Surrounded (2023) - full transcript

Former Buffalo Soldier Mo Washington travels West to lay claim on a gold mine. After her stagecoach is ambushed, Mo is tasked with holding a dangerous outlaw captive and must survive the day when the bandit's gang tries to free him.

I never knew why
we prayed so much growin' up.

So, one day them Union boys
came to my plantation

and told me and my folks
we were free.

Best day of our lives.

Mama said our prayers
had been answered.

I remember me and my folks
walking out that plantation

till our feet couldn't even
feel the ground no more.

We just kept walkin'.

Kept walkin',
but we had nowhere to go.

We were free...

...but we had no place
to be free.

So I'm askin' you, Lord...

...protect me on this journey.

Help me reach my piece
of the promised land.

Deliver me from this evil.


Get in.


The war
was an unfortunate step

in the right direction.

Look at
what just walked in.

Where did he come from?

Iron on the bar.

Coffee. Please.




Whoa there, fella!

Where you think you're headed?

I bought a seat.

From the man up there.

Andy, huh?

This fella buy a seat?

Yeah, that's right.
Just a little bit ago.

Says you.

Throw me down them shackles.

All right.

You got papers?

I'm free.

Irregardless of what you say,

you still gotta
show us your papers.

Come on now.
I ain't got all day.

Don't make me ask twice.




Washington? Ha-ha.

What an honorable appellation.

You carryin'?

Give it.

Now, you might have
passage on this trip,

but there ain't nothin' says
I got to have you at my back,

gun at the ready.

Well, what you got
in that case?

Bible and some dried meat.

Fat boy, wake up.

There's a luggage seat
in the back.

Is that a man or a boy?

Well, which would
you prefer, madam?


Do you need my gun too?

Of course not, Mr. Wheeler.

Let's go.

All right, stage for
Colorado's leavin'. Let's go.

Lord, just get me
from here to there.



Claude Aloysius Fields,
at your service.

The Ol' Wildcat from Kentucky.

You see? That's me.

"Territory of Colorado

"hereby grants
to Mo Washington,

"ownership of this land."

Let's go, Andy.
Let's go, buddy.

All right. I'm comin'.

I talked to Curly.

Thought you might need this.

I seen rattlers out here
bigger than you.

This is a fine Remington.

Lot of power.

Needed something
easy to handle.

-Can't shoot a dead buffalo.

Quite a few notches
in your handle here.

You got family out here?

No, sir.

Just passin' through.

Headed west.

Just lookin' for a new start.


Wife and daughter.

They're home.

Missus is expectin'.

Any day now.

I don't like
leavin' them alone.

I'll need it back
in the mornin'.

Andy, go help the lady.

What are you laughing at?

Do you feel
relieved, Madam?

Do you never shut up?

Hyah! Hyah!

Let's flank 'em.

To the right! To the right!


Hold up! Hold up!

Drop the rifle!

Hold up! Hold up!

Get 'em out.

What's happening?

Road agents.

Road agents?


Hands where
I can see 'em, cowboy.

Ain't you gonna shoot 'em?

I do, they take us all out.

If they push for a last stand,
they'll get one.

Just be glad
they're not Indians.

Nobody make
no sudden moves.


Now, we don't need
anyone getting hurt.

All right,
you boys know what to do.

Tommy, what about the money?

Don't fuckin' touch me.


We, uh...
We ain't got nothing of value.

We ain't got no mail, no gold.

Just what
the passengers brought.

If I want it, it has value.

Now, let me see y'all's hands.

Huh. You're Tommy Walsh.

Tommy Walsh?

The bank robber, Tommy Walsh?

Let's see
what you got, folks.

We'll all be on our merry way.

Out! Out!

Come on out
and stretch your legs.

You too, chuckaboo.

Your presence is requested
forthwith, Madam.

I'm not moving from this spot.

Suit yourself.

All right,
come on now, folks.

Take it easy.
I got all the horses.

do what you gotta do,

but do it real careful.

Join us.

We're all equals here.

Everybody out.

I'd do as they say, ma'am.

Get on down.

All right, gentlemen,
let's, uh...

let's have a peek
at them billfolds.

Thank you, sir.

Much obliged.

