Survival Island (2005) - full transcript

Jack & Jennifer take a private cruise with friends, such as Captain Richards and his wife Maggie. Manuel is a staff member who catches Jen's eye. Thanks to chain of events sparked off between a dispute concerning Jack and Manuel, a fire breaks out and the ship blows up and sinks. Jen and Mannuel seem to be the only survivors to wash up on an island...but before long Jack shows lying in a rock pool...and here's where the tale turns nasty





[up-tempo caribbean music

i knew they were expecting us,
but this is ridiculous.

It's a... band.
It's like mardi gras.

Girl: lucky charm.

Thank you.

What do you think?

You're a very shrewd

Is that the boat?
That's it.

The old massachusetts does
real well in these waters.

Gail: well done, jack.
She's beautiful.

Gail: well done, jack.
She's beautiful.

Mr. Madson.
Call me jack.

Gary richards.
I'm your captain.

This is jennifer.
Hi, jennifer.

This is gail.
Hi, gail.

That's bill.
Bashful, sleepy, grumpy.

Who is that?

This is manny and pepe.
They're helping me on the boat.

Manny knows the fishing
in these waters really well.

He can hook up
with me anytime.


Be careful with the little one.
It's got a laptop in it.

Sí, señor.

I know what you're thinking.
Naughty, naughty.

Manuel, tenemos que hablar.

No te puedes ir hoy.

No me puedes
hacer esto, manuel.

Manuel, te estoy hablando,

No es el momento, maria.
Sí, que es el momento.

God, what's going on?

Me voy de acá
hasta que no hablemos.

¿Quieres que hablemos?

No te quiero ver nunca más
en mi puta vida,


Ooh, that's gonna leave
a mark.

Ooh, that's gonna leave
a mark.

Hijo de puta.

Ihijo de puta!


Son of a bitch.

Jack --
jack, don't get involved.

Gary: no, she's right,
best to stay out of it.

Ten cuidado.

Y ustedes también.

God, that was weird.

Bill: come on, everybody.
Let's eat.

Bill: come on, everybody.
Let's eat.

barry is marrying ann wells.

Jack: they're both gay.

You just thought
they were gay.

They're gay as spring.


good knock.

Say, manny? We're gonna need
another bottle here.

We're going deep tonight.

Come on, top me off.

To the four of us, and the hell
with everyone else.

Together: the four of us,
and to hell with everyone else.

Jack: boom boom.

Grab a glass, manny.

No, thank you.

Tough day
on the docks, huh?

Tough day
on the docks, huh?

Excuse me?

The señorita
busting your balls.

Have a shot.
Have a drink with us.

Have a sniff -- snooter --

Clearly it does wonders for me.

Is there any else
you need?

No, we're fine, thanks.

You shouldn't have said
anything, jack.

The guy's an asshole.

[Mid-tempo percussion music

[indistinct chanting]

i got to get in shape again

before you weigh me on the dock
like a marlin.

Then stuff you.

No, too late for that.

My head is killing me.

Why don't you just have
another beer in the morning,

why don't you just have
another beer in the morning,

like the good old days.

Now you're talking.

Come here, homer.


You want an aspirin?


oh, my god.

Show me your sea legs.

Merry christmas.

You gonna take those off?

Are you gonna use
your teeth?


[light laughter]

[light laughter]


[Metal clanking]

one of these days i'm gonna let
someone come in here.

What will he do?

Who says it's a he?

What would she do?

How about this?


Come on.

He's been on that phone
all morning.

He's driving me crazy.

Well, at least we've got
someone's attention.

Shall i flash him?


Okay, then we understand
each other.

So, just buy it, all right?
Just hold on a second.

Manuel --
have you seen him?

He's making us
some margaritas.

I've been waiting for beers
for 20 minutes downstairs.

I don't know
what's taking so long.

Is there a problem,
mr. Madson?

Is there a problem,
mr. Madson?

Yes, the problem is we can't get
any beer downstairs.

Got it right here, señor.

I'll call you back.

And señoras.

Thank you.

