Survival Guide (2020) - full transcript

Follow six inner city youth on an outreach backpacking trip that turns into a magical fight for their lives.

It's time to go.

What are you reading?

I found it in the library.

That doesn't look
suitable for children.

It's not real.

Hand it over.

No, please don't take my book.

All right, let's go.

Survival Guide has helped
hundreds of inner city children

to date.

And tonight, with your
help, six more children

will be joining myself and
my partner on our walkabout.

I believe that one of the young
ladies is here with us tonight.


Jordan, would you stand up?

Our walkabout will give Jordan
and her peers experience

in team building, in trust,
and most importantly,

in confidence.

Your support means so much.

It means more than you
could possibly know.

Thank you so much.

We feel so fortunate
that Survival Guide

was sent to us by Father
Ramon to work with our kids.

Nice job.

You think?

Hey, I bought it.

And you're my toughest critic.

I've known you long enough.

Oh, please.

You're a baby, not
even 200 years old.

Donation slips are by
the door on your way out.

Feel free to give generously
to this important cause.

Thank you so much,
and good night.

I walk these empty streets
at night, still looking

for some kind of light.

Some part of me I thought
that I could lend.

Now I'm trying to
be whole again.

Send a little thought my way.

Get some rest.

Big day tomorrow.

Good night, Jordan.

Good night.

Out of sight.

Here I am, playing
here lonely tonight.


I love you.

Be OK.

Hey, sweetie.

I'm here with the police,
and we're here to help you.

She was cradling her mother on
the sofa here when we came in.

My god.

I told her to just relax,
that it was a safe transition.

This little girl talked
her mother through dying.

Is that normal?

I told her to just relax, be OK.

You donker!

Ow, let me go!

That's enough!

Don't touch me.

You two, I swear.

He started it.

All right, mister, to my office.


You went to that
thing last night.

How was it?

Fine, I guess.

Did it look fun?

I don't know.

I guess so.

Well, it's gotta be
better than this.

Are you feeling all right?

Does this ever become normal?

Normal's just what
you're used to.

It is getting easier.

Well, this is your third time.

That's the charm.

Listen, kids today
are barely alive.

They spend all day watching
screens and bingeing on sugar.

They're practically zombies.

I know.

Sometimes I can't
believe what I've become.

This definitely isn't
Kansas, Dorothy.

Just thank god we're not green.

Or ride on brooms.

OK, here we go.

All right.

Come on, come on.

Let's line up.

Come on.

Good morning, sister.

We are here.

Hi, Jordan.

Hi, everyone.

We're so glad you're coming
on this adventure with us.

Well, I'm not.



I don't wanna go out in
the woods with bears.

Ain't nothing
happening out there.

For real.

Oh, there's a lot
going on in this world

you have no idea about.

You might just have fun.

And we might just die.

Now, listen up.

I want each of you had to
be on your best behavior,

and give respect to Miss
Bingham and Miss Johnson.

Oh, you can call me Janice.

I'll call you hippie.

Chris, do you wanna stay home?

Yes, and play Xbox.

I'm sorry, Janice.

They can be a handful.

No, no.

We've dealt with this before.

So Chris and...


Chris and Landry.

We'd really like
you to come along.

Once you get there,
you'll love it.

You're creepy.


Chris, Landry.

We'd really like
for you to join us.

And besides, we may
need a strong young man

to help us ladies out.

Think that's something
you could do?

Yeah, I guess.

What are you laughing
at, bubbleheads?


OK, I've got backpacks here
for each of you behind the van.

Bring your bags of
clothes, and pick a pack.

Come on.

Thank you.

These kids need a bigger
experience of life,

behind screens.

Oh, it's our pleasure.

Sometimes, I think it's
more for us than them.

All right.

There's one for everybody.

OK, come on, everyone.

Misty will put the
packs in the van.

Everyone grab a seat.

Don't be picky.

They all cost the same.

And they're all going
to the same place.

Yeah, Hell.

We are on our way
to the northwoods,

the north, that mystical land.

Why is it mystical?

Where we're going is far away
from cities and from people.

It's just us and mother nature.

You're weird.

I know, but I kind of like it.