That'll do.

There ain't shit
up here.

Just throw all that shit away.

Much appreciated.

No, it's just clothes.

No, they ain't kiddin'.

-There ain't nothing up here.
-Well, you take it anyway!

Yes, sir.

And hurry up.
Come on, gentlemen.

Check underneath.
Check underneath.

What about the money
from the bank, huh?

there ain't nothing here.

Muchas gracias.

How about you, amigo?

What you got?

Couple of coins
in here. That's it.

All right,
pack them up.

- Oh...
- What the hell?


My apologies, gentlemen.

No need to alarm you.

I don't know,
it appears that...

There seems to be
something wrong

with my ticker.

Oh, shit!

Come on,
give me a hand.

Get away from me!

I'll murder you.

Get off me!



Take my hand.
Take it quick.

- Come on and jump!
- I can't, I can't jump.

Please, take my hand.

- I can't, I can't!
- Jump!

I can't.

Son of a bitch!

Hey, kid!

That hurts!

Son of a bitch.

Kid, shoot him!

Shoot him!

Get up.

Careful of this.


Look out!

You're a good shot.

Stay with me.

- See that tree right there?
- Huh? Uh-huh.


Oh, my God!

Tommy! Tommy!

They got Brogan, bad!

He's dying, Tommy.

Give yourself up,
we can get him to a doctor.

What do I do?

you know what to do!

Now you do it!

It's on you, Tommy.

You go and gather up
the boys now.

Don't tell 'em
where the money's at.

You just gather the boys!

That's just
the start of it.

Get up.

Get up!

Get him over here,
Curly. Quit it.

Come on! Get him up.

Boy, you better lower that gun

if you don't wanna wind up
on the wrong end of it.

Get him over here.

Easy now, Curly. Easy now.

Come help me.

Come help me.

He ain't got
the rights to do this to me.

You cockroaches killed Andy.

And you wanna
talk to me about rights?


You kill him, you hang.

There ain't a court
that'd convict me.

They would
after I have my say.

Now put that gun down.

I'll trust you
to keep it down.

All right...

Mr. Fields, we're gonna get
you to a doctor soon enough.

There's one
back in Brushwood Gulch.

All right.

All right,

first things first.

Go gather your team
and your stagecoach.

Stage went
over the cliff, sir.

With the woman inside?

What about my horses?

They scattered.

G... God damn it!

God damn it.

This is
what we're gonna do.

Curly, you're gonna
grab a horse.

You're gonna ride
Mr. Fields to a doctor.

I'm gonna take the mountain
pass to Wagon Gap.

I'm gonna get the sheriff and
a posse and bring 'em here.

What about this piece of shit?

I'm gonna tie him
to this here tree.

He'll stand guard.


This beanpole? Guard him?

That's Tommy Walsh, you know.

He can handle himself.

Now go get somethin'
to tie him with. Go on.

God damn it.

Corral my goods
if you please, sir.

Yes, sir.

This is gonna be
one hell of a night.

I'm sorry about
your stagecoach driver.

You get smart with me?

Let's see how smart you are

dancin' from the end
of a rope.


Stop! Stop!

Stop fuckin' movin'! Now!

All right, now listen to me.

I've had enough
of these cheap shots.

I did the honorable thing.

I gave myself up.

I've been nothin' but calm,
courteous, and kind,

and I expect a measure
of the same, that's all.

Or is that too much to ask?

Let him go
or I'll put you down.

Yeah, well...

Well, no one's gonna find
where I hid

that stolen bank loot,
now, are they?

Some prices are worth payin'.

- God damn it.
- Ease off.

I will kill
that son of a bitch.

Finish tyin' him.
Come on, now!

Get a move on.

- Dear God.
- Now I'm playin' with you.

Come on.


Go get the horses.

He's bleedin' real bad.

You need to put
more pressure on it.

He's gonna bleed out.

Get your ass back on that tree
or I'll end you, son!

All right, we're gonna get
you on that horse, okay?

All right.

Come on.

Oh, the, um...

The blue bottle,
if you please, sir.

Yes, sir.


My own personal supply.

Very good.



It was a pleasure making your
acquaintance, Mr. Walsh.

