Survivor (2015) - full transcript

A State Department employee newly posted to the American embassy in London is charged with stopping terrorists from getting into the U.S. That puts her right in the line of fire and she is targeted for death and framed for crimes. Discredited, she is forced to go on the run while she tries to clear her name and stop a large-scale terrorist attack set for New Year's Eve in Times Square.

Talk to me, Ray.

Low on gas and almost
out of ammo, Johnny.

God damn it. This isn't supposed
to be happening in this area.

- Retreat! Let's go!
- Move it! Move it!

To RP tango.

Charlie company overrun.
Requesting firepower.

Can't hang around, pal. Gotta go home
and refuel, come back for them.

If we go, there'll be no one left
to come back for.

- Move it! Move! Move!
- Retreat! Retreat!

We're hit!

Mayday! Mayday! Dragonfly 2 going down!

Come on, Ray. Let's go. Come on, Ray.

Come on, Ray, let's go!

Move! Move!

On your knees.

What's going on?

Hey, you will not.

No, you can't. No! No!

- No!
- You're all right, Ray. Just stay cool.

- Johnny, help me.
- You're all right.

No! Ray!

Here come the visa crew. Log 'em in.

Murdock, Alvin.

Purvell, Robert.

Su, Joyce.

Rosenbaum, Naomi.

What the hell is that?

That is Kate Abbott.

The new security officer.

VIP request. We need to process it.


- Sorry, Sally.
- What's the rush, Sam?

Security breach.
Everybody in the conference room in 10.

Nero Franks, Maltese national.

Over the weekend, he tried to board
an Oceanic Airlines flight

from Heathrow to Chicago.

Alarms went off when Franks
presented his passport.

It didn't have the new digital watermark.
Franks tried to run.

MI5 thought he was a suicide
bomber and took him out. Take a look.

Nero Franks was a
scientist with no priors,

working for a German chemical outfit.

His specialty was
combustible gas munitions.

The Brits and the Germans
are still looking

for a possible terrorist connection,
but no joy so far.

So here's the issue for us, people.

Now our enemies know
they can't forge visas.

That means they'll be looking
for ways to get real ones,

the kind you hand out every day.

We're working with all the British security
agencies,but they're stretched really thin.

Budget cuts, plus they have
homegrown terrorists to worry about.

We're not saying that u hv
to give the 3rd degree.

90% of our applicants
are straightforward.

It's the remaining 10%
that I lose sleep over.

Any app that tweaks u the
wrong way,take it straight 2 Kate.

She excelled at this work in Washington.

What Sam really means is
you'll need someone to blame

if the wrong guy gets through,
so use me.

What I'm really interested in
is anyone with scientific expertise,

specialists in chemicals or gases.
Any questions?

All right, gang. Back to work.

That's fine, madam.
Your visa will be ready tomorrow.

She's never seen the ball drop
in Times Square on New Year's Eve.

Have a good stay
in the United States, sister.

Thank you, sir.

So do you promise to watch me
when I'm on American idol?

Oh, absolutely.


- Have a good stay.
- Thank you very much. Bye-bye.

Dr. Balan, good afternoon.

I was told my paperwork is in order.

This won't take long.

Romanian citizen.

You have listed a medical conference
as the reason

- for visiting the United States.
- Yes.

This conference is for pediatricians.
You're a general practitioner.

I work in a clinic
for newly arrived immigrants.

Many of my patients are children.

Dr. Balan, it also says that you consult
for Vicker's Pharmaceuticals.

I'm curious why we don't have
a letter from them.

I've only been there a few months.

- Is there a problem?
- I certainly hope not.

- Let me see this file.
- I'm not done with my review.

A word.

You don't think it's strange that a GP,
who also happens to be a researcher,

wants to attend a pediatrics conference?

There's nothing odd about moonlighting
as a consultant to make a few extra bucks.

Besides, Naomi already did
the background check.

- Balan's fine.
- I'll be the judge of that.

- Look, I know you were a high-flyer in D.C.
- I am not here on vacation.

Even when it's slow, we're not
processing people fast enough.

We're seriously understaffed.

