Survivre avec les loups (2007) - full transcript

In 1942, the young Jewish girl Misha, her Russian mother Gerusha and her German father Reuven hide from the Germans in a small house in Ardennes, Belgium. Misha is very connected to her mother that advises her that if one day a person comes to her saying "love of my life", she would follow him or her without any question. When her parents are captured by the Nazis, Misha is delivered to a German family and the abusive matriarch gives a bad treatment to the girl. However, she finds support in the family of Ernest and his deranged wife Marthe that supplies groceries to foster family. Misha loves Ernest's dogs and the old man gives a compass to her and tells that her parents have been sent to East to forced labor. When the old couple is denounced for sheltering the girl and arrested by the Germans, Misha flees through the woods heading east. Along her journey seeking out her parents, she lives and survives with pack of wolves and crosses Germany, Poland reaching Ukraine. When she sees that Brussels have been released by the allied force, she returns to her hometown and reaches it in March 1945 almost dead, sick and with lice and malnourished. However, Ernest identifies the girl that does not accept that her parents had died in the concentration camp of Sonnenburg.

Walking! Let's go.


Faster, Jules!

Let's ride around the world!

Let's find food.
And a new book.

And many animals to put under the bed.

Come on, faster!

Keep your voice down, Misha.

- Someone might hear you.
- There's nobody here.

Daddy asked you to be careful.

Come on, Jules! Faster!

Take your cod liver oil.


- Can we go to the cinema again?
- Soon.

- Open your mouth, nice and wide.
- Just a spoonful.

At least two, that way you'll grow strong.

That way, I myself will kill Hitler.


please, smile again. Smile.

He's bleeding.


You are a German Jew.
Like daddy.

With just a kick ...

You can kill a German.

There, German.
Now you're dead!

See how he's bleeding?
You are good.

My beautiful turtle,
you are Russian, like mommy.

And you always carry your house on your back.

It isn't heavy?
Then, you are very brave!

My little snake.

Go underneath of German's clothes and bite them.

That way, we won't have any more Germans.

We will win the war and we will not change house anymore.

Why are you spitting on us?
Come down here!

I told you not show your face!

Want the neighbors tell on us?

Is that what you want?

Now she spits.

What does she want?

It is difficult for her, Reuven.

She is a child.

She needs to run, play.

At her age, we played.

- We would go to the movies.
- Tomorrow she will go back to school.

I spoke with the teacher. She agreed.

No more schools!

The teacher is very good and you will learn a lot.

I do not care.
I want to stay with mommy.

Love of my life...

Do not hurt your father. He has worked so hard for us.

Why doesn't he go to school,
since he likes it so much?

You need to obey him.

- Or he will stop loving you.
- I do not care.

I will.

You know, I do understand.

One day it's a school, then another.

It is difficult.

It is difficult.

Clothes for sale!
Clothes for sale!


- Did you like Jules?
- Yes.

- Do you want to have a ride with me?
- Yes!


- Where are we going?
- To school.

To the young girl's school. Lets go!

Disgusting Germans.

1, 2, 3,
4, 5, 6, 7...

8, 9, 10, 11...

15, 16, 17...

18, 19...


- What did you learn in school?
- A song.

A beautiful song?

Listen, listen

The steps of the Lord are near

He walks on the streets
He walks beside you

Tell you what...

Let's go to the park. Alright?

No, no need to be afraid.

The Germans do not arrest horses.

- Come here, Misha.
- No.

I'm playing!

Come pray for your father.
For the end of the war.

I want to eat a lot and not go to school.

I want cats and rabbits. And a bed just for me.

Going to the movies with mommy and go out to play.

It's Gilles.

- Hello.
- Hi.

That was all I could get.

I hate herring.

- Isn't there any cheese?
- No, darling.

Sorry, that is all.

You must eat what we have, my love.

Thank you.

I'll make some tea, there is still some.

By the way...

- Heard about the Finkels?
- No.

Yesterday they got arrested with false documents.

Right here.

It was all the lady managed to do at City Hall.

It's dangerous.
Do not go, I'm afraid.

Do not worry, I will return in an hour.


Do not go.
It's very dangerous.

If you do not want us to go,
I can stay here with your mother.

Go away!
You have no right!

Mom is mine!

I hate washing myself.

