Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan 2 (2017) - full transcript

Sequel to the 2015 film 'Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan'.

I'm still on the way, hon.

Sorry, the meeting
took an hour longer,

George has rearranged our
site visits in Hungary.

You're sure there won't be any
more delays, hon?

I've made sure my schedule is packed
for the five days in Budapest

so we can spend time with you after.

Don't worry, I'll be there as planned.

Could you please take my medicines
and put them outside?

-And my suitcase, too, please.

-Please be careful, hon.
-Okay, hon. All right.

Peace be with you, hon.
Where are you now?

At the hospital.


What's wrong, hon? Who's sick?

I'm okay! It's just...

There was an accident on the way.

-The accident...
-A woman?


But, don't worry,
I've already called her family.

They're on the way here now
so, I can leave.

No, don't, hon. Don't.

Just wait till
her family gets there.

Nadia and I can take a cab.

We will meet you at the airport.
Peace be with you.

Mr. Pras?

Doc, how are you?

It's happening again, is it?

But this...
How is she?

Don't worry.

She's all right.

She's not pregnant, is she, Doc?

Don't worry, Mr. Pras.

She would like to meet you.

No, it's okay. I actually have to go now.

Don't worry, her condition is stable.
Please come in.

Thank you so much, sir.

I'm not sure what else to say.

You're welcome, miss.

Is that all you wanted to say, miss?

No personal issues
or something about your past...

No, sir. Again, thank you so much.


Oh, my God!

What happened to you?

What happened?

I'm okay.

Mom, Dad.

This is Mr. Prasetya.

So this is the gentleman you wanted
to introduce to me this afternoon?

No, ma'am.
No, sir. No.

No, Mom.

He helped me after the accident.

Thank you, sir.

Your kindness will never be forgotten.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome, sir.

-She just went to the check-in counter.

Uncle Amran!
Uncle Hartono!

What are you two doing here?

Why the large entourage?

Ask Mr. Romance here.

Ask him why he insisted on
coming here.

Who is the woman now, Amran?

A woman from our neighboring country.

Going so far?

No, she's the Malaysian student
taking her masters at UGM.

And currently
Mrs. Prasetya's manager.

-Stop it, stop it.

Come, let's go there.

You would still like to do
the interview, right?

So, it's Sheila.

Why didn't you tell me?

-You already knew, didn't you?

-Where's Pras?
-He is at the hospital.

He helped someone who was in an accident.

-A woman?
-A woman?

Oh, dear!

Why are you so calm?

What if it happens again?

Don't be negative.

So what if it's a woman?

Men can remarry up to four times.

Is marriage the only thing
you can think of?

Let it go.

Please watch Nadia for a while.

-Let's sit here, sir.

What are we doing here?
Let's just go home.

What? No.
I want to look for Sheila first.

Okay. Sorry, I've got
the boarding passes now.

We need to board now!

Mr. Prabu, sorry,
I have to go now.

It's okay, ma'am, If I need
anything else I'll email you, okay?

Okay, sure.


Remember me?

Someone who...

This is embarrassing.

Take care.

-I have something for you.
-What is this?

That can make your trip more comfortable.

You mean sleeping pills?

Diplomatic relations between
Indonesia and Malaysia are heating up

because of a pillow.

Thank you, Amran.

You are welcome, don't throw it away.

Okay. Bye.

Bye, guys.

Please call me when you land,
and call Sita right after, okay?

-Say hello to Sita for me.
-Will do.

Okay. Come on, sweetheart.

-Yes, princess?

Where's Daddy?


Panji Rindu Alam?


Come on, sweetheart.

I don't want to get on the plane
before I see Daddy.

Why did you say that, darling?

Don't you want to see Daddy
before we get on the plane, Mom?

Nadia, we are late.
We have to go now. Okay?

Although Daddy isn't here,
he's thinking of us.

We have to go now, okay?
Come on.

Don't worry, okay, princess?
Look, Mom's brave.

Damn. It's these officials who create
traffic jams.

Look, it's Pras!

Go after him.


-Come on.
-No. You guys go ahead.

-Just a moment.
-I'll go home first, okay?


What are you doing?

You are so loud. Be quiet.

-Sheila, Hartono.
-Stop repeating Sheila, Sheila.

-Should we go home now?






-Stop calling her!


I'm so sorry I'm late.

You're not late, Daddy,
you're right on time.

The woman I helped, she's the daughter
of the Jogja Police Chief.

He prepared an escort for me.

How is she now?

Thank God, all is well.

Thank God.

So glad I got to see you before I leave.

I would've felt so guilty otherwise.

Mom, you lied to me.

You told me you're not scared, Mom.

