Surrogates (2009) - full transcript

People are living their lives remotely from the safety of their own homes via robotic surrogates -- sexy, physically perfect mechanical representations of themselves. It's an ideal world where crime, pain, fear and consequences don't exist. When the first murder in years jolts this utopia, FBI agent Greer discovers a vast conspiracy behind the surrogate phenomenon and must abandon his own surrogate, risking his life to unravel the mystery.

Look at yourselves.

Unplug from your chairs,
get up and look in the mirror.

What you see is how God made you.

We're not meant to experience
the world through a machine.

What you're telling me is,
a monkey is operating this arm

with nothing but his thoughts?


There are 100 sensors,

each listening to a different
brain cell or neuron.

Physically disabled people
will be able to operate.

Fully synthetic bodies.

It provides a tremendous amount
of hope for the future.

Because of the technology that
we have, at a time of war

we're going to start seeing
this more and more.

As manufacturing capacity expanded
for military and industrial use

Surrogates became affordable
to the general public

Causing a revolution in how we live.

The ability to leave your home
without risk of disease or injury

To have perfect looks without trips
to the gym or plastic surgery

There is no question that at some point
they will be persons like anyone else

They will not be human, but that
they will be part of our community?

There is no question in my mind.

The decision came down 5 to 4.

That the Supreme Court ruled in favor
of the use of surrogates in daily life.

Right now, we are witnessing an event.

That is of an evolutionary significance

According to VSI, the industries
leading manufacturer,

over 98% of the world population

uses a surrogate in all
facets of their daily life.

We're in the midst of profound changes,

that are things that were once
unimaginable have become inevitable.

Since the global embrace of surrogacy

crime rates have dropped to record lows

We have witnessed and incredible
reduction in violent crime

communicable disease and discrimination.

Problems that have plagued
societies for centuries

solved almost overnight.

We are the creators.

We will be making them.

Do everything for us.
All in one machine.

But there is a minority
who actively oppose Surrogates

and are moving to limit their use.

Many people will see this,

as the invasion of the inhuman.

They have established reservations
or surrogacy free zones

in major cities around the country.

They are led by Zaire Powell

or as he is better known to his followers

The Prophet.

Those machines walking around out there

They're a lie.

You have been sold a lie.

You're going to love Tosca.

Alright, but don't tell me how it ends.

The way they all end.
Everyone dies.

I am so glad you could
come back east for a visit.

Well, anything for a break from exams.

We're almost there.

Listen, thanks for lending him to me.

Have a wonderful time.

I love you.

I love you too Dad.

You know Armando.

I am not really in the mood for opera.

Four Point?

You read my mind.

Get lost meat-bag.

I am agent Peters.

This is Agent Greer, FBI.

Yeah, some jackass on a motorcycle
wiped out a bunch of units.

So what do you need us for?

Well I was going to file just
a vandalism report,

but it turns out this unit's unregistered.

Looks like it's going to need new optics.

No shit.

The identity chip is completely fried.

What you got on the girl?

Registered to a Cameron
McAllister out in Worcester.

She file a report?

No, that's just it, no calls, no nothing

Come on.

Let's go talk to our operator.


Maybe nobody's home.

My Surries in for an upgrade

and they gave me this crappy loaner.

Could you?



Cam's a good tenant you know,

pays the rent on time,
never leaves the apartment.



Oh my God!

Don't touch anything, please.

I will call it in.

You're sure this is Cameron McAllister?

This is Agent Peters,

we tracked down the blonde's operator.


Better send a coroner.

Have you ever seen anything like this?


Oh! Where's your...

In the charge room.

You pull another all nighter?

Yes I did.

Why don't you think
about taking a break?

A break?

I got some vacation time saved up.

How about Hawaii?

Lisa said she got an amazing deal.

Hawaii would be great.

She had this totally buff Surrie in Maui,

she took it surfing, para-sailing,
deep sea diving.

You know that rental place on Boilston?

I was thinking about us.

You and me going away
some place together.

And leave our units at home?
Are you kidding?

