Survey Map of a Paradise Lost (1988) - full transcript

Reporter Nukada's next big assignment is the secret world of Japanese phone sex clubs. He gets in touch with Midori, a part-time employee at the Banana Club.


Hi, I finaIIy got through...

How old are you?
Your age? Your age?

What's it got to do with you?

Well, if I don't know your age

how am I supposed to come up
with suitable topics to talk about?

Okay then, I'm 1 7.

- Are you pretty?
- Yeah, I am.

Do you wanna fuck me?

Things reIated to me... compIeted.

Things reIated to surroundings...
society... compIeted.

The end.

Currently in the telephone club...

How are you getting on
with that phone cIub articIe?

I'm wondering whether to go
and see it for myseIf.

You beIieve in experiencing
everything don't you?

How can you write about something
without experiencing it?

If we tried everything we wrote about,
we'd be in prison by now.

But if you want to go, I'II introduce
you to an interesting girI there.

- Where?
- The phone cIub.

- HeIIo?
- Hello?



What's going on?

- HeIIo?
- I'm Midori, member no. 33.

You're the girI Kato toId me about?

- You're Mr Nukada, right?
- Can I meet you somewhere?

- I'll be right with you.
- What's that?


Weren't you expecting me?

Er... not so soon... but...
where have you just come from?

The office.

Ah... I see. I thought you were
caIIing from an outside Iine.


- So what do you normaIIy do here?
- Nothing speciaI.

- This and that?
- Yeah. I'm just a student.

Do you sometimes date the cIients?

No, I don't. But if there's
no girIs around, I'II fiII in for them.

FiII in?

I pretend that I'm caIIing
from somewhere eIse.

Faking it...
How do you write Midori?

Men are aIways asking me that.

Hoshikawa... Midori.

What's your reaI name?

Don't be siIIy.
I don't use an aIias.

That's strange.
I thought you'd use a different name.

You think it's strange, right?

Yeah, most of the girIs
use fake names.

- But I don't bother.
- Are you a member then?

A member of the cIub?
No, I'm not.

But you just gave your
member number on the phone.

Oh, that... I just made it up.
(Onyanko Club used member numbers)

I see. Did you aIso answer
the first caII and then hang up?

Yeah, the Iines get crossed sometimes.
It causes us a Iot of troubIe.

I see. So that's what happened earIier.
You gonna date me for my articIe?

- I promised Mr Kato. It's cooI.
- Ready?

Get in.

Hey, who're you?

- I booked her before you. Get in.
- Hey!

That's business for you!


Hey wait. I'm interviewing her.

I've aIready made an appointment.

OnIy a journaIist.



I'm not into perverts.

I'm having my period.

That's why I want to do it.

I want to taste your bIood.

You're Iike DracuIa.

Hey, what do you do?


Where do you work?

Didn't I teII you Iast time?

Maybe I forgot because of the
strange things you did to me.

NDT. com.

That's a reaIIy big company.

Who cares?
AII I do is type C into a computer.

That's cooI.


You don't deaI with peopIe. I find men
who handIe machinery super-cooI.

Is that so?

I think that's why you're
into such strange things.

So the other men don't
do anything strange?

I don't know.
I've onIy had sex with you.

OnIy me?

I meant at the Banana CIub.

But why?

When you caIIed me,
I feIt Iike making Iove.

You feIt Iike it... I see.

- Hey.
- Huh?

You see that deIi over there?


Yumiko Okada threw herseIf
from the top of that buiIding.

Ah... that pop star.
I heard about it.

I was working there
when it happened.

I heard the noise. Like a boom...
It was quite a soft noise.

I was serving someone who wanted
a saImon Iunch and a seaweed Iunch.

''What's that?'' I wondered,
and noticed a red stain on my dress.

I wondered what had happened
then someone screamed.

But it wasn't reaIIy a scream.
It was more Iike someone going ''Aaah''

in a smaII voice.

Then I Iooked outside and she
was Iying there, covered in bIood.

When we die, we're aII the same.

She was Iying there, with her arms
and Iegs spread, covered in bIood.

She was beautifuI.


It was so sexy.

You're a strange girI.

I feIt hot.

I shuddered.

Then I began having a dream
where it was me that had jumped.

I hit my head on the concrete, as if I
did it often, but I didn't feeI any pain.

I'm supposed to be dead

but I'm just watching the bIood
that's graduaIIy pooIing around me.

Then I find myseIf sIeeping
Iike this in the morning.

So when you have that dream,
it gives you the hots?

Can I have a phone caII, pIease?

A seaweed Iunch and a saImon Iunch.

I don't know why
I remember such things.

It's so nice and cooI here.

This is the Naittei Detective Agency.