It's time, ma'am.

Just a moment.

Please take care of yourself.

-Don't make yourself too tired.

Don't forget to take your vitamins.

Will do.

Hope this trip goes exactly as you wish.


-Take care, okay?
-I will.

We better go now. Peace be with you.

Peace be with you.
Bye, honey.


Pras, is the policeman's daughter pretty?

-Forget it.

You want to date her, too?
I thought you wanted to be with Sheila?

Four, Har. Four.

It's simple. Men can have four.

Here's your four.

You can't even convince one,
and you want four? You talk too much.



Oh, no.


You really are talented.

What do you think?

Thank you.

Peter, I want to show you something.


Is this genuine from Indonesia?

Yeah, it is.

Jokowi wears a ring like this.

Who is Jokowi?

Our President.

How much?

One Million Forint.

I could go to Indonesia
with that kind of money.

I have to go to the airport.

How about 500 thousand Forint?

Mrs. Arini?

I'm Panji.
Panji Rindu Alam.

The committee assigned me
to accompany you while you're here.

Sorry, I'm not Arini.

I am from Malaysia.

Oh, Malaysia.

Sheila, Sheila. Malaysia.

I thought this is going to be
a long summer.

Here, let me take your suitcase.

I don't know you!

I'm Panji.
It's okay, let me take your suitcase.

Don't mess with me!

Sorry, miss.

-Where are you, Ms. Sheila?



I have been waiting for so long
at the airport...

Where are you, exactly?

Don't panic, tell me
where you are exactly?

-I'm at the airport, too.

You're definitely not in the prayer room.
Exactly where are you?

How many times do I have to tell you?
We are near the stairs.

-Under the stairs.
-The stairs, the stairs.

I'm here below the stairs.
I'm touching it now.

-The stairs.
-Where are you?

-Hello? Which stairs?
-I'm touching the stairs right now.

The stairs can't go anywhere.


-I'm Panji.
-I'm Arini.

You're late!

Just got done being a dog.

I mean, I was dubbing as a dog,
for a TV show.

So, what are you,
a voice actor or a tour guide?

I can be everything.

Tour guide, driver, travel agent.

Here's a Hungarian tulip for you Sheila.

-This is fake.
-But it's waterproof.

Who are you looking for?

The driver.

Sheila, where did you find this person?

Welcome to Budapest.

I'm the driver.

Surprised, right?

I'm Panji Rindu Alam,
who will show you

the most beautiful city
in Eastern Europe.

Enjoy it.

Budapest is made up of two cities.

Buda and Pest.

And they are connected by a bridge

across the Danube river.

The population is approximately
3.3 million.

This city is one of the most popular
destinations in Europe.

For tourists like you.

Panji, we are not here for a vacation.

We are invited by the Muslim Community of
Dar As-Salam Mosque.

One of the members published
Mrs. Arini's book.

Many young adults here really like
Mrs. Arini's book.

-Even though they are non-Muslims.
-Really? Thank God.

Okay. This is the apartment.

There are about 28 thousand Muslims here.

And the numbers keep increasing.

Because of the book Palace of Stars?

No. Because there are a lot of problems.

Come on.

-Peace be with you.
-Peace be with you.

The room is over here.
The kitchen is over there.

Nadia, look.

There's a train.


My field of generosity
continues here, my love.

I am now at the center
of ancient Turkish glory

in Europe.

Although Islam is underestimated here.

Because of all the stories in the news

the Moslems here appear to be united.

What makes them interested in Islam?

Praise God.

Hon, I think I can gather useful
information here for my book.

So, how are you?

Terrible connection!

Har, you said you already
increased the capacity.

How should I know?
I'm not the internet guy.

If you want a good signal, go to the roof.

What? I am looking
into the raw material prices.

Materials from Syria?

I'm sure you're going to send
the budget to Mr. George late.

That's why I already sent a rough estimate
this afternoon.

Hey, you're taking over my work.

You can't do that!

Pras, you have to fire him!

He's taking over my work.
He can't do that, Pras.

I won't accept it.

If you had not been wasting time
stalking Sheila's Facebook,

you might have finished your work.

That's a lie.

-It's true!
-You lied!

-Burn him!

-Burn him!
-Burn what?

Stop it!

I was the one who asked Hartono to send
the rough estimate earlier.

So Mr. George would have an idea.

But you still need to finish
your work tonight, Ran.

Send it tomorrow morning.

-All right.
-I'm leaving now.

Eat that.

-Here, I'm eating it.
-Chew it.

-Mrs. Arini?

I request you to read

this book to my friends.

Sorry, I'm...

-Syarief Kristof.

I am an oncologist here.

Oh, wow.