Fría como un yanqui.

Thank you very much.

That guy's got a lot
of attitude.

I'll take care of it.

You just stay on course.

You're messing with him.
I can see it.

You're messing with him.
I can see it.

He's the one
who's messing with me.

He's a customer. He spent
a lot of money for this.

Well, he has no respect
for anyone.

Look, if you can't handle it,
you're out of here, okay?

Fine! I'm out of here!

Okay, i'll put you off
at the next port.

What's going on?

Just bring some ice and beer
up on deck, please.

What's the problem,

Este señor es un pendejo.
That's what the problem is.

Este señor es un pendejo.
That's what the problem is.

Why don't you just give him
what he wants?

You give him what he wants.

You got one! Come on!


Reel him in, buddy.

Just let him run. You don't have
to do it all at once.

I hope
it doesn't come up here.

Why, are we out
of margaritas?

What are they gonna do with it
when they get it?

Beat it to death.

Let it run.



Oh, my god, it's smoke.

Captain richards!
We've got a problem up here!



Maggie: what is it?

The whole place
is on fire.

Look at the size
of this thing!

What are we going to do?

Stay here.

Did you learn anything
about this?

We're gonna
abandon the ship.

We're gonna
abandon the ship.

You did not just say,
"abandon ship"!

Just get in the lifeboat!

Do what i tell you!

Get down.

Go, let's go.

[Indistinct talking]


gary: i can't reach anyone
on the damn radio!

It didn't go through!

All right,
next time we're skiing.

I'll see you on the beach!




Ohh! Ohh!

Captain richards!

Captain richards!

Aah! Aah!

I just -- i just found him.

I just found him
in the water.

Oh, my god.

Fuck, he's gone.

Did you see anyone else?

Have you seen jack?



[Thunder crashes]

i can't believe
this is happening.

It's so cold.
So cold.

It's okay.

You're going to be okay.

You're going to be okay.

Good morning.

Thanks for keeping me warm
last night.

You kept me warm as well.

So, how long do yothink
it'll be

before they come
looking for us?

They don't even know
we're missing yet.

Yeah, but when they do.

Could be weeks, maybe months.

This is not miami beach.

You sound like you don't even
care what happens.

I'm just happy to be alive.

Want one of these?

Is there gonna be
anything else?

You mean
for lunch or dinner?

No, i --
i just mean anything.

Maybe a fish,
if i get lucky.

Are you sure
we can't light a fire?

With what?

I don't know. Your goggles,
the rock, the knife.

They do it all the time
in the movies.

The goggles
have no magnification,

and there is no flint
in this place.

Well, how do you know that?

Because i live in a place
like this.

Do you really think i don't want
to have a fire?

No. No.

No. No.

I'm sorry.

We need to make a house.

A house?


How are you doing?

I'm sore all over.

Did you see anything?


Let's take a swim before it gets
dark. Make you feel better.

What about my blisters?

What about my blisters?

It'll be good for them.

Come on.

Leave your clothes
on the beach.

You don't want to be sleeping
in wet things.

Oh, my...

come on.
There's nobody here.

You're here.

I don't know
what difference it makes.

We already slept together.

Come on.
I'll look the other way.

Don't look.

This is so nice.

This is so nice.

You have to learn to trust me.

Can i ask you
something personal?

Go ahead.

Why did you hit that girl
on the dock the other day?

You don't seem
that kind of person.

She made me that way.

She made you hit her?

She hit me. She kicked me.

She made me look bad
in front of my friends.

Why do you think
she did that?

I have no idea.

Because she doesn't want
to face her problems.

She wants to blame me
for everything,

she wants to blame me
for everything,

and she wants to punish me
for that.

what are her problems?


she's pregnant,
or so she says.

She wants to marry me.

But i say no.

You mean
she's not a virgin?

Were you a virgin
when you got married?

That's not the point.

Just answer the question.

It's none of your business.

It's none of your business.

Oh, i see.

So, you want to know
everything about my life,

but you say nothing
about yours.

You have a double standard.

What on earth
are you talking about?