We could take a drive out to the Cape?
We haven't done that for a while...

Can we talk about this another time?

You know, I should get to work,
the shops been really busy.

Everyone wants new looks for summer.

Yeah, I was just thinking that...

It just feels like we...

Haven't really spent
much time together lately.

We're together every day.

Surrogates, not the same.

It's better.

Yo Canter?

He's been in there all weekend.

He's gonna miss the Psych final.


Somebody call the cops!

We are confronted with an
unprecedented situation.

Two people have died while
connected to their stim chairs.

According to the pathologist,

their brains were
liquefied in their skulls.

Whatever happened to their surrogates,
killed them.


How is it even possible?

We don't know.

I am imposing a total media blackout.

No one from this office
is going to be responsible

for setting off a nationwide panic.

The public cannot be allowed

to get the idea that using
a surrogate can be fatal.

Tuxedo boys last moments.

Get lost meat bag.

Looks like we got ourselves a witness.

Hang on...

What is that?


Some kind of weapon.
Anything yet?

Hang on to yourself,

I think we may actually
have a homicide here.

Come here and look at this.

Are you serious?

No we don't know that for sure.

Yeah but what if it is a homicide?

When was the last one?

This could be huge.

Yeah, Lee go.
We got your next of kin.

I hope you're sitting down.

The kids father is Lionel Canter.

As in the inventor of surrogates,
Lionel Canter.

Jarid Canter, son of Dr. Lionel Canter
was found dead,

in his Southern California
dormitory this morning

cause of death remains unknown.

A college sophomore,
Jarid was the only son

of the man known around the world
as the father of surrogacy.

The Former Chairman of VSI,

shaped it into one of the largest
corporations in the world.

However, a split between
Canter and his VSI partners,

over the direction of the company,

led to Canters firing seven years ago.

Publicly humiliated and forced out
of the company he helped to build,

Canter has since remained
absent from the public eye.

Dr. Canter's expecting you.

He actually lives here?

I didn't say that.

You will be speaking with
one of his surrogates.

I work for Dr. Canter.

His private elevator is this way.


wait in here.

What a nice place.

It should be.

It's a piece of every surrogate they sell.

Dr. Canter?

That's right.

You're with the FBI?

Yes we are.

This way.

I can't help but notice
the similarities between

your surrogate and the one your...

son Jared was using.

I never really knew Jarid as a child.

He grew up with his mother in
California who kept him from me.

When he went to college,

I encouraged him to borrow my
surrogates whenever he wanted.

How did you managed to do that?

A Surrie has to be coded
to your neural signature.

I am not exactly your
average VSI consumer.

This was just a way for me
to spend time with my son.

It's a felony to inhabit a surrogate
registered to another operator.

No offense Dr. Canter.

We're just trying
to straighten out our facts.

What is this?

Some kind of Good Cop, Bad Cop routine?
No sir.

You trying to handle me?
No sir.

Because I am not going to be handled.

Dr Canter.

I know how you must feel.
Do you?

Yes, sir.

I lost a son myself.

Do you have any idea why
someone might want to harm Jared?


Or yourself?

Oh my God.

If it was me they were after...

I am responsible for my son's death.

Well, I guess the interview's over.


Robotic surrogates combine
the durability of machines.

With the grace and beauty
of the human form.

To make your life safer

And better.

Whether your budget allows
for simplified generic or our...

Get ready to live your life
without any risk or danger.

You can live your life without limitations.

And become anyone you want to be.

From the comfort and
safety of your own home.

VSI, where it all began.

Do what you want.

Be what you want.

Agents Greer and Peters?

I am Victor Welsh.

VP of corporate relations.

Please sit.

Thanks for taking the time to see us.
No problem.

You... You must know Andy Stone?

Our immediate superior.

Do give him my regards.

We're from the legal department.
Hope you don't mind if we sit in.

Not at all.

The two of you might be interested
in a free software upgrade...

we're offering all law enforcement officials.

Better night vision for your synth units.
Improved pursuit capability.

You have any idea how a surrogates
head would explode from the inside?

