Surviving Lunch (2019) - full transcript

When school is the battleground, where can you hide?

(kids chattering)

(dramatic music)

(kids chattering)

- Why are you wearing a
pink hoodie to school?

You cross dressing now?


- You want some friends, man, huh?

Nah, I bet you'd rather
have some of this, huh.

- Ooh, and I bet he would.

Ooh, ooh, ooh, don't touch me.


- [Zion] Pussy boy.

(dramatic music)

- Mateo.

Como estas, homie.

How you doing, huh?

You mind if I have lunch with you today?

A little sick of the teacher's lounge.


Wanna cookie?

My wife made these, man.

These are the best cookies
you will ever have.

I love 'em some much look.

I'm starting to get a pot belly.

- Hey, hey, hey.

Mr. Lopez, I would love
to have that cookie.

- Man, you could smell a
cookie from a mile away, huh.

You get your history
homework done last night?

So how you doing, mijo?

You doing okay?

- You wanna have my baby?

- [Mr. Lopez] Gabriella.

- What are you doing in the lunch room?

- Just a little socializing.

- Yeah, nice jacket, Mr. Lopez.

Do you have to wear it
like every single day?

- Hey, hey.

Respect the jacket, huh.

Would you lovely ladies like to sit down

and have lunch with us today?

- Are you trying to totally
ruin our reputation?

- Oh, that hurts.

That's painful.

Come on, Maria.

This is my friend Mateo.

Say hello.

- I told you he was a faggot.
- [Mr. Lopez] Hey, hey, hey.

Cut it out now for real.

- Let's get out of here.

I'm hungry.

- Give me $2.

They're having chicken nuggets today.

- And what happened to
your lunch money may I ask?

- I told you not to
wear that jacket again.

- Yeah, you're always right
just like your mother.

- You know it.

- Bring me back the change.

(soft music)

Your mama's making Paella tonight.

- Okay.

- Okay?

- Okay.

(soft music)

I love you.

- [Boys] Oh.

- That's it.

I've had enough of what
you're doing to me.

- [Angel] What's up, Mateo?

Little gay boy.

Come on, cry baby.

- [Boys] Fight, fight,
fight, fight, fight, fight.

(kids chattering)

- [Mr. Lopez] Hey.

(gun firing)

(gentle music)

(kids screaming)

♪ In the night we were
wild, we were golden ♪

♪ Sparks and embers fly
wherever we were going ♪

♪ Fire and ice we built
our lives on survival ♪

♪ Get in past the fall lines ♪

♪ Burning your hand in mine ♪

♪ Freedom the song we're hollering ♪

♪ You can't stop the storm from coming ♪

♪ We're looking all comes rushing ♪

♪ Who's crying, lighting strikes ♪

♪ Dark sky and thunder rumbling ♪

♪ You can't stop the storm from coming ♪

- This place is like a
country club or something.

Look at those palm trees.

- Papa always said he hated Florida.

- Papa would want you to be safe.

(soft music)

We can't live in New
York anymore, Gabriella.

- I'll see you after school.

(soft music)

- Honey, you're gonna
be hot in that jacket.

Why don't you leave it with me?

(soft music)


Make sure you eat lunch today.

- I will if you will.

(soft music)

- You posted that picture of me?

- I was doing you a favor.

Look, you got like 2000 likes.

You are so hot.

(soft music)


- Damn.

Where did you come from?


What are you hiding
under that ugly jacket?

- Nothing you'll ever see.

- I'm just acknowledging
you for looking good, bitch.

You should be thankful.

For real.

(soft music)

Who was that girl?

♪ I'll be your stronghold ♪

♪ I won't let go of you tonight ♪

♪ Until the end of ♪

♪ We fight for all that we desire ♪

♪ I'll be your stronghold ♪

♪ For when it's winter in your life ♪

♪ Until the end of ♪

♪ Forgetting lives we can't look back ♪

♪ Can't take past from now ♪

♪ Surrender your hand in mine ♪

♪ Freedom the song we're hollering ♪

♪ You can't stop the storm from coming ♪

- Excuse me.

- Conner, did you do last
night's algebra homework?

Can I like maybe borrow it?

'Cause a bunch of stuff happened.

- [Conner] Of course.

- [Shauna] Hey babe.

- [Danny] What's up?

- [Conner] Here.

- I'll give it to you
before lunch is over.

- Hey kid, give it up, okay.

She's not interested in pussies like you.

You know how many guys are
in line to get some of that?

- Hey, don't talk to her like that.

- [Lacey] Thank you, Conner.

- Hey kid, why don't you get
the hell out of here, okay.

Somebody needs attention.

- You guys see what she was wearing.

Looks like Goodwill had a sale.

Come on, Lacey.

We're going.

- Hey Lacey.

You look really good today.

- See, I told you you'd thank
me for posting that picture.

- I'm getting some.

(soft music)

- God, oh my God.

Look at me.

- Are you okay?

- My best friend just posted pictures

of me on Start Some Drama.

- Start Some Drama?

- Please, just leave me alone

because the last thing I need
is to be seen talking to you.

- You don't even know me.

(soft music)

- Apples.

Can you get me oranges?

Pop tarts.

Pop tarts.


And then oh my God.

- Please write it down.

- [Girl] I can write it down.

- All right, I'll write it down.

- You must be Gabriella.

Come on in.

Don't be shy.

(soft music)

We have a new student whose
joined our class today.

Miss Gabriella Lopez.

- You can sit by me.

- [Mr. Coleman] We're glad you're here.

- Thanks.

- Hey, I have a set of
earbuds for the first person

that can I remember what we
talked about yesterday in class.


- [Carson] The rise of fascism.

