Surire (2015) - full transcript

The Surire Salt Flat is placed at an altitude of 4300 m in the Chilean High Plateau and one of the very last places in the world, keeping the treasure of untouched nature with all its beauty, but also holds an allurement: a huge amount of borax, promising the mining industry profits in unknown levels. SURIRE, directed by two extraordinary filmmakers, tells us in an outstanding visual way metaphorically the story of our planet - about the very important subject of disappearance of traditional indigenous culture, untouched nature, environment, clash of the new and old.

Attention Vicuña One,
this is Vicuña Four.

Surire Natural Monument - Administration

Vicuña One, Vicuña One,
this is Vicuña Four.

Go ahead Four, this is One.

Good morning, Arturo.
How are you getting me?

Not very clear but
go ahead with the message.

Two kilos! Two kilos of sugar!

- Received?
- Keep going.

Four match boxes!

Matches! Four boxes!

Wait. Four dessert cups?

No! Four boxes!

F-o-u-r m-a-t-c-h b-o-x-e-s!

Four match boxes!

One can of sardines.


Negative, I don't get it.
Repeat that.

One sardine! One s-a-r-d-i-n-e!

One can of sardines!

No, I don't get it. One...

It sounds like "piece of land"
but it doesn't make sense.

It goes like Sierra!






Alpha! Received?

One sardine!


Canned! Canned!

One can of sardines. One kilo of sugar.

Four match boxes. One pack of coffee.

One tuna. Three onions. Five tomatos.

One box of tea. Two toilet rolls.

And one peach marmalade.

They are coming...

Cut, damned...


Come, Chunka!

Get out.

Get out, damned!


These dogs make me mad...

Damn it!

Come eat, Perico!

We're going to visit our children
at the port of Arica.

We want to spend
New Year's Eve there.

Can you send us your son tomorrow?

We're going to pay you! It's not a favor.

These llamas are quiet,
they aren't crafty.

He can take them to the ravine.

So are these llamas,
they like to eat in that ravine.

So you talk to him.

Think about it and tell us.

What if the child
doesn't want to come?

What if the child
doesn't want, she says.

He could be afraid
of the border police.

She says he could be
afraid of the police!

- No, the police do nothing!
- We can talk to them.

- These are good cops.
- Yes, they are very good.

I'm going to eat all your cracklings.

No problem, keep eating.

Can I pay you with Chilean money?

Chilean money is good.

Oh, damn...

There's a minefield here.
Tell your son to be careful.

It's signposted.

The child will see it.

We had come from both sides
and nothing happens.

Hand me a spoon, please.

Where are the binoculars?
I'm going to look at the llamas.

I used to ride a bicycle.

But two years ago I stopped riding.

I used to go very high,
near the grasslands, and back.

I have two bicycles.

You could lend one to my son, then.

Lend one to my son! He loves bicycles
and would come for sure!

- He doesn't have one?
- No, he doesn't.

I have an old Oxford brand bicycle.

- I can give that one to your son.
- Really?

You no longer find these bikes.

Only mountan bikes.

Only those...

Now which way I go,
this one or the other?

Go this way until
you reach the junction.

That road goes to Chilcaya,
you are going to take the other.

Follow that road until you get to a creek,
then follow that to Bolivia.

My eyesight is fading...

I can't see where she's going.

- What?
- I can't see her.

- You can't see?
- No. I pity my eyes.

She's already going down the road.

That's why I can't herd my llamas.
What a pity.

Why are you barking?
There's nobody here...

I'll get something...

Fucking shit...

Don't move!

Chunka, come here.

I have no more strenght...

This also cuts nails.

Right here... Get out damned!

I'm telling her...

Now she's going away. This shit.


Come, let's cut.

Let's cut...

Let's cut, shit!


Little Chunka, come here...

Dirty but.

She doesn't want.

Dirty but.

Come here.

- Good afternoon, sir.
- Good afternoon.

You finally got here.

Sit down.

How are you?

Go with the lady.

Of course!

I'm just arriving too,
from the pastureland.

The police gave me a ride.

I got permission for you to be here.

- Fine.
- They are very good.

They got me here
and then the crew arrived.

"No problem if he takes
care of your cattle", they told me.

I did explain.

They also asked for your age.
I told them you were 12 years old.

"No problem", they said.

This little sun is so nice...

Here's the kid.

The boy wants the bicycle.

You offered the bicycle to her mother.

"I was so happy to come!
Ask your husband", he told me.

The bicycle tires are flat!

If the bicycle tires are flat
you are the one who knows.

You talk with the boy.

He was happy to come!
He'd go everywhere on the bicycle.

You told his mother
and I didn't know that!

And now the bicycle tires are flat!

You told my mom and
I was so glad about the bicycle.

If it's not working, I'll go back!

It's hard to fix. I haven't patches,
nor glue, nothing.

You can't find these bicycles
anymore. Only Oxfords.

- This one is different...
- This is Hercules.

So then...

I don't understand much.
I just say we need to fix it.

If you fix the bicycle, I'll buy it.

- If you fix the bicycle, he'll buy it.
- Right! Of course!

If you shepherd
I pay you with the bicycle.

That's it.
So we agree on that, son...

In the house there's everything to eat.

- Have fruits?
- Yes, I've been saving them for you!

Why don't you stay and live with us?

- I can't, my documents were stolen.
- I can take you as my son.

My documents were stolen!

- You can marry a Chilean girl.
- No, no.

I don't want a Chilean girl!

- Don't you?
- No, no.

- You want a Bolivian one?
- Yes, Bolivian.

- Chilean girls are pretty.
- I don't like Chilean girls.

That's the Chilean police!

It's just a baby...

He's still warm.

He dies for this...

It has to be this way.

Damned shit!

I'm already exhausted.

This is not good.

There's a devil here.

This devil doesn't let me work.

Shit. What's he doing to me?

I can't take this out...

This devil...

Fucking shit!

This damned doesn't let me work.

Where's the other knife?

Fucking devil.

That's it, crap.

I have no more strength...

Even a baby takes over me.

Goodbye, son!

See you soon!

This evil fire is burning the house.

Fucking damned shit!

Fucking shit!

Get out, damned shit!

Let me hold you.

Damned cat...