks. - He's right.

I understood.
It's Tank Bund, isn't it?

It might be a little stinky.

I've made arrangements
for that too.

Nice place.

It's romantic, isn't it?

Calm and peaceful.

"This man is fierce like a chilly."

"Like a chilly.."

"Twirling his moustache, like
a missile he leaped into action."

"Like a chilly.."

Chicken! Enjoy!

Hey, Aruna!

Your name is Surya.

You are busy during the day
and I don't like this night life.

You are busy during the day
and I don't like this night life.

But after meeting you

I am enjoying the night life too.

I am impressed.


This is when you have to impress
the girl further.

However, you cannot do it.

That's why, leave me a missed call.

I will make sure that you
will witness more surprises.

Good evening, sir.
- Good evening.

Good evening, ma'am.


Isn't he juggling well?

Everyone is staring at us.

It's embarrassing, Surya.

Please send him away.

Okay, it was good.

Sir, money?

Oh, hasn't Aruna given it?
- No.

Come with me.

I did not expect this from Aruna.

Sir, I am short of cash.
I only have cards.

Please collect it tomorrow.

Don't you watch movies?

If you have no money,
give me your watch.

Excuse me?

There's no big difference
between you and me.

I am a joker in a circus.
You are one in real life.

Since he is an artist,
I encouraged him

but he disappointed me.

Horrible fellow.

Second surprise:

You will be chocked when
you see this surprise!


Please leave.



Where is your blazer?


- Oh, God!

If we had to go to the circus,
we could have gone next week!

Those arrangements were not
made by me, Sanjana.

I know.

All these are ideas
of that auto driver.

Who asked you to do all this?

Be yourself. That's enough.

At this stage

tell her the truth that you
are a sun that rises in dark.

and that she is the
light in your life.

and that she is the
light in your life.

Sanjana, I need to tell
you the truth.

Do you have a license?

No, sir.

Rs. 1,000 for not having a license.

Another Rs. 1,000 for roaming
with a girl at this hour.

How much in total?

Rs. 2,000.

Give me!

One minute, please.

Apart from this credit card,
I don't have any money, sir.

Oh! Come, let's go
to the police station.

Please, sir..
- Come on, move.

- Move!

Sanjana. Don't worry.

Sir, excuse me?

Please, sir. We are students.

Please spare us!

The petrol tank is full.

I must go home.

What shall we do?

Where is your house, sir?

- Kompalle?

T-That's far off, sir.

Police station is close by.

You can save on petrol too.

So, what shall we do?

Oh, perfume..

Tattered flowers!
It's a nice set up.

What were you both up to?
- That's none of your business.

Oh, are you running a business?


Hello, Kondala Rao.
Do you want to know where I am?

I am traveling in a car with a guy
who has no license

a girl who runs her own business
and I am with them.

What else can I do, pal?

I am doing what a villain does
between a hero and heroine.

Get down. Out!

Do you want go to the Station?
Okay, let's go.

If you want money, take it.

This is my business card.

Tomorrow morning, collect
Rs. 4,000 instead of Rs. 2,000.

If you speak anything
rubbish about her

you will never go to Kompalle.

You can get this serious too?

Neither did I know this before.

Do you know something?

They say that the sun
has lot of willpower.

You're the same.

The difference is

that he knows that very well.

But you don't know it.

They say the sun
has lot of willpower.

It is the same with you.

It is the same with you..

Everything arrived this morning,
ma'am. - Okay..

What is the price for this?
- Rs. 50.

And this one?
Rs. 125 per dozen, ma'am.

Hey, she's the TV anchor!

Give me a dozen of this.
- Welcome to Suraksh TV.

Let's see if you can answer!

The celebrity's name that you have
to guess today is here with us.

You can win Rs. 25,000 if you
guess the girl's name correctly.

The number you need
to dial for guessing is


You are good at mimicking!

But idle rogues like you
shouldn't be dialing


Instead, try dialing 100!

Let's see who our
lucky caller is for the day!

Let's see who our
lucky caller is for the day!

This is Salim, from Monda market.

Hello, Salim.

Tell me the name of the girl
who is standing before you.

Tell me what do you think of her.

