Surveillance (2013) - full transcript

4.30am on Nord FM.

Hello to those who get up early
and discover the early hours.

The traffic
is moving freely everywhere.

The sky is clear.
It's all good.

Put one on each side.
One here and one there.

The coconuts.
And the parrots.

People are coming that way.

You didn't think about
the security system.

You're totally out of date.

And there'll be some music.

-I'm fed up.

Go to cashier 21.

I'll be right there.

In the buggy.

Follow me, please.


We'll check your shopping.

-You think we're stealing?
-Follow me.

-Are you serious?
-You accuse me of stealing?

Calm down.

-She's going to cry.
-Take her out.

Sit down.

-I'll explain.
-I hope so.

She grabbed it
and it fell in the buggy.

The shelf is high
so it's very elastic.

She's a girl not an "it".

Could you leave us, please?


You're new here?

I'm doing a cover.

I like your eyes.

Your uniform, not so much.
It's not my thing.

You like your job?

It's a job.

Léa, your till.

-You're OK, Léa.
-Yes. You?

you're not on Temptation Island.

Hello, Pierre.

I came to give him a kiss.

-Your job? All fine?

-This time, it's going to work.
-I really hope so.

-Yes. You?


-We're going to nanny?

Stop it.

-Sunday, we're going to the hut.
-For real?


Let's go.

Pierre, dinner is ready.

Give me your plate.

Chips and broccoli.

Backup at the main entrance.

-I'm coming.

Stay together.

-What's up?
-No idea. We're keeping them.

-We come in?
-Yes, go on.

They have the upper hand.
It's a trick.

A diversion.

I'm going back.

Stay here.


Clear off!

Don't move.

Who is this guy?

I don't know his name.

He's an interim.

I want to see him.

It'll be fun.

Here is Mr Solvi, sir.

Mr Solvi!
Come on in.

Mr Sauveterre,

deputy director.

-Hats off.

No, really, I mean it.

I did judo when I was young.
Black belt.

So you're told to stay put

but you go off on your own
at the other end?

Do you often disregard orders?

I thought it was the right thing.
I was sure it was a diversion.

And you were right.

I count on people
like you to stop

the shortfall in the shop.


It's a curse.
A huge loss of earnings.

Who pays, in the end?

Who? Consumers.

That's why I need smart people.

People who don't follow
the herd blindly.

You're transferred
on the surveillance team.

I think you'll be good.

-Your appointment has arrived.
-Mr Dedieu will show you.

You managed to stand out,
well done.

But don't let it go to your head.
One boob and you're out.


here is Pierre Solvi, latest
addition to the fish tank.

Hi, Karim.

You'll team up with Karim.

You go with the morning team,
they're one down.

Take your break.

Sit down.


Each camera is numbered.
Here's the list. So, one.


The parking.

Four, the main entrance.

You have a joystick.

See? You can go to the right...

And then to the left...
You can even zoom in.

Look at this girl.
Not bad, hey?

I can change camera
with those keyboards?

Of course.

Guys watching porn magazines,

you give them 5 minutes
then you call security.

We have over 60 cameras
covering the whole shop.

If you see someone stealing,

you call security downstairs
and they deal with it.

Your go.


Follow the black guy.

You'll see,

thieves often don't look the part.

Neatly dressed pensioners.

Kids. Rich, poor.

Everybody steals.

You're doing a good job.

You don't have
to stay here all day long.

You can follow someone
on the floor.

But we always need
one man in the fish tank.

And nothing can come out of here.



I'll leave you to it.
You'll be alright?

I think so.

You're not sure?

I'm sure.


I didn't feel like cooking dinner.

Perfect, I'm taking you out.

A suit? What about your uniform?

-In the bin.

I got promoted.

Already? Great!

Jacques, go and get dressed.

I'll be quick.

Another one on the house?

How do I put the 7 in full screen?

Press on 7 and space bar.

See the old guy?

I bet you he falls asleep
in 5 minutes. He does it every day.

Solvi, come to my office.

I'm coming.

Employee of the week: Pierre

I wanted to give you
the bonus myself.

Mr Dedieu gave me
your number of arrests.

I knew you had potential.

Thank you.

Our shop has the lowest theft rate.