Night's comin'.

So is the cold.

You'll need these.

Best you gather up some wood
before night.

And you might need this too.

For rattlers.

Last thing.

He's got a $10,000 bounty
on his head.

When we come back,
and he's gone or dead,

well, there'll be
a hanging either way.

You understand?

God damn it.


here we are.

Coyote and a horse.

That's some expert
marksmanship right there.

You know, you should dig up
whoever's rottin' over there.

Give yourself another
bodyguard, I don't know...

Maybe enough of 'em
will frighten away my men.

Point is, my men are comin'.

Now, you'll think it's a call
of a bird or rustle of a deer.

That's them comin'.

Well, they're gonna
tear you apart and eat ya.

You know, those white folk
ain't comin' back.

You run away,
they'll just hunt you down.

You got nowhere to go.

You and me,
we're stuck together now.

They left you to the wolves.

The dark is comin'.

You fuckin' give me
those keys now.

Give me
those fuckin' keys now!

These keys right here?

I want the keys.

All right.

White boy.

Don't you ever, in your life,
put your hands on me.

Don't ever put your hands
on me again.

Don't even attempt it.

You know,
I fought for your kind.

In the war.

My kind?

I was at Fort Wagner.

I fought shoulder to shoulder

with the Massachusetts
Colored Regiment.

I was there.


You know, I never understood

why your people
just accepted it.

Why they just didn't rise up
and burn the world down.

White boy,
you the one in chains.

You think them heroes

are gonna share
my bounty with you?

I don't think so.

Hell no, you're here
under threat of hanging.

You're sure hoping
they don't discover

what's in your britches.

Did you hear what I said?

Did you hear what I said?

How you feel about that, huh?

Just 'cause they don't
wanna look at you

don't mean I can't see.


Missus? I don't know
what you want me to call you!

You're a sideshow freak!

Now, I won't
fuckin' stand for this.

I'm Tommy fuckin' Walsh!

Now, this is bullshit!
You let me go!

Come on,
you think you're innocent?

I don't think so.

You sittin' on the back
of that wagon

where I saw you,
without a fight,

you know what I think?

I think that condemns
your kind.

How you feel about that?

Now, you may think
that you're free.

You may think that.

But you'll always be a slave
to the white man's biddin'.

That's the truth.

What'd you call me?

I said you'll always
be a slave...

What'd you call me?

I said you'll always
be a slave

-to the white man's biddin'.
-What'd you say?

What'd you say?

Say it again!

Say it again!

Say it again.

Tired of you running
your mouth.

Till you been on this side,
keep your mouth shut.

Every step, y'all wanna bring
us down like we're dyin' dogs.

You ever see a white man
kill your folks?

Hang a Black man from a tree

because he's in a wrong place
at a wrong time?

You ever see that?

No, didn't see that.

-Did not see that.

Wanna see it?

- I don't wanna see...
- You wanna see?

I didn't see that.

Look, there it is!

You ever seen a Black man hang
from that tree?

For lookin' at a white woman
he didn't look at?

Or for tryin' to learn
how to read?

Can't complain.

We gotta be grateful.



We gotta be grateful.

-Yes, ma'am.

For the blisters on our hands.

And our empty bellies,
and our broken spirits.

'Cause they'd rather hang me
for the color of my skin

than to hang you
for what you did!

You ain't never gonna hang,
white boy!

You hear me?

I mean no offense...

All right, get up.

Real turtle like.

We're goin' for a walk.

Get my Bible,

and find the stagecoach
that you robbed.

Yes, ma'am.

You know, we can't
just walk outta here.

This is Comanche country.

No Bible is that important.

Keep walking.

You've gotta
hope it don't snow.

It's gonna dump on us.

If it does, I'll, uh...

I'll dig you out,

haul you back up the hill

and I'll bury you
by the cross back at the tree.

So you ain't alone.

How has nobody taken a bullet

and put it through your throat
to shut you up?

They've tried,
and they're gonna try again.

But, uh...

Nah, the thing
of being a hero...

You know,
about the main thing,

we ought to know when to die.

Prolonged life...

It's ruined more men
than it ever made.


I do hope you find your Bible.

I can see it means
somethin' to you.