This girl wears short dresses
on TV for the late night show.

I would like to see what
she wears at home.

If you want to see

you have to pay Rs. 25,000.
- Rs. 25,000...


Hello, Surya.
- What happened?

Come to Monda market immediately.

Pal, she has a boyfriend already.
- She is cautious.

Yes, pal.
- Call him..

What can he do alone?

Okay, I've understood the problem.

Give me your address.

I will send the police immediately.

Please, shut up!
- Ask the guy to bring flowers too.

Don't you hear
those dirty comments, Surya?

He is the sun and she is the moon!

Sanjana, do this.

Note down their phone number
or vehicle number.

I will not spare a single
fellow after 6:30 p.m.

Oh, my moon. Come to me.

Their comments are irritating me,

Without a second thought, I called
you instead of calling my dad.

That is my faith in you.

I don't know whether you
will come at 6:30 or 7:30.

It's your wish, Surya.

But, I will stay here
till you come.

No matter what they do to me.

So, don't you have the chance
to come out at day, Surya?

"Only for you.. The sun that
shines brightly has disappeared."

"Your cold stare.. can
begin torrential rains."

"You are the one
to protect yourself."

"You have to put
an end to all injustice."

"Step forward like a tornado
and break the manacles."

"Shine as bright as the sun
behind the clouds."

"As valour is sun's mask,
courage is yours."

"You shall overshadow the powerful
sun like an eclipse."

"Emerge forceful enough
to beat the sun."

"If you have the confidence
within you"

"you can win over the universe."

Who are you? Come on.

Come on!

"You are the one to bring
out the new side in me"

"just like a mirror."

"You give me the confidence"

"You give me the confidence"

to fight the war."

"With each step forward,
the darkness is going away."

"If you dominate over your
weakness, your dawn will rise."

Love is so powerful

that it brought me out in daylight.

But it also hid my true identity

and hushed me before her.

You forgot your limitations
and fought in the broad daylight.

You forgot your limitations
and fought in the broad daylight.

You could've fought at night
if you wanted to impress that girl.

We two would have come
and thrashed them. - Hey!

What are these bills?

Where are you swiping
your credit card?

A police officer visited
the office and collected Rs. 4,000.

The car is full of dents.


Are you participating in racing
and boxing competitions again?

You tell me, Aruna. What happened?

I don't know, ma'am.
I drop Surya at home daily

and go back home in my auto, ma'am.

Since we go in the same direction

I get dropped in the same auto,

I very well know
about all three of you!

I also know the reason for this.


You can stop acting innocent now.

I called over 20 times
to talk to you.

I called over 20 times
to talk to you.

But you didn't answer.

I answered.

When there is ample
light in your room

why not leave the curtains open?

T-That's because
of the odour, Sanjana.

A dump yard is just around here.
- Y-Yes..

Okay. Come, let's go out.


Start quickly. Today
is an important day.

But it's only 3 p.m. now.

It will be four p.m.
in another hour.

But, it will be seven
after three hours.

Surya, didn't I tell you
it's important?

I must shower.

Okay, I will wait.

Come quickly.

Manage the situation somehow.

Damn, Surya!
He takes hours to shower.

Yes, Surya.
- Sanjana.

Apart from calls,
you messaged me too?

- I am sorry! I did not notice.

It's okay. Hurry up.

I wonder how I missed it.

That's alright.

Just hurry up.
- Sanjana, that's not the point.

My phone is always on.
How did I miss it?

Surya, I will slap you if you don't
shower and come out quickly.


I will call Mr. Ersam.

- What's the situation?

Very bad.
- What do we do now?

"You and me are one and the same.
What's yours is mine too, darling."

"If you don't linger in the shower
for four hours, you're a goner!"

That's philosophy..

Please do something, Mr. Ersam.

What can I do, Surya?

Oh, no!
- Surya?

I-I meant my wife.

Her name is Suryakantham.
Her nick name is Surya. - Yes.

Listen Suryakantam,
go and visit the doctor now.

We'll manage next time. Okay?

No choice! I have to get out.

She is diabetic and I have
high blood pressure.

- Yes?

There's no water to shower.

Call for a water
tanker immediately.