So, you are an Indonesian doctor
who practices here?

My mother is from Semarang.

She met my father, a Hungarian,

when he was studying in Yogyakarta.

I often read this book aloud to my friends
as part of their "treatment."

So, it would be very special if today
the author herself could read the book.

Treatment? What do you mean?

Mrs. Arini's schedule is full.

-Maybe if tomorrow...
-Mom and I will be there.

Okay. Thank you.

Thank you.
May I have your autograph, please?

Yes, sure.

Again, thank you for your time, ma'am.

You're welcome. I'll be there.

So, kids...

Here beside me is Mrs. Citra Arini.

She is the author of Palace of Stars.


she will read her novel to us.

What could be more beautiful

than the twinkle of stars at night?

I asked my mom before going to sleep.



is asleep.

We can continue after this.

Oh, my God.

I would like to thank you, Mrs. Arini.

You made Michela's dream come true.


Michela really liked Palace of Stars.

And during every chemotherapy session,

she would want someone
to read the book to her.

Her last wish was to meet the author.

That's why I went to see you, Mrs. Arini.

Again, thank you very much.

See you again.

What happened to Michela
made me realize something.

Death can approach us at any moment.

Don't say that, Rin.


Death is inevitable.

People who have faith will embrace it.

Do you have faith?

Do you?

If you want...


Wait a minute.


Give me a chocolate, sweetheart.

We'll give it to him, okay?


-Aunt Mei.


Oh, my God, Meirose!


Do you live here?

It's been three years.

Oh, my God.

Is this Akbar?

Akbar, you're so grown up now!

Nadia, this is your brother Akbar.

Akbar, this is your sister, Nadia.

Come on, shake hands.

He must be confused.

Do you remember her?

Princess Sabrina.

How does he know that, Mei?

I always tell Akbar about Nadia's tale.

He loves it.

One kiss, please, one more.

-Peace be with you.
-Peace be with you.

Come here.

-Mrs. Arini.

I would like to introduce some members of
the Indonesian Muslim Community in Europe.

I'm Medina, chairman of the Indonesian
Muslim Community in Bosnia.

So glad you could visit, Mrs. Arini.

The pleasure is entirely mine.

I would love to hear
about your experiences here.

For your design, I want

various small domes, like this mosque.

-I need another day to make the revisions.
-It's okay. We still have time.

-Bud, please help to make the estimates.

Have you send the budget plan, Ran?

Where is Amran?

What do you want, my dear?

Rice from Yogya. Satay Klathak?

I'm not sure if the European food
will suit your taste buds.

I think I would like rice from Yogya
or strange satay even less!

Not strange satay, my dear.

Satay Klathak.

Har, what are you doing?

What are you doing up there?

Don't disturb me,
I'm courting my love.

On the neighbour's roof.


Honey. My darling.

It is true what they say.

If two people want to hang out,
the third person will be the devil.

-What did you say?
-The devil!

Now what?

Not me.

Peace be with you, Pras.

Have you sent the budget plan?

Budget plan?

Not yet.

-I'll just have to do it myself again?

Work. Work. Work.

After several months in Jakarta,
I managed to email my father.

I was surprised he was in Hungary.

May I meet your father?

Unfortunately, my father passed away.

A year ago.

Oh, I'm so sorry.


now we are the same, Mei.

My mother also passed away
about two years ago.

So, Mei, what do you do here now?

I opened a boutique with the
inheritance my father left me

and I help out the European Indonesian
Islamic Community here.

How's Pras?

He's good.

Thank God, he's fine. All is well.

In about

two days, he will join us here.

He will be so surprised to see you here.


This one's better. Okay.



One, two

That's nice. Wait a minute.

I want to check this out.
Just a minute, sweetheart.

Mom. I'm going over there, okay?






Nadia? Sweetheart?




Oh, my God.



You're so mean, Mom.





Good afternoon, Mrs. Arini.

Sorry to disturb while you're resting.

How do you feel? Better?

Yes. Doctor, my daughter was right there.
Where is she now?

Perhaps with the nurse. I'll check.

From the CT Scan

It's cancer, isn't it?

Two years ago, I had a surgery
for cervical cancer.

The doctor assured me that
I was fully cured.

From the metastasis, it appears to have
already spread to the brain.


Stage 4.

But these are preliminary results.

There are still several tests to be done.

-To make sure that this...
-How much time do I have?

Two years?

One year?

Without treatment, it could be less.

I need to perform a biopsy procedure

-to find out more.

Please, Doctor.

I don't want to go through that.

I don't want a biopsy done.

I've already been through
several types of treatments, Doctor.

And I don't want go through that again.