- Carson is correct.

Adolf Hitler and the rise
of fascism in Germany.

Tell me something.

What would you do if something

like that were to happen here?

- [Mateo] That's it.

I've had enough of what
you're doing to me.

(soft music)

- Hi.

You're sitting at our table.

- I didn't know the
lunchroom had assigned seats.

- Well they do assigned by me

and we don't want any strange
girl sitting at our table.


- You know, I could fight about it,

but you beach barbies
just aren't worth it.

- Stupid slut.

- What'd you call me?

- Nothing.


Seriously, what the hell?

Who does she think she is?

Like I own this school.

- Who is she anyways?

- Yeah Lacey, did you ever find out?

- Somebody posted she's from New York.

- I don't want some strange weirdo chick

from New York sitting at our table.

- She's not pretty enough
to sit at our table.

- Let's start some drama.

(soft music)

Dyke alert.

New York lesbo.

- Do we have to add dyke alert?

- [Ashley] Hashtag dyke.

- Yes, done and done.

- Don't tag me 'cause my mom follows me.

- So does mine on my real
account not my finsta, duh.

Oh, did I forget to add you?

- Man, there's that kid again.

If there's one thing
that gets to my nerves,

it's creepy little mama's boys

shaking their butts in my face.

- Looks like he's in third grade.

- Hey faggot.


I'm talking to you, homo.

- Better not ignore him, kid.

Or he'll kick your butt all
the way back to kindergarten.

- The lunchroom is
closed to kids like you.

You hear me?

- [Conner] Okay.

- 'Cause you know I
don't like being ignored.

- Hey.

You want some attention?

Now you've got mine.

- It's ugly jacket girl.

I'm starting to think you're
in love with me or something.

What the hell do you want?

- I want you to leave him alone.

- [Woman] Robert Courtland,
please come to the office.

Robert Courtland, please come
to the office immediately.

- I don't know who you
are, where you came from.

You better stay out of my business

'cause you don't know
who you're dealing with.

- I'm not afraid of you.

- Well maybe you should be.

(dramatic music)

- He's just kidding around.

Once you get to know him, he's okay.

- So you think that beating up weaker

and smaller kids in the lunchroom is okay?

(soft music)

- Hey Robert.

Just have a seat please.

- [Mr. Dawson] You know Courtland,

you get me in a lot of trouble for this.

- Hey man, since when you were ever afraid

of a little trouble?

I saved your ass in 10th grade.

You remember?

- Yeah, that's true.

- I'm telling you.

I've known Robert a long time.

He's just going through.

- Going through what?

(soft music)

- Dad.

- Good to see you, kid.


Geez man, I don't see you for like a week

and you're already like a foot taller.

What your mom feeding ya?

- Like I only have a couple
minutes 'til lunch is over so.

- [Mr. Courtland] I'd like to talk to ya.

Can I do that please?

- You know the cops said
I'm really not supposed to--

- Oh, oh, oh, cops.

I don't freaking believe this.

You're my son.

You can talk to me
whenever you freaking want.

17 years I played ball with you.

I take you hunting.

I make one little mistake

and all of a sudden I
can't even talk to you.

- You broke her arm, dad.

- Well you think I don't
regret that every day of my?

This whole thing is just one
massive misunderstanding.

It's a freaking comedy is what it is.

- Yeah, everyone's laughing.

- I lose my shit one split second

and for that I'm locked
out of my own house.

Who pays for that house?

- Okay, time's up, Courtland.

- Jesus Christ, man.

I can't talk privately with
my kid for five minutes.

- Come on, I'm doing you a favor.

- I know.

I know.

Just give me a minute, please.

(soft music)

So it's interesting.

I went to the house this morning

and I couldn't get in the front door.

You wanna tell me what's going on there?

- You were at the house, Dad?

Was mom there?

- No, I'm not an idiot.

I waited 'til she was gone at
her little gym or whatever.

Listen, here's the situation.

I have to pick something up at the house

and I can't get through the front door.

- Yeah, mom changed the locks.

- Look, I'm not gonna tell anybody.

It's just that you know I want him

to stop picking on that kid.

He doesn't deserve it.

Nobody does.

(soft music)


(soft music)

- So what's this, like a diary?

- It's a journal.

- So what you like write
down all your secrets?

- I guess.

Something like that.

- Are you gonna write
about meeting me today?

- Don't flatter yourself.

It's just like poems and stuff.

- So what type of poems?

- It's just stuff about my dad mainly.

I don't wanna talk about it.

- Bobby.

I need you to get something
from the house for me.

- Dad.

- I don't want her giving my stuff

to some freaking cop the
minute I'm out the door.

You listen.

Take this key.

Don't lose it.

Come on, you know what
this is for. Put it away.

Don't lose it.

I want you to find a time when your mom

is not snooping around
like she always does.


Take this key and find a
case behind in the garage.

- Dad, no.

No, I can't do that.

- What do you mean you can't do that?

Of course you can.

Hey what, come on.


What are you a pussy, man?

Come on, what are you a
little faggot chicken shit?

- [Robert] Get off of me.
- Hey, watch your tone.

I brought you into this
fucking world you little punk.

Don't you fucking turn your back on me.

I need you to get something
for me from that fucking house

and I can't get in it.

- Mom told me I'm not supposed to talk--

- I don't give a fucking flying
crap what your mama said.

Can you imagine what it's like

to be locked out of your own house?

A house you paid for.

Don't you walk out that
fucking door on me.

Piece of chicken shit.

- Get off me.

- Don't you raise your tone with me.

- [Robert] What are you
gonna break my arm, too?

- You're gonna do this for me.

It's mine.