Skylar, have you ever
been out the city before?

Not that I know of.

Maybe when I was a baby,
but I don't remember.

Shut up.

We don't need your sad story.

Do you have a sad story
to share, Shantelle?

Yeah, it all started when you
two bozos came into my life.

Awesome, snap.


Oh, man.

Well, I hope we get to change
that story to a happy one.


They're sending us
out to the woods.

Ain't no one wants us.

You really think
that's true, Landry?

Hell, yeah.

I know it's true.

That's why we're here.

Landry, you and everyone
else are here for reasons

far bigger than we
could explain to you.


I can let go.

Yeah, I let go.

I let go of ego.

Hey, check this out.

Where did you get that?

What you got?

None of your business.

There might be bears and
wolves, but I'm packing.

No way.



Screw off!

Hey, what's going on back there?

Oh, they're just
being stupid boys.



All right, guys, let's keep
our hands to ourselves.

Yeah, don't even look at me.

Let's be nice!


I've left
everything I've ever known.

That is everything
I want you to know.

All these miles,
getting further below.

OK, final stop before
we reach the trail head.

Last time you get to
use a flush toilet.


There are no bathrooms
in the woods?

The woods is the bathroom.


To know these
hills, to build this land.

Here we have a white
monkey taking a shit.

Most rare in the northwoods.

Hey, stop it!

He's rare because he's queer.

Get out of here!


What you buying?

Nothing, but I'm taking
some of this for the road.

They'll probably feed
us bark and moss.

All right, guys.

Back in the van.

We've got a long ways to go yet.

I left you and
New York City behind.

Foregone effort to
control my mind.

It's on like I miss
you all the time.

We're here.

This is it?

OK, listen up.

We have about five
miles before we

make camp, and probably
a little under four hours

before it gets dark.

Five miles?

Five miles will
seem like nothing

before the end of this trip.

But it's now.

Very observant.

Come on, let's load out.

Here we go.

My pack hurts me.

All right, lift up.

Where are we going?

To camp 1.


So that tomorrow we
can hike into camp 2.

We've got a car.

Why don't we just drive?

This is stupid.

The point is to get far away
from people, cars, cities,


You never wanna do anything.

You complain about
everything we do.

It's immature.

What she's saying
is, grow some balls.

I have balls.

She was just complaining.

Can you believe this?

I'm not a whiner.

All right, pick up the pace.

I am so going to kill her.

I'll help.

Here we are.


I don't see anything.

This sucks.

Follow me.

What is she doing?

She's crazy.


Come on.

Come on.

Tada, camp 1.

How far is camp 2?

Six miles.

I'm staying here.

My feet already hurt.

I'm with Claire.

Let's stay here.

Of course you are.




It won't be so bad.

The trail tomorrow
is mostly flat.

And it's beautiful.


That'll energize you.

Ugh, more hippie talk.

I'm pretty sure I
already have blisters.

Oh, well, it's important
to take care of yourself.

Let's see.

I'm not showing you my feet.

Your choice.



God has given us many plants
that have medicinal properties.

Oh, don't stop.

That stuff is magic.

I want a massage.

No one wants to touch
your nasty feet.

Hey, you want a massage?


That's enough, guys.

How are you doing, Skylar?

I'm pretty tired.

I've never hiked before.

You all did really well today.

Tomorrow will be long.

You'll be tested.

You will discover
who you really are.

You're saying, I'm not me?

I'm saying, you'll
discover parts of yourself

you never knew existed.

Like your third leg.


Not appropriate.

You're such a dork.

All right, we're all tired.

Let's go to bed.

Good night.

Good night.

Good night.

Good night.

Good night.

Good night.

I forget how much a
handful they can be.

I know.

It does make it a
little easier, though.

Just remember, we
have to stay focused.

I get it.


What are you doing out here?

Uh, uh.

Are we on the same moon cycle?

Moon cycle?

Moon cycle?

Menstrual cycle?

Same thing.



It was a joke.

Uh, I... I haven't
started my period yet.

So, no.

That's OK.

No one in the group has yet.

How do you know that?


We just take younger
kids backpacking.

Oh, OK.

Are you coming?

Oh, yeah.

