Survival Skills (2020) - full transcript

Survival Skills is a lost training video from the 1980s. In it, Jim, the perfect policeman, gets in over his head when he tries to resolve a domestic violence case outside the law.

Since the dawn of time,

society has been divided between
those who follow the rules

and those who break them.

For the good people
of Middletown,

only one thing stands
between them

and a rising tide of violence
and degeneracy... you.

Hello and welcome
to Survival Skills,

a new training video
from Survival Solutions

created specifically for the graduates
of the Middletown Police Academy.

In the next hour we're going to be
providing you with the information you need

to transition from your training
into an active field position.

Now, I know you have a lot of
questions and we'll get to them

but right now there's somebody
I'd like for you to meet.

Do you know what your name is?

I sure don't.

- Your name is Jim, and you're a policeman.
- Hmm.

I don't know
if I have what it takes.

- Well, are you brave?
- I think so.

- Are you compassionate?
- Sure.

- Are you a hard worker?
- You bet.

Then you'll be A-Okay.

The most important qualities
a policeman can have

are honesty, diligence and a
commitment to justice no matter what.

- That sounds like me.
- Sure it does.

Now, Jim, we're going to follow you through
your first year as a police officer.

And I won't lie,
it's not going to be easy.

But at the end of it you will have
learned some valuable survival skills.

And you will, too.

Now let's get started.

Welcome to Middletown,
USA, population 34,000.

It's a typical American town,

89 percent white with a median
income of 70,000 dollars.

In 1988, the town voted
overwhelmingly for Ronald Reagan

despite the fact that he was not
running for election.

This is the town
Jim will call home.

We're putting Jim in a sensible
two-bedroom house in the suburbs,

the kind of place no one would
ever want to leave.

Now, first things first,
let's get Jim dressed.

Oh no, that may work
for the ball game

but it doesn't meet the high
standards of the Middletown PD.

That's better.

What's this? Uh-oh.

Now, I know you're curious
about that gun, Jim,

but that's another video.

You're not
going to need that gun.

Something we often forget is that police
officers are real people with real lives.

Let's give Jim
a life of his own.

And what home would be complete
without a lady of the house.

I make my own jam.

Now, let's get Jim to work.

- Wish me luck, honey.
- Luck.

- You Jim?
- Yes, Ma'am.

I don't want to be, you know,
unkind or anything

but just so you are aware,
I did not request you.

- Oh.
- In fact, I requested not you.

- How old are you?
- I'm 30.

Right. And you seem kind
of keen for an old guy,

which worries me.

I don't need a bunch of
fucking questions all the time.

certainly can be annoying.


I'm your FTO. I've been
doing this a long time.

So just do what I tell you,
follow the rules and you'll be fine.

I'm excited to learn.

- Whatever you say.
- Whatever you say, boss.

Oh, my God.

10-4, 10-4, this is Unit 11.

The job of a policeman
is unpredictable.

It could be a speeding stop
or a cat stuck up in a tree.

Who knows?

Oh. Oh.

Oh, well, cadets, it's not all
sunshine and lollipops out there,

sometimes you have to get tough.

And Jim's first assignment
is about the toughest there is.

But before we get started, let's
take a look at some basic principles.

Domestic violence calls are notoriously
unpredictable, emotional, and deadly

and we've developed a five-step plan to
help you navigate these tricky situations.

We call this the SMENS system.

The first step is S,
safe approach.

Step two is make notes.

As you enter, make a note of everything
that is or could be a weapon.

Step three is E, emotions.

Before you say anything, look carefully
at the faces of any occupants in the room.

Step four is N, partition.

Try using an open armed herding
technique like you'd use with cattle.

And finally step five, S.

S stands for solve.

Once they've calmed down,
bring the disputants back together

and have a frank, honest
talk about what happened.

Everyone is calm
and no one gets hurt.

Now, let's see how Jim does.

It's a misunderstanding
that everything is fine.

Thank you for that.

Will you just stop
interrupting people?

I'm gonna need you
to move her upstairs.

A little goddamn help here.

Where were you raised?
In a barn?

Fucking asshole.

So what was the fight about?