Mr. Welsh isn't qualified
to answer that question.

What do the operators say?

Not much.

They're dead.

If you're trying to imply
a link between VSI products

and an operators accidental death.

I am not implying anything.

I just want to know how an operator

can be killed by signals from it's surrogate.

This idea itself is absurd.

If it were possible it would defeat
the entire purpose of surrogacy.

Surries have jumped from bridges.
Been shot,

even blown to bits without the
least bit of harm to their operators.

The failsafes always kick in.

I can assure you VSI's products

have the most stringent safety
standards in the industry.

What about a human head?

What would cause one of them to blow up?

Agent Greer.

We're not doctors.


I don't know what you are.

I mean for all I know you
could be some big fat dude

sitting in a stim chair
with his dick hanging out.

Interesting technique.

I hate lawyers.

What are you doing?

Mr. Steinberg?

Seth Steinberg?



I was in the can.

This is Agent Peters,
I am Agent Greer with the FBI.


An identity chip this damaged.

Every circuit must have fired off at once.


Have you ever seen anything
like this before?

Last week a truck load of GI Joes
did come back for re-conditioning.

And a couple of the
Surries were missing optics.

Mind if we take a look at them?

Here we go.

No bullet holes?
No blast damage?

No scratches.
No dirt. No mud.

Mind if I check out the identity chip?

Why not?

Didn't come back with one.

I am down!

I am down.

Damn things aren't free Polaski!
Take the snipers from behind this time.

Yes sir!

Back online.

Follow me.

Keep an eye on Bravo Company.
We will kick some ass sir!

Agent Greer you're wasting
your time with these questions.

Why on earth would
the Defense Department...

want to develop a weapon that
could wipe out our own troops?

So no such weapon exists.

If it did, I would know about it.

And the soldier that we saw?

We routinely remove motherboards
and optics for analysis.

Excuse me...

we are in the middle
of a peacekeeping operation.

Check your screen.

Myles Strickland.


Myles Strickland, meat bag...

I did a run on criminal records,

for Moto Guzzi drivers in black Arai
helmets and guess what I found?

He's already in the system.

He was arrested a month ago for
multiple counts of armed robbery.

And what's really weird about this...

after he was busted, they let him off.

Someone on the inside's
protecting him.

But I put out an APB anyway.

Visual Match.

Recognition search caught your dready.

Dorchester, Gore Park and Adams.

Not far from the reservation.

Boston PD is on its way.

Stay here and keep tabs on him.

Wait a minute.
Where are you going?


It wasn't too difficult.

I put his face in the system and, Bingo!

We found him in an alley.

K33 over there brought it to my attention.

Thanks Jerry.

He's one of our best watchers.

He's semi-retired.

So he gets to work out of
his beach house in Maine.

Pretty sweet huh?
Yeah, it's a nice set-up you have here.

Yeah, we can access every
Surrie on the grid here.

Touch of a button.

I can tap into anyone's feed.

It's kind of like being inside God's head.

Ohh, boy, I felt that one coming.

Bobby Saunders, by the way.

Jennifer Peters.


Yeah, you are, aren't you?

Can I ask you a question?

Why no surrogate?


They have been trying
to puppet me for years.

But they ain't built a machine
that can handle this big puppy yet.

Excuse me a second...

We have an assault and
battery in progress.

I need warrants to shut
them down immediately.

Charlie 463 niner.

Sierra 7855.

Let's see if they have
a security camera in the hotel.

Excellent, there is one.

Warrant received.

Agent Peters.

Watch this.

Since when have you been
able to cut off operators?

It's brand new software.
I call it buffering.

Let's me disconnect anyone
from their surrogate.

That can't be legal?

It's a Grey area.

They don't ask, we don't tell.

It's pretty cool, huh?

Come on.

Relax, we are the good guys.

Latest hit on the bike,

turning east on South Hampton
half a mile from the Res.

Greer be careful, you're heading
straight towards Dread territory.

We don't have jurisdiction to fly over there.

It's restricted air space.