I bought it, all right.

- Dad.

- Huh, what are you some
little baby? You gonna cry now?

- Okay, that's it.

I'm serious.

That's it.

Robert, use your head.

Let him get back to the lunchroom.

(soft music)

- Hey remember what I said.

I'll call you.

We'll meet up.

Hey, it's a new number,
but you'll know it's me.

- What are you doing?

- [Mr. Courtland] What?

I'm talking to my kid is what I'm doing.

What are you doing?

- You gotta keep it together.

Come on, I'm escorting you to your car.

- [Mr. Courtland] Come
on, give me a break.

- Get out, let's go.

(dramatic music)

- Hey.

What did I tell you about
shaking your butt in my face?

- My locker's here.

- Just gonna have to
teach you a lesson, huh,

'cause I'm tired of seeing
you every time I turn around.

- I.


- What?

You got something to say, huh?


You little piece of shit.

I oughta put you in the trashcan

'cause that's where trash belongs.

You know what?

No. I oughta put you in the toilet, huh.

That's where shit like you goes.

Come on, let's take a trip, huh.

Come on, let's take a trip.

We'll see how far I can
shove your head down--

- [Lacey] What are you doing?

- We're just kidding around.

Right, kid?

- Conner, here's your
algebra homework back.

- Come on.

Like you really let this
kid help you with algebra?

- Actually he's the one who's probably

gonna be making a million
bucks and laughing at you.

- This kid?

A million dollars?

This fruitcake?

- You should get Robert to
help you with your homework.

I hear he's pretty good at what he does.

- Come on, I wanna get something to eat

before the bell rings.

(soft music)

- I love her.

- [Robert] Danny, I've been
looking all over for you.

What's going on?

- I didn't know you two knew each other.

- Actually, we don't.

(soft music)

- What is she like a Mexican?

- Build a wall.

Seriously, what's going on with you?

- [Shauna] Hold up, boys.

(soft music)

- [Gabriella] Conner, are you okay?

(soft music)

- Sometimes I think if I
had a gun, I'd kill him.

Or myself.

(soft music)

- Your lip's bleeding.



(soft music)

- I'm not gay, you know.

- Doesn't matter to me
one way or the other.

I mean, just the way he
throws that word around.


I mean, what if some kid really was gay?

(soft music)

Let's just go to the office.

I mean, this Robert thing needs to stop.

- No.

I tried telling Mr.
Dawson what was going on,

but he just blew it off.

I'll probably just go hide in the bathroom

'til lunch is over.

- Conner, wait.

You can't.
- Gabriella.

- [Conner] I gotta go.

- Conner, wait.

- What's he so freaked out about?

- Don't even talk to me.

- Wait a minute.

What's going on?

- Okay, for a second I don't know why,

but I just thought you might be

kind of cool or something, but you're not.

You're just like everybody else so.

- What's that supposed
to mean? What did I do?

- Nothing.

That's the whole point.

(soft music)

- Begin this half hour
with tragedy in Parkland

as many are feared dead
after a school shooting

in Broward County High School.

- Blame it on the guns.

- Sound like your father
when you talk like that.

- I'm just hungry.

Missed lunch today.

- Why'd you miss lunch?

- Busy.

- Relax.

I'll make you a turkey sandwich.

- I can get it.

- It's fine.

Doesn't even hurt anymore.

(soft music)

- [Reporter] Now officials
are investigating a threat

to Manatee County middle school.

It's the second senseless shooting there.

Just so the district of
Manatee County spokesperson.

(soft music)

Tragedy in Parkland as
many our thought dead

after a school shooting in
Broward County high school.

(speaking in foreign language)

- What's going on?

- There was another school shooting.

14 kids and three teachers killed.

- This one was in Florida.

- I'm going to my room.

- It's my room.

No, it's my room.

(dramatic music)

- Reports are saying that this was one

of the deadliest school
shootings in modern history.

14 students and three teachers killed.

I don't know about you but
for me, it breaks my heart.

By a show of hands, how
many of you were afraid

to come to school today?

(soft music)

- My mom almost wouldn't
let me come to school today

'cause she heard that
students were bringing guns

and knives to school.

- We're supposed to just let
people with guns on this campus

and trust they won't shoot us?

- It's freaky.

All of this is so real.

- What do you even care?

You didn't know the people.

- Okay, but what if you
did know the people?

But what if it was your own
father that got shot like mine?

Seriously, is that what it would take

to make any of you give a damn?

- Listen to me and hear what I'm saying.

This is not gonna happen at our school.

Not on our watch.

If you see something, say something.

Facebook, Instagram.

Group text.

If you have somebody on
there saying nasty things

and making these horrible threats,

you guys need to say something.

You're gonna be the eyes and the ears

that the adults won't see.

(soft music)

(bell ringing)

Listen, homework assignment.

I need your plans on how to
make this school more safe.

Gabriella, can I talk to you for a second?

Are you okay?

This can't be easy for you.

(soft music)

- Thank you for asking.

(soft music)

- I'm so sorry about your dad.

- Thanks.

I'll see you later.

(soft music)

- Why were you just talking to her?

- Just homework.

(soft music)

- Hey, what's going on?

- Nothing.

Just stuff with my dad.

- Everything okay?

- You haven't told anybody, have you?

- No.

Nobody even knows.

Everyone thinks your dad is
like the nicest guy ever.

- Hey Conner, what are you doing?

Do you wanna go eat lunch?

- No, I'll probably just
hide in the bathroom

'til lunch is over.

- Are you sure?

We can sit together.

- I'm sorry.

I gotta go.

- Okay, bye.

(soft music)

- Elbow to knee.

Knee to hand.

People, people.