Please don't give up, Mrs. Arini,

you need to continue fighting.


I don't want to fight the will of God.

You have a husband, a child.

What about them, ma'am?

Please don't let them know about
my condition, Doctor.

Mrs. Arini, at times like this,

the support of your family
is very important.

But, by not knowing my condition,

they will already be
supporting me, Doctor.


Don't tell them, please.

Please don't tell my daughter.

Nadia should never know

about my illness, please.

All right.

I'll contact the doctor who treated you,
Mrs. Arini.

-Good afternoon.



How long have you been standing there?

Here. Come to me.

What is it, Nadia?

I love you, Mom.

I love you, too.


The doctor said I'm fine.

I just need to rest.

If I rest well

and eat properly, I'll be fine.

I promise never to be naughty again.

Sometimes I don't listen to you.

You are not naughty.

Look at me. Here.

You have never been naughty.

You're an amazing child.

You're smart.

You are my Princess Sabrina.

Please, don't be like this.

Don't be sad, my beautiful girl.


Are you looking at
my mother's results, Uncle?


Come on in.

Have you eaten?

I have a sandwich, I made it myself.

-It has tuna, beef...
-Is my mom dying, Uncle?

No, she's not dying.

Who told you that?

I heard it myself.

The cancer has spread to the brain, right?


Nadia, wait.


Is there anything I can do for you?

I promise I'll do anything you wish.

Do you have a wife, Uncle?

Not yet.

But I have a special friend.

What would you do

if your special friend were dying?

I would make her the happiest woman
in the world.

I would do whatever she wished.

You know, Nadia?

I very rarely buy ice cream for anyone.


if it's a special person, I'll buy it.

Well, this is the first time
I'm buying ice cream for someone.

Your special friend, is she Hungarian?

My special friend

is beautiful like you.


Do you want to help me

pick a special gift
for my special friend?



This is cute for your friend.

Why not the big one?

You can only hug a big bear in your room.

But you can take a little one

I have something for you, too.

This necklace is for you.

The other one is for me.

I'll keep this half forever, Mom.

Thank you, sweetheart.


Let Mom help Princess Sabrina
put the necklace on.

Peace be with you.

Yes, Sheila.

No, Sheila. I'm fine.

The doctor said I was just too tired.

So please pick me up, okay.

Peace be with you.

Why is the doll from Doctor Syarief
so weak?

What's wrong with the queen?

Princess Sabrina

is taking care of her mother

who is sick.

What's wrong with her mom?

She has an illness
that cannot be cured easily.

So, Princess Sabrina must be sad?


If it turns out

that the queen can't be cured,
what would happen then?

Princess Sabrina will be sad

and will miss her mother.

Princess Sabrina should not be sad.

Look at this.

Princess Sabrina.

Princess Sabrina, do you
still remember the good fairy?

There is a good fairy

who will turn into the queen.

And a mother for Princess Sabrina.

Princess Sabrina and the good fairy
will become a family.

Together with the king.

Are you happy?

Do you know why
there are four letters in LOVE?

Each letter is like a pillar
that supports the roof of a house.

They are not crowded together, but close
enough to support each other.

That's the nature of love.

Taking care each other,
while giving each other space.

Khalil Gibran, The Lover.

You already quoted Pablo Neruda,
Shakespeare and Khalil Gibran.

Whose words will you use
next to win me over?

Naturally, my soul and your soul
will connect in the sky.

Our children will be born on the horizon.

And we will look into each other's
eyes for centuries.

My Juwita, beautiful so naturally.

My life is open for you.

This moment wouldn't be complete
without the poetry of Rendra.

You're smart.

If you're quoting W.S. Rendra,
then I'm truly flattered.

Will you marry me, Mei?


I have thought this through.

I'm serious.

I want you to be with me.

But you know

I have a troubled past?

Your past is yours alone.

What I want from you is your future.

But I have unfinished business.

Give me time?

Okay. I'll wait.


You seriously want Meirose
to get back together with Pras?

I've heard the stories,
I'm so glad

-she's no longer a part of your life.

Pras never divorced her.

She's the only one who can
take my place in Nadia and Pras' lives.

Where are you going?


Where is the key?

Where are you going?

Sheila, we never know
how long we will live.

I'm just preparing.

You are Nadia's mother.

Sheila, stop worrying.

Don't be scared, okay?

I just want

Pras to get back together with Mei.

Where is the key?

You are crazy. Understand?




Thank you, sweetheart.

I bought two tickets for us.

To where?

Szentendre, to meet Aunt Mei.

I need to watch over you two.

Let Panji pick up Pras from the airport.

No, Sheila. Please go with Panji
to fetch Pras from the airport.