Hello, water supplier?

My friend is taking a shower
and there's no water.

Send a water tanker immediately.

It won't come before 6:30 p.m.
- What?

You can't send it before 6:30 p.m.?
What do we do?

Several lovers are
dependent on water.

I mean, they plan to go out
before it is dark.

There will be several problems.

Shall we send normal
water in that case?

No way! Normal water is not
good enough for us.

We want only Manjeera water.

We don't mind waiting
till 6:30 p.m.

Okay. Until then,
play some movie for her.

Look for DVDs there.
- Okay.


Shall we go and watch a movie?

I asked because
Aruna's auto is free.

We can go later. Don't mistake me!

Do we have to go out
to watch a movie?

There are so many DVDs here.
We can watch something.

There are so many actors.
It must be a lengthy movie.

It might be.


Why a movie now? We are
going out in sometime anyway.

Arrange for that water tanker soon.

Water tanker is on the way.
It's not for you though.

We will watch the movie.
- Yes.

'Catch it.'

The tiles need to be changed.

Blue will be better.

No, we first need
to change the commode.

"Sometimes there's happiness.
Sometimes there's sorrow."

What's this?
It's really a long movie!

What do you think he is doing
in there? - Who knows?

"You are.. Darling!"

"You are.. Darling!"

"You are.. Darling!"

'Shut up..'

Look at you!

"You occupy every breath of mine."

"My whole life is under
Your shadow."

"I worship You always."
- Sanjana?

"I worship You always."

"Sometimes there's happiness.
Sometimes there's sorrow."

You said you wanted go somewhere.

"We shall not be separated."

"Sometimes there's happiness.
Sometimes there's sorrow."

Oh.. my God!

I-It's a cemetary!

Oh, is it my birthday today?

It's my birthday today.

For my birthday

I bought a cake and called you
on your phone.

As you didn't answer my call.

I picked you up
and brought you here.

I arranged for the cake
and candle. But what are you doing?

Are you waiting for me to cut
the cake so that you can eat it?

Birthday wishes are
minimum expectations, Surya.

You didn't meet that at least.

Do you know why we came here?

This is my mother's grave.

My mom died immediately
after I was born.

But I never really missed her

But I never really missed her

because I could visualize her
in my dad's words.

That's why I always believe
in the power of words.

It's only a human being who
can express his feelings.

But you will never do so.

Yet, you didn't wish me
though I blabbered so much.

Happy b.. - How can I expect you
to tell me what's in your heart?

That's why,
I am expressing it myself.

I love you, Surya.

She proposed and made
my love story successful.

Whereas, if I said
the same thing in return

it would fail.

That's my fate.

My love story ended before it even
started. - "I stare silently."

"Though my heart is full of love."

"Though my heart is full of love."

"Though my eyes stop me every time"

"I look at her always."

"The silence of moonlight
asks me"

"what went wrong."

"Tears in my eyes
are rippling waves."

"Love always results in pain."

When the girl you love
is beside you

and if you still fail to tell
the truth, it's torturous.

This should help you, sir.

Yes. Sanjana, are you ready?

Good news! I've been moved
to a morning programme on TV.

I am so happy.

Finally, its a goodbye
to night life after tonight.

"I can't stay in that light.
I can't see you during the day."

"I can't stay away from you.
I cannot face you and tell you."

"I cannot hide the truth
and unite with you."

"I cannot show you the reality."

"I am stuck in the darkness which
will never break into daylight."

"The silence of moonlight
asks me"

"what went wrong."

"what went wrong."


Once upon a time, I was
the only one on your vision board.

Later, your friends entered
and now, this guy.

After few months,
I may not be on this board anymore.

I decided to end the torture
I was going through.

Only for namesake,
you supply guns for movies.

You can't even afford toothpaste.

I want you to pay my
money by tomorrow.

Pay cash and take your goods.

What's new, Surya?

Sanjana's dad asked me to go
to their house at nine tomorrow.

That means we will hear
wedding bells soon!

The invitation is not for dinner,
it's for breakfast.

You both go to her house
tomorrow and tell her the truth.

How can we go? That's silly!

We will not go.

Surya could not come, sir.
That's why, he sent us.