Hey you.

Here for drama club?

Come on, we're down one.

Come on up.

(soft music)

- Head to knee.

Shoulder, foot.

- Lacey, can you take a picture of us two?

- [Lacey] Danny, look like you're smiling.

- Look like I'm smiling.

- Oh my God, is he
looking miserable again?

Happens every time.

Can you get the angle
like up a little higher?

You're kind of like close.

- Danny, you should look happy.

- He always looks sad in pictures.

I don't know how to get him to smile.

- Danny's the happiest person I know.

- Good?

Okay, yeah.

This is gonna look so good on my feed.

Look at us.

- I'm so tired.

I popped a xan and binge
watched Netflix all night.

- Classy.

- What's a xan?

- Are you 12?

- Are you gonna eat this?

- No.

- Thanks babe.

- Ooh, wait.

Okay so like, you and Robert?

- Stop, guys.

- I mean, why not?

Look at her.

She's freaking hot.

- I mean, you guys would
make a cute couple.

- Shut up.

- Am I embarrassing you?

Aw look Danny, she's blushing.

I'm sorry.

So we think that the four of us

should get together this weekend.

♪ I was watching you
like the sun come up ♪

♪ Vintage tee shirt
and one two high tops ♪

- I'll be right back.

♪ Taste like gold ♪

♪ Sweet with obsession ♪

♪ Show me something new ♪

- He's literally always sneaking off

and never telling me where he's going.

- [Danny] Hey Gabriella.

Where you going?

- Out of here.

- [Danny] Can I come?

- Think the cameras will see us out there?

- No, not if we stay on
this side of the building.

We figured that out way
back in ninth grade.

♪ Give up our ghosts ♪

♪ 'Cause when the morning comes ♪

♪ Through the wind goes ♪

- Shauna, nothing's going on, okay.

You're all he ever talks about.

- Doesn't seem like it.

- [Robert] Are you gonna finish this?

- You can have 'em.

- Good job, Lacey.

Cut the carbs if you wanna lose weight.

- As if she needs to lose weight.

You're perfect.

- I know. That's what
I'm always telling her.

You don't need to lose
weight in order to be skinny.

You just need a little
more muscle on your arms.

- If you wanna come with
us to the gym after school,

I can show you some routines.

- Yes, we would love that.

And Danny's gonna come too, right?

Or is he gonna run off somewhere?

- Yes, Shauna.

He'll be there.

- You want half my sandwich?

- Yeah, I'm always hungry.

- Oh, my mom made these
chocolate chip cookies.

They're so good.


Try this.

- Oh my God, these are amazing.

- Right?

You know, one time in New York,

it had been raining and raining for weeks

and then out of the blue,

there was a perfect day just like this

and my friend Gloria and
I got the brilliant idea

to skip school so we took the B line

all the way to Central Park.

We spent the whole day running around,

feeding the ducks, eating gelato.

We figured that we'd just
sneak back into school

before sixth period
like we never even left,

but when we got back to the Bronx,

my dad was waiting at the subway station

and he's just standing
there on the platform

and when I walked off the train,

he came up to me, grabbed me--

- Just knocks the crap
out of you right there

at the subway station.

- No.

He tells me that the next
time I wanna skip school,

I just have to tell him where I'm going

so he doesn't have a heart attack.

- Your dad sounds cool.

- Yeah.

Promise me you'll get your
friend to stop picking on Conner.

(soft music)

- Okay, but where did that come from?

(soft music)

I promise.

(soft music)

- It's like I can breathe for
the first time in forever.

- Me and Robert tried to
build a fort out here once.

He had this great idea
to runaway from home

and live outside the school.

- What is it with you two anyways?

- He's my cousin.

His mom and him stay with us

when Uncle Jack, you know, loses it.

- Well, then I mean it shouldn't be

that hard to talk to him.

- Yeah I mean, he's
not the same kid he was

when he was sticking up for
me at the playground but.

I'll see what I can do.

I mean, yeah.

(bell ringing)

- Was that the bell for fourth period?

- Yeah.

- Bye.

- Where the hell have you been?

Shauna's been looking all over for you.

- I got caught up.

- Hey, we're going to the gym

with her and Lacey after school.

Told her we'd show 'em some moves.

- [Danny] Okay.

- Okay.

Shauna's like the hottest
girl in the school.

What's gotten into you?

- Nothing. I'm just I'm
getting kind of tired of her.

That's all.
- You better figure things out

'case I'm not letting you mess
things up with me and Lacey.

We work as a team, remember?

- [Danny] Yeah.

- Loser.

- [Danny] Moron.

- Jackass.

- [Danny] What?


- [Robert] I'll see you later, okay?

- [Danny] All right.

Hey, Robert.

- What's up?

- I don't know.


- I know your problem.

- Yeah?
- You just need to get laid.

- You think?

- I'll see you after school.

- All right, see ya.

Hey Conner.

- I'm late for class.

- [Danny] No hey, wait a minute.

- I was at Nuovo for
like six hours yesterday.

Spent $300 on it.

- I'm getting new highlights on Friday.

- Sometimes I think he's gonna kill me.

- He's not gonna kill you.

- You know as well as I do.

I've tried everything
I can to make him stop.

I've tried running away.

- Running away makes him
come after you even harder.

- [Conner] Ignoring him.

- Ignoring him just
makes him even more mad.

- I even try hiding in the bathroom,

but wherever I go, he always
seems to track me down.

My whole existence has
become about surviving lunch.

- I'm gonna give you the best advice

you're ever gonna get
in this school, okay.

Just don't act scared.

'Cause guys like Robert,
they can smell scared

from a mile away.

- But I really am scared.