Look, I'm not proud of this but
we were arguing and I was...

I was belittling her

She never finished college,
she's insecure about it. She...

She feels like she can't get a job.
Like, she's dependent on me.

And sometimes I needle her about
it when I'm stressed out at work.

But that's... that's no excuse.
I... I know that.


So that's it?



That was very stressful.
Everybody was yelling at each other.

It was so loud.

I'm sorry.

Is it always like
this for you here?

Don't worry,
we'll get this sorted out.

He'll never hurt you again.

That's a promise.

Uh, are you going to
ask me what happened?

Oh, uh, I don't know.
Um, am I supposed to?

That's what they usually do.

Okay. Ahem, what happened?

You know, it's...
it's funny, you know, where I'm from,

we... we would have fights like
this all the time. It's no big deal.

So you're saying it
was just an argument?

It's just stupid argument.

Are you sure
that you don't want to...

You know, to be honest, I don't...
I don't really want to talk about it.

It's... This is embarrassing.

And your daughter
seemed pretty upset.

She, uh... she...
she's actually my stepdaughter.

If you need anything, either of
you, for any reason, let us know.

Absolutely, 100 percent.

- Thanks...
- Thanks again.

Thanks, officers.

Um, I'm new to this,
so I defer to you totally

but it seems to me and... and again
forgive me if it's inappropriate...

Jesus Christ, kid.

I feel strongly that we were being lied
to by one or both parties in there.

- Oh, do you?
- And that abuse was, indeed, taking place

despite their assurances
to the contrary.

- Well, thank God you're here.
- Well, so can we arrest them?

- It doesn't work that way.
- Well, it should.

Yeah. Well, if she's okay with
him using her as a punchy bag,

there's a goddamn thing
we can do.

- But if we separate them...
- You're not listening to me.

- If there's a child involved, it's our...
- Hey.

It is your first day.
Maybe shut the fuck up for a minute.

I'm sorry.
You seem upset.

Were you abused as a child?

Domestic violence cases present more than just
physical danger for law enforcement officers,

the emotional strain of returning
again and again to an abusive home

can take a toll on the officers

Officers can become so...

so heartbroken that they're
tempted to break the rules

and contact the abused party.

And while this desire comes
from a noble place,

it often leads to more heartbreak,
more anger, and more violence.

But not every
case is quite so grim.

Today Jim has been called
to arrest a local shoplifter

who may be a little different
than he's expecting.

I'm just so sorry. I mean
this isn't him, you know. I...

But his mother just passed
and... Oh, you, you know that.

I understand, Sir, but the store
owner will need to be reimbursed.

I know. And... and we will pay
every penny somehow.

Just, uh don't...
don't drag the kid into this.

I could really go
for a cup of joe.

Cup... Oh. Yeah, sure. I'll...


would you like to race?

- Why not?
- You sure gonna win.

Hmm. I bet you're right.

What if I race with the truck
and you race the cruiser?


It's just great.

On your marks, get set and go!

Oh. Mine didn't go anywhere.

Go. Oh, you just hit me!

As a police officer, it's important
to forge close ties with your community,

but it's also important
to make sure

you remain professional
and never personal.

- Do you even care...
- care.

Ma'am, we can
take care of this for you.

Thank you, Sir.

Let's give Jim
something else to worry about.

Tonight's a big night for Jim.
It's his first night on his own.

But it hasn't gone exactly
the way Jim thought it would.

In nine hours on duty Jim
has issued one speeding ticket

and responded to a call
about a stolen bike.

If you ever find yourself getting
bored on the job just think,

"Thank God no one's in trouble."

But why not give Jim
a little excitement.

Sir. Sir, can you please
return to your vehicle?

Care to remove your helmet?

Could you remove
your helmet for me please?

You were going pretty fast, sir.

Got up to
double the speed limit.

Kids could be
playing around here.

License, registration and
proof of insurance, please?

I would consider
it a personal favor.

Sir, I must ask you to
please keep your distance.

Uh, don't.

- You are hurt.
- Yes.

Do you sometimes think that the
assumptions you've made about life

and people are wrong

and that you're unqualified to
make decisions for yourself?