Surya could not come, sir.
That's why, he sent us.

It's Sunday!
He said he would come.

His phone is switched off too.

Are you related to Surya?

We are closer than that, sir.
We're good friends.

You are friends in business?

How would I get into business?
I am an auto driver.

He owns a small kiosk..
I mean, he runs a big retail store.

Why did he send you guys?
- That's because..

That's because.. we all are aware
that Sanjana and Surya are in love.

But, there is one aspect which
you both are not aware of.

You see, sweetmeats are sweet

but few facts are bitter.

That's why I will eat sweet

and he will tell the truth.
- What?

Tell him.

You are not naive, sir.

Love is not a temporary thing.

It is permanent.

The problem is that what
Surya has is also permanent.

H-He has a strange disease, sir.

Porphyria Tarda...

You better explain what it means.

He will die if he goes out
in the sunlight.

Surya's life starts
after 6:30 p.m., sir.

He tried to tell you about
this couple of times, Sanjana.

But he failed.

I sent my friends to tell the truth

but both of them misconstrued me.

I am a journalist.

Bringing out the truth
is my profession.

I have high respect for my job.
But I love my daughter even more.

You have insulted both my
love and respect.

How dare you come here?

We advised you to tell
the truth, Surya.

We advised you to tell
the truth, Surya.

You did not.
Do you see the result now?

It just got tough, Surya.
Forget her.

He thrashed us black and blue.
How do I face my lover now?

The cause of your happiness
is responsible for your pain today.

It is okay when sorrow
arises due to situations

but not because of people.


Please forget him.

He's not worth it.

She simply ended it with a message
saying it was over.

That's why, this time
I went to her house

to reveal the truth.

I will have a beer.

You have this cool drink, ma'am.


Anyone who knows about me

asks why I fell in love.

Despite being completely
aware of everything

I am not sure how I fell
for your daughter, ma'am.

But I loved her sincerely.

I risked my life
and fought for her.

What was the result?

She just sent a message
saying it's over.

Despite having my favourite
popsicle in front of me

I would still think
about your daughter.

However, your daughter cannot
understand all this, ma'am.

Your daughter is not at fault,

Her only fault was
that she loved me.

When my mom had a minor sun stroke

I sent lemons with Mr. Ersam
since I could not go.

What if it was a major stroke?

I realise now, ma'am.

I am unfit to take
good care of my mother.

How can I take good
care of your daughter, ma'am?

You are dead and I am alive.

And yet it does not make
much of a difference.

I am a living corpse.

Tomorrow onwards, I will continue
to wake up in the evening.

I will not call Sanjana.

I will watch TV.

But I will not watch her show.

I will eat popsicles, but
will not think about her.

I will eat popsicles, but
will not think about her.

I will attend college, but
I will not bunk classes for her.

I will lead a routine
life till the end

and finally,
I'll die and come here.

If I have to do all this

I should forget Sanjana.

To forget her

I should return something to you.


Are you mad? Why did you
tell all this to a grave?

What happened after that?

I started trying to forget Sanjana.

And on one bad morning..

'After offering your prayers
to the sun this morning'

'Welcome to all
those waiting for me.'

'Welcome to all
those waiting for me.'

What's this?

'I am now read
today's first mail.'

'It's Chandu from Mysore.'

'I have night blindness.'

'Without informing that, I fell
in love with a girl named Sujatha.'

'I'm now struggling
to reveal the truth.'

'Chandu, your first mistake was
to lie to the girl you love.'

'Informing me via mail
is the second mistake.'

'If you are really courageous,
tell your girl the truth.'

'Or else, simply die.'

'That's why it's better
to be single and happy.'

'Stay away from love.'

After that, I got rid of my TV.

Very good.

Next time, she came face
to face with me at college.

Hey, is this really a college?

This is nothing!

You will find three idiots inside.

My fate.

We thought you will bring fame
to our show with your sweet talks.

We thought you will bring fame
to our show with your sweet talks.

Instead, you got too personal
with someone's message

and our show flopped.

Give me one more chance.
Please, sir.

Okay, do this.

Today evening, cultural
programme held in a college.

You go and cover that programme.
We'll see.

Okay sir, I can do it.