How'd it go?

Jordan was following me when
I went to talk with Garrett.

I'm not sure what she saw.

Strange, but so what?

It was weird.

She senses something.

Hmm, interesting.

Kind of reminds me of me.

Be kind, but don't
get too attached.

I think the people here
will understand you.

Is this her?

This is Jordan.

Hey, Jordan.

We'd like you to come live with
us here in the house of God.

Does that sound OK?

Let's go see your room.

We have it all made up for you.

She's been through a lot.

We know how to take
care of people like her.

Rise and shine, campers.

We've let you all
sleep in long enough.

It's time to get things moving.

All you do is read.


Well, what's it about?

It's kind of like history.

Sounds boring.

It talks about a time when
man shared the planet.

With dinosaurs or what?


It describes a lot of
different creatures.

That's not real.

How do you know?

They don't teach
us that in school.

Wouldn't there be some
scientific stuff left behind?

Like facts.

I think you mean artifacts.

And what if they're hidden?

This book talks about how
there are secret groups of men

protecting society.

Sounds like a fairy tale.

Quit talking about
Lord of the Rings,

and let's get our tent down.

I guess it could be real.

OK, kids, say goodbye
to the sand bar.

Bye, sand bar.

This way.

Honey, I feel like
finding a home.

How much further?

We just started.

I'm hungry already.

Lunch is a few hours away.


Let's keep moving.

If you fall too
far behind, it'll

take us longer to
get to ceremony camp.

No, there's another camp?

Ceremony camp?

It's only four
miles from camp 2.

Honey, I feel like
finding a home.

This is this spot.

You guys have to try this.

You're gonna love it.

Take your packs off.



Go, lads!

Let's go, come on!

Come on, you can do it!

It's not far.

Come on.

One, two, three!



Honey, I feel like getting
back to the basics.

This process...

They really loved that.

You're great with kids.

I was one once,
about 100 years ago.

Pretty sure it was
longer than that.

Still don't know why you
choose to do it this way.

Well, how was it with you?

Did it help?

I guess so.

I just think it's better
to be humane about it.

It makes it harder.

Maybe for us, but that's
why we are what we are.

We can handle it.

And it's necessary.

I know.

It's a mutually
benefiting relationship.

It's just weird.

I know, but life
isn't always fair.

And it's for the greater good.

Whose greater good?

Are you feeling conflicted?


I understand what we have to do
to protect human civilization.

All right, kids.

Let's move out.

Let's move out, slowpokes!

My darling, you are my home.

I hear you, my baby.

My darling, you are my home.

That's good.

Oh, everybody's
picking the flowers.

Look at you.

And everyone just bow to him.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Can I have a sandwich?

Our freedom comes home grown.

Home grown.

Honey, I feel like...

Honey, I feel like...

Honey, I feel like
you're my darling.

Camp 2.

Whoa, this place is Real


It's got picnic tables.

Big deal.

At least we don't have
to eat on the ground.

I'm hungry.

Who brought this stuff here?

Hey, everyone.

Who the heck is that?

Hi, Garrett.

Everyone, this is Garrett.

He's been helping
us set up the camps.

Can we all say thank you?

Thank you.

Sure thing it's really
beautiful out here.

Wait till you see how
ceremony camp's coming along.

All right.

Don't spoil the surprise.

Let's all set up our
tents over there.

Come on, get to it.

I'll start dinner.

You're like magic.

Try a harder one.

A blue car with a red stripe.

That was exactly it.

How do you do it?

I'm hungry.

Let's eat Skylar.

Let's not.

A squirrel, we could cook it.

I'll eat anything
just about now.

I'd give anything for sonic

Tater tots and...

A red slushie.

How do you know that?

She can guess what
you're thinking.

She's magic.

Dumb luck.

Yeah, I mean, how many
colors of slushie are there?

Red slushie's a good guess.

Can we stop talking about food?

Something seem weird
about any of this to you?

Yeah, we eat and
sleep on the ground.

Like what?

I don't know yet.

Are you scared of
bears and lions?

We are mountain men.

I don't see any mountains,
and I don't see any men.

'Cause you blind, fool.

I don't think there's
any lions in the forest.