If you can't make decisions,
who will make them for you?

Oh, the rules.

I'm really grateful for that.

I've already been tended to.

- You're embarrassed.
- I feel stupid.

Everyone will see my face
and know what happened.

Jenny. Jenny?


now we are the same.

So I got sent
on a kind of domestic call.

Fourteen-year-old girl's having
it out with her grandparents.

She calls her grandma a bitch,
tells her shut up.

So I lay out some ground rules,
I talk about,

you know, family, responsibility,
drugs, sex, stuff.

The girl's generally happy.

She even laughs a little bit. I tell her
she's grounded for the night and I take off.

About an hour later
suicide kicks out,

14-year-old girl's
cut herself up with a razor.

Sure as shit, the same girl.


So I go over there, there she
is, arms wrapped up in a towel.

I ask her how we got from cleaning
our room to carving ourselves up,

I mean what the hell happened in
the 60 minutes I was gone, right?

So I...

I don't know...

people, man, you know.

That's just the stuff
you see yourself,

never mind the stuff
you hear about like, uh...

like the kid who was run over
by a forklift,

a roofer falls and breaks
his neck in half,

the construction worker
that gets eat up by an auger,

a decomposing man
on the white leather couch,

the old man on the toilet,

the little girl
in the wheel well

and on and on and on

and on and on and on.

And on and on
and on and on and on...

I'm headed out.

You doing all right?

I am aware of the emotional toll
of a policeman's life

and I've taken steps to ensure that I
remain within normal emotional balance.

That's how I describe you.

People ask and I'd say,
"He's within normal emotional bounds."

Take care of yourself

Even for a busy cop it's
important to make time for your loved ones.

And so,
Jim decided to head home.

And so,
Jim decided to head home.

And so...
Are you listening to me?


- Hello?
- Hello.

This is...

Let's try that again, shall we?

Everybody makes mistakes.
But as long as you learn from...

What are you doing?

I just told you.

The mark of a good cop is that he never
makes the same mistake three times.

Jim, you think
of what you're doing.

What if Mark is home?
What if she won't talk to you?

What if she tells the chief that one
of his officers is harassing her?

Just hang up, Jim.

Jim, this is your final warning.



Hello. This is...

Officer Williams
we met the other day.

My husband's not here.

I was hoping to speak to you.

Do you have a second?

Is there something
I can help you with, officer?

I was hoping to speak to you
about your situation over there.

What about it?

It's clear to me that not only are you
in a physically abusive relationship

but that you're willing to lie
to the police to protect it.

I want to reassure you that we have
excellent resources here at the department.

We can make sure that Mark never comes
within a mile of you or your daughter.

Furthermore, if you're worried that you'd
be financially compromised without him,

I will make it my personal mission
to see that doesn't happen.

If you won't do it for yourself,
do it for your daughter.

Officer Williams,
don't call this number again.

Uh, hold on a second.
Where's the damn script?

Yeah. Ahem, yeah.

In your first year
as a law enforcement officer

you'll face your share
of temptation.

If you found yourself in this sort
of situation, who would you turn to?

Your chief? Your priest?

A favorite teacher
from high school?

All acceptable.

In Jim's case, he turns to the man
who knows him best, his father.

Well I... I can't say that I
know what to tell you, son.

- Oh.
- It's a... it's a very complicated situation.

I was hoping you might
tell me to follow my heart.

instincts are important, son.

But so is following the rules.

But then, again,
so are instincts.

And... and following
the rules also is...

important, I mean.

If there wasn't a child

Oh, son, lots of
kids grow up getting hit.

I did. And I'm... fine.

If I can help, I should.

- I want to.
- It sounds like you're having doubts.

Uh, I'm not.

Or maybe.

- I don't know.
- You know what they say about doubt, son?


Well, in Matthew 21:21,
Jesus says,

"Truly I say to you if you have
faith and do not doubt,

you will not only do what has
been done to the fig tree

but even if you say to this mountain
be taken up and thrown into the sea,

it will happen."

I think...
I think I can see that.

- I think I understand that.
- Bully for you, son!

Always good to see you, son.

Now get out there
and catch some bad guys.