It's thanks to our security team
and Mr Dedieu.

Thanks to people like you, Mr Solvi.

Driven people
who feel they belong to a family.

But that's not enough.

We can do even better.

Zero rate theft.
That's our target.

We wasted enough time,
back to work.

So? Happy?


You heard him?
Zero rate theft.

I understood.


-Hi, Rambo.

-No, thanks. I don't smoke.

Then why are you out in the rain?
You're watching us?

We could go out for a drink?

You already learnt the trick?

At Eno,
you can't date your colleagues.

Verboten. Nothing. Nada.

Shall we go?

You're scared?

You know there are
cameras everywhere?

You know where the cameras
are hidden, no?


There are cameras?

What he is up to?

No cameras in the stockroom?


Can I see your bag?

Go ahead.

Your Mp3?


Dirty cop.

See you soon.

-There's one.

Over there.

Too far.
It has to be just in front.

On females.

I don't want to go back.

I want shared custody.
Every other week.



There's one.

-Michèle, I put the meat on.

-And the fake ducks?

I painted them
and put them back in water.

You'll see, I have a new duck.

What did you buy?

A console.

Don't you think Audrey
and Arnaud spoil him enough?

Don't talk about him.

Don't talk about that guy.

It's expensive.

-I had a bonus.
-Your salary isn't big.

But each guy I nab,
I get 10%.

With a console or a Smartphone,
it's not bad.

And when you catch an elderly
stealing food?

It's my job.

If everybody stole
it would be anarchy.

Look, a client takes a game
for their console.

He does the rest of his shopping
and on the sly,

he puts the packaging in a shelf.

Then he hides the game
in a pack of milk.

The client as an accomplice
in the shop.

A stockman.
The stockman takes the milk

throws it in the skip
with other items.

And before his shift is over,
he takes the game.

No packaging, no beep.
It's seamless.

I track these guys.

Where to you get all this from?

You weren't brought up
by the police.

I grew up with you.
With you only.

If I were you, I'd stick
to what my boss is asking me.

You signed your contract?

My boss said he'd deal with it.

He'll do it. He's a good guy.

It's going to work.
This time, I'm sure.

Jack, the meat?

Mum's here.



You finished?

Spot on, Rambo.

I need a favour.

Men! All the same.

Stop it, Léa!

What do you want?

Can you clock out for me?

Are you nuts?

I could get fired.

You're the only one I can ask.
It's crucial.

Why would I do that?

Because I fancy you.

I thought...

We could go for a drink, tonight.

You'd give me my badge back.

You thought it all through.

Damn it.
Why am I such a fool?

Not here.
In 5 minutes, in the locker room.

-Good night.
-Good night.

You're 1 h late, Rambo.

Sorry. In trouble.
Can you clock in for me?


What the fuck is that?

What the fuck?

-You're early.
-You too.

-I'm going to grab a coffee.
-Can you grab me one?

I'm not your PA.

They erased the video.
Damn it!

Don't even try to apologise.

You never say hello?

The day I say hello to you,
you'll know it's bad.

I say "hello" 400 times a day.

What's your excuse?

Hostage in a bank?

I had a problem.

A big problem.

I'm not into guys
who have problems.

I have enough of my own.

A question?

Sit down.

I'd rather stand.

What's up?

Last night,
I saw some trafficking.


In the stockroom.

Why were you there?

I was trying
to nab a dodgy stockman.

I ended up
spending the whole night.

Damn it. Sit down.

Why is everybody
going their own way?

Who do you think you are?

Do you listen to me?

Did I ask you
to follow a guy in the stockroom?

-Did I ask you to be overzealous?

You're a security agent.
That's all.

A supermarket cop.

A guy who needs to follow orders.

Yes, boss.

What did you see?

A lorry,
in the middle of the night.

Two guys. Eastern Europe.

They unloaded electrical appliances.
And loaded other stuff.

It must be counterfeiting.

They leave copies
and sell the originals elsewhere.

The night guard is involved.
I saw him put stickers on boxes.

Who else, you think?

Someone who has access to the video.
All the images were erased.


-Karim arrived before you?
-Yes, but it's no proof.

Other people can access it.

I'm sure it's Karim.

For weeks,
I've been finding him fishy.