Greer are you there?

Stop right there! Freeze!
He's got a gun!

What was that?

Bank left! Bank left!


Fire! Fire!

It's a surrogate!

It's a machine!

I ain't done nothing.

I ain't done nothing.

Give me the bag.

Throw it over here.

Throw it over here, now!

You're an abomination.

Oh god.



Lionel Canter is on the phone. He's
called for Greer a half dozen times.

I can't deal with this right now.

He's pretty upset.
Just tell him someone will call him back.


You got to believe me
I tried to stop him.

Well, you didn't try hard enough.
You're done for the day.

Clock out.

Oh, you're kidding. Turquoise?

I wouldn't carry a purse that color,
much less a whole new suit. Yeah.

Oh, my God.


Oh, my God!

Bridge, call an ambulance!

Myles Strickland is it?

Why are you...

What's going on?

Who was it?

Who gave you the weapon?

And paid you to use it?

I don't know!

Myles you can't lie to me.

I am not lying.

I swear to God sir, I am not lying.

He never told me his name.

We talked on disposable cell phones.

I never saw his face.

I couldn't tell you who he
was if my life depended on it!

A Police chase through
Dorchester concluded

with an FBI helicopter crash landing

inside Boston's Dread Reservation

Residents of the Reservation are outraged,

over what they are calling

a gross violation of their
territorial sovereignty.

Human Coalition Leader, The Prophet,

responded to the incident in a statement
made earlier today.

They have attacked us.

Declared War on our way of
life and left us with one option:


We did not throw the first stone.
But we will throw the last.



How is the headache?

Still there.

Thanks for being here.
Of course.

Imagine a World where
children are always safe.

a world where every child

and every parent is secure.

Make every childhood a happy one.

Surrogates for kids.

Exclusively from VSI.
Where it all Beg...

Knock Knock. Hey.
Andy. Hi.

Oh my gosh.

We haven't seen you forever.
I know.

I should let you guys talk.

Will you be okay?
I will be fine.

I will see you tomorrow morning.



How bad?

The doctor said you are lucky to be alive.

Good thing you unplugged.

You got to go get him.

Strickland's got that weapon.

You just get a court order, and you...

There won't be any court orders,
you have been suspended.

For what?

Tom, you have violated our treaty
with the Dreads.

Forget the Treaty!

He killed 5 cops!

Look, I am gonna take care of
this case myself personally. Alright?

Now, I am afraid the bureau
won't be able to supply

you with a new surrogate until
after the official inquiry.

The same goes for your
gun and your badge.

Don't think about this now.

He killed 5 cops Andy.

Take some time to heal.


Sorry I am late.

That's ok.

You look a lot like your synth.


Should we go?

How long has it been since you have
been out without a Surrie?

I can't even remember.

I can't believe they didn't give
you something for the anxiety.


Look, this isn't gonna work.

I am fine.
I have an idea.

Come on. This is a really bad idea.

It's gonna be alright. I am sure
we will find you something decent.

Now, we're gonna have you
back on your feet in a sec.

Sync looks good.

It's responding well to signal, right?

It feels numb.

It's only a base model.

It comes with vision and hearing.

If you want other senses they're extra.

Of course if you like seeing your own face
when you look in the mirror, no problem.

We will just scan your head,
cast the thermo-plastic

and you're good to go in less than an hour.

Hey, no charge on the improvements.

I am sure you wouldn't mind
taking yourself back

5, 10 years, huh?
What do you think of that?

I think we're done here.




Tom, Come on. you can't come out
here by yourself. It's not safe.

Come on.
I am fine.

Let me take you home.
I am not going home.

Tom. You got to forget the case.

Because Stone is going
to run things his way,

and as far as we're concerned,
it's over.

It's not over until we
get that weapon back.

Then you got to let me help you.

They're not going to let you in.

Take care of yourself Peters.

Death came for Myles Strickland,

as death comes to all men.

But for Myles,

it's not an ending.

It's a new beginning.

When you sacrifice your
own personal desires,

for a greater cause, a greater good.