So when paperwork gets held up by security,
people start missing flights,

and I'm the one that has to deal
with their complaints.

Unless you wanna suffer
the Ambassador's wrath.

I'm doing my job, Bill.

We all are.

We have a problem.
A new security expert.

From Washington.

Her name is Kate Abbott.
She knows about Vicker's.

So no visa?

She's trouble, I'm telling you.

I'll take care of her.

This way, please.

- Sweet of you to stop in.
- There's something you need to see.

I'll have it done tomorrow.


- Hey.
- I'm so sorry.

It's okay. I saved us
a bottle of bubbles.

Oh! You're the best.

So how did it go?

Would you believe I sold every damn one?

- No.
- Yes.

But I saved those for you.

I know you have a thing
for the underworld.

Thank you.

Oh, wow.

So all work and no play, huh?

It's complicated.

Is everything a state secret with you?

It's so beautiful.

- Hello?
- Hi, Naomi. It's Kate.

I'm so sorry it's so late.

It's okay. Is something wrong?

You remember a guy
you processed a while ago,

Sri Lankan researcher
by the name of Fazli Sameer?

Uh, yeah, I was checking him out
when Bill pulled the file.


He said I had too much on my plate,
and he'd handle it.

Okay, all right. Thanks so much. Bye.

Actually, Dr. Balan
did ask me for a reference.

Request slipped through the cracks.

I'll get my secretary
to draft one today.

Oh, would it be possible to see
Dr. Balan's security clearance?

What's this really about?

- I just thought since I was here, it'd be...
- About that.

If you were even remotely familiar
with the British Defense Ministry's

- standards on secrecy...
- We're on the same side here.

You need to present a proper written
authorization from the Home Office

to even inquire
about security clearances.

- Dr. Perry, I...
- It's time for you to leave.

Get Inspector Anderson for me, please.

- Hey, Howie.
- Hey, sweetie. What's up?

Listen, I need the list
of this month's visa files.


There's no authorization.

Oh, Parker probably forgot to call.

Could you remind him?

Yes. Oh.

- Bye.
- Bye. Bye-bye.

You wanted to see me?

Miss Abbott. I believe you know
Inspector Paul Anderson

- from Counter Terrorism command?
- Good morning.

Why are you making inquiries
into the security status

of a British resident, Dr. Emil Balan?

He applied for a visa to come
to the United States.

So you took it upon yourself to go to
his workplace and interrogate his superior

rather than contacting my office?

Dr. Balan needs his visa today.
I just thought it would be faster.

- Not to go through proper channels?
- What's this about, Paul?

The director, Perry,
contacted me personally

to complain that Ms. Abbott had been
making unauthorized inquiries.

Then he called his friend,
the Home Secretary,

who asked me
if you have issued the visa.

No, I haven't.

Is there a problem?

Ambassador Crane.

- Inspector. Sorry I'm late.
- I didn't know you were joining us.

I didn't either.
The Home Secretary just called.

So what's the problem?

I can't discuss the details
of an ongoing investigation.

We're talking about a medical professional
with serious political connections.

Is this really a matter
of national security?


It's her call. I'm standing by it.

I'll inform the Home Secretary

But let me tell you something about Balan
that you probably don't know.

A few years ago,
his wife applied for a visa

for emergency medical treatment
in the United States.

She died because some bureaucrat
kept asking for one more piece of paper.

Under the circumstances,

you might consider showing her widower
a little compassion, Ms. Abbott.


Congratulations. You're already making
enemies in high places.

Keep it up.

Sam, get control of this situation.

You okay?


- Thanks for backing me up.
- You have great instincts, Kate.


- Can I talk to you for a sec?
- Sure.

Sorry, Kate, I'll have to take this.
I'll meet you guys at the restaurant.

- All right, see you there.
- Okay. Gaston's, right?

See you there.

- You need to do it now.
- Okay, I understand.

Thanks, mate.

- After you.
- Thanks.

I think this is our table.
Classy. Look at that bar.

- Naomi, have you ever...
- This place is really nice.

That bar looks amazing.

Bill's crazy about this place.