The other one.

You promised that I would not go to school anymore.

If someone that isn't your father, goes to pick you up ...

and says "love of my life", do not ask questions ...

- Accompany that person.
- Yes mom. I know.

You told me this several times. I'm not deaf.

I know.

But you never hear.


If someone picks me up at school, that is not my daddy ...

and says "love of my life", I must follow them.

- Promise?
- Promise.

I do not want you to wash my "little moon".

7x3=21, 7x4=28


Sit down.

Beware, they are here.

- What do they want?
- To check identities.

It is the second time this week.

Julie, go on. Misha, Sarah, come with me.

Let´s go.


They will not be alone. Do not make noise.

- What's your name?
- I can not say.

- And yours?
- I can't say that either.

- You know how to play that? - No.

How do you usually play, then?

- I can make animals talk.
- Do you want me to teach you?

A boat.

Gilles found a new hiding place for us ...

20km from here.

We will be safer and Misha can go out to play.

It's true, mommy?

Can I have a dog too?

When the war is over, we'll see.

Have a little more patience.

- Why do you say that?
- That is the talk in cafes.

For the first time, the Germans are in trouble.


The Germans were crazy, to attack Russia..

It's certain defeat. Look at Napoleon.

- Mom is mine!
- Mom is of both of us.

This is not true!

Yes it is. I'm yours and of your dad, dear.

But you are mine, first.

Will you let her think like so, until she gets married?

Yes, you will laugh until I get married.

- Are you waiting for someone?
- My father.

- Wait here until he comes.
- Yes.

If I count to 30, he will appear.

1, 2, 3...

23, 24, 25, 26, 27...

He is not here.

- Are you Misha?
- Yes, why?

"Love of my life",
understand that?

- Yes. Where is my father?
- Do not ask questions.

What are those trucks?

We need to go now.

No, I want to go home. I want to see my mother.

Do you want to get her in trouble?

Then come with me.


- Do not say a word.
- I will not, ma'am

When my father said it would be dangerous ...

was he talking about that?

What did I say?

Is it paid for?

Thank you.

- Mind if I check?
- Be my guest.

- Sit down.
- Thanks.

- When was the arrest?
- Just now.

I almost lost the child.

- Who filed the complaint?
- Ronda.

- She has no clothes?
- I'll bring what I can.

I have other children that size.

Take off your clothes and wash up.

I'll call her for dinner.

Take off that necklace, please.

- Give it to me, fast.
- I cannot.

- My mom gave it to me.
- Using it can be dangerous.

If the Germans see that, they will arrest you.

But it is so small.

Do not argue. Give me the necklace.

Do you like that?

- Do you know what this is?
- Meat.

It is a pig.

Porco, chucrute, porco.

Sauerkraut is very good.

- Why are you laughing?
- Because everyone is laughing.

Enough already!

Cry if you want, but in silence!

I want my mom.

I have to get up at 5:00 am. I need to sleep, you know?

- Yeah.
- Calm down, dear.

Crying will not help.

Why did they take my mother?

I don't know.

And my dad?

Maybe they were bad people.

This is not true! They are the best parents in the world.

Perhaps because they are Jews.

So the Jews are bad?

Some people say that the Jews killed Jesus ...

and they need to pay for it.

And that's why they took my parents away?

You know what will we do?

You can come and sleep with me.

Is it okay?


Put your hair further back, it will be more beautiful.

We need a photo for your new identity.

My what?

You'll change your name. Misha is not Christian.

You need a real name and not a nickname.

- Let's call her Monique.
- No Monique is ugly.

You will do as I say.

Do not forget to call me mother.

You are not my mother.

You need to call her that for your own good.

Give me a really beautiful smile, yes?

Janine, get ready to light the fuse.

Say cheese!

And you, can you smile?

Do not throw the blame on others.

You got caught. You're a thief.

Do you want to cause harm to Lêopold?

- It that it?
- No.

Come here.

- Give me your hand.
- Which one?

Right one.

Go to your bedroom. Will be without food.

You already served yourself.

- See how clean it is?
- It's great, Misha.

Hey, girl.

Wear your coat and follow me.

- Where?
- Restocking.

- What is Restocking?
- It's the muck.

Why won't Mrs. Valle go?