Know any hymns?

Oh, sister

Let's go down

Let's go down

Come on down

Oh, sister

Let's go down

Down to the river to pray

Oh, sinner

Let's go down

Let's go down

Come on down

-Hey! Hey!
-Oh, sinner

Come back here!

Come back here!



Take it easy now.

He means it.
I think he means it.

I think he means it.

I think he means it now.

He means it.

What the hell you doing, girl?

Shoot him!


You gonna tell me
what that paper was?

Now that it's gone?

Gold claim.

Piece of land I had
to build a town for my people.

A gold claim?

Who'd you kill for that?

I wanna understand how
a woman, such as yourself...

Black woman.


Who's hiding as a man

just buys a gold claim.

How's that possible?

After the war, I couldn't find
none of my family but my mom.

She went home to be with God.

Find peace in death.

Made a promise in my heart
that I'll honor her.

Fight for those that can't
fight for themselves.

Where's your getaway?

You goin' home?

I wasn't gonna go back
to my master's house,

that's for sure.

So I put two and two together,
and just figured

that I'll go cook and clean

for them Union boys
that set me free.

I spent four years
watching them soldiers.

How they walk, how they talk.

Learnt everything I needed
to know about them.

When they needed
people to sign up,

I just cut my hair,
bought some clothes,

and walked on
to the army base.

Guess nobody was
paying attention that day...

and signed up
and picked up a uniform.

Uniform made me feel free.

I ain't never been that free
in my whole life.

I had food, clothing,
money in my pocket.

Soon enough, they sent us
out here to kill people

that are couple shades
lighter than me.

So I left.

Took my money
and bought that claim.

Lot of folks was depending
on that claim.

You know, I knew it.

You have that look
of a soldier.

That look of not being able
to unsee things.

I had never met no white boy
that could speak Comanche.

My wife was Injun.

Your wife was what?

My wife was Injun.

-You got a wife?

I had a kid, too.

You know, humankind, uh,

can be awfully unkind

if it deems
that you don't belong.

So now, you wanna
take revenge on the world?


I've been out for revenge on
the world since I was eight.


Cattle barons.

They came in, they took

my dad and brother
from the dinner table.

They shot 'em
'cause they wanted our land.

It's how I got this.

Made Ma sign it over
right there

before we even finished
saying the blessing.

I know we all got
bad stories to tell,

but not everybody takes it out
on the world like you.

"An eye for an eye,"
that's what I say.

You know,

it looks like we believe
in the same thing.

I guess so.

We just go about it
in different ways.

Let's go about it together.

Now, since your gold
is gone,

how about we strike a deal?

Now, you see,
that loot from the bank...

I'm the only one
who knows where it is.

You let me go.

I dig it up.

We split it
right down the middle.

Right down the middle.

White boy, you crazy.

That's dirty money.

Oh, come on,
all money's dirty.

All money's dirty.

That's not what it's about.

It's about bein' free.

You think money
makes you free?

What is it to gain the whole
world but lose your soul?

Being free is having faith.

-My faith is my freedom.
-Oh, no, come on.

Come on, come on.


That's just more people
telling you what to do,

telling you how to think,
all the time.

Always, always.

You can't do nothin'.

That's all it is.



No matter
how much money you get,

your heart's gonna still be
in the same place.




You ain't never gonna be free
on the inside.

That's when you know
you're free.

We... Listen to me now.

Mo. You listen to me now.

We deserve it.

I'm listenin' to you.

-Why should I trust you?
-I'm listenin' to you.

-Why should I trust you?

Look at the shit
that we've been through.

Don't you think
we fuckin' deserve it?

It's out here?

Oh, yeah.

It's right here,
you can see it from here.



It's ours.

You just gotta let me go.

Show me where it is first.

No, no, no.

So you can shoot me in the
head and take it for yourself?

Come on, I don't think so.

No, no, no, no, no.

You make a deal
with the Devil,

you follow Devil's rules.

Deal with the Devil?

That's right. You and me.

You and me.

I don't make
those kind of deals.


Who's out there?

Hey, you come on now.
You show yourself!

Shut up.

Come on.
Come here.

-Those your boys? Huh?
-They are not my boys.