Because it's over like bam!

Bam! Bam, bam, bam, bam!

Bam, bam! Bam!

Bam! Bam, bam! Bam, bam!

What do you think
it's going to be like, huh?

You think your guy's just going to
stand there like, "Oh, hey, officer,

let me just take my knife
out real slowly." Wrong!

Do you know what safe combat
distance is from a knife combatant?

Twenty-one feet minimum.

That doesn't matter if
I'm fighting in an open street,

a crowded room
or on my house boat.

Now, can I get a volunteer?

I love your energy.

- What's your name?
- Jim.

say I come at you with a reverse grip

slashing side to side like this,
what's your best defense?

Well, first, I would evaluate whether
the subject is a violence risk.

I would then perform the
five components of arrest.

A verbal warning.
Approach of the subject.

We'll cover this later.

And, finally, the handcuffing
and reading of rights.

Okay, let's see how
that plays out for you.

Stop, citizen.

Let's get one thing straight.

You want to arrest somebody with a
knife, you got to have your gun out.

When someone's coming after you
for real with a knife,

you're not going to be ready.

I promise you.

Okay, pair off
and let's practice some shit.

And one, and two,
and three, and four,

and five, and six...

He's right,
the world of a law enforcement officer

is dangerous and unpredictable.

But if you follow the instructions
outlined in this video,

you'll have the skills
you'll need to survive.

And now let's
look at knife wounds.

Gross. That guy died.

Good morning, Jim.
How'd you sleep?


Well, you got another
busy day ahead of you.

And no time to waste.

A healthy breakfast,
a kiss from Jenny.

- Wish me luck, honey.
- Luck.

And Jim's out the door.

No, you stop.

Meg, how's Steve
doing at little league?

You know, he ever wants to practice,
I used to have a mean swing.


My name's Karen.

Oh, go on.
You wanted to see me, Chief?

Yes, hi. Come on in.
Well, listen, gosh,

you have had one heck of a month
here, haven't you?

- Well, I...
- I received a letter yesterday from Mr. Howard Skelman.

He's Stephanie's widower.

- You responded to a call at his home.
- Yes, Sir.

It says here in the report that there
wasn't any food in the house and...

- and that the son had been shoplifting.
- Yes, Sir.

It also says in the
letter that, uh...

you purchased $200 worth of groceries
and... and delivered them to his home.

- Have I done something wrong, sir?
- Listen...

the only reason I know about this is because
I received this letter from Mr. Skelman.

Now maybe you were nervous

because, uh, well, maybe you thought
you'd crossed the lines or something.

But I just have to say that
I think what you did was wonderful.

It was really, really wonderful.

- Should I hug you?
- No, no, it's okay.

I mean, after all you're the...
you're the hero here, right.

I'm just a side character.

Oh, listen, uh,
Allison says that, uh, you're...

you're getting a little too close to the...
to the Jenning case.

- She does?
- Ah, If I were you, I'd...

I'd stay clear
of that situation.

I actually spoke with my father about it and
we agreed that it's best if I just forget it.

- Okay then.
- Have a great day.

Margaret, can I get a...

It doesn't work.
The phone doesn't work.

Well, it looks like Jim's really
making a name for himself.

But there's never a good
time to let your guard down.

Parents and teachers
around the country

are increasingly concerned about
the threat of satanic ritual abuse.

Is Satan real?

Does he create
obstacles in your life?

We can't say.

But the satanic movement born
in heavy metal concerts

and abortion clinics
across America is very real.

This is the police.


911, what's your emergency?

I guess...
Hello, I, um... I live on Cherry Crest

and I just saw a group of teenagers
entering a house across the street.

Okay, Ma'am, can you please
tell me exactly what you saw?

I... I've been
hearing some sounds that are...

they're kind of like chanting
sounds and...

and I saw on the news where some
teenagers have been sneaking into houses

and worshiping Satan.

So I... I just wanted
to alert law enforcement.

I feel very unsafe and I would appreciate if
the police would do something about this.

You guys ready? Okay.
So, ahem, a cold fog rises around you

as you venture into the cave...

- Hold up, I'm not going into any cave.
- What?