I'll go with Nadia.

Sheila, one more thing.

Please clear the rest
of my schedule here, Sheila.

I need to rest.

At Meirose's place?

No way!

You need to do an interview with
the publisher, reporters and many more.

You are my manager,
you should be helping me.

Panji, please accompany her.

-Oh, okay.
-Let's go now.

-Peace be with you.
-Bye, Panji.

-Don't be upset.

Here, I brought you another
Hungarian tulip.

So your heart will be as clear and calm
as the Danube river.

It's fake again!

It was buy one, get one, Sheila.

Hello, Rief. Yes.
Where are you?

The train is arriving.

Sorry, I already left this morning.
I took the morning train.

Oh? Why didn't you tell me?

If I had known
I would not need to do this.

-Would not need to do what?

Not funny.

I'm kidding. Sorry.

You were looking for me?

-Afraid to lose me?
-You think?

Oh, my God!
What is this?

Sandwich filled with love.


I have to go now. Bye.

Aunt Mei!



My goodness! You're here.


Nadia and I wanted to
surprise you and Akbar.

Who would have thought
we would meet here?

Well then, let's go to my home.


-Peace be with you.
-Peace be with you.

Aunt Mei?

Thank you

for taking care of Akbar all this time.

Be careful, Mei.

-Peace be with you.
-Peace be with you.

Akbar, do you want to go to Indonesia?

The weather is warm there, not cold.

Thank you, Mei. Sorry to bother you.

Not at all.

-Go tell your Mom.
-I'll have a drink.


-Let's go to Indonesia.

Nadia told me it's nice there.

The weather is warm.

When you're older,
we'll go to Indonesia. Okay?


You look a bit pale.

I'm just tired, Mei.

My schedule here has been packed.

Doing interviews, meeting with publishers.

Hey, let's go somewhere.
Let's go eat.

-Come on, Akbar.
-All right.

We'll have lunch.

There's a nice restaurant near here.

Akbar's favorite.

Should we buy some groceries
and cook at home?

Sure, we can do that. What do you think?

You're such a smart little girl.


Okay. Come on.

Where is the patient?

She left this morning.

She left?

She asked me to give you
this letter, Doctor.

Uncle Syarief
I already know what mom's last wish is.

Please pray that I can make it
come true. From Nadia

This is exciting, isn't it?

Pass me the salt, sweetheart.

Here, Aunt Mei.

Thank you.

You need to learn how to make
sauteed vegetables with egg and tofu

in tomato sauce.

It's mine and Dad's favorite.

Oh, yeah?


Okay, I'm trying to make that right now.

Tomorrow I have a surgery scheduled.
Please pray for me.

-Princess Sabrina.
-Prince Akbar.

-Princess Sabrina.
-Prince Akbar.

And finally they hug each other.

What's his name?

-Prince Akbar.
-Prince Akbar.

And then, the Queen asked,

"Prince Akbar, could you please


for a walk in the park.

Can you do that?

I'm already in Budapest, Nit.

I'll Skype you as soon as I have Wi-Fi.

What is that?

You're so cheap! Not wanting to spend
money on your date!

You're the same!

Who went all the way to the roof
yesterday looking for a signal?


That's different.

That's called making an effort.
Since Sheila is not my girlfriend, yet.

Who cares? You're so lame.



Why do you smell so different?

I just put some balm on.

Oh, my God.

No wonder you smell like a corpse.

But you still wanted to hug me.

Who are you?

You're the one who hugged me.

This is Panji.

Not too close.


We just got here and you're already
making so much noise!

Sheila, where are Arini and Nadia?

Me and Panji,
will take Amran and Hartono

to the apartment,
but you will go to Szentendre.


Whose place is it?

Go get the suitcases.

Come on, Akbar. Call my dad "Daddy,"
not uncle. Come on.

I don't want to!

Akbar, please.

Akbar. Call him "Daddy," not uncle, okay.

Call him "Daddy."

This is your dad.

Call him Daddy, not uncle.

Come on, Akbar.

I don't want to!

I don't want to!



Nadia! Please stop, sweetheart!
I want to talk to you.

What's wrong, sweetheart?

What is it?

What happened to Akbar?

Tell me.

I want to make your wish come true.

What wish, sweetheart?

What wish?

You want Aunt Mei to become
my mother, right?

Before you die.

I'm sorry, Mom.

I wasn't able to make your wish come true.

You didn't do anything wrong.



I missed you so much, Princess Sabrina.

Has it been cold here?

How are you, honey?

I'm fine. Thank God.

Come, come. Let's go inside.

Peace be with you.

Whose place is this?


Daddy. That's Akbar.


You're so big.

Come here, Akbar.