You never die.

You never disappear.

That is what it means to be human.

There is no alternative

You can try to escape by
living through a puppet,

through a machine.

But deep down inside,
you know you're living a lie.

Here, inside these walls,

we understand the truth.


We sacrifice many modern
pleasures and conveniences,

to feel truly connected.

Not with machines.

But with ourselves.

This is the human condition.

This is what gives life meaning.

My friends.

Soon the day will come
when surrogacy must end.

That day, I promise you,

is close at hand.

The day...

we get a second chance.

Excuse me.

Excuse me, fellows.

Can I help you?

I would like to speak to
The Prophet for a minute.

You and everybody else but, no.

What are you, some kind of cop
or something?

You got no jurisdiction here.

Can I talk to you about
Myles Strickland please?


It's different when
you actually feel the pain,

Isn't it?

What happened to Strickland?

Was he a friend of yours?

He had a weapon.

A very dangerous weapon.

My people will do anything
to get this back.

Well if I happen to come
across such a weapon...

I promise to have it delivered
to your door.

Show him to the gates.


Agent Greer.

May I offer you a ride?

You will have to excuse my appearance.

It's not safe for me to use my usual surrogates.

Dr. Canter.

This is one of VSI's newer models.

How long have you been following me?

Long enough to know you're getting
nowhere solving my son's murder.

You lost a child Agent Greer?


Car accident.

It was just an accident.

I am sorry.

I can think of no worse tragedy
than a parent outliving a child.

All I can tell you...

is that the man who killed
your son is dead.

His name was Myles Strickland.

Lived on the Res.

He was killed by his own people.

And that's it?

Case solved?

One man didn't act on his own.

Whatever killed my son,

was an extraordinarily
sophisticated technology.

Far beyond the capability of the Dreads.

We're talking about
a billion-dollar weapons project.

Who do you know spends
money like that?

Focus on the weapon,
where it came from.

Do me.

That was intense.

Hey Maggie?

No, thank you.

Come on. It will take the edge off.


I thought you were still in the hospital?


I can see that.

What happened to you?

Tom, I don't want you going out
without your Surrie ever again.


You look very nice, sexy.

Ok. Don't start. I am sorry, those
guys they're friends of Bridget's.

She brought them over,
she wanted to go to this party.

I didn't even want to go.

How long have you been jacking?

I don't.

I don't do it Tom.

And what does it matter if I did?
Why are you being like this?

Ok. Go have a good time, Maggie.


Tom stop it!


Tom, what was that?

What do you want from me?

I want you.

I want my wife.

I am your wife.

And you won't see it.

You're not her.

No, you're not.


Not, this...

This... thing.


I just want you.

I want the woman that's in that room.

My wife.

Things have changed, Tom.

You're... No, you have changed.
You're just scared.

You're just scared.
We could go talk to somebody...


Maggie, don't walk away from me.

Agent Greer?
Is that... Is that you?


You look... You look terrible.
Thanks. you too.

The identity chip's completely fried.

What do you got on the girl?

Come on. Let's go talk to her op...

We can access every surrie on the grid.

Touch of a button,
I can tap into anyone's feed.

Transfer to remote operator.

I wish I could help.

This thing killed 5 cops.

One of my men.
It almost put me in the ground.

I know it's a weapon.

I want to know what kind.

You're asking me to compromise
highly classified information.

I know where it is.

Where is it?


It's called an OD.

Overload Device.

The idea was to end
the battle with one shot.

You beam a software virus
straight to the CPU.

Disables the Surries instantly.

We didn't know the virus
would defeat the built-in fail-safes.

Kill the operators.

Who makes it?


After the test,

the project was scrapped.

Every unit was destroyed.

Except for this one, right?

Where is it?

Right now, it's in the hands
of the Human Coalition.

How long have they had it?
A day...

Maybe two.

This is out of your hands.

Military will handle this.

You called for us?

Take this to the federal
building downtown.

A woman will meet you there.

Agent Jennifer Peters.

You're to give it to her,

and her alone.


What are you doing?