You are
just like your husband.

You have money,

so you think you're better
than everyone else.

That is absolutely not true.

You don't know what i think.

You're just being stupid.

You think i'm stupid?

Let me tell you something.

The only reason you will survive
in this place

is because i feed you
and i look after you.

Is because i feed you
and i look after you.

I don't need to take
anymore of this.

Would you look
the other way, please?


Great-looking ass, señora --

shaped like a perfect heart.

Maybe that's why god
didn't give you a real one.

You sleeping?

My mother used to do this to
my father when i was a child.

She'd punish him
by not talking,

and you know
what he'd whisper to me?

He'd say, "pretend you're sad
and enjoy the silence."

He'd say, "pretend you're sad
and enjoy the silence."

If you get cold,
you can come next to me.

Going fishing?

Out to the reef.

Isn't that dangerous?

Best place to get lobster.

So, what do you think?

About what?



I don't want to fight
with you anymore, manuel.

I don't want to fight
with you, either, señora.

My name's jenny. You don't have
to call me señora.

Okay, jenny.

So, can we be friends?

We are friends.

We sleep together, remember?

[Lobster squeals]

you know where you are?


you know who i am?


Damn it.



Jack! Oh!


Where you been?
Where did you find him?

He was on the reef.

Are you okay?
What have you done?

Are you okay?
What have you done?


We're getting there.

Hey, baby.


I love you.

What took you so long?

Just put him down here.

come down here, baby.

Just take it easy, okay?


Aah! Ohh!

Aah! Ohh!

What's wrong, babe?

My back. [Groans]

he needs water.

Give him some.


Let's go over this way.
Here, baby.

Have a glass of water.




I thought i lost you.

I thought i'd lost you.

[Crying] it's all right.
I won't leave you, babe.

[Crying] it's all right.
I won't leave you, babe.

Oh, god.

Don't do that
to me, baby.

Thank you.
Thank you.

Some water.

Yeah, some more water.

I'll do it. I'll do it.
Let me do it, babe.


I missed you.

I need to lie down.


Just give me a minute.

He's sleeping.

He doesn't seem
to remember anything.

Just needs to rest.



Thanks for saving him.

I nearly didn't.

I'm just joking.


got it?

There! There! There!




There! There!


it's there!


There! There! There!

Anybody ready
for some hot breakfast?

How did you do that?

Do what?

Light the fire.
Oh, that.

I rubbed
a couple sticks together,

you know,
boy-scout style.

That's incredible.
We couldn't light anything.

Yeah, well,
i couldn't catch a lobster.

Where did you find them?

You have to go to the reef,
and you have to have goggles.

Which two sticks
did you use?

Which two sticks
did you use?

Well, it's not
indigenous flora.

You cheat! I knew it.
You're such a brat.

"Such a brat."

It's good to see you
feeling well.

It's good to be feeling,


Bill and gail?

I'm not ready to deal
with that right now.

I'm not ready to deal
with that right now.

But you two
have been very busy.

I have to say, i'm,
you know -- what?

You built a hut.
You got a reservoir.

Manuel did it.
I just helped.

You did great, really.

I'm in the construction
business, and i'm impressed.

This smells good, baby.

Yeah, it does.
Give me that.

What do you need?

I want to cut it open.

Let me get it.

He doesn't trust me
with the knife.

I like to keep it sharp.

I like to keep it sharp.

How dull.



You want some?

Go ahead.
I'm gonna take a swim first.

he's been so good.


Well, it looks like he's been
having a hell of a good time.

What are you talking about?

Come on,
you guys are shacked up here

like the fucking
blue lagoon.

Like the fucking
blue lagoon.

I don't really see
separate quarters.

Don't do this, jack.

We've been here two days
trying to survive.


We didn't have time to build
a goddamn hilton.

Yeah, well, you built
a honeymoon suite, didn't you?

You had plenty of time
for that.

Where are you going?

To take a swim.

Oh, great.
All the kids are doing it.


Mmm. I'm sorry.

Oh, look, i'm --

i'm tired.