They never walk up
just flappin' their jaws.


Just a friend.
Here to help.

You know him?

Do you know him?

I never seen him before
in my life.

Don't move.

Gal, what you doing out here?

Who are you?

My name's Will Clay.

Take your gun off and toss it.

- Now, wait, a man's gun is...
- Take off your gun!

Of course.

Do it real slow.

I'll go as slow
as I can now.

I'm here to help, friend.

You all right?

That your blood?

Ain't none of your business.


Look, I was huntin' there
down by my farm

when I ran into your people.

They the one told me
what happened.

I just grabbed two of my horse
and set out to help.

They ain't tell me nothin'
about no gal, though.

You got them white folk
thinkin' you a man.

The man that got shot,
he all right?

The big one
taking care of him.

I think he'll make it.

You don't look dressed
for buck huntin'.

You don't look dressed for
buck huntin' or even farmin'.

Yeah, you got me there.

Yeah, I do.

Embarrassed to admit it,
but truth is, uh,

I changed my clothes

when I heard you was bringin'
in the infamous Tommy Walsh.

Hmm. That's him, ain't it?

I, uh, thought somebody might
be here to take my picture.

I ain't never had
my picture taken before.

Ain't no negro
farmin' around here.


Where you from?

He sure do ask a lot
of questions, don't he?

I say you shoot him now,
before he takes us out.

I'm telling you,
you shoot him now.

Just like I thought.

The Good Lord
done brought us together.

Givin' you a friend
in tryin' times,

and givin' us an opportunity.


I bet there's a nice little
bounty on this here killer.

Dead or alive.

Now, I say
we put him on my horse

and go back to the farm.

We'll be safe there.

I even got a brand new
can of coffee.

We could ride off
in the morning

and collect
the bounty together.

Don't you trust him.

He ain't no farmer.
He don't live around here.

He ain't makin' no coffee.

And since you're
the man in charge,

you take 70%...

God damn it, you take
these chains off of me.

You're as dead as I am.
You listening to me?

Can I talk to you
for a sec?

Don't you...

Don't you do it.

Don't you do it.
Don't you listen to him.

I, uh...

I had a daughter,
about your age now.

And if she was here...

I would ask her
what kinda predicament

she get herself into.

Then, I would help
her figure a way out.

'Cause, baby girl,
you in dangerous water,

pushing away
the only boat you got.

I don't know what to do.

Well, I know he got that loot
stashed around here somewhere.

I got ways to make him talk.

You and I
could walk away rich.

Be a shame to let the law put
their hands on that 120 grand.


Yes, ma'am.

Bank got robbed same day

the Union Pacific
deposited payroll.

You stole $120,000?

Hide it out here?

You told me to trust you.

You can't trust nobody.

Trust me.

Trust your own kind.

It's all you got.


I'm here for a reason.

You think that man's
gonna make it?


Got the best doctor in town.

What's his name?


Come on, man.

Woolsey, yeah.
You made that up!

-Used to labor for him.
-Yeah, you're full of shit!

You made it up!

Nice fella, he is.

Wife make the best
peach pie in town.

God damn it!
He's fuckin' lyin' to you!

He's a bounty hunter!

He's gonna kill you,
he's gonna kill me,

just like he killed
the liquor dealer

and that big old bohunk!

We should wait
for the sheriff.

It's the right thing to do.

You can wait with me
if you want.

No. Mm-mm.

Suit yourself.

I ain't sittin' around here
like no duck,

waitin' for his men
to come pick us off.

Now, look,
I said I would try to help,

but I ain't riskin' my life.

You change your mind,

my farm is four miles away
from here.

I'd appreciate
you givin' my gun back.

Don't you dare.

Don't you dare give him
that gun back now.

God damn it.

Don't you do it.

Oh, fuck.


good luck, gal.

You gonna need it.

Yeah, you go on now.

Go on.

Fuckin' huntin'
and fuckin' farmin'.

Go on.


I ain't never met you
before in my life,

but your story's addin' up.

You mean everything you said?

Got the same scars,
you and me.

You got your forty acre?

A mule?

You feel free?

I sure as hell don't.

If I leave him with you,

you let me take
one of your horses.

Hey, hey.