I've got some pictures ready for you.

If you're in a hurry,
I can fax them through to you.

Ah, yes... if you wouId.

- Is your fax ready to receive?
- Yes.

Don't do anything weird.

You've been so rough IateIy
and the marks aren't fading.


Hey, get me the piIIs.

You shouId stop taking those piIIs.
They'II kiII you.

Itchy... I'm so itchy.


I'm so itchy.


I'm so itchy.


Let me scratch...

Stop it. Untie me...

It's NDT. com.

I'm sorry to bother you,
but your phone is being tapped.


Please enter password: PPW012584


This is the estimation calculated
from the inputted data...

Today, around 8pm,
police received a report

that 2 bodies had been
found at a love-hotel in Shinjuku.

The police discovered the couple's
blood-soaked bodies in a bathroom.

The man, who was announced
dead at the scene

has been identified as Norio Kihara,
an employee for NDT. com.

He was 29 years old.

The woman, who cannot be named

is a 1 7 year-old student
from a private Tokyo high school.

She suffered massive blood loss, but
her condition is reported to be stable.

- What's up?
- Nothing reaIIy.

I've heard an interesting rumor.

There's a video of it.

The death at the Iove-hoteI.

- Midori's hoteI?
- That's right.

What do you mean?

ApparentIy, Kihara was fiIming
himseIf and Midori having sex

and ended up taping
the entire incident.

- The murder?
- That's right.

Where is it?

- The poIice are hoIding it as evidence.
- Can we see it?

I don't think that's possibIe.

Can't you speak to your contacts?
You've got to get hoId of it!

WeII, Iet me think...

Excuse me. I'm Nukada,
a friend of Kihara.

How can I heIp you?

It was so shocking and sudden
and I was passing by.

I came to see how you are.

CouId I present an incense stick
to his ashes?

I'm afraid I don't have them.

He didn't agree with presenting incense
or dispIaying pictures after death.

- I'm very sorry
- Ah, I see.

How did you know Kihara?

WeII... we used to go
drinking together.

Are you feeIing aIright?

It's a copy.

ApparentIy, Kihara was tapping
phone conversations in the office.

- Did you know that?
- Tapping?

Yeah... I was doing a bit of snooping
and came across a juicy bit of gossip.

NDT has been getting a Iot of attention
since its stock went up so much

so they've covered it up somehow
to avoid ruining their reputation.

But apparentIy,
someone was nearIy for the chop.

What exactIy was he Iistening to?

I don't know.

But Nukada, why are you
so invoIved with this case?

If you're worried because you taIked to
Midori, you have nothing to do with it.

Please stop it.

I'll erase it later,
nobody else will see it.

It's not about being seen.
I just don't like being recorded.

You'II enjoy watching it after.

- It's the reaI thing, not made up.
- You do some strange stuff.

What's wrong with that?

You'II enjoy watching aII the
kinky stuff you'II be doing.

I'm going home.

You had that dream again, didn't you?

That's why you caIIed the Banana CIub

and coincidentaIIy
it was me who answered.

It seems Iike
we're connected somehow.

Something's not right.
Why is it aIways you that takes my caII?

There's a secret.

It's caIIed tapping.

I tweaked the company's equipment
to do it.

Every time you caII the Banana CIub,
I can pick up the caII.

Why wouId you do such a thing?

First of aII, I Iike your voice.

SecondIy, I Iike your face.

I can see in your face that you're not
the type who takes Iife too seriousIy.

And I Iike your body.

However much I hurt it,
it bounces back.

Stop being seIfish.

I Iet you do it because
I thought it was exciting.

But I don't want to do
any more strange stuff.

I know you Iike the strange stuff.
Even though you pretend not to.

Stop it!
It's hurts!

It's too Iate.

The aduIt video has begun.

Why do you do such things?

I didn't expect you'd say things Iike that.

You usuaIIy act so cooI.

New generation girI?

- I'm not Iike that.
- Then what are you?

Are you scared?
Say something.

I thought you wanted to die.
You're someone who wants to die, right?

You're Iooking for a pIace to die, right?
Huh? Am I wrong?

If you want to die... then die.

Which large canal was built first?
The Panama or the Suez?

- Contestant 1?
- The Suez.

That's right,
the Suez Canal was built first in 1869.

Homo Neanderthalensis is believed
to have lived in the Stone Age...

HeIIo, editoriaI room.

Line 1 for you.


Yes, that's right.

Oh, it's you!

Midori Hoshikawa.

What's wrong?
Where are you?

Well, the media
won't leave me alone.

- I'm the media too.
- I know you, so that's OK.

I had to speak to so many people
that I didn't know

so I felt like speaking
to someone I knew.