Maybe small bears.

Most big bears live
up in Canada, so.

I... I looked it
up before we came.

Hey, guys!

Hey, Misty.

How are you?

I'm well.

Thank you, Jordan.

Who's that guy?

And how long has
he been out here?

Is he the one that I
saw you with last night?

I thought I saw someone
leave before I ran into you.

Yeah, Garrett was helping
us set up the camp.

He's a nice guy.

You'll see.

Come on.

Janice has prepared
dinner for Us

About time.


Something feels weird.

Can you read Misty
or Janice's mind?

No, but I'll keep trying.

Wichita doo ya, doo ya doo ya.

Wichita doo ya, doo ya, hey.

Wichita doo ya, doo ya, doo ya.

Wichita doo ya, doo ya, hey.

Washata, heya, heya, heya.

Washata, heya, heya, hey.

Washata, heya, heya.

Washata heya, heya, hey.

Wichita doo ya, doo ya, doo ya.

Wichita doo ya, doo ya, hey.

Wichita doo ya, doo ya, doo ya.

Wichita doo ya, doo ya, hey.

Washata, heya, heya, heya.

Washata, heya, heya, hey.

Washata, heya, heya, heya.

Washata, heya, heya, hey!

That was awesome.

It feels good, doesn't it?

Being focused, feeling
the energy of the group,

working together.

You turn everything into
an after school special,

don't you?

Nice one, Jordan?

She's onto you.

You got me.

OK, let's wrap up tonight by
doing a little meditation,

to prep you for the
day to come, OK?

Everybody close your eyes.


Feel what it is to be
who you are in your body.

Now feel the land around you,
and the energy of the group

surrounding you.

Feel what it is to
be part of something.

You are part of
the circle of life.

Life regenerates
itself over and over,

allowing each thing its
chance to be what it is.

You are life, and life is you.

All right, well done.

Off to bed.

That was a good day.

It really was.

What is it?


I've taught you everything.

I can tell when
you're disturbed.

It's Jordan.


She confessed she saw me
talking with Garrett last night.

But she didn't say
anything until now.

That's unusual.

That's what I mean.

She's different.

Well, I agree.

What should we do?

Nothing, for now.

What does your book say?

It said that before
recorded time,

man made a deal for protection.

What kind of deal?

Some kind of sacrifice,
to put a protective spell

over the planet.

Is that the protection spell?


Are you reading my mind now?

No, I don't want to.

Do you think it's magic?


I wonder if you can
do other magic, too.


Good night.

It will be our secret.

It's OK.

Just relax.

It's natural.


Hey, wake up.


What is it?

It's something.

I don't know.


Do you think we could walk back
to the road from here in a day?


Just wondering.

Why would we want to do that?

I don't know.

Never mind.

It's stupid.

Good morning, Jordan and Skylar.

Good morning, Misty.

Where's Garrett?

Oh, he went up to ceremony camp.

There's still some
preparation needed to be done.

Is that why your
bags are packed?

Always one step ahead.

So are you getting the
hang of this camping thing?

No problem.

You ready for tonight?


What's happening tonight?

Tonight you guys
are on your own.

Kids camp.

Yes, yes, yes, yes!


Janice and I are hiking up to
ceremony camp this morning,

and we'll be back for you
guys tomorrow evening.

You're leaving us alone?

We won't be far.

All righty, then.

Since you guys are
leaving, I'm in charge.

First thing is,
girls make breakfast.

Make your own breakfast.

Are you sure this
is a good idea?

Learn to work together.

You'll figure it out.

What if something goes wrong?

If you really need us,
we'll be at ceremony camp,

just four miles up.





So what do you wanna do?

I don't know.

I can't believe they
just left us here.

Isn't that child
abuse or something?

This is lame.

Oh, God, I'm all wet!

I'm hungry.

He wants a burger.

Let's go shoot a deer,
and make deer burgers.

We've got a gun.

You can't kill anything.

I see someone who ain't
having deer burgers tonight.

There's more chance of
you shooting each other

than a deer.

Man, we're going hunting.

Yeah, Skylar, come on.




You let 'em get to you.

God, Claire is such a snob.