- So pretend not to be.

Just fake it.

- How?

- Okay so.

Say I'm you.

I'll show you what to do.

And this better not come
back to bite me, okay.

- [Conner] All right.

- Or I'll do the exact same thing.

- I swear.

I won't tell anyone.

- Now push me.

- What?

- Yeah, push me.

- Okay.

- Dude, come on.

Hit me harder, come on.

There you go.

- [Conner] I didn't mean to do that.

- No, no, no. You're
not as weak as you look.

Now hit me again.

- You faggot.

- [Gabriella] What the hell are you doing?

- Nothing.

We're just messing around, you know.

- Yeah, this is your idea of helping?

- What are you talking about?

(soft music)

Did you tell him to do this?

Thanks a lot.

- Conner, just.

(soft music)

What did you do?

Tell him to fight back.

Tell him that it's no big deal.

Tell him boys will be boys.

That kid is not the one with
the personality problem.

It's Robert and guys like you.

- What's that supposed to mean?

I was trying to help him.

- Telling him to fight
back is not helping.

- I don't see why you're
freaking out on me.

I'm trying to be the good guy.
I don't have time for this.

I've got stuff to do.

- Danny, wait.

Just wait, okay.

(soft music)

Did you ever?

Did you ever hear about a
13 year old boy in New York

that brought a gun to school
and killed his history teacher?

- I don't know.

- Well okay.

That teacher was my dad.

(soft music)

- I don't know what to say.

- He was just a kid.

He was being bullied and it
wasn't supposed to happen.

But you know.

- When me and Robert
started at this school,

all the older kids would
beat us up and stuff.

We couldn't wait until
we were the big shots.

But it's stupid to have
to act tough all the time.

You get this tight feeling inside

and I feel like I'm gonna
have a heart attack.

- Yeah.

(soft music)

- [Robert] You're not
wearing your favorite jacket.

What's the matter?

Got too hot for ya?

Be a shame to cover up that body anyway.

- Look, if you're trying to
scare me, it's not working.

- Does this scare you, bitch?

Going after my friends.

Turning people against me.

I told you once stay out of my business.

- Hey.

Danny's coming, right?

Where is he?

- [Robert] We're meeting him there.

Better be ready to work it.

- [Shauna] We are.


(gentle music)

- Do you think I look fat in this?

- Even if you do, that's
why we're here, right.

(gentle music)

- Do you think Robert likes me?

- Danny seriously hasn't
even texted me back.

It's like he's ignoring me on purpose.

- Danny loves you.

He's probably just playing hard to get.

- Robert's the one who can't
keep his eyes off of you.

That's why you have to
be nice to him, okay.

Don't mess this up for us.

I want them to take us both to prom

and it's gonna be perfect.

Let's take a picture.

- Oh, can you raise it
higher? My nose is too big.

Oh, my eyes were closed.

- Oh, shut up.

You look good.

Let's go.

(soft music)

Hey, where have you been?

- I was five minutes late to
class and they made me stay.

- You didn't answer
any of my texts either.

What are you mad at me or something?

- No.

- All right, I'm gonna put
my hand here for resistance.


No, I'm just making it a little
bit harder for you, okay.

- [Shauna] You so need this, Lacey.

- Hey Robert.

- What are you doing here?

- Can you believe this guy?

Is that how you talk to your old man?

Hey Danny boy, how's it going?

- Hey Uncle Jack.

- Can I borrow him for a minute?

- Dad, I'm kind of in the middle--

- Come on over here, man.

- [Lacey] Did you see what he just did?

- Yeah, it's 'cause he really likes you.

Danny didn't even look
at me when he got here.

- Now I see why you ain't
returning my messages.

I saw you putting the moves on

that hot little blonde over there.

- No, I was just about to text you.

- No, no, no, no.

First tell me.

You got in her pants yet?

- Dad.

- Are you ever gonna talk to
me or you just gonna ignore me?

- No, dad.

Okay, mom's always home.

- What did I teach you
about making excuses?

I told you this was important.

- Dad, what do you want it for anyway?

- What do I want it for?

You just do what I tell you.

And tomorrow when I text you,

you damn well better answer it.

Come back over here.

- What, dad?

- Come on.

How you doing for cash, man?

- Fine.

- Here.


Let me give you this.

Here's 50 bucks, okay.

I know how cheap your mom is.

Spend on that hot little
blonde over there, huh.

I love you.

You know I love you.

And I'll see you tomorrow, man.

- Just came by to give me weekend money.

Fifty bucks.

- [Danny] Oh sweet.

- Why didn't he just
give it to you at home?

- Look, are we gonna workout or what?

- I have to go.

My mom just got called into work

and my little brother's home by himself.

- We've been here for like five minutes.

- My mom.

She can't get off.

- Guys, it's fine if you
wanna stay and workout.

I can take Lacey home.

- Okay.

- [Robert] You ready?

- Okay.

- See you, Danny.
- Bye.

- Bye.

So sweet of him, isn't it, Danny?

- Yeah, that's really nice.

- Very thoughtful.

- Yeah, he's a nice guy.

- Uh huh.

(speaking in foreign language)

- Mama, what's going on?

- The grand jury in Papa's case

wants to go for a lesser charge.

Sentencing is next week.


- [Gabriella] Mama.

Mama, stop.

- Oh man.

- I got it.

I got it.

Don't worry, I got it.

(speaking in foreign language)

- They're just gonna what?

Let this kid off in five years.

- You just wanna send him to jail

for the rest of his life? He's 13, mama.

- Well they gotta do something.

Your father's death has to mean something.

That's it.

I'm getting us tickets to New York.

- [Gabriella] I was there, remember?