That's crazy.

There are more than 10,000
beautiful cities in this world.

How did they happen to meet
here in Budapest?

It's fate, Har.

Fate to commit polygamy again?

I told you.

Meirose loves Pras.

Pras loves Meirose.

Arini accepts it.
So, what's wrong?

I don't understand the way you think!

There must be something wrong.

She asked me to clear her schedule.

What do you mean?

When you were a baby,
Daddy used to carry you.


Where did we go on holiday, Nadia?

Parangtritis Beach.


Aunt Mei cooked today, Dad.

And you helped me, right?

You know, aside from running
a boutique here,

Mei is also a counselor
for the Muslim Community.

Right, Mei?

-Oh, really?

She has converted three people.

Is it true, Mei?

I just shared my own learning experience.

Knowledge that I gained
from Arini and you

when I was in trouble.

Where are you staying exactly, Rin?

Is it far from here?


It's quite far, hon.

About 30 minutes by train.

Oh, not so far.

Well then, after we finish dinner,

let's go back to your place, okay?

Why don't we spend the night here?

I still wish to be with Akbar.

Can we, Aunt Mei?

Oh, my God!

What are you doing?

I just wanted to make a sandwich.

You already ate, right?

I'm hungry again.


All right.

It's okay, I'll do it.

Won't be so good piled on like that.

Let me help you.

You like cheese now?

I thought you never liked it.


Still. I don't. No. I mean

-You like it or not?
-I still don't like it.

You still don't like it. Okay.

-Oh, yes.

Could you get it for me?

You have to open it first.

Don't rub it. Let me clean your face.
Just a moment.


Here you go.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

I'm going to sleep now.


I think this is the place.

Meirose Corner.


-Peace be with you.
-Peace be with you.

This is your boutique, Mei?

-My goodness!

-Yes, sweetheart?

The arrangement is nice, Mei.

What's wrong, Mei?

I have to go.

I have to deliver some orders
and I forgot.

But, wait, wait.

You're bringing so many things alone?

I'm used to this.

Please go with Mei, honey.

Give her a ride, hon.

You see that?

How can Mei go alone with so many things?
Please help her.

Please, honey?

And you can sightsee at the same time.

Nadia, please go with Dad.

-You can watch Akbar, too.

Are you coming with us, Rin?


It's very cold outside, hon.

I think I'm just going to rest, okay.

You all please go.
Do some sightseeing.

You haven't had a chance
to do that yet, right?

Actually, you all can stay here.

Akbar's nanny is already on the way here.

I'm used to doing this alone.

No need, Mei.

-Pras hasn't had a chance for sightseeing.
-Yes, dear.

You wanted to take
some pictures, too, right?


Actually, I just need
to deliver these items today.

Let me help you, Mei.

-Be careful, sweetheart.
-Akbar's nanny will be here soon.

-Bye, Mom.
-Bye, sweetheart. Be careful.

-Bye, honey.
-Yes, be careful, hon.

You too, be careful.

-Peace be with you.
-Peace be with you.

Come on, sweetheart.


Nadia! Nadia!

I'm sorry. I'm late, sir.

My staff suddenly fell ill.

It's okay, Meirose.

You are always on time. It's not an issue.

Thank you.

Hi, Akbar.

I have a fairy tale book for you.

I will ask your mom to pass it on to you.

Thank you.

I'm glad

to see that you are appreciated here.


Sometimes it's difficult to live
in a non-Muslim country.

Especially after the Syria incidents.

Many immigrants came to Europe

and they're considered a
burden to the country.

How did you survive?

I never stopped thinking
about you and Akbar.

Oh, really?

I thought you forgot about us.

You just said you are always positive.

Arini and I tried to find many ways
to contact you.

And Nadia always asked about Akbar.

I didn't want to be found.

I didn't want to bother you.

And I didn't want you to feel
the need to always be fair.

Have you

found a new dad for Akbar?

Akbar! Akbar!

Dad! Aunt Mei!

Akbar can't breathe.

-Can't breathe?
-Did he eat chocolate?

No, just this.

That's white chocolate, Nadia.

It's got nuts in it.

He's allergic.

We need to see a doctor.

Akbar is the only one I have, Pras.

I don't want to lose him.

Just pray, Mei.

Just pray.

Where are my toiletries?

I can't find them.

Did the maid forget to pack them?

It's there. I prepared everything.

I put them all in one bag.

There you go.

There's your shampoo, soap,
and face wash, too.

You hate it when you don't wash
your face all day, right?

Only you can do all this for me.

I don't know what I would do without you.

Don't say that.

I've written everything in a book.

So, you don't need to depend on me.

No. I like depending on you.