No offense.

I know you like her.

You know what?

They all are.

Screw 'em.

Where are we even going?

Hunting for deer, numb nuts.

Yeah, but do either of
you know how to hunt?


How are we gonna find the deer?

Damn, Sky, what's with
all the questions?

Yeah, no kidding.

You're gonna scare
away all the deer.

Can I ask you something?

Of course.

Why did you choose me?

Obviously, because
you had talents

far beyond the
other human beings.

But you didn't
have a partner when

you came for me and my group.

I've had partners before.

And when I met you, I decided
I wanted a partner again.

What happened to them?

They died, mostly.

What happened to them?

Some were performing the
protective incantation,

and some just accidents.


Theoretically, we
can live forever,

but there are some things these
bodies cannot recover from.

Flesh and bone.

All magic has its limitations.

Only God is without.

I wonder what kind
of fish live in here.

You worried?

Scared of sharks?

No, just creepy hippie lesbians.

You think they're lesbos?

They sure act like it.

I know, right?

But Garrett, that dude
has lost his marbles.

I don't think they're lesbos.

I think there's something else.

You sure you're not a lesbo?

Um, not... not really.

Then you probably are.

How will we surprise them when
they try and sneak up on us?

You know they will.

Oh, I wanna get 'em good.

That was a gun.

I agree.

It came from the camp 2 area.

I've got to go make sure
Garrett has everything.

You go back and check on them.

You think someone has
given them trouble?

Just signal me, and
report on the situation.

Is this bad?

No, I've seen worse.

You've got this.

You're in control.

It's time to stop playing nice.


Let me try.

No, we have to save the bullets.

You probably scared
away all the deer.

And I bet Misty and
Janice are back.

You think they might come back?

I hope not.

I'm beginning to like this.

It's just us and nature.

We're warriors.

Well, at least you and I are.

I can't speak for Sky.


Someone's gotta
be the water boy.

Screw you.

I can be a warrior, too.

You guys suck.

"Screw you."

"I can be a warrior, too."

What do you think
the girls are doing?

Probably something stupid.

Let's go sneak up on them.

You like him.


Yes, you do.



What the...

Oh, man.

We got you.

We got you.

Oh, they got us good, man.


Eat it.

We knew you were coming.

We showed you big
men with the gun.

Where's your deer?

They were all scared
off by your ugly face.

Chris doesn't
think it's so ugly.


Oh, it's obvious.

You're totally
crushing on Claire.

What are you smoking?


Screw you.

You are blushing.


Hey, where's Skylar?

He got pissed and went off.

Hey, guys.




Hey, don't splash me.



It's cool being
out here, just us.


We don't need any adults.

Let's still see if you
think so when it gets dark.


What do I care?

We've got a gun.

A gun makes you tough?

I'm tough without a gun.

Yeah, but it helps.

You don't even
know how to use it.

Be careful, jeez.

Put that thing away.

You said...

Ow, my ankle!

Are you OK?

It hurts.

I think it's sprained.

Come on, tough guy,
give me a hand.

We should probably go back.

One, two, three, up.

That ended the fun.



Garrett, keep building.

I have to take
care of something.


I'm here.

They seem more than all right.

Who's got the gun?

Landry, he must have
snuck in his pants.

You're going to need to get it.

All right, then.

Slight change of plans.

Just round up who we need.

I'll send Garrett down to help.

I got this.



What happened?

Looks like raccoons.

How do you know?

We have raccoons in the city.

He might be tough,
but he's not smart.

I just helped you.

You can be nice and
still be stupid.

What are you, five?

Don't eat that.

That's not sanitary.

This is all our food.

What else are we gonna eat?

You're saying we have
nothing for dinner?

Not unless you wanna
pick it out of the dirt.

I could sure go for a deer
burger right about now.

Screw you.

How about some fish?

Every morning, I wake up.

I'm feeling like a
one man army in a war

that I'm fighting to win.

Climbed a mountain
just to see the sun.

Fell of the beaten path and
no one ever saw me again.

Hey, guys.

Look at the sky.

Look at all the stars.

It's beautiful.

It really makes you feel small.

Yeah, you forget there's so
much out there sometimes.