I'm sad.

I'm angry, crusty.

"Me, me, me, me, me,"

and i'm sorry, all right?

And i'm sorry, all right?

We all have
to get along, jack.

It's the only way
we're gonna make it.

You're right. Slow.

Just stop enjoying it so much,
would you?

Does he know where we are?


Seen any planes?



Freighters, shipping lanes,
nothing like that?

No, nothing.

No, nothing.

Did you fuck him?



He's great.

He's cute.

Thank you.

What are you doing?

The ones with liquid,
they taste like monkey's ass,

and the other ones
don't have any liquid in them.

You have to get
the mature ones

if you want them
to be juicy.

Why goggles?



I don't know.
He had them when he got here.

Don't you find that just, like,
a little bit strange?

I mean, the boat's on fire.

He has the foresight
to grab goggles?

Well, maybe they were
in his pocket.

Maybe he was just glad
to see you.

Oh, cute.
You're being ridiculous.

Am i?


How did it go?

The water's too cloudy.

What about t reef?

What about t reef?

Too rough today.

I won't be able to keep
what i catch.

Why don't you take her
with you?

I don't want to go.

That okay?

Bring back a lobster,
it'll be better than okay.

It's a long way away.

Are you sure you can swim that far?
She's a great swimmer!

I'm not
a good swimmer.



Come on, let's go.

Okay, let's go.

You light the fire, yeah?



You know what busts my balls
more than anything here

is that i can't grieve
for my friends

because zorro here
is packing a blade

and he wants to bed my wife.

So, if you can do me a favor

and pretend that you don't
notice for a little bit longer

and occupy him out there
on the reef for me,

maybe i can weep for them
if that's possible.

Oh, quit the crap, jack.

I've been here two days
longer than you.

Quit busting my balls.

Quit busting my balls.

Okay, i'm going down.

Okay, i'm going down.

You stay here.
But stay away from the coral.

It'll cut you
if you touch it, okay?


you got one.
That's great.

How far did you go down?

40 feet.
You want to see?


There's a shark.

He's coming this way.

It's okay.
He won't hurt you.

You knew it was there,
didn't you, you brat?



Something just bit me.

Ah, let me see. Let me see.

It's a jellyfish.

It hurts.
You have to pee on it to get rid of the pain.

I can't pee
on the back of my arm.

I can't pee
on the back of my arm.

Yeah, well, that's
what friends are for.

No me puedo creer.

He dug up the captain.

Oh, no.

What did you do, jack?

He wasn't needing them.

I don't know
how you could do that.

I don't know
how you could do that.

It was easy.

My feet are bleeding
and my head is sunburned.

You smoke cigars, manuel?
There's plenty left.

Why did you move the hut?

Why do you think?

Take the dinghy or the hut.
I don't care which.

It wasn't yours
to move, jack.

You think we should all live
in some little fucking hut?

It's okay. I'll take the dinghy.
Good choice.

You don't have to do that.
Yes, he does.

He built it.
You built it!

We can take the dinghy.



What's the matter with you?

You shouldn't have moved the hut
without discussing it.

You like this boy.

And you shouldn't have dug up
the captain. That's disgusting.

You like him, don't you?

You are determined to make this as complicated...
you do.

But you do. you can,
aren't you, jack?

Don't you?

He saved my life.


He saved yours as well,
for that matter.

but this is different.

Come on.

Come on.

The least you could do is
show him some respect.

I don't understand

why you're not telling me
what happened here.

Nothing happened.

It's in your head.
You're making it up.

Am i?

Yeah, it's in your head.

What is that?

I got stung --

Serves you right --
bad karma.

Serves you right --
bad karma.

It hurts.

How you doing?

How you doing?

I'm fine. How are you?


You sure?
You don't look okay.

He can't hear us from there.

It doesn't matter.

He's being silly.

He thinks we're having
an affair or something.

Maybe we should.

No use getting the blame
without the fun, right?

Don't even joke about that.

Don't even joke about that.

I'm not joking.


Food's ready.

Is that for me?