-I'll fire him straight away.
-You don't call the cops?

Are you kidding?
You want me to get fired?

If Sauveterre hears about it,
I'm out of a job.

I need to deal with this on my own.

And quickly.

And you?


What am I going
to do with you?

Your call.

Damn it. I trusted you.

Why didn't you tell me
about this guy?

I wasn't sure.

You wanted to nab him on your own
to get a promotion?

You're like me when I was your age.

I was the best.
I wanted to arrest everybody.

You told anyone?

No, boss.
And nobody saw me.

Mum's the word. Understood?

What are you doing tonight?

-You like snooker?


You're married?

I have a nine-year-old son.

We have four kids.

Imagine the alimony if I divorce.


I can't tonight, I'm working.

Tomorrow, yes.
I'll call you back.

-It's not my wife.
-I got it.

-It's between you and me.
-Of course.

With Gaëlle, it's mad.

I'm crazy about her.
Can't get her out of my system.

As soon as we meet,
we end up in bed.

We can't help it.

-See what I mean?

She can lead any man by the nose.

And make him lose his job.

A bit like Léa.

Are you dating?


That's good.

See, I believe in trust.

I didn't want you to lie to me.

You want to know how I know this?

I must say I'm curious.

There's a camera
in the cleaning room.

Hidden in the safety lights.

Is it legal?

It's what?

We all have our secrets.
You're not the last one.

So if you want us to be friends
and work together,

you hold your tongue
and I cover your affair.

Are there other cameras
of this kind?

First of all, call me JC.

If you hold your tongue,
I'll show them to you.

Mr Solvi.

Next month you become
Mr Dedieu's deputy.

-You like your promotion?
-It's great.

Thank you, Mr Director.

You have to thank Mr Dedieu.
He did his utmost to convince us.

But you must know
that when you work for us,

you're part of a family.

I'll make sure I'm up for it.


You can trust me.

-Mr Sauveterre?
-All good.

Then it's goodbye for now.

Wait for me here.

Hi, Mina.

Follow me.

Come in.

The secrets of the power that be.
Sit down.

No need for a virtual tour.
You know your way around.

The hi-fi section. Crazy
the stuff people want to steal.

The ladies.

Don't worry, we don't look inside.

We catch a lot of cashiers that way.

If a woman stays more than
5 minutes, it means she's changing.

Generally, they steal bras.

In a supermarket,
30% of theft is done by the staff.

So do the maths.

If I track only clients,
I don't meet my targets.

Our targets.

Nobody knows about this.
Neither Sauveterre nor Lami.

-I chose you because I trust you.
-I'm honoured.

If you mess it up,
I'm on the line too. Get it?

So you don't act on your own
in your corner.

We have no secrets for each other.
We make a team.


FYI, Karim and the night guard
were fired.

We caught their accomplices too
and we scared them away.

-Who is "we"?
-Don't worry.

-No police?

No police,
no investigation, no case.

I keep my job, you keep yours.

We're going to do a good job.

To your promotion.

Not bad champagne.

We should wait for the end
of his trial period.

The main thing is you have a flat.

When will you get the keys?

In two weeks.

We can come and visit.

To your flat, you and your son.

To you.

I'm going out for a drink
with a colleague.

I hope your colleague
likes your perfume.

Very funny.

He put the whole bottle.



Mr Hello.

I'm downstairs.

I know, if you ring, duh...

How did you get my address?

-Top secret.
-Give me a break.

I haven't seen you, lately.

Linda the bitch changed my shifts.

Can we settle this?


I look a bit stupid.

My son is already in bed.

I won't stay long.

OK. Five minutes.

And your job?

You came to talk shop?

You know the SHBT?

Smile, Hello, Bye, Thanks.
8 hours in a row.

With ever-changing shifts,
Linda the pit-bull on your back,

breaks taken off your pay.

-We don't have a choice.

It means people
accept anything, anywhere.

They know how to keep their staff
under close surveillance.

We're constantly under pressure.

All the cameras.

They push you to make mistakes.
Dirty methods.

I'm not saying this for you.

You do your job.

Another bier?


Is this what you want to see?

Your turn.
I've been doing the talking.

I'm not a talker.

I guessed that much.

-What's your son's name?