What you told me last night
about Bill pulling that file...

Kate, it's the guy's birthday party.
We're supposed to be having fun.

Oh, um... he pre-ordered
the pressed duck for all of us.

- Okay.
- Um, we're six, please.

Wait. Did anyone remember
to pick up the present for Bill?

- What? That was you.
- I'm pretty sure...

- Not playing a part of this.
- All right, guys, pony up.

- Is this enough?
- I know.

It's like we're here for the free food.

Hi. I'm here to pick up a gift.

- That's beautiful.
- Yes. It's a great choice.

- I'll wrap it up for you.
- Thank you.

What's taking Bill so long?

- All right, here comes the good part.
- What do you mean?

Is that what we're eating?

That's disgusting.

Thank you.



Alvin! Joyce!


There's someone hurt.

Abbott's still alive.


Following the Embassy survivor protocol.
That's what they're trained to do.

Make sure she doesn't survive.

- What are you hearing, Sally?
- A restaurant blew.

- The place looks like a killing zone.
- Gas made the explosion?

According to first responders'
radio chatter, it was a bomb.

I'm working on getting
security video feeds.

- Where was the hit?
- Just a few blocks away.

Do we have anyone in the area?

The visa crew took Bill
to lunch at Gaston's.

Christ. Waring Lane.

Oh, God.

- American Embassy.
- All right, sir.

- How long until this is fully out?
- Hours.

How many?

Four of yours, two waiters,
saleswoman from the glassware shop,

and five passersby.

And more than a dozen wounded.

The blast originated
where your people were seated.

- Has anyone claimed responsibility?
- No.

The bomb took out most of the security
cameras near the restaurant.

Don't know how much
of the feed we'll recover.

Is that all of 'em?

We found this in the shop.

Abbott must have been in there
when the bomb went off.

Do you think she's dead?

We can't find her.

Joyce, Robert, Alvin, Naomi,
they're all dead.

Oh, my God.

Bill Talbot was supposed to be
at that restaurant.

He stayed behind
to take a secure link call.

If he was running late,
he should be somewhere

between the Embassy and the restaurant.

Get a lock on the trackers
on Bill and Kate's IDs right now.

Okay. That was the search team.
There's still no sign of Abbott.

So what do we know about her?

Only child, born and raised in Montana,
parents are deceased.

Stanford University.

Then a two-year scholarship for graduate
studies at the University of London.

She applied to the State Department,

scored high enough to get into
the Bureau of Diplomatic Security.

She single-handedly unraveled a plot
to bomb the American Embassy in 20...

Okay, so she knows the city
and she's good at her job.

Tell me something I don't know.

Well, she's better than good.
London's considered a senior posting.

She speaks four languages, three of them
being Russian, Arabic, and Mandarin.

- Wait. She's CIA?
- We don't know.

Okay, until proven otherwise,
we assume Abbott is alive.

That makes her a material witness
and quite possibly a suspect.

Get her details out to the police,
MI5, the media.

If she's wandering around injured,
surely a security camera will pick her up.

No, she'll know better than that.

But put her friends, especially
that photographer, Lisa Carr,

under surveillance.
Abbott might reach out to her.

I had a lock on Kate's locator,
but the signal keeps breaking up.

Kate knows we're tracking
her Embassy ID.

She's following protocol,
heading for the safe zone in the park.

- Talbot's already there.
- I'll be there in two minutes.

- Kate.
- Bill.

- Thank God you're all right. Okay?
- Okay.

- Bill, they're all dead.
- I know, I know.

- All right, come here.
- Bill, I tried to save them.

- There's nothing left.
- Let's walk here.

- I tried to save them.
- I know. Relax.

There was... there was a man
with a gun outside. He almost...

Why couldn't you have left things
alone, Kate? Now I have no choice.



Look, look. Over there, see?

Danny! Come here!

Get away! She's got a gun!

It was an accident.

- He tried...
- Someone call the police!

Somebody help him!

Someone call the police!

Yeah, yeah, Lancaster gate. Yeah.

Excuse me.

Damn it.

Witnesses saw Abbott holding a gun
and Talbot staggering toward the fountain.