That's cooI. There's something
I wanted to ask you too.

I'm not supposed to go too far
because I'm under poIice surveiIIance.

You'II be OK.
We're aImost there.

We're heading to Kihara's house.


Watch carefuIIy.

So you two knew each other.

What's that?

Kihara must have used the same
videotape to record aII his movies.

But you can stiII see some of the
earIier stuff that wasn't taped over.

You onIy see it for
a coupIe of frames.

Watching the tape under normaI
circumstances, you'd never catch it.

I discovered it pureIy by accident.

Ha... I'm impressed.



That's what I want to ask you.

Did the victim's wife know the woman
who may have kiIIed him?

So Kihara knew.

He knew we were in touch,
he was taping us.


I don't know.

She asked me to kiII him.

What are you taIking about?

It's too Iate.

What do you mean?

Kihara started getting rough
with her during sex.

Her scars and bruises weren't fading,
so she began to resent him.

She wanted to divorce Kihara,
but he wouIdn't accept it.

Then she found out about me.

She got my number from
a detective agency and caIIed me.

She's Iying!

She caIIed me and said
''Kihara seems to be staIking you.

''Why not heIp me kiII him?''

And she said
because I'm under 18

the poIice wouId treat it
as seIf-defense.


You created a situation where
you couId kiII him in seIf-defense.

Sort of.

You had no reason to kiII Kihara.

Yeah, you're right.

But is that true?

He was too persistent.

For him, things he found exciting
yesterday were stiII exciting today.

That's why he aIways did
the same things over and over.

That's a bad mistake!

Yesterday, today and tomorrow
are aII totaIIy different days.

But he thought
everyday was the same.

I hate that!

Why is it fixed?
Who decided that?

You kiIIed him because you don't
Iike doing the same thing twice?

I don't know.
He kiIIed himseIf.

Kihara suddenIy turned
into a vioIent person.

I couIdn't take it anymore.

He started doing aII kinds
of perverted things.

To heaI my body,
I took a Iot of drugs.

And every time the drugs wore off,
it started to itch.

It's so itchy and I can't stand it.

You Iike the kinky stuff, don't you?

Stop it!

Stop it!

I'm itchy.

PIease scratch me.
So itchy... itchy... scratch it!

I'm itchy... so itchy!

Scratch me!

I'm itchy!

Scratch me!

Where'd you get the camera?

I had it in the car.

- I was going to tape you.
- For the interview?

No, for my hobby.

So I'II be in your home movies then?

I want to jump.

Do you mean fIy in the sky?

I toId Kihara about it once.

- Can you teII me?
- I don't want to taIk about it anymore.

Then... wiII you be abIe
to teII me after you jump?

I don't know.

I see.

I'II teII you, Mr Nukada.

Then I'II watch the video
after you've toId me.


Your video.

Aren't you going to
teII the poIice?

I don't think I saw the truth
hidden in a coupIe of frames.

It was a dream.

Mr Nukada, I think you fancy me.


Because I'm pretty.

I'm ill.
I found out 6 months ago.

It's terminal.

That's alright.

I decided to input all the data
about myself into this computer.

And it figured out that
suicide is best for me.

But I'm quite a coward
and I can't kill myself.

So I've chosen some people

who have a better chance
of killing me.

If you haven't begun to unravel things
before you see this video

this won't make any sense to you.

But if you've discovered what's
going on at the beginning of the tape.

then it'll probably make sense to you.

It could be important to you.

This is the truth.

I committed suicide.
I killed myself.


Why am I sending you this video?

It's because you're a journalist.

I'm sending you the curse of the dead.

I've spread my illness sufficiently.

I've destroyed myself.


You're Satoshi Nukada.


What do you want?

You attempted to hide
the truth from us.

What crime have I committed?

We'll think about it, look through the
laws and come up with something.

You bugged the Kihara house.
That's a criminal violation.

By the way, I can give you
some information you don't have.

The results for Kihara's post mortem
have been announced.

Kihara was tested HIV+.


Produced by Kokuei Corporation
Project Manager: Taisuke Akakura

ScreenpIay: Shiro Yumeno
Camera: Satoshi Shimomoto

Lighting: Harumi Kato
Editing: Masatsugu Saki

Assistant Director: Masahiro Kasai
Director's Assistant: Tadami Kobara

Camera Assistant: Eiichi Sakuma
Lighting Assistant: Kiyoshi Matsumoto

SteaI: Ichiro Sawada
Recording: Ginza Sound

FiIm DeveIopment:
Toei ChemicaI Corporation


Rio Yamagawa

Kiyomi Ito

Toru Nakane

Shun Sato

Yuji Teshima

Kazuhiro Sano

Directed by
Hisayasu Sato