Hey, wait.

You gonna leave me?

You gonna let me go out
at the hands of him?

You're the reason
why we're right here.

Now you talkin'.

Sound like a good idea to me.

In fact, I'll unchain him.

No. No.

I don't think so.

I'll do it.

I'll do it.

Yeah, suit yourself.

What're you waitin' on?

Go over here
and have me a drink.

I can use one
after this damn night.

Hey, listen to me.

Take the gun.

Hey. Look at me, look at me.

You listen to me now.
You listen to me now.

Stop, stop. Listen.
Listen to me.


Listen to me.

I know killers.

He'll kill us both,
I swear to you.


Mr. Field!

Some damn good whiskey.

Don't worry,
I'll save you some, darlin'.

For the celebration.

You kill those people?

Those people,
they care nothin' about us.

Go on, you shoot him. Go on.

Put it down.

I've been huntin' him
for five months,

and I ain't
lettin' him get away.

Come on, he's gonna kill you.
You shoot him!

You ain't nothin'
but a murderer

and a goddamn liar!

So are you.

Them people got
in my goddamn way!

I don't know how long
I can hold off

my desire
to blow your head off.

Come on.

Ain't nobody gettin' in
the way of what's owed to me.

Least of all you.

So, you just gonna
have to kill me.

Come on, you pull it!

Your bullets in the field.

On your left!

Shoot her!

Come here.
Come here now.

Come here.

Should've listened to me, huh?

- Come on! Come on!
- Should've come with me.

Come on, get up.

Shit. Hey!

You a fuckin' killer?

Cut him down!
Cut him, God damn it.

Cut him!

Come on now!

Come on, get up!

I'll kill you!


Oh, shit!

You should've trusted me.

Now, I know
why you did what you did,

and I just wish
that you didn't.

I wanted to trust him.

He reminded me of my father.

Everybody around you
ends up dead, don't they?

This is your fault.

No, no, no, no, no, no.


Death follows you, don't it?

It follows you.

Whether you like it or not,
there it is.

You think when you get
where you're going,

it's just gonna disappear?

You gonna trade in
that six shooter for a dress?


That imposter will always
be knockin' at your door.

It will find you
wherever you go.

Now, you trust me now.

I know.

It won't be long now.

My men are coming.

It's in their best interest,
of course.

I know things they wanna know.

They're gonna shoot me
just as fast as shoot you

if I don't give 'em
what they want.

And I think you best
unchain me now.

-Follow you or die?

I can't stop
what's about to happen.

You're right.



Being a soldier
is deep in my blood.

I was the best damn soldier
in that battlefield.

Better than any man.

But I had to learn
as a Black woman

livin' in this
damn white world...

that I gotta work
three times as hard

to get one-fifth
of what I deserve,

and I'm tired of it.

You gonna make me fight for
my life and prove that to you?


Watch me set you
and your boys alight.

Oh, no.

Not Dakota. Oh...

Oh, Dakota.

Oh, boy.
I done you wrong, boy.

I done you wrong.

Tommy. Tommy!

We thought they took you
to the Brushwood Gulch.



- Tommy.
- Where is she?

- She?
- Where is she?

- She?
- She's gonna kill us.


Well, she killed Rufus
and Halfbreed.

And Dakota, too.

What the hell
you doin' here, huh?

Me go get that bitch!

No! No, Pike.

Pike. Hold on, Pike.

Pike, look what she done.

- Nah, you face her!
- Hey! Get up.

You go and face her right now!

I swear to God,
she gonna kill you!

Go on!


She went that way.

Both of you guys,
you get after her right now!

You want your money?

You bring her back to me!

I've had it with you!

You don't know
the fuck you're dealing with!

I know!

I've been here!

Come on, you get these chains
off me now. Come on.

Hurry up now.

Come on...

Thomas, let's get the loot

and get outta here.

The hell are you doin'?

I quit.

The hell are you doin'?

I waited six months already.

That girl don't matter.

Just give me what's due,
and I'm gone.

It's comin' to ya.


It's comin' to ya.

Is that a promise this time?

On my life.

All right.

Ah, shit.

Come here, buddy.

Here's your hat.

Come here, Thomas.