Which college is that?
- M.S.K night college.

That college? N-No..

Only night programmes
are ideal for her.

If I complete this coverage

I can peacefully do day programs.

Why that innocent look?

I am the Lord of Hell.
I am Yama, the God of death.

I've come to take the life of your
pious husband, Satyavan!

Didn't you promise to bless me
with me a boon? - Yes, I shall!

Except the life of your husband

Except the life of your husband

I will give you
anything. Any doubts?

Pal, you are superb!
It was mind blowing!

The person who was playing
Yama's role was overdoing it.

We'll edit his..
- Point your fame there, Karthik.

It's colourful.

There is nothing good about
that frame. I am not doing it.

What is your problem?
I've been observing you.

Did you leave him
because he lied to you?

Or because he has a problem?

Do you have any clarity at all?

Karthik, switch on the camera.
Let's shoot.

Seriously? Do whatever you want.

Hey, Sanju.

Oh, what a response!
Do you want some, pal?


You deserve it.
Did you bother listening to me?

Whoa! Did you see how
he has dressed up?

This is why I tell you

that falling in love
is a useless thing.

It's never wrong to love.

It's a mistake not
to express it sincerely.

However sincere I may be

no one in this world
would love me.

I was distraught in love.

You kidnapped me and brought
me to this island.

The first half of this story

is tasty like sweet Paan.

The second half is insipid like
regular Paan.

Sir, I get it now.

The sun is not the problem
in your story.

Your silence is!



Your mom provided you with
everything since your childhood.

You never got a chance
to show your emotion.

But it's not the same
with girlfriends.

To ensure our feelings
are understood by them

we have to show our emotions
and tell them verbally.

we have to show our emotions
and tell them verbally.

Talking to walls, tombs, the sun

or me whom you met only couple
of hours ago is of no use.

If you had gone to her directly

and told her what's in your
heart, it would do.

By now you both would
have been united.

It would have had a happy ending.

This situation would
never have cropped up.

Only a human being can
express his inner feelings.

But you would not.

"Like a water bearing cloud,
my heart

"is filled with love."

"This minute as a rainfall"

"let it fall with love."

"My whole life is filled
with silence."

"This silence is killing me."

"This silence is killing me."

"A sweet dream was
ruined just like that"

"by a high tide of silence."

Battery died in the auto.

And your story ended too.

Liquor is also exhausted.

Why are there so many bottles here?

Hey, it's been our regular
spot since the last two years.

Be it parties, threats

kidnapping or picnic.
We do everything here.

Naturally, there will
be a lot of bottles.

Collect all the bottles.
We will leave this island.

What will you do with the bottles?

Bottles float in water.

This is enough to build a boat.

Are you a scientist?

It is general physics.

We need a rope to build
a boat with these bottles.


You can't find that here!

He's asking for impossible things.

What does he think of me?

Does he think there's
a super market is here?

Give me that knife
in your pocket.

This is not a knife.

It has multipurpose utility.

It has a knife, screwdriver,
an opener and laser too.

Laser? Why do you need that?

When the power fails in theatres

I use this to have fun.

What's in it for you?

Do we go to a movie just to watch?
I'm not the sort.

That is why I use a laser.
- Drat!

Okay, with your
multipurpose utility

cut this rexine into a rope.

cut this rexine into a rope.

Like a rope. I will look for
an auto. - Why an auto?

These bottles are not enough.
We need the auto too.

Do they teach so much
in night colleges?

Hey.. What are you doing?

Give it to me. It's done like that.

That's not the way you cut it.

You should cut
it in a straight line.


Straight line!

Straight line.

Sir, what are you doing?

The auto won't function
without an engine.

Our boat will not
work if there is too much weight.

Come on..

Auto should float.

Fasten it tightly. It has to float.

Very good job..

How's our boat, pal?

This looks like scrap, not a boat.

Driver, start the vehicle.

Shut up and sit straight.

The boat is unstable.

You row wonderfully, friend.

One song for you.

"My love is across the river."
- Keep that aside first.

"and I am on the other
end of the bank."

"Oh rower,
take me across the river."

"My love is across the river.
Hey, rower!"

"Hey, rower!"