- You sort of got to go into the cave.
- Don't be a dick, Dave.

It's so obviously a trap.
I just don't know why we...

Okay, okay, just let me... let
me... Here. Okay. So...

so your footsteps,
they echo off of the bare walls

as you go deeper and deeper
into the cave.

Fuck you, man, I don't
want to go into the cave.

- You're on your, man.
- Dude... - Oh, okay.'re not playing
the game right.

Dude, I thought the whole point
is we can do whatever we want.

So that doesn't
make a whole lot of sense.

You're being a.

- Dave, come on just...
- Just say it.

This is your great fantasies
you want to go into a cave?

- Come on, Dave, you're being a...
- No, I'm not.

- Yeah, stop being such a fag, dude.
- Hey, fuck you, man.

You don't get to call me a fag,

Dude, you're in my
house, man. Dude, screw you.

Why don't you go and play with
your action figures, man?

No, hey, stop it.
What are you doing?

Fuck. Man, you hit me
right on my fucking nose.

- I did not...
- Freeze!

Turn that off.

We weren't doing anything.

Whatever happened to a
good old game of Monopoly?

It's not like
we're hurting anybody.

You're hurting

Whose house is this?


If I come back here

and you don't have
at least one

decent American hobby,

I will put you in jail
for the rest of your life.

- Now go on, get out of here.
- Okay, Officer.

Parents must be worried sick.

They didn't
have the rainbow kind.

- That... that's okay.
- Hmm.


So do you want to
tell me what's going on?

Uh, I don't know.

Why don't you
want to go home, Lauren?

I just don't.

Is it safe for you there?

You know I only want
what's best for you, right?

I promise,
no matter what happens,

I will protect you...

and your mom.

You know that, right?

Lauren, please just
talk to your mom for me.

I wouldn't ask
if it wasn't important.

Just tell her that...

that if she really cares about
you that she'll contact me.

You can tell her that, right?



Good evening.

Going for another.

I understand what you're going through and
I am offering you my support and my concern.

I don't need concern.
I need money.

Can you help?

- What?
- Just enough to get through a trial?

Yes, I can.

- How?
- The case is pretty clear-cut.

You could be looking
at sizable damages,

child support, of course,
if it goes your way.


Well, I'd say you have a pretty
strong case, wouldn't you?

Even if I win the case, Mark's got
enough money to spin it out for months.

And where am I
supposed to stay then?

Where... where is
Lauren going to stay?

I'll tell you what, if nothing else
works, you can stay with us, me and Jenny.

She's my girlfriend.

Well, thank you,
Officer Williams.

I think I'd like to handle this

- Mrs. Jennings, please.
- Please do not call my house again.

There are other
avenues we can explore.

- Like what?
- Okay.

Okay, there is a receptionist
position opening up at the precinct.

- You can't offer me that.
- Let me try, okay.

There are a number of resources
from the battered women's shelter

and contributions
from my church.

Please, let me do this.


If I were to agree...

what would happen next?

This is Officer Jim Williams
with the Middletown Police Department.

Today is the 2nd of June
and it is 10:53 in the morning

and we are interviewing
Lauren Jenning.

- Jennings?
- Jenning.

That's J-E-N-N-I-N-G?

- Yep.
- Awesome.

- And how old are you, Lauren?
- Sixteen.


- And where do you go to school?
- Middletown Prep.

How do you like it?

It's pretty fun actually.

What's your favorite class?

Um, I guess photography.

- My dad got me this camera.
- He did? Great.

- He's cool sometimes.
- Great.

So, before we get started,
there are a few rules.

Ahem, first, if I ask you a question and you
don't know the answer just say you don't know.

Second, if I get something
wrong, I want you to correct me.

And third, it's really important
that we only talk about the truth.

So, do you promise
to tell the truth?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

So, Lauren, can you tell
me why we're talking today?


well, if...

I do something or get something
wrong, um, sometimes my dad hurts me.

Can you tell me about
the last time your dad hit you?

He doesn't hit me.

What does he do?


Like one time I came home from school
and I went to go get something to eat...

apparently, that's not okay

and he got really mad...

and he told me
to take off my shoes.