I like it out here.

You're right.

This is fun.

What was that?

It sounded close.

You on it, Captain Sky?

Something's out there.

Oh my god.

What is it, Jordan?


Demons, giant spiders, big foot!

Will you shut up?

What are we looking for?

Where's Claire?

She was just here.

Well, she's not
here now, loverboy.

Maybe she just went
to the bathroom.

Let's all just go wait.





Is this something we
should be worried about?

Landry, shoot it!

Shoot it!

I can't see it.

How am I supposed to shoot it?

Over there!

Let's chill out and get a grip.

Landry and I will
go look for her.

Why are you volunteering me?

Because you got a gun.


I'm going with Landry.


Who wants to go with me?



That leaves Chris
to guard the fire.

Why me?

You'll be fine.

Give me the gun.

No way.

You got the fire.

If I'm alone, I want the gun.

I'll go alone.

Shantelle, go with
Jordan and Sky.

Chris, guard the fire.

Help whoever calls.

I wanna be by the gun!

No, this is fair.

Come on.

I see something!

What is that?




Over there.

Landry, we need you!

I'm coming, I'm
coming, I'm coming.

Where is it?

I can't see shit.

It was back by that tree!

What is that thing?

Let's go back.

All right.

We need to check on Chris.

Let's not put up anymore.

Where is Chris?



Don't you think it's
a little suspicious

that those two disappeared?

This isn't the time
to play kissy face.

Why would they do that?


Do you think it got them both?

What are we gonna do?

I'm scared.

Yeah, they're not coming back.

Why don't we take turns
on watch duty tonight?

I'll start.

You guys get some rest.

Hey, hey.


Shantelle's gone.

Are you sure she didn't
just go to the bathroom?


Oh, right.

Shantelle's gone.

I think we should go.

Have Chris and
Claire come back yet?

No, no one has come back.

No one?

Chris, Shantelle,
and Claire are gone.

This ain't funny!

I think we should go back.

We can't leave.

Misty and Janice
are coming back.

Who's there?



I have a gun.


It's me.

It's me.

Don't shoot.

Don't shoot.

You scared us, man.

You scared me.

Please, put down the gun.

Where are Janice and Misty?

They sent me down here
to check up on you guys.

We heard gunshots.

That was me.

You should give me the gun.

Something's been attacking us.

It took the others.

We need Janice and Misty.

He's right.

We're all that's left.

We need to find a
way back to the road.

Can you help us?

I'm not sure I should do that.





Don't you want to help us?

Of course I want
to help you guys.

No, I'm here to take you
back to Janice and Misty.

But what about the others?

The others are already there.


No, move.



Let him go.

Back off, or I'm gonna
use this on all of you.

Get walking.

Jordan, do something!

I tried, but Misty blocked me.

I saw her in the bush.

She can do it, too?

What's going on here?

I don't know.

Let's not stick
around to find out.

Come on!

How's it feel?

It's sore.

Hey, no talking.

Why are you doing this?

Claire's ankle needs some help.


It'll be fine.

Is this part of the course?

Some sort of trust exercise?


Misty, where are you?

Here, over here.

Sit down.

Back together again.


What's going on?

Final stretch of the hike.

What about Jordan and Sky?

I'm sure they'll follow along.

Come on.

Up we go.

Claire can't hike
on a sprained ankle.

It's not sprained anymore.

It's not.

It's better.

All right, final stretch.

Garrett, lead the way.

Help, someone!





Go ahead, keep calling.

That way Jordan and
Skylar can follow.

Why aren't they here?

At this point,
they're not necessary.

Talk straight.

What's up?

Pick up the pace.

That was them!

They're alive!

Should we go back for them?

What if this is
all part of a test?

What if it's a trap?

For what?

I'm not exactly sure, but
it can't be anything good.

Well, let's just
keep our distance.

We may be able to rescue
them at some point.

I'm not leaving
without the others.

You're right.

Let's go get them.

They're close.

How much further?

Not much further.

We're almost there.



Misty, you don't
have to do this.

You can stop this.

You don't understand.

This is bigger than all of us.

Maybe change is OK.

Get out of my head.

I've got a plan.