"Hey, rower!"
- Zubair!

Be careful with your knife!
- "Hey, rower.."

Hey! You cut the rope!

Bloody fool!
You cut the bottles too.

Don't move.. We are sinking.

Hey! - Jump out fast. Get down!

Hey, Zubair

I built this with so much
effort, you rascal!

You destroyed it.


It happened accidentally.

I understood.

I have a lighter. I will
set up a campfire.

I will get a peg too.

Miserable fellow!

It's not the boat you sank,
it's my life.

How did you come into my life?

Do you whom you challenged?
Do you know whose support I have?

Zubair, Zen Zubair
Old City Tiger.

I will kill you!


Lord Ganesh helped you
when you fought.

Look again closely.

It will rain at 6:00 a.m.

The fishermen will come at 6:30 AM

We will be home by 7 a.m.

It's five now.

I used to reach home by 4:30 a.m.

Mom must be awake already.

She must have noticed my absence.

I will see my first sunrise

and you will see your last one.

My mother will kill you.

Don't be tense, ma'am.

Ones who fail in love

come home drunk these days.

We have already informed
the commissioner.

He said that once they find him

he will be dropped in a vehicle
which does not let sunlight in.

In my love story,
there's no romance

or even a lip lock.
It's just plain and clean.

Such a sad life I have.

"You are the reason why I smile."

When life seems hopeless
- "I hum.."

one feels like doing something
risky. - "...because of you."

"I cannot live without you,
my love."

Oh, God..
- Oh, no..


Who the hell are you?

Who are these people?

Who are you both?

We are college students, pal.
- College students?

We are college students, pal.
- College students?

What are college
students doing here?

What can we do, pal?

After the car window
tints are banned

lovers have lost privacy, pal.

That is why we came to this island.

Fool, is this how you misuse
the island?

Zubair, wait! Pal.

How did you come here?

By boat, pal.
- A boat?

W-Where is the boat?

You were sitting on it.

It's underneath the idol, pal.
That's our boat.

We hid it so that no one could see.

After creating problem
that could kill me

After creating problem
that could kill me

the solution was
hidden under my seat.

Just like this boat.

God is crazy.

"Oh! This river flows like music."

"River merges with the sea."

"Wonder where the sea merges."

"Who would know?"

Please drink this juice, madam..

You will feel better.

I am here with you.
Please drink this.

Get lost.

I knew he would come.

I starved unnecessarily.

Get lost.

I'm hungry, mom. Can you feed me?
My hands are not clean.

Mom.. Please stop!


You think you are a hero.

That's why you said nobody likes you

like a movie
dialogue and left.

What have I been doing
for the last 20 years?

Was it social service?

This is nothing when you compare
it with my love for you.

I will not feed you.

Eat it yourself and leave.

I haven't accepted myself
in the last 20 years.

But you accepted me
20 years ago.

You are really stubborn, Mom.

You are so stubborn that you
are beating me

without even realising that
you are fixing me a meal. Look!

Mom, you smiled.

You smiled, Mom.

You have been telling me
since my childhood

that everyone looks for shade
in sunlight, but I don't need it.

that everyone looks for shade
in sunlight, but I don't need it.

I did not understand
then, Mom

that the shade is you.

Will you not feed me
until I praise you?

Just as Buddha received
knowledge under a tree

you received it on the banks
of a lake, Surya.

Think again, Surya.

As such your father-in-law
is more expressive

with his hand than with his tongue.
- True.

He hits hard.

I am already very late.
If I delay any further

I will not get Sanjana
back in my life.

"Let our hearts come closer."

Do you think he might
have gone?

Why not?

I think by now Surya will
be staring at Sanjana.

Sanjana will be staring at her dad

and her dad will be
staring angrily at Surya

and her dad will be
staring angrily at Surya

I didn't expect such silence.

Sanjana, though I had a problem,
I loved you sincerely.

Once her dad hears this..

Didn't you read the headline
I wrote in the crime column?

The person who lied to his lover
and cheated her was arrested.

He won't stop with
just reading the headline.

Aruna, he is back.


Surya, did he push you out?

Hey! Your shirt is crumpled.

I did not expect
him to be so crude, Aruna.