And this time, we have video evidence.

Please, Paul,
give me the chance to find her.

I'm sorry, Sam. I have my orders.

Look, I know that you track your people
using GPS chips in their IDs.

It's how you knew
that Talbot and Abbott were here.

Hang on a second.

- Where's Bill's ID?
- I'm sure we'll find it. My point is this,

assuming Abbott still has her ID,
you can find her,

and it's best I'm there when you do.

The kid's video went viral.

The Home Secretary saw it,
got on to the Foreign Office.

Now she's wanted for deadly assault
and questioning in a terrorist incident.

Kate has diplomatic immunity.
You can't touch her.

You know we won't take chances
with people like that, Sam.

Come in.

Who are you?

Trevor. I work with Fred.

I only work with Fred. Shut the door.

He's ill. Do you want my help or not?

The signal is active.
You'd better hurry.

What's happening
with those trackers, Sally?

Someone must have taken Bill Talbot's.
It's moved away from the park.

At the moment, it's stationary
off Russell Square.

There's still a problem with Kate's.

The tracker must have got damaged
in the explosion.

What's the last location
we have for her?

Lamb's market off Curzon street.

- And you're sure no one else can track her?
- Absolutely. Only you and me.

I need to get to her, Sally.

That's exactly what Anderson
is expecting you to do,

and he'll be right behind you
with an SAS team.

Kate knows what to do, Sam.

It's more important
we find Talbot's tracker.

Whoever has it might be able to tell us
what really happened in that park.

The fireworks in Dubai.

That was you, right?

Now you can follow

whoever has one of these.

And the second item?

Straight from the lab
used by the security services.

Dials you into their field agent
communication system...

You shouldn't have asked about Dubai.

We're in the Italian Gardens
on the north side of Kensington Gardens,

where a short time ago...

- Sally?
- The Met has issued a warrant

for Kate's arrest.

horrific explosion earlier today
at a popular restaurant not far from here.

This is Sam Parker. Leave a message.

God damn it.

And Bill Talbot's tracker
fell off the grid five minutes ago.

taken by a witness here.
We can show you these images now.

There is a woman seen
running from the scene...

- Section 5.
- Sally, it's me.

Where are you? I've been monitoring you,
but your tracker keeps shorting out.

You have to give me your location, Kate.

Kate? Kate?


Sam, what's going on?
Did you find Talbot's tracker?

- No, just a dead guy.
- What?

Talk to me about Kate.

She called in two minutes ago,
hung up before I could get a location.

Sam, you need to get back here.
The Ambassador's on the warpath.

He must have missed Abbott.

Tell the pickup teams to stand down.

Let's see what's so interesting
about that hotel.

What do I have to do to convince you?

Oh, come on, please, give me a break.

Just one phone call.

Look, it was a present.

It's sterling, okay? Please.

- Local call only.
- Okay.

- Hello.
- It's me.

Kate. Oh, my God. I've been watching
the news. Where are you?

- Lisa, please, I need clothes and money.
- All right, I'll go to your place.

Uh, no, no, no. It's not safe, um...

Can you just come meet me
and bring me some of your things?

- Where?
- Somewhere where there's a lot of people.

St. Pancras station
by the Christmas market. Two hours.

What's the composition of the gas?

A precise mixture of hydrogen,
methane, and fluorine.

The volume in New York
will be four times greater.

So will the results.

Made to the exact specifications
necessary to trigger this device.

I'm curious. Why not use
a detonator in New York?

At major events,

the police carry
beeper-size radiation detectors.

There's bomb-sniffing dogs,

Hazmat units.

If there's any sign of an alert,
even a false alarm,

the first thing the authorities do
is kill all communications,

jam radio frequencies,

shut down all cell phone towers.

Then we have the counter snipers

placed in a 500-meter radius.


I shall be firing
outside their perimeter.

Soon, my friend.

So now there's only the girl.

Just make sure my shipment
gets to New York, that's all I ask.

The large gas explosion
ripped through the housing estate

- in tower hamlets.
- Thanks.

What have you got for me, Maureen?
The president is demanding answers.