Who else would I depend on?

Only you.

-Enough. Go take a shower.

Oh, my God!


The surgery went well, Mei.

Thank you for giving me your strength.

I miss you.


Just a second.

What is it, hon?

Actually, I wanted

to discuss this last night.

What is this?

It looks like it was fated for us
to meet Meirose here.


So that I can settle everything soon.

What do you mean?

Honey, this is...

-Why did you write this letter?

I'm going to divorce Meirose.

She has a good life here.

I've seen it for myself.

And it would be unfair

for me to continue tying her down.


there's only me, you and Nadia.

Dark clouds are rolling in

Bearing such sad news

What can I do for my love?

Can I become the sky

That protects you

So that sadness

Mei, why don't you come with us?

We have a car,
Panji will pick us up, right, hon?

I still have some errands. I need to go
to the Dar As-Salam mosque after this.

-You guys go ahead.

Bye, sweetheart.
Give me a kiss.

You be careful.

-Bye, Aunt Mei.

-Peace be with you, Mei.


Why are you here alone?
Where is Panji?

He's got something to do.
So, I'll drive.

You'll drive?

-Yes, GPS.

-Come on.
-Where is Sheila?

It's complicated.
Some sort of incident with a tulip.

What do you mean?


Oh, wow. It means Sheila
is going to accept Amran?

Wait. The story isn't finished yet.

This is what happened...

You sure take your time to dress up.

I'm going to meet the woman I love,
I need to look handsome, Hartono.

Even abroad you look so strange.

Whatever! The important thing is that
I'm going to meet Sheila.

I have to look good.
Really good.

This is it.

That corpse again.


I'm going to take you guys to dinner
with Pras and Arini, okay?


-Come. Hurry.
-Whatever. I don't care.

-What is it?

Honey, why do you smell different again?

This time you smell of
some kind of spice.

Yes. I'm using a chili based ointment.

Oh, my God!

You again?

You were already in the car.

I was just about to open the door
when you hugged me again.

No one wants to hug you.

-I didn't want to be hugged either.

Thank you for the real tulip.


How did you know?

What do you mean?

Oh, yes. The tulip
in front of your room...

I prepared it as promised.

Oh, my God. More tulips.

-What happened to him?
-It's nothing.

His stomach acts up in the cold.

Can he use the chili ointment?

Poor Amran.

It's his own fault.

He wants to date all the girls.

Gita, Rita, Sheila. Oh, man!

-Forget it. Let's go.
-Come on.

What is it, sweetheart?

You're sad?

You're missing Akbar?

We will see him again, okay?

He doesn't want to divorce you?

I have not asked.


the strange thing is,
his wife does not want me to divorce him.


That kind of woman
can only be found in fairy tales.

No, I mean,

I have a female patient.

She has a serious illness.

But she chooses to hide

from her daughter and husband.

So, strong women exist.



Hi. Hello.

-I need to go to the rest room.



Sorry, I'll call you back.

Why didn't you tell me, Arini?

I didn't want you to worry, my love.

I'll do anything to help you get better.


Enough, honey.

I don't want us to suffer.


No, honey.

We can still try.



How did I not know
my own wife was ill?

Don't blame yourself.

We are trying our best to cure Arini.

Is there a mosque near here, Doc?


Dar As-salam Mosque.
Not far from here.

Can I take you there?

No, it's okay.

Just give me the directions.

I would be happy to walk with you.


For as long as I've been a doctor,

I have never met a patient
as strong as Arini.

She is a great woman.

You're very lucky
to have her as your wife.

Thank you, Doctor.

Are you married, Doctor?

Not yet.

Still in the process.


Hasn't resolved her past.

Well, I can only wait.

Before I got married,

Arini's father said to me...

You give me your word?

That you'll never hurt my child, my Arini?

I promise to take good care of her.

To be a responsible man.

And to love Arini completely, sir.

I have failed to keep my promise, Doc.

Oh, God.

Oh, God.

Sorry, Doc.

It's okay.


-I need to be alone.

I would like to deliver

A last message to you

Before I close this love story of ours

If I were just a word

Together we are a sentence

That tells the tale

Of the course of our love

You are used to the way I am

And used to having me around

-Peace be with you.
-Can I have your number, please?

But don't let this life end

In case I have to go

Do you believe he could be
a good husband for you?

Who can guarantee
how a person will turn out to be, Dad?

We have to simply believe.


you believe in him?

With your blessing.

In your memories



My mind is all over the place, Mei.


There is something
I wanted to tell you.


That's okay.

Akbar's nanny. Wait a minute.

Some hot water
accidentally spilled on Akbar.

I have already bandaged his wounds.