Yeah, let me get it.

No need.

Courtesy of the captain.

See, now we're both armed
and dangerous, aren't we?

Manuel was telling me that
he studied civil engineering

at miami state
for two years.

At miami state
for two years.

build a hell of a beach hut

with a degree like that,
can't you?

You know, jack,

i don't need to take
your bullshit anymore.

Well, what are you gonna do
about it?

Why are you doing this?

You really want
to fight me?

You know what i want?

I want you to stay the fuck away from my wife!

Or i'm gonna kick your ass
all over this goddamn beach!

He's never touched me!
Save it!

He's never touched me!
Save it!

No, that doesn't mean
i didn't think about it.

You are a cocky little
beach boy, aren't you?

That's right.

And in this place
your money means nothing.

You're just
a fucking stupid gringo

that can't even
feed himself.

At least i can cook it,
so why don't you stay the fuck away from my fire?

You want to play
the big gringo?

Just stop this now, okay?

You keep your fire,

but you feed yourself
from now on,

and i will do nothing
to help you.

We don't need your help.

We don't need your help.

And when we get out of here,
i'm gonna make your life hell.

I'm gonna ruin you
when we get back.

Well, you better start praying
they find you soon,

'cause i am going to ruin
your whole life here.

Pelotudo es mierda.
¿Quién te pensas qué sos?

Oh, great.


That was so stupid.

what are we gonna do now?

You can't even
get us a coconut.

You think
he's gonna feed us now?

I will f--

i'll feed us!

I'll feed us!

I'll feed us!


Got one.

Got one.

I'm not gonna eat that.

I am.



We're not gonna eat here again.

I got one.

Great. That's great.


I'm going to the reef.


You can't see
without goggles.

You can't see
without goggles.

Give me the knife.

See you in a bit.

[Jenny coughing]

so, you mad at me, too?


Do you want some food?

I can't.

What are you talking about?

I'd feel like
i was letting him down.

Who cares what he thinks?
He's an idiot.

He's my husband.
He treats you like shit.

He doesn't usually act
like this.

He doesn't usually act
like this.

Fine, be a good wife.
What do i care?

He doesn't have to know
what you do anyway.

I won't say anything.

I don't trust you.

You don't trust me?

Even if i swear to god
on the very life of my mother?

Yeah, maybe then i will
trust you, manuel.

Then i swear
to the whole world

that i would never tell him.

That i would never tell him.

I wouldn't even tell him

if you gave me
a little kiss, either.

What did you have
to say that for?

Because i wanted to kiss you

from the very first time
i saw you.

That's not fair, manuel.

Why is saying what i think
not fair?

It's never just a kiss.

Hey, hey, it's okay.
It's okay.

You don't have to do
anything you don't want.

Just take some food.

You promise
you won't say anything?

I wouldn't do anything
to hurt you.

I only want a little.

Yeah, sure.



you want some more juice?

Mmm, thank you.


I'm sorry
all this has happened.

Hey, it's not your fault.

Qué hermosa estás.


You look very beautiful.

No, i don't.

Imagine how it would be
if it was just jack and me.

You'd probably ask him
for a kiss, too.

That's really good
you still can smile.

I can see
you've done this before.

Done what?

You know what.


I better go.

Can i take some more?

For jack?

No, i can't tell him.
It's for me.

Sure, have some more.

Thank you.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Hey, maybe next time
i can make you a whole feast

so i can get a decent kiss.


i was beginning
to worry about you.

I told you
not to light a fire.

It's okay. He's not here.
He's across the island.

So you spoke to him?

Yes, jack, i spoke to him.

What did he say?

He just asked if i was okay,
and i said i was.

He just asked if i was okay,
and i said i was.

That's it?


So, did you get anything?


Get me a cigarette,
would you, baby?

Here's a couple more.

What are they?

I don't know.
They're fish.

What's this?


What's that? What's that?
It looks like fish.

Must be
from the other day.

The other day?

What are you saying,

You think i'm catching fish
and eating them without you?