I just spoke with the British Home
Secretary. They don't have her. Do we?

Abbott's tracker was damaged in the blast.
We lost her signal for the moment,

but even if we get it back,
the Brits have snatch teams ready to go.

If I try to make a move on Abbott
and happen to get lucky on her location,

- I lead her right to Anderson.
- Sam, she's a liability.

Kate had nothing to do
with Bill's murder.

Go ahead.

Um, this morning Kate took
the monthly visa list.

The flash drive contains
all of the background checks

and references on the applicants.

If we find there's been
a possible terrorist breach,

that's usually the first place we look.

- She said you'd okayed it.
- Did you?


What about the backup systems?

Five files were permanently
deleted earlier today.

The entry log shows
that it was Abbott's ID.

It gets worse.
We checked the security log.

Abbott has been working a lot of nights
when there's no one around.

It's possible that she created documents
to get somebody into the country,

and then erased the records
to cover herself.

May I remind you that just five
weeks ago, you sent her over here

with glowing recommendations
because we needed the best.

If I recall correctly,
she was one of your protegees,

although I'm sure you'll deny that now.

I was skeptical at first,
but it turns out you were right.

- She's an extraordinary asset.
- Yeah, just not for us.

That's complete bullshit,

and deep in your scared little souls
you all know it.

We don't assume the worst
of our best people

and we damn sure don't sell them out
at the first sign of trouble.

But most of all,
we don't forget motivation,

and Kate's is sterling.

She lost some
of her best friends on 9/11.

Then why is she still running?

She's on the move.

- Where's Kate?
- The last time we got a signal?

Leicester Square,
and that was 10 minutes ago.

It was barely registering.

Jesus, you look how I feel.
How are you holding up?

We're monitoring
Anderson's communications.

His people are looking hard,
but in all the wrong places.

How did it go upstairs?

They want me to try to bring in Kate,
use Anderson if I have to.

From Anderson's forensic lab.
Don't ask how I got it.

The bomb has traces of chromium.

- We haven't seen that since...
- Paris, two years ago.

The Watchmaker.

Or whatever he calls himself these days.

Whoever wanted the visa crew dead
paid for the best operator in the business.

He's had so much reconstructive surgery,
no one knows what the hell he looks like.

She's in St. Pancras station.

I'll have to take the chance.

And where's Abbott's friend?

She just turned off the Euston Road
into St. Pancras station.

All right, stay with her. I'm on my way.

Please allow
passengers off the train first.

Please allow passengers
off the train first.

For your safety and security,
CCTV is in operation in every station.

Code Lucifer. Repeat, code Lucifer.


Suspected suicide bomber
at northeast entrance.

Okay, move. Move, move, move, move!

What's the matter?

Did you bring the money?
Did you bring it?

Kate, you've got to tell me something.

Stay here. Don't move
until someone tells you to.


Kate. Kate!

Move! Move!

Move, move, move! Abbott!

You had your chance to help me, Sam.

Make sure he doesn't follow us.


There's no way out, Abbott.
It's a dead end.

This way, sir.

Damn it.

It's this way.


Abbott, stop!



Follow her!


No, this way!

- I think she went this way.
- Shit. Shit.



We can seal them off from the street.

What, you think she's gonna take
an officially marked tourist exit?

There are hundreds
of other ways out of here!

She could be anywhere.



Fucking technology.



Oh, come on.
You know I didn't do any of this.


You sure it was the same guy you saw
after the restaurant explosion?

Yes, and he was in the park
after Bill tried to kill me.

So he could have followed you here.

Give me your ID.

We don't need anybody else tracking you.

You think he's tracked me all this time?

- Sam, who is he?
- His code name is The Watchmaker.

He's one of the most wanted
assassins in the world.

You doing okay?

How did you know I would come here?

I didn't.

I just came looking for answers.

What are we doing with our lives?

I put everything into this.

And what am I now? A suspect? A target?

Maybe both.

We're doing this because...

we believe in that old-fashioned idea
of country, right?

Or at least protecting
our fellow citizens.

Our friends.

Right now, I'm doing it
to protect my own hide.