Just a background check on VSI.

Structural stuff.

Those are internal financial records.

Talk to Jenkins in corporate.

6th Floor.

Don't forget the cheekbones.

Okay, honey.
Face off.


Hi Tom.


Smile muscles need to set.


Sorry about last night.

I am at work Tom.

I didn't come here to argue.

See, I feel like I am going crazy.

It's, I just...

I love you.

I love the smart, beautiful,

Intelligent, funny,

woman and...

I can't sleep.

And when I do,
I have these dreams that are...

And I can't stop thinking about him.



Don't you ever think about him?

Of course I think about him, Tom.

You say you don't sleep?

You say you have nightmares?

Well, that girl who you say is funny
and charming and witty...

and has a great smile,
she doesn't smile anymore.

I don't believe that.

The only reason I can get up in the
morning and get out of the house

Is because this is who I am now.

But that's OK, Maggie...
No, no.



Maggie wait.

Brothers and sisters, gather
close and prepare yourselves.

The day of the resurrection is upon us.
Today we make history.

Today we launch the revolution!
Gotta go now!

You all know what we're looking for.

Remember, do not fire
unless absolutely necessary.

The biological, too.

Over here, over here.

Over there!
Take cover!

Cease fire!
Hands behind your head. Cease fire.

My God.

I couldn't figure out why
the cops let Strickland off.

So, I started going
through the payroll records.

You won't believe this.

For the past 16 months...
Working for us.

That's right.

Which means Stone's got to be dirty.

Looks like he hired Strickland to kill Canter.

Hey, Tom. Thought you were on leave.

Well, yeah, I am.

Actually, I am just suspended pending,
further investigation.

But I am just clearing my desk out.
You should be home, recuperating.

OK? Not walking around here
in the flesh.

I was home. Then I came here
to clean out my desk.

And you know before the
medication kicks in, hopefully,

I can find a box...


Victor Welsh wanted me to say hello.

I am sorry?
Victor Welsh, VSI.

The Good-looking kid?
Very excited you're coming over there.

Finally moving into the private sector.
You must be excited?

Why don't you come in my office.
You're not looking too sharp.

Yeah, I got a minute, you know.

It's a good move for you.
It's a really good group over there.

Smart, talented,

great legal department.

It's a great working environment.

And you got to be happy with those
first-year stock options?

What are you talking about?

Miles Strickland.

The guy I was chasing.

The guy you hired to kill Canter.

Tom, you got it all wrong.

You gave him the weapon.

VSI makes them.

They give one to you,

you give it to Strickland
so he can go out and kill Canter.

The only problem is,
he killed his son by mistake.

Something is wrong with you.

Why are you doing this?

Money? Is that what it is?

You need help.

This is Stone.

That son of a bitch
Greer disabled my unit!

Stop him!

Go! Go!

Jesus. No wonder VSI wants Canter dead.

He's in bed with The Prophet.

He's funding the anti-surrogacy movement.

He's given them millions.

Crazy bastard invents surrogates then
does everything he can to destroy them.

It doesn't connect Stone to the murder.
We need to link him to the weapon.

He needed codes to use it.
I want you to look for access codes.

We get the codes, we nail Stone.

Good job, Agent Greer. Thank you.

This is Agent Peters. I found Greer.

He's been in an accident
at Market and Hanover.

Get out of the car.

He's gone.
Scan for an identity chip.

He doesn't have one.
He's a meat bag.

There's an exit in back!

Hey! Where you going? Hey!

Bobby, it's Greer.
I need a remote shutdown.

Agent Peters has been hijacked.
You have got to disconnect her.

Bobby? Hello, Bobby?

Peters... have you gone insane?

Why don't you put the gun down?

What are you trying to prove?

She's tapping into the
entire surrie network!

Maggie, get off line right away,
as soon as you get this message.

Something's gonna happen
to the surrogates.

She will only speak to you, sir.

Why don't you just move in and
take her down?

She has a human hostage.

That slob Saunders!


Peters, it's me, Andy Stone.

That's far enough, Stone.