Put that on you now.

Let me see ya.

You look all right.

I'll get your gun.

That's a nice gun, Thomas.


-You'll have to clean it.

You didn't remember
to bring the shovels.

You out there, little lady?


She's sneaky.


You go on,
and I'm gonna circle around.

We know you're here!



Where you at?


Where you at, soldier girl?

Get up.

Oh, look at you.

Come here.

Get up here!

Oh, what are you
gonna do with that, huh?


You know,

I really thought

that you'd have sympathized
with a man in chains.

Brutalized by the world same
way that it brutalized you,

but I must have misjudged you.

You set your boys on me
to take my life.

Well, you know what?
You killed all of 'em.

Just you and me now.

I'mma fight for my life
by any means necessary.

We ain't got no future apart.

We don't.

You got nothin'.

All I got is the gallows,
that's it.

Now, you listen to me now.

Together, I think
we could be something.

I mean, we could be
something that's important,

that means something.

We could be more than this!

More than this!

You and me.

Tommy Walsh!

Tommy Walsh
and the Colored Girl.

God damn!

That's not a headline
you heard before.

It ain't.

What do you think your people
will think about that, huh?

And you'd be a hero!

You'd be a legend
in your time!

You'd be an inspiration
to them.

The infamy, the glory of it!

Can you imagine?

I didn't get a piece
of my promised land.

Didn't get the rivers flowin'
with milk and honey.

And I'd never take your deal.

Ah, fuck you!

Come on!

I've given you
everything that I got.

You have
the opportunity now...

to take what you deserve,
what we both deserve!

You gonna have
to kill me right here.

I'll tell you what,
it ain't gonna be easy.


Not after everything
that we've been through.

All right.

You holster it now.

We gonna do this,
we're gonna holster it.

Come on.

There it is.

You never asked me my name.

You're right.

I don't
even know your name.


Wanna know my name?

It's Mo Washington.

That's my name.


Mo Washington.

I'm glad it's
at the hands of you.

Let me tell you somethin'.

Let me tell you somethin'.

You... You know
where the money is.

Your faith is your freedom.

Glory, glory, hallelujah!

Glory, glory...

Bag of nails.

Lord have mercy.

Too late.

This one's still alive.

We'll see about that.

What in bloody hell
happened here, son?

Tommy's boys, they...

they beat me real bad.

I got knocked out,
and when I woke up,

all these dead bodies
were here, sir.

Killed each other?

Killed each other?
It's a massacre.

Who are all them?

That's, uh, Goldie Whitman
and Dakota Smitt,

Tommy's guys.

There's Tommy
and the coach driver.

But I don't know
who these others are.

Can't be nobody good
if they out here.

Tommy say anything about
the money, where he hid it?

No, sir,
he barely talked at all.


You're lucky
they didn't kill ya.

What ain't you telling us?

Well, seems very simple to me.

You got a bunch
of bad guys over here,

a bunch of bad guys
over there.

They turned on one another,
and then killed each other.

What do you say, Sheriff?

They're dead.

Rewards need payin',
and lives need livin'.

What are you gonna do?

Hang this one
just for bein' here?

I'm sure he don't know
what happened.

So, we ain't ever
gonna know what happened.

They all got
what they deserve.

You think this fella here

killed all these men?

No man I know
could do all that.

There's a $10,000 bounty
on Tommy Walsh's head.

You got that comin' to you,
Mr. Wheeler.

Do I need to bring
these men back into town?


I seen 'em.

I suppose, uh,

some would hang ya.

You suppose right, Sheriff.

But I guess it just seems...


it seems if there is a God
that he wanted you alive.

So, just in case,

I ain't gonna interfere.

But you're gonna
clean up this mess.

Go get a shovel.

You're gonna bury
all these bodies,

and then be on about your way.

And be thankful for it.

Yes, sir.

That's it?

Somewhere around here,

he buried
all that stolen loot.

We just gonna leave it?

What are you gonna do?

Dig up the whole county?

You be my guest.

But the rest of you, head back
to the saloon, I'm buying.

What about the bank loot,

Sorry, boys, you heard him.

Say goodbye to the money.

Good luck, fella.

"The meek shall inherit
the earth."