- Her brother does not stand her.
- And he likes you?

Will you teach me to ride a bike?

As if..!

Bicycles are for boys, not for girls.

Enjoy the scenery, then.

From now on, you will go do the Restocking.



Don't move.

Lets go, dogs! Go back home.

- I said, no children.
- She is...

She is not like the others.

- Her name is Monique.
- No, my name is Misha.

- You don't like Monique?
- No.

Of course. Is the name of my mother.

Tell your mother that that's enough. This is the last time.

Stay here, listen to music. Will do well to your heart.

You need that.

- Is that you, Joseph?
- No, Marthe. It's Lêopold.

- Who are you talking with?
- With the maid.

With who?

- The new maid.
- When did she arrive?

A few days ago.

If you do not trust me, come count them yourself.

Unless you want to see where I hide them.

I'm not a thief.

You know, Monique is not so ugly.

You don't have to like it.

So, did the old man speak ill of me?

- The usual.
- Janine!

He made me listen to that old song.

And Marthe has not left the room.

She eats more and more.

That old man said that it's due to sadness.

- Whatever!
- You took the document?

We must be really desperate.

Do not just stand there.

- You know how to get there alone?
- Yes ma'am.


He does not want her to go.

He is just talking nonsense.

- What is that?
- An apple tree.

It's beautiful!

You really are a city girl.

- You don't like her?
- Of course I do.

- What is that?
- A strawberry bush.

- Of strawberries, you know?
- No.

- Are you kidding?
- No, I never tasted one.

I think the Germans took them all.

If they only took strawberries ...

- What are those little houses?
- Those are hives.

Houses of bees, you know?

They collect pollen around.

That is why honey is tasty.

So, you are the one who's doing the Restocking?

Yes, just me.

I guess I don't have a choice.

Already tired of playing?

Do you think she has nothing else to do?

You lost your mind?

They can hear you here!

- Come on, just go.
- Stop it...

- Idiot.
- She can't have a little fun?

They are not bad.

They just want to know who you are.

Do not look them in the eye, they don't like that.

They are getting to know you. They will always remember.

- Can I caress them?
- You can ...

but under the chin, not on the head ...

or they will expect you to give them an order.

- What are they called?
- Papa Ita.

- And the female is Mama Rita.
- Joseph!

I told you to be careful.

Dogs are not toys.

Is that my new name?

Joseph was our son.

She sees him everywhere.

It is not her fault. The sadness did this to her.

Where is he?

- He died a long time ago.
- Joseph.

I made new pants for you. They are of a thick fabric.

Come on.

What a pretty girl. Is she yours?

One of Joseph's daughters. A gift from God.

I don't understand, I heard that ...

Never believe everything you hear.

Mama Rita!

Mama Rita, come here!

Come on, you lazy! You eat too much!

Come up here!

Mama Rita, Papa Ita, come!

Stop barking. Let's go.

What's it? Are they scared?

Be good or I'll tell Ernest.

What does your mother think I am? Where's the rest?

She says the prefecture is suspicious, there are too many documents out there.

I paid for 12, it has only 3 there.

When can I pick up the rest?

She said that if you don't like it, then become mayor.

She is pissing me off. And you too!

Get out of here! Without Restocking.

If she wants to eat, then send the documents.

- Let's go.
- No, Joseph.

Pathetic idiot!

Joseph died years ago. I know where he is buried.

You jerk! Idiot!

If you go crying to your mother ...

and she touches a hair of hers ...

- You will regret it!
- Do not worry.

That's a lie!

Is anybody there?

Mr. Lêopold, telegram.
You need to sign.

There was a death in the family.

I have to stay for 3 days.

- The viper died?
- No, she's fine.

So she decided to give me the documents I paid for.

No, I also know how to steal.

You little smart cracker..

What did the viper say this time?

That you are not a good Christian.

From her, it is a compliment.

Ernest, why can't I wait for my parents here?

There are many Germans here, sweetie.

- And militia too.
- But you know where they are.

We do not know much.

But they are heading east.

- East? Where is it?
- Far far away.

- And they will come back?
- Of course.

We just have to wait.

- Here, for you.
- For me?

Of course. It's your birthday, isn't it?

- Do you like her?
- She is beautiful. Thanks you.

Her name will be ...