I know who hired you to kill me.

I hope my old partners
at VSI paid you well.

Did you feel even a second of remorse

when you found out
you'd murdered an innocent boy?


I don't believe it.

OK. How about you tell me something, doctor.

What did you expect VSI to do?

Just stand by while you tore down
everything they built?

You left us no choice but to take you out.

You create this technology,

you change the world and
now you want to destroy it?

So what?

So you can take us backwards?

So we can all live like dreads?

So we can live like human beings.

Really, doctor.

You should learn how
to live with your regrets.

Now, give me the gun.


That's for my son.

I need to see your boss.

I need to see Dr. Canter right away.

Oh, good. Listen to me.

I got to see your boss, Dr. Canter.


Don't! Oh, Jesus!

Device connected.

Over here, officers. This way.

Warning. Commencing upload.

Hello, Tom.

Nice to finally meet you.

In the flesh.


lie on the floor face down.

It's a little different when you have to
kill somebody with your own hands.

When you have to squeeze the trigger.

When you don't have a machine
to do your dirty work.

Feel that?

The accelerated pulse?
The heightened awareness?

Savoring each breath as if it were your last?

That's what you have been missing.

It's what everybody's
been missing.

So you kill millions of people.

I changed the course of human history
when I invented surrogates.

Now I am going to change it back.

You can't change what's been done.

You and I know that
better than most people.

My son's death will not
have been in vain.

Not if it heals mankind.

Heals mankind?

That's what you want to do?

You want to kill everyone?

And that's going to heal mankind?

They're already dead.

They died the minute they
plugged into those machines.

This is not the solution!

That's the way it is.

That's not the way it is!
I had a vision.

I was going to empower the powerless.

To enable others like me to walk, to feel,

to live a normal life.
Listen to me!

They're going to call you a murderer!
That's what you're doing.

Surrogacy is a perversion.

It's an addiction.

And you have to kill the addict
to kill the addiction.

Upload complete.

You're too late.
What I have done can't be stopped.

Now you're going to be a witness...

to the rebirth of humanity.

That's my gift to you.

No! No!

Selecting all surrogates.

How do we make it stop?

Bobby, it's Greer. Tom Greer.

How do we shut this thing down?

Full database selected.


It's trying to kill everyone.

Listen, that thing has just uploaded
a virus into the system

that's going to kill anyone
who's using a surrogate.

It's already started.

Bobby, we need to unplug everyone. Now!

Oh, shit.

OK. Move over to the terminal to the left.

Type in password red 253.

We can't unplug it,
but maybe we can buffer the operators.

Oh, God. OK, we got ten seconds.

OK, look, there are three boxes.
Type in tango in the first,

X-ray in the second,
772 in the third. Hit enter!

Hit enter! What happened?

Ah, shit! Shift and enter.
Shift and enter.

We just saved about a billion lives there.

OK, now we got to keep the surrogates
from getting fried.

Please go back to the first terminal,
hit the enter key.

Hit the enter key, please!

Good. Now press yes.

So that's it? Everyone's safe?

All the people?

Yes. Yes. Of course. Yes.
All the operators are safe.

But if you don't press abort, all the
surries are going to be destroyed.

We don't have a lot of time, man.
Hit yes.

Hi. Hello. Hit yes, Greer.

Greer, I am talking all the surrogates.

Greer, what are you doing?

Greer! For God sakes,
what are you waiting for?

Press the freaking button, Tom!

Show me your hands!

Transmit complete.

Excuse me.

Please bear with us as
we're still trying to piece together

exactly what has occurred today.

There has been a total systems failure
of the central surrogate grid

in every major city
on the eastern seaboard,

possibly in the entire United States.

describing an identical
failure in those cities.

This is unbelievable.

No reports
of human casualties.

The damage appears limited
only to surrogate units.

Thus far, no statements from VSI.

They have not responded
to requests for information.

Paris, London, Beijing,
all reporting the same thing.

So, still no official word when or
if surrogate services can be restored.

It appears, at least for now,
that we're on our own.