Survive (Ta Nang - Phan Dung) (2020) - full transcript

I'm here!

Hey, Hoang.

This place is nothing special.

Why did you keep asking people
to come here?

It's hard to find people
for this kind of trek.

You wouldn't have a chance
to go on this trip if no one organized it.

We could have gone on our own
to save paying for a tour guide.

I think Hoang helped us prepare better.

Prepare? You need someone to do that?

Can you fix it?

I can't. The lens is broken.

The truck has broken down.
Can you please help me push it?

Push it on the count of three, okay?

One, two, three!

One, two, three!

Come on! One, two...

This is for you. Thanks.

- Have a nice trip.
- Okay.

I can't...

What's wrong?

Dammit! My bag's strap is broken.

I can keep your stuff.
My backpack still has some space.

Keep this for me then.

We're not going to climb that waterfall.

What's the point of bringing a rope?

I brought it just to be safe,

in case someone slips and falls.

I can use it to save them.

Hello? What is it, Mom?

Why didn't you pick up my calls?

I was so worried about you!

The reception is bad, Mom.

Fine... Where are you now?

Heading into the forest.

Be careful in there, okay?
I'm really worried, especially about Kien...


My mom's calling.

Just a second.

It's me, Mom.

What are you doing?

I'm marking tests.

Take care of each other, okay?

Don't go off on your own,
or you might get lost.

Don't worry, Mom.
Me... and Ngoc will take good care of him.



You crazy jerk!

Hello, Mom? Don't listen to him.

He's messing with you.

I have to go now. Bye.

Gosh, he hung up
while I was still talking.

First of all, I would like
to give a warm welcome

to everyone who joined this trip
and wish you all the best!

-I want to go away

I wanna go away
From the busy, tiring life around me

Nothing to worry about
Let's follow my steps

If our families try to stop us
We just run away and don't give a damn

- Yay!
- Hey!

We run away for the first time
And escape into the nature

Grab your backpack and go
Hurry up and no excuses

We'll run into the forest
With wild animals and dense undergrowth

Let's go far away
Home is wherever you are

But the night is coming
Why can't we find a way out?


I thought you could cross it.

It was just an act
to see how you'll deal with it.



This is getting difficult.

- Just take it slow.
- Right, slow and steady. Careful.

I might slip.

That's it.

Thanks, Bach!

Hey, Bach.

Are you splashing water
to wash away my bad luck?

No, I'm making it easier
for the others to cross.


Don't just jump up like that.
It's dangerous.

If it's slippery, you'll fall...

Don't you worry.

It's not my first trek.

I know you're a pro,
but the terrain here is unpredictable.

If you fall and someone has to carry you,
our trip will be ruined.

I know you're our guide,
but I can take care of myself.

Even if I break my leg,
I won't need you to carry me.

What is it, Khanh?

Did you see what Bach did at the stream?

What a caring, trustworthy man should do.

Unlike someone here.

Hurry up, kids. There's a long way to go.

- Ouch!
- Are you okay?

- Are you okay?
- Be careful.

I'm fine.

- Okay, be careful.
- I'm fine.

Keep going, kids! We're not halfway yet!

Gosh, I'm so tired...

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

Keep going.

Hey, are you tired?

No, I'm not.

But the one ahead of me is.



I'm exhausted.

I should have stayed at home.

Hey, weren't you the one
who begged us to join this trip?

I'm good!

I'm fine!

Perfectly fine!

Do you need help with your backpack, Ngoc?

Yes, I do!

No, I'm good.

Let's take a break.


Gosh, I'm so tired!

Ngoc is the luckiest one here,
going on a trek with a handsome porter.

Hey, Ngoc.

No one in this group
is manlier than Bach, right?

Let's go, everyone. Breaktime is over.


It's time to go, dude.


You said that Bach
is the manliest guy here, right?

From now on,
if you feel tired, ask him for help.

You're so immature!

That's enough!

Stop messing around!

Save your energy, you two.

If you don't want to continue this trip,
you can go back.

You've ruined this.

It was already ruined from the start.

Are you okay?

Dammit! Just my luck.
I shouldn't have gone here.

Already searching for directions,
Mr. Tour Guide?



Be careful in there.

This forest is very dangerous.

- If your guide doesn't know directions...
- What are you saying?

I'm saying that
this forest takes one life each year.

You jerk!

Stop it!

They said that to scare away trekkers
who did not book their tours.


Don't tell me
this is also your first time here.

I'll return your money if you want.


It's getting scary here.

Should we continue this trip
with that guide?

It'll be fine. Don't worry.

Come on.

Time for lunch.

I'm so hungry.

So hungry that I could eat
all the food containers here.

Hey, you have to wait for others
to eat with you.

I want to taste the bread
to see if it's stale.

Are you crazy?

How can it be stale?

Dude, why so many layers
for just one meatloaf?

My mother made it for me.

That's a lot of food.

It's nothing.

I brought it so everyone can share.

Great! The more, the better!

Bach brought it for Ngoc, not for you.