Follow me.

I'm glad you're all here.

I was beginning to worry.

No, don't worry.

We have it all under control.


Ah, how strange this must
appear to all of you.

Why are we here?

We're going to do
something very special.

Who are you?

Someone you've been
told isn't real.

Well, we can rule out the
Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.

You are a witty girl.

Tie them up.


Something's wrong.

I can't move.

Thank you for joining us
on this sacred and most

important night.

What are you going to do?

We are going to
perform a ritual that

was set in place at the
dawn of your civilization.

When your ancestors left God,
they asked me for protection.

I don't need your protection.

But in order to uphold
this protective spell,

a ritual of sacrifice
must be made.

What are you protecting us from?

The protective spell keeps
man's competition at bay.

What happens without it?

The others come.


No, thanks?

I don't wanna be a part of that.

That is exactly the
point, Shantelle.

You don't want that.

We don't want that.

We want to keep humankind safe.

But in order for that to happen,
you must give us something.


Your lives.

No one can hear you out here.

Remember that long hike in?

Let us go!

You're evil!

I'm not evil.

I'm necessary.

Understand, this allows everyone
in the world to wake up safe.

If there were another way...

But there isn't another way.

Why us?

The blood of the male
and female human child

allows us to renew
our life force.

How old are you?

Enough questions.

Know your sacrifices
will not be in vain.

Oh my god.

I don't wanna die.

She killed him.

They're gonna
sacrifice our friends.

What are they?

I think they're witches.

Let's just focus on
getting the others.


With hope.

They're trying to escape!

Hurry, go!

Misty, help us now, please!



Come on, come on!

We gotta keep going!

Let's go.



They've done this before.

I'm tired.

Don't stop.

We should run.

I can't keep going.

It's real.

That's what I've been
trying to tell you.


Why us?

Yeah, no one cares about us.



Let's go.

Keep going.

Which way?

That way.


It's a cliff.

We're trapped.

She's coming.

Everyone spread out and hide.

You're trapped.

You have nowhere to hide.

You won't get away with this.

No one is coming.

You know this to be true.

You know a lot of things,
don't you, Jordan?

What do you mean?

What I have to say
may sound strange,

but it may also save your life.

I'm offering you a place in
history, an ancient lineage

that protects mankind.

So I replace Misty?

In a few years.

Yes, you could.

You would help me uphold
the protective spell.

But we have to sacrifice kids.

To stay alive, yes,
sacrifices must be made.

And what if I say no?

You won't.

They never do.

Think about it, Jordan.

Everything that got you to this
point happened for a reason,

because you are...

You know what you are.

Now, let's end this game
and finish the ceremony.


My god.

Be careful!

I didn't mean to.

Get back.

Come on.

It's OK.

You can all come out now.

Is she dead?

Like, dead dead?


What do we do know?

Is the world gonna end?


But without the sacrifices,
I'll age and die.

Then the protective
spell will be lifted.

What about Jordan?

She's a witch.

She could learn the
protective spell.

I could teach it,
too, to others.

It takes lifetimes to learn.

And for now, all
we have time for

is to prepare you for the
changes in the new world

to come.

What do you mean?

In one year, I'll
die, and the world

will be a wild place again.

The spell will be broken.


It won't be safe?

Man is gonna have
to share the planet.

How do you mean?

You're gonna need
your wits about you.

Be ready to defend yourself.

And you're gonna train us?

I will.

Well, where else
do we have to go?

We could go back
to the orphanage.

It'll be gone soon.

I wanna stay.

The life you've known
will be no more.

Well, I'm in.

All right, me too.

I never liked that
place, anyway.

Do you have to ask?

Everyone else is.

Then it's agreed.

We'll start today.

Catch me
when I'm winning.

Catch me when I'm
thinking straight.

'Cause right when I'm in it,
I'm watching in the..


State of mind.

It doesn't matter
what you're feeling.

I'm such a beautiful..


When all the lies I tell
myself are..

We're gonna be playing

We're gonna be smoking
in the alley..

Well, I wake
up, put my arms around

where you used to be.

I could not hold you close.

You were just my dream.

Maybe it's your ghost
where you used to be.

Between both sheets