That's good thinking.

What's that?

It's the flash drive I got from Howie.

Last month we processed
over 600 visa applications,

and Bill personally intervened in five
of those cases, including Balan's.

Now for each applicant he used
a different member of the visa team,

and when I started asking questions,
he ignored me, slammed them through.

So what's the connection
between the applicants?

I don't know yet.

But we do know Balan is an expert
in combustible gases.

Maybe Bill had the answer.

Bill said something strange in the park.
"Now I have no choice."

He must have kept some information
about the people he let in.

- A little leverage, in case he needed it.
- Who puts a padlock on a bedroom door?

Hello, my lovely.


- Is this Bill's son?
- Yeah.

Johnny died in Afghanistan.

Something about this
just doesn't add up.

It's like Bill was expecting him to walk
through the door at any minute.

Take it apart.


Look at this.

Hi, Dad. I'm doing okay.

Hope you are, too.

It'll be Christmas soon.

Wish we could be together.

Johnny's been alive all this time.

- Do you think there's a chance?
- I doubt it. Look at his eyes.

He's swimming in dope.

Someone kept him alive for as long
as possible to get this footage.

But how did they know it was
Bill's son, or who Bill was?

They must have someone
with access to army records.

Doesn't have to be a major player.
A guy inputting data could be enough.

Once they knew it was Bill,
they threatened to kill his son

- if he didn't give them what they wanted.
- Which makes Bill's actions understandable.

But not excusable,

because once Bill got his people into
the States, it was only a matter of time

before he eliminated everyone
who handled the paperwork.

Then he got the bastard
who murdered them to come after me.

The Watchmaker would never deal
with low-level guys like Bill.

His business is
with whoever had Bill's son.

You said there were four others
besides Balan?

Yeah, and every single one
of them is in America.

We need to move now.
I'll get archer to meet us out front.

Come on, come on, come on.

- What's wrong?
- Let's get the hell out of here.




- Sally.
- Kate?

- Is Sam still alive?
- Barely.

He's pretty badly hurt, Kate.

Hold on. Anderson's on the scene.
He's coming on the line with Crane.

Madam Ambassador,
I'm at Bill Talbot's apartment.

Sam Parker's been critically injured.


Witnesses saw Abbott running from
the scene, and we found her Embassy ID.

- Where is she now?
- We don't know.

If you get her in your sights,
do not hesitate. Do you understand?

Yes, I do.

The longer she lives,
the more people die.


- I'm here.
- I'm so sorry.

They think you tried to kill him.

What? That's insane.

I need to get into the Embassy.
To the vault.

- The building's on total lockdown.
- There's no other way.

Kate, listen to me.
The place is crawling with marines.

You know I'm innocent.
And I know I'm right about this plot.

You have to get me in, Sally.

- I'm at the north roll-up door.
- I'm buzzing you in now.

I'm shutting down the cameras
in the stairwell and the vault.

In and out, as fast as you can.

Attention. Security breach
at basement level.

Oh, God. No.

There's a terrorist
headed for the States.

Emil Balan. He's traveling
on a Romanian passport.

Oceanic Airlines, flight 428,
out of Heathrow to JFK.

They have to stop him, Sally.

We missed her. She got herself a new
passport, and then wasted the hard drive.

The name she used, the passport number,
they're gone. She could be anyone.

Get Abbott's picture to security
at all London airports and train stations.

Yes, yes, yes, what is it?

- The purpose of your visit, doctor?
- Medical conference.

There's still time to stop Balan,
Madam Ambassador, if you act now.

No. Don't you see what Abbott's doing?

She is trying to get us to chase
a shadow instead of her.

You're supposed to have left
for New York.

I'm not sure I'm going.

What the hell are you talking about?

I found your reaction
to that little explosion quite instructive.

The way your eyes lit up,
the greed I saw in them.

Fortunes are made
when there's blood on the streets,

and very soon there's gonna be
a great deal of blood

on the streets of New York, won't there?

Just as there was after 9/11.

However, when the New York
exchanges reopened,

people who bet against the market
made a fortune.

This isn't an act of terror
or a bold political statement.