Get some water for Khanh.

You two know each other so well.

Ngoc, what happened to your neck?

I want you.

It's nothing.

I was careless.

Oh, right. Ngoc...

Why did you

come to see me the other day?


What's wrong?

What happened?


I went to the wrong place.


Why not take the trail over there?

Just follow me.

I want to take that trail.

Have you ever been here before?

Of course, I haven't.

Same with you, right?

Yes, it's my first time here too.

But I studied about it a lot.

You only studied it!

It's a trail, not a dead end.
You won't know unless you try it.

I organized this trip.

I'm your guide
and I planned this trip very carefully.

You're supposed to follow me!

Follow my foot...


Let's vote.

Who wants to follow him
despite the dangers?

Raise your hand.

Hoang is our guide.

We have to follow him
whether we like it or not.

I'm not taking anyone's side,

but we already chose Hoang
as our guide from the start.

We should follow him.

They're right, Kien.

Let's go.

Everyone is right, and I'm wrong, okay?

Well played.

Let's go.


Why are you acting so weird today?

No, I'm not.


Bach, take some pictures for me.

Two, three...


Let's go.

It will take a while to get to the camp.

It gets dark really fast here.

It's supposed to be relaxing!
Why are we always in a rush?


Are you okay?

I'm fine.

Hoang, is there always a tent here?

I asked the locals to set it up for us.

Help me put up tents and build a campfire.

It's time to enjoy ourselves.
Let's forget what happened this morning.

We have three tents.

Khanh and Kien, take one.

Phuoc will share the same tent with Ngoc.
Bach, you're staying with me.



Please don't hold me
while we're sleeping, okay?

Someone might get pregnant.

But it would be me, not you.


I have water, soft drinks and ice.
Do you want to buy some?

Yes, I could use some water
to freshen up. I'm so dirty.

This tent is very good.

Thank you for your help.

It's nothing. I was just doing my job.

I got it. Go give Ngoc a hand.

I'm getting naked and freshen up, okay?

Phuoc, are you okay?

Just a little cold.


What's wrong with you guys?

Cheer up!

We're on vacation!
Why are you all so upset?

Kien, stop picking fights.

Since the beginning of this trip,

you were the one
who has caused problems, not me.

What are you doing, Ngoc?

You still have feelings for Khanh,
don't you?

I don't know what you're saying.

Leave me alone!

What about Kien?
Don't you feel guilty at all?

Why are you so loud?

It's just some photos.

Just some photos?
Why do you have to hide them then?

Maybe not just some,
but dozens or hundreds of them.

And you took all of them
without Khanh knowing!

On that day...

in your room...

I saw Khanh...


What the hell are you saying?

You're crazy!


I can explain.

Damn you!

- How dare you!
- Kien!

- What now?
- Kien!

Stop it!

Bach, are you hurt?

Kien, are you crazy?

Can't you just grow up and be a man?

That's right! I'm immature!

And you two...

You keep saying
there's nothing between you.

But one of you
has been taking sneaky photos.

And the others always say
that he is the best, the manliest!

I never knew you were such a slut!

You can't say that to her!

Stop it!

Stop fighting!

Stop fighting! Phuoc has fainted!

Are you done?

Phuoc has passed out!

You were out of line, Ngoc.

I'll go check on Phuoc.



Phuoc's fever is higher
than last night. He's delirious.

Bach! Give me the medicine box.



If anything happens to him,
it's all my fault.

Well? When will the rescue team come?


No signal here.

We have to go fast.

Someone will pick us up
once we arrive at the Phan Dung stream.

Everyone please quickly pack up.


Let's go, Bach!


Where is Bach?

No worries.

Maybe he felt ashamed and went ahead.

Everyone take a short break here.


We have been going quite fast,
but why isn't there any sign of Bach?


we should return to find Bach.

We can't.

Phuoc can't make it.

Plus do you know where to find him?

Let's just go quickly to the rest station.

Then we can ask the rescue team
to help with finding him.



This is the same as the bag
Bach had yesterday.

The right path leads to Phan Dung.

How about the left path?

That's the wrong way.

Let's go now.
We have to get Phuoc out first.

Maybe Bach is waiting for us there.



Bach, stop! Don't go in there!

What's wrong?

I saw Bach take the wrong way.

His face was covered in maggots.

It's just a dream.

Nam took that way too.

Who's Nam?

My friend.

Tell us what happened!

This time last year,

Nam came here alone...

and no one saw him ever again.

I beg you...
please return and look for Bach.

There was nothing bad about those photos.

It's just when we went out together,

Bach took some photos of just Khanh.

And Khanh always compliments him

because she wants Bach and me together.

So why did you say that
Bach was stalking Khanh?

We have to get Phuoc out now,
then ask the rescue team to look for Bach.

Maybe Bach is all right.

Maybe he's already on the way out.

You're so silly, Ngoc.

I'm sorry.

You brought all of us here just to see
what's on this path, didn't you?

- Are we your guinea pigs?
- Please let me explain!