He doesn't look like you.


Maybe it's better for him.

You're fishing for compliments?

And your wife, you still love her?


You miss your son?

This job is everything to me.

It's my only chance
to get custody.


I'll go.

You'll get your son back.

I'm sure.

Come here.

-It's a tricky mission.
-I'm proud of it.

I don't care about your pride.

I need you to be discreet
and tactful.

Organised and crafty.

You're the only one I can trust.

-I'll do my best.
-Sit down.


Even Speedy Gonzales
doesn't pee as fast.

I don't know what he's up to
but I know he hides something.

Your job is to find out.

I want you on his case, 24/7.

No matter how long it takes,
I want to know what he's up to.

-I'll get him.
-With tact.

He's director of Marketing.

And a union representative.

And in the company
for over 20 years.

If he suspects anything,

we'll both be out of a job.


You're still here?

We're done.

Pierre, you promised

not to do that all night.

Is it appropriate?

We'll stop.

Eric, end of the break.
I need you.

Eric, damn it!

Eric, where are you?

Eric, call me back.

Pierre, come quickly.
We have trouble in the hi-fi.

-Where were you?
-Give me a break.

Damn it!

-How many?

Fuck, where were you?

-I messed up.
-You did. Big style.

It's not my blood.

Why did you get involved?

They beat him.
What would you have done?

Where were you, Rambo?
We needed you.

Please, go back to work,
the ambulance is coming.

You, Don Juan, in the office.

You too, Dedieu.
He's waiting.

Texier's computer.

Well done, come.

What are you paid for?

-It took you over 10 minutes.
-We had a problem.

A problem?
And what about this?

You're the problem.

You think you're tough but you can't
stop 3 teenagers with base-ball bats

from wrecking the shop?

-How much?
-I don't know.

It was a settling of scores,
they helped themselves.

2 to 3,000 euros.

So? What do we do? We take this from
your bonuses for 10 years?

I'm entirely responsible.

I was on my own in the tank
but I left because of an emergency.

Please, explain.

You don't want to tell me?

As you wish.

There's nothing to add.

Mr Solvi, you can draw
the conclusions yourself.

It is regrettable

but it would be a mistake
to blame it all on Mr Solvi.

He shows an unprecedented commitment
to the company.

Mr Dedieu, your loyalty towards
your team is commendable.

What do you want?
Leave with him?

We'll reinforce the security
procedures, it won't happen again.

Your good words aren't enough.

I want to know
you're the right man for the job

so I need results.

20% less theft within a month.

I'll do my best.


That's it?

A deduction of salary
and a warning.

For both of you.

Thank you.

We had a close shave.

I'm not kidding.

20% less theft? Is it possible?

We'll make sure we achieve that.

It's over.

I knew you'd keep quiet.

Goddammit, we make a pretty
good team you and I.

And the computer?

Nothing. He's too crafty.

Do I carry on spying on him?

He's going on a trip next week.

To meet his suppliers
That's where we'll get him.

I'm sure he gets commissions.

Shall I follow him?

It's another kettle of fish.


It's totally illegal.

Are you scared?

What if I get caught?

You won't get caught.

Here, for your expenses.

Make the most of it,
you can keep the change.

Nobody will know.

you're going on a week's training.

You take down everything.

Take pictures of places and people.

We do a debriefing every evening.

You don't trust me?

-I do.
-Then everything is fine.

Take your day off.

-Still no?

You're right.

If you want to carry on
chasing baddies.

One day, I'll open a restaurant.

You can cook?

No, not at all.

I'll hire a chef.

I'm sure I could pull it off.
Finding a nice place.

Nice staff.
A nice atmosphere.

What do you need?

What do I need?

Which planet do you come from?

Do you know banks who lend
50,000 euros to a cashier?

A cashier who can't even cook.

What are your projects?

I don't know.

You don't have any projects?

No. Well, at the moment...

I have a job, a flat,
and soon I'll have my son.

It's already a lot, no?

You want to spend your life
watching people on a screen?

We'll see.

I'll give you
a job in my restaurant.

It will be so busy I'll need
a guy by the entrance.

And you'll be the boss?

-You'll make us clock in?
-Of course, what do you think?

Can I sleep with the boss?