These old hags never
understand the youth, Surya.

- What are you staring at?

Going to her house and simply
explaining won't help, Surya.

In that case, let's all
go together and explain.

This idea somehow looks risky.

If not at this age,
when will you take a risk?

It's true, but..
- Mr. Ersam. Come here.

Boys, if I have to speak
about my love strongly

not only Sanjana,
but many more should know.

That's why I've decided
to break the news on TV.

That too, on live.

Why make it public?

Isn't it enough if Sanjana knows?
- Hey, old man.

The youth will do anything
for friendship.

As they say in English..

A friend in need..
- Is a friend indeed?

That's a good quote.

It's odd to refer to you as youth.

Hey, we will do anything for Surya.
- Yes.

Thank you, guys. All of you
came in support of me today.

We will again prove that students
are capable of anything.


How can you all be students?

If we have to reach our target
there are three tasks.

Take one:

Yes, how may I help you?

Are you the audience?
- Yes. - Okay.

But why are you all
here at this time?

Hello, here's a special sweet
Paan for you.

It's from Zubair. You will love it.

She will wake up only
in the morning.

Task two: Lift man.

We've come to meet
the creative head.

What business do you have
with Mr. Loha Raju? Get lost!

Hey, I will handle it.

Sir, this is a special Paan.
Only for you.

Take it.
- Paan at this hour? Get lost.

You are such an ignorant fool.

I will give him a gift.
It will shut him up.

Take this chilled beer.
Is it okay now?

Okay, take us
to the office directly.

Task three: Convincing Loha Raju.

Who are you guys?
- Students..

In which serial?
- To convince that adamant guy..

Let's give you him
Paan with love.

Loha Raju does not get
impressed with a Paan.

Okay, we will give him beer.

It's chilled beer, sir.
Is it okay now?

Loha Raj cannot
be bought with liquor.

What else is left?
Let's give him money.

You cannot buy
me with money either.

Take it back..

If he does not succumb
to any of these

we will threaten him with a gun.

Oh, sorry!

Didn't you say that
you are students?

Loha Raju, he is definitely
scared of guns.

Oh my God! Guns?

This is the gun used
by an actor in a movie.

Is it original?
- It's a dummy.

He should not know
that it is a dummy.

Do you think it is a dummy?

It's original!
- That's good cover up.

W-What do you want?

We want your studio
for half an hour.

Surya will declare his love
for the girl in a live program.

Oh! - What? Do you want
me to shoot you down?

Just say yes, Surya.
- I will call and inform my CEO.

Please.. I will lose my job.

Okay, carry on.
- Please..

Hello sir, to our
Suraksh TV channel office

a couple of them have come
with gun, sir! - Hey, you!

I am only informing him..

Where else, sir? At our
Banjara Hills TV channel office.

Oh, will you be here in five
minutes, sir? Please come fast.


I did not call my CEO.

I called the police.

Get out of this place in five
minutes. You won't get arrested.

Surya, Mr. Loha Raju has given
us five minutes.

Let's make use of this opportunity
and vacate right away.

Mr. Ersam, our faces have been
recorded in the CCTV camera.

We will be caught anyhow.

We will surrender after I
declare my love for Sanjana.

Is that it?
- Yes.

Move fast!
Take us to the studio room.

Move, get in..

Surya.. since we have five minutes,
after finishing your work

I will sing a song, please..

Okay, Mr. Ersam. Let me finish
my work first. We'll see. - Move!

Lord Ram along with

Sugreeva, Angada, Hanuman,

and his army, attacked Lanka.

and his army, attacked Lanka.

Ram who was pining for Sita

built a bridge over the sea.

While moving in with his army

cruel demons tried to obstruct
them on the way..

What's with the strange twist?

He is not aware
of the current situation.

Let's take a break before the war.

Praise, Lord Rama..

Surya, stand here.

On air..

All that is okay, but do you think
she will watch this programme?

Sanjana, switch on your TV quickly.

Surya is in our studio.

It will work now.

Come, ma'am..
- Hey, Shubha.

Look at that. See what
your son doing on TV!


One minute has already passed.

'Start soon, pal!'


Few nights ago,
I almost faced death.