It's like a fishing line.

What happened next?

Um, well, I try to run away

grab me, it's like yelling like,

"What are you doing,
you're supposed to be doing homework."

- He was yelling?
- Yeah.

Well, he's like...

"You're going to get bad grades,
your mom's going to be so mad at you...


- I don't know, I can't remember.
- Okay.

Oh, and he like wrapped the fishing
line around my foot...

until I started bleeding...

and I couldn't really walk.

It's kind of have been a shock

you see he's done
stuff like this before, so.

And your stepmom?

My mom...
you can just call her my mom.

Does he abuse her as well?

- Obviously.
- Obviously?

What other things has he done?

I don't know, really,
he's fine sometimes...

we go take photos together.

He's actually
a really good photographer.

You... you say
he's done other things.

He's never like
touched me like that.

What kind of stuff
would he do to you?

Ugh, do we have to do this?

I'm sorry.


If I don't get ready for school in time,
takes my arm in the front door and slams it.

Uh, he burned my arm
with a lighter.

Used to bend my fingers
back until I would scream.

One time he filled up the bathtub
with ice and made me sit in it.

And he... Ugh, he threatened
to kill me a lot.

Hey, come on.

You were
freaking everybody out.

Come on. Come on..
Come on. Come on.

Hey, hey, hey, hey,
what is wrong with you?

Oh, God. Oh, God.

It's okay. Hey, hey.

Uh, I think we've
gotten off track here.

Let's see if we can refocus
and get back to our original purpose.

And while we recalibrate,

take a moment to enjoy
our previous educational video.

Use of Force in Public Spaces.

Procedures and practices to control
dangerous situations in public spaces

with a special emphasis on crowd
containment and analysis

and implementation of appropriate
use of force in situations

that may present challenges to traditional
models of law enforcement threat analysis.

Part one.

I put my heart
and soul to this company.

- Now they are sending our jobs overseas.
- Bad government.

I put my heart
and soul into this company.

Now they are
sending our jobs overseas.

I put my heart
and soul to this company.

Now they're
sending our jobs overseas.

Meet Jane.

Just like you, Jane is a graduate
of the Middletown Police Academy.

Let's follow Jane as she navigates the
pitfalls of her first year of active duty

with the Middletown
Police Department.

In this scenario Jane must make a decision about
the appropriate level of force to be used

on a group of protesters who are
congregating illegally.

Folks! Folks!

Can you keep it down
for a moment so we can talk?

There are other
areas for you to gather.

You're breaking the law here.

Folks, I don't like it any better than you
do but you're going to have to move along.

Not a chance.
We're not leaving until we get answers.

- Yeah.
- Sir, I'm going to need you to...

You don't know
what hard times are.

I put heart and soul to this company
and they're sending out jobs overseas.

- Sir.
- I put my heart and soul into this company

and now they are putting...
I put heart and soul to this company...


- Sir, I need you to...
- You don't know what hard times are.

I put my heart and
soul into this company.

Now they're
sending out jobs overseas.

- Yeah.
- I'm gonna need you to...

Drop the sign now!

This communist
has just crossed the line

from verbal threats
to physical menace.

Should Jane, A,
issue a verbal warning?

B, draw her sidearm?

C, move to a tactically
advantageous position?

Or D, all of the above?

Drop the sign now!

If you answered A or
B, congratulations, you are correct.

Were you able to identify
the threat and Jane's response?

Was her response appropriate?

In a similar situation
what would you do?

What are you doing?

What about the force evaluation scene?
It's very important.

Damn it.
Has everyone gone crazy but me?

There's nothing left to
learn from Jim Williams.

I would know, wouldn't I?
It's my story.

I'm the goddamn narrator.

I bought you an extra burger.

How's the case going?


I'm trying my best to avoid it.

I realize my... my objectivity
has been impaired.

Twenty bucks says
he gets slapped on the wrist.

You know
we're not allowed to gamble.

Yeah, well you're taking a
hell of a gamble on this lady.

- If she doesn't show up for you...
- She'll testify.

She said she would.


- Why wouldn't she testify?
- Because people are terrible, rookie.