- [Rosa] We have to fight this.

- [Gabriella] I was there.

I know what was going on that day

and I'm not going to New York.

- [Rosa] Of course you're going.

- No, I'm not.

- [Rosa] Gabriella, come here.

- You made me come to Florida.

You made me leave all of
my friends and go to what?

This awful school with
all these horrible kids

and now you want me to
go back to New York?

Are you serious?

To sit in that courtroom.

That courtroom and just listen

to the worst day of my life, mama.

The worst day of my life.

I can't.

I can't sit.

I can't go back.

I can't go.

- [Rosa] It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

(soft music)

- I'm glad we're finally
alone 'cause I don't know.

There's just been
something I've been meaning

to talk to you about and.

I guess I just don't get it
how you never text me back

and like I wake up and
I wanna talk to you.

I wanna text you.

Like I wanna be with you and
I feel like you just don't

put in that same effort and I get it.

Like we're both busy, but like
we're always on our phones,

and I feel like you can
take one short minute

out of your day to text me back

just to let me know that
like you still care about me

and we're still together
and this is still a thing.

Now that we're here finally alone,

I just thought I would let it out

that this has been bothering me.



Hi, did you even just hear a word--

- I can't do this anymore.

(machine beeping)

- What?

- Your hair, your friends, your phone.

Your life.

I feel like I'm living in
a start some drama video

where it's all about how many
people like our photographs

and how we look together.

None of it's real, Shauna.

None of it.

- Thanks for driving me home.

- Now I know where you live.

It's nice.

- Yeah.

My dad said he's getting a bigger house

when he gets this account or something.

Wanna come in and have
a drink or something?

- Yeah.

- Austin.

Austin, I'm home.

- Playing video game.

- Thanks.

- [Austin] Shoot.

- Did you talk to mom?

- Yeah.

- Are you okay?

- Yeah.

- Well, this is Robert.

If you need anything, let me know.

- Hey, where's your room?

- It's back there.

- Can I see it?

- It's kind of messy.

- It's okay.

- Okay.

So this is it.

Nothing special.

- I like it.

It's very girly.

- Yeah.

I actually haven't redecorated it

since middle school 'cause you know.

Well I think.

I think you should.

- Yeah.

I should probably go.

(soft music)

You don't know how long
I've been waiting for this.

(soft music)

Take this off.

- Oh no.

- [Robert] Let me see, let me see.

- No.

- Lacey, come on.

- My brother could walk in.


- Lacey, don't fight it.

Come on.

- No.

- We can't have fun if
you keep fighting it.

- Yeah, but--

- Baby, come on.

- No.


- I know you want it.

- I'm not joking.
- I know you want it.

I've seen your pictures.
- I know.

- I see the way you look at me.

- Okay.

No, okay.


Okay stop.

Stop, Robert.


Robert, this isn't funny.

No, Robert.

I'm really not joking.

Please just stop.

Robert, I'm begging you please.

Get off me.



Please stop, Robert.

You're hurting my arm, please.

- What are you guys doing?

- Kid.

Has anyone ever taught you to knock?

Look, this was fun and all but I gotta go.

You be a good girl.

Hey kid, I think I'm
taking your sister to prom.

Pretty cool, huh?

(soft music)

- Promise you won't tell mom.

(soft music)

- Listen to me.

All of this.

The house.

The kids, being in Florida.

It's like we're living in a dream.

A just simple thing like
having a cup of coffee

or getting into bed
reminds me of your Papa.

And it's like my heart
breaks all over again

'cause he's not here.

And I'm sorry for taking you
away, bringing you down here.

The last thing I wanna do is upset you

or make you feel sad but
I'm screwing it all up.

- No.

There's something I didn't tell you.

- What?

What are you talking about?

- The day.

The day that Papa died I was mean to him.

I was mean to him, mama, and now he's gone

and it's all my fault.

- [Rosa] It's not your fault.

- He was with that kid.

The one with the gun.

And he called me over to him

and he asked me to sit with him.

- Listen to me.

If you had sat down with him that day,

I could've lost you, too.

Did you ever think of that?

It was the gun.

The gun killed your father.

That boy should've never, ever had a gun.

(soft music)

- [Mrs. Courtland] Robert, I'm home.

(soft music)


- I'm coming.

(soft music)

- Then finally at the end he was like,

I can't do this anymore.

Completely out of the blue.

I mean, what the hell?

- What about prom?

- I know.

I mean, I had everything figured out.

I had the dress, the limo,
the photographer, our hotel.

All of that hard work ruined.

- I mean, there's plenty of other guys

who would love to take you to prom.

- You're so perfect.

- No, I'm not perfect.

Not at all.

I mean, I just know
how to hide everything.

I mean, look at me.

My legs are so short and my butt is small

and my face is crooked
and I have so many pimples

that I just edit out.

I mean, I know how to edit everything out.

Everything about me is fake.

- Tell her, Lacey.

- Once again Lacey won't say a word.

She just sits there like
some dumb little mouse.

Do you ever have anything to say, Lacey?

This is probably all your fault anyways.

- Why would it be my fault?

- Because if you hadn't run off yesterday,

then I wouldn't have said
any of that stuff to Danny

and we'd still be going out
and we'd be sitting here

talking about what we're wearing to prom.

- Shauna, would you just?

Would you just please--

- Would you just what?

Can you even talk?

Yeah, you're done.

- So you're gonna run
for a role in the play?

- [Friend] You're gonna be famous.

- I see more of a John.

- Think more of a Bob.

- Conner, hey.

You're going in the lunchroom today?

- Oh yeah.

I think I'd give it a try.

(soft music)

- Okay, I'll see you in there.