- Do you like it?
- It's a beautiful name.

- Misha, do you know how to imitate a cat?
- Of course.

That's enough.

You can say "potato" in German?

Kartoffel. My father taught me.

And in Russian is kartochka. My mom taught me.

Wow. You know several languages.

- Do you remember the song?
- Yes.

Beautiful month of May
When will you be back?

To bring me leaves
To bring me leaves

Beautiful month of May
When will you be back?

To bring me leaves

For me to clean up!

Sit dow.

- Germany is towards east?
- Yes.

And here, in pink ...

It is our home. The Ardennes.

And here, in green, is France.

Here is the River Meuse, and here, the River Rhine.

- See how long it is.
- You know so many things.

I was a teacher in another life.

- Was it far away, your other life?
- Very.

Across the Mediterranean ...

A long time ago.

Ernest ...

Ar e yousure that my parents went to the east?

- That's what they say.
- And what are they doing there?

Maybe working in factories or coal mines.

Anyway, they will not eat without working.

- Want one?
- Thanks.

I do not know why, but I'm always hungry.

It is not the first time that the Germans declared war on us.

20 years ago I was also a prisoner.

But here I am.

Do not worry. We win this too.

Lets go, girl.

Let's study?


Come here.

I have a surprise. Quickly.

If you guess which one, it's yours.

- This one.
- You won.

It's beautiful. What is it?

A compass. It indicates where is the north.

- What is it for?
- To travel.

The compass says north is there, you see?

Let the needle stay on "N".

"S" is south and west is to the left.

- And the east?
- On the right.

It is always to the right.

- The needle is never wrong?
- Never.

You can trust.
Come on, let me see.




- And east.
- Great!

Did you hear that?

Explosions everywhere.

The English...

- They want us dead.
- The war is over?

- What is this nonsense?
- I swear it is true.

The Police is checking all the houses.

- Police or the Germans?
- Both my lady.

Misha, hide in the basement until I call you.

You, go change.

You can't have dinner dressed like a beggar.

I talked a lot to little Misha.

That child is not silly.

Misha this, Misha that ... Start calling her Monique.

Do you hate my mother's name that much?

What did you expect? I'll never get used to it.

What are you going to do?

The Police is trying to know too much.

- You cannot get rid of her.
- Kindness has its limits.

They only paid me for a month. We haven't received anything in weeks.

It isn't my salary and the rest of your patience ...

- Please honey.
- You don't take anything seriously.

No, you wouldn't do that.

The German Police would never believe you.

All they want is to show service.

- Can't you wait a while?
- Wait for what?

What if the Americans win the war?

We will be able to say we saved a Jewish girl.


And if the Germans win?

If they win ...

we will say that we did not know she was Jewish.

No one will believe.

It's too dangerous.

Tomorrow I will clean the house. It is my duty as a citizen.

You are becoming very sentimental.

Can I wait for my parents here? Please, Marthe.

Ernest ...

Unfortunately, you can not.

If I'm right about the Germans ...

Soon they will find you.

It would not surprise me to receive some visitors.

And my sister? She lives in Waterloo.

- Suzanne is very nice.
- Waterloo is located to the east?

No, in the south. But not far.

That filthy pig.

Doesn´t waste time

Go fast. Go up, go up!

- You came for me?
- There is a secret door.

No, Marthe. I do not want to be locked.

Mr. Leroy?

Whatdo you want with Mr. Leroy?

We received information on false documents dealing ...

and a fugitive.

A child who should not be here.

I do not know. Would it be the neighbor's daughter?

A small Jewish.

- Here?
- Yes.

What would I do with her? Jelly?

We do not care. We do not deal with Jews.

But if the Gestapo finds out, they can kill you.

One more reason not to mix with these people.

I am a good Christian, sworn and baptized.

- I was part of the choir.
- Let's take a look.

I have nothing to hide, but my wife will not like that.

Why not?

Put yourself in her shoes. The house is not clean.

We don't care about that.

Only we care about Identity trafficking.

Do you recognize this?

I know that is not my business ...

but you are getting me worried.

If the police only cares about discount coupons ...

- we will never get rid of the Germans.
- Save that for yourself.

Sweep everything!

Just a moment.

I heard voices.

Is anyone here.

My poor man, I've been speaking to myself for years.