I, ugh... I'm not saying
that every person is terrible,

but as a group
people are just a nightmare.

They whip shit at a patrol car,
take shots at you.

Even if you're just sitting having lunch,
they call you fuckhead or whatever.

And then these same assholes,

they are the ones that come crying to
you when something goes wrong for them.

It's just a cradle
to grave nightmare.


I think you shouldn't be
a police officer.

Have you been
accused of domestic violence?

Don't wait,
contact Rick Bell.

He'll get you off.

When a policeman pressured my wife
into accusing me of domestic abuse,

I thought I was done for.

But Rick Bell sure
showed that guy what's what.

Thanks, Rick Bell. Thanks, Rick Bell.
Thanks, Rick. Thanks, Rick Bell.

I had a dream
that I was a muffler.

What's a muffler, Jim?


it's part of a car.


it muffles an engine.

What's funny?

You wouldn't get it.

Now a lot of people are
confused by this passage.

Why is Jesus, the son of God,
yelling at a fig tree?

Have you heard the phrase,
"God works in mysterious ways"?

"Truly I say to you,

if you have faith
and do not doubt,

you will not only do what has
been done to the fig tree

but even if you say to this mountain be taken
up and thrown into the sea, it will happen."

Oh, heck I know everybody's
just, uh, ahem,

for the Seahawks right now,

so, um, I'm going to let you out
of here in just one second.

But, first,
we've got a little housekeeping.

Uh, first, Jim Williams has
an announcement to make.

Thank you, Father.

Friends, ahem, I'm here
to appeal to your charity.

There's a local woman who's trying to
get out of an abusive relationship.

Her name is Leah, Leah Jenning.

And with Father Brenner's blessing
today's collection plate will go to

finding her a place to live.

So if you can find it in your
hearts to give a little extra...

or if anyone would be willing to open
up their homes to this poor woman...

I'd appreciate it.

Anything would help.

She's real desperate.

Uh... thanks.

All right, folks,
let's get out of here.

Go Hawks!

I don't understand.

Officer Williams,
we are desperately underfunded.

Government subsidies are down in half
because of Reagan Fucking Reagan.

sponsorship has dried up.

Personal donations are down.
We just...

we just don't have the resources
for what you're asking.

I thought this was a shelter.

We can provide a 30-day stay for one woman
or two weeks stay for a woman plus a kid.

- Well, that's not enough time. Their trial is in...
- That's what we offer.

You're really
going to turn her away?

I turn women away all the time,

They are both extremely fragile
and their court date is in 17 days.

And if their mother doesn't feel
supported, she may not testify

and then they'll be thrown right back into
a violent and potentially fatal situation.

You don't want to be
responsible for that, do you?

Will you excuse me?
I've got work to do.

I'm sorry
if I spoke out of turn...

I wish I could help you,

Well, if you...
if you change your mind.



I think we're making
definite progress.

What... what does that mean?

Really great steps
in a positive direction.

We... we... we can't sleep
on your floor forever.

I understand that.

I think we're really close.

They said no?

Look at this,
today we made $47.18.

What about the...
the receptionist thing?

I... I haven't been able...

I think that there are other more
promising avenues for us to explore.

You are killing us.

Well, I appreciate your anxiety.
I... I do not share your sentiment.


Okay, what about the shelter?

Thirty days for one of you
or two weeks for both of you.

We've got 17 more days
before a preliminary hearing.

I want you to trust
that I am doing my best.

Oh, no, no, I get that.

Look, we'll... we'll do the
shelter for as long as we can.

- If you're sure...
- After that...

Nice job, RoboCop.

I would really appreciate it if
you didn't... talk like that.

All available
units, we got a 273D.

Units 11,
8 and 26 are on the scene.

We got a 10-72...

Is it my scene now?

Yes, it's your scene.

You're leaving?



It's not because of your job.

Yes, it is.

It has to be.

- Late nights, worrying if I'm okay.
- It's not that.

Are you trying to
teach me a lesson?

I'm not doing anything to you.

- Where will you go?
- Bowling Green, Florida.

I sold my good dress
and bought a Greyhound ticket.

Bowling Green.

Bowling Green.

Isn't it beautiful?