Balan may wish to avenge
his wife's death,

but for you...

it's just about making money.

$100 billion is in play. I would say
the word "just" doesn't quite fit.

If I stay home, you won't make a penny.

- What do you want?
- Half.

Half of your short-selling profits
on the New York exchanges

the day they reopen for trade. Simple.

Is the girl dead?


For security reasons,
please do not leave baggage unattended.

Baggage left unattended will be removed
and may be destroyed.

- I'll grab these, too.
- Yeah, got it.

- There you go. Thanks.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

Your flight boards in 15 minutes,
Miss Harrison.

Thank you.

- Good morning.
- Hi.

- Just one way, Miss Harrison?
- Yes.

- Is everything all right, ma'am?
- Death in the family.

- Safe travels.
- Thank you.

Now this is taking too long.

I'm doing the best I can,
Madam Ambassador.

Excuse me, ma'am. You'll have
to shut that down for landing.


- Ma'am.
- I'm shutting it down.

Gonna get us both killed.

It doesn't make sense. Why Paris?

Abbott has no history there,
no friends to help her.

And why risk flying?
It's safer to take the Eurostar.

She's going to New York.

- Welcome home.
- Thank you.

This is not a normal breach. Abbott
is a security officer and a serious threat.

- Find her.
- Understood, Madam Ambassador.

Hey, listen up. We got a red flag.

- Red flag.
- Let's go.

US passport number 212683550.

Suspect is traveling as Harrison, Amy,
coming off USS827.

Real name, Katherine Abbott.
Photo's on the way.

Jamieson, let's get the details
to Immigration.

- Miller, let's alert customs and NYPD.
- Yes, ma'am.

As soon as her picture comes in,
I want you to get it out to every taxi

and bus driver and the rental
car agencies. Stay alert, people.

Careful, ma'am. You're in New York now.

Taxi, madam?

You're a gypsy, right?

Madam, I'm an independent contractor
with 14 years' experience.

Okay. No medallion? No radio either?

Please, I want no trouble
with the police.

That makes two of us.

- 500 bucks for the night.
- In cash, plus gas.

- It's New Year's Eve.
- Okay. Let's go.

I have an address in lower Manhattan.

Red, increase 3%.

Green, maintain present level.

Yellow, reduce 1%.

Bit too slow, but maintain levels.

And stop.

Lock the cylinders.

Don't worry about the tanks or equipment,
but make sure you pack up everything else.

I'm going to look after the loading.

- Take the BQE to the Brooklyn bridge.
- Very good.

You like TV? We have TV.

This is a live shot of preparations

for tonight's New Year's Eve
celebrations in Times Square.

As you can see, the famous
New Year's Eve ball,

which is displayed year round,
is not in place.

It has been taken down for some
last-minute checks on the new LED lights.


It has almost 3,000 waterproof crystals,

ranging between
four and five inches each,

and will be illuminated
by over 32,000 LEDs.

To prevent the ball from overheating,

a coolant gas is piped into the ball
just before it is attached to the pole.

Change of plan. Take me to Times Square.


All right. You're good to go.

- Thank you. Happy New Year.
- You too, sir.

Can't you go any faster?


Sorry, ma'am.
This whole area is closed off.

Great. I'm just gonna get out here.


Oh, my God.

No. No.


Come on.

Can I help you, ma'am?

The guys that just came in,
where'd they go?

Uh, 1501.

Come on, come on.

Help! I need the cops. Someone call 911.

We have to go.

We have less than five minutes.

You just had to be here.

I've been waiting 10 years
for this moment,

to see the Americans pay
for what they have done.

- How far will the explosion travel?
- Not this far.



Bitch! Come on.

Come on.

Fuck you.


Ten, nine, eight, seven,

six, five,

four, three, two, one.

Time's up.

Happy New Year!

- Freeze!
- Don't move!


Abbott, it's for you.


- I always liked your instincts.
- Oh, Sam.

You're alive.

Yeah. You, too, from what I hear.


So I guess this is what
we're doing with our lives.


it is.

Kate, there were over a million people
out there tonight,

and you saved them all.