Son of a bitch, Hoang!

I'm going to find Bach!

Calm down!

Without you,

we can't get Phuoc out of here.

It's not even certain
that Bach went in there.

Even if he did, we can't do anything
without the rescue team.

Don't waste your effort.


Let's go.

Stand up.

Come on!

I'm fine...

I'm fine...


Did you reach the stream?

There's one of us who needs to
go to the medical station urgently.


Are you tired, Kien?

I can take over carrying Phuoc.






Hand him over to us.

My motorbike is strong enough
to carry him.

Over there.

Did you see anyone before us?

We've been here since noon
and have seen no one else.

Hoang... where's Kien?

Oh, no! I have to look for Kien!

Do you know where to find him?

No one else should split up.

Do you want everyone to die?

From now on...

I'll be your brother.

My mom...

will be yours too.

Is this the pug?

Good luck!

Is this for me?

This is the type of cat I always wanted!
How did you know?

She is coming.

Just be straightforward.

We should go shopping
and hit the gym to prepare.

Ta Nang is beautiful this month.











I'm here!


Kien, are you crazy?

You can't say that to her!

You still have feelings for Khanh,
don't you?

Why do you care?
Maybe he felt ashamed and went ahead.

Can't you just grow up and be a man?

...the others always say
that he is the best, the manliest!

Where are you going?
Why is Bach talking bad luck?

There was nothing bad about those photos.


This is the latest news from
the rescue team at Ta Nang Phan Dung.

Until now, there's still no clue of
the two missing trekkers' whereabouts...

The two names we have now
are Nguyen An Kien and Tran Gia Bach.

They split from their group
and have been missing for two days now.

Their friends are still there,
awaiting help from experienced volunteers.

Ta Nang Phan Dung is known to be
one of the most dangerous trekking routes,

and trekkers have been told not to leave
their groups and follow their guides...




Wake up, Kien.


Why are you laying here?

Here you are.

Where did you go to get here?

I thought that you...


You always talk bad luck.

Wash your mouth!

Stand up.

I'll go with you.

Go where?

I don't know where to go.

Don't worry...

I'll guide you!

You little devil!

Why are you so late?

You kids...

Have some fruit.

Especially you, Kien!

Only a few days of trekking
and you're already so skinny.

Oh! You're back!

Sit down.

The squid is almost done, it's delicious!

I keep reminding you all the time!
You must pray before eating.



Why are you laying here?


Is it you?



You weak bitch!

I brought a man to this world...

not a useless little girl like you, Kien!

Our Father, who art in heaven...

Give us this day our daily bread...

and forgive us our trespasses...

as we forgive
those who trespass against us.

Please deliver us...

from evil.


Where are you going, Mom?

Can I go with you?

Wait for me, Mom!


Please don't, Mom...

You can't...

Please don't leave me, Mom.

I love you, son.

I'm sorry.

No, Mom! Mom!

- Khanh!
- Bach and Kien...


- Where and when did they go missing?
- Where's Bach?

- Bach got lost at the top of Ta Nang...
- I'm sorry!

- ...and Kien near the Phan Dung stream.
- What are you saying?


Calm down, sir. Please!

- Calm down, please! Let us handle this.
- What kind of leader are you?

How could you lose my son?

Where is Bach?

- Bach!
- Auntie!

I beg you, please find Bach!


why didn't you take me instead?


I'm here!










I'm here!


I'm here!


I'm here!


I'm here!

I brought a man to this world...

- Kien!
- not a useless little girl like you, Kien!

I'm here!


Motherfucker! You weak bitch!


I believe that you can make it...

You are my son.


Here you are!


Wake up!

Wake up... Bach...

Bach, don't leave. Don't!

Bach, come back to me, son!

Where's Kien?

How's Bach?

We've been waiting here
for five days already!

We are trying our best.

We'll tell you right away
if there's any news.

Wake up...

You go ahead.

Stop talking so much... save your breath.


I won't last any longer.

You... Please stop talking crazy...

You need to survive...

Listen to me!

Khanh is waiting for you at home.

Both you and I...

We will go home together...

Everyone is looking for us...

I can hear voices of
the rescue team very close to here...









What are you saying?

Hang on.

You must...

try to survive.








Try to swallow it.

Hey! We found them!

Down here! Below the waterfall! Quick!


Bring the rope here! Quick!

They're down here! Quick!



Are you awake?

Let me call the doctor!


- Doctor!
- Dad!




How are you feeling?

You've been here for more than three days!

More than three days?

Where's Bach?


I... hope...

you will find this memory card
when you find me.


I'm going to die soon.

I'm not scared of death...

I'm just afraid of separation.

But I can't rest in peace...

without explaining to you...

You're always my good brother.

If there is an afterlife...

you and I will be real brothers.

I hope so.


It's hard to breathe...


you have to take care of my mother for me.

Promise me, Kien...


Bach wrapped this memory card...

and kept it safe.

The rescue team said...

that Bach died one week
before they found you two.