Big day at the reef,

Just ignore him.


he gave it to you,
didn't he?

No, he didn't.

So, why did you
light the fire?

I lit the fire
so we could cook what you got.

I lit the fire
so we could cook what you got.

You shouldn't eat the yellow
ones! They're poisonous!

Nobody asked your opinion!

Just trying to be
a good neighbor!

You're lying to me?

You're lying to me,
and he's feeding you.

Okay, you want to know
the truth, jack?

I stole some fish from him
today, and i ate it,

and i couldn't save you any

because i knew you were gonna
start acting like this,

because i knew you were gonna
start acting like this,

you were gonna start
this whole thing again.

Oh, manuel!

Yes, jack?

You know that my wife stole fish
from you today?

She wouldn't have
to steal from me.

If she wanted it,
i give it to her.

Thank you.


Let's just cook
what you got.

Including the yellow ones?

Why don't
we just move away, baby?

Move down the beach?

Move down the beach?

Get out of the cross draft?
Let the sand flies get us?

No, fuck him.
Let him move.

You're gonna lose that one.

Don't step on them.
Just be careful, will you?

I can't eat those.

Here, here. I got it.

It's war.
Come on, tough guy. Huh?

I can't eat that.

They look nasty, but they're
delicacies in, uh...

they look nasty, but they're
delicacies in, uh...

i'll show you.
I'll cut one open.

They're good, right?

See if we can get
some more?

Go ahead.
I just got to...

he put out the fire.

That son of a bitch.

No, jack. Jack. Jack.

It's just a fire.




Hey, our fire!
That's our fire!

You stole our fire,
you son of a bitch.

It's my fire!
You don't have a fire!

You stole
our lighter, then!

I don't need your lighter!

A little spark flew across the
island and landed right here.

Right here? Did it?
Right there, huh?

How about there?
How about there?

I think it landed right --


Jack, no!

Stop it!
Jack, what are you -- get off!

Jack, stop it!
You've gone mad!

Jack, stop it!
You've gone mad!

Jack, it's only a fire!
Stop it!

Jack! Stop it!

You want to finish this,

You want to finish it?!
Give me the knife!


Come on!

Get out, jenny!

He's the one
that started it!

He's the reason
we're here!

You're going loco.
It doesn't matter whose fire it is.

You went below deck when
the fire started! He was there!

You think i burned down the ship so i can spend my life with you?

With me? No.
No, no, no, not me.

Am i right?

Am i right?

Oh, look at
the two of you.

You took our fire?

I'm taking your fish.

Go ahead and take it!

You know how fucking stupid
you look?

It will only remind you
of how good things taste

when you have
nothing tomorrow!


Pelotudo es mierda.

[Fire crackling]

[fire crackling]





Don't look at me
that way, manuel.

You've got to stop doing this.

I don't want
any more of your food.

I can't be your friend.

I don't want
to be your friend.

I don't want
to be your friend.

Ihijo de puta!

He took my goggles!
I'll kill him.

I'm gonna fucking kill him!

He's just hungry, manuel!
We're both just hungry!

Yeah, well,
he's been asking for it.

Yeah, well,
he's been asking for it.

I'm gonna give it to him!
Let go!

Let go! Let go!

I'm gonna kill him
for sure!

I'll get your goggles.
Just put that down.

Let go!

Let go!


Aah! No!



Let me up.

He's gonna know.

I don't care if he knows.

I don't care if he knows.

I can't do this.

Come live with me.

I can't do that.


You've got to promise me
you won't say anything.

Promise you won't say
a word.

You can't say anything.


I promise.

I promise.

But it's not just women
who are good at these things.

He'll look into your eyes
and he will know.

So, why did you do it
if you knew that?

Because i love you.

The wind blew them
all the way over there.

Baby. Huh?
Look at that.

Oh, that's great.

I had another one, right?

I had another one, right?

But a shark comes up,
he takes it off my spear!

There's sharks everywhere.

I mean, i had the "jaws" thing,
like everybody else,

but now -- sharks, schmarks!

They're fucking everywhere.
They're fish.