- Bye.

Hey, come on.

(soft music)

- Lacey.

- [Lacey] Leave me alone.

- Open the door.

(soft music)

- Before I can even figure
out what was happening,

he was on top of me.

Touching me all over.

I tried so hard not to
get upset and just smile.

I didn't want him to get mad at me.

I just thought if I could just get away,

I could just I could run out of there,

but then he grabbed me and
he pulled me by the hair.

He treated me like.

Like I wasn't even a person.

- And then your brother
walked in and saw you?

- Told him not to tell my mom

'cause she'd be so mad at me.

- Mad at you?

- Yeah for letting a boy in the bedroom.

I mean, I was so stupid.

- Listen to me.

This is not your fault.

- [Danny] Dude, how do you even know?

- What do you mean how do I know?

She told me.

Seriously, what's gotten into you, man?

- Dude, nothing, okay.

- Go in there and tell her you're sorry.

- I'm not gonna do that.

- Danny.

I need to talk to you.

- This is why you broke up with her?

- Dude, just give me a minute.

- [Robert] Are you serious?

- What's up?

- I thought I told you
to stay out of here.

Hey bitch boy, I'm talking to you.

- Shut up.

Don't ever call me that again.

- What did you just say?

- I said shut up.

- You're telling me to shut up.

- Let go of me.

- I told you nicely.

- Let him go.
- To stay out of here.

- Robert, let him go.

Are you serious?

I mean, you go around this
school terrorizing everybody

and I'm over it.

- You're just a stupid
little New York slut.

(kids gasping)

I saw your name on the
whore list in the bathroom.

- Hey, don't talk to her like that.

- You better shut the hell up

or someone might just blow you away

like they did your father.

(kids gasping)

- No, you did not.

♪ Held in the echoes ♪

♪ Secrets that we know ♪

♪ Doors that open ♪

♪ For us in a moment ♪

♪ Keeping the light on ♪

♪ Righting our old wrongs ♪

♪ Keeping our sights on ♪

♪ Everything we want ♪

♪ We catch our breath ♪

♪ In the middle of it all ♪

♪ Chasing echoes ♪

♪ Sun is coming up ♪

♪ Over us, it's coming ♪

♪ Crystal visions ♪

- Break it up.

Get off, get off.

Break it up.

That's enough. You boys stop it right now.

- [Robert] Danny, what the
hell you doing this for?

- Stop it.

- Some girl?

You're my cousin.

You're supposed to be my friend.

- Well not anymore because
you need help, man.

- All right, that's enough.

You're going to my office now.

All of you, come on.

All right, that's enough.

You're coming to the office right now.

- You okay?

- Let's go.

Danny, you're coming now.

Conner, let's go.

- I cannot believe you.

You're really gonna stick up for them?

- You know what?

You can be as mean as you want,

but I'm not gonna stand
here and take this anymore.

- [Shauna] Fucking move.

Get out of my way.

- He was attacking Gabriella.
- Conner got in the middle.

- So I came in to try and stop Robert.

- [Gabriella] No, it's
not even Conner's fault.

He was barely in it.

Robert pushed me while Danny
was sticking up for me.

(soft music)

- What in the world happened?

- Everybody's against me, mama.

(soft music)

(phone buzzing)

(soft music)

- I can't believe Robert
actually got suspended.

- I know.

I didn't think Dawson had it him in.

(soft music)

- So.

Back to last period I guess.

- I've got an idea.

(soft music)

- You know I've lived in
Florida for like a month.

This is the first time I've
actually been to the beach.

- So what do you think?

- [Gabriella] Not bad.

- Watch out.

You might actually start liking it here.

- I mean, yeah, I think
I can get used to this.

- Hey guys, I just wanna say thank you.


I mean, you saved my life honestly.

- Yeah.

This is like the best
day I've had in forever.

We should take a picture.

- No.
- No, I'm good.

(soft music)

- So where is it?

It's in the car?

- Wasn't there, dad.

Wasn't there.

- You're lying to me.

- I'm telling you it wasn't there.

- You baby.

You piece of shit.

I oughta fucking knock the
crap out of you right now.

- Dad.

(dramatic music)

Are you drunk?

Are you drunk?

- Wait, is that my Uncle Jack?

- You got suspended, huh.

'Cause you mess everything up, huh.

- Like you even care.
- You guys wait in the car.

I'll catch up.

(dramatic music)

- Let's go.

Come on.

(dramatic music)

- [Robert] Get off me.

- Leave him alone.

- [Robert] I hate you.
- And what's he doing here?

Did you tell him to come here?

- No, I didn't tell him to come.

He doesn't care about me.

Nobody cares about me.

Not my dad.

Not my cousin.

Not Lacey.

I should send all you straight to hell.

(dramatic music)

(bright music)

(dramatic music)

- Okay everybody, take out something.

Take notes for this upcoming test please.

- Mr. Coleman.

- Yes.

- Can I go to my locker?

- For?

- My notebook.

I'm really sorry.

- [Mr. Coleman] Okay.

- I'll be quick.

- Hurry up.

(dramatic music)

World War II was the deadliest
conflict in human history.

Marked by 50 to 85 million fatalities.

You need to write that down.

(dramatic music)

It included massacres.

The genocide of the Holocaust.

- Mr. Coleman.

- Yes.

- He said he's on campus right now.

- When did you receive this?
- [Lacey] Just now.

(dramatic music)

- Miss D, I have a
credible threat on campus.

We need to go to full lockdown.

Hey you guys, go to full lockdown.

(dramatic music)

Full lockdown.

You know what to do.

(dramatic music)

(bell ringing)
(dramatic music)

- Perfect.