Enough, be carefull.

- Where are we going?
- You'll know soon enough.

Go talk to my superior. It's out of my reach.

I'm hungry!

Damn it.

Don't move!

- Where is he?
- What you want?

Do not pretend to clueless. Where is he?

I do not understand.

What is this?

Stop! Stop!

I can't believe this! What are you doing?

What did you give him?

You poisoned him, you little brat!

Let go of my arm!

Let me go, you bastard!

Let me go now!

See? We made it.

They are beautiful.

They look like the sweets Marthe makes.

I'll try another.

I'm hungry!


Look, Gerusha.

East is there.

Do you understand?

Hey you!

Get down!

Slut! Filthy rabble!

Little thief!

Gipsy! Thief!

I'm bleeding!

You bitch!

I will call the police!

Wait and see!

Mom, it hurts.



It hurts, Mom.

It hurts so much.

I'm here, love of my life.

- Mom.
- By your side.

- Come.
- Mom.


You are hungry too.

Take it.

So, you are not a dog.

Are you looking for someone too?

You are not the one who has a bruised back.

I'd like to kiss you.

I want a kiss.

When we find my parents, I'll introduce you to them.

We will all go to the farm to see Ernest.

On Ernest's farm ...

there are two dogs like you.

And Ernest ...

He will give us a lot of things to eat.

I love Ernest.

We won't feel hungry anymore. Nor cold.

Can I tell you a secret?

On the farm, there was a female dog.

Her name was Mama Rita.

Can I call you Mama Rita?

Thank you.

Look what I found.

Do not be so picky.

On times of war, you have to eat everything.

As my mother would say.

Is this for me?

You are very kind.


Wash me.

Here. Again.

I also know how to find food.

Mama Rita?

Mama Rita!
Mama Rita?

Mama Rita.

Mama Rita!

POLAND, 1943

Mom will think I'm too slow.

You are the most beautiful.

Stop, stop, stop!

Get out now!

I do not want to see you here again.



It will get cold.

- Where you are from?
- I do not understand.

- Go watch.
- It's ok.

- What is your name?
- Do not understand.

Help us.

There, in the hole.

Just a little more.

Here, you want some?

What is your name?

She hasn't said a word in two years.

Do not make noise.

- Who is that?
- Vladek.

What are you doing?

They emptied the ghetto. There's no one left.

Stay with us, you will be safe.

Come quick!



There is more over there.
Real bread!

We cannot stay. It's very dangerous.

- Come, we can not stay.
- I do not understand!

If someone left bread ...

then they know we're here.

Come, we can not stay. Come!

There's bread there!

It's very dangerous!

It is dangerous, come!

Let´s go!

Here, Vladek. Eat.


Where did you come from?

What are you doing here?

They are so cute.

You can't eat that.

And you, do not be jealous.

Mama Rita!
Is that you?

It's me.

Don't you recognize me?

All of you live here?

I know it's you.

Well, you look like her.


Little Wolf! Little Wolf!

Little Wolf!

There you are.

Don't do that ever again.

Mama Rita and I were worried.

Come, let's go home.


Let's go. Faster!

Come and help me, Moonlight.

I can't do it alone. Come on!


You lazy wolf!

Come on, pull.

I did not tell you to eat.

I told you to pull.

You think this is funny?

I guess I'll have to carry it myself.

It's not fair. Moonlight and I were the ones who carried it.

I want to eat, I'm hungry.

Good girl.

Do not bite.




Come on, run. Quick, go.

Come on, fast.


Mama Rita.

Papa Ita.

Mama Rita.

Mama Rita.

Mama Rita.

Mama Rita.

So they won't find you. You will be hidden.

Mama Rita.

I want to stay with you.

Mama Rita.

Why did they do that?




I'm hungry. I'm hungry.

What do you want?

Goodbye, Jews!

Get out of our homes!

Leave, Jews!


Five, two, one ...

Mama Rita, 27 ...



I'm here.

Daddy's here.


- Calm down.
- Daddy.


Stop, stop.


- What is this?
- Where did you find her?

Who is she?

Feed her.

Sit down.
Sit down!


What is your name?

My name is Misha.

No, I'm Misha. And you?

No, no.

No, I'm Misha. And you??

We're both Misha.

She's filthy.