He is feeling better now.


Some hot water spilled on him.
The nanny is a little careless sometimes.

I have to go home.

-I'm sorry.

-It's okay.
-I really have to go.

Yes, it's okay.

There's a very good center
for cancer treatment in Holland.

My friend can help.
Let's take Arini there.

No point, Har.
Arini doesn't want to.

Why don’t you bring her home
to Yogya, Pras?

I'm not sure why but
Arini still wants to be here.

-She still has work or something?
-I don't know!

The only thing I can do now
is to make her happy.

Marriage is the union of souls.

And Islam brings these souls together.

As a sacred bond

to balance and protect one another.

But my marriage was built
on someone's pain.

I don't wish to continue

hurting someone else.

You see, Meirose,

before you make a decision,

it's better to pray first.

Because Islam

will provide a way out of
every problem.

Thank you.

I've decided.

My time is completely for you and Nadia.

I realize that I haven't spent
enough time with you.

I've been too busy with work.

You always take care of me.

Take care of Nadia.

What do you want, Rin?


What I want from you is

not to divorce Mei.


I will do anything aside from that.

For me.

For Nadia.

Rin, you can never be replaced.

It would be better
if I just live with Nadia.

No, honey.

You cannot live alone.

I don't want that.
Nadia needs a mother.

Nadia needs a mother.

Help me be a good muslim, Mei.

Last night, I read the Al-Quran.

There are still so many things
I need to learn.

I'm a woman.

You're the one who should guide me.


You have opened my eyes.

I have learned a lot from you.

We still have a lot to learn, together.

I will still look to you for guidance.


Sorry, Mei.

I didn't

call ahead to let you know
that Pras and I wanted to come here.

Where is Akbar's nanny?

She left already.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you.


Let's continue drawing over there.

Can I talk to you?

Yes. Okay.

What is it?


For Nadia's sake.

And also for Akbar's.


I want you

to take my place.

As Nadia's mother and Pras's wife.

I don't understand.

Please, Mei.

Akbar, I got you...


Doctor Syarief.

You know him?


She's my patient.

The woman I told you about.

She is also the woman I told you about

So Pras is the...



Come here. I got you a present.

Here you go.

I'm sorry, maybe...

I probably shouldn't be here.




-Peace be with you.


I'm sorry, Mei. Doc.


Akbar, please go to your room, okay?


What's wrong with Arini, Rief?

What's wrong?

Cervical cancer stage 4.

The cancer has spread to the brain.




Mei, listen!

-I beg you, please.
-Mei, she refused.

She refused everything I suggested.

I've done my absolute best. Okay?

I'm going to take some time off
after this, Rin.

I'll take care of you at home.

We will teach Nadia
to be an independent kid.

I'm going to learn how to cook.

I will take care of everything,
all of Nadia's needs.

I will try to make you happy.




Arini is going to leave us all, Mei.

No, Pras.

I have to let her go.

I will miss the person

who taught me

how to love with honesty.


You will never lose her.


You can see Arini now.

Please get better, Mom.

Don't give up, okay?

You are a strong woman,
you can beat this.

Keep the ring, Mei.

Keep the ring, okay?

This is your heaven.



What is it, honey?

I would like us to pray together.

Arini wants to pray together, Doctor.

I'll make the arrangements.

I would like to go the mosque, my love.

I want to tell stories to the children.

Yes, my love.

I hope that gives you field of kindness.

And becomes your heaven.


Miss Arini! Come on!

Come on, Miss Arini! Come on!

They are here for me.

I have to go.


-Peace be with you.
-Peace be with you.

Thank you.

No, it should be me
saying thank you.

I would like to deliver

A last message to you

Before I close this love story of ours

If I were just a word

Together we are a sentence

That tells the tale

Of the course of our love

You are used to the way I am

And used to having me around

But don't let this life end

Thank you, Uncle Syarief.

You made my mom's wish come true.

To mourn the loss of Ms. Arini.

Wa are gathered here today

to celebrate the marriage of
Pras and Meirose.

A gift from Arini.

Arini wrote all my secrets here.

I will read it carefully.

-Dad. Mom.
-Nadia. Akbar.

What are you guys doing?

-Have you eaten?

Before I close this love story of ours

If I were just a word

Together we are a sentence

That tells the tale

Of the course of our love

You are used to the way I am

And used to having me around

But don't let this life end

In case I have to go

Keep me in your heart

Remember my smile and tears

My kindness and my fears

Please keep it all deep within you

Please keep it forever

In your memories

You are used to the way I am

And used to having me around

But don't let this life end

In case I have to go

You are used to the way I am

And used to having me around

But don't let this life end

In case I have to go