- [Man] Staff, this is an
active shooter lockdown.

Please follow the appropriate protocol.

Again, this is an active shooter lockdown.

This is not a drill.

Not a drill.

Full lockdown.

Code red.

(dramatic music)

- Yeah, you're scared now, aren't you?

(gun firing)

I can see you.

(gun firing)

So why don't you just
come out and make it easy?

- Really?

You're gonna kill me now in the hallway?

Is that what you really want?

- Yeah.

Yeah, that's what I want.

- Robert.

I know what's going on with your dad.

I know what he's been doing to you.

- You don't know shit.

- Just go, okay.

You can just go.

You can just leave and
you don't have to do this.

You don't have to do any of this.

You don't need this.

You can just go.
- Robert, what are you doing?

- Danny, you don't wanna
get involved, okay.


Danny, go.

- Robert, please just.

This isn't you, man.
- I'm not here for you.

Get out.

- You don't wanna be like
your crazy dad, Robert.

This isn't you.

Just put the gun down.

- Danny, don't make me do this.

- Let her go.

(soft music)

Robert, I love you, man.

Dude, stop.

(soft music)

Dude, I love you.

Robert, just put the gun down.

(soft music)

It's okay, Rob.

(soft music)

No, don't shoot.

Don't shoot.

It's okay.

- [Security] Put your hands up.

Let me see your hands right now.

Put your hands on your head.

- Danny, what's happening?

- [Security] Guys, get out of here.

- Don't shoot, it's okay.

It's okay.

Don't shoot.

Don't shoot.

- [Security] Put your
hands up. Get out of here.

Get out of here.

Get going.

Get out of here.

- Danny.

- [Security] Put your hands on your head.

Put your hands on your head.

Put your hands up.

Look away.

Hands on your head.

Don't move.

Don't move.

- I'm sorry.

- [Security] Don't move.

Do not move.

- [Guard] Don't move.

You're gonna get shot.

- [Security] Don't move.

Dispatch, we got a white male in custody.

(soft music)

- I wonder what's gonna happen to him.

- It's just so sad.

All of it.

- I thought he was gonna kill you.

- My daughter's in there.

(soft music)
(crowd chattering)


(gentle music)

- [Cop] This your daughter?

- [Rosa] Yes, officer.

- Okay, all that I can do is
make sure that everyone's safe.

(soft music)

- Excuse me, sir, but we
need to speak with you.

- You need to speak with me?
- Yes, sir.

(soft music)

- Because of the brave
reporting of not one, not two,

but several of our students,

a terrible tragedy has been averted.


I stand with parents, students, teachers.

We're calling for change.

(crowd clapping)

- Six months ago I watched my father

be gunned down before my
eyes by a 13 year old boy.

My mom and I moved to Florida to be safe,

but where can any kid be
safe in America today?

And how can we live a normal life

when going to class or
even just surviving lunch

becomes a matter of life or death?

(soft music)

Today, we stand with
the kids from Parkland,

from Maryland, from California

and from all across the
country and say enough.

It is time for the students

to lead the change we've been waiting for.

(soft music)

We're going to stop
bullying at the school.

We're going to reach out to each other.

And we're going to get help for the kids

who feel scared and alone.

(gentle music)

("Shine" by Sawyer
Garrity and Andrea Pena)

♪ You ♪

♪ You threw my city away ♪

♪ You tore down the walls ♪

♪ And opened up all the gates ♪

♪ You ♪

♪ You ruined this town ♪

♪ You burned all of the bridges ♪

♪ And slowly let us drown ♪

♪ But, you're not gonna knock us down ♪

♪ We'll get back up again ♪

♪ You may have hurt us ♪

♪ But I promise we'll be stronger ♪

♪ And we're not gonna let you in ♪

♪ We're putting up a fight ♪

♪ You may have brought the dark ♪

♪ But together we will
shine the light and whoa ♪

♪ We will be something special ♪

♪ Whoa ♪

♪ We're gonna shine ♪

♪ Shine ♪

♪ We're ♪

♪ We're gonna stand tall ♪

♪ Gonna raise up our voices ♪

♪ So we'll never ever fall ♪

♪ We're done ♪

♪ With all your little games ♪

♪ We're tired of hearing
that we're too young ♪

♪ To ever make a change ♪

♪ 'Cause you're not gonna knock us down ♪

♪ We'll get back up again ♪

♪ You may have hurt us ♪

♪ But I promise we'll be stronger ♪

♪ And we're not gonna let you in ♪

♪ We're putting up a fight ♪

♪ You may have brought the dark ♪

♪ But together we will
shine the light and whoa ♪

♪ We're gonna shine ♪

♪ Shine ♪

♪ We can hug a little tighter ♪

♪ We can love a little more ♪

♪ Laugh a little harder ♪

♪ We can stand up and roar ♪

♪ If we all come together ♪

♪ We will be all right ♪

♪ Stand up for one another ♪

♪ And we'll never give up the fight ♪

♪ You're not gonna knock us down ♪

♪ We'll get back up again ♪

♪ You may have hurt us ♪

♪ But I promise we'll be stronger ♪

♪ And we're not gonna let you in ♪

♪ We're putting up a fight ♪

♪ You may have brought the dark ♪

♪ But together we will shine the light ♪

♪ You're not gonna knock us down ♪

♪ We'll get back up again ♪

♪ You may have hurt us ♪

♪ But I promise we'll be stronger ♪

♪ And we're not gonna let you in ♪

♪ We're putting up a fight ♪

♪ You may have brought the dark ♪

♪ But together we will
shine the light and whoa ♪

♪ We will be something special ♪

♪ Whoa ♪

♪ We will shine ♪