I doubt it.

Then I'd rather keep you
as a cashier.

It's fine, mum.

You need at least one a day.

You need to be perfect.

The look is crucial.

The look?
Never heard you say that.

I'm very proud of you.

If they send you on a training,
it means they like you.

When will you get the keys?

I told you,
at the end of the month.

We'll miss you.

It's as if you were leaving
a second time.

At my age, it's about time.

I'm happy for you.

Thanks, mum.

One Perrier.


You want to see me?

I don't know what you're playing at
but it's not good.

You asked me to put pressure
on Texier.

Not by putting Solvi on his back.

Solvi is the only guy
crazy enough to do it.

He trusts me and won't say a word.

He was being fired,
why defend him?

It's too late. Solvi knows too much.
Better keep me on our side.

Did he ask again
about the night stuff?

Never. I told you.
He trusts me.

I fired Karim and the night guard.
For him, it's over.

And if he does it again?

This week he's away so he won't be
around for the next delivery.

Come on, relax.

You'll learn a lot about Texier.

-He's irreproachable.
-Nobody is irreproachable.

This guy must have a girlfriend,
a boyfriend, a secret...

Something to blackmail him
if he wants to sue you.

-He'll resign meekly, trust me.
-I hope so.

As for Solvi,

I have him under control.

He needs the job to get custody.
We're his only chance.

For your sake, I hope so, JC.


Because at the slightest glitch,
you're out.

I miss you

Already... I miss you too!

No... Sorry, Léa, I have to go.
Speak later.

OK, speak later.

Good evening.

So you say "good evening"?

"Good evening" isn't "Hello".

You always have the last word?

-Nice to hear you.
-I hope so.

Where are you?

At my hotel.

-Bier, football, pizza.
-A nice blond?

Of course,
this region teems with hot chicks.

Make the most of it, Solvi.
Next week I'm on your back.

Is the training interesting?

-How many of you?

-Any hot chicks?

Yes, with fatigues and moustache.

Pierre, I had it rough
before you so don't be a prick.

-Good night, Léa.
-Good night.

What are you doing here?
You're watching me?

Not at all.

You take me for a fool?

What do you want?

Push me to breaking point?

My resignation?

Tell them they won't get to me.

You should go back to your hotel.

You fool. What do you think?

You think you'll reach the top

by doing their dirty work?

When they don't need you anymore,
they'll turn against you.

You know why, bastard?

Because you know too much.



What, nothing?


I followed him for 3 days.
He has nothing to hide.

He goes to cheap hotels
and restaurants.

He accepts nothing.
He works from dawn to dusk.

Even when he eats
he has his computer on.

Maybe we should stop this mission.

-And you're OK?
-Yes but I have nothing against him.

Then it means he's very crafty
or you're not cut out for the job.

I am.

Shall I put someone else
on the case?

Don't fire me.
I'll pull it off.

Then change gear,
the clock is ticking.

I'll work flat out.

I'll call you back tomorrow.

Damn it.

Goddamn it!

Call me back, quick.

What's happening?

Texier committed suicide.

Damn it.

I knew this mission was rotten.
I shouldn't have listened to you.

Calm down.

-I'm fucking calm.
-You're not.

Someone saw you?

I don't think so.

There might be cameras.

Shit, I forgot the bug inside.

Fucking shit.

Nobody will know what it is.

-We must call the cops.
-No way.

Trust me, everything will be fine.

Call no one. Go back to your hotel,
take a shower and don't budge.

-Are you listening to me?

Tomorrow, you go back home.

Your training ended sooner,

you spend the rest of the week
with your son.

Get some rest.
I'll see you Monday.

Nothing works.
I can't go on anymore.

Medicines don't help me.
I see only one way out.

Sauveterre and his henchmen
harass me at work.

And now they have me followed.

They want me. They win.
I give in.

I'm sorry, my love.

You won't understand.

This work was all my life.

I can't lose it.

He had been on edge for a while.

He was so much under pressure.
But why do it in a hotel?

He was clearly desperate.

What will you tell them?

That you followed Texier, alone?

That you bugged his room, alone?

And that you found him dead
in his room?

And you chose to run away,
not calling anyone?

Why would you say this?
You'd take all the blame.

The director wants to see you.