'I thought of only two people
at that time. My mom and you.'

'I thought of only two people
at that time. My mom and you.'

'There's not much to convey
to my mother.'

She knows more about
me than I do myself.

'Also, she's stubborn.
She never listens to me.'

The next is you.

I tried several times to discuss
my problem with you.

I could not do it once
because of the police guy.

'Another time at the cemetery, when
you suddenly kissed me.'

It was my first kiss!

Oh, she did?

Sanjana, you complain that I cannot
be frank with you.

'But today, through this TV show,
on live'

in front of so many people,
I am speaking courageously.

'There's only one reason.
I love you..'

'I love you, Sanjana.'

I have friends, family,
cars, money.

I have all of that in abundance.

And yet, I feel empty.

Something is missing.

I am not complete.

'That's because you are missing.'

I miss you.

'I know where I will be
in the next ten minutes.'

I will be in the police station.

Once I am out,
you know where I will wait for you.

Mr. Ersam..

Shubha, bring me the phone.

A lawyer is needed.

A lawyer is needed.

Switch off the TV.

Does anyone talk about
private matters on TV?

Indecent fellow.

Everyone who hides
the truth has an alibi.

You are not a kid.

I don't like you meeting him.

For the movie, 'Manchi Manishi'

song sung by P.B. Sreenivas.

Music by T. Chalapathi Rao.

This old hag has started.

"Oh, a rose like maiden."

"Lovely garland of love."

"The one with lovely eyes."

"The one with a good heart."

"Realise who your love is."

"Realise it.."

These are the guys, sir..

Arrest them, sir.
- That's enough for now.

Let's go to the station.
- Arrest them immediately, sir.

Sir.. We are students.
- Please leave us, sir..

Hail, Lord Rama.

Hail, Lord Rama.

Sir.. Please leave me.

Come to my ice cream
kiosk every night, sir.

I will give you ice cream, sir.
- Why are you pushing, sir?

Mr. Ersam, you sang very well.

If I had more practice, Balu would
been out of business. - Who?

Hey, don't push me. I am a singer.
- Oh, S. P. Balasubrahmanyam!

Hey! Get in.

Hey, stop.

How did you all manage
to enter into their office?

I gave a Paan, sir.

I gave beer, sir.

I paid money, sir.

I showed him a gun, sir.

Whom did you give all these to?

To Mr. Loha Raj..

Hey, when did
you give all those to me?

Why did you involve me?

"Almighty! We are your people."
- Superb!

"This is our fate!"

"Your introduction.."
- Greetings, ma'am.

Open the cell.
- Yes, sir.

Take your seat, sir.

Surya, your mom is here.

Thank God.

This is nice! Liquor, feast,
love, kiss, fight, etcetera..

You did all of that and finally
landed in the police station.

Superb. It's enough!

If that girl accepts your love,
it is okay.

Or else, I will complete
your studies

and get into our business.
- Ma'am, cold drink.

Thank you.

Hey, Mr. Ersam.

Is this stupid idea yours?

Can you correlate my
age and this idea, ma'am?

I don't know anything.

Hey, get out..

Thank you.

Do you think she will come?

Do you think she will come?

Or do we have to do more?

Dad does not like me meeting you.

But I ignored him
and came here to meet you.

Gifts are not given
to leave them behind.

I only left the goggles, Sanjana.

I don't need them anyway.

If I want to say something,
I can express it to you.


Tell me one thing.

That day at the market

when I told you that four guys
were teasing me

you said you will not
come before 6:30 p.m.

But you came immediately.

Did you come because it rained?

Or did it rain after you got there?

I didn't have time
to think about all that.

I came outside for you.

Okay, forget that.

Go to Monda market
at the same time tomorrow.

Whether rain or sun

if you ask me to come,
I will be there.

"There's no sea without waves
and no eyes without dreams."

"No sun devoid of light."

"Who lives with a heart
devoid of love?"

I've applied for night shift.

They will confirm in two days.

Theory of God is very simple.

If you accept yourself

the world will accept you.

Every human being has some problem.

Can Surya never see the sun?

I have too.

But life has to go on.

He has no need to see the sun.

He is the sun for himself.