It was awesome.

It made me feel like i was --

well, it made me feel horny
is what it made me feel.

Why don't we get
some cold chow down

and hit the tree line for just
a little eh-oh-eh-oh?



You shouldn't have taken
his goggles, jack.

You shouldn't have taken
his goggles, jack.

He went crazy.
He wanted to kill you.

Now he knows how i felt.

We should smoke some of this
and save it for later.

Look at that bad boy.

Huh? Man and fish?

Hello? [Laughs]

so, what did he say?

I told you. He went crazy.

He looks pretty calm now.

He looks pretty calm now.

What did he do?


What did you do?

I told him he was being stupid,
just like i told you.

Well, um...

well, i don't believe you,

so i'm gonna just...

why don't you tell me
what happened here?

Why don't you tell me
what happened here?

Nothing happened.

You fucked him.

I can't even believe
i'm saying that.



You fucked him, didn't you?

Okay. Deee...

oh, that worst-case scenario,

it's a mother-fucker,
isn't it?

Aah! [Cries]

all right.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

So now what?

You're gonna...

[spits] with him?



You're gonna just fuck him
and you're gonna live with me

and then stop over there
and borrow a cup of fucking --

what do you want?!

I just want you to stop!


Be careful
what you wish for, baby.

You're gonna get
what you deserve.

I just want it to stop!

All right. Um, stop.

It's over,
and you broke my heart,

and... you deserve each other,

and... you're a lying bitch.

And i want you to... get out.

I guess that covers it,
doesn't it? Come on.

Manuel: hey! Hey! Hey!

Look what i caught.


jenny, jenny.

Let him go. Let him go.

You don't need him anymore.

Jenny: jack?



He's still not back.

He's still not back.

Why do you keep
doing this to yourself?

Can you stop thinking about him
at least for a moment

or pretend
that he's not around?

You're gonna go crazy.

He's not around.

Let's dance.


I don't feel like dancing.

Well, there's nothing
to do here.

We fight all the time.
Let's just dance.

We fight all the time.
Let's just dance.

There's no music.
We'll make it.


come on.


what's going on?

I don't know.

Looks like he found something.

Looks like a boat.


you got the dinghy!

Let me help you.
Back off!


Let me give you a hand.

He's just trying to help you,

He's already helped himself.

We just want to help you
get off the island, jack.

Let the sea
take care of you.

I'm doing fine.
Thank you very much.



That's jack.

You never shared anything
with anyone your whole life.

I shared you, didn't i?

I was never yours to share.

You really think
you can get out of here?

You really think
you can get out of here?

You're gonna get yourself
killed, jack.

You don't know
which way to go.

North, northeast.

We were motoring south,
southwest when we sank.

I'm gonna have the sail up.
I'll be out of here by tomorrow.

That quick?

You having second thoughts?


Things aren't so great
under the banyan tree?

You don't have to be cruel,

You don't think
what you did was cruel?

I did what i had to do
to survive.

All right, then you're gonna
have to screw me, too,

all right, then you're gonna
have to screw me, too,

if you want to get
out of here.

Is that all it'll take?

That's a hell of a start,

What are you saying, jack?

You want us to have sex
right now?

Right now, yeah, right here.


Go to hell, jack!

You wouldn't take me
even if you could.

It takes a heart
to forgive someone.

What do you know
about heart?!



he must be in a big hurry
to die.

He's leaving tomorrow.

Is that what he said?

So you're still
talking to him.

How can i not?

It's a small island.

You want to go for a swim?

It's beautiful at night.

There's a full moon.

It's gorgeous.
Come on.

She tried to come back to me

while you were out diving today,

Said she wanted a ticket
on the next boat out!

Said she'd do anything
to get aboard!

Yeah, nice try, jack.

Just ignore him.

He's lying.

Still want to go
for that swim?

Come on,
i want to swim with you.

Come on,
last one in has to cook.

Okay, sure.


oh! Look, i told you --

Come here.


i think we should just take
the boat,

leave him here.

Are you willing to do that?