I would just like to point out
that I'm capable of change.

- If there's something that you want that I'm not providing...
- I saw the name on TV.

- ...I would be happy to provide it for you.
- Bowling Green.

- There are a number of possibilities...
- Bowling Green.

- ...I feel we should explore before committing...
- Bowling Green.

...ourselves irrevocably
to some course of action.

I can mention how you're the only
person around whom I can relax.

- Bowling Green.
- I can tell you more that I feel that without you

I might have no clear reason
for living.

But in order to save time I will
be brief, please don't go.

Please don't go. Please
don't leave me. Please.


I warned you.

Didn't I warn you?

Why don't you
ever listen to me, Jim?

What did you think
was going to happen?

That you were
going to save the day?

That we're going to give you the keys
to the city and throw a goddamn parade?

That Leah would testify in open court against
a man who had the power to destroy her?

That the jury would side with her and
her fucking court appointed attorney?

This is your fault.

All your promises,
all your lies,

all your good intentions,
you stupid naive fucking child.

Jesus Christ, Jim,
what have you done? today,
he is a husband, he's a father,

he's a hardworking
Middletown citizen,

and to top it all off, she wouldn't
even testify in her own defense

won't say a single word
about it.

- Now what does that tell you?
- It tells you that.

We've all know women.

You know, she gets upset
about something,

she starts making accusations,
gets out of hand.

No, no, that's.
Do not let it ruin her life.

All right, Mrs. Jen, did your
husband ever physically assault you?

Mrs. Jenning?

Often we try to save others from
the things that we are afraid of ourselves.

So this need to save everyone is simply an
embodiment of your self-protective instincts.

Let me ask you something.

What would you be
if you weren't a policeman?

What do you mean?

It will never happen again.

I thought I was
doing the right thing.

Was it the kid? Did you grow
up with an abusive dad or something?

I was just trying to...
trying to do the right thing.

You know...

my dad was like that.

He was a, uh...

he was a joker.

- He was?
- Yeah, he was.

What do you want, a speech?

So they let you
keep your badge, huh?

You are some kind of lucky.


what are you
besides a policeman?

What kind of
a fucking question is that?

I'm trying to do paperwork here.

Meet Jim, he is 31
years old from Tacoma, Washington.

He likes Eric Clapton, fishing,
and going to the movies.

And just like you, he's a graduate
of the Middletown Police Academy.

And though today might look
like any other day,

it's actually the last day of Jim's first
year as a Middletown Police Officer.

Yes, one year
ago today we met Jim.

And my gosh, he's been through
a lot, hasn't he?

From that little motorcycle
scrape to troubles at home

to the other issue we won't talk
about, Jim's been tested.

Wish me luck, honey.

But he's turned out A-Okay.

Good luck, honey.

He's forged good
relationships with his colleagues.

He's gained a sterling
reputation in his community.

And he's learned the importance of following
department procedure at all times.

It looks like Jim has gained
the skills he needs to survive.

And you can, too.

Uh, hello.

Yeah, is this Officer Williams?


The Officer Williams
that called my house?

That... that depends...

say hi to Officer Williams.

- Mr. Jenning.
- Get here, you piece of shit.


You okay?

Oh, Jesus Christ.

Listen, the detectives
are all done with you, right?

You're released.
I'll be there on site, okay?

Hey, listen...

uh, they found them...

both of them,
the daughter and the mom.

They're okay.
They ran to a neighbor's house.

I mean they're not...
They aren't great but they're breathing.

That's interesting.

Did you hear what I said?
I said that they're okay.

I'm going to go home now.

I'm going to get some sleep.

It's important to get sleep.

And I am going to get some.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Uh, you call me with anything,

You're way off script now, Jim.

What will you do
if you find him?

Kill him?

That uniform doesn't give you the
right to kill whoever you want.

And how will you find him?


So, you're going
home with nothing.

Mark Jenning
will never be caught

and you will live your life
eaten up by guilt

over what you've caused.

Huh, who knows,
you may start drinking.

And before you know it, you'll be the
one hitting your kid with the belt.

And that's what happens
in real life.

But this is not real.

Oh, God!