What's it? Don't be scared.

Do not worry, everything will be ok.

Come on.

Everything is going to be okay.

Calmly. That's it.

What a pretty girl.


Where you are from?

Where are your parents?

Where are your parents??

You hear that?
They talk like mommy.

Let's rest here, then we can go.

Misha, come look.



Clean yourself up.

- No.
- You can talk?

I'll never take the smell of Mama Rita away.

It's dirty. Even more than me.

I do not want to talk to them.

They may not like Jews either.

Why did you get those clothes all dirty?


Here, for you.

This isn't a toy.

Go sit.

Here is Moscow.

The German army was close to Moscow.

The front line goes from Ukraine ...

to Warsaw, and straight to Copenhagen.

The German army ...

- Kaput.
- And Berlin?

Not yet.

I'm late.

Our troops in the second Belarusian front ...

They are going north.

The Red Army!

You saw that?

It is the Red Army!

The shots at the Brussels court of law ...

indicate the defeat of the German army.

Brussels! My home!

Daddy, Mommy, my house! Brussels!

- You live there? In Belgium?
- Brussels!

We are achieving total victory!


- West?
- West.


Misha, inside!



Lets go.

Mommy, Brussels!

Misha! Quickly!

- Bomb!
- No, Brussels, mommy!

Thank you.

It's beautiful!

You are very brave.

A brave small soldier.

Thank you for everything you did for me.

I will not forget you. I promise.

When I meet my parents ...

we will go visit you in Ukraine,
or you go to Belgium!

I will never forget! I promise!

You can't stay there. Go that way.


Mommy, are you there?

- Come. Come.
- Mommy?

I'm going, mommy.

I'm far away.

I'm going.


MARCH 1945

What do you want?

My parents.

You lived here?

I do not know anymore.

- This is Jules.
- It's my son's.

When we got here, we found nothing.

Only a box with pictures. Want to see them?

My husband and I were touched, so, we kept them.


You like that one?

Take it.

Try the city hall. They must know something.

Do you want me to take you there?

I'm happy for you.

- What is your name?
- Misha.

- Misha what?
- Only Misha.

My mother is Gerusha.

My father is Reuven.

They will look for me here.

Look at the photos on the wall.

Tell me if you recognize anyone.

So I can help you.

Thank you, sir.

She is full of lice.
Put DDT on her.

- It will not be enough.
- Then, scrape everything.

Where are you going?

- What's it?
- She is infested.

She will infect others.

She needs to be disinfected from head to toe.

We have to scrape everything.

If you don'tt obey, you can't wait for your parents here.

Where are you going?



I'm thirsty.

I'm thirsty.

- The temperature did not drop?
- No.

It is getting worse.

If nobody comes to take care of her,
we will have to transfer her to a hospital.

Mama Rita.

Love of my life.
Come get me.

Sorry for the questions, we have to check identities.

She does not know her surname, and the parents disappeared.

He took care of her for some time, and she ran away.

Since then, nothing?

- Would you be able to recognize her?
- Of course.

- That is her.
- She is in a very bad condition.

What happened?

High fever.
Can't eat anything.

Maybe it's best to put her on IV.

- So, it's serious.
- It can be.

- Can I stay?
- If you are going to help ...

Young lady, this isn't time for weaknesses.

Marthe bought you a beautiful lady horse. She is taking care of her for you.

Waiting for you to come back.

She even forbade Joseph to ride her.

Mama Rita.

Papa Ita.

Do you know who they are?

Misha, look.

Mama Rita.

Papa Ita.

They came to see you.

They came to say "hi."

Come on, let her rest now.

We waited for so long.

Never arrived to Waterloo.

Of course, it was too far.

Can you get up?

My God, you came from so far.

A fighter like you can overcome everything.

You want to try to walk?

So, let's go home.

No, I want to wait for my parents here.

You can wait with us ...

with your stomach full of the delicious food Marthe will cook.

- How will they know that I'm back?
- We will come here every day.


- Everyday.
- Promise?

Word of honor.

Beautiful month of May
When will you be back?

To bring me leaves
To bring me leaves

Beautiful month of May
When will you be back?

To bring me leaves
For me to clean myself up!




Subtitles and Authoring - ETC Filmes
English Translation - Rui Pires H?nn