I don't want to be here

But he lives on that boat.

We could just take it
while he's sleeping.

What if he wakes up?

Can't you just do something?



hey, jenny, wake up.

Hey, jenny, wake up.

Wake up.


He's gone diving
down the beach.

If you want to get out of here,
this is the best time.

You sure?


I checked the boat
this morning.

It's all ready.
He's even made a sail.

Come on.

Take the coconuts.

This way.
I got it.

Stay there and push.
He's coming.

Just push it.

Just push it.


It's okay.
We're gonna make it.

Get in. Get in.

Hey! Hey!


Tha-- oh!

Tha-- oh!



he looked like a madman.

He is a madman.

Do you think he's gonna make it
on his own?

Who cares?

I don't know
why you care anymore.

I don't.

I don't.

How long's it gonna take
for us to get back?

Maybe a couple of days.

Oh, my god.

Oh, my god.

What is it?

It's leaking.

Let me see.
Let me see.

I've got it, okay?

Can you fix it?

Son of a bitch.
What is it?

He's rigged the boat
to sink.

He's trying to kill us.

Get out of the way.
Let me see. Let me see.

How far out are we?

Miles, miles.
We're gonna have to swim back.

I don't want to go back.

I'm gonna kill
that son of a bitch.

I'm gonna kill
that son of a bitch.



[Breathes heavily]

well, that took longer
than i expected.

You tried to kill us, jack.

Ah, pish, pish.

How could you do that?

Where is he?

I don't know.

We got separated at the reef.



Jack, what are you doing?

Jack, don't.

What are you gonna do?

Hey, buddy.
How's that swim?

Shh, quiet.



how's that swim, pal?

How we doing, ese?


We good?

Come on, boy, huh?

No! Manuel!







You're such a coward, jack!

You're such a coward, jack!

You waited
till he swam all day

before you had the courage
to attack him.

All's fair
in love and war.

To love and to hold.


honor and cherish?

For better or worse.

Till death do us part.

Or something weirder.

Now, why does that look


Ohh! Amsterdam, 2001.

What weren't you wearing?

No, don't answer that.
It's rhetorical.

You know what i think?

You know what i think?

I think that maybe you and i,

we should put on a little show
for him,

the way you did for me.

Wouldn't that be sweet?

Ooh, the mind reels
at the possibilities.

You're gonna have
to consider this

as a form of intervention,
you know?

Don't get me wrong.

There's gonna be 12 steps,

the first of which
is gonna get a little freaky.

The first of which
is gonna get a little freaky.


Hit him, manuel!

Come on, let's go!

Come on, let's go!

[Water splashing]

[groans softly]

oh, my god.

Oh, my god.

Here, let me bandage them.

We need to make weapons.


Look at you.

You've got a fever.

It doesn't matter.

We have to hide.

No, i don't want to hide.

I want to fight.

We have to fight him.

You ready to die for love,

I'm ready for you.

There's no nobler cause.

Just stop it, jack.

Someone's gonna come here
sooner or later.

You're gonna have to live
with what you did here.

What i did?

He can't fight anymore.
He's sick.

He can't fight anymore.
He's sick.

You've made him sick.

I'll show him sick.




Leave him alone!
Stop it, jack.



That's my girl.


Looks like someone built
a hut.

I'm sorry, ma'am.
We didn't mean to disturb you.

I'm sorry, ma'am.
We didn't mean to disturb you.

We didn't know
anyone was here.

Are you okay?

I'm -- i'm great.

I'm good.
I can't believe somebody's here.

How long have you been here?

A year, maybe longer.

Did you ever hear of what
happened to the maratani?

No, but we can go on
the ship radio and find out.

Come on, i'll take you.


So, how'd you get here?

I swam.

I swam
and i swam and i swam.

I swam
and i swam and i swam.

We've got some chocolate-chip
cookies if you want some.



Just tell them to leave you
alone when you've had enough.

Just tell them to leave you
alone when you've had enough.

They're adorable.

I thought
you might need this.

I'm enjoying every minute
with them.



All right!

All right!