Nobody must know
you found him dead. Understood?

I give you the honour.

You are now a special member
of our family.




It's a good thing.

As for Texier, don't worry.

The case will close on a suicide.

He was depressed.
He didn't fit in our modern company.

Why would I be worried?

You know what I'm talking about.

You knew about the mission?

You're in cahoots with Dedieu.

Am I right?

You knew what you were doing
with Texier.

Take a few days off.

Stay home,
I don't want to see you here.

You'll see,

you forget quickly, everybody does.

Damn it.

Company Turnover

Manager: Anne Sauveterre



They really took me for a ride.

I didn't see anything.

JC and his big friendship pep talk.

What will you do?

Tell everything.

Staff surveillance, harassment,
hidden cameras.

It's totally illegal.


Go on, tell me.

They embezzle part of the stock.
It's crazy.

You'll lose your job.

Yes. The flat, Antoine, I know.

I can't live with that.

I do it for Antoine.

I admire you for this.

You're honest.

You're the only one I could tell.

You're still alone?

I met someone.
But I don't want to tell her.

Be careful.

Can I help you?

-I'm here for Mr Lami.
-He expects you?

He's on a business trip.

You have an appointment?

-I'll call security.
-I am the security.

Clear off.

Clear off!


It's about the watchman.

It's bad.

He must understand
he has to shut up.

What do you want?

I work here, idiot.

Your badge doesn't work,
you can't come in.

What about that?
Let me come in.

-I need to come in.
-Calm down.

Switch off the engine.

Do you mind?

God, Pierre, see the state
you put yourself in?

Why are you like this?

Like what?
You mean honest?

I was also honest when I was young.

-Look at you now.
-Stop it.

You could have gone far.
I tried to help you.

I thought you'd be smarter.

If being smart means being rotten
like you, then I'm not smart.

Stop lecturing me.

I know guys like you.

They have big ideas but in fact,
they're losers.

They blame their failure on others.

And Texier?
He was also a loser?

Why talk about him?

Because you killed him.

You already forgot?

It's because of you
he killed himself.

You, Eno.

You used me.

To harass him and make him resign.

I'll tell everything to the cops.


You never worked here.
You never had a contract.

In your contract,
Eno isn't mentioned.

You're nothing.

Nobody will testify in your favour.

Employees aren't stupid,
they want to keep their job.

You ruined everything.
Too bad for you.

You enjoyed using me?

Come on, say it.

You and Sauveterre love that.

You play with people.

You can make anyone do anything.

And when you had enough, in the bin.

Now, clear off.

Last night was just a warning.

Here is my advice:

change region and job.

In security, you're done.


Mme Texier?

Here is the letter
left by your husband.

With that, you could sue them.

-I don't want to sue them.
-I know.

But the bastards deserve it.

Looking for Léa?

-I don't care about her.

You want me to say I care about her?

The best thing in my life?

The bastard trapped her.

A 200 euro note
in a forgotten purse.

It's hard to resist
when you have kids to feed.

It was that or the door.

-And you shut up?
-Look, I'm not.

Go and see her.

I rang her ten times.
She doesn't want to see me.

Maybe she doesn't want
to talk on the phone.

It's me.

Can I come up?

I do it again.

Is he here?

-Is he here?


It's my son.

It's my son!


The police is here.

They're searching the house.

Don't worry. I'm coming.

The girls' bedroom, the office.
They took the accounts.

Why didn't you say anything?
They're everywhere.

Don't try and trick me.

Pierre, hello.

It's me.

I'm sorry about earlier on.

I want to see you.

We need to talk.
Come, please.


What will you do to him?

You love him?

You like ruining
other people's lives?

You didn't answer.

It's his fault if we got there.

He gave it all away.

Now we'll have the police
and the press on our back.

I'm finished.

I didn't think he'd do it.

He's even crazier than I thought.

What do you want?

Kill him?


-He has a gun.
-Hide there.

What are you doing?

Where are you?

Go on, do it.

Go on.

Do it.

-Go on.

-Do it!


How did you find this?

By watching the walls.

It's big.

"Chez Léa"

"Nice, fun, inventive cooking"

I love it.

Relax. It's not done yet.

I don't